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File: f92f502c4199c7d⋯.jpg (598.45 KB, 507x738, 169:246, 66573258_p0.jpg)

File: 61a215222f33f5d⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 58182864_p0.jpg)

File: ba4de790cb04d0f⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 57988756_p0.jpg)

File: 035b9142753375d⋯.jpg (906.98 KB, 1000x1467, 1000:1467, 58577446_p0.jpg)

File: d3a057d7f2bed03⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 58035794_p0.jpg)


A thread about monster girls. Recommendations are listed here.


>Oni Futatsu

>Oni ga Deru ka Ja ga Deru ka

>Ki ni Naru Mori-san

>The Girl With Horns


>Jitsu wa Watashi wa

>Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

>Slime-san to Yuusha Kenkyuubu

>Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya

>Kitsune no Yomeiri


>Ogin ~Bishoujo Teki Inma Juujin den~


>I am not a Succubus!

>Fudatsuki no Kyoko-chan

>Isekai Elf no Dorei-chan

>Yumekui Merry


>Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan


>Sora no Otoshimono'

>Gabriel Dropout

>Ojiichan shinanai

>Hakase no Kimagure Homunculus

>Ane Naru Mono

>Hime-sama Tanuki no Koizanyou

>Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi.

>Koi Neko

>Madoromi-chan ga Iku.

>Asobi ni Iku yo!

>Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

>Elf-san wa Yaserarenai.

>Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu

>12 Beast

>Kumika no Mikaku

>It's my Life

>Kyou no Cerberus

>Witchcraft Works

>Flying Witch

>Dullahan-chan wa Kubittake

>Demi-chan wa Kataritai

>Ah! My Goddess!

>Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-San

>Shinkaigyo No Anko San

>Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho


>Tamayura Kitsune

>Kitsune no Yomeiri

>Yuuutsu to Succubus-san


>Starting Gate -Horsegirl Pretty Derby-

>Jashin-chan Dropkick

>Rosario + Vampire

>The Mountain Climber and the Sealed Evil Fox


>Dungeon Nursery

>Living Dead!

>Jingai no Yome Anthology

>T-REX na Kanojo


>Rosario + Vampire

>Enmusubi no Youko-chan

>Konohana Kitan

>Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

>Gabriel Drop Out

>Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

>Demi-chan wa Kataritai

>Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

>Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan

>Ah! My Goddess!


>Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

>Kaiju Girls


>Hand Maid May

>Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento

>Seto no Hanayome

>Ika Musume

>Urusei Yatsura


>High School DxD


>Sora no Otoshimono

>Frame Arms Girl


Light Novels:

>Monster Girl Doctor

>Spice & Wolf

>Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento

Also this might be late but this is the new /monster/ thread of 2019 so I just wanted to say ==Happy new year /animu/!


>was in a rush to get the thread out I fucked up the redtext

Feel free to bully the living fuck outta me for this horrid fuck up.


File: 94dab131b0eccb7⋯.png (704.35 KB, 811x1300, 811:1300, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ff81c715c7e8e9⋯.png (639.99 KB, 796x1300, 199:325, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 44dc24630599521⋯.png (714.85 KB, 831x1300, 831:1300, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 74baede6c24dec4⋯.png (759.73 KB, 784x1300, 196:325, ClipboardImage.png)

Would you marry a Demon bride?



Not if they're the annoying type of tsundere.



No. I'd be too much of a disappointing let down to her. Better not burden her.



robot-kun pls


File: 88f2bc28bef5118⋯.jpg (528 KB, 2096x1536, 131:96, illust_72567303_20190114_1….jpg)

File: 8e4fb22f6c485f7⋯.png (73.57 KB, 700x700, 1:1, illust_72527707_20190114_1….png)

File: 2f3771fdf4e9ab3⋯.png (100.69 KB, 544x500, 136:125, illust_72373701_20190114_1….png)

File: 5405297b0ea453c⋯.jpg (415.18 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, illust_72293742_20190114_1….jpg)

File: 4820e9be7439b7e⋯.jpg (763.02 KB, 1536x960, 8:5, illust_71701839_20190114_1….jpg)

>Previous thread isn't even off the first page

Take it easy, anon.


File: d16e50fce2ba84d⋯.jpg (215.32 KB, 720x900, 4:5, リグル 53941759_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 5c02e886198f24d⋯.jpg (573.05 KB, 1700x2600, 17:26, リグルに猫ランジェリー着てもらった.jpg)

File: 36c7aa7fb6eb51a⋯.png (522.36 KB, 900x1013, 900:1013, 男の子だと思ってたよw.png)


I would marry a firefly youkai bride.


fairies are very nice.


File: 609512b83dcbcb6⋯.png (113.7 KB, 608x600, 76:75, smug foxy.png)


> firefly youkai bride.

What about a fox bride?


File: 8340c308db20e1b⋯.png (858.29 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)

I want new Mizore.


Is this the /monster/ embassy and refugee camp?

Where are the comfy boomers with daughterus?


File: 6309aa72ce398ea⋯.jpg (370.28 KB, 853x1200, 853:1200, ムッシッシ.jpg)

File: e5c386e30a684fd⋯.jpg (622.09 KB, 680x880, 17:22, 42683636.jpg)

File: 3974c1fa9b8323b⋯.jpg (76.39 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 28e7e0753da1eb00c87cc3e3d9….jpg)


>Where are the comfy boomers with daughterus?

on 4channel where they belong


only if i can have a harem with my waifu as the top wife.

if i only can have exactly one (1) wife, then Wriggle is my only choice.



I thought it was agreed that boomerjak is part of /mo ster/ culture at this point. Stop the hate and divisiveness, the /monster/ vol keeps threatening suicide if it continues!


File: 7348710f1bf51c6⋯.jpg (345.42 KB, 1035x740, 207:148, f8afafc8cd2ecfed309d753608….jpg)


Only if she is a loli and I could impregnate her.



>Is this the /monster/ embassy and refugee camp?

This is where /monster/ crossposters gather.


File: 19d19b37e4b101d⋯.png (170.99 KB, 1440x720, 2:1, boomer_wojak_ran_daughteru….png)

File: 67cb7ac7fb21d08⋯.gif (130.97 KB, 680x363, 680:363, boomer_wojak_ran_daughteru….gif)

File: cff38d4a9a3c4a6⋯.webm (4.9 MB, 1200x684, 100:57, the_boomer_that_made_it.webm)

File: f99edc25897f7bb⋯.jpg (148.21 KB, 970x1166, 485:583, smol_ran_and_boomer.jpg)


Any other gathering places besides here and /gg/?



>Is this the /monster/ embassy and refugee camp?

No. Just some crossposters from /monster/ and other boards.

>Where are the comfy boomers with daughterus?

Hopefully they had close contact with Shoggoths.



>Hopefully they had close contact with Matangos.

fixed that for you


File: 074cc104d286828⋯.png (863.06 KB, 811x1300, 811:1300, my wife is a demon.png)


A demon is fine too.



No it fucking isn't. We report that shit on sight. It's some faggots that try to make it seem like it is.

I wish Aux would permaban any faggot that posts it.



>Doom theme starts playing

>not when Doomguy enters the scene

>but when his wife does



As long they are gone from here, it's fine.



>search in mangadex



>12 chapters already translated

>go for mangalife


>use botnet interner search

>its in mangarock

>fire up free as in freedom hakuneko s

>click to search in mangarock

>they changed the simple website list to a BIG ASS SEARCH WITH ICONS FOR ALL THE WEBSITES

fug, i guess with the search thingy it goes a bit faster


File: 9a01d164c9a0818⋯.jpg (105.05 KB, 1080x1223, 1080:1223, Heavy metal gets stronger.jpg)


File: eb33856b122cf7e⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 765.19 KB, 811x1300, 811:1300, What I Get for Marrying a….webm)

>>79833 (checked)



This OC made my fucking day.


File: 41d487f9951037d⋯.jpg (113.75 KB, 517x595, 517:595, I want to have fun too.jpg)


You did good, anon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Was expecting this one.


File: ca802d075f44961⋯.webm (1.04 MB, 810x1300, 81:130, DOOM bride.webm)



I tried my best





File: b35d7499eb57b06⋯.jpg (206 KB, 1100x1530, 110:153, 13.jpg)


>Lupu on the frontpage

About goddamn time.



File: 9c6626dc5e4efdb⋯.png (476.56 KB, 911x553, 911:553, baited.PNG)


File: 1302dad0c9fd7c3⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 10.4 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, At Doom's Gate start play….webm)


because you got those digits, here you go, anon.



Don't say I never forget.


File: 79a4fe6703dcbe0⋯.jpg (190.87 KB, 714x547, 714:547, haaaaaaaa.jpg)


File: f0db88b995f8d09⋯.png (209.54 KB, 415x507, 415:507, oh god my cutes.PNG)


File: 00c3755ee6886ec⋯.png (116.47 KB, 410x544, 205:272, Beautiful.png)



Now THIS is the quality content I come here for.


File: 6bb109d62ffd38c⋯.jpg (101.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Lookie so qt.jpg)

>Doomguy's daily life with his Demon wife


File: fe6e9618300dc18⋯.png (605.35 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6d7259a69ecc189⋯.png (617.6 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a2aa1f003b51a03⋯.png (444.69 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b52897442c9e7fb⋯.png (553.15 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)

Poor Mizore chan.



polt is furry



She is an unfortunate snowman.



>Mizore in a bikini never ever.

New chapter is out and translated btw. We get to see her in a bikini for one flashback panel only.




what for winter, anon


File: 783f3e34fa8f875⋯.png (702.39 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)


File: b2846ec8020356d⋯.png (701.27 KB, 1920x1053, 640:351, oppai1.png)

File: dcb695b31144425⋯.png (855.09 KB, 1920x1053, 640:351, oppai2.png)

I edited the Grimoire of Gaia mod for Minecraft to give the monster girls a wider range of breast sizes. Previously, the mod had flat girls, 2x2x2 boobs, and 3x3x3 boobs (for the Holstaurus only). Now, it has flat, 2x2x2, 3x3x3 (most girls are this) and a few 4x4x4. The hurt/death sounds for the monstergirl mobs are also changed from the default minecraft noises to little girl gasps and moans. This edit is for the current version of the Grimoire of Gaia mod, which is version 1.6.8 for Minecraft version 1.12.2. I hope that some of you find enjoyment from this.




Very kind of you anon.


File: b3246eb9b8ac4a4⋯.png (92.66 KB, 500x336, 125:84, (stares in disbelief).png)


But Furries and Monster Girls are different things.


File: 38fc94096f9abee⋯.png (102.23 KB, 381x293, 381:293, 7897894589465615615.png)


>comic about monstergirls

>aunt is still best girl


File: 147e37e7f7852ac⋯.jpeg (22.98 KB, 480x270, 16:9, F2968A67-61D8-4C3F-A07E-7….jpeg)


>But Furries and Monster Girls are different things



They are different things. Anyone who says otherwise deserves a stabbing.


File: 9dd21093d5ab9f7⋯.jpg (230.46 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 1.jpg)

Would you fuck a bug?



File: f5f2f09ffe2aa67⋯.jpg (758.63 KB, 810x1120, 81:112, __ellen_baker_new_horizon_….jpg)


>fuck buggirl once

>hundreds if not thousands of spawn

think of the child support



When you marry a woman it's until death do you part which in the case of a mantis eating your head after sex death will come sooner rather than later.



you can always sell them.


File: 9c755ceeeb884ca⋯.jpeg (184.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3D665DCA-9AC7-4D10-9619-E….jpeg)

Actually would insect girls who birth dozens upon dozens of children be apathetic when any of them eventually die? The whole reason insects give birth to so many is because it means that they don’t need to care for their young.


File: 0c3cf24a5c5eddf⋯.jpg (29.4 KB, 374x374, 1:1, DxLLk7mUUAI84yE.jpg)

File: 57a933540d04a59⋯.jpg (119 KB, 825x998, 825:998, DxKYXrsUcAMG2bm.jpg)

File: bb44081ec88cd01⋯.jpg (88.57 KB, 763x987, 109:141, DxKZh8xUwAAhceu.jpg)

MELT AWAY /animu/!



depends on the species

some cockroaches nurse their (few, by instect standards,) young with a milklike substance.


File: fca471eeb7f9671⋯.png (625.85 KB, 680x967, 680:967, 012.png)

My Daughter is a Skeleton

A manga about a spooky daughter. Problem is she's an otaku.


File: cde7561a5773863⋯.webm (85.83 KB, 546x386, 273:193, komi-san SHIVER2.webm)





I've heard this only happens in cases of food scarcity.


What will those wacky japs think of next!?


File: c1fbf12245d49aa⋯.png (212.75 KB, 440x544, 55:68, ClipboardImage.png)


Vampire is best girl. Try to prove me wrong!


File: 1640f88566c19f8⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1700x1616, 425:404, 2B Clown.png)



Will fucking her give you frost bite or what? >>80760

Enjoy your blood tomato juice covered dick.


File: 65b90ec845e3a86⋯.jpg (93.88 KB, 1024x1326, 512:663, ecd627d89554d33ba10341e195….jpg)


I want to fuck clowns.


