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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 2efb999be95b507⋯.jpg (113.37 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, BCM-URG-Std-20-KMR-A-15-10.jpg)

fa50cb  No.622255

what will actual, real life gun confiscation look like if/when the 2nd amendment is removed from the constitution?

35192f  No.622258

Probably like the australian one but on a way larger scale…and a lot more violence. We've still got a million sks buried somewhere in the outback that cunts still use for hunting. Americans have a culture spanning well over 300 years and over 300 million guns in the country- and a lot more balls to stand up for what they believe in. The US NEEDS guns gone because they are on the verge of the biggest financial collapse since the great depression, and the government can't just nationalize absolutely everything if cunts everywhere answer with bullets.

965845  No.622259

File: 8905ea91a8062b8⋯.png (163.39 KB, 476x346, 238:173, 8905ea91a8062b857a07a98661….png)

>"hand in your guns"


>cue civil war that gubbermint can't win


e32df5  No.622261

Balkan War with a side order of Syria

My nipples are hard at the thought of such a thing.

695a3b  No.622263

File: ae90372be50bafc⋯.jpg (64.34 KB, 750x563, 750:563, skynews-scott-paul-beierle….jpg)

Every /k/ommando in America will hand in their guns and run innawoods to eat cum brownies while the civil war rages around them. Even the boomer fudds and tacticool mall ninjas will make fun of them. Prove me wrong.

6ff31e  No.622264

>when the 2A is removed

Hint: It never will be. They'll continue the slow boil. Pass a law, have a turn-in period. Maybe a registry if they're feeling frisky. Arrest a few people who weren't compliant. Have an amnesty period. Rinse and repeat. Continue to make arrests of those found to be in violation of the law. Pass another law. Rinse and repeat. First it'll be a mag ban, then deeper "assault weapon" restrictions, mandatory background checks, then semi-auto bans, caliber bans (goodbye .50 BMG), storage requirements, licensing requirements for certain types of guns, licensing requirements for all guns, gun purchase limits, ammo purchase limits, then tighten the screws on all of the above.

Pretty much exactly what they did with the 1934 NFA. Are there illegal machineguns? Yes. Do the powers that be sweat over them at all? No.

f5d999  No.622265

First by buyback, buybacks are moderately successful amongst the boomer and memelenial cucks. After that, they might try to confiscate the rest but I just don't see how that's viable. There's hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of Americans who are preparing for that exact situation where the feds try to take their shit. That's a lot of bloodshed and death for really nothing gained. There's somewhere around 300 million registered firearms, who knows how much unregistered firearms there are both legal and illegal.

I highly doubt there will be many cops/nasty girls willing to get shot and killed over taking a private citizen's AR baby killer, maybe if it was one or two confiscations and they were very well convinced because of "mental illness" or whatever the case might be, but a widespread confiscation there's no way.

I guess the most sensible confiscation is first by buyback, then by slowly increasing restrictions and what the fed can legally confiscate your firearms for. So it'd look like this. First they can take away your shit for domestic abuse or mental illness or flight watch risk, people will not object to that. Then it will be for "hate speech" or other thought crime, people will likely not object to that either. Then they will change the definitions of what hate speech and mental illness, sticking people they find to be "extremist" by using data from social media on the government no fly list, thus expanding gun restriction to a higher percentage of people and getting LEO support behind it.

468608  No.622268

My old prediction remains the exact same, nothing is going to happen. There would be buy backs and amnesties that some would take, but the majority of the 400 million guns in the US would not be turned in and their lessons from the 1990's is they can't go door to door to take them because they don't have enough men and morale. It'll be a law on the books that nobody will really enforce and many will simply not obey, they will sit and go "In like 70 years all the guns will be gone" and 70 years into it most of the guns will still be out there and the gun banners will go "Well, we'll just wait another 70 years, then we'll get it" and it'll probably be more like Finland where all those illegal unregistered war booty guns will just sit in the same closets and hiding places forever and never get turned in forever.

You've probably even heard some anti gun people lament that its too late for gun control in the US for civilian disarmament, there's simply far too many guns in the hands of far too many people who will never turn them in, with families that will continue to hold onto their guns for generations. They might pass a law just to sit on their hands. Its more likely there will be an upheavel, revolution, world war before civilian disarmament in the US would ever occur from age and attrition.

cc179b  No.622272

It'll either be >>622264 or >>622268, because the Feds know >>622265 is right on the button. They know full well they don't have enough bodies to throw into the thresher, not even if they drafted people to do it.

29f90f  No.622273



It would be to ballsy to outright repeal the 2nd. What would do is just ban shit until we're only allowed to have muzzle loaders

e6514c  No.622276

One important aspect of gun control that is often ignored but is very detrimental is outlawing self-defense, especially with guns. EU already has that, most other countries are even worse, which is one of the reasons their gun culture is so dead and guns are treated worse than ever and easily blamed by populists. Remember, gun control is not only about protecting government power, but about turning things that way so that government can keep and expand its job at "fixing" them.

672e8d  No.622280

It will be like little rock and the current situation on the border.

I see more dead democrat politicians than cops.

f5d999  No.622281


I'd find it very hard to believe that the commies would be able to outlaw self-defense. They'd have to do it federally because it'd be damn near impossible to regress self-defense laws in red states. However that is a valid point and something to consider.

a24335  No.622286


When the goal is destabilizing the country to have people begging for help, outlawing responsibility and independence is the largest hurdle for multiple issues.

cc179b  No.622292

0fb068  No.622293


I thought you guys had guns in order to prevent exactly this kind of scenario?

6ff31e  No.622296


New Yorkers will roll over and take it as always. The closest they ever came to actually doing something was during the soda ban. This law will take years to get past the Constitutional challenges though if it ever does.

44ca73  No.622303


So … "I wouldn't worry about it"? You do remember that they told the Bongs the exact same thing before every one of the cuckenings that have been unleashed on them, right?

559f16  No.622307

A bunch of dead liberals.

5381ec  No.622308

I'll migrate to the US and join the local resistance group.

646e02  No.622327

They'll confiscate them once the US is 10% white, so there'll be barely any resistance.

b83cfc  No.622333


>Guns that don't meet the following criteria are now banned

>the ban criteria expands some more

>and then some

>repeat gradually until nobody bothers jumping through hooks for permits, or doesn't want to fuck around with muzzle loaders.


You don't outlaw self defence, instead you create some arbitrary bullshit like "excessive force" which can mean

>using martial arts against a gypsy kid with a crowbar,

>using a table leg against a nigger same size as you,

>shooting an unarmed home invader who didndu nuffins

>Stabbing someone bigger than you

That way you wouldn't jail someone for self defense, but you'd jail a violent sociopath for brutalizing urban youth.

da8cc4  No.622340

Americans would gladly turn them in since they are a bunch of cucks.

The few people who might offer any resistance would be ratted out by their friends, family, and neighbors and end up with their house bombed.

There is no good end. We pretty much lost since we can't effectively fight back due to "muh PEE ARR".

a5bf5b  No.622342

File: 4bc03d01df80c4f⋯.webm (94.75 KB, 854x480, 427:240, better_check_em.webm)


>You don't outlaw self defence, instead you create some arbitrary bullshit like "excessive force" which can mean

Your point is well-taken Jakub, but some countries haven't even bothered with that route, and explicitly outlawed self-defense, saying that any bad goy has a "duty to retreat" from Abdul and Tyrone whenever they try to enrich his daughter.

b83cfc  No.622348

d2227d  No.622349

America is fucked. We already lost.

Only way to save it now would be through nuclear war. That won't happen either.

b83cfc  No.622350


(((red flags )))

>have guns

>that's a red flag

>go to range

>another red flag

>not okay with homosexuals molesting teaching schoolchildren

>burn down his house.

0b5678  No.622354


>muh constitution

They dont need to remove anything. They just will do what they did last century - make more regulation and confiscate guns when they label you "mentaly ill" or "felon"

ad3c34  No.622355

>continue implementing piecemeal restrictions until owning a gun means traversing an unnavigable hell of red tape and fees

>continue churning out propaganda demonizing firearms owners

>no new pro-gun youth since most of them think guns are evil, many of the ones amenable to guns never bother getting into them because of the restrictions, and most of the ones who do are only in it for sport and hunting rather than self-defense or politics

>wait for the existing pro-gun crowd to die so their anti-gun families sell, destroy, or turn in their guns

Tada, you have a disarmed country. Obviously there will still be guns, since gun control doesn't actually work, but that's perfect for the government. A disarmed country isn't one where no people are armed. It's one where the people aren't armed. If gun owners other than criminals are a fringe group, then they go from a threat against the government to a benefit. Once the propaganda turns enough of the population against guns, any failures of gun control can be redirected anywhere the government likes, since nobody will admit gun control doesn't work. Violence against women? Hate speech? Mental illness? You name it, they can use guns for it. Hell, a shooting that left only two dead over the weekend made international news because the shooter posted misogynist videos four years ago.

The only confiscations would be a few token enforcements of the slow-boiling regulations. And with those, even the cases of cops getting shot would only further the gun control. There wouldn't be enough for it to crush manpower or morale, and it would just give fodder to the propaganda, especially with each individual law being only a small tightening from the previous ones. A ban on semi-autos? You'd get some public support. Shooting grabbers over a reduction from a 10 round mag limit to 5? You'd go down as an overreacting psychopath who shouldn't have even had the five, because that particular restriction isn't a big deal and almost nobody sees the big picture. Or in cases like >>622348 where an individual is specifically flagged as dangerous, shooting the cops is just "proof" they were right to flag you.

bdc8f8  No.622358


>I'd find it very hard to believe that the commies would be able to outlaw self-defense.

Excessive use of force.

They did it in USSR (Russia). Killing somebody with weapon in self-dense only allowed if attacker has better weapons. Otherwise it is guaranteed murder charge and guilty verdict.

6ff31e  No.622389


All that's needed to get your guns taken is for someone to call the cops and tell them you're a scary person. Jesus. That aunt better feel like a fucking cunt for getting that man killed.

5da7b9  No.622393


Nah, she's clapping for the police and thinking of how great they are for removing that "dangerous" man.

7b82d5  No.622462

They would never confiscate all at once. Slowly over a long period they would change the laws and minds of the people in order to take away what little is left peacefully without a fight

29f90f  No.622481

File: 4b974caa14aac7c⋯.png (479.56 KB, 808x805, 808:805, 1500153446270.png)



>Want to buy a gun

>Take self driving uber to LGS

>Hit 3 pedestrians on the way

>Go in gunshop

>See some posters on the wall about reasonable self defense

>"Are your possessions worth a person's life?" with a frightened, racially ambiguous youth clutching an xbox as a tall man with a shotgun looms over him.

>Browse the selection of break action shotguns muzzle loaders, and air rifles

>See nice SxS shotgun

>Decide I want it

>Go to clerk to purchase it

>He does a quick computerized background check

>"Uhh, your dopamine monitor indicates that you've never had sex. I can't sell you a firearm due to the incel terror act of 2022."

>Police get notified of my virginity

>They take me to the station and give me an ultimatum

>Undergo gender reassignment surgery or go to the FEMA incel detention camp

4ecebc  No.622492


>"Are your possessions worth a person's life?"

Thats actually a good question

29f90f  No.622493


They'd probably chemically castrate you then ship off to work to death in the amazon warehouses. Or use you as a training dummy for the culture police


It's not even a question. If someone breaks in trying to steal my shit they're getting clapped

29f90f  No.622503


First one sounds worse. those autismo zogbots would do more damage than some lobomotmite working himself to death

29f90f  No.622504


Plus you know they'd make you fuck a tranny, or a fat nigger

6ff31e  No.622506


I'd kneecap a stranger for a tangerine.

b83cfc  No.622509


Due to inflation caused by the third world i value life fairly low.

29f90f  No.622514



The subuman nigger kike who violates my property is hardly worth the buckshot used to dispatch him.

b83cfc  No.622515


What are good ways of disposing of nigger burglars without them also staining the floors, walls or furniture with themselves?

29f90f  No.622516


Probably none since any effective method will cause plenty of bleeding

6ff31e  No.622527


Read the comment chain. >>622518 implies you will be arrested for the self-defense. In such a scenario, in which arrest is a given, >>622519 is right on the mark. Your scenario is one in which your arrest is not occurring and is sound advice in that scenario, but that wasn't the scenario originally proposed.

