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File: fc96fa42d328827⋯.jpg (224.91 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, DkFuZK9VsAE9ADa.jpg orig-2.jpg)



File: 8d97b3afb4b438a⋯.png (230.83 KB, 1218x549, 406:183, Untitled.png)



> for leeching fags like me

Gee I fucking wonder why?


File: 8e1e679d52925bb⋯.png (1.69 MB, 3628x798, 1814:399, 1544294630615.png)


Everyone's right, this lineup is pretty disappointing. So many Rinkos and Asukas… was hoping for some more variety.


Just getting into Battle Arena, how stingy is the gacha here? Do you need to whale to get a good and cute team?


File: a7773fde19c3ecd⋯.png (186.34 KB, 1366x611, 1366:611, 4chan.png)


Honestly no, you can probably get by with a mediocre team especially since the Gacha itself is pretty unforgiving.

With tickets, you have 0.5% chance getting a LR, 1% getting a UR, 5% for a SR, 30% for a HR and 63.5% for a R.

The good folks over at (4)chan have a lot more experience than we do with Battle Arena, I'd suggest asking them for questions on team building.




There is no such thing as too much Rinkos.


Enter fever time. Burn through 140-odd stam. 1 boss spawns.

Interest annhilated for today. I'll come back tomorrow if I manage to give enough of a shit


File: 6ba6797c002a7ca⋯.png (1.46 MB, 950x713, 950:713, 19-1-6.png)


There is when you're neglecting the shit ton of other characters who have yet to appear in RPGX.



>how stingy is the gacha here?

The gacha is quite stingy, but the events are extremely generous with tickets. Once you're in a position to max out at 500 million points on every raid event, you'll never be left wanting for tickets. I've only been actively playing for two years and a half but I'm already sitting on a pile of 3000 tickets.


So… why is Asagi never voiced by Hina in any of the OVAs? Some other characters do keep their original VAs.



I see someone that doesn't belong, aint rolling for a dude.



Cannot agree enough


File: 97cb1cc181ab958⋯.jpg (693.52 KB, 1733x2048, 1733:2048, Mary Jane.jpg)

File: 76af082fe695b51⋯.jpg (173.11 KB, 450x750, 3:5, 1587277.jpg)

File: 7bcd763e2f549f0⋯.png (2.55 MB, 900x1600, 9:16, Mary_Jane.png)

File: e3e6cae0326e49c⋯.png (592.13 KB, 626x571, 626:571, serious_hope.png)


quick question is anyone else's c548 Asagi Beach broken? all i see is asagi and a black screen. When i check the files it says damage or corrupted.



No problems here. Did you download the so-called "Perfect Viewer"?


I currently have 3 copies of Sonia, is it worth getting more or should I go for other items?

Seems like dupes only increase the luck and skill stat by 1, instead of the usual 5 for luck? That's a little expensive for what it's worth



Get all the items.


File: c7cd99d0071f8a8⋯.jpg (59.13 KB, 732x628, 183:157, 1544574350136.jpg)


TFW No chance to get Obui Girl Nº 3 because you're a filthy gaijin.



>3 titty monsters in a row.

I like them, but when are we getting another DFC?


So is it a good idea to hold unto my HR+ tickets right now, or should I just spend and watch what comes?



Hold onto them because there's no new cards in the gacha this week, and apparently JP TABA didn't rerun the New Years events.



I feel your pain, Meia, Shirase, and Rick are all so good and flat. Hell even Kirshna is flat compared to the titty monsters. And I guess another Yukikaze to break is always good.



this is too true. That said, fuck these gay ass map events I was hoping Rinko was the reward but of course shes real money only



At least you get exp from them this time, and they probably have the best rewards of the events. Annoying to play though.

Got one SR from the Christmas gacha packages, but only a duplicate.


File: 1fce75eb6a90240⋯.png (431.03 KB, 742x447, 742:447, fuckulilith.png)


well i asked for rinko…rip my gems. What is the 'plot' for this event? is there a story reason they are handing out gifts in slutty santa outfits or nah. Also anyone know what the new kunai items do yet



I didn't even know about how to get the "Christmas Draw" ticket until after I had already used up my gems. Goddammit.

Well, I did get Kurenai with said gems, but I really wanted Christmas Rinko. And I'm not sure there'll be a way to get myself 40 more gems before this ends.



I did the same exact thing. Motherfucker



I take it back, I might be able to get another 50 gems if I take some time to focus on the Main Quests. We have Chapter 8 now, and that's another 15 gems on its own, and I still have multiple Hard modes that I haven't even touched yet.


File: 3ce3058ec6076b0⋯.jpg (35.22 KB, 367x308, 367:308, SR.jpg)


>anyone know what the new kunai items do yet

2p Greatly increase ATK while HP is full (?)

4p Attack twice (with regular attacks)


File: c4c4476dee8346c⋯.jpg (12.62 KB, 265x102, 265:102, taiseki.jpg)



>tfw holding on to my stones until best girls Ingrid and Oboro is in



interesting, thanks


Which item cures Silence? I'm assuming it's one of the jars of fluid, but I'm not sure which one.

I actually managed to take down Hard Snowman without weakening him once, but failed the second time, so I'm going to definitely going to take some care going forward, and I need the right items to counter him.


File: 533fa64233d6a32⋯.jpg (10.94 KB, 106x197, 106:197, bzz.jpg)


Don't miss the 6 in the unit exp/heart quests, since they remade/reverted those again.


This. Snowman is easier than Sakura since you couldn't abuse her weak element in the same way.



The disc-thingy? Crap, never would've thought that. I'll see what I can do about those EXP/Bond quests, though that's a lot of AP going into that.


You get 11x gacha xmas spins + a bunch of pots for the 50 gem package, am I reading that right?



You get the Christmas 11-pull ticket, Full AP potion, Full BP potion, and a skill scroll from what I can see.



Fuck off, pedophile.




The most important thing the set gives is a single pull among the eleven with a 6% chance to draw Christmas Rinko.



Yeah, and if I had actually bothered looking into that package, my Kurenai could quite possibly have been a Santa Rinko instead! Really pissing me off right now.

10 fights of unweakened Abominable Snowman done. It all gets easier from here I guess.




I bought both sets but I'm afraid to use them


TABA English Patch:


Added Jelly & Wisp

Missing Stage 100 Exclusive scene

RPGX Scene Patch:


Added all the scenes from this event.

Let me know if anythings fucked.





There's TWO to buy?



They expire if unused.


The christmas rinko seems pretty weak. Lower atk than the original SR, and her skills seem pretty terrible.



Looking at the wiki, I'll have to agree. She has less of all stats except HP in comparison to AOE Blade Rinko. And multi-hit random target for a final skill seems lousy for a genuine LR.

But it's RINKO! She's goddamn hot!!





wow I just now realized what the fuck you guys were talking about I totally wasted my gems on the normal new unit gacha, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck



Believe me, a lot of us are feeling that pain right now. I actually had 100 gems, with which I could've bought BOTH of those Christmas packs (yes, there's TWO apparently).



Doing the calculations though, I might still be able to pull off getting both of those packages. I have 40+ gems yet to get in Main Quest mode. I have 30 right now, I'm expecting to reasonably get 9-10 in the event. Then there's two weeks worth of Panel Missions, that's usually 6-8. Less than two weeks of logins, that's 5. Though I do worry how much time and AP that'll take away from the event, where I do still need to aim for that Skill Scroll.

By the way, is anyone able to run the game on their phone, or is that something pretty much restricted to japanese phones?



I only play RPGX on my phone



Good luck with yours, I got 1 SR from both my sets- I was happy getting one from a roll for the first time until I saw it was Nasara. kind of bummed


Why can't RPGX Oboro be as useful as she is in TABA



Anything special that I have to do to run the game? I've tried the browser, but it won't run on that.



Not him but I play it on my phone too, did you get DMM app and then download RPGX through it?



majority of new characters, especially event characters are average as fuck

I wonder why


Accidentally got some very good stuff. Those two albums are ripped by 天天, not me. I'm trying to ask him for a lossless version but so far I only have 320k MP3 available for share:

[LGD-70055] ツンデレリリーのいちゃラブ触手責めドラマCD


[LGD-70056] 焦らされまりの懇願絶頂ドラマCD


Enjoy ;)



I'm glad you asked him, since my chinese is fucking terrible



Excellent, thanks!


anyone know of any script for farming 1-1?



You have to write your own.





Is the event witch a good character?

First skill is a healing ability that recovers HP to 2 characters with lowest HP?



Not as a healer. The Sakura from 2 events back has that covered, especially if you give her to SR Light Blues. If you need a (Demonic/Blue) Healer, I bet even Bridget (HR catgirl) might be better.

But Christmas Cake Lilith at LR could probably work as a wave-clearer at best, but keep her low ATK in mind. Since her ultimate has health drain on it, perhaps she might be suited for 2-pink, 2-skyblue, 2-orange.


Also, I don't know if anyone uses SP-refreshers in their lineups anymore since we got the skyblue set, but Cake Licker Ange appears to have party SP refresh as her ultimate and is an HR; compared to R Wight or SR (first) Asuka.



I'm assuming you mean Sakura's LR ability? Because her second ability is just a single target attack with life leech


Does anyone have a solid translation for the event missions? I think I got the gist of most of them but one of them is still filling out 0/1. It has something to do with items, it isn't the " no purple chest one" since I finished that one.



There's other variations of the rule, where you have to go x amount of times opening 1 purple chest, and even one where you open both purple chests on the Hard map.


could someone give me the scoop on how to maximise farming stam potions on 1-1


File: dbd94fa3f93f45a⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1172x2892, 293:723, 1544779070398.jpg)


File: d50a61ec23d93af⋯.jpeg (198.06 KB, 831x1200, 277:400, Lili_018.jpeg)

Is there any hope of having Lili in RPGX?



Should be possible. Not only does Nagisa seem to work a little bit harder for RPGX than for TABA, but Lili fits even better in a more lighthearted take on the Taimanin universe, and the character would translate fairly well into a chibi sprite version. There's that Lili figurine about to be released soon as well, so she's still relevant from a business perspective.


How do you access the H-scenes on the mobile version?



>How do you access the H-scenes on the mobile version?


Talking about the rpg



You are a godsend, thanks. I had the others marked as partially done, so I was going to continue to blindly do the event until everything is finished, but this will make things a lot more easier.


Just checked the exchange prices in Kiryuu's Lab. 600 photos for an R skillup.

MEGALUL. It looks like somebody on the development team went into full "milk the fuck out of the whales for their christmas bonuses" mode



How so? It always cost this much.


English script for Mokuren Fujibayashi




Think he was more marveling at how blatantly inaccessible the prices remain to casual and f2p players, which I'm going to assume he is. Much like about 90% of the population. Should just rename the lab to "unless you're willing to drop a load of time and/or money, fuck you"

Thankfully, there's nothing of real value in it so fuck you too TABA.




Can you even buy photos though? Unless I'm missing something, these just seem impossible to obtain… I only have like 250 photos.



No, you can't outright buy them. You can occasionally get them as rewards from the 10-level clears in events and event gacha pulls. And from clearing the 5th stage in the weekly missions.

But since you can buy stam/BP pots and gamble for better cards, you can indirectly "buy" photos. The rate of exchange is just really shit. Which is sort of what I meant - the people who're running around with hundreds upon hundreds of photos are whales of legendary proportions


The main source of fragments is PVP events. Even fairly casual players can generally earn enough per event to grab the 1500-fragment SR ticket every time.



TABA English patch link is dead.


Does red line have three scenes? And the story one will be unavailable after the epilogue is gone?



It's already unavailable.


So is the updated gacha worth doing a few rolls on, or is still fairly meh? And is Sakura+Murasaki worth the Christmas grind?



Depends entirely on what cards you have (obviously).

Personally, because I already have two of the event Mari and two Youth Murasaki, my defense lineup is already far better than the event cards. But that's only because they're all taimanin cards boosting other taimanin.

If you're short a card or two or are trying to put together a multi-faction defense, then the christmas event card is more useful because the +def bonus applies to ALL. So you could cobble together a defense of, say, Saya Neo, one or two christmas cards, and some other random one and not be sol as far as card synergy is concerned.

TLDR: For already established decks, the christmas card is kind of meh because each faction already has far better defensive cards. Hell, for demons you can pull one of their top-tier defensive cards - Shiranui - from the fucking R-medal pool. But if you want or are trying to put together a multi-faction lineup, the card is more useful

And the step up is still shit. Arguably even more shit now because the whole point of it was the cheap boost to potentially drawing a UR/LR. Now you don't even get that. Sure, you can draw up to 20 cards now, but since there's a fuckload of R/SR cards in the gacha pool now, your odds are even more dogshit than before


Could you tell me how to use RPGX Viewer?


Is the nutaku version of taba following the Japanese order of releases exactly? How far are we away from the Annerose card and how would I find this out myself without looking through every card on the wiki? Is their an easier way to predict the next cards?



Follow the readme. It requires some easy but tedious setup and still doesn't have a copy to clipboard function


File: c212b85716c728a⋯.png (201.4 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 129b4791340af029340e2b5482….png)


Nutaku has been following events in the same order although at a more consistent/persistent weekly schedule. The PVP events have all been skipped likely to make the timing for the Christmas and New Years weeks. We can probably expect them to show up after the new year.

As for Annerose, according to the wiki, she is the limited gacha UR for a PVP event. If Nutaku isn't skipping anything from now on (and doing the "reprint" events), you can expect Annerose in 6 weeks.

The Japanese event order is here:




how far are we from the Tokiko events?


Probably mid-to-end of 2019.



I don't have readme


For raid boss events what types of team compositions should I use? Besides one of the girls that grants an attack or defense buff to all factions? Should I keep it to just one faction with two for attack percentage and defense, a debuffer to the enemies defense along with another one for the enemies attack? Just in general I mean.


is it me or RPGX has way better scenes than TABA?



Just you, nobody is into Taimanin for the vanilla.


I mean, I'm into Taimanin for the heartwarming story and incredibly deep character development



There is a step up in quality on average, both in the writing and the art. Even Asahi's stuff is looking OK to me in RPGX. Genre preferences might be part of the equation to different extents depending on how highly you value that kind of thing.


Does anyone have the RPGX viewer?



TABA Raid Event

Atk Deck: Best Possible team to build contains debuff Def by percentage for most Damage.

Top priority in Atk deck have up 2 to 3 possible member that Decreases def by percentage %

This Atk deck contained at least 1 or 2 the event Slayer Cards. Or replacement member of SR,UR,LR for Highest Atk value ( this card(s) if possible increases all allies Atk, decreases Def, cut damage down and if not just keep it for High Atk value.)

Leader: Prioritize Def decreases by percentage %, optional Damage Cut by percentage % for 100% tigger rate.

Def Deck: Focus to have members reduce damage by Raid Boss to survival higher lvl battle.

Focus by placing Damage decreases by % members in Def deck as priority.

The rest are just fillin for def value and increases def depands on your gacha circumstances.


RPGX continues to disappoint

Garbage event

Garbage cards

Still awful RNG with gacha rolls, 2x11 christmas gacha and all R's

Event characters are all trash and somehow worse than starter characters, zero thought behind balance

No wonder the game is already tanking.


File: eed82d483db4a88⋯.jpg (216.32 KB, 1200x849, 400:283, merryxmassrinko.jpg)

merry xmass faggots



The game would have run into problems had those been done correctly anyway. Starting over the story does nothing for TABA players but annoy them. The story structure may be set up better but who wants to wait another year to see Tokiko lose either one of her hole's virginity all over again? Who wants to rewatch an alternate version of each character's development? Its a pain waiting for characters we know and love take months to be reintroduced all over again. They could have mixed things up for RPGX and give us more rape than TABA did. Taba could stay the majority vanilla story and RPGX could give us a lot of rape and hardcore scenes to make the difference.



Merry xmas to you as well cucklord.

I'd invite you to the circlejerk but it ended prematurely. We ran out of oysters. FeelsBadMan



am I blind or were these ever ripped?