File: 13fc060b4417696⋯.png (140.26 KB, 562x634, 281:317, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0460cff4c29c91e⋯.png (86.62 KB, 508x642, 254:321, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 26e4614780eba06⋯.png (128.22 KB, 665x679, 95:97, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ba115bd7a2adb70⋯.png (122.32 KB, 536x612, 134:153, ClipboardImage.png)


File: bb547ed1e3f2bd9⋯.png (56.75 KB, 205x205, 1:1, 1451739743468.png)


File: 0f059b1dd65635a⋯.png (984.82 KB, 923x1267, 923:1267, ClipboardImage.png)






Basically he asking her if she's ever laid an egg from her cloaca.


File: bf1507a9c0cd45e⋯.jpeg (89.68 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, ce5b284b5f1497c2238914e42….jpeg)

File: c23bd07db0cd112⋯.png (1.7 MB, 2300x1900, 23:19, 97876dab7bc431722a567c5d34….png)

File: 6d077f5295b1c49⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1200x1706, 600:853, 4390cfec61b82589d76f7003fb….jpg)

File: 72f082bd569ae89⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1679x1597, 1679:1597, efed3302db191be95959683373….png)

File: ad722a663afc8e5⋯.png (260.24 KB, 537x1000, 537:1000, 930ecb55b35739ffb7e4d559f1….png)

I want to fuck orcs.



Second image is great.


File: 9fa209aeec32435⋯.png (1.24 MB, 2200x1800, 11:9, Sexy Bridge Troll.png)

File: 2a9a877c8393e42⋯.png (899.74 KB, 1899x1900, 1899:1900, Demon lady bunny girl with….png)

File: 2fddfd36957eb07⋯.png (1.77 MB, 2300x1900, 23:19, Orc huge female overpoweri….png)

File: e66868ed857bce9⋯.png (1.08 MB, 2400x1900, 24:19, Orc forest princess hand h….png)

File: 884d638d2d9a40b⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2091x1815, 697:605, Orc hime cut.png)


The artist is a saint.




Is this the same artist as that 35 years old magical girl picture? Could you give us the original source or wherever this guy is posting?


File: 35238266c00ba33⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2300x1900, 23:19, 2018_11_05_Incel_versus_Or….png)

File: 8584b5fe921fc55⋯.png (1.15 MB, 2300x1900, 23:19, 2018_11_05_Incel_versus_Or….png)


He used to post on Tumblr, but his blog was shoahed in the great porn purge. Now he posts on twitter and his art is archived on sad panda.





File: ff61b80c0c62538⋯.png (756.64 KB, 1200x1050, 8:7, Magical girl xmas cake.png)

File: 73f9b0e28a09fe6⋯.png (493.79 KB, 1444x1386, 722:693, Loli frog butterfly.png)


File: 4da5d9a9f60767e⋯.jpg (360.29 KB, 2300x1708, 575:427, DxL3h2KVsAAUZZR.jpg)

File: fb0944837c6f40a⋯.jpg (741.36 KB, 4096x1402, 2048:701, DuNG1v6UwAATTrp.jpg)

File: 113e538341f0a76⋯.jpg (671.43 KB, 4096x1389, 4096:1389, DuIBmU5W4AAGce_.jpg)

File: 3fcc8d6eeb598b1⋯.jpg (850.54 KB, 4096x1389, 4096:1389, Dw8f-gMX0AALM1h.jpg)

File: 93d5594e0fddcde⋯.jpg (557.18 KB, 2100x1900, 21:19, DwnnYT9VAAE_4wY.jpg)


File: 10bd40b2e237b00⋯.jpg (302.93 KB, 2076x1900, 519:475, Du7OTaDUYAE_hIu.jpg)

File: 99cd1f9037cd14f⋯.jpg (479.04 KB, 1863x2161, 1863:2161, DxL2GMJVYAA94dd.jpg)


File: 0ba2d74567a20b7⋯.png (887.6 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)







But was it rape?


File: d31dab17cab88d0⋯.png (691.85 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)


it was sweet




>that doesnt want sex

>involuntarily celibate

>incel doesnt want to fuck the female orc

isnt the whole deal of the incels that they want to fuck 3DPD, but cant?

that whole comic feels that the guy is a wizard not a incel.




It's good that you still care what words mean. Surely you understand that normalfags don't, though. "Incel" just means "turbo virgin" "basement dweller" "manbaby" and all of those other "man who I dislike" words and phrases to them. The term is meaningless and was created and spread by our good friends who used to base themselves out of websites like tumblr. Those wonderful word-shapers who regularly spawn newspeak which occasionally gets recognized by their overlords and then popularized through various channels.


File: 8ca8336a191a5ca⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1350x1920, 45:64, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 84492fa1ba1023f⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1350x1920, 45:64, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else like cyclops?


File: 804b45601079d6c⋯.jpg (321.49 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, Head Swapping.jpg)


File: a8875bb5c9c2dd9⋯.png (437.2 KB, 866x1399, 866:1399, __nikaidou_saki_zombie_lan….png)



they are not my favorite, but god damn that oneshot need its own series.



I couldn't care less what it means, I care that it's a term made by and for reddit.



It be comfy as fuck.


File: 8391124eb2ad695⋯.png (504.84 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, Asmodeus wa Akiramenai - A….png)

File: 9ddc4b06e34d734⋯.png (552.63 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, Asmodeus wa Akiramenai - A….png)

File: 007bba9c0ac0da3⋯.png (567.16 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, Asmodeus wa Akiramenai - A….png)

File: 0a993f0ab83c357⋯.png (554.05 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, Asmodeus wa Akiramenai - A….png)

File: dee3a98e9b24c92⋯.png (683.26 KB, 1133x1600, 1133:1600, Asmodeus wa Akiramenai - A….png)




>MC was about to be murdered and his shit stolen by a thot

>girls must protect his smile and sends her little spider to devour her



so another harem with a wimp mc?


File: 6b4d0b56ed80e3e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 2300x1900, 23:19, Orc and wizard alchemist.png)

File: 6ab4ec4550802df⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 990.52 KB, 2300x1900, 23:19, Orc and alchemist.png)


let me fix that shit right up




>having sex

You fail, try again.



>having sex

>not skinning the wizard alive before cooking him and eating his flesh


File: 8b9d407e4138fcb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 5.31 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)



Jokes are for subhumans.

Serious discussion ONLY.




You spelled "bond" and "together" wrong, anon.


File: 4378211e2a6ad25⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 991.05 KB, 2300x1900, 23:19, Orc and alchemist.png)



Yea it comfy


File: 53d1338e3ec42aa⋯.png (5.26 MB, 2000x1405, 400:281, 53d1338e3ec42aa27cec6e8c36….png)

File: 7290b3b7d62d1b0⋯.jpg (86.74 KB, 725x1000, 29:40, 12682126.jpg)

File: b9736505a86cab8⋯.jpg (274.12 KB, 900x1138, 450:569, 62567567_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 57a568f6bc8ee92⋯.jpg (322.62 KB, 1200x792, 50:33, 62577238_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: f5ea33b6f06b51f⋯.jpg (442.05 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 62577357_p1_master1200.jpg)

devil cunny


File: a9b948d2cdeac43⋯.png (1.15 MB, 800x1054, 400:527, 64759996_p0.png)

File: cbc7d98defefe66⋯.png (1.26 MB, 3233x2036, 3233:2036, 65155599_p0.png)

File: c76b77111436bf1⋯.jpg (481.47 KB, 868x1200, 217:300, 65221868_p1_master1200.jpg)

File: 08cc34a2fcd4ffa⋯.png (967.42 KB, 817x1500, 817:1500, 65422064_p0.png)



You're a filthy degenerate.

The artist likes scat, piss and diapers.


File: dd500207f5d4020⋯.png (904.54 KB, 839x1500, 839:1500, 65422439_p0.png)

File: 9fae7ffe5bfba6f⋯.png (488 KB, 800x1212, 200:303, 65886732_p0.png)

File: 93887d429c43772⋯.png (299.66 KB, 750x1325, 30:53, 66138206_p0.png)

File: 7a6b5ebd024a5ca⋯.png (717.43 KB, 2000x1181, 2000:1181, 66582672_p0.png)

File: 840a0332e80fd72⋯.jpg (548.95 KB, 633x1200, 211:400, 66582751_p1_master1200.jpg)


Doesn't stop the character design from being top tier.


File: 3f465fb1ffc5373⋯.jpg (356.44 KB, 751x986, 751:986, 66685614_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: ccd68e436528999⋯.png (822.89 KB, 885x1000, 177:200, 69760184_p0.png)

File: cfa0ca49dfe87c7⋯.png (967.7 KB, 750x1375, 6:11, 69760221_p0.png)

File: 63b2a16dc9b61e1⋯.jpg (496.05 KB, 654x1200, 109:200, 69760377_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 661449168bfb6ab⋯.jpg (124.47 KB, 1200x870, 40:29, Dk65zHqXcAA9mrk.jpg)


File: 4730a6fc01d497c⋯.png (193.52 KB, 500x505, 100:101, ed293ea4b4dc5f6913008de95c….png)

yall niggas best explain how this aint furfaggotry with extra steps


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: dbb60e0299a54a4⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 562x427, 562:427, Furry chart KF version.jpg)


File: 8dd4a47ee0f88ac⋯.png (256.31 KB, 700x473, 700:473, e4bc78fa560ef3bc2ca52c490a….png)


>literally posting a picture of furfaggotry on steps






Jeez half of these are muh dick but the other half make me want to throw up.



Lurk for two more years



muh snouts


>a serval version of this








You could have at least posted a link to the artists account if you are too lazy to safe the images right. Guess I'll have to look him up later.



1. You're wrong.

2. Lurk more.

3. I want to stab you, you stupid nigger.


File: 29d6c4ade5182ed⋯.png (108.54 KB, 720x482, 360:241, Customer_Service_Art.png)

What can I do for you King DDD?


File: 1c736db7fede4f4⋯.png (192.42 KB, 639x479, 639:479, dededelicious.png)


I need monsta girl to clobber that there Kirby!



>furfags don't like monster girls

>they call it "girls cosplaying as monsters"

>they are not too far off from the truth, which is a GOOD thing

It is true that a monster girl's appeal resides in her monster-like characteristics, but retaining mostly of her human features, including but not limited to not having a snou is what differentiates them from kemonos (aka: weeb furfags)


File: 93b205de61014ec⋯.png (553.13 KB, 1115x1600, 223:320, The Hero is Overpowered bu….png)


>but not limited to not having a snout is what differentiates them from kemonos

That's a rule made by western fans.


File: 766ce0ad1dce0ad⋯.jpeg (127.68 KB, 792x1012, 18:23, 3C346F42-E822-4FDE-8AC2-7….jpeg)



I lol’d


Yeah but we’re not on Futaba Chan right now are we?


File: eafca36233ea496⋯.jpg (341.02 KB, 1280x1811, 1280:1811, 4.jpg)

File: 254205c3db7239e⋯.jpg (425.03 KB, 1280x1811, 1280:1811, 3.jpg)

File: 7b37cd6eedcce0c⋯.jpg (328.18 KB, 1280x1811, 1280:1811, 51.jpg)



File: 24c686d30f91fbb⋯.jpg (710.03 KB, 1280x1890, 128:189, 1.jpg)

File: 5abd0b8323d660a⋯.jpg (521.53 KB, 1280x1896, 160:237, 2.jpg)

File: 69c537efeeb944c⋯.jpg (492.9 KB, 1280x1898, 640:949, 3.jpg)

File: ef9ebb776dab0d0⋯.jpg (685.44 KB, 1280x1895, 256:379, 4.jpg)

File: 657d132cfaf3209⋯.jpg (636.5 KB, 1280x1884, 320:471, 5.jpg)


File: 04810b7b3ad2b41⋯.jpg (581.77 KB, 1280x1890, 128:189, 6.jpg)

File: 560204e1034dca3⋯.jpg (542.59 KB, 1280x1877, 1280:1877, 7.jpg)

File: 8469fc386ce9396⋯.jpg (597.71 KB, 1280x1902, 640:951, 8.jpg)

File: 21f103034a4d9fa⋯.jpg (552.39 KB, 1280x1888, 40:59, 9.jpg)

File: dd940fa9890b263⋯.jpg (668.62 KB, 1280x1913, 1280:1913, 10.jpg)


File: 529fa01a644e4c1⋯.jpg (564.6 KB, 1280x1872, 80:117, 11.jpg)

File: eecdadb0526325e⋯.jpg (590.99 KB, 1280x1916, 320:479, 12.jpg)

File: 0c7be088bf028d7⋯.jpg (606.8 KB, 1280x1890, 128:189, 13.jpg)

File: 985c274a8f68ff0⋯.jpg (663.26 KB, 1280x1912, 160:239, 14.jpg)

File: 2ee1c9e718cf943⋯.jpg (595.51 KB, 1280x1885, 256:377, 15.jpg)


File: 5b7b244b8d20eea⋯.jpg (643.08 KB, 1280x1927, 1280:1927, 16.jpg)

File: 2282b954ffb55b5⋯.jpg (533.16 KB, 1280x1881, 1280:1881, 17.jpg)

File: 07e0a8939492c46⋯.jpg (615.03 KB, 1280x1933, 1280:1933, 18.jpg)

File: 1c4f1550d1b2448⋯.jpg (525.66 KB, 1280x1907, 1280:1907, 19.jpg)

File: ce5f809afbddf01⋯.jpg (618.38 KB, 1280x1916, 320:479, 20.jpg)


File: 3ca2f609df509b0⋯.jpg (632.46 KB, 1280x1896, 160:237, 21.jpg)

