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File: c6e32f839fac027⋯.jpg (70.71 KB, 659x566, 659:566, wincest.jpg)


This thread is for the Corruption of Champions mod being made by OtherCoCAnon and Denizens of this board.

Corruption of Champions is a text based flash game that anons can and are writing content for to be implemented into the mod.


Latest Version (1.3.7)


Use a standalone flash player (projector) because shit's no longer supported by any web browser.

Remember to save to file to prevent save loss.



>/hgg/ CoC Mod Build Changelog


>Source Code


>Previous/Archived Threads

Previous thread: >>278053



OP Template: https://pastebin.com/raw/q38CcPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>I was thinking you just pumped enough zombos full of nut that one of them pops out your kid.

Yeah, I was just kinda musing.

That said, it should probably have a fairly high check on player potency to manage. The kid should be trainable to a degree as well if they are indeed born a zombie and not human or somewhere in between.


File: e686c3dd9babd4c⋯.jpg (682.92 KB, 1200x1852, 300:463, Franken.jpg)


Probably because it is too much work.



Want zombie daughterus? Just murder alices and use some good ol necromancy it is not rocket science



Those aren't really your daughters, though. And what about breeding them? And undead demon will still probably just pump out imps unless mated with a goblin or anemone.




Breeding the undead is retarded. Have a daughter with a living mate and then murder that daughter. Res your actual child. Boom, there ya go.

File: 278395ceca65a23⋯.jpg (703.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, iapoolfuck.jpg)


Also known as the incest game that isn't japanese crap

Old thread hit the post limit >>112605

New version released yesterday, adds pool scene with the big sister (pic related)


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File: 5d8e292c184d3a0⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.71 MB, 640x480, 4:3, here.webm)


shota scat fag



t. Viper



wtf is going on?


File: 026096aa7a836ca⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.08 KB, 950x713, 950:713, jesus_christ.jpg)


shota scat fag



>Viper uses the pics I used against him months ago

Well done, at least is not viper anymore.

File: 1466976696897.jpg (2 KB, 142x233, 142:233, vy.jpg)


Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread

Lewd edition.

I want to ask some dumb shit without making a thread for it, but I don't think we have one of these, so here it is.

481 posts and 107 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>Get English uncensored Little Witch Romanesque that doesn't require install

>Alway fiddle with settings before starting a game

>click fullscreen virtual

>Crashes the game

>Try to open the game again

>Setting remains and game closes with the same error every time before anything can be done

>Create Shortcut

>Shortcut properties

>Open as windowed

>Doesn't help

>Delete and redownload

>Doesn't help

Where is this setting located and can it be changed manually outside the game?



It's MangaGamer's translation of Kyonyuu Fantasy.

>What engine are made with?

I don't know.


File: 79f568e53d292bd⋯.jpeg (755.22 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, df8a9eb8158333c0c355a298a….jpeg)

Are there any games with this aesthetic? A lot of artists draw thick mature women and get this intense erotic imagery right but I can't seem to find any games like this.


Where can I find the grimdark image pack for Jack O Nine Tails? The links on the game wiki are ded


File: 5a3310759e5c920⋯.png (503.78 KB, 560x420, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


There's RJ144239. I know there's more, but that's the only one I can remember off the top of my head.

File: 08b54cf86e42f5f⋯.jpg (181.32 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Mi-28NE Russia to Develop ….jpg)

File: 7d8ef97694ffadc⋯.jpg (174.02 KB, 1024x805, 1024:805, RAH-66 Comanche Light Atta….jpg)

File: 849aed6e58e2fdc⋯.jpeg (202.64 KB, 1600x1064, 200:133, Mi_35_Russian_Attack_Heli….jpeg)

File: 4f4186791ee15f7⋯.jpg (560.53 KB, 1211x753, 1211:753, OPERATIONALarmed Chinese Z….jpg)

File: 2ea8cdd23a8564a⋯.jpg (324.57 KB, 1366x1020, 683:510, cgi kit tool armed Chinese….jpg)



Text only: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.txt

Markdown: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/blob/master/FAQ.md

HTML: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/FAQ.html

Readme: https://gitgud.io/pregmodfan/fc-pregmod/raw/pregmod-master/readme.txt


Copypasta for turboquestianons: https://pastebin.com/GRB6cabX

Fixes for common errors

Always run Backwards Compatibility when using old saves with a new version.

>Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting. Error: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0. Stack Trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected token @ in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse (<anonymous>) at JSON.value or some variant

Delete your browser cookies which contain your saves. Use Save to file from now on.

Optimal slave stats for assignments: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/be67deb95e9a36b1f07fd0734de60a9c9e112764c33f6091a099154d7510035b.png

Thread text archive: https://gitgud.io/Blank/FCP-FAQ/raw/master/TextOnlyQuickArchivePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Maybe there should be a demographic percentages then for this sort of issue. Or are we just assuming that all citizens will be firstworlders, unless they fall into slavery in which case they get transformed to whatever the appropriate race for slaves is.



says "huge"


Couple of questions here.

1. Can someone define what age exactly applies to loli, teen, young and milf for the purposes of Brothel/Club ads?

2. I was trying to set an RA to apply only to DJ so i went under "custom" activation condition, and according to this document


Set assignment: "be the DJ" condition. It doesnt work… i read this


And played around with things like assignment = "be the DJ" and such, but nothing seems to work.

Can someone explaing a potato like me, who has never programmed anything, what am i doing wrong here?



'=' sets, '==' compares.



Yeah huge clits act as clitdicks and can be sucked off. If you don't like it use surgery to reduce clit.

File: 3260762ef725d56⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, e556e0b317a8e9bfe8bb5f633d….jpg)



We now have new era engine in development by a cunt that's going to break everything, and it'll be great. The source code is actually in a human-readable format! RAM usage is estimated to hover around 100mb instead of 3gb and load times reduced to milliseconds! When it's finished, that is. Repo here: https://gitgud.io/Bepsi/NTERA

We're always looking for new translators, come to the discord and ask for help. You don't need to know Japanese, just have a basic understanding of grammar rules, or failing that, the ability to google.

The admins still can't do basic math, more at 11.


Era Games Git: https://gitgud.io/era-games

There still is no public account, and probably never will be again. If you want to download every single revision you'll need to make your own account. Otherwise, you can download from the wiki.

Era Games Wiki: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Main_Page

The homepage has a fuckhuge table near the bottom that contains a prepackaged download for every game. Make sure you look at the dates to see how up to date they are compared with the git.

Wiki is quite WIP, feel free to contribute.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/7MAArwP

Come here to keep up to date on development and translation progress or just to shitpost. Fag95 still not allowed.

Translation Tools: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Contributing

Tools for tranPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

100 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Computer Assisted Translation is meant to be used by people who know both languages.



Tons of people work on games for free. I'd even say it was the norm before Patreon made most h-game devs into Jews.

Why is a good question, it's completely thankless work. I just like my game. I think it's a unique gem in a sea of garbage and I want to make people play it and see what I saw in it. Once they do then I've left an impact on something I have some passion for.



To masturbate of course.



But the original content is way more fap worthy than the translated content. Just learn japanese dude it only takes 4 years.



>it's completely thankless work

Thanks, man. This shit's great and I never would've bothered with it if not for you guys.

File: 003558703f1e736⋯.png (18.49 KB, 709x166, 709:166, but i didn't die tho it wa….png)


Previous thread: >>259116, https://archive.fo/ChxAf

Prior threads:

Too scared to make a new general 247231 https://archive.fo/11R7a

Sex Rework soon™ 235840 https://archive.fo/vYBzH

Text-based sandbox HRPG (Once updated weekly)

Takes place in an alternate dimension

-Includes Furries/Futa/Shemale/Trap/Dolls/Demons (Can be Disabled)

-Turn based combat


-Forced and/or optional body Transformations

-Unique sex mechanics that give player "choice" (heh)

-Too much clothes

-Will be entering beta in Valve Time™

Thread creation version:

Newest version always available to build on github (tutorial on git) or wait until it's posted on blog (on a Full Release week).