File: 591a30b309f1986⋯.png (637.94 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01022a.751ad2668a1ac2ff86….png)

File: aa6bf61cc638c7d⋯.png (626.8 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01023a.012338e7358beebf5c….png)

File: b01f5927a02884a⋯.png (669.98 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01024a.7e3d5959f894dffaf7….png)

File: 835865a476175fc⋯.png (605.19 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01025a.4d2f7cb4e8b44ec0c8….png)

File: 40a2b258d89df36⋯.png (707.93 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01026a.e870aea072ea397329….png)


File: fbbcbf4c3ccc51d⋯.png (656.24 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01024b.180989d416125bb87c….png)

File: f99fe4df4c70051⋯.png (591.89 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01025b.30e2af3385c936455c….png)

File: 5d865e46ae2d295⋯.png (798.76 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01026b.c1e75abeb41641580e….png)

File: 8da560a3050e503⋯.png (688.37 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01022b.07ea830f6e7ab59bc0….png)

File: 17afa6862b7965c⋯.png (631.81 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01023b.4d56a29aa611ff76a6….png)

Presents from Santa.

Latest scene data


[LGD-73059] 学園いいなり凌辱調教ドラマCD - Flac





Guess we've been good boys after all. Merry Christmas!


So how is the New Year Lucky Gacha going to work? It looks like there won't be any event rewards from ranking in the Tower Event, just the opportunity to pull from the Gacha?

And what Gachas will count towards unlocking pulls on the Lucky Gacha? Will the Medal and/or Rare Medal Gachas count, or just the various Premium and Special Gachas?

I'm probably going to be spending about 50 Gacha tickets that I've saved up from the last few events trying to pull New Years Asagi, but I've also got 140k medals and if they count, it seems like as good a time to finally use them as any, even if I won't be able to pull Asagi using them.



From what I can remember, they gave you five fukubukuro tickets from login bonuses and five fukubukuro tickets for climbing the New Year tower, for a total of ten F2P pulls from the fukubukuro gacha.

You could get extra tickets as gifts for buying pulls from some of the other gachas.


>have 20 HR+ tickets

>have to pull them individually because there's no x10 option on the Special Gacha screen



Is there any benefit to getting Fever Time in this event? I didn't seem to get any potions during the Fever Time I just got.



Far as I can tell, no



Well, if they broke the game again by changing how the event's structured, hopefully they'll take an Emergency Maintenance break and fix it before giving everyone some potions as compensation.


>spend 50 tickets to try to pull New Year Asagi

>pull her, along with [Almighty] Asagi and LR Asuka

Is it worth spending money to try to get the other two event cards, along with three tickets to the Lucky Gacha?


File: 7b5efa2f521494d⋯.jpeg (215.27 KB, 976x1200, 61:75, 0C0F5935-C1F0-4807-A531-9….jpeg)


Stick to current drop, wait for next few gacha. Collect Def down cards to eventually you’ll find more usefully Event drop better than Def Down.

Metal Asagi

Atk 7182

Def 7113

[1/5] 30% DOWN attack power and defense power of all enemies



No, they'll be powercrept in a few months anyway.


Just got a response back from Nutaku's customer support regarding the lack of Stamina pots in Fever Time during this latest event. Looks like it was intentional, not the result of them accidentally breaking the game by removing other parts of Tower events.

>Dear Gamer,

>Thank you for playing Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena-.

>Unfortunately, we are unable to discuss the inner workings of Fever Time.

>However, we do invite users to work together and create theories for themselves.

>Regardless, the current event's drops are working as intended!

>We thank you for your kind understanding and continued support.


>TABA Development Team

Also, out of curiosity, I was just watching New Year Asagi's first scene, and is [Young Man] in that scene Meatball-kun from TA3, or the Fuuma MC back when he was a teenager, before he left the Taimanin?


Up to what scene number has been translated into english in TABA?


What's the reward for completing the seventh Quest stage in TABA, out of curiosity? Not sure if it'd be worth the stamina to try to clear it rather than just farming potions on 1-1.



c178 Redline for the viewer. Probably c190 for the actual taba.


I assume a R card.


File: fa3d7d16fb08372⋯.png (204.4 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c995cfa26bb5ce2732bcccb6cc….png)


Quest Chapter 7's reward is Moonwolf if the title wasn't enough of a hint… ~Wolf of the Moon

Completing it for her alone is not worth the stamina if that is all you're looking for. Comparable cards can be drawn with a simple Medal pull. However, it's up to you if you want to see more of the "story" and be ready for Chapter 8, 9, and 10 which haven't been made available yet.



You could always complete the chapter to hear the incredibly deep story and nuanced character development.

Hue Hue Hue



Lots of plot hooks though.

Also anyone know what the story for rpgx is about?


File: adbac7dc1db98db⋯.png (232.52 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 1bf6f895a7877b038d299974d0….png)


Damage received from the enemy as a whole 25% Cut

Protection of the defensive power of the ally as a member of the defense deck and leader without the same name card 60% UP



fuck me how ive been playing for about a year and a half on the jap version and im only level 82 and to get the actual reward cards i need to burn pots most of the time


RPGX New Years. It looks like the New Years Ticket is a DMMPoint item this time, rather than a gem item. There's a 50-stone element-of-choice-focused summon as well, and is it saying there's a guaranteed SR from said draw? If I were to get the gems for it, that could land me a single-target Rinko. Or get me another AOE Rinko.



Can you use that gacha roll more than once?

What a spit in the face to people who did not save their stones.



I have no idea. If it actually has a guaranteed SR, I would assume no, but I can't read most of it, so I can't tell.



Yeah, one SR guaranteed, one-time gacha. I got a spinny cat from that one.


Nope. It disappears after you've rolled.



I'm the one who wants to ask you how.

eTABA has only been out for three months and I'm already almost double your level.



probably because i focused on events where the xp to stamina ratio is terrible is all i can think of


I gotta say, it feels very awkward that there STILL isn't a genuine SR Asagi in RPGX yet. The Preregister and ZERO Asagi HRs have genuine stats for their rank, but the only other Asagis are Event SRs, which are extremely weak for their rank. I'd have thought New Years Asagi would've been on the New Years gacha, rather than the New Years event unit.



Maybe she'll get a gacha SR for the One Year Anniversary or Valentine's or White Day.

OR maybe we'll get more Rinko and Asuka. Forever.




Whoever is deciding on new characters is dog shit. Where's Ingrid and Murasaki? Instead it's the same characters over and over.

What the fuck are they doing with Kagami?

They could at least give us a better line up with their lazy and shitty events.


Does anyone know what the new RPGx unit scenes are yet?


RPGx has a guaranteed SR gacha for 50 crystals up now. You pick an element and all 11 rolls are the same type. Was kind of surprised it wasn't paid crystals only, but it doesn't include the new years girls.



What are paid crystals?



The ones you buy with dmm points. The game keeps track of them separately.


File: acc6f8753d43d24⋯.png (365.32 KB, 568x616, 71:77, Felicia.png)

RPGX Viewer Patch:


Added all NY Scenes

Some people have been saying my HTML viewers shit and I agree it is, it's just a fuck load of code slapped together to get something working.

I do plan to eventually get back to working on it but right now I haven't got the time or motivation to do it.

If you don't want to use my viewer the patches are pretty simple to swap over to work on the other anons viewer just look at the structure of a scene folder in his and make the scene folders in the patch look like that.

voices -> Sounds

images -> Texture2D

put the .txt files in a folder called TextAsset, rename img.txt to pairlist.txt.

Make a 256x144 thumbnail out of the first image in the scene (There was a script for this, also I'm pretty sure you don't need to create the thumbnail you can just copy the first image to the scene folder and call it thumbnail.png)

I'm not giving up on my viewer I will get back to it eventually but I know some people don't like jumping through some of the hoops and want some features that I can't implement right now so this is just my way of getting them off my back for a bit :^)



so what have you been doing to get your level so high so quick in eTABA im only 58 in that and that was only because of double xp up till level 50



Do you know who is fucking Asagi behind the camara? Are we looking at the whole shiranui netorare deal indoctrinating other girls?


File: 9b7adcb47488c6d⋯.jpg (149.65 KB, 989x743, 989:743, rinkofu.jpg)


fucking got my girl finally, remind me to never spend my gems. I fucked up the xmass gacha and i will be forever salty about it. If i missed the SR one I would prob quit. Side note the pick your color gacha is sweet, even without a secured SR hope they bring it back.



Thanks for the patch! I wonder if the Anon that does the other viewer is still around, last update was nov-25.



What? Last update was December 16th?


File: 57acc7cb9e33742⋯.png (5.23 KB, 1406x33, 1406:33, firefox_2018-12-31_21-55-2….png)


This is the last update I saw from the exe-anon, at least in the folder I have bookmarked.



Oh my bad i thougt you were talking about TABA.



are you just skipping tower events? I'm 126, mostly from tower events with a couple random ones from farming. If you want to level up quick, during your 30 min double xp log ins when tower events are going on, crank out those pots and just compete in tower events in general and you will get a lot of levels

Is the luck cap 50 in RPGX? I thought it was 80, Trying to get my Yuri past 50 but no dice



>Is the luck cap 50 in RPGX? I thought it was 80, Trying to get my Yuri past 50 but no dice

Is she fully ascended and leveled up? If she already is then I don't know.



ah thanks



Considering you had a 50% chance of getting Rinko, it sounds great for Rinko fans.

Of course, I have a 25% chance. I already have AOE Rinko, so I need the other one.



25% chance to get the best unit in the game isn't bad though, good luck


Rinko and Asuka forever <3


Although I agree with this anon, I want a real SR 'strongest taimanin' Asagi


File: 0f8f794e3150732⋯.png (50.85 KB, 322x312, 161:156, asagiwhite.png)


>I want a real SR 'strongest taimanin' Asagi

There was a TA3 suit Asagi in the datamined assets, so maybe. >>277669

The character selection is really weird. I wonder if it's based on some interpretation of a market analysis or something like that. No matter the reason it's still a shame that we're getting so many versions of the same characters already. The best thing about TABA is that it has given birth to a lot of characters, with a couple more interesting and better designed than some Lilith characters that came from full games. Things like a HR/SR Saika, eyepatch Aina or Tokiko in some form would be great.



The luck cap is the same as the level cap for any given unit.



Are you even participating in the events?



>The character selection is really weird. I wonder if it's based on some interpretation of a market analysis or something like that.

I'd say the most popular aka most money making characters are the ones getting stuff. It could just be my bias speaking but I'd say Asagi, Sakura, Rinko, Asuka, Yuki are the most popular characters. Although I have a feeling Aoi works faster then Kagami so they are using his stuff more. Oboro and Ingrid are probably real popular too but Kagami probably has to prioritize who he does and most of the hero cast are his characters, so the villains get stiffed a little.

I'd love a SR Saika or Maika since she was in Asagis event, hopefully she gets a unit soon.



i normally wait until fever to burn pots and normally i dont use them for tower as much as stuff like the battle events but i will try the 30 minute double xp ive never paid any mind to that


Isn't it just that Kagami is too fucking expensive now?


Just a head's up that Japanese TABA is very likely going to close soon. New Year's has absolutely no new cards out and what it got instead was a Gacha that dispenses event cards including stuff that hasn't even gotten a rerun yet.

If there's anyone working on the TABA Viewer, can you confirm that no files are missing in >>294939 before things end up lost forever?



fix patch plz



I don't have hope for taba's future, but these games usually give like a month or two warning that they're shutting down.



Is there an alternative for translating scenes using your viewer? If not, how is it of any use to the majority of users who can't understand Japanese?


Seriously, the 50-stone element-of-choice guaranteed SR gacha came out with the only SR card I had. NEOsaya

And the 300 stone(New Year 150X2) Gacha result was 60 R. It also all overlap

I have spent more than 300,000 yen here since September.

But I do not have an SR card Except the event SR card

Is this normal? really?



>dumb EOP can't fathom the concept that maybe the viewer wasn't made for people like him



The odds for getting only R:s from 6x11-gacha rolls is about 1/10000. About how many stones have you spent on gacha rolls in total would you guess?

I don't really understand why you would roll for another purple guaranteed SR with that kind of luck though.



>I don't have hope for taba's future

Why not?



And yet more than half of the contribution to these viewers come from english only speakers.



Total cost is not clear. to calculate my expenses I have to find all my cards receipt.

But calculate Christmas and New Year's events onlyl…. may be 740 stones?

I know. My luck is the worst But I just wanted the Asuka.

The odds of getting an Asuka were more than fifty percent!!

look at TABA, 50 percent chance not come easily.



how the fuck can you people justify the prices for this i mean the prices ive seen people list that they've spent are just unfathomable



The chance to get a SR is pretty easy to calculate, it's just the chance of not getting a SR to the power of the number of individual rolls. So if 740 stones would be 162 total rolls: 0.97^162=0.007. In other words 0.7%, i.e. the chance of getting a SR from that amount of stones is 99.3%, and I don't know if the random rarity upgrade is even included in the listed rates. If you have spent 300k yen, then the odds for being so unlucky must be close to astronomical. Not getting any SR in just 500 rolls is so unlikely that if it has actually happened to you, you're almost guaranteed to be the unluckiest player in the game. I'll blame having a fever if I've completely fucked up the math.

>I just wanted the Asuka.

Fair enough. I don't think I could endure playing a lottery to get a specific character myself, but I don't mind throwing some money now and then at a game I'm having fun with.



lol sure sweaty

i don't doubt for a second that you EOPs who come here begging for sub-mission and panel mission translations are huge contributors



>I know. My luck is the worst But I just wanted the Asuka.

I was gonna say you made a mistake picking the only color with an SR you already have, but I did the same thing for a chance at Rinko, sorry bro



While I find it hard to believe how lucky some people are in these haha games, I also can't believe how unlucky some people are.



>retard 4chinner trying to fail troll with /pol/ sweaty replies.

I guess we're in for another week of shitposting. A shame, things had quitted down from that for a while.



>unironically associates sweaty with /pol/

so not just an EOP, but a newfag too

my sympathies


File: 989c95b7010a123⋯.jpg (52.3 KB, 680x408, 5:3, Isekai truck.jpg)


Get trucked, baguette.


File: e66dda8b9b6cb59⋯.jpg (127.57 KB, 916x413, 916:413, 0001.jpg)


I got Asuka from the element gacha and just randomly got NY Asuka from a normal gacha ticket. Sorry friend.



Can someone link these RPG character png files of Taimanin Yukikaze or were can i find it?

Thank You!


any uncensored versions or a way to decensor?



just checked the banner on jap TABA what is the tech gian12 code from.



Be honest if this took you to the Taimanin world with (you) being Fuuma or Black youd take it in heart beat. Also should have used a muslim.



>Be honest if this took you to the Taimanin world with (you) being Fuuma or Black youd take it in heart beat.

Not really. There are better worlds to get isekai'd into.

>Also should have used a muslim.

I didn't made that one myself, but acknowledged.


Currently saving for the element gacha, which element did you guys pick and why/how did you decide? Any strong SRs to aim for?



Red, becuase I didn't have any red gacha SR. Red has the highest ATK unit in the game, and it's single target to boot (Rinko), Green has the best DEF down (Amane), Purple has a great ATK up buff, and good allround unit (Saya). Most SRs are decent.


Does anyone know where I can get TABA or RPGX viewer working correctly? I have all scenes and scripts(txt file), but TABA viewer only shows newer scenes and RPGX viewer says my files do not have thumbnail pictures.



I got catgirl and rinko SR from that. One of the HR rolls 'converted', didn't expect that

Also got SR couch Oboro (wanted new years asuka) from the previous event with a premium ticket for the premium draw, I guess old event characters are added into the pool?



Pretty solid rolls. Don't forget to abuse the half AP cost dailies while they're still up. Definitely worth burning some pots on if you don't need them to complete the event in time.

