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Tags: leftism (CLICK HERE FOR MORE LEFTIST 8CHAN BOARDS), politics, activism, news

File: f571daa9604d1bf⋯.jpg (89.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


What is your honest opinion on ContraPoints?

I think she is probably the most interesting and clear voice the Left has on YouTube. The rest of lefty YouTube range from okay-ish "debunkers" chasing alt-lite trends at best, and feckless dweebs with nasal voices talking about Marxism 101 at worst. Contra is the only one that really gets to you in a clever way, with her own material and insights.

She is also the only one other than hbomberguy that isn't painfully boring to watch.



Haven't watched many videos beyond the one on 'Alpha Males', 'Incels' and the alt-right one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx4BVGPkdzk

I think she has an interesting style that gets past the bullshit and communicate info effectively to normies. The right has a habit of hiding their true intentions and bullshitting people, so it's nice that there's videos that deconstruct them entirely.



She's fine as far as what she does goes. Massive socdem though.


File: 71e08ce81c286cd⋯.jpg (398.15 KB, 1200x3035, 240:607, Jews Communism.jpg)

Stupid idpol lib ownage videos disguised with dumb characters, flashy lighting and EPIC memes. 0/10. Flea Market Socialist is the only good "clever" left youtuber.




File: a6f65d218ed4e73⋯.mp4 (2.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Comrade Jimmy 'One Man Van….mp4)


>I think she is probably the most interesting and clear voice the Left has on YouTube.


Looks like a dude.




Haven't really fully delved into her YT channel, but I did watch her vid on Incels. It wasn't too bad, but thats about it. I don't watch her channel.

Anyone watch Three Arrows? He's decent.


File: 841e4a912d1826f⋯.png (118.89 KB, 1162x601, 1162:601, around_the_rose_hold_your_….png)

Very good production value. Often pretentious video ideas. Rarely good politics. Frequently bad politics. Would fuck. Would not converse with.



Not my cup of tea (in every sense of the phrase).

(S)he thinks she does politics. In reality she does pewdiepie stuff.


File: 5245138592c37d2⋯.jpg (8.8 KB, 165x163, 165:163, fuhrerlaugh.jpg)


One of her latest videos is pretty darn funny:

>autogynephilia is transphobic nonsense

>but it's also true because all my experiences conform to it

>being treated like I lived under patriarchal gender norms made me realize I wanted to live under them all the time


Contra is a generic leftoid.

The only good leftoid YouTuber is three arrows.


File: af2760831a38f1b⋯.jpg (142.3 KB, 600x1040, 15:26, WhyContainIt.jpg)


She's better than most of YouTube, in my opinion. Surprisingly decent production value a lot of the time too.



Pseud youtuber for a pseud, easily entertained audience who'd rather watch pop phil and pop politics than read books.


I love her videos even if her politics aren't great.


File: e69d4d9006ba60a⋯.jpg (101.01 KB, 300x400, 3:4, nickparrott.jpg)

Kiwifarms thread is a good chuckle, but the overall sentiment is that Nick is a messed up boy, probably all that psychoactive medication in teenage years. That seems to be a general sentiment of people on kiwifarms, not being hostile, but rather calling out the false assumption that trans women can be women.

Having read the Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir, it is obvious that women become women through lengthy socialization which starts from the moment they are born. Either as little girls, or in case of total androgen insenstivity syndrome, technically having XY chromosomes but not responding to any androgens like testosterone and such.

When several youtubers like Philosophy Tube and Contrapoints made videos defending transgender thesis that trans women can be women, anyone knowing a least bit about marxism would see the weakness in their arguments. They resort to idealistic philosophy to make a case for this, and it is not that obvious. With contrapoints, there is a lengthy way to describe that internal state of mind, the conviction, the inner truth is the defining point here. Or that merely presenting is sufficient. Women face discrimination due to capitalism policing them into the role of reproduction of labour force and this policing is done in order to maximize profit/minimize expenses. Austerity measures like cutting child benefits, maternity leave being cut and so on are an example.

