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File: f8f30daaee65885⋯.png (103.03 KB, 254x363, 254:363, 1462355557048.png)

File: eba485b10a3135f⋯.png (1.89 MB, 2560x1173, 2560:1173, KBCFqhX.png)


>This thread has over 750 posts and can therefore no longer be replied to. Please start a new thread.

Since the old one has over 750 replies I decided to make a new one

archive to previous thread https://archive.is/INH9R

unlock file some anon posted https://mega.nz/#!g5oSCAiR!QHiPTGdXUSRHeA9LYSkjdrIJbMEuvUxz_KBxngmKIS4


There are 4 different versions each with a different character window. I honestly think that all 4 of them are bad Keriax is total cancer, Danaume is to "fake" for my taste and wonderfuller is to ugly. Porn version is inconsistent which kind of ruins it for me



All of the artstyles have flaws, personally I use Danaume. Wonderfuller would be better if not for that wierdly drawn pussy and belly.

I agree that keriax is probably the worst and the face is horrendous, but it does have some good features like the PC positioning in the top right, the clothing and some traps actually showing. The mirror is a neat idea as well.

The porn version is the most immersion breaking for me


File: 954cfb777751f93⋯.png (994.76 KB, 1336x2735, 1336:2735, 2018-06-07_17-50-37.png)


>All of the artstyles have flaws, personally I use Danaume

Yeah, I think I will go with Danaume for now too.

hmmm, turns out they removed the trapquest thread in cheat engine forums.

Let me show you in 4 easy steps how to get decent stats using cheat engine.

>1. spend no point in any stats and search for 0

>2. put a point into each stat and now search for "65536" (next scan, not new scan)

>3 reset your choices and see which one of these 4 results jump to 0

>4.take these who jumped down to 0 and edit them into "1310720"

you now have maxed stats in game.



Yeh happened a while ago. It moved to fearless revolution but nobody has been maintaining it.




What's the fun in max stats?



Can't speak for everyone, but I always play my porn games in debug/cheat mode.



You don't have to deal with the nonsense """""game""""" that some devs try to force you to play for seventeen hours before you get to the porn.



Literally first room out there's a throne, chances of it raping you. Two rooms down potential to meet any monsters in the dungeon, one room down if unlucky.

Seventeen hours is a good guess if you want to shit on a game that's bad. Personally TQ doesn't fit in that category, it's the engine that sucks dick.

Also (other convo by other others), I'm a fan of Wonderfuller. Paid $20 when it was Patreon only, worth it. I could've the version here but wanted to show my support. I'm glad the game gives you different art options to the point of keeping the porn version as legacy to older fans.


So I noticed that you can go upstairs in this hotel area, is there anything fun to do up there? So far I have only found the detention room with their stupid chair and that pink smoke filled other room. Is there anything else you can do up there? I managed to enter a classroom once, but these assholes just put makeup on me for no reason.


Is there any way to view all the different endings without playing through?



i think if you attend some of the classes it unlocks some of the locked doors, but iirc the whole school thing is unfinished content, doesnt look like recent updates have added anything to it either

+1 for the danaume version, my favourite art of the three drawn versions, might switch to wonderfuller once there's comprehensive clothing (in other words, some time next year)


File: 4878c1b5e3f4401⋯.png (11.02 KB, 646x411, 646:411, Capture.PNG)



I've been half-assed updating it on occasion here:


Updated it for the 6.1 hotfix 2. Only tried it on one version so someone let me know if I managed to fuck it up.



Try reading next time.



>i think if you attend some of the classes it unlocks some of the locked doors

I cheated my way into these rooms and there really isn't anything good in there either.


I like the premise of this game but the UI is killing me.

Basically I start out with a shitton of cursed crap and never get to remove any of it so 90% of the stuff i find is useless because it can't be worn.

Sure enough you find an altar every once in a full moon but unless you know what stuff you need to take off/move aside to place something on it (and assuming you CAN do that in the first place) it'll just bug out



Isn't most of the porn when you get raped?



Kind of. Yes if you start and play as intended, with basic stats and blind as a…well, blind person. If you go ape-shit on pimping your char with spawned in and OP'ed gear with fuck-tarded high stats, you more or less get to pick when and were you wanna be turned into something's bitch, only voluntarily and when you good and well want to. The actual scenes though are pretty much identical to how they normally play out regardless of whether or not you're the former or the later.



I love games that reward you for sucking shit.


Do you guys know how to modify the magical attribute on a piece of clothing, or at the very least identify it using debug mode's showme command or something? I want to play around with an item of dressup, but they're kind of hard to find and the starting cursed skirt in the wardrobe isn't rolling as one for me, despite the wiki saying it's always one.

Also, bonus if any of you can tell me how to easily obtain the bad version of the new condom pack added to the bowl. The update log says "crafted from ingredients with no true crafting product" but my attemps always invariably lead me to craft cursed potions or salves or bras or something.



I did manage to figure out a method for that once, but I'm afraid I don't recall enough of the details. What I did was use the imbue and dispel commands to fiddle with the magic modifier on the item I wanted to edit, and then use Cheat Engine to home in on that precise value in memory. Almost all of the aspects about the item are packed up next to each other; I worked my way down offset from that, identifying how each change in the number changed which elements in the showme display, until I found the one that controlled the magical attribute. Then I played with it a bit more to identify which numbers corresponded to which magical properties.

It helps if you use the Trap Quest cheat table, because that already has a TQ Big Endian type loaded in. (the values inside Inform are written backwards from the way that modern computers generally handle it, because the basics of Inform were codified back when endianness wasn't standard.)

As for *checking* it, you can just view the magical attribute (lactation, refreshment, whatever) in the showme for that item.


how to lower sex addiction to be able to dominate things again? any debug commands?



No commands that directly affect addictions that I'm aware of. You could theoretically tweak an article of clothing using existing commands to have the associated addiction as an affected attribute, then make it blessed and give it a positive magic modifier. That should effectively lower said addiction.

As an example, pouch panties come with anal addict by default. If you bless it and give it a positive magic modifier, that would lower your anal addiction when it's worn.

Use "showme [item name]" to view that items stats. I forget the exact wording, but if it says "cursed" or "bland" for one of the stats, use the "bless [item name]" command once or twice to undo the curse effect and give it a blessing. Obviously "curse [item name]" works in the opposite. One of the other stats will have a number which is the magic modifier. Use the command "imbue [item name]" to raise the modifier to some desired amount, even a a few points above 0 should do. If you ever want to make the opposite effect of being more into the addiction in question, just drop the magic modifier into the negatives using the "dispel [item name]" command to lower the modifier. Btw, if you have no clothing that has the affects you need, you can use the command "refresh [item name]" to reroll the stats until it has what you want on it.


Does anyone know if there's a way to just see the epilogues or their conditions? The wiki has a list but it's out of date, and I have no idea by how much



That's fair. I wasn't necessarily talking about TQ with that, rather just complaining in a more general sense about developers not understanding the appeal of their games.

A lot of RPGMaker games in particular try to make you play shitty battles ad nauseam before reaching the lewd bits and it's just terrible, so cheating allows you to skip past that.

It'd be one thing if the games were proper games that were fun to play, but just grinding killing wolves in RPGMaker combat so you can fuck your sister or whatever isn't what anyone would describe as "fun".




I personally find myself waffling between Danaume and Wonderfuller. Danaume is more basic visually but expresses a lot more emotion in the face and the despair shown as the PC's holes get wrecked, and the changes that appear as the bimbo stat rise get me rock fucking hard. Bonus points for "saturated with [liquid]" limbs actually be graphically saturatated instead of just some streaks.However, I find the larger breasts/hips to look slightly wonky.

Wonderfuller is much better about the extreme proportions, and the high-bimbo face can be pretty good (huge lips, eyes rolled, etc). The heels, collar, and a lot of the headwear being illustrated is a nice touch, too. However, the hair sucks compared to Danaume's (especially the pink/bleached blonde, gross), the bukkake is way less extreme, and everything clavicle-up is a wash; the shoulders need to be somewhat narrower and the face needs to be way less mannish as a girl.

