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File: 9cfe21069383925⋯.jpeg (432.5 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, 014C8699-DF5F-40AF-AB7C-1….jpeg)


Is it any good? I got gifted it from a friend and curious on what I should expect. Thought I’d come to leftypol and ask you guys since probably would be the people to ask


It is redpilled and based and shows how khrushchev was a good communist who wanted to reign in stalins retarded paranoia


>bourg films




I hear it's okay


This movie was one of the best movies i saw from last year. Not just in terms of terrific production and incredibly poignant themes. But it was genuinely a fun time all the way through.



Sounds revisionist to me.


it misconstrues a lot of history to paint Stalin and the NKVD as some force which was nonstop going around Moscow imprisoning people and raiding apartments all the way up until 1953.

besides shit like that it was enjoyable. good casting and humour, i give it a 7/10.



Capitalist roader detected. Fuck off, shill.



>More Ultra Autistic Screaming

Are you claiming the Purges (Most of which are unjustifiable and a clear breach of Soviet Democracy) never happened?

And are you claiming that Stalin wasn't particularly paranoid about other members of the party?


It's a funny liberal movie, don't expect anyone to be portrayed in a positive light, especially not Stalin.



Genuinely shite film. Even outside of ideology, personally it wasn't funny at all, unless historical figures saying fuck is the height of comedy for you.


It's good but it lays on the anti-communism way too thick. The NKVD shooting thousands of people trying to enter Moscow? They must've known people would actually believe it and put it in there for that reason.


Thought it would be funny, but most of the humour didn't resonate very well with me. Tabor is always funny though, and I liked Zhukov.


It was a decent black comedy. Obviously they took many liberties with the known facts, and all in the direction of inflating the supposed repression and murder occurring, as can be expected of liberals. But if you can't filter that out, you might be severely autistic.



I view the movie in the same way I'd read Shakespeare: in a bubble of condensed time. Makes no sense that two 14 year olds fall in love and commit suicide within the span of 3 days, but the audience knows all events are shortened to the good bits for the sake of entertainment. I didn't really want to see Khruschev and the gang going about their daily lives filling out paper work.


His other work is pretty amazing, In the Loop and its show The Thick of It are hilarious. Haven't seen death of Stalin though.



>And are you claiming that Stalin wasn't particularly paranoid about other members of the party?

was he wrong to be though?


>Cyrilic stylized to latin writing

Saint Cyril didn't die for this




It's like Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich except as a movie and with edgy ironic/unironic jokes. The movie's cast were the typical, "my grandma lost her pony to de evul soviets".

Save yourself the trouble and watch The Russians are Coming!



It's funny if you aren't completely humorless or you haven't become weirdly personally invested in 20th century movements that had nothing to do with you.



>if you aren't completely humorless

The humor is literally the lowest of the low, its amusement factor is at the level of fucking suicide jokes.

>you haven't become weirdly personally invested in 20th century movements

1) This is /leftypol/

2) Political humor ought to be done with some measure of tact and actually be clever. There is plenty of humor to be found in the USSR, but not in this subject or in this way

>nothing to do with you

Oh yeah totally nothing to do with you, after all it's a film about the death of a man who literally shaped world politics and thus the future for more than a quarter of the 20th century.






Im a really big comedy fan, but Death of Stalin just really isn't very funny to me.

Even beside the anti-communist ideological problems, the humor just wasn't particularly funny to me. There we good moments but overall just not great, like a 4/10 at most.


One only has to look at the depiction of Zhukov here.

Movie: a stuck-up, neurotic, elitist warmonger; constantly in his parade uniform spouting unironic gulag jokes taken off the internet.

Reality: A man who grew up in poverty, rose in military ranks through consistent and constant military experience and among the top 10 brilliant generals of the Eastern Front. A man who respected Stalin and demanded that officers set an example for their troops. A man who preferred to dress and live quietly.

Political, dark humor is very hard to get right; it must be like a razor, where it cuts easily but not painfully and exposes the face of the matter. This requires refined and delicate writing especially when caricaturing certain individuals and must be supported with excellent acting and attention to detail.