PhilosophyTube video's central thesis is that acceptance of trans people is a matter of policing the thought (1984, 2+2=5). And the supporting argument is denying their metaphysical existence. Why again use idealist philosophy. Nobody is denying that transpeople are people, it is just being suspicious how something can be formed without going through the process of formation.

Also it should be worth mentioning that twitter does not see discrimination or hate speech on basis of the sex as hate speech or discrimination, but it is happy to include all categories except sex. And who has the resources to go through surgeries and hormonal treatments, only a certain stratum of society who is wealthy enough to afford it. And the funding behind all this, this sounds rather suspicious and when the large capital touches something, it is better to not even touch it with 40-foot pole. Sounds more like a rollback on women's rights, erasure of females and such things that those acquainted on gender critical feminism are more able to elaborate.

And as a personal opinion, he was okay as a guy dressing in women's dresses, the hormones and trying to pass just weirds me out. Such a pity because he is a good looking guy.



If the TERFs hate her, then she's gud.




You sound as smart as Contra.



>every trans person is good because muh terfs



Am I the only one who is sort of critical of transsexuals while at the same time not giving that much of a fuck about them? I don't even mind calling 'em "she", "he" or whatever. Then again I am a guy so who the fuck knows.

Contrapoints isn't my cup of tea though, I think that she would be better at pissing over right-wing psuedo-intellectuals than hbomberguy, but that's just because hbomb's kind of a weirdo who's probably a bit less intelligent than Contra is.

They're a bit idpozzed though. They dont' really have much potential to be marxist leninists like I'd prefer people to be, but I'm not expecting everyone to want to suck on Stalin's dick like I do.



as a tranny i object

also to how i started that sentence

not particularly dislike her but i really dont care for her videos one bit, never saw one, just looks weird


File: 62e551f0c78468d⋯.jpg (156.64 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, hx79n2fsyn4y.jpg)


She's okay at deconstructing reactionaries and their views. Very entertaining videos, but she's very succ demmy in her politics.


Opportunist pseudo troon.

Too much of a coward to cut off his balls already, but once he does, the regret willl be delicious.


Retarded tranny with a grating voice from all the hormones. HIS only good vids were before he turned into a complete drag queen, now it's just pretentious opinions with a shitty and forced aesthetic. A liability for "the left" that caught the spotlight only thanks to his extravagant display and base arguments. Shaun, hbomber, Three Arrows etc all do a much better job at every topic they take on, Contra on the other hand spends most of his time and $$$ to get in and out of costumes and edit videos rather than adequate research.

He is not as smart as he thinks he is and is prone to sissy-fits on twittumblr.



The voice is affected, only testosterone can change the voice by damaging vocal chords and it's currently irreversible.



> just looks weird

What about it looks weird?

Hontrapoints even looks sexy in his nazi costume. Thicc legs.



>And who has the resources to go through surgeries and hormonal treatments, only a certain stratum of society who is wealthy enough to afford it.

I'd give you a lengthier response if I were able to at the moment but I just want to say that hormone replacements aren't really that expensive unless you're really poor and have no health insurance, you can even get them free in some places, and most transgender people don't get surgeries (although the chunk that do are a significant chunk)



Nah, she looks slick, but also off-putting and non-sexual from a man's point of view.



the lightning and style etc. is all


I haven't seen her videos, but I appreciated her interview on Chapo. She's one of the few that don't completely demonize men and admits that men of our generation face challenges dating which has helped fuel the incel movement.


LGBT shit is all bourgeois decadence


trannies disgust me so I can't watch anything made by her and stay invested



Yeah that is right. But it is kind of foolish that one chemical can reverse years of socialization or the existing social and economic relations (for example to the reproduction of labour force). Nor does the any internal state in the brain, a.k.a. the "inner truth". Meaning that I don't care what these people do to themselves, but if they want to defend themselves, they have to "debunk" bulk of the feminist literature, starting from Simone de Beauvoir's Second Sex. Or engage with the Gender Nihilism. The only way they engage with critique of gender as such is to call them TERFs and repeat their well known mantra which borders on the "war is peace" and "freedom is slavery".