File: 510088d765e6d51⋯.jpg (569.11 KB, 1280x1922, 640:961, 22.jpg)


File: c21a4d5c3c2ecf6⋯.jpg (300.6 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 51.jpg)

File: dc97d0712bfe0ea⋯.jpg (294.37 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 3.jpg)

File: cae671edc2abea5⋯.jpg (154.25 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 4.jpg)

File: 806190d66fd1d05⋯.jpg (183.46 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 5.jpg)


File: b08664d38d8b4e6⋯.jpg (518.78 KB, 1280x1824, 40:57, 12.jpg)

File: 7bdaeca4ace97e4⋯.jpg (505.3 KB, 1280x1835, 256:367, 13.jpg)

File: 439f58800874a15⋯.jpg (647.34 KB, 1280x1815, 256:363, 14.jpg)

File: adeb538e5e0a8d3⋯.jpg (484.5 KB, 1280x1821, 1280:1821, 15.jpg)

File: 37d5a4eb3c3a44b⋯.jpg (500.24 KB, 1280x1813, 1280:1813, 16.jpg)


File: 0ee1bd8b9433afd⋯.jpg (503.28 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, 20.jpg)

File: 08edb85d2886389⋯.jpg (433.71 KB, 1280x1806, 640:903, 22.jpg)

File: d5f797c1fd19c29⋯.jpg (463.75 KB, 1280x1815, 256:363, 23.jpg)

File: 7f4b807f1264e00⋯.jpg (863.54 KB, 1280x1857, 1280:1857, 32.jpg)

File: c4d68debb48b72d⋯.jpg (604.59 KB, 1280x1823, 1280:1823, 33.jpg)


File: b85e2a4fa78c648⋯.jpg (508.12 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, 38.jpg)


File: 5f901acf7ea5326⋯.png (563.34 KB, 1033x829, 1033:829, 5f901acf7ea5326993b5ec2ef7….png)

File: 09b04d741405515⋯.jpg (118.61 KB, 1071x1000, 1071:1000, 09b04d741405515bfb1bcff289….jpg)

File: 060255d06fc26de⋯.png (336.39 KB, 966x671, 966:671, 060255d06fc26def7eb2f2a8a0….png)

File: 7c8b9ccb7e5a449⋯.jpg (67.9 KB, 610x1000, 61:100, 7c8b9ccb7e5a449479a159879b….jpg)

File: 0fb37a152cc4698⋯.jpg (136.66 KB, 660x950, 66:95, 0fb37a152cc4698c4940d7ee54….jpg)


File: 9bdf1a661573003⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 250x510, 25:51, 9bdf1a661573003f6386127ff3….jpg)

File: a225663299b580b⋯.jpg (637.32 KB, 645x1168, 645:1168, a225663299b580b5b025d53a1d….jpg)

File: c22a912131a7f87⋯.jpg (72.12 KB, 402x549, 134:183, c22a912131a7f8737b92621731….jpg)

File: 2099bbed5e2bafd⋯.png (489.42 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 2099bbed5e2bafdba01c8b9afd….png)

File: d44fc2a5101ce87⋯.jpg (111.16 KB, 302x424, 151:212, d44fc2a5101ce87763a7a98ceb….jpg)





I want to eat shrooms!


File: ea1d510e9695b13⋯.png (289.42 KB, 507x688, 507:688, ea1d510e9695b131bfa78bcc2e….png)

File: 10df3b71bc495ad⋯.jpg (92.36 KB, 500x800, 5:8, 10df3b71bc495adbc0658500de….jpg)

File: 4fec2b5fcb69a6d⋯.jpg (57.6 KB, 375x561, 125:187, 4fec2b5fcb69a6de63aa363c21….jpg)

File: 3143576a97d447d⋯.jpg (731.44 KB, 780x1092, 5:7, 3143576a97d447d87732ec7565….jpg)

File: 9baa5ba5d08a3fc⋯.jpg (88.21 KB, 619x768, 619:768, 9baa5ba5d08a3fcae417193a86….jpg)


It's keto.


File: 68bdcc806457516⋯.png (541.81 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 68bdcc8064575165ed207e1fe1….png)

File: 5569788b4169279⋯.jpg (157.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 5569788b4169279bb1cbfeee3e….jpg)

File: b8ba824b49b81ee⋯.png (812.81 KB, 1178x1889, 1178:1889, b8ba824b49b81ee4b76eb2af04….png)

File: 1f95b505ee6a0d2⋯.png (95.09 KB, 219x584, 3:8, 1f95b505ee6a0d2530701546fc….png)

File: 2692ceabd909c98⋯.png (294.99 KB, 322x447, 322:447, 2692ceabd909c98a49baddbeed….png)


File: 51f3cf1871a31c5⋯.jpg (488.84 KB, 1015x1312, 1015:1312, 51f3cf1871a31c5aa742364dc7….jpg)

File: 6bc5d61dfa2e6a0⋯.jpg (130.48 KB, 840x1008, 5:6, 6bc5d61dfa2e6a0c19ffd0d899….jpg)

File: bb9d41a00820670⋯.png (682.83 KB, 976x732, 4:3, bb9d41a0082067050d9648f3b6….png)

File: ac3f0246ef713c6⋯.png (197.59 KB, 800x769, 800:769, ac3f0246ef713c635f3e9801aa….png)

File: 63d8cc59b793200⋯.jpg (251.46 KB, 850x991, 850:991, 63d8cc59b7932005ad0cfbad0a….jpg)


File: 28e2fe89820e760⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1200x1679, 1200:1679, 28e2fe89820e760591861e87a3….jpg)


File: 638be6f0f73a02a⋯.jpg (696.06 KB, 800x1129, 800:1129, Shadow House - Shadow Hous….jpg)

File: a0555ed155321bd⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1600x1129, 1600:1129, Shadow House - Shadow Hous….jpg)

File: b2fd25648cd39d7⋯.jpg (734.43 KB, 800x1143, 800:1143, Shadow House - Shadow Hous….jpg)

File: 8a7a9a2faf7c87f⋯.jpg (770.5 KB, 800x1143, 800:1143, Shadow House - Shadow Hous….jpg)

I want the doll and the shadow girl.


File: e7d0f0de0068c06⋯.png (66.69 KB, 444x454, 222:227, 1447403515211-0.png)


>my master is black

Her master is a nigger…



Locked character*



Even #1 has fur all over her body, therefore it's furry.



>2 already has a snout

might as well have clumped all the others in a single category



Shit, I'm blind to not notice it's all clothes.


File: 8602f82b45a44ee⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1200x1811, 1200:1811, Modern MoGal - Modern MoGa….jpg)

File: 56a792a713de1c6⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1200x1787, 1200:1787, Modern MoGal - Modern MoGa….jpg)



>wife is a crime fighting robot

>but not a giant crime fighting robot

I'm a little disappointed, the perspective made it look like that until the last panel.


File: 8c0352bd35f1616⋯.jpg (304.46 KB, 950x1362, 475:681, Maou no Mama ni Narundayo!….jpg)



File: 465b0580a2c4604⋯.jpg (66.59 KB, 866x923, 866:923, unfortunate_side_effects__….jpg)

A Sorceress who's body ended up getting warped to hell from some spell and came back horribly corrupted.


File: cef48bb8b5a1029⋯.jpg (94.09 KB, 680x765, 8:9, 863.jpg)


File: ba9cbca3de413ae⋯.jpg (173.91 KB, 880x640, 11:8, 1433439334742.jpg)


I dont like the mermaid, robot and zombie stories.



She kinda is.


File: f15c1a5b7d7e63c⋯.jpg (100.42 KB, 750x871, 750:871, Dx5cUS0UcAIYCWW.jpg)


File: 36f64bc32c4c5b4⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 3316x1080, 829:270, psycopathic succ.jpg)


Who's this fine maiden?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Entire chapter of Mizore and Cumpire burning Japan to the ground to save it from a butterfly


File: 2108a78b76f1d7f⋯.jpg (91.39 KB, 1156x691, 1156:691, inktober_2018_day_12__zomb….jpg)

File: 8f06052aa4606c5⋯.jpg (92.01 KB, 964x829, 964:829, inktober_2018_day_14__dull….jpg)


File: 1cbcf1a2daeff42⋯.jpg (135.08 KB, 848x1199, 848:1199, DyJGrhhUUAADGVv.jpg)

Artist of "my Senpai is annoying" made a tribute art of Mizore chan.



Nice, is there more?



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Artist is Franktonius.


File: 92c5f6531b0a591⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1602x1200, 267:200, business&bancho.png)

Would japanese monstergirls form their own yakuza analogs? If so, what would they be like?

I wish I could find this image uncensored.



Japanese bancho mamonos form anti-alimony gangs that shake down thots and return the money to their ex-husbands.


File: 383146f5dfd352e⋯.jpg (495.99 KB, 1000x1352, 125:169, 51ebe83dcec383dcfdb6477504….jpg)

File: 8825f0a90630fb4⋯.jpg (717.95 KB, 800x937, 800:937, 1682bebc3d4e8959ef4b31a323….jpg)



File: 56ba355db19c04a⋯.jpg (517.16 KB, 807x1200, 269:400, 314_ice_queen_L.jpg)

Hide your shotas, because the /ss/ queen is on the hunt for them.


File: 237526fc015f80c⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 481x677, 481:677, 75.jpg)


Ice Queen a qt.


File: 8986e9e9a4021f4⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 709x957, 709:957, __original_drawn_by_shinji….jpg)




File: 8ac91d2bf447262⋯.png (661.82 KB, 1057x1435, 151:205, e77893c63faf9c4a57697851ef….png)

File: 16fe8c8aa055fe0⋯.png (839.86 KB, 891x1319, 891:1319, 306e2ae34c36d780ecdd91ad9f….png)

File: a691eb9216bb0a3⋯.png (776.96 KB, 745x1887, 745:1887, 2469a939d77fdf289a55e985b2….png)

File: e8c0375858786bb⋯.jpg (2.41 MB, 1419x1716, 43:52, __glacies_ice_queen_and_ts….jpg)

File: 1cafee8c6e1c4a0⋯.png (769.8 KB, 1342x1350, 671:675, __ice_queen_monster_girl_e….png)



Beware of this shota abductor. She will kidnap a shota and take him to her pleasure dungeon.


File: 07a0e23fa887db6⋯.png (10.5 MB, 4961x7016, 4961:7016, __cursed_sword_monster_gir….png)


Barbariank (2nd and 3rd images) has serious case of sameface, but I don't mind. He drew pic related after I requested Cursed Katana Kitsune on /monster/ drawthread.


File: a3c4dbe561b0bde⋯.jpg (233.86 KB, 775x1100, 31:44, Dp9EXIbVAAAI7jp.jpg)

File: d9c7f967513cc38⋯.jpg (204.11 KB, 775x1100, 31:44, Dp9EYxDUcAAvRXO.jpg)

File: 6a93d32e317d595⋯.jpg (224.77 KB, 775x1100, 31:44, Dr4xXU3VAAAC3w1.jpg)

File: dcf0c66e6f1f613⋯.jpg (189.13 KB, 775x1100, 31:44, Dr4xYXvV4AAk1Am.jpg)

File: c36bf25f05e4083⋯.jpg (253.29 KB, 775x1100, 31:44, DyO99w7UUAACgQM.jpg)


File: 61c917cc33c6f89⋯.jpg (257.64 KB, 775x1100, 31:44, DvvsKArUcAILzno.jpg)

File: dedace636de58d7⋯.jpg (237.68 KB, 775x1100, 31:44, DvvsLNWVAAE2cNL.jpg)


File: 7116600ef80d882⋯.png (895.54 KB, 608x575, 608:575, jesus.png)



Who's this Christian artist?



File: 649b0e0301342a9⋯.png (803.59 KB, 750x942, 125:157, ClipboardImage.png)


File: a58f442b0d62945⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, __original_drawn_by_karaku….png)

File: 10e8330dd6818d6⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, __original_drawn_by_karaku….png)

File: ca721f73a94db2a⋯.png (731.71 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, __original_drawn_by_karaku….png)

File: bd333d218e400d7⋯.png (815.21 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, __original_drawn_by_karaku….png)

File: b4eaaec10b55782⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1024x1280, 4:5, __original_drawn_by_karaku….png)



He not only stitched up the wounds of a ghost but he fucked it and impregnated it. Sasuga Chad doctor.


File: 0c32d301afcfaae⋯.png (85.23 KB, 246x246, 1:1, sad sads moe.png)


Such a fucking man.



how did she manage to put on the sexy underwear?



Ghost magic


File: 6963e40021c9275⋯.png (172.87 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 22.png)

File: 065a728bc5d7896⋯.png (191.87 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 23.png)

File: 824a94c23ae8afd⋯.png (194.94 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 24.png)

File: 3cbcb679d9b4de2⋯.png (213.08 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 25.png)

File: 63d28ae7c477c8b⋯.png (205.44 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 26.png)


File: 4bf0bdb7cdd6ebf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 518.02 KB, 800x443, 800:443, face reveal.png)


What an interesting setting! I wonder what purchasable fantasy simulator could let you experience this and much more?


