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File: 5c2490f4f792bc4⋯.png (106.05 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

34e531  No.625592

Last thread is auto-saging

Currently the merge is supposed to happen, hope you guys are ready.

637e31  No.625621

File: a90b71286182137⋯.jpg (88.42 KB, 750x688, 375:344, 9376f969af8da2fe77a49fa520….jpg)

8091b0  No.625629


5 hours left

20ce5a  No.625711


Someone should call Chris and convince him that in order for the merge to happen, Barb needs to be removed from the Chandler household permanently.

0daa61  No.625763



Chris hasn't specified when the merge will happen, just that it'll happen before 2018 ends.


So still a ways to go.

624f90  No.625773


I thought the merge was supposed to happen on the condition that megan and Chris touch nintendos. If that's the case, than megan is being selfish by staying away from Chris and denying us paradise. Chris needs to go to her house after court and plead his case so we can leave this shitty dimension already.

b5a4c3  No.625778

File: 79ef44acbfd1f44⋯.png (112.76 KB, 580x1098, 290:549, cwc ramblings.png)

Chris posts a boring autistic 'explanation' detailing the finer points of the merge whilst pretending his date with the court isn't happening.

I might be too low IQ to understand it properly, maybe someone else has a better understanding of it?

382ca6  No.625780


You're the same foxdick faggot from the last thread. Go fuck off.

de343e  No.625785

File: 55a4626530e1ba3⋯.jpg (160.77 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 25-thanos.w700.h700.jpg)


>51% survive

Huh. Pic related.


Foxdicks are fags and A-Logs but we're still paying attention to Chris to this day. I wonder if the only difference between us and them is anonymity and no banana stickers.

b5a4c3  No.625796


It's easier to propagate a group-think mentality if the people with the 'correct' opinion gets a bunch of silly stickers signalling to everyone else that their post is the most socially accepted one in said community.

Those in the majority will then continue to promote each other in a circlejerk and alienate everyone that doesn't agree through aggressive downvoting and dog piling. Once this has taken a hold, some few 'alpha' users will have emerged with which everyone has to agree with or suffer the consequences.

It's harder to copy this behaviour (even though you could say that there's somewhat of a distinct imageboard culture) if people can't automatically identify the users they usually agree with in order to throw them a like just for the sake of keeping the circlejerk going. Arguments in anonymous places stand on their own merit and people will get called fags or receive praise depending on the cocks rather than their name and popularity within the community.

b5a4c3  No.625805


I mean, this specific situation on Foxdick seems to have happened because some of these 'alpha' or 'power users' decided that it was wrong to 'mercilessly' mess with Chris. And everyone that didn't wish to get alienated either conformed or left.

de343e  No.625809


So the worst aspects of 10bux and speddit. Who could've seen this turn into a shitshow?


More and more I'm convinced that the "don't fuck with Chris" rule is more gatekeeping and less actually trying to make Chris's last moments in a proper house comfortable. Same goes with the whole "Don't Fuck with lolcows" rule. I mean you do that and yet you plaster not only their dox but the dox of anyone connected to them. Reminds me of head shops putting up signs not to refer to bongs as bongs but "water pipes". Pure CYA.

b5a4c3  No.625827


>More and more I'm convinced that the "don't fuck with Chris" rule is more gatekeeping and less actually trying to make Chris's last moments in a proper house comfortable

Yeah I can see that, they're the puppetmasters and no one else is allowed to control Chris in a way they disagree with.

>Same goes with the whole "Don't Fuck with lolcows" rule. I mean you do that and yet you plaster not only their dox but the dox of anyone connected to them.

"You just don't get it, silly anon. We're merely documenting their behaviour."

Yeah fuck that, you could think that it's an empty rule that isn't enforced just so that Josh can easier save face and pretend he's unaware of what goes on at the forums in case someone makes credible threats of involving the law. But that doesn't seem to be the case since the rule is actually selectively enforced (from what I've heard, have at most only glanced at the site)

5e41d3  No.625832

>less than fifteen minutes


de343e  No.625870


Someone makes an ass of themselves? Doxing is just the wages paid out to them for their stupidity. Doxing their aunt or grandpa? Only purpose I can see for that is to harass them.

b5a4c3  No.625893


Depends on why you're doing it in the first place, if you do it for the purpose of 'social justice' (for lack of a better word) to people that you deem to 'deserve it' then sure.

But if you do it because it's funny to see retarded people sperg out and spiral out of control even further you could argue that doxing family members is just part of that. Do those family members 'deserve it'? Maybe not. Will it escalate the situation and make it more of an entertaining shitshow to watch? Probably.

34e531  No.625970

File: f2474c23b8f292a⋯.png (664.56 KB, 628x800, 157:200, f2474c23b8f292ac1463d13a5c….png)


Yep. He's the samefag.

5933ed  No.626004

Nothing happened. Time to rub it in?

de343e  No.626115


Fair enough. I have a lot more respect for people who openly say they do things like that for shits and giggles. People who claim to do it for a cause are liars.

a75346  No.626153

File: 0bad96be9810fc5⋯.gif (108.66 KB, 522x398, 261:199, 1438746947711.gif)

Every time I hear Bob speak I'm filled with sadness. It feels like he just wanted a son to talk with the U.N or Korean War with instead of the autistic wreck he got.

5933ed  No.626162


Never forget


3617d8  No.626247


you didnt feel that?


5e7e75  No.626248


I just pray I didn't make it. Holy shit I wouldn't be under chrissys authority.

3617d8  No.626260



>be under chrissys authority

not yet

i think well have to wait till after the court appearence

chris will assert his dominance and all of his OCs will bust into the courtroom, beheading all the kike lawyers and judges, then his dick will turn into a nintendo or whatever and we all live happily ever after

5933ed  No.626272


Naw, meng. The sheer Schadenfreude overwhelms me half the time. He reeked disappointment, I was too busy laughing at the Internet Lumberjack

416a21  No.626508

Imagine being so demented that you actually think your shit-tier OC are going to become real and make you the ruler of the world.

a74f3b  No.626517


wtf is he talking about with CPUs?

i cant make heads or tails of his schizophrenic retardations

what happened? it seemed like things had been looking up for chris as much as is possible for him for a moment there. now he suddenly develops full blown schizophrenia late in his 30s? what did i miss? some sort of traumatic event?

a74f3b  No.626524

not gonna lie, im honestly worried hes gonna kill himself or do something legendarily retarded either tonight or tomorrow. when he realizes the merge isnt gonna happen and they gotta go to court tomorrow, hes liable to snap.

2d43a2  No.626533


He got trolled hard into believing Neptunia characters (Based on game consoles) were invading CWCVille. Also that he had a Goddess living inside him, and lots of other crazy shit (Well moreso than normal). They even went so far as sending him doctored audio clips to make him think the CPUs were in the 'real' world. He finally realized he was being lied to but he still couldn't recover reality it seems.

Also a lot of the more recent trolls like BlueSpike and Idea Guy have just been pure sadists seeing an easy victim. Some have extorted money and tried to get him to hurt himself.

I'm really expecting a train wreck soon, since he has the perfect storm of problems:

> Actual legal issues

> Upcoming money/housing issues when Barb dies

> Legit psychos trying to erode his mental state further

> Unwarranted fame and attention, feeding his delusions of importance

> The inability to accept fault or criticism

> Being in so deep that there's no alternative. He can admit he's a middle-aged super-loser with no real hope – or he can construct crazy fantasy scenarios where he's the most important person to live and all the 'bad' things in his life get corrected. We all know which direction he's headed.

a74f3b  No.626544

>They even went so far as sending him doctored audio clips to make him think the CPUs were in the 'real' world.

yea hes gonna kill himself tbh

maybe do something retarded because hes some neptunia character?? or whatever

not what i would like to see, but i cant see him coming back to reality

why would he?

his life is imploding

hes gonna snap, go out in a blaze of autism or kill himself, and that will be it. or likely jail or something

out out brief candle etc…

b5e0b2  No.626569

File: ba6766db203eef5⋯.jpeg (69.69 KB, 633x787, 633:787, BF0293AB-76B8-4646-84EA-F….jpeg)

File: be061ba87554d33⋯.jpeg (45.54 KB, 640x579, 640:579, F421FE77-CDBC-4AF6-8BCF-B….jpeg)

Hes actually going to end up shot dead by megan if this continues

a74f3b  No.626599

File: a959be09d180488⋯.jpg (18.52 KB, 474x474, 1:1, mfw oil baron.jpg)

also very likely

a74f3b  No.626604

now that i think about it though, suicide by megan would be the most chris way to go

2d43a2  No.626606

File: 452c2d62cda40d2⋯.png (384.31 KB, 505x898, 505:898, 505px-IdeaGuyCWCreligion5.png)


> maybe do something retarded because hes some neptunia character?? or whatever

He did go to a gamestop he was banned from and looked through for Neptunia because a troll said she'd be there.

I (thankfully) can't follow his train of thought if he thinks he's a Neptunia character or not. He says he created a goddess (Based on the dreamcast?!), but I don't know if that's him or maybe Megan? Also that he thinks he'll have a "CPU candidate" child with that goddess, but AFAIK the candidates are younger sisters in the series. I've spent more time trying to wrap my head around it than is healthy.


I like how he's only worried that she has guns that could injure him, and that it hurt his feelings. Not at all concerned that she doesn't want to see him and is tired of his bullshit. He's been a thorn in her life for over a decade now, but obviously doesn't give a shit how others feel.

Although Megan's the real lolcow here – because what girl doesn't get wet for a transgendered narcissistic schizophrenic autist with no job or future prospects rapidly approaching 40. I mean he's going to get his own universe soon, can't she see what she's missing :P

b47f4d  No.626614


He had multiple children and he abandoned them. Bob wasn't a good guy.


There's likely people fucking with her constantly.

a74f3b  No.626641

File: c49811ecb20325b⋯.jpg (10.83 KB, 574x663, 574:663, 556D8192-32A6-4D04-58B2-DB….jpg)


>CPU goddess based on the dreamcast

>whole 18yds

>merge of C-137 or some shit


this is a lot to take in at once

we really are act 5, scene 5 arent we?

a74f3b  No.626644

File: c49811ecb20325b⋯.jpg (10.83 KB, 574x663, 574:663, 30F3561A-551F-42D7-0929-7E….jpg)

a74f3b  No.626646

File: 3017797334b26dc⋯.png (29.14 KB, 574x663, 574:663, CWC shakesperean arc.png)



wtf are you doin to me 8ch?

fix site ron ffs

c7ce08  No.626648


>Bob wasn't a good guy

> her

Wrong twice

Try again

2d43a2  No.626654


I'm pretty sure 626614 was talking about people harassing Megan not Chris as a tranny. Wrongly calling out people for being wrong is just…wrong.

