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File: 2e6c2c58233d74e⋯.png (197.01 KB, 494x487, 494:487, download (29).png)


Well boys, 1 year since the move from /aus/ and what a year it has been.

OLD: >>205749

Post last edited at


File: bb30f8ba2d66dae⋯.jpg (89.29 KB, 704x396, 16:9, vbg.jpg)




We need some banjo tunes and Weber kettle recipes stat!




go buy me a goonbag cuz


File: 8a9c77abb863d5d⋯.jpg (108.49 KB, 970x970, 1:1, GayBOONg.jpg)


Wtf was with the #278 thread ?

Are the time travelling NEETs harassing us again ?




Damn them and their disrespect for the time continuum


File: f0362bb2e68bfde⋯.jpg (251.57 KB, 1280x688, 80:43, m.jpg)


At the coba!

Coba cobana!


File: d1af894567d1b6c⋯.png (132.96 KB, 195x259, 195:259, ClipboardImage.png)

Who wants lemonade!



>NEETy we have to go back !



>back where?



>Back to when dox?


>1 year since the move

We've come a long way, baby.


File: 6a0cdf22b1797c9⋯.png (247.4 KB, 474x266, 237:133, ClipboardImage.png)

Might finally buy that fishing rod and tackle box tomorrow and venture out by myself this weekend.


Pretty sure the average time travelling NEET would end up banging his own mummybot.

And would then be his own absent father.

Might be able to scam 2 dole cheques out of it somehow though.



dont forget your fishing license



Know any good spots NEET?



of course not. that other neet was going to show me.



>by myself

We've been planning this trip for well over a year.


>tfw its the annual NEET fishing trip and no-ones invited


File: 4326a57ca9c4df7⋯.png (14.83 KB, 503x296, 503:296, Message.png)

NK, You must go to Queensland.

The CAPTCHA has spoken.


File: c02f8f6f773a84e⋯.png (110.02 KB, 175x251, 175:251, ClipboardImage.png)

The guy that made the magic brew was called Getafix.



Bard - Cacofonix

Blacksmith - Fulliautomatix

Shit, can't remember any others.All the names were puns pretty much.



Panoramix in the original French.


Asterix the Boong



Visits the boongs m8


There's some hot boongs over there



Give them a good old time.



Obelix made obelisks. The chief was Vitalstatistix.


Missos been a sweetheart and gone down to Dan's to restock



U sure she didn’t say something about Dan’s cock?



I hope you know how lucky you are neeto


>$202 taken every week to pay shithead NEETs boongbux



Mr $55k






That's just income tax. You forgot GST and all the other taxes and levies, too. Work harder.



Lol, I remember that.

>tfw you paid enough tax for fund a dolebludger a week at one stage.

>tfw you cunts never came round and mowed my lawn


I’ll be back in Camberra in March



At the height of my spergery I was paying around $2500 in tax a week. That's 6 pensioners and change.



Bloody hell m8

You should have got 8 hot NEET chicks a night to choose from


File: 7906a96cfdc9206⋯.png (61.86 KB, 720x477, 80:53, Orlly.png)


You were earning $333,000 a year ?



What was your job and which state?



Not really


Over 300 at the time. 60+ hour weeks. Fried my brain, made me into an even bigger arsehole. Burned out after 2 years. Now I'm an unmotivated sperg instead of a highly focused one. Neethog day, every day.



Investment analyst. Melbourne.



>60+ hour weeks

Iktf, never earned money like that but it drains the life out of you.

You don't realise it till you stop.


I'm working 38 and feel like death.



Salary jobs are okay if you can get them. Don't expect regular hours or a social life outside of work though.


My nuts smell starchy.



I was only ever lower/middle management so I kinda got fucked on the salary.

I think I'd have made a lot more on wages if I'd been paid for all the overtime properly.



Have a wank


File: 93a7ac6975c6420⋯.jpg (36.94 KB, 565x850, 113:170, bvbm.jpg)



any thoughts on the impending ponzi collapse in the aus markets at present?


wank after wank

Another successful day.



I had one yesterday



Good work NEET, there is nothing wrong with being virile


NK when you are you going move up to management position from you poo storing, grading and mailing position?



Do you really want NK in charge of poo Distribution ?



I'm a sperg. I can browse imageboards for 28 hours at a time so long as I have comfy chair and slippers. Management is well and truly outside of my wheelhouse.


Money is meaningless in a macro sense. Pay attention to who holds the assets. People that leveraged assets to purchase other assets own nothing. They're gambling, in a sense. Musical chairs would be a better analogy. Who is going to have a seat when the music stops? Doesn't matter if you have a scrap of paper saying you own a seat. Your arse had better be firmly planted.



I want him to upgrade to a rape convertible and for him to find a nice reliable hot boong woman.



He'll have to make do with the work ute and the chink girl who cleans the floors



Will it be a v8 ute and will she be a boong? Z



Nope, not till he improve the quality of his poos



Pretty sure even tangible assets are somewhat compromised in the current system… gov could mandate bank account bail-ins and even a clause to seize physical gold exists.

The jazz musicians really did this country over in the past several decades.



The jobs on offer but I have to rape an albino aboriginal, it's the ultimate challenge


1 year


206500 posts

34400 posts a NEET

94 posts a day from every NEET



You can do it m8, I want to see your hair flutter in the wind of your new rape convertible with one arm resting against a hot boong woman.



But I did that nice Sloppy one the other day…



I thought that was a quantity improvement, you need to keep working on quality m8. It was only a slight quality improvement.


File: 27dba064dc93952⋯.jpg (85.63 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Ikuta Erika2.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs


The emus helped but you need more snack packs…



Gook night.


nite all



Good night.


Goon / Good Night NEETs.



Goodnight oriental fancier.



I meant assets like infrastructure, housing, natural resources, primary industry. There is something to be said for commodities, but only if you're holding onto them. Like you said, a receipt is meaningless. If you're paying someone else to look after it, then all you have is a promise. It's like money in the bank or a super fund; a promise. If they decide to give you a haircut, or completely renege, what are going to do about it? Inflation, increased taxes and stagnant income is effectively the government giving taxpayers a haircut.

I know a guy that carries around a half million of his best stones with him, everywhere he goes, simply because he doesn't trust his personal safe, or a bank. Everywhere. Anywhere in the developed world he can turn that into cash or other assets. He looks like a crippled wizard, too. He's insured, but that's just another promise.

As for the potential of government seizure, well, I have no fucking idea. Who needs money if you have men with guns? Just another means of acquiring assets, if you think about it. The most basic one.


File: e7695f1d38f3491⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 222x214, 111:107, 1540585624202.jpg)

>tfw saw a hot Aboriginal girl my age today outside

maybe the big >>200000 UNNAgf19 poster was onto something after all

stay blessed my NEETs



I ha ent had a snack pack in two months



Should have flashed your shiny goon bag at her, that always gets them going


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Blasé attitudes about major assets

>Hangs with the type who swallow diamonds, shit em out and eat em again every day

>Refers to country-hopping rootlessness, seizing assets by way of a gun barrel




That sounds about right



I like to let them see my full pouch of rollie tobacco,they know I'm a rich cunt then



I don't hang with him. He's married to my sister. American. Not a jew. Some of his extended family are Mexicans though. Castizo. It's not diamonds either.



They are all below quota.



