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File: 0f9a2f3bd6cd573⋯.jpeg (45.18 KB, 474x474, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.com(2).jpeg)

335ce3  No.342479

Can we have a thread about this man?

I've heard anons say that he is an MKultra victim, or something similar. That his use of the word nigger looks planted, and that his schizophrenia was caused.


Post last edited at

d22a22  No.342586

how new are u this man has been around for years

ac7a80  No.342673

He's a pedo-in-making who spent 10 years creating a useless operating system (if you can even call it that) and now spends his day trolling a woman named Dianna. He even sent videos of himself jerking off to her.

>cia nigger

Good meme, thanks.

14256d  No.342678

335ce3  No.342715


There's no thread about him at the moment.

21ac84  No.342726


That's because he hasn't done anything remarkably hilarious recently.

335ce3  No.342733


He has been disappeared for about a week and a half, as far as I know.

2ce989  No.342743

>liberal use of nigger

>never says any antimsemetic slurs

Does that mean he's pro Israel?

e1c15a  No.342843


He's a little harder to keep up with for filthy casuals lately, a thread would be convenient. There's really no objective reason not to have one.

008e8e  No.342882

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hard to say

19bcb5  No.342896


What was that tweet he made about a little girl deepthroating a glock or something? He is a crazy motherfucker.

2de28c  No.342921

File: 10a1c89cc114e3f⋯.png (135.83 KB, 634x952, 317:476, Terry Davis on miiverse.png)


He got into jail for attacking his dad

335ce3  No.342936


He was a runaway after that. There's video of him bathing in the desert. He broke a bone. He spotted updating a while back. It is said that he isn't in the loony bin, because he got summoned for a jury iirc and didn't attend.

008e8e  No.343115

File: a9ef81a97d2c1d8⋯.png (16.59 KB, 705x373, 705:373, CIA website.png)

File: a5e38a8d4990af4⋯.png (157.92 KB, 409x419, 409:419, a5e38a8d4990af43c4b75350aa….png)

There's a thread on /tech/ that discusses the latest Terry happenings.


As it stands:

>He went missing in december for over a month

>He showed back up, posting videos labeled "Pope", followed by a sequential number, filmed

in an unfamiliar location

>He gives conflicting and confusing information about where he has been in the intervening month. He mentions both a mental hospital and a jail

>He also looks even more disheveled than when he was homeless

>After a couple days, the pope videos were removed and his website was scrubbed clean. Now it looks like it was written by a lawyer.

>Nobody is exactly sure whether he's in a mental hospital or living with a family member

fac525  No.343126

File: 3266635019875b9⋯.mp4 (978.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 3266635019875b922294619bf6….mp4)

335ce3  No.343147


Anons on that thread day that he isn't locked up, because he was summoned and didn't attend, and if he was locked, they would force him to go.

335ce3  No.343231


NVM he's in his sister's house

6350d5  No.343277

File: bc956dd44cae12c⋯.png (305.83 KB, 649x472, 11:8, terry a davis was assassin….png)

They got him.

1a8ce7  No.343406

File: 02d1281a9b2c2a6⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234, 100:117, terry-gif.gif)

f9bec8  No.343690


He's living with his sister, who keeps him in control and off the Internet.

848686  No.344697

File: f2474c23b8f292a⋯.png (664.56 KB, 628x800, 157:200, 1517816199635.png)


I've heard him say anti-Semitic stuff on occasion.

Terry is basically a genetically enhanced /g/ user.

335ce3  No.356195

File: 5712926d6cb0b3e⋯.png (12.22 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 5712926d6cb0b3e064f6f8fed0….png)

OC from the /tech/ thread

335ce3  No.356636

>> 356195

The sword and scales are from the OS' logo. The sigla on top are short for ΤΕΡΕΝΣ/ΤΕΡΕΝΤΟΣ ΔΕΙΒΙΣ/ΔΑΒΙΔΑΚΟΣ (Hellenized Terrence Davis) the ones on the bottom for ΤΡΙΤΟ ΝΕΟ, that means third temple.

e38a57  No.356953

File: 7cf6c7ae4a55ed9⋯.jpg (126.19 KB, 500x335, 100:67, terry programming overwatc….jpg)

I browsed him on a wiki, I think it was Gentoowiki, holy shit I haven't laughed for a while. That moment I just realized any wiki can be funnier than current Dramatica.

9812a3  No.357096

File: b5c0e56af1da5be⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, b5c0e56af1da5be1e6af22541d….gif)

054955  No.357202


I wish I knew what video that was from. It's so beautiful.

335ce3  No.357210

File: 23b5848cd0df636⋯.png (9.57 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, c808f2f7299b15fbd45312507c….png)

0b1e29  No.359630

i miss terry

be461a  No.359840


What I hate the most about modern ED is how they try to make everybody out to be a lolcow. When everybody's a lolcow, no one is.

a2354f  No.359884

File: 10fdb88ef270cb4⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 500x433, 500:433, tumblr_nu9keccEpS1re83mso1….jpg)


the problem with ED is that their popular for archiving stories of retarded internet activities. That's their bread and butter. With more and more people doing retarded stuff ED would just be archiving small-time drama. so they've kinda got to make everyone look retarded.

it's either that or everyone is actually retarded

d6b56e  No.361563


>disappeared for about a week

You're full of shit.


>trolling a woman named Dianna

He doesn't troll. Dianna Cowern (aka Physics Girl) is his waifu. As simple as that. He shows her dedication.

Also, there is this thread relatively updated on his situation.


4c46b4  No.361588


>ocelot looks like a chad

>kojima is a manlet


57c551  No.362857


Most everyone is retarded. I think most every internet persona has done some cringeworthy shit, and that gives ED a neverending list of people to laugh at.

3be869  No.365191


There has to be made some sort of Metal Gear esque game or movie made about him directed by Kojima himself.

99440e  No.377754


he was gangtrolled into schizophrenia. don't let anyone tell you different. he is our patron saint, the protector of the third temple, and Mr. God will have him vindicated one day.

also he has an alien, so fuck you

6350d5  No.377912


How does someone with such an alpha voice look like an omega faggot at best?

008e8e  No.378191


I saw it, but I can't find it anywhere now. There seems to be a massive gap in the archival of Terry's videos. He made that video around the time he first became homeless.

45d466  No.381288

he's back. livestreaming.

85e331  No.381392

File: 5c18017a71aefbf⋯.jpg (203.14 KB, 802x854, 401:427, terryawakened.jpg)


fuck YEA

3984d1  No.381607

Does anyone ever hear this song in their head and think "Rock Me Terry Davis?"


3984d1  No.381621

This man is an absolute genius and it is a tragedy and a condemnation of our entire society that his mind has been allowed to degenerate into utter insanity when it should have been cherished and fostered.

We are all CIA niggers when we allowed this to happen.

1030e6  No.381645

File: 1c4695f0fcd4e5c⋯.png (75.53 KB, 251x255, 251:255, 1c4695f0fcd4e5cbf712526a16….png)


Terry was made when our country got "diversified," it's obvious just from his language that he's uncomfortable with the way jews have forced him to live in proximity to subhumans.

9812a3  No.381812


My God… The CIA niggers were us all along.

45d466  No.382039

File: e7bab5e138240f4⋯.jpg (20.51 KB, 200x234, 100:117, teerrry.jpg)


Glad he's still rockin it

6ab01c  No.382256


>Terry A. Davis

>a lolcow

glow harder cianigger

c885af  No.382496


I cant help but have great respect and sympathy for this man.

He made a pretty nice operating system by himself, which means he is a dedicated and skilled individual, and I just feel an overwhelming sense of sorrow for his mental state.

Poor guy.

He has top quality bantz though.

a4951b  No.382731


pretty sure that was in fault of Metokur making the vid.

97996f  No.382764



You can shit on templeos not having paged memory allocation and video graphics AS THE LORD COMMENDED all day but it's still an impressive feat. Even the smallest OSes running on 8-bit mcus of today need at least a team of non-schizo devs to be viable, and he did it without the luxury of having a harvard architecture.

3d8840  No.382818



Seems like a lot of videos are gone from youtube. Fortunately had that one saved.

3d8840  No.382831




Also youtube is not reliable anymore. There are several archives listed on wiki:


Also this is pretty a reliable archive:


008e8e  No.383046


Thanks, you're doing Mr. God's work.

a7012c  No.383094


jonrob.net very nice

a7012c  No.383124

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Terry intervew

a7012c  No.383129

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Terry's upload of the interview. I've not watched the other one completely yet. Don't now what the diff is. All I know is, Terry's homeless and not with his bro who won't take him off the meds, and he's not in las vegas and won't go back. You can catch him at the usual place but it's harder to talk to him there. Seems like he's streaming a lot recently.

2b6966  No.383134



Thanks. This is gonna be interesting.

1a8ce7  No.383135


One'd think a place like a library would be a better place to interview someone than a noisy restaurant.

45d466  No.383147

File: 40aa2b22077da13⋯.jpg (30.57 KB, 200x234, 100:117, dream_mxrfi5edypj.jpg)


its incredibly impressive. Fuck linus

edb258  No.383181

File: 084c9dfba21d272⋯.png (391.06 KB, 1000x1080, 25:27, 084c9dfba21d272c623f8977ae….png)


It sounded fine with headphones and music playing low.

1a8ce7  No.383185


After about 10 minutes, when that lady behind Terry left with her kids, and then the other people left, it quieted down. Does anyone know if they bought Terry anything to eat? Seems they got him some Diet Shasta which is nice.

1a8ce7  No.383190


Double-posting, but WTF does that image have anything to do with Terry? Is he on their """"""list""""""?

edb258  No.383193


pic unrelated, other than I know they are monitoring and shitposting on this board thanks to jim and worth spreading the word instead of posting with no image

1a8ce7  No.383202


As long as they don't put Terry on their """"""list"""""" then I will let Metokur and the others fight their own battles.

542f24  No.383205


Those niggers in the background are really loud.

fb1abc  No.383276


(((Adam Goldbloom)))

e66f32  No.383307


A thot, a gay man, a Jew, a neocon, a conspiracy theorist and a troll are targeted by a Jew…

When did life become a shitty bar joke?

9efa20  No.383350


the man's a fucking genius, his thoughts on how an operating system should work are spot on.

97996f  No.384183

45d466  No.387256

1a8ce7  No.387260


That video starts off rough.


His rules for operating system design are where it's at: minimal number of lines, minimal abstraction between user and hardware, ring-0, identity mapped memory. It's unfortunate that computers are bloated in their firmware now and closed off preventing people from implementing their own operating systems. TempleOS is fast, but it's limited by what hardware Terry had access to. That's why there is no networking, why there is no graphics acceleration, why there is no sound support beyond PC speaker. Terry had to write everything for legacy support built into modern hardware while still writing an OS that benefited from modern hardware; i.e. the CPU, RAM.

He still claims to have hit someone with a car resulting in that person's death. That is wrong.

a0ead0  No.387369


It feels really weird watching this .gif while music is playing that matches his rhythm pretty much perfectly.

a0ead0  No.387370


Shit, posted too soon, an idea just came to me. Now that I think about it that .gif could be used as source material for really good fan videos. Just add additional visuals to the background and find a good song to go with the video.

a0ead0  No.387377

Sorry for triple posting, but fuck it, I'm drunk. Also I've only bumped once in all three posts.



Thus the genre of TDMV(Terry Davis Music Video) was invented.


About Linus, he didn't really create anything shockingly new unlike Terry. He literally just made a kernel based on Minix that was to be easily available(his main gripe at the time was that Minix, despite being an open source Unix-like OS, was pretty hard to get a copy of so he wrote Linux). Of course there's big differences between the kernel of Minix and Linux, but they're still both based on Unix at least indirectly. TempleOS is completely Terry's handiwork.