34e531  No.626745


>whole 18 yards

Ah a new CWCism. God dammit I cringed at this. The schitzo insanity is really on show here.



that was about meagan. she is (rightfully) tired of being part of this huge clusterfuck. Also he's right about Bob. Bob was not a great dad but that doesn't meant he deserved CWC.

2d43a2  No.626774

File: 0ce4aafea47a32b⋯.png (390.22 KB, 505x898, 505:898, 505px-IdeaGuyCWCreligion1.png)


>>whole 18 yards


>Ah a new CWCism. God dammit I cringed at this. The schitzo insanity is really on show here.

Yeah I was trying to figure out what he meant by this. I'm thinking it's his take on "Whole 9 yards" but he doubled it since he's extra serious about worshiping nip cartoons?

34e531  No.626793


Yes twisting a normal idiom into something dumb ('idiot-m'?) is du jour for CWCisms. The best part of the CWCki is the CWCism dictionary, its a real masterwork.

719524  No.626810

File: 1a2735f0542bd22⋯.png (205.44 KB, 632x759, 632:759, 1a2735f0542bd22824347d080c….png)


I can't wait to see his Goddess Candidate, Crystal.

b06664  No.626883

I'm beginning to increasingly wonder if Chris even bothered showing up to his court case?

Like he clearly lives in imagination land and thinks all the people he don't like won't ascend like him and will die

610cae  No.626964

File: e6466d0f70af5dc⋯.gif (2.61 MB, 617x439, 617:439, 1468396372734.gif)


When I was an edgy kid I used to read schizophrenic's diaries and things like that. This reads just like them. They lose interest in explaining things to normies and write like you're inside their head with their delusions. They focus on how intense this big indescribable thing feels vs. communicating what it's about.

It's never interesting or 2deep4u either. By the time you stubbornly figure out what they're on about, it's like learning the lore of My Little downy or how to swear in Navaho or some other useless shit like that.

Chris is more dangerous now than he's ever been. This "Dimensional Merge" is explicitly about violently changing the real world to match his delusions. It won't happen but that doesn't mean he won't try in some very pointless type of attack, maybe mace again, maybe a wrench like Antonin Artaud or just screaming "WHATS THE FREQUENCY KENNETH" like the guy that attacked Dan Rather


9f8681  No.627004


I was secretly hoping Chris was right. But I guess I'm not a spider girl.

610cae  No.627114


I don't know about the one with a case today. The one that sued him with a court date in December, Midland, rarely brings people to trial. They'd lose money if they did that. They buy old debt for pennies, file lawsuits and something like 65% or all defendants default and don't show up. The 35% that do are instead offered "one last chance" to make a delinquent payment, roll the old debt into a new contract and dismiss the case.

In the past, the Chandlers seem to have done the latter - Chris whines to the internet for money or, worse, takes out another payday loan to scrape up enough money for what seems like a "settlement" but in reality is just a new deal extending the terms of the loan. CWC brand debt is so worthless that collecting 5% of the amount will put them above break even.

Both of these seem to be for credit card debt btw.

c7ce08  No.627165


And yet he's still handling his finances better than null

9b9a74  No.627264


>doesn't meant he deserved CWC

no one did

the world wasnt and still isnt ready for an autistic singularity like chris

c8e25f  No.627307

File: 5867ae2ebfebb5e⋯.webm (2.7 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Dumpster_Shotgun_Fight.webm)


>webm related but with Chris v. Megan

I'm hyped.

61d5e5  No.627394

File: 48a489cb548e101⋯.jpg (298.22 KB, 1080x1572, 90:131, IMG_20181110_080341.jpg)

File: db2d30e6e23dd71⋯.jpg (102.63 KB, 720x537, 240:179, 20181115_104027.jpg)

Null is REEEEEing about the Chris board again because all those calls to Animal Control regarding Chris' cats resulted in Chris handing over his number and The Captain's number to the police.

72147f  No.627420


That's fucking wonderful.

cadb22  No.627421


>Josh implying the rest of KF is full of academics and philosophers instead of other sorts of mongs

He keeps threatening to shut that board down and has for years now. Do it faggot. Oh wait, that might send a few people to Glaive's site and Josh can't have competition! Its not like his site's traffic has effectively flatlined in the last year or so even with Jim and Pewdiepie giving him shout outs. Oh wait: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/foxdickfarms.net

cadb22  No.627426

Obviously, change foxdick to k iwi in the url

34e531  No.627542


CWC is one felony assault from prison

This guy gets it. Chris is a violent and dangerous schitzo and with the date passing we might be looking at a powder keg.

inb4 chris apologists from KF

a60ea2  No.627550


>Chris is a violent and dangerous schitzo and with the date passing we might be looking at a powder keg

Chris is too big a pussy to ever do anything violent or seriously confrontational. Look at what happened when he got booted from a convention, he literally curled up in a ball and cried.

34e531  No.627559


No, you say this. But you gotta understand that chris will one day see someone as an insurmountable roadblock to his Merge. And knowing chris this will come rapidly and directed towards someone random (that rap contest really showcases his pettiness)

My point is he's a ticking timebomb.

5e7e75  No.627568


Cowards are dangerous and unstable cowards even more so. One easy path to mayhem would be if someone convincingly threatened his beloved something right then and there. Chrissy's actual mental condition isn't that familiar to me, so I can't sculpt a more detailed ruse, but he will respond violently if properly provoked. He has done that before in many many ways and if his personal shit goes down bad a violent tantrum will happen.

The convention meltdown probably was due to his autism and the general atmosphere of a convention where there are sensory stimuli in abundance, which can be overwhelming for a tist by itself and guaranteed to overwhelm when the tismus realizes his fault and has to process that while also bombarded by the atmosphere.

34e531  No.627575


This. He broke down cause he was caught off guard. The attack on gamestop was calculated and planned. Thats what I fear, his delusions will invoke an elaborate conspiracy and he'll kill one of his old enemies. Or someone not yet known. Chris lives in the south it wouldnt be far fetched for him to do something stupid and getting himself shot by a homeowner or cop.

5e7e75  No.627580



was the most beautiful thing I read today

34e531  No.627584


I agree 100%, I forgot about this point. Yes, if he attempts to contact meagan she will blow him away. And ya know what? If this happens we need to decide right here and right now.

We gotta support her. I assume she'll be legally fine but still. I dont want Josh and Friends trying to ruin her life.

c8e25f  No.627590

File: e819ce7e420c971⋯.jpg (4.81 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, AndrewBlazeShotgunAim.JPG)


>his delusions will invoke an elaborate conspiracy and he'll kill one of his old enemies.

Does he have any chance of besting the score of cow related?

5e7e75  No.627592


there's some subtle poetry in

>suicide by megan would be the most chris way to go

It even tastes good to say it

9b9a74  No.627595


we can only hope that chris finds a way to livestream it

it just wouldnt be right, him dying off screen like that


thats what ive been saying.

especially with his new schizo goddess complex, it seems more likely than ever.

i really shudder to think what they do to transexual schizo retards in prison.

not what i would wanna see for chris, but its more likely than ever




i been tryin to channel my prose lately

good to see its working

f6c765  No.627604

>be me

>Dimensional merge inbound

>look to what I have made

>only thing of note is a Star Wars RPG charecter I played a few years back

>Literally a retarted cat-monkey alien that ran with a group of violent drug dealers

>beloved so much the gang kept cloning him if he got killed even though he was useless

I'm ok with this

610cae  No.627605

File: 11fd671f351fc4e⋯.gif (3.6 MB, 342x299, 342:299, 1477601381157.gif)


> loonies who assault other people because of the voices in their head are tough guys

Chris is a pussy, he's also become totally unhinged and has already singled out a person from his past (Megan) who he thought could be compelled to help in his insanity. He's almost certainly dreamed of others from his past who can "help". (Now remember that KFags actually convinced him that all of his high school friends hated his guts by impersonating them. It's like the movie Carrie rebooted with Sonic recolors.)

I don't think he's going to murder someone. I think he's in danger of assaulting someone. If some IdeaGuy right now gave him Google Map coordinates to a random house and told him Megan or a Gal Pal was staying there, what do you think he'd do? Dress in his spraypainted yellow shoes and headache pants and lurk around the property?

That's how most people who believe in "CPU Gods" and dimensional merges wind up in jail, in the loony bin or heavily medicated zombies.

9b9a74  No.627616


my old HD got toasted, so it would be nice to have my old OCs come to life, if only so i could back em up again

9b9a74  No.627621


>most people who believe in "CPU Gods" and dimensional merges wind up in jail, in the loony bin or heavily medicated zombies.

ime most retarded schizos end up homeless and addicted to drugs on the street

the "lucky" ones get institutionalized, but idk if i could say its most of em

610cae  No.627632


> or heavily medicated zombies

9b9a74  No.627656


oh i thought you meant in a loony bin

most schizos i know are into heroin or crack and sleep outside

5e7e75  No.627673

Chris is like a Jungian archetype of actively collecting things and habits that will make one go wrong and in addition the aggressive opposing of ridding any worthless baggage. Now I don't know exactly how radical part autism, bullying or his parents played in this, but they do all contribute. Though not so much that he was helpless and unable to better himself. Autism alone can't be the root, it's his ego more likely. Chris isn't a robot and I'm certain he came across loads and loads of healthy examples. Specifically healthy masculine examples, but in his lazy pride he's afraid of the pain of self improvement and turned to hate anyone who is healthy and good. He instead has chosen to increase his fervor in self deceiving, denial and projection. After the tomgirl stuff he hasn't been human anymore in my eyes, just a collection of petty lies bottled in his disgusting blob of a body. I'm not cruel enough to believe he was born to be that way.

610cae  No.627703


Yeah, and they oddly only get psychiatric drugs when they're in lock-up.


Null throws a temper tantrum when abandoned commitments interfere with his immediate ones. How dare Chris' use of a sick kitten for begging on the internet get in the way of Null's retarded broadcasting "career"? Don't you understand that Dick Masterson kinda doesn't hate Null? that Weev finds him a useful idiot? This is the most social interaction Null has had outside of his autism circlejerk since junior high school.

c2940e  No.627854



I avow any action that fucks with Josh.

30a0fb  No.627953


What a stupid motherfucker Null is.

30a0fb  No.627962




34e531  No.628194

Threadly Reminder that KF members are actively posting in CWC threads here on /cow/

348bc8  No.628265

Has Chris thought of doing unboxing videos for shit people send him? If he wasn't a tard he could easily run a channel of "Send me shit and I'll open it". His dumb reactions and lolcow status would earn him some shekels and he gets more dumb shit. Some would send him toys, some would send him dildos. It's win win for him.

d87d86  No.628327

File: def48a3e36aa5c4⋯.jpg (192.36 KB, 1438x1338, 719:669, 42627993_308783469703315_3….jpg)


I figured this was a given and has been for years. How new are you faggot?