2480d9  No.622533


>what will actual, real life gun confiscation look like if/when the 2nd amendment is removed from the constitution?

see >>622384

a03327  No.622575

They passed a law in Maryland that allows law enforcement total discretion to declare someone mentally ill with no evidence whatsoever and seize their guns. That means effectively the 2nd Amendment already is repealed in Maryland, because guns can be seized any time, anywhere, and for no reason at all–no evidence of any crime committed required.

Oh, and the law also allows relatives to claim (again, with no evidence) that a relative is mentally ill. Some bitch just did this to a guy, and cops went to take his guns and shot him. So, it's already happening. Guns are being confiscated right now, and they'll shoot you if you resist.

e3748e  No.622579




Also checked.

I believe it will involve analysis by computer. I believe troops will be sent out, and they'll be fucking stupid and just uphold orders. They'll know your sentiments, and on that basis alone they'll do the house search, and also require you to wear monitoring equipment.

Our only option, once that occurs, is to begin the fight, and also head for the hills.

But I believe we can save America, through a set of artful strategies, that will delegitimize the "elected" government, and give rise to military intervention, and a new order, one where individual civil defense is prioritized.

0a22a5  No.622585

File: b6f834aa806f2f0⋯.jpeg (108.52 KB, 800x620, 40:31, 70A16C36-2024-42AA-B971-F….jpeg)

So if the US falls, what countries actually do have good gun laws?

0a22a5  No.622595


>Become anti-gun propaganda

No thanks.

c452e9  No.622623


>posts picture of GI joe

>calling anyone else a cum-brownie eater

get fucked POG

fa50cb  No.622757



8394db  No.622822


prove yourself right

6ff31e  No.622916


You're already positing a situation in which leaving the country is likely to result in you having more firearms freedom than staying. How much more anti-gun do you think it's going to get? If that's the path we're on we'll continue down it regardless of if you blat a few cops or not.

fe562d  No.623830

So basically the only solution is stockpiling guns and ammo while you still have the chance ?

093a6d  No.623834


This was the original post-election plan, goddammit.

>move to america

>buy guns

>wait for death

Then shilling for more "election threads" in other countries is what happened. Permanent revolution tripe that kept it from actually going forward.

6ca75c  No.623867


Switzerland, depending on the state/Kanton. But I doubt they'll let a bunch of burgers in, based solely on "MUH GUNS!". Immigration to Switzerland is based on their need for certain jobs. If they don't need your profession, you're either not getting in or even going home.

On the other hand, their laws can be pretty savage. If you're from albania and a couple of other nations, who's citizens don't have a good track record, you're not getting a gun, end of story.

On the plus side, amassing a full giggle arsenal there is not that difficult or expensive as you buy the guns from manufacturers or any seller and not some 50yr old gun that has been abused as an investment because lol registry closed.As far as I know, in some Kantons only local PD has to sign off on your machinegun purchase, even if its a 11" suppressed full giggle beltfed AR15, although they'll give you a sideways look, because why buy an AR when you can have a Sig55X?

Thats just hearsay though, so take it with a grain of salt.

They have a very active shooting culture due to the whole 'conscripts take their guns home' thing. Nowadays they don't have to, but they can pay some cash to take their rifle home, so it is still an option.

Another country would be Greenland, as leaving home without a rifle there is just dumb. Plenty of hungry polar bears.

Finally, you have Poland and the Czech Republic, Poland with the option to upgrade your license to the point that you can own assault rifles. They have regular paramilitary training as well, in towns, as Polske Wal or so, where they fire blanks in full gear while the townsfolk watch and almost applaud. Its their WW2 resistance group, which has survived to this day as a network and regularly works with the army, its just extremely decentralized, to the point where its not really centralized at all.

The Czechs have a fairly liberal ( meaning free, not US-liberal, god fucking damn this shit, how the fuck did they get to change language so much? Fuck!) gun policy as well, lots of people go in to former Pact nations to go shoot guns and stuff.

2e15bc  No.623960


Killing someone with a weapon is allowed if you could get seriously hurt or killed as well. If someone attacks you with a crowbar let alone a gun, you can just kill them on the spot and that will be a valid self-defense. If you got into a fist fight and you starting to have your face beaten into pulp and there's no signs that the attacker will leave you alone until after you die, you can shoot them too.

God this fucking "self defense is illegal" FUD is getting on my nerves, every fucking dipshit is parroting this when you can pretty fucking easily find evidence to the contrary.

e6514c  No.623963


Bro, it's not that self-defense is "illegal" or something, it's that if you get caught you've got extremely low chances to get out of it, even if the law is fully on your side.

2e15bc  No.623971

File: 68c2999f4572594⋯.jpg (18.92 KB, 253x296, 253:296, 1436938541650.jpg)


>Article 37. Necessary defense

>1) Not considered a crime to cause harm to assailant while in the state of necessary defense, that is during protecting of the person and the rights of oneself or other people, governments' or people's protected interests, if such assault is accompanied with violence dangerous for lives of defending person or other people, or with threats of such violence.

>2) Defense from assault, not accompanied with violence dangerous for life of defending person or other people, or threats of such violence, is lawful, provided it is not in excess of reasonable retaliation, that is intentionally disproportionate response to a given situation.

>3) This article applies equally to all people, without respect to their professional or other type of training nor occupation, and without respect to their ability to escape assault or being able to call for help.


Do you know what's the reason why Russian courts have astronomically low acquittal rates for felonies and thatsuch? Because if the court acquits the defendant of anything, it is considered prosecutions' fuckup since that's the result of their failure to deliver a rock-solid case so the judge would have grounds to dismiss the charge. Then said prosecutors will have their assholes reamed to 1" above their current diameters by their superiors, and among other things like possible demotion, it means salary bonus cuts which constitute upwards of 50% of cops' salaries. So they have incentive to put you to jail because that would raise their bonuses and accelerate promotion. But they also have much stronger incentive not to put on you any charges that aren't already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, for the reason outlined above. By the time the case goes to court, all charges are rock-solid and there's absolutely nothing to acquit one for. In effect, the court doesn't decide whether one is guilty or not (the prosecution had came up with all the evidence one could possibly need), only decides what punishment, out of prescribed for a felony, to apply.

2e15bc  No.623977





e6514c  No.623986


This is all understandable but the system still incentivizes fabrication of proof and passing unsolved cases with already convicted people. They just have to send cases that have proof beyond some common limit that would filter them, so if you were unlucky enough to get caught and they had put enough data onto you the same situation as i mentioned above appears. It's just the same "do not get caught" thing, it just changes a bit from don't get into their arms' reach to don't let them hang any proofs, cases or crimes, whether you were guilty or not.

2e15bc  No.623987


The cases that are "bound with white thread" get torn apart in court for that very reason. It's exceedingly difficult to put unrelated charges on a convict without losing a rank or two.

e6514c  No.623989


Well, i hope you're right. I would prefer to not take my chances though.

4aa415  No.624097


>Another country would be Greenland

Just no. It's so socialist that even the citizens aren't even allowed to own land.

86252b  No.626243


At that point there won't be anything worth fighting for.

800e80  No.626246


Don't think there's much to fight for as is. You grow up hearing about how America's super free and it's barely more permissive than eurozone. I don't think there's a single truly free country left in the world. It's all business and housing and grocery stores, conservation societies and pussies grabbing daddy government's pocket. Only place I can think of is the dead buttfuck nowhere in a hippie earthship that's not even on the fucking road map.

5a8578  No.626254

File: 28e6bfab55f8453⋯.gif (977.01 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 5b593439111d2ca2b91323e322….gif)


Not really, an actually good question is "Are my possessions worth your life?"

When you make a decision to steal something, you have just decided how much your life is worth to you. Personally I am not concerned with a theif's self worth, to any sensible person it is a matter of ammo cost vs item of mine being stolen. If you steal a pencil, not worth it. But anything more than 10 bucks is worth 5 rounds of $2 per shot ammo. And that's expensive ammo. Get some milsurp shit and you are good to go for a full mag dump to secure your nice toaster oven.

f95b62  No.626261

>>622492 You see Pole, thats why we dont have good gun laws.>>622493 We europoors are cucked into believing that others life worths more than our possessions…

a920c6  No.626263


Unless you're Swiss.

cc179b  No.626268


The law is clear, at least in this state, Castle Doctrine is the rule. If you're found within a dwelling or occupied vehicle that you were NOT invited into by the legally occupying residence or owner; nor you have a legal right to enter…it is assumed your actions are malicious in nature with intent to harm and the occupants and or vehicle owner have a right to pump your degenerate ass full of buckshot with lethal intent.

efd020  No.626277


Many local departments will refuse to confiscate, many more simply won't due to the danger. Places that do would probably already be liberal hellholes, and so there might not be that much resistance there.

2e0b16  No.626278

>ZOG commands US front line combat forces to fire on civilians

>they all defect

>ZOG is lefty with Navy and Chairforce

>no control over their own infrastructure

It would be anoodah shoah

efd020  No.626279


No it isn't.

Nobody's life really has value, inherently.

What matters is rights.

You violate my rights by stealing my shit. That's my property, not yours.

0ce364  No.626286


Yes. A human life isn't worth that much really. I value some animals lives at more than a human because animals can't be disgusting degenerates.

aad45f  No.626311


>what will actual, real life gun confiscation look like

A gradual erosion of the classes of firearm you can have e.g. no guns without a bullet button because nobody will resist a minor tweak around the edges with older guns generally grandfathered in as machineguns were require registering etc but with Canada-style rules about grandfathering that make it really easy to seize and destroy them if the person is convicted of a crime or dies without specific instructions on what to do. Bonus points if you also come up with more weird laws about length and conversions to make it easier to convict people. This way you can slowly confiscate them as people who already hold them fuck up without causing an instant flashpoint. Anyone who doesn't want to hassle of registering them can have them purchased at full market price. Rinse and repeat every few generations and make sure any new advances in firearms are automatically prohibited so people are left with more and more outdated firearms. If there's a huge shift in technology as happens ever few centuries then civilians are at a large disadvantage.

Slowly limit who can actually sell firearms with tightening regulation. Do the same with ranges and pass laws preventing shooting on even private ground if it's within x miles of a city or town or even ban use outside of registered ranges and hunting entirely. This will lead to some areas being de facto gun free for anyone who doesn't make a huge effort to travel places to purchase and practice: if you don't have the disposable income to spend on both then you're essentially locked out of firearms 'culturally'. This is how it worked in Bongland.

Do something with ammo. Ban any new sort of ammo that comes in from civilian sales there's precedent here with 'armour piercing' ammo but think of the next step up from smokeless powder as a hypothetical example to feed into your goal of freezing civilian firearms at their current technology level or worse. If you can then eventually crack down on the actual production, purchasing and stockpiling of ammo be that through laws (need a license to purchase it, only x amount can be stockpiled without a valid reason or whatever) and banning the importation of ammo or better yet by informally leaning on manufacturers to align with your goals i.e. they should stop producing certain calibres, up the price, limit how much someone can purchase, develop new cucked types of ammo with degrading properties to stop stockpiling and so on. If you're slowly reducing stocks of civilian firearms in specific calibres through the use of grandfathering etc then naturally the ammo for them will become more expensive and eventually not worth producing at all. If reloading becomes a loophole to this then put heavy restrictions on who can purchase the equipment and the powder/primers define them as restricted explosives, that's already more or less an established concept under the NFA but it probably won't be necessary since that will be limited to a small number of enthusiasts anyway.

They've already established that being convicted of domestic abuse can have your guns removed, now you just need to expand it out to being accused as a precautionary measure already done with children then expand what categories of offence can result in this action. Women are more than 50% of the vote and are susceptible to this sort of thing. By the way this already applies if you have a restraining order against an 'intimate partner' and all it takes is a helpful incident or two to expand that to cover any restraining order.

Push all of the above with various 'tragedies', not just school shootings but imagine how useful something like another hurricane and the headline 'crazed veteran shoots rescue workers after refusing to temporarily hand over firearms'. Kebab attacks are also good. You can either manufacture them or wait for them to happen naturally and exploit them.

>if/when the 2nd amendment is removed from the constitution?

Why would they remove it when they can simply redefine it? The principle that certain classes of firearm are not protected is already established. Look at how Mexico gets around its constitutional requirement to allow gun ownership by having a single gun store in the entire nation.