May you all get the prime UNNA gf's you all deserve.


Just watched the Redpill movie. Bit boring, even misso went to bed half way through it because it's all obvious shit everyone knows



But it was a cute blond agreeing with bitter men twice her age. That's worth something, right? She listened and believed. She was sympathetic. I'm sure some of the people she interviewed are prepared to risk it all for love again.



She had bad acne and a dopey personality. 6.5/10 at best. I'd let her make me a sandwich but nothing more.


File: 3cee9c2e1afed7d⋯.png (161.83 KB, 236x245, 236:245, ClipboardImage.png)

Good night friends.



I said cute, not stunning.



Good night executive neet. Enjoy your chicken entree.


I left my bong outside to dodge my parents coming home early

should i venture out and get it?


File: 8ffe24bf512e766⋯.png (673.89 KB, 1080x722, 540:361, 8ffe24bf512e766355d59d3ac4….png)

Getting close to two years since my mum died. In those two years I lost my childhood home to my former stepfather, rarely see my sister, ended up pushing my studies back two years and lost a bunch of online friends who were basically the only friends I had. If this year keeps on the same path then it will be my last year.


As long as they're not there and there is little to no risk of you getting caught.





Call lifeline or something. You're going to die eventually anyway, so it's not like you'll be missing out if you take the time to talk to someone about your issues. What have you got to lose?



You have neet gen, why worry?




Doesn't matter, I'm acting like a wuss coming on her to cry about tfw depressed.



there is some risk

but imma get it


dont worry mang thats why i come here too.

Sorry about your mum. Whatcha wanna study neet



You're not a wuss. But boards can't help you sort your issues out like an irl professional can. Just think it over before you do something irreversible.



Enrolled and accepted to study accounting. I plan on doing financial planning as my minor.


I'm unbelievably shit at talking about my issues sadly. I've spent almost a decade going to a psychiatrist and been through several psychologists. It honestly feels like a part of my unconscious just wants me to be miserable.


File: b59f6b5cc690dd2⋯.png (24.06 KB, 485x303, 485:303, images (13).png)


You need the courage to say what's on your mind



I do shit to distract myself. Weed and exercise. When I can get it anyway. Hard to be an antisocial stoner unless you grow your own.


can’t sleep



File: c5dcc0a80af814f⋯.jpg (848.76 KB, 2407x1607, 2407:1607, DSC_1488 11.jpg)

Bong has been retrived, cone has been smoked


yea nice why accouting?


www.areyoume.com.au ?

Seriously the only constant that makes me happy. I even joined a gym. Do you lift?



Dumbells mostly, though they look kind of silly with 10kg plates racked up on them. Do a lot of body weight stuff and hit the bag as well. Strength not bulking. Trying to reverse the effects of years sitting on my arse. Buying a squat rack for the shed sometime soon. As soon as I can be arsed, anyway.


Tfw incredibly danned


first post or 2019. I've been outside once this year

this is for all you dan NEETS out there




it's not capcha.

have you really forgotten the name of our Lord and Savior Kek?


Is it early or is it late? Night Night NEETs



Goon work.


Goon / Good Morning NEETs!






Why have you been avoiding us for the past fortnight?

That guy is much better than Dan.


File: 164f67e6f5f3fdb⋯.png (386.35 KB, 630x355, 126:71, ClipboardImage.png)



Good morning friends.



File: f6b05164aee9d83⋯.png (15.92 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)


Surprised we haven't made one for this yet.

I better have a wash, don't want to be late. I've got a disciplinary type meeting today.



Be the confidence you project!



Who are you calling a project m8 ?



>I've got a disciplinary type meeting today.

Have you no shame?



>a disciplinary type meeting

Madame Lash, 3pm.

DO NOT be late.


Good Morning NEETs


>Enrolled and accepted to study accounting. I plan on doing financial planning as my minor.

As long as you remember what you learn in uni is not that helpful when you get a job you should be fine.



The project is to project your confidence m8



I have projectile vomited confidently in the past.


File: 315cac78a56debf⋯.png (35.42 KB, 300x100, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 553257c1be55de2⋯.png (1002.96 KB, 1022x574, 73:41, ClipboardImage.png)


>tfw no throbbing green monster



sounds good m8, I believe in you, not that far away - it's already nearly half way through January for fucks sake


>a 3rd NEET gets a squat rack in his shed

we are growing in numbers


File: ba9247ab9647510⋯.png (374.6 KB, 640x423, 640:423, ClipboardImage.png)

Time to go project myself all over management in a semi disciplined display.

Have fun NEETs.



>Time to go project myself all over management

I got fired for that, they said it was sexual harassment.

Good luck m8.




>Due to the bukkake incident at the recent staff meeting we feel it nescesary to terminate your employment.


File: 9dd28f2b39af4ee⋯.jpg (40.87 KB, 468x515, 468:515, fraser-brendan-fraser-2984….jpg)




shart in my heart


File: 085816a74359865⋯.png (377.67 KB, 500x598, 250:299, 192f3219de30115ee139005816….png)


File: 11260b30cfea726⋯.png (543.88 KB, 800x800, 1:1, c76075cf24664a7b8495ada795….png)

Who here is still livin' the dream?


File: 003f31742fea331⋯.png (510.68 KB, 694x590, 347:295, Cheerspepe.png)



I like that pepe


File: 24dcbcb1ab76070⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, ClipboardImage.png)

Seaford Line, Adelaide



Craig on holiday


I Didint do a poo yesterday so maybe I will do a high quantity poo today, took some valiums last night so I have a bit of a benzo hangover this morning. Gonna need more dexies this morning



Have you considered occasionaly eating fruit or vegetables to bulk out your poos ?





Give him a handshake.






>Gonna need more dexies this morning

I wonder how longer you can sustain this process for. Why didn't you have any cones instead of Valium?


I am bored.

Lets sacrifice one of the smaller NEETs to the Dark Gods.

We can set them on fire and dance around doing weird pagan chants.


File: 53d0b1b9df9553c⋯.png (482.88 KB, 757x561, 757:561, Bored.png)


File: 2e393641509dacc⋯.jpg (438.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1403643839994.jpg)


I am in favor of this.


File: 4cb59183ba18952⋯.jpg (12.48 KB, 255x213, 85:71, Cthulu Approves.jpg)


File: 387a15604cd8523⋯.jpg (8.33 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1544145964847-0.jpg)

>cert expired a week ago

>still no new JSP appointment

Regardless I actually want some part time work. And my cert got rejected because my "incapacity to work is not temporary" - I'm pretty sure they are just fucking me any way they can as my cert is the exact same as the last one.


Might need that pre cone cone to call me down for all of today's upcoming cones



spin or no spin?


File: 85cc4fad11a09b0⋯.png (91.72 KB, 300x295, 60:59, ClipboardImage.png)




You can only be on certs for 3 or 4 months a year. Tell them it's a new year and you still have that period to be on certs. What is the certificate for?


File: dba431142486792⋯.png (81.08 KB, 210x180, 7:6, BoongWizard.png)



File: e86a9f716c0370c⋯.png (276.75 KB, 350x368, 175:184, boongAngry.png)





>tfw failed my boong wizardry



it's becoming a habbit



You guys just need to aknowledge that aboriginals are the traditional owners of quads on this board.



That's good, because I (white dog) own the quints and beyond.