695577  No.628341

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Does he have any chance of besting the score of cow related?

Beating Randy Stair high score shouldn’t be that hard.

d87d86  No.628353

File: 434fbd55ca0730d⋯.jpg (202.7 KB, 720x1000, 18:25, 20181115_205842.jpg)

So now in addition to two pending civil suits for debt collection Chris is now dealing with the fact that since he sucks dick at keeping up with basic maintenance for his car he's now bricked his Focus before he even paid it off.

Rest in piss fagmobile.

9b9a74  No.628406

File: 55705ab6769242b⋯.gif (544.4 KB, 450x252, 25:14, WOAH.gif)

File: a749530532c9395⋯.jpg (106.34 KB, 648x597, 216:199, the forgs were gay from th….jpg)


WOAH holy shit



c1c139  No.628414


>4K to fix

That's the cost of a full engine rebuild wtf? He must have simply not replaced the oil.

a1852e  No.628420

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

610cae  No.628449

File: 55a8023a45be744⋯.png (225.59 KB, 748x443, 748:443, 1440442821915.png)


No but I'm sure if you pay him money he'll unbox every gift you send.


In fairness /cow/s aren't gonna have the skill of /k/ or /fit/ or the focused rage of /r9k/


You mean a household of two people who don't have jobs and one who has terrifying dementia and the other is CWC is reduced to just one car?

9b9a74  No.628456

File: a32552b4251c983⋯.webm (2.02 MB, 480x360, 4:3, why does school shotter.webm)


randy was /r9gay/ af tbh femme

and since when are robots able to do fucking anything, let alone kill? randy reloaded like 4 times and killed like 2 people. what a fuking faggt holy shit. imagine being this fucking useless

39d9d4  No.628675

I just realized someone could convince chris to cause a massacre because since he was fucking convinced that the universe will merge or some gay shit then he can also be convinced that's what required for the universe bullshit to happen

Let's hope that doesn't happen so we don't get a fat randy stair shooting up the gamestore he was banned from

348bc8  No.628685


Chris isn't easy to provoke into violence that way. He's got that hippy christian bullshit mentality no matter what you do.

e30128  No.628688


Yeah, great idea

He could use Bobs collection of assault rifles from back when he was in the Klan.

457746  No.628695


>The attack on gamestop was calculated and planned.

lol I hope that's sarcastic, the "Don't call anybody" incident is as fight-or-flight panic shit as you can get

bd22bb  No.628834


Worlds first tranny shooter


Let's be honest, its possible if someone somehow convinces him that pulling a randy stair is another way for the universe's to merge

9b9a74  No.628867

File: 9a6daa160591606⋯.gif (131.6 KB, 960x720, 4:3, lady.gif)


>Let's be honest, its possible if someone somehow convinces him that pulling a randy stair is another way for the universe's to merge

given how the schizophrenia is developing, youre probably right.

but a ded cow giveth no julay

i really think whats going to happen is that eventually it will all collapse and he will kill himself. especially if barb dies shes quite old as is and not in the best of health

point is, chris is getting all the "trolling" he needs from his actual life right now. pushing too hard on this type of situation will likely cause him to implode. and while he may possibly snap and hurt someone else especially accidentally by being fucking retarded, its more likely that he will just end himself.

not my preference for how i wanna see chris go tbh

suicide by megan would be the most likely way to cause the merge

but again, a ded cow giveth no julay, and it would be a tragic thing to lose such a longstanding cow like CWC imo

05a231  No.628999


>You mean a household of two people who don't have jobs and one who has terrifying dementia and the other is CWC is reduced to just one car?


Chris shouldn't be stressing this beyond having to pay off a car that he's trashed beyond functionality but since he thinks he's a goddess he'll probably immediately get a car as soon as he can afford it.

In all honesty if Chris sucks this bad at car care the minivan can't be far behind.

34e531  No.629037


>didnt replace the oil

I doubt he did any maintenance at all and just assumed his sonichu memorabilia would prevent anything negative from happening


Winter is hell on a minivan due to its shit p/w, good chance next spring he'll be car-less and even deeper in the hole. CWC 2019 might be end game at this rate.

9b9a74  No.629046

File: 75be0cefdc5cada⋯.mp4 (15.29 MB, 404x720, 101:180, [sobs uncontrollably under….mp4)


>assumed his sonichu memorabilia would prevent anything negative from happening

it didnt?


34e531  No.629075


what the hell is that video. some aspie is sad cause he has two chairs in his room but no gf for the second one?

c5f9d7  No.629135


It's Brittany 'le Goblina' Venti's ex-boyfriend having a meltdown because he realized he put his dick in crazy.

9b9a74  No.629144


its me rn tbh fam

b06664  No.629159

I went back to "MY CAR IS HEATING UP WORSE!!!!" And after hearing Chris attest to "Just having put Oil in the tank" in starting to consider he may have literally just have emptied an entire fucking bottle of engine oil in the car and gunked it up and destroyed it

a30cd1  No.629172

File: b0e07ed86b34454⋯.png (480.4 KB, 680x1133, 680:1133, Doggy_Boi_Cocoa.png)


I want to sodomize that little cocksucker and use his tears as lubricant, then slap him with my dick for being such a bitch.

This is turning me on

2045a7  No.629184

File: 7d6b5d0e3c67d1a⋯.jpg (21.76 KB, 231x300, 77:100, pence.jpg)

610cae  No.629223


He posts here anon so check the Brittany thread for the guy threatening to have his mommy sue his ex-goblina.

9b9a74  No.629350

File: d2b996cc7fea702⋯.jpeg (46.18 KB, 640x474, 320:237, d2b996cc7fea702f65882eb61….jpeg)


like >>629223 said, he does damage control in la creatura thread which is notable for its lack of any real lulz imo. i still say this kid is a bigger cow than she will ever be. shes just some scuzzy twitch mutt that swindles retarded faggots out of their lunch money with her titties and mild internet fame.

maybe you should make a thread on him anon.

youll definitely find him that way

dont let ur maymays be dreamays and all…

tell him he looked good a year ago

he likes that


2d43a2  No.629496

Apparently he's doing a shrek collab now too: https://youtu.be/CB5ib4ouxes?t=55

I'm actually curious WTF his part will look like.

3ea8b2  No.629956


An excerpt from his part is shown immediately before his 'name'.

Getting him was a fucking coup. They also got Unkle Joe, Michael Cusack (the Bushworld Adventures guy), SilvaGunner, Mowtendoo (Blend W, Weed La Weed, the Monty on the Run Autism video), KC Green (not in trailer) and fucking Ratboy Genius. So basically they got the internet.

3a8547  No.630391

I don't care what yall have to say about it but I was extremely disappointed in the fact that Chris announcing he going to be a hooker was a troll. I would kill to be able to watch a video of Chris gagging on a thick cock and taking a load on his face while he sticks his tongue out. That shit would make me cum instantly.

9b9a74  No.630492

File: 4f9d6b149b5c1d6⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 480x270, 16:9, LOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL.gif)


>wants to watch a nearly 40 yo autistic schizophrenic man LARPing as a woman thats LARPing as a goddess of a sega dreamcast processor gag on cock for money


34e531  No.630517

File: d2c448683023e4d⋯.gif (971.72 KB, 279x279, 1:1, d2c448683023e4dd071b3916e9….gif)




Really makes you think

90a7cc  No.630714


wow their place is filthy

5bb032  No.630865

After a long and stressful day, there's quite nothing like coming home and keeping up with CWC. This man will never cease to entertain me.

9a6837  No.630995


Sometimes when I'm bored I'll go to the CWCki and start reading random articles. I've been following Chris for years and I'm still surprised by some of the shit he's done that I haven't uncovered yet.

1011cc  No.631029

File: 85fe36b8a7719cc⋯.gif (822 KB, 358x325, 358:325, 85fe36b8a7719cc5baa1b35ae2….gif)

File: 85fe36b8a7719cc⋯.gif (822 KB, 358x325, 358:325, 85fe36b8a7719cc5baa1b35ae2….gif)

File: 85fe36b8a7719cc⋯.gif (822 KB, 358x325, 358:325, 85fe36b8a7719cc5baa1b35ae2….gif)


drive-by homosexuality is a crime in 39 out of 48 states in the continental united states, as well as puerto rico



a2e926  No.631030


more like she put crazy in her dick

1011cc  No.631036

File: 700da1b9c8ba69b⋯.jpg (82.63 KB, 436x600, 109:150, wat.jpg)



4fcfa8  No.631120


Same here. A daily catchup on the crazy is a good thing. Keeps me sane.

34e531  No.631650



This. Its a reminder that my small incremental improvements to myself as a person are not in vain. I could be falling into the infinite abyss like CWC

Well seemingly infinite, I think he is truly about to hit rock bottom.

22c0e8  No.631772

File: fa647f0d482734b⋯.jpg (342.66 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, s-l1600.jpg)

Chris might not be sweet wheelin' since his car died, but he has listed a bunch of M&M's stuff on his ebay.

He must think since shit says limited edition or limited time offer that it means it's guaranteed to go up in value.

Also, he's currently sold 12 empty cans of Fanta. I don't know if he is the retard or the people buying his trash. Currently, ebay says that listing is pulling in 6 views per hour.

85a11d  No.632106


>This. Its a reminder that my small incremental improvements to myself as a person are not in vain. I could be falling into the infinite abyss like CWC

If there was any kind of lesson to the CWC story, it would be this.

83481b  No.632338

File: 8f7eb3b312bc0be⋯.jpg (58.99 KB, 423x600, 141:200, 1419859240719.jpg)


>which is notable for its lack of any real lulz imo.

>i still say this kid is a bigger cow than she will ever be

I wonder what type of cat shit reeking, hamburger-faced mullatto titty monster could be behind this post.

22c0e8  No.632399

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Chris is an honorary jew because he scams people out of money all the time.

610cae  No.632695

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Keep in mind that this carpet is about two years old.

22c0e8  No.632713


Is it possible that Chris and Barbara are really out of food and they are taking in cats and dogs to supplement their diet?

a94be1  No.632814



Chris acting like a chink makes more sense considering the chunks make Jews look like niggers with money.

a94be1  No.632816


Fucking autocorrect

a94be1  No.632817

chinks. I fucking hate phoneposting

34e531  No.632921


Unlikely. Slaughtering any mammal for consumption is not easy. Chris would likely in the event of facing legitimate starvation would be sooner apt to attempt stealing a jar of peanut butter

e231dc  No.632937


Would Chris be able to get away with petty theft like that? Or would he walk past the security guard with a cereal box sticking out of his stomach?

a2d4ac  No.632964


>but obviously doesn't give a shit how others feel.