45d466  No.387794

File: 7365cd332b3844a⋯.jpg (28.28 KB, 200x234, 100:117, dream_09amm20dmod.jpg)


yeah i was only referencing that email to terry from linus@linux.org. Fact is, linus did break open the unix box in a way GNU only dreamed of. Fact is, linux still isn't a great solution for the home user.

14256d  No.390058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This is literally what popped into my head when I saw the gif.

14256d  No.390061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



0be02b  No.415609


"King of /pol/ was given LSD causing him to autisticly post on /cow/, thus making him an MKULTRA victim."

a91a2b  No.419190

some faggot took over his website

90180b  No.423102

90180b  No.423115

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

90180b  No.423283

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

90180b  No.423287

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a46651  No.423365

faa0fe  No.423853

He's live right now https://youtu.be/OFqQPmGr0UI

90180b  No.423882

>>423853 No thats just me chilling and watching some Terry.

141ba0  No.423904


af7fb9  No.432030

>>>/templeos/ (which used to be owned by tad) has a really great custom CSS.

964d81  No.435564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Terry is a treasure of humanity

608622  No.436350

File: 01301bc2811b0db⋯.png (620.2 KB, 600x745, 120:149, 01301bc2811b0dbb7bfd85211a….png)

You ever get the feeling Terry might be the victim of some kind of CIA psyop? I know it sounds totally insane, but think about it: Terry talks a lot about how his dad worked on missiles and shit. Maybe he told Terry a little too much.

426952  No.436359

>CIA niggers xD

Jim ruined it with his cringe fanbase

39c2f1  No.436361


Some people just get schizophrenia anon. Unfortunately.


It was cuckchan tier before jim made his video.

451185  No.436569


He is.

ac3cf3  No.436577


I wanna know if he really hit a person on September 9, 1999, like he claims he did.

39c2f1  No.436599


Terry might be crazy but he doesn't lie.

2824a8  No.436612


Considering that he openly talks about fantasizing to his niece and named her, he probably did run over someone or something. My theory is that the "glow-in-the-dark" CIA nigger is actually a deer knowing that if you see a deer on the road at night and it looks directly at you its eyes glow in the dark. And Terry being schizophrenic probably hallucinated that he killed a person.

39c2f1  No.436616


Maybe, the most plausible theory to me is it was some innocent in a reflective vest and he invented the glow in the dark cianig to protect himself from the fact he ran over an innocent person.

He did it again later when he was doing his own business and proved he was capable but he invented the fantasy that his clients were cia giving him tests and busy work so he dropped it.

608622  No.436627

Keep in mind: God told Terry years later that the CIA nigger survived.

506283  No.436665

File: 776b3a874cf8f50⋯.jpg (733.48 KB, 2048x1584, 128:99, Matthews-air-loom.jpg)


Hitting someone in his car could be a component of his delusion's mythology which didn't have to happen for him to completely believe it. He's textbook schizophrenic.

eaa2aa  No.436666

File: 4f04b699b26c4d8⋯.png (569.73 KB, 1029x711, 343:237, 4f04b699b26c4d8be45b38ccc4….png)

344e1e  No.436677

File: 22c8f9a75c47f5d⋯.png (114.86 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 22c8f9a75c47f5d1337b07d405….png)


That's not a bad theory. I'm not even sure he "invented" the CIA nigger part – from the sound of what happened in the jail he was in a manic state already. I had a neighbor who was schizophrenic and filed a lawsuit against me and 49 other people (including Barack Obama) and as irritating as that was it was fascinating to read the sinister intent she assigned to our interactions that I had completely forgotten about.

39c2f1  No.437007

File: cc0ae49bf1d2e8b⋯.gif (10.04 KB, 204x136, 3:2, skeltal.gif)


That sounds really interesting, do you have a censored version of any lawsuit docs?

a6bf06  No.437082

File: 0e5fad832eda23d⋯.jpeg (19.76 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 0e5fad832eda23d941b47d241….jpeg)


He is a paranoid schizophrenic his ramblings about the CIA that is after him is the delusional part of his paranoia. The religious themes he has is also a part of that delusion, that his homemade OS is the temple of god and his whole existence is within the delusion of god, remember correctly he is on and off the anti-psychotic medication that he is given. I don't know which medication he is given but some of them are addictive and a funny but sad consequence of the withdrawal from some of them are going back into a psychosis/be psychotic until the medication is back in the system.

That has happened to some people that are just given them as a sleepaid(no joke), and if you look you can see when he is on and off of them, he will be more calm and try to find words when he is on them and his anxiety is really low, when he is off them he is more hyper(if you will)and can be somewhat aggressive it is mostly a tonal difference but one will notice if one looks closely.

The thing is, and most in this thread have noted is that Terry is a really smart guy. But here comes the strange thing about those within the psychotic spectrum in general some of them are really smart, when they can vet out on one thing and be really creative people.

Most schizophrenics on medication are really boring, it's only when they are off they are interesting specimen/test subjects to talk to, since they are creative in their delusions when it comes to religious themes or just having a conversation, since something is really off, it's like they are there but not really.

But the big problem is that they are unpredictable which can lead to violence or selfharm.

I just needed to get it out there since I kinda love the dude in a non faggotry manor. He has brought endless form of entertainment.

7a889a  No.437440

I need to learn the lore about Terry's wives. Where is the best place for this?

acd4a3  No.437527


>But the big problem is that they are unpredictable which can lead to violence or selfharm.

Watching some of his latest streams, being homeless, he seems genuinely humbled by it, less angry re niggers et al. It's interesting, he does still talk about mass murdering as a king but it's kind of abstract. He never seemed like someone who would self harm, more like invent a story to protect himself from those kind of feelings. Disclaimer, I've yet to watch his last 10 or so, he's spitting them out in bulk lately

>I just needed to get it out there since I kinda love the dude in a non faggotry manor. He has brought endless form of entertainment.


30599c  No.437560

i feel like i'm going to see a long haired Terry this year.

a6bf06  No.437601


I meant psychotic people in general in a generality sort of sense.



39c2f1  No.437605


>I meant psychotic people in general in a generality sort of sense.

I did think the same, specifically for terry, not just in general, but I'm not sure anymore. There's still a chance, if it happens, anons guiding hand will be there

a6bf06  No.437618


So long as someone touches his buttons about his waifu and general waifus. One will see an interesting responds. Or if old trolls from chris-chan time fucks with him, one will see an interesting responds.

But I'm secretly hoping nothing like that will happen to good old Terry.

39c2f1  No.437623


>So long as someone touches his buttons about his waifu and general waifus

Some anon is pretending to be dianna right now, terry says he knows it's not real, but he's playing along

a6bf06  No.437630


maybe if someone creates a new waifu to him. That always works, if he knows about the first one is fake.

4a356e  No.437675

I really want to sell TempleOS merch and give the proceeds to Terry

ac3cf3  No.437682


Just give him the account info and passwords for whatever teespring or elsewhere account you make and upload cocks for. Let him put his paypal info there. He seems able to manage his paypal just fine.

344e1e  No.437723

File: bf33fded9c39438⋯.jpg (110.67 KB, 1362x580, 681:290, a3abc1_3f355ee7a73a4347b5e….jpg)


I'd have to scan it, it was handwritten so it was somewhere north of 70 pages. Briefly, the basis of her claims was that the the govt groomed her to be a sex slave, her father who had been in the army was part of it and I was an agent assigned to "degrade" her daily. I mainly did this by winking at her which triggered some buried piece of hypno-conditioning. It was pretty much Lena Kochman, but with winking instead of coughing.

I was also apparently the agent in charge of electromagnetic warfare against her. She had several pages of some kind of physics text copied which proved that I was making her phone crash and burning out batteries in her smoke alarm and remote controls. During a power outage (which my EMP war caused of course) I asked if she was okay, and from reading between the lines this was attempted rape. Funny thing is I started getting paranoid that I was winking at people without knowing it.

ac3cf3  No.437731

File: 9b0e3da64f54145⋯.jpg (62.61 KB, 360x275, 72:55, The_wink.jpg)

45cb1d  No.438424


i'd buy a templeOS shirt like what terry has in >>357096 or a shirt with >>357210 on it

templeOS has some good a e s t h e t i c s

07f4f7  No.439276


The person he hit didn't want him charged, or just ran off.

Probably a beaner

cbfa92  No.439316



Maybe he didn't hit the guy, just ran over his bag or something.

Or am I missing some pics with a fucked up bumper?

0e0baf  No.439333

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Funny thing is I started getting paranoid that I was winking at people without knowing it.

plot twist She psyops'ed you anon, you were the TI all along. Good luck, remember to act as schizo as you can so they can't put in jail, their money maker.


Terry is sorting out the shirts I think he might need help with it, someone is selling them now but terry isn't getting any money from it. I too would buy the original shirt


Yeah, probably, he passed out drunk driving in a beanerville once and crashed. Said someone punched him in the face when he woke up.

cb16d4  No.439335

There's no proof of him running over someone outside of him saying he did.

0e0baf  No.439350

File: b09db5f1f74440d⋯.gif (581.68 KB, 275x155, 55:31, wink.gif)

cb16d4  No.439353


I would want a necklace with a scale and a sword crossed making a cross.

cb16d4  No.439357


Stop psyoping me

ac3cf3  No.439453


That was an interesting video. Do you have a source handy of Terry talking about crashing his car while drunk?

0e0baf  No.439530


yeah, it was one of his dozen recent homeless vids, he said it twice in 2 seperate vids. I'm not fully caught up as he does 10 or so at a time. Sorry I'm not much help I have them as background noise so not paying full attention. If you watch the next The Temple stream, he might know where exactly as he watches all and talks with chat. Or even watch "the new terry stuff" streams, it's a few hours but I find his new stuff interesting.

ac3cf3  No.439626


At least I have a narrower place to look. Thanks anon.

736d1e  No.439716

>tfw I'm schizophrenic

>only a league below Terry

>I rarely talk to people because they may dislike my incoherent tangents and egomaniacal personality

I have shit genetics tbh. It's really rare for someone to accept you being fucked up when I've been this way since I was a teenager. It never goes away and episodes are periodic in intensity.

0e0baf  No.440087

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


sheeeeeeeiiiit, think this is same confession but different retelling from usual?

0e0baf  No.440088


>>only a league below Terry

Do you think it'll get more uncontrollable?

ac3cf3  No.440134


Have you noticed that Terry was cool and collected while he was working on TempleOS? When he stopped development on the Temple have you noticed those are the times he started to become ungrounded? I don't know how much of Terry you've seen or read into, but the amount of honesty he gives about his life is refreshing and insightful. Do you know what keeps you grounded? I can't say I know for myself even although what keeps me grounded.


>perfect Justice

He really gives a lot of detail into his "combat experience". It's fucked that he crashed his car into a homeless guy, but now Terry has a broke knee, another broke collarbone, and is homeless. But he is also getting donations and gifts from "fans", but his website and TempleOS seem to be getting stolen from right out underneath him too. Weird. I really appreciate Terry's honesty above everything else.

0e0baf  No.440476

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Check the johnathon ross thread, he was lying and saying terry contacted him? Also there's a "RAWRs" account lurking the irc, which I'm guessing is his. >>440074

Will we get to live to see king terry purge jross?


>but his website and TempleOS seem to be getting stolen from right out underneath him too

>getting stolen

What are you talking about? His site is still pointing to his paypal and his dns is still under his name, his OS is public domain, everyone owns it. Why are you lying anon?

ad8788  No.440614


>That has happened to some people that are just given them as a sleepaid(no joke)

Uh, I'm on anti-psychotics that were prescribed to me as sleeping pills… and once I got them my thoughts became much clear and mood more upbeat. I thought it was just because I was finally getting sleep properly, should I be worried?

