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File: 64055f942d2bc52⋯.png (707.45 KB, 902x686, 451:343, Screenshot_2019-04-19-11-3….png)

3811a9  No.23920[Reply]

baldanders (piss be upon him) got a little too fast and loose talking about funding world peace season 2 and ol chuck sperged out; "I'M NOT FUCKING INTERESTED"

so there you have that

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8f1013  No.24185


don't lie to me faggot

130805  No.24190


They both(Charls and Sam) wasted their life's,at least Nick has a decent wholesome living and he's getting by. Sam could have been an legendary comedian if he wasn't such an autistic scheming piece of shit and Charles less so but he could have made it.

Instead one of them is a donation based parasite screeching and rambling at a mic and the other one runs on his pay piggies while he fucks himself up.

20c63e  No.24191


Do you think Charls and Sam come here and read this shit and then cry

20c63e  No.24192


homie I would never lie to you we live in a society

837c99  No.24200

I do mull over exactly who is writing this shit, but it kinda ties into a bigger picture

it kinda got outa hand maybe, like you stand up against a bully or try to tell the other side of a story but then everything gets flipped and now the other kid is the bully and now only the other side of the story is any good

File: 8999ab02faeda86⋯.jpg (79.73 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Mde.jpg)

13f26e  No.24186[Reply]

We can Finally stop Larping with Delusion's,its not coming back. At least we have the old shows.


73d1fb  No.24187


13f26e  No.24188


For the rest of his life

675ac1  No.24193

File: 4fe26803291739a⋯.png (872.13 KB, 646x532, 17:14, comenowanon.png)


I don't know what tf you guys are talking about, MDE never dies. Just the fucking piss ants seem to be laboring under the delusion that something must have a physical form and tangible existance to "live" and be real.

MDE will never die because it is an idea that lives in the head and the heart; don't let your dirty, human hands fuck it up you Babylonian fuck asses.

13f26e  No.24199


That's some gay ass shit

File: 6a9e13a810436e6⋯.jpg (154.16 KB, 697x565, 697:565, SmartSelect_20190420-04221….jpg)

f5d5c8  No.24039[Reply]


Charls Flips out on his most chode sucking orbiter during a live stream where Balldancer mentions possibly funding WP 2. Clearly Charls isn't interested. . .

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c57af9  No.24170


btw i meant that towards sam: cut your losses and remove him from your life, at least public life if not private. i've seen the passive aggressive comments for 6 months or so now from Charles. They're not super brutal to chuck's credit given the steam Sam gets regularly online. but still, it's bad, and trying to talk/connect with him is probably making it worse. just cut your loss and let it go, it's done.

784bdd  No.24175


While I'm not huge into Chaz and his stuff, the bits of him I've synthesized make me think he's struggling with pathological inauthenticity. This is a problem that cost me quite a bit on the personal level. It's also a particularly resilient problem because it's self-reinforcing: anytime you come at odds with someone—often yourself—you will by habit pull back and generate yet another mask or deceitful shell to evade any perceived negative aspects of the situation, no matter how trivial or even non-existent those negative aspects and their consequences may be.

If this indeed is what he's facing, I hope he breaks those chains ASAP as being inauthentic is astonishingly harmful, both psychologically and physically. In my case, at some point, I had a revelation of sorts and suddenly understood that I could easily always choose authenticity. As ridiculous as it may sound, getting there took me over a decade despite being surrounded by well-meaning people that I'm sure saw what was going on and occasionally tried to help.

All the best, whatever does ail him.

c57af9  No.24177


good post. It's a shitty position to be in.

a859c3  No.24194


"just be yourself :)"

no offense but what does this even mean, how is someone not just being themselves??

cba16d  No.24198


MDE fans are retards who think they have advice to give to people who are nothing like them.

