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beware the spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)

File: cfc45dba89bcdbd⋯.jpg (155.2 KB, 923x1199, 923:1199, DwehlJTXQAAy67W.jpg)

269b82  No.1030862

Peaky Blinders political rally scene in Stockport as crew transform modern shopfronts into 1930s Birmingham


Shocking new pictures lay bare scale of NHS body parts scandal: Inside waste disposal firm facing criminal probe after allowing amputated heads. limbs and torsos to build up in huge stockpiles


‘Perfectly healthy’ boy, 10, dies 72 hours after routine surgery to remove kidney stones


Sadiq Gave £21,000 of Taxpayers' Cash to Group Campaigning for Second Referendum


0d0053  No.1030866

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


0d0053  No.1030868


>didgeridoo posting

6f538f  No.1030869

File: 4c3005718570083⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 640x800, 4:5, SA_at_the_gym.webm)

c17fad  No.1030870

SA is a nonce

f945f9  No.1030871

File: 6f1bf4117894ceb⋯.webm (3.65 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Food_review_Fat_cunt.webm)

6df850  No.1030872

File: 6303b0e0ce9c398⋯.jpg (101.67 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DwLvqJvWoAcRjh_.jpg)

f945f9  No.1030873


Is that a piece of pancake on a stick?

0d0053  No.1030874

>tfw germany is going to go daft before us


69688f  No.1030875


No lad, that's a man dressed as a woman.

890513  No.1030876

File: 8a0ba75d9794070⋯.png (510.03 KB, 679x577, 679:577, nigga u b lyin.PNG)

File: ba2ba69263d559c⋯.png (99.1 KB, 688x712, 86:89, femi btfo.PNG)

f945f9  No.1030877


smh maybe I need glasses

269b82  No.1030878

File: d1738bdfa69b9e1⋯.gif (4.57 MB, 446x248, 223:124, 03e.gif)


>reality slapping him in the face

6f538f  No.1030879

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



No, it's some sort of insect.

890513  No.1030880



>Stuffs face with box of doughnuts costing a tenner

>A box meant for sharing


6f538f  No.1030881


>£10 for 12 yank rings

Bourgie as fuck.

6f538f  No.1030882

File: 111d172c13e9040⋯.webm (1.01 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 111d172c13e9040f9cba41561….webm)

>tfw co-op custard doughnuts 12 for £6

c6eeca  No.1030883


>"young people should have a bigger say!"

>young people actually want Brexit

>they've been brainwashed!!!1111

317723  No.1030884


t. actually brainwashed

269b82  No.1030885

File: b8519b55e5bf460⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 6aaa.gif)


>surrounded by young people most of whom wanted to Leave

>still believes he's right

0d0053  No.1030886

crispy creme doughnuts are the biggest memi

6f538f  No.1030887

File: a683f8ab27c181b⋯.jpg (58.98 KB, 643x960, 643:960, a683f8ab27c181b95e66339d48….jpg)




>krispy kreme

This nigger is middle class.


They are shit.

890513  No.1030888

File: 7f95f3897943c53⋯.png (85.52 KB, 678x682, 339:341, nhs raycis.PNG)


champagne socialism will never change

they were cheap belly fillers when I was a sprog

>yor a raycis, we win


890513  No.1030889

File: 0b6fbfe10a151a6⋯.mp4 (5.05 MB, 720x720, 1:1, C4.MP4)

File: a7f6539b15d51c9⋯.mp4 (1.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Snow's lips move.MP4)


compare and contrast

0d0053  No.1030890

File: 0bc6da9a0dc65b2⋯.jpg (83.45 KB, 600x105, 40:7, Rowntrees-Fruit-Pastilles-….jpg)


0d0053  No.1030891


delet this image immediately

6f538f  No.1030892

File: 34db92b63e8c536⋯.mp4 (2.55 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 34db92b63e8c53613973483286….mp4)


Put them in the freezer to go hard, lush tbqh.

317723  No.1030893


very good lad

6f538f  No.1030894

File: af347124eb21ac5⋯.png (580.25 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, ClipboardImage.png)

Fucking demon nonces

0d0053  No.1030895


almost comically evil

db063d  No.1030896


>americans have extremely polarised political system where each side literally wants to exterminate the other

>also have system where whoever appoints the justices, who can serve for decades on end, is just whoever is in power at the time and happens to have the good luck of the incumbent dying

>memi orange man is elected and half them die

i can't stop laughing tbh

6f538f  No.1030897

File: 55c74f6922c9486⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 877.35 KB, 958x559, 958:559, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3cd92d74c123d3c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, vom9.jpg)

b6fbbb  No.1030898


the democracy worship instilled in the young by liberals is coming back to bite them

269b82  No.1030899

File: 5861bb57978ca67⋯.jpg (125.42 KB, 715x714, 715:714, 74479.jpg)

269b82  No.1030900


Jesus Christ, how can anyone look at this and say that he's not being sexualised.


317723  No.1030901

File: 6c1716d1d1955c8⋯.mp4 (11.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, hell.mp4)

db063d  No.1030902

File: b1c1e5e3fe2efdc⋯.png (129.71 KB, 705x566, 705:566, UESUGI FUCKING SHITS.png)




It just keeps getting worse.

That kid is just a kid though and is clearly being manipulated, he should be rehomed in a normal family and allowed to be a normal child, although he's probably a bit mentally disturbed at this point by being surrounded by oversexualised adults (hopefully they haven't nonced him.) Reckon if he had a good father figure he would turn out like a normal lad.

6f538f  No.1030903

File: cee9b42f210a9fe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 196.01 KB, 250x315, 50:63, ClipboardImage.png)

>2 for £1

Anti-rage posting tbh.

0d0053  No.1030904

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f945f9  No.1030905


Very nice

269b82  No.1030906

File: 7e0ff9ee065df5d⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 750x477, 250:159, (1).jpg)

File: a40e46ae865092f⋯.jpg (45.67 KB, 750x467, 750:467, (3).jpg)


Even his background story they use makes no sense, apparently at the age of two he sat down and watched Ru Paul and decided to become a drag queen. When I was two I was watching Thomas.

The whole thing is clearly a lie and I'd put money that he's being abused.

93bb9a  No.1030907

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


269b82  No.1030909

File: 7aaffa9f271e28f⋯.jpg (96.61 KB, 1278x959, 1278:959, _99.jpg)

Not too shabby, but then again it's pretty hard to mess up gin.

Big brands are going to have to improve tbh, these small own brand drinks are just as good, if not better.

e8b43c  No.1030910

File: 6b6c08828c952ce⋯.jpg (242.56 KB, 1300x954, 650:477, pack-of-sainsburys-custard….jpg)





5 vanilla custard donuts in Sainsburys for 65p tbh

db063d  No.1030911


Apparently he is on the autism spectrum as well, people with that type of mindset can very easily get obsessed with certain concepts, if you feed a vulnerable autistic child loads of LGBTQwhatever propaganda (Which they clearly have) they're going to latch onto it.

Feel sorry for the poor kid he has never had the chance to have a normal life. Kids are harsh as well, if he's going to school he's not going to be able to interact with normal children.

6f538f  No.1030912

File: d2c0313598d47af⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>gin posting

317723  No.1030913

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




317723  No.1030914


hang on is this the same scottish geezer as the /fit/ bloke

db063d  No.1030915

File: 9ff6ba9afbe80d8⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1433, 1080:1433, wew.png)

0d0053  No.1030916

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

269b82  No.1030917


No child just sits down to watch a drag show, they forced it on him.

7ece50  No.1030918


How do you get it so loud without the audio cutting out?

890513  No.1030919

6f538f  No.1030920


It's really telling of a person that buys 12 doughnuts for £10 tmh.

>stahp breggist blud fink ov economics and munee

>spends a £10 on sugared fried bread that has a part of it cut out it on purpose



269b82  No.1030921

File: 2bfaf143c84f617⋯.png (1.2 MB, 720x1442, 360:721, avocado.png)

File: fd74e9e136f2aff⋯.png (518.3 KB, 578x728, 289:364, muh food.png)


You don't expect sense from the bougie do you lad?

6f538f  No.1030922

File: 312c9b05268dfef⋯.webm (762.24 KB, 572x320, 143:80, 312c9b05268dfefc4f8728eba….webm)

>Nonces and over priced American shit

db063d  No.1030923

File: 12be97504e8bfdd⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1280x853, 1280:853, ClipboardImage.png)

What do you lads think of the Houthi's? Just a bunch of derkas derka'ing or a respectable spiritual/political movement?

It's admirable how they can hold off half the world fighting a successful guerilla campaign against two military powerhouses.

ca8c0f  No.1030924


That bowl of noodles or whatever it is looks like shite tbf.

aa0fa6  No.1030925

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alright lads

890513  No.1030926


one of yours lad?

51d538  No.1030927

File: f6ab9c237bc7b66⋯.mp4 (7.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, hell edit.mp4)


Don't that music is appropriate for that as all of that is perceived as fine and progress.

db063d  No.1030928

File: b8d3edcd67f13ed⋯.png (470.56 KB, 1920x1254, 320:209, ClipboardImage.png)

317723  No.1030929


he's a renaissance man

890513  No.1030930


This is what I'm talking about

When we were poor hungry kids it was a bag of doughnuts for 50p to fuel hours of running around the park kicking a ball

6df850  No.1030931

File: 9fb0440ed3373c7⋯.webm (9.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Houthi.webm)


Pretty banter but apart from memmies I don't really care what goes down in Yemen

317723  No.1030932

File: 560301d3ccdd9c4⋯.mp4 (2.78 MB, 480x360, 4:3, ainsley like that.mp4)


nah stole it from SA or someone months ago

ca8c0f  No.1030933


As long as they don't come here I couldn't care what they get up to. Internal shit flinging within the mudslime community has been going on since time immemorial and it won't change.

16b566  No.1030934


>10 quid for shitty looking lahksa

>meanwhile in the rest of SEA you can get 2 times the size and quality for 1/5th of the price

smh, they appropriate the worst bits of other cultures

317723  No.1030935

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ello there mate

where in essex are you from then

6df850  No.1030936

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

hullo yes, thank you.

317723  No.1030937


we used to own all of that smh

6f538f  No.1030938

File: 56537d6bbe2118a⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Top lad tbh

6f538f  No.1030939

File: 4f31f6e845b71e4⋯.png (893.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, readin a buick.png)

1d8b02  No.1030940

File: 580027c846efc4c⋯.webm (10.97 MB, 450x326, 225:163, cognitive infiltration.webm)


Here have the webm anon.

269b82  No.1030941


tbh I reckon it's more to do with the efniks realising they can rip off the retards

f945f9  No.1030942

File: 86eee45735caedf⋯.webm (514.86 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Joe GET OFF THE FOKING IN….webm)


Not mine tbh

<this one is though

db063d  No.1030943


Maybe we will again one day.

6f538f  No.1030944

File: 402347f41188bbd⋯.jpg (110.86 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 78046_184254671600304_5639….jpg)

>Cyber Crime Protect Officer, South Wales Police

890513  No.1030945


>2nd pic

what a load of slop

>Here you go mate, bowl of Vom, today's special, that'll be a tenner

>Vom, how intredasting, what's in it?

>Sorry mate can't tell ya, Trade secret

269b82  No.1030946

File: d81f396ee370a45⋯.png (207.64 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190111-165054.png)


51d538  No.1030947


Which ones?