I too agree with everything you said about keriax. As for the porn ver, I hate it; it's like the most disgusting pictures for each state possible were used, extreme fetish content on or off. God forbid you actually enable some of the fetishes and witness some uggo's home picture of their bukkake, or a landwhale's cellulite-ridden ass, or some disgustingly veiny and gravid belly. There's also a total lack of visual consistency. While this can be helped to some degree using custom blorbs, its never very good. The only redeemable qualities are the images related to the lowermost values for the body stats, as well as the constant display of stocking and heel images.



If the paper-doll clothing display for Wonderfuller ever gets much further, it'll be the best window for sure.



it worked for a while for me but then suddenly stopped


Fuck, guess im the only one who likes the porn version.

I find all the drawn versions to be subpar. Keriax has the potential to be good, but as it sits, I give it a pass.

Also, I understand why inform 7 seems like a good choice (key word, seems) but why would you make a game, especially of this magnitude, in it? This has to be a code nightmare.



Big fan of Wonderfuller but before any of those came along the porn version was great as it was, iirc, porn pics or no pics. Gave an idea of what you looked like and unlike others I enjoyed the pics. Well, some. That massive gaping anus/pussy shots are disturbing.

If someone kept the porn version up to date and tasteful it could probably be one of the better choices but copyright and "game feel" will play a big role in if the porn version someday quits. At the moment I'd say Aika is keeping it just for legacy. I'm 100% convinced he'll drop it one day.

As for inform 7 and its massive project I'm guessing he didn't expect for his trap game to get funded. It's honestly a cool gig to have. He did express his desire to port it over once he deems Trap Quest "complete".


Anyone have a working donators file? The one in the OP doesn't work for me, on the newest version Release 9 Version 6.1 Hotfix 2



Working for me. Sure you did it right? Both the donators file and the donators.glkdata file it creates needs to be in the same location as the game file.




From a kind poster elsewhere, set [stat] {enter} [number] {enter}- set stat "strength", "dexterity, "intelligence", "humiliation" and "delicateness"

set anal sex addiction

set vaginal sex addiction

set oral sex addiction

set titfuck addiction

set diaper addiction

set urine addiction

set creampie addiction

There you go.


refresh [NPC or Clothing] - sets a monster's refractory period to 0 and wakes them up if asleep or resets and randomizes clothing attributes

Use that to respawn the item; if it has one or more possible valid magic suffixes it'll spawn with them eventually. Second poster's method could be uses with above + known suffixed items to quickly pull all the values for the suffices easily and make a list.



Many, many programmers have said that about projects they made 'quick and dirty' that they expected, at most, to be mockups of later full versions in a much more robust and suitable language. Many many bosses have said "Thanks for delivering the finished product on your own time, get back to work grunt." This seems like a case of that




refresh [NPC or Clothing] - sets a monster's refractory period to 0 and wakes them up if asleep or resets and randomizes clothing attributes

There's the refresh item cheat, it'll respawn the item with random valid stats and, if it has magic modifiers it can spawn with, doing it enough times will get you all of those. Could easily use this to get the values for every magic property in the game and then release a list of them if so inclined so people can set items to have any property they wish



Wiki is years out of date in every area I've cared to check. The quickest way to see any epilogue is to cheat your strength and dex, use 'lumos' to show the entire map, and make a beeline for the end of the game; you can use commands to edit your stats and gear to whatever combination you want to try and see if that triggers an epilogue. End of the game is usually in the hotel, I *think* it can also show up in the mansion, your character will note seeing 'the two girls' from outside the game in the room when you walk past. Just make sure you go in there with whatever kit you want to finish the game in.



All 3 in the same folder, opened the unlocker and then the game, even tried the update donators file thing. Debug still doesn't work. Sure it works for hotfix 2? Or do I need to roll back to 6.1 itself?



Other anon here and it works. Have you tried to delete the donators.glkdata file, rerun the unlocker and typed "update donators file" (without quotations marks) in your game?


Does this game have clothing showing on your character implemented yet?



All I can recommend is what >>219922 said to do. If that doesn't work, then you have shit luck as I haven't the slightest what could be the issue. Maybe it's a weird file permission issue due to Windows being Windows. It works for sure on my end. A different interpreter might help if all else fails.


Nope, and likely won't be for a while. The artists are even slower on updates than the dev.




Deleting the file and retrying didn't work. But completely reinstalling both parts did work.


Is undo supposed to be broken?

And anyone know how to pollute the mansion pool?



I believe you had to wear cursed things into it?



>Fuck, guess im the only one who likes the porn version.

I would enjoy a porn version if it was consistent. Also it would ruin playing as male for me. I don't wanna see a real photo of a guy while I have my dick out.


>No update

>Instead we get ADVANCED jewing with horrendous OC characters that will take up development time

Oh fug my heart.



>new 100/mo. tier already has one patreon

can't wait to disintegrate those new NPCs


rip game



Sorry, but you can't disintegrate them, you have to fight them as normal while they stat drain you just from their presence. No Touchy OCs MEANS No Touchy :^)



A fully upgraded NPC will take 57 months to get, and $5700. This ensures Aika $28500 over the course of 5 years after taxes and cuts from the UK and other things.


>21,452.09 GBP

>This is in the ballpark range of a 5-year loan on a new 2018 Honda Civic

Looks like Aika bought a car and wants to milk Patreon to pay for it.



alright, so give me the rundown, how does this not make all of the other patreon tiers completely worthless because all of the development time will be consumed by new shitty npc development?



If that fucking NPC that already pledged is that one OC from Lilith's Throne that cried because people kept pressuring Innoxia to make that OC rape-able but the owner of the OC didn't want to but caved in in defeat cause everyone in Lilith's Throne can pretty much be raped then I'll gladly lose some stats to beat the living shit out of that dumb OC.

People with OC's who make them Godmode-like should be shat on by a 400 pound man who ate a cocktail of the world's hottest peppers in a Taco Bell burrito.

Hopefully Aika will add an option to toggle off these extra NPC's, there's already so many monsters in the game as is.



It looks like nearly all of the work will be done by the patron judging from the pastebin link Aika put up.

Which of course means there's a good chance the retards who pay for this will eventually slip in some of the shittiest abuses and rapes of the English language imaginable. But at least once the system is debugged it should end up being nearly drag and drop in simplicity for Aika.


>the longer you pay, the stronger they get

Fuck off

>Up to 10 more every month


>some of these effects are completely fucking broken, and others are fucking retarded to not have

Ignores orifice-choice-influencers? IGNORES CURSED PLUGS?? PAY UP FOR A CHANCE AT PREGNANCY???



I am surprised the jew didn't go one level further make the gain rate .5 or .1 instead of 1.



Where does it say you can't disintegrate them?

Good thing there's always

>This isn't even my final form





That entire post was satirical sarcasm if you didn't catch that


Looks like a pretty good update TBH.



It doesn't appear like anything noteworthy was added tbh. I'm sure it was a lot of work, but it was work in areas that are not really relevant for porn games. The only thing that might even qualify as "new content" would be the quests, and I haven't played yet to see how they turned out. Anal masturbation might be a few paragraphs at most.



Actually, I would say the update was a lot of unusually porn-related content. Those tokens are probably the most realistically achievable way I've seen to play a dominant character without either cheating or save scumming, there actually already is a new OC [Aika's] so a new monster was added, and the new de-cursing quests are all additional sexual content. This is much more than Aika typically releases at once outside of a version change.


Anyone got an unlock file?




It's in the OP you fucking dolts.


File: e629c610f260a79⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 540x718, 270:359, DhJ8LV3WAAAKN4T.jpg)


Mouthbreathers like you should be banned on sight.


Just as a reminder, since this is the other question that gets asked quite a bit as well, a new unlock file will be released next month according to Aika's post on Patreon. Until then, all future updates to the game (including patches/hotfixes) should function with the unlock file linked in the OP. When it is, I'll be here with a link to it, same as always.