And yeah, all event gacha characters goes in the pool, at least so for.



look at this asshole, nice team



red because it has the best unit in the game and she happens to be my girl. Unbiased speaking Rinko is the best single target dps and her AOE verison is good aoe dps



Highest ATK, but best single target vs blue only (and weak against green, i.e. the orange fragment boss). Not sure about best unit either, I would probably put Saya there (even though the wiki rates her 3/5). Works in all setups, due to no real elemental weakness, and she can keep that sweet 60% ATK buff up for a good part of the battle. At least if you have good DPS units to buff. Maybe I'm just jealous because I don't have that Rinko though.

Speaking of bosses. At least Rinko has a relatively short final skill animation. I think fully upgraded HRs with 2 light blues are better for pushing the DPS against bosses than some of the SRs. At least when there's many players joining. If you run a SR with 2-light blue and has to sit through an animation during the first two rounds you often won't get any contribution at all if there's many joining. The client seems to send the damage at the end of rounds, and the earliest it's sent is at the end of the 2nd, at least in my experience. So for those running SRs with a chance of 0SP cost, it might be better to just press the attack button in the beginning rather than hitting auto.



Links dead



Which world would you want to get isekai'd to


Didn't he release another one on 12/16?


The event has been live for 13 hours. Somebody has 7 million points. SEVEN MILLION.

I realize that the whales have been old news for a long ass time by now but it still manages to astound me.



7 million is around the top 50 cutoff for past tower events. It sounds like you don't know how the game works, but whether a player shoots for top 50 on the first day or the last or over the course of an entire week, they still spend the same amount of stamina. I personally grind the tower to stage 200 in one sitting when I have a full hour to spare during the week.


So, it looks like Nutaku's looked at the numbers they're getting, and decided that Limited Gacha cards aren't worth it. All the Limited Gacha cards from the past aside from New Year Asagi are now part of the permament gacha, and all of them moving forward will be as well (though the cards for the current event will have increased rates).



Well if there fucking gacha rates weren't so atrocious i might actually give a time.


So when's the actual Taimanin GAME?

Something like a platformer like Night of Revenge or an rpg like Moral Sword of Asagi with kidnap mechanics?



>All the Limited Gacha cards from the past aside from New Year Asagi are now part of the permament gacha

Oh yeah? Where's Almighty Beach Babe Asagi then?


48 gems, so I'll be getting enough to draw soon.

Pros to red

>50% chance Rinko (My favorite Taimanin)

>25% chance BEST RINKO

>25% chance SR healer

Cons to red

>25% chance a Rinko I already have (AOE)

>25% chance cat

Pros to purple

>50% chance Asuka, definitely not a bad looker, though I prefer Rinko

>25% chance Saya NEO, who people give a lot of credit to

>Don't have any of them yet

Cons to purple

>No SR Rinko

>Rather iffy on whether I'd want a chance at Aruka (25%).

I just don't know.



To be fair, the game is casual enough that you don't have to care too much about min/maxing to do well. So if characters are more important than higher numbers that's a viable way to play, at least for now.

Red would be the obvious choice if you didn't already had that Rinko I guess. Maybe flip a coin.

>cat a con

She has the best idle animation in the game though. I love that little jog.



Okay then.



File: 98ed86d84d4e741⋯.png (113.28 KB, 500x446, 250:223, Im_not_jealous.png)


She's trash just like everyone here who managed rolled her.



Apparently Asagi doesn't count… Her [Almighty Beach Babe] and [New Year] cards are the only ones not included.


File: 3831d231aceb89c⋯.jpg (341.82 KB, 1000x850, 20:17, Untitled-2.jpg)




I dont get it


>Not caring about Asagi the poster girl for ther series

Feels bad



It might be that she's the only one they do care about - possibly because she's the only one whose cards they saw a noticeable increase in gacha sales from.



grats man, she's the best, both appearance wise, personality wise, and in game statistically wise


Thinking this is right.


Krakul or crackle or w/e was my first SR and She is really cute, good enough too, sturdy aoe dps with optional single target but LB set really makes the last skill the only one that matters these days


same, feels like I get way more fever time this way, I did stages 1-160 in about 2 hours fever timed the entire way through put me at 5 but I slid a bit now. I already have one copy of her so I was event planning on trying to rank top 50 but I never can stop once fever time hits and it just didn't stop cumming like Asagi playing with orcs


I don't like light/dark because they never have 'full' elemental advantage, Saya is good though, I use Asuka healer in all my teams for that 60% attack buff / 40% heal. So damn good


File: 168fe8fa7c26324⋯.jpg (278.21 KB, 484x485, 484:485, kurakuru.jpg)


>Krakul or crackle or w/e

Maybe it's just me being shit at Japanese, but I feel "Crackle" doesn't make much sense. I always assumed it's a wordplay on "kurakura" and "kurukuru". Also, Lilith are comparatively decent with English, so pic related. Gameplay wise I agree she's perfectly fine. It feels like her skill animation is pretty fast as well.

Is she called Crackle in Eng. TABA?


File: c821d0f65927bff⋯.png (491.75 KB, 1919x1066, 1919:1066, SR Units.png)

Could someone here construct the best DPS team for RPGX given the available units for the Raid Battles using the given SR Units? You can take into account any attack boosting abilities or strong Special Attacks but please forgo any defensive or healing abilities or anything that would prolong longevity. They don't even have to be color-coded, I just want a team that can deal as much damage as humanly possible in one go. Thank-you.



I want Taimain Yukikaze 3 this year



>Is she called Crackle in Eng. TABA?

ya, she is


File: 50dffe313fb23a5⋯.png (235.61 KB, 761x721, 761:721, bestdps.png)

File: 802b7136962f360⋯.png (235.73 KB, 471x652, 471:652, bestdps2.png)

File: 9ac71e490a43bf8⋯.png (245.82 KB, 807x722, 807:722, bestdps3.png)

File: fdf046cde2a693e⋯.png (218.46 KB, 714x717, 238:239, bestdps4.png)

File: 4c0d3b51985eb5a⋯.png (206.23 KB, 697x717, 697:717, bestdps5.png)


it's going to be debatable, and it will depend on elemental advantage. Just a generic do the most dps team I'd pick these 5.

Rinko best dps single target

Kise 2nd best dps single target

Yuki 3rd best dps single target

Saya has the very needed 60% attack buff and still does dps herself

Asuka has a SP heal to fuel everyone but you'd have to select it once at the start if too lazy to do that i'd go with snake lady or the new Asuka

This also assumes you are not constrained for time, since your going to be basically watching an anime. If it was time sensitive you would want a team of single target HRs with elemental advantage, with an attack buff, defensive debuff (although not that important and not worth sacrificing much raw dps if any) and an SP heal. Everyone using 4 orange and 2 light blue in both cases. There are not enough good single target DPS LRs to have elemental advantage at the moment using only one color for those but you could with a mix of HR and LR. I'd say even with elemental advantage HR still do less damage if your not time limited


File: 892eb8fd9f92793⋯.png (382.15 KB, 789x716, 789:716, bestaoedps.png)

File: 7f10d40fe4e89f2⋯.png (248.5 KB, 841x726, 841:726, bestaoedps2.png)

File: 5835eada1d29392⋯.png (212.53 KB, 1039x1200, 1039:1200, bestaoedps3.png)

File: 4b74b2cf668e788⋯.png (813.89 KB, 830x1186, 415:593, Bestaoedps4.png)



for AOE switch out Rinko, Kise and Yuki with Ingrid, Kurenai and AOE Rinko, same support, replacing Asuka with Nasala if you can't be bothered to click her sp regen, so





Asuka (or Nasala)



This is some solid advice. I had to do some quick comparisons since I found out the wiki has a fairly complete data page. https://taimanin-rpg.wikiru.jp/index.php?%A5%C7%A1%BC%A5%BF%B2%F2%C0%CF

>I'd say even with elemental advantage HR still do less damage if your not time limited

In general it seems like you need to have the LR at disadvantage and the HR at an advantage to have the HR do better damage per turn. DPS is as you said a completely different story.


So, for English TABA, after the current Revival Event is over, there won't be any reason to keep around the 2- and 3-star Event Cards for it, right? It'll be safe to sell them or use them as fodder for Discipline without losing anything?



There's no reason to keep any of the event cards unless you want to use them in a loadout, keep them for sentimental reasons, etc. You can melt them into other cards or sell them if you so choose - once you unlock the scenes for them, they'll be permanently unlocked


RPGX Viewer scriptset uplode please



[LGD-73059] 学園いいなり凌辱調教ドラマCD - Flac link dead


any tips for arena events in TABA?


Does any one have 993-1000 TABA viewer





Assuming you're a sensible person who doesn't give a fuck about their W-L ratio (seriously, why should you), just approach it as you do normal arena. The only thing of note is that you can now fight people of higher and lower ranks. Generally speaking, fight people +/- 1 to your rank and try to hover around the 2-3 rankings.



Do you even know how the game works? Your win-loss record directly impacts the likelihood of being chosen to defend your seat in a promotion battle. The worse your record, the harder it will be to maintain your rank thereafter, and it never gets reset.


File: 996952734b1a540⋯.png (560.13 KB, 989x645, 23:15, Wtf do these two mean.png)

Okay anons, what the fuck do these two actually mean?



I'll assume reading is hard for you so to make your life easier, here is the OP's question - "any tips for arena events in TABA"

I'll even go one step further for you and highlight the important bit - "arena events."


Man, being blind is rough



You literally asked why you should care about WL and I answered you, dipshit.


>Skill Lv


Should be self-explanatory.



Nope, no question was ever asked. Hell, it wasn't even implied. But who knows, those invisible questions are tricky



>self explanatory

If you speak moon perhaps. Half of these symbols could have double meanings without context if you can't read the damn language or have even played the game. But thanks for answering the question anyway, even if you did it like an insecure fag.

But that also leaves a little to be desired in the information department.. Luck with what? I'm going to assume it increases the chance of better drops.. And Skill Lv… I assume that the answer to this will be self explanatory as well and I'm just retarded for even asking in the first place :^)


I assume you're being sarcastic but these days you can never be too certain.



>(seriously, why should you)

>Nope, no question was ever asked. Hell, it wasn't even implied.

This degree of faggotry shouldn't even be possible.



You've upgraded her multiple times and still don't understand basic mechanics? I'm not the guy you're replying to, btw.



>But thanks for answering the question anyway, even if you did it like an insecure fag.

Why are you sassing me, faggot? More elaborate explanations are already present in the in-game help menu, which you can Google Translate even if you can't read the language. Were you expecting me to hold your hand?



>I'm just retarded for even asking in the first place

Already explained in-game, so yes. :^)



Seems to have broken the loader for me, just shows an endless "now loading" circle



Same here


He's using an older version of the script manifest format.

If the viewer fails to load for you after the latest patch, replace the contents of script manifest.js with the following:

var scriptManifest = {
lang: "JP",
contents: [
"scripts c1-c1000.js", //2018-11-10
"scripts c1001-c1008.js", //2018-11-23
"scripts c1009-c1016.js", //2019-01-11
// Add more scripts as necessary. Everything is loaded in order. Don't forget the comma.




thanks for the input


luck gives her a chance at bonus drops when shes your leader, you see it at the end of every quest. Skill effects every skill differently so we can't really tell you much beyond it makes it better, dps does more dps, support costs less SP, usually. Check out the wiki it has good info



Make sure you read the event rules for arena, especially how bonus point conditions and fever time work in arena. Finding the best rank to sit in while constantly winning, using a deck that capitalizes on the bonus points, and using fever time effectively will get you far.



>Half of these symbols could have double meanings

They're katakana, not kanji. So no, they couldn't have double meanings, they're literally just phonetic characters.


Here's a little gift for all you lorefags out there.

Thought people might want to go back to previous events to read them. So I've been saving the files for the RPGX events for a while now (missed the very first Yukikaze event unfortunately) and finally got the time to put it all together in a viewer.

I used the .exe viewer and replaced all the H-scenes with the event ones.




学園いいなり凌辱調教ドラマCD link pls



>not a valid win32 application

Damn :(



Try redownloading


File: 078b5dcb9532313⋯.jpg (17.04 KB, 640x480, 4:3, bbb9819187763457ee6272ae07….jpg)

>ITT anons who play 24/7 and worship moonrunes patronize someone who plays the game in his off-time


>Were you expecting me to hold your hand?

Nope, and I wasn't expecting you to. But you can play with my balls if you like :^)

>Google translate

Yea, if I really wanted to I could copy every nip letter into google translate and waste my time working out whether or not selected hieroglyphics are at all related to my question. You jackass.


>You've upgraded her multiple times and still don't understand basic mechanics?

Mostly I just go by trial and error with this shit. I translate the wiki and shit, but it comes out in broken English. But I'm guessing it took you all of 30 seconds to work this stuff out if you don't speak nip :^)


In the help menu right? Okay.. Thanks for answering my question. You didn't.


Well I had no idea up till now.

<Lol I can't believe you didn't know!

Faggot, I play these games recreationally, I don't pride myself on knowing them inside and out. Although it would indeed be useful. I don't know the differentiation between all the nip-runes.

You faggots are incredible. Maybe instead of acting like the bilingual version of Vegans, you could actually provide some insight and answer the question in a straightforward and direct fashion, and not come across like a faggot. Well, thanks anyway. You goddamn faggots.



Oh you're so very welcome.



Have you considered playing other games recreationally rather than playing something you can barely read and understand?



Go be an entitled little fag elsewhere.


what would be best setting for next Taimanin game ?



A game centered arround Tokiko and Shiranui.



a NTR game about how Rinko cucked Yukikaze in her own series and is more popular


File: f651a7fc1815415⋯.jpg (93 KB, 1280x987, 1280:987, 05.jpg)


Before, or after being broken down into into a sex slave ninja and becoming the next Rubber Woman?



would have to be before so I can watch the process play out



Good taste, good sir.


File: 86aa8a1478137bb⋯.png (564.4 KB, 950x712, 475:356, download (84).png)


>A game centered arround Tokiko



the idea of rinko becoming next rubber woman is interesting

Like she would take place of yukikaze mother on her own ( no brainwashing only body remodeling for sexy sensitivity) but in the end Shiranui would never go back to her daughter and still would be slave but Rinko would thought otherwise . The final snap for Rinko mind break would be showing her what Shiranui was really doing all this time in the middle of the fucking session



Well Rinko own series would be nice



ya for sure


would be nice


Question: will there ever be an R card that I’d actually want to use R Skill Up cards on? At this point all of my decks are made entirely from SR+ cards; will there ever be an R card that becomes useful due to power inflation?

I’ve got 11R Skill Up cards eating up inventory space, and I’m not sure what to do with them since you can’t sell them for gold, just a pathetic amount of rare medals.



>will there ever be an R card that I’d actually want to use R Skill Up cards on?


>will there ever be an R card that becomes useful due to power inflation?


Eventually, slayer cards will start awarding bonus points in raid events, so you'll want to use them in your deck. Keeping a handful of R skill ups will help you easily boost them up to SL5 for that extra bit of utility.



There will never be any R cards worth a damn when compared to SR+ cards in a vacuum. The higher cards are just better.

However, as the previous poster said, some events will give you bonus points or boosted damage when using certain cards. In those specific cases, those certain R cards will outweigh neutral SR cards.



Vá melhorar esse inglês, seu chupa-rola.


File: d5171c040232fed⋯.png (627.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1371002992786.png)


File: 3e0d4e47fea0254⋯.png (102.79 KB, 500x202, 250:101, dsifbdfkfd.png)


You need to update your samefag radar, faggot.

Thanks for (you)s though.


