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File: b0e4faf6687a68e⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1600x1140, 80:57, 4f0c2d13c3bda60d06ae571189….png)


>Has to be 300x100 and under 500KB.

>Nothing too stupid

>Not everything you submit will be added

So post yours here or make a request and if you're lucky someone might do it.


File: 950371a5270e336⋯.gif (496.83 KB, 245x138, 245:138, Schrodinger(11).gif)

File: 13818383ba0ad2a⋯.gif (226.43 KB, 330x230, 33:23, Schrodinger(5).gif)

File: 77b840aa37bdd46⋯.gif (400.16 KB, 245x137, 245:137, Schrodinger(9).gif)

File: d03c2507ea5432e⋯.gif (211.51 KB, 360x240, 3:2, Schrodinger(1).gif)

I suppose one of these maybe :3



>Has to be 300x100


File: e5be74e9bde022e⋯.png (45.53 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner1.png)

File: e03e02bc6b79943⋯.png (56.92 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner2.png)

File: 0088b9d1b251930⋯.png (40.26 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner3.png)

File: 4b3cd1dc2a7cb92⋯.png (47.89 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner4.png)

Being self-centered is the rule of the day.


File: cc0e5676edc2498⋯.gif (245.25 KB, 500x281, 500:281, fgsd.gif)


File: 82a2f38f7e535b5⋯.png (38.63 KB, 300x100, 3:1, ban1.png)


File: 7563167588937a3⋯.png (18.58 KB, 300x100, 3:1, MADE A THING.png)


File: c91cc60af8ae0cf⋯.gif (570.48 KB, 300x100, 3:1, lewd.gif)

how does this look


File: 45d0144dde64612⋯.jpg (66.35 KB, 300x100, 3:1, lewd2.jpg)

what about this


File: 3fd49dc0c4832a6⋯.jpg (45.84 KB, 300x100, 3:1, LewdBanner.jpg)


For the crusade


File: d2e979e80042ce9⋯.png (49.44 KB, 300x100, 3:1, WIP B.png)



File: e63f9aa4b9c8521⋯.png (44.19 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)

Heres one of my contributions ^^


File: 21654307c42228a⋯.png (38.86 KB, 300x100, 3:1, e63f9aa4b9c852155edca8c262….png)


I hope you don't mind, but I made a few tiny adjustments to improve visibility a bit.


File: 7106fdaaf2d8d94⋯.gif (82.55 KB, 300x100, 3:1, tsukihi twirl.gif)

I can't tell if it needs changes or anything and if it's just bad don't use it


File: ed6fcc830f81b93⋯.png (36.33 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Nichijou C Banner A2.png)

File: b852b765acb4366⋯.png (45.29 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Nichijou C Banner B.png)

Crappy banner time, Christmas themed! Well one is winter themed more like.


File: ad00159a17191a1⋯.gif (486.29 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner02.gif)


File: 2f5248a0822ed21⋯.png (35.96 KB, 300x100, 3:1, newbanner.png)


File: d33b00122d3174a⋯.gif (127.15 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Lewd Banner.gif)


File: 352c694d58fba99⋯.png (31.39 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at ….png)




So I know the Major had that one boyfriend in that one issue of GitS, but I like to think that she's mainly a lesbian.



File: 6920d0d2a9cd63d⋯.gif (486.3 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Untitled-2.gif)

Come on now.


>>>/asmr/ for that, friend.


File: fa06235893271b6⋯.gif (21.31 KB, 300x100, 3:1, lewd banner.gif)


File: d07f90c983165a1⋯.png (49.96 KB, 300x100, 3:1, lewd is strange.png)

File: f97c6cde0bd11c8⋯.gif (352.75 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Mettabanner Lewd.gif)

File: 489d3cd87c810fb⋯.gif (17.23 KB, 300x100, 3:1, What I want.gif)

File: 4398b472bba0e13⋯.gif (90.37 KB, 300x100, 3:1, lewd1.gif)

Behold. My creations.

Quick question though

Is 3D allowed on banners?



Thank you kindly! That brings us to 14 banners.

And sure, 3D porn is allowed so I don't see why not. As long as it's not, like, too much, obviously.


File: 8b85f8dbee91ee0⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 612x612, 1:1, Pieck hold up.jpg)


No problem, happy to contribute.

Ah good to know! I'll post more here if I get around to making more.

Was thinking of making OC for a banner but

I'm honestly out of it at the moment so I may be not thinking straight



Uuuh yeah, I'd advise you to at least wait a bit in that case. Though of course, if you do do that and at some point regret it, I'll delete it immediately.


File: f71bdf206a70269⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hange.jpg)


Guess I shouldn't be listening to myself much, but I'm on autopilot pretty much and don't really care.

But anyways if I knock out more banners some other day I'll be sure to post them here.

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