16b566  No.1030948

File: 6743461715e1373⋯.png (715.95 KB, 720x480, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 068c4bc9eac1b87⋯.png (632.91 KB, 620x413, 620:413, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 203242ae53036e4⋯.png (526.28 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 398d3092892caf1⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


it's what the efniks sell to thick rich ferringhis, while they'll actually be eating pics related

890513  No.1030949

b6fbbb  No.1030951

File: 3e5ae5431884de1⋯.png (536.33 KB, 550x512, 275:256, woesbad.png)

>you're old

>your son has gotten in trouble criminally and politically throughout his life

>he's made a lot of enemies

>to get to him, they burn your house down

>you survive, move house

>he moves back in with you, to protect you

>every day he tells you about how his former friends are scum

>he takes showers every morning that are so cold they make him scream

>you don't need an alarm clock to wake up anymore, he's your in-house rooster

>you get a moment's peace when he goes to the gym and works nights

>whatever space you had in the house is gone, replaced with stacks of books you don't understand

>you're having tea watching the soap opera omnibus in the living room when he just sets up a camera

>he's been doing this for a while now

>starts ranting and raving about traditional wives, jack sen, and o'neetus,

this is the life of joe's mum

890513  No.1030952



317723  No.1030953


bless her soul

ca8c0f  No.1030954


>4th pic

>A bowl of Markel's feet


317723  No.1030955



almost threw up in my mouth

foreign "food" is always shite but this takes things to a new level of depravity

16b566  No.1030956



don't knock it til you've tried it lads, since chickens actually use their feet it's good strong meat, especially for free range chickens. Wouldn't recommend you tried it on Tesco chickens though

890513  No.1030957

File: 8523dfb28abc9e4⋯.png (67.36 KB, 693x575, 693:575, labour btfo.PNG)

oh dear


269b82  No.1030958

File: 112d15eb6457f1a⋯.mp4 (7.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled.mp4)

aa0fa6  No.1030959



Don't dox me, lad

317723  No.1030960

File: 9255e47709c4239⋯.jpg (113.4 KB, 425x282, 425:282, licks lips.jpg)


why not just have a yummy chicken pie

with mushroom




890513  No.1030961

Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019

>We are wasting Billions of pounds of taxpayers money trying to negotiate in a short space of time. Leaving the EU in March 2019 will allow the UK good time to negotiate more efficiently. The EU will be more eager to accept a deal on our terms having lost a major partner.

>We will save billions of pounds from our EU divorce payment as well as a similar amount from Civil Service and Govt costs. This money will be used to support our own country whilst we await the EU to talk to us to make deals more in our favour. The EU border in Ireland to be managed simply by having a dual Euro / pound currency as legal tender in both the North and South. Exports to the South would be dealt with in Euro and vice versa when importing to the North. Rates fixed at time of the deal.


269b82  No.1030962


Their 'evidence' was "he's missing something prevalent in British DNA, therefore he's black"

ca8c0f  No.1030963



I couldn't eat 2nd world cuisine. It looks like the menu was written by David Cronenberg

317723  No.1030964


how can I dox a spy?

16b566  No.1030965


ffs lad I haven't eaten today, the food talk is driving me nuts tbh you can do both, it adds a bit of variety, and I always find noodles and stuff is easier to take to work


tbh you eat it or it eats you

890513  No.1030966


Those prices are often to cover the stupid rents they have to pay. They just pass it on to the punter

aa0fa6  No.1030967

File: d4229fd567377ca⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.32 KB, 1564x1564, 1:1, 1466117784497.jpg)

Valid point.

7ece50  No.1030968

File: 2dcc521b6ddb5e6⋯.jpg (28.67 KB, 320x286, 160:143, beautiful music pepe.jpg)

>found a double lp in Oxfam of choral masses recorded in Congolese "missa luba" style on disc one and various Argentinian folk traditions on disc two

maybe I'll transcribe it and post a link if anyone's interested tbh

16b566  No.1030969

>all I've got in the house is dry noodles, rice, fish fingers, pickled herring and bread


ca8c0f  No.1030970


I've eaten crocodile fillet before many years ago and it was quite nice, but that's about as exotic as food got for me.

317723  No.1030971

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


go ahead lad, always got time for beautiful music

16b566  No.1030972


smh that's still pretty exotic lad

269b82  No.1030973


Swordfish, shark, and octopus are really good, had them when I was on holiday in the Greek isles when I was younger.

317723  No.1030974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eating rice and noodles gives you squinty eyes and a tiny cock

890513  No.1030975

File: 5267a5ebf92c798⋯.png (240.57 KB, 644x508, 161:127, turk ath.PNG)


890513  No.1030976


Bit chewy and gristly I found

890513  No.1030977

16b566  No.1030978

File: 01ee3865a37142a⋯.png (254.77 KB, 382x400, 191:200, ClipboardImage.png)

>lads will live off sweets, fanta and low carb cheesecake

>but noodles crosses the line

7ece50  No.1030979

Had minke whale steak (medium-rare I think was the recommended way for someone who never had it before) in Reykjavik a couple of summers ago, absolutely divine.

269b82  No.1030980


t. Ling

76748c  No.1030981


>tried bringing up lactacia and "desmond is amazing"s open sexualisation on reddit

>just got called bigot and downvoted

These people will wait 20 years and go "omg where were the warning signs" when they both kill themselves after their years of abuse.

ca8c0f  No.1030982



Had croc at the aussie Walkabout bar in brum in 2006. They don't sell it anymore the last time I looked. crock & chips is based.

Looking to expand my palette when I pop of to Japan soon.


It is quite tough, was surprised it was white meat. Taste wise I found it chicken like with a hint of fish.

317723  No.1030983

File: 3b0601763dd9bd1⋯.jpg (44.67 KB, 534x668, 267:334, elvis.jpg)

somalian rice in vomit sauce, noodles and fanta for dinner lads

6df850  No.1030984

I'm pretty much living off chicken, haribo starmix and pepsi max at this stage.

16b566  No.1030985


I don't have much idea about weeb food tbh

890513  No.1030986

File: c4a9f0a7a4171cf⋯.png (52.68 KB, 708x409, 708:409, Mick Fucknall.PNG)

ca8c0f  No.1030987


Dear Mick Hucknall

Your songs are shite and you're a nob.

t. Planet Earth.

93bb9a  No.1030988

File: 3d88faa9466ae1f⋯.png (278.49 KB, 552x348, 46:29, when a libtard says someth….png)

aa0fa6  No.1030989


No wonder his mother did a runner. Rusty bollocks.

0d0053  No.1030990

juche now

890513  No.1030991

File: d2e73e50b8ed4b5⋯.png (15.93 KB, 681x132, 227:44, Mick Shatface.PNG)


Is this you?

269b82  No.1030992

File: 82131467d2fd5af⋯.jpg (43.09 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 5aam.jpg)

3cc93d  No.1030993


He's 58, does he think he think he's fucking Peter Pan or something?

ca8c0f  No.1030994


lel no. But it did make me chuckle.

890513  No.1030995

File: 56fa96b8e53f7c0⋯.png (22.81 KB, 690x195, 46:13, fuck off ginger.PNG)

269b82  No.1030996


lel is he fucking retarded, everyone on this board is younger than him and we all voted Leave.

Remainers really fell for their own memmies.

6df850  No.1030997

oh the twat from pulp was being a twat earlier

16b566  No.1030998

File: 96dfd674f5b5a54⋯.png (347.49 KB, 611x384, 611:384, helmer.png)


> everyone on this board is younger

7ece50  No.1030999


Which of the newfag flagfags was it that was getting lippy about himself voting remain in the referendum and everyone here was stupid for voting leave a few months ago and got banned?

ca8c0f  No.1031000


People have been telling Mick Hucknall to fuck off since the mid 90's. I remember wishing him to fuck off when I was 14 or something. Good old days.

054c85  No.1031001

File: e8efd84e68d5a69⋯.jpg (77.1 KB, 968x681, 968:681, elvis-rex.jpg)

Fish and chips and half a battered sosig for tea lads

269b82  No.1031002


ooh you fat cunt

dunno if I want sosig or fish tonighte tbh

7ece50  No.1031003

File: cc0f48de0f5dfb9⋯.png (123.67 KB, 612x490, 306:245, 20170612_164517.png)




269b82  No.1031004


probably just a ruseposter tbh

6f538f  No.1031005


half for later

c17fad  No.1031006


thats a woman's life tbf they like it

db063d  No.1031007

File: e11e478b1f75154⋯.png (582.78 KB, 637x633, 637:633, larry.png)


i met some guy at college who told me he was far right because he loved milo but told me he voted remain because he has a house in france

c17fad  No.1031008

smdh the yellow vest guy who said to do a bank run got into a 12 gauge car crash lads

890513  No.1031009

File: bfb3369a2e211d2⋯.png (13.07 KB, 699x131, 699:131, ginge btfo.PNG)

269b82  No.1031010


Remainers were far more selfish with their vote than they ever make Leave voters out to be.

1d8b02  No.1031011


You mentioned.

890513  No.1031012


>i met some guy at college


6f538f  No.1031013

File: 0c0a524684c091f⋯.webm (1.48 MB, 624x352, 39:22, 1457743287584.webm)

Chicken and broccoli for dins with a cup of black chai to fellow up

>mfw getting balls deep back in to keto

>mfw my GP is going to give a free gym membership on the NHS

6df850  No.1031014

I was able to buy a shit ton of furniture from middle class luvvies who were selling their foreign property due to the vote tbh

054c85  No.1031015


Couldn't eat it all tbh smh, shouldn't have had as big of a lunch as I did.

0d0053  No.1031016


bit of a homo webm tbh

269b82  No.1031017


lad how do I get free gym tbh tbh

890513  No.1031018


God gave you the world

Go run round the park and climb some trees

0d0053  No.1031019

269b82  No.1031020


Never seen a squat rack in the woods.

93bb9a  No.1031021


Expect nothing less from ketofags lad

890513  No.1031022

File: e3a17c6eb4d4f5d⋯.png (418.98 KB, 413x706, 413:706, Ray smile.png)


Take your axe and make one

What are you? Some kind of girl?

6f538f  No.1031023

File: 6f50d7a64792fbe⋯.png (150.13 KB, 272x274, 136:137, 6f50d7a64792fbe85148372615….png)


Call your GP and ask for an exercise referral at the local leisure center, mine has a gym and a pool tbh,

>when the doctor prescribes gainz

890513  No.1031024

>Guardian losing money hand over fist invests in mega expensive packaging gets btfo in first reply


890513  No.1031025

>Girl seen wondering local park with axe

054c85  No.1031026



93bb9a  No.1031027

File: a0ce07993a85b8b⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 3874x2573, 3874:2573, zzzzzzzz.jpg)


The Guardian's days are numbered

6df850  No.1031028


Eastern Bloc vs Western Europe showdown when?

6df850  No.1031029

East Germany should've remained it's own state tbh

c17fad  No.1031030

my arms are so sore from doing overhead press and pushups lads

317723  No.1031031




go cry me a river, hippy

0d0053  No.1031032


big iq

1d8b02  No.1031033


I've replaced a tap and had a nap.