File: 89c8324b3e37782⋯.png (133.34 KB, 546x805, 78:115, 3b8ccc5c5c02c47922f06b757b….png)

File: a45d3b97af86aaa⋯.png (393.1 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 29e7e62bdca676d4bd0234ec33….png)

File: 7e994a559427c54⋯.png (793.75 KB, 1280x1162, 640:581, dc735ecac602d4e4f37fed27c5….png)

File: c48a1f5d3a23534⋯.png (677.86 KB, 1229x1024, 1229:1024, 822c4484f38d6171a8e606438c….png)

File: 3d4382ab8132ac8⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1278x1453, 1278:1453, 91c192d941214756668bf79747….png)


>I wonder what purchasable fantasy simulator could let you experience this and much more?

I would like to know as well, fellow otaku.


File: fcec97388f1bcd2⋯.jpg (195.49 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 17.jpg)

File: f3ac249c8876dea⋯.jpg (179.76 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 18.jpg)

File: ba54b5443466950⋯.jpg (207.66 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 19.jpg)


File: eaf0a73ef293d72⋯.png (688.66 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)

New slut Snowman.


File: 805308759372a68⋯.png (355.15 KB, 497x434, 71:62, 805308759372a6854b2f523cc9….png)


File: 79c47bad7882651⋯.png (868.97 KB, 680x680, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 500563acbe1f3c6⋯.jpg (122.88 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, Dys9go9U0AUlQGi.jpg)


File: 0779f71193826a7⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1114x1600, 557:800, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 902b336cd006b96⋯.png (687.49 KB, 713x1024, 713:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2de171f73db088e⋯.png (457.71 KB, 713x1024, 713:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 287ce40e6785178⋯.png (396.38 KB, 713x1024, 713:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 847769e51108bfd⋯.png (621.47 KB, 1080x776, 135:97, ClipboardImage.png)

Ano Hito no I ni wa Boku ga Tarinai, Boy meets Eldritch Horror


File: 8e8e978776de3fd⋯.png (3.33 MB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, dcy5k1l-5dbea09e-3b8f-4d73….png)



What am I looking at?


File: b4407d4eb2d92fb⋯.png (34.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1437874151447.png)


its a romcom boys meets girl comic, were the girl is not a human but a cute landwhale that eats other not humans because she is always hungry, she likes the boy because he smells delicious and uses him as bait for other not humans to get near him


>those legs



>videogame world


does he at least lose his virginity to a monstergirl?


File: 5e84d12eff9ad71⋯.png (1.18 MB, 844x1200, 211:300, Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka - U….png)

File: ab8b1ee41c33cb9⋯.png (237.29 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka - U….png)

File: 042daba5079cfdb⋯.png (231.05 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka - U….png)

File: 606d9c82d393528⋯.png (187.26 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka - U….png)

Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka

Bunny loli lost her job on the moon and went to earth to look for work.


File: 333ef6fac30d736⋯.png (163.3 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka - U….png)

File: 885410555ae62d4⋯.png (163.56 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka - U….png)

File: 824de1b4ae30b60⋯.png (241.32 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka - U….png)

File: 0c532dc3f9d4a9b⋯.png (199.34 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka - U….png)


File: 58342107451ea52⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 337.01 KB, 1280x1770, 128:177, 321654897789465.jpg)



What is the japanese association between rabbits and the moon?


File: ea33aa3b46fc8d9⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 20090210rabbitinthemoon_1.jpg)

File: 57769205107b4b3⋯.jpg (56.3 KB, 1024x527, 1024:527, moonrabbit-1024x527.jpg)

File: 89dc74a17fbf065⋯.jpg (53.62 KB, 827x405, 827:405, RabbitintheMoon_zps2e4d1eb….jpg)


MesoAmericans also had a similar folktale about the rabbit of the moon.


File: 1517ea8bd123a7d⋯.jpg (658.59 KB, 1049x1379, 1049:1379, 02a034f3380d2ab42196c66b7b….jpg)


>The folklore originated in China, and then spread to other Asian cultures. (warring states period)





Cutest sweetest fucking thing I've ever read, it's like I'm reading diabetes.


File: acbad6a44ef195e⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ancient.jpg)


That isn't good.



There's a whole magic kingdom on the moon, it's not like everthing is centered around rabbits.



Isn't the queen of that kingdom named Usagi?


File: 9034923248d7181⋯.png (2.44 MB, 2016x1434, 336:239, ClipboardImage.png)

Succubus ni Tensei shita node Milk wo Shiborimasu


File: 5398613007d4c9f⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1008x1434, 168:239, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3e035f8dd0aff98⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1008x1434, 168:239, ClipboardImage.png)



That's Diabeetus in your pic don't confuse them.



File: 70fdafea9a45f32⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1008x1434, 168:239, ClipboardImage.png)

This manga is hilarious.



File: c4e2939724f4031⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1200x1605, 80:107, Modern MoGal - Modern MoGa….png)

File: e6f99f95c3360a0⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1200x1605, 80:107, Modern MoGal - Modern MoGa….png)



>TFW no qt Russian monster girl to squat on me as I sleep



But that gives you nightmares.



>in chinese culture, this situation is called ghost pressing

>In Chinese culture, sleep paralysis is widely known as "鬼壓身/鬼压身" (pinyin: guǐ yā shēn) or "鬼壓床/鬼压床" (pinyin: guǐ yā chuáng), which literally translate into "ghost pressing on body" or "ghost pressing on bed."


>adds a horse thingy instead




Because she's a nightmare.




lets imply they are ghost mares

why the big titties one has a unicorn shadow?


File: 9496294816b4469⋯.jpg (93.67 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, anti-carlos.jpg)


File: fbb279612a6fb84⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 760.74 KB, 1006x796, 503:398, 456132489561.png)

>read Tama Hiyori

>pic related happens

did the MC got cucked in the first damn chapter?



Nope, no other male touched her.


File: 01895badce75b7b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 515.01 KB, 563x897, 563:897, Screenshot from 2019-02-09….png)

File: 0566580bb24dcd5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1410x931, 1410:931, Screenshot from 2019-02-09….png)

File: 1326e9dd0b7fdb1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 113.98 KB, 344x381, 344:381, 563216514879789.png)


>doesnt use panties

>raped in front of MC

>no other male touched her



She has her hand there to cover herself and she's pushing out an egg from her vagina. I can see no way penetration is actually happening since the guy still has his pants on. It checks out.


File: 2494a0834de58cc⋯.png (230.26 KB, 555x506, 555:506, The Oppressive Russian Nig….png)




File: b90171fecf2bc81⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1500x2154, 250:359, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3fff4dd21f305d9⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1500x2154, 250:359, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6524a7d88243fa⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1500x2154, 250:359, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 273adc8bdbaae53⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1500x2154, 250:359, ClipboardImage.png)

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san Ch 30



>I can see no way penetration is actually happening since the guy still has his pants on.

You have heard of zippers, right?


>Monster Girl Thread #4


are the numbers really necessary?


File: 756dd061d7f3d99⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 524.23 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 1.jpg)

File: c5e650a319df60e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 598.78 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 2.jpg)

File: 1021a6a4226db25⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 551.02 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 3.jpg)

File: 2ff2b14e7942ea2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 593.06 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 4.jpg)


File: 811106ccce09b91⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 421.13 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 5.jpg)

File: 3827f6cf0225402⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 654.66 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 6.jpg)

File: e79cabe29665376⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 421.08 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 7.jpg)

File: b2708b8ad7a4a20⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 586.09 KB, 1075x1518, 1075:1518, 8.jpg)



>nursing handjobs from a monster nurse

Oh boy!


File: 38c86ce29cfb558⋯.png (832.94 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 73790aec1b3ac93⋯.png (705.9 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, ClipboardImage.png)

Kyuuketsuki Maruguritto to Kuenai Gokinjo a cute oneshot about a Vampire ara who becomes a mother to these kids. I fucking want this to be a series.


File: d1bf56ca9622483⋯.png (472.88 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b42b5ba1a6f1d73⋯.png (1.19 MB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)


File: fdcf39ec34d62b5⋯.png (1019.24 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 23522b918777930⋯.png (602.24 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)

New Slut snowman



Zippers are designed in a way to preclude the penis from opening them from the inside.


File: 03b562e30427bc6⋯.gif (2.34 MB, 1336x1358, 668:679, 1523754890.gif)


>his penis doesn't quantum teleport through his pants


File: 5e7af0ed1083906⋯.jpg (104.58 KB, 800x604, 200:151, DijB-EAVQAMVv6_.jpg)


File: b15ce9e1ebc3b37⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1062x1505, 1062:1505, Kamiotoko.jpg)

File: 671678ae5753544⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.64 MB, 1505x1062, 1505:1062, Kamiotoko.png)



what the fuck



Japan is always at the vanguard of Monstergirls material


File: f47f89af64de360⋯.png (1.12 MB, 900x900, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


File: fd7698a865417fe⋯.png (357.62 KB, 1065x1510, 213:302, Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Sh….png)

File: 85751baaaf6bef2⋯.png (322.07 KB, 1065x1510, 213:302, Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Sh….png)


File: 23e8ce89ede80f5⋯.gif (809.83 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 65432148948.gif)


>Zippers are designed in a way to preclude the penis from opening them from the inside.


File: b379689bb0ee74c⋯.png (541 KB, 997x784, 997:784, YES2.PNG)


File: d8e960b87375046⋯.jpg (251.62 KB, 960x846, 160:141, Big Family.jpg)



Look at the happy face on the cute little bucket daughter.



That's stupid, you can only spend less than 2 days per year with each child. They basically only have a mother.



Never seen a big family I guess. They do things in groups. Sure there's not a lot of individual attention but there's still attention. The only downside of having 200 daughters is when they get to teenage years and the whole house syncs their periods up.



And then they become teenagers, and multiple hells break loose…



Oh Jesus.


File: e17b85b6373a65f⋯.jpg (115.8 KB, 375x1200, 5:16, e17b85b6373a65fe219ad8a75c….jpg)

File: 03a27774e22f19b⋯.jpg (158.12 KB, 437x1200, 437:1200, 03a27774e22f19bd09675ac13d….jpg)

File: a96361b04557eac⋯.png (1.69 MB, 700x5500, 7:55, a96361b04557eac1cf7b256766….png)

File: fab36b176240041⋯.png (562.99 KB, 1340x1876, 5:7, fab36b176240041dcb43145e74….png)

Retarded Spider.


File: 350817553ecc66c⋯.png (201.38 KB, 420x302, 210:151, 1447109134948.png)


>"I've locked you in to keep you safe"






You have to eat all the eggs.



>retarded, baby speak

>garbage vermin

>gets exploited or taken in by random humans

Is this the new yukkuri/jissouseki/fluffy pony?


File: 0338d7305325334⋯.jpg (22.34 KB, 680x481, 680:481, Mars Rover Girl.jpg)


File: d78830c9f3f649d⋯.png (367.99 KB, 826x432, 413:216, ClipboardImage.png)

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san anie premiers in april


File: 0bd7f25f12f0e8d⋯.png (220.4 KB, 433x468, 433:468, 5421348948654.png)

>read comic

>it runs in the family

at least the harem route didnt happen.


File: 384cf513912126d⋯.png (349 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 1.png)

File: b66995648a77df9⋯.png (295.02 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 3.png)

File: 5cc62d5393d8859⋯.png (511.92 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 4.png)

File: fb6486e2ca20c4a⋯.png (306.94 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 5.png)

File: aa0e8f8cb0d8fa5⋯.png (309.58 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 6.png)


File: ea0c9d177e2c86e⋯.png (340.21 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 7.png)

File: 8131307c29a1146⋯.png (346.1 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 8.png)

File: 5db3791694669ea⋯.png (365.47 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 9.png)

File: d41f15d65712275⋯.png (352.32 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 10.png)

File: 5303bb63ef418cf⋯.png (299.25 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 11.png)


File: 42bb19ea95f149f⋯.png (279.22 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 12.png)

File: 88aafb4f9f2d1cd⋯.png (260.8 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 13.png)

File: 5ee5786411f8be2⋯.png (220.36 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 14.png)

File: ffe9d020311a09d⋯.png (294.75 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 15.png)

File: cc27869b6de383f⋯.png (272.05 KB, 1200x1691, 1200:1691, Behind - Oneshot - 16.png)



What a chump. Wouldn't a better thing be to find a way to touch her? I'm sure she'd love getting headpats.



what a fag.


File: 62d1adff1be8d32⋯.jpg (44.94 KB, 500x684, 125:171, 'nam 1000 yard stare.jpg)



>implying being haunted by a used goods roastie ghost is a good thing

I'm with the guy sort of, instead of praying like a pussy though I'd try to find a way to exorcise her or give her heart piece. If ghosts are real, then that means magic is as well, I'd search far and wide for the true religion to find some answers to this roastie ghost problem.


>her heart peace.

Fuck I'm sleepy.


File: c9ec020628ba3dd⋯.png (286.59 KB, 1028x397, 1028:397, 489486551156.png)



>not having a BFF ghost that protects your smile


File: 7ec3be5b7122d03⋯.jpg (8.44 KB, 202x245, 202:245, no thanks.jpg)


>wanting a ghost who was a dumb slut as your BFF

Maybe I'm more of an unforgiving puritan autist than you, but I just wouldn't want to associate with such a slut.