0e0baf  No.440686


>I'm on anti-psychotics

>should I be worried?


ad8788  No.440750


B-but they only prescribed it to help me sleep!

ac3cf3  No.440783


I am talking about tsheikhs having ftp access to his site, and he already has made changes to the site without Terry knowing before hand or realizing it at the time. If everyone owned his OS, then why are there separate releases for public and staff? The OS is not all Terry's work alone anymore. You can't even get Terry's original source on the site. You have to go to a mirror to get it. The Shrine split uses Linux source to provide networking access. This can't be public domain and must be licensed under GPL2 now. You should know how much Terry taunts Torvalds.

ea9051  No.440789

File: 854b339db859d64⋯.jpg (42.37 KB, 728x522, 364:261, 854b339db859d64bb5bde99d18….jpg)


Wink Anon here, it's too late, disassemble your phone and stay away from bathing in tap.

608622  No.440793


>The Shrine split uses Linux source to provide networking access

Really now. I didn't know that. How utterly heretical.

4a356e  No.440876

Does anyone have a way of contacting Terry? I wanted to set up his teespring or w/e.

If he's in jail I'd like to make the shirts and hold it until he gets out for some pocket money.

ac3cf3  No.440918


I've heard the best way is through IRC. Someone might have his phone number though.

0e0baf  No.440932



I don't see a problem with him updating the site.

Terry doesn't seem to either. tsheikhs has done some good work.


Terry's been talking about it recently, he wants people to add to it, it's everybody's. It's a learning OS, his own words.


no one's talking about that here and yeah, it's not in the spirit of templeos


0e0baf  No.440937


He's in portland, you can probably just set it up and send him the money via paypal, tell the guys in irc and it'll get to him. He'll mention it in a video if he's getting the money. Someone's already doing it but not giving terry the money and terry seems annoyed but doesn't look like he'll follow it up

ac3cf3  No.441004


It was a sneaky way tsheikhs pulled control over the site. It's not TempleOS if GPL'd garbage is being dumped it. Split into a community distro and an original distro that is only of Terry's original work.

0e0baf  No.441617


>It was a sneaky way tsheikhs pulled control over the site.



>It's not TempleOS if GPL'd garbage is being dumped it. Split into a community distro and an original distro that is only of Terry's original work.

Again you're talking about non cannon, it's not templeos. This is going around in circles.

e17449  No.441671


Where is the IRC? I never engaged with the templeOS people before. I could probably figure it out but it would save me time.

Also if you guys have templeOS themed stuff that you'd like to see on a tshirt, post em ITT.

de5945  No.441679

File: 9bc280e472561dc⋯.jpg (29.69 KB, 502x423, 502:423, 1346813675882.jpg)


it's on rizon, just search, there's usually 100 or more people in there lately, some of which will fuck with you. don't say that your from here, no one represents /cow/ except maybe jews and the mods. you can also try the >>>/templeos/ board

0e0baf  No.443182


Maybe you're right about tsheikhs, it is a bit odd.


I'm not fully convinced, it could be just that he's autistic and trying to help terry but isn't being transparent when he really has to be.

Someone who I think is you elsewhere, I could be wrong, if I am then you're not alone thinking what you're thinking pointed out that it was odd that he has the templebot on his own site, but it's not really odd, it's just a chat bot. What is odd is how he has a sales pitching templeos on his own site.

I'm this anon: >>441617

0e0baf  No.443184


Probably time to start archiving everything:



If you didn't know terry, from reading the site, you'd think tsheikhs wrote templeos with the language used:



Again, he could just be holding the site and doc backup, buuuut, still looks shady.

A point to tsheikhs favor is that he links to terry's site, buuuut, if this irc anon is right, then terry doesn't have any control and was convinced to give up control:

"i'm almost positive terry said he gave up access to his website, honestly. it was in one of his rambles. said something like someone convinced him it was for his own good because he would schiz out and delete fucking everything"

Does anyone know which video is referenced here?

af7fb9  No.443914

ac3cf3  No.444039


>Does anyone know which video is referenced here?

I am not sure which video, but I recollect there was a time in early templeos development, just after Terry switched it 64-bit, where he started hiding CD's of it everywhere around where he was living and deleted it from online and his computer itself.

I checked the templeos timeline, but I can't find it anywhere on there. I thought I read about it instead of seeing it in a video. Since it's a wiki, I don't know if it was deleted or what, and I had to use google cache to see it, so I made an archive of it. http://archive.fo/Tx4lz

a6bf06  No.444188


Depends on which anti psychotic you are using.

So obviously I would be interested in the side-effects like in what way does it make you're head clear in the non-cluster kind of thinking or is you're thought pattern so that it's linear but can find connections in minor patterns.

Do you have a history of drug abuse(including alcohol), anxiety and depression.

And has any of those things gone away like anxiety on medication. Have you heard some sounds louder then before when the medication was not in the system. Has dreams been more vivid than before?

So these are some of the questions but it would be easier to just give me the name of the antipsychotic.

e9181f  No.444226


I have a long and colorful history with substance abuse, and sounds have recently felt louder. Dreams are more lifelike as well to the point that just a few days ago I realized I can no longer easily distinguish between what is real and what was just a dream. Also it's seroquel.

4b6d55  No.444240



Jesus fucking christ, my grandma used to use that. When she got off them for like 6 hours, she started seizing. Fucking take care.

e9181f  No.444319


I already get seizures though, it's part of why they prescribed me the drug. It's related to insomnia.

261f90  No.444617


> I can no longer easily distinguish between what is real and what was just a dream

What tipped you off this was happening?

261f90  No.444619



weird, question mean't for you anon

e9181f  No.444758



I started thinking I had failed tests I hadn't taken, paid debts I hadn't paid, been to family events that weren't even taking place, things like that. Turns out it had just been a dream, and once I started thinking about all this I realized dreams&reality are no longer distinguishable to me.

a6bf06  No.444814


how big is the dosage daily?


When you dream, is there a logical structure to the dream and what would the general theme be?

And how does it feel to wake up from those dreams?

For me it seems they are anxiety driven which would mean you don't get quality sleep but you do get sleep. While I'm guessing with a stranger it would seem you don't have much anxiety as you used to have.

Now they are non-existent or almost not there.

as for the drug, you can try new ones like a hormone called Melatonin it's quite good gives people a quality of sleep.

But the catch is the anxiety will come back in full force and there will be some withdrawal symptoms that are not pleasant. So consult a doctor, if I want to try that experiment.

If you can give me more detail on the non- distinguishable part of the dreams and how they can feel like a memory.

669858  No.445001


It's only 25mg. Not a very large dosage.


Dreams, for me, are like reality. Nothing weird happens in them, which is probably why I keep confusing it with real life. As for melatonin, yes, I tried that to get sleep before. At one point I ended up waking up in the middle of the night and literally making myself a tinfoil hat because I thought something was sending thoughts into my brain. That's when I stopped taking it altogether, even though it was pretty good for getting sleep.

4b6d55  No.447568


>as for the drug, you can try new ones like a hormone called Melatonin it's quite good gives people a quality of sleep.


This. This is literally the hormone your brain produces when it makes you go sleepy. Get this.

a6bf06  No.448310


OK, so all the dreams follow real world logic and does not have a breaking point where you say, this is a dream?

Then how did you distinguish the dream and the memory, or real life?

don't get me wrong I've heard of really vivid dreams where people feel like it's reality but that is under the dream and when they wake up they realize it was a dream, as for the dreams making a memory that is weird, that could be early symptoms of psychosis so seek a psychiatrist and get a test for the cluster A and C personality disorders.

Sorry for late responds, my man.


that is why I recommended it, it's not addictive and there is quality of sleep from melatonin but allot of people want to get high so they usually do not like those medications.

Other options are Z-drugs and Nitrazepam but they are kinda addictive and can give the user insomnia and other unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, also some people like to get high on them so there is abuse potential.

3b39dd  No.448537

When did tshieks take control? I did a site rip when he got arrested. Is my backup safe?

20855f  No.449355


>Then how did you distinguish the dream and the memory, or real life?

That's kind of the problem. It's pretty hard when almost nothing feels "off" when you're dreaming.

5750d0  No.452084

File: 9c8df0805c0e40b⋯.png (47.96 KB, 878x462, 439:231, 24gigsofpornfordianna2.png)

Terry sent Dianna 24gigs of Terry porn

5750d0  No.452095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


1 hour of music composed by Terry

From the video:

Contains 121 MIDI files. Extracted by t.Sheikhs (Alec Murphy) from TempleOS distro.

All tracks were made by Terrence Andrew Davis as a part of TempleOS.


5750d0  No.452796

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy shit, Terry needs to get off the streets.


38877d  No.452896


Ahahaha he's cool

54ddc6  No.453208


Where're the midis?

ac3cf3  No.453215

5750d0  No.453224

2dcbfa  No.453687


I think a lot of death grips songs could fit this well

7b0635  No.460866

File: cc69c16772dd585⋯.png (12.36 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


Some irc drama brewing, seems ircfags on similar level to discordfags.

>tsheikhs, founder of the #templeos gets bullied off irc

>he retreats to discord

>tsheikhs has control on terry's site and domain

>creates new irc channel by changing it on terry's site as terry uses the site with foxdick irc now, so terry will go there.

>tsheikhs leaves kenster in charge after kenster makes an exploitative video with homeless terry, bringing him nothing but some shit shasta diet soda, terry explains how it gets cold, kenster says "I gotta go, bye" and never returns, what a faggot.

>kenster and discordfags make sweet sweet tshirt monies off templeos.

There's more to the story, a plot twist, coming in time after it fully plays out.

7b0635  No.460868



> with foxdick irc now

*irc webclient from the library

e92667  No.465808

File: d1ad5600b6ec505⋯.gif (2.86 MB, 360x314, 180:157, TerryVictoryDance.gif)


Terry a pedo in the making? Nope. Doesn't fit the profile. Crazy out of his tits and needing heavy medication, yup.

8d498d  No.465860

ed3d1b  No.465913


makes me sick.

i still blame and dont forgive jim, didn't everything hit critical mass right after the video?

f9e21a  No.465941


He looks like a Ben Stiller character wtf

5e64e9  No.481615

File: 64843d9e4b4f475⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 929x1162, 929:1162, MRFRCrant.jpg)

He reminds me of Francis E. Dec, Esq.


0d4e9b  No.481643


>A nutjob acts like a nutjob after Jimmy Mediocre does a video on him

>The nutjob liked the video, finding it funny


wew lad. Jim sucks but I wouldn't blame him for it.

54ddc6  No.481669


Jim pointed the retarded l33t tro11 cancer towards Terry.

4315d6  No.481720


>muh jim

Do you faggots ever stop crying about shit? The man was a legitimate schizophrenic both before and after a video was made. Fuck off.

86bbf5  No.498226


He does lol

25cc66  No.508072

File: 4b8e94e0cbe23ab⋯.png (312.53 KB, 953x636, 953:636, ClipboardImage.png)

Terry Updates

Terry not doing so good, haggard, living on the streets, less "connected" to reality.

Doing paladin walks, last one was ~40 hours of walking, previous was ~20 hours of walking he's turning into the forest gump of walking.

Wen't offline for a month. Back on IRC yesterday, seems legit Terry.


Log excerpt:

>03:05 <BipolarBear> where you been Terry?

>03:05 <KingTerry> mental hospital and jail. assalt charge for putting holywater on someone, LOL

Court date tomorrow:


Doing God's work and getting hassled by the authorities, just like Jesus.

07f4f7  No.508136


Did he walk from Portland?

25cc66  No.508149


yes, he walked from portland to the dalles, then to kennewick

09df40  No.508152


shit I hope he's ok. any oregon anons wanna pay him a visit?

ea9051  No.508833



Terry was known to /g/ and /cow/ for years and nothing happened. Fucking VICE wrote an article about him and nothing happened. Redditkur makes a video and LOL CIA NIGGERS and Terry suddenly has an audience goading him into "performing" and now it's way beyond that.

Yeah, he should have known better than putting a spotlight to people who are hanging on to reality by a thread. Gymmy isn't fucking autistic and must realize his fanbase is now sub-GamerGate tier.