7ece50  No.1031034

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>when the Grants triple wood hits

054c85  No.1031035

File: 4fd82586147dd26⋯.jpg (15.98 KB, 396x180, 11:5, ainsley 13b.jpg)

>steiner training to better kidnap children

0d0053  No.1031036

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c17fad  No.1031037


>implying its not so I can beat up women for staring at me at work and not talking to me when I say hi to break the awkward silence

db063d  No.1031038



>steiner training to better kidnap children


317723  No.1031039

File: 312dcacd8de20cd⋯.gif (78.43 KB, 120x97, 120:97, clappy hands helper.gif)



gud choon doe

1d8b02  No.1031040


You should gently mock her for being such an autist lad.

16b566  No.1031041

>it's a Tsundere Steiner episode

269b82  No.1031042

File: a50ff335cd87613⋯.gif (885.43 KB, 800x465, 160:93, 0000.gif)

054c85  No.1031043

File: 021c93363989e23⋯.png (529.05 KB, 994x1200, 497:600, Steiner gets caught.png)

>he's trying to pretend we don't know he got caught

c17fad  No.1031044


how do you do that lad?

c17fad  No.1031045

smdh sudden strike 3 is so mf hard JUST BLOW UP THE DAMN COASTAL GUN ALREADY SMDH

700c11  No.1031046


It'll stop you wanking

317723  No.1031047


"heh whats the matter sugar-tits? cat got your tongue?"

c17fad  No.1031048

File: 9ee07fc0fe87826⋯.png (31.67 KB, 688x578, 344:289, 9ee.png)


she does have very nice chebs

1d8b02  No.1031049


But in a really harsh cockney accent.

c17fad  No.1031050

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

890513  No.1031051


Grim. Sounds like he was a big lad. Your hole must be sore too.


16b566  No.1031052


tbh, like that lad who did hard man vocaroos here

c17fad  No.1031053

File: 92e10994e8bbccb⋯.jpg (4.42 KB, 208x206, 104:103, 1479761399622s.jpg)

1d8b02  No.1031054


Honestly just make a joke about her being silent and awkward around you.

317723  No.1031055

File: f75d5af089c276c⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, orwight darlin.jpg)





just clap yer hand on her arse and ask if she fancies a ruby murray

b481ab  No.1031056


Viz Nationalism

ca8c0f  No.1031057


Luv spacemen 3. Got a few EAR and Spectrum LPs too.

76748c  No.1031058

Finland just had their own Rotherham.

317723  No.1031059

File: 40e9b734c9fe3f3⋯.png (151.5 KB, 348x302, 174:151, smug paki.png)



4c6b5d  No.1031060


Keeeq, classic Only Fools and Horses tbh

4c6b5d  No.1031061

File: 9e1589b46bf169b⋯.jpg (156.46 KB, 1600x2160, 20:27, 1511314797750(1).jpg)

African mud pies for dinner

b6fbbb  No.1031062

File: ce140251ea6c366⋯.jpg (30.86 KB, 594x519, 198:173, glr.jpg)

890513  No.1031063

File: 55ce0608d5806fb⋯.png (338.85 KB, 650x689, 50:53, every 5 minutes.PNG)



They boot them out though I hear

317723  No.1031064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


del has game tbh

c17fad  No.1031065

File: b8755dbce48420a⋯.jpg (145.05 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, young-boxer-dog-looking-bo….jpg)

317723  No.1031066


to be fair lad you could do with losing some weight

6df850  No.1031067


Everywhere does, it's just the local police have it covered up better than we do.

7ece50  No.1031068

File: 56b8656dffa6154⋯.png (436.91 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Justice Ginsburg Has No Remaining Signs Of Cancer, Will Return To Supreme Court



Good lad

db063d  No.1031069

File: 3806ae668547084⋯.mp4 (687.21 KB, 572x600, 143:150, based.mp4)

i love these dafties

76748c  No.1031070


Refugees have no raped at least 20 girls aged around 14 years.

All cases happened in summer-autumn 2018.


There was also this in Oulu

The suspects, aged 20 to 40, are accused of grooming the child online before raping her at their homes in Oulu, north-west Finland.

Police say the girl has been attacked multiple times at the homes of the men – who all arrived in the Scandinavian country as migrants or refugees.

Markus Kiiskinen of Oulu Police told Ilta-Sanomat: “For young people, meeting a foreign-heritage man can happen spontaneously, for example during a party.

“Someone could offer them something ‘nice’, like tobacco or alcohol, which can start a nasty chain of events.”

The top cop said the all the men knew each other and the vulnerable victim is not related to the suspects.

Finland has been rocked by the shocking case which has prompted Oulu Police to issue a warning to youngsters about being contacted by “foreign men” on social media.

Cops warned: “The police is urging young girls and parents to be vigilant on social media.

"Recently, in the Oulu region, there have been incidents where foreign-born, often non-Finnish men have contacted minors online.

“At worst, their contacts have led to serious sexual offences," the statement reads, adding that parents "need to be aware of whom their children spend time with both on and offline".

Finland's PM Juha Sipilä expressed his anger over about the case calling sex attacks on children “inhumane”.

He tweeted: “A sexual offence against a child is an inhumane act, and its wickedness cannot be comprehended.”

The Helsinki Times reports that Minister of Interior Kai Mykkanen spoke about the case at an event on Monday, saying: “Things like these shouldn’t be happening in Finland.”

President Sauli Niinistö called the alleged crimes “evil” in a newspaper interview.

Oulu is a coastal city in north-west Finland with a population of around 202,000.


c17fad  No.1031071

e78484  No.1031072

76748c  No.1031073

I remember being 17-18 and being grossed out by classmates who were dating 15-16 year olds.

c17fad  No.1031074


smdh japanese culture and asian culture in general needs to stay away from western metaphysics its not good for them because they forget their own

c17fad  No.1031075


the alien inside must have gotten a new meat suit

76748c  No.1031076


ruth has eaten nothing but christian babies for years, shes unstoppable

317723  No.1031077


tbh I knew girls who were 16-odd going out with blokes in their 20s

ca8c0f  No.1031078


Some poor cunt out there is missing an organ because of this reptile.

317723  No.1031079


Christ is universal lad

269b82  No.1031080



054c85  No.1031081


Shogun 2 smh lad you should know this

c17fad  No.1031082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

japs went from shinto beliefs where they still had pantheism in the form of elemental spirits to things and archtypes then buddhism came and they assimilated buddhism to try to defeat the world despising element of it found in the nembetsu cult in japan and then christianity came to them and merely reasserted the nembetsu cult.

jesus is the return of the sun, he is mithras, baldur, etc. etc. in our own belief systems christ is the evolution of our own metaphysics tbf.

269b82  No.1031083


never played the weeb ones tbh

76748c  No.1031084


there were those too but it was largely looked down upon. My school had a big south european immigration population and for some reason every single portuguese girl went looking for older boyfriends at 14.

c17fad  No.1031085


yeah but the interpretations of the emanation are different tbf

054c85  No.1031086

File: ceb1977946b5bd3⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 265x353, 265:353, pathetic.jpg)

269b82  No.1031087

File: 7d5c349faadb5a9⋯.png (435.61 KB, 523x562, 523:562, christ copycat.png)


>jesus is the return of the sun, he is mithras, baldur, etc. etc.

No he is not.

890513  No.1031088


She will never die


269b82  No.1031089



do you reckon these aged kikes are scared of God's wrath so much that they will use other organs to stay alive

317723  No.1031090

File: 44cbdb16d2c1030⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1743x2560, 1743:2560, resurrection of jesus.jpg)


>jesus is [insert pagan diety here]

He is the truth lad, a real material, flesh and bones intervention by God to save all mankind's souls. He isn't just a metaphysical concept.

93bb9a  No.1031091


>jesus is the return of the sun, he is mithras, baldur, etc. etc

This kind of thinking has no basis in history lad, you won't find any historians or theologians worth their salt ever making this argument. It's a revisionist memi.

c17fad  No.1031092


christ is the perfection of persian zoroastrian thought in the society of the scoobydoo and then his nobility is seen in the greek and latin

6f538f  No.1031093

File: 30edf18d7127104⋯.webm (876.79 KB, 596x336, 149:84, mal.webm)


good, lad.

317723  No.1031094


tbh it isn't degenerate as long as there is grass on the pitch but they should really be marrying or abstaining.

269b82  No.1031095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

269b82  No.1031096

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

whoops wrong one

c17fad  No.1031097

>protestant heretics fixating on muh book

typical heretical filth

317723  No.1031098


lad Jesus Christ is not a concept. He was and is a physical reality and a historical figure.

c17fad  No.1031099


why have i read it in books then lad

db063d  No.1031100

File: 6dff3c062f476e6⋯.png (2.02 MB, 800x1422, 400:711, ClipboardImage.png)

>jap jesus




everyone was saying she was gonna die even liberals quite bizzare

maybe aleccs is right about the breakaway tech


tbh allowing foreigners to tread on 'japans sacred soil' in shogun 2 causing all the other factions to dislike you gave me feels, everything is so globalist now and foreign corporations and businessmen buy up everywhere, especially london

76748c  No.1031101







ca8c0f  No.1031102



I reckon the longer they over stay their welcome on gods earth, the higher tier demiurge they become when they go to hell to reign.

317723  No.1031103

File: 709acdfc865eefd⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 604x483, 604:483, jesus facepalm.jpg)

>denies Christ

<calls anyone else a heretic

c17fad  No.1031104

>I am being purposely reductive and dense and think it is an arguement

based protestants

317723  No.1031105


God didn't create age of consent laws

7ece50  No.1031106

File: afe19c9797e3a26⋯.jpg (61.55 KB, 944x705, 944:705, Dh_I7aSXkAIbMrm.jpg)

>steiner is a fucking papist

c17fad  No.1031107

>conceptualizing the spiritual forces that manifested in the being of jesus means you are denying christ

based protestantism, go hold some snakes lad

890513  No.1031108

File: 2a2b78213ddfa9d⋯.png (552.32 KB, 669x473, 669:473, albania_.PNG)

>End up in Britain where they will be used in a terror attack no doubt


This nightmare never ends

76748c  No.1031109

File: 496230fa5e65403⋯.jpg (10.27 KB, 227x222, 227:222, JUSTED.jpg)

>essex lying down on a school playground after stretching and then drawing a hopscotch on his bollocks

93bb9a  No.1031110


They probably weren't good books. Richard Carrier has written books but that doesn't mean he isn't universally considered a joke in historiographical circles.

890513  No.1031111


muh heritage speaks

c17fad  No.1031112

File: 58e264152ed9299⋯.png (56.16 KB, 185x177, 185:177, smh copy.png)


you can just say academic circles undergradlad

317723  No.1031113


then why are you saying shit like "Jesus is mithras" and calling Him "the evolution of our own metaphysics".

Jesus didn't evolve. He was begotten.

269b82  No.1031114

File: 4279cef4eaa1b66⋯.jpg (206.09 KB, 997x643, 997:643, 20150920_124733.jpg)

>steiner running damage control when his esoteric metaphysical nonsense is called out as bullshit

We should have enforced "no furriners" from the getgo.