Probably the best we have in the Youtube sphere, she is competing with Dore for that #1 spot. She has a critical and self awareness that is hard to see in any youtuber left or right. IIRC she revealed the lovebombing phenomenon that happens when she criticize liberals from right wingers, but doesn't really play/pander into them at all.



>I think she is probably the most interesting and clear voice the Left has on YouTube.



File: 3ad21412d5fa67b⋯.jpg (11.44 KB, 235x214, 235:214, imagesroo.jpg)


>I think she is probably the most interesting and clear voice the Left has on YouTube.

She is not that clear tbh, she is a little too theatrical to be clear

Though i don’t have a problem with her(too big at least) she is a honest progressive liberal(centre-left not far left like people here)

> "debunkers" chasing alt-lite trends at best

Though small leftist debunkers are too idpoled for my liking

Shaun is ok

And i am a big fun of hbomb

>feckless dweebs with nasal voices talking about Marxism 101

Yes, some of those utubers suck, but the most unapologetic of them (batko,danov,red star videos etc) are funny and gain views through polemics with the right

Some theory channels with good quality are also great (noncompete,those russian dudes etc)



>progressive liberal(centre-left

Liberals are centre-right bucko.


"""she""" alright but still a liberal.



>Three Arrows

He uses a literal anti-communist symbol because is beyond uneducated about political ideologies. He's just a history nerd that gets triggered when the alt-right revise history, as that, he's okay.



>Am I the only one who is sort of critical of transsexuals while at the same time not giving that much of a fuck about them?

I'm in the same boat. Basically the most milktoast liberal position possible on this, "I don't really get 'em but if they want to be considered X let them be X".

I've only known two trans people in my entire life, both mtf, and only really spoken at any length with one of them. I tried being respectable and treating them as women (it helped that they could reasonably "pass") but if I'm being completely 100% honest with myself and with a bunch of anonymous internet assholes, I never could quite bring myself to accepting they are "real" women.



I meant that she is a honest proggresive (like the dr sue guy) with socdem elements

So centre left


File: b64e9a4b69ed977⋯.jpg (60.73 KB, 345x500, 69:100, 15.jpg)


reminder that one of the "three arrows" is against Communism


The personal issues about her character aside (the insane IdPol, the unscientific stuff about autogynophilia, her narcissism), you can just look her up on kiwifarms for that, you do realise she doesn't actually know what she is talking about? In her capitalism video, she called "alienation" "shitty jobs". Fucking wow. Someone who argues we need to "rebrand Marx" or make him "cooler" certainly doesn't know what they're talking about.

Contrapoints is basically Ru Paul's Drag Race but about politics. Prove me otherwise.



The difference is I can show Dore to my friends and my family without they having to cringe. Contrapoints is not a likeable person you'd have a beer with, and her silly antics certainly don't help. All the people that agree with her are liberals which are already on her side.



that poster makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time

fucking socdem I swear to fucking god



But three arrows as a YouTuber doesn’t appear to be anti-com Gang



Three Arrows isn't anti-com though. He's made it apparent in one of his Q&A videos. As of now he says he can't think of a good channel name to replace his current one.



Her Capitalism videos were definitely her absolute worst stuff. It's like what you'd get if you pass the Das Kapital cliffsnotes through a paper shredder.

I still think Marx needs a "refreshening ", but as a change of style, not of substance. Incidentally her The Left video is hilarious and on-point which is why I'm sure 90% of the butt-agitated maoists on /leftypol/ already hate it.



>Her Capitalism videos were definitely her absolute worst stuff.


>Incidentally her The Left video is hilarious and on-point which is why I'm sure 90% of the butt-agitated maoists on /leftypol/ already hate it.

Doesn't that already say enough about her? That she's good for memes and culture wars bullshit but lacks any theoretical content?



Name a single YouTube good for "theoretical content".


She's probably a good Gaye way into leftism for normies



Prolekult's video "History is marching" is high-quality content with correct theory. Cockshott presents tons of innovative theory. FinnishBolshevik does good history stuff. Comrade Hakim has a lot of academic sources in every video, extremely well researched. Cuck Philosophy has a shitty name and is some hyper armchair leftcom, but does good videos for entry level philosophy.