4f8364  No.508940


i've said it before and i'll say it again.

the worst thing Gabe ever did was fuck up terry. I miss terrys coding streams where he just sat and ranted about nothing for 11 people. i didn't understand a fucking thing about temple or code.

4f8364  No.508941



what a retarded nigger monkey tier filter.

161886  No.509026


You're completely wrong though, it wasn't his fault at all, cuckchan were catfishing and fucking with terry long before he made that video, mm is usually last to the party. Terry even liked mm's video.

161886  No.509027


nigger anons from /g/ were fucking with him before that.



did you retards just read an article from ed or faggotfarms and decide to repeat it?

161886  No.509030

Terry's out of the mental hospital btw, and his youtube strike lifted, he uploaded 2 videos

a82ca4  No.509037


What are you talking about nigger, gabe is a great man, got us deals on games and everything.

990193  No.509038

File: ff6e1d90bd7140f⋯.jpg (435.32 KB, 1476x1088, 369:272, endtimes.jpg)


>Dreams, for me, are like reality. Nothing weird happens in them, which is probably why I keep confusing it with real life.

I know your pain, I still get this even though I only ever had single episode.

569b3c  No.513101

We need more OC symbolism. Someone that knows our King's philosphy more should write about the themes so we unenlightened can make OC around them.

cc6328  No.513227


the last fuck you, so much soul in it

a977b8  No.519806


>no paging

you're as crazy as he is

ac3cf3  No.520404

File: 39292b5c806ec2a⋯.webm (7.6 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Terry Davis - Rises to Th….webm)

He apparently deleted all his videos on youtube except for this. Seems like he is having a rough time right now. Sucks that all of his work gets jacked and ripped off and he doesn't see a nickel from it.

c00106  No.520516


>he doesn't see a nickel from it

people are giving to his paypal, terry himself gives a chunk of it away to charity, he's confirmed this a few times. No one making videos using his are monitized, he gets help from the community with keeping his site up and selling t-shirts, although I don't think he's confirmed if some of the paypal money is from the t-shirts.

He nukes his vids on jewtube every now and again, last time was because some nigger faggot was flagging them, you can still get his site vids.

He should go to his bro's or sister's, or go home to his dad who isn't doing to well.


show me someone profiting off temple os?

ac3cf3  No.520531

File: 23d5966b9f86a9b⋯.png (213.51 KB, 891x507, 297:169, tshirt-ripping-off-terry-d….png)


How certain are you that the guy who made this shirt is giving any to Terry? It's already established that Terry's site was jacked from him by tsheikhs and kenster. His site is no longer the long HTML page but instead of a myriad of graphics and other crap. How do we know he is getting those donations? He doesn't have access to his paypal account? He's also stated in IRC that he isn't getting paid from the merch that people are selling. The dude is homeless and pretty much begging saying how much it sucks to go into a small town and pollute it with his homelessness in the video I posted. Where is all this help he is supposedly getting from his so-called fans?

ac3cf3  No.523510


Guys. Terry's email is compromised. The MX records for templeos.org point to privateemail.com. This means that Terry's email to access paypal for donations is compromised. Terry no longer receives donations. This needs to be fixed. His website has been assumed by tsheikhs, which also includes his email. We need to get Terry his donations and merch money so he can move into a cheap rate motel or maybe even a small home.

ac3cf3  No.523517


Don't go to /tech/ thinking you can help Terry. It's been compromised because one of the """board volunteers""" is obviously a shill for tsheikhs and kenster and the rest of the autism squad. They are stealing money from Terry, while he suffers being homeless not able to bathe, having to shit next to a tree, not able to sleep anywhere. Not even certain he will eat or drink water that day.

77d730  No.523565


Long time /tech/ anon here. Do not trust anyone on /tech/ the entire board is compromised by an IRC clique as of late. Lots of anons from Poland on there which we all know is backup Israel.

Terry is not getting donations, the website, IRC channel, paypal, youtube, and his e-mail has been compromised by IRCfags. They're also selling templeOS merchandise and pocketing all the profits. They've even started making changes to the OS itself and the only way to get Terry's code is from mirrors now.

It's obvious what is going on. If they keep Terry homeless it generates more need for donations thus giving them a steady stream of income to split between themselves. They've been trolling him old school Chris-chan style too by pretending to be interested females and having him send them private videos to blackmail him with. All of this is documented in his thread on /cow/.

I've been trying to meet Terry in person for some time to verify all of this for myself and help him out. Sadly, work doesn't send me to the area of the country he's in so I've been hoping he'd come further east for about 6 months now. I'm going to see if I can make it out to him soon but it may still be several months. Terry has proven in the past that he can support himself. If he found permanent residence again he could also get back on NEETbucks. His father is not doing well and I'm not even sure Terry knows.

Basically, we have a bunch of faggots gate keeping information from Terry at all times. We need some anons on the ground to make contact with him to get him the help he needs. I'm not just talking about money here I'm talking about getting him back on good terms with his family and back to working on his OS. When Terry is working on TempleOS he's far more stable even without his medication.

a6bf06  No.523571


wait, so Terry donations and other Terry created things are nothing but a shekelmaking machine?

And they are trolling Terry so they can keep him homeless?

The Terry saga is getting more interesting by the minute. Yeah, there needs to be some anons or foxdicks that can see if Terry is OK for the moment mainly because was it not reddit or something retarded that contacted his parents to begin with? Because they watched mister redditkur video about Terry.

d98dcc  No.524434


He's right. I remember a couple months ago when the tripfags started popping up on /tech/ and getting shat on, but more kept coming and coming and now, mysteriously, you have clearly same guys with no trip. If I remember correctly they were in the midst of co-opting the IRC and no one believed the guy telling us it was happening until it actually happened. They had a fucking clan tag and everything, they have full control over the templeos website and they have multiple admins above Terry in the IRC until he went homeless. There's no way for Terry to even fucking receive the cash, I don't know if he even has a bank account period

77d730  No.525355

File: 38b130df761830f⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 546x896, 39:64, cf6f2c70e17a8316d3f7e590a3….jpg)



>wait, so Terry donations and other Terry created things are nothing but a shekelmaking machine?

Pretty much, I think they give him a little out of the total take so he thinks people just aren't donating that much but they're obviously taking the majority of the money because Terry is constantly talking about how he doesn't even have enough for a meal.

>And they are trolling Terry so they can keep him homeless?

I suspect they are. It gives people more of an incentive to donate plus provides them with videos of a man constantly struggling.

>He's right. I remember a couple months ago when the tripfags started popping up on /tech/ and getting shat on, but more kept coming and coming and now, mysteriously, you have clearly same guys with no trip.

The BO removed the ability to tripfag but he defended them for hours on IRC when I complained about it. They appointed a new vol because of the constant complaints but he's been iffy lately. He got caught lying about Terry's e-mail being compromised and once it was proven he just ignored any posts about it and went into damage control. Those tripfags spawned from some retarded IRC group that recruits new members via blackmail. They basically get some dirt on your and force you to post with a tripcode unless you want it released.

They all proudly used the clan tag on IRC until people started looking into them more closely and now they hide behind different usernames although they'll use them from time to time still. They all constantly idle in the templeOS channels.

>If I remember correctly they were in the midst of co-opting the IRC and no one believed the guy telling us it was happening until it actually happened.

Yea, they co-opted the channel and ran damage control on /tech/ shilling against the namefag that came to expose them. To this day if you mention that they'll accuse you of being him. Even the vol and BO are doing it. If they discover you're not him by checking your IP they'll run damage control by telling you you've fallen for his disinformation by spreading the information. The vol even posted about this thread and the one made on /pol/ when anons attempted to warn other anons that donations were not going to Terry. I don't trust anyone on /tech/ now because it's really suspicious that the BO didn't care about tripfags shitting up his board and the new vol was involved in all the IRC drama and attempts to gate keep any information about Terry. I've even stopped idling in the IRC channels for fear that they're constantly doxing anyone in them.

>They had a fucking clan tag and everything

The clantag this anon is referring to is "[k00l]". They have their own website and everything along with several threads about them in the >>>/ircsecrets/ board detailing their various faggotry.

11a90f  No.525786


Argentine guy here, I actually agree with crazy computer wacko about the pope

d5f2ad  No.525881

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



In the chance you aren't trolling, and you are legit, the only way to clear this up is to get someone to go and Talk to Terry, get it on vid. I'm not fully convinced, Terry still has access to his server, when some nigger got his channel striked probably the same kind of person that would try to convince anon's that terry isn't getting his paypal, he uploaded his vids to the site not too long ago.


Yeah, we need someone to go to him


>believe an anon who has no evidence

can we get some proofs about the email spoof? Maybe some archives of the /tech/ thread?

ac3cf3  No.525894


Fucking gorilla nigger. Terry uses yahoo mail. The mail servers on templeos.org point to privateemail.com, which was registered with Namecheap. It's definitely not yahoo. Terry's emails are now under control of whoever controls templeos.org which is not Terry. Since Terry's paypal is @templeos.org email, his paypal is compromised.

77d730  No.525904


Hey man I don't expect you to take an anon's word. You can see for yourself in this thread:


I'd have to go through the archives to pull up all the stuff about the tripfags. You can see some of the discussion on /metatech/ if you care to go through it. A lot of that stuff took place over the course of many months.

ac3cf3  No.526108

Board volunteer varg is banning people now on /tech/ for calling him out on his bullshit of defending people who usurped Terry's website, work, and donations.

a82ca4  No.526213

This is getting more interesting than it has any right to be.

d5f2ad  No.526220


You're clearly a dumb nigger, prove what you're saying, not repeat it.

his paypal link hasn't changed, you can verify that with archive.is.

His domain maybe owned by tsheikhs, but that doesn't prove tsheikhs controls his paypal, you're logic has a massive hole in it, a hole only possible if you are a dumb nigger.

You just don't want people giving money to terry you fucking nigger.


Thanks anon, I'll have a read

d5f2ad  No.526222

ok, I get it now, kimjongchill, forgot about that shitstirring fat boy.

d5f2ad  No.526223

ae8427  No.526286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Maus track I'm listening right now feels so fitting to Terry's dance, sort of hypnotic.

ac3cf3  No.526388


It doesn't matter if his paypal link has changed or not. What matters is that his email for his paypal is controlled by another person. If a and b, therefore c. Do you know logic? Are you that much of an imbecile that you can't clue in on the pieces to find out what you need to see the whole picture?

Here it is, in plain English you fucking retard: Terry's e-mail address is controlled by another person. Terry's paypal uses that e-mail address. Person controlling Terry's e-mail changes the password for Terry's paypal. Terry no longer controls his paypal. Terry no longer gets donations. Person who controls Terry's e-mail address now controls Terry's paypal which means he is stealing Terry's donations.

How fucking dumb are you varg? Get fucking lost.

77d730  No.526413

File: b928a82a405dc49⋯.png (31.73 KB, 874x242, 437:121, ClipboardImage.png)

/tech/ vol is going into overdrive now to protect his buddies. Pic related.


>you just don't people giving money to Terry

If you check the thread on /tech/ that I crosslinked there is proof that his e-mail has been changed now. It isn't a @yahoo.com email associated with the paypal any longer. I don't care if people are giving him money or not I just want people that are donating to be aware that the money probably isn't getting to Terry any longer.

I still think he's being robbed of the donations and merch sales and whomever is controlling it is only giving part of it to Terry. It doesn't make sense that so many people are donating to him but he's unable to buy food and cigarettes. When he was getting the donations he was paying for gas, cigarettes, food, beer, and anything else he might needs while on the road.

d5f2ad  No.526501


I won't get lost.

>Terry's e-mail address is controlled by another person.

We know his domain changed and the domain email, the email used for the website domain, but nothing more that's what's evident in the /tech/ thread. I'll keep this simple for your nigger mind: Show proof that Terry doesn't have control over his email, because that's not what's in the thread.


