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File: 13a182563817fa3⋯.gif (2.83 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Tsonoqua Mask.gif)



File: cb63afa6925f5f1⋯.png (687.11 KB, 1108x1200, 277:300, Dt67juoWkAARhhD.png)


well no ones perfect if i didn't feel like crap i'd say more


File: 326790c2dfca76c⋯.gif (2.62 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Makonde Mask.gif)


Sorry, I'm drunk and sad, I didn't mean to be all oversharing.


File: 1988156aed80fff⋯.jpg (103.8 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DxYPZq8VYAAdID0.jpg)


nah you're fine you're not doing a thing wrong my throat just hurts and i feel tired so i typing takes more energy then it should so im not rambling how i normally would and over share etc


File: 21bb94457e56bed⋯.gif (2.81 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Raratonga Mask.gif)


Oh well, alright. If talking is stressing you out, you can be quiet. Aaand that sounds a bit passive aggressive, but I do honestly mean it.


File: ff0f8d5434e3e85⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 295x275, 59:55, Umaru 4.jpg)

can i get a rundown on all the posters here

but im going to bed now ok



its not stressing me out more as like i just am tired

and nah not at all Skandi-sama you're fine


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)


Well alright, good.


Aaand nah, you'll just have to ask people when you see them tbh. For me though, I'm a bi Norwegian sub with an American master. And I've also got AvPD and an alcohol problem.



Skandi-sama what was it you wanted to talk about anyways would you wanna email me?


File: 758407ad7c60e7f⋯.gif (2.44 KB, 49x48, 49:48, Baule Mask.gif)


Uh hm. I certainly remember that there was something I wanted to talk with you about in private, but honestly, I've forgotten what it was. Which is annoying, because I do remember it was fairly important, but oh well.


File: 9a4733f384044f5⋯.png (14.9 KB, 177x176, 177:176, DmpxmWbW4AUsHs7.png)


it was something on tumblr


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)


I went back to the previous thread and checked, and we were talking about me and Cebruz talking on Tumblr, but that wasn't related to what I wanted to ask. Sorry, I think it's completely gone from my mind at this point!


File: 6c0d06784a70704⋯.jpg (40.14 KB, 270x273, 90:91, 33.jpg)


>took a nap

>fell asleep accidentally

>thinking emoji

It's okay, I only cried in my sleep.


I guess they have to wait until he's older for laser hair removal.


I wonder how much that makes.



idk i know i sent you a tubmlr message at some point so i thought maybe it had something to do with that but aw well


File: be0e4a32fc61273⋯.gif (2.91 KB, 49x48, 49:48, Eket Mask.gif)


I guess that's a fair point! Laser hair removal tends to work decently well on dark hair, at least.


You should get back on Tumblr, tbh. It's an excellent place to vent, because extremely few people are gonna see it. It's where I post stuff that's too depressing for /lewd/, at least.


File: 567b8ea06e2766c⋯.jpg (144.33 KB, 867x700, 867:700, 13v9x.jpg)


Everything in my life has a depressing undertone


File: 7808a41bf002992⋯.jpg (57.15 KB, 350x373, 350:373, 5.jpg)


I doubt they really have the money for such a thing though. That may have been the "surgery" option.


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)


True. But if the kid ends up being decently famous, I'm sure he can kickstart it or something.


File: 6af2dd8a3ec7278⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 280x285, 56:57, 61.jpg)


Will have to be a lot, especially to cover all the area. Otherwise he can find a nice girl, or boy, with a furry fetish :^).


File: 3c9d74aefb11580⋯.gif (2.3 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Bauchi Mask.gif)


Well I mean, tbh, the fur doesn't make him look ugly. It's nice fur, after all! It could've been all patchy and weird.


File: 2db240455a22fb0⋯.jpg (837.09 KB, 2560x1723, 2560:1723, taiga-aisaka-aisaka-taiga-….jpg)

when you can't decide what's on your mind it's clear

I'm here


File: bb9a00a84601f55⋯.jpg (180.27 KB, 928x2048, 29:64, dress 59435b56f5ca7c0879de….jpg)


Oh, okay then!


File: 39f56f5680305ef⋯.png (310.46 KB, 700x1036, 25:37, azlvy3P.png)


hey that was the most fun i've had in awhile.


File: 268e437a6fcd5fc⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 564x449, 564:449, smile 6ce1fe5f61a3d9d2b591….jpg)


Glad to hear it, I had fun too ^.^


File: 98fc5555534e275⋯.jpg (81.79 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 93Wem73.jpg)


I think my problem is just picking one person and messing with them all game. Sorry not sorry


File: ff9531ef66c2a73⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 564x423, 4:3, angry 2e8572c0ab533663b8c5….jpg)


Oh yea, definitely!


File: d9e207e00410fa5⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 300x223, 300:223, 164.jpg)



Isn't it just hair? Isn't there a difference? And yeah it doesn't, but despite social controversies I assume it might make him hotter than normal. Along with being more of an effort to clean. Thankfully all my abnormalities are internal :^).:^(




>okay then

I see you care quite a bit ;-;.


File: 59ebbe7a57fe263⋯.jpg (88.44 KB, 894x894, 1:1, wink tsuyu_by_koitobin_dc7….jpg)


Mhm! \o/

I'm a carebear.


File: 9c273c80a14a01a⋯.jpg (47.07 KB, 300x291, 100:97, 425.jpg)


More like a caredick;-;.


File: edfad713353d188⋯.jpg (258.53 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, WMS15qG.jpg)


did everyone think i was weird or did they not mind me?


File: 08bf80b4d5cf93d⋯.gif (263.58 KB, 300x357, 100:119, yammer smile 4ec4b2a14a34d….gif)


Even better!~


I've no more insight in them then you do. I'd imagine the latter.


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)


>I imagine it's remarkable

>Exuberant, austere

>Wish I were here


I mean yeah, it's (presumably) just hair, but it's covering so much that it just seemed natural to call it fur.

>might make him hotter than normal

wow, furry much?

>asked master if he wanted to do voice

>he said he wasn't really up for it

>asked if I could ask him again in an hour or so

>he said he was really stressed out and was going to bed

r-ree. I making him feel stressed.



Uh. *I hate making him feel stressed.


File: 9553d15c8af7f0a⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 340x304, 85:76, 179.jpg)


Why are you so mean?!


You're natural to call fur…or something!

Yes, you caught me :^(.

There there.


File: 3c9d74aefb11580⋯.gif (2.3 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Bauchi Mask.gif)


I do have a beard, it might seem natural to call that fur, for some people??

I knew it! I bet you subscribe to the HardBlush patreon on the $350 level. jfc, how can a furry artist have a Patreon level that high?

I'll live, it just sucks.


File: b151ce7e2ceacd4⋯.png (302.61 KB, 500x667, 500:667, waiting Tsuyu_Asui.png)


Wow, I'm not average, rude!


File: 2ff8135be4e07a1⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 240x218, 120:109, 52.jpg)


Your furry face!

Damn, caught me again ;-;. Is it one artist? None the less furry artists can basically make a living these days. Lots of furries will pay some good money for such things. What does that even get you? Let's ask Rumor how much he's spent :^).

If it helps, I suck in general! inb4 you take that the wrong way.


Eh? EH?! What do you mean?


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)


I'm not a furry yet, since I have neither a tail butt plug nor cat ears!

It is apparently several artists, though there's one main one! The $350 level apparently gets you a drawing of "your OC" by one of the artists, which you get a nice digital copy of one month after it's been posted on the patreon. And you also get 90 days of access to the paywalled porn.