Thanks bruv



After playing it… tokens are a gameplay gimmick, not content, the quests are literally just a checklist for you to do content that was already in the game, so not really new content either, and the donor NPCs will obviously be very generic and are even using some common descriptions that even fail to reference them by name.

So it was mostly gameplay changes (which are not porn-related) and a bit of reused content on the side.

And of course, now Aika's grabbing all those shekels and going on a field trip, so no bug fixes for a few days lol

I think it hurts so bad because this used to be my favorite game.



op is old



have you even tried that unlockfile before asking, you dumb dumb?



Once again, it's also the latest. You're welcome.



It's only bad if it fails. If people pay him and he wins he did everything right. Still jewish as fuck but scamming people is not wrong.



>but scamming people is not wrong

Depends on your definition of "wrong". I find something that is morally objectionable to be wrong. But that's just my definition.


new version out, bug fixes and a few minor changes for all, alcohol fetish and more school region content for alpha testers. requires new unlock file since I can't enable the alcohol content with the unlocker from this thread



There is a new unlock released. I'll have it up in a moment. Mega's being a dummy dumb again.


TrapQuest July Alpha Debuggers File (Supports TrapQuest Release 9 v7.0 and all future updates until a new unlock is released - may not work with previous versions)




Cheers bruv


Is Critchett doing anything for you guys? she does this for me… You stare daggers at the Player Critchett.

Time: 999947 > 999941.

Valid body parts are: nothing.

Rerolling sex selection.

Critchett's eyes widen vastly. She heaves a lengthy, spent moan as her diaper brings her to cum way too hard this time.

"Ugh, well. Maybe I'll find you later on when I've warmed back up…"



thanks for sharing buddy. New version worth downloading?



Nope, Last few months have been pretty bare on meaningful additions. Some new stuff in the school area, but the performance of this whole zone is abysmal from all the NPCs moving around.

But there's also the Patron shill out character for ABDL fans. So there's that.



To add to the Patreon Characters: they're utter shit. If any anon here is like "hey, new version with some Patreon characters, should I play just to meet them?" The answer is no. Ran into some generic player called Player AI (legit no name). Didn't bother to find out if the sex was great seeing most of these characters won't have anything special. I just did debug>disintegrate player AI and deleted that shit out of the game. It's a smart move by Aika to get more life/money out of the game but jesus christ please make it a toggleable option. It breaks the immersion to me, I don't want Trap Quest to be a multiplayer game lol.


how to I change image type? stuck with a shitty one



Have to download the different version.


Does the fuck command can actually be used? I mean my character is a powerhouse, dominatrix (naked) and can beat guard. Yet, I can't fuck a beated up wench…



They have to be weakened first, are you trying to fuck before fighting them at all?



>Fuck, guess im the only one who likes the porn version.

I like it better than the 'art' versions.

The faces changing doesn't really bother me. I just pick the most aesthetically pleasing one and stick with it.


so apparently "omega list me" tells you every recipe in your current run

any other secret codes like this that aren't listed on their website/wiki?


Anyone got the alcohol unlock file for Diaper quest?



I'm sure there are. I tried (gave up, though) nearly two years ago to track them all myself, since the list of commands on the blog site and the one on the wiki were often inconsistent. Even worse was the fact that both were at the time and still are rarely kept up to date and some commands would show up on change logs, but never documented on either list to begin with. Supposedly there was a third list that included all of them even hidden ones, one made by some anon who's been lurking the blog since forever, but never seen any such third list. Not that it matters as that was months ago and likely outdated by now if said anon hasn't been keeping it up to date.



he took down the 7/26 version fml



There also seems to be more spaghetti code on the art versions, so the game becomes even slower on them.



Yeah, because there's a hotfix for it. That's what Aika usually does when a hotfix is released.

Now, if you mean to say what I think you're saying, then I'd tell you to read my post again only much more carefully. Unlock files work for more than one version of the game.



As >>237094 said this version still works. It honestly blows my mind that people think each new release/hotfix requires a new unlock file. Fucking try it before complaining (not directing this at you specifically but all those who don't get that an unlock file unlocks more than one version lol).



I'm willing to at least believe it's a different person each time, and that they've never asked that beforehand…a benefit of the doubt, I suppose.

Back when browsers started dropping support for Flash, I probably repeated the same post instructing folks to pickup a dedicated Flash player about a thousand times over the course of over a year back on Fen forums. First it was the save-to-file function broke, then saves were borked outright, then people were running into not being able to play it at all on browsers.


File: e190690a545c638⋯.jpg (26.31 KB, 179x320, 179:320, 4c0413b42b15d813af48c2f4cb….jpg)

>sissy gay shit


So what do (we) think of the new update? I like it tbh, makes for more choices in a session.



You can play as a 100% female



I wouldn't know because he's not actually going to upload a version with bearable art until "next version" whenever the fuck that is.



Same here, waiting on Wonderfuller.



Well there's a chance it'll be a "hotfix" coming soon as is typical for the monthly updates, but it's still some bullshit.



I wanna download and try it, but I only every open this thread up shortly before I go to sleep. And the next day I forget about it. Haven't looked into this game in ages, anything cool got added?



If you have the latest unlocker, you can change all the NPC's to being feminine, which is nice



Danaume art is better for me. I find Wonderfuller's faces to be off putting for some reason



>you can change all the NPC's to being feminine, which is nice

Like, feminine, or actual woman? I for example hate the fact that the guards are male, can you turn them into female NPC's now?



>Danaume art is better for me. I find Wonderfuller's faces to be off putting for some reason

They all have their issues. Keriax is just overall ugly. Danaume has weird bodies and Wonderfuller has ugly faces.



Ye, either women with strapons or futas, depending on your fetish settings



>Ye, either women with strapons or futas, depending on your fetish settings

They need to work on that, it's not perfect yet

>Several women pile into the room! They seem very excited to see you.

>“What do we have here then?”

>“It’s a show for you lot. Stand around and watch, and feel free to use her face as a target board, if you know what I mean.”

>They do indeed seem to know, as they all start slowly stroking their meat while staring at you.

>The men continue to masturbate and watch.

>The chubby patron climaxes, and spurts her load over your face! She sighs gently and then leaves the room.

>My face isn’t just somewhere you should dump your cum!

>I guess you could say jizz feels kind of cool, a bit like PVC glue.

>The strict dominatrix spanks your ass cheeks hard!



How do I do that? Do I just enable futa when I start a new game?



yeah, I noticed some shit like that as well, but nothing that bad, holy shit


You enable futa in the body preferences tab while starting a new game


New hotfix, still no porn and wonderfuller versions.



>try out new versions of Trap Quest almost immediately after release

>always get bummed by the hotfix releasing a day or two later

>be smarter this time

>wait two weeks after the update to try it out

>still no hotfix, must be good to go

>start new game yesterday

>hotfix today

How much more fucking money is necessary to get a consistent schedule going?



Apparently more than $8500/mo.

>this cunt makes ~$102000 gross per year

>likely underpays taxes and gets away with it

>can't into development



A hotfix isn't a hotfix if it takes two fucking weeks to put out.



My guess…

- The game is likely hitting the hard limits of what Inform can still reasonably handle. Which is why most of the recent additions have been mechanic changes or fluff that doesn't require much additional processing.

- Waiting on art resources to flesh out the graphics, which takes time but looks good in the update text.

- Slowing down development because she has noticed that people are regularly supporting it, realized that many of these people continue to support month after month. So doesn't really feel the pressure.

- Creativity is running low, even with DQ allowing an alternate focus, she may be scraping the bottom of the barrel with writing and has become more reliant on contributors while she tweaks and refactors code.


File: 727be9b1c5e638c⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 247x247, 1:1, 1441086912948.jpg)

>last version

>Aika: Fixed a bug with the condom pack where the cursed one could never be found - while the condom pack can always be safely crafted from the pink rubber, there should now be possibly one or more ingredients that create a cursed condom pack.

>2 week """hotfix"""

>Known Bugs: There are still no ways to craft a cursed condom pack.