File: bf6a879475843b4⋯.jpg (1.19 MB, 4096x3803, 4096:3803, Dw9QEMVU0AAioIb.jpg)

File: 045a30e30131265⋯.jpg (865.76 KB, 3276x4096, 819:1024, Dw9RKbdUUAAQxOR.jpg)

File: 16453991ded656e⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 4096x4096, 1:1, Dw9SI1mUUAUHrkB.jpg)

File: ac5a294eb912051⋯.jpg (904.35 KB, 4096x2457, 4096:2457, Dw9SMn8UYAE8Eh3.jpg)

New girls for upcoming RPGX event.



cute lewd fox



holy hell Maika is looking meaty, she will be the jew gacha card I assume, Asatsuki looks wonderful too, I drew a million of that fox bitch on TABA so I instinctively hate seeing her but she looks nice here. Last unit is by Kise artist? If so he is definitely improving



Maika's the event welfare card according to the old leaks



oh sweet, Assatsuki looks good enough to be the $ card I guess, I love Maika so hopefully it's not a faggy map quest one I can never max the unit in those


File: d86ee177043f253⋯.jpg (83.06 KB, 719x1200, 719:1200, assatsuki.jpg)


I just went to their twitter to see, looks like it's a raid event which is awesome, I never spend my bp and it seems to come back real fast in RPGx for whatever reason, I think using it doesn't reset the timer, and lets you farm other shit with your AP. Also here is Assatsuki without her ninpo effect or w/e that is, damn she is looking good, gonna give Saika and event Assagi a run for their money on best RPGx ass


File: 8804ae88aedfd11⋯.jpg (70.89 KB, 557x220, 557:220, k12.jpg)


>Last unit is by Kise artist? If so he is definitely improving

Yeah, feeling less and less like some sort of filler artist.


>faggy map quest one I can never max the unit in those

I've gotten used to them actually.



I got sakura to 4 but I only got that bitch to 2, it's really a couple of problems

1. it's way more time consuming then the other event types

2. there is 500 different missions to do all with directions in moon runes, I know most are just run the map x times but a lot are a little different

3. the maps are fun the first 2-3 times then feel really boring, they should make them look like an actual dungeon or school or tower or whatever is going on in the story and have better random rewards / fights on top of the boss, the sub boss helps but it's only one fight and she never really appeared to me that much, but more stuff like that


>Dear lords,

>Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena-'s new Gacha Event, Boss Battle Gacha Vol. 1 - Ai Fujisaki, will begin after maintenance tomorrow.

>[Maintenance Period]

>January 16th - 8:00PM to 10:00PM PST.

>*Please note that this time is tentative and may change due to circumstances.

>8 new cards will also be added!

>[Boss Battle Gacha]

>・[LR] [Iron Shelled] Ai Fujisaki (UFS)

>・[UR] Misao Yukishiro (Demon)

>・[HR] Suou Fuuka (Taimanin)

>・[R] Marie Foreman (UFS)

>・[R] Emalia Lidinia (Demon)

>[Gacha (Limited)]

>・[HR] [Gosha Academy] Asagi Igawa (Taimanin)

>・[HR] [Gosha Academy] Sakura Igawa (Taimanin)

>・[HR] [Gosha Academy] Murasaki Yatsu (Taimanin)

>This maintenance also marks the end of Battle Arena Vol. 1 - Alberta.

>Thank you, and please continue enjoying Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena-.

>TABA Development Team

So how do Gacha Events work, out of curiosity? I'm hoping that it's more than just "spend money to get cards", right?


File: f8570f710755548⋯.png (339.4 KB, 860x543, 860:543, White.PNG)

The chapter 9 buttplug is an odd one.


File: 71f5bf7863534d3⋯.png (264.86 KB, 380x322, 190:161, ClipboardImage.png)

More MC shit this event…



is MC evil now? He was pretending to be good right?


what does that do?


I'd like to know this also


File: b138a4dda647c49⋯.jpg (262.6 KB, 994x1200, 497:600, cute, strong airhead.jpg)


With Maika its ok, in TABA here 2 scenes were also with MC. Its here purpose to be bullied by MC (as seen in here first TABA scene)


Did anyone roll Shiga?


File: 4043c9f9f31d9d3⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190116-115916.png)

File: 1c03004d780847f⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190116-115907.png)



>keeps the visor on




She needs it to be able to handle her body



guess I don't know her lore, what happens if she takes it off? Is she like cyclops or some shit


File: fbce13cc40e3c82⋯.png (3.2 MB, 1300x5922, 650:2961, RPGX Ripping guide u.png)

Parital RPGX scene patch:


Includes Maika and Rokka

Someone else will need to rip the other two since my luck finally ran out


File: af96fd9d12bca06⋯.jpg (178.1 KB, 1012x1200, 253:300, __taimanin_asagi_kessen_ar….jpg)


Her body is genetically modified with Asagi's DNA as a result of her being injured while on a mission

However her mind isn't capable of keeping up with what her body can do so she needs the headgear to help her handle the body


File: 79c3771a8d0e683⋯.png (927.83 KB, 850x508, 425:254, RPGX Events.png)

New version of the RPGX .exe event viewer with the latest event added to it for all my lorefags.




Does it work on XP?



Can you please make one with the updated scenes? The last one doesn't have Rinko or anyone past that.



You the one making the other one for normal scenes? The 64-bit exe keeps crashing constantly on my Win7 machine, but the 32-bit version works fine. Is there any logs or anyhing I can use to try and determine the cause? "nwjs stopped working" is what I get all the time.



I don't think its ok for any taimanin character to be immune from turning into a cum dump.This is Taimanin asagi, isn't it?



In TABA, her first scene has her captured by the MC, stuck into a tentacle wall, branded, and had her prefrontal cortex removed and replaced with a magic replacement that turned her into the MC's slave.



so fucking vanilla


can someone explain what am i suppose to do in TABA nutaku event

i cleared 20 stages, got some event card, rolled it and attacked the boss and lost

do i have to beat another 20 stages to beat the boss or do i level the card i got or what???


File: e602003b94c46f3⋯.png (697.54 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01027a.0aeb45ed2805dc5a62….png)

File: 91dd689ee153df7⋯.png (675.65 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C01027b.ba7ad0e15dd6d63f04….png)



IMO the dumbest event in TABA thankfully there arent many. Its called gacha battle, you use those special tickets to draw a card. Whichever card (or cards if you buy the 10 draw with money) you get, attacks the boss. beating the boss gives you a drop, the drop you get depends on what level the boss is. when you beat level 1, it upgrades by 1 until you reach 5. When you beat level 5 you get that boss' card. There are two different bosses and to get to the second one, you have to beat the first one at level 5. You only get 5 tickets total by going through the tower, aka its pay to win bullshit even if you draw the LR from the gacha (0.5% chance) you still wouldn't do much damage. Damage is calculated by the card multiplied by its rarity. If you are serious about competing in the event I'd read the essay long rules at the bottom left of the gacha battle screen.



if you do a 10 pull do they all fight together or 10 1v1s?






That isn't the same as being turned into a cock loving whore. The MC in TABA is just a more extreme rance. He rapes girls just like Rance to make them love him, except harder.


for battle arena is the english version worth playing, also does the jp version has traps and futa?



There are traps but not many. Not sure if it's worth playing but it's early enough where you wont be too behind if you start playing within a few months. It gets grindy.


File: c1b957579cf3816⋯.jpg (174.19 KB, 714x1291, 714:1291, missingRPGX.jpg)

RPGX Partial Patch 2:


Added Asatsuki

Re-ripped Shiranui, there was a missing line at the start of her first scene, nothing else seemed to have been modified but it's all there just to be safe.

Added missing background and character sprite to Christmas Rinkos second scene.

Still need Tenka to be ripped.


Is there an updated list what each kunai does?


In battle arena I have a demon leader card so I should surround her with more demon cards or one of each type? Do I do that with defense too?



My noob Attempt at a roug htranslation together with wiki:


and google translate, saved as txt:

RED (不屈, Fukutsu → Indomitable):

2 SET:

When another Unit Dies or this unit is the last alive, recover SP (100%) (1,5,10 times)

4 SET:

Increase DEF (10%, 20%, 30%). Minor recovery (5%, 10%, 20%) of the damage received.

BLUE (隠影, Komo Kage → Hidden):

2 SET:

At the Start of the turn recover SP (10) at a chance of (5%, 10%, 20%).

4 SET:

Increas SPD (10%, 20%, 30%), chance of avoiding an attack (5%, 10%, 15%)

PURPLE (累, Rui → Success).

2 SET:

Increase SP gain when damaged by (5%, 10%, 20%)

4 SET:

Increase ATK (5%, 10%, 20%). When HP becomes 20% or less ATK is further increased by (10%, 20%, 30%) for 10 turns.

GREEN (快癒, Kaiyu → Comfort):

2 SET:

Become hard to target by the enemy.

4 SET:

Increase HP by (10%, 20%, 30%). When HP recovery is done only to itself, HP recovers the lowest other unit at the same rate.

ORANGE (無双, Mus? → Matchless):

2 SET:

Increase ATK (5%, 10%, 15%). Decrease SPD (15%, 10%, 5%)

4 SET:

Increase ATK (10%, 20%, 30%). Lifesteal (10%, 20%, 30%).

YELLOW (不動, Fud? → Immovable):

2 SET:

When SP is 100% reduce damage taken by (5%, 10%, 15%)

4 SET:

Increase DEF (10%, 20%, 30%). Increase the abnormal state tolerance excessively (100%).

TURQUOISE (迅刹 Jin → Prompt?)

2 SET:

When skill is selected, set the consumption SP to 0 at (5%, 10%, 20%) probability.

4 SET:

Increase Speed (10%, 20%, 30%), chance to apply debuff with skill (5%, 10%, 20%).

PINK (双撃, Sōgeki → Two-Shot?)

2 SET:

When HP is 100%, increase the ATK (10%, 20%, 30%).

4 SET:

Decrease Attack (20%, 10%, 0%), attack two times.

WHITE (重撃, Ju? → Heavy Blow?)

2 SET:

When attacking last Dmg dealt ist increased (5%, 10%, 15%)

4 SET:

Increase Attack (10%, 20%, 30%), increase Raid encounter chance (5%, 10%, 15%).



It depends in the skills of each card. Usually demon cards go well with other demon cards because they have skills like (Increase defense of all demon cards by 30%)



I know about the skills I was just wondering is it possible to have a balanced team of all types


How 2 burn through BP fast in RPGX?

I'm always wasting it.



It is possible, but at the moment having same type decks are easier and more effective to make. Later, they will add more cards that don't require using the same type in a deck.


Can anyone link me to the Taimanin RPG X pastebin link which is updated with all the files and patches ? I lost the one i had from the previous Taimanin General thread.


does the idea of the game with THE FIRST TAIMANIN sound good?


^What do you mean ? Elaborate. Also found the pastebin link for RPG X: https://pastebin.com/yAMWVwjc



You mean the first humans who fought against monsters? Also don’t the ninjas have demon blood in them which is what make them stronger



I believe and was under the impression that all Taimanin are reincarnations of demons.



Wasting it isn't really an issue when there's so much of it

You can leave bosses midfight by picking "give up" from the menu, so you could just do the bare minimum to tag a boss and leave for the next one if you really want to burn through it fast.

There's an arbitary number of damage you need to do to get more than a few bronze medals for participation though, so watch out for that.


How do u guys get cards in the english version there’s nothing to do but story mode



I meant good cards



Farm 1-1 for potions, then spend said potions grinding events to get gacha tickets.



Also, familiarize yourself with what bosses drop what so you can farm efficiently. All bosses will give gold/medals but the MVP will also get a third drop. Dark Beast will always give Kiryuus, Fulst will always give extra medals, Speed Demon gives stam pots, Red Oni gives BP pots, and Yatsu gives Zokts. The amount depends on the level of the boss.

Depending on what your needs are, it's worth just requesting assistance on unneeded raid bosses so somebody else kills it for you. Thus you save your BP and the MVP drop for those bosses you actually want/need>>303082



File: 0e85e627ad91e2f⋯.jpg (105.47 KB, 888x1300, 222:325, Tenka.jpg)


Thanks for the upload. Here's the patch for here scene.




Thanks for the rip anon


Thanks for the patch anon

Here's a full patch for everything in this event, the scene fixes and Tenkas data added to search:


Added all of the current events units scenes.

Re-ripped Shiranui, there was a missing line at the start of her first scene, nothing else seemed to have been modified but it's all there just to be safe.

Added missing background and character sprite to Christmas Rinkos second scene.


New English patch when?


I would like to contribute to the scene

I do not know how to explain it.

Is there anything described as a picture or video?


The event has a viewer

Do not you have a viewer for the main story?

I can not speak Japanese and English.

I hope you can help me enjoy the main story and events.


File: 1ecc2e0ac8fba09⋯.png (77.54 KB, 270x198, 15:11, 2019-01-22_10-51-30.png)


thank you very much, works perfect


plz c955-c968 & c1001-c1008.




>WHITE (重撃, Ju? → Heavy Blow?)

>2 SET:

>When attacking last Dmg dealt ist increased (5%, 10%, 15%)

so is this work like

1. attack +15% then attack +15% of the LAST hit which already has +15% for like 33%+ of original damage and so on?


2. attack +15%, attack +15% both of original damage for only 15% total?



nm it works like #2 I had some laying around from the event I didn't notice. Still better then orange 2 piece I suppose since no spd penalty



sry thats worded a bit bad. I think it works like: when the unit that has the 2 set equipped attacks as the last in the team, then its dmg is increased by 15%.



ah okay, thanks for the insight


Does anyone know if Lilith typically does any kind of events on March/April?



They've had events for White Day in the past:



How rare is the guy trap card?



File: feaef5fb649dc37⋯.png (500.58 KB, 1036x888, 7:6, 2019-01-26_16-37-19.png)

What am I doing wrong, I downloaded the full RPGX viewer but once I open it I only see this.






What is there to read even?





Create a shortcut to Chrome

Right click, Properties

Add to the end of Target:


Your Target: should now look like this

"C:\Path to your chrome install\chrome.exe" –allow-file-access-from-files

Click OK


### Running the Viewer

Close Chrome and make sure it has closed completely in task manager

Open chrome from the shortcut you created

Drag Taimanin RPGX Viewer.html in to Chrome



I followed the readme and did those exact steps, but still getting the same screen. Must I also restart my PC?



If restarting your PC and closing Chrome using Task doesn't help, then I have no idea


Make sure there are two dashes before the flag.

If that doesn't work, try using something other than Google's spyware.


Hey all, been trying to figure out how to contribute scenes to the english TABA viewer, as I have some scenes that aren't on there. As the scenes are already in japanese, all I really need is the english script, I assume. I have them copied over in a text file, but am not sure what to do next to make it part of the english js file.



No idea what the latest patch even is anymore, no thread on the other chan since a few days.


File: e054e8d7bd8ebd7⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1392x1536, 29:32, Missing cards.png)

Unless I'm mistaken this is what we're missing.


Yeah to contribute you only need to rip the English script for the scene using the scene contribution guide you can find here:


Post the text on pastebin or something similar.

If you want to make a patch you need to add the scripts to the englishscript.js file.


Think the last patch was the R and HR boss battle gacha cards from the boss battle gacha event.


Best way to farm exp from missions/best mission for farming exp? Besides XP quests obviously and events…



2-5 is 4 xp per 3 stamina. I'm pretty sure that's the best ratio in the regular quests.




what he said and tower events



I like how you listed 3 cards with no scenes.


File: e68b890ac9377b4⋯.png (417.98 KB, 950x583, 950:583, no-scene.png)


Good thing they have no scenes. It'll save me the effort of ripping them.




Sorry I should've elaborated, I meant in RPGx.



the XP daily gives a lot of player XP when it rolls around and the event one gives good unit XP, so those and farming books from events/ raid boss drops for units




>>>306254 (You)

None of the browsers work, IE, Firefox, Chrome. Still getting a red screen with nothing else shown.



I forgot those three reused assets from TM.


How many hours until the Maika event ends?



What's the status on the english viewer anyway? I've skimmed the thread, but the only link I found was dead. and there were very few other mentions of it other than that.

If someone could point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated.


File: c74a7384485753b⋯.jpg (316.33 KB, 634x1014, 317:507, asagidakic95.jpg)

File: d02ff0df4b2e6e9⋯.jpg (339.23 KB, 634x1014, 317:507, ingriddakic95.jpg)

File: 87e13f89f5b9a09⋯.jpg (390.54 KB, 793x1084, 793:1084, yukikazec95.jpg)

File: c6c23440ed799b4⋯.jpg (137.35 KB, 460x460, 1:1, rinkocd.jpg)

4 of the C95 CDs. Asagi, Ingrid, Yukikaze and Rinko. I found all of them really good. Didn't get a hold of Shiranui unfortunately, but will probably get that one next time I order stuff, if it doesn't pop up here before then.


