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File: 1411316966671.png (75.77 KB, 500x375, 4:3, heh.png)


The people have spoken, the rules for the board are as follows:

1) Be constructive. If you're going to criticize or support something, explain why. Constructive criticism please.

2) Keep "w2c?", "cop or not?" and simple questions etc. in their respective general threads.

3) Shitposting will be kept to a minimum. Having fun is fine, but spam and constant shitposting isn't fun for anybody.

4) No Torposting, due to pedofags Torposters will not be welcome on this board.

Read or contribute to the sticky:


Also contains a link to the halfchan sticky.

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Post last edited at

File: ac412a3995dbabb⋯.jpeg (40.86 KB, 544x544, 1:1, 5826A07E-DAD1-45BB-AC7C-8….jpeg)


going to bleach / dye / paint so they're not a gay color.

$20 grail


lemme know how that turns out


thought this was gonna be like an /fa/ game to try n make a fit where these would look wearable,which is hard mode


Looks like something Tyler. The Creator would wear, i actually kinda like them.

>going to bleach / dye / paint

How exactly?



>How exactly?

by dipping them in loafer lightener, of course

File: d6a24853a4f5f3b⋯.png (2.78 MB, 1389x1360, 1389:1360, Untitled.png)


get ready for the pre-winter /warm/ fits

post fit,get hit,lets go

everyone welcome

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>Not too fond of the trench coat thing but everyone seems to like it

it's really good for staying dry in the cold November rain


File: ea7691c379cca5c⋯.png (782.62 KB, 466x750, 233:375, tumblr_o4x8i3cyDH1tgankwo1….png)

File: 7330e9227843742⋯.png (315.24 KB, 596x670, 298:335, tumblr_ow33yfpZza1wysqp8o1….png)


nigga, you're in /fa/ and you don't know them?

it's /fa/'s (un)official manga, but i'm gonna be nice it's Sachi upside down and Aiko


>Why don’t you too just kiss already?

I don't date his kind

>I don’t like the sweater

had it for years now, but i do want a new hoodie

>Show shoes in better light pls

They're the Adidas version of hightop airforce-ones, liked them more than Nike's, in any case the lighting in my room is dismal.



>/fa/'s (un)official manga

huh. I've been coming here for like eight months now, and somehow I'd managed to never hear about this before now



Cause 8/fa/ is a very small board and there's not much discussion about things other than clothes.

I'm reminiscing from the good old days of 4/fa/ back before the exodus.

Now go read it and feel the feels.



I lurked half/fa/ before the exodus. It wasn’t as bad as it is now, but it wasn’t good either. Laughs and banter is mostly gone from the board now and the cringe threads kill any kind of experimentation. The few times i bother to check the board i only notice one good poster.

File: 6361fe866cf50e8⋯.jpg (51.44 KB, 1018x626, 509:313, cringe111.jpg)


How would you go about cleaning out your entire wardrobe and replace it with /fa/ pieces? Right now everything I own are fast fashion, hand-me-downs, shitty christmas gifts, and very few decent pieces. Do I wait until Black Friday and start splurging? Donate all of the garbage I don't wait to "charity"?

My thought process so far is before aiming for aesthetics I should aim for getting decent basics. All of my shirts are either ratty or tacky, need to find a brand that has decent materials and good quality. Probably hunting for shirts in Uniqlo and/or merino shirts in Amazon since I'm pretty active on the day-to-day. On a slight tangent, I typically burn through 3-4 shirts just because of the sweat I release riding from place to place. If I can cut that number down to just one with a decent shirt that can wick away sweat I'd gladly pay over $50 for a shirt. As for things like pants, 80% of it is just shitty cotton jeans. From experience and learning online, cotton fucking sucks as a material. Should I go full polyester/nylon?

TL;DR Tips for fixing a wardrobe. Infographs welcome.

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File: cbddc3eeedacde5⋯.jpeg (128.28 KB, 400x678, 200:339, 13367354962433.jpeg)

manlets can dress well and most models are conventionally ugly. You can hide your height and draw focus away from your face. Being fat is just something you need to change.