Aika stated on Patreon that the dev team will be focusing on moving the code to Inform 7's latest. So the next month or two we'll see even less actual content. I get that it's for progress and all, but from the way it was worded, it smells of lazy stalling to me. Make of that what you will, I guess. To be honest, I'm considering ending my sub to TQ. For now, I'll wait at least until after the next unlocker gets released before cutting it off so you guys don't get screwed, but the next one might be the last one I can get for you guys. It's the most expensive sub I have and I haven't even played the game in over three months and the last time I did I was just checking out what little was new.


fucked around and updated the cheat engine table to the august 31st build. only tested it on windows git, danaume and patreon unlocked, so i dunno if its gonna work with everyone else's but worth a shot.




We appreciate your sacrifice and monies, seriously. I was subbed twice (when Wonderfuller came out, it's my favorite art style) and when the haunted mansion came out. It was good to support Aika when he made big and good changes to the game but I haven't played the game in many versions now since the changelist has nothing noteworthy for me. I understand why you'll end your sub and honestly I'd do the same. We could just wait until the game is in the newer engine or whatever is going to happen, taking breaks from a game makes it last longer than playing it into the ground.

Thank you, anon.



can you do it for the porn version?



well the latest update doesn't have a porn version released. also im literally about 3 hours away until i leave on trip.



if people ask for help you should be nice instead of being a cunt



It's not your obligation to get use free alphas. I completely understand. Thanks for the unlockers you dropped so far.



No worries mate, it seems like one way or the other we're not really getting actual content until Aika rewrites the whole thing outside of Inform, and I don't think that's ever going to happen.


How many people are actually working on this game right now? Curious to know how much AIka actually get's out of those patreon bucks. Also, wouldn't it be easier for the dev team to just port this trash into a proper engine? Because it's not really much of an text game anymore.


DESPERATELY WAITING FOR THE PORN AND WONDERFULLER VERSIONS. update when? This game is insane, I keep messing up and changing my mind on the excellent settings and options system but you can only go back and change some of the options so I keep having to completely restart the game and try again, each time I get a little closer to the gameplay feel I want to achieve. It's really a wild ride. Great game, hope it keeps improving!


Can we get some age mods for this like lilith's throne?



Because of the engine and lack of complete source, 99% no.



Tbh, it wouldn't be that hard at all, just annoying. Most of the content is text and images, and the content is the hardest part to get.

The problem is, Aika would have to make everything herself, and it doesn't look like she's very capable as a coder. With Inform, handling the world and everything is done by I7, she can just fill it with content and screw up some mechanics, but if she's to rewrite the game elsewhere, she'll have to make her own rules regarding how to handle the world.

Tbh, I7 is not bad and not even really slow, Aika just screwed up the code somewhere, or more likely in multiple places, and that causes the hangups and the development hell she's dealing with. She started the game without having any clue of what to do, it's possible that if she did it again today it'd be more manageable, but a project this size might take months just to rework it inside I7. Anyway, I7 has a lot of traps that ruin performance and I think Aika has triggered most of those. You have to be really careful when setting up synonyms and stuff, and if you don't mark your rules correctly, I7 will try to run checks even if what the player typed has nothing to do with it.





until we get confirmation he is a tranny at best. That or a extremely ugly woman, so ugly that the fact that she is female doesn't even matter.



Over the internet, I couldn't care less about what Aika's packing.


how come there's only pictures for boots and shit. this guys getting paid like 6 figures and cant even add sprites of a shirt. real talk



>Aika's packing

normally yes, but on the internet the "she" tag is used to get extra points and I don't want some nigger to gain undeserved extra points.



I think you have a problem if you give other people extra points based on their gender.




This is not about me. I am not paying for shit for patreon. This is about everyone else. Just look at all the people who manage to scam gullible people by pretending to be girls. Or all the guys pretending to be girls to get free shit in mmo's. When someone on the internet claims to be female you ask them for prove, until they can prove it you assume they are guys.


anything new on this yet?



I play a female character in MMOs half the time and I hate it when people do that shit. Just let me play the game the way I want and get shit on my own. Granted, I'll help out new players and get them situated into the game if they're lost. Once that's done I'll give them some decent gear for their level (as long as its common gear), let them fend for themselves and ignore them.


I feel like I have already seen everything. I am waiting for updates, but I am not sure what else they can add to make me play. Question, is there anything fun you can do on the second level? That woods/jungle like place? I only ever run into retarded npc's in that place.


So…has the art ever gotten any update?

talking about wonderfuller of course.


New to using Cheat Engine and cheat tables in general. Is the currently uploaded version of trapquest compatible with the August 31st version of the Cheat Table? I think I'm following the steps correctly but I'm not sure.



It isn't unfortunately, until I can find a unique, reliable AOB, each updates gonna break shit, gonna have to use the August 31st build. Even then i'm not sure if it works with others computers because I don't really know what data is stored in the aob im using, so if anything in there is different it wont work.



>New to using Cheat Engine

How can you be new to cheat engine? You underage or something? I was using CE in Half Life back in the days.



Maybe he's used artmoney or whatever



Maybe doesn't normally cheat in games, or usually uses some kind of purpose made trainer since it is more user friendly than using cheat engine. Toggles and seeing memory addresses can be daunting for some.


Demo is for alpha testers is out. It's wonderfuller only, but can be downloaded here:




Thank you for posting this. It is appreciated.

On the other side, it has nothing to do with you dear Poster-kun, the new Layout looks like shit! Almost puked on my monitor…



Yeah, it looks hideous. I think it was just a demo on how more interactive the UI is now, but it looks completely amateur.


File: 59c0188724b87d5⋯.png (1007.29 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, don't worry, it's a placeholder to experiment with the new capabilities of the expanded engine. The final UI will probably look something more like this mockup:



I've just never really felt the need to hack my own cheats into a vidyagame.


are the wonderfuller and porn versions finally back up and working? I've been waiting FOREEVR




> 2 seconds per action

I mean it's great that she's trying to make it better, but if you're not careful Inform quickly becomes pretty slow, and Aika's nothing but irresponsible with code.



The new layout is indeed terrible, but I'm not getting the images in this screenshot? Never seen these before, and I know what image sets trapquest uses, never seen 3D renders.


What the actual fuck is this engine and why does it blow so much ass?



from my understanding, because it's a engine designed for cyoa content.



because that's a mock-up of what they hope it'll end up looking like


File: 664d955d5e028c4⋯.png (6.97 KB, 380x26, 190:13, shit.png)

im downloading the recent version now,

but its been more then a year since i last played, and i want to ask if this shitty option still a thing.

i never understood why both of these are in the same option.



Pretty sure the option is gone entirely, don't remember seeing it the last few times I started a character.


Am I missing something? I'm made my character a guy and displaced my underwear and skirt but I still auto fail trying to "bang" the wench in the first dungeon. On the wiki it says she's good to lose your virginity to but it auto fails every time. I'm assuming that "voluntary sex" with her is just you banging her rather than being raped by her too right?



Have you slapped/kneed/kicked her down to very low hitpoints?



Nope, I'll try that. I thought you could just sex her right away, thanks



If I remember correctly you have to set maximum breast size to flat and minimum penis size to whatever you want for it to never go under.



haven't played in ages either, but it was an option the last time I played.



it's a engine for text based games. The minimap you see isn't even a part of the engine, it's a plugin made by the community. This idiot took a engine made for something else and tries to make a rpg using it.


Is Keriax actively trying to make the character look like shit? I remember another text-based sissification game where the MC had the exact same face. Can't believe anyone would want this shit drawing linked to one's game.


Anyone got the new DiaperQuest unlock?


Is there a free way to get the patreon edition of diaper quest



New update is out. Looks like all 4 character windows are available again.



Too bad the monkey's paw closed some of its fingers and gave a shitload of trash design decisions in the process.

This is not a competitive, dangerous, engaging roguelike. Not sure why there are attempts to make it that way.



Like disabling "undo" entirely



Much obliged.