You're an idiot if you think any modern government will make the mistake of giving people a single incident to oppose when they could simply play the long game. Each generation will tolerate the laws they grew up with and something a little bit more restrictive so you just have to keep on moving that window. Every restriction reduces the number of gun owners by a few % and the smaller that % gets the easier future restrictions become.

aad45f  No.626312


>forgetting the Czechs

6951fd  No.626313


Speaking of excessive force, what kind of weapon should I acquire to make sure whatever I hit never gets back up?

603d48  No.626314


A gun. Preferably of a larger caliber.

6951fd  No.626315


Good advice, thank you friend.

b83cfc  No.626316


A sledgehammer (if your house can accommodate an overhand swing), a large caliber firearm, maybe a shotgun, if you're a noguns or like to LARP a .50 lead ball musket will either eliminate your urban youth or at least create a smokescreen for you to reposition.

If you don't want to have only 1 shot but still like the idea of not only shooting nigs with antique designs but having smoke a ball and cap revolver gives you six shots of .45 or .50 with some models allowing for a cartridge conversion cylinders.

bae77f  No.626324


This. Its really easy to get a black powder pistol and convert it to use cartridges.

b1c1c8  No.626338

File: 4179e7b751debe1⋯.jpg (537.59 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, (2).jpg)


This works well.

0d4535  No.626341


Is that the only picture you have on your computer? You do realise it's loaded with blanks, right?

b1c1c8  No.626343


Right, that's to keep from hurting people with it. Could be a fucking disaster with live ammo don't ya think.

b1c1c8  No.626345

Politicians are the best gun salesmen I know. You should see the line at Cabelas gun counter right now. The best way to ensure everybody has them is to talk banning them and just look how well outlawing good drugs worked. Illicit drugs would be dirt cheap if they were legal and less people would be interested in them.

b1c1c8  No.626347

You guys ever watch CIAlex Jones when he goes to the range, he can't ever find the safety to turn it off. Those range clips are hilarious to watch someone as inept as he attempt to sell a gun story. He reminds of Moe of the 3 Stooges. I like how he takes everyone else's gun away and shoots their ammo once they turn off the safety for him that shit is hysterically funny.

0d4535  No.626357


The gun you don't own? Yeah.

b1c1c8  No.626360


Please stop lurking my postings every time I get on this site. I mean really, who do you think you're fooling. Don't be so (((incoming pun))) triggered.

0d4535  No.626361


What? I've never responded to the four other fucking times you posted that image in irrelevant threads, this is my first time quoting you. I just noticed the pattern. Now I'm noticing some other, unrelated patterns.

>people are out to get me! (why?)

>if someone criticises me, they must have an ulterior motive

>using (((the echoes))) incorrectly

>le pun xD

You're from cuckchan.

b1c1c8  No.626364



235348  No.626367


I think it's a mentaller lad.

695a3b  No.626392

File: 93550842f57a2b1⋯.png (392.65 KB, 1200x1133, 1200:1133, niggerland.png)


>I don't think there's a single truly free country left in the world.

There's an entire continent where law is barely enforced and it's yours for the taking, white man.

0fd51f  No.626396


>The only freedom America has that Euros lack is guns.

That's not completely true; muh free speech is much better in burgerstan than Europe, for instance. And from what I've seen, the affirmative action-type laws are far worse in Europe than they are in the US at a federal level. But on economic terms you're absolutely correct, quite a few Euro countries are better than us in that regard.

aad45f  No.626438


>Wait a minute, the guns are gone too because you got #MeToo'd.

Currently there's a test that the restraining order was at least issued under the pretence of a fair process but it wouldn't be difficult at all to weaken that. As I said the female vote is large and there's a lot of dumb faggots and even traditionally pro-gun baby boomer conservatives that would back changes if you labelled them as targeting ebul rapists.


>That's not completely true; muh free speech is much better in burgerstan than Europe, for instance.

True for pretty much all of Europe, since none have as strong a guarantee as the First Amendment or courts as autistic about upholding it.

>And from what I've seen, the affirmative action-type laws are far worse in Europe than they are in the US at a federal level.

False for all but a handful of nations, laws vary heavily because Europe is not one state yet. Affirmative action is an issue only in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and France while in most other countries it's outright illegal it's supposed to be illegal in France and Sweden too but I'll explain below. One of the few non-retarded things going on in Bongland is not having quotas at all outside of taigs in the PSNI.


The French constitution supposedly bans this sort of thing but the government abuses loopholes like targeting residents of 'poor urban neighbourhoods' for special treatment which is de facto based on race. They also apparently have a quota system for the board of executives for companies.


Sweden actually got rid of its affirmative action policy because women are now so dominant in its universities that the policy started helping men instead. That means you can say it has the permanent threat of affirmative action starting up again if women drop below the ~60% they're at now. They also practice de facto affirmative action by abusing loopholes and dropping standards for things like the military stupidly for everyone but obviously for the benefit of women who couldn't pass the reasonable standards. Both of these are why they're included in the list.

0c7a40  No.626472


the government doesn't encourage shit. private companies can do whatever they fucking like, and it just so happens that all of the platforms are owned by large, San Fran based companies.

Welcome to capitalism, where big companies do what they want. Learn to deal with it, faggot, or else start shilling for Communism.

f123ec  No.626478


>publicly owned, nationalised, government funded companies


You're fucking retarded.

0fd51f  No.626552


>The government encourages a culture where people get deplatformed for wrongthink and provides mechanisms to make this happen

...Which is better than getting charged with a felony for a Roman salute. I did say "better," not great.


>private companies

<monopoly through federal regulatory capture

<virtue-signalling in exchange for maintaining regulatory capture

<exclusive government contracts

<selling information they collect to alphabet soup

<HQ expansions get subsidized


>or else start shilling for Communism.

Sounds like you're doing that for us already.

c25d1c  No.626705






If people forced the powers that be to panic by committing assassinations and blowing up infrastructure, they’d do it all at once. I’m not saying that it should be done, obviously.

6bb7b7  No.626712


This 100%. It did get the noggin joggin last week when that congressman said, "It'd be a short war. We have nukes." I had a hearty chuckle.

>Be me.

>Be decked out in battle rattle and evil black rifle, complete with all Yeager and Sootch gear.

>"We have nukes."

>All gun owners decide to march on Cali, NYC, and DC because liberal pewpew free zones will be tutorial mode easy.

>Military rains on Cali, NYC, and DC with B1s and B52s to try to stop us.



Nuke me. IDGAF! I'll be waiting at Times Square. :^)


This too. Reminder, 75% of the LEOs and troops are right wing.

b6d600  No.626779


>Reminder, 75% of the LEOs and troops are right wing.

Conservatives and neocons aren’t friends, they’re not going to give up their paycheck to protect you. The police are not on our side.

afaebb  No.626782



d3979a  No.626791


>Reminder, 75% of the LEOs and troops are right wing.

Reminder, they get paid 2x more than average person specifically so that they can't wrap their brain around your situation. Anything you do will look unreasonable to them, because they can't grasp the shit someone goes through on 20k a year.

b487e7  No.626801


I'm a POG and even I think you're a POG.

a9c94b  No.626803


They've already passed a nearly identical law in Commiefornia.

Scary stuff.

e66ea6  No.626811


they wont confiscate them, instead they ill do fake shootings and not solve the reasons why shootings occur which will lead to a moral panic of the mass populous. Those shootings will be an excuse to put more stringent laws as well as regulate the industry. Then they will fake pro 2 amendment terrorist attacks which trigger more moral panic, more regulation and more banns which, in the end will lead to the repeal of the second amendment. This will last for many generations, but with consistency and dedication will be successful.


the gave an oath to the constitution.

2768d6  No.626812


And if they break it, we shoot them in self defense. Oldest contract in the book.

b6d600  No.626816


>the gave an oath to the constitution.

Oh you’re right my bad, that has stopped everything anti-constitutional. I forgot that the president, Congress, and the senate have never taken oaths, which is why gun control and hate speech laws exist. I forgot that every witness in every trial in every courtroom has always told the truth under oath, because like every cop and the constitution, they all believe the bible and would never break an oath.

666370  No.626817


>meaning free, not US-liberal, god fucking damn this shit, how the fuck did they get to change language so much? Fuck!

I firmly hold the co-opting and corruption of the term "liberal" to be one of the scummiest things authoritarian leftists have ever done.

bdcfa1  No.626827

File: c5ef58e7339e181⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lysander spooner the const….jpg)


>the gave an oath to the constitution.

e66ea6  No.626829



What event was the largest boost to the amount of recruits? 911 Tons of people went on to war when some sand niggers treaded on their country. Imagine the scale of desertion and sign up for the 'organized militia' when their own and clearly tyranical government / a pack of corrupt and power hungry politicians are treading on their own country.

b6d600  No.626845


Right like they’ve done with every ban so far, I remember the mass uprisings and the near uniform resistance by police to enforce the 94 assault weapons ban. I could name dozens of incidents where the police refuses to arrest someone for breaking a hate speech law and refusing to carry out confinscations.

c13909  No.626847

File: 48a6143098d9483⋯.jpg (136.47 KB, 664x958, 332:479, Confederados.jpg)

File: fb0ef47424c10f8⋯.jpg (171.5 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1435246970643.jpg)


>You'd be better off in South or Central America

The next Confederados.

87fef4  No.626854


To be fair, the 94 ban did not have gun confiscations and had a 10 year sunset period. They banned production of new guns and after 10 years, it went away due to it not making a difference in any way. The sunset clause was the only reason why it was put into law and people put up with that bullshit.

c13909  No.626860

File: f3e267a5e3e66fd⋯.jpg (122.06 KB, 1000x757, 1000:757, mad-max-1979-001-poster-00….jpg)

It will probably go down like these anons >>622268 >>622264 >>622265 predict. The actual question is, Will they have enough TIME to slow boil the country? It all depends on how bad things get on the social, political, or economic fronts and how quickly it happens.

c0e5b2  No.627230

File: adbc9374fecf2e5⋯.jpg (74.24 KB, 836x500, 209:125, 2n8pzn.jpg)

or maybe a different way….

113f32  No.627281

File: da637e4b520e41a⋯.png (281.16 KB, 514x662, 257:331, cat.png)


>painting your flag on the ground for people to step on

what the FUCK americans

005af6  No.627341


>his city doesn’t paint fag and tranny flags on crosswalks so everyone can step and drive over them

Please nuke us

c0e5b2  No.627386

File: 0eba1cacf21a0c6⋯.jpg (79.25 KB, 836x500, 209:125, 2n8psx.jpg)

Fuck driving over them, scorched earth policy is best.

52871f  No.627431


>what will actual, real life gun confiscation look like if/when the 2nd amendment is removed from the constitution?

<he thinks the 2nd will need to be removed for gun confiscation to start

>he doesn't know


52871f  No.627433



Closer than the (((MSM))) says but it's significantly more than that. Close to, or surpassing 2 per citizen in the US.

52871f  No.627437


>They dont need to remove anything

There will be significant regulations and hurdles to sell and create guns, which will cover individual creation too. That way they don't touch the area of purchase which is protected. It's already started with background checks. Age minimums going higher and higher. Within 10 years there will be suggestions of 25yo+ for age requirements.

1e9bb2  No.627587


Not the Czechs, though. Also the Fins are pretty good because they have a lot of competitive practical shooting stuff.

498fd2  No.627589


I actually made love to that ground once.

ef82e9  No.627663


A lot of dead pigs.

ef82e9  No.627665


Some of us have diseases that'll kill us anyway.

Hope the idiots that come to confiscate plan on dying early, too.

16befc  No.627724

File: c789ced5147229a⋯.jpg (109.61 KB, 1149x681, 383:227, murdered.JPG)



As evidenced by the fact that in places like Maryland, the police will willingly execute "red flag" confiscations, and if the citizen and legal gun owner resists, they'll just murder him.

ef82e9  No.627771


This is literally the kikes plan

308ecb  No.627825

Only good ZOGbot is dead ZOGbot

6094b6  No.628215

They won't have to confiscate. All over the country they are legalizing marijuana, so they can deny gun licenses to people who participate in recreational use as well as medical use. They are also confiscating.

Personally, I don't participate in any drug use, but it certainly is an ingenious way to take our guns.

The dumbing down of America.


b83cfc  No.628222


That's clever, especially since potheads would rather lol blaze it than have 2A

666370  No.628338

File: 1632e6cfa5755ac⋯.png (255.62 KB, 547x422, 547:422, 1466888270254.png)


Actually, I'd rather have both. If anyone has a problem with that, I'll either buy my weed illegally, buy my guns illegally, or both. Anyone who says you can have one or the other is a tyrant, and anyone who would trade the right to have one for the privilege of having another is a coward.

