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Ya'll need Mises.

File: dcdb4c3d0e332e5⋯.png (111.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, political_compass_liberty.png)


Welcome to /liberty/, your board for the discussion of politics, society, news, and the human condition without authoritarianism (fascism, full-on communism, etc). The board's philosophy is simple - welcome all discussion from non-authoritarian viewpoints, light moderation, and most importantly of all fun.

We've seen SJWs, we've seen the far right, and we've seen the far left and we've said no, stop this madness - the moralizing authoritarians who seek to control society and shape it to their whims and test out their vague theories would enslave us just to feel that society was better. At /liberty/ we believe we would be best served by sticking to the path we've been on for so long, that of personal liberty.


See the image - if you make the cut, you'll be right at home on /liberty/. Even if you are an authoritarian (far left or far right), you're welcome to join us - just don't expect to be taken seriously.


1. Global Rules uber alles.

2. Spamming can result in a short ban. In the event of raids, discussion threads will be stickied to weather the storm.

3. Rules are lame, don't make me make more and don't whine for more moderation unless it is absolutely necessary.

4. This board has an actual topic and it's not fetish porn. Content that is clearly beyond the pale of the board's topic (fetish porn, clop, gore, etc) will be removed. If you need these things, they are a mere three clicks away; you can even get there one-handed.

Board Policy Vis-a-vis…

1. "Shitposting"

There is no such thing as shitposting. It's a vague and subjective concept that boils down to "irreverent posts or things I don't like," and therefore makes a bad yardstick for moderation. If you want discussion without fun, may I suggest another board?

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File: 1427062517692.png (231.6 KB, 500x296, 125:74, b_frank_words_of_wisdom.png)


Help to compile a list of resources (preferably free) about non-authoritarian political thought. If you want to see something added, make a thread to discuss adding things to this list and I'll edit it in here if it's good.

Our list so far:
Please note that inclusion on this list is not an endorsement of a work. What you do with this information is your choice.

The Online Library of Liberty
Find hundreds of writings, books, essays, etc. on classical liberal thought.

Mises Institute
Find dozens of free books, audiobooks, and lectures on libertarian thought from an Austrian school perspective.

The Anarchist Library
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Organizations of Interest
Inclusion on the list is not endorsement. Organizations are listed in no particular order.

The Fire - Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
These people are your friends - they fight for freedom! FIRE is a non-partisan individual rights advocacy group that seeks to defend freedom of speech, legal equality, due process, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience on American college and university campuses.
Website: http://www.thefire.org/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFIREorg

American Enterprise Institute
The AEI is a nonpartisan public policy research institute. Everything from American politics to international events and beyond.
Website: https://www.aei.org/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AEIVideos

Learn Liberty
A project of the Institute for Humane Studies, a libertarian non-profit. Learn about economics, public policy, and more.
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File: 50ff49c938f4bfa⋯.jpg (93.61 KB, 718x960, 359:480, muslims.jpg)


I think one of the limits to liberty is believing in philosophical systems that run contrary to liberty.

If you, as a libertarian, want to invite muslims into your country… you are fucking retarded and probably not a libertarian.

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thats why libertarians are dumb, just go full anarchism




<we believe in freedom for everyone!

<what do you mean you don't want to shovel pigshit? Everyone must do the exact same work, or else!

<what do you mean you made a beautiful painting and want to give it to someone in exchange for them shovelling pigshit instead of you? That's, like, opressive!

<what do you mean you don't even like pork? We voted to have pork! That means everyone wants pork!

<what do you mean you want to go innawoods to live by yourself? Those woods are collective property! We have to vote to see what we do with them!

<REEEE why is everyone leaving my perfect anarchist commune!!!!



why are you even using that flag if you don't understand anarchisn???



Says the pot to the kettle.


All humans are innately gifted with a freedom of will that has the potential to be infinite. All organizations function by attempting to restrict this freedom for the sake of the impotent and foolish.

File: 6582f7133eae5f3⋯.jpg (330.35 KB, 1200x1003, 1200:1003, 1547158206994.jpg)


Is there any book, tesis, article computational analysis, whatever aside from marxian theory that understands capitalism not from a moral point of view, but from a deterministic pov, as in the current state of things isn't the result of some ideological or social manipulation scheme but rather that, capitalism is the only way to actually organize a society? Below I share a video I watched the other that got me thinking about the possibility of perhaps capitalism, or rather markets, being the common rule of law today due to the fact that a more elaborated system like communism wouldn't be able to compete.