7ece50  No.1031115






















































c17fad  No.1031116


Tiocfaidh ár lá

317723  No.1031117

File: 5599646b7195b93⋯.png (132.55 KB, 396x385, 36:35, cringe smile pepe.png)

>tfw intellectual masturbation

054c85  No.1031118


This tbh

16b566  No.1031119

File: 7dfb0cbf0310c1b⋯.png (739.09 KB, 904x490, 452:245, ClipboardImage.png)

>Anglicans vs. Papists

76748c  No.1031120

>arguing about religion instead of age of consent

smh britain is doomed

c17fad  No.1031121


nonsense, if the church won't evolve then it will remain irrelevant. keep pretending you can remake some wesleyian 18th century england m9


t. homosexual brainlet how many GCSEs do you have m9

7ece50  No.1031122

File: d480e7aeea2aef2⋯.png (12.37 KB, 447x378, 149:126, ClipboardImage.png)

>steiner is dorshit

>steiner is poolad

>steiner is baganposter

6f538f  No.1031123

File: ea325b011d0895f⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 408x352, 51:44, ea325b011d0895ff6e1b199e08….jpg)


269b82  No.1031124


Makes sense tbh, he's always been a bit schizo.

db063d  No.1031125


i was with you until this

you don't know how bad taigs are in person

c17fad  No.1031126


lad its in the bibliographicon

6df850  No.1031127


269b82  No.1031128

>westie falling for steiner's ramblings as well

s m h

93bb9a  No.1031129



You're right lads sorry I won't use appropriate terms to describe things anymore


No tbh, Steiner is a good lad, that's why I've never understood why he's fallen for this particular bullshit

317723  No.1031130


nearly took my own life when they gave me the restraining order & ankle tag combo

16b566  No.1031131

tbh an argument stops being worth having when everyone starts bitching about semantics

76748c  No.1031132

Irish people are not catholic as the Irishoid brain is much smoother than that of a mans

db063d  No.1031133


am i the only one who thinks this is just a normal word

it has a very clear not pretentious meaning


tbh lots of people are deffo larping as metaphysical objectivists

ca8c0f  No.1031134

7ece50  No.1031135

File: eec9e9801cf5e67⋯.png (36.51 KB, 543x343, 543:343, ClipboardImage.png)

>steiner posting google translate Gaeilge

I really thought you were better than this, lad

16b566  No.1031136

File: e2da413fc5ca6ce⋯.jpg (116.47 KB, 1095x1324, 1095:1324, t.jock.jpg)



it's the Gaelic lad, and taigs stole it off us

c6eeca  No.1031137

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Not taking the 5% pill

269b82  No.1031138

>Jesus is [X]

Jesus is Jesus, why the fuck does anyone need to look for esoteric nonsense tbh.

ca8c0f  No.1031139

File: a82b18f1ef6096b⋯.jpg (63.68 KB, 600x467, 600:467, muslims_outer_space.jpg)

6f538f  No.1031140

File: add015c0801b3dd⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 462x480, 77:80, 1496570157797.jpg)



That word cost me £20,000+ tbh

16b566  No.1031141

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

curry for dinner lads

db063d  No.1031142

4c6b5d  No.1031143

File: 9d930493b1d87be⋯.mp4 (670.46 KB, 760x720, 19:18, nonce.mp4)

6f538f  No.1031144

File: 83e01f61c1b2215⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 83e01f61c1b2215f81f2338ce6….jpg)


>what is a BA in History

db063d  No.1031145

File: 8821997ea68f6d3⋯.png (289.47 KB, 338x654, 169:327, ClipboardImage.png)

While we're talking about words can I've used the word 'vitalous' while talking to people (as in, having the characteristics of vitality) mutliple times but I don't think it's actually a word.

c6eeca  No.1031146

db063d  No.1031147


i know exactly what you mean did the same degree

pure autism made me wanna kms

db063d  No.1031148

*fails to form basic sentences*

269b82  No.1031149


tbf normies are using wrong words all the time

269b82  No.1031150

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

16b566  No.1031151

File: 1e76508a10bc220⋯.png (368.4 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 5ae8f25753a92059b6c67ec4f5….png)

>you're all BA students

db063d  No.1031152

File: ae4c46996d7fd69⋯.jpg (20.05 KB, 479x358, 479:358, Osaka_Acid_Trip.jpg)


dropped out

76748c  No.1031153

>not being a GCSE drop out

c6eeca  No.1031154

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



>Batty Annihilators

16b566  No.1031155


tbh I honestly didn't do SAT's

93bb9a  No.1031156

>he doesn't have a BTEC in hairdressing

7ece50  No.1031157

would love to know how the fuck you get a Bachelor of the Arts in History tbhq lad

16b566  No.1031158


well it's not going to be a BSc is it?

ca8c0f  No.1031159

University of Life tbqh

6f538f  No.1031160


drop out

My vocation is in IT, thought I'd do a BA in History to follow my interest outside of IT, turned out to be a load of gender studies.

16b566  No.1031161


>My vocation is in IT

sort of the same with me lad

c1688c  No.1031162

>Steiner trying to talk esoteric religion with mundanes


76748c  No.1031163

University of hard cocks

db063d  No.1031164

i know the best thing is to go through the whole normie system and just ignore the poz and not end up a loser like myself but my god if my history degree wasn't the biggest waste of time and most spastic thing i've ever gone through. utterly infuriating how education isn't taken seriously in any way and is just a manchild daycare, definitely the consequence of mass state funded education where there is less and less incentive to actually teach anything. my first day walking in and the lecturer asking if anybody knew the year that WW2 began and not a single person in the 300 person hall answering but myself. then weeks on end i'm the only person putting my hand up and answering questions while everyone else just sits there on their phone, waiting until they can go off and get pissed and do md and smoke weed. the whole time you're there you're surrounded by half relics of the past and victorian and georgian imperial architecture yet you're in front of some scoobydooish dual citizen professor who repeatedly launches into holocaust tableau in the middle of each lesson despite it being completely unrelated.

just made me want to die

269b82  No.1031165

File: 611c85125b712a7⋯.png (366.35 KB, 892x794, 446:397, sdg.png)

File: 9ec7f0864ef9a67⋯.jpg (29.76 KB, 620x632, 155:158, 1 (1).jpg)

>War of the Worlds was fake news

269b82  No.1031166


tbh lad you'd have been better off reading wiki articles and books

ca8c0f  No.1031167


Schindler's List was fake news too.

db063d  No.1031168

File: c0c97c8743fddde⋯.png (1012.53 KB, 900x600, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

*makes HILARIOUS joke for 6th week on end about how brexit should be overturned and how every single working class person should just become a retarded deracinated corporate serf while I live in my ivory tower contributing nothing tangible to society but intellectual aids*

7ece50  No.1031169


The whole "people thought it was real panic in the streets" thing was made up by the big newspapers in an attempt to discredit radio because they were afraid it would kill print news

51d538  No.1031170


There isn't a self reflective bone within them.

269b82  No.1031171

db063d  No.1031172


In terms of actually getting an education, most certainly.

One of the only courses I actually thought was worth it was one on classical civilisation because I wouldn't have understood the homeric or trojan epics half as well without the background from someone who has studied it all of their life.

db063d  No.1031173


>war of the worlds is fake news just like drumpf people are so easily controlled!

t. people who thought trump would star ww3

c1688c  No.1031174

University is only worth it if you go to a prestigious one tbh, anything else is a waste of time, money and paper.

db063d  No.1031175

File: c55acdcb916f200⋯.png (1.08 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


great advice genuinely but then just look at the people at oxford even then, and the rhodes scholar crew, and the cambridge five communist spastics

been rotten a long time

76748c  No.1031176


what a totally hideous women.

269b82  No.1031177

File: 6a5a51783d868fb⋯.png (91.37 KB, 850x400, 17:8, chesterton - education.png)


I learnt more at work reading articles at work than I did at school, obviously there are advantages to actually studying the subject but at that price and with the rampant poz modern education is an utter joke.

b481ab  No.1031178

File: 6b93ddd08db8fab⋯.gif (481.51 KB, 305x239, 305:239, 1391576313766.gif)


Eh, I would

c1688c  No.1031179


I am purely talking about if one wants to "get on", not the virtues of it in itself.

6f538f  No.1031180

Fun fact:

There still isn't any noble prize in the Sciences given to research started in the 90's and 2000's.

Evey year they have to go back decades and give the prize to ever more usless old researched.

Since the 60s we have been sliding into a new dark age, and left wing academics are pushing for it.

269b82  No.1031181

File: a37ebaf4a213f5e⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 255x255, 1:1, 1aae).gif)


>lads here were thirsting after her

76748c  No.1031182

269b82  No.1031183


Good, let us get on with the collapse already.

Speaking of, anyone been following the Universal Credit stuff?

b481ab  No.1031184


Kinda thicc tho

db063d  No.1031185


Ya that's why I said it's genuinely great advice, it's what you should do. I was too weak to handle the autism though. Might've been better if I wasn't dealing with multiple other responsibilities at the same time and commuting 3+hours a day.

ca8c0f  No.1031186


How fucking low can these leftards get? WotW was groundbreaking and original for it's time and now it's easy pickings because Orson Welles is dead and his legacy is being used for political point scoring.

6f538f  No.1031187

File: 9587ff8567e7aa0⋯.jpg (90.89 KB, 593x610, 593:610, 1505683242498.jpg)

>Batemen posting

269b82  No.1031188


You can pick up better tarts in any pub without trying.


It's the grauniad, what did you expect.

They are soulless cunts that back in the goode olde dayse would have been pushed into the mud.

c1688c  No.1031189


No, because i'm not a paki.

59b995  No.1031190

File: 56643943a5097e8⋯.png (628.21 KB, 451x611, 451:611, berc.PNG)


same thing tbh

16b566  No.1031191


>There still isn't any noble prize in the Sciences given to research started in the 90's and 2000's.

bollocks, one of my professors got one at some point after thennot going more specific than that

269b82  No.1031192


lel, I meant on the news.

ca8c0f  No.1031193


If I can't get more than 3 fingers in then she's good to go tbh.

269b82  No.1031194

File: 8d9f2f003b0c007⋯.png (5.28 KB, 968x130, 484:65, gchq.png)


ladies and gentlemen, we got em

51d538  No.1031195


I thought the graphene people were supposed to have gotten one.

1d8b02  No.1031196

File: 6f38503932656d7⋯.jpg (93.46 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 731097d92d2a7ea334cb6f9249….jpg)

>He fell for the STEMs memi

7ece50  No.1031197

if westie is allowed to post that hideous shit I don't see why we have to follow any rules tbh

16b566  No.1031198


better than the BA dropout meem tbh

1d8b02  No.1031199

File: 4cc68da3eacef8d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.99 MB, 2703x3336, 901:1112, Treason.jpg)

1d8b02  No.1031200


I get to call myself an engineer with no degree whatsoever lad.

51d538  No.1031201


One of the graphene people did get one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andre_Geim in 2010 a Nobel Prize in Physics along with the Konstantin Novoselov.

e78484  No.1031202


>dem lips

fucking weird

16b566  No.1031203


props to you lad, tbh uni is a huge waste for most people

db063d  No.1031204



sorry should've spoilered

that lass has been posted 10,000 times before tho

317723  No.1031205

db063d  No.1031206


the amount of jobs that could be done without the 4 years of wasted time

our economy could be so much more efficient if UKIP's defunding proposal was passed

1d8b02  No.1031207


How is any learning done? It seems like the HR department has turned University into a giant plastic ball pit.