Download from blog: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/

Github: https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public

Latest Version:, https://mega.nz/#!OxszkbTB!pV1Kg0oqyr7YyHvspn1IJW6QhSz0XYvs25F-ZGgSyds

Wiki: https://www.lilithsthrone.com/wiki

8chan Mod:

https://gitgud.io/LilthsThrone/code-base (updated to v0.2.6 ) Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

470 posts and 80 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at



Yes, one by one.



All I see is to import myself as a slave. How would I import slaves obtained ingame?



It's progress. Now lets see if he can do for 2 in a row.



Head to slaver alley and hit up the auction block. You have to buy them though so don't bid until you've got the dosh


Why are the mods in the OP if both of them are very out of date and neither tells about anything it does?

File: b7c1a090693755d⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AA2.png)


Electric Boogaloo Edition

Artificial Academy 2 is an eroge high school social simulation, sequel of Artificial Academy and released by Illusion on June 13, 2014.

Create and play any of up to 25 students of varying gender, orientation and other interaction abilities and personal inclinations. Make friends and lovers as the class competes for achievement in academics, athletics, popularity, and romance.

Modern Installation Guide


AAUnlimited (Newest versions will usually be in the Mini already.): https://github.com/aa2g/AA2Unlimited/releases

Previous Thread


Archive: http://archive.is/Wk3tx

Other useful links

AA2 Database Archives: https://archive.org/details/AA2DBArchive

AA2 Mega Database: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1niC6g-Xd2a2yaY98NBFdAXnURi4ly2-lKty69rkQbJ0/edit#gid=2085826690

AA2 Modding Reference Guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gwmoVpKuSuF0PtEPLEB17eK_dexPaKU106ShZEpBLhg/edit#gid=1751233129

AAU Guide and Resources: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

563 posts and 160 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



speaking of which, from how edgy the dark characters are, can you go full wizard mode and shoot up the place? but seriously, can you make characters hate eachother? and is it possible to get subtitles for when characters do group talks? i try entering the conversation but it only gives me aggressive/jealous options (arguing)



thanks, B A S E D anon


File: dd349edcc2b06eb⋯.png (77.52 KB, 565x139, 565:139, ClipboardImage.png)


there's an option to hear all the conversations happening in the room, but as far as I'm aware there's no subtitles for them


I installed it all properly but like most japanese games I have no clue what is going on or how to do anything




Check the wiki if you want to know how all the mechanics ingame. As for progression, that depends on what you're trying to do. Want a harem? You'll need to not only make all the girls fall for you, but also swap characters to get the girls in relationships with eachother otherwise they'll get jealous. Want to watch the class fracture apart and murder eachother? Load them with lots of conflicting traits and add a bunch of modules to make them more murder happy.

I think you can get an ending by getting your lover pregnant but there aren't any real goals in game. Personally I've filled my school with turbo rapists and exploitable schoolgirls and run around enjoying all the debauched orgies and murder over prime fuckmeat. But that might just be me.

File: ef04d24f066f24c⋯.jpg (111.82 KB, 1224x653, 1224:653, daffy_duck_the_wizard_by_h….jpg)


Its been some time since the last thread died, lets give this another go.

Strive 4 Power is a game where play a wizard using magic to brainwash a harem of slaves, discipline them as necessary in your dungeon, go on mighty quests and generally fuck around with everyone around you.

Link to the game: I hope the board doesn't fuck with the url this time

https://strive4power.itch.io/striveLINK REMOVED/download/hJroIuAn1zmV3sZvtCXyX0PFnBQChYEELyQ_DmQ9

Patreon code is: fkfynroh

Wiki has a lot of useful information on everything from stats of the difference races, guides to getting specific traits to run down of each quest, in case you get stuck.