Yeah, the bag of holding is now "hungry" apparently. In a game that very rarely lets items respawn unless you die, and few things actually kill you, that's just phenomenal design. Haven't tried it yet, but after reading the changelog, I didn't feel a need to.


>game is now slower and more unresponsive by default than FreeCities after 200 turns

That's quite an achievement I must say.



You mean:

~Not being able to scroll up in the main text passage any more, so frequently miss text.

~Everything being put into icon form so you don't know what the hell is what

~Purloin function or trying to select from multiple items with the same name not showing/accepting numbers

~Item images not showing when looking at the item, and being too small to look at normally.

~New windows being all over, in a game coding that really doesn't handle complex information like that well.



>~Everything being put into icon form so you don't know what the hell is what

I don't get why there's no mouseover pop-up text telling you what an icon does if you hover over it for 3 seconds


File: 016aed281963403⋯.png (48.87 KB, 1281x1032, 427:344, Capture.PNG)

Critique is do when it's do, I completely agree that for now the redesign is shit, but some of your complaints aren't true.


Is still in. Heck if you have it unlocked there's now a dedicated button.


>miss text

WinGit at least has a decent enough log. I do agree that this is a worse way of doing it tho.

>what the hell is what

There's question mark button. Pressing this allows do test every other link and button until you press it again.

>not showing/accepting numbers

Both are working on my end.

>Item images not showing

This seems to still be working for me as well, but images when there's a lot of items in the room get way too small, like when you're opening the pink wardrobe.

>New windows being all over



File: 4132649f72bed0c⋯.png (5.45 KB, 235x43, 235:43, lol.png)


should've just deleted your entire post and said "works on my machine!" because that's the level of contribution you had



Hardly my entire post. Stop being salty.


File: ca0b796a5e29206⋯.png (660.72 KB, 1827x1016, 1827:1016, what in the goddamn.PNG)

who in the fuck thought this looks better than the old UI?



Beyond the dev, I'm not sure. I'm just glad I had the sense to stop pledging. Time to find an alternate I suppose, 'cause this one's about out of juice to me too.



It's slow as all fuck, too, even when you collapse all the subwindows. There's no way I've found to revert it to the old UI, either. My guess is that all the diaperfags want to play only using a mouse or a rectally-controlled joystick or something.



>playing a dude

What are you, a fag?



Argumentum ad hominem.



it looks like eye cancer and i hate it as well, but i do like the idea of one handed play. that being said i thank fuck i only donated 20 one month forever ago before i found this board and pretty consistently a donator patch.



I found it quite useable! Was impressed! I mean, it looks like total garbage, absolutely hideous, but it does work quite well.




>Therefore it's important that you're all aware that the graphics settings are very customisable; just go into IMAGE AND LAYOUT SETTINGS and change the bottom option from NEWEST NYMPHO to CLASSIC COCKSUCKER to get your old screen back.

It has the new map and character window but except for that.



that's not the old UI



>who in the fuck thought this looks better than the old UI?

Yeah it really looks very weird. The new minimap is lame, I miss the old N E S W compass thingy and it looks bloated in general. Also these fucking boxes are weird as fuck.


>What are you, a fag?

I wouldn't talk if I were you, this is a sissy game and faggish no matter what you pick. If would have to cheat hard to be unstoppable raping everything.



You probably have the "hardcore roguelike" setting turned on, which limits you to 16 undos and doesn't let you savescum.

This is a setting; you can just turn it off.



I actually like the update, looks like a step in the right direction to me!

Lots of faggots in here just to complain though.



>Lots of faggots in here just to complain though.

<sucks dick

<calls others faggot


I think the new update looks great and movement is greatly improved

also one nice anon pls drop the newest debug unlocker


File: 9c85746ec51c65a⋯.webm (915.21 KB, 624x352, 39:22, fag.webm)


fag hasn't referred to homos for like fifteen years now, anon.




really nigga, that file aint workin



just downloaded it and ran it again, it's working just fine with the latest version of TQ.



do you have both files in the same folder?



Make sure your interpreter is allowed to save in the folder.



I don't like this game. I don't like any of the GUI and the gameplay a shit. It's complicated in ways I don't care for that distract me from the very few parts of the game I actually like. I just can't like this. Gave it a good solid try for so long and I'm done. Just too counter intuitive and inconvenient.



It's very, very different from how it was at the beginning (before it got turned into DiaperQuest.) One of the mid-2015 versions might be more appealing; it's far more streamlined, and before the hotel got implemented.

I can't say I like the new GUI one bit, myself, and will probably be content with just looking at the git history to see if anything interesting shows up.



I think what saddens me is that the updates stopped being about content and started being just new outfits and whatnot. I think the last time I was excited for the update was with the dogs and ghosts. And tentacles, not sure if they came after or before.



It makes a certain amount of sense given that the dev seems to be using this as a primary income source that they would go for the most reliable, easy-to-produce monthly content, but yes it is very disappointing regardless of the logic behind it.




It was all downhill since the survey, the content started being more about "gameplay" and less about things you can jack off to



Man, in the 4+ years I've been playing around with this mess of a game I almost never go for non-latex clothing. All these years and STILL the only way to be forced into a catsuit is to start with it. I am depressed.

More importantly, what the fuck is going on with this UI. It looks and runs like air. My toaster used to be fine until I went into the school, now it takes 10 seconds to open the god damn wardrobe.



So very very close, see the site FAQ if you need a refresher.



I7 is not particularly fast, and Aika is not particularly good at coding. Working as expected.




Thank you :)



That's an understatement at this point. I just tried the latest version, first time I've played since the UI overhaul…it's fucking Sims 3 all over again. The fact that it takes several seconds for any movement to register from the start just killed what little hope I had left for this game.




These aren't working for me, am I retarded? Thought you just had to run the unlocker than the game?



If it's not working, you could try deleting the donators.glkdata file and rerun the unlock again. Sometimes that helps, especially if it's an older donator file.



Is there any way to use the new 3D rendered character window with this? By somebody called Strateg I think


urgh the new UI is disgusting how to I make the game dark again can I roll it back to what it was before?




File: 9e8ee726b784802⋯.png (8.18 KB, 700x187, 700:187, gagged.png)

Didn't think this could happen



It's made you so dumb that you're trying to suck dicks with a ballgag in your mouth.


So is there a way to get the "vampire spawn" headgear? The wiki is shit and I've yet to find a way.



I'm pretty sure all the "Gag" items have flavor text that either has them shifted aside by enemies or when you drink or are like the hooded gag where they keep your mouth open anyway.



An enemy is generally more likely to rip the thing off entirely tbh. But things like cursed buttplugs are always removed then replaced.You just cant present yourself in a restricted way and so have to rely on the rng to do it for you.


What does the trainee equipment do?



Trainee hood slowly increases makeup level and maxes out lip size when it falls off.

Trainee bra slowly increases breast sensitivity and gives breast implants if artificial enhancement is enabled. It might just increase breast size if it's disabled but I'm not 100% sure.

Trainee heels get taller over time and give ass implants when they fall off if artificial enhancement is enabled. They might do something else if it's disabled, but once again I'm not sure.


Holy shit, what in the fuck did this faggot do? Game was always running perfectly fine for me, but now it freezes on startup



Thanks, despite scouring through the updates, changlist, and wiki, there's a lot of items that don't have any explanation.



Wait till you see what the hot-garbage UI looks like now.


The Encased in Latex option is broken it seems, get a bunch of error messages when the game starts instead of item and area descriptions


Stack over flow every game …..



Reported and fixed should be out in the Christmas release today or tomorrow.

Something with when an NPC had to revaluate the PC because their skirt was raised caused an endless loop.


File: 4585953265c7548⋯.png (19.86 KB, 732x170, 366:85, 5.png)


You think you are the only one who can report? Reporting you back



Always good to know we have capable people willing to help maintain order on the forums.


Any chance a generous person can give the 3D render version of 2.0 hotfix to us?