269b82  No.1031208

File: eae55c4e837792f⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 625x751, 625:751, Dwp2X19V4AAcvkh.jpg)


there must be something in the yank blood

317723  No.1031209


are you a pikey

db063d  No.1031210



>why do people examine the temporal aspects of faith over 100 years after the enlightenment and death of god within 90% of europeans


16b566  No.1031211


went abroad tbh, most of the bullshit seems to be confined to the Anglosphere, especially if you're not doing an arts


quite a lot of it just seems to be middle class elitism about not doing a proper trade, and then dooming themselves to a lifetime of debt and stacking shelves

6df850  No.1031212


Hitler was the real Jesus.

ca8c0f  No.1031213

File: b4a10fc85daa3ba⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 500x208, 125:52, 1__bzEvAmBHkMwOoDm46fDfA.gif)


Same here

>tfw you cuck an experienced bloke at work because you have a better idea than his and gets approved, and he doesn't talk to you for a week.

6f538f  No.1031214


Same tbh

269b82  No.1031215


>why do people post-Enlightenment huff their own farts

317723  No.1031216

1d8b02  No.1031217


Good lad. No one ever needed years of education to put something up with their hands.

054c85  No.1031218

File: dd53a1d6298272f⋯.jpg (69.17 KB, 700x437, 700:437, 0f3pz92xufl01.jpg)

269b82  No.1031219



Grandfather taught me some electrician basics, can install plug sockets and a bunch of stuff and ain't in debt.

269b82  No.1031220

File: 9a7e67c3c41e91a⋯.jpg (320.55 KB, 776x1199, 776:1199, Dwp5tWiW0AcXhs2.jpg)

haha holy shit

39f8cd  No.1031221

Uni has almost nothing to do with education at all. Caring about whether your degree is a first or a 2:2 will land you in the reject pile once you've left. Realistically, its about creating a number of cliched 'experiences' that you can reel out to highlight your suitability for membership of the professional class. This is why 2:1 students statistically do better than those with Firsts, they have understood that university is about making connections, not about getting good grades. Unfortunately, its still the sine qua non of entering corporate cushtydom if you didnt start with a trade early. In general its a huge sham but unfortunately enough people think is worth it that it puts you at a slight disadvantage applying for 21st century memi jobs.

317723  No.1031222


a winrar is you

>ain't in debt

do u want a medal

269b82  No.1031223

File: ee16cfcc1a88893⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 500x564, 125:141, 500f.jpg)


yeah mate if you've got one

39f8cd  No.1031224


Student debt literally isn't even real.

317723  No.1031225


this is the most accurate comment on university ITT

a degree is a degree but it's a way to make connections and develop soft skills to demonstrate to an industry why you belong in that industy

317723  No.1031226



317723  No.1031227

File: 4676a8713b565ad⋯.jpg (22.06 KB, 409x409, 1:1, biggest pleb award.jpg)


here you go

269b82  No.1031228


Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Debt Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Into The Bank Like Nigga Kill The Bankers Haha

93bb9a  No.1031229

16b566  No.1031230


>they have understood that university is about making connections, not about getting good grades


7ece50  No.1031231

File: 1d0528210e958c4⋯.png (135.03 KB, 800x850, 16:17, 1488983251418.png)


>this shit makes headlines

>nothing for all the farmers butchered in their homes

ca8c0f  No.1031232



Just became an apprenticeship fag and soaked up all the knowledge from the guard boomers. Tbh it is how things always have been, handing down wisdom to the next gen and all. Fuck (((universities)))

317723  No.1031233


can I have some wisdom please

890513  No.1031234

File: dbe856cd065744f⋯.gif (191.01 KB, 220x314, 110:157, BACON ALERT.gif)


>tbh it isn't degenerate as long as there is grass on the pitch but they should really be marrying or abstaining.


>God didn't create age of consent laws


317723  No.1031235

wisdom which isn't related to how many fingers one can fit up a fanny, if possible

76748c  No.1031236

010aa6  No.1031237

File: bc072e3c468a96f⋯.png (585.93 KB, 708x708, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>They bought Fallout Power Armour Special Edition

>Advertised that it would include a canvas duffel bag

>Customers got nylon instead

>Said there wasn't enough materials

>Update the website to say "nylon", giving affected customers $5.00 in-game

>Its revealed that canvas bags were made but only sent to YouTubers willing to do unboxing videos

>Promise to send a canvas bag to customers who request one using the Bethesda support system

>A glitch in the system reveals the personal information of everyone who made that request for a canvas bag including names, addresses, emails and partial credit card information


39f8cd  No.1031238


This but also consider the fact that simply by virtue of our being born in this country at this time we are collectively in debt because of the decisions of our forebears and there is nothing we can about it, student debt is a drop in the deep dark ocean of financial fuckery that will only be drained with the inevitable collapse and theres not much we can do to avoid it at this rate.

e78484  No.1031239


That's an actual real tweet as well, the bint is at it again.

317723  No.1031240

File: bd5e749a27e37f5⋯.png (120.49 KB, 532x381, 532:381, 22st kids.png)

317723  No.1031241

File: 364066092f7fdc3⋯.jpg (408.9 KB, 819x1062, 91:118, smug todd.jpg)


they should have bought it again

ca8c0f  No.1031242



Here's a puzzle for you to think about.

You have a piece of steel with a 6mm hole and a ball peen hammer and a claw hammer.

Your task is to think of a way to make the hole smaller by .25mm.

6f538f  No.1031243

File: ade2d1b68d686cd⋯.jpg (40.29 KB, 604x453, 4:3, ade2d1b68d686cdbf178104c35….jpg)

1d8b02  No.1031244

File: b731448fbdec7c5⋯.jpg (46.19 KB, 409x409, 1:1, essex.jpg)

317723  No.1031245


kek nice one lad good cropping skills

890513  No.1031246

File: 6d2d3e451b87c30⋯.webm (14.14 MB, 360x203, 360:203, Longshanks.webm)


>it's the Gaelic lad, and taigs stole it off us

What do we do about the jock question lads?

7ece50  No.1031247

File: ab26b32d6fd23f3⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1887x1115, 1887:1115, 3cced3cf64b0c86902ef8b0b22….jpg)

File: 577b71d11736084⋯.png (1 MB, 771x807, 257:269, 1512957260386.png)

1d8b02  No.1031248

File: 71163d6aeee6fc9⋯.jpg (45.55 KB, 409x401, 409:401, essex.jpg)


It's done in a hurry

39f8cd  No.1031249


Why do they take so much pleasure in cruelty?

c17fad  No.1031250


this entire post is pretty much the summation of my experience doing the exact same thing

6df850  No.1031251


tbh it did eat his pet turtle

317723  No.1031252


does the answer have anything to do with something outside of the steel + claw hammer + ball peen hammer equation?

317723  No.1031253

File: 74ebbb85cbd7125⋯.jpg (24.92 KB, 341x339, 341:339, howling ani.jpg)


>he still hasn't cropped out the green

ca8c0f  No.1031254


Those are the only tools available

16b566  No.1031255

76748c  No.1031256

>that kid who got caught wanking in school twice

1d8b02  No.1031257

File: d088c908fe487c8⋯.jpg (44.61 KB, 406x401, 406:401, essex.jpg)


It gets a little shorter every time.

7ece50  No.1031258


His fault for being a retard and not keeping his turtle safe. No justification for crucifying and blowtorching a live animal.

c17fad  No.1031259


c17fad  No.1031260


this, just STOMP it and move on with your day

39f8cd  No.1031261

I fear for the world once we lose our hegemony to the chinks. They will be the cruellest and most despotic rulers.

1d8b02  No.1031262

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c17fad  No.1031263

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

*bullies back*

7ece50  No.1031264


Comfy tbh

317723  No.1031265


hmmm a conundrum indeed

I'd bang the shit out of the sides of the steel till it compressed the hole. Or I'd put on hammer on the other side of the hole and with the other hammer just utterly batter it at an angle till it got smaller.


done this a few times but never got caught

76748c  No.1031266


cum smells bad and lingers.

1d8b02  No.1031267


When has China ever had an empire that wasn't busy murdering itself and collapsing?

16b566  No.1031268

File: cacd18ad856adfb⋯.webm (3.48 MB, 320x240, 4:3, fucking yanks.webm)

ca8c0f  No.1031269




There's a new LL vid where someone else's dog mauled the face of a chink woman. Not sure if they believe in karma but it looked savage.

7ece50  No.1031270

File: 4de43fe3c117d29⋯.jpg (28.37 KB, 500x322, 250:161, memefrogsmoke.jpg)

>masturbating in school

010aa6  No.1031271

File: 9635d9e4fb544de⋯.jpeg (46.46 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 588234B1-2B8A-43F1-A470-3….jpeg)

>Sell Nuka-Cola Dark for $80

>A glass of rum shaped like a nuclear bomb advertised to look exactly like how it does in game

>Customers buy it and realise the advertised version just the outer packaging

>Open it up to reveal a generic plastic bottle filled with rum

6f538f  No.1031272

File: 07820ffb3a32944⋯.png (3.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>fresh kitchen waifu


317723  No.1031273


The time it takes for your mum to squirt

ca8c0f  No.1031274

File: 763c3e72008cb6a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.98 KB, 700x400, 7:4, a clue.jpg)


Close but no cigar. Need to be more specific.

Here's a clue


7ece50  No.1031275


link tbh lad

ca8c0f  No.1031276

1d8b02  No.1031277


Na just you.

c17fad  No.1031278


that happened alot during the US civil war tbf. americans are such trigger happy crazies especially chairforce

>that one battle between southern white leaguers and black militias in rural arkansas where they had all the blacks under siege in a court house and they tried to make them surrender but then white leaguers friendly fired each other so they just killed all the blacks

39f8cd  No.1031279


I was inclined to think that China was simply a big memi before but they have some considerable financial clout now. I'm not sure, internal collapse is a recurrent trend and they are literally bug people so the jury's still out on the possibility of Chinese world domination.

7ece50  No.1031280

File: 37ad73cc0efb37b⋯.png (214.78 KB, 326x344, 163:172, 1440984047051.png)


Absolute fucking kino tbh

1d8b02  No.1031281


>Birmingham tap

not even once.

317723  No.1031282


use the round bit on the end of the ball peen hammer?

tbh lad I'm a bit stumped.

aa0fa6  No.1031283


The ultimate bugman must have.

890513  No.1031284


> rhodes scholar crew

(((Rhodes scholarships)))

Look at some of the past winners Obama, Clinton etc

It's underwritten by the Rothschilds and it's how they educate and mentor tbh

A lot of Americans hate Rhodes scholars a lot of whom form the backbone of the neo liberal establishment in the US

They're awarded to Americans and students from other former British colonies and used to indoctrinate them with the idea US colonies should be reunited with the British Empire, encouraging them to enter US Government positions and all types of public service [ education, broadcasting newspapers etc ] to see it come to fruition

Of course this may have been partially true once but it's probably been hijacked or the goals changed to be global in scope

7ece50  No.1031285


Meh more or less all their money is all in debts. All it takes is people to say "fuck you we aren't paying" and they're done.