Portraits for your slaves:




Excessive attribute points can now be converted into mansion upgrade points

Enchanted items can now be traded at Umbra for random enchanted items (with a chance of multiple enchants)

Can set contraceptives for main character

Contraceptives also work on males now

Enemies no longer spawn with armor until player reaches level 2

Added loading screen for mansion load

Added dynamic portrait loading (thanks to Kyler2's mod)

Thumbnail creation for portraits is disabled by default

Some fixes to the modding code

Notable code changes:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
30 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Sounds like your problem is combat in general.

First thing you want to focus on is getting slaves with Dex. The more dex you have the harder you are to hit and the more likely you are to hit when you attack. This is probably the single most important stat in combat.

Next, get your main char's magic stat up and get heal, invigorate, mindblast and acid spit as soon as you can. These spells will help you keep your party going in tough fights and, when your magic stat gets high enough, let you one shot most enemies in the game.

Also, when you can afford it, buy chain mail and longswords or better for everyone in your party.

Best girls to get early on is anything with a high dex. Elves, Cats and Wolves make for good fighters.

The honry/very horny debuff doesn't hurt you that much in my memory, but most fights in general are tough or drawn out in general, in the early game.



>not to mention that rape, even if it's just bandits, gives reputation loss

Don't worry, currently there's no penalty if you rape bandits/thugs.

Your reputation suffers if you kill them or if you kill (or rape) guards/travelers/rescued people/slave merchants.


can you go full robot uprising wizard mode



No, because you need mana from sex to actually cast spells.



>playing hentai games and avoiding all sex content


File: b945765791e89de⋯.jpg (578.22 KB, 1062x1500, 177:250, 1473511463473-1.jpg)


A thread for the discussion of games with a gay focus / or at least a decent amount of male on male interactions. Share what you have.


^ Play as anything from a floating head to a four legged snake, fuck everything from minotaurs to golems. Fun, plus the writing is polished.

343 posts and 103 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>unplayable buggy tumblr-tier shit

>good gayme

Fuck off.



what part was good exactly? the ugly unlikeable characters? the nasty dyke PC?


File: 8da11516ec72434⋯.jpg (187.68 KB, 893x872, 893:872, tumblr_p2szh97UNA1w0289ko1….jpg)

File: 338620a1e91fd40⋯.jpg (201.81 KB, 891x872, 891:872, tumblr_p2szh97UNA1w0289ko2….jpg)

File: cb0df705dad0f22⋯.jpg (481.31 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, tumblr_p3wyprcD2Z1w0289ko1….jpg)


Imposing orc futa on petite elvish traps



>orc futa

>it's actually a shemale orc

Learn the difference!



How do I get a body in this gay thing?

File: 11472d54d91ab09⋯.jpg (66.62 KB, 400x600, 2:3, hcol1.jpg)


This is a thread dedicated to Girl's life and other similar games.

This game allows you to play as a female Russian. You can do a fair amount of things. That includes: Getting a job, Graduating school, Fucking your brother, Fucking a dog, Fucking your teacher, and so much more!

This website contains all needed links (audio, images, etc.) [https://tfgames.site/index.php?module=viewgame&id=597]

45 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



that's painfully accurate


too bad none of these ever are about being a middleaged housewife


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Patrician. More MILFs.


Is there a way to get rid of glasses if you start with them through customization? Can't seem to find it in the cheat menu or the dynamic code list.



st petersburg clinic I think

File: 52044bd4e506d79⋯.png (920.53 KB, 1150x1400, 23:28, nOdh7tJ.png)


Degrees of Lewdity (AKA Loli PTSD Simulator 2018) is a sandbox text game made in Twine, wherein you play as an orphan, boy or girl, and are tasked with surviving in a town where 60% of the population are rapists. The game has basic graphics for your character and sex scenes, and has some fetish content such as bestiality and vore.