This film has none of that. The jokes are crude and blunt, like a poorly sharpened axe and about as funny, it doesn't expose a layer of humor so much as behead it entirely. The actors, while many of them brilliant in the past, were extremely poor here, mostly because the personalities they were directed to act as did not even resemble the people they were supposed to be. Beria is the most striking example, coming off as a jittery slime-bag, something so different from the actual person and his behavior that it is through great difficulty one relates the character with the real person.

The details are also lacking. Stalin was buried in snowy weather, the film shows it as cheerful sunny weather, his death left many people affected heavily including people such as Vladimir Vysotsky who dedicated a poem to the man bewailing his untimely death, and he was far from alone.

The most problematic is the biases of the people who made the film. The director has publicly attacked the USSR and Stalin more than once, several actors supposedly had "repressed family members" something that is as ambiguous as it is doubtful, and over-all the point from the get go was not to create a dark, political comedy about the situation, (a situation that frankly isn't funny at all even from that perspective), their purpose was to lombast and attack the USSR and its government, and keep feeding the cold war shit machine of anti-Eastern propaganda, originating all the way back in the 1930s



it's not funny tho, the humor is shit tier fart jokes covered in layers of malicious propaganda


It amazes me how garbage like this passes for art in this country. Same with Deadpool, Capeshit, and Nuwars.



I think he probably could have killed less innocent people


I really liked it. But as others have said it is pretty firmly anti-USSR and the epilogue sequence makes it clear the creators were mocking the country as a whole. Still really entertaining and a lefty that isn't incredibly defensive and asspained should be able to enjoy a lot of the references. Buschemi as Kruschev is hilarious.



>Buschemi as Kruschev is hilarious

I still can't believe this actually happened it's my #1 reason for actually enjoying the movie.



probably but he most certainly wasn't wrong in his fear of revisionist takeover.



incredibly entertaining, i say that as a Stalinist apologist



I thought it was pretty funny.



>Makes no sense that two 14 year olds fall in love and commit suicide within the span of 3 days

You clearly didn't know me and my suicidal gf when we were 13



>You see the Soviet Bureaucracy (Beria and NKVD) preventing the people from going to his funeral.

Except that it presents it as if they were mindless cultists, in other words saying "anyone who liked Stalin was a mindless, ignorant sheep"


Death of Stalin was based on a French graphic novel by Fabian Nury. It is catagorized under historical fiction. I think it was disingenuous to portray the film as historically accurate. My lumpen brother thought that It was scene for scene accurate. I had to explain that it is viewed through the lens of the humourless neoliberal french. Who, within the same period, had labour camps more horrific than any in the USSR. Who had been completely invaded by the Nazis. Even with their front in the war being backed up by the other allied forces. Whereas the reds stormed Berlin. Although, I didnt detect any overt bitterness these cultural hangups can last forever. Take Orwell and his experience with sectarian differences, see Asimov review of 1984:


Additionally, the directors niche is slap stick faulty goverments. For this pickle slicer everything is a pickle.

The layers of absurdity in the film muddy the waters of what was intentionally comedic. Especially considrring that a lot of the humour was histoically inaccurate. And yet it was still not very funny. If a comedian is going to take liberties to forego the truth to tell a funnier joke, that is one thing. However if a comedian just makes things up and the jokes are not funny then something has gone very wrong.





Literally no evidence for any conspiracy to kill stalin / Overthrow the goverment exists asides from the forced confessions



There was something going, but it didn't justify a purge of that size. Do you think the Trots' endgame was just calling Stalin bad?


File: 627729f7017cdb9⋯.jpg (87.69 KB, 324x420, 27:35, 0ac49e_5f41b6574ff845e385a….jpg)

I'm using this film as source material in history class. The kids love it. They are now based and redpilled.



The following of Trotsky after his exile and those supporting his ideas in the USSR were absolutely minimal

The idea that Trotskyists would ever have been able to forment a coup against the Soviet Goverment with their tiny numbers is foolishness

No evidence exists that these generals favoured Trotsky over the current soviet leadership



Thousands of people willingly running into firing machine guns to see Stalin's funeral because they loved him that much! :D I will never stop kekking.