File: ab5557a944e90e4⋯.jpeg (88.39 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 4A22B4E6-6626-4116-AD8C-9….jpeg)

73138c  No.16855[Reply]

Fodcom in the video talking about internet collaboration/groups


97 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3f51f2  No.21024


"MDE barely even does this why would these guys do it aren't they trying to rip off MDE" holy fuckin shit you simps are turtlewaxed brains

8a4f23  No.24149

fod is a faggot lol

ed6817  No.24166

Fod is unironically an incel

c858ff  No.24169

Fod is a massive fag, and he's really easy to piss off. If you're not one of those weirdos who orbits him and you say anything that he considers even slightly disrespectful, he'll freak out. The man can't take a damn joke on the internet, no matter how benign. Total wirehead.

e1e467  No.24197


I still remember when he got massively triggered by a low effort goof from that /tv/ NEET. The NEET absolutely destroyed him in the comments when he pointed out he had never even heard of Fodcom before.

File: 87fd1d02eb2be3f⋯.jpg (192.48 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, nazicat.jpg)

62e9f6  No.23057[Reply]

Sup brothers. Still arguing about the current state of Sam and MDE? Lol the content will never be good again. Hahahaha just walk away from the screen nigga like close your eyes

Anyway does anyone have a good subreddit that is similar at all to the glory days of r/MDE? I try dropping into the Voat from time to time but it's godawful. Not even because of the crude hate speech that lacks the nice subtlety of the reddit. But because it's just straight up filled with low IQ retards.

30 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

162a3d  No.24107


cringe image

a03bdc  No.24124


you're an annoying fag

19b036  No.24130


>bill hicks is good

LOL. I've seen his specials, Hicks is absolute trash, one of the worst comedians out there. If he were alive today, he would literally be on the same level as Hannah Gadsby. Honestly one of the worst takes I've seen on this board lol. "Important comedy" is the worst fucking approach to comedy there is, even when Sam did it and I agreed with him, it didn't hold a candle to his stuff before he became alt-right. I don't watch comedy to reaffirm my beliefs, but to fucking laugh. If you do a stand up set or make a youtube video and you get applause instead of laughter, you're a shitty comedian.

c6a1d7  No.24153

File: 3a15cb0ffb0a10d⋯.jpg (10.7 KB, 256x256, 1:1, Webp.net-compress-image (2….jpg)


finally someone who isn't a complete retard

bd3558  No.24196

File: b984fa4d7d29675⋯.jpg (194.9 KB, 2048x878, 1024:439, edgy.jpg)

File: f7f0a45d99a8ee8⋯.jpg (90.01 KB, 403x509, 403:509, 24b2c89c29a0954de31cbe9a06….jpg)

e39460  No.24131[Reply]

I am so bored with this board. I used to support shitting on Sam and MDE, but usually only if the reason was valid criticism. I was actually one of the first people to do it on this board. Lately I'm just reading the same talking points over and over again in every thread, and it's honestly starting to become trite and boring. What's more, I'm seeing people finding reasons to shit on MDE that are so far out that it makes you seem petty and desperate. This is insane. How can you be fans when you go so far out of your way to attack him? Lmao

Okay, Sam is shit, we get it already. Charls is also shit and even worse than Sam. Nick is cool though. Can we move on? How long can this circlejerk last?

I don't even disagree with a lot of it, but Jesus Christ, how can you write paragraph after paragraph explaining how you dislike something? Why don't you use that energy for something more fulfilling? Coming from a place of concern here, honestly not trying to insult you. You have a lot of pent up hostility. Why not take that hostility and lift weights instead of wearing down the letters on your keyboard with your aggressive typing?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

1e9303  No.24152

faggots gonna faggot

500df7  No.24154

do you really not get it?

go to r/chap0traphouse on reddit. for real. google it and look at them. Those are some of the people doing it, like directly from there. just look at them, how they act, the shit they talk about, then you will realize.

others aren't necessarily associated with that podcast/subreddit but have the same political views and attack him for the same reasons.

918e4f  No.24163


Holy shit nobody cares about reddit you fucking faggot. Seems like this is just your attempt to shill this gay i'm a huge faggot please rape my face shit.