File: 825b1467484921b⋯.png (790.41 KB, 1608x1146, 268:191, a.png)

yo guys this game slowed down a lot, and the new ui is taking up so much space. I hate everything about this.



jesus christ, this is the first time i opened this thread just to tell you that is absolutely disgusting looking, the UI, the map, and that god awful character viewer.



File: 600398386c40e00⋯.jpg (21.19 KB, 375x375, 1:1, 1534691446880.jpg)



Is there a Danaume version ?



Just get that from the TQ website. There's not a Patreon version for Danaume.



Well I wanted to try the 'new' school stuff but it hasn't been updated yet on the site version. I guess if someone can link the wonderfuller version that would be helpful since I'm not really into the current 3d rendered character viewer.



you need the unlocker to access alpha/beta stuff

here someone posted the most recent one:


start that, then start the wonderfuller version you got from the website



o thanks I thought beta and alpha are separate that's why the whole game had to be linked here.



This character is everything that's wrong with porn games. You always start as a sissy faggot. There was this one game where you played as a college student. Your character sees some nigger bullying a girl and gives you some options to chose from which were something like a) ignore them b) fight him and c) some other bullshit I can't remember. If you chose to fight him the game just tells you that it's a bad idea and that the nigger would just beat you up.

Like fuck off with this gay bullshit. I bet this is due to all of these games being designed by fucking asians. They think everyone is as weak as them.




nvm i checked patch notes again and Danaume has everything

I just couldn't get that one class to start so i though it was missing in this version but I finally got it to work



I'm not 100% sure on this, but Aika is no nihongo-cuckfag, but a britbong cuntboislut or something similar useless…



So i'm a long way into a game and i keep getting a fatal stack overflow when certain NPCs enter the same room as my character…..any way to fix this?




That character is some guy's renders and that's it. Original game was just porn images which were pretty great (still are, in the porn version).

They seem to be going with 3d a lot lately, though.



what in the holy cousin fucking, horse dicking monstrosity is that?!



supposedly this problem has been fixed in the most recent update (on the 17th). it had to do with your skirt being hiked up. ensure your skirt's pulled down and you should be fine.


What exactly is the command in debug mode for setting stats. I cant find the precise parsing


File: 22a90ae9e8f1bad⋯.png (560.08 KB, 1322x883, 1322:883, Capture.PNG)


If you type attitudes or click the little silhouette of a head while in debug mode it tells you the "term" for it.

And then there's






Hate how the game handles those. Wish instead of having some like 0/20 it would start at… 5/10 or something like that. Humiliation for example. 0/40000 means that you are determined and got a strong ego. But honestly, I don't notice any of that in game.

Or oral sex addiction. 1/10 = is apparently "you hate the idea of having a dick in your mouth.". But then at the first defeat you can already offer your mouth. Point is, at maxed out your character should refuse to submit and resist as hard as possible and sucking dick should only become an option once you are deeper down the path. I think a 5/10 would be way more fitting in describing the base character. He obviously hates it, but not enough to actually fight against it.


File: 897700cbf9076f4⋯.gif (499.66 KB, 360x246, 60:41, AAAAAAA.gif)

>have I9-9990k

>game runs slow as niggers with no legs

>check CPU usage




Are hips and ass independent in this game? I saw my large hipped characters ass be reffered to as small. If that's the case what's the debug command for a bigger ass because that's weird as hell to me



They're independent in gameplay but tied to eachother in debug. I don't know why but it is how it is. The Debug command is Anaconda.



Hmm weird, no properly portioned postier for me


Here's an updated cheat table for the 3d render version posted here >>292638



File: 299c6fe209f4a9e⋯.jpg (55.53 KB, 352x376, 44:47, 299c6fe209f4a9e50f32cb0f6f….jpg)

>3d rendered version doesn't show cum on the character



>also doesn't have a gape window






I just started playing the game, and I don’t see how it even works from a gameplay perspective, it just seems bad.

My biggest complaints are that my gear is consistently getting randomized, so why should I even care about any of it, and I spent a good portion of the game crawling around because I couldn’t stand up… because I was tired, and because I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t rest in a bed.

What am I missing? Is this just a bad game with good H content?



>Is this just a bad game with good H content?

Yes. Winning is possible but it isn't fun.



>because I was tired, and because I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t rest in a bed.

You can rest anywhere, resting in a bed just restores health along with energy. Same goes for kneeling stools, hammocks and milking benches.

>my gear is consistently getting randomized

Yes, that is a bit annoying. That's one of the reasons why I always get the debug unlock from here or other places, it enables the "undo" command, which lets you easily rewind a turn.

Basically, Trap Quest lets you live out the fantasy of, sooner or later, being turned into a submissive fucktoy, but gives you enough means of resistance that it doesn't feel unavoidable. That's the appeal for me, anyway. I know some people play it dominantly, but it seems like there isn't much to accommodate that.



Not to sound like a dick but enable newbie tips, it'll help. I started playing when there was just the dungeon so I know most of the stuff - yet I still check the blog for info on stuff like the haunted mansion and certain enemies. There's a ton of "lost" info where it's not on the wiki but searched through the pages of his blog.

It works from a gameplay perspective: defeat enemies to gain jewelry to get the most money at the end. The issue, personally, is Aika has added too many enemies so you're getting fucked (literally sometimes) too much. I want to resist changes but I find myself liking jizz too early so debug commands work great for roleplaying.



> I know some people play it dominantly, but it seems like there isn't much to accommodate that.

In response to the reviews complaining "I can't do X even though I want to" or "The game is railroading me towards Y", this is not a sandbox game for you to become the dominant and take control of the miniverse, this is a roguelike where if you're very lucky you might survive with most of your mental faculties intact. For more details, read the FAQ. If you want a nice forgiving sandbox game where you can become the dominant, or where there's no meaningful downside to always choosing the slutty option, please feel free to play pretty much every other well fleshed out game in this genre of random encounters and transformation, including but not limited to Corruption of Champions and Bimbo Mall Battle.



> If you want a nice forgiving sandbox game where you can become the dominant

> Implying that dominants want it easy

Someone reeeeeally doesn't know how dominants work, do they?



he's a submissive autogynephiliac, what do you expect?

But yeah, the game simply isn't made to cater to doms. Sure, you can rape just about anything that tries to rape you, it's almost always preferred to just kill them from a pragmatic standpoint. The first time you rape someone, you lose your virginity and that prevents the sissy shit. But beyond that, unless you have the devil's codpiece, you're just raping bitches for the sake of raping them.



Newfag here with a small question, is there a guide or something I can read up to learn how to use this?



Google Cheat Engine.



install cheat engine

run trapquest

double click the cheat table file (it should be associated with cheat engine) to open up CE

open processes, choose whatever interpreter you have that runs TQ

say 'yes' to keep your current table

you should now be able to mess around with lots of the game's stats/variables


Newfag here, how do I minimize delay in Gluxle Interpreter? It can be almost a second between me inputting a command and anything happening.


Man I haven't seen this game in like a year, how has it changed?



Be aware that the devs recently added some traps for stat alteration since they're gigantic incompetent faggots.



Try a different interpreter, this game's coding is the problem, not Gluxle's configuration.


There is a weird fixation on anal and ass eating. Most characters just choose to fuck you in the ass over pussy. Some of endings are "sissy ass eating slave" and "anal only lifestyle".

I wish we could tweak how often this happens as opposed to oral and vaginal events.



Use the "Purloin" command to spawn yourself a tattoo. I think you gotta "Wear tattoo 'x' " afterwards. Check the Trap Quest wiki for tattoos then pick one where it makes monsters more attracted to your pussy. No issues on my end, it's difficult to stay a virgin.



Having the fastest CPU on the market might make those more bearable, and considering the game runs on a single thread, you want the most powerful intel one you can get. Modern CPUs can still make some use of multiple cores to handle a single thread, but still having 8 threads won't help you here.