Doesnt suprises me chris went full troon since most trannies are exactly like this and dont give a shit about what their larping does to their family and friends. Just look at mr.wu.


I'm surprised its even still online

71d02f  No.633048

File: 941a0687aea5102⋯.png (35.94 KB, 579x330, 193:110, cwc cpu.png)

Is this how the cwc saga ends?

348bc8  No.633072


How new are you? Chris has never cared how other people feel. He has no self awareness.

86829a  No.633087


The climax of an arc. I'm waiting for what he does tomorrow.

1a965a  No.633116


wheres the funny part then?

all i see in that that thread is faggots moralfagging about some twitch cunt getting paid. like its the first time thats ever happened

hack her twitch if youre so upset, but i still fail to see how it would bring any julay. if you wanna put a stop to it for whatever personal or moral reason, the best way would be to simultaneously attack her idiot orbiter base, and her channel itself. because if theres still retards willing to pay that mutt money, then shell just make another channel and the cycle will repeat

anyways, the only thing i found remotely lulzy were those vocaroos of that one whiny bitch throwing a temper tantrum, and that one vid of him sobbing uncontrollably underneath a desk. chalk it up to a difference in taste i guess

sage for offtopic



i dont like the sound of this

rolling for suicide by meagan

34e531  No.633274


Well this is CWC. He would attempt thievery before eating cats. Either way he'll fail at it. Like he does with everything. Im wondering if his priors would get him serious troubled if he got arrested for theft.


Holy fuck its happening. I wonder what chris is going to do.

8e1da3  No.633298


Who is gonna get killed, anons?

1a965a  No.633302

a1a35a  No.633305


Nigguh my point is thats a factor on why he went troon, because most troons are sociopaths just like chris

a1a35a  No.633312


IIRC some retard gave ninja 65k on a stream. 65k to a dude, from another dude, who wasnt gay or anything btw.

This streamer meme has gone too far

1a965a  No.633340



>This streamer meme has gone too far

i disagree

we need to go further


can you write off twitch whore donations on your taxes? maybe it was a tax strategy lmao

a1a35a  No.633387


Nah bitch went bankrupt, like 300,000 in debt iirc, even tried to ebeg since he did all that to get some internet point and get streamers to "like" him.

Its like those retarded rich arab kids giving money to twitch whores……..tho you can sort of understand them since living in that backwards shithole they are desperate to just talk to a girl

ec1503  No.633458


What will he do when literally nothing happens?

71d02f  No.633485

File: dfdee3238925aa9⋯.png (114.12 KB, 327x277, 327:277, the floor.png)


Whatever it is, hopefully something dramatic.

1a965a  No.633541


weve been pondering this all thread my fren

were expecting turbulence

buckle up

6b6d82  No.633557


Hopefully suicide

416a21  No.633559


A murder/suicide with his mom?

1a965a  No.633587



rerolling for suicide by meagan

1a965a  No.633590

File: 09618be07411545⋯.gif (891.45 KB, 160x101, 160:101, FUUUUUUUUUUUUU.gif)



235db0  No.633630



stop spamming faggot

1a965a  No.633641


thats why i saged tho m8

71d02f  No.633661

File: eee8980d592b8d3⋯.png (39.55 KB, 572x300, 143:75, really.png)

>Guise it's habbening

>For real thou I swear on me mum

8e1da3  No.633677


I'm hoping some crazy shit goes down but I'm sure he'll just declare the merge has been completed and ramble about CPUs more tomorrow

e87ae7  No.633689

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>merge in progress

Are we about to be tanged?

Thread theme:

71d02f  No.633700


I think he must declare it a failure, how else can he rationalize nothing changing? He even talked about all the animals turning into Pokémon.

Are we going to experience an arc of next-level animal cruelty where he attempts to force his kittens into small balls?

416a21  No.633702


I'm really interested in what excuse he makes when nothing happens. Or will he honestly think he is now the ruler of the world and has cute animu girl powers?

6b6d82  No.633703


That would mean that Chris would have to face reality and prison

1a965a  No.633706


if anyone can find a way, its chris

his entire life is a lie he told himself

reality for him right now is way too harsh

hes gonna burn up on re-entry

71d02f  No.633709


He will use the same excuse as literally every doomsayer throughout history - it was a miscalculation.

6b6d82  No.633722


The same excuse won't work every time and prevent prison time

416a21  No.633753


Normally I'd agree, but Chris is a special kind of autistic. I'm kinda hoping he'll actually think he's the anime girl ruler of the world.

71d02f  No.633785


>I'm kinda hoping he'll actually think he's the anime girl ruler of the world.

Me too, that would make for an amazing arc.

1a965a  No.633837


never underestimate the power of a full blown schizophrenic episode

im no doc, but the guy is developing schizophrenia and its pretty hard to deny this. all signs point to his disconnect getting more severe as his life gets more fuckt

1bc692  No.633842


I think what's happening are two things

First, Chris is regressing into fantasyland as a form of escapism. He knows time is thin for him but I mean if cartoon reality exists then things will be okay!

Secondly and more importantly, he's been smoking pot with some people telling Chris shit, like a new ideas guy. Knowing Chris, he's thinking the ideas he gets while high are actually real rather then nonsense that should be discarded when sober.

6b6d82  No.633859


>Smoking pot

Was he on Social security? Someone ought to report that shit.

After this court hearing reality will bite him in the ass, hard.

71d02f  No.633866


Some people in the comments on his twitter threads are suggesting he skipped out on his court hearing.

Anyone got some information on this? It wouldn't surprise me, after all what does a minor thing like the court matter if our dimensions are merging.

610cae  No.633905

File: 15282af6fccf05e⋯.png (144.24 KB, 1089x768, 363:256, greene.png)


Checked. It was continued. Don't listen to spergs like >>633859 - this is civil court and there will not be a material difference from any specific case. It's the accumulation of cases and debts rolling over and Chris & Barb repeatedly making "settlements" that fuck them even harder.

1bc692  No.633986


idgaf its all hearsay but remember that Chris has the mind of a child. If you had a child smoke a potent strain of pot, they may be too young to really "get" what being high is. I dont think he's fullblown schitzo (although he's getting up there) but I think he's playing pretend and Joshua Wise enabled the concept of playing sonichuland openly

32d37b  No.634017

Did anyone download that video he posted on twitter before it went down?

It was Chris masturbating on a body pillow whilst singing All Star.

32d37b  No.634025


This was the original tweet link before the video and then the tweet got deleted:


Not seeing any reupload anywhere else

6122dc  No.634027

File: 5b3ea940635652f⋯.mp4 (772.41 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Chris Chan SonichuCPU Blue….mp4)



32d37b  No.634028


That's it thanks.

1a965a  No.634032

File: eb1898330559d11⋯.gif (990.81 KB, 500x281, 500:281, holy fug.gif)




so beautiful…

2d43a2  No.634034


All my fantasies really have cum true! The merge went even better than expected.

6122dc  No.634036


also archive: http://archive.is/kb6qR

the tweet was posted from australia. someone probably hacked his account and had him record this

44b4c1  No.634039


Oh my god.

>when the song stops and just the fapping is audible

this is art

a75346  No.634041

File: 6ae8db84cb7cdb8⋯.gif (530.16 KB, 386x400, 193:200, 1506545031900.gif)


How the fuck does masturbating as a tranny even work? Surely it can't be pleasurable because they literally lopped off your dick.

Also that's disgusing.

2d43a2  No.634044


Thank you anon, those moobs will haunt me for a while.

Foxdicks just now seems to be reacting. Seems they aren't in control of their pet lolcow.

0ac037  No.634046

File: fbb2fc90844a7f0⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 320x240, 4:3, fbb2fc90844a7f0ff1130ae6d4….gif)


Fucking amazing.

1a965a  No.634047

File: e060855fc189ff8⋯.jpg (106.41 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, caAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAt.jpg)

File: a9c8e5f8d000ff0⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 752x360, 94:45, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….webm)

File: 3dfb8334992564d⋯.jpg (126.4 KB, 1080x1069, 1080:1069, aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg)

File: 26299e0b6e70f7e⋯.webm (4.6 MB, 720x540, 4:3, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….webm)




67540f  No.634067


pretty good

2d43a2  No.634069

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty sure he still has his dick. He's mainly been working on his 'breasts' using vibrators and rubbing black-market menopause cream into his fat stomach.

34e531  No.634079

File: 13f570de466c438⋯.png (294.89 KB, 335x345, 67:69, SirDigby.PNG)


holy fuck

a75346  No.634081

File: 5f2eb8f4a41d1bc⋯.png (223.73 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1520034177346.png)


Oh, I thought he got his duck removed.

So it's literally just a wound in between his duck and his shitter?

2d43a2  No.634094


Yeah he has a harness to tuck his dick and cut a slit in his perineum. More on the wiki: https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Un-clit but pretty gross pictures.

22c0e8  No.634123

File: 9484deab195012c⋯.mp4 (151.43 KB, 908x480, 227:120, asshole.mp4)


What an asshole.

6122dc  No.634137


he had his taint peirced and it got infected and split open. He mistook this as getting a "magic vagina" until everyone told him to go to the hospital.

22c0e8  No.634141


Who pierces their taint?

1a965a  No.634146


the kinda person who masturbates to smashmouth while screaming

d94c18  No.634226


Whores and degenerates apparently.

22c0e8  No.634236


It's happened more than the time Chris pierced his tain?

85a11d  No.634305


Holy shit! What a day.

416a21  No.634345


So the merge was just him jacking off while singing a shit song?

2d43a2  No.634351


I just keep waiting to hear he killed himself. Looks like he may have gotten massively trolled/manipulated. Guess we'll have to wait a bit till he resurfaces or we find a police blotter.

8e1da3  No.634545


So this is what happens when dimensions merge…


85a11d  No.634636


Maybe? It would be a hell of a way to end a saga. Whoever tricked him to jack off to that song, then up load it: Good job my anon.

432afd  No.634646

I hope Chris' excuse for the failed dimension merge is that someone made an OC that is specifically intended to stop and reverse the merge as soon as it happens, thereby preventing the merge from ever happening.

e87ae7  No.634735

I wonder how the lulzkillers over at foxfick are reacting to this? Surely they want to hunt down the eeeevil person who made him do this even though we get some genuinely funny cocks for once

302ab3  No.634770

File: 0a56710d8234d4b⋯.png (103.21 KB, 500x290, 50:29, 1382383508581.png)



355f07  No.634912

File: 92a800f70fc8897⋯.jpg (48.74 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Dr1ZjNeWkAA7iID.jpg)

0572cc  No.634932


IS there any way we can turn Chris into a camwhore? His gimmick could be fucking blow up dolls to pop music. Someone with an in please make it happen.