>In artificial intelligence, an evolutionary algorithm (EA) is a subset of evolutionary computation, a generic population-based metaheuristic optimization algorithm. An EA uses mechanisms inspired by biological evolution, such as reproduction, mutation, recombination, and selection. Candidate solutions to the optimization problem play the role of individuals in a population, and the fitness function determines the quality of the solutions (see also loss function). Evolution of the population then takes place after the repeated application of the above operators.

>Step One: Generate the initial population of individuals randomly. (First generation)

>Step Two: Evaluate the fitness of each individual in that population (time limit, sufficient fitness achieved, etc.)

>Step Three: Repeat the following regenerational steps until termination:

>Select the best-fit individuals for reproduction. (Parents)

>Breed new individuals through crossover and mutation operations to give birth to offspring.

>Evaluate the individual fitness of new individuals.

>Replace least-fit population with new individuals.

also don't post boomer shit like USSR propaganda because it was doome due to geolpolitics and so on. I am taPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>Is there any book, tesis, article computational analysis, whatever aside from marxian theory that understands capitalism not from a moral point of view, but from a deterministic pov,

the book the Theory of History by Ludwig von Mises touches on determinism and free will.

>capitalism is the only way to actually organize a society


Hayek and Mises both have books on that too



you can apply evolution theory to it

you try different things and the fittest socioeconomic system survives

however breaking nap is ok in nature



>however breaking nap is ok in nature

That's actually not true, though it wouldn't matter if it was. In nature when a creature fights another creatures, the attacker risks injury. Retaliation is inevitable except in the case of creatures which are either so fragile or so cowardly (for lack of a better term) that they can't or won't fight.


The closest I can think of is Rothbard's article on Chaos Theory.



male lions kill offspring of female lion to make female lion be able to get pregnant sooner

File: 43486594a528842⋯.jpg (32.59 KB, 500x461, 500:461, 1514075194584.jpg)

File: 7f7afefbbbfea54⋯.jpg (120.8 KB, 960x506, 480:253, 3239fea543e9c54cfb9ff8b52c….jpg)

File: aa455373c39647b⋯.jpg (261.29 KB, 600x692, 150:173, 9c27bf83ed1689b87cf51abae7….jpg)

File: 21a42838d8f3d15⋯.jpg (109.21 KB, 960x945, 64:63, 21a42838d8f3d1559c5abdda8f….jpg)

File: 398128236aa42b6⋯.jpg (98.56 KB, 1080x1136, 135:142, 44460185_101810347473435_6….jpg)


Ok, so ITT: /liberty/ describes their ideal marriage partner/waifu.

What's it gonna be? Trad thots? Modern sluts? 2D only? Non-whites? Traps? How high are your standards? What would you absolutely not want to see in a woman? Would you date a commie? Would you date someone with piercings/tattooes? Would you date someone who drinks/smokes? What else?

35 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 964fa071429457a⋯.png (113.76 KB, 500x413, 500:413, 1504545053105.png)

I just want an ancap pone gf to murder socialists in the most brutal ways imaginable with


File: 659b0419b1c21e4⋯.jpg (83.08 KB, 750x937, 750:937, DZq87NsWsAAn9Z2.jpg)



File: 31e7a4bcb56e642⋯.jpeg (950.32 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, Princess-Kitten-2-e153982….jpeg)

Give me a 5'4 findom gf with big milkies pls


File: cad55aba352dca1⋯.jpg (8.07 KB, 255x207, 85:69, 1439441657662-4.jpg)



NOW I know what they mean when the say ANCAP gf.



Any Muslim girl tbh

File: c0b70daf4c9e853⋯.jpg (43.27 KB, 640x427, 640:427, socialistmillenia.jpg)


Why has capitalism lost the ideological battle AGAINAND AGAINoh and also that other timerepeatedlythroughout historywe never seem to learn? The younger generation is now majority commie ( https://archive.is/W2jEr ). I mean, dear lord, I'm not even sure this board has a majority of capitalist posters anymore. What the fuck happened? Why can't capitalism defend itself ideologically? And how the fuck do I prepare for the breadlines under the neo-bolshevik uprising? Something more useful than "Grab SK, go inna woods" or "go workout/be stoic" pls.

37 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Libertarians are full of excuses.

They are only excuses if they're wrong, which you haven't established.

>"it will all fix itself eventually"

Who ever said that? And what even is the context?

>Libertarians think it's enough to just be "right".