6b6b7f  No.628405


Subtle, it'll be all "well hurr durr" and all that bullshit. You'll do your patriotic duty and whatnot. I think a lot of you will probably put up a fuss but the gubberment will rise against you and those that used to serve will say that this is no longer right for civilians. You'll probably get a shitton of more laws and registrations. Many of you will go ahead and register. All of this will take place over say, 25 years. 25 years later, you'll still be able to register for a firearm but expect 10 jamal's to come knocking at your door once you get the papers because you are now on a list and guns are banned mmkay. Slowly does it right?

d35498  No.628409


Another quality Austrlian post.

67e468  No.628547

Gun confiscation is a buzz phrase for leftists. It's a way to get the real pacifist bleeding hearts to vote for your blue candidate. It will never happen simply for >>622259 reason alone. There will be a small percentage of people that will play along because they're "good people" then the rest will literally sit with their crosshairs on the door.

It's an empty promise that will never happen because it puts too much at risk for to little reward.

b200b0  No.630066


>"Are your possessions worth a person's life?"

They're worth the lives of all the niggers in the world

83581d  No.630075

File: 68ac69f9a84b8f5⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 1500x999, 500:333, BunkerHill-small.jpg)


this picture triggers me everytime I see it and I hardly browse k

a26990  No.630078

File: 4535333d2361339⋯.jpg (170.62 KB, 640x542, 320:271, 22e05a90ecbb66e26496da2041….jpg)

0129a8  No.630181


organized terroristic skirmishes and a lot of gang violence against the rich areas of town (that won't end) and a lot lot lot of dead cops and national guard for about 10 years.

It won't happen, it'll be a slow etching away of every freedom including speech and religion. It's an organized 100 year communist takeover, all they have to do to win is make sure no one gets hungry.

695a3b  No.630183


Niggers aren't people, mate. You know better than that.

22d937  No.630403


>The US NEEDS guns gone

When did you become such a fucking pussy, Bruce?

ef82e9  No.630414


All this ammo ain't for show.

ef82e9  No.630415


Didn't know they had kikes in Australia.

087954  No.630416



>completely misunderstanding what Ausfag is saying

He's saying that the US government needs the guns gone.

7fd5f5  No.630423


>Gun owners are put on a registry.

>Government institutes "child safety tax", $100 a year to own as many guns as you want.

>Couple of years later it's changed to $20 per gun under a republican administration. The majority of gun owners own fewer than 5 guns so they celebrate this as a big step forward because in total they are playing a smaller gun tax.

>Exceptions are made for arms manufacturers, government agencies, and people who work for as an armed guard as the part of a licensed armed guard corporation.

>In unrelated news, what constitutes a "armed guard corporation" is put under strict regulation and it's extremely difficult to get the license required to run one.

>There's a case that's pushed under the rug where someone manufacturing a gun and publishing videos online is arrested for tax evasion. While he is in prison his ammo, firearms, and lathe are confiscated.

>Years later it's moved up to $50 per gun

>Over the proceeding years it's raised to $100, then $150, then $200, then $400, then under a democratic super-majority $1500 per gun.

>Over the years more and more people are arrested for "tax evasion" and have their guns and ammo confiscated after they are put in prison.

>Collectors, hordes, preppers, etc. are all hit the worst and either have to give up most of their guns or go to jail.

>Legal firearms are now primarily in the hands of the wealthy elite and the people who protect them.

>Criminals continue to own guns illegally, robbery and burglary rates increases as criminals realize that they have the monopoly on violence for basically every confrontation.

>The government uses the increase in crime to as an excuse to say "this is why you need to give us more power" and either increase the tax more or green-light some wasteful government programs that do basically nothing.

d52bdd  No.630447


We definitely have them but you're not replying to one.

7f7399  No.630458


>just let thieves go unpunished, bro!

3cc213  No.630720


Tsarist Russia had free gun ownership and lax laws (hence weaponised sjws blowing up people) . Soviet Russia had total gun control, totalitarian slaver tyranny and criminalized self-defense. Check how many million people died of war, terror, disease or fled during a civil war that lasted longer and killed more than WW1 in-between.

7f3704  No.630726


well actually tsarist Russia didn't mind starving people to death for the profit and rebelling against such peasants were literally beating do death (standard punishment for low born rebels were like 500-1000 canes). So USSR didn't need to invent much they just continued RE practices.

695a3b  No.630727


Delete your post and rewrite it. You look like a retard.

3cc213  No.630731


Tsarist famine victims numbered in thousands in frigid shitholes people shouldn't even live in, before mechanized agriculture and chemical fertilizers. Soviet famine had 4 million dead hohols in the most fertile land in Europe, 4 million Russians and Kazakhs more. Previosly peasants were so happy to voluntary give away guns and food Tukhachevsky used gas artillery against villagers. Imagine US Army General Tyrone Watermelon nuking Kansas to get a hint at insanity used to take away Russian guns, bread and lives - in that order.

0e5477  No.630761

The minute the US revokes the second amendment the country will become another Sharia state in the style of Canadastan, where ISIS inspired shooters will begin killing white men and raping white women at leisure because nobody will be able to oppose them as everyone will be unarmed.

666370  No.630765


>Gun owners are put on a registry

>D.C. burns like Paris


The pseudo-registration bullshit they already do for muh background checks is already too much.

3b2acd  No.630770

File: 7db16e5d734409c⋯.png (79.21 KB, 200x244, 50:61, 114_rp_fl_24_wilson_freder….png)


TLDR; No 80% lowers or blank receivers, No advertising of lowers and blank receivers, No parts kits that could be used to make a blank receiver into a semiautomatic gun or machine gun. pic related one of the niggers cosponsoring the bill.

>the Consumer Product Safety Act (15 U.S.C. 2052(a)(5)(E)), the following shall be considered banned hazardous products under section 8 of such Act

>(1) A firearm receiver casting or firearm receiver blank or unfinished handgun frame

>(2) An assault weapon parts kit.

>(3) A machinegun parts kit.

>(a) In general.—It shall be unlawful to market or advertise, on any medium of electronic communications, including over the Internet, for the sale of any of the following:

(1) A firearm receiver casting or firearm receiver blank or unfinished handgun frame

2) An assault weapon parts kit.

(3) A machinegun parts kit.

>the term “assault weapon parts kit” means any part or combination of parts designed and intended to enable a consumer who possesses all such necessary parts to assemble a semiautomatic assault weapon;

> the term “machinegun parts kit” means any part or combination of parts designed and intended to enable a consumer who possesses all such necessary parts to assemble a machinegun or convert a firearm into a machinegun;

>the term “semiautomatic assault weapon” means—

>a semiautomatic rifle or semiautomatic shotgun that has the capacity to accept a detachable ammunition feeding device; or

>a semiautomatic pistol that has—

> the capacity to accept a detachable ammunition feeding device; and

>any one of the features described in subsection (b);

7fd5f5  No.630775


>Put a gun up for sale


>Take the gun apart and throw the parts into a box

>Put the box full of gun parts up for sale

Whoa there, don't you know that's dangerous? Don't you want to protect consumer safety?

6ff31e  No.630806


Anti-gunners place some magical importance on manufacturers' serial numbers. The whole point of this is to stop home builds that don't have one.

3700bd  No.630848


no they dont. they know wha ttheyre doing and what theyre doing is chipping away at the second amendment. dont underestimate your enemy

3b2acd  No.630871

File: 67e7917857fcbae⋯.jpg (7.44 KB, 258x211, 258:211, cool guy no back ground tw….jpg)

6ff31e  No.630891


You mistake me. Of course they're chipping away, and I didn't say they weren't. They are choosing this route because of the whole "ghost gun" thing. The whole contention is serial numbers. Look up the anti-gunners take on "ghost guns". The part that scares them most is how they're "untraceable" without a serial number. The parts kit bill is an attempt to prevent such home builds. I never said it wasn't an infringement, and I'm offended at the accusation.

b83cfc  No.630924


What's scarier black salt rifles or ghost guns?

f0174c  No.630986


Plus black markets and underground gunsmithing / gun manufacturers at home and abroad will keep guns supplied.

ef26a4  No.631252


black salt ghost rifles, obviously.

f161c1  No.631308

File: f9c431c3451e19c⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 252x393, 84:131, Turnerdiariescover.jpg)


It will look something like this.

6453c7  No.631341


>criminalizing bestiality is "dark age"

What the fuck?

acca9c  No.631374


It's a law designed to punish people the law doesn't like, who can't be pinned on any real crime, with any measurable harm or victims (keeping in mind that it isn't necessarily forcible rape, bestiality just means 'sex with an animal', which is discussed in the Christian Bible - Mary was an animal fucker). It's a form of social control, by the group presenting themselves as the moral authority. That is very "dark ages". Ages ago it was the church, now it is the government.

Subtract your personal moral objection to that specific behaviour and replace it with any other that you or a large demographic would find abnormal and taboo. For example, look at unproved accusations of pedophilia in the last five years skyrocketing, with people often getting convicted on nothing. Should people be legally punished for homosexuality? A foot fetish? Smoking after sex? These could all be labeled as degenerate behaviours, but how do you draw the line at what is 'too' degenerate, and what is acceptable to punish people for?

Unless you can establish an objective standard as an answer to this problem, then we run into an ethical issue because otherwise, it will literally be people being stoned for damaging someone else's feels, over an issue based on faith and not logic. That's a pretty stark cultural definition of the period we call the "dark ages".

4aa415  No.631406



You're really not going to get traction promoting bestiality on this board, especially via pilpul arguments like that. You're either kikes or you are unwittingly using kike debate tactics.


Heh, and the kikes wonder why they always historically ended up expelled. Clearly expulsion hasn't permanently solved the underlying problem though---as long as they exist, whites will continue to have to deal with this kind of thing.

f34813  No.631425


You trying to impress god fag? Banning bestiality and figuring little boys gets you a ticket to heaven.

f34813  No.631429


That's all these people want to do is take, take take. Confiscate this and confiscate that. That's all they know how to do they don't have real job skills and they make up every excuse from anything just so they can take everything away from everyone and not have to lift a finger to make it.

What people want to have sex with animals? Sex isn't taking anything but count on the lazy piece of shit to use sex as an excuse to take guns away from people. Guns arent the only thing they want to take.

f34813  No.631434


What's wrong nigger white? You afraid if free white with guns because they would blow your fucking jaw off?

b83cfc  No.631437

File: 1a0c945564e9dfc⋯.jpg (190.64 KB, 906x1024, 453:512, 1a0c945564e9dfc55fbc27c067….jpg)

File: c137184c7df17be⋯.png (443.4 KB, 1506x3976, 753:1988, c137184c7df17be01571860619….png)


>legally punished for homosexuality?


>smoking after sex

If you're smoking current year cigarettes you should be shot for being a retard.

f34813  No.631440


Oh I'm a kike but you lying excuses to steal the clothes off my back? That's the way you do it? You're lower than a kike there's no better place for you than being ground to dust pig.

acca9c  No.631442


>promoting bestiality

>things that never happened.rtf



Try learning some reading comprehension before you post, you bluepilled bootlicker.

666370  No.631443


>source on the first is the 'Library of Hate'

Totally scientific and unbiased.

>second assumes all homos are men

b83cfc  No.631450


>>>/tv/1745984 why would anyone hate someone like him.

4aa415  No.631678


>Oh I'm a kike but you lying excuses to steal the clothes off my back?

No lies here, kike. We don't even want anything from you, per se. You're quite free to keep the clothes on your back when we put you in the mass grave.


>denies his original argument is pilpul

You can go in the mass grave too.

acca9c  No.631701


You don't even know what the word 'pilpul' means, and you are only using it as a cop-out to avoid having to actually express a meaningful opinion or stance. You know that the accusation you're making is empty and flawed, but you make it not because you actually have any good faith in the strength of your belief, but instead because you don't believe you can respond thoughtfully at all. Like most /pol/ Jews in denial, you're a philosophical zombie afraid to speak honestly because that would require you to face up to your inability to contribute to real discussion.

4aa415  No.632080


We will not countenance your pilpul arguments intended to lead to fallacious conclusions based on false equivalence and abuse of semantics. The fact that you are advancing the arguments you do is, ipso facto, proof you deserve liquidation. We've seen what your ilk has done, first to the Weimar Republic, and now to this country.

acca9c  No.632136


Is this just shitposting? No functioning human being could be missing the point this badly for this long, by accident. I don't even know how to respond to this, because you have yet to present any point that is possible to respond to. It's like you don't even comprehend your own words.