I feel like the wrong way to take it would be to imply that you don't generally perform oral sex on men, tbh.


File: bf9e880c52eaa53⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 958x958, 1:1, waiting frog bf9.jpg)


What I mean is!: Good night Motley.


hi i'm johnny knoxville and this is the asthma attack without an inhaler trick


File: 61a3c0a0cb4ff90⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 280x369, 280:369, 30.jpg)




One guy who does all the work, then whips the rest of the artists to pad his site with content. Yeah that's something I hear furries will pay for. It's all about the OC content.

Now why would it be that way?!


Sleep well, sweet dreams.





it's getting hard to breathe NotMot



Do you have asthma?




You don't have albuterol?



it's empty lol



Fug dude what the heck? Better go get a new prescription asap. Being without one is awful. Just don't move!


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)



Anyway, I'll be heading to bed now! It's getting p late. so good night!



think it's been empty for 2-3 months. I don't have many asthma attacks anymore so I stopped caring



Sleep well.


alright my lungs have calmed down, I can breathe again



Do you use any long term medications?



i'm supposed to but insurance doesn't cover it because america so nope.



You might check their website. They might offer coupons for such a thing. What's the name of it?


My mothers convictions don't seem so insane.


File: 39e5d4d20085d93⋯.gif (175.13 KB, 500x671, 500:671, 1549821854496.gif)


File: 584c95d321161b1⋯.jpg (70.7 KB, 564x705, 4:5, wave 5a48a5b75d31ac7cbcb30….jpg)


Comfy pic…



File: 55b257baec09b86⋯.jpg (467.92 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 4fe3016f5203e5f170edde6ad5….jpg)

Hey bois


File: fe249aaae18b5bc⋯.png (139.3 KB, 344x341, 344:341, Umaru 29.png)

gonna drink 2l of water a day

hoping for feeling better with less fatigue

and better more regular pooing


File: 644c3daa917cb95⋯.jpg (45.7 KB, 511x700, 73:100, wave 9c0770371dd7f5f2ac730….jpg)



It's a plan.


File: 68e62326310c17b⋯.jpg (120.22 KB, 958x1366, 479:683, q2glzqnk652z.jpg)

>me: alright guys I'm gettin off, we aren't doing so hot

>squad: wait, what else are you gonna do?

>me: do something that doesn't piss me off maybe?

>squad: well wtf could that be

anything else guys. anything else.



oh hey there mr. 440k getter


File: 66bf1140fdda2cf⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 564x610, 282:305, watch as I do a motherfuck….jpg)


I never asked for it.


File: 2d0decb02f6eb27⋯.jpg (55.41 KB, 460x767, 460:767, b5vwy0a.jpg)


Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.


File: ccddd4c5c57ac60⋯.jpg (116.11 KB, 840x470, 84:47, cry Clipboard02.jpg)



Get some fiber too.


File: 72b15a843a3733f⋯.jpg (54.17 KB, 526x750, 263:375, 8vv0x4fjr6yy.jpg)


File: 2bf40f912ab8097⋯.jpg (30.4 KB, 502x704, 251:352, festival 20d2e846a848eed4b….jpg)


File: ffdf68b042bc0a5⋯.jpg (231.8 KB, 1200x988, 300:247, Zkvhny2.jpg)




File: 5d2b6827c1043ff⋯.jpg (152.04 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, sleep 306045ab050f51ddb2be….jpg)


Nite nite!


File: 6a3f7269f1e6ca5⋯.jpg (47.57 KB, 497x590, 497:590, 680354d5b25c4a1d9d1a5d4367….jpg)


Warm up under the covers!


File: 5e1bc473fa2659e⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 3464x1977, 3464:1977, b6738d9be18234ea2153844484….jpg)

wish i had the energy to vent

sleep tight lood



Sleep well.


File: 5185229b6827bc6⋯.png (58.29 KB, 500x510, 50:51, csxcsx.png)

i am such a giant faggot



oh also im not upset im just saying this cause christ im a giant faggot




>im a giant faggot

Welcome to /lewd/. Drinks are over there.


File: a2d1280a60ae524⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 1920x3693, 640:1231, rashed-alakroka-sx.jpg)








what the fuck am i supposed to do

what am i supposed to do


File: 59182c3ed936d37⋯.jpg (86.55 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 7btmh5ilnk721.jpg)

why do i have to be reasonable

why do i have tho think why i'm like this

i haven't eaten well

i haven't slept well

youtube gave me shit songs to listen to

mum calls and interrupts me this morning

no wonder why i'm angry

what does it help that i'm cursing all morning long and try to smoke a ciggie and can't even do it

why can't i be unreasonable

i invalidate this feeling and

now i'm just here like some child after they got to do their temper tantrum

now i'll just go to work like a good little loser

what did all that anger change?


so pointless


There there.


>smoking being a socially acceptable stress reliever

>can do it anywhere

That's a big [citation needed]. What is it you want to do that's a stress relief that you can't do?

Try to have a good day and good luck with work.


File: 9a29ba420cea8aa⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DpE7Ui7U8AAFFhx.jpg)


nicotine isn't a downer or illegal


File: 4ef06e785824e88⋯.png (523.53 KB, 540x810, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh dear.


I hope your day got better, Venven.


File: 62274f841c5ba64⋯.jpg (23.92 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ego-aio.jpg)

Welp, the company that makes the pods for my vape decided to effectively double the price of them, so say hello to my new vape! In 10–30 days, at least, 'cause I miiight have fucked up and ordered it from the US. But I'm sure my lungs can take a few weeks of smoking again.



Do you mean the coils? And why not cancel the order and reorder it locally?


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)


Nope, I mean pods! Like these ones: https://bovaping.com/product/complex-tobacco/

I was also getting annoyed by the massive amounts of plastic I was generating.

And I'm not cancelling the order for the simple reason that I am a beta bitch, and doing so would be stressful!



Oh, you used one of those devices. I forgot.

>massive amounts of plastic I was generating


Well just stop being a beta bitch. ez :^). But hopefully you don't have to wait.

So this new one is one you will with your own liquid, right?


File: 3c9d74aefb11580⋯.gif (2.3 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Bauchi Mask.gif)


Yeah, it's extremely simple to use, but expensive.

I mean, just look at that packaging! The box containing two pods is wrapped in plastic, and then inside that are two plastic bags, inside them are plastic yellow covers, and inside those is where the plastic pods are, with yet another little plastic thing covering up the bottom! I'd way prefer just having a few bottles around.

Yep, so I suddenly have a world of possibilities! But half of them are insanely weird, the rest seem like too much, and then there's that little sliver of ones I can see myself buying, that just mostly taste of tobacco.



Looking is hard, and confusing. What's the name of the device? The card shown doesn't look English.

Just don't have too much fun and buy too many flavors.


File: 21bb94457e56bed⋯.gif (2.81 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Raratonga Mask.gif)


It iiis a Joyetech eGo AIO! The pic is just something I pulled off of Google. And the completely bizarre name might be explained by the fact that I just found out the company is Chinese.

There is zero chance of that! I'll just try a couple of tobacco ones until I land on one with a decent price that still tastes decent.

Aaanyway! What's up on your end?



A lot of them will probably be Chinese. The whole "vape" concept was invented by a Chinese man.

Be wild and go for something fun. Like vanilla.

Just playing Warframe, like usual. Nothing much else. Trying to get back into programming doing some small practices.


File: 326790c2dfca76c⋯.gif (2.62 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Makonde Mask.gif)


As always, the Chinamen are superior.