1d8b02  No.1031286


I reckon they're thriving on the back of and as an opposition to the western hegemony.

c17fad  No.1031287


I think china is going to start ww3 as their economy collapses because of dump fucking with them lass

16b566  No.1031288


>Warning - thread Woman's face gets torn up by a dog might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.



tbh my dad knew plenty of yank soldiers and he said they were unprofessional, lazy and far too gung ho I use the more modern usage of the term gung ho here, not the original meaing of teamwork and togetherness that the Chinese marines used

890513  No.1031289


You could say more and print more and back then without fear of punishment or sanction than today


1d8b02  No.1031290


With what weaponry they have a tiny nuclear stockpile and no power projection. At best it'll be cyber in nature but who really knows on that front it's all uncharted territory.

317723  No.1031291


cecil rhodes was a good lad but he was used as a pawn for the rothschilds tbh and I'm sure they've co-opted his scholarship into something other than anglo racial domination

39f8cd  No.1031292


>>Warning - thread Woman's face gets torn up by a dog might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

kek I had a good laff at that aswell.

76748c  No.1031293


the US army admitted to literally targeted xbox sub100 IQ white trash.

269b82  No.1031294


that's what cawadoody was for

ca8c0f  No.1031295


Rest the peen on top of the hole and hit the flat end of the bph with your claw hammer. The hole will mushroom inwards.

c17fad  No.1031296


what do you mean by gung ho? when I see videos like that friendly fire video I am glad I never zogbotted. that coward pilot was creaming his undies to blow up some hapless arabs in technicals defending their country but then he blew up his own men and became sad. it used to be if you fled battle you'd be shot. most modern US soldiers i've met seemed to be bullies for the state and generally really dumb people who felt they were a higher caste than civilians

51d538  No.1031297

File: 80a8b83004275fd⋯.png (30.58 KB, 1131x459, 377:153, 556a6f473f6bb3d96a1947e2f9….png)

File: f07bd7cd7a73f82⋯.png (25.26 KB, 1266x354, 211:59, 4401c16877c2c51161363f111a….png)

File: 5f945b479eba266⋯.png (36.21 KB, 1266x548, 633:274, ad46da0ced01a04979fb68e66b….png)

File: 9b9990cbcb2376b⋯.png (28.94 KB, 1266x308, 633:154, 696597d10d7821b8940e0b78d5….png)


Well we don't have too much to worry about then.

c17fad  No.1031298


this 100 percent, perfectly described

1d8b02  No.1031299


>be bullies for the state

Quite literally their current job description now in all western nations.

4c6b5d  No.1031300

File: 418403879598bb3⋯.mp4 (6.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Victoria Bateman nxPrtXg3R….mp4)

That's it lads, cancel Brexit now. Can't argue with a naked attention seeker tbf

16b566  No.1031301


it's literally a portmanteau of a chinese phrase meaning "working together", and had a sort of sense of camaraderie around it, which slipped it's way into yank soldier slang while they were over there in the same way that our forces picked up a fair amount of Hindi

890513  No.1031302


What's with the crucifying scoobydoos?

Don't send this to Silverman

76748c  No.1031303


her face is so fucking weird

c17fad  No.1031304


good lad that is the woke interpretation. if you read about rhodes he was not will like by lord rothschild because of him buying out barnato the rothschild agent scoobydoo in south africa and consolidating mineral extraction under his debeers company. he also refused to allow the city of london control of diamond supply rates held by debeers

39f8cd  No.1031305

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

smh just imagine being a 60s waspish college grad and voluntarily signing up for this shit out of misguided patriotic enthusiasm

51d538  No.1031306


Pretty sure she's just an exhibitionist using Brexit as the back drop to act out her fetish.

16b566  No.1031307



> "I was trying to build up the same sort of working spirit I had seen in China, where all the soldiers dedicated themselves to one idea and worked together to put that idea over. I told the boys about it again and again. I told them of the motto of the Chinese Cooperatives, Gung Ho. It means Work Together-Work in Harmony…."[2]




ca8c0f  No.1031308


I bet the room stunk of scampi fries when she left.

317723  No.1031309

File: 77c2ffaf9ca9a78⋯.png (23.51 KB, 946x1404, 473:702, concept.png)


apologies for sounding like a mong but wouldnt that make the hole expand?

6f538f  No.1031310

File: 7634f29a578508e⋯.jpg (71.46 KB, 768x569, 768:569, a387285f0d52c4213c8ae1040c….jpg)

c17fad  No.1031311


keeeeeek I never knew it meant that, my grandpa was a china marine and was a peacekeeper during the chinese civil war truce. he used to have all kinds of cool ww2 stuff but some faggy boomer sold them. he had japanese marine sniper boots called tabi and a ROC flag

39f8cd  No.1031312

File: 6e07849203dec9e⋯.jpg (39.34 KB, 630x330, 21:11, WK36-EAST-PHIL-MITCHELL-GR….jpg)



b481ab  No.1031313

File: 5d51a88b3f3aaed⋯.gif (498.17 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1440127633514.gif)

7ece50  No.1031314

unironically permaban this munter shitposting SA

c17fad  No.1031315


she looks like she smells rancid

c17fad  No.1031316

the current US interpretation of gung ho is totally different from the gook version lmao.

4c6b5d  No.1031317


This tbh

4c6b5d  No.1031318


Smdh lad

6f538f  No.1031319

File: f889d05fb4bd46c⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 11.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, oIFqBr7d3YEpY7tm.mp4)

890513  No.1031320


This is my theory. Everything gets subverted sooner or lated. Absolutely immoral

c17fad  No.1031321

File: 34b8df51cdcfe92⋯.png (199.28 KB, 413x342, 413:342, NEVER.png)

317723  No.1031322


he wanted to ethnically cleanse the whole world and fill it with anglos. a beautiful dream. he was too good for this world and it destroyed his creation (Rhodesia)

b481ab  No.1031323

File: 88b0d31f710d463⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 444x250, 222:125, 88b0d31f710d463a3271254f36….gif)


I want to hatefuck her

7ece50  No.1031324

File: deb94ceb651b5be⋯.jpg (67.34 KB, 400x359, 400:359, 707d92df7d3f28ec721df49a63….jpg)


ca8c0f  No.1031325


Only on thin material as there won't be much material left over to contract inwards. On thicker stuff the surface will mushroom inwards as the rest of the work piece will have enough structural support to avoid expansion and therefore the surface hole will become smaller.

317723  No.1031326


ahhh fair I get you lad

thanks for the wisdom

6f538f  No.1031327

File: b0304ddc8a8701b⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, b0304ddc8a8701b57da7407032….mp4)


But the hips though

16b566  No.1031328


it's lovely, but does that mean I can just whip my cock out whenever?


sounds like a good lad tbh

c17fad  No.1031329


he was friends with Teddy Roosevelt but I wonder if rhodes would have liked the idea of the federal reserve. TR's obsession with the FED made him ruin his friendship with based president Taft

4c6b5d  No.1031330

File: 9b6de301307a611⋯.png (292.6 KB, 407x415, 407:415, 9b6de301307a611214f6674397….png)

b481ab  No.1031331

File: f26210c65a47a22⋯.gif (362.61 KB, 268x226, 134:113, 1427261656789.gif)


This guy gets it

1d8b02  No.1031332

File: 5b3e94fb9d964bd⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 460x345, 4:3, 823faf057869b7abb43bd2b719….jpg)

93bb9a  No.1031333

File: c72384970656bf8⋯.jpg (35.37 KB, 539x960, 539:960, hemus.jpg)

c17fad  No.1031334

File: ed7442e9d5837fa⋯.jpg (17.43 KB, 500x281, 500:281, a8sndeudcntz.jpg)

>post wall feminists who look like shrek's wife are okay but ginnie is not

269b82  No.1031335

File: 1bf72ba5c136d99⋯.gif (499.51 KB, 487x204, 487:204, bp.gif)

I find it really funny how Bateman is both completely oblivious yet subconciously aware to the fact that no-one would even pay her and her opinions the slightest attention were it not for her getting her baps out.

f16f9b  No.1031336


Was glorious watching that + based lefty leavers completely bummed him back to his milibank mandelson funded bat cave

ca8c0f  No.1031337


Some old chap I worked with showed me this. I had to put in a steel dowel and I reamed the hole .10mm bigger by accident (bad drill angle). He did a 'hold my beer' and showed me how to cheat the steel. It was 8mm thick too. Based boomer got me out the shit.

1d8b02  No.1031338

File: 9a6a196b783e02e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.46 KB, 1092x731, 1092:731, freshrareginnie.jpg)

890513  No.1031339


How did Gung Ho come to have such negative connotations?

1d8b02  No.1031340


It entered Yank vernacular.

16b566  No.1031341

4c6b5d  No.1031342



I really like these posts

890513  No.1031343


They will got to waste. She will be barren

76748c  No.1031344


the killer neck

6f538f  No.1031345

File: 59214d7757a358e⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 235x150, 47:30, 59214d7757a358e0ecc18d94e7….gif)

>that time when you tweeted to she had nice tits and hips

>she didn't block me

What does this mean?

100% she does it for her own depraved needs

1d8b02  No.1031346

File: dbba5393e3bca88⋯.jpg (17.66 KB, 865x854, 865:854, dbba5393e3bca88759a3ccd16c….jpg)





memi posting


communicating in nothing but images

7ece50  No.1031347

File: 26559408727ab72⋯.png (79.25 KB, 164x304, 41:76, NGREE.png)

>validating e-thots

>even the fucking ugly ones

c17fad  No.1031348


it became connected to autistic halo 3 US army zombies who self-inserted into the role of master chief like DARPA wanted and have been programmed to kill and then self destruct via heroin through years of state programming

4c6b5d  No.1031349


>captain coo/k/ has a twitter


16b566  No.1031350


>you tweeted to

link ur twitter lad

c17fad  No.1031351

File: 26db8805d95591f⋯.jpg (32.72 KB, 570x238, 285:119, 640872364-r-RICHARD-NIXON-….jpg)

76748c  No.1031352

Essentials of english nationalism is hating women and being catholic

1d8b02  No.1031353


SA is enough gay catholic for the board.

ca8c0f  No.1031354

File: d411ca72fff8412⋯.jpg (26.19 KB, 255x295, 51:59, mfw.jpg)


I wish I had twitter now.

6f538f  No.1031355

File: 3fd8b02892663f7⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 969.27 KB, 250x175, 10:7, 1524865139924.gif)


>english nationalism

>hating women




269b82  No.1031356


we all do, you nerd

16b566  No.1031357


>making an account which requires a phone number and doesn't accept my Russian burner sim

nice try lad

269b82  No.1031358

File: 4a4d9d008331495⋯.png (402.85 KB, 580x582, 290:291, sdf#.png)

ebbf52  No.1031359

File: a0acc31db7a0721⋯.png (319.31 KB, 656x337, 656:337, a andful of ard men.png)

hating women is for homos

16b566  No.1031360

File: 87b4940e878c477⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 452.02 KB, 545x340, 109:68, ClipboardImage.png)

English rose tbh

890513  No.1031361

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

93bb9a  No.1031362

f1b859  No.1031363

File: a60874c702935ed⋯.jpg (119.41 KB, 768x967, 768:967, gallery-showbiz-brian-harv….jpg)

6f538f  No.1031364


Loving them is too tbh.

16b566  No.1031365

File: 6b752182e59f45e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 34.13 KB, 320x212, 80:53, ClipboardImage.png)

1d8b02  No.1031366

File: 49fd7ca22b12454⋯.jpg (98.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, .jpg)

269b82  No.1031367



based centrism tbh

76748c  No.1031368

not being incel is just unpatriotic

269b82  No.1031369

True inceldom is monasticism.