To name a few.




Nice Freudian slip there.



>propaganda is unimportant

The massive upswing of fascist organizing is closely tied to their internet presence.



What massive upswing?




>things I never implied

Found the low-sexual value males





File: b530158a4ee43bd⋯.jpg (223.61 KB, 1728x1728, 1:1, efd7fdc42d3885b0730936ffcb….jpg)

This board is complete shit now. Ban everyone.



>TERFs don't like person

>it's because they're trans

>therefore I like person because TERFs do not



>board claims to be anti-idpol

>discussions always get bogged down right wing idpol

Many such cases. Sad!



idpol trash. Even Jim Profit is better.



Never heard of him



Kiwifarms is full of freaks who are worse than the people they obsess over.




The increased popularity among the younger generations of nationalism, "race-realism", and support/revisionism for historical fascist regimes is in the Anglosphere at least largely attributable to certain internet trends (in their instantiation, of course there are also underlying material reasons)




Jimmy Dore is doing a fantastic job tbf



The majority of zoomers (at least in the US) aren't even right-adjacent. They're either liberals or centrists.



There is no data that supports this. The internet is not real life. What you are seeing is a decaying political order eat itself. America has always been extremely racist. In recent years it tried to rebrand as an enlightened global sovereign but now that's over. As America dies I imagine its elites are going to continue desperately trying to reassert themselves via racial chauvinism (the traditional method of prole control in the new world.) The media, being merely a mouth piece for those elites, will obviously reflect that. So basically the conservatives will become more radicalized but no one else.



Yes but that doesn't make them wrong.




is jimmy dore actually getting more popular? what are his numbers like compared to the stereotypical "LIBTARD BTFO" neocons?



At worst I am uninterested in her, but usually she provides takes that are good for getting non-leftists some takes that range from lukewarm to pretty alright. Nothing that most actual leftists doesn't already know or have a more advanced understanding of though.



It's only more popular among self-identifying white males, and for obvious reasons.



the right wins in any country that has active communist suppression. the Nazis didn't win by appealing to right wingers, they won by being the lesser of two evils. the proles in late Weimar could barely afford bread, they were all desperate to vote for anything that didn't present itself as Succdem.



She's okay. Good for getting people into leftism generally, even if the kind of leftism they get into is anarkiddie shit, they usually grow out of it eventually.

Humour can be kind of cringey, but for most part she's decent. Not exactly that far left though.


>chasing alt-lite trends

that's literally what she does, with some ep2c fricking funnie skits thrown in


i'll second cuck philosophy. he's decent






>tranny tranny tranny tranny

when did you guys leave pol, like a month ago?


File: 9473d6569db2cf3⋯.png (678.99 KB, 625x720, 125:144, ClipboardImage.png)

Honestly I think she is doing good for the left, she was one of the channels that made me question my previous views, was just average reactionary "classical libertarian". And yeah she is a socbem but still a good force to convert the younger people on YouTube who have gone down the alt-right rabbit whole of YouTube that makes you irrationally hate the left because "le evil femenist". Same with HBomberGuy, Shaun, and ThreeArrows, there videos are and will help alot of dumb kids realize that the "right" is evil.

If it wasn't for her and the others I'd still be watching these retards.



The third is very much against the grain of what passes for the left currently, but it's a reasoned non-/pol/ response.




thats a pretty /pol/ place anon, and don't they just destroy characters rather than make arguments.



It's one of those nihilistic places online that can sometimes lapse into right-wing ideology, much like imageboards. I don't see any approval of the right in the post. If to "destroy characters rather than make arguments" is characteristic of the right, then much of the current left is the right.



this image was clearly made by some Clinton-worshipping liberal.

CNN, Antifa, Chenk Uygur, and Islam are all objectively shit. true leftists know this.



>then much of the current left is the right

in this country, that's a true statement.