It was capitalist propaganda, through and through. It contradicted itself endlessly, and your average/pol/ will watch it and think it's historically accurate. For a fictional drama thriller it wasn't all that bad though, and had a game of thrones feel.


it wasn't very funny IMO, and I'm saying this as someone who thinks the thick of it is one of the best comedy shows ever



you're a teacher?



>asides from the forced confessions

Lies. The Trotsky archives had copies of communications to the effect that Trotsky sought to conspire to overthrow Stalin with the help of people int he USSR, though IIRC the evidence was disappeared afterwards by trotskyites from the archive. Even the conservative Kotkin admits as much in his Stalin biographies.



Just because you are to weak to pull of a crime does not mean you weren't conspiring to commit it. Ideally you bust up a conspiracy before it gets that powerful.



Stalin’s actions led directly to revisionist takeover. Trotsky wasn’t even a revisionist anyway.



I enjoyed it


File: dd399f14e40766d⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1738x3346, 869:1673, united agaisnt Trotsky.png)


>Stalin’s actions led directly to revisionist takeover. Trotsky wasn’t even a revisionist anyway.

>>>/leftpol/ is that way revisionist



>no evidence for any conspiracy to kill stalin

Except that he was, in 1953. That wasn't what the 1937 trials were about however.

> Overthrow the goverment

Rykov was demoted from his post as Premier of the USSR in 1930 and this was the beginning of a series of demotions and marginalization's as well as the fact that he was previously involved with an incident regarding some of the soviet gold reserve being sent to the USA when it had not been sanctioned by the party. Rykov would have many motives to be angry and want to get back in power.

Krylenko was among the people who encouraged the trials in the first place yet he was also under investigation. It comes to reason that Krylenko was hoping to get rid of opponents and got sucked into his own meatgrinder. There is also evidence that he was tied to Buharin, of which the evidence of anti-soviet action there exists more evidence.

Rizanov was not politically active in the opposition but he helped them greatly, firstly he organized material aid to them (Isacc Deutscher Prophet Unarmed) and he stored the archived works of all opposition members other than Trotsky himself within his institute, (http://bo0k.net/index.php?p=chapter&bid=4919&chapter=16)

*note: Deutscher is a trotskyist historian.

The reason there were innocents at all was because prior, from the 1920s to the early 30s They had given such people light sentences and let go many who had non-concrete evidence, immediately following that were tirades of anti-soviet sabotage and subversive activity, correlating with world-wide rise in militarism by capitalists. Soft tactics did not work… harsher ones were implimented.




File: f2fd460bc298e65⋯.jpg (43.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 4112211111.jpg)


Trotsky's main Critique of Soviet "Bureaucracy" was never that different from the exiled Menshevik and Trudovik Critiques of the USSR

so even if believing himself a Marxist he inadvertently has helped and continues to help Social-Democrats posture against the USSR


If By "Revisionist" you mean "Economic reforms and changes from what Stalin did" then obviously no

But one of the main revisions of Soviet-Policy under Stalin was the Break down of Soviet Democracy with the Politburo being superseded by Stalin and his Anti-Party clique of Beria / Malenkov etc

In the case of Beria and Malenkov they attempted to hold onto this power before being overthrown by the party and being Killed / Exiled



pretty funny documentary



thanks, a shame they made one of the few good commanders into a joke.


Actual russians like it and consider it historically-accurate.

Zhukov also turned into a over-confident generalissimo in the end of his career.

>The relationship between Zhukov and Khrushchev reached its peak during the XX Congress of the Communist Party (1956). After becoming the First Secretary of the Party, Khrushchev moved against Stalin's legacy and criticised his "personality cult". To complete such startling acts, Khrushchev needed the approval—or at least the acquiescence—of the military, headed by Minister of Defense Zhukov.