1a965a  No.635296


fund it

6b6d82  No.635311

Chris prison saga next? I doubt that court case went well

6b6d82  No.635314

1a965a  No.635317

File: 0c2f548109ab1a0⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 320x240, 4:3, gud werk.gif)


gud werk

the next step is convincing chris that being a camwhore would be profitable.

cf5c70  No.635323


A lot supportive comments made by sock accounts is the way in case anyone wants to contribute to popularity delusion.

Just use cock mail throwaway, set up a profile and favorite.

In the case anyone wants to contribute

567d99  No.635548



Camwhore saga soon. How do we make it reality?

1a965a  No.635595


i may indeed

this is some honest to god classic CWC cocks

who knew chris had this much julay left in him?

deb4aa  No.635604

I'm really hoping some troll group can convince him his sperm has magical life-giving properties. Not too big a stretch given the fanta drink and that semen does make life. Then when Barb finally dies….

56d644  No.635609


>Bob was not a great dad but that doesn't meant he deserved CWC

Nobody forced him to have more children

56d644  No.635622


So you want Chris to fuck his mum's dead corpse?

And we thought Chris was fucked up

deb4aa  No.635663

File: 815af1c3b8374a7⋯.jpg (45.89 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Cumguzzlingchris3.jpg)


I never said that, just sounds like your own sick fantasy :^)

1a965a  No.635669




9a05bc  No.635674


This is the pinnacle of Christorianism, how can this be topped?

1a965a  No.635684


>how can this be topped?

the infinite wellspring of autism that is CWC has no bottom.

over a decade of this and i feel like were still just getting started

the one thing we need to worry about is him getting killed/killing himself, or going to prison. barring that, it seems chris is healthy enough to continue to give julay for many decades to come

cf5c70  No.635765


1. Create fake fan

2. Give lots of likes

3. Asspatting comments

4. Call Christine sexy tomgirl

5. ????

6. Profit!

ea9d77  No.636026

Anyone got a shortlist of good Chris Chan videos to watch for somebody who dropped out around the time Chris wanted to be a "tomgirl"? This was before he wanted to be a "transwoman" and was just crossdressing. I've missed several years of cocks but i'd like to get back into it.

8e1da3  No.636030


I know this isn't what you asked for exactly but the best place to look around (since there is not a good documentary type series for the later times) is on the cwcki and just read shit tons of stuff on there. Other anons might know something though


83481b  No.636069

File: 8914ab483cb8453⋯.png (121.13 KB, 370x272, 185:136, 1440749568399.png)


I don't even know anymore man.

e965b1  No.636146

Has anyone heard from him since the 'merge' happened?

a99041  No.636154


The merge happens on December 18th.

26d06b  No.636169


No he claimed it happened yesterday, see >>633048 >>633661

cf5c70  No.636228


Here you go, newfriend


Search on youtube next time, you lazy faggot

ea9d77  No.636275


I know where to get Chris videos retard, I was asking for highlights. Fuck it, i'll just binge it all.

d702e4  No.636474

File: aa5e02818c546cc⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 228x170, 114:85, 1511677104598.gif)



Oh god why did I watch this? the thumb was already bad enough


Besides the comments I would point him to whatever tranny camwhores make the most money and make him believe he could be getting that much too


>Then when Barb finally dies….

Dude, no

b47f4d  No.636479


Chris isn't that dumb. You could maybe convince him to send his semen to Megan, so she can use it to birth the CPU goddess inside her.


Lets do it!

43fad7  No.636546

File: c4deef8b2906602⋯.png (613.4 KB, 700x713, 700:713, 1541555600376.png)


<who knew chris had this much julay left in him?

>mfw this is just the start, the start of a brand new CWC saga

Being a boomer sometimes can berewarding

8e1da3  No.636549



So if we want to get him to become a camwhore what is the first step beyond posting the positive comments? I'm about to make a throwaway pornhub account now and add one. How do we start to persuade him without foxdicks intruding and doxxxxxing the shit out of us for trying to have some actual good cocks be produced?

d5b301  No.636556


He is retarded enough to look at fake screenshots and take them at face value.

0daa61  No.636591


He was on Twitter today but it was just his typical goofy posts, with no mention of the merge.


8e1da3  No.636631

File: 6754b54ed98028e⋯.png (339.87 KB, 678x1000, 339:500, fans.png)

File: f0d40ee08aff48b⋯.png (36.74 KB, 606x399, 202:133, CWC.PNG)


Wanna test that out?

43fad7  No.636698


Sadly that video is probably go offline soon knowing that Pornhub recently changed its guidelines and terms of usage to avoid "unvoluntary" computer-generated pornography (a.k.a. deepfakes), harasment, cyber"bullying" and other BS like that.

43fad7  No.636700

this but ironically:




womp womp

kys boomer and take back this kind of tryhard shitposting with you

472eb2  No.636748

File: b3534a97efe2c2c⋯.jpg (9.28 KB, 336x322, 24:23, smugcat.jpg)

File: 39d655873766a9c⋯.gif (992.84 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 39d655873766a9c994d52a7d25….gif)




do this >>636631 w the blow up doll vid too tbh

ditch the goofy title too

make it more like an actual pornclip

472eb2  No.636755


doesnt matter really

just need to plant the seed that theres work for him in this field

hes so vain hell absolutely bite

it validates his delusional assertions of him being a beautiful goddess

5f3d3c  No.636788

any anons have a zip of the first Christian and the Hedgehog Boys album they could post

9bf165  No.636954

348bc8  No.637443


How the fuck are you going to get doxxxxxed by a bunch of autists? They have no way of knowing who you are if you're using burner accounts and a VPN. All you need to do is make up a pornhub channel, make his videos look popular and then have comments saying they wish "she" had a cam show.

Foxdicks can't stop Chris chasing money. Maybe he could even rope Barb into appearing for a two girl set up.

34e531  No.637444

File: d096506c8b3961a⋯.png (15.31 KB, 1179x222, 393:74, cwc prediction.PNG)


screen capped for posterity. I think you are right, before this happened id argue that we were at the end of CWC. No. This is Part Three id argue. CWC Childhood/Manchildhood -> Post Bob Tomgirl -> Post Merge


If he moves the date of the next merge to his next court hearing thats a huge red flag.




^this guy gets it

Its win/win. If he falls for it great. If not it proves his video was taken and "the trolls" have it.

348bc8  No.637450


Way way too obvious. It's too dedicated to Chris. Has to be like "Bigdaddy3" "Honeygirl" "urbbygirl" type of usernames. Just go to Motherless and do it there. They don't give a fuck and it's full of creepy faggots commenting.

34e531  No.637456


Normally id be quick to agree here but chris is so detached with reality i dont think subtly is needed. Its like the beginning when he was just clueless. We've gone full circle in the pursuit of cawkz

8692e8  No.637581

i just want another issue of sonichu

d702e4  No.637600


I just said to show him how much money other camwhores are doing. Could show him venti getting $75k, say she is also a tranny.

>doxxxxxxxxing the shit out of us


>an anon board

<adding that I'm also behind a VPN

Nigger are you dumb?



Biggest fucking crybaby shitfit in years, the speed in which they nuked that was faster than actual leaks like the fappening. The irony is that if you say it is a deepfake then its basically no different from a parody.

>inb4 muhsoginists saying its actually me

And? they can do that shit anyway, if anything putting "deepfake" in from of a video makes its clear its a fake and not an actual sex tape

472eb2  No.637605


>How the fuck are you going to get doxxxxxxxxed by a bunch of autists?

if it truly is the old guard trolls [x] doubt at foxdicks, then they probably could if youre sloppy

thing is, i dont want chris to fucking die or actually get physically hurt (or be locked up) either.

so as far as im concerned, were on the same side here. theyre just using some gay ass forum website to agree with me

baa34c  No.637641

I'm not up to date on Chris' antics, what's this about schizophrenia? Is he actually confirmed to have it or is it just the best explanation available for whatever he's done this time?

1bc692  No.637667


This "Trolling Plan" screams of Mike Hirtes.

I really doubt Chris would care. He's too busy playing pretend in fantasy universes.


It could be, or it could be an overactive imagination. Actual schitzophrenics… just tend to be a bit more twitchy then Chris is as they sit between sure and unsure on what's real or not. Chris is taking everything in stride, and it's not random nonsense either - it's stuff regurgitated from anime and cartoons.

I think it's him escaping into a childish fantasy world knowing that time is running out for him to play.

472eb2  No.637692

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>This "Trolling Plan" screams of Mike Hirtes.

who dat?

im seeing hes some furfaggot that the foxdicks have a thread about

>I think it's him escaping into a childish fantasy world knowing that time is running out for him to play.

im starting to think this as well

chris is and always has been a fucking spede

this is just escapism

embed related is what schizophrenia looks like

1bc692  No.637706


Some spastic who lives in a section 8 apartment, scams furniggers and shits his pants and does nothing with his time but try to troll Chris on twitter, usually with no result. His life makes Chris's look kushy.

472eb2  No.637709


stare into the void, void stares back, kinda thing?

472eb2  No.637742

ya know the really sad thing about all this?

even with all the trolling in the world, and over a decade of being a chewtoy for the internet, it all rolls off him like water on a duck. but the biggest, most damaging thing done to his life wasnt done by the trolls. no, the worst thing that ever happened to him or will happen to him happened because his own retarded, white trash mother took on all these predatory loans to buy more hoarder bullshit, and then restructured it in a way that absolutely ensures that chris will be homeless and bankrupt when she dies

wat a cunt

talk about lousy parenting

635ab4  No.637754

What will all these people do when chris is dead?

022e9d  No.637807


>Way way too obvious. It's too dedicated to Chris

For anyone who is not pants on head retarded it is too obvious. Chris has fallen for less before

348bc8  No.638007


It's not about Chris, it's abut making it hard for the farm fags to prove it's fake.


is there any decent deepfake sites?


Old guard or not the only way they're doxing you here if is you fuck up in the thread. And even if they do get a hint of who you are you shouldn't have any sort of social media for them to make use of the info. Unless one wants to come get shot for trespassing there isn't much that can be done to you.


And this is Null. Every time something with potential to julay Chris comes along he tries to derail the thread claiming it's all Hirtes. Ignore it and carry on with the operation /cow/boys.


Chris has, but Chris has white knights now.