File: 2a80446cfe8f6a9⋯.png (97.2 KB, 555x239, 555:239, WizardBoongQuints.png)



I stole your last lot.


>tfw no Dundalli Ngurungaeta and Boongwarts School of Wizardry books


File: af28e38551dcc97⋯.png (488.05 KB, 624x425, 624:425, boongstick.png)


You fiend.

We'll get you, you're no match for our aboriginal technology.


kek my plunger coffee grounds have finally blocked the plumbing in the company kitchen


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Meanwhile in Melbourne…


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Final Destination.



Anxiety/Depression/Autism I was on certs for a year once.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I thought Asian teenagers were supposed to be tight.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

rowdy youths…






Your 1pm news broadcast didn't start until 1:11…


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

youths fail to break into building, police not investigating because no complaints made


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

chink construction in Sydney


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Africans diversify pajeet bottlo with car



kek i was on public transport when I posted this. How were you that slow m8?




I know you can when your making a DSP claim, but without a DSP claim they limit you so many months for a claim.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fishing and foraging


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

how to pick up hot women using pokemon go


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Cessnock garbage



He needs to have a goon


207000 coming up, Boong Blizard


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

pepper on toast



Natural selection at its finest m8.








lick my chumpy


lot of effort for dubs


File: c7475952a021507⋯.jpg (3.2 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG20190111134510.jpg)

As good as it gets



It's just a big abo poo



That looks disgusting.




The last lot was when I stole your wimmens




which one was the possum touched webers pee pee one?


File: 2d9d9071421dec8⋯.jpg (33.4 KB, 450x334, 225:167, cook_a_proper_meal_you_cun….jpg)


you have a microwave. get yourself a carton of eggs, a bag of shredded cheese and some ham or whatever. beat 2 eggs in a mug with a fork. add a handful of the cheese, mix in with fork. slice up some ham and tear it into chunks until you have another handful. stir it into the mug. nuke for 30 seconds. stir. don't leave the fork in the mug. nuke for another 30 seconds. stir again. if eggs aren't fluffy and cooked, nuke again. if the mug is a cunt to clean, then grease it up before you put the eggs in next time. margarine is fine.

easy as piss. add other shit like garlic, herbs, mushies, just don't overfill the mug. once you have mastered the microwave omelette, then buy yourself a frying pan.


Hungover doing yard work

Great mistake


File: 29df14130be6b55⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 366x333, 122:111, f6377b3721bcaaed246657c30d….gif)


Time for a well deserved reward?


File: 915ace2e7cf036c⋯.jpeg (42.33 KB, 616x462, 4:3, mug_brownie.jpeg)


quarter cup of flour, 4 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, 3 tablespoons vegatable/canola/olive oil, 3 tablespoons milk, 1 egg, pinch of salt. Beat the egg in a mug first, start adding all the powder, adding a spoonful of the oil and milk when it's too dry. nuke for 90 seconds. if it hasn't puffed up, nuke it for another 30. let it sit for a couple of minutes. pour a couple of shots of Kahlua or some other sweet liqueur over the top.


File: 56dfacc7a96dec0⋯.png (623.01 KB, 1008x596, 252:149, Dan and Associates.png)


> pour a couple of shots of Kahlua or some other sweet liqueur over the top.

A great way to stay hydrated is a nice NEET treat!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

microwave mug meals



Are they cups to help you bulk up?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


just bachelor chow



Exactly right Dan, time for some of mum's wine


File: 0790131feac1035⋯.png (81.38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0790131feac10355e7c27ade17….png)


$9 and you can access a variety of different goons at Dan's.



>drink mums wine

>hear mum whine


File: 3cdcfe0f17016b8⋯.jpg (873.58 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_0953.JPG)

Good afternoon NEEToes, thank Christ it's Friday.



oh right, the wagies will be out and about because of the 'week-end' or whatever it is they call it


File: 157cdd35ebebaa1⋯.png (278.96 KB, 868x525, 124:75, goon.png)


You've only got one for under $9 and that's $8.99

Even the golden oaks all 10 bucks ya jew !




Tell me more of this strange thing you call a "week-end"



Two days off, where you are free to do things that fall within your budget.



>things that fall within your budget

Like, have a wank and a goon ?



budget? you wagies and your weird slang.





Well, NEETs to have a budget, which is significantly less than a wagie, but also paradoxical because they have less then a wagie but more free time.


File: cea0b248aab0aba⋯.jpeg (462.6 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, 1A7468D0-DBEC-4C58-A8AF-D….jpeg)

File: 753be219c134bc3⋯.jpeg (471.12 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, 4B34BF48-6024-406D-A610-2….jpeg)

File: 7fe79de422a8ebe⋯.jpeg (441.87 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, 93D27E93-6EA5-48E2-AEA6-D….jpeg)

Sup neets, I quit a week ago and gave 4 weeks notice to my manager, only 3 weeks left now. I also got my loan papers from the bank and put my deposit down on the block of land so this is really happening, I’m going back to neetdom and part time Uber for spare cash.

I’ve also started planning out land rennovation by deciding how much veg garden/ chickens/ beehives I’m gonna have on it and researching the equipment I’ll need, haven’t decided on whether I’m going to have a pig yet, Fucking gov regulates the shit out of livestock.

Have some pics.



Nice block-o land there m8, what are you going to live in for the time being until you build something on it?



My mums set up the spare room for my return, I’m gonna go out to the block every few weeks and spend a couple days working on it. It’s a big project




Sounds like fun, I'd love to do something like that one day.



Thats a fancy fountain, Shire. Are you renting that place from your parents?



>Are you renting that place from your parents?

Yeah it's two houses on one block, parents live up the front.



Awesome, how much did you deposit and how much to go? Are you going to build a house?



According to the Grattan Institute the median tax-filer’s income in the 2017-18 financial year was just $44,527. They're supposed to be nonpartisan, however they're ALP affiliated and staffed by Rudd ball fondlers. Take their stats with a grain of salt.



Turns out Shire's the real la-di-daNEET.

I can feel Webster's jealous rage from here. I actually work just around the corner from him, I smell him about 3:45 every day when he's on his way home.



I guess this is pretty accurate, for me at least.


My parents are pretty well off, I'm by no means wealthy or anything, but I guess I will inherit their stuff one day.



only child?



Have a younger sister.



since you are 32 i assume she is like 28-9 and has moved out?



Yeah she's 28 and married, has a kid on the way.



Seeing as I leave work at 2-2.30 most days, I doubt you do.

Signed a loan for an a second property yesterday.



>a second property yesterday.

Where at?


File: 5df8420813f5516⋯.jpg (99.24 KB, 527x670, 527:670, IMG_0954.jpg)


First I've heard of any recalls.



Also gives them a good opportunity to sell you shit while you're at the dealership!



Yeah no doubt, I'm going to trade it in at the end of the month anyway, apparently the recall is the some brackets that hold the fuel tank on and for the starter switch on the right handlebar.



and for**


File: 8b7fc11d9ab4229⋯.png (23.31 KB, 672x196, 24:7, fire.PNG)

>Problem identified in 2017

>Notified in 2019

I have felt said vibration since 2016 and basically shrugged it off as just being the engine, happens around 6000rpm


File: 0dacd398169859c⋯.jpg (4.77 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, 20190111_165353.jpg)

Trying my first ever lambie neets, berry flavour. Misso thinks it tastes like cough drops, kinda does. $7 too, unimpressed with Dan.