Reuploaded this in the FLAC folder.

FLAC https://mega.nz/#F!DQVgRYyJ!65jaV1L-uP7YbXiyzrk9Zg

MP3 https://mega.nz/#F!PNFCTAyI!16InpECkCzcC17F5Fno7Kg

List of CD progress:


Over 5 hours total play time



Shit. I meant days. Well, that's spoiled now.


File: f16d42096c86dcf⋯.jpeg (189.39 KB, 1164x1375, 1164:1375, DyKm54yUYAA0Spf.jpeg)

New units

Gacha SR by NamanikuATK, event SR is Saika


File: 7a561309170e8f3⋯.jpg (973.07 KB, 2560x4096, 5:8, DyKmL1MVAAE82gO.jpg)

File: 5815249ee3c664d⋯.jpg (959.29 KB, 4096x3584, 8:7, DyKmISAVsAE-r5w.jpg)

File: 9c78d347cbee155⋯.jpg (304.36 KB, 1500x1750, 6:7, DyKlf5sUcAE3WFF.jpg)

Here's the other new girls.

Lark Shasha got infected by Venom it seems lol. Marvel crossover when?



You did it by youself ? Well done !



>event SR is Saika

oh hell yes


the first 2 look good, the death maid is cute, I hate the art of the 3rd girl



Oh nice, my favorite buttslutt is back.






Big thanks anon!


TGS is finally with RPGX, I think this is their first free item.

Code for golden BP pot




thanks for the heads up, it worked



Why has the english viewer not been updated in over a month and a half? Did nutaku stop adding scenes to this game or what?


File: c33dceddfc2c4f4⋯.png (220.45 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c164.png)


Maybe because no one has been posting ripped scripts.

According to >>306982 that is what we're missing. Plus the reward card from the last event.


I'm having trouble with the Eng viewer for TABA. Downloaded it from the pastebin but when I open it it's just a black screen. On the other hand the complete viewer I can open just fine but it contains no english scenes that I can find. Can anyone lend a hand to a chimp?



thank u as always anon



Press O in the viewer to see Eng scenes


How far does the English viewer go ? How many scenes are currently translated ?



How do you rip the scripts using Firefox, again? I've got the girls from Chapters 8 and 9, the last event's reward card, and the current event's HR card.



1) Load the scene you want to rip

2) Open your dev tools console

3) Point the execution context to the game iframe

4) Run

(Note that this will overwrite the contents of your clipboard)

5) The script is now in your clipboard. Paste into a text editor and save with UTF-8 or Unicode encoding.



Thanks for the reminder of how to do it. Here you go then:

Kisaragi Shijou: https://pastebin.com/7Lg5y5dS

Laini Qweet: https://pastebin.com/NJkgE1Yz

Mach Lady: https://pastebin.com/CqjBFD8c

Enji Minobe Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/ELaieLLc

Enji Minobe Scene 2: https://pastebin.com/1qQkW8rZ


File: 2ad4f82b5bb71b5⋯.png (34.13 KB, 238x204, 7:6, kU68ZPR.png)

Holy shit Saya NEO's eyes in the new event are terrifying.



That's not Saya NEO; Saya NEO doesn't go full tentacle-spider. That's a copy of the clone Saya from Taimanin Asagi 2; they're even reusing one of her sprites from that game.


File: 6bbd9e96328a97a⋯.png (223.64 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c222.png)



Get it while it's hot:


Contains scenes for Misao, Enji, Mach Lady, Kisaragi and Laini.

Note that two audio files were added to the English version of Kisaragi's scene.


File: 378343d1e3e85c1⋯.jpg (218.1 KB, 964x831, 964:831, engtaba.JPG)

I created some CSS to help identify which scenes have english translations.


Follow instructions in the pastebin comments, its very simple.

If it doesn't work, the css is probably being overwritten by css loaded after it.





I thought the same thing lel



Can you post the one with alberta and the others that was lost because of people only posting in the 4ch threads?


Are we ever going to get an RPGX viewer with the standard copy to clipboard feature? The first one we got was dropped by the creator because everyone chose an incomplete version without the feature, for some odd reason. Why has it taken so many months for the second RPGX viewer to get this feature in?



They're already included in this patch.



Why don't you just add that feature yourself if it's so important to you. The viewer's source code is wide open.



Not him but why can someone criticizing a major flaw in the viewer be invalidated if they don't have the skill to do the same? The viewer creator has said a couple of times that he would try working on it during those months of it being brought up, yet he still hasn't made the attempt. We know this because we were given the same reply multiple times.




thanks. was making a patch as well and i wondered what was missing from kisaragi.



>Why don't you just add that feature yourself if it's so important to you.

Because I'm not a coder. I'm just confused how it's so impossible to do if other coders of his apparent level were able to do it. All of the TABA viewer variants included it, so did the first rpg viewer.


Is it me or did the contributing become really disorganized and praise-only when the nutaku version was released, bringing in cuckchanners to the fold? You can't say anything negative without people giving you the kind of replies you'd expect from deviantart fans. "Do it yourself", "Who cares about _", etc. It's like they forgot a good portion of the early contributions came from people in these threads, which has plenty of English speakers.



Anon was being a prick about it but lets not retort with baby comebacks. Couldn't he at least add a line of code which allows us to highlight over the text being displayed so could manually stick it in a translator line per line?



>major flaw

Ha, OK. Well if you feel that way, there is again nothing stopping you from fixing it.

I'm not invalidating anyone. It's pretty clear the original dev has left the viewer in an indefinite state of limbo, so any further improvements will necessarily have to come from those who feel they are needed.


>I'm just confused how it's so impossible to do if other coders of his apparent level were able to do it.

For security reasons, web browsers do not allow code to read or modify the clipboard unless it is the result of a user-generated event. From what I can tell, the dev wrote his viewer in such a way that said user-generated events do not percolate to the code that actually handles the scene data. Changing this would require a complete rewrite of the script interpreter.


I was being completely serious. These viewers aren't going to update and maintain themselves in the absence of the original devs. The TABA viewer has been worked on by multiple people in the past. We should all expect that the same will be required of the RPGX viewer.



>>I'm just confused how it's so impossible to do if other coders of his apparent level were able to do it.

>For security reasons, web browsers do not allow code to read or modify the clipboard unless it is the result of a user-generated event. From what I can tell, the dev wrote his viewer in such a way that said user-generated events do not percolate to the code that actually handles the scene data. Changing this would require a complete rewrite of the script interpreter.

Doesn't it have another annoying limitation? We have to set up a separate shortcut just to get his version running. There has been multiple reported cases where doing everything correctly still requires people to close their browsers and run the shortcut browser first to get it working properly, every single time. The fact remains that his version came with annoying problems or lack of features, yet somehow replaced a version which worked exactly like the TABA version.



>For security reasons, web browsers do not allow code to read or modify the clipboard unless it is the result of a user-generated event. From what I can tell, the dev wrote his viewer in such a way that said user-generated events do not percolate to the code that actually handles the scene data. Changing this would require a complete rewrite of the script interpreter.

Then why did he go that route when we had a viewer which did this just fine?

>I was being completely serious. These viewers aren't going to update and maintain themselves in the absence of the original devs. The TABA viewer has been worked on by multiple people in the past. We should all expect that the same will be required of the RPGX viewer.

I think it's worth noting that the creation of the dead cuckchan threads and most of the link talk moving to there has pretty much killed a lot of the talk about it here. We haven't had anyone mention contributing or sharing updates until one anon literally mentioned the lack organization being here since the thread on that site died. Most of the nu-rpg viewer's creator replies have been secluded to the cuckchan threads. The majority of the nutaku taba patches and talk about it were there too, which is why we were missing a patch here until someone included it in the current update. The point is we aren't getting much of what you're implying would have happened because it all moved to the circle joke that are vg threads in cuckchan.


>The fact remains that his version came with annoying problems or lack of features, yet somehow replaced a version which worked exactly like the TABA version.

Because cuckchan circle-jerked the browser version being the better, more definitive version of the two.



>I'm not invalidating anyone. It's pretty clear the original dev has left the viewer in an indefinite state of limbo, so any further improvements will necessarily have to come from those who feel they are needed.

Why can't we just go back to patching the original one that works? I would put effort into doing it if someone made a tutorial on how to convert the scenes already in the new viewer to the old one. I'm not a coder and this is the best that I can do.

>I was being completely serious. These viewers aren't going to update and maintain themselves in the absence of the original devs.

The dev wasn't absent when these questions were asked. He always said he would eventually decide to work on it.


File: fb6c510517b28a6⋯.jpg (139.37 KB, 506x500, 253:250, byuki.jpg)


I noticed some crackling towards the end of the Yukikaze CD. Here's a fixed track 2 for those who already downloaded it. I've replaced the original uploads as well.

Track 2 FLAC https://mega.nz/#!aEVFQS6Y!397f5cD0wnvK3Dpl3Tig5QHViRruVtr_4_zTf2-o4Dw


OK you fucking baby EOPs. Here's a dirty hack to copy the textbox contents to clipboard after each click.

Run this piece of shit in the console:

document.onclick = function() {
var tempText = document.createElement('textarea');
tempText.value = sceneTextBox.innerText;

Not tested and comes with no warranty.


File: 2231986db92873d⋯.jpg (167.13 KB, 1023x881, 1023:881, moonspeak.JPG)


Heres a button for you to copy the rang rang moon jibberish.




Question: Are you guys talking specifically about coding the injection of english instead of moonspek?

Because if so, it'd probably be pretty easy to do. It looks like all that it is doing is loading a script.txt file located in each scene folder.

Does anyone have a sample translation?



>tutorial on how to convert the scenes already in the new viewer to the old one

It isn't that much to it really. If you want to port scenes over from the HTML viewer to the .EXE viewer all you have to do is copy over the scene stuff from one to the other and rename some files/folders and rearrange it a bit to match the filenames/structure of the .EXE viewer.




2 set Last of all units to attack, the amount of damage is increased by a tiny amount

4 set Small ATK increase. Tiny increase to raid boss encounter chance.



Bless you.

Any news on LGD-73070? I assume that's going to hard to find since it was just bundled with the dakis?

Thanks again.


File: 705abdac16abd1e⋯.png (1.6 MB, 3874x726, 1937:363, untitled3.png)


File: 5f3ee9428fa46e9⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 874x1199, 874:1199, DyULOUIVYAAhjX1.jpg)


I've seen it up for auction a few times already, and I can see 2 up at the moment actually. A bit pricy, but on the other hand I'm not sure I can wait.

Speaking of Taimanin mothers.


Toshihide's stuff for TABA looked pretty good.



the art feel little soulless


File: b8426bce3c044d6⋯.jpg (83.7 KB, 839x1008, 839:1008, DDgfq_ZUMAApi4L.jpg)

File: f84c496a88f11ac⋯.jpg (77.91 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, DDgfqLSV0AAkJfR.jpg)


Agree that art and design isn't as good as some of his TABA stuff.



girl with white hair looks nice



she looks good, white heart as a taimanin lel



The viewer is missing her along with sakura and murasaki, can you rip the scene?


File: daec08c1d7579a7⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1812x2688, 151:224, Missing cards.png)


Thanks man!

Updated the missing cards.


can someone explain the login bonus on TABA real quick?

Im currently on 80 days and if i were to not login in 1 day will i lose that streak?

After i finish the 100 days i hope to log in 5 days in a row to farm those limit break shards if possible



Just check the in-game help menu under "Login bonus" dude.


Thanks for the help in knowing how to get the english script and setting up the viewer! I got one of the current gacha cards, the knight one

c198 Veronica Verrall





call me retarded but how do I run this?


Am I going crazy but after getting the viewer i've noticed that for some reason Wisp isn't in english even after putting in all the patches.



You're just blind.


File: 9079da0e1f56475⋯.jpg (126.61 KB, 506x500, 253:250, 11221507_5bf6479125b96.jpg)

[LGD-73043] 淫乱ダンサーアサギ輪姦ドラマCD付き~



File: 53ad37d0be0dfa1⋯.jpg (149.72 KB, 793x1200, 793:1200, DtQgOVfU4AEte70.jpg)

File: bba84c573e678b5⋯.jpg (154.28 KB, 793x1200, 793:1200, DtQgNdpU0AIt3GF.jpg)



I can't help but wonder if the art for this was originally supposed to be for a TABA card or something like that. It seems weird to make two separate pieces that are so similar just for merchandise.



to me its look like a promotion for TA:0 but the segment with bunny girl Asagi was cut out in the final product so they re used the idea for cd drama . to me the idea and design is superb. This my headcannon



I'm sure we'll get a RPGX scene of her with that outfit eventually.


Hell, there might actually already be scenes drawn that were cut.



You are a god







Typo on the code number. This is the correct code, for anyone fixing their CD collection.



Much appreciated! Have a good one!




Probably cut content that they saw more profit in releasing separately, it would fit into TA:0 story perfectly. Real shame it's not in the game. Well, all the young Asagi scenes should be in her game and not fucking gacha.


http://hvdb.me/Dashboard/AllWorks/ Is there anything like this for Lilith's drama CDs? I know anon above posted their Google doc for which character is feaured in each, but is there a database with tags?



Nope, just the Google doc. If you want to sift through hours of audio and tag them yourself. All power to you.


It is a pity that taimanin is over in March



Rip TABA I wonder if this'll just kill off the english one before all of the cards come over and they just retire it within a year to release RPGX.



Wait what?



NO WAY!!! I REALLY hope that's not the case of the english one being killed off as well. I've been saving for an exact card that was supposed to have it's event like a week ago but pushed away for those PVP events!



Where did they said that!?


TABA JP server got an in-game announcement yesterday that they'll be closing the main game portion on March 29th but players will still have their albums available for viewing. On July 31st, they'll close down access completely meaning no more scene viewing.


Are the other new RPGX units scenes vanilla like Saika's? It's really getting annoying how the devs don't decide to give us an equal mix of vanilla and rape with each event. If the event is vanilla how about making half of the gacha units be rape to even it out? 1 vanilla gacha unit, 1 vanilla event unit, and 2 rape gacha units.





He's talking out of his ass. Sasa's twitter or any official Lilith source haven't said anything close to this.



pics or bullshit


File: 510656960591be9⋯.jpg (107.37 KB, 312x587, 312:587, TABA end.jpg)


File: 6a52bdfbbff3376⋯.png (224.96 KB, 869x634, 869:634, ClipboardImage.png)



>the game itself isn't an official Lilith source

lol ok dipshit




I'd really love to know the cost of maintaining the service, I can't imagine it's very high. Definitely makes me less enthusiastic to play eng TABA knowing the game is dead in 2-4 years. Assuming this is legit and it looks that way, I just want to thank everyone for the viewer so we can have the scenes forever at least. Wonder how long til RPGx comes to the west…


Of course they’ll shut down when I start to get into it


Is rpgx easy to play?



Yeah you can figure it out pretty easy even if you can't read Japanese


File: 98e4b80a7439294⋯.jpg (166.67 KB, 308x872, 77:218, tbcsr.jpg)


Thanks for playing.



It probably wasn't going to last 2-4 years anyway. It's only a few months old and you get rank ~6000 just from killing one boss in the current event.



yeah it is and it's far less time consuming then competing on TABA, the events are really long like 2 weeks


ya I can see it being 1-2 instead lel. I do think it exposed Taimanin/lilith to a new audience though, hopefully they won't make us wait 4 years for RPGx



You never know with lilith. MG considered their releases pretty successful, but apparently it wasn't enough for them to get lilith to release more VNs in the west. If this ends up bombing out it could be the same deal.


Ugh why can’t it be rpgx



You literally just got a welfare SR rape scene with Aaagi Zero New Years and before that a rape SR scene with Rinko Christmas



Wasn't it basically no skin off their back to get it translated either essentially just an untapped market for 0 investment on their end and more investment on mangagamers end.