6b6d82  No.638179


Convince Chris that he is

A) Attractive

B) Sexy

C) Can Get rich from cam whoring

D) Build a 'fanbase' around him

E) Demand more cocks introduce Chris to camming websites, toypics, etc

Chris is that retarded, with enough convincing and compliments he will buy into the delusion that he's a 10/10 trap goddess. Feeding his bad habits is the key.

1bc692  No.638277


Goddamnit Mike.

See, this is one of the things Mike Hirtes does. Every fucking time he gets called out, he tries to derail it to being about Joshua Moon, you know that neonazi pedophile who runs foxdick farms. Dude thinks he's fucking witty when he does this.

Just fucking neck yourself and get a goddamn hint, Mike.

348bc8  No.638316

Ignore the attempts to derail this thread.

6b6d82  No.638419


Just report foxdicks/josh faggotry

472eb2  No.638433

File: d451664a814cb0c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 722.59 KB, 674x584, 337:292, guess who.png)


notmike here

mike or not, hes >>638007 got a point tbh

you managed to keep your cool until i directly made fun of your shit site

you also type exactly like him and are clearly here solely to derail

and while id hate to side with a literal diaperfurfaggot as there isnt enough rope in the world for all them i have to begrudgingly admit his case is stronger than yours rn

why not hop IPs and try again later m8?

ya blew it


b7e51a  No.638455


>af tbh femme

Someone is French and someone goes to the KC it seems.

49f9c1  No.638529

For the love of all that is fucking unholy will you stupid fucking fucks stop talking about whoever the fuck this Hirtes cocksucker is and stupid fucking null and just focus on the topic at hand, god damn mother fucking Chris Chan. I am so tired of seeing these fucking threads devolve into he-said-she-said high-school-tier bullshit over and over and fucking over. Please, PLEASE, kindly, shut the ever-loving fuck up about anything that doesn't directly have to do with Chris Chan.

850443  No.638648

File: 017f7299fcc1f9b⋯.gif (932.81 KB, 320x221, 320:221, like.gif)


It won't stop no matter what

This is the hill the foxdicks want to die on

Sad thing about it is that many of us don't want to see Chris get hurt, go into bankruptcy, or go to jail either

I would much rather see Chris wig out on some camwhore site for a day or two, or masturbate to smashmouth, than have sociopaths get him to punch his elderly mother or hurt himself. But the foxdicks will not allow it.

And why? Because they want to play daddy for a 40 year old man that they themselves used to fuck with.

Ultimately, what many people fail to analyze in this whole equation is Chris' end of the game. He's been a target for many years now. Even as a retard, he's intimately aware of how trolling works. Yet he still keeps coming back to the internet. Every time. And he still keeps posting literally everything he can about his life. Chris never got attention growing up. His parents hate him. All irl friends quickly learned they couldn't stand him. But when 4chan found him over a decade ago, he ended up one of the most documented people in the world. Especially to someone with assbergers (incapable of discerning tone), this is huge. I'm sure he's not thrilled that all the attention he gets is mostly negative, nor is he blind to it. But i am sure of one thing. the relationship (obsession) that we so often talk about in regards to the trolls of CWC runs both ways. The people who troll him would be lost without him, but also, he wouldn't be able to simply walk away from all his fame. It's as important to him as it is to the really serious and pathetic trolls who revolve their lives around monitoring him at all hours.

TL;DR This will never end until either Chris or all the trolls walk away from the internet. Let me know how likely you think THAT is in the comments below. And Don't forget to subscribe and SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON

d702e4  No.638703


>is there any decent deepfake sites?

There are a few problem is getting a good deepfake takes tons of work that most people cant do so there isnt a lot of cocks.

1bc692  No.638804

File: 436852c8e310213⋯.png (243.34 KB, 409x400, 409:400, 1453954692223.png)


Josh woulden't be calling himself a pedophile (which he is) and Mike is infamous for socking in order to make it look like people actually agree with him. I'm not that desperate or that much of a loser.


At some point, the debtors are simply going to lose patience. If for some fucked up reason that doesn't happen, then Barb is going to kick it. Isn't she taking two jobs to help (roughly) pay for essentials?

e521e0  No.638900


Barb's mental state makes it look like she would be unable to hold a job.

1bc692  No.638926


Maybe? I mean this is coming from Marvin, so I don't really know

dc8c28  No.638944

The Hirtesposting wouldn't be nearly as bad I think if it was a foxdick instead of a /cow/boy who doxxxxxed him. I think the higher ups wanted him doxxxxxed on their site so they come here and shit up Chris thread. By the way, as try hard and over the top Hirtes can be in these threads you should never call him out just ignore him and hide his posts. Acknowledging the fag in the first place is your first mistake.

0c34cf  No.638947

Mike, reporting all posts naming you as the pathetic boomer furfag you are isn't going to make me delete them.

0c34cf  No.638953


Oh dear I'm retarded

1bc692  No.638963


Nah. When he is called out he loses his shit. Just one mention of mike and boom, he starts spazzing out.

850443  No.638992


Last i heard she was taking a bunch of Chris' money

850443  No.638994


His neetbux that is

296df2  No.639262



Back when Null still pretended to care about Chris Josh claimed that Barb takes most of his money and blamed most of his financial issues on her.

46f507  No.639604

So where's the lulz? What happens now that the sonichu rapture has started to transpire?

b06664  No.639817

TLDR of the Events of the Merge?

Just checked back in…

9f8681  No.639825


The merge happened. But we were already in hell in the first place.

b06664  No.639831


Why did Chris release another sex tape btw?

Was it coerced or just his tism?

I can barely even understand what he was even trying to say on the twitter post

bd8145  No.639980

File: f054bae1e8eb2cb⋯.png (128.91 KB, 446x324, 223:162, 5160d8155adfae1306d433b74e….png)


New to this thread. What the fuck did I discover?

6b6d82  No.640023


More Julay and video material that will melt mere mortals

As a side note, I'm thinking of making CWC x-hamster account for profit

1bc692  No.640029


That's what the fox says

850443  No.640033


>Barb takes most of his money and blamed most of his financial issues on her.

I'd have to agree here

Chris is fucking retarded

And this means that he would likely be too retarded to realize that he can take out massively high rate loans for personal spending, and also take out more loans from other loansharks to payback the interest payments on the old loans. I also doubt he'd be able to manage to restructure all this shitty debt into a second mortgage.

This is all Barb, and it's her essentially saying "fuck it, im dying soon anyways"

What she's done is basically ensure that Chris will be homeless when she dies. Seeing as how their extended family is pretty non-existent too, he'll probably get stuck with a huge bill for the funeral too. Bankruptcy is the only option at that point

Barb is arguably one of Chris' most malicious trolls

f6c765  No.640037


The bottomless pit of pure autism, psychosis, ego, and CUP Goddess dimensional mergers.

If you know nothing of Chris Chan you are in for one wild fucking ride.

458a84  No.640089

File: b350890fe6a2ca2⋯.jpg (49.96 KB, 433x433, 1:1, IMG_0062.JPG)

348bc8  No.640172


Imagine being more retarded then Chris and then making comments on Chris. That's what your post is, but the rest of us need to imagine it.

Chris has always paid rent from his tugboat. Bob used to make him pay rent plus any credit card fees he had. Barb isn't doing anything wrong in making sure the uber tard is paying towards the household he lives in. The money he gets is for living expenses not MLP toys.

If you knew of Barb's character you wouldn't be spewing Boomer meme non-sense here. She's as much as a hoarder as Chris is and has even less money sense. It was her shit that cluttered up the house and she's passed that onto Chris.

850443  No.640211


>She's as much as a hoarder as Chris is and has even less money sense. It was her shit that cluttered up the house and she's passed that onto Chris.

<Thinking Chris would be competent enough to even dial the phone to contact these types of lenders, let alone find someone to restructure it into a second mortgage against the house

We're just going to have to agree to disagree here mate

I could see Chris e-begging really hard in a situation like that, maybe even selling some of his relics if he had to, but i couldn't see him being enough of an adult to handle the aforementioned credit card bullshit

f60237  No.640214

File: 2862c3f9118d9f5⋯.png (209.15 KB, 543x629, 543:629, Huh what.png)


Oh my…

348bc8  No.640221


Do you think Chris can't use google or use a phone? Chris isn't a pants shitting retard who spends all day drooling. He's actually high functioning for a retard where he can handle day to day life. He has poor social skills and judgement, which is very different to raging autism like you have.

These loan companies advertise on facebook and Twitter. You look on the side bar and you see pay day loan advertisements all over the place.

Credit card bullshit isn't even any more complex. They send you offers all the time asking if you want a credit card.

Are you a child by any chance? Have you never been offered a credit card by mail?

993021  No.640228


The kind of person who masturbates to smashmouth.

993021  No.640232


Make sure said fans ask if he does live shows?

993021  No.640235

File: 8b33f065359967b⋯.mp4 (8.02 MB, 640x800, 4:5, 0724231119974_029_15351211….mp4)


There is no pinnacle. Chris will always attain higher levels of madness. He is beyond comprehension.

610cae  No.640515

File: 5a17c100c14cc26⋯.jpg (54.36 KB, 1036x831, 1036:831, 5a17c100c14cc26de49040225b….jpg)


Null isn't a reliable narrator. It was Null who claimed that Barb had taken out a reverse mortgage. He clearly had no idea what a reverse mortgage is: we know Chris has a mortgage company hounding him for payments (I forget the name but he's revealed it when begposting), and the entire point of a reverse mortgage is there are no monthly payments.

This has always been the problem when trying to get a grasp of the details of Chris' life: the people reporting it are a bunch of NEETs, stoners in their 30s and 40s and losers who barely know more about this shit than Chris.

f644ed  No.640545


>he'll probably get stuck with a huge bill for the funeral

Implying Chris won't just donate her body to science. The only way I could see this not happening is if Bob had the foresight to buy her burial plot and casket already.

This is also ignoring the fact that plenty of retards on Twitter will feel bad and crowd fund her funeral.

348bc8  No.640886


Chris will post on Twitter how she's dead and someone will call the services in to deal with her. Chris ends up taken into care or a relatives home until they get things sorted out for his care.

3ea8b2  No.641169


>Chris ends up taken into care or a relatives home until they get things sorted out for his care.

And that's where your theory falls apart. Chris will never go into care. Chris's story has zero chance of having anything resembling a happy ending.

348bc8  No.641269


He won't have a choice. He's not able to look after himself so he will have some form of care provided for him when his mother dies. He won't even fight it, he'll be happy to go along with it as long as he can buy dumb shit.

9f8681  No.641320


Didn't the Chandlers refuse care for Chris years ago? He seems too proud to go along, even if he can buy dumb shit.

b06664  No.641322

Chris hasn't made a twitter shitpost in a…odd amount of time…..