>At the plenary session of Central Committee of CPSU held in June 1957 Zhukov supported Khrushchev against the "Anti-Party Group", that had a majority in the Presidium and voted to replace Khrushchev as First Secretary with Bulganin. At that plenum, Zhukov stated:

>The Army is against this resolution and not even a tank will leave its position without my order![70]


I wish we have more political comedy like this film, and less stupid superheroes films.



So what you are claiming is "Evidence that proves my point of view and that the conspiracy existed did exist just that I've got no way of showing it to you because the same conspirators destroyed it"?


>Except that he was in 1953

Literally a Conspiracy theory constructed by Ultra's like Mao and Hoxha etc to attempt to slander Kruschev when he wasn't even a relevant figure in the goverment at that point

I respond to the rest of your post by simply stating that three cases of individuals being rightfully prosecuted for Counter-Revolutionary Activity does not nullifie the multitude more killed without evidence backing Stalin / Beria's claim



>Highschool tier maccarthyst propaganda

It was funny for the wrong reasons


I want to watch this but given this board's reviews since it came out I'm worried I'll think Iannucci is a total fucking hack if I do.


The movie is of course an obvious takedown of the Soviet leadership as being depraved criminals but I don't think anyone would make a similar movie about the Nazis. You couldn't make light of them in the same way.

I think the movie challenges some of the standard Western assumptions about the Soviet Union. I thought the scenes of thousands of people pouring into Moscow waving red banners and shouting "we're here to see Comrade Stalin!" was interesting. There's a part where Zhukov complains about the NKVD shutting down Moscow and he goes "the people… they want to see him! This is wrong!"



the movie is great, like everyone pointed out it has a shitload of innacuracies, some to save time, some others because it's based on Nikita's recounting of Stalinist times so Stalin is essentially depicted as this megalomaniac bloodthirsty cunt, but the movie is still great.

unironically one of my favorites of all time despite it looking essentially like anti soviet propaganda, go watch it.



> Iannucci is a total fucking hack

He is, his 'humor' is barely above the "haha a sexual innuendo" line. His slap-stick is painfully pointless and badly done and his "political humor" is clear liberalism that makes any movie pure cringe.

The movie is terrible, the actors are good but given terrible directing, and several of them literally only filmed in the movie because their great-grand someone was a kulak who fled to Canada or something and they want to poke fun at the USSR in return.


File: 7d02c91d8fa6057⋯.png (61.04 KB, 220x312, 55:78, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 38f59d69ba0f11a⋯.png (137.31 KB, 300x393, 100:131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b07ce15d4f76e01⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1109x883, 1109:883, ClipboardImage.png)


1) wikipedia is garbage

2) Has anyone read Zhukov's original, untampered memoirs? Because I own an original copy. Zhukov was against Khruschev's anti-Stalin campaign, for which he, among others was removed from his post and forcibly retired.


>a Conspiracy theory constructed by Ultra's like Mao

1) That's not what an Ultra is

2) the evidence undeniably exists




Stalin by the end of his life had grown distrustful of his closest comrades - Beria, Malenkov, Bulganin, Kruschev, and Molotov and Stalin planned to replace them.

In October 16, 1952, Stalin said to the Presidium:

“We have freed from the obligations minister Molotov, Kaganovich, Voroshilov, and others and replaced them with new workers. Why? On what basis? The work of a minister- is the work of a young man! It requires much strength, concrete knowledge and health. This is why we freed some of our excellent comrades from their posts and replaced them with new, more qualified, initiated workers. They are young people, full of strength and energy.”

After Stalin's death, these old faces all came back to power, some of the being dropped off later on in the power struggle.