Eeeh, I dunno! I'm gonna be using it a bit like once an hour all day, it'd be nice to just have a comfy but fairly neutral taste. (And I guess tobacco counts as that, in my head!)

III had to look up Warframe because I had zero idea what it was, then I saw "cooperative shooter" and thought maybe it was kinda like Overwatch, and then I actually looked into it and it absolutely wasn't. I am out of the loop re vidya.

Neat though, are you way out of practice with the programming, or?


File: f3ce031514b3056⋯.jpg (455.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190123233948_1.jpg)


Commie! The guy who made it made it because his father died from smoking.

Neutral taste for you anyways! Vanilla is neutral too!

Lel. It's been around for a while. A big coop game. Some people argue if it counts as an MMO or not sometimes. It's been compared to Destiny lately, but they're pretty different so it's a dumb comparison.

Sorta. I haven't really done any for a year or so. I'll get my hands wet and then try to think of something more complex to make if I can.


File: 43296a2e411a2f4⋯.gif (2.81 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Rukai Mask.gif)


>imblying China is communist

But yeah, that makes sense as an origin story!

Eeeh, it just seems too much like candy for me, and I don't wanna be eating candy all day.

I don't really play new games, sooo I don't know about stuff unless it's extremely popular! Or someone mentions it and it looks like it can run on my laptop.

Well, good luck I suppose!

I'll be heading to bed now though. I actually got tired at a reasonable time because I got up at a reasonable time, grumble grumble. Good night!



I was just calling you a commie for fun :^).

A sad origin story.

>doesn't want to taste candy all day

What are you?! An adult?!

Both of those are relatively popular! Or at least Destiny I guess.


Sleep well, good luck tomorrow.


People post here? If they do, what are they like?


File: 2b0284f242a5b6a⋯.jpg (37.5 KB, 464x591, 464:591, 64564hb.jpg)


i do hope you're okay


looks fancy


you know how people are



I don't That's why I ask.

I am looking for places where I can avatarfag with my boyfriend.


File: 0ac4416bb47fb96⋯.png (171.4 KB, 500x484, 125:121, dasdas.png)


well it isn't the most active place but its always been friendly and open to new people, mostly.



Define "active".

Do you know any other place then. I'm desperate.


File: 27e79e358789239⋯.png (84.09 KB, 870x1160, 3:4, jhg.png)


i mean people don't post all day every day but people do post some everyday usually.

there is >>>/animus/ which is more active but i don't think people cross post from here at all only a few people have its not like it matters really. just different crowds.



I have had bad experiences with animus, so that knocks that site down


File: b0094075b1718b1⋯.jpg (98.52 KB, 1159x1200, 1159:1200, DnApbf0X4AAM2Gn.jpg)


there is one more that i know of but its actually dead so thats no help. this is really the only place i post cause i haven't been posting at all really so i dont know a lot.


File: cde9058c9faa7c8⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, One muffin a day keeps the….jpg)


Well that makes things look a bit grim.

I might have to make my own board and attract people who want to be on a brand new circlejerk.


File: 344349ec30a746a⋯.jpg (14.46 KB, 251x249, 251:249, Dp-l2QNXgAErcJT.jpg)


well i hope it goes well if you do


File: f4c0a6013bb71f2⋯.jpg (84.73 KB, 500x707, 500:707, GONNA CHOKE YOU, BITCH.jpg)


Nah. I'm going to post here for a bit. Maybe my BF will like it.


File: 1988156aed80fff⋯.jpg (103.8 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DxYPZq8VYAAdID0.jpg)


its not bad a place



It bad because dead.

Where is everyone.


File: 9a4733f384044f5⋯.png (14.9 KB, 177x176, 177:176, DmpxmWbW4AUsHs7.png)


idk asleep or stuff

sometimes people show up around this hour



Well yeah it¡s pretty late. maybe its time to sleep.



i probably will sleep in awhile i got bad sleep and feel like garbage



Gonna sleep as well then. Good night!


File: aa7855e78a24569⋯.png (132.8 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4v3weas.png)





We don't. We make a magic trick to make people thing we do.





stay here as long as you like

fuck animus that place is retarded and so are all the people there


File: 405244561230b76⋯.png (149.43 KB, 1000x1049, 1000:1049, 11t34.png)

Most are eurogays living in euro time

Except Skandi-sama who posts until like 3-4am


hy does Skandi-sama still not have a laptop



Good question

Maybe they found the light of windows


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)



I do have a laptop, just a shitty one I'm borrowing from my roommate! I ordered some tools to open my actual laptop, which took ages to get here, and they turned out not to work. Now I'm gonna be sending my actual laptop to master, and he's gonna get it fixed (including maybe installing a new hard drive, if that's the problem as I think it is).


File: 9bac3ced2bc700b⋯.png (730.81 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 628c8503b5a6929a3b48d7df78….png)


that's what we knew already!


mods are gay!


File: c3add26f6cbf623⋯.jpg (79.26 KB, 1000x960, 25:24, Dm3Qi7rXsAEfYH2.jpg)


i think yea every mod ever here has actually been gay


File: fac47e1519aeef7⋯.png (38.85 KB, 300x299, 300:299, Glitchy rage.PNG)

come on

be active

show off how good we can be for the newbie



Bi at least


File: 3f6aebb4b937d58⋯.jpg (62.86 KB, 700x900, 7:9, frvcds.jpg)


im just sitting here being sick listening to music wanting to smoke more

bi gay same diff they both love dick


File: 4c1fb76b6eb6f47⋯.png (447.24 KB, 681x510, 227:170, 3LFTR17.png)


let me join

i wont smoke or be sick but i might listen to music

yeah but someone always corrects me when i say they're gay. or they say "So" which is worse. like, please react to my insult gosh.


File: 72a69bc512f98b6⋯.png (236.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, coffee barista tumblr_p25l….png)

You'll need to work at your insults Venven.


File: dbe03d935acd9c0⋯.jpg (96.08 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, DoqZUEPWwAARe_X.jpg)


of course

just smoking weed though.

its just touchy people overreacting from the sound of it


File: 280cba0c88f5611⋯.png (234.33 KB, 539x562, 539:562, lkZYxFF.png)




I don't want to smoke ciggies rn anyways anymore

i think they're just counter memeing me

they're pretty good at that unfortunately


File: 5419a85d1d634af⋯.png (592.81 KB, 766x1155, 766:1155, comfy 6e36d6508e32a6b81ab3….png)


Good ♥

>our Jack is a boy



File: bdc21150f2f83e9⋯.png (129.05 KB, 500x496, 125:124, dsada.png)


i hate ciggies tbh



>those options

Ah yes the normal ones. I always ask for fetishized hentai at Starbucks.


File: b0dbfeaa701631d⋯.jpg (12.84 MB, 4370x6142, 2185:3071, 807b097ffe31df99cb00d51d0e….jpg)




but instant stress relief




that's it really

mostly aesthetic


File: 446a59a7e113637⋯.png (415.36 KB, 825x813, 275:271, comfy frog 543281.png)


W-waw ;-;


I'd go with dark coffee if I didn't have to go to bed soon.


File: 363075bb476fddb⋯.jpg (23.89 KB, 400x533, 400:533, Sitting down a tree eff uh….jpg)



I'm here then. Let's see what my BF thinks of the place.


File: 84e2d6528ed7117⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 493x573, 493:573, comfy f1de3400a286da9b5e96….jpg)


Welcome anon and anonbf.


File: 5e7bbb4280d606e⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 190x265, 38:53, Checking Berry Monsters.gif)


Hi the there you Czech. How is it going.


File: feffe861c3268bc⋯.jpg (28.54 KB, 480x678, 80:113, consider the following 510….jpg)


It's going moderately neato. But it's pretty late, sadly.