5e8686  No.632153


>There's a law

>Person breaks law

>Therefore laws are dumb and should be abolished.

fucking genius. It's not the constitution's fault that the government is shit. It's the US people's fault for being pussies and not violently overthrowing them as soon as they broke their oaths. Just because the man on watch was asleep, doesn't mean guard towers are shit.

4aa415  No.632170

File: 43bb449bdf51775⋯.png (130.02 KB, 612x792, 17:22, on debating jews.png)


The "point" you are trying to make is utter kikery. This is standard pilpul that intentionally attempts to lead to ludicrous / degenerate conclusions (c.f. "accept bestiality in society because otherwise it's a dark age, goyim!") via iterative abuse of semantics and appeals to various logical fallacies.

For the other streloks in this thread, this kind of pilpul is what lead to most of the judicial abuses of the Constitution in the 20th century, starting with Wickard v. Filburn where the Supreme Court decided that intentionally *not* engaging in interstate commerce, on one's own property, in a single state… was, in fact, interstate commerce. "You see, goyim, by not engaging in the interstate commerce, you potentially affect the prices in interstate markets. Therefore, not engaging in interstate commerce is itself also interstate commerce." nevermind that we just asserted A = NOT A in an argument, which violates basic logic and therefore allows us to "prove" whatever we want, goys This decision opened the door for the federal government to "constitutionally" regulate every aspect of our lives and is the basis for all the federal gun control laws you know and hate.

Streloks, learn to recognize kike arguments like this. When the conclusion they try to get you to accept is absurd, recognize that. Reject their argument. Avoid engaging in debating their semantic tarbaby positions—uncle Adolf said it best in pic related.

We will purge these kikes someday.

acca9c  No.632237


Literally nowhere, by anybody, was it ever even slightly implied that bestiality was normal or that it should be socially acceptable. The only thing I said was that creating laws against it when it is:

>an extremely rare occurrence

>in most cases a victimless crime

>when it does cause harm, already falls under sexual assault and animal abuse laws

>only pushed as a law to cause moral schism in society, virtue signalling to pretend legislators are 'doing something' to improve the world while real, important issues are ignored and intentionally worsened

>not endangering to society in any way unless someone brings harm to another person's property, which as stated before, is already illegal and always has been

… and so on - I could continue, but if you're any kind of honest or reasonable you should understand by now - is obviously wrong. These are laws designed to attack people and stack charges in courts over unfalsifiable accusations. You are openly and knowingly supporting a legal system that is doing everything in its power to legislate you out of existence and create more and more phony ways to control or crush you, and you don't care as long as 'this law doesn't affect me' or your personal bread and circuses aren't threatened.

Spamming the word 'pilpul' over and over and over again does nothing to reinforce the fallacious and intellectually dishonest position that you're trying to enforce, does nothing to make your strawman any less incorrect, and does nothing to change the fact that you are repeatedly saying fucking nothing and pretending that in doing so, you're making some profound observations about the argument. You're calling me a Jew to deflect away from the fact that every single word you've said has been nothing except for the things you accuse me of, while you can't substantiate your accusation whatsoever.

Logic and reason will always defeat your cowardly, supernatural LARP angles, and nobody is fooled by you pretending you're NSDAP.

e04119  No.632428


Millions and millions of people will hand them over when faced with the reality of their wives and kids being collateral damage in a gunfight.

The thousands who resist will be killed and painted as crazed, far-right psychopaths by the media in a propaganda campaign designed to terrify the remaining populace into handing over all of the rights they have left.

0a60a9  No.632584

File: bdc3c689150b547⋯.png (27.33 KB, 186x219, 62:73, 57B96242-8A71-4381-864A-48….png)


>"Uhh, your dopamine monitor indicates that you've never had sex. I can't sell you a firearm due to the incel terror act of 2022."


e9ae91  No.632623

>sudden argument about bestiality

I'm not wasting my time reading any of this and neither should anyone else, absolutely kike tier

da4716  No.632639

File: a3a1a19356cb96f⋯.jpg (38.77 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 1532041886874.jpg)

>remove second amendment from the Constitution.

<good luck with that

52b5cc  No.632826


Or, what will happen is Johnny Norperton will get killed refusing to hand over his guns in the suburb and the ATF/other agencies will kill his 12 year old daughter and 6 year old son in the crossfire. Agents/officers with a heart will feel gutsick about the whole thing, no matter how hard the media tries to spin it that "it was Norperton's fault his children died" it won't quell the anger people will have over dead kids from angry moms and the like, whole thing will backfire. Don't you understand why Waco and Ruby Ridge were absolute disasters?

Not only don't they have the sheer numbers of men for gun confiscation, they lack the morale to get killed on a regular basis and kill innocent civilians and their kids and collateral damage. Most of all even many gun controller supporting people will lose their stomach fast. The same faggot losers who pussied out of Vietnam will pussy out of killing enough Norpertons. The faggots who want gun control and hate violence will hate the violence gun confiscation causes. This irony is alone enough to stop the whole thing from happening, it will be exactly the opposite effect you think it will be.

The people who think gun confiscation in the US would go well just don't understand the entrenchment, the people with and against them, the politics, the nature of the beast. Still others think that Mount Everest is a big hill because they can see it all from the helicopter taking video on one screen, not knowing how big it really is.

They don't really plan on gun confiscation for many reasons, primarily the fact they know they can't spin the murder of thousands of innocent kids and civilians the way they want.

98c1b2  No.632828


By Allah (blessed be his name) it is worth their hands.

1f2fac  No.632835


the brass tacks of their current step is meaningless, they're working to an end goal, complete removal. their techniques aren't "make sensible incremental steps to our end goal," they propagandize and lash out at any open direction. fighting them on technicalities is missing everything.

05ac20  No.632840

File: fb02eda498ccaf1⋯.jpg (581.78 KB, 1400x1692, 350:423, 1542950157815.jpg)

Never gonna happen, and if it does, Civil War part 2, electric boogaloo

1d33f2  No.632863

Municipal zogbot and former nasty girl here. I unfortunately have to side with those calling bs on “our boyzinblue and state sanctioned militias wouldn’t do that.”

Yea, there are kommando lads present in both, and yea, the majority are right wing and support 2a. However, NG is mostly 19yo faggot retards who will jump on any excuse to suit up in their hand-me-down desert storm era IBA and go GET SOME, and most cops aren’t going to give up their fat pension; unless they feel it truly is wronging the population (including themselves and their families), or it’s a losing battle and their risking too much of their life/pension anyway.

And we all know that first caveat won’t happen. It’ll be rolled out and controlled in such a way to appear like the greatest thing for humanity since pocket pussies. Look at states with domestic violence laws where the female can say they got beat up with no supporting evidence, and dudes getting a knock on the door to turn all his shitty fudd rifles and keltecs in. That’s widely accepted as totally okay.

All I know is I won’t be the one on the other side of the door when people start shooting. There’s plenty of other jobs out there that pay just as well, with the benefit of not being absolutely despised by anyone that isn’t a boomer.

But tbh, even if the rest were likeminded and refused to participate, I’m sure plenty of liberal faggots would scab in the name of justice as newly appointed transitional peacekeepers. At least they’d be an even worse shot than the current employee base.

05d010  No.632897

They'd take them a little at a time via red flag raids. And everyone else would clap.

The US is dead. Only thing that'll save us now is getting nuked.

c0e5b2  No.633061

File: 3ee646c33268a3b⋯.jpg (317.49 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 2a (8).jpg)

0eda45  No.633157



He's saying the Jews need them gone, not that he wants them gone.

af7ac5  No.633262


>form asks "do you 420blazeitlol?"

>check no

4d9ae3  No.633269


>being illiterate

There is a registry.

6eecb2  No.633310


As a legal gun owner if a law is passed that makes it illegal for me to own what I have I will gladly turn it in to the authorities instead of breaking the law because not doing so would probably make me a felon who wouldn't be able to own firearms.

879243  No.633315


I hate my countrymen

f5d999  No.633327


The flag checks out.

b83cfc  No.633377


>Dead traitors everywhere. They won't stand a chance.

Gonna keep asking this until i get an answer, where were dead traitors in 1913, 1939, when AWB was passed, when 1965 immigration act was passed, when patriot act was passed, during or immediately after Waco

> Are all of you idiots and cowards, or just plain evil?

They do what they are paid for, and they are one of the most priviliged groups in USA, excluding bankers and politicians who have to live in fear of being stabbed in the throat.

>Dead traitors everywhere. They won't stand a chance.

d7c973  No.633383

America is fucked because its citizens are hypocritical, spineless, pussies that'll happily give up their rights and commit suicide for diversity and ZOG.

Rest in piss, americucks.

Why can't we have nukes fall on this shithole of a country? Death by nuclear fire looks more and more appealing by the day.

4bd01e  No.633384

File: 7881451ff128d2c⋯.png (510.85 KB, 638x480, 319:240, download2c6c89ee__2fstorag….png)


Happy Hannukah.

978a68  No.633388


You forgot to call us mulattos. You've GOT to call us mulattos.

693a9f  No.633480

a24335  No.633539

Bumpstocks are now officially "machine guns" and are banned, those who own or have any in their possession must destroy them without compensation, and it's acknowledged and accepted that you can make your own bumpfiring device without any legal consequences.

So what are you faggots going to do?

Nothing. You puff out your chest and make a big stink until it actually happens, then you just say "Well maybe not now, but later!" They're violating the 5th amendment by requiring you to destroy them on your own without compensation, does that motivate you any more? Or are you buckling yourself into the sled going down the slope?

a24335  No.633551


>everyone's shitposting in other threads

Yeah, I figured.

3cfefe  No.633572


Nobody cares, faggot. The jewnited states of muttmerica is beyond saving anyway. Might as well let it collapse completely and hope someone would put us out of our misery with a good nuking.

25449e  No.633573


Do not announce what you are doing just do it.

c422be  No.633680

File: 09686b0dcf9810a⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1500x1116, 125:93, TBD.png)


more like

d82e2f  No.633689


Go back to cuckchan.

e9c0af  No.634081

File: 38654c5c8a78d2e⋯.gif (3.76 MB, 500x290, 50:29, 2A every day.gif)

666370  No.634133



The spirit of America is the will to liberty. You aren't one of "us".

cead5a  No.634241

>"But we'll nuke you though!"


>"You're not kind and gentle, like we are!"


488fec  No.634249

First of all, I think we all know in our hearts that gun confiscation will be a slow process. Not all at once. ZOG will be slowly boiling us to death.

First it will be these evil scary bumpstocks that turn legal weapons into machineguns.

Next it will be silencers because we need to put a stop to Right Wing extremism

Then they'll ban "assault rifles". After all, they did it before under Clinton so there is precedent.

Next they'll gradually expand what constitutes an "assault rifle" until all we're left with is bolt action .22s registered with the ATF.

Eventually, White men will be banned from even owning that.

I desperately hope that Americans find it within us to actually use the Second Amendment for what it was intended for. But apparently, the elites have figured out that no amount of depravity and abuse of power is too outrageous to elicit an organized backlash from Americans. We just sit and take everything these hostile aliens dish out right up our asses. Sure we grumble and promise that NEXT TIME they will face a revolution. But we are already living in an Orwellian state that our parents swore they'd resist back in the 90s.

4725d2  No.634281


And the answer is ABSOLUTELY

048b1f  No.634285

File: 51f75a327660e8e⋯.jpg (44.46 KB, 750x375, 2:1, 63456.jpg)


>Then they'll ban "assault rifles".

Assault rifles are already banned by Based Trump via bumpstocs ban. You just didn't get the memo yet.

695a3b  No.634287

File: 3e9058b9aa0911c⋯.jpg (72.09 KB, 885x516, 295:172, laughing supervillains.jpg)


>We can now invade America because there's no longer a rifleman behind every blade of grass. - Vladimir Putin

Red Dawn soon, fellow Russian hacker.

99b59e  No.634290


>But apparently, the elites have figured out that no amount of depravity and abuse of power is too outrageous to elicit an organized backlash from Americans.

People don't revolt due to tyranny, corruption, or degeneracy. They revolt when the lights go out and when there's no groceries on the shelves, or when the checks stop coming in the mail, or when money becomes worthless.