File: 45d1792b3d64d19⋯.png (277.21 KB, 651x694, 651:694, 89484654651.png)


>I'm more of an unforgiving puritan autist

>mfw a girl ghost actually has more sympathy than anon


File: 0d2a85acd2b1217⋯.gif (334.41 KB, 293x181, 293:181, baka.gif)


Why would I have empathy for a dumb slut who

>killed herself over a garbage human being who never treated her with respect

>actually ruined her life by somehow making her get stuck with his debt

>because of her retardation decided to think that all men are garbage and so will kill herself in order to put a curse on many potentially innocent men to exact her revenge on those who wronged her

Even her plot for revenge is fucking retarded, she would be human garbage at both a physical and spiritual level.


File: 3d09f6f5a368a2a⋯.png (3.67 MB, 1426x2048, 713:1024, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 0d91c76b24da439⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1426x2048, 713:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff1b643aa7991df⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1426x2048, 713:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e917d960caae639⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1426x2048, 713:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac16006dbe17625⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1426x2048, 713:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit my fucking dick!


File: 1326e9dd0b7fdb1⋯.png (113.98 KB, 344x381, 344:381, 563216514879789.png)


>so will kill herself in order to put a curse on many

>implying she killed herself to turn into a vengeful ghost

>Why would I have empathy for a dumb slut

>implying she is a slut

>implying no one should have empathy for a victim that was emotionally and economically abused



First time running into a psychopath on the internet?



well, it is h8chan after all.



>First time running into a psychopath on the internet?

This actually pretty tame compared to some of the shits I saw back in 2010 on /a/.



Even if she didn't kill herself to become a revenge/curse ghost she's still a dumb slut for killing herself over human trash.


>hurrr she wasn't a slut

She's a dumb whore who made some severely stupid decisions which landed her a man who treated her like garbage to the point of suicide. Do you really think she wasn't a dumb slut? It's actually statistically proven the that women who have more sexual partners make poor pair bonding decisions which in turn makes their probabilities of divorce spike. Women in most of today's modern societies have an option to pick their partners, she was a dumb slut who made an obviously stupid choice. No doubt she did this stupid choice after a series of similar awful choices.

She wasn't forced to go out with the scumbag, she wasn't held at gun point. She was never forced to kill herself over a faggot who willingly threw his debt at her for his own freedom. She did this all on her own, in a life fool of choices she did the worst ones which led to her financial freedom being stripped. Having pity on her because she willingly made poor choices in life is you white knighting her. It's obvious her life choices were fucking garbage and the fact her mind is so twisted she considered all men garbage because of it doesn't make me feel anymore pity.

Don't tell me you're the kind of faggot who reads that meme Doujin of Emergence and actually gets "feels" over it? Because this, similar to that is just a dumb slut making poor choices and paying the consequence. Only difference is that ghost bitch is trying to make others, who may be innocent, feel pain because she's a stupid dumb bitch even in the afterlife.


>I'm a psychopath for not pitying and white knighting a fictional slut who turned into a curse ghost who kills men indiscriminately for her poor decision making when she was alive

Fuck off soyfaggot.


File: 558916fd3376f8e⋯.jpg (253.58 KB, 1602x1200, 267:200, 558916fd3376f8ed64d33c7811….jpg)


I hope one day in this life you look over this moment and feel pangs of regret for ever comparing the shitiness of 3D to 2D. To keep on topic, hace some Oni



>loses argument

>hurrr 3d is not the same as 2d

2d is an imitation of 3d, without experiencing life or seeing it first hand, artists are not able to create those 2d images you vividly practice your escapism on. Of course 3d does like to imitate 2d from time to time, but that's because 2d is an idealized recreation of an experience. However at the end of the day, it's still a recreation, it's still mimicry of things an artist has either seen or experienced. DEAL WITH IT, WELCOME TO THE NHK AND GET OUT OF IT.

you huge fat faggot



Nigger chill out and don't shit up the thread, just move on from this argument you're having with the other anon.


File: 4ebd156267023fb⋯.png (248.5 KB, 595x844, 595:844, Monster Musume no Oishasan….png)

File: fd650b7b668ec91⋯.png (289.68 KB, 595x844, 595:844, Monster Musume no Oishasan….png)

File: 09f7c828153ff04⋯.png (234.34 KB, 595x844, 595:844, Monster Musume no Oishasan….png)

File: a4b311c36ea1cca⋯.png (271.56 KB, 595x844, 595:844, Monster Musume no Oishasan….png)

Monster Musume no Oishasan

A human doctor and his lamia nurse take care of monster girls.

The dog monster girl is cute. CUTE!


File: 85b456c260bee11⋯.png (239.76 KB, 595x844, 595:844, Monster Musume no Oishasan….png)

File: 0d5d3bc23c0a964⋯.png (244.24 KB, 595x844, 595:844, Monster Musume no Oishasan….png)


File: 3324b1d6d33e1f9⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 947x947, 1:1, 1449809743379-0.jpg)

File: 5b2f892943c24cd⋯.jpg (95.91 KB, 824x970, 412:485, 5b2f892943c24cd255ba8009b7….jpg)

File: ea6029dc6aa38fc⋯.jpg (272.78 KB, 819x1200, 273:400, 1459261292777-0.jpg)

File: ee3dd543b641437⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 1200x930, 40:31, 1455849334535-1.jpg)


This artist really can get on the line of monster and stay on cute, at least for most of them .


Bad news for you is I wasn't the anon in question, though you'll carry on anyway with your bullshit.


File: 55caa091c4b64cc⋯.png (635.24 KB, 752x670, 376:335, 6541365184.png)


>there are new chapters

fucking finally


>comparing 2D with 3DPD

come on, anon, you are better than this.


>going out with ONE guy



>Don't tell me you're the kind of faggot who reads that meme Doujin of Emergence and actually gets "feels" over it?

no, because that shit is not vanilla.


File: f5723f59848a3be⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 533.66 KB, 1119x1600, 1119:1600, would you?.jpg)

File: 886f26050d5c26b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 454.58 KB, 1119x1600, 1119:1600, 654321489.jpg)


>This artist really can get on the line of monster and stay on cute, at least for most of them

He puts the monster in monstergirl.



tfw no jealous lamia nurse gf


File: 3eee3256b745217⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 426x371, 426:371, milk plus.jpg)



What the fuck is this masterpiece?


File: 5d1ea814fc12743⋯.png (1000.4 KB, 760x596, 190:149, ClipboardImage.png)

sage for non-animu and generally degenerate, but sometimes funny, western comic, but I'm glad sexual dimorphism is a thing when it comes to monstergirls.



Twist: shit anon was actually the old bf.


File: 77f147e4f06006c⋯.jpg (176.52 KB, 956x1200, 239:300, Giant GF.jpg)


File: b2250d57aff6986⋯.webm (2.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, BIGGER.webm)


We need bigger girls


File: 4e38f312286910f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 619.17 KB, 1003x1517, 1003:1517, 018.png)

File: 0e578f11a9c8b6a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.55 KB, 253x435, 253:435, Screenshot from 2019-02-21….png)

File: 05530544739c1f1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 110.58 KB, 437x210, 437:210, Screenshot from 2019-02-21….png)


The NTR continues


File: 31e28afe1a98057⋯.jpeg (52.83 KB, 900x704, 225:176, Dz_Sw-vUcAAyxSL.jpeg)





File: e3a08c985992fe3⋯.png (505.53 KB, 438x540, 73:90, Funky jazz music stops.PNG)


File: 83037b6bc19aee4⋯.png (816.96 KB, 1500x1588, 375:397, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1ed4a8ff948f297⋯.png (510.93 KB, 900x704, 225:176, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c2bd0aee156a1c9⋯.png (600.96 KB, 900x704, 225:176, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 94584cadca61fc4⋯.png (663.35 KB, 900x704, 225:176, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8354a7f408a2cde⋯.png (523.02 KB, 900x704, 225:176, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6e45c681d27e230⋯.png (615.6 KB, 900x704, 225:176, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 9f29a4a5b9f6165⋯.png (521.2 KB, 1026x899, 1026:899, 651894651.png)


File: 71491610a136859⋯.jpg (169.12 KB, 900x563, 900:563, Dragon-Ball-Z-image-dragon….jpg)


>thick green bulma

Doesn't that completely defeat the purpose of the character?


File: 59d6de376e007eb⋯.png (434.66 KB, 517x742, 517:742, 59d6de376e007eb0e9d1183c67….png)



Why is Lupu so perfect?


File: d5db3ef0488700d⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1200x1845, 80:123, Modern MoGal - Modern MoGa….jpg)


File: 4a334acfa26b914⋯.png (798.47 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)

New Slut snowman.


File: aaeadec2885ef07⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1126x1600, 563:800, ClipboardImage.png)

Aku Hidup bersama Oni-san, Oni and his former sacrifice start their new life as Husband and loli.


File: d5f0bed9b5b7e00⋯.jpg (321.62 KB, 1315x1566, 1315:1566, smug_regina.jpg)

File: e2286055a4c3785⋯.png (785.73 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Lupus_panties.png)

File: 442ab8e2123e675⋯.jpg (270.39 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, CmSeWuUVIAESum-.jpg orig.jpg)

File: e74519c750ee2c6⋯.png (200.91 KB, 391x374, 23:22, High Impact IMAGINE Violen….png)

File: 38ef90324ac8192⋯.jpg (170.7 KB, 1023x629, 1023:629, 123.jpg)


She just is.


File: 065468076f62bd0⋯.png (165.43 KB, 528x417, 176:139, 4878989474896.png)


File: 0db5f5439fcbe81⋯.jpeg (43.4 KB, 603x543, 201:181, 61B741DD-026D-45B9-83AE-9….jpeg)


>Monster girl thread

>Male oni

>Human loli


File: 55780074a540e08⋯.png (546.24 KB, 1083x512, 1083:512, ClipboardImage.png)

>Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

Spider girl cast a spell on you.

You feel compelled to give her shekels



you need to wait for them to make children first, anon at the last chapter of the mango


File: dec89a72e896a82⋯.png (2.67 MB, 863x3464, 863:3464, Reborn Spider.png)



Terrifying. Imagine trying to fuck that. I mean, she can fit a whole body down there, you'd be throwing your hot dog down a mine shaft.


File: 8f03d92a05e1242⋯.jpg (269.46 KB, 1360x1083, 1360:1083, n5L1Hzu.jpg)


File: 84961e3b7d44dd8⋯.jpg (55.46 KB, 800x566, 400:283, momo_and_maho_the_twin_cat….jpg)


File: 4463b6b69fb9237⋯.jpg (181.49 KB, 1350x1430, 135:143, b1462b8a9da7f78e1d4930dd55….jpg)



Now THAT'S something to sip on all day long.


File: 638c76420949aed⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1500x2153, 1500:2153, ClipboardImage.png)


>literal monstergirl

I see what you did there




Are you blind anon? That's clearly a __ _


File: f75306d1c27d6c7⋯.png (2.98 MB, 1240x1754, 620:877, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 4388f32b233bad5⋯.jpg (152.93 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Mad Hatter.jpg)


File: 53058ac277c3539⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 2542x3600, 1271:1800, bb40153a01a6dc204cce11d2a9….jpg)

>Get lost in Looking-Glass Land

>Bump into a Jabberwocky

>She smiles and says

<"Skiderp marra, how yer deeun?"

>You got a bit confused as what she said

>She licks her lips and says

<"Ahm clammin' fer a gadgie like yerself."

>She grabs you and says

<"Become me dar and gorrus hods er luv fer me."

>The she whispers in your ear

<"Make me a mam and lets make hods of bairn like."


File: 89658fc06d41a55⋯.png (424.68 KB, 1070x1003, 1070:1003, British Cat.png)

>Get lost in Wonderland

>Meet Cheshire

>She says

>"Oh my, Ah fownd me o swaddledidaff ah did."

>You scratch your head trying to figure out what she's saying

>Cheshire smiles and says

>"Owdo, me neam is Cheshire and ahm o magicew moggy."

>You seem distressed at trying to figure out what she says

>Worried, Cheshire touched your faced and asks

>"art al’reet?"

>You nod as you somewhat understand what she says.

>She smiles

>"Alwreet. Ow abowt I be yer missus and we get busy makin' babbies?"

>She kisses your face

>"Ye be o great thowd’man."



does she eventually learn human speech


File: 4b29b9c579de1dd⋯.png (789.34 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, n1.png)

File: 8fcab078b6305ec⋯.png (420.56 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, n2.png)

File: 9c3e531c50ebc33⋯.png (548.79 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, n3.png)

File: 15b028dbf7ced19⋯.png (669.22 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, n4.png)


File: fcdfc437972492f⋯.png (967.35 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 16428f0bc0084ad⋯.png (674.86 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 5a8ce4470f4da8a⋯.png (946.17 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1246fc1732be556⋯.png (791 KB, 729x1032, 243:344, ClipboardImage.png)

Do you prefer your monster musume with two or four ears, /animu/?



Two having the four feels off.



thinly-veiled hentai



only 2 ears on the anatomically correct location of the animal counterpart, same goes with their sexual organs.


File: 1194075b232b53a⋯.png (1.41 MB, 775x1250, 31:50, 779dafad401829501442abb258….png)

File: 6803d221961edb2⋯.png (1.18 MB, 775x1250, 31:50, 20cba411d315ab0e0be33e315a….png)


File: 9a4425d9d2ded27⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1451x2048, 1451:2048, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7429e73e9076eb5⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1451x2048, 1451:2048, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1d252911bc08e8b⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1451x2048, 1451:2048, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cefc1388e6a6754⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1451x2048, 1451:2048, ClipboardImage.png)



I don't see why she's getting so hot and bothered over soup.