File: d8e3f6c90e7e96d⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1438x2156, 719:1078, 17jvk.jpg)

tfw you think you took a nice pic but get 0 notes


File: 7a538be1e6f5d74⋯.jpg (460.83 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Landscape 1 tmblr.jpg)

i thought it was nice :c


File: 60fb25de5c98476⋯.png (436.29 KB, 709x695, 709:695, tea 60f.png)


Feels very finlandey, not bad!

Is that your neighbour there in the distance?


File: 56f0de6b7e6212d⋯.png (504.21 KB, 788x741, 788:741, __nishizumi_miho_and_shima….png)


not bad


i mean it could be better i guess but mreeh

my shittier pics got at least one not each


File: 0373c00eb7686d9⋯.gif (379.08 KB, 966x1000, 483:500, tea comfy de8891d0c278f956….gif)


>not bad

I meant it in an Obama kind of way!

What notes, where?



Coffee addict.



>tfw no snow this year, just ice


File: 74541d8c98ee427⋯.jpg (113.57 KB, 617x875, 617:875, Dx6UEUqU0AUW81t.jpg)


oh that kind

well i guess that's good

Tumblr silly


that's the best compliment ever Mot ;-;

it was from monday when i had that whole moody morning

so i took camera with me since the weather fit the mood


File: 60190d22ec937e7⋯.jpg (194.27 KB, 840x470, 84:47, thinking Clipboard03.jpg)


No you.



Oh, that site. I haven't used it since they banned porn to be honest.


File: 91d6d12105acdc4⋯.jpg (127.47 KB, 1018x1200, 509:600, e307c56615113d5fe0dba333a4….jpg)


myeah i just don't know where else to post my pics

i don't really use it for much else

well i do follow a few photographers that do neat schtuff

i never really used it for porn though


File: 89a9df138f330e9⋯.png (607.88 KB, 849x1100, 849:1100, Spanish Inquisition Pose.png)


It's getting late almost everywhere.


Reminds me of a SCP.


File: bec88622878c5e4⋯.jpg (23.57 KB, 300x300, 1:1, thinking tumblr_opsuah7I7R….jpg)


I can only think of facebook. That's where my family post their stuff.

I rarely ever used it for anything but that! For non-porn I've used the other thing. What'sitcalled. Something with pins. Yeah, Pinterest.



Glad to hear!

So…yesterday? Good thing you did. Do you have a regular non-smartphone camera?


I do not enjoy coffee.


File: 8b83d582f00de58⋯.jpg (42.51 KB, 1056x666, 176:111, iz29cabfa0g21.jpg)


how so


your website suggestions suck and you should feel bad!



There's one SCP that is a giant radio tower, that causes distortion around its area and degrades all. Kind of like that mist in your pic.


File: f3e92d107b0a8ff⋯.jpg (72.6 KB, 705x1000, 141:200, Ds9__miUcAAOdfJ.jpg)


canon 700d so a "proper" camera!

with 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens

iiiiif those mean anything to you!


oh there's scp like that too wow

i just assumed they were all kind of sort of "normal" sized things not huge stuff

that's super cool


File: eb42eed8ec94b89⋯.jpg (86.96 KB, 752x1063, 752:1063, tongue asui_tsuyu_by_julio….jpg)


Mhmm, guess it is.


That makes your addiction that much worse!




File: 5f7a73e91404267⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 569x718, 569:718, kf2y3vxzs0b21.jpg)


File: 25a6af07a94938f⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 434x350, 31:25, Depression.jpg)


They don't, unfortunately. Next time I need a camera then I know who to ask.




File: df8297fb84d00c9⋯.png (513.24 KB, 718x1022, 359:511, Hungry after lewd.png)


Of course not. SCPs can be all sorts of things.

Like, there is a giant sea serpent SCP that only sleeps, and it's snores caused the red noise.

There is an SCP that is a mathematical flaw, that invades mathematical fields and "removes one number". This number stops existing from Math, yet any operation is still logical.


So what should I know about this place?


Who is that anime girl.

Friends say I act like her.


File: f4123c421b8e7b3⋯.mp4 (29.53 KB, 282x466, 141:233, SdMEsUZsu66vy8dJ5oKkt2FeWm….mp4)


What's red noise?

I take it you like to read about SCP's!

I'm afraid I don't know who she is. SHe's just a number saved on my hard drive


File: 85790f97339c6bb⋯.jpg (60.8 KB, 564x814, 282:407, trashy 831edbc6d33375f1e28….jpg)


Gay meanyface: you!


Obviously it's worse if you're addicted to something you don't actually enjoy!


Shit I dunno anon. It used to be super lewd. they say, but not anymore. I've been here on and off since summer 2016 IIRC, so it must have been before that.

Oh yeah, it also used to be all Finns. That's kind of a shame all the others left.


File: bd171b541db126e⋯.jpg (329.17 KB, 1624x1624, 1:1, i9QtUws.jpg)


oh also you'd probably have better luck with… /p/ is it? in 4ch

just don't ask about sony

or say anything bad about fujifilm


File: 26ab4727e6fc2c8⋯.jpg (100.09 KB, 1000x754, 500:377, 五月 (15).jpg)

Long time no see Iara


File: 50695afde60bb25⋯.png (86.47 KB, 954x538, 477:269, and then i siad 'wait, 6 d….png)


Well, it's OK because lewd is boring. Unless it's me oversharing my fantasies with my BF.

Non-lewd chats are more fruitful!


Red noise was a real life phenomena that could be heard from the oceans. It was a disruption of some sorts. SCP explains it with that giant SCP.

Yeah, it's one of my hobbies!

And it's OK. She was probably from a bad anime, anyway!


File: 85bbf81f26e4e48⋯.png (59.67 KB, 277x311, 277:311, Over 9000 penises.png)


Oh my. Someone knows me.

Well, whatever you knew from back then is moot and gone now. I am a different person! If you give me a chance.


File: 065cd097c2e0bf8⋯.png (459.94 KB, 695x820, 139:164, 五月 (35).png)



Of course I will.

So long as your talk-first policy became at least a liiiiittle bit more flexible.


File: 6f37c866d3fdb25⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 605x1000, 121:200, Duv2Bi5VsAAtbCJ.jpg)

ruh roh


heck i might have to read up on some scp stuff

probably wont though

since tired

and stuff

anyways shower

have fun you two, don't kill each other


File: 151086b4e4f5f37⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 850x1006, 425:503, v-sign 41bc69540372a2a8591….jpg)


Hey I'm not complaining.


File: ccf771c374c201c⋯.png (265 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 9ed4b09d3e49ee6298e14093fa….png)

Yo, rumor


File: 32a6c6829bbe038⋯.jpg (67.82 KB, 688x700, 172:175, What is better than two pe….jpg)


It did not. But if you message me first, you get me to never stop talking to you, no matter how bored I am!


See you some day. I will try not murdering anyone.


So… What can we talk about.

The initial small-talk is always the worst.


File: 72f331821ea67e2⋯.jpeg (114.74 KB, 800x1028, 200:257, 五月 (2).jpeg)


But I'm afraid of spoiling you too much if I keep initiating every time.

What if you eventually get tired of me.


File: a78bea0e60de60c⋯.jpg (63.04 KB, 541x646, 541:646, lava.jpg)


I don't drink it at all!


Or I could ask /g/ too I guess. Maybe they'll give me the same answers.

Board memes, spicy memes. Don't drown in the shower now.


Wait didn't you use to come here a long time ago?