But yeah, Git was meant to allow crazier stuff to go on, but I think Aika is making mistakes with the code somewhere, which causes the game to ponder for longer periods of time. As the intro itself shows, you can make fucking animations with Git without slowdowns, the code is probably just messy and doing a fuckton of loops or Aika used some Inform shortcuts to get things done faster code-wise, without understanding what actually was going on under the hood and therefore breaking things forever. i.e.: table handling, navigating "relations", "Understand X as Y". All of those have huge potential for misuse.

I haven't checked the github because I have no interest in partial open source, but the whole thing about aliases for items… man, if that is not done correctly, you accidentally increase the processing time for actions for any action, because if you do those wrong you can accidentally make Inform read every single action for mentions of the item, and then instead of having the game slow down according to what's in front of you, you start having the game slow down by both how much content is in the game period and how many aliases each content has. Increasing processing time linearly according to how much is going on is inevitable, but you never never never want to have things simply existing already causing it to slow down.




WinGit made it MUCH faster. Still noticable delay, but playable.


So there is public code for this game? Are there mods?

I am very green when it comes to coding, but I want to get into writing those kinds of games as a passion project and as a way to improve my skills, I am not sure where to start though. I tried Twine, with some interesting results, but it seemed tad limited.



>So there is public code for this game?

Yes, but Aika does not understand how copyrights work and also doesn't want to share the whole thing, so what you get is something you can't actually compile, you just get about enough code to be able to help Aika with problems, or something. I don't think it's even kept up to date.

> Are there mods?

Can't make mods if you can't compile the game, and you can't without the full source.

>I am very green when it comes to coding, but I want to get into writing those kinds of games as a passion project and as a way to improve my skills, I am not sure where to start though. I tried Twine, with some interesting results, but it seemed tad limited.

Twine is pretty much garbage. Unfortunately, Inform is pretty much ancient english and should not be used, also. One thing people usually get wrong about choosing where to develop their games on is that you shouldn't pick what looks best, but what fits the project best. If you want to make a text game that plays like Zork, you can't get any better than Inform. But keep in mind that Inform was meant with a certain type of game in mind, and it is also ancient tech. It is pretty lightweight if you use it as intended, but the more you stray the worse it gets. Even twine has a place: it was meant to be used with CYOAs, so if that's what you want to make, twine works.

The more you stray from what a tool was designed to create, the closer you get to a point where you should just make your own tools on your preferred language, but that's not really something a newbie should be doing. If you're not a coder, you should probably stick with the makers (Twine, Inform, RPG Maker, whatever lets you code as little as possible). Unless you actually want to learn how to code, then the sky's the limit.



>Even twine has a place: it was meant to be used with CYOAs, so if that's what you want to make, twine works.

Tell that to FCDev and yes I know FC basically runs like ass


Holy shit, i never realized this game had a intro video. Didn't one of you say the reason why the trannie dev reccomends git, is so they can use this feature? Never had it play it.

My word it looks cringe. I would never put that at the start of my game. I'd be afraid someone would take one look at that and go "Wow this is shit".



The one with the gargoyle giving the blowjob? I see that on gargoyle(the programme) anyway. I thought it was pretty good.

Whats everyones favourite pic? Mines the loading screen dungeon one where she is super pregant, I love her expression.



Exactly! The amount of work he put into making Twine do something that Twine was not designed to do was so high that he could have just made his own thing with little less effort. Hell, might even had made it easier.


They added the intro with the huge UI revamp. It's weird that Trap Quest has loading times when the way these games work is by preloading the whole thing before you see the window open.


Is using showme to see items you do not have borked for anyone else or am I missing something? Seems partially okay if you specify the item, but without an image.



I too love all the pregananant pictures


File: 715b5835f8db921⋯.jpg (21.6 KB, 240x180, 4:3, what the fuck man.jpg)

>purloin (item)

>two items of the same name show up

>pick (1)

>"I don't know how to do that!"

I can't even cheat with the fucking cheats



Fairly sure images stopped showing for showme when the new shit UI was released


try doing

Purloin (item)

purloin (item) (number)


File: 3cb829b92f2adad⋯.webm (4.31 MB, 810x480, 27:16, The Funniest Baby Sloth V….webm)

File: 34fb49f68cdd4be⋯.webm (5.53 MB, 711x400, 711:400, True Facts About Sloths (….webm)


File: 9f53abcc1be4543⋯.webm (825.18 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Tired.webm)



>My biggest complaints are that my gear is consistently getting randomized, so why should I even care about any of it

I personally don't mind the gear randomization. Personally, my pet peeve is the headgear shit. I love that the mechanic exists (maid is best class) but I hate that it's practically unavoidable. No matter what, a good portion of your gear is rendered useless when the class outfit spawns. As a result, you can't get much use out of the dungeon shop or the school's stockpile and only a few items in the pedestals at the mansion will be of any use to you. Of course, it's easy to get the latex facemask which won't spawn anything on you. But then I'm walking around with a latex facemask all the time.


How do i get big titty amazon gf?

Also update when reeeee



It's out.



So this is the power of whingeposting, huh.


Any kind soul got the unlock for February?


>Wiki not updated since forever

Can anybody give me a discription in nutshell what is in the "patreon only school area", what is the doom quest in the mansion area?

I havent played the game in ages



School is you go every now and then and perform a class which is usually sexual, if you pass it more of the school unlocks, it has a bed, food, toilet, powerful clothes etc but you gain high humiliation due to all the characters in it.

Doom is basically you enter the mansion and a timer starts, you need to grab a bunch of items and stop it or the whole gameworld becomes cursed and monsters become more powerful etc.



Got it, thanks


Is it just me or have the debug commands for addiction not worked properly for months?



You need to set your stat and then wait for a turn.


Anyone know if Icarus has other works? I find his CG characters unusually good.


Anyone got the latest strateg version?




based. Now if only someone could share the unlock file.



The current one from earlier in the thread still works.


Is there a debug command to make your lips larger? I like the art. There seems to be a whole list of commands that aren't on the wiki and it really fucking irritates me.



I take it that it doesn't work for the newest version? When I click on the "activation" button, nothing happens. It's been a while since I've played this, but before after a delay it'd open up into a dropdown menu, but it isn't doing that for me anymore.


Where do you even find this school area?



The portal in the dungeon and the hotel


How on earth does the "Sexuality" stat work? It seems like no matter what I do, I'm always dominant


Anyone else think the art they're replacing the "placeholder" pictures with sucks? I much preferred pictures of actual lace garters and stockings and spandex costumes worn by actual women instead of some subpar drawings.



No matter what I change the new UI elements wont fuck off

they just slow everything down and look like shit

why is it being forced so hard?



You mustn't reject an author's VISION


is there a way to click more, instead of having to press a key, i wish there was an automatic proceed option




Public git repo hasn't been updated since December - although with the game is going (the new UI, and general change into being DiaperQuest) I'm not convinced it's that big of a loss.

I also think that TQ would be better/faster if it were directly written and maintained in inform6 with the bibliographic stuff manually tweaked, but this would be an insane amount of work for little payoff. (OTOH, I suspect that inspecting the i6 intermediate code would give at least some insight as to why it's so amazingly fucking slow and busts the stack at the drop of a hat.)



I don't believe Trap Quest actually has any complex code that deserves all the processing time it's taking. At most the map generation, which, granted, could be optimized, but that one doesn't really matter since it only happens once in a while.

The biggest offender seems to be the player action processing, as can be noticed from using Purloin. The thing about purloin is that it doesn't actually result in a turn happening, and if it doesn't result in a turn happening, pretty much all of Trap Quest's code is not running, therefore the code itself can't be responsible for the slow downs.

My guess is that the way Aika is currently adding synonyms and "shortcuts" is not the right way according to inform. At one point I was developing a game and I remember adding she/he as acceptable ways to refer to things, except I did this by adding a tiny bit of code that checked whether they were male/female. It worked fine with just a few objects, but once you had hundreds of objects, even if they were out-of-game, the game slowed down to a crawl: every single action would take ages to process. Remove that piece of code and voilá, it's fast again.