File: 4f2a92904a8db59⋯.png (913.7 KB, 850x549, 850:549, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 69e8aaf3b058413⋯.jpg (171.22 KB, 525x1521, 175:507, modern_mogal___053___carmi….jpg)



careful anon, that's getting dangerously cheesy.


File: 0afb2c76bf2a25a⋯.mp4 (1.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, holyfuck.mp4)


File: c31a46f915bd88e⋯.jpg (454.48 KB, 2004x2160, 167:180, c31a46f915bd88edd1d68f8c7b….jpg)


Catgirls aren't furry, she's just got some extra fluffy.


File: 181aa6074759c02⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 2004x2160, 167:180, Cheshire Cat Queen of Spad….jpg)



One of the oldest trolls known to monstergirldom and I'm not talking about femdom.



"She" has a penis, right?



The Queen of Spades tattoo is a real life phenomena that shows off that a white girl only takes black dick.There was Truckercore which you may be thinking of that had a futa Chesire.


File: 334ede5d5dbd98a⋯.gif (7.15 MB, 486x454, 243:227, 1434761892614.gif)


Q predicted this.


File: eb2cc3cd9ae940c⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1259x1164, 1259:1164, Hello in Different Languag….png)




>deep dark black

at least they modernized it :^)


File: 3478716d132232e⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1259x1164, 1259:1164, 3478716d132232eccd3d0df00b….png)


File: d259089cbf44191⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1259x1164, 1259:1164, Hello in Different Languag….png)



>Finnish Hellhound


File: b7e75c8cb29fa3f⋯.png (966.73 KB, 759x1080, 253:360, 34802.png)

Kitsune to Pancake

Kemonomimi duaghterus.



File: 369662c94cc90a0⋯.jpg (168.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1553101686.jpg)

File: d842ca51e5601ce⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1641x2436, 547:812, 1553323886.png)

File: a0d8e02940e8526⋯.jpg (71.66 KB, 562x783, 562:783, 1553316076.jpg)

File: 61c43412d4b03f6⋯.png (932.76 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, 1553316076-2.png)

File: 7b60d0364fcda1c⋯.jpg (449.83 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 1553316076-1.jpg)

From Blaster Master Zero 2,


File: 2436024bae43b43⋯.png (8.88 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 93f050677e4cd120530fe37835….png)

File: 78162a0f6f53595⋯.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1668x2224, 3:4, f50ffae69ed1d787269087f76….jpeg)

File: 5c858c2179637a1⋯.jpeg (128.51 KB, 657x900, 73:100, 98fc3883c4695d841ce341347….jpeg)

File: 11cd9efd80e0222⋯.jpeg (169.13 KB, 1244x2056, 311:514, d7437ee4b87218250e1c1190f….jpeg)

File: ea953ac372ec489⋯.jpeg (114.99 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 46a25c3ab2bd82d1996664fcd….jpeg)




I want to fuck a watermelon.


File: f15259d7e21555a⋯.jpg (287.21 KB, 1542x2433, 514:811, 3022517 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

File: 499ee6d96144595⋯.jpg (179.5 KB, 1760x1600, 11:10, 3025067 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

File: 1858d60498dbe80⋯.jpg (61.97 KB, 782x900, 391:450, 3025068 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

File: 709422163f20898⋯.png (66.31 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 3025423 - Blaster_Master B….png)

File: 6371dd3743a05c0⋯.png (195.52 KB, 1538x1806, 769:903, 3025376 - Blaster_Master B….png)


File: cc4fb16c016a6ee⋯.jpg (79.78 KB, 954x1228, 477:614, 3025744 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

File: b40ebe5a05a2d11⋯.jpg (80.21 KB, 954x1228, 477:614, 3025745 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

Do you think her flower pot head is just like a mask?



never let the government get between your lolis.


File: d1c18c1c0ed55e9⋯.jpg (210.57 KB, 800x955, 160:191, 006.jpg)

File: 4f97720d90549ce⋯.jpg (253.1 KB, 800x999, 800:999, 001.jpg)

File: 3babc2272c9db64⋯.jpg (370.72 KB, 800x1089, 800:1089, 002.jpg)

File: 32f08665f0b3f0c⋯.jpg (647.85 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, 006.jpg)

File: edbbc0c097555b1⋯.png (176.07 KB, 329x366, 329:366, 7894651894651.png)

>read My Succubus Girlfriend

>artist by a nip, story by a gaying

>bunch of nips cliches, but it was fun

>nip artist cant work on the comic anymore but manage to end it

>they even add a sketch art about a wedding for shit and giggles

>oh vey, goyim!

>do you want to read more?!

>donate a lot of shekels

>good goys actually donated

>get season 2

>but with a different artist

>read recap vol.2 chapter 0

>art looks like shit

>art censored anastasia succubus clothes

>story gets toned down, now anastasia only wanted to kiss MC not fuck him

>hina aka best girl amanogawa was REMOVED from the story


I guess the vol 1 ending is good enough, hell it even has a wedding sketch.


File: 2b138b12019effe⋯.jpg (426.32 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 020.jpg)


>wedding sketch



>11500 a month

>for a webcomic

Are both of these chucklefucks getting 60k a year for this?


File: ea868b82b521fdc⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 2480x3633, 2480:3633, 1667e991765f26e5dc06787350….jpg)

File: 7f077d939a9033f⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1240x1043, 1240:1043, 3026940 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

File: edd07a8abc09051⋯.jpg (845.16 KB, 2224x1668, 4:3, 3027013 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)


File: 7b5fb8cbca94556⋯.jpg (497.5 KB, 2000x2250, 8:9, 3027536 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

File: 1c67a7d80881be8⋯.jpg (315.61 KB, 2478x2170, 177:155, 3027095 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)


File: 8dfa99264808f6e⋯.jpeg (80.85 KB, 899x1151, 899:1151, 4b44a4402fda5c11b3b13f5c9….jpeg)

File: c6aa633dcdadead⋯.jpeg (283.72 KB, 1438x2048, 719:1024, 0564e1cd8450bb8951d7bdc10….jpeg)


File: 090def612a05751⋯.jpg (279.63 KB, 1900x2100, 19:21, 3023618 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

File: fd6738814a54bce⋯.png (400.16 KB, 875x574, 125:82, 3024247 - Blaster_Master B….png)


File: 5e6d238e6bed666⋯.jpg (349.5 KB, 2600x2200, 13:11, 3023907 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)



File: b961bdb7aabd337⋯.png (1011.03 KB, 1750x2000, 7:8, b96.png)

File: ea264c9848327e7⋯.jpg (110.47 KB, 712x1024, 89:128, ea2.jpg)

File: 618aed068be01a1⋯.jpg (113.94 KB, 900x1050, 6:7, 618.jpg)

File: 3397483d8aff78c⋯.png (1009.85 KB, 3000x1950, 20:13, 339.png)

File: 42a16d8a314a5e3⋯.jpg (150.71 KB, 1194x1178, 597:589, 42a.jpg)


File: bb178732aa6a3c9⋯.png (389.57 KB, 1326x941, 1326:941, bb1.png)

File: d2f17785d99fa45⋯.jpg (110.15 KB, 896x934, 448:467, d2f.jpg)

File: e3c4d3098a5488a⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 649x1024, 649:1024, e3c.jpg)

File: e46b339587d7323⋯.jpg (146.72 KB, 937x1200, 937:1200, e46.jpg)

File: d3d3591553254ac⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 1750x2300, 35:46, d3d.jpg)


File: 1ea10858a49cdc5⋯.jpg (114.83 KB, 1317x1317, 1:1, 3021664 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)

File: 1ff0fa2c35b9511⋯.jpg (119.13 KB, 1317x1317, 1:1, 3021665 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)


File: 181116140086619⋯.png (1.4 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 3028221 - Blaster_Master B….png)



there are more than one comic, but i dont know how many people are working on those.


File: 76e5c3ddc3d8d57⋯.png (821.39 KB, 1007x1400, 1007:1400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 59a3feac90e8b7b⋯.png (762.65 KB, 1007x1400, 1007:1400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9c26934b530f397⋯.png (782.91 KB, 1007x1400, 1007:1400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3c906fb144d4611⋯.png (673.05 KB, 1007x1400, 1007:1400, ClipboardImage.png)


Shachiku Succubus no Hanashi is pretty good too.

>succubus can give guy whatever dream he wants

>guy's life is a bit shitty from work and whatnot

>instead of asking for lewd dreams, he keeps asking for fun wholesome dreams

>she falls in love with him


File: 6d6abb5470af08f⋯.png (209.25 KB, 493x530, 493:530, 87465148965132.png)


yep, i already got that one on my list, almost finishing Rotte no Omocha!, also Naughty Succubus "Saki-chan" and Yuuutsu to Succubus-san are fun, but god damn there are no new updates.

Any other succubuses main girls mangos out there?


File: ec7075e047df152⋯.jpg (89.89 KB, 570x900, 19:30, beb.jpg)


File: ffd59d9a1ad5d52⋯.png (544.12 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 3028942 - Blaster_Master B….png)

File: a76b91d3a91c549⋯.jpg (77.48 KB, 1052x1121, 1052:1121, 3028947 - Blaster_Master B….jpg)


File: 3d62743df1e8598⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1200x1787, 1200:1787, ClipboardImage.png)

Would you?



File: 0e1cc57a1a9fa15⋯.webm (2.5 MB, 852x480, 71:40, l6ö7ö.webm)

Would you hold hands with a fat dragon?




if that's fat I'm a chubby chaser


File: eec7228c73c7337⋯.png (81.66 KB, 400x297, 400:297, 2c66043e9bca47fa6853c1fde3….png)


>soundless webm


File: 4bc31f8b9f46022⋯.jpg (120.58 KB, 660x495, 4:3, aw yea.jpg)


Lizards store extra, healthy levels of fat in their tails and not their bodies like humans do. Overweight ones will see that bleed into their bodies and start looking like scaley hutts, but ones in nice ranges don't get the blobby look about them. This dragongirl follows the same logic, I guess. I dunno why she's stressing; your herp having a nice fat tail with a sleek body is usually a sign of health and you want to avoid your lizard getting a tail that's too skinny. So from a purely reptilian perspective, she looks very healthy and not overweight at all. I'd almost say her tail could use a bit more girth since the base is usually wider.


File: e077c0ea50f84e4⋯.png (135.96 KB, 875x1200, 35:48, e077c0ea50f84e411e2d7f2b73….png)


File: b4c658f9493317b⋯.png (918.68 KB, 837x1200, 279:400, 2ceddf23f599e3d664738175d7….png)

File: 4c689ce0e0609d9⋯.png (928.56 KB, 815x1200, 163:240, c96f9a39d66d7d3f2854b6d11e….png)

File: 3cdc1f6d34d4e14⋯.png (802.41 KB, 1200x1093, 1200:1093, 3030074 - Blaster_Master B….png)

File: d3f26f3f49b09f7⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1280x4645, 256:929, 3030514 - Blaster_Master B….png)


File: 9186bd9777db042⋯.png (63.29 KB, 693x702, 77:78, polish child mutt coalburn….png)


where is sound?


File: fc4d1e56ef5b0f2⋯.png (592.41 KB, 1054x1198, 527:599, __nikaidou_saki_zombie_lan….png)


>trying to cuck



shut up she's not a stinky lesbian


File: 9f43e168610775b⋯.jpg (559.88 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 350700998f8a69102518d1defb….jpg)


That's correct. She is a very good smelling one.


File: 07337dc9bb9f330⋯.jpg (6.47 KB, 251x234, 251:234, constanza of disgustment.jpg)


good morning i hate yuri


File: 0012443860c3cf7⋯.png (751.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8dabc7a072fda3c⋯.png (3.51 MB, 1500x2153, 1500:2153, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 71d5ccaa7e6b91f⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1500x2153, 1500:2153, ClipboardImage.png)


Then ignore the dragon anime and go for the fluffy fox one.


File: f68936a4fc44574⋯.png (314.34 KB, 691x406, 691:406, 846589465148651.png)



but they are just good friends.


>still no impregnation


is he a faggot or something?


File: ddba5be000ce6e7⋯.jpg (84.88 KB, 816x979, 816:979, gothshantae.jpg)


File: e6f78112623389f⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 424x452, 106:113, the fog that turns girls i….JPG)


As far as the gacha is concerned, there are only light yuri undertones, it never goes full yuri.

Anne is much cuter as a loli and Grea's tail is so fat, I'm not sure if you could even have sex with her comfortably.




Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's one of the manga listed in the OP

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

Now it's getting an anime.

What's the point of a list in the OP if nobody will go through them?



Who wants sex to be comfortable?





File: 63d61d1bbf259ac⋯.jpg (64.4 KB, 598x800, 299:400, 98b53842dd349775d6e149ac1e….jpg)



To be fair, the list doesn't tell me what kind of girl to expect, so I could just be shooting blindly if all I want is something with foxes.

What you really need is a brief synopsis for each title.


I don't know what it's supposed to be like.