Yoohoo. Going to bed soon. You?


I don!'t know.

>initial small-talk

Don't worry, it never ends on this board….


File: 534655f714f2705⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 474x474, 1:1, We are back an WORSE than ….jpg)


Then too bad.

I won't get tired of no one, if they chat to me first.


Why bother remembering the past? Live the present today!


Well, while we spent an eternity coming with small-talk ideas, tell me how can I call you.


File: faf6800887b7320⋯.jpg (344.61 KB, 1000x1454, 500:727, 41f6889545b61067430e58749c….jpg)


Going to bed not sure when.

Possibly soon since gotta be up early.

Had an eventful day.

You know Separ?


File: 8b2cbbe17a55fd6⋯.jpg (408.19 KB, 1000x1415, 200:283, 14f35a205d697f810577c0e04b….jpg)



Tempted to put that to a test…


File: ab5c7c77911ed81⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 236x345, 236:345, Shake your coconuts, until….jpg)


Feel free to do as you please.


File: d7b176e4b4d4663⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, waiting 001.jpg)


You're bad at being an addict!


Rumor works fine with me.


Soon! It's late!

Ahh, I see. What kind of events, if you can manage to tell within 5 minutes?

No sir.


File: 86f32bdf3d4b8f3⋯.jpg (82.41 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DqSZkpkX0AA-9-F.jpg)


thats how i feel about weed

nicotine is just gross


File: 6c0d06784a70704⋯.jpg (40.14 KB, 270x273, 90:91, 33.jpg)


It's just a question! Not like I'm going to chastise you! Except for now.


So bad I'm not even addicted.



Well Hi there Rumor.

What rumours can you spread of the people here.


File: 858da7a9f43713c⋯.jpg (209.97 KB, 550x700, 11:14, 57e897ae3151a973c2b648b152….jpg)


How are the neopets?


Uuuuh, school, drinking with friends, dinner, shopping.

He's a rapper, kind if a big deal here, surprised you're not familiar.


File: 838242064000cab⋯.gif (1.52 MB, 500x281, 500:281, yammer 1468029525_tumblr_o….gif)




Rumour has it Venla used to be nice back in the day. Nowadays, not so much! Big Meany McMeanyface is what he is now.

Well anyways. Going to bed. Good night y'all.



I'm awful. I might as well go make dinner then. Sleep well.


File: aed59c46190dc11⋯.jpg (31.56 KB, 401x401, 1:1, So, can you buy me a comis….jpg)


My account got frozen. Some cheaters from the black market set me a trap and I lost everything.


Good. Let's start again from scratch.


Thank you Rumor for that rumour.

No idea who Venla is but I'll keep it in mind.





File: 3fc44baaa1665be⋯.png (342.01 KB, 500x600, 5:6, fsdasd.png)


who would have thought the neopets market would be so brutal


File: cde9058c9faa7c8⋯.jpg (8.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, One muffin a day keeps the….jpg)


Don't believe me?




Don't let their cute design fool you. They are evil down to the core.



It's not like I have anything against you! But whatever, hopefully you're doing well today. I'll be back later.



i believe you just wow



Neopets is serious business.

And since I hated cheaters, I had to be brought down by them. I kinda miss my Neopets but ohwell. The game is not the same.


See ya then.


File: 7f10bd58f7bfab4⋯.jpg (79.33 KB, 812x1200, 203:300, DwkYDJzU8AALFYj.jpg)


myeah it isn't great


ask both!

/g/ will probably be less biased and memey


you seem to have done ok at not murdering anyone


File: 6679babf81cdf40⋯.jpg (166.02 KB, 1024x1522, 512:761, 五月 (3).jpg)


Oh you never managed to recover it?



How have you been killing time since then?


File: f4c0a6013bb71f2⋯.jpg (84.73 KB, 500x707, 500:707, GONNA CHOKE YOU, BITCH.jpg)


Yup! I did my best.

What's my reward.


File: 20937f0c24275d5⋯.jpg (23.75 KB, 316x395, 4:5, Say, I need another 900 do….jpg)


Well, first I played Maplestory but that didn't work out. Then I played Pokemon Vortex while reading tons of SCPs.

Now I play a phone game (Berry Monsters), as well as random PSX games and Terraria.


File: a802846cf6c240c⋯.gif (875.38 KB, 500x249, 500:249, 2f6a13c278e3ca54a77333aceb….gif)


what do you want?



i want friends.

And money.


File: ab619691ec6a6ea⋯.jpg (793.15 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, 五月 (47).jpg)


Play ffxiv with me



I don't really like final fantasy games.


File: f15fa54829c1b74⋯.png (346.95 KB, 658x1000, 329:500, 五月 (11).png)


play osu with me


File: b9f9b46f9dd97ec⋯.gif (350.72 KB, 500x345, 100:69, Elaborate Frontal Fucking.gif)


I don't think I might like that game.


File: c29ce0089415e30⋯.jpg (31.84 KB, 352x550, 16:25, 111355900-352-k683582.jpg)


What are some of the PlayStation games that you are playing?


File: b5d7ac04390d6f2⋯.jpg (117.55 KB, 894x894, 1:1, Can't read my poker face.jpg)


At the moment, just Bomberman Party Edition.

I got a bit frustrated with my Terraria builds.



Is that a two-player game? Maybe we can play together sometime!



It's a play station game tho .How coul we play it together?


File: 4fcb6be1742f239⋯.jpg (258.42 KB, 570x850, 57:85, 1414224476233.jpg)

File: 2624c3522c27b09⋯.jpg (89.56 KB, 530x744, 265:372, 16-1.jpg)


Hmm… good question! I don't know!



If you ever find a way, then tell me.

We should probably make our own 8ch forum or something. I dunno.


File: e318eaea8ba7b72⋯.jpg (245.4 KB, 1000x1374, 500:687, 573532bb087fcf710af3180d98….jpg)


Did you try though!



Not really, no.


Someone post some good fucking music, or I will kill myself, and then kill you.



*pats your head*




These two flags look very similar, except one is raked.


File: c4dd99112b555a2⋯.jpg (27.66 KB, 600x300, 2:1, He's just a kid, dont make….jpg)


Purrrrrrr… <3


Define "good".

What I like might not be what you like.


File: 248b1ef8a4d98d6⋯.jpg (62.64 KB, 1024x817, 1024:817, 6a331573eb44468887c40a54b9….jpg)


*Rubs your tummy*


File: de2105f83e8fb2c⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 489x423, 163:141, Tastier than what I cook!.jpg)


I don't think the regulars are gonna appreciate a bunch of newbs lewding up their place! ♥


File: 371701767b6c27d⋯.jpg (174.63 KB, 850x1220, 85:122, 五月 (42).jpg)

Oh they would.

Someone's gotta make the board live up to its name.

Regulars clearly don't


File: b503e63aac0ec5b⋯.png (376.5 KB, 700x900, 7:9, Someone remove watermark p….png)


I thought the name was ironic.


File: 319569503bb7b0e⋯.png (333.86 KB, 523x840, 523:840, watermark-removed.png)


>Someone remove watermark please.png


File: f561fa603775133⋯.png (432.19 KB, 800x1569, 800:1569, 五月 (5).png)


Iiiiiiiiiiiiiit's…not quite but it's not accurate.

It's a long story.



Or maybe its /lewd/ because you guys always post lewd anime girls.


Fixed it! Thank you babe!


File: 2ee6da31280e4ac⋯.png (572.84 KB, 800x1313, 800:1313, 五月 (7).png)


Yo mine aren't even lewd!

As far as I've gathered, being far from an expert on the subject.