Lilith seems greedy with their gacha shit, but still refuses money from foreigners for the most part. You can't order from their site outside of Japan, and they don't make an effort to release in the west when it's like.. printing free money.



This right here is exactly why I'm glad we had a dedicated ripping community, this way it will all be around forever. I figured this was on the horizon though once RPGX came out I noticed how badly JP TABA was slowing down with new cards.



>You can't order from their site outside of Japan

I order from their net shop all the time and I live nowhere close to Japan?


so will eng TABA continue or no?



Probably not compared to the Japan version hardly no one plays



I'm a little disappointed with this cg- the extreme perspective makes it look off, hope the second scene's OK because saika is too good to mess up



>I figured this was on the horizon though once RPGX came out

so did i, I was thinking more about this and I bet TABA still made them plenty of money, but from a business point of view its not "does this make me money?" it's "what choice will make the most money with our assets?" Opportunity costs, like them investing 100,000k into taba to make 125,000k vs investing 100,000k into RPGx to make 200,000k kind of decision, I don't blame them but thank fuck for the all the anons and the viewer



>You can't order from their site outside of Japan, and they don't make an effort to release in the west when it's like.. printing free money.

You can't do that from the majority of hentai sites.



This, feels like there's maybe 100-200 people playing, I always see the same people sharing bosses and the ones that share pot bosses at full health are probably bots.


File: 6084136af335568⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190206-223318.png)



for having the best ass in the taimaninverse it sure hasn't been utilized in rpgx, what a shame


150 regular premium tickets

54 HR+ tickets

10 SR+ tickets

That's what I fucking spent and no Annerose. Not even one single UR card.

Fuck this game I'm done.



I have learned to never, EVER go for the UR cards. It's just not worth it. Hell, every banner I went after for a card that isn't a UR, a HR or R, it's never the card I actually want (in fact it's usually the card I want the least, like this one with the weird big dog eyes.)

And THEN, when the banner is over, THEN I get the cards I want. It's the dumbest luck. You may just have better luck getting her when she isn't featured.


File: de92d4df5cf73ef⋯.jpeg (194.37 KB, 1572x2070, 262:345, annerose39.jpeg)


that sucks anon, but in eng taba she won't go away so you can always get her…but yeah that probably made it harder to get her since you could get a bunch of old events cards



The game would be much more successful, and probably actually make more money if the gacha rates wasn't so shit. I mean, I don't wanna spend money on something that's almost guaranteed to fuck me over.



Could you repost the download link for the rips of Saika's RPGX unit and others?

I can't find it



the ripper isn't working for me anymore so I can't share it



Maybe but considering the fact that I spent over 200 tickets and only got junk just proves to me that this game is shit and I should just abandon it. Its a shame that no one is ripping the story events because I do like those



Check /hgg/ on 4 c h a n, there is a anon who ripped her scenes and found out the problem, he can give you advices


Oh I thought I mentioned that the ripping script was "broken" back at Christmas because the scene IDs didn't correspond with the large portrait IDs anymore (since N units have portraits but no scenes)

Just open the config.ini that came with the ripper in notepad and change large_portrait and large_portrait_r18 to 0

Here's Saika anyway, took me four fucking days to get her because of bad drops and having to pretty much empty the gacha both times (which is why I never bothered posting because I thought someone else would have already done it).


Unlucky as fuck again this event so I didn't get any gacha units.

>all that stuff above complaining about the HTML viewer

I'll probably work on it again eventually I just don't feel like it right now.

Auto copying is security reasons like that one anon said and it's even more difficult because the function the copy command is in must be short and right now the function is stupidly long (auto copying in auto mode is probably never-ever because of browse security reasons btw).

I didn't make the viewer to replace the other I made it for myself as I've said before, I just posted it for those who didn't want to run an executable they found on an anonymous message board.

The reason the HTML viewer seems like it took over is probably because I've been the one providing most of the rips since I first posted it which meant they were posted ready for use in the HTML viewer.


If anyone is unaware, english patch for KS3 is up on Rattanman's tumblr.



Much thanks anon.



Nice, the best KS sequel got translated. Thanks "Run Q" and Rattanman. Today is a good day!



>That's what I fucking spent and no Annerose.

Guess we'll have to wait a bit longer for rips… When are we going to get more NEW content of best girl?



Why don't you just play the story parts only then? You realize that you don't have to engage with the gacha elements at all in order to follow the events, right?



I'll probably end up doing that but for tower events it is kind of a hassle



Sweet jesus the fuck are these rates. Why the fuck can't we ever get the ones we want.


>$100 for a LR

Yeah fuck these rates.



Considering UR have a 1% draw rate I should have gotten two of them since I used over 200 tickets



i think its even less than 1%. I can't prove it but 200 tickets for nothing is really sketchy. You're not even the only one to go through that.


I actually spent money to the english TABA because I wanted to support them for continuing the game, but man the only card I got was the one I hated. But here ya go anyways:

c211 Inugami Nui



What’s up with lousy drop rates for good cards in the English version and compared to the Japan version it takes forever to get money



out of curiosity, what did you get spending that much shit? anything note worthy


oh hell yes, I like taimnin more but the girls in that one were so fucking sexy


entire time I've played since day 1 I have gotten 2 UR and like 25 SR (12 fucking Rinkos too lel) and 0 LR, some other anon mentioned from JAP taba you can get a stupid amount of premium tickets in raid events but my team is still a little too weak to do that at a reasonable BP cost, need that powercreep



>the only card I got was the one I hated.

>c211 Inugami Nui

Don't like bestiality?



It's more like you forgot you were retarded.



>out of curiosity, what did you get spending that much shit? anything note worthy

Nope just a shit ton of duplicates



It's the eyeesss maaan. Really creepy. Plus of the rarest I wanted the Taimanin instead. Happened twice too, the last banner I wanted the VR Trooper.



As well I have a strong enough Demon team as it is so Demons I really don't need right now. So figures I would keep getting them.


anyone rip the annerose scenes yet?



I tried to but 200 tickets wasn't enough



I bet they dropped the rates after player started dropping like flies.


File: 659b259e3f02b22⋯.png (233.05 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c209.png)

Anyone need her? I just finished leveling.


File: 10d1e74ac1c23e8⋯.png (806.48 KB, 654x782, 327:391, missing transcripts.png)


Please - an update of current missing english transcripts. Here's a few from me~

c90 - Olga Alekseevna Pavlova

I'll do something that no other woman can do for you. You can fuck my body wherever you'd like. My hands, my feet, my stomach, my chest, my head… Even my womb. Hurry and become one with me.

Scene transcript:


c199 - Kikyou Miyoshi

I-I'm… a slutty pig teacher! Today we will be an exam on this dirty pussy of mine… If you fill it up with semen and impregnate me, you pass.

Scene transcript:


c204 - Oboro [Greedy]

Haaaahhh… Being impregnated by my lord's dick makes me a happy woman… Huh? Hypnotic Seal? Hehe, not a chance… These are my true feelings♪

Scene transcript:


c207/208 - Ingrid [Dark Knight]

I won't ever breeaak!! Aaahh, but thiiiis! This aphrodisiac is too strooong, I'm cummiiiing!

Scene 1 transcript:


Scene 2 transcript:

Part 1 (Breasts) - https://pastebin.com/ZBi2SwcG

Part 2 (Pussy) - https://pastebin.com/PEr9Y0Yf

Part 3 (Ass) - https://pastebin.com/DtR1A00E

c210 - Krista Karmi

My son? Yes, we are close… Hehe. We fuck every morning and night♪ Yes, you too. Hurry and stick your dick meat inside my love hole…♪

Scene transcript:


c212/213 - Annerose [Witch of Steel]

I-I'm Annerose, the sow♪ My lewd ex-witch body is just one big genital now… Please use me as much as you'd like, hehe♪

Scene 1 transcript:


Scene 2 transcript:



File: 5558f892e4829cf⋯.png (632.45 KB, 886x1254, 443:627, 1448179429374.png)

With TABA imminently kill, I was trying to get the scene viewer to save the treasure trove of lewd for future generations. I got the Perfect Viewer at the bottom of the pastebin, and the scenes and thumbs all seem to be present, but the HTML file gets stuck loading on the title screen. Has anyone else had a problem with this? Am I just retarded? Maybe both?



Try the change to the script manifest.js in this post: >>300247


File: 8ac268f3a56b6b9⋯.jpg (113.46 KB, 692x830, 346:415, 441c7fde5b93e0fc27518c9386….jpg)


It worked, thanks. You are a hero to potential retards everywhere.




Sorry to keep you waiting, had to get my eyeglasses replaced.

Ryuuko Shidare






TABA Viewer english patch for these. Let me know if anything broke: https://mega.nz/#!rnogFaBD!7DPFd9K4bV0SiGQa8cZWBUAgBf-SP_gVJTyEA1rbBQU





Much thanks anons


File: 87346d14015cafd⋯.jpg (256.45 KB, 1754x2480, 877:1240, DyKnsFDU8AEK8Ig.jpg)

File: c77fc112a32b77f⋯.jpg (166.65 KB, 1100x1300, 11:13, DyKnox8VYAAB61M.jpg)

File: f16d42096c86dcf⋯.jpg (189.39 KB, 1164x1375, 1164:1375, DyKm54yUYAA0Spf.jpg)

HTML RPGXviewer patch with R, HR and Event SR girls.


Note that I'm not the original maker of these and probably did something wrong since scene 79 doesn't show a thumbnail in the viewer for some reason. No idea why. Still works if you click the blank spot though. Maybe someone can figure out what I did wrong.



No thumbnail because img.txt points to files that don't exist.



Thanks anon

>Note that I'm not the original maker of these

Do you mean you found these files ripped by someone else?

If so we probably need someone to rip Larkshasha again because it seems like her images have been merged (unless for some reason Lilith decided to use the full images for this one scene).

Here's a patch with the thumbnail fixed and making Larkshasha and Yulya searchable:




What I meant with that was that I'm not really well-versed in the inner workings of how the viewer works. I just kinda know how to add scenes to it at a base level.

The ripping of the three girls I did myself.

In regards to Lark…I took another look and re-downloaded the images for her scene manually through the network tab. It simply seems that the images for her scene are merged like that from the start.

Maybe Lilith had to do it that way because her artist draws in a different way from all the other usual Lilith artist. No idea…just speculating.


Is there an easy way to check for formatting errors in the TABA scripts? c183 and c184 don't load for me.



Doesn't work for me either how strange.




Working just fine for me.


File: 9db2d91314b99eb⋯.png (301.43 KB, 856x288, 107:36, Valentine Event.png)

Patch with the latest event for the RPGX eventviewer.




Many thanks anon

Just asking, is there any chance for TABA event viewer?


>official taba discord



If they are shutting the japanese one where are they gonna get the art for new cards?



What makes you think eTABA is even going to stay alive long enough to go through all the JP cards?


File: c9b15512eae5dd4⋯.jpg (135.24 KB, 639x485, 639:485, luk.jpg)

Finally some luck. I wasted the last of my cheap christmas stones on the last event's gacha, and had one roll left.


this event is really best update ever for map event



Would be nice if the game actually worked though.



>2 ten rolls

>21 R, 1 SR isthat stupid looking midget from the previous gacha

Fucking shit



Post her h scenes when you can please. Last gacha sr never got posted. Since she's out, do you think Yukikaze might be next?


Hard mode boss seems super easy this time. The healing and shield are more of an annoyance than anything. With the old light blue butt plugs she'd probably be dying in 2-3 turns.


File: 1acf770e641f3fd⋯.jpg (225.08 KB, 959x720, 959:720, sh1.jpg)

File: 55204d38daf9e34⋯.jpg (174.04 KB, 960x720, 4:3, sh2.jpg)


Here's the .har. I can't extract it myself for a couple of reasons, Nothing should be missing though.



File: ab270523b926252⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1351, 1080:1351, e32.png)

Is RPGX the closest thing I'm going to get to another Tokyo Tenma game?


File: 09fb2447e31f02f⋯.png (198.74 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00160_r18_l_1.png)

File: a1bcc464f63e841⋯.png (349.28 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00161_r18_l_1.png)

File: 09e34ae6e6ce2f5⋯.png (336.53 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00162_r18_l_1.png)

File: 0532a5ef82e3b5a⋯.png (313.77 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00079_r18_l_1.png)


Thanks anon

HTML RPGX Scene viewer patch:


Added all units from current event

Still missing last events Gacha SR.

Also for searching 人外のお諒 became "Jingai no Oryou" and クリア・ローベル became "Clear Lobel", if they're wrong let me know.



Sleeper cell status finally activated?


What are some of the objectives for getting event rewards other than running the hard map a bunch of times?



Take a printscreen of the objectives and go to yandex. It translates the images. Its much faster than waiting for an answer.



I really don't like the event girls artist, that doesn't even remotely fit in with kagami / aoi / zol. From a different game/world entirely.


dunno what that is but the image is top lel


grats she is smoking hot


>>21 R, 1 SR isthat stupid looking midget from the previous gacha

yeah what the fuck, I hate this art style


It's my first map event, is fighting the random enemies good for anything or should I avoid them and take only the chests?



Kill mission only goes up to 100 this time so try to avoid them while killing the ones badly in the way.


can anyone explain how do i use the RPGX viewer? There is no readme or what ever, just scenes and scripts

And could someone please upload the full viewer with all patches up to date?


did they just add the mouse to move or was that always there? it's a great improvement for these horrible, horrible, map quests. If it was always there well…


File: 8360c08cb27b1a1⋯.png (881.02 KB, 1023x793, 1023:793, Untitled.png)

What does this mean?



Added this event, thank god.


Luck stat, higher luck means higher chance of bonus drops in missions provided they are your leader.


0001_1 and 0002_1 contain incomplete pairLists.



Ok Thanks



I just looked over her abilities and the new event SR, did we just get our first real power creep? depends on the # but wiki says she buffs atk/speed AND does an SP heal. She is fucking awesome if those buffs are 40-60% range.

Also the event SR has a unique ability i think, it looks like she is some sort of group damage reduction buff for her last ability? Hard to really make out the wiki.

" Between the two turns, to the middle cut the damage subject of all allies" need numbers again to really say, but sounds interesting. Too bad her art is such shit she is cute neptunia goddess concept. Luckily getting multiples of her only lowers the SP cost on her skill which is almost useless and I got her already so probably done with this map quest shit.



Speed is pretty worthless, and there are several other good atk buffers in game. Still solid, but the original asuka is better since its a cheaper SP heal and doesn't trigger retarded long animations.

The cheaper SP cost is actually pretty important, since its ~an extra 2 turns of downtime, while Asuka generally is just 1 turn of downtime.



well I auto combat everything so I only really consider the last skill, but ya original Asuka is like the best in the game. Need to see how strong the atk buff is, I do agree spd is meh for everyone but non-hot healers


Anybody else play rpgx on tablet it runs like crap on mine



Playing it on a phone with only occasional slowdown. Loading times are still awful though.



>welfare's 2nd h scene is legholding kissing vanilla sex

My dick. Might actually have to get all 5 copies of her.




>fucking Shizuru

NTR events incoming



It'd be nice if someone summarized her H-scene so we could see if anything actually noticeably changed with her behavior once Fuuma's cock went in



I can't wait. I hope this at least results in some kind of plot significance.


I hope someone does this too. We wouldn't have to wait for this bullshit if the viewer had this feature.



A feature to summarize H-scenes? I hear DeepMind is working on that.



Happy Valentines day anon xoxo


Won't work in auto mode

Won't get the first line of a scene

If anything else other than the text changing happens it won't work for that line.

It's pretty much just >>309176 built in to the scene reading script.

Been a while since I fucked around with the preferences file too but I think I set everything right.


File: 63029cf2daa601d⋯.png (316.27 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, a1bcc464f63e8414d0cdecb519….png)

Could somebody post the full body pic of Shizuru in her bunny costume?

I think Sasa forgot to tweet about the lewd versions



Why not just tweet him about it.


can anyone explain how do i use the RPGX viewer? There is no readme or what ever, just scenes and scripts

And could someone please upload the full viewer with all patches up to date?