I reckon I've got this sysadmin job almost in the bag too. The land looks nice shire, when will you invite us over for a goon up


I just did a strong urination NEETs, it felt good.


Craig Maglocklen put his finger in somebody



Good on you. The bank loan wasn't contingent on you remaining employed, was it?



was it hex at a nightclub?



this is why i never told her my name


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

he a good boy


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>An entire channel dedicated to CEO worship

The hell is wrong with these people.



he dindu nuthin



then why was he a member of the apex blood fuck nails or whatever they're called these days?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

chink driver chinks kid, woman judge gives license back



didn't you hear the report? he's a good boy.



Good, drivers need to make money to get to work and such.



That chinese man must be rich as fuck



That would point 8 on the Frankfurt School plan: "An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime"



Completely nonsense, the Frankfurt school, or postmoderism is critical of the ills that plague us now.


File: 60a17ac6d95d6ed⋯.jpg (752.23 KB, 1162x775, 1162:775, efdfef46c2351c21c3e360236a….jpg)

>tfw waiting for a m8



Wait patiently.



thanks /trannypol/, let me guess, (((porky))) and non degenerate white men are the real problem



>non degenerate white men are the real problem

Far from it, stop buying into conspiracy theories.



Critical theory is devoid of any actual relation to ethics or communicative reality. The determinist view of culture precludes any prefigurative role for social critique. Proponents can barely nail down the relationship between the material and the transcendental. They're also jewish commie faggots that seek to improve the world, not realizing that majority of people are fucking morons, or too grounded in reality for their high minded ideals.


File: bbf37a410065265⋯.png (777.71 KB, 2352x3000, 98:125, 1238207386987.png)


What was the name of that postmodernist critique of multiculturalism?

I can't seem to remember it.



This is pretty cool. I wish I knew this shit when I was a lowly NEET



Multiculturalism is a product of capitalism, which postmodern critique is critical of.


Do Coles or Woolies sell tomato powder?






>multiculturalism is caused by private ownership

tell me more



> no (You)'s

Good on you with the job, I've never had fat lamb, it's a poofters drink.



Rape groupie.




You forgot the GST.




I’ve never even seen that poofta drink at my Dans.



You tried I guess.


I think I may have fucked myself. After my semi-disciplinary meeting my boss said that it sounded like my middle management type lady was bullying me. I said she wasn't and that she tries to be nice, she's just not good at it and I don't like people who are insincere. She hasn't been back to work in about 2 weeks, her dad is sick but he's been sick as long as I've been there. He said that if I want I can just report directly to him if I don't want to talk with her but I said that could cause a bigger division. I also told him not to tell her and I don't want to shit on anyone.

I think he told her and the other managerial types, they've all been weird with me. I told them all off again today.

I'm fucked in the head.



Let alone Emus.



That's probably because it's sold out so often.



Just declare yourself the Big Boss.


File: 78603164fe7dd5c⋯.png (617.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5ec7c7c585d2b3076971b7a666….png)


>lamb shortage

Some neet's have taken to desperate measures to secure a supply of lamb or emu's.



Hopefully I end up pissing everyone off and I get given my own department where only I know what goes on in it.


File: c2c074b3a8f1101⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)



That would be pretty funny. it also means you will end up being the NEET commune manager.



Just go full robot and focus on results, not interpersonal shit. I used to imagine co-workers as furniture. Having a roomba crawl up for mandated social interaction time put a legitimate smile on my face, which would then creep out the shirking faggot that was bothering me, leaving me to work in peace.



One of the things I brought up a while ago was to run a WFtD program. I would actually be managing NEETs.



I wouldn't wish that position on anybody.



I work in disability care, I am fine with interpersonal shit, especially with participants. Disabled people subconsciously know I am one of them. I am not cool with policies and procedures. Fuck your bureaucracy.


Anyone else get a text from Clive Palmer?



Nope only dominos




Bureaucracy manages your funding.


Don't have a phone.



What a legend



30 degrees today in Shitbourne


File: acea29410563ff9⋯.jpg (194.21 KB, 960x619, 960:619, wallom.jpg)


>I am not cool with policies and procedures. Fuck your bureaucracy

Honestly mate you are going to have to find some middle ground to try and deal with them, they are not going to change, and do you really want another 30 years of bashing your head up against a brick wall?



I used to do that as a kid. Calmed me down.



The caring cruisey , i've said it once before, you are not of this world, you are too kind.




I will ave to try this.



I shall try it tomorrow or Sunday.



I believe Sweet Baby Ray's is considered a 'Kansas' BBQ sauce.



What is a recipe for a "Joondalup" BBQ sauce



You don't ask what's in Joondy BBQ sauce.



>Bureaucracy manages your funding.

Yeah, I know. I am good in the face to face meetings with the LAC's and NDIA where I can just state the needs of people and why they should give them funding but the written side I'm shit at. Spent most of the day writing a review which is just well written abuse to the government. If I do learn how to do it better, it could be therapeutic.


I get my back up when I see how many assessments and how many middle men there are. No wonder it cost so much. Most of it is just passing the buck so everyone can blame someone else.


Thank you, I appreciate that but I'm not that nice. It's probably just some deep seeded mental issue where I need approval and the media has told me being nice gets you that.

I really need a shrink. I am often on the verge of either crying or hurting myself.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



can you apply for a carer to help you manage your job?



I would be eligible for funding but I haven't tried.



>I really need a shrink. I am often on the verge of either crying or hurting myself.

I kinda feel this way to.




learn to love the bureaucracy, anon. start funding your own department. then nominate yourself for Australian of the year.



Trust me NEETs, I am this way, it's not a path you want to go down


>tfw severely banned


File: ac8e318cef75335⋯.png (121.96 KB, 498x594, 83:99, 1537937466555.png)


I fear I have tasted the path and am on my way down it.


>tfw severely impressed


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

just saw this


File: 068ad29e639612b⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 288x374, 144:187, it's time.jpg)



Chris Chan will never received the psychiatric care he needs.



>tfw don't sound that manly





File: 212da1b8638f3d9⋯.jpg (50 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 5203950aaf46fbadc1e053e0f6….jpg)

Getting worried about my special little boong, he hasn't posted his end of week picture.


File: df126f340a7cc91⋯.png (80.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 06dce5c2bcd16fcfe712ea7c60….png)


You got exactly what you paid for m8


What are you guys up to



Bugger all

Gonna go get chink food in a while



Reflecting upon my failed attempt at using Grindr, you?



Shitposting, about to go check out the bore. Rabbits have dug a burrow underneath the tank, so it looks as though I'll have to lift it and re-level the base before I put a couple of thousand gallons of water in it. Cunt of a job.



reading star wars dark force rising


File: bdcc06b5e879946⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 451x765, 451:765, 1545959802880.jpg)



Drinking some fancy goon the girly brought over I don't care for it



Make her drink all of it then violate her unconcious body like a vile boong



watching liveleak videos of all the chinks killing each other on the road


File: efe61da1f6bf30b⋯.jpg (108.41 KB, 634x665, 634:665, efe61da1f6bf30bb12549fd838….jpg)


J U S T dive into that tight pussy


File: 617628ca63ea572⋯.jpg (5.74 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20190111_161415.jpg)




Looking through movies on popcorntime.