It used to be a lot lewder before but the lewdness kinda subsided when a majority of userbase migrated to discord.

More or less kinda sorta



They are totes lewd.

Don't even deny it.

And discord kills slow places.


File: c3d4c23e922b569⋯.jpg (702.44 KB, 850x1448, 425:724, 五月 (72).jpg)


They are tastefully provocative.


File: be19c416d45c0aa⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 636x311, 636:311, I think you are just a fag….jpg)


Uh huh.



Aww, what a sweet muffin!



Muffins are to be eaten, aren't they?


File: d0493f41479c0aa⋯.jpg (493.71 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, 1516757536779.jpg)


I want to smooch and lick your tummy



Ewww! Get a room.


File: efca854a52ba91f⋯.png (226.33 KB, 899x899, 1:1, DoXTP7sXsAA2_A3.png)



Isnt that girl too young to eat semen



its okay its only demon semon


File: 2dc3425e9a01262⋯.png (208.46 KB, 574x755, 574:755, My life motto.png)


That's OK then. For a second I was worried.


File: d7bdd895ce680c4⋯.png (279.49 KB, 500x607, 500:607, Level up faster, you berry….png)


My lil sis accidentally managed to see my hentai folder, which was open. Darn.


File: ec1a2f65b764570⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 3742x5556, 1871:2778, 2_Genevieve_(128).jpg)


Happened to me as well, mate. It wasn't my hentai folder, but my, ahem, "references" folder…

Mine was 16 at the time, so I guess she isn't really 'lil', but what do you think goes through their heads? To be honest, it feels really bad at the time, but I don't think it's that big a deal; she'll understand one day.


File: 165f914290615af⋯.jpg (57.34 KB, 368x470, 184:235, drink tumblr_pcm4sbfF4i1wt….jpg)



Sounds fun, for me as a disinterested observer. What kind of references, I wonder…


File: ad62d6240f999f5⋯.png (185.35 KB, 346x538, 173:269, god emperor trump.PNG)

If Skandi-sama doesn't post today, I'm legally the new board owner


File: 71e89984157087d⋯.gif (2.37 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Yoruba Mask.gif)


Here is my post: ur butt is gay




my condolences to that player



dang it!

you pet person!


their items weren't even shit



not their gear

their server

i play in aether

and sarg and siren are the worst people ive gotten quede up with

even goblin had better players

out of like 3 people that actively play in goblin


File: 7f0b3ea26d3504b⋯.gif (2.45 KB, 48x48, 1:1, B'galla Mask.gif)


Not my fault that belonging to a master is nice, tbh.


File: 280cba0c88f5611⋯.png (234.33 KB, 539x562, 539:562, lkZYxFF.png)


balmung master something something….

i think siren ends up with us in balmung

idk about sarg

not like servers will matter much soon anyways


i'd rather belong to 2d than 3!

or well




yeah balmung here

getting shoved to crystal with our retard little brother matoots

and a bunch of dead servers

atleast i dont gotta deal with gilga raiders anymore


File: 3c9d74aefb11580⋯.gif (2.3 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Bauchi Mask.gif)


Well I mean, it's relatively easy to belong to a 2D person, you've just gotta say you do! I don't think they'll object.

Anyway, I'm gonna watch Poirot, so bye for now!



have fun watching old ladies tv show! nerd!


File: a6fe722ceeaaa02⋯.jpg (874.94 KB, 2100x1650, 14:11, frog 528178.jpg)


Enjoy your Poirot, Skandi-sama.


File: aed59c46190dc11⋯.jpg (31.56 KB, 401x401, 1:1, So, can you buy me a comis….jpg)



Mine is 14, and she watches porn and tells me about her ERPs and the like so maybe it's not that bad. BUT STILL EMBARRASSING.


File: 65d98f4345af756⋯.jpg (29.81 KB, 600x338, 300:169, immodest by accident tsuyu….jpg)


>watches porn and tells me about her ERPs and the like so maybe it's not that bad

Yeah I mean, I'd say that bit is much more embarrassing!

I hope the folder was at least full of traps and yaoi/shota.


File: 89e20d18db07470⋯.png (144.54 KB, 500x601, 500:601, wgefaDS.png)


damn dood i wouldn't want to hear about that stuff from my siblings tbh


File: 40c0950740fa587⋯.jpg (598.27 KB, 2143x2555, 2143:2555, lurking frog 485436.jpg)


I like these new(ish) pics.


File: 07263edb9a66aea⋯.jpg (63.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 488c32230107cb5f12c3be9291….jpg)


>be stupid

>see thumbnail

>wow froppy's breasts look extremely weird

>click picture

>it's her back



File: aff2dca0389114e⋯.jpg (42.44 KB, 564x564, 1:1, neutral 3e2aec10be2cf79013….jpg)


Hue. HEllo.


File: 414db5b32afb4e2⋯.gif (357.57 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 1506665852302.gif)


heyyo froppy-san. How's your week been?


File: e95039e0fb5a7ec⋯.jpg (47.87 KB, 550x610, 55:61, neutral 7b9b057f4933a46d37….jpg)


Well. (Almost) First thing after I got back to work after sick leave, the cashier lady quit. Or was fired. Probably was fired. So instead of doing my best to catch up to stuff, I'm selling things in the shop most of my time. Kinda weird.

How about you, Taiga-chan ?


File: 50695afde60bb25⋯.png (86.47 KB, 954x538, 477:269, and then i siad 'wait, 6 d….png)


>I hope the folder was at least full of traps and yaoi

It was.

No shota tho because that's pedophile.


We are pretty open. But tat doesn't makes it any less embarassing when she saw my folder.

We, as a family, prefer knowing all she does. If she sees sex as something normal she won't go and have "discovery adventures" on the side. Have you seen how many pregnant teenagers are there?


File: dca6ad10efc1175⋯.jpg (49.18 KB, 564x760, 141:190, smile 14c4cd27f56834fa60f7….jpg)


Ah okay.



So… How are you today?


File: c8b6fbdc2fa12ac⋯.jpg (66.82 KB, 563x624, 563:624, smile 338de0454dfb71178f9d….jpg)


Alright. Slacked off too much, perhaps, but then again I was a dumbass yesterday and went to bed way too late, so I've been pretty tired and sleepy too.

How about yourself?


File: 89a9df138f330e9⋯.png (607.88 KB, 849x1100, 849:1100, Spanish Inquisition Pose.png)


Literally the same as you. Being lazy it's a sin… But it's summer!

I was supposed to go out today but I didn't felt like. Maybe tomorrow tho.


File: b786f3dcbba190d⋯.png (207.52 KB, 1018x1065, 1018:1065, 1548725866222.png)


No offence meant to neither Chain nor Muffin!

And Cebruz did respond with "gas all gays", but he apologised in the DMs, and he's gay himself, so I guess it's fine?


File: 9f923ad05a088b1⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1280x1170, 128:117, blush tsuyu_asui_by_loizuk….png)


We going to hell Muffin… I assume that's okay to call you that, since you're using it as your name o:

Ahh, go where, with whom?


File: 20f220b2b91ccb4⋯.jpg (100.48 KB, 850x793, 850:793, Do you need anything, Chai….jpg)


Gas all the gays tho. Me and my manly boyfriend agree!


Everyone if going to hell. Isn't masturbating a sin?

Yeah it's OK to call me that.

I just gotta get pretty. I need to check up on stores that can do laser hair removal.


File: 563520ac73ee0b7⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 3215x4079, 3215:4079, 3iKoEYZ.jpg)


Sounds comfy and relaxing to do something easier than usual. I like days like that once in awhile.