File: 742792507e89819⋯.jpeg (835.57 KB, 1104x4072, 138:509, 13825771258997.jpeg)

I updated an old /fa/ infograghic. i would assume this one is from 2012. V-necked tees are out and crewnecked tees are in. Cardigans are played out. If you wear peacoats you risk looking fedora so you should hold of on getting one until you get a style that works with pea-coats.


File: ae0934425c5d454⋯.jpeg (246.64 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, monotechno.jpeg)

This infographic is timeless and the pieces are very versatile



my experience with materials is the exact opposite. I used to have a huge problem with sweating, to the point that a lot of clothes would only last me a few months before they developed an unremovable stink. then I started looking at the materials and realized all those were made of polyester, acrylic or some other synthetic fiber.

so then I switched to only wearing cotton, wool, linen and other natural materials and haven't had any problems with sweating. on some clothes 100% natural is hard to find, so on those I'm willing to accept at most 3% synthetic fibers



Replace items little by little, get good long lasting basics and then experiment.

The above info-graphics are pretty good too.

File: ddde67d8d78bcb6⋯.png (427.68 KB, 658x1000, 329:500, CROP02002.png)


so i've been delving deep in to techwear and taking the merino wool pill but then realized how expensive all this fucking shit is. i want to completely throw out my old wardrobe full of killer cotton and shitty low grade material clothing out to a dumpster fire where it belogns.

the caveat is im broke so i decided to start making some of my own clothes and possibly hemming others.

started picking up a few tutorials and preparing.

anyone have any tips or just want to larp on making the perfect fit?



idk bothering with all that sounds like you really have nothing to do with your time if you're only doing it to replace your wool with merino wool but i think taking some classes for making clothes would be a good idea and save you time by helping you fuck up less


if you decide to make your own clothes you should probably take some classes and read up the topic to not waste as much fabric while trying to learn it. if you want to do something easier you could teach yourself to knit. it's not too hard and you can teach yourself how to do it.



The most i've done is cut the sleeves of some shirts.

It honestly seems like too much work, but if you're the creative type then it must be fun.


thanks for the responses; will take classes.

if anyone wants any youtube videos on learning the basic shit, sailrite has some really good sewing videos with zero bullshit.


> that sounds like you really have nothing to do with your time

the story of my fucking life.



>killer cotton


Are you going for the look in pic related?

>Black Yoga pants

Cheap everywhere

>black tank top

you could get a black t-shirt that's a size too small and cut off the bottom

>Short Bomber Jacket

Ebay for a plain black one, red material over the one shoulder down to the elbow with some zips and straps here and there and some pressed decals whatever they are called on it


Cheap ski helmet painted with straps and some makeup pots stuck on and painted

Making clothes is just cosplay for less autistic people

File: 9218795173a5f27⋯.jpeg (147.03 KB, 679x679, 1:1, 65F7B651-503D-4E51-A9BE-3….jpeg)


Post your /fa/ related feels here. I’ll start with my shitty feels:

>driving through city

>pull into parking lot

>see qt 3.14 grill wearing my favourite style of female clothing

>qt haircut

>walking to car with fat, presumably boyfriend

>he has shitty Hitler Youth cut where they keep the top medium length and slick it straight back

>wearing shitty clothes/Nike

>not even ironically effay

>no matter how well you dress you’ll never get gf even though

>dressing for women


>want type of shirt a few weeks ago

>can’t find it in any store I go to

>too worried about getting a bad fit if buy online

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File: 1ef5981240b3326⋯.jpg (586.63 KB, 854x1280, 427:640, 1441056498264.jpg)

File: 7cf098d855abf0b⋯.png (555.77 KB, 459x663, 9:13, 1407242864635 (1).png)


File: f7e580292c10679⋯.jpg (60.99 KB, 720x404, 180:101, 48edcecb25955a062002c133e7….jpg)

>someone saw my laptop during a lecture and complimented me on my rice




Show it then




Still a long way to go but compared to default Qubes, it's great



certainly better than just the default windows desktop like mewell i have the taskbar invisible and wallpaper engine

File: 9718ff77b2194da⋯.jpg (546.36 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, c19207a134d28b4e73890420e4….jpg)


Why have niggers taken over fashion? What do /fa/ggots think about niggerfashion?