File: 7ea9f144cddcbb6⋯.png (380.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190214-075847.png)


Also unrelated but the JP wiki says he's childhood friends with Kurenai?



File: 611c1f0e31e74f6⋯.png (1.11 MB, 950x749, 950:749, Tokiko.png)



First time ripping scenes and figured might as well try and make a patch. Works on my end but tell me if I messed up.


Added Academy Asagi, Academy Sakura, Ai Fujisaki and Tokiko.



Don't know japanese, and google translate won't help


Dat Ass, thank you


So is there any way to figure out what we're still missing for the eng TABA viewer?



Dunno. Read thread…find this post >>312586 …read some more…find this post >>314602 …draw some conclusions…



Thank you very much for tokiko scene, anons


File: cc0ae4e4bb92576⋯.png (1.21 MB, 958x824, 479:412, Capture.PNG)


Good job! Thank you.


See pic - it's still missing if the card doesn't show ENG in the top left.






Apparently I should have been more clear. I have the CSS tweak for the "Eng" tag - useful as fuck btw, thanks whatever Anon made it - but it doesn't actually provide any way of finding out what scenes from Eng TABA are still missing in the viewer.

The only way, as far as I can tell, is to trawl through the backlog of posts or compare the viewer manually.

My question was whether there was a better way to find out since I could've bet money that we're missing more than just the two untagged scenes in your picture from the viewer.


File: 8934a0bdc6f2baf⋯.png (396.91 KB, 336x782, 168:391, 10d1e74ac1c23e8c547bab563a….png)

As the other anon stated, there really is no easy way to see what's missing aside from keeping up-to-date with what is currently in-game and the transcript rips here (and maybe elsewhere).

The ENG tags are the first step in figuring it out for yourself though. I can't teach you to fish, but if you need a fish today…



Manual it is then.

…And I have none of the ones you listed either. Well, fuck



Tweet him in English then. Twitter is an American site, you're on your home turf.


My team is still under leveled

How many times I should clear hard difficulty without debuffing the boss?

Used one crystal to retry for SR unit, and always running hard with 1 debuffed boss after that



10 times for the HR ticket. Might be better to wait a few days if you're struggling, especially if you still have a bunch of exp books waiting in the reward list.



I like your attitude. There should be more people like you.



Would you mind helping me incorporate the "ENG" css >>309135

I tried following the instructions but I'm not really well versed in all of the technical jargon to be able to pull it off (i.e. establishing a<link> tag or creating a <style> tag.




HTML page with the link added and the CSS data file - place in your TABA folder.



You're the man, thanks so much.


how do i get the English viewer to work on the old viewer



Anyone got a recommended download manager for Firefox? I have Jill Hydra and feel like giving back to the community.



You don't need a download manager to rip English scenes. The assets have already been extracted from jTABA; we just need the new scene script.



Goes to show how unfamiliar this is to me. But have at it folk.




Thanks. Valentine event is ending in a few days, so it'll be included in that patch with Asagi.


File: ddf7db595f4bc13⋯.jpg (285.85 KB, 1884x2652, 157:221, IMG_20190218_073948.jpg)


Prayers have been answered.



Do you share C90 CDs?



You should be able to find all drama CDs listed as uploaded in the google doc by combining these folders. I'm pretty sure everything from C90 is there. Some are mp3 only for now though.

My disorganized folders:


Another anon's folder:





Preordered. Can't wait to RIP it.



what's the scenario, night crawling?


how the fuck do i get more limit break shards?

i got few on day 5 login or some shit like that and now i passed 100 days login rewards and im at day 5 and i still got no limit break shards


File: bf34037142c2794⋯.jpg (91.65 KB, 622x312, 311:156, order.jpg)


Nice. I'll probably get one later just to throw them some money for more Shiranui, but probably after release. I did make a related order just now though, see pic.



Omg thank you, very nice. Were did you get that high res image? On twitter they were much smaller.


Ran into somebody in arena with the new Annerose card.




Some new @sasalilith tweets yesterday.

Oh and in case you've seen those you should probably know that if you add ":orig" at the end of the URL for the images you get original (higher) resolution.


File: 0ee789945434df7⋯.jpg (285.55 KB, 1884x2652, 157:221, Shizuru SR 1.jpg)

File: b317a247f64f862⋯.jpg (891.27 KB, 4096x4096, 1:1, Shizuru SR 1 F.jpg)


Holy shit, thats amazing. I always thought you can only upload shit quality to twitter. Im gonna go through his feed and redownload all character cards right now. Thanks for mentioning that trick.



Be a darling and upload those when you're done?



Why did you ruin them with waifu2x water filter?



What do you mean by this, you wanna buy water filter?



i dont like your tone but you can have this:


Thats all i found on twitter.



Probably could have worded that better, yeah, sorry about that. Thanks for your effort and the upload though.


>do the half-price UR Guaranteed x20 Gacha from current event

>get my second copy each of Mirabell Bell and LR Asuka

Not sure whether to be happy at LR luck or annoyed at getting copies of cards I already have - I only had 5 of the 18 UR cards on the Gacha list.

Should I fuse them into my current copies of them, or just level them up separately?



Only fuse if you can fill out the rest of your defense slots with something as good or better.


File: 4b30f2e57f8fcdb⋯.jpg (619.64 KB, 797x1093, 797:1093, 20190220_202514.jpg)


Just noticed that Shizuru has the same bunny costume as Yukikaze

>Tfw there will never be a scene of bunny Yukikaze eating out/biting bunny Shizuru's thicc ass


Are there no fever times this event?



Son, please tell me you're ripping this.

I need more Shiranui in my life.



>Only fuse if you can fill out the rest of your defense slots with something as good or better.

My UFS deck has Skill Lv 5 A-66 Luna and Skill Lv 3 [Crimson Death] Red Line, and my rainbow deck has a Skill Lv 1 Saya NEO and a Skill Lv 3 Christmas Sakura+Murasaki.



>Just noticed that Shizuru has the same bunny costume as Yukikaze

It's a red high cut bunny suit, doesn't get any more generic.


I swear this fucking game is rigged to give you shitty dupes. I have like 15 fuckung Luna's but can't even get HR Tokiko what the fuck



Wait. Tokiko in gacha?

I thought she is pay gacha character?



>Due to high demand, [Battle Stewardess] Tokiko Fuuma has also been added to the Premium Gacha permanently!

Maybe you should learn to read one of these days.



Didnt saw that in gacha pages, So i was surprised

Good then

A new reason to push for ranking



They probably got complains about such an important plot element being a limited thing. The Jap version somehow got away with this until they eventually started running her arc.


File: 50a500061b9ce00⋯.png (214.53 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00233b.f3b632e9075a3bf76a….png)


C205/206 - Asagi Igawa [Valentine]

It looks… so delicious… that chocolate… I can have some, right… mm… hmm… Ngh, it's so sweet… Your dick chocolate is the best…

Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/NAQWuXjZ

Scene 2: https://pastebin.com/suHYdwCN




New English patch here: https://mega.nz/#!bbIwlQZS!9tL6E8kGSWM67QSvEv8dhmjtdc-PV0lh3M9SSJj_kLM

This one includes all the extra files needed to get the English scenes working, for those who missed the previous patches.

I've also split the scripts file because it was becoming unbearably slow to edit. Please base future patches off this one.

Missing rips as of now:

HR [Gosha Academy] Murasaki Yatsu (Limited gacha)

SR Enbi Yuuki (Limited gacha)

SR Fuzuki (Limited gacha)

UR [AT-T Equipment] Aruka Stiel (Limited gacha)

SR Satsuki Kunieda (Upcoming PVP event reward)


Now speaking of extra files in the English version, I went and checked the Japanese versions of the scenes with new voice files. It seems they were silently updated at some point to include new voice lines so the additional assets are also present there.

Since the updates were not announced, we have no way of knowing which scenes were altered other than to check them one by one. Just thought I should put that out there, what with the Japanese server shutting down soon, in case anyone wanted to compile a definitive scene archive.



Thank you!


File: 89a7e3abc5d88a6⋯.png (498.22 KB, 963x728, 963:728, 16.png)

I want 0053


File: 37ed59b30c7ef16⋯.jpg (135.25 KB, 1015x1200, 203:240, D0a1DyqVsAATtJd.jpg)

File: 447474397b47295⋯.jpg (159.65 KB, 1100x1300, 11:13, D0a1Ev6U0AEB12o.jpg)

New upcoming RPGX girls with Chevalier as the event SR


File: c7df3ff5be75a2b⋯.jpg (78.71 KB, 660x1300, 33:65, D0a2MM9U8AAPKm2.jpg)

File: 2a2922964796839⋯.jpg (66.93 KB, 564x1236, 47:103, D0a2NNdUcAAPIcg.jpg)

Gacha SR


File: 12f19fe3e277568⋯.jpg (138 KB, 1750x1300, 35:26, D0a2uBrU8AIjFsh.jpg)

File: 307289454a346aa⋯.jpg (118.08 KB, 1750x1300, 35:26, D0a2u_sV4AA5GLK.jpg)

Gacha HR


File: 70d90307d6bdefa⋯.jpg (205.46 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, D0a2wCLVYAAXD6m.jpg)

File: e3125579fce5192⋯.jpg (196.17 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, D0a2xF1UYAAQkwy.jpg)

Gacha R





hard pass on this gacha rotation



Oh shit. Ordering two to go along with the rest of collection


Another Chevalier? Why.


File: 7b6392564f2311e⋯.png (215.67 KB, 640x768, 5:6, C00242b.aea7228055c2387d62….png)


Didn't waste any time with getting her, as I REALLY want the new event Sakura :P

[Avenger] Lark Shasha


You tricked me good that one time… I won't forget the humiliation of being thrown into a brothel! I'll fucking kill you, Fumma shithead!

N-no more, stop iiitttt! I got it, I won't disobey you, so please… Nooo! Not the trooooll!




Here's hoping someone rips their scenes, and their scenes are as slutty as their card art implies.


At what point will these top 10 faggots in taba get banned? Pretty obvious these dudes are scripting


File: c204de0d9ac12fb⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1031x774, 1031:774, Capture.PNG)




Which scene is this Sakura?


File: 34d08dd3db91deb⋯.png (483.2 KB, 734x365, 734:365, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 367be0a67a8daf2⋯.png (332.5 KB, 649x253, 59:23, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 092356f46076730⋯.png (291.4 KB, 508x372, 127:93, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone know what kind of scenes the trio have? I'll make the rip but I don't want to waste gems if it's all vanilla (anything with MC) shit.




Once this event ends it'll be c224 and c225. If you are asking if Sakura has been ripped yet from this event, the card isn't out yet (unless someone got her as a drop).


I'm sure this was already answered before, but why does Asuka not have any hentai in the games where her limbs are removed? Really strange to have that set up and then do nothing with it.



Thanks. Will be included in the upcoming patch.



I dunno, but if you know moon runes, you could ask the Studio Lilith guys on Twitter.



git gud



yeah, chain smoking, single mother stripper taimanin is a pass from me as well



They are recently added to Taimanin RPGX.

Anyone have RPGX viewr which works well? Mine does not work with newer patches like >>314116


I need to go and see how old the pic ShindoL posted of this character is. I just need to know.



3rd one is anal


File: bbb21f1dae2ebc0⋯.png (303.36 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00166_r18_l_1.png)

File: 079480b32195450⋯.png (399.82 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00168_r18_l_1.png)

File: 024dcc2fd09ada7⋯.png (346.07 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00169_r18_l_1.png)

File: c9edda84a52d37f⋯.png (315.1 KB, 1280x760, 32:19, uni_00159_r18_l_1.png)

HTML RPGX Scene viewer patch:


Added all units from current event except for Koudzuki (Gacha SR)

Re-ripped Larkshasha since her files are now done the same way as all the others.

Still missing the gacha SR from 2 events ago too.


File: c03eaabb98e507f⋯.png (229.74 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c214.png)

File: ac106e114352e20⋯.png (190.77 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c218.png)

File: a9d206bec62d6b3⋯.png (229.98 KB, 640x768, 5:6, c221.png)


c214/215 - Satsuki Kunieda

Hyah, p-please… stop… Aungh, don't hurt me. I don't… like this… It's so embarrassing. Stop, it feels good… ngh, please… give me back my Multi-Knuckle….

Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/tnseX1VY

Scene 2: https://pastebin.com/P3MqJPXm

c218 - Waltrude

I'm sorry, dear… I've been subjugated by this man♪ Haaaahh… Give me more of your penis…♪ Mold the inside of my pussy to perfectly fit your dick♪

Scene: https://pastebin.com/wvJkqXCP

c221 - Hitomi Katou

I-I mustn't betray my husband any further… Auuughh!? Hagh, my buuuutttt! Nyooo, I'll start getting used to anal infidelityyyy…

Scene: https://pastebin.com/wzzzxDhV




is the one missing shishigami? Also do you plan on uploading the full viewer again? There's been quite a few patches since.


I'm sorry if this was asked before, but does anyone have the rpgx viewer? All i see are the scene patches and that's it.



Yeah she's the one that's missing, I'll try and get a full viewer uploaded today, if anyones planning on ripping either of the two we're missing let me know and I'll wait.


There's a link to the HTML viewer in the OP

Here's a link to the folder with all the patches and HTML viewer.


It's a bit messy right now, sort by date added and start from the FULL viewer and download everything after that to get up to date, or just wait for me to upload the next full viewer some time today, probably.

https://pastebin.com/yAMWVwjc has links to the EXE viewer and some patches for it.

You'll probably need to download some of the HTML viewer patches and rename stuff to work on the EXE viewer to get up to date.



who's the second one missing?


File: 9149129481f57e4⋯.jpg (88.68 KB, 828x1300, 207:325, DyKnST8VAAU-LTm.jpg orig.jpg)

File: c7df3ff5be75a2b⋯.jpg (78.71 KB, 660x1300, 33:65, D0a3hepVYAESx1E.jpg orig.jpg)


The current gacha SR and the gacha SR from 2 events ago are the ones we are currently missing.




New patch here: https://mega.nz/#!zKZnhYII!PTUeyiY_RAa63HM1esSNeKY8S2m_tdqLkUSEUncLIwM

Won't work without the previous one found here: >>319139

c214 (Satsuki Kunieda's first scene) references a voice file that doesn't exist. The Japanese version of the same script removed the reference itself, but kept the reference id. The voice is supposed to play during a line spoken by the protagonist, which suggests it was in the script by mistake in the first place. I have commented out the offending file path, but it can easily be restored if necessary.

Missing rips as of now:

HR [Gosha Academy] Murasaki Yatsu (Limited gacha)

SR Enbi Yuuki (Limited gacha)

SR Fuzuki (Limited gacha)

UR [AT-T Equipment] Aruka Stiel (Limited gacha)

UR Reiko Hasuma (Limited gacha)

R Algol (Limited gacha)

SR [Divine Retribution!] Sakura Igawa (Upcoming raid event reward / rare boss drop)


When are they going to add a way to set favored auto skills in rpgx


File: bab24185fe4c008⋯.png (311.3 KB, 428x144, 107:36, Map event.png)

File: 5455afcf4d35e9d⋯.png (83.22 KB, 428x144, 107:36, Raid event.png)

Patch for the RPGX eventviewer for the last two events.

Note that the epilogue for the last map event for some reason won't load and I just don't know why. Maybe someone can figure out what I'm missing.




I downloaded the html, but whenever I turn on the viewer, all I get is a empty screen. Is there a step that I'm missing?



Did you read the instructions that came with the viewer?



What instructions? What txt specifically


any way to hide the message window in the html rpgx viewer?



To hide:

document.getElementsByClassName("text-box")[0].style.visibility = "hidden";

To unhide:

document.getElementsByClassName("text-box")[0].style.visibility = "visible";


>500million points in etaba

Damn we turning into jtaba nao



After that raid gacha event, i doubt they are normal human


Did the Annerose artbook stories ever get translated?


Well the slayer cards come with points multipliers. The UR one is 3x so its not too surprising.



>Did the Annerose artbook stories ever get translated?

Have other anons bug rattan to do it and maybe


Is there a way to read previous event prologues?