File: 03c8fb17694cbcb⋯.jpg (85.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 03c8fb17694cbcb467545ab25d….jpg)


Thank goodness, you are still alive. What's on the menu tonight?



that window is still dirty



Why don't you move the tank?



You and I both know it will never be cleaned.



They're going to catch ol' rapey oneday.


File: 70c8228af6b4d82⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 707x500, 707:500, 5810e82e766460187c2e3957b6….jpg)

Time to give the penis a good old wash






10 minutes through a pajeet carwash would solve all his problems.

wash your car neets



Vodka, dexies, tendies and a lot of wanking



I was gonna wash at the DIY car wash but cbf, I filled up the window washer tank but the left jet is blocked again so I can only see out the right side of the windshield



>you will never go on a dexies fueled tendie wank binge


File: 137c87f0f04c81a⋯.png (77.87 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-01-11-17-4….png)

When I was in dans I got this text message



What a shifty cunt



I've washed my car once, ever.



Wash it again, once a fortnight.













I don't know how to take a screenshot on my phone.

Mine said:

Blackouts wreck our lives.

We need affordable, reliable

power. Make Australia Great.

Vote 1 United Australia

Party, Clive Palmer. Auth

then that link
















No, the dirt gives it character.



Just get a toothpick.



Bless your kind soul.



That's a lot of effort for NK.


>tfw no text from Clive


>tfw foresaken




File: 2f8fbcb3bf6aede⋯.jpg (76.68 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 2f8fbcb3bf6aede7c41fa41111….jpg)


nah cuz he's not a boong



File: 0035d6c234daed0⋯.jpg (8.77 KB, 266x234, 133:117, DisgustedPepe.jpg)

Who even watches white people porn any more ?



Xvideos embed. Click thumbnail to play.

NK's dexie fueled wank sessions


File: 29f93bf549c2f7d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.79 KB, 480x350, 48:35, fgm.jpg)


got that right m8



That's a

>Meanwhile at NK's



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You're all a bunch of degenerates

As am I



Degeneracy isn't real



No, thank you!



I bet you say that to all the altar boys



It's really fucking heavy, just went down to drain it now. Going to roll it off, relay the base, then put some chickenwire over the top to stop anything bigger than a rat digging. Turned out to be a fox den, not rabbits. The fuckers move quickly, it was fine 4 days ago. Didn't see any cubs. It was only quarter full, but if I had filled it, the tank would potentially bulge and crack. That's what happened to the last one. Once water displaces more of the base, you get a cumulative effect on the damage to the tank. Even empty, lifting the tank is at least a 2 man job and because of the enclosure around the bore, it's a pain in the arse to get vehicles involved. Good thing I've been training my squats.


File: c91df2825184399⋯.jpg (336.15 KB, 1065x1600, 213:320, Sasaki Kotoko1.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs


Gonna get mah dinner

G'night NEETs, Ifwhen you rape each other remember to use lube.



nite m8



Theres no time for lube



Gook night.



Goon night.



Goodnight oriental fancier.



File: d6b5bf42380aff3⋯.png (36.67 KB, 272x204, 4:3, 1542776128358.png)

What's going to become of the world NEETs? I cant see any of the things we have now lasting.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The wanking will continue, don't you worry, don't you worry NEET.





I'll try not to worry.



that's why we need to remove the shitskins, so we can get out into the universe before the biosphere dies or the sun runs out of juice



The rivers of goon will also continue to run freely. Binges will provide the sustenance to get through both of those tasks.



Dan's rivers shale comfort me.



While talking about poo, NK where was our promised poo picture of higher quality?


File: 0653fe80a0bc244⋯.jpg (16 KB, 300x300, 1:1, poom.jpg)


he should have posted this



Withholding it to make an even bigger poo.



Maybe one day we'll have a new way of saying tfw no gf


File: 07ef2c39dd0f95f⋯.png (27.19 KB, 540x306, 30:17, 20190111_131847.png)

will aus bros watch the match?))

we've got a new coach so maybe we'll do better than our previous games ;)

good luck!!



Can't say I will, not really interested in sports, buy I hope you enjoy it.



I'm watching currently, terroristneet. Looks like the game is as good as over though.





File: 2c51aa56e91ec08⋯.png (220.43 KB, 647x343, 647:343, 1218550048384.png)


>What's going to become of the world NEETs?

My guess is it will look something like this.



His balls must be bone dry


File: 9854a527e0f5d3a⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 827x371, 827:371, images(65).jpg)

Thinking about upgrading the astra soon, really wanna get a 300 2006 model. The cheapest I can find them for is around 11 grand with 100-150ks on the odometer.

I should buy something more sensible thou since it would eat up 80% of my savings



Don't do it, absolute shitboxes.



I had a feeling they were shit, it would probably be like trading an astra for a fancy astra. Same problems



Even worse than Astra, Chrysler/Daimler/Jeep/Fiat are the most unreliable cars on the planet, if you want a fancy sedan you could get a Statesman/Caprice or a Falcon G6E for the same price and same km range, they'll be much more reliable and cheaper to fix.



I remember my dad bought a grand jeep cheroke back in 2002 with all the extras and it had heaps of issues. The gasket blew before the car even hit 300 000ks



Yeah they're shitters, although the wrangler is a pretty good offroader when they work.



I think that's Australia vs Palestine. Vs Syria is on Tuesday.


Tfw depressed


File: e37943519d95048⋯.jpg (21.67 KB, 436x550, 218:275, images(14).jpg)





I'm doing a shit rn

Feels like a boong cock up my arse



>poo goes out

>boong benis goes in

Does not compute





File: a091aad9c2d312c⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 804x802, 402:401, 1542480729380.jpg)

>run fingers through hair over the sink

>20+ hairs drop out


File: 5950231c08932bf⋯.png (127.56 KB, 579x523, 579:523, 1540320494907.png)


Watching terminator 2 bros


File: 0bd10db285c1b8a⋯.jpg (100.71 KB, 817x814, 817:814, RichPepe.jpg)

Some poofa made an unauthorised thread.

And he's asking for money …



Was it you mate?


File: 4b6608e5ef46a93⋯.jpg (74.42 KB, 1200x678, 200:113, w1200_h678_fmax.jpg)


It's not so bad being bald



Fuck no

I may be a NEET but I've got more pride than to beg online



I shed more hair than my dog. It grows back though. At least I think it does. I should probably take more time combing it instead of ripping the knots out.



What a pleb. He should be asking people to donate land.


Wish I had a gf to watch babe with


My life's in the toilet bros



remember to wipe and wash your hands



Move to india

Then your life will be in the street


File: ff25e819fda77d4⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20190112_011828.jpg)

Nazi beer time NEETs


File: db1edf3d9bf6fd1⋯.jpg (37.86 KB, 532x510, 266:255, HitlerDon.jpg)


I think I might have depression


I wanna pour myself a gin and tonic but my sisters fiance is still up


Anyone itt



Rape him



They went to bed

I'm watching drive {2011}

What are you up to bro


The gins got me feeling tumescent


I wish I was an alcoholic


File: b403e716c275dbf⋯.png (2.06 MB, 6063x1440, 2021:480, donp.png)

Remember to report abuse



who do I report depression to?