File: 3b1070dcb583e3a⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1362x768, 227:128, cool ojiisan.png)



It's mostly good for newcomers, people looking for recs, etc


File: 1f53adbbb2b375c⋯.jpg (115.59 KB, 660x600, 11:10, 1f53adbbb2b375c0fb636c07da….jpg)

File: 4f0ebb48736a9bd⋯.jpg (373.93 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 4f0ebb48736a9bd55f4072a641….jpg)

File: 771bbebf171b118⋯.jpg (292.56 KB, 792x900, 22:25, 771bbebf171b1183f1bdf4962e….jpg)

File: c59563c6145f21d⋯.jpg (183.21 KB, 634x930, 317:465, c59563c6145f21d20e3e0b5820….jpg)

File: de44fd9ba369bfb⋯.jpg (483.62 KB, 1100x1000, 11:10, de44fd9ba369bfb37157f4e8fe….jpg)

Considering the consecutive monster girl threads. I wonder if it would be find to not have another monster girl thread for awhile after this one. /monster/ and /chaos/ could use more love.


File: 0c029311b4073e2⋯.png (275.88 KB, 705x801, 235:267, funya memes.png)




Japan made a manga about Arrows to the Knees. This is nothing.



It's fine. Monster Girl threads are better off once every so often rather than consecutive. These threads were more lively in the beginning, but each consecutive thread seems to slower than the last.

I think a better idea is to stop making these threads and then make a new monster girl thread in October, the month of spooky.


File: 6c7c6a70ccf2930⋯.png (2 MB, 1280x1871, 1280:1871, ClipboardImage.png)



This meme is so old now that it's more international internet culture than anything else.


So why do people want the MG threads gone?


File: 433317b715847e9⋯.jpg (536.22 KB, 531x900, 59:100, 7b6e043837210eb6401493a642….jpg)

File: 67e3f87ab2c001c⋯.png (974.28 KB, 850x1150, 17:23, 8a314525fd70613657ca5def9a….png)

File: 6f39a656cf5795c⋯.jpg (728.2 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, a066a22af9c9b22c4492542c60….jpg)

File: 38ecd58f9626ed6⋯.png (980.87 KB, 1000x1412, 250:353, e8b98f05f6dbb8cf9c5303715e….png)

File: dcae6e18e80ef95⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 5e9bed761173b0603302cd1f71….jpg)


It's not that people want them gone. More like a small break and then make a new thread later down the line. Each consecutive thread made quickly after the last gets slower and not much goes on except for porn dumps and discussion on a few manga anons already know, which was different from the earlier threads. It's not good to let this good topic go stale from back to back threads. I do miss the earlier threads, but I think making a new one later in October after this one dies would be a good idea. Other threads about a certain topic get a new thread once every so often.

There's already the manga rec thread, monster girl anime would have gotten its own thread and then there's /monster/ for these things.



Like how Manime had a thread, but then got a new one months later long after the old one died. Same with the feet and yuri thread.



Alright that's fair.


File: 9adebbc0ce1ec20⋯.png (1.62 MB, 960x1200, 4:5, 1504405615264.png)

File: 644a5c9f08dee7c⋯.jpg (884.98 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 65505672_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 12f73f9f44439c3⋯.jpg (131.11 KB, 788x1013, 788:1013, hevospillua.jpg)

File: 27afa7c167716d5⋯.jpg (239.81 KB, 850x1204, 425:602, sample_2c733cd5674ac3e4aed….jpg)



God do i hate that manga it was so good till chapter 70, I gave it another go after hearing best girl was back and the tournament arc was over now there is an even worse slavery arc and its an isekai. I have dropped it again.

Img tax.



This guy is correct.



Gardevoir isn't a monster girl she's a furry.



But Gardevoir doesn't have a snout. :^)


File: 1b795fa3f93bd2c⋯.jpeg (269.83 KB, 700x2264, 175:566, 1b7.jpeg)

>>94977 checked


File: a35d18ece513383⋯.png (910.38 KB, 590x866, 295:433, ClipboardImage.png)


>No snout


>Isn't based on any animal

>Pocket Monster



>That final panel

So he abandoned the original for a shiny? What a shitty trainer.




Wrong. Gardevoir is in the Amorphous egg-group.



>Anyone who says otherwise deserves a stabbing

Furfags should be properly disposed by fire.



Maybe he got another one he wanted to train for a while and is realizing his mistake.



Maybe the shiny is cuckqueaning the original?


File: c5caaa8428289d2⋯.jpg (315.36 KB, 1110x1553, 1110:1553, N8.jpg)

Where are the blonde elfs at?



File: 2b05f86ec95446b⋯.png (941.43 KB, 1000x804, 250:201, ClipboardImage.png)

Mommy Tionishia.


File: 769940ccd5aae84⋯.gif (5.73 MB, 500x500, 1:1, Animated Melons.gif)


File: 04cc6b015e2ac82⋯.png (1.04 MB, 680x961, 680:961, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 9a16d136f1a5e00⋯.png (965.73 KB, 934x629, 934:629, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9126cb41092baa0⋯.png (979.24 KB, 1035x1200, 69:80, ClipboardImage.png)

KC made an Ocelot girl.


File: 751988d6b191a24⋯.png (75.95 KB, 822x796, 411:398, happy mexican.png)


File: 1d9cd6b7ccd4692⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1066x1303, 1066:1303, ClipboardImage.png)



that was fast, but i prefer her Ara version with the revolvers.


File: ca12a726d6529b2⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1128x1204, 282:301, goodjob.png)


File: 6bbde596924f479⋯.png (758.34 KB, 870x1344, 145:224, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f08c39950c85de9⋯.png (165.72 KB, 365x205, 73:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a3abc839ddb4c4b⋯.png (638.95 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34594d2627e2f32⋯.png (746.41 KB, 1080x1626, 180:271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 91cc8e4fdf72bd3⋯.png (3.86 MB, 2361x1680, 787:560, ClipboardImage.png)


Is that she even based on a monster or just the aztec word for ocelot? Cute design though. I like the colors, the tan and the relatively modest chest. The claws and hair looks good too, gives her a tomboyish look. Not a big fan of the feet. It's nice that he gave her animal legs but I think the paws should be a bit bigger, looks odd that way.



>that was fast

Not really. That's Ocelot from KF, who also appeared in last years animu.


File: 34c803900f3c047⋯.jpg (322.84 KB, 900x851, 900:851, Ocelot_distribution.jpg)

File: 425fea5f682e89d⋯.jpg (228.61 KB, 1280x987, 1280:987, Ocelot_(Jaguatirica)_Zoo_I….jpg)


>Is that she even based on a monster or just the aztec word for ocelot?

just grab an animal, turn it into a qt girl and add some local culture to spice her up.



Has that ever been the case before? Usually his monstergirls are based on some mythical creature or game monster.



Holstaurus are just cows, Mucus Toads are just toads, Papillon are just butterflies, Flow Kelp is just kelp, Ren Xiongmao are just pandas, etc.



maybe he run out of myth creatures or something.


File: 3452f9893e8a3e0⋯.jpg (740 KB, 2292x3160, 573:790, jw.jpg)


>Is that she even based on a monster or just the aztec word for ocelot?

There is no distinct aztec word for the ocelot they just called it small land jaguar. ōcēlōtl which means jaguar is where we get the ocelot's name from.

In any case it looks like he just took the concept of a jaguar warrior, changed it to an ocelot and made it into a slutty nekogirl. The closest thing I can think of in terms of actual mythological creatures is the Nagual but those are more shapeshifting wizards than thotish catgrils with obsidian swords.


Man I just finished watching Chobits, it's kinda bittersweet but it really moved my kokoro. No, I'm not gonna watch Plastic Memories.


File: a0c19f6673678fe⋯.jpg (296.11 KB, 1280x1841, 1280:1841, smoking jägermeister monst….jpg)





>bad sight

Pick one.




>Not perfect

Pick one







File: 527092e3f9c0613⋯.jpg (679.64 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, #06・私はセピアリエーヴル_p0_master12….jpg)


She looks like she has completely lost control of her life.


File: c6bf95b04e779f5⋯.jpg (178.02 KB, 1091x2048, 1091:2048, a1d37b45f7f9cb26c14a51f03c….jpg)

Has science gone to far?



That kot is a nigger.





Haha, oh boy!

Everyones favorite cute monstergirl manga mad chimera world just updated for the first time in a year!. Now we get to see mitsugi-kun and Tyrone-san sneak into the schools IT lab. And will usagi-chan ever leave the nurses office?! Find out next time!


File: 07995f5eb8ed412⋯.png (734.09 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)



Neeto vampeero a best


File: 78534af40322da6⋯.png (806.71 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, ClipboardImage.png)


File: dc5d666c168292c⋯.jpg (470.43 KB, 1124x1600, 281:400, Otome Kaijuu Caramelize 3-….jpg)

>another chapter of godzilla girl got translated



Contribute if you were going to bump thread you leeching motherfucker.



>bumps thread

>only types in "bump"

>Doesn't say anything meaningful in this thread

>Doesn't post any monster girl image

>Just bumps thread to leech off the contributions of other posters

Fuck off.



Contribute a monster girl image or something. Don't bump without contribution.



Why don't you contribute?


File: 005d1e22d229ee1⋯.png (3.58 MB, 1414x2000, 707:1000, 6d81042b25045b991d2620478e….png)

File: 005d1e22d229ee1⋯.png (3.58 MB, 1414x2000, 707:1000, 6d81042b25045b991d2620478e….png)

File: e7e5f9fc5e09862⋯.png (331.36 KB, 581x1097, 581:1097, b66489c7253e93febe621792ba….png)

File: 81b6d51a2dfea54⋯.png (600.79 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 1c83005d3d7714da2647f99faf….png)

File: 5c9fb94bec2ed93⋯.jpg (281.72 KB, 963x850, 963:850, 19838200880a6c37f302fff91b….jpg)



File: 50ba7fd681f979e⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1000x1414, 500:707, afddf194d17092b0cb40dfff56….jpg)

File: 81f0f4541c96fb5⋯.png (1.02 MB, 990x750, 33:25, ed6c8cb976b2649ac1d3313486….png)

File: 8115657b30f8389⋯.jpg (291.92 KB, 1288x2276, 322:569, e4587a747d9dee1141ee46290a….jpg)

File: 18eb273b93a18e3⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 1748x2200, 437:550, 7b53e54a01480b42fa1ae11d15….jpg)

File: 16143186d860ace⋯.jpg (168.18 KB, 1036x1449, 148:207, 9ec6b657ee826ef0c7e53dccc9….jpg)


File: 203079560cd2e13⋯.jpg (143.18 KB, 900x1177, 900:1177, aade01632317f1d00f7669c29f….jpg)

File: a7032ee238fae02⋯.jpeg (2.71 MB, 2554x4000, 1277:2000, 381c8255c7a3db3d74e2f525d….jpeg)

File: 1bf79ecc42012d6⋯.png (439.53 KB, 620x877, 620:877, df1e4189a3a18e1df6bb27df53….png)

File: 4908e05c0b420e2⋯.jpg (238.53 KB, 1652x1033, 1652:1033, bd8a6b7dd5e4170ba58eee58b4….jpg)

File: 8f40c2afa6820db⋯.png (460.2 KB, 544x761, 544:761, 4a51bd0a62fa304e275dda0b29….png)


File: 340476b37cb89d0⋯.jpg (975.42 KB, 1272x2001, 424:667, b9ed46be72a8e85e896917f8b0….jpg)

File: 4cc96c3cbe897ff⋯.jpeg (1.66 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, d13a7fbbbe75b1994cba57a50….jpeg)

File: 921e50855f86270⋯.png (989.88 KB, 750x990, 25:33, 64cc2de6c53a43d9b34a7885bd….png)

File: 0fbd73823c636b5⋯.png (4.51 MB, 4269x2901, 1423:967, a36568ee8905d8711a91cf3f19….png)

File: 8639b53f74e8500⋯.jpg (828.98 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, 181de6e9f8c73cd1ecdb3e2cbf….jpg)


File: d573366a7b2be1c⋯.jpg (574.28 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, c69edf4419de011895e6522a6a….jpg)

File: e2421bd598d9498⋯.jpg (450.29 KB, 703x1000, 703:1000, 4966cdd0ece8d5b7cc4ee0801c….jpg)

File: a7ee285fd1cd29e⋯.jpg (263.7 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, a683e88a8c6c536b2430ed8bcd….jpg)

File: 5653875e367e74f⋯.png (591.49 KB, 1000x1430, 100:143, 1bf7e749f5c0faa4b2b092ff49….png)

File: 8ea3694c892308e⋯.png (1.05 MB, 755x1000, 151:200, 348804957f61095afb2e4059a1….png)


File: 663e48119608d31⋯.jpg (509.76 KB, 1250x1120, 125:112, b3bb0b44e65d629898627edf2d….jpg)

File: 0276a7ae69ecada⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1300x1114, 650:557, cb3c4bb030ef56fad781f12d3c….png)

File: 2e977e298491fe1⋯.jpg (189.27 KB, 1518x1075, 1518:1075, b2a8c9cdecf46ce7821e4f99d4….jpg)

File: f9425e84493538c⋯.jpeg (2.99 MB, 2580x1824, 215:152, d829f6402ee5ee32a82d56666….jpeg)

File: 1a3999793c671b3⋯.jpeg (241.94 KB, 1408x2048, 11:16, d91e9df99f2f8a6cfdb35e9af….jpeg)


File: 55fd0e1e6f82a7b⋯.jpeg (296.85 KB, 1413x2048, 1413:2048, 886778e86d36ba2beed02a158….jpeg)