12 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


niggers have lower inhibition and most fashion is about looking confident on ugly retarded shit.

just like PUA peacocking.


File: a4b641d81d31870⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Fierce rodeo clown tryout….webm)


Look, "high fashion" for the rich isn't like this (traditionally) They're all about suites and ties for the conservative males and flashy plumage of their women. Regular working class folks wear t-shirts, polos, slacks, mom jeans, tennis shows, it used to be very drab stuff, but the kids started wearing tough guy stuff, odd stuff. They'd grow up and want to continue to wears denim or leather or whatever it is that rejects the old suite and tie. The capitalists saw this as a perfect money making opportunity. Prole fashion has gone all over the place. biker/greasers give way to punker/skinhead stuff, replaced by hip-hop.


>The old droopy drawz prison signal for butt-sex look

Why of why do they continue this asinine trend. (30 years now. Fucking sad.) 1. because it still upsets people. 2. because late-stage capitalism is all out of edge




But i'd rather ignore how consumerist and kind of meaningless liking clothes is



I wouldn’t say fashion, particularly high fashion, is very consumerist. The culture around high fashion is very consumerist, but the brands themselves openly reject certain groups. Example: Gucci openly rejects Gucci mane and lil pump



Quite dreadful tbqh

File: 3bb3c12364e2ae0⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 1095x1275, 73:85, Vintage_Style_White_Satin_….jpg)


Any other femanons here wear gloves with their dressier outfits?

I have a pair similar to the ones pictured that I wear to church occasionally, and a couple of longer ones that I wear with more formal outfits to cocktail parties, weddings, etc.

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Stockings and gloves are nice together too. Gloves aren't good for most outfits though. Gloves aren't usually good for just wearing casually though.

(I read the rules, no tor posting, what ru going to do, ban me?)



No one is going to ban you, the last time the BO logged in was 2 years ago



i'll let it slide since you're not posting anything illegal, but next time a TORposter tries to sell pedo-shit i'll rangeban TORposters indefinetely.



>Gloves are kinda autistic

Where do you think we are?


File: bd83e93150f7402⋯.png (3.4 MB, 1389x1500, 463:500, effay.png)


here we go again,we /slightlyactive/ now

post, r8 ,(gently) h8

comfy autumn edition,lets see the boots

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this guy >>8277



fucking lol,too late tho



Aren't those superstars'? well they're very similar, where i live everyone has them.



Idk what they’re called.





File: 45066b31186b103⋯.png (959.3 KB, 1170x781, 1170:781, familia.png)


this thread is for general discussion that isn't related to any of the generals. off-topic topics should be discussed here as to not clog other threads with off-topic discussion. General blogposting and other chat is welcome here.

How was your day /fa/?

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Do you drink it alone though?


File: fbed5e3f721f63b⋯.jpeg (16.39 KB, 159x326, 159:326, EA5A57EB-B774-4381-8275-8….jpeg)


Haha, no, what do I look like, a fucking loser?



Self destructive behaviors are effay as fuck though



So I shouldn’t have stopped smoking?



Of course not, bonus points if you snort coke too

File: bba2c843f6c7e09⋯.jpeg (185.62 KB, 800x1199, 800:1199, 59f5081b7cd9c.jpeg)


I used to browse this tumblr called fashyfashionforfabreactionaries but it got shut down. I tried to search in the archive but sadly it only shows one page. Anyone has any posts from there saved, or knows the author?