Chris was offered multiple forms of care by the state on multiple occasions though it would usually end with either bob/Barb or Chris being to prideful or petty to allow it

One example of this was when the principal of Chris's middle school suggested he be put into special education class's which resulted in Bob chimping out and threatening to sue the "discrimination"

Another example was when a twitter orbiter tried to convince Chris to sign up for some state program that helps low income / Disabled people get a basic job and Chris turned out it down out of petty pride about not needing help like a tard

3ea8b2  No.641345


>Chris hasn't made a twitter shitpost in a…odd amount of time…..

God, I hope he's dead. Because if he dies before Barb then the Ki-wis can never enact their plan of taking possession of him for the rest of his life.

29387e  No.641355

File: c8c38ebd75bc0ad⋯.gif (697.38 KB, 360x244, 90:61, my eyes.gif)

3594c9  No.641397


He's not dead, Chris is active in PSN and replied a few tweets yesterday.

34e531  No.641438


I wonder what the timetable of chris's death will be like. Who will know first. How it will be leaked. Etc.

Terry's death took a while to be confirmed due to trolls and such. I suspect thrice over fuckery with CWC

34e531  No.641632

Any word on what CWC is doing for thanksgiving ?

984e9c  No.641713

File: 2255705ad97df67⋯.png (208.4 KB, 592x2184, 74:273, cwc update.png)

New post by Chris, minor update on the merge as seen below (amongst other things).

>When I said on Monday the 19th that the Dimensional Merge was upon us, I stated that it was really beginning, as it had been warming up for a while beforehand.

>And the sequence of events has been continuing to unfold in both this Earth of 1218, and the Earth of C-197.

>My mind and psychic superpowers has been off-the-charts in doing its part in all of this, as well as keeping track of the events in action and yet to come.

>I have to keep the details that I end up sharing online non-specific and opaque, or Not Sharing Them At All, because I am really not at liberty to share the Really Specific Details as they are happening or before they happen.

>It is all part of my share of the responsibilities in all of this, and I am minor in the level, yet also important.

83481b  No.641744

File: a7ec3d096f74f89⋯.gif (32.42 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 200_s.gif)


His insanity is increasing at an exponential rate. Something really fucked up and weird is coming down the pipe, and it's going to make jacking off to Smashmouth look like a quiet Sunday dinner by comparison.

984e9c  No.641751


The second tweet in particular is fucking gold

>I finally got Married, to not just one, but four: Magi-Chan Sonichu, Cryzel and Sylvana Rosechus, and the one and only Mewtwo. Destiny does work, and in crazy ways, sometimes. I Love my Guardian Angel, my Destined Gal, and two more smart psychics

984e9c  No.641753


Wait, does this mean he has finally given up on his quest for a boyfriend-free girl?

83481b  No.641787

File: 70cacd3a90ad882⋯.jpg (31.24 KB, 624x184, 78:23, 1430061881180.jpg)


Even when Tom Hanks went crazy in the movie Cast Away, he only started talking to one Volleyball. And I'm pretty sure he didn't try to fuck it. Truly, truth is stranger than fiction.

d07b73  No.641810


I'm worried for Chris. If Barb dies, things could go really turn south quick.

984e9c  No.641904


Why? I'm sure his four wives will take good care of him.

67540f  No.641913


>Things could really go south in the life of this dole-reliant 40 year old manchild masquerading as a pretty girl

His life is a living Hell whether he realizes it or not, anon. I'm not saying it can't get even worse but it's an almost imperceivable because it's already this bad and will never get better.

984e9c  No.641947


>and will never get better.

The merge, though. Good thing he found a loophole that will unfuck his life so he doesn't have to feel depressed over the situation he has gotten himself into.

723cfa  No.642046

File: e1b289d063113b6⋯.webm (13.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Imagine a scam.webm)


What are our chances?

83481b  No.642136

File: c25650917ecf96e⋯.png (40.24 KB, 345x433, 345:433, out of depth.png)


If Barb dies, things could go really turn south quick.

Lets use this diagram of the ocean floor as a visual aid. The green arrow is normalfag consciousness. The yellow arrow is deep autism/lolcowhood. The red arrow is Chris's current depth. The gaping maw you see him rolling towards is the cusp he will be rolling over once Barb is out of the picture.

tl;dr - hold on to your butts

610cae  No.642524

File: c404c116f1c9b26⋯.png (820.66 KB, 620x826, 310:413, j_qqGBQDgepmhtpR_awIV4wZUq….png)


>a relatives home

They're even more terrified of him than the common normie. They want nothing to do with him, to the point of even blowing off Bob's funeral. The how and why isn't important (but has been documented quite extensively), but no relative is going to take care of Chris.

b06664  No.642556

Chris has gone back to crying about my little Downie not getting another season renewed and is threatening to block anyone on twitter that shittalks his magic downy powers

I'm starting to think we may have a Blarms 2.0 on our hands

34e531  No.642568


This. CWC and barb have alienated whatever family is left. The whole wretched Chandler clan is old now. I think chris might be in the younger strata of that family. He's totally screwed once barb dies, the only (albeit abusive) benefactor in his life.

cec9b4  No.642575

File: 6fe44c500a2bce0⋯.jpg (396.51 KB, 720x1229, 720:1229, 20181122_232332.jpg)

File: 482ef93bb050063⋯.jpeg (186.13 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Dsnk1_0UcAE1v_4.jpeg)


Fear not boyo, barb is safe and sound.

9e7a36  No.642601

Has anyone asked Chris why he choked his ham to Smashmouth? I'd do it myself, but I can't be bothered to make a Twitter account or attempt to contact this trash fire of a human.

993021  No.642603


He'll think she's ascended to the magic realm or whatever the fuck he calls it. He'll let the body rot in her bed and the cats will eat her.

Maybe he will eat her too.


He will whore out his dead mother to the pigs for money for legos.

83481b  No.642634

File: fc178c4f18e5005⋯.png (252 KB, 612x268, 153:67, tfw still alive.png)


>hello darkness my old friend

993021  No.642730


I'd also like to know this. Was it part of the merging?

ff153c  No.642741

File: 6f9c12d9311c229⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 735x551, 735:551, athf.jpg)


Not that guy but even a lot of normies dont have much of a handle on this which is why many have negative networth because they dont know how to manage their money and renegotiate their debt.


What the fug :DDD was that shit?


>or a relatives home

No fucking way


His "choice" is to become a hobo, which he will either right after barb kicks the bucket or after he gets kicked out from whatever care facility he gets sent to because he's out of control

>as long as he can buy dumb shit.

And who's gonna pay for it?


>mfw reading those tweets


>truth is stranger than fiction.

A lot of insane shit happens IRL that will never get made into a movie or even a novel because its too fucked up and horrific for most people to even want to hear about it.


I think he's already staring at the abyss, see this shit here >>642524 that's psychosis man, he's gonna start drawing on the walls with his own shit any day now

9f8681  No.642749


He already gave up when transitioning. He likes pickles now.

9f8681  No.642752


Do you have a self-insert OC?

74dcd8  No.642753


I thought he claimed to be turning into a lesbian, or did he drop that notion?

9f8681  No.642756


That was the early tranny saga, when he maced that gamestop guy. I think it's safe to assume that he's gay from his recent convention escapades.

I don't think he decided to be gay himself though, it could have been from an idea guy.

0fbebe  No.642896


Descending into dementia with the only family left in the picture to care for you being Chris is a fate worse than death.

053643  No.642899


Barb deserves it.

She used to beat black women with sticks back in the 60s.

993021  No.642903


She deserves a cake or something then.

053643  No.642904


You like to dabble in peoples' lives, huh? Because you're so much better than us, because you've seen the light. You've seen the face of God. So you wave your dick around trying to help us lowly mortals. Hill, Mershah, Groves, Jefferson Keane. Fuck, you helped Jefferson Keane right into a lethal injection. So in the end, when all is said and done, who have you really fucking helped? Other than yourself?

cf0c2d  No.642905


You need some cake too.

49bca5  No.642911


The merge is even more horrible than I had imagined.

887da1  No.642920


Good ol' Barb

6b6d82  No.642942



993021  No.642954


What are all these words?

416a21  No.642962


>She used to beat black women with sticks back in the 60s.

Then she defiantly deserves better.

59c884  No.642963

What sort of services would the state of Virginia offer to a broke half-retard with autism papers like Chris? Would he become homeless? The guy is kind of actively making himself unemployable.

t. foreigner-onlooker

f88da6  No.642965



>providing any services

He’ll be homeless and dead within a year

993021  No.642968


>implying the paypigs aren't support

59c884  No.642971


I know of the tugboat, yes.Could he apply like for some public housing studio apartment hell-hole, with subsidized rent or something? Are "food stamps" a thing in virginia, church food queues?

59c884  No.642972

And I must add, imagining is Chris living with wall-neighbours is thrilling :)

That's the thing that would eventually drive him homeless, sadly.

34e531  No.643003

File: b30a82b56178293⋯.png (83.12 KB, 590x652, 295:326, disgust.png)




Get the fuck out of here

ff153c  No.643006


Got more on that?


Nigga you quoting Oz?

348bc8  No.643013


Getting kicked out of a tard house is extremely difficult. They're used to tard behaviour and lock it down pretty quickly.


This is why trannies need IP bans when they turn up to whine we're calling them out on grooming kids.

83481b  No.643061

File: 18422af59f65f86⋯.jpg (7.16 KB, 190x255, 38:51, best girl.jpg)


>Shield Maiden Barbara

So that's what The Lumberjack saw in her. No man can resist a Valkyrie.

ec6bca  No.643105


>What are all these words?


993021  No.643236


My goodness, that's a shame.

What a horrible affliction.

d07b73  No.643291


My best guess is he hits the streets, someone from a church organization adopts him, releases him back into the wild or someone genuinely feels pity and invites him into their home until they realize he's beyond salvation.

22c0e8  No.643645


>Chris isn't a pants shitting retard who spends all day drooling. He's actually high functioning for a retard where he can handle day to day life.

Why doesn't he get a job then?

87fdef  No.643727

File: e5034392a6cdf36⋯.png (30.56 KB, 588x150, 98:25, screenshot-twitter.com 201….png)


He's not unemployed because he's a retarded autist he's unemployed because of his inflated sense of worth and delusions. Everything else is just excuses.

aaf064  No.643734

File: 0c7243b04771276⋯.jpg (84.34 KB, 600x656, 75:82, 0c7243b04771276dbeea17c53a….jpg)

682da2  No.643739

File: 21427aff56fdd58⋯.png (271 KB, 494x658, 247:329, upload_2017-4-4_0-9-19.png)


Speaking of excuses…

f8dbf9  No.643764

File: e9bb47757678bcd⋯.webm (3.49 MB, 480x853, 480:853, 1542618339536.webm)

Anyone have the original?