Well, this week has been really lazy until today. I got told the guy above me isn't performing and over the next couple months they're going to be demoting him and working me into that job. So that's cool, more money and responsibility and the opportunity to learn etc. Yesterday I was gonna do my laundry but there was a snowstorm (I use a laundromat), but it's clear today and should be tomorrow, so I did half today will do half tomorrow. Then I just did cleaning of my place and yeah. Now I'm just gonna relax until tomorrow when I'll do some more laundry and cleaning to prepare for another lazy weekend.


File: 55bfe736a1e2f70⋯.gif (2.66 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Dandelion.gif)


Me and my manly boyfriend would rather disagree! We both like rubbing our faces against each others chest hair, after all.


File: 102c596fb5de2d4⋯.png (171.94 KB, 600x796, 150:199, GRR IM A DINOSAUR.png)


Ewww no. I prefer being a soft cute kitty for my master, who deserves nothing but love! Our love knows no bounds.



File: f60f80cb49a9a30⋯.jpg (59.34 KB, 564x696, 47:58, boo 753efb347ab936fca7a6d3….jpg)


Oh, fair enough fair enough.

Mmm good.

Oh, I see I see. Doll up for your bf huh.


That's not comfy and relaxing, that's stressful af! 'cause you still need to do your best to catch up to stuff. But everyone is interrupting you (which already happens a good bit even outside the store, but on steroids when you're doing clerk stuff as well).

Ohh, I see. So you're gonna get promoted, congrats!

Productive day.

Speaking of the weekend - I don't assume you're free Friday early afternoon? Like 11am your time?


File: a2887438711b49b⋯.gif (2.67 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Sunflower.gif)


Well I mean, my chest hair doesn't make me any less soft! Quite the opposite, in fact.

Aaalso, you're kinda on the wrong board if you feel like gays should be gassed, tbh.


File: b39a3ae5f2b6d7c⋯.jpg (113.75 KB, 500x724, 125:181, Why is her hair normal and….jpg)


Yea, my BF is pretty hairy so I should know.

I was kidding. Forgot to add a ':3'


Yup! But heat wave after heat wave makes it very difficult. I'll try to get out earlier tomorrow.


File: 8b83d582f00de58⋯.jpg (42.51 KB, 1056x666, 176:111, iz29cabfa0g21.jpg)


he apologized for tumblr admins


File: fd42bb0a4314401⋯.jpg (54.2 KB, 564x789, 188:263, sleep dfeb2b24a13a6b0f6560….jpg)


Fingers crossed, Muffin.

Anyways, midnight, time to stop being a dingus and hit the bed for me.

Good night anyone.


File: abb352fa64bb868⋯.jpg (35.17 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 279911.jpg)


I'm not free until 330pm eastern time. So… guess not. :(


File: b14dacf416771f6⋯.gif (2.8 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Spiked.gif)


Oh, I see! No worries, I wasn't actually offended or anything, I just assumed you were pro-gay but preferred twinky dudes.

I did hope you'd go on doing the bit for one more reply, 'cause I was gonna say something about being a pet and having fur, but oh well!


I don't think Tumblr admins read DMs for situations like this! If I wanted to, I'm sure I could report his comment and get it deleted, but eh. I know what Cebruz is like, he will say that kind of stuff.


Night, Roomy!


File: 3f979be88a5c447⋯.jpg (69.53 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, I wish I had this bust.jpg)


I might be a pet but I am by no means furry!


Night, frog.


File: dd097560d961052⋯.jpg (495.55 KB, 1654x2338, 827:1169, DDhikJZ.jpg)


also he's gay so

he has a pass

i think

I have a pass too but i'm not gay


File: c847fdcd1089946⋯.gif (1.92 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Bluehound.gif)


Well, Muffin, if you like being a pet, it kinda seems like fur would be good!

Not gonna go into my rant about pubic hair!


Again though, I don't think the Tumblr admins would bother to check whether or not he's gay!

And of course you're not gay, since you just want a girl dick to cum inside you.


File: b9f9b46f9dd97ec⋯.gif (350.72 KB, 500x345, 100:69, Elaborate Frontal Fucking.gif)


The only hair I plan to have is the one in my head, thank you. Everything else is gone!


File: 309fe03ed5f0a3d⋯.gif (1.91 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Pointy.gif)


smh. But since you are a girl, that's fine, I suppose. My main problem is with dudes who have zero pubes, it just looks like they're suffering from some sort of disease.


File: 376055a042e0ef4⋯.png (315.67 KB, 650x870, 65:87, Do you have brain damage.png)


Well, pubes are tasty after all.

I mean.


File: d6bb092b5d289fb⋯.gif (1.88 KB, 48x48, 1:1, RedDog.gif)


Uh. Hm. Well. Hm. Okay, that's an opinion I haven't heard before. But kinkshaming is the opposite of what /lewd/ is about, so sure! If you like licking pubes, I'll try my best to not think that's weird.


File: d7bdd895ce680c4⋯.png (279.49 KB, 500x607, 500:607, Level up faster, you berry….png)


It's not THAT weird, is it?


Skan isn't allowed to kink shame.


File: 309fe03ed5f0a3d⋯.gif (1.91 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Pointy.gif)


I do think it's odd, but master likes licking my nipples and stuff (and I really like it too), so I can't really say anything.


Hey, rude!!


File: ba06e6c203503f6⋯.png (1.45 MB, 954x1114, 477:557, f831fa7e5bc9f844d6c3fdbc1b….png)


>Well, pubes are tasty after all.



Am I wrong?!


File: 93c8abce555ee61⋯.gif (1.78 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Woof.gif)


I haven't been ordered to not kink shame, so yes!

And sorry, I was talking to master on voice, hence the late reply.



How do I suggest him making that order?

I was hoping I was just so right I scared you off.


File: 309fe03ed5f0a3d⋯.gif (1.91 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Pointy.gif)


Jeez, I don't really kink shame anyway! There are some fetishes that I think are silly, but I know that my fetishes are silly too.


File: aed59c46190dc11⋯.jpg (31.56 KB, 401x401, 1:1, So, can you buy me a comis….jpg)


That's vanilla tho.



I am being judged.


File: 45ea397bd955b13⋯.gif (1.8 KB, 48x48, 1:1, PurpGuy.gif)


Is it? For males? I mean, if it is vanilla that's fine by me, the first time he did it I came so hard that it hit the pillow.


File: df8297fb84d00c9⋯.png (513.24 KB, 718x1022, 359:511, Hungry after lewd.png)


Yup. Totes vanilla.

You can see that on even the most tame gay porn flicks.



So you say, but maybe you do so mentally!


File: 326790c2dfca76c⋯.gif (2.62 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Makonde Mask.gif)


I'll need to complicate my fetishes a bit, then. Though I don't ever watch 3D porn anyway, doujins are my jam, so I wouldn't know.


I mean, I guess I disapprove of guro? 'Cause that's a bit creepy to me.


File: 363075bb476fddb⋯.jpg (23.89 KB, 400x533, 400:533, Sitting down a tree eff uh….jpg)


I watch it very seldom. Mostly amateur because I can't stand the fakeness of most.


I, for one, kink-shame literally everything there is. Like furries. Those are weird.



Knew it smh. But let's be serious here, NTR isn't a fetish and should be shamed.


Oh then I can't protect you Skan's rabid kink-shaming antics anymore.


File: 0abad4d9fb6d47c⋯.jpg (49.67 KB, 225x350, 9:14, Photo finish.jpg)


Baby please. I can change.