We don't. We may not have a yearly summit where we suck each other off, but that doesn't mean we sit around doing nothing.

I will conceed that being right is important to me, even aside from strategic considerations. If I knew that a free society would be impossible to implement in practice, or that I couldn't do anything for it, I'd still be ancap. At least then I won't have to explain to Christ why I supported state-enforced homosexuality.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Reason #1

Libertarians are full of excuses. Shit like: "the majority will always be stupid", "children always believed in bearded men who hand out free shit", "it will all fix itself eventually", etc… It's pathetic, and whoever does this should get his shit set straight or stop embarassing us by calling himself libertarian.

>Reason #2

Libertarians think it's enough to just be "right". You can't magically change the world by holding the correct political beliefs and ignoring everyone who doesn't believe them, if you're serious about changing the world then you will develop some kind of populist rhetoric that works well, you will become proactive and put the leftists on the defensive, instead being reactive and waiting to be attacked first.

>Reason #3

>Libertarians are too autistic. Blah blah memes blah blah no one reads ur books lol

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Because the thing most people call "capitalism" is just as indefensible as the thing most people call "communism." It's really just a choice between whether you want a planned economy in your oppressive totalitarian state. Kids these days see that things aren't working out for us, but don't realize that freedom is an option, because they've been told that stateless society is a pipe dream that could only ever work in a fantasy land where everyone is good and builds roads for free out of the kindness of their hearts and no one ever murders anyone.


Monopolization. Try and open up a store near a Walmart and you'll see why.



That not every kid with a lemonade stand can compete with Walmart does not mean Walmart has a monopoly. Is it the only chain of grocery stores in America? No? Then it has no monopoly.



>why can't capitalism defend itself ideologically

Have you ever heard the phrase "you don't know what you have until you lose it"? It's very similar to "you don't know what you're losing until you realize what you have".

Capitalism can, has and will continue to defend itself. You can't blame capitalism for your general ignorance.

As for why it's not more popular, because collectivism is easier. It's a lot easier to be wrong and comfortable in a bubble of groupthink and fee-fee insurance than take the minimal effort to be right and take ownership over your life.

The last three generations of westerners have been increasingly soft, pathetically soft in fact. Generation "Zyklon" is all bullshit, most of them get spooked by their own shadows.

>the younger generation is majorly commies

Propaganda. I'd strongly suggest you study the long-term infiltration of western institutions by Soviet-sponsored communists and the ways in which they've spread anti-western, anti-liberal and anti-capitalist sentiment.

>neo-bolshevik uprising

Not gonna happen. The future is pure Corporatism, an unholy merger of a Pseudo-Socialist state to keep a braindead mass complicit in the whims and private interest groups to enjoy the privileges of being able to sit above that all and gorge themselves on our suffering.

Corporatism is the founding principle behind Red Socialism, Fascism and Neoliberalism and these are the three main ideologies most people follow these days.


And for the majority of the population that "prosperity" will keep rising all at the cost of the essence of a free, fair and democratic society.

Wealth isn't everything, and judging the state of countries by how fat their people can get is one of thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 720b1c5205094cc⋯.jpg (586.64 KB, 1076x1083, 1076:1083, Screenshot_20190316-201817.jpg)

File: 28521bd12b23179⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2426x2676, 1213:1338, 28521bd12b231794f5e470c568….jpg)

File: 1f2b4d8d65fa4f1⋯.jpg (4.57 MB, 3202x4994, 1601:2497, 6a441e92826d80d60296cba2da….jpg)


can we have a book thread?

I'll get the obligatory charts out of the way


File: bb518cc971e2587⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 540x480, 9:8, 1551511576732.jpg)

What is the best book/online course to understanding taxing schemes, laws, loopholes, etc. etc.? or should I just lurk the tax codes of the countries i am interested in?



Well, shall we talk about the last book we've read?


Please, no thots on this board.

File: dd17ed303ffc76f⋯.png (190.49 KB, 3000x2400, 5:4, userviewTMFinal.png)


>be me

>believe in the free speech and rights of all users

>love shitposting and copypastas and meme fanfics

>have god-tier indesign skills and routinely read 8chan's shit

>really pissed off at mods and admins abusing the user class

>facebooks bans Tommy Robinson for criticizing BBC and threatens all their users

>meme economy badmins ban me because my aura of free speech was too great for them to comprehend

>interviewed genius world-travelling technologist who predicts Universal Basic Income becomes a big deal this decade


>youtube gonna soft-censor all conspiracies

>mfw i turn this all into a digizine

>mfw mods and admins forever have wrecked anuses

Userview Issue 2: https://userview.wixsite.com/home

Cost me 40 bucks to display this digizine in order to own the mods and admins, but I'm pretty happy with it. Tell me if I should set up a functioning SubscribeStar or if you feel the Internet's better off without this. I'd probably keep making this either way since it's fun tho.