The man who he wanted to be his successor at first was Nikolai Voznesensky, a highly educated Leningrad economist, responsible for restoring conditions of the liberated Soviet territory after the Germans were pushed back. Also wrote a huge book about the Soviet economy in WW2, winning a Stalin prize for his work. This drew the attention of Stalin, who openly called him his successor, but this was a big mistake, as in 1950, The Malenkov-Kruschev-Bulganin gang (Beria may have also been part, but his son denies it) fabricated a case and killed him on trumped up charges in the infamous "Leningrad affair". Stalin wrote on the case, "I do not believe it!", but Malenkov convinced him that it was true. Stalin was very sick at the time and could not offer much resistance. Then, according to Anatoly Lukjanov, a Soviet politician during the time, Stalin wanted to name Ponomarenko as his successor, because of his honesty and organizational ability. He prepared a Presidium on the subject, but died 1 day before it was scheduled. The documents where Ponomarenko was named as Stalin's suggested successor were destroyed by Kruschev. Ponomarenko himself was demoted to increasingly insignificant posts, such as ambassador to Nepal.


“The decision to murder Comrade Stalin was taken simultaneously with the decision to murder Comrade Kirov. With this aim in mind, the center organized a number of strictly conspiratorial, terroristic groups in Moscow. In order to unify the activities of these groups, the All-Union Trotskyist-Zinovievist center created the Moscow center comprising Bakaev, Reingold, and Pikel (Zinovievist) and Mrachkovsky and Dreitzer (Trotskyist). The immediate organization of the murder of Comrade Stalin was entrusted to Bakaev. At the investigation, Bakaev confessed his role as the direct organizer of terroristic acts….

From abroad, Trotsky who was directing the activities of the All-Union united Trotskyist-Zinovievist center, has used every means at his disposal, especially after the arrest of Kamenev and Zinoviev, to speed up the murder of comrades Stalin and Voroshilov. He has been systematically sending directives and practical instructions through his agents concerning the organizing of the murder.

Dreitzer, a man close to Trotsky, formerly serving as his bodyguard, a member of the Trotskyist-Zinovievist bloc, confessed at his investigation that in 1934 he had received a written directive from Trotsky regarding the preparation of a terroristic act against Comrades Stalin and Voroshilov.

He reported the following:

“I received this directive through Stalovitskaya, my sister, a permanent resident of Warsaw, who traveled to Moscow at the end of September 1934.

“The contents of Trotsky’s letter were brief. It began with the following words:

“My dear friend! Please pass on the information that the following main tasks are on the next day’s agenda:

“First task: the removal of Stalin and Voroshilov.

Second task: the organization of cells in the Army.

Third task: in case of war, to make use of confusion and failure of every sort in order to seize power.”

(Dreitzer. Minutes of the interrogation of July 23rd, 1936)” - Getty & Naumov, The Road to Terror. New Haven, Conn.: Yale Univ. Press, c1999, p. 253



I'd say Khrushchev and zhukov were depicted fairly accurately

Especially with zhukov being only member left with a pair of testicles considering how he was practically the only one left who was immune ymto getting purged by big daddy



>2) Has anyone read Zhukov's original, untampered memoirs? Because I own an original copy.

How the fuck do you own that and why is it not in a museum?



>but I don't think anyone would make a similar movie about the Nazis. You couldn't make light of them in the same way.

LOL, they made a comedy about Hitler coming back and people fucking love Hitler.





I really hope you're joking, this trash movie is literally Trotskyite fanfic.

who do you think owns hollywood? *hello*


>already owns a copy

>asks for an opinion before watching it

Careful there anon, don't want to have thoughts about a movie that aren't approved by the collective. That would be highly unsociable!

Watch the movie and come to your own conclusions, faggot.



Imagin being a "communist" and a)have nothing better to do that watching this rubbish, b)praise it

What a joke.


File: 7e65e1d49b2ac16⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 640x523, 640:523, 6z51q0wdqh821.jpg)


>Trotskyite fanfic

Can you imagine having this much of a hard on for denying freedom of dissent, and history when you could just have a constitution that bans revisionists and balkanizers?That being said it does exaggerate a fucking hell of a lot more then it should



I mean all comedy exaggerate, especially a piece like this which is meant to be deliberately absurdist.


File: 358296392fa02af⋯.png (149.22 KB, 500x689, 500:689, hup-i-smell-bullshit-22801….png)


It changes when it's dishonest tho, in the film Molotov (the soviet minister the cocktail was named after) seems to be so brainwashed by the disgusting cult of personality he believes his wife did something she did or did not do. In real life however he was simply following the party line, and praying he didn't get shafted as well.