File: 3c9d74aefb11580⋯.gif (2.3 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Bauchi Mask.gif)


III honestly don't think I've ever fapped to "professional porn"! It's just unsettling, really, it's so unlike actual sex. Kinda uncanny valley.


Eeeh. As long as someone's into NTR in the abstract, that's fine by me. But when it's put into practice, I get kinda creeped out.


File: 83ee60d55f77447⋯.jpg (77.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Say that to my face, fucke….jpg)


It really depends. Sometimes the production values are extremely high and DO look nice.

And sometimes you get… This:




For the better or worse?


Come on you're suppose to agree with me here!


File: 758407ad7c60e7f⋯.gif (2.44 KB, 49x48, 49:48, Baule Mask.gif)


I mean sure, pro porn can look nice, but that just makes it less hot to me! I don't want to think about the people setting up the lighting, and the guy holding up the boom mic, and the people putting the props there.


I do agree with you, I just have some asterisks! Just like I'm fine with people fapping to rape doujins, but if they want to rape people I'm not fine with it.


File: 2d18ebe1c7aa4ac⋯.jpg (49.56 KB, 600x780, 10:13, Dreaming of USA.jpg)


I'll keep that in mind when I film porn with my BF in the future.

Hey, what are those things you post?


Now you know that's a loaded question.


File: be0e4a32fc61273⋯.gif (2.91 KB, 49x48, 49:48, Eket Mask.gif)


Just hire three people or fewer, and I'm sure it'll be fine!

Uh, they are icons from "iChat", which is a very discontinued IM service. I'm borrowing my roommate's laptop, and I don't have a ton of pics here except those that came with it.



You know you don't need to post one pic for every post, do you? But post them anyway. Those masks look cool.



Are you fine with anything these days?


That's a normal question! You said you were the one changing.


File: d3f95c6d0c8edd0⋯.jpg (44.45 KB, 302x302, 1:1, Discord avatar.jpg)


People say lots of things, don't they?


File: 21bb94457e56bed⋯.gif (2.81 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Raratonga Mask.gif)


I am very aware, thank you, but I am so used to posting a Konata reaction image with every post that not posting anything at all feels weird.


I'm fine with practically anything if you just fap to it! When it comes to actually doing stuff, that very quickly narrows it down.


File: 83ee60d55f77447⋯.jpg (77.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Say that to my face, fucke….jpg)



Stick to the masks.



Not if they're one of those deaf-mutes.


So…no to alien eggs fetish?



He's the owner of the board lmao. I think he knows.


File: d49fa631fea3030⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 225x350, 9:14, La vie commence a 20h15.jpg)


Is he!? I'm speaking with a LEGEND.


They can always use sign language.



He's more of a keeper of the guard. The legend is the guy that wants gays and trannies gassed, as in he made the board. That guy hates this place now.


File: 326790c2dfca76c⋯.gif (2.62 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Makonde Mask.gif)



Look at this fucking header. I will fly down to South America and beat your Inca ass up.

I am not actually angry, for the record.


Uuuh. I mean, if you can plant alien eggs into people, then more power to you, I suppose!


Cooome on though, Cebruz doesn't actually want to gas anyone. He's just an angry dude in general.



The second part was meant for:



File: 805ac1a2ab25d53⋯.jpg (41.56 KB, 596x580, 149:145, m1g41dwdxmsy.jpg)


Yeah I know he doesn't. He's got a lot of his own demons to work out, as we all do. Best of luck to him.


File: 8164f1531051d69⋯.png (117.31 KB, 415x502, 415:502, Stock Images are funky.png)


Is she your waifu? Your tulpa?



Smells like projection to me.



Can we really call that speaking then?


All right, I'll be over there soon :^).


File: 758407ad7c60e7f⋯.gif (2.44 KB, 49x48, 49:48, Baule Mask.gif)


Well, good! I was one of the people that saved him when he tried to kill himself after all, I've got a weird connection to him.

Uh, "saved" is probs a bit strong, but I at least made him realise that his suicide attempt would just fuck up a good few of his internal organs and not just kill him there and then, as he wanted.


File: e31d943c62f3307⋯.gif (2.5 KB, 44x48, 11:12, Gere Mask.gif)


Neither! And you aren't the first person to ask, so here's the full story: https://skandikonata.tumblr.com/post/172870270814/why-do-you-avatarfag-with-that-blue-lucky-star


At least buy me dinner first!



Yeah if you're gonna try the OD route I definitely wouldn't go with anything that could fuck you up if you end up surviving. Too much room for error there.



One McDonald's hamburger coming up.


File: 5e7bbb4280d606e⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 190x265, 38:53, Checking Berry Monsters.gif)


I'll accept that explanation then.

Theoretically, it is possible to make /lewd/ not death, if we rise it up to the front page. People will check it there and post.


My world, my rules.


File: 43296a2e411a2f4⋯.gif (2.81 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Rukai Mask.gif)


It was kinda incomprehensible at the time! You'd think that if you wanted to kill yourself, you'd at least google some shit first. Buuut he was too distressed at the time to do any research, which I suppose makes sense. It was just sad all around.


>one hamburger

I'm not some sort of street walker! I require at least a bacon cheeseburger with medium fries.


It's a decent enough explanation!

Uh hm, sure. If /lewd/ gets a ton of posters then we'll have more posters, that's technically true.


File: 645d9634df771b2⋯.jpg (27.13 KB, 394x394, 1:1, CANDY CANDY, TELL ME WHAT ….jpg)


We do not need that many posters, what we need is more threads and more posts.


File: 71e89984157087d⋯.gif (2.37 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Yoruba Mask.gif)


What, is that how it works? Could I just spampost for ages and get /lewd/ to the top of the charts? That seems like poor programming.



Banned from your world, and your rules.


I'm not entirely sure McDonanld's has bacon or not. I'll just get you a shake.


File: 6106c64dc526bfb⋯.jpg (246.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Bon Odori.jpg)


I used to have a board in 8ch, and it quickly rose to the front page before I lost interest.

I think the key is either several different IPs, or engaging discussion in several threads.

Maybe you guys could try remaking a thread every 100 posts, and see if that helps rising up the positions a little?


I'll unban you, just to ban you personally with a custom ban message.


File: 13a182563817fa3⋯.gif (2.83 KB, 48x48, 1:1, Tsonoqua Mask.gif)


Don't gaslight me, I know McDonald's has bacon cheeseburgers!!


Well yeah, having many unique IPs makes more sense.

Anyway, it's closing in on 4am here, so I'll be heading to bed! Goodnight, everynyan!



Sorry I meant you were banned, not me!


Do they? Because I honestly don't know! Sleep well.



You can't ban me from my own life!


What I meant was, we should refresh the thread more often!

Good night.



Are you sure about that?



Try me.


File: 2ef7c0ced781a4a⋯.jpg (41.56 KB, 842x699, 842:699, 2ef7c0ced781a4a234676eb451….jpg)


Can you take a rain check?


File: 85bbf81f26e4e48⋯.png (59.67 KB, 277x311, 277:311, Over 9000 penises.png)


I love eating rain drops.


File: cedf21ac5ce9332⋯.png (283.93 KB, 586x634, 293:317, mug with smile.png)


Just don't eat too many. Anyways, later.



Everyone died now. And you died as well.

RIP /lewd/. You never scored.



What about on your tail and ears?





I made a new thread to test the theory of more threads with active people = More chances of going up in the ranks.

Give it a go, guys!


File: 3f4a8b89cd27475⋯.jpg (244.4 KB, 1833x1844, 1833:1844, 70773399_p8.jpg)

i lurk but dont have the energy to post



cute and cutepilled

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