Aika added a TON of shortcuts and if that's not done perfectly right it seems to result in Inform processing every single object in the game, regardless of proximity, for every single action, and then it processes every. single, synonym. for each object as well, and Aika just looooooooooooooooves those, so I'm guessing it's fair to assume an average of 5 names for each object.

If the public git was complete and available maybe this could be tested, but I'm 90% sure this is the thing causing most of the slowdowns, because it's the only part of the code that runs for actions that don't consume turns, since the Every Turn rulebook is not executed (and most of these actions don't even update the windows, for instance).


requesting the newest strateg version, please and thank you


Wow actually good feature updates this time around.

>Randomize won't give you disgusting shit any more if you don't want it

>portal room and related school quest now possible to experience before getting humiliated and raped

>easy condom pack



I'm skipping the pledge this month, sorry.


File: d5c2a7b854695dc⋯.png (33.9 KB, 690x656, 345:328, d5c2a7b854695dcce154735801….png)

I'll never understand this Aika faggot

>"oh god, my game runs like ass and can barely be played without crashes… I KNOW, LETS ADD A SHITTY INTERFACE THAT MAKES EVERYTHING x100 times more tedious"


My custom name doesnt work anymore, it says undefined name 1 instead of the name. Did anyone else experience this problem and is there a way to fix it?



Oddly enough the patch notes make it sound like it's a new thing. Not sure what's new about it. I've been able to do that with the character name file for well over a year now. From the sound of it, maybe it was integrated into the game so you don't need the separate file? Go figure if that fucked it up.



I tried a few things and it seems that its now possible to add custom names within the game itself by going to the settings menu, however even changing the custom name here does not solve the problem. Will post a solution if i make some progress



I think i found a fix or at least what caused the problem. If you want to use a custom name even if you play as male, you have to pick female names in the settings menu. You are then prompted to type a few variations of your chosen name, and you can then switch to this name while playing the game, regardless of your starting gender.



I've beaten the whole game on easy without getting raped once.

git gud.



I like the new interface a lot tbh



You'd certainly be the first to praise it that I've seen. It's slower and clunkier than the old one. Granted my evaluation of it now is based on what it was when the current UI setup was first rolled out, so that might be different if any improvements of it has any redeeming qualities to note.


does anyone has the customizable name tool my seems to not work anymore


*custom name creator



I literally only play the game on GET FUCKED because that's what I'm aiming for



It's built in now, though glitched from what I hear. Specifically it's getting the gender setting on the names backwards from what I understand.



I confirm it I ended up figuring it out, wasting 30 minutes of my life…



It's not exactly hard but if I'm playing this game I'm doing it with my dick out.


Is there some way I can just read all the epilogues?


I tried to do debug stuff like "set oral sex addiction" which gives me a prompt and acts like it worked, but it doesn't actually change my stats.



Figured this out, you have to do something for the stats to update



Was just about to say that there's quite a lot that you can do with debug, but they require the game to advance to reflect any changes.



It's been a while since I've paid this game any attention. How are the 3d models?


Does anyone knows what the custom NPC list is? like I found Aika in the woods and I'm pretty sure there's other randomly generated special npc. If anyone has a list or some to share please let me know.


File: d04e04aa561f64f⋯.png (9.29 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1539245751339.png)

Has he unfucked the UI yet? Trapquest was one of the first porn games I played and always looked forward to updates until he completely fucking obliterated the UI, turning the game into unplayable trash.



Lol no



I wish the other versions would display as much as danaume one

>stat display

>cum on character

>character expression

>orifice display

I just can't get into the other styles if i don't have these



Cheers bruv


Can you be a female or futa in this game, or is it strictly gay/sissy content.

Also, can the PC be a dom?



You can be female, no for futa player. Pretty sure there's victory sex last I recall, but that's as far as it goes for being dom.



You can be male or female, but can get breasts (not a vagina) as a male. You can dom some characters, when their health is low you can make an attempt that fails or succeeds based on your strength. Doing a Dom run is hard, though.



the ui is decent once you get used to it and have the patron darkmode option turned on


Does anyone have a list of all the classes/multiclasses that you can get? The wiki is woefully out of date and the only other option is digging through the changelogs for implementation/changes


Is feminine NPC mode a thing now? I don't want to play the game without it as I am a %straight male



Dongs just get replaced by strapons (unless you enable futa mode), and tentacles still exist, and sometimes NPC pronouns get confused and still throw "he." Plus there's still barely any content for a domination-only run besides dom scenes being different depending on whether dick length is 4- inches, >4 and <8 inches, or 8+ inches.


File: 73de08656fbc1a5⋯.png (190.92 KB, 1919x959, 1919:959, zLfptR0.png)


Haven't played this game since that version. Did they add anything new? I doubt he improved the ui, but did he at least add new content? Does the school work now?



Cheat table when



Go to the website and read the fucking changelogs you stooopid goy!



What the fuck is wrong with you? Are such an authistic faggot, that you need spoonfeeding? Please go and kill yourself!



normally I'd sympathize with having to dive the changelogs on a blog entry-by-entry basis, but it's literally 2 months of releases, or 2 releases. Just fucking read it, bitch.



The game is now unmaintainable. You can just assume no real content updates forever, or at least until Aika ports the game to a new engine, but that would certainly bring loss of content and then take a year for the current content to be readded and only then could you really expect new content.




please try posting in your native language, anon. this one isn't working for you.


Wow, been a minute since I last played. What's this Strateg version? Modded game or just a different artist pack?


anyway to get rainbow hair?



Different artist pack, only for patron


no, only one color at a time



>different artist

How does it look like?


File: 6ed971cdc0540f8⋯.png (2.59 MB, 3112x1172, 778:293, 274029_1dvDYZX.png)


Not good enough to justify a lock behind a paywall imho. Not a lot of accessory or cloth are showed on it.



I mean, he pays the artists for each style (except Porn). Porn one is pretty much legacy at this point and Aika wants to get rid of it (due to copyright pictures) but fans still play with it, the 3 art ones I'm sure he pays the artists while the 3D one I don't know. I paid for the unlock file back when the Wonderfuller version came out, I think it's the best one and I visually dig it a lot. Clothing is being added but slowly. Trap Quest was worth paying before the school update - now it's just too many monsters and too many regions making it difficult to focus on one type of roleplay for the game. It's easier to stick to one section, say the Haunted Mansion, and purloin yourself stuff so you're some Blessed Nun being raped by ghosts but to play the game to win is just boring now. No flow to the madness at all.



Well, your post is exactly what i did and think about the game, we are on the same line. I'm still lurking every update to see if something can have my curiosity, but overall the game really lost me.


I just want more preg/tentacle content



Not that it matters much to me anymore. The current UI gobbles up so much screen real estate unnecessarily (on top of being sluggishly slow) that the only time the character art becomes respectable in size is when you start collapsing UI groups. Doesn't help that it's also buggy as sin. Half the time I click on undo or save game it commits the "skip" command or the dropdown from clicking on an item breaks 9 out of 10 times. So far it's like we traded one piece of shit for an even bigger piece of shit. Sure it's gotten slightly less so, but it's still a bigger piece of shit.



Wonderfuller really is the best style tbh



Wonderfuller face is way too mannish to be appealing.


I just got strateg version and I dont see any visual customization at all. Does it ever get anything past early game?

Or should I just get Danamune or Wonder? Which one of them has more customization?



strateg version is incremental, it seems. Eg you don't get bigger tit art for each size, it's something like every other size.


Also is it just the strateg version or why does the game lag so much for me?

Yes I have a very potato PC, but at the same time it doesn't seem to need that much operative memory nor it requires a lot of CPU usage, so I don't really get whats the deal with it.



Yes and no. Pretty sure the art type you roll with does little to change that. Tried all of them and I've seen no change in performance. Using certain interpreters helps some though. WinGit's usually better than Glux, for instance. Having a faster machine can also help, but it wouldn't completely fix the lag, just make it a little less shit. You'd still likely have lag issues where you see it.


Also when I get a lot of items equiped the icons turn fucking ant sized on my laptop monitor. Is there any way to change UI size?

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