Latest Version ( https://mega.nz/#!HstmhKQb!RJEkMCatZGGo2DCkLHNmWQ3INgf5WCTNm9kMXi-Fto8

You can find updates on the game and download the latest version from the developer's blog: http://vrelnir.blogspot.com

Modded version:


Old threads






583 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Needs more shoes

Atleast sandals and sneakers


Who's Briar?



Supposedly you can cheat with console commands, but I haven't a clue as to what to look for.



They own the Brothel.



type in SugarCube.State.variables , it'll print just about everything you might want to change.

File: b545fca6b7edcae⋯.jpg (123.2 KB, 821x869, 821:869, b545fca6b7edcaeb2830e3e691….jpg)


This thread is for begging for links to games, any other new begging threads hence forth will result in deletion and a ban.

Previous thread: http://archive.is/bdqSO

Simple Suggestions To Help Anons Locate Files When No One Else Will

For New Uploaders: I suggest using a temporary storage service that doesn't require a login like filedropper or nofile.io in order to avoid having your filehosting accounts banned for hosting porn/hosting illegal content (if your content happens to be illegally obtained).

>Long-term storage runs the risk of hurting you or coming back to bite you in the ass later.

>Attach passwords (if applicable) to prevent bots and newfags from simply searching and locating your files to send DMCA requests.

>Name your folders something related to the game but not the game's name for the same reason as above

>If you know what you're doing, carry on and disregard the above advice.

For Beggars:

If you live in North/South America or China, try searching for a torrent before begging. Most of North/South America has pretty lax laws or doesn't care about going after people for torrenting porn games (especially H-games). A VPN or at least a proxy is always recommended, but I've never used a VPN before in my 5 years of torrenting, and never had a letter or fine from my ISP of course I only torrent shit from Asia and obscure porn games, not Game of Thrones episodes and obvious shit like that. If you live in Europe (especially Germany and UK), Korea, or Japan, a VPN is pretty much required, and I'd suggest begging first, with torrents as a last resort (unless you know what you're doing).

If you legit don't know where to look for torrents or start, use nyaa.pantsu.cat/nyaa.si first (safest one, almost a guarantee all files are clean), and then either torrentz.colorask.com or torrents.me if your results weren't on nyaa. Always use a magnetPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

565 posts and 128 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at



I feel retarded. I searched everything but the RJ number alone.


File: 41c2eda4be78b0a⋯.gif (586.81 KB, 512x512, 1:1, angrygale.gif)


>download zip

>it'a empty



>it'a empty

>7z l RJ195183.zip

>Scanning the drive for archives:

>1 file, 9868024 bytes (9637 KiB)

>Listing archive: RJ195183.zip


>Path = RJ195183.zip

>Type = zip

>Physical Size = 9868024

> Date Time Attr Size Compressed Name

>——————- —– ———— ———— ————————

>2017-02-21 20:38:34 ….A 10669926 9629651 ³­çqÌK`|/³­çqÌK`|.exe

>2017-02-21 21:12:16 ….A 1010 677 ³­çqÌK`|/êÔ ßɨÇÝ­¾³¢.txt

>2017-02-21 21:29:32 ….A 284743 236785 ³­çqÌK`|/¤i æ.jpg

>——————- —– ———— ———— ————————

>2017-02-21 21:29:32 10955679 9867113 3 files


Anyone knows games that involve a hot spring or public bath of some kind? Only game I can remember having it is Violated Heroine


Anyone got the latest release of cloud meadow?

File: f662d01f1dd3c15⋯.jpeg (238.97 KB, 1200x862, 600:431, f662d01f1dd3c15128b6a05c5….jpeg)


Right. All of you know what No Haven is.

We finally got some broadband allocated to this shitty location, and so I bring you the latest half gimped Cheat Ver of 0.8.05.



Current freatures:

-Same as my last cheatmod.

Currently working on:

-A working dice fixer!

-Always be able to corrupt your fellow slavers

-Set outcome of corruption.

355 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I've been out of the loop for a while, is the cheat menu of old not compatible with the new versions?