Anything else is just pathetic.

16b566  No.1031370

File: 6d80b08c327bdbc⋯.png (95.38 KB, 297x272, 297:272, 6d80b08c327bdbc7237bb59603….png)

>the Bollywood Pride and Prejudice adaptation where all the lasses get bleached by Anglos

269b82  No.1031371


All other races thirst after the Anglo Anaconda.

aa0fa6  No.1031372

File: e17b809ad73de07⋯.jpeg (40.55 KB, 630x392, 45:28, 5a390433160000783ecf204b.jpeg)


East 17 were the last stand of implicit British identity.

76748c  No.1031373


wtf i've never heard of these mongs before

6df850  No.1031374

File: a7e3ab6a29dcb39⋯.jpg (208.38 KB, 1280x815, 256:163, 1280px-Miners_and_bal_maid….jpg)

>tfw no Bal maiden gf

1d8b02  No.1031375


Same but I don't follow any pop culture.

f1b859  No.1031376

File: 75e69100934254c⋯.jpg (25.77 KB, 636x382, 318:191, brian harvey.jpg)


Brian Harvey is redpilled on high level nonces since their manager tried to pimp them

4c6b5d  No.1031377


>all those 90s celebrities lost in time, like tears in rain

269b82  No.1031378

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


are you joking

76748c  No.1031379


no im a zoomer

813af2  No.1031380

Not knowing East17


I dont like them either

ca8c0f  No.1031381


That reminds me. I must get beck into playing >observer_ this weekend

4c6b5d  No.1031382

File: 4867336fbe638af⋯.png (101.33 KB, 396x385, 36:35, boggin pepe.png)


>zoomers in my /brit/

aa0fa6  No.1031383


Have a word.

c17fad  No.1031384


>not hating women because you love them

269b82  No.1031385

File: 3c4c6f7f6d0a3d8⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, _de (3).jpg)

>this is the year that people born after 9/11 will be able to vote

aa0fa6  No.1031386


It's for their own good, lad.

4c6b5d  No.1031387


Lad you just love poo smh

813af2  No.1031388

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


that game is TERROR

76748c  No.1031389

File: 65d9ecbe5a362ce⋯.png (31.64 KB, 434x327, 434:327, 1530177712990.png)


>dont even remember the start of the iraq and afghan war or Saddam Husseins death

c17fad  No.1031390

File: c79ec99e385ac70⋯.jpg (9.57 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 1495980169074.jpg)


>when nic fuentes aged kids start talking about the 90s or politics in general but you remember they were 9 years old in 2010

6f538f  No.1031391

File: cf6fe5ef5ee847d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.69 KB, 441x615, 147:205, ae59c8212f343d65add2547231….jpg)

>dont even remember the start of the iraq and afghan war or Saddam Husseins death

1d8b02  No.1031392

File: de96ca4488f9902⋯.png (739.25 KB, 1054x753, 1054:753, (2).png)

ca8c0f  No.1031393


Love it mate. Played it last weekend while drunk and hacked into the fears of a dead woman before going to bed.

4c6b5d  No.1031394

File: 901ca509c370d4e⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 641x530, 641:530, worried.jpg)

>Cruising with Jane McDonald

Thought it was about the degenerate underground gay scene for a second

813af2  No.1031395


Iraq for them is like Vietnam for us

1d8b02  No.1031396


What game is it?

6f538f  No.1031397


>Vietnam for us

>Not the the first Iraq War

c17fad  No.1031398


>when zoomers pretend they played with gameboy colors but they don't even know what game gear was

890513  No.1031399

ca8c0f  No.1031400

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



c17fad  No.1031401

woke: understanding overall themes in history

broke: directly using past events as patterns to understand the future

76748c  No.1031402


the invasion of Kuwait was 29 years ago. The average veteran is in their 50s-60s now.

890513  No.1031403

File: 5010b33735532b1⋯.png (38.98 KB, 703x318, 703:318, paki luv.PNG)

c17fad  No.1031404

File: 9d509cc6a415d05⋯.jpg (412.56 KB, 1646x900, 823:450, 1497621836300.jpg)

c17fad  No.1031405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

one of my earliest memories

4c6b5d  No.1031406


>no paki harem

39f8cd  No.1031407

remember eating mini cheddars with gramps with the iconic Iraq 2 night vision videos of the yanks btfoing Baghdad in the background.

16b566  No.1031408

File: 4720632aa74b4e5⋯.png (323.15 KB, 589x477, 589:477, ClipboardImage.png)

c17fad  No.1031409


I miss him

6f538f  No.1031410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I still remember John Major as PM tbh.

51d538  No.1031411


Nobody else does.

c17fad  No.1031412


yeah that tony blair/bush era of war I remember playing command and conquer generals against the GLA and being really brainwashed and hating them

16b566  No.1031413


kek i was only alive for a couple of weeks before the election

1d8b02  No.1031414


I remember not understanding at all why we were deploying half way round the globe.

39f8cd  No.1031415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I went to a paki primary school and their butthurt motivated me to revel in it.

1d8b02  No.1031416


>a paki primary school

They have those in the home counties?

6f538f  No.1031417


Tell you what the last Isreali war, watching that on a live unedited AP feed fucked me up tbh.

c17fad  No.1031418


kek I remember that exact video everyone was so brainwashed my grandfather and father both thought it was stupid

ca8c0f  No.1031419

>My earliest memory is…….

Fuck knows.

c17fad  No.1031420


the 2003 lebanon one? they got BTFO so bad by hezbollah stupid arrogant kikes

890513  No.1031421


Get out

this is the /brit/ 25-100 years old board

c17fad  No.1031422


lmao looking back what even was the fucking point of this?

16b566  No.1031423


fucking hell that brings me back, I remember hearing on the radio in my dads workvan that they'd gotten Saddam

39f8cd  No.1031424


Unfortunately, yes.

6f538f  No.1031425


The last big Gaza operation. Ambulances were being hit in front of the press and people's flats were roof knocked. All of AP's footage was all cut into more savory clips for the headlines for the big news channels.

c17fad  No.1031426

>that part during the assault on baghdad when they get to the bridges

c17fad  No.1031427

16b566  No.1031428

File: ddbc1d4d70be9f5⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 178x260, 89:130, oops.gif)

>Bollywood Lizzie Bennett is called Lolita

6f538f  No.1031429

>for the big news channels.


16b566  No.1031430

File: 515c7bf7c958d67⋯.jpg (55.25 KB, 720x604, 180:151, GAZZA.jpg)


>big Gaza

6f538f  No.1031431


You know when all those sand nigger kids playing on the beach were hit with a 30mm chain gun.

c17fad  No.1031432


no they don't let amerislaves see the footage of them exterminating the gentiles lad

39f8cd  No.1031433

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Plays super smash bros melee

6f538f  No.1031434


I'm talking about the press catching it on film.

76748c  No.1031435

File: ceb1627310bb944⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 1024x521, 1024:521, 1534829780118.jpg)


>was first introduced to super smashbros on Wii

c17fad  No.1031436



>vice city


>Halo 2

>C&C: Generals

>Warcraft 3 (pre WOW cancer)

truely the golden age of gaming

269b82  No.1031437

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c17fad  No.1031438

>battlefield 1942

39f8cd  No.1031439

>September 2001

>rich girl at school says she went to mallorca in the summer holidays

>thought she said 'New York'

>"Why did you go there? the buildings fall down"

got in trouble for that kek

813af2  No.1031440


What anti-racist work does he do?

Its like they all go fighting windmills.

39f8cd  No.1031441

6f538f  No.1031442

File: 44b0836f9603bd9⋯.jpg (85.03 KB, 750x895, 150:179, af7859951c2011529832b4d265….jpg)

>that airport scene in MW2

ca8c0f  No.1031443


Loved choking some cunt with a netto bag in a dark allyway.

tbf there's a lot worse than that nowadays.

4c6b5d  No.1031444

File: 26edb955cbc4e4b⋯.jpg (44.99 KB, 1384x640, 173:80, 1546494268786.jpg)


You are scum lad

4c6b5d  No.1031445


Kino for a CoD tbf

890513  No.1031446

File: adc8486b217dfa7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 283.53 KB, 1048x798, 524:399, smug_cheddar.PNG)


mmm mini cheddars

d2ef41  No.1031447

>be me

>wonder when we are next going to hear from Bateman

>check /brit/

>she has a new even more lewd video

right on time. At this rate she will be fisting herself on livestream by March.

813af2  No.1031448


tbh that game was f'd up

39f8cd  No.1031449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MW1, 2 and 3 were fun good games in general tbh

890513  No.1031450


Important anti racist work like trying to imply Andrew Neil and the Tories are all racist on Andrew Neils own show

Truth is everyone hates everyone else or is indifferent towards them and no one really cares

890513  No.1031451

probably not even Owen tbh

6f538f  No.1031452

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

890513  No.1031453

Tempted to go and fling poo at Owen tbh


813af2  No.1031454


CEX still give decent price for MW2 on 360. The 2 player snowmobile racing is super fun with Mariocart style turbo start

39f8cd  No.1031455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>not based deano DJ Paul

813af2  No.1031456


>fling poo

Dress up as Antifa then sure, call him a Nazi whilst you are at it :^)

6f538f  No.1031457

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>the one without Kino


813af2  No.1031458


He's an idiot. We dont install THE NEW MACHINE until we've left the EU.

d2ef41  No.1031459

> /brit/ wants to fugg Bateman

imagine how autistic the babby would be

51d538  No.1031460


>General Election now

Labour could force one if they had a vote of no confidence in the government and won, of course if they did that and lost then Corbyn would have to leave his position.

6f538f  No.1031461

File: 114437b94d0ec4e⋯.png (398.75 KB, 1032x375, 344:125, ClipboardImage.png)

>Randy Pitchford is a nonce

16b566  No.1031462


thank Christ I'm not him tbh

16b566  No.1031463

as always

813af2  No.1031464


3h3 hours ago

Replying to @OwenJones84

#PeoplesVote for everyone aged over 16. Then let’s have a GE hopefully unhindered by any more Brexit time and money wasting.

these Boomers PISS ME OFF!!

6f538f  No.1031465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


4c6b5d  No.1031466


Tbh I think he just likes to divide as his scoobydooish background compels him. Quite often he seems very disingenuous as if he knows and understands full well why people oppose him but will shift the subject and continue to cause division

db063d  No.1031467


i remember in the 2000s thinking how dumb it would be if people got nostalgia over cod 4 instead of real pc games like stronghold and rtw

tfw that washington monument audio if you dont defend it

d2ef41  No.1031468

269b82  No.1031469

File: eb0374e5258bf6f⋯.jpg (192.17 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, _147.jpg)

4c6b5d  No.1031470


>CEX still give decent price for MW2 on 360

Because its backwards compatible tbf

1d8b02  No.1031471


Looking forward to repatriating her tbh.

813af2  No.1031472


Good to know. Truly /brit/ is a veritable hive of knowledge.

4c6b5d  No.1031473


>go to the event

>finger her in the toilets after


4c6b5d  No.1031474


>ywn call her a paki cunt as you choke her in bed


ca8c0f  No.1031475


I remember having my mind BTFO when I first loaded Doom on the Pentium before that it was discovering Detroit house music a mate gave me on a cassette tape at school.