I felt it best described my opinion before I fell in the left rabbit hole.




all capitalist media is shit


Smashies get some things right sometimes

>Chenk Uygur

no idea who that is


eh, religion doesn't bother me atm as long as they are principally leftist.


File: eb613e216ae0d3e⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 230x230, 1:1, 1536768662141.gif)


>much of the current left is the right



Regardless whether those things are AKSHUALLY leftist or good, they are frequent targets of the alt-"I've been exposed to politics through gamergate"-lite.



anarchism is the only true leftism

simply switching from brown to red doesn't make you any less fascist.



>antifa is objectively bad



Little bit utopian tier in thinking but shes good at fucking up right wingers and researching videos well, she's funny and i like her humour and aesthetic. She's actually woke on some issues and shes actually not against literally rising up against capitlists and gulags but she thinks there's a way to vote reform shit and thst left radicals are a bit unprepared for what comes after. Sure she may not be some anti-revisionist leninist but shes unironically an awesome Comrade and someone i will support.

And yes Also cute af



I never found her atractive white women are the devil but I didn't know she was a tranny until I watched her old videos and saw she was a guy, she looks weird but honestly passable if she doesn't go full drag.


File: 5a5e243e721f699⋯.jpg (163.03 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, proud_boys.jpg)


The question to ask I think is what do fascists think of antifa? Would they prefer antifa to be around or not? From what I've seen they don't like antifa screwing with them all the time, so I'm inclined to believe antifa does things right, although not all the time.


Yeah when I look at /pol/ and whatever a lot of them seem like older men shitposting during slow hours while working at the Mattress Firm. UTR, the big Nazi coming-out party in 2017, had some young guys in the mix but a heck of a lot of them were in their thirties and forties. The opposition to them wherever they go seem a lot younger.

Went to one of these protests once and the right-wingers were *all* middle-aged except for this one small gang of alt-righters who I could count on one hand. They were like skinhead types. Not that they shaved their heads but you know the type. One was wearing a t-shirt for a band that I had to look up afterwards and it was some Nazi hate-rock band. Anyways



she's a hon



She's cute and not a hon. Hons are creepy 40+ year olds who don't put effort into transitioning and walk around in pink goth style dresses and really shitty makeup. Contra passes if i didn't know her and saw her walk down the street.



>When several youtubers like Philosophy Tube and Contrapoints made videos defending transgender thesis that trans women can be women, anyone knowing a least bit about marxism would see the weakness in their arguments.

In short, you don't have a body, you are. And making the decision to "be a woman" as an adult doesn't give you the experience of being socialized as a female person.


<things that cost money aren't that expensive if you have enough money





>the right wins in any country that has active communist suppression. the Nazis didn't win by appealing to right wingers, they won by being the lesser of two evils

Read a book or go hang yourself.


<pol are big fans of Simone de Beauvoir.




She's definitely a hon and you and the tankfag sound like chasers, don't get why people always screech about people bringing up how she is trans yet fanboying over some random eceleb gets a pass



She would pass though if i didn't know her and saw her in Public. That's the opposite of a hon.



is he even a marxist though?



You have poor vision, I can guarantee you she doesn't pass irl



Well we're gonna disagree there.



Kiwi farms is full of anti pol users as well


File: a0415c90f309c7b⋯.png (895.5 KB, 1000x675, 40:27, fekxPvR.png)

I wanna smash tabbies bussy



Contrapoints is clearly dedicated to the LIBTARD BTFO WITH FACTS AND LOGIC millennial crowd




Lmao. Now that's cruel


Don't make me BTFuO


File: 01e36256d1d2173⋯.jpg (28.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, NPC-header-1-640x480 (1).jpg)

Horrible pos imo



*Soyfarms. Literally Something Awful 2.0

The internet needs nuked. Last week.



They're contraproductive


Libshit dumbfuck




You didn't even imply it, you literally stated you think Contra is good because TERFs hate her.



"Good"? Absolutely none.


Respect all trans people



she's a good intro for the normies. Say what you will about her politics, I agree with her approach to giving leftist propaganda a modern aesthetic. vaporwave is in with the kids right now, why not take advantage of it?

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