048b1f  No.634294

File: 89b6a9b00244f40⋯.jpg (75.18 KB, 1469x1170, 113:90, 312312.jpg)


>People don't revolt due to tyranny, corruption, or degeneracy

They do. Thing is revolution is two side street. Its not only about peoples desires. Its also about desires of tyranny and tyranny's power. If tyranny is strong peoples desires don't matter, people are just crashed by state enforcers the end.

P.S. This is edited citation of most prominent and successful revolutionary in the history - Lenin.

e6514c  No.634297


>most prominent and successful revolutionary in the history

>Retake country after revolution has happened and the leaders fucked it up

Sure thing bud.

695a3b  No.634299


Didn't your own history, and those of the countries you've occupied teach you anything? Your American ancestors lived better than the English & Canadians prior to their revolution and the Confederacy was doing well prior to their secession. Both of them rebelled due to what they viewed as overreaches of government authority, not a lack of food, or inflation. If your theory were true, Venezuela would have armed guerrilla bands, America would've fallen in the Great Depression, alongside Weimar Germany and most of Europe, which isn't to mention North Korea. All that's required for revolt is a grievance almost always class, ethnic, religious, or ideological sufficient to galvanize a body of citizens. All that's required for an armed insurrection is that, and a body of citizens according to Mao and Guevara, twenty is sufficient with weapons and the willpower to persist for a period of years. If the discontent is widespread, the guerrilla effective enough, and the state fails to address either of these points, it results in revolution.

048b1f  No.634301


This is the story of success. Achieving great results with relatively small resources at hand by choosing right time and place to strike. And jokes on those who let Russia to slip from their hands after they did heavy lifting.

a0e9a1  No.634326


This. Either uncuck your shit up or stop pretending you are hot shit, burgers. 1783 was nearly two and a half centuries ago.

a0e9a1  No.634328


If said person is a complete stranger to me, certainly. My material possessions have major impact in my life, strangers' lives don't, unless if they are brown, then they have definitive negative impact in it.

c3fed6  No.634330


a0e9a1  No.634331


>. If you steal a pencil, not worth it.

Enabling theft always results in long term financial loss, just use a throwing axe or something.

c0e5b2  No.634432

File: 12d578a9eb8ea12⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 768x433, 768:433, 1544661137448.jpg)

f77737  No.634434

File: 8a540d6a1292117⋯.jpg (5.46 MB, 3600x2400, 3:2, alligator.jpg)

>Spergkraut is back to his American home address

Daily reminder he will never be white, or own guns.

cba5a1  No.634578


The fake kraut can always come back.

>I didn't say anything. Just posting the esoteric progress of the esoteric wall.

Well okay.

3dc581  No.634610


When will you do anything about it?

inb4 insult and insult

7856bb  No.634622


Do you think cops are superman or something like the t.v. and movies told you? You sure sound like a spineless, gutless demoralized NPC. Weapon-less yellowvests in France are just the tip of the iceberg.

7856bb  No.634635


>entire western world

If by that you mean globalism, then yeah.

337568  No.634639



Here comes the number one demoralized faggot.

Fuck you faggot, I'm going to do something about it.

7856bb  No.634652

File: 8ed3297b7661d4e⋯.png (13.62 KB, 679x427, 97:61, fbi.png)


Is that you, Mueller? Go to bed, old man.

99a596  No.634667


Yes, I will faggot. Your demoralization game doesn't work, yid.

6225ad  No.634679


I will be doing shit, and you cannot stop me, yid. Your hatred for americans and America tells me to live and live strongly.

And nope, US is not the only participant of WW2, do you forget the rest of the Allies?

inb4 WW2 was only won due to the US

7856bb  No.634680

File: b27e9c604cf8a85⋯.jpg (94.14 KB, 1000x659, 1000:659, 5-3.jpg)


You're a boring, broken record at this point.

7856bb  No.634688


>to do something

Like what?

7856bb  No.634691

File: 7e9861e7fa5333f⋯.jpg (242.3 KB, 800x1148, 200:287, jakub-rozalski-grunwald141….jpg)


>something other than sitting around

Such as what, specifically? What do you think the best course of action in this situation is? Do you have anything useful to say...

bc62c6  No.634695



We are doing something, and we are not telling you, yid.

488fec  No.634795


Geez. You sound like you're trying to get people to say something specific. I wonder what that could be and why?

e90283  No.635921

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trump bans a worthless plastic range toy, liberals think they've won.

Meanwhile Americans buy even more real guns made out of metal.

Only 400 million guns in private ownership, lets make it an even BILLION, folks! Visit your local gun store today!

52871f  No.635952


>what will actual, real life gun confiscation look like

The average /k/ user will hand over their guns like they're told to do.

The average boomer Vietnam/Korea vet will be murdered.

52871f  No.635953


It's not really a question. The answer is yes.

d47e75  No.635956


I'm late to the party, but fuck it.

To paraphrase John Locke;

If you're going to try and kill me, you're getting shot.

If you're going to try and use force to make me comply with your will, I can only assume that once you've got me in this state of submission you'd just as soon kill me if you had a mind for it, therefore you're getting shot.

If you're going to try and use force to separate me from my possessions, the same rules apply. Anyone who would take your property would just as soon take your liberty or your life, therefore you're getting shot.

2ed36a  No.635994

>"Hand in your guns, goyim. You'll get $100 and a McDonalds voucher for each one. Also you can keep your 9mm pistol, but you have to register it, and you have to hand it in if we ever decide you're too anti-semitic to have such a responsibility."

>demoshits applaud the move

>most repubs grumble and complain but ultimately go along with it

>a few streloks barricade themselves in their home only to surrender when the food runs out

c2badf  No.636030



>what will actual, real life gun confiscation look like if/when the 2nd amendment is removed from the constitution?

Gays will go commando and run through the streets shouting "LOOK AT MY FUCKING COCK". Transvestites will have parades to protest their equality, and blacks will take over the whitehouse… oh wait, all of that has happened and yet no confiscation. WTF do you morons have guns for if you arent going to protect your country from cock mad faggots?

d30129  No.636064

File: 9bfd9ad7fb2de1f⋯.jpg (194.32 KB, 570x570, 1:1, 9bf.jpg)

Our state constitution authorizes the Dept. of Public Safety, State Police, Vehicle Enforcement, Bureau of Investigation, Peace Officers, & Natl. Guard to arrest/disarm any federal force that attempts such an action. Would be interesting to see for sure.

25ba50  No.636089

File: b0a9031eb95ffec⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_20181227-014619….jpg)

Well I CAN tell you, THIS is what it looked like in California when they confiscated guns from victims of the recent fires.

5afc35  No.636128

Incrementalism. It's already happening. It has been happening for over a hundred years. Over time, the citizen-government gap will simply widen, it will become more difficult to buy and maintain guns and ammo, and eventually they will not even need to confiscate those remaining - they will be irrelevant. We're not far from that now.

9d52bf  No.636132


Literally how it works in Canada.

Fuck I hate our government.

8ea777  No.636149


>Our state constitution authorizes the Dept. of Public Safety, State Police, Vehicle Enforcement, Bureau of Investigation, Peace Officers, & Natl. Guard to arrest/disarm any federal force that attempts such an action.

Wow, what state is that?


>California being Canada-tier

Not surprised but it still makes me mad.


>You don't outlaw self defence, instead you create some arbitrary bullshit like "excessive force" which can mean

This is why I like our self defense laws, it states in plain English that if you fear for your life or someone else's you can use whatever force you deem is required to prevent loss of life. This has lead to farmers shooting at people in the darkness and getting off on grounds of self defense.

498171  No.636154


>4d chess unironically

d75503  No.636229


They're going to amnesty them and have an instant 8 million+ army that will have no fear of violence to use against the rest of us. cap this

695a3b  No.636230

File: 5ea7b28175826e4⋯.jpg (213.41 KB, 1024x848, 64:53, fig-s-1024x848.jpg)


Trump does it again! #MAGA

e90283  No.636400

File: dd7ff868494aecb⋯.jpg (194.49 KB, 1200x1750, 24:35, soy.jpg)

The liberals secret weapon is SOY. Its in nearly everything now. How can there be a resistance if we are all a docile as Hindu Cows, freed of the yoke of testosterone.

2ed36a  No.636403


>soy meme

You'd need to gobble up very large amounts of that shit for it to actually lower your test. You see cucks eating that shit because they're cucks that are all about "muh vegan" (soy being one of the main meat substitutes in most vegan diets) and peer pressure from other cucks, not because the fucking food turned them into faggots.

8ea777  No.636405


The only thing you have to be worried about is unfermented soy, soy sauce is fine since the fermentation process destroys the harmful compounds.

If I were you I would be more concerned about high fructose corn syrup being in everything.

86b82f  No.636625



you niggers don't seem to understand what 'soy is in everything' means. in burgerland, when you buy food, if it has a list of ingredients, soy is on it. you don't need to 'gobble up very large amounts' (though i'm sure you do) when there are small amounts in every single thing you put into your gaping mouth.

8ca77d  No.636654


soy sauce is awesome

6bb85e  No.637122


>He believes there's only 300 million guns in the US

I know a LOT of people in a very wide range of upcoming. I know far more people and families with guns than not. And I know many people with 20+ guns and I know a few people with 100+ guns and one person with 356 last time I spoke with him.

This is the case for most areas in the US with some people having in excess of 500-1000 firearms. There is most certain at least 450 million guns in the US both illegal and legal.

f9a588  No.637418

Too many guns and ammo for confiscation to work

d9272d  No.637541

how will zogbots know I own firearms if I don't tell them?

0b47db  No.637548


Do you live in an area that can be seen on Google Maps?

f81ad3  No.637551


yes, so?

029c9b  No.637671


>didn't read

f09c11  No.638094

I doubt there would ever be a mass confiscation. I think it will continue the way it has with a gradual infringement, more laws, more taxes, more regulations, more observations and registrations, slowly chipping away at 2A and making it gradually more and more difficult to own a firearm.

f09c11  No.638096

File: 23a710ad52952cf⋯.png (394.57 KB, 800x800, 1:1, XE round angular.png)


But people ARE consuming large amounts of it. In addition, soy is far from the only phytoestrogen or xenoestrogen that people are being exposed to on a daily basis.


c110e2  No.638105

File: 239a9f5710e5abc⋯.png (171.46 KB, 500x614, 250:307, IMG_0358.PNG)

Come and take them

2ed36a  No.638114


this is some advanced bait

565d2d  No.638130



12b7ff  No.638212

daily reminder that zogbots actively monitor this website and other "right wing" sites like gab, 4chan, etc. Be careful with what you say and always use a VPN whenever you say something on the internet. NEVER leave any identifying personal information, regardless of what it is.

37a3e7  No.638305

File: 4f40c4bf8147e77⋯.jpg (68.85 KB, 810x455, 162:91, Bump Stock.jpg)


Like this

3032fd  No.638357


The this point they should just do it for the lels.

3032fd  No.638358

File: 2fe5ffac2c96b7b⋯.jpg (96.33 KB, 573x709, 573:709, 2fe.jpg)

File: d774414cbe15f3f⋯.jpg (66.9 KB, 395x678, 395:678, FB_IMG_1546405747886.jpg)

File: 8ab51c892ef5af0⋯.jpg (140.17 KB, 625x747, 625:747, 12628023.599999987_buddhis….jpg)


Lol idc about AoC and if they wanna do something about it, they get shot. They tank the 2nd away who the Fuck cares about laws ne way?

e6514c  No.638361


What's the gun on 3rd pic? It looks like ar but the stock is folding.

6ebc2f  No.638364

nothing will happen because the kikes already brainwashed you into submission with communist frankestein radio control waves

54a5c7  No.638394

Americucks would either give up their guns and rights or be killed via red flag.

Enjoy becoming slaves. We all lost.

ac52ea  No.638399


Go away, Spergkike.

3032fd  No.638402


Not quite sure reminds me of some sort of modified AR-10

3032fd  No.638403


Likely a jew using a vpn

3032fd  No.638405


Lol ok

ac52ea  No.638410


He's in every single thread with his /intl/ and nu/pol/ drivel, and he hops IPs to spam fake reports at anyone who disagrees with him, to the point of outright trying to eliminate one of /k/'s most appreciated memes (Spergook). He sure is desperate. I would not be even the least bit surprised if someone is paying him to actively destroy the board. The worst part is it seems like BO is either too ignorant to notice the pattern by now, or he's consciously abetting it - both of which mean we need a new BO and fast, one who will actually defend the content and freedom here and actually deal with shitflingers. I don't want to believe it, but things have been the same for months and anyone who hasn't seen how poor our moderation is already must have a huge capacity for Jewry.