> It doesn't make sense that so many people are donating to him

Who's donating to him? how many people are donating to him?

I get the concern, but there's a lot of claims flying around about the people who actually helped in the past with no evidence. All I'm saying is, get proof if you want anons to believe you, get Terry to talk about it on vidi, see what he says. and not irc terry, it's easy to larp as irc terry with a foxdick client. It's especially hard to believe when there's ircfaggots shitstirring to gain control of the channel, and faggots emailing terry pretending to be diana. There are too many people trying to fuck with Terry, his income and the people helping him already for me to readily accept your theory.

eaa2aa  No.526522

File: 96675e4a4e62c38⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 429x592, 429:592, 96675e4a4e62c38ae35cb67822….gif)

5997ce  No.526525


>Ok, all this shit was taken over, and there's no explanation for the email changes, but the PayPal in specific is separated and untouched no proof???

I would bet every fucking cent I have that you are in on this and are trying to get people to keep sending your scum fuckbuddies cash

ac3cf3  No.526605


Varg if you don't know that root can read email of any user, you don't need to be on /tech/.

77d730  No.527151

File: 742a78eaf46f896⋯.png (32.25 KB, 1057x703, 1057:703, tech_vol_is_a_faggot.png)


Seems I was banned for calling out the vol. I'm pretty convinced he's in on stealing from Terry now.

4faaeb  No.528039

Don't believe (((autismosis/kimjonchill/hyperreal))) propaganda.

He's a filthy mutt who wants strife and discord.


That's not me. I never posted here.


I replied to your post on /metatech/

If you actually want to talk to me, you can find me in #/tech/ on rizon. That way you can be sure to who you're talking to.

77d730  No.528048


I'm not coming to IRC to talk with you faggot and your post on /metatech/ is just more bullshit. I'm going to dig into this until the end of time.


Crosslink to meta thread regarding my ban if anyone wants to see how the vol handles being called out. I'll compile an entire history of /tech/ over the last 7 months or so for anons not in the know. Fishy shit going on over there with the owner and moderation.

4faaeb  No.528059


>I'm not coming to IRC to talk with you faggot

Fine. But don't assume there are people in this thread that are me.

>I'm going to dig into this until the end of time.

Please do, but keep in mind that being suspicious is a thing, defamation is another.

>I'll compile an entire history of /tech/ over the last 7 months

Feel free to ask if you need help with the timeline.

2baa37  No.528901


You shut up about Temple OS. That is an OS designed by God himself.

ac3cf3  No.529954

File: 7c8d1990609327a⋯.png (551.97 KB, 599x838, 599:838, 9b42b367a1e10183f5a5b6df9b….png)


ea9051  No.529957


Goddammit, fuck

1da5c5  No.529959


>still no link to prove it

ac3cf3  No.529988


Do you think it's possible that [k00l] tsheikhs kenster and other cohorts are trying to juke everyone since they stole Terry's work and were making profit off of it?

0e67fe  No.530004



The CIA niggers have been trying to scrunch his mind for decades, Terry would never succumb to their fiendish devices.


I spit on CIA niggers for trying to deceive us with this malfeasance.

242e3f  No.530020


Don't believe CIA Nigger lies.

ecbb9e  No.530022


>our very special


36bd5f  No.530026

File: cc2b7f098b9902d⋯.png (288.31 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1510005208849.png)

Mr. Reddikur and his ebin fanboys killed him

36bd5f  No.530032



cbfa92  No.530037



edeed4  No.530062

File: e0382968442b48d⋯.png (1.14 MB, 810x1145, 162:229, 1fNo20fN1gG3r00fVJn9b8.png)

Must be a fake. We all know that the CIA niggers can't kill a God.


57f007  No.530086

File: 739eb216ba631be⋯.png (639 KB, 1037x722, 1037:722, Dl98AIpWsAEaIf4.png)

File: 95608bbf99d90fc⋯.png (21.67 KB, 768x272, 48:17, jc7mhIE.png)

File: d88111d24dc3505⋯.jpg (30.51 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1526602752369.jpg)

File: 0e5fad832eda23d⋯.jpeg (19.76 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 0e5fad832eda23d941b47d241….jpeg)

File: b5c0e56af1da5be⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 300x424, 75:106, b5c0e56af1da5be1e6af22541d….gif)

It's real, I don't want it to be but it is.

Share Terry pics in his memory

1da5c5  No.530090


>someone on Discord told me it's true!

Still no evidence I see.

27888c  No.530096

File: 712c0dbcccf7e65⋯.png (295.68 KB, 464x553, 464:553, upload_2018-9-1_14-57-16.png)

File: b162b71f4b42e69⋯.png (316.71 KB, 379x523, 379:523, upload_2018-9-1_14-58-26.png)

File: ed21d710c487945⋯.png (473.88 KB, 551x555, 551:555, upload_2018-9-1_14-59-18.png)

File: a4dedc94c70d4b7⋯.png (181.12 KB, 405x368, 405:368, upload_2018-9-1_15-0-32.png)

I'm still hoping it's a hoax until someone contacts his sister or finds an obituary.

185fca  No.530146

File: 37f600843c228f7⋯.jpg (226.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Terry Davis with a vagina.jpg)


>SNK changed his gender for their latest fighting game

What a way to be immortalized.

ac3cf3  No.530175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Someone posted this elsewhere, but it still looks fake.

7de300  No.530201

File: ecb2de40678a974⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 445x606, 445:606, 1487469914330.jpg)

File: 4b2b11a1adbb043⋯.jpg (131.77 KB, 477x719, 477:719, 1535776437089.jpg)

Dat guy.

75953e  No.530220

File: d6a2af141de3999⋯.jpg (145.55 KB, 952x842, 476:421, d6a2af141de3999dc2de1d0c6d….jpg)

File: d98d35eb3556550⋯.png (610.58 KB, 2976x1811, 2976:1811, TheTemple_discord.png)


I made an audio recording of my asking TheTemple on discord about what happened with regards to the Terry A. Davis facebook account, the screenshots and video of the death announcement, as well as information about who controlled Terry's paypal account and merchandise sales. I didn't start recording right away so it misses some of the first questions. When I asked him if I had the story straight (and wrote what he'd told me thus far into the chat) he spergd out and told me to just go ahead and believe Terry is alive (@9:45).

My username was betterThanRealismElephant, and the user reading my questions to TheTemple was LudusRegard. TheTemple is the first person speaking in the audio recording.

Also, sorry about the brown noise in the background, I forgot I had that playing (I use it to drown out the sound of traffic below my apartment balcony).


TheTemple's testimony regarding today's events:

Note: TheTemple started a YouTube channel 12 hours ago, declaring that he is going to begin streaming (he's the new eceleb on the block).

He claims he created a fake Terry Davis facebook account to trick Terry's family members into adding him as a friend because he was "worried about Terry". I asked him what he accomplished by doing so and he said he ended up not helping Terry with anything. He claims he communicated with Terry's family members but refuses to offer proof or even say what they spoke about.

I asked him if he contacted Terry's family members to ask them what happened to Terry and he said "no" and spergd out, saying he would never put them through that because "they already know how he died".

He says that he was randomly logged out of the fake Terry Davis account because Terry's family members asked that the account be memorialized. I asked him why they would ask for an account to be memorialized when they know that it's not Terry's real account (remember: He claims that he contacted Terry's family after they added him as a friend and told them he wasn't Terry).

TheTemple stopped answering questions and told me that to just believe Terry is alive.

They (Mr. Mime and TheTemple) claim that Terry has always controlled his PayPal, but that he has never controlled the merchandise sales and may have never received a penny of the profits (they try to downplay this by saying that "the merch sales never amounted to anything").

dfb4fa  No.530223


So, Terry isn't dead and discord is full of faggots. Glad to hear

75953e  No.530224

File: 24cf3302154e25d⋯.webm (14.97 MB, 2976x1811, 2976:1811, 24cf3302154e25dd2e96f7d6d….webm)

75953e  No.530225

File: 4e9c9c15670a8a5⋯.jpg (168.14 KB, 525x750, 7:10, 1518842435548.jpg)

ac3cf3  No.530227


Genuine kek around 42:50 when one guy says you keep asking the same question over and over again.

75953e  No.530230

File: e34fb515f3f3fee⋯.png (82.91 KB, 1223x435, 1223:435, TheTemple_wont_respond_to_….png)


It wasn't even a question either, I just wrote out what I thought I'd heard him say to confirm I hadn't misunderstood. TheTemple was incredibly evasive once I put his story together and asked him if it was correct:

>I want to confirm this is the connect story before I report the news: So you made a fake Terry Davis facebook account because you wanted to chat with Terry's family (out of concern for Terry), and successfully added this family as friends. You communicated with them and told them you weren't Terry, but not much else. You then saw the announcement, shared it here (screenshots and video), and then you were suddenly logged out of the account after his family members requested it be memorialized?

dfb4fa  No.530233


did he answer?

75953e  No.530234


Nope. That message summarizes everything he said during the conversation. Notice how when I asked him why he didn't ask Terry's family what happened to Terry, his response was:

>"of course I didn't, because they already know what happened, why would I fucking bother them if they know what happened, you fucking sperg!"

ac3cf3  No.530239


Are we even sure his accent is real?

75953e  No.530248

File: 505a4a3d75a0c14⋯.png (102.93 KB, 1031x1515, 1031:1515, Terry_A_Davis_facebook_0.png)

File: abaec9c9024c515⋯.png (718.82 KB, 1024x1684, 256:421, Terry_A_Davis_facebook_1.png)

File: 1bba7b3715a297f⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1031x1477, 1031:1477, Terry_A_Davis_facebook_2.png)

File: 65f8713e98438d6⋯.png (159.48 KB, 1024x1474, 512:737, Terry_A_Davis_facebook_3.png)

File: a70c46502d99155⋯.png (154.78 KB, 2227x621, 2227:621, TheTemple_Terry_A_Davis_fa….png)

Holy fuck, I just realized that not only did TheTemple make a fake Terry Davis account on facebook (and trick Terry's family into adding him as a friend), he was pretending to be Terry for months, pics related: https://archive.fo/0XX6H

Either this was in fact Terry's facebook account and TheTemple hacked it somehow (stole his password?), or TheTemple did make a fake Terry account (as he in fact claimed) and spent months LARPing as Terry for some reason, even retweeting PhysicsGirl posts and posting hymns (allegedly written by Terry). Not only that, but someone on KikiFarms just said that he interacted with the facebook account at some point and he believes it was in fact Terry, meaning that TheTemple was even pretending to be Terry in DMs and/or chat.

What the fuck is this shit? Why had TheTemple spent months LARPing as Terry?


Why is the fake Terry Davis facebook account memorialized, but Terry's real facebook account is not?




>Are we even sure his accent is real?

Good question, we'll need a bong to do an analysis.

aafd28  No.530250

How'd he go lads?

7b9439  No.530251


He didn't. it was faked. /cow/ getting julayed as usual.

6c20c2  No.530253

File: fe53a1fcaa4a90a⋯.png (408.57 KB, 1020x1290, 34:43, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at ….png)

File: f7539d71daea8e7⋯.png (294.65 KB, 986x1500, 493:750, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at ….png)

File: aec88e0afcf2924⋯.png (171.49 KB, 978x694, 489:347, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at ….png)

File: 8d756acf55c3c49⋯.png (187.27 KB, 978x772, 489:386, Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at ….png)


That Terry account joined a few smaller Facebook groups and also interacted with a bunch of individual profiles in a manner exactly like his other accounts. If it's a larp it's more sophisticated than that replacement Beatles member.