>I am not OP but I have some knowledge of RAGS and a Cracked Rags editor

Updating mods like this can either be a real slog, or a peace of cake C&P job, depends how the original dev, with his spaghetti code messes with variables. Due to how this engine and system handles changing one thing in this game's code ranges from doing only one thing, to fucking up the game in crazy ways, to the less glamorous crashing.



I managed to transplant the cheat menu a while back and I think I provided my copy here. Did the creator change how the game stores slaver and slave variables? All I want is the ability to edit my peeps and my cracked rags is on a broken laptop



I can't tell you that, because I didn't check, but I can hook you up with my cracked copy.

Happy birthday.


I did test it before I sent it to you, so have fun.


File: fa9ebdeef8ed9f1⋯.png (20.46 KB, 435x306, 145:102, error.png)


Gonna give this an attempt. Getting a .net error, I vaguely remember bypassing this but I don't recall how.

File: c8c195d93314a95⋯.jpg (416.36 KB, 1800x878, 900:439, pop.jpg)


New thread. Lots of updates and new UI

- Lots of monstergirls + hybrids

- three different PC's to choose from with different power/skill sets

- Actual decent combat system

- exploration and team management

- complex mechanics for autists

It's on patreon, but all versions are free and available AFAIK

Latest version here:


260 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Not without dropping your entire loot.


So did I.


File: ab0e7b243910493⋯.jpg (8.77 KB, 195x258, 65:86, justsaying.jpg)


Hmm guys, better OP over here (with links too).



Shouldn't post when drunk.


Starting out, day 3, relatively stable on the gold front, how do I get stronger when the girls are at max level but breeding still only gets 10% progress per day? Take longer expeditions and gun for completion rewards?



Find and recruit units with a higher max level and better stats. Early on recruiting will be your main source of new girls.

Breeding gets better throughout the game. Having one partner be a centaur or plantgirl type can help a lot (broodmothers are good in particular). Once you find AN-3 and finish her quest breeding will be very easy as long as the partner is male/futa. While breeding with 10% progress per day can work out (it’s ok as long as they finish before getting exhausted) it’s normally not worth it early on. If you take some low level mobs and breed them you'll get a slightly better random mob (not neccercarily even that). Usually you breed in order to raise the genes (you use crystals and/or the bloodline trait for that) or to transfer and merge traits.

Try to keep your movespeed reasonably high. If you have a big centaur or pegasus that's great, be careful about not dragging aquatic or other slow character types along and only pass terrain that takes long to pass when needed (mountains are still good due to extra vision every now and then).

It'll be hard to get 100% exploration rewards (i'd aim for 40% or 20%) but you should be able to finish 20 battles in 24 hours most of the time. Aim for legendary items and special eggs. I don't consider doing the 48 hour option to be worth it, unless you want to go for an exploration option. Better do two trips and manage your home once inbetween. Especially early on you'll prefer shorter trips over longer ones, but if you have a good healer and maybe some consumables a 24h trip should be doable.

What character are you playing as?

File: 6b02576d2097345⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1500x1100, 15:11, DkFuZK9VsAE9ADa.jpg orig-1.jpg)


366 posts and 100 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





Stop samefagging, it's fucking embarrassing…



One of them are mine. The "I like the tentacle girl!" one. The other two are not. Though since we're all listed as anonymous one can never quite tell.



Am I the only one who thinks the pregnant shinigami girl is really cute, especially considering that this is her second scene, and the MC deflowered (and presumably impregnated) her in her previous scene?

It's just adorably domestic. Yeah, sure, she's a superpowered grim reaper and he's the leader of a ninja clan, but now she's just sitting there in a chair knitting socks for the baby on the way.


File: cd77a699b6fc47c⋯.jpeg (37.88 KB, 300x450, 2:3, 408981d24141df575f359c139….jpeg)


Getting some real "Ane Haramix" vibes



Yeah. I forgot to comment about that, but this is by far the cutest thing we've ever seen in this series. Im hoping this is a vanilla scene.

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