22 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



you can still experiment a lot with shapes and colours. shirts/sweaters/pants are insanely large categories. you can combine the three with different pieces to reach every aesthetic from lunarcore to hobocore. i'd say the one edge women have over men when it comes to fashion is dresses and skirts (if you're scottish you can wear kilts)


File: 4b3614afa1c8e84⋯.jpeg (17.5 KB, 200x213, 200:213, 7EDDB65F-2A4B-42F0-88AA-B….jpeg)


>men can’t wear skirts or dresses



once i realized skirts are superior and practical (in warm months) i just started wearing them around the house and with friends and since i am already such a neutrally-built qt no one was weird about it. freedom at last! :)

i dont think slapping on a skirt makes a person 'cute' or 'feminine' by itself though. people with that kind of attitude sort of ruin it for everyone. it is a natural extension of a way of being and living and I am pretty sick of the whole thing being sexualized and fetishized. as in too many people focus on the girl connotations and try to be some convoluted ideal and negate themselves. but this applies to the whole alt-gender movement as a whole tbh, and the discussion isn't really appropriate here. suffice to say, though, that skirts are fun and nice and more people should wear them, but only if they are able to understand the symbolic + metaphyisical implications of the potentials they are mixing in themselves and others (which many seem to not, unfortunately)



Are you a man? not that i care a la "fucking fag", i'm just trying to understand your post



Is this pasta?

File: 1411333464848.jpg (158.49 KB, 792x528, 3:2, 1385075746143.jpg)


Can we get a boot thread going?

what are you going to cop for the fall?
139 posts and 62 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



there's nothing wrong with the brown ones even if you wear them often.

What you'll have to think is about the rest of your clothes, and if the brown or black boots would go well with them.

I'd say black would be the safer choice, but there isn't that big of a difference.



I think I'll buy some regular baskets or such just to let the boots breath and not overuse them (I heard about some rule saying that you should never wear your shoes two day in a row, to protect them).


Any other advice before I buy?

What should I never wear, with brown boot?

No black coat / black pullover with brown?

Right now, I have a jean jacket and a dark blue bomber.




boots are versatile so you can wear what you want with them for the most part. one important rule is to match your belt and shoes. brown boots = brown belt, black boots = black belt. other than that it's mostly about matching colours and making sure your silhouette is balanced.


did you get the boots yet solovairanon?

File: 3078c7baea8f2fe⋯.jpg (16.1 KB, 341x282, 341:282, 4GTvE.jpg)


How do you ask barber/salonist/stylist for the Hitler Youth haircut without explicitly mentioning Hitler?

20 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Damn nigga, just tell them they're doing it it wrong, i was a faggot too before and left them do as they pleased, but at the end of the day it's my head.



I can’t see without my glasses and they can’t cut hair with my glasses on. So all I see is blurry assed reflections in the mirror. If they do it shitty I just don’t come back. I figure there’s no point in getting mad at them since they can’t undo it.



Well that's a shitty situation



you could ask them to take a quick break so you can put your glasses on and take a look



you don't own contacts?

you could also try complaining if they botch your hair. i got half price once when the stylist botched mine.

File: e7e56b560e1027e⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1728x1080, 8:5, NCR_riot_control_Elite_rio….png)


Shit thread, saged

Hello /fa/ im tired of The twinks åt 4/fa/ lets get a Good commando fashion thread going

First Picture

>Links for Good Boots/straps/ammopouches/waterpouches to replicate The general look

>different color partern is allowed,

>My current color partern is camel instead of Grey & green/black trousers

>2nd pic

6 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at



It will never be chad unless youre in the military


File: 384aa875370842a⋯.jpeg (32.34 KB, 212x303, 212:303, 14B883F1-374C-4C26-AC10-5….jpeg)



>reddit spacing

>hur dur

We all know OP is a faggot but who the fuck are you? No one already established on this board types like that except maybe Spain, but even he isn’t that much of an incompetent faggot. I feel like you’re OP trying to fit in. Regardless this thread is retarded on the fundamental level and probably more of a /k/ qtddtot topic.


Oh hurr durr everything i dont like is reddit

Your all just a bunch of Young f@gs



Where i live any camo is only worn by gypsies and arabs and military stuff would be seen in a very bad light, though that milsurp online store /k/ has has some decent stuff


>except maybe Spain



File: 0903bf893bb66b8⋯.jpg (173.97 KB, 712x1024, 89:128, goback.jpg)


>reddit spacing


>wants to LARP as a vidya character

Back to /v/eddit

File: f946e1196422b43⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 800x800, 1:1, CHING.jpg)


Is the brand effay?/1!


What brand?

By the picture it looks pretty basic


Those are just some generic hoodies.

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