P.S. it's okay to be namefag.

~E p y c [redacted] W y n n


Thank you, we'll see how this goes. I might contribute some time, depending on the quality of the thing.

File: ff0f470f7563727⋯.png (250.44 KB, 600x600, 1:1, d05.png)


So I finally got my first job in California and now I honestly have a obligation to vote for someone without a D after their name, Long story short I pay close to FIVE HUNDERD DOLLARS a month in taxes for no good reason. Where does my money go? And for who? Why are THEY or the GOVERNMENT entitled to my hard earned money. I work in a factory mind you, before this I actually voted for the Green Party… Not making any o this up, has coming out of my NEET habits and growing up really made me understand what is what in this world. Any place I can start with ebil gapitalism?


Don't vote

Move away and don't bring any Californian practices with you.


File: f2c532188445b87⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1920x1081, 1920:1081, 61c485c2f437c79c4fd8b51914….png)


It's made you understand that being left to your own devices, you'll invest your money where you need it, or malinvest and suffer the consequences. The next step is realizing that even the most retarded members of the population are capable of learning that you must invest your money wisely. A mentally handicapped man will understand "if I spend my money on a candy bar, I can't ride the bus home, and I'd have to walk five miles in the snow" so it's not a leap to suggest they realize hardship and come out more careful with their money in other areas (or hire a poor man's accountant/family member to do it for them). The age/advent of 3D printing and other technologies means even a cripple can have a plastic arm to perform simple tasks for about $100-$500 depending on how much functionality they want.


You should bully anon for using normalfaggot memes, not for realizing he was indoctrinated.




California is a shithole, sadily. Meanwhile the immigrants get their checks slipped to them by the supervisior :(



Report him to ICE.

File: 63266c922237a6f⋯.jpg (126.49 KB, 786x855, 262:285, Snip20190207_1.jpg)

File: d6496340948d3ff⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1200x891, 400:297, Dx16ndTVYAAILhk.png)

File: 1273cdb513d2acb⋯.jpg (132.68 KB, 1024x615, 1024:615, article-2092529-117A790C00….jpg)



Does /liberty/ have more great examples of rich commie kids, living the good life, enjoying their parents hard-stolen wealth, or otherwise moving as far away as possible from the socialist utopia their parents created for everyone else?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Lol, all modern Russia



Isn't that what Marx himself was?



No because Marx never lived under a communist system. He did scam Engels out of money since his father was a factory owner.



that was wngels


she a liberal

File: a1d63b0103ef224⋯.png (228.9 KB, 580x570, 58:57, values-map.png)


is the west really going to fall? what will it mean?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Do you have anime?



What imagen of "the fall of the west" do you have in your head? all europeans die?



the west being outcompeted by less cucked civilizations e.g. chinks



Won't be the first time western civilization isn't at the forefront. Maybe the world will be better off for it anywya.

File: 445ec4ac1a93dd8⋯.mp4 (813.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Glory_to_Imam_Felix.mp4)


In case you haven't heard yet, some /pol/ack in New Zealand decided to go full Siege and shoot up a mosque, making a post to 8chan shortly before the event, and making a few references to the site in his livestream. There's a non-zero chance that 8chan wil get Zucced as a result of this. On the off-chance that happens, it may be in our interest to designate some other imageboard as a "bunker" in which we may congregate should this place go down. Any initial candidates? Livebunker.rocks is the only one of which I know, but it's more chatroom than true imageboard.

9 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 826f38784626d27⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 3357x2350, 3357:2350, e248c158588c57ac85ad11a2ab….jpg)


Get in here, nya~!


Is there an option to create a board? Or do you need to contact an admin?



I want an imageboard webring.

I'll start:













>an imageboard webring.

I hope the time for giant imageboards like 8gag for 4cuck will be over. I want it to be like the olden days again where various niche imageboards dangled dicks together and shared users.