>denying freedom of dissent

Wow, you just out-shot the fucking ancaps in terms of 'muh freedoms'. It's not longer freeze peach but dissent… look up what political dissent is and what it entails you absurd fuck

>just have a constitution that bans revisionists and balkanizers

Read the fucking constitution of the USSR


>brainwashed by the disgusting cult of personality

You mean the cult that he helped create?

>follow the party line

Give me a fucking break, you can't sit on two chairs here. Either Molotov was a high-tier bureaucrat or an innocent victim of circumstance, not both.


"Based on a pilot in the glorious USSR, young Stalin earns his reputation by being the stuntpilot of a highly secret aircraft of the soviet airforce. He gains his nickname due to the death defying feats in which he purposefully stalls his aircraft in midflight. Vodka isn't the only thing that powers his rotary engine, this hilarious but family friendly tear jerker is exactly what we've been looking for" - Rotten Tomatoes 85%.


File: d99aa2e1798b447⋯.png (76.93 KB, 188x264, 47:66, Akko_2_INT.png)


>In real life however he was simply following the party line, and praying he didn't get shafted as well

I think you might be literally medically autistic and unable to read subtleties in expression, because that is exactly what the movie portrayed. Notice when Molotov is talking about his wife he always has this defeated tone, and then when Beria reveals her in the apartment his attitude does a complete 180. Of course he's not going to tell the leader of the NKVD, and the one who put his wife away, to his face that his wife was innocent.


File: ed4c0acffd9712c⋯.jpg (224.54 KB, 1000x729, 1000:729, Oh god i forgot all about ….jpg)


I know what it means, to withhold assent or approval/to differ in opinion (Merriam Webster) I just want to use big boy word to sound like a smarty smarty.

They also allow you to profess your religion but not your acceptable socialist political beliefs which is probably in part because state atheism is hard to enforce, but that's hypocritical, but eh.

>read the constituition

I've read it and there's nothing to back that freedom up. There's nothing giving people to the opportunity have a second revolution if everything goes to shit, you really wish you could have had a 2nd amendment when Gorbachev got in right?

>thinking i was saying he was brainwashed by the cult of personality

i was saying that's what the movie said.

>he can't be both

you can be a high up bureaucrat, and still be unfairly persecuted you pie fucking ninny.


Don't hit me with the that'd weaken the state shit either. Guerrilla warfare against those opposing them is more effective than you could imagine. >>2778220



Later in the film Molotov denounces her again even when she's been set free aswell.



I think that's meant to be an expression of his internalisation of the party line: he had to believe she was a traitor to the revolution so much that he mentally started to believe it.


File: c7973a08aefd562⋯.png (326.43 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, 2asosmpsxg0z.png)


exactly, sorry for any unnecessary confusion comrade.




VENONA files proved that he was right about almost anything. Soviet infiltration reached into the highest echelons of UK and USA. Only question is if that is a good or a bad thing for you.



>to withhold assent or approval/to differ in opinion (Merriam Webster)

<being obtuse and taking the literal webster definition, while not understanding the meaning at all.

Peak evasion.

>the rest of this drivel

<muh 2nd amendment

<I've totally read the constitution guyz!

>i was saying that's what the movie said.

Your statements seemed to entail that.

>you can be a high up bureaucrat, and still be unfairly persecuted

I knew you wouldn't understand that.




File: e59f24d77911b65⋯.jpg (10.46 KB, 700x298, 350:149, Утомленные_солнцем-2_Цитад….jpg)


I don't know. It is just a movie. Worse than the movie itself was the reaction of russian "patriots". (Stalin has a cult in the russian burgeois "patriotic" propaganda)Nikita Mihalkov, a famous russian movie drector, was one of the main critics of the movie. Altough he directed many anti communist movies (for example Utomlyonye Solncem 2), where is Stalin depicted like some old degenerative ogre.



>Worse than the movie itself was the reaction of Russian "patriots".