I went to westfield carousel

probably 1/3rd non whites there


File: 67bd76ada055b2d⋯.jpg (190.43 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, nig.jpg)


This man will listen



I'm 25 in two weeks time


It's high time to pop a sleep. Night Night NEETs






I like the look of them, but the age, km on the clock, imported parts, etc is going to bring you more misery than it's worth.



You bloody well what, mate? Have some respect.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I actually like you guys as a country

have this


I [30M] want the bin to be standing up like a normal bin. My cat [8 months F] wants the bin to be always on the floor with the trash streaming out. Am I in the wrong here?


Good morning NEETs




Goon / Good Morning NEET.


G'morning NEETs

Hope you all had a good snooze.


The cat is always in the right, It's Cat's law.


I purchased some of those Cole brand garlic breads and wrapped them in alfoil like that one NEET said to do.



Imagine if NK had a fancy car new model car like this one. He could bring in the boong women with ease.



Report back the results.



He needs an A-Team van with butchers hooks in the back for maximum storage efficiency.



I shall do. I have frozen one for a later date, and will eat the other one tomorrow probably.



I didn't consider those needs…


File: e48dd3f48c29f63⋯.jpg (481.07 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, In-Portland-Oregon-2[1].jpg)


This is what you need to pick up boong chicks



You could pick me up with that.



No I couldn't.

I'd be too drunk to drive and crashed into a tree.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



My sister is so cringe worthy, its painful.


File: 8232cd373b3a404⋯.png (211.31 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 8232cd373b3a404c913f2de807….png)


File: 58a7a3a7e12cd9f⋯.png (5.66 KB, 417x87, 139:29, This gin will make you tru….png)


You are playing with fire boyo.



post her minge so we can cringe



Where is the hug button?



mods are all about the thug life, not the hug lyfe



Eventually you will give up and the cat will win.


File: cd71531b4abf29b⋯.jpg (95.59 KB, 1000x451, 1000:451, cd71531b4abf29b57207ae440b….jpg)


This vehicle is better for cold storage, which is better for him.



I don't think you understand us. We love you.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I only wanted this…



Good luck, they're not great but they are as good as dominoes.

It took a few times for me to get the temp and time right.



Awesome, that kazoo puts a funny feel on it. Have you listened to any zydeco music?



All NEETs should get their prostate checked.

It's only uncomfortable if you don't relax, try and enjoy it and you might.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>that kazoo puts a funny feel on it.


File: 085e1afdac41421⋯.png (67.24 KB, 142x243, 142:243, b5604d7f20a289c48a2c5f0e5b….png)


>try and enjoy it and you might.



File: 55ee48c33457a0f⋯.png (739.38 KB, 785x538, 785:538, UnimpressedBoongs.png)


This is a family board m8

We'll have no prostate probing shenanigans around here thanks.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Got any plans today? I've got to go to the dentist.


File: 33b3a9bbdb28199⋯.jpg (105.24 KB, 800x551, 800:551, 33b3a9bbdb281994bc9620939a….jpg)



>dreamtime compilation

Funny way to spell wank file



The boong in the yellow dress really turns me on.



Yeah, she's got it going on in that ape-like blank stare way



You could stick in it the wrong hole and she wouldn't even know where she was.


File: f3855d4e47f166b⋯.png (60.15 KB, 171x186, 57:62, HotBoongBabe33.png)







Care to post the other 32?



Lol, would you believe that file name was a cunning trap to provoke just that reply ?

Because it was, no other files sorry


File: 1b335d048bb3926⋯.jpg (46.12 KB, 500x492, 125:123, 1b335d048bb3926851dec7d801….jpg)


File: b158061d659b8f6⋯.png (179.8 KB, 267x398, 267:398, HighClassBoongWhore.png)


Sorry m8

Have this one again as a consolation


File: 2123a8906fd22eb⋯.jpg (137.93 KB, 494x584, 247:292, 21cc9f38059012f28b07b4c16f….jpg)


She could press my buttons.



I would actually buy her flowers and bottled goon and try to seduce her as if she was white.

Then I'd get her drunk and bang her in a park like a boong


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 65b10ea3574a7a8⋯.jpeg (1.37 KB, 16x16, 1:1, 65b10ea3574a7a89b.jpeg)



>I Know That Wank Feel



Never heard of him.


File: 83e4de4f6313e4a⋯.png (197.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1d58373269f32215878bdbbb3b….png)


He knows of (You)



What time and temperature combo did you end up settling on?



I think 200 for about 20 min, I haven't made them for ages and the last time wasn't quite right.



No worries. I'll see what the packet says and try and find a sweet spot between the two.



That's some irresponsible fiddle playing right there. His teacher would not be amused.



>His teacher would not be amused.

He learned from >>206871



What is the formal demarcation between the humble squeeze box and an accordion?



>zydeco music

Don't know what that is tbh. Found a couple of videos that mention the word on youtube, but I'm no clearer. Some kind of Louisiana folk music?



Have a fiddle



I think the size but it might be like 'fiddle' and 'violin' where there is a size difference but the terms are interchangeable. Not sure.



Just finished a fiddle



Classy people play the violin, rednecks play the fiddle



I think a proper accordion has a keyboard as opposed to just buttons, and probably a bigger range.

Fiddle and violin are interchangeable for the most part. Modern bluegrass players are using standard violins, even if they insist on calling them fiddles. The bow string material might be more fancy for classical players, given the sounds they're trying to produce. That's on speculation on my part though.



>That's on



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fiddle woman getting her hands on a Strat.



Is it bringing you closer?



I've looked into it a bit, it was a while ago so I may be getting the two confused but there's Cajun and then there's Creole.

Cajun's are of French decent in the south but have incorporated lots of Mexican type stuff.

Creole culture started with the Mulatto people who entirely dropped the African culture and only acknowledged their French history (both were in the French land thing - there's maps around the place of what the French 'owned' in America).

Zydeco is kinda the Creole music. The wo groups sort of are a bit the same, it's been 2-300 years and they've always lived near each other.

Pretty sure iirc the Appalachians were the Cajun's who were sort of exiled from the South.


File: 5914b9dab379ab0⋯.jpg (376.13 KB, 844x1727, 844:1727, 6ae9f4b1467ec01f508a57946c….jpg)



I've heard people say the difference is the pay check.



Could you imagine dying in 1737 and having people still playing the shit you built in 2018?



Whores charge less for a fiddle than if you violin them


File: 50160c40e4e3155⋯.jpg (70.33 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Buiudth.jpg)



>a keyboard as opposed to just buttons

There you go. Cheers.

>The bow string material

I thought it was just horse hair.


File: 26f36a95811d4d2⋯.jpg (57.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


In Judge Dredd they got their wall


File: 04ef251017eb991⋯.png (247.57 KB, 500x495, 100:99, ClipboardImage.png)



I think he just called her a Clydesdale.



How rude



Yes, I think he did.



Ah so it was, the similar flags confused me




that journalist can't write for shit



Nobody born post 1985 can spell or write properly.


/ausneets/ beat the /ita/ pasta niggers 4-1

/unna/ JUST FUCKED /just/'s shit up 5-0

I think this is /unna/s year



revenge for 2006 at last



Which players from /ausneets/ have scored goals this season?