It's also easier to protect yourself from cianiggers that way.



fuck you. i never knew my headphones could be so loud

File: 7187692688536df⋯.png (4.97 KB, 220x80, 11:4, uhmzog.png)

File: ec6b62ec8a4fed8⋯.png (1021.51 KB, 720x868, 180:217, kobayashi41.png)


Sometimes I wonder whether it would be a good idea to go onto commie forums, pretend I was communist, but then troll them by attacking the in-group by saying that they are not communist enough. Just try to get ideological opponents to falter by making them accelerate to the most extreme possible opinions possible. Just destroy any modicum of moderate political opinions that the left have.

I kind of feel like this has already been going on without my doing anything anyways.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 4c1ce2dc5276bf1⋯.jpg (174.65 KB, 1283x909, 1283:909, kobayashi1.jpg)


Your post only makes sense if you don't read the thread. That said, let me say that this thread was made a month earlier than Christchurch.


File: cad338b2c3b340c⋯.jpg (48.88 KB, 720x709, 720:709, Commies and economics.jpg)


>I kind of feel like this has already been going on without my doing anything anyways.

Realistically so, communists tend to do this by themselves because of the many fuck-up variations of socialism that exist as is, Ju-che, ancom, demsocs, etc etc. It's already a bunch of fragmented retards screaming at each other. What you're essentially doing is just what they've already been doing to themselves.

I mean if you want to run 24 hr ops like that, go ahead but commies are already fragmented to high hell as it is.


File: 2acd424d9c9aebd⋯.png (191.22 KB, 392x336, 7:6, 2acd424d9c9aebd85a658352b1….png)


>It's shown me it was a bullshit idea to possibly think

>Three days after when very little has happened yet

Anon, we're just getting started.


You Nazis ARE commies lol

National Socialism is still a form of socialism you fucking idiots



Who are you responding to?

File: 4054bcf4a39235d⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 474x422, 237:211, charlemagne.jpg)


>gay is okay

>fucking animals is okay

>polygamy/polyamory is okay

>freedom of speech/freedom to promote communism

>freedom of religion

>racial equality under the law


So when did you realize that you're basically just a moderate leftist?

41 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



as people get older their brain develops further.



when they obtain agency



I guess this means that white is equal to black since it may difficult to tell one shade of grey from another



I agree, we should raise the age of consent to 25.


Which is when?




\when they obtain agency

File: 69c1ff63679ead9⋯.jpg (63.73 KB, 220x316, 55:79, Intimefairuse.jpg)


This movie (In time, 2011) supposedly should be anti-capitalism, but it ends up being a pro-capitalism movie when read using economics as a framework.

The premises are that people are engineered to never get old, but they have a timer and when the timer expires they die. So, they use time as money since they can exchange it with other people. From the movie it's implied that there is an unlimited amount of time available, in theory, and the scarcity is artificial and probably created by the government. Yet, this is an anti-capitalism movie. You see where this is going?

But even if time was a scarce resource, why the hell would someone use time as currency? It doesn't make sense because when you have to pay your last two hours for a bus fare, the price is automatically too high and not worth it. We know that the currency isn't necessarely valuable because of its possible applications, but it's mostly a system to represent value and exchange it with other people. So, stability in currency is something seeked and time is certainly not stable as currency since its value change greatly base on how much you have of it. Nobody would really use time as currency, certainly not to the point of risking their life. Other things would be used as money, unless of course it wasn't the government to force people to use time as a currency, which is something that is happening in the society depicted. Forcing people to use a certain thing as currency is not capitalism.

Then we have the prices for goods that soar and the rich girl telling the protagonist something along the lines of "we do up the price so that people die". It seems that we have a central planning board choosing prices, which is absolutely not capitalism and not free market. I won't even discuss it firther here since this is literally chapter fucking one of basic economics of Sowell.

Then there is the problem of "if everyone had infinite time we would die of overpopulation". No, we wouldn't. If property rights were used, people would just not create new humans because it would be too expensive to mantain them. Also, there would be privatized incentives to get sterilized or at least have your fertility put on hold. Truth is, we already live in a situation where nothing is stoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



I can't spend all day watching lectures about liberty and history. I could, but it would be weird.



read book then


File: 1cb31bde293ee08⋯.png (5.24 KB, 116x116, 1:1, download (4).png)


In time does not represent a Capitalist dystopia but rather the Keynesian Dystopia of Central Banking in todays society.

If you relate time earned with money printing, inflation, and rising intrest rates then its quite easy to see what the movie was really all about.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They stole this idea from David Firth



Those who already made it big don't want things to become cheaper, since that would enable competition. They can already afford it and don't want anyone else to be able to.

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