75953e  No.530255


What the actual fuck. Did TheTemple hack one of Terry's facebook accounts?

de6dcd  No.530257

ab5e68  No.530270


Sorry for doubting you, your evidence was weak, I'm still not sold on tsheiks doing anything bad but thetemple doesn't look good right now.

c504ca  No.530271


(((they))) got him, he knew too much

cb50a4  No.530345

File: 6ea5926386074fd⋯.png (277.25 KB, 500x390, 50:39, 1370462256655.png)


>Terry Davis- Courtesy Hold OT/Agency

We have to break him out

57f007  No.530377





So, TheTemple has been larping as Terry for months and possibly hacked his account? For wha purpose? Is he stealing Terry's PayPal shekels?

ab5e68  No.530387


>TheTemple has been larping as Terry for months


>possibly hacked his account?

no, he used fake account made by himself and his fam thought it was him because terry has multiple accounts

>For wha purpose?

initially to get access to family fb it seemed, incase news went through them for times like this, but to pretend to be Terry like he did… he's fucked in the head

ac3cf3  No.530688


Someone on /tech/ is claiming that his sister made a confirmation on facebook, a public post supposedly. Knowing all this info about how indepth terry's identity was stolen to make a fake facebook account, it's hightly dubious that this is true.


b9f388  No.530691

I refuse to give condolences until I know this is real.

ef2732  No.530693

There's a few claiming that Terry was the one who got killed in that train accident that happened recently in that part of town.

ab5e68  No.530695



yeah, let's just wait. anons will be calling tuesday





185fca  No.530730


>2nd pic

Would you?

bee22f  No.530739

Please tell me TheTemple did indeed get doxxxxed, that'd be glorious.

dfb4fa  No.531287


seconding this

75953e  No.531296

File: d50963182483831⋯.png (13.76 KB, 975x161, 975:161, upload_2018-9-1_19-29-4.png)

File: 3b81873932d72a1⋯.png (156.88 KB, 1848x706, 924:353, upload_2018-9-1_19-30-46.png)

File: d45e74812a05658⋯.png (48.6 KB, 914x251, 914:251, 9vqFa29.png)

File: 096bfe02f8cbcc0⋯.png (1.2 MB, 2774x1536, 1387:768, they_are_stealing_from_ter….png)

File: 3c984122464954b⋯.png (787.9 KB, 2773x1534, 47:26, they_are_stealing_from_ter….png)



This needs to happen. What is coming out of the woodwork now is that TheTemple is directly affiliated with tSheikhs, a guy who has been accused of stealing Terry's money, fucking with Terry's website and the TempleOS ISOs, and possibly preventing Terry from uploading cocks to youtube.

75953e  No.531306

File: c033c19b21d5e64⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1141x1862, 163:266, TheTemple_pentester.png)


He for sure lives in the UK (confirmed from video of him navigating facebook to prove the Terry death announcement was real) and may be in yorkshire (based on his accent). He might work in IT, maybe worked or works as a pentester.

ab5e68  No.531316


we don't know if he did wrong yet.

75953e  No.531326


Yes we do, he admitted to impersonating Terry for 4 months to stalk Terry's family members. He even pretended to be terry to them in DMs. They thought he was the real Terry and would send him messages like "I love you" (his mother), thinking that Terry was doing well while he was wandering the streets and slipping into a suicidal depression.

dfb4fa  No.531330


I really hope these faggots get doxed and ruined. This is top level kikery.

75953e  No.531333


The user called Sheikh scrubbed his entire Internet presence and disappeared. If you ask about it in the TempleOS discord the regular users there get extremely angry and say that he was bullied into doing it by anons from /tech/ and that he was totally innocent.

As if scrubbing your web presence and disappearing is a sign of innocence.

dfb4fa  No.531336


Some justice needs to come. These parasites were leeching off the hard work of a homeless man's life project. All those donations and merch money, all those lies to his family for months.

ab5e68  No.531337


That was pretty bad.

093623  No.531345

File: d65747b86fdcf76⋯.png (269.85 KB, 1352x755, 1352:755, TERRY IS ALIVE.png)

File: 24fd82577cb4407⋯.png (671.7 KB, 2771x1264, 2771:1264, TheTemple_grill_questions_….png)

File: a40270608f56061⋯.png (364.51 KB, 1027x760, 1027:760, a502a6bb55421fa16964352b82….png)

>The people that were stealing Terry's donations caused his death

We have to find and cyberlynch them

75953e  No.531351

File: 6e6dd1b862b06b5⋯.png (28.9 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1517763163538.png)


TheTemple may have contributed to Terry's death. He pretended to be Terry, and Terry's family thought that Terry was doing fine since TheTemple posted frequently on the fake facebook account. Meanwhile, Terry was slipping into a suicidal depression, which may have culminated in him jumping in front of a train.

On facebook, Terrys mother was sending DMs to the fake Terry account, messages like "I love you Terry". TheTemple claims that he ignored these messages and did not respond. Just imagine Terry's mother's heartbreak as her son refused to accept her loving words, refused to speak to her.

Maybe if Terry had received that love he would not have killed himself by jumping in front of a train.

093623  No.531352

File: afaf1ffa719d9ff⋯.png (232.76 KB, 291x345, 97:115, unknown.png)


Yeah, TheTemple pretended to be Terry Davis for 4 months, he even had Terry's mother sending him DMs saying "I love you". He claims he ignored the DMs, which obviously made Terry's mother think Terry wanted nothing to do with, that he didn't want her affections. It probably broke her heart.

0319c2  No.531411


This. The blood is on Reddikur’s hands

7ed6b4  No.531441

Terry is dead because a fraudster impersonating Terry on facebook told us so. His proof is a post on facebook from other family members.

We believe that these accounts have not been hacked or are frauds themselves because?

f87925  No.531500

So. Is he actually dead or what?

His last video was made and uploaded before he supposedly disappeared in 8/11/18.


2bffc8  No.531502

/tech/fag here.

We've been getting a large number of larpers and faked screens being passed around as evidence that terry has passed

One such case is


He deleted it now but basically it was >>>/tech/963787 with the data source header replaced with text about deaths.

There are others in the thread and there seems to be a very common push to faking terry's death.

Be cautious of fags over confident of terry being dead.

2bffc8  No.531503

There are plans right now to call Dalles Police Dept and the Dalles Chronicle to confirm any of these claims.

Don't jump to conclusions and share a sketchy screenshot, wait for hard evidence.

bdea25  No.531582


his is fucking bluespike-tier. Scratch that, this is even more autistic than that. This is like Randy Stair making embers ghost squad accounts and having them all talk to each other.

These reddit style autists are the worst–they poison the well with their power hungry weening.

ac3cf3  No.531914

Now here's something. The templeos.org website has now removed the PayPal donate button and replaced it with a message saying to make donations to some brain fund and some mental illness institute.

http://archive.is/sUHSp <- archived for convenience

ea9051  No.531938

File: 62c4a158d26857a⋯.png (106.81 KB, 1149x333, 383:111, three-dashes-not-two-reeee….png)


Not really significant but they also just commented it out so it could be changed back easily.

I have to admit that when I saw these posts



I didn't really believe it. They're actually confirming they've had full access to his site and everything, which they could have denied. "Killing" Terry off just two weeks after evidence that they were fucking with him began to be organized and disseminated would seem like a paranoid idiot's attempt to find a way to exit the whole scheme. For instance, the bearded autist who pretended to be a Syrian lesbian freedom fighter only to find it growing out of his control did the same thing.


People, especially autismos, don't make good decisions under pressure. That's all I can think of anyway.

63a364  No.531986

File: e03101e1090cde8⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1487033550197.jpg)

>This entire thread

>His schizophrenia definitely couldn't have been caused by the CIA which actually publicly confirmed that MKULTRA was real and that inducing schizophrenia was how they attempted to control peoples' minds

What sheep.

a5adef  No.531991


The donation was removed by someone who wanted to shit on the Discord fags. They came back by adding the Terry's dead message.

ac3cf3  No.532050

Does anyone remember Terry calling out the person who gave him the inverter? When Terry first got, he met the guy and a girl at Wal-Mart or some store. They gave him the inverter with the receipt. Terry tried to use it, but it didn't work.

Terry called them out. He said:

-They were thinking here is a homeless guy.

-He doesn't care.

-We'll just give him the broken crap and let him deal with it.

He goes on to say: Whatever, it's the thought that counts; or to that effect.

Was that guy who gave Terry the inverter, a broken inverter, tsheikhs - "Dave" - "Alec Murphy"?

75953e  No.532059

File: bdc8e9399354f58⋯.png (79.02 KB, 944x1052, 236:263, alphamerch_ip_lookup.png)

File: 34d94ebac4c301c⋯.png (187.35 KB, 1119x1228, 1119:1228, alphamerch_admits_stealing….png)

File: 814bd1a585b8097⋯.png (109.39 KB, 1996x828, 499:207, alphamerch_caleb_scammer.png)

A guy by the name of AlphaMerch stole $200 from Terry. Claims he gave it back to Terry 12 months later by sending him a paypal donation (there is no proof of this).

Here's the video of him scamming Terry out of $200:


He now runs a "Terry tribute" group on steam:



His steam profile:


He's currently hanging out in this discord:


His IP address is:

He lives in or near Queensland Australia in the city of Upper Mudgeeraba.

75953e  No.532062


SEVERAL geo IP services say that the IP originates in Waterford (a suburb in Logan City), which is a 29 minute drive South from Brisbane:


d7e2f5  No.532678


These fucks made him jump in front of a train. I bet they feel real powerful right now, for making an old dude commit suicide, real strong.

Terry was hit by a train because the last place he recorded @ had only one report of a death recently and that was by train and death by train is rarely accidental considering his location. Terry topped himself because of this shittery. Pure speculation though, I'm sure you can wiggle it out of a family member on Facebook, remember, if they don't want to tell you the cause, it's most likely suicide, because suicide is often the only cause of death that is really held close.

ac3cf3  No.532681


There's no report yet. Tomorrow is the earliest anyone will be able to talk to Police, if they will even release the information. It's still technically an "open case" to find out what happened. They might want information.

d7e2f5  No.532685


Seems like you're trying to make this random australian faggot a scapegoat, this an almost year old dispute. The real focus are the ones of whom have been recently stealing his donations recently, this year and took control of most of his shit.

ac3cf3  No.532687


They've been doing that shit since at least December of last year, if not earlier. When Terry got arrested and locked up in a mental home, without any internet or computer, that's when it was likely to have started regularly.

414263  No.532730

File: f5ca5cfe9700075⋯.jpg (24.01 KB, 227x467, 227:467, Screenshot_20180901-230705….jpg)

He was too good for this world.


Found the schizo.

ac3cf3  No.532787

It's strange how all this hate for Terry showed up once the donations being stolen was called out. Why is that?

3a2c01  No.532819

The niggers who stole from Terry are trying to derail the thread lol. Just go get your government benefits and fuck off you dirty jigaboos.

ac3cf3  No.532844

6bd84e  No.532884


Therese Davis has updated her facebook

ac3cf3  No.532890


Updated her facebook page at 2:30 in the morning? Highly unlikely.

ac3cf3  No.532891


However in Poland the time is 10:30. Hmm…

6d5e3a  No.532948

>Terry A. Davis might actually be dead

If true, Rest in Peace, Terry… You're fighting the CIA niggers in heaven now as God's personal IT manager.

6bd84e  No.532980


Someone call +1 541-296-2233 in 2 minutes with the case number in the video to find out!

f1b629  No.533010

75953e  No.533024


>Seems like you're trying to make this random australian faggot a scapegoat

<t. AlphaMerch

Read the rest of my posts in this thread you mouth breathing fuck. They all have to pay, all of them, including the ones last year who were stealing his money and pretending to be Dianna.

0be5c8  No.533089

File: 8f7768746a7f506⋯.jpg (62.7 KB, 1200x535, 240:107, terry_dead.jpg)

Officer Jamie Carrico (http://www.ci.the-dalles.or.us/node/4068) has confirmed that Terry is dead. He was struck by a train.


ac3cf3  No.533100


That's about as much proof as the facebook screenshots.