59ed14  No.638413


>implying you have to be a kike to be blackpilled

>not seeing things for how hopelessly fucked they are

>not giving out blackpills

Complaining and calling me a kike won't change that the jewnited states is beyond saving. It won't change that americucks would ultimately do nothing. It won't change that the only ends for us is either slavery to the jews or death by redflagged. It won't change how the entire western world is fucked and will follow suit. Face it, we all lost. What's the point of even trying anymore when everything is stacked against us. For all the talk of SHTF and "w-we'll do something", I haven't seen jack shit. There will be no SHTF and none of you will do anything.

ac52ea  No.638425


Whatever helps you sleep at night, Spergkike. Do you know what percentage of the American population participated in the Revolution? Do you know what percentage were antagonistic loyalists who actively surrendered arms and worked against the patriots? Do you know what percentage of the French population is in the Yellow Vests? Do you know how many men were in the Continental Army? Do you know how hard it was for those men to arm themselves compared to now?

Less than a half of one percent of the population in a barely organised insurgent militia won independence against a larger, better armed, more mobile professional military who had logistic support and superiority. They did it with flintlocks. Today's Minutemen outnumber the totality of United States military and law enforcement personnel - including active duty, reservists, retired, and even pencil pushers - by a factor of over 100:1.

It hasn't happened yet, because we've been too nice to you. Men have grabbed their rifles and run outside many times to find that their neighbours weren't ready yet, but every day the people get a little more paranoid. Nearly everyone predicts widespread violence within the next decade, and have been since 2015. When that happens? You cannot win. You have no power here.

86d33e  No.638444


>muh revolution

Means kinda jack shit when you aren't counting France supporting the fledgling US in order to spite the Brits.

You're aso forgetting that the militias of you're were composed of real men. Today's is composed of fudds who'll gladly support salt rifles getting banned and feds who'll shut you down the moment you think about trying shit.

The population is filled with soyim and normalfags who'll clap when "right-wing extremists" get redflagged and killed.

The government has done everything in its power to shut you down before you even begin anything.

You have no friends, no people to rely on, are outmanned and outgunned, and they know it.

By the time enough people get upset enough to do something, it'll be far too late. We lost. End of story.

So, what are you going to do about it? I'll tell you what. Nothing.

ac52ea  No.638450


That's what you're counting on, because you're afraid. There is no "We", because you aren't one of us. You're a coward who is afraid of the future and what it brings, and you want nothing to be different, which is why you've spent the past several months wrecking every thread posted here with your messianic ramblings and attacks. Every day you wake up and pray that the fall won't happen because you can't fathom the idea of losing the comforts that have been afforded to you by the privilege of the modern bread and circus. You are allergic to change. The day when you realise what you are and how wrong you've been is the day your world collapses around you, and to compensate for your hollowness, you come here to try and make other people like you. To prosetylise cuckoldry with every breath, to pretend you're some kind of savant who can read the human condition. You pretend nobody has ever done anything because your belief relies entirely on ignorance of the truth. You probably have never even heard of Ruby Ridge, or if you did, you shut your ears to it.

You're the kind of spineless worm who makes reports to the police when you do hear about people planning things, because on the inside, you wish nothing would happen. Your life is pathetic and meaningless, and you know it.

86d33e  No.638463


>pretend you're some kind of savant who can read the human condition

Yet, you like to make up stuff about me.

I'm merely stating the obvious. Nobody would do anything. Nobody did anything after WW1, FDR's bullshit, WW2, Ruby Ridge, Waco, the numerous bans we've had, the immigration act of 1965, the bump stock ban, and will likely continue to do nothing. Americucks go on and on about how they'd do something. Then why hasn't anyone done something for all this time? It's because nobody would do anything.

I have given up. There's no point in trying anymore when you know you'll be outnumvered because nobody else would do anything except stab you in the back and throw you under the bus. it's all hopeless.

You assume I'd make report to the police? Why? It would just be a waste of time even if I did remotely consider calling. If you actually gave me proof that you'd do something, I would shrug and let you do it while guessing g how long it'll take for you to fail.

Life is hopeless. Everything's hopeless. The only real thing to look forward to is an end to things.

Give it some time, I'm sure you'll come to see how pointless it all is too.

4162ca  No.638472



80f908  No.638485



>I have given up.


These are the same faggots who would be your corrupted politician, parasitically siphoning your energies to do their bidding.

Thread note: The zogbots who actively violate their constitutional oath need their names enumerated to be held accountable for treason when the time comes. They cannot be be allowed an ignorant pardon. These people take your livelihood and right to self preservation under the pretense of selfless service. This is the literally the divide of accountability and integrity bought and sold through depravity. If we fail, thats that. If we succeed in only liberation without ammending the vulnerability, we've set ourselves to learn of failure again.

80f908  No.638494


Ill start.

Cpl. Jessica Hooper

Officer Gary Zawodny

Mudered Gary Eillis of Baltimore without due process, on an unsubstantiated claim, and on his dime.

b5d2a9  No.638551


Go back to cuckchan.


And take your samefagging with you, Spergkike.

717c47  No.638592


Excuse me, so where's the proof that german civies owned MG34 or ANY MACHINE GUN for that matter in Hitler's administration?

515eda  No.638633



>Being this obvious

343ec7  No.638793

They don't need to wait for a constitutional reform to confiscate guns, just a national emergency like a tornado is enough for them to do that to prevent looting. Just like they did in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Realistically most people would not resist violently for obvious reasons but hiding guns is plenty likely. The moment you need guns the most is when law and order collapses. Taking people's right and ability of self defense at that time is truly evil.

343ec7  No.638794


Or just dont incite people to violence since thats all they really care about. You know because they hate freedom and free speech.

aa5a9e  No.638814




Reported for spamming.

Man, it's so obvious now.

42f9de  No.639362


>356 guns

That's a lot for just personal recreation or self defense, does he own a business or something? Like range rentals?

0b47db  No.639453


How is that any of your business?

6e4f0d  No.639579


I know a guy at the 300+ mark, and it's literally just because he likes guns and has fucktons of money.

0c0367  No.639664


>make 20k a year


Pick one

42f9de  No.639696


Just federal curiosity : ^ )


I see, it's guitar acquisition syndrome extrapolated to guns.

d4dd24  No.639868

File: e0913e6717a6d74⋯.jpg (48.55 KB, 600x381, 200:127, swatted.jpg)

If I were them, I wouldn't go door to door. I would stage it like SWAT raids. Only 1 house per neighborhood, every once in a while. This will take advantage of the whole, "I'm glad it's not me, they probably deserved it" syndrome. Never announce anything, just slowly go one at a time with ERPO's, or other declarations of incompetence.

However, I have always thought the sadistic fuckers would make a "Cops" tier show out of confiscations. 2 MRAPS and 20 storm troopers show up for your AR, your move cowboy. Lights, camera, action.

Final thought, Boomers shooting ZOGbots on front doors steps across America is their only chance at redeeming their complete shite generation. This would actually be a much needed dose of attrition that would make the ZOGbots think twice about this shit.

d4dd24  No.639869


>There's hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of Americans who are preparing for that exact situation where the feds try to take their shit.

However, it's only 1 household at a time that will be targeted. Your militia will be home at bed at 3am, and it will be you, your dog, and a houseful of family behind you. If you don't want the SWAT team greasing everyone, you'll comply. Only loners and crazy dudes will fire, because it's a guarantee kamikaze moment. They aren't just going to send 1-2 cops, they will send a brigade.

I'm not optimistic. The best case scenario, is for some swinging dicks to wage a pre-emptive war on the local gun grabbers. This is unlikely, because I don't foresee gun confiscations ever being announced publicly.

d4dd24  No.639870

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

They are going to try. Feinstein just tried again yesterday.

d4dd24  No.639871


the dust on my floor is more beneficial to the world than any shitskin nowadays

d4dd24  No.639874

File: e0867139d9d2b89⋯.png (86.19 KB, 959x593, 959:593, map states with red flag g….png)

File: 73cc101e94f5703⋯.png (70.45 KB, 1001x837, 1001:837, red flag gun laws.png)


13 states have ERPO legislation

d4dd24  No.639875

File: b3b790ceeff5772⋯.jpeg (303.09 KB, 1242x1125, 138:125, military guy fired penis ….jpeg)

File: 072443a4b97bd09⋯.png (430.97 KB, 667x390, 667:390, military hard at work.png)

File: 4c4f7c874737438⋯.jpg (74.14 KB, 634x415, 634:415, military trannys.jpg)

File: 0ffb727287d5f60⋯.jpg (101.3 KB, 885x516, 295:172, military walks a mile in h….jpg)

File: 42a729c28179885⋯.jpg (229.61 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, military women.jpg)


>and give rise to military intervention

lol. I think obongo's firings took care of most of that. TV did the rest

e12eb0  No.639990


Boom! Mic Drop!

Well said.

6ad9be  No.639996

File: ad2ade9459c4121⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 492x449, 492:449, 816f83f667d9075e9144b13a06….jpg)


Why won't the gun-grabbing kike leave us alone?

a42cf9  No.640012


Land of the "free"

80ec70  No.640015

File: 74646f37d09818f⋯.jpg (87.33 KB, 604x400, 151:100, 1466163854148-1-k.jpg)


Amen, brother. Every man has the right to an FAL on his right arm and a stallion's beautiful flared length on his left. As glorious .308 slides into the rifle's well lubricated chamber, so too does your cock bottom beautifully in the silken folds of that thick, muscular, winking horse pussy. If anyone protests, shoot them for trespassing on your property.

Ave nex alea!

80ec70  No.640029


We do live in America, Strelok. If you have the land to raise one, and are willing to provide good food and water, nurturing care, proper attention and socialisation, exercise, so on... why not just buy one? Treating animals just like cheap toys for when you're bored is nigger behaviour. To an upstanding individual, his livestock are his friends and family. Caring about them so much is why we domesticated dogs, after all. Besides, you have to make sure the animal consents. Rape is wrong no matter what species.

45f008  No.640076

80% lowers are complete and ready to go. Im ready.

15b23a  No.640081

How would gun confiscation work? Oh,it would work something like this: In 2021,newly elected President Kamala Harris issues an executive order to turn in all semi auto rifles and handguns and all magazines holding more than 5 rounds. ..What then? There are very clear signs of what would happen. Remember that``Million Muslim March set for 9/11 few years back?At the thought of a bunch of Muslims gloating en masse in DC, 600,000 to 800,000 bikers showed up. Those numbers are BTW from the Md. and Va. State Police. What if they had all been armed? What if a victorious Dem president ordered everyone to h. and them in?..On the day of a joint gathering of the House and Senate a spontainious ,word of mouth movement promoting a truly amazing event. On that day 2 or 3 million gun owners would converge on DC to personally hand in their guns in``a lovely gesture of peace'' By the time Dem panic begins its far too late. As the Patriots race toward DC they have picked up every Nat. Guard unit and Sheriffs Dept. By the days end all Dems are hanging from the lampposts of Pennsylvania Avenue. Thus begins America 2.0 Think it cant happen?600 to 800,000 just to stop Muslims bragging. It will happen.

7c1555  No.640084


you're optimistic

there's no spine left in Americans. If there was, we wouldn't have gotten this far into fuckery.

cd386a  No.640087


Eternal optimism. Nothing you would know about, ayylmao.

237019  No.640201


>no bfa on end of barrel

lol wut

f62ada  No.640244


Go away, Spergkike.

68fe1d  No.640365

File: 403c58927b125f2⋯.jpeg (238.2 KB, 750x1035, 50:69, 2A9BBCF3-8184-4DF5-940A-2….jpeg)


739801  No.640388

File: c72f52123cd689e⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 333x358, 333:358, abstract_jewry.gif)


>Feinstein is being a kike.

In other news we have found that the sun is hot.

d68411  No.640760


>Wow, what state is that?

Texas is one of them.

83581d  No.640783

File: 2fead1790d0534f⋯.png (618.29 KB, 742x720, 371:360, seems based on emotion not….png)

dd9443  No.640835

File: 42bba9f90bbbcb7⋯.mp4 (4.93 MB, 768x432, 16:9, Watch Feinstein react to T….mp4)


Always post the whole context pls.

1d3d1f  No.640873


Wasn't that mass shooting in Sacramento done with 10 round AR magazines?