How is it worse. they just banned the film. Mikhalkov is no longer a major figure and the whole thing was blown out of proportion by Western press. The movie was terrible crap, and Mikhalkov's hypocrisy aside, its stupid to show dumb political humor, especially to the people.



The pic conveys me being happy, and's just wonderful in general, bruh nigga.

>muh 2nd amendment

Imagine not wanting to defend yourself from Gorbachev being an idiot, and just accepting death.

>I've totally read the constitution guyz!

I knew about the parts relevant to this argument, comrade.

<I knew you wouldn't understand that.

Ah yes, as we all know all of the victims of the purges, such as the certain members of the intelligentsia, and how they either simply spoke up to Stalin or were just trying to teach the man Hegel, and how truly evil those people are. Hegelian tutor source: http://www.executedtoday.com/2011/06/19/1937-jan-sten-stalin-philosophy/


File: 2b95eb45f3c82a3⋯.jpg (92.69 KB, 960x960, 1:1, soq8oQC.jpg)


You may not like it, but this is what the peak of modern Russian history looks like.



No VENONA didn't prove jack shit. Mr. DURR ARE COMMIES EVERYWHERE was interrogating fucking Hollywood actresses on their supposed spying for soviet russia and no proof was ever found for that shit



>Imagine not wanting to defend yourself from Gorbachev being an idiot, and just accepting death.

Except they did. the 2nd amendment does not stop that, owning guns does nothing against a T-80B. This isn't like a video game where, if you shoot the big armored target with enough bullets it'll eventually get through. Not to mention that people actively tried to stop Gorbachev, and were killed for it. Armed revolt wouldn't have done jack shit when the majority of Gorby's faggotry was done behind the scenes. The People DID attempt to stop it when they became aware of it, and this revolt was crushed with brutal, bloody force.

You can argue semantics but that is individual and not systemic. Farming Co-Ops and Industrial centers were given basal supervision and otherwise maintained themselves, giving only reports to the central government so as to make decisions and accumulate votes for them.

Free Speech and other rights are all in both of the constitutions of the USSR.

>I knew about the parts relevant to this argument

You clearly didn't




> how they either simply spoke up to Stalin or were just trying to teach the man Hegel

This Solzehnitsyn levels of horse shit

Also, executedtoday.com? Really?

Fuck off.


File: e99cf71e12703a7⋯.jpg (53.92 KB, 720x384, 15:8, dos burp alphab.jpg)


>McCarthy was investigating Hollywood


File: 5a50f811e0662d0⋯.png (11.29 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 7214bb430531d9e7f9db983be7….png)


why a pic with people that have never met trotsky(or any trots)

a fake goebbels quote(find it in the diary if you can)

and lenins criticism before the revolution(when they were political enemies)

deserve a infographic ?





Holy cringe



>a fake goebbels quote(find it in the diary if you can)

Trotsky's name is written Trotzki in German, and a Trotsky follower would be a Trotzkist.

April 22, 1938: “Our clandestine radio transmitter from eastern Prussia to Russia is creating an enormous sensation. It operates in Trotsky’s name, and is causing Stalin plenty of trouble”

“Now we work with three clandestine radio stations in Russia: first Trotskyist, the second separatist, third Russian-nationalists, all criticise Stalinism. They are an example of cunning and subtlety.”

After July 1941 Goebbels moved the volumes of his diary from his study into the vaults of the central Berlin Reichsbank due to the risk of air raids. From that point the rest of his diary was not written by his hand but dictated to someone who wrote it down and later typed it. It was no longer entirely personal and secret after that.


File: 42878c771e65777⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)


>) Political humor ought to be done with some measure of tact and actually be clever

Kirk: The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play




File: 07b7c31cfc473dc⋯.png (71.29 KB, 247x488, 247:488, Mr._Hankey_transparent.png)


File: 807dfa65f437407⋯.jpg (115.34 KB, 1200x648, 50:27, DAcvRqJXUAAJN-g.jpg)



>the need for the simplicity of play

<implying tactfulness and cleverness can't be simple

Don't quote Kirk if you don't understand Star Trek.

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