500df7  No.24174


i agree reddit is gay. i mostly only post on smallish comedy subs, but i hate it like any decent person.

that said, people from various reddit communities will be influencing the communities you go to online out of sheer probability. even if you don't care about it your communty is still being affected by stuff that happens there due to that interaction.

i'm not claiming all hate is from mysterious Chap o people. my claims are:

-a significant amount of it is

-as a rule, they say "i dont even care about his politics" despite being explicitly politically motivated

-many, many people hate sam for his politics and use other things as excuses, and if you want to understand these personality types you can look at chap otraphouse as a clear representation of how such people think and act

e33d0e  No.24195


don't be a MIND WHORE, anon obviously meant that people everywhere are gonna shit on stuff they say they like, that's not a new thing or unique to this place.

File: 22f370e3f510869⋯.png (363.96 KB, 901x717, 901:717, charls.png)

246a41  No.23688[Reply]


What the fuck is charls even doing? He's just saying vague incoherent shit and repeating it over and over again. It doesn't even feel like he's a genuine schizo like terry davis, feels more like he's LARPing as a schizo for attention.

98 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7f2345  No.24180


I know about Sam hate for various reasons from various people. And I know a great amount of it is politically motivated. Basically, people are intensely butthurt by him but claim "nuh uh, I don't even CARE what he says" to mentally cope with it. I'm just writing this for readers on this board, I'm not even meaning to engage you personally. You strike me as unhinged.

73f9c6  No.24181


Yes it’s a huge conspiracy. You’re hot on their tail. Don’t stop exposing them!!

7f2345  No.24183


this kind of sarcasm is a coping mechanism. A part of you realizes it too.

d1bbe2  No.24184

Could one of the people like Charls, James and Zach plz speak up already. I know you tried Zach but draw ur Id or something and James stop being a massive fag/pussy.

d1bbe2  No.24189

File: e3fc220d0ae89f0⋯.jpeg (88.11 KB, 850x479, 850:479, 479.jpeg)


You realize the extent of Sam's politics was sperging and shilling for the most PROZIONIST and Jewish president in the history of the USA don't you? I'm surprised you fucks don't realize that the altright shit was just a huge psyop to usher in all these anti semitism bills and even a fucking czar to police the Internet and turn us into europe 2.0

File: 1296eb4473816f7⋯.jpg (351.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 9SmZBoI.jpg)

f1d8ae  No.24125[Reply]

where are you at right now? im at the 30 mark—————————–

60ec91  No.24126

fuck it

ef6eab  No.24137

File: ee74ee669c24ead⋯.png (214.7 KB, 827x385, 827:385, feelingood.png)


STOP calling me out I'm so scared of wasting anymore of my life that I've fucking taken on way too much shit at once and it's kinda killing me.

My parents pulled me out of highschool early for whatever their reasons and I'm only now entering higher education.

So of course out of feelings of incompetence and inadequacy, I'm taking on way too high a course load and running too many curricular and co-curricular projects… at the same time I'm struggling with a now 10-year long depression and the last few years of hallucinations and paranoia I think is being driven from my two untreated head traumas (I never went to the hospital after bashing my skull so hard TWICE that I blacked out and got amnesia).

I just hate myself so much and this is so much pain that I can't stop, I feel like I deserve it. I need to do these things and I hope for something good out of all of this absolute nonsense I'm causing myself.

Anyway thanks for listening to my diary entry

e2398a  No.24139

take the 10-acres-and-a-chicken-coop pill

f1d8ae  No.24145


no problem

File: 2db48370afe8389⋯.png (557.45 KB, 586x494, 293:247, fdfdf.PNG)

b97fe6  No.23661[Reply]

Damn, Samuel actually released a video on the day he said he was going to for once! Paypigs please post the new video(s) in this thread

114 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bba367  No.24095


Okay, so you basically have no knowledge of the Bible and the nature of reality then. Not necessarily a bad thing and completely understandable. Words like esoteric and occult imply a certain level of needing to read between the lines. I'm not talking about $$$ paypig churchs/denominations vs muslims. I'm talking about the elect/invisible church vs. the forces of evil. You're looking at the material "tip" of the spiritual iceberg that is the war between good and evil. The forces of evil essentially deceive and control a majority of the earth's population which includes eastern mystics, jews, muslims, atheists, and yes even a sizable portion of "Christians". The Bible actually talks a lot about false prophets and lukewarm "Christians". I could expand on these topics or delve into why Christ needed to come via the Jews (one of the biggest complaints against Him in these circles) if you're interested. Or I could send you a reading list. Either way I'm praying for everyone here. I know the game seems really unfair at this stage, but it's paramount that we all have the chance to make our choices and play them out. Embrace the absurd, brothers

d69f1c  No.24096


>elect/invisible church

You're gonna have to fill me in that at least.

a1c871  No.24121


who else pleasantly surprised about how good it was?