File: 51f61f7f6de36ab⋯.jpg (524.55 KB, 1317x1590, 439:530, 4243d460896a7c75548fd45566….jpg)

File: a825aa93fd1160e⋯.jpeg (312.19 KB, 573x600, 191:200, 1efac36e46f78ef083bce62b9….jpeg)

File: 2a0ce67422644fd⋯.jpeg (242.2 KB, 490x600, 49:60, abae43bd0b3eae203a1c28540….jpeg)

File: b21c70ec0b6d703⋯.jpeg (141.69 KB, 570x859, 570:859, 17ac9076e1630e6f8bd0c5a1b….jpeg)


File: 5a6c2dba19a5abf⋯.jpg (415.97 KB, 850x1190, 5:7, ccc985485628717fed30b1abb2….jpg)

File: b652ee4e13ef756⋯.jpg (453.66 KB, 795x1000, 159:200, a2867eb21c675a36f620d50b5f….jpg)

File: 95f9960e44b252f⋯.jpg (542.36 KB, 750x950, 15:19, 65b104c75a44abc27aa935dfeb….jpg)

File: 072b2f95e3f78f1⋯.jpeg (220.15 KB, 716x525, 716:525, 6040316488f262d904cd766d9….jpeg)

File: 9a422cbcad496d9⋯.jpeg (111.54 KB, 800x810, 80:81, f5de1b4ec9863edd9147d6f4c….jpeg)


File: f39af5d4de22c5a⋯.jpg (752.37 KB, 1220x1700, 61:85, 2e92af4811cd96a01984ce8fe4….jpg)

File: 1690a94e3c27a12⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1190x1780, 119:178, e02579607209edac7ac92e4284….png)

File: f51f4046cf68da1⋯.png (3.94 MB, 1670x2480, 167:248, 0c8e78eb227aef451f58657017….png)

File: bc74970b1fa8c7c⋯.jpg (412.95 KB, 600x800, 3:4, fa10a6d1f7a5747c4555680b0e….jpg)

File: 5c07aaa6e5669d7⋯.png (806.88 KB, 730x950, 73:95, bfd1291c6c773662b116d35e6d….png)


File: 3e12c73979bb473⋯.jpg (693.87 KB, 818x924, 409:462, 2f97f6402a6e2a558728980339….jpg)

File: 5d42e45a87ebbab⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 2211x3104, 2211:3104, e4fc157dbac932d8d37a0493ba….jpg)

File: 532c3a946a4a1fd⋯.jpg (806.76 KB, 1000x1655, 200:331, 2c22be89443d5a8d36df0dd6fd….jpg)

File: 33786b707c920a9⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1500x1915, 300:383, ffc996c44ba07e10461e885060….png)

File: e5772c78fb30b72⋯.jpg (129.68 KB, 609x800, 609:800, f6b23324890a7a4701a873764b….jpg)


File: 040b9127f6258cd⋯.png (1014.22 KB, 1000x1452, 250:363, 3a2527fc8819f98698f6ec9864….png)

File: 5d0da9ebbf671e7⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 2000x2816, 125:176, c7ed23f21a4e92f03a037d3521….jpg)

File: f79e2be33df6f03⋯.jpg (118.04 KB, 790x800, 79:80, 8c0ffad70224920a910a23eb52….jpg)

File: 27486b75670c1fa⋯.png (3.16 MB, 1908x2846, 954:1423, 94a341c7acda3f2d8229817195….png)

File: 8eea2140aa903ce⋯.png (835.38 KB, 1000x1357, 1000:1357, b13170f60eeacacff640bb6465….png)


File: 0f1a9cbc748b6a1⋯.jpg (630.09 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, c82a19abd6017eff6b372130eb….jpg)

File: fa1922dcb027f83⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 2000x2820, 100:141, c083769338f55f6b4a7fe30034….jpg)

File: 37b6a7235c67220⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 4000x5778, 2000:2889, 16e5cbc4d1f0e703f1d242142b….jpg)

File: a873a89d329f416⋯.jpg (638.42 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, cca49e6c19eb50ed5e0d783c95….jpg)

File: 64765b8d96f8370⋯.png (540.51 KB, 648x906, 108:151, 6a1f386f6640e0d3ebbb381418….png)


File: da21b4ebe729b9b⋯.png (636.54 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 5724abac42c5071fee46ed4865….png)

File: 99d2b3e5f62a7a8⋯.png (724.08 KB, 680x960, 17:24, 52d1218bf7a18c6ab3bfcf4dc6….png)

File: e639e9b04ef8818⋯.jpg (405.56 KB, 1400x800, 7:4, 04956a4cbddfc134a6376680f8….jpg)

File: e30709ff24af928⋯.jpeg (668.42 KB, 1422x1280, 711:640, 5ff0aad8fb69b79de56d0165f….jpeg)

File: 9ebe4dcf80a4b32⋯.jpg (400.01 KB, 1000x714, 500:357, 276c3cb0c98fe77a176afa6e0f….jpg)


File: b58d74c5810f05c⋯.jpg (335.94 KB, 1031x1208, 1031:1208, 5936e8bc5cce5c2707d9434c2d….jpg)

File: 4befaa07edae7aa⋯.png (934.45 KB, 990x1400, 99:140, 6dbcdcfdd1a9e566ecca61394e….png)

File: 39410a9cf3b0d49⋯.jpg (95.75 KB, 611x901, 611:901, 8eb37f1de9139180f99f644ef2….jpg)

File: da7f7d8a3b69c4a⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1200x1404, 100:117, 59f0b01c4b14a09fd9618bde62….png)

File: 915b7c30e67480c⋯.jpg (834.6 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 83e7173864abf059339fbef623….jpg)


File: 51a2da2a6770dd7⋯.png (810.21 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, 8cb9ea6fb4a6586e8413283136….png)

File: df469faa80b99a5⋯.png (510.96 KB, 990x700, 99:70, 60970f40cbbb7acc31ac1dec49….png)

File: 15f22652d49e0ab⋯.png (2.42 MB, 3035x2149, 3035:2149, 169230c92300dc06ecb568fa26….png)

File: c17da73a05b67de⋯.jpg (173.8 KB, 800x700, 8:7, 00d4a308811a3c44a43b750b80….jpg)

File: 8a795186eff749a⋯.jpg (288.32 KB, 1089x1280, 1089:1280, e3fcaba0b910a2dc33e25b953e….jpg)


File: 900b987aa1ccce8⋯.png (905.94 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 14139920bf732b742d5b8bae15….png)

File: f32aed20f73a06d⋯.png (956.79 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 5eaadb2fcca9e9c804d617f7ad….png)

File: 48bf611caa18398⋯.png (565.58 KB, 700x990, 70:99, feb0cc2e4ca7001ee741151d39….png)

File: dc22ab8cc6cfcca⋯.png (1.39 MB, 990x1400, 99:140, a1466963fb4f62bfc6839ffddf….png)

File: 91f596311b8d67f⋯.png (478.61 KB, 1100x900, 11:9, cc48b466010c57934d388f9d0e….png)


File: 195b6b64e21cc24⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 2168x2033, 2168:2033, f19286528178f75bed4c9bb504….jpg)

File: 8ba4c5fcc28624a⋯.png (533.57 KB, 1200x850, 24:17, 1ae2b1e128ecac742ab82ffa60….png)

File: cbfaabee65fdad0⋯.jpg (507.77 KB, 600x847, 600:847, 9946edd555c8fd442e668a86df….jpg)

File: 26fa0d996f8a009⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1721x2242, 1721:2242, 031eb200f60067fa286a6c4290….jpg)

File: bb1acc5eddc1bbd⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2090x2306, 1045:1153, ce0d5e2bd2e70e0d9d44eb66c7….jpg)


File: 511022d00d2ae01⋯.png (345.22 KB, 653x816, 653:816, 12ebb2956ea17c77ec9ee4acc6….png)

File: f3ea7b96ff1c3af⋯.png (133.25 KB, 861x927, 287:309, 2ab05e5c8235c4c97f980210a9….png)

File: 34e04c7102ebb52⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1300x1880, 65:94, 231858c5c4a3f54de166ad0364….png)

File: 2b2970679e8f5e3⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1280x1684, 320:421, 7aaf9bc8db316c623228400967….png)

File: eea2c40643730f3⋯.jpg (421.03 KB, 1772x1971, 1772:1971, bde35e08431f64b402e035b3a7….jpg)


File: 9b35ff352da62b6⋯.jpg (416.43 KB, 700x900, 7:9, b8de8b540aaaf7584408717e9a….jpg)

File: 2765532a802a114⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1280x1214, 640:607, e3b410c0dffcdc34149760e766….png)

File: efc295302973981⋯.jpeg (456.64 KB, 917x990, 917:990, 7840c193ff894101e96c210dd….jpeg)

File: 9f955943174645e⋯.jpeg (525.67 KB, 1797x2400, 599:800, 912b9e58c0e6679afc23f081b….jpeg)

File: c8230c096c53fe1⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 1680x2380, 12:17, 11a94d95ca2bbf98e6e75c1220….jpg)


File: 3b540ac2091c709⋯.png (455.99 KB, 620x877, 620:877, D3EMzChU8AATLXF.png)

File: 160c7a34fc45ce1⋯.png (436.78 KB, 620x876, 155:219, D54oGLBUcAEfPGp.png)


File: 2a679d399e4809c⋯.jpg (118.46 KB, 765x533, 765:533, we can talk this over.jpg)


>Contribution of feet

I want to go back to just the one fag saying "bump"


File: 126e2e4258cedba⋯.jpg (197.25 KB, 450x820, 45:82, c710899fc35065c69e80036595….jpg)


Feet have been posted to bully that posters. There's more monster feet if he were to do that again.


File: a11ce9948653875⋯.png (257.71 KB, 757x425, 757:425, autism cube2.png)


File: 81de64df7a64b85⋯.jpg (67.8 KB, 796x800, 199:200, 9654805c726f9fe7eaad79a121….jpg)

File: 20968d5e83dd454⋯.jpg (343.45 KB, 932x873, 932:873, 5b54a195e7cfe60fa7ac4f5df3….jpg)

File: 468259937e53d0c⋯.jpg (553.32 KB, 965x714, 965:714, d612fbbdca63523e481e39882c….jpg)

File: bf9b1084655ab92⋯.jpg (259.72 KB, 641x732, 641:732, f4baa61eb9ee64a4c925e70d2c….jpg)

File: 37798df8b723be7⋯.jpg (508.21 KB, 1004x1153, 1004:1153, 9622d6c30e985e3ae3bb34b93d….jpg)

Choose which girl is best.



Whichever one gets to me first.


File: 423bc60ff828543⋯.png (518.61 KB, 838x954, 419:477, 423.png)


File: 71259ed8e6841c2⋯.jpg (793.06 KB, 2935x2088, 2935:2088, Dual.jpg)

File: 8ca1aea2e337298⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 3000x2480, 75:62, Ahri bikini 3.jpg)

File: ec0144ddb372a74⋯.png (333.82 KB, 1523x1084, 1523:1084, Ratatoskr_BIG_TAIL.png)

File: 466bde4852323b4⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1000x1336, 125:167, Guardenia 1.png)

File: bf949d9bdc396d3⋯.png (1.02 MB, 972x1262, 486:631, Guardenia 2.png)


I like fluffy tails wings THINGS


File: 15b043de6bdfcbd⋯.jpg (178.65 KB, 850x992, 425:496, __futatsuiwa_mamizou_touho….jpg)

File: e17f8b3a6294d56⋯.jpg (139.14 KB, 773x937, 773:937, __original_drawn_by_doitsu….jpg)

File: 476194365849514⋯.jpg (177.58 KB, 688x698, 344:349, 014.jpg)

File: 605676760403451⋯.png (220.01 KB, 354x500, 177:250, 61ebc17dad7819438126ab8ed8….png)


Tanuki/Danuki are the best


File: 3abe34c5cafac3b⋯.png (150.27 KB, 500x645, 100:129, ClipboardImage.png)


File: a586e5200a98c1a⋯.png (716.69 KB, 749x1200, 749:1200, ClipboardImage.png)

I want a Banshee.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


imagine the moans


File: 5c9f4660edd77b2⋯.png (225.28 KB, 674x319, 674:319, ClipboardImage.png)

Anything where monster girls get brutally and mercilessly slaughtered like they deserve?



Yeah. I know a guy. Just go to Detroit and yell out nigger.

People like you deserve a stabbing.


File: c1af417265efc7a⋯.jpg (68.86 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 52a26cd18dabad05b8dc2edbc1….jpg)


Shiki has some nice vampire lady killing + torture

One punch man will occasionally feature a female monster getting wrecked.

Sailor moon has lots of monstergirls of the week who get moon dusted although they'll mingle in guys in there as well.

I like watching monstergirls getting devastated as well.



File: 92332be3b8412e3⋯.png (327.26 KB, 700x802, 350:401, ClipboardImage.png)


If they're getting purged it's all right with me


File: 8dcdabef2070b73⋯.jpg (448.63 KB, 1119x1598, 1119:1598, 1c31ca9f0f12b4eda9c5e2e0c3….jpg)

File: d47ee849efb3846⋯.jpg (570 KB, 667x1000, 667:1000, 1d0f13fc298e933736ceb411ff….jpg)

File: 46942566da7c0d2⋯.jpg (7.93 MB, 2079x2835, 11:15, 2ae1103d1ae0c97b65de03e6f1….jpg)