File: 80151d6ffc6fd3b⋯.png (507.99 KB, 640x726, 320:363, image0-31.png)


wut da heck r u inplieng m80



dunno, I just got there and heard the news

though NK scored a 90+3 minute goal against /just/ for /unna/




News.com.au around 2010 did write in decent paragraphs, but after redesigning their website and asking readers how they wanted to read the news, the shorter style of reading was introduced. This style of reading makes it easier to read to according to their justification back then. If you want better news you are you going to have to pay for it.


Im back NEETs, how is everyone?



> If you want better news you are you going to have to pay for it.

adelaidenow.com.au (News Ltd/The Advertiser) ran a story the other day with a big headline about their big win for the public's right to know and hid it behind their paywall.



Your Council membership fees are overdue. Please pay the fee at your earliest convenience or return your (laundered) robes.



We're all chads now



oh the irony



>big win for the public's right to know and hid it behind their paywall.

kek, but those court reporters need to get paid and so do their lawyers which does cost money. It is understandable but it still sucks.



I went to school with The Advertiser's court reporter.



Goon has been sent to your PO box.


An African country!? You do know you are infested with black. you might want to get that checked out.



>Im black NEETs, how is everyone?


File: f3329fdcf3390ec⋯.jpg (11.27 KB, 300x180, 5:3, Sign-in-London-reading-No-….jpg)


>how is everyone?

Feeling all white.


File: f26a9bd18502c13⋯.jpg (24.32 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 12006372_1006035172788211_….jpg)





File: 786749bb73fae06⋯.jpg (72.79 KB, 680x460, 34:23, Schipperkes_3-15_Sportsman….jpg)


>tfw black irish dog



>An African country!?

The NEET commune finances were a little short of being able to afford Tasmania, unfortunately



/namibia/ 2.0?



Theres a lake Neet in Alaska.

Should have bought that




>tfw dwarfed by Lake Chad



But Lake Ruth is nearby

She can be the girl next door


File: afd5cb9f1f4a8f7⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, afd5cb9f1f4a8f7ee181316ceb….jpg)


Drown those sorrows.


sweet baby ray hadley bbq sauce


Given up on the Mustang idea, NOOTs.

Gonna drive a shitbox commuter car and build an AC Cobra kit car in my spare time.


File: 1c00d23b6a29d21⋯.jpg (40.86 KB, 680x689, 680:689, GubmintMummybotPepe.jpg)



I am offended by this



I hope this isn't what Ruth looks like



Ruth Ginsberg looks like a skelington atm.



>Gonna drive a shitbox commuter car

The daily commute adds a lot of wear and tear to a car. Sure a Mustang would be a nice daily driver, but having a shitbox to drive then getting a nicer car to drive on the weekends seems like a more reasonable idea. Good luck.



Yes. You are correct.

There would be times having a nice office-type girl mirin your ride would be good though.


File: 1a57c30e4a860f1⋯.jpg (35.96 KB, 520x798, 260:399, bea82973cfce7b6f3a895dfc6e….jpg)


Nope, this is Ruth

Big enough to satisfy a whole NEET commune at once



She'll be looking even more like one soon.



Yeah, rumor mill suggests she's resigning today/tomorrow. Democrats won't risk trying to phone in her votes as a corpse.



Face suggests she's a fixer-upper.



She's the lake next door m8, not a supermodel



All I meant was she'd tidy up nicely. She's not ugly.



I'd do her

And possibly even go out in public with her



Yeah, you could do far worse.

A classy version of her would be worth more than some fit skank.


/pol/ is btfoing the spics



now you've done it

turned this nice thread into a place of argument


I find it hard to give a fuck about Mexicans tbh



eh it's 8cup shit not actually a thread on /pol/



>having a nice office-type girl mirin your ride

But you have that feel that we all experience.



Oh right. Carry on then.



Which culture makes the biggest and best poos?



the elephant race




They win by poo size alone



North Sentinelese

They win by being stone-age Indians whose poos were so voluminous and rugged that the regular Indians banished them to the island



They kept blocking up the streets



Someone needs to drop a laptop in there so they can join us


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



what is this



just random people getting "owned".


File: aff7d0d18ee31b9⋯.jpg (185.46 KB, 735x741, 245:247, 13346970_10156812828250478….jpg)




I upset my 6 year old niece on Xmas day by telling her i started year 1 at age 4 instead of 6 and saying she was dumb. Adults got offended.



Nice one neeto



She's partly been screwed by changes to education rules about when kids can start based on date of birth, but I still feel smug.



A win on a technicality is still a win mate



I know. We'll gloss over my parents putting me in school early because I was a "smartarse git".


>tfw no UNNApop



>tfw no UNNAporn



>tfw no UNNAportrait



>tfw no UNNAprom



>tfw no UNNAporcelain


>tfw UNNAmportant


what does UNNA stand for?



>tfw UNNAcceptable


>tfw UNNApreciated



It's not an acronym, it's an exclamation (of joy!)




Ugly Near Nigger Aboriginals




downloaded dosbox and hugo's house of horrors, hugo whodunnit, and hugo jungle one bros


File: 85c8d7a479a74c1⋯.png (499.05 KB, 491x468, 491:468, AngryOldBoong.png)






>tfw ANNU



unna statesman like behaviour tbh



wanna fuck

christina annu

in da poo



>tfw no ANNUme





File: 6ee6a993d021a18⋯.png (501.64 KB, 632x413, 632:413, BoongJudge.png)






breed out

da black

via her crack



dont be like dat cuz



I started at age 4 and then skipped a grade.



wanking ?



big brained neet



How did you end up here? you should be running a medium size busines.


Have to go to my appointment soon. I'll let you mob know how it went when I get back.



We will be waiting with eager anticipation



Have fun! remember to do a traditional dance.



I run a small wanking business for a select few individuals.



You don't suck?



I only facilitate, it is up to the customer as to which services they wish to receive.




Where do I want some one-on-one time?



You want it in your bum.



I want to give.


i used the magical air in a can to dust my computermabob, installed a new hard drive thingo, and removed the wifi card so they cant spy on me that way



>removed the wifi card so they cant spy on me that way

What if they find a new way to spy on you while wanking?



yeah, similar. had to do some gifted child bs early on which was very annoying and probably led to my underachieving later



the alfoil on my walls should stop that

for now


File: 04acb227b28e4ac⋯.jpg (56.92 KB, 562x375, 562:375, 04acb227b28e4ac2c5da8b15db….jpg)


>led to my underachieving later

Become an overachiever in store.



>for now

For how much longer?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw almost 30


my pork tenderloin has been spiced

i shall fire up the grill at 3pm and start grilling at 4.15pm



What's your new house?



I am not discussing this here. I should never have mentioned it yesterday.



this guy is terrible and he needs a new guitar


File: 5d6dfd7261d247e⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 4096x2304, 16:9, 2019-01-12 11.41.28.jpg)

Got my new phone holder, now I can wank in bed hands free



Plan for a thirty wank celebration.



>I should never have mentioned it yesterday.

Why can't you tell us where it is?



i bet you can fit your dick in that berocca tube on your desk



you're already claiming to work around the corner from me



Have a wank you earned it, but can you have a wank after all that wanking last night/this morning?



That's not me, I wish I was though…



Does it have an inbuilt fire pit?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Willie is amazing. Heart on your sleeve country.



Does the Panadol help anymore?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He shouldn't've repaired it, it was fine.


i kicked my toe and am in a lot of pain hopefully i did break it or anything.



I Didint wank too much last night, my second wank I found it very hard to get hard


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Just took some for my headache, pretty much a placebo these days



You stubbed your toe.