96d8ff  No.643788

File: 7c4594415656636⋯.jpg (44.2 KB, 503x537, 503:537, 1488247297253.jpg)


>it stops being funny when the song ends

682da2  No.643802


Scroll up you lazy faggot it's on this goddamn thread.

85a11d  No.643815


>I do not need to work in the promise land

>so why get one now?

Fuck man he is really riding this merger. It is either one hell of a defence mechanism/lie or he has completely lost his mind.

Has he nailed down a date? I know it has "started" but is there an end date or a day when it becomes really fucking obvious that cartoons are running around?

22c0e8  No.643840


He is definitely a fag.

610cae  No.643909

File: 170666e94dfb407⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 212x194, 106:97, 1482215319498.gif)


There's what's available and there's what's accessible. They tend to make things intentionally difficult because (a) they're government and don't know how to make things user-friendly because fuck you I just work here and (b) to hold down demand.

Chris is a weird situation. The state believes he's disabled but not that he is incapable of work at all. For all that Bob was the better of the two parents, he really should have beaten a modicum of work ethic into Chris. If he couldn't work with the public at Wendy's because he scared children then he should have had him cleaning up the hoard and doing yardwork.

>Would he become homeless?

That's a good example. There is subsidized housing vouchers he would apply for but you usually need to apply months/years in advance and/or be diligent about follow-up.


Not kidding, there was a homeless guy on my street growing up, every now and then someone would spring for him to stay in a hotel to "help get back on their feet" and they'd find out he had to leave because he'd howl all night and bang on the walls.

34e531  No.644283


Have you been paying attention to CWC's personality at ALL?

His ego wont allow it. Has far too busy work to be doing to have something as blase as a job

9ea744  No.644304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


b4f503  No.644830


Most people on the street are there for a reason.

0daa61  No.644890



>Fuck man he is really riding this merger. It is either one hell of a defence mechanism/lie or he has completely lost his mind.

Or he's being trolled again Idea Guy-style.

>Has he nailed down a date? I know it has "started" but is there an end date or a day when it becomes really fucking obvious that cartoons are running around?

End of this year.

a08b28  No.644915


is anyone else getting a 502 right now?

22c0e8  No.645219


It's a shit site. Use Google cache, archive.is, or wayback to read it so you can avoid that crap.


Do you know how many people drag their feet out of bed in the morning to go to work at something they care nothing about? They don't want to work either, but they do it. I don't care for Chris.

1bc692  No.645414


guess who also hosts it

22c0e8  No.646068


Chris-chan's best friend?

c73337  No.646090



Pistan on teevee tbh

475331  No.646382

Is it true that he LITERALLY believes his sonichu shit actually exists in another dimension? It sounds too ridiculous to be true even for CWC.

457746  No.646495


Chris does not have to work, so he won't work. If he can pick and choose between getting paid for shitting his pants and doing nothing or getting only slightly more money for actually getting his ass off with the qualifications he has, it's rather obvious.

416a21  No.646496


Common, nigger. I'm a filthy secondary that didn't pay much attention to CWC until around the time he maced some game store employee because Sonic's arms aren't suppose to be blue and even I know the answer to that.

22c0e8  No.646792


>it's rather obvious

he is a piece of shit.

52a155  No.646860

File: 63ba2ca9eb5670c⋯.jpeg (7.4 KB, 296x170, 148:85, download.jpeg)



I'm a tertiary follower of Chris. Truly discovered him only year or two ago and got into /cow/ a few months back.

I have a clinical psych degree and I can tell you Chris is truly FUCKED in the head. Either he really believes in the merge, so skitzo. Either he will get more invested and be crushed by it not happening. OR he is just being manipulative and playing it up, if so he has some kind of personality disorder. Add either of these to his existing developmental issues and Autistic traits. We are going to a real Grade A shitshow to rival old times.

>>634027 is just a precursor, especially if he is Skitzo. Things will get more exstream as the date approaches, especially if he feels he has agency in the events (and they do not happen). I ligit got spooked with the Megan talk.

63718a  No.646862


>has a clinical psych degree

>can't spell schizo

Why go on the internet and lie?

52a155  No.646869


>>can't spell schizo

Doing it on purpose my anon. Stop being a spaz

0daa61  No.646876


He's not even schizo. Schizophrenia isn't compatible with how the Idea Guy was able to manipulate him. Schizos won't believe that someone else knows what their imaginary friend is up to, because they think they can see their imaginary friend face-to-face.

Chris is just hopelessly stupid.

053643  No.646878


He's also fat and smells bad

22c0e8  No.646898

File: a26530fab62d3ba⋯.mp4 (740.21 KB, 400x300, 4:3, toppestkek-.mp4)

a6a450  No.647472

>Newfag trying to build an identity on an image board

c1c139  No.647576

File: 83311b83187c0aa⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1126x844, 563:422, napkinmath.png)

>tfw going to get Thanos'd by Chris and replaced with a downy ;-;

c1c139  No.647578


*replaced with a downy, same diff I guess

993021  No.647776


Hang on…

What's the worldwide percentage of male and female sexes?

993021  No.647783

File: b19befc7691394e⋯.jpg (67.91 KB, 680x665, 136:133, 4dc.jpg)


>i have psych degree

>chris iz crazy

37b703  No.647916


I'm studying exponential distribution right very fucking now and I don't understand this shit.

735c6d  No.647918


>I have a clinical psych degree and I can tell you Chris is truly FUCKED in the head.

Hope you didn't put yourself in debt for that degree, I challenge you to find a single person that has come to a different conclusion.

735c6d  No.648127

File: 0c1d1fa07e1ea3a⋯.png (40.88 KB, 606x413, 606:413, wishlist.png)

"E-begging Electric Boogaloo: ∞"

>Pic related is his highest priority, the rest is a bunch of consoles (WiiU, Xbone, Switch) and games

735c6d  No.648129

File: 20318b7ea99a6f0⋯.png (33.84 KB, 715x157, 715:157, transformer.png)


Meant to post this too.

069cba  No.648234

File: 230c88308e7e43f⋯.jpg (22.26 KB, 306x273, 102:91, cup.jpg)

069cba  No.648248

File: ff31255dc66ce0c⋯.jpg (49.09 KB, 540x720, 3:4, fc4_1.jpg)


>Chris wants an xbone


22c0e8  No.648326


Why are all these e-thots getting thrown into the fire when this fag can get away scot-free and continue draining money through disability?

a94be1  No.648429


At the end of the say, Chris has offered laughs, tears and many other things for a decade. These e-thots have nothing to offer but bobs and vagine. Chris offers Sonichu, a great work of batshit insanity.

22c0e8  No.648438


You are gay.

993021  No.648602

File: 1c9f6108dcdf598⋯.jpg (86.23 KB, 621x493, 621:493, nagatoro14.JPG)


I need some help here, I don't get it.

So I go to this wish list, there's nothing there, then I change the filter to purchased and everything pops up.

Am I right in assuming that everthing listed as purchased has been bought for him already?

Somebody tell me why I'm wrong please.

22c0e8  No.648677

8c9ebb  No.648739


You can go to someone's wishlist and say you purchased it else where for them and it will mark it bought.

836fbf  No.648745


It's a classic case of boy who cried wolf. People have been reporting Chris to different authorities for over a decade and at this point when someone calls in a tip on him and the person on the other end of that phonecall hears 'Christine Weston Chandler', the report goes straight in the trash.

610cae  No.648781

File: 696e00fb0c8f666⋯.gif (3.67 MB, 400x224, 25:14, jags.gif)


> At the end of the say, Chris has offered laughs, tears and many other things for a decade

Likely the gayest thing ever posted on this website, including the actual gay parts

a94be1  No.648815


So it's a localized version of saying Sam Hyde is the identity of whatever spree shooter is running amok at the time.

dbd15f  No.649028


>Doesn't see the significance of Christine merging with Chris and making another JULAY moment that has started the process of ripping apart the universe

993021  No.649253


Thanks. That makes me feel much better.

993021  No.649255

File: 8440c92dade4a4c⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 500x376, 125:94, shamecube.gif)

20cc5b  No.649529

File: 2a5fad4d985fd64⋯.png (63.06 KB, 372x269, 372:269, scrooge-mcduck-58a9eaa7136….png)


>buying shit for Chris.

1bc692  No.649550


I mean I doubt someone would buy all of Chris's Christmas presents and not show off that he did as some big troll. Like I understand buying Chris's totem to piss people off that you wasted your money but if there's nothing to show for it? Why bother?


People occasionally do it because they know they'll get a rise out of people. foxdicks used to do it all the time because they saw it as trolling

22c0e8  No.649551


Come-come-come on guys. Have a heart. Chris needs us to buy him things because he is worthless trash that is excused by everyone for being a fucking retard so has no external stimulus to improve himself and actually become a whole person.

cf5c70  No.649730

#Thotaudit on Chris for lulz, might involve him as well and thousands he owed to the gubmint.

The result would be entertaining

c9f837  No.649736


What are they gonna do, take away his video games and mlp figurines? Chris has no hope of paying any of that money back.

cf5c70  No.649746



>Illegal source of untaxed income


Need I go on?

22c0e8  No.649775


The tugboat will finally sink.

c9f837  No.649801


I see prison as the only solution, but Christ wouldn't survive in there.

8e1da3  No.649889


>foxdicks used to do it all the time because they saw it as trolling

It is no surprise then that a vast majority of foxdick is now full of Chris orbiters and white-knights today

993021  No.650231


He's got a lot of legos.

07f04a  No.650474



I love you, phoneposters.

9e7a36  No.650519

Can we report his paypig for scamming people?

6bd8b8  No.650598


Yeah but why though.

993021  No.650693

File: b4dc3504c2107c9⋯.jpg (59.47 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1373694834113.jpg)


>not waiting until barb is dead

2744a1  No.650863


I was actually drunk and posting from my laptop.

34e531  No.650916

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0bfbda  No.652157


Even better.

fa166f  No.653563


Dont smoke during pregnancy. A lesson learned too late.

5eb9ce  No.656116


And a hell of a lot of other lessons totally ignored or right out defied.

6b6d82  No.672808

File: a44889178599e08⋯.mp4 (1.44 MB, 404x720, 101:180, Naughty Whore.mp4)

No-one posted this yet

9dc1ce  No.676377

How long until he's legit homeless?

b4de05  No.684617


Apparently, there is an actor who is actually named Chris Chan. I bet his work life must get really annoying.


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