Now i'm an old cunt and wonder where all the magic has gone.

aa0fa6  No.1031476

File: f17e587c8ddf41d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 943.24 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1451866277929.png)

Did he ever get his Twitter back?

269b82  No.1031477

Trump says he won't declare a national emergency for wall funding right now


>During a roundtable talk about border security on Friday, the US president said he is not rushing to declare a national emergency for funding his border wall proposal.

813af2  No.1031478


>remember the 2000s

Now I wanna cry, I had such a good decade overall and this one has been punishing as shit. Not terrible but tough.

aa0fa6  No.1031479


What odds can I get on the wall never being built? And I mean a proper wall, not a chicken wire fence.

16b566  No.1031480


tbh there's no point. The wall would make little difference anyway, things are already too far gone

ba08c5  No.1031481

lads i was at work today and this little arl lady in her 80s started talking to me about her daughter

who grew up to make sex tapes and give birth to a half nigger

she was from Torquay and she's moved up here since her husband died to get away from the rest of her family

this is the future in store for a lot of us, lads

813af2  No.1031482


I hear Trump is working on a virus that eats beaner flesh. God speed Emperor!

4c6b5d  No.1031483

File: c4bcaca67b6d790⋯.jpg (28.67 KB, 615x409, 615:409, Alan-Partridge.jpg)

>watching latest undateables

>autistic lad takes a lass to an owl sanctuary for a second date

d2ef41  No.1031484


based and redpilled

76748c  No.1031485


was she proud or something

76748c  No.1031486


smart move tbh

16b566  No.1031487


good test of character tbh

f1b859  No.1031488


owl sanctuary is unironically a decent date idea tbh

ba08c5  No.1031489


No, she seemed like she was trying not to cry tbh

6df850  No.1031490


Not seeing anything wrong with this tbh

8aff50  No.1031491

File: 6619ed6c1059563⋯.png (117.07 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 20190111_223220.png)

File: 85589a39a53d4a0⋯.png (157.58 KB, 720x1024, 45:64, 20190111_223243.png)

76748c  No.1031492


damn that sucks

269b82  No.1031493


sounds like a hoot

ca8c0f  No.1031494


Based. Reminds me of that film Manhunter where Francis Dollarhyde arranges a date to take the blind woman to the vets so she can stroke the tiger while he watches and salivates.

16b566  No.1031495


kéék so delusional



7217fd  No.1031496

It should be normal to refer women as tax tbh

8aff50  No.1031497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Back of the net!"

db063d  No.1031498


games are all shit cash grabs these days where you pay £19.99 for a virtual hat you're not missing anything

269b82  No.1031499

File: a32d901ab33bd56⋯.png (8.76 KB, 263x322, 263:322, d59.png)

269b82  No.1031500

File: 19deae317fcd1b5⋯.jpg (82.98 KB, 750x1081, 750:1081, Dwm2anHUUAAMxrj.jpg)

ca8c0f  No.1031501


If it's something big and decent then i'll get it on the release date but I usually wait for a humble bundle release. Looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 and Resident Evil 2 soon

6df850  No.1031502


RE2 remake has a demo out btw

1d8b02  No.1031503



I may just wait and pirate it and then buy if it lives up to the hype.

16b566  No.1031504

>resharpen knife off the bottom of my tea cup

>now cuts through my nose hairs no problem

good steel is banter tbh

054c85  No.1031505


Same tbh

ca8c0f  No.1031506


Yeah, did consider getting it but I didn't want to spoil it by getting a demo. I can wait till the end of Jan because I got some other games to get through.


By the time that happens it'll be 2077 m9. Also waiting for Scorn episode 1 to be finished.

8aff50  No.1031507


There is a criticism that feminists level at the lack of diversity in senior management at companies, which is that people hire in their own image and that's partly what creates and sustains the "old boys club". Ignoring all the other factors that contribute to male dominance in the workforce, let's allow for the fact that probably does happen. The thing is, there is nothing stopping women doing the same in their own companies…. but you will never see them starting their own businesses. As perfectly demonstrated in that Bloomberg table.

4c6b5d  No.1031508

File: 50b12f654bf011d⋯.png (212.55 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Alan partridge owl sanctua….png)

File: ac55c5241a7cd8e⋯.jpg (172.55 KB, 866x720, 433:360, Alan Partridge Owl Sanctua….jpg)

Alan Partridge takes one of his employee lasses to an Owl sanctuary tbh, that's why I made that post

ebbf52  No.1031509

File: 7e75a618a0ed2ee⋯.png (664.42 KB, 879x495, 293:165, ggnvhv5p7.png)

>still no crack for waifu war 4

ca8c0f  No.1031510


Once took the mrs to the Mach loop in Wales. Never told her why she was there and she complained about why are we trekking up this hill. Her face when that GR4 thundered past was golden. Loved every minute of it.

8aff50  No.1031511

>"In 2017, only 17% of startups have a female founder"


And this figure is bound to be heavily inflated due to innovation schemes and government grants that push for female participation

16b566  No.1031512

File: 785ec5cde1442a7⋯.jpg (55.23 KB, 500x356, 125:89, 785ec5cde1442a70f5373d9660….jpg)


smh I very nearly fucking got to fly that course when I was a kid in a Hawk T2, and I'm never going to be a fast jet pilot with my body as fucked as it is, depsite being otherwise very elegible. I've even been at Valley

ca8c0f  No.1031513



Was you hoping to be a Red Arrows lad then?

76748c  No.1031514

File: b9ba9e284a8f8a9⋯.png (114.98 KB, 599x540, 599:540, 1547246051953.png)

these people are evil

16b566  No.1031515


nah, wasn't so bothered about that, just wanted to do actual strike fighting or something actually useful. But that was before I noticed how the constant cuts in defence fucked up the RAF, and how few jobs there are left at the sharp end and loads and loads of my mates have gone Sandhurst, and the requirements at Cranwell are so fucking low there's almost no point, and I've heard enough off of them who actually know that the RAF is actually pretty shit If I did join up, which I obviously probably won't, it'll be Engineers, same as my dad

269b82  No.1031516


In a few decades time when all this shit is called out, these cretinous cunts will come out and say they actually supported it all along to save their bacon.

347e72  No.1031517


Who are you talking about?

16b566  No.1031518


read the thread

ca8c0f  No.1031519


Engineering is probably better as you can always broaden your horizons. Aviation engineers are on a nice wedge from what I believe. Someone has got to keep them things above ground.

With the advent of drones and satellites I think the days of being a strike fighter are numbered.

1d8b02  No.1031520


You can always jam drone signal.

16b566  No.1031521


yeah, I'm mainly thinking of just not joining at this point for flexibility and not getting locked in. And my field is sort of AI so I do think pilots will get fewer and fewer over the years, the military is often strangely behind in tech advances due to government oversight but BAE has had incredibly advanced drones in the pipeline since I saw them as a kid. And BAE is western, as I've always said the chinks are the ones who give their """AI""" free reign, so they might have the upper hand

4c6b5d  No.1031522

>Westlife are back


ca8c0f  No.1031523


Military drones are different. Ask Obama.


AI is the way. I work as an automation engineer and asked my gaffer off the record about Brexit in March and how it would affect orders and he told me "Things have never been better, we're like a pig in shit and our order books are full. You have nothing to worry about are kid!".

If you are into AI then you'll have it cushy, keep at it and get better as more and more people will be flooding the AI market every year when uni churns out fresh blood. It'll get competitive beyond belief and so will the money.

Just a quicky, what experience do you have in programming? I might have a contact if you're from down south or willing to move.

1d8b02  No.1031524


>Military drones are different.

For every measure there is a counter I'm sure someone's already figured it out.

347e72  No.1031525




>tomb raider 2


>deus ex

>mario 64


>resident evil 1/2

Mid to late 90's was the true golden age of videogames tbh.

ca8c0f  No.1031526


Their signal is encrypted afaik. Nothing is unbreakable but someone out there can/will find a way.

269b82  No.1031527


>Ask Obama.

yeah I'll just give him a ring

ca8c0f  No.1031528


I'm sure you would lad ;-)

16b566  No.1031529


>what experience do you have in programming?

I'll be finished working fulltime on my BSc CS come the summer, at a top 100 university which is one of the best on the continent, and judging from both my personal experience and also from what I've heard from family friends who work in academia it's better than most UK universities, that's why I came out here. I'll probably be a year or so more out here but I'll have plenty of relevant experience by then, and I would be happy moving wherever jobs are, if nothing else I'd be chuffed to be back in England. Already got plenty of job offers here but it's nice to have more options tbh, thanks lad

1d8b02  No.1031530


Yeah but if you fill the arena with enough junk transmissions you can just drown out signals. Of course all your gear becomes unusable as well at that point.

4c6b5d  No.1031531

File: 6dad45d227dd8a2⋯.jpg (101.66 KB, 632x1952, 79:244, big kek pepe.jpg)


>yeah I'll just give him a ring


>I'm sure you would lad ;-)

ca8c0f  No.1031532


SWIM worked on maritime defense software


Based in Weymouth but you need high level clearance. A lad got refused entry because his grandfather was associated with the OIRA and SWIM got the job instead. You need to be whiter than white tbh.

16b566  No.1031533


tbh I have good forces family pedigree, and the only thing I've been told might stand against me is the quite large amount I've spent outside the UK and Europe, looks very interesting lad also that stuff you worked on would seem excellent for one of my PhD friends, shame he's furrin thanks for telling me about it lad

347e72  No.1031534



7ece50  No.1031535

File: 51d047297cf4162⋯.mp4 (2.83 MB, 960x720, 4:3, MgNJLLK[1].mp4)

708192  No.1031536

16b566  No.1031537


7ece50  No.1031538


>can't crosslink

>linking to /pol/

>random flag that has only ever been associated with newfag shitposters

4c6b5d  No.1031539


Keke, little ninja lad

7ece50  No.1031540

File: 96bd7ad9282e973⋯.mp4 (9.11 MB, 608x1080, 76:135, DASH_9_6_M.mp4)


4c6b5d  No.1031541


Blacks are even worse smh

ca8c0f  No.1031542


Glad to help. Recently built another circuit board for my robot and showed my gaffer (as he is interested in it too). The tracks just so happened to form a swastika and he was impressed without him noticing one of the lads I do work with saw it and asked me about it. I told him, "You know the score! The circuit tracks have to be as straight as possible albeit the shortest route to work effectively" just a coincidence like. He gave me a funny look but he knew it was legit.

Gave me a warm chuckle.

I'll post a pic tomorrow.

16b566  No.1031543


kéék lad looking forwards to it, cheers. Sadly we aren't the lot who get to deal with robots, that's only the pure AI students

708192  No.1031544

File: f001141ff689e55⋯.jpg (214.75 KB, 1024x689, 1024:689, f001141ff689e55e3508310442….jpg)


So looks like either revolution now or Britain will not be British lads. There is no future if nothing is done.

db063d  No.1031545


wtf is that roastie thing? is it greyhairs wtf she growing gray down there or some roast beef hanging down

are all women like that?

7ece50  No.1031546

File: 89cc8537fe4291d⋯.png (507.85 KB, 420x556, 105:139, Ayy.png)