7ed6b4  No.533107

Yeah he's dead. RIP

ac3cf3  No.533109


Why do you say that?

7ed6b4  No.533111


There's enough evidence for me.

ea9051  No.533132


If Terry is not dead, he'll show up. I think he is, but the attention should now focus on the important matter of finding these faggots that tortured and exploited a mentally ill man.

54098a  No.533165

File: fba5c936d277fc5⋯.jpg (104.37 KB, 900x599, 900:599, david_hogg_cianigger.jpg)


They can't fucking hide. Pull the trigger on every CIA Nigger for this

791c18  No.533167


Poor Terry, his schizophrenic word salad was pretty hilarious to listen too. Too bad he ended up homeless for being a douche with his parents after the drums incident, then it started being tragic and stopped being funny.

RIP in Peace.

414263  No.533168

5e04d8  No.533210

Keep this format. Praise the -== Davis of the Omnissiah ==-

03504e  No.533227

Holy shit the new format.

25cc66  No.533238


rolling for this.

RIP King Terry

b9f388  No.533251

File: e2a17e6bd71d2ce⋯.png (284.76 KB, 499x682, 499:682, A future so bright I'm gon….png)

>Some faggot trolling about Terry Dying

>Temple OS theme on /cow

>It's real

Goddamnit dude. Goddamnit. RIP in peace sweet prince.

9d0112  No.533252

Love you Terry, most people think of you as just a meme, but to me, you were an amazing programmer.

15ba29  No.533253


>just a meme

You said that as if it was a small thing. He was a modern folk hero.

ea9051  No.533269


I always felt that way about Terry and Ulillillia.

I feel really shitty about this.

15ba29  No.533277


>I always felt that way about Terry

Me too, specially after seeing him being posted on imageboards (I knew about him and Temple before but it was encyclopedic knowledge so to speak, all I knew is that he was some schizophrenic dude who had made an OS from scratch).

>I feel really shitty about this.

Same. The date of his passing was near my own birthday. To make matters worse when I learned he had died for real today I was listening to a song that's famous for being quite uplifting and having been used in a movie for a very violent death scene. It amplified how hard the news hit me.


I'm afraid to say I don't know who that is.

ea9051  No.533287

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



A math savant in North Dakota who lived to age 30 (or nearly) as a virgin OCD with possible autism and a flood of phobias related to excessive video game use as a child. For instance he used to be afraid of "blue water" (pools, puddles, rivers, etc) because touching them in old 8bit games would lead to instant death. Mirrors caused him to panic too. He was tortured by his OCD.

Slowly he began to overcome these things, one by one, by really working at them and facing his fears. Eventually he progressed to where he was able to apply for jobs (he previously claimed a rare sleep disorder prevented this), got one, bought a car, and just moved out of his parents home for the first time in his life. He's moved clear across the country to Florida so he can swim in "blue water" all the time.

70bae2  No.533317

bdea25  No.533342


>temple os theme

i dont see it? I have css on board specific but it didnt change? take a picture please.

70bae2  No.533358


Try Ctrl+F5

9b56e6  No.533362

8e73c3  No.533366

File: acb50e3884547a5⋯.png (81 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Screenshot_2018-09-05_09-5….png)


You can download the css to use in your custom css too: 8ch.net/stylesheets/board/cow.css

RIP Terry

da7e89  No.533414

I can't. I just can't. Thanks to all the folks documenting this stuff, now Terry can live on in many more hearts and minds than he would've if he jussed passed under our radar.


If this is true, she needs this info. My head's so fucked right now

6bd84e  No.533627


Recording made today of a call to the cops to find out about Terry.

0b3e97  No.533636



32d30b  No.533674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Huh nice remix

8b72ee  No.533714

File: f0f9ac917213738⋯.webm (5.93 MB, 1092x614, 546:307, 2018-09-05 14-21-40.webm)


webm for those who don't want to use a nigger video container.

ea9051  No.533722


He admitted it himself in this chat with The Goldwater.


I was completely ready to just move on until I read this rambling pile of contradictions and justifications. Pretty sure he needs to pay for what he's done for a man that never hurt anyone that didn't have it coming.

6bd84e  No.533725


Don't worry someone got his IP on Monday and Information. He is fucked.

75953e  No.533790

File: 87b95a5de6f1c83⋯.png (62.69 KB, 1504x274, 752:137, TheTemple_stole_Terrys_Acc….png)


TheTemple told some people he hacked Terry's facebook account. To others, he said he made the account himself and larped as Terry out of "concern for Terry's safety".

If he stole Terry's account he broke the law.

75953e  No.533791


Even if he did steal Terry's account, he still larped as Terry. He was making posts after Terry died, which also means he made Terry's family think Terry was alive and well after Terry died.

6bd84e  No.533798

There seems to be a ton of larpers on FaceBook as we speak.

bdea25  No.533945


nice I see it now.


thx bud


wow what the fuck.

b9f388  No.533988

File: 868223bef40a58b⋯.png (95.1 KB, 206x274, 103:137, 1446243503712-1.png)


What the fuck

4faaeb  No.534035


>Don't worry someone got his IP on Monday and Information. He is fucked.

Did that actually happen? If yes, then why hasn't that stuff been published yet?

ce7c67  No.534045


you have no idea about Linux or GNU. just shut up.

414263  No.534118




He's not wrong. Torvalds himself would tell you the same shit about desktop Linux.

1da5c5  No.534458


4faaeb  No.534460

I asked the police department if the case was being investigated and if they had more details about the accident.

This is what they answered:

The case was investigated per Oregon State law involving deaths of this matter. No further information I can provide at this time

75953e  No.534461


Ask them if they're going to release the video camera footage from the train, it's mentioned in the news article.

ea9051  No.534463


What you want to do is find a local journalist to request it. The reason is that police are usually not obligated to release "public" information in a format that is most accessible (i.e., post it on their website). They're just required to provide it if legally obligated and even then still do it on their own terms.

I worked as a reporter in a large city and the police still required us to visit the precincts personally to pick up a CD of recent mugshots for the "blotter" column of recent arrests. That was actually my job until someone found an intern that would do it. They could have just emailed them or posted them somewhere. There's no reason they didn't except someone decided not to.

Also there are sometimes local ordinances about the release of graphic material. If there is one the train death of a man would definitely qualify. In that case a FOIA request might be required, it might be necessary anyway.

537657  No.534478



atheist faggot nigger

4faaeb  No.534534


This is the email I sent:

Is there an indicative date for when more information will be available?
Also, the journal article mentions video footage of the catastrophe.
Will that be released at any point?
Is it possible to know if the witness was the train engineer or a third person?

Thank you for your time,
Best Regards

And this is what I got back from Jamie Carrico:

The video will not be released by the police because we do not have it. It is policy of the railroad to allow police to view video but not release it to them in these types of circumstances. If this had been a homicide, this policy may be different. As for more information being released, I don't anticipate that. We have to respect the feelings of family members and releasing more information will not be beneficial for anybody. Please try to put the shoe on the other foot as if you were a family member.

Thank You

dec66b  No.534538

I hope Mister Moleman9000 tries to set this shit right after using a defenseless man to make a buck.

ea9051  No.534544


Ha Ha Ha you just got Redditkurred by the last crazy kid on the internet!

Let's send him $50 superchats to tell him what we really think!

ac3cf3  No.534545


>Let's send him $50 superchats

No. We will make fun of him here on /cow/ for free.

dfb4fa  No.534569



ea9051  No.534592


Okay $100 superchats and we call him a CIA Nigger lol fuckin pwn3d

ac3cf3  No.534603


I don't care about Gabe. Please stop derailing this thread.

3e7e48  No.534759


found by the aic snags, RIP terry.

edfec9  No.534771


>"Please try to put the shoe on the other foot"

>Amerigan bolice

ef2732  No.535414

Rest in Peace, Terry. Go herd your nigger cattle in heaven.

8e93bc  No.535925


You should have said you were a family member and wanted to see the footage

ac3cf3  No.536292

It's possible Terry is alive. Read into this what you want. http://archive.is/3mPla

526996  No.536326


This is too good and replicates the Mel Gibson movie too closely to be true. Don't play with my hopes anon.

ac3cf3  No.536334


I am going to keep looking into this one way or another.

526996  No.536347


By all means do it. I hope you're right but I don't believe it.

dec66b  No.536746


Very strange that he'd post his plan. I wonder if it's misdirection from his 'helpers'.


Maybe the police and FBI will get involved if they're informed of 'Terry's' plan.

ac3cf3  No.536757



It could possibly a ruse by those guys, but it could be Terry.


I am going to try to figure out what they did to identify him. If they used fingerprints, dental records, DNA, then that's an exact match, but if they only looked at his ID, then they might re-open the case to investigate it further with this new evidence.

ea9051  No.536810


Yeah, there's about 5 different ways coroners ID unidentified bodies. It wouldn't be just confirmed by looking at the ID, because a vagrant might have someone else's ID.

After his arrests this year Terry's fingerprints are all over police databases on the West Coast of the US now.

ac3cf3  No.536836



I would think that would be the easiest way to identify him. I am still going to try and get a copy of the police report and see if they will go into detail on what methods they used to identify him.

8cb159  No.536928






Why is there no obituary in The Dalles, Las Vegas or both? All we have now is some email screenshots and one possibly trolled af small town reporter. The Dalles PD has a website:


>To contact administration/records/detectives call 541-296-2613

someone do it. i'm not giving the cops my name. no way; no how

ea9051  No.536952


> Why is there no obituary in The Dalles, Las Vegas or both

Do you know how obituaries are published? Unless you're famous, the family pays (usually arranged by the funeral home) to have them published. The lack of an obituary is meaningless considering who he was.

> All we have now is some email screenshots and one possibly trolled af small town reporter

> Someone should call the police

Catch up.


8cb159  No.536969


>call the police

>get an actual record

learn reading comprehension fgt

ea9051  No.536972


>an actual record

Your post makes no sense then. They don't issue obituaries or death certificates at police departments. You posted a phone number and said "someone do it," without defining what "it" is.

>learn reading comprehension

Learn to write like a white man and you won't be treated like a nigger.

414263  No.537001

File: e396fa289f3cdd5⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 298x420, 149:210, 1297975016898.jpg)



>someone do it. i'm not giving the cops my name. no way; no how

Yet another paranoid schizophrenic.

19a79f  No.538073



>Why is there no obituary in The Dalles, Las Vegas or both?

There technically was, on the 7th in the The Dalles local paper.


Locked behind a paywall, pastebin of full text here:


9517f0  No.538080


That's an article not an obituary

cc0298  No.539274


A pedo?

cc0298  No.539281


"A follower". What an asshole.

8d498d  No.539388

did he died?

8d498d  No.539393


>platform masters will never come out

2b4041  No.539648

File: 29dc3ca6d1c6c2d⋯.jpg (56.52 KB, 945x612, 105:68, blue water.jpg)


Choose life, anon.

ea9051  No.539666

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't think he's even opened it in 2 years or more. He said that he only worked on it during commercial breaks when watching TV. When he no longer had cable service, there was no more TV, so no more commercials, so no more Platform Masters.

We still have the 1:48:57 long anniversary video with "read only" bonuses tho.

19a79f  No.541927

File: d56fc1592ee1fef⋯.png (288.27 KB, 810x1200, 27:40, d56fc1592ee1fef24f2257ada9….png)


What do you think an obituary is?

ac6191  No.541929


An short notice of a death.

a8ed42  No.542794

File: 5813bc3fa67b815⋯.png (350.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, b30a7f9dca61dd2af9e330b6f5….png)


Do you have a link to get the Temple OS stylesheet?

RIP king Terry.

414263  No.542837

a8ed42  No.543754

File: a344cf6f704d1ce⋯.png (117.84 KB, 467x348, 467:348, a344cf6f704d1ce47526b411ce….png)



ddc407  No.544653

File: 68faede3c9016b3⋯.png (43.69 KB, 665x274, 665:274, Yeah, I am Terry Davis.png)

45dc21  No.544668


He had several accounts.