2eec3c  No.640878

File: 54a5c7df271ac03⋯.png (215.22 KB, 499x602, 499:602, 54a5c7df271ac0303d5faa93f9….png)

How expensive did 22lr become at the height of the scalping? Trump could lose the election because he might not get the wall.

Would it be a bright idea to buy some cases of ammo to prey on the scalpers?

e6883c  No.640881

File: 6abf2bbca18a0a7⋯.mp4 (5.39 MB, 288x224, 9:7, Gun confiscation US.mp4)


Reminder that the military also went around to all the white neighborhoods, handcuffed anyone they could find and then raided their houses for any and all guns before releasing them disarmed back to the nigger hoards during Katrina.

2eec3c  No.640882


oh ya, they did that to individuals who were guarding expensive homes.

95c96c  No.641253

excellent resource here:




72b73d  No.641290


>what will actual, real life gun confiscation look like if/when the 2nd amendment is removed from the constitution?


dae46d  No.641293

Reminder that americucks will do nothing and happily surrender their guns, suck dick, and become the goodest slaves to the jews just like they want.

What a bunch of subhumans. I'd love to see them all burn alive and masturbate to their screams.

a34be2  No.642265

>thinking that it will be a sudden confiscation of guns and not a gradual stripping of gun rights over many generations

bb0df4  No.642422


>thinking the shitty government and country you are running will be around long enough to complete the multi generational process

c0e5b2  No.642693

287bb7  No.643025


Well considering that gun confiscation is illegal, I imagine the Judge/Senator/Congressman and anyone involved will be hanged for treason as the Constitution is the 10 Commandments of the United States Citizen. Any infringement on my rights as an Individual, and a descendant of the Father's of Liberty. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week, but I guarantee you will be hanged if you choose this route. God bless USA. MAGA. Unite the Populist movement and reinstate common sense governance…or reap the consequences of a Final Crusade.

287bb7  No.643026


Schills like you make me lawl. I would beat you in any form of warfare, any form of hand to hand combat. The reason you'd like to see us burn alive is because you know you couldn't face us in combat. That pussy heart of yours knows nothing about the trials and tribulations of a Son of Liberty.

287bb7  No.643027


LOL…you think just a few million in USA have guns? As a great and wisdom filled Chinese philosopher/warrior/general once said. There is a gun behind each blade of grass in the United States. Let me be very clear; This is the truth.

b0f875  No.643146


They made a whole lot of people felons overnight with the bumpstock ban. These were lifelong taxpayers with no prior record. Overnight through no fault of thier own instant felons. This can only go well for the authorities.

33f7b3  No.643157



You know what your problem is, Chaim?

33f7b3  No.643159


What difference does it even make? The 240 jams worse than my sandwiches even in the best conditions.

f4c8a7  No.643161


Yeah you lost, that's why you're ordered to shill here.

a85e2a  No.643176


And do they all work? Have they all been regularly cleaned and serviced? Does the owner have ammunition for all of them? I would bet good money that fully HALF of all the guns in America have been sitting in closets and sheds unused for decades without any ammo in the same house. Tons of people in rural areas have guns just to have them, or buy them as young teenagers, shoot some bottles and cans, and then get bored and shove them into a box somewhere.

It's like saying that there's X number of "cars" in the USA and implying that all of them, if the time arose, could be used to run a race; when the fact is: you know damn well a grand number are sitting up on fucking cinderblocks rusting away to nothing. This is the same thing.

And we haven't even TOUCHED the issue of how many people who own the working guns can use them with any degree of competence.

898b9b  No.643351

As this man famously said: FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ju4Gla2odw

It looks like a civil war!

35f512  No.644186


Jews are only as powerful as christians let them be

b83cfc  No.644190


Muttmerica was founded on religious frredumbs ;DDD

That's why it's #1 golem of Israel.

1415ff  No.644228

File: 2eb44e681b6fa0c⋯.jpg (98.43 KB, 1770x216, 295:36, 5a8578-.jpg)

35f512  No.644706


The only way 0.2% of the world population can control the rest, is because you let them do it.

287bb7  No.644709


Don't generalize a nation. If we removed all the libtard commie judges that Obumer put in place, I think we will be just fine.

00c311  No.644917


>a great and wisdom filled Chinese philosopher/warrior/general

That quote was falsely attributed to the WW2 Japanese admiral Isoroku Yamamoto but its original source has yet to be determined. It is something he would say though as he expressed similar sentiments throughout the war.

637079  No.653932


>>"hand in your guns"




>>cue civil war that gubbermint can't win



The EXACT SAME Jewish Banker/Globalist group that did it in the vast heavily armed former Russian Empire is EXACT SAME group doing it today in USA (and rest of West).

IIRC, the (((Soviets))) promised all sorts of freedoms, and even promised to PROVIDE printing presses, etc. I'm pretty sure on paper everyone had Gun Rights even in the gulag.

I haven't seen any history of how the Jews did that in the USSR, but I'm guessing they used troops from diff ethnic groups to disarm other ethnic groups and THAT will be how it works in USA.

Although Katrina proved that White "good old boy" police and NG are ZOG 1st, badge-niggers 2nd, scumbags 3rd, and "Americans" maybe 7th or 8th somewhere down the list.

IIRC, not only did they GLEEFULLY do totally illegal Gun Grabbing from grandmas, not a single one objected or questioned it…..even AFTER THE FACT.

AFAIK, there isn't a single narrative/expose from any of the Katrina ZOG-bots, not even in the "now I know I was wrong" vein.

637079  No.653934


>Don't generalize a nation. If we removed all the libtard commie judges that Obumer put in place, I think we will be just fine.

courts been a joke long before Obama was even getting coffee for the Clintons.

e3e492  No.653946


>IIRC, the (((Soviets))) promised all sorts of freedoms

(((Leftists))) invented human rights, and for now, Soviet Union still is in the lead of how many human rights it offered.

In USSR they did it mostly through class warfare rather than direct ethnic warfare (however the Empire's strength was in its diversity so indiscriminate murder was made easier) where Lenin had a really brilliant but ultimately false idea that

<they will sell us the ropes we'll hang them with

that in reality meant

>judeo-capitalists will fund our communist revolution to murder everyone from the middle class because the actual bourgeois is well outside of our reach

America was a land of opportunity so even a nigger could technically become someone successful, but for the most part it didn't work out for them due to being niggers so instead of the old and tired "kill the rich middle class" they go for KILL WHITEY

637079  No.653948


>>>653934 (You)




>Muttmerica has been a miserable trainwreck from day one.

I wouldn't say from Day One. First big mistake was allowing large numbers of Catholic Irish, and worse allowing them into Govt and Civil Service due to their English skills.

That was first big widespread corruption in US Govt with the "Irish Mafia" AKA police.

920896  No.653955


>leftists invented rights

>Soviet Union had the most rights

Gott strafe Spergkike

6991b2  No.653983

File: b388613a4fffc24⋯.jpg (161.73 KB, 510x680, 3:4, white-cargo-cover.jpg)


They were already here well before the revolution thanks to indentured servitude

f072b2  No.655808

File: c2a6eae98340eb9⋯.jpg (38.59 KB, 680x381, 680:381, Nemesis.jpg)


It will largely be unseen. Financial penalties, loss of government services, asset seizures, silencing of prominent opposition. Eventually, those that hold out will have warrants issued. They will eventually get pulled over for something unrelated and hauled off to jail while the public assumes that they are common criminals. The media no doubt will be in full support/psyop mode as usual. "Republicans" will whine a bit about the constitution and won't take significant action.

Also, see this


68fe0b  No.655810

File: dcd29b100a3aedc⋯.png (319.2 KB, 934x1170, 467:585, Antifa Scum 1933-2000.png)



This piece of shit is probably an extremely butthurt antigunner /leftycuck/ who is shilling for the anti-gunner faggot CHICOM spy, yang. Anyway it's reported in the hopes that BO will get up from his fucking nap.

9b41e4  No.655817


nice SBR

i would probably not post a pic of that even if i had the stamp.


4c182e  No.670302

>redflag laws

>militia cucks cucking out at the border

we're already there

ed7e25  No.670317


>have a firearm that's a family heirloom for 3 generations

>a day comes where an urban youth comes in at 3 AM to borrow some sugar, through your back door

>stumbles into living room and accidentally grabs your TV

>shoot him because you hate minorities and equality

>Police confiscate your gun forever as evidence while wasting your times in courts to pilpul self-defense from burglary into hate crime assault and murder.

Do you really have guns?


Little known fact, "Racism" was invented the same year, and during the same event as Antifa, 1935 during VII comintern congress

ac4633  No.670318


>Little known fact, "Racism" was invented the same year, and during the same event as Antifa, 1935 during VII comintern congress

That's not even remotely true. That word was in use 40 years earlier. Are you retarded? Why would you necro a thread for this?

5de502  No.670337


That's not a question I'm going to ask myself. That's a question the nigger I shot when he broke into my apartment is going to have to answer for himself. The only question I have to ask myself is do I call the police, or cut up the coon in my bathtub? And given the state-enforced coddling of the American negro, I think we all know the answer to that question.

6aebdd  No.670339

Would US Military coup to support the citizens, or support their handers?

6aebdd  No.670340


Mexico. It has a weak central government so it can't enforce its gun laws, and large territories are controlled by narco-militias. Prop up a cartel and it can secede from Mexico completely.

5de502  No.670341


Hell no. A coup implies military leadership overthrows civilian leadership, and I don't see that happening as long as military pensions exist. Mass desertions are much more likely, but even then, General Dipshit and Sergeant Major Dumbfuck aren't just going to sit on their hands while their trigger-pullers take off with their issued gear. Bases would get locked down right quick, and the good goyim NCO's and Junior Officers would ensure it stayed that way.

eb716a  No.670349

File: b61f3bbcddae68e⋯.jpg (423.86 KB, 514x836, 257:418, 1461163832523.jpg)


Holy shit this video is gonna give me an heart attack. I have read a lot about this but never actually seen footage of it, that's some absolutely infuriating shit right there.

6ff31e  No.670365

File: 5338f9c822b4a66⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 370x281, 370:281, fe25fa75d63877dbaa05710d7f….gif)


Go ahead and kick in the door faggots.

a30866  No.677376



Your IQ is showing, anon.

af9ef5  No.677377


Yes. It's not the numerical value, it's the principle.

Property is a fundamental human right and is worth killing and dying for.

You know who doesn't have property?

Slaves, because they are one.

f5d999  No.677381




7b8ed4  No.677382


There will never be confiscation, if they ban something, people just stuff them in their closets and government doesn't bother looking. Something that is buried or only taken out to the woods to shoot it where no one will ever see it is already effectively gone.

Kill any new supply entering the market, educate the next generation that they are scurry highly illegal things and wait out until the people hiding them die or get redflaged and presto, your work is already done.

It's a tool that is useless unless someone is there to use it, and as we have seen every single time their is a ban or confiscation, they just hide them and keep on keepin on.

7dc30c  No.677385


The biggest problem is a rightist military coup in the United States due to be ordered to attack civilians. Excluding pogues, the DoD is comprised of rightists.

7b8ed4  No.677388


you are giving zogbots way too much credit



7b8ed4  No.677411


look for the full video that is like 10 minutes, included them beating up an old woman for having an unloaded revolver

000000  No.677432

Firearm confiscation will remove that ability for the citizens to fight back against the state and will signal the end of freedom in the US.

Venezuela can't flush Marduro because Marduro disarmed the population "for the children." He then armed subjects loyal to him. Tipping the balance of power in his favor.

An outright confiscation is too bold and would likely signal a civil war. Even with a buy back to remove the monetary loss.

Instead of outright disarmament, they use the bureaucracy and activist judges to chip away at gun rights, making it infeasible for firearms manufactures to do business. Cascades of frivolous lawsuits and ridiculous certification schemes are the current tool of confiscation.

I foresee them demanding progressively more aggressive registration and certification processes like micro serialized firing pins. http://www.firearmsid.com/pdfs/microserialnumber.pdf

Firearms not conforming to this silly requirement are unable to be sold in Commiefornia. Manufacturers don't want to adjust their manufacturing process so many of their products can't be sold there.

it goes like this

implement burdensome rule devised by communist college professors ;

require manufacturers to conform to arbitrary silly rule for certification ;

court battle takes decades to resolve ;

if the state wins stop here ;

if the state loses perform another cycle using a different rule ;

While leftist communist activists abuse the courts and play games the rights of the citizens are suppressed in favor of state control.

Abuse of the judiciary is the tool of disarmament.

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