Just started playing this recently and I feel like i'm missing out on a lot of shit.


So TABA is ending, but they're continuing with some RPG game now instead? Are the scenes any good in that? How much vanilla shit?



Download the viewer >>321213 and judge for yourself


What is fever time?



It's a five minute period during which you can earn potions and extra points for climbing the tower.


All previous events storyline/prologue is gone forever?

Id like the context to the limited cards scenes.



There are reruns for past events.






>I've done all, except the top left. What i have to do ?

Well what does the mission text say?




I feel like the Lilith colorists don't do as good a job as the TechArts ones with Sano Toshihide's art. The faces look kind of "flat" and plain in contrast with the bodies.



Google translate of the tweet:

>Although the newest work "Mama is Taimani", I will release the introduction page from about next week. Please expect from Maru Sane's × Married woman drawing a frame and a small man Situu. I am not a child. He is a small man.

>Mama is Taimanin

>Taimanin Milf who doesn't have overly saggy boobs being turned into a sex slave

Dick hardness: over 9000.



Nice. So they just rotate events? Like this one White Day has been before?



No, most events only had one rerun in jTABA. A small handful got two. The reruns always came in the same order as the originals did, regardless of their original theme or scheduling (save the few exceptions that got a second rerun). So for example, the rerun of a Christmas event could end up occurring in June if that's what the chronological order dictated.

For the first two years, there was only one rerun per month, but they became increasingly frequent in subsequent years. As eTABA has been mostly following the same schedule as jTABA thus far, you can probably use the above as a guideline for what to expect.



those CGs look better then I was expecting art style wise from the main page



Thanks. Any reruns in etaba I might never be able to see?



Don't respond to spammers, retard.



There's only been one rerun thus far: the first tower event. Would you like a transcription of the event dialogue?


I'll respond to whomever I please, thanks. Even dipshits like you.



As well I think the rerun of the first tower event had new dialogue when it reran too.



It did. The story was completely rewritten for the rerun. The second tower event will also get a revamped story, but all following rerun events should keep the same plot as the original.



Oh shit, can you do that? Yes please. How can you access that?



You can't access it in-game. You'll have to wait for me to type it out for you when I have time. Probably sometime after the weekend unfortunately.



I would really appreciate that, anon.


Im sorry for late asking, theres rpgx event viewer, is there any similar things in TABA?


File: 219d1deb615d24e⋯.png (500.47 KB, 1050x875, 6:5, rpgx dead.PNG)

I recently downloaded the viewer from a few days ago (3/2/19) and am having troubles getting the HTML file to work. I followed the instructions (making the shortcut and etc.) but all I get is a blank screen with a "1/0" in the upper right hand corner. I was curious if there was a step I was missing or if someone could help?



Read the OP, newfag.


Post console output.



For some users it requires you to completely close all chrome processes each time you want to use that viewer. You're going to have to open the viewer's chrome first and then open up your other browser windows/tabs. I have no idea why it works like that for some users but it just does.




Here's the transcript of the first tower event:


You'll probably notice it's pretty boring and has no plot to speak of. It was given a brand new story for the reprint:


Now don't say nobody never did nothing for you.



Jesus. Thanks! Tough, could you enlighten me how you access this? If I could read the other events without the horrible grind and waiting, I would be so happy….



As I said, you can't access past event scenes in-game. The only way to revisit old scenes is if you saved the script or recorded the scene when the event was still running.


File: 6624022ac8275fa⋯.png (974.93 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 9b8a699bab435df345c5e2a136….png)

Can someone explain the significance of Asagi's tattoo in this scene? Does the motif bear any special significance, like a prostitute tattoo or somesuch? I know tattoos in general are considered shameful, but yeah.



And you did that? Frekin awesome. I am grateful.



Irezumi especially a large one in modern day japan pretty much equates you to being part of the yakuza so by having it implies she's a part of/owned by them. Cranes symbolize good fortune, longevity and long lasting love kinda like doves.



Thanks. Interesting they chose that motif then, but I guess it's for her to show her submission and neverending love then.



>>Can someone explain the significance of Asagi's tattoo in this scene?

Happy New Year


How often can you get fever time in a day?



A maximum of 288 times, I'd say.



You know if there is a CD after a fever time end before you can get a new one?



There's no cooldown. I've gotten them back-to-back several times, sometimes even three or four in a row.



Thanks mate.


Did anyone get Reiko Hasuma? I've wasted almost a hundred tickets trying to get her…



Is this scene in eTABA yet?



being a scene in rpgx i'd say probably not.



Thanks. I suppose RPGX viewer haven't gotten text to clipboard yet?



A third party posted a chrome script to copy all text to clipboard. The viewer itself still lacks this basic feature.


So is [Awakened] Asagi (Demon) the Cyborg Asagi that I remember being posted about on here a while back? The one that gives both Attack and Defense buffs?



Anyone has a release date on the new Black Lillith game My mother is a Taimanin?




Should be this >>314395, I haven't looked yet.


File: d264e19db136745⋯.png (210.71 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 3-006b Sakura Igawa [Divin….png)

File: d264e19db136745⋯.png (210.71 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 3-006b Sakura Igawa [Divin….png)

File: 23f1bafee4724fe⋯.png (207.72 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 2-038b Reiga.png)

File: 82519133d60d556⋯.png (209.55 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 3-036b Tulia Elsheimer.png)

File: 13d1ee13187a232⋯.png (723.7 KB, 640x768, 5:6, 6-001b Renge Tsunemori.png)

c224/225 - Sakura Igawa [Divine Retribution!]

Waaahh, forgive meee… That, that octopus guy manipulated me… It can't be helped, right? Right? No…?

Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/JCkPS46k

Scene 2-1: https://pastebin.com/sNwsP3Hv

2-2 (cum inside Sakura): https://pastebin.com/jX3HEy6n

2-3 (cum on Tokiko): https://pastebin.com/zQ7EjBfP

c226 - Hisui Yuri

*Pandt, pant*… Y-you can keep going, right? This isn't enough to satisfy me, so let's have some more stubborn sex♪


c231 - Reiga

Faaahhh… Not thaat… A human's peniis… So strong… Carve that pleasure into me mooore♪


c233 - Tulia Elsheimer

You helped me remember what I lost. You released me. I will never forget that pleasure. I want you to satisfy my opening with your hot meat. I won't ask you to love me. Hold me. That's all I want. Please.


c407/408 - Renge Tsunemori

Fwaa… … Since… … I'm so immature… … Aungh… … Would you lead me? Fwaaah!! Noo… … My breasts… … Let me cum with my breasts!!

Scene 1: https://pastebin.com/a0ULiG72

Scene 2: https://pastebin.com/qcm75wnM


File: daf9a1c54748881⋯.png (602.87 KB, 495x593, 495:593, TABA Viewer Missing ENG.png)

Posted the wrong picture for Hisui Yuri… oops. Currently missing cards:


Did we have all the cards for TABA(JP) ?


>waning off RPGX

>basically skip last event didn't even get a copy of Chevallier

>come back to see what the new banner was

>Murasaki gacha

>fucking finally

>get her on my first multi pull, so I still have like 480 Stones left for whatever


Also, they're letting us use support units on map events now. Wonder what made them decide to roll back on that?



Chevallier's scene was pretty hot at least



>No new Yukikaze in ages.

>Still no Lili.



her art was really, really nice.


grats, I was going for her too and didn't get her, but I got original Rinko instead so I'm extremely happy anyways


Murasaki scene is supposedly orc gangrape so anti-vanillafags will be happy I guess



Mursasaki always gets the most brutal shit done to her, that's vanilla compared to getting melted down



let him(Aoi Nagisa) work with TY3



>Murasaki Gacha


>Didnt got her, but got Rinko in the last pull

Kind of happy lol

But, I still have 5-6 SR unit that havent leveld up yet, I keep lacking gold book, and gold bar

I wish they bring back the EXP event quest



Next yukikaze scenes will include old men/orc orgy. Do you really want that anon?


>roll 11 in Murasaki banner

>2 SSR Oboro, 1 water and 1 wood

What the hell? are they any good?



I got rinko, but just realized theres 2 rinkos.

Which one is original Rinko? and how different is them?

The one I got is rinko pitted her katana between her breast


File: 6c4f0f362ca6cdd⋯.png (1.85 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 022.png)

File: 3092b941768a1b4⋯.png (1.39 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 020.png)

File: 3afa41a3fb5c387⋯.png (1.39 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 019.png)

Annerose sequel never ever…


File: e71578eb0c52219⋯.png (1.85 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 104.png)

File: fca974c5792b8d9⋯.png (1.85 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 105.png)

File: 034d1b20962f726⋯.png (1.85 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 106.png)

File: d06d1d3ed791c8f⋯.png (1.85 MB, 800x600, 4:3, 107.png)



The one you got has AoE damage skill, the other is single target and still has highest ATK in game I think.




New patch here: https://mega.nz/#!7DwV3QDZ!LvCDQp2cLHo8cIbJcL9Qyb6bgW61_3ur6mJMcLzJxws

Make sure you've applied this one first if you are experiencing scene loading issues: >>319139

This patch also includes the newly-fixed version of Aiko Yatsu's first scene.

Missing rips as of now:

HR [Gosha Academy] Murasaki Yatsu (Limited gacha)

SR Enbi Yuuki (Limited gacha)

SR Fuzuki (Limited gacha)

UR [AT-T Equipment] Aruka Stiel (Limited gacha)

UR Reiko Hasuma (Limited gacha)

R Algol (Limited gacha)

SR [Sly Shinobi] Oboro (Tower event reward)

UR [Wandering] Oboro Koukawa (Limited gacha)

HR [Battle Axe] Hotaru Kise (Limited gacha)

UR [Awakened] Asagi (Limited gacha)

HR Linda McNeill (Limited gacha)

R [Ecsta] Relina (Limited gacha)

R Akari Kagachi (Limited gacha)



I believe so.


They removed 1 roll for 5 crystals, eh?



I see, Thank you.

For minutes, I thought the one i got is single target one. sadlyfe haha



That's what Yukikaze is for.





cuz everyone is just waiting

never try to rip and share




I would consider ripping it if someone somewhere posted the preview thumbnails of her scenes. I don't want to waste gems on a scene that doesn't look worth it. Why did they drop showing us cropped CG previews they did for taba on sasa's twitter or show a small event icon of the sex scene like in taba?


File: e41ec0f0bb9e762⋯.png (1.58 MB, 848x1200, 53:75, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 23baa38f4ba91d8⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1200x848, 75:53, ClipboardImage.png)



Is this American mama?



They've almost never done what you describe.


File: aaaebabdd4e20c3⋯.png (179.75 KB, 856x620, 214:155, gasp.png)


>it's the artist who did those great MILF works and those other very sexy yet emotionally charged vn's

>new work

>that coloring, shading, texturing

I won't get my hopes up about the pregnancy and womb tattoo since it's Lilith and everything is subject to change for no reason at all. Lots of bullshots. Still, this is all kinds of H Y P E

Wish they had Kagami do a character though, like he did with that one game where a demon shota broke the eye-patch librarian girl.


File: c4c2e3e7237691b⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 500x720, 25:36, ....jpg)


>Annerose sequel never ever…

Probably for the best since it ends on such a high note and they might never do what they did with it again. Also

>posting pics of the bad ends


File: f14da57841283fd⋯.png (940.7 KB, 702x646, 351:323, SHIROU, YOU IDIOT.png)


>I was planning to open the "Mama wa Shimanushi" introduction page this week, but the site production has been delayed and has been postponed to the public next week. I'm sorry. Please be assured that the work itself is all CG up, and is currently fighting with acclaimed ethical groups.

>Please be assured that the work…is currently fighting with ethical groups.

>ethical groups

The same groups that made Lilith censor TA0? I still remember how one of the bad ends was supposed to show young Asagi get her arms lopped off.


File: 0df5382c3d7ebe7⋯.jpg (139.57 KB, 800x1107, 800:1107, the feel.jpg)


>be younger me, 20's

>see FBB NTR protag in various games

>identify with protag so quickly lose boner and get sick of those games

>find games more to my liking eventually

>years pass, approaching 40

>see FBB NTR protag in various games

>identify more with FBB than with protag

>realization dawns

>i am become FBB

It's a strange kind of feel.



Its only going to get worse


File: 678e3ee50797d88⋯.png (744.73 KB, 962x568, 481:284, 1552553798956.png)


looks legit


File: 373ab305338d6c1⋯.png (228.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, uni_00171_l_2.png)

While that other anon was considering ripping it I decided to just rip it.

Small patch with SR Murasaki enjoying some loving hugs from an orc.

We're still missing the R and HR from this event and also the two other SRs from a couple events back >>321272

So get ripping and sharing anons.




File: 2da7487ee0fc808⋯.png (255.81 KB, 552x464, 69:58, My Nigga.png)

File: 87d2bebf365cf8f⋯.png (39.76 KB, 150x100, 3:2, chr_0092a_r18 #022.png)



Although it seems like when you ripped Leticia you got her first image thumbnail-sized which breaks the whole scene. So could you please upload the full res one?

Also a small fyi: When you make a patch for the viewer you need to add the scene numbers to the dirs.js file inside data/scripts folder for them to show up in the viewer.



Why this Fuuma dude look so brown?



reuploaded it , thanks for tell me about that,

have a nice day.




He ate too much chikn


File: 9149129481f57e4⋯.jpg (88.68 KB, 828x1300, 207:325, 9149129481f57e436471b37973….jpg)



I put it all together into one patch and also added the event SR scenes. We only miss one girl now.




File: c72b66f98a2ff06⋯.jpg (85.87 KB, 828x1300, 207:325, DyKlhuXUcAEUywq.jpg large.jpg)




Thanks anons, here's a patch to make them searchable + Rina's scenes

For searching ShindoL's is Koudzuki Sana and Sano Toshihide's is Hatori Shizuka since that's what the MTL gave me.

Still missing pic related

Will also actually get around to uploading the full viewer again since I forgot to the other week.



Helps if I actually paste the fucking link in to the box FUCK




yah the first rinko has the highest damage ultimate move, the 2nd one is like 3rd or 4 now with Shiga best AoE move




Here's the full HTML RPGX viewer for anyone who wants it.


Includes every scene except for the one that we're currently missing and has the most up to date version of the viewer itself.

If you're using chrome please look in the help folder before saying it doesn't work.


Haven't been keeping up with TABA, but i heard that it came to in end. Was c1018 the last scene that it ended with for the none English version of the TABA viewer or are we still behind ?


Anyone happen to have a collection of Taimanin (and Lilith in general I guess) tattoos? I'd love to get my hand on Asagi's irezumi but doubt that is available in an angle where one could lift it off of the cg.


File: b593cbc05988dfa⋯.jpg (58.43 KB, 850x784, 425:392, sample_0aedcf8c1e9495fcdfa….jpg)

File: 21fbfdd801443b5⋯.jpg (70.27 KB, 850x784, 425:392, sample_0550c19a5e1b6674596….jpg)


Well, there's this.



>Anonymous 03/16/19 (Sat) 06:59:48 No.326342>>326349

To compare what I got to decide whether to download this or not, how many scenes are there inside? Tks!


What are the light blue gifts for in RPGX event?


File: ed1cc4bff3b6bb6⋯.png (69.47 KB, 344x480, 43:60, B09721b.d2ac07b77a77d0490b….png)

I'm just waiting for another Ingrid event/gacha that isn't vanilla… Why is it taking so long!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 7b090d85cc98319⋯.png (806.06 KB, 926x617, 926:617, Distracted-Boyfriend-main.png)




Oh fuck, I must have missed that. Thanks! Where's it from, just the twitter?



That pic is amazing


haven't kept up with eTABA since jan, any must-have cards?


File: 9691ed3dda8157b⋯.png (1.25 MB, 950x712, 475:356, 8148eaedd005749a6b33fbbf58….png)


Nope, c1018 is the last before it closes on March 29th. >>310872

Sucks too considering all the loose ends from the story that they haven't addressed. Oh well, hopefully they'll make an appearance in RPGX.


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