2a1a5b  No.547485

File: 91a6c5a3033123e⋯.png (227.23 KB, 384x340, 96:85, death.png)

I have come to pay respects, godspeed you magnificent bastard

148a7e  No.550060

File: 5ca7cbda013daa0⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20180816_042738.jpg)


I know people good childhood criends with schizophrenia. For someone to accomplish what terry did is a miracle of dedication and hard work. For anyone to steal that from a man suffering as terry did as well as confuse his family is unforgiveable.

Im not skilled like many here with super autist powers but Im begging you………FIND THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE AND CUCK THEM INTO THE DIRT!

bfceb3  No.551223

theory: Terry isn't schizophrenic, rather bipolar and schizoaffective.

he was diagnosed at a time when schizophrenia was a blanket term for many conditions that involve delusional psychosis.

powerleveling here, but someone who's close to me had a bad mushroom trip around this time and was diagnosed with all kinds of shit. it took them months to get out of the mental hospital despite his trip wearing off in a matter of hours. for reference, modern psych hospitals have an evaluation period to avoid these sorts of situations

65e0ca  No.551678

b9f388  No.553128

File: 6b25234e4c4608d⋯.jpg (22.7 KB, 448x336, 4:3, 6b25234e4c4608d3afef2e21cb….jpg)


ulililililililililililililia always seemed like a nice guy. Glad he turned out ok.

670da8  No.553625


He wasn't even a true cow, he was just really strange.

Bless that man, he turned his OCD 'tism around and used it to clear off all his issues and fears.

9010d8  No.562958


Shoes on the bed? How does he sleep knowing there are dirty shoes in his bed?

9010d8  No.562962

File: d85e852f541c8d6⋯.jpg (68.35 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1539016905400.jpg)


That would count as fraud. So find and report them to authorities. Imagine if someone made a fake Chris account in order to get money from his autistic fanbase.

df01aa  No.563126

Time unpin trhis shit jews

ac3cf3  No.563144


varg still on damage control because he knows terry isn't dead

df01aa  No.563146


literally who?

ac3cf3  No.563210


Literally (you).

df01aa  No.563273

File: 2c8e8698fb61cf4⋯.jpg (42.5 KB, 803x439, 803:439, wild snownigger.jpg)


Fuck you got me there

ac3cf3  No.563387


stop posting shit in this thread.

196355  No.563392

ac3cf3  No.563475

Anyone that thinks Terry is dead, I ask: where is the obituary for his mother? Why's that not been found? Because if Terry died, and those Facebook posts weren't fake, then that means that Terry, his mother, his sister's mother-in-law, and his sister's friend all died in August. No evidence of any of these people passing has been found. Where is it at? The article does not say the police report named Terry as the deceased. The reporter used the numerous phone calls and emails as evidence to write the article. It's the cart before the horse.


Fuck off.

8dff5e  No.565262


Terry is probably tied up in some Alog's basement, and he's torturing him while pretending to be the CIA.

f18c25  No.573803


He is in Vancouver.

be9105  No.586422

Cuckchan ebin "shitlords" and Mr. Reddikur fanboys killed him tbh

42ddb6  No.587405


this but unironically.

>be in terrys youtube streams

>never more than 11 people max

when he got the giant spotlight put on him and all the niggers started fucking with him it went downhill fast.

a41449  No.589038


Hi diogenes. Pretending that he wasn't already being fucked with again? What was PVCC again, or do you not remember?

55e45b  No.589142


>Jim fagboy this try hard.

No one cared about those acronyms unless they were a cringey raiding /b/ tard to begin with which is not most of a imageboards userbase. You know the old adage, report and ignore? Jim couldnt help but gather internet points telling everyone that he knew about Terry, wow Jim you are so in the know you know about this kooky zany guy that /g/ knows about. Making the video was a irresponsible retard decision and Jim is a huge faggot leech and his fans are basically Something Awful user faggot nihilists. And If someone bothered to go get the logs of that Discord that fucked with Terry, I gaurantee Jim's video is posted in it and a number of them are his fans. But of course that would tarnish the image of based Internet troll with a heart of gold, and not just a parasite faggot who parrots an internet subculture and then hides behind children fans when he breaks their rules.

ad90c1  No.589204


> Making the video was a irresponsible retard decision

This tbh, Jim making his video on Terry opened up him to a huge number of Jim's fanboys which are teenage chantards and redditors who just tormented Terry because that's what they think "trolling" is.

> his fans are basically Something Awful user faggot nihilists

SA is on it's last legs I'm always surprised when people mention it here. The demographic of people on something awful are depressed middle aged heavy drinking SJW's, they aren't the type that are in Jim's audience.

84a9b9  No.596015



>Jim lives

>Terry dies

I hate this timeline.

b93a15  No.596737

File: a2c1a4827e63f4e⋯.png (163.36 KB, 546x474, 91:79, 1539873740432.png)

not sure if you faggots have seen this or not, but the implications are very heavy.

brainlets need not worry, everyone else can really get their noggin joggin.

5818e0  No.596949


fuck off margcuck

ad6b96  No.598294

File: 61fbd3fc55c1ca0⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1118x885, 1118:885, jim_paypig.png)

<Kills Terry for ebin reasons

a882d0  No.598311


I fucking hate discord spics.

ad6b96  No.598358


What about it, boy? That trannie bronie is "white" aka american.

039d42  No.601149





You niggers are to Terry as foxdick farms are to chrischan.

>REEEEEEEEEEEEE someone other than US are paying attention to this guy REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

buncha fags.

>browse /cow/

>be the lolcow yourself

abbf7f  No.602864


No I had no problem with other people liking or following Terry it was simply the type of person that Metekor attracts that I didn't like. There were people from that crowd who had convinced Terry that a black man was fucking his crush Diana which tormented him for their own pleasure. Just sick "trolling" of a severely mentally ill man who could not defend himself. That's not even getting into his inner circle of people who were stealing money from the man when he was homeless and on the streets dying.

abbf7f  No.602865


this is the type of people Jim would attract to Terry. This is why his videos are shit

039d42  No.603234

File: ba996407c6f95e2⋯.png (149.82 KB, 465x484, 465:484, ad920cfd-deba-4c03-8129-7d….png)



And you really think /cow/ of all places is the place to moralfag about it? This is the place that made fun of a Rarityfag with a fat fetish (Secrios) for little more than making cringey "comedy" videos until he convinced one of our moderators to put him under protection by deleting images and locking the thread. Hell, any minuscule component of any Chrischan saga alone makes you look like a tearjerking faggot throwing a fit just because it was Terry that got made fun of. Maybe you cultist-tier fags should have done for Terry what Null is doing to Chrischan if you're that concerned.

55e45b  No.603338


>Brigading for a 40 year old man who has been stealing memes from imageboards for his entire adult life and making them presentable to r/4chan.

>Thinking there is some code of troll honor or conduct that people are gay for not following to be epic internet troll lords

When did your real dad leave the family?

039d42  No.603881

File: ef48f6f0775f137⋯.jpg (5.19 KB, 255x233, 255:233, d0c8f1a2c4302abf0cf7b46fac….jpg)


You sound a little assmad that people might think you're pretty gay for sperging about this one lolcow being laughed at.

abbf7f  No.603961


>you look like a tearjerking faggot throwing a fit just because it was Terry that got made fun of

People close to him stole money from him when he was homeless on the street, people who called themselves fans of his. That's way beyond "making fun" of Terry. Stealing from a homeless schizophrenic man is a bit beyond mockery. This isn't a "moralfag" thing I'm not bringing this up because I'm offended by terry memes I just pointed out that the people around Terry were scumbags

039d42  No.604098


So be pissed at those niggerfaggots. Don't cry about Jim making a video about him.

bf889f  No.604355

File: dbfc01ee69c98a5⋯.jpg (24.93 KB, 474x316, 3:2, cow.jpg)

8dff5e  No.611182



Strange that you whine about reddit, when you obviously come from there.

55e45b  No.613528


Why do legions and legions of kids defend a namefag who takes what they say to get youtube upvotes and super berries?

Because they love the attention and were probably in elementary school during Gamer Gate. Jim is their Dad and who cares about anonymous image boards being of usable quality. The secret is that everyone else sucking the guys cock is also 12. And despite all this fucking drama shit, sargoy still can get a third of a million views regurgitating some news article. I don't know what would in the end be funnier. Jim continues his persona into his 60s becoming the most successful manchild ever or something happens and a flood of endless tears from his baby fans.

a7c222  No.615023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Diogenes, quit drinking.

f9d4d8  No.617964

File: fd8735707fe9521⋯.jpg (125.67 KB, 764x599, 764:599, yiff in hell furfags.jpg)



The absolute state of this ID


This, Jim and his fanbase are the new Sargon and Kekistan, he has a lot of atual spics, niggers, furfags, redditors and trannies as fanbase besides of cuckchan newfags and they really believe they are special and more ebin and based than all the others spics, niggers, furfags, redditors and trannies.

84a6c2  No.619574

84a6c2  No.619591



84a6c2  No.619622


you are a faggot sargonite shill bitch boi

1f91eb  No.621916


>There were people from that crowd who had convinced Terry that a black man was fucking his crush Diana which tormented him for their own pleasure

This was me tbh, and I did it to mitigate the people pretending to be Dianna goading him into sending them videos of him showering and other less wholesome forms of nudity.

All I really did was send him some instagram post of Dianna with a light-skinned nigger and said something like "she's taken, people are just messing with you. she's not really e-mailing you"

This apparently set him off and he started watching a bunch of cuckporn and getting off to the idea that Dianna was having "orgasms from huge nigger dicks"

I did this trying to help and it fucked him up more. Didn't fully realize the lengths he would go to in order to defend the relationship between him and the jim/cuckchan/reddit army LARPing as Dianna in his e-mails.

2aaeeb  No.622854


Sure thing, paypig, you're the one who posted three consecutive posts as a newfag

f813ee  No.623300

fuck cia niggers

bebdc0  No.623981

>Nearly 100 days since disappearance

>Literally no evidence this man is still alive, faked or legitimate

Srsly, if all the death shit is hoaxed then hats off to those who manufactured all of it. The untimely "deaths" of his relatives are extremely suspect, sure, but that's exactly the kind of thing the CIA niggers would do if someone was on to them. Tie up all loose ends.

I'll give it till February for some autist here to build a credible case that Terry's still alive and kicking (6 months since death), otherwise for all intents and purposes he really did die, conscious decision or not. The bastards probably scopolamine'd him, the poor fuck.

ac3cf3  No.623996

File: 08da91e8e0741d4⋯.mp4 (1.62 MB, 326x184, 163:92, 08da91e8e0741d4feeaa338e6a….mp4)

ac3cf3  No.623999

File: 0d8e49f620463a7⋯.webm (7.82 MB, 640x480, 4:3, genuineyarmulke.webm)


Meant to post this also.

9c9bc2  No.624135


I can see him actually getting fucked with by CIA Niggers tbh.

>dad worked on missiles and other military projects

>kid's running around at ticketmaster using DoD subnets as a form of security-by-obscurity because why the fuck not

<[intel niggers] find this out

<hey, john over in psyops has some really bomb acid. lets give it to that missile kid fucking around in our subnets so he doesn't say anything dumb about the shit his dad worked on

>fry his brain, convince him it's all aliens and radio spooks


<heh, now anything he says will be written off as schizo ramblings, our secrets are safe

4c7026  No.624372



You both think sooo much, better take your meds, /cow/boys…

660669  No.625473


Stop gangstalking me.

if you think im serious you're the one who should be on meds tbh laddo

ea63fc  No.627782


jokes on us, you were only pretending to make solid arguments

3b146e  No.647441


Epic win /b/ro you trolled him good!

749987  No.683702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

30bf8d  No.723388


lol you're literally going to hell :D

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