Have a goon to offset any pain.



>my second wank I found it very hard to get hard

Do you think it is a time for a change or just carry on as usual?


Have a root


Have a toot


Have a compute


Be resolute


Have a wank


Become destitute



you heckin ruined it u feckin disgrace


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Have to go to my appointment soon. I'll let you mob know how it went when I get back.


File: 9dc4bbb2dbbd4ac⋯.png (540.84 KB, 540x381, 180:127, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3ad9e881e4299d9⋯.png (342.58 KB, 540x279, 60:31, ClipboardImage.png)



u sed dis earlia



I think he also has short term memory problems


File: 43b5831c21941d1⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 641x479, 641:479, images(41).jpg)


I'll just get the white fella docta to give me more penis drugs



That's the way to go m8!


File: 32e6361cad00bd4⋯.png (317.25 KB, 853x778, 853:778, ClipboardImage.png)



AHH! he just said no screen shot! why are you breaking the RULES!


i just had a zooper dooper which were half price at coles i got two bags



thats nice and all but my toe hurts.



i mashed my toe when i was pissed once and when i woke up the next day it was black and pointing out sideways i think i posted about it here



That's not me, I wish I was though…



How does this help me? Should i get gooned?



two neets with appointments on one day how does this even happen



You did, it provided a good wank


File: 10a79e1ab9d6604⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.78 KB, 500x750, 2:3, toe.jpg)


Does it look anything like this toe?



Probably both wagies. Mine is a dentist.



It always helps to get gooned, but you're going to have to do it at an accelerated rate if you wish to forget your toe.



Wank until your dick blisters and your toe pain falls from memory



LEWD!! i am a pure NEET!






NK are you up to day 3 of no-poo?



pure in the sense that i am a virgin



A lot of us are pure m8



we must cleanse the dirty NEETs!



I'm sure you are a beautiful maiden neeto



The pure NEETs can clean all the old smegma off the dirty NEETs Penises



this is why possum doesn't come here anymore.


Starting to wonder when I should pop the question to the misso lads


Mixed bbq sauce, honey, and dijon mustard together.



Monk and the gook or Cruisey and the nigger?



can she take half ur forklift diploma?



Which question ?

Marriage or anal ?




>tfw only proposal i ever have to make is whats for dinner



Will you invite us?



We'll have to sit up the back silently behind a black curtain


File: 026c862984c44e8⋯.jpg (993.23 KB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2019-01-12 12.55.17.jpg)

Dealers not working till Monday and I had only a bit of weed left in my tin for tonight, looked through my washing basket and found a couple nugs of some killer weed i had from ages ago.

The rainbow serpent provides for those who believe cuz



As long as it is a open bar im sure we will be fine.



Will be a big dexi/vodka/cone session tonight?



I accidently snapped a branch yesterday

Letting it dry for now but I'll probably get greedy and nuke it



we could do a neet Guard of Honor



Where the bride and groom have to run down a corridor of NEETs trying not to get wanked on ?



Thats profit your smoking



we must get that on video



Merchandise blacked out.

I think we're on to the culprit



I prefer to think of it as quality assessment



i;'ve watched scrarpface

dont get high on ur iwn supplay


A crazy and sweaty man from Australia Post just delivered my Amazon order today. He didn't come in a van, but came in his own car and honked the horn on arrival like he wanted me to come out to pick up the items instead of him walking out. He didn't even get out of his vehicle when I open the door and I wasn't going out any further because he parked on our property like he was someone we knew. He then left the items on the stairs handrail made of brick instead of bringing them in as I asked, I got a new monitor and other stuff.

When I moved the packages, I realised how warm everything was to touch. I got out this heat detecting gun I got a while ago and the screen said that it was 38 degrees. I would hate to see how hot it would have got sitting in the sun in the depot since it was meant to be delivered from 8 a.m. today. I'm going to contact Amazon Australia about this to ask for an extended warranty for the screen and the other items that was delivered in a box was pretty badly beaten.


>tfw get to cook snags at first neet wedding



Just give it a chance to cool down in the AC and confirm it all works tomorrow.


File: dca675c3ad6c19e⋯.jpg (25.29 KB, 472x461, 472:461, x646nx1qgrmz[1].jpg)


>jus say hello to my liddle friend



That's the plan, I got sweaty just unboxing it. It was horrible.



> I got out this heat detecting gun I got a while ago and the screen said that it was 38 degrees




You bet ya, might clean the house first



Are you an executive?



Then buy some extra lube with those coins.



>might clean the house first




Microwaved weed isn't too bad, after I microwave weed I gently run a lighter around the bud to toast it up a bit (but being careful not to burn it)

I heard alfoil in an oven works too but never tried it



No, pretty skele. Everything in the box was warm as hell. I have never received a package that hot!



>I heard alfoil in an oven works too

Umm …. yeah …

Go and give it a shot m8










>in an oven

Fuck sorry m8, my brain read that as microwave, pardon my snark


Stop oppressing my druggy culture man



Courier driving is a shit business now, at my work the couriers and truck drivers always complain of losing work to pajeets that drive shit vans and work for $20hr (that's like $13 after tax and fuel), they complain to their bosses but since their all contract drivers the bosses tell them to take it or leave it.

There's a Serbian courier driver for toll who started off driving taxis when he moved to Perth but got out of it when all the Indians moved in and pushed wages down, now they've followed him into the courier business.



Pretty much what the old white guy who delivers my parcels says.



Pajeets take over all the shit jobs that they can slack off in



File: 0da721e4cb579c6⋯.png (17.31 KB, 402x366, 67:61, images (2).png)


>Fuck sorry m8, my brain read that as microwave

Your smoking too much profit tony


File: d3fe62856b62d77⋯.png (543.14 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ForThePot.png)


It'll probably turn me gay next



>I have never received a package that hot!

You cheeky cunt


Speaking of drugs. I'm back from the doctor about my agoraphobia. Went easier than I thought. I've been prescribed some crazy pills, so hopefully they will take effect before I have to go back to work this week. I'll also be seeing a therapist, which I don't really want to, but I guess it might help. I just don't want to be asked private questions.


New thread soon neets

Somebody please make it on time



Make it a bad one about drugs!



is aggrophobia what makes neets narky


File: f9d42645273cb8d⋯.jpg (18.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 85048719[1].jpg)


If someone can add a pepe to this quickly



m8 your heading in the right direction, it was never going to get better by itself, as for the psychologist if you dont want to talk about something, dont, it will be up to you to decide what to talk about tell them that when you get there


File: b2df35be44cec36⋯.gif (447.56 KB, 882x604, 441:302, drug-abuse[1].gif)



it doesnt help the situation



I think that and it is also easier to focus on external forces that are fucking the world than being introspective and realising it's our own faults for the way our lives are.






File: 56281b054d132dd⋯.jpg (100.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1km.jpg)


File: 2e1c332e97bd693⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 85048708[1].jpg)


Except she's not a boong and she's a comic



He's just a mad italian


File: b10727674eefd75⋯.png (504.25 KB, 406x550, 203:275, lol.png)

Me in 10 years



Banda bing bada boong


I do not want my bum rash to get worse. Please be mindful of my condition.



nice clean oven neet




I often think about your bum condition m8



I bet you have an exquisitely decadent soothing lotion.





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