Only MDE video I've watched multiple times since smocaine 3.

6e4b4b  No.24127


Yeah, it's easily the funniest thing Sam has put out in two years. I was laughing hard throughout. Hopefully he's just as funny or even more so in the upcoming episodes.

23a842  No.24142


>why Christ needed to come via the Jews

I'd like if you would expand on this as someone who seems genuine because I've never gotten a take on this that made sense and I actually can't imagine one right now.

I'm probably a reprobate but I'm still curious


laughing again feels good

File: 381d5791f9f03a2⋯.png (149.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, oVqZUpRM_400x400.png)

cdde4f  No.22706[Reply]

anyone got that mega link that had all mde stuff in it?

30 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

db5162  No.24075

File: cb7acbcde9d6322⋯.png (47.84 KB, 640x487, 640:487, kiked.png)


daa252  No.24086


is this you anon? Can you post screenshot of block page??

7c2f77  No.24087



what an absolute faggot. though with that reddit-approved hairline/beard combo i'm not surprised.

181b1a  No.24106


Sam's fans are reddit. I don't think this guy is cool or anything but Sam is a complete dick to people who support him once they say something that isn't 100% sucking him off.

a5bba3  No.24108


if this homo didn't know the situation with chuck by now he's a faggot anyway so who cares

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c4c8ec  No.23457[Reply]

I need some new videos to watch. Post videos and channels with comedy similar to MDE

18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

e92ea0  No.23860

e92ea0  No.23861


Jesus christ, generation zyklon is too powerful

c6cdda  No.23886

forgot some:



Filthy frank


dda7d7  No.23890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ch🅰️Po trap house

Genuinely hilarious

fc3a38  No.24100


It's gonna be big!

File: ff3c462147b962f⋯.webm (3.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1553230452785.webm)

1df783  No.24059[Reply]

Is it worth resubbing for a decent amount of content

1df783  No.24062


aed014  No.24065

pay the 5 bux, watch whatever is new, unsub and just wait awhile. he's released a new HW, HWD, theatre of the aire and kstv2 ep 1 in the last 2 months. he's finally kept his promises so it's been ok lately

6bf10f  No.24066


you might be looking for older stuff but as far as everything from the past few months, I think it’s all been posted here



File: 3ba154b535c563a⋯.jpg (25.79 KB, 220x345, 44:69, 220px-Mommsen_p265.jpg)

6a9b8e  No.12725[Reply]

wth is this bullshit about diapers. i dont respect the board enough not to post it in a seperate thread pls answer im sorry

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

73ab60  No.12862

Don Jolly and Sam eat each others shit. Literally. They have scat fetishes.

f0638d  No.12888


Rising up– high up my back

In my diapers, took a big dump

Screwed toilet training and I took off my pants

Just a boy and his will to defy

So many times, it happens to boys,

You trade your pants in for diapers,

Don't lose your right to keep diapers on your ass

Keep them pinned tight to keep them up high

It's the height of my diapers

It's how they're pinned up so tight

Rising up high to cover up my navel

And my thong-clad big sister

Sneaks behind me each night and she's staring and laughing

At the height of my diapers

Butt to back, white as a sheet

Pinned up tight, staying up high

She stacks the layers and she pads up my seat

My sister has the skills to diaper


Rising up– high up my back

On my butt, that's my story

Screwed toilet training and I'm not going back

Just a boy and his will to defy


38a614  No.23137

File: 8c4494a342ca402⋯.jpeg (150.67 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, C173F7FD-2155-4CB1-8481-5….jpeg)

00f46a  No.23139


damn so edgy

d3d558  No.24030

File: 12d63f5fcd9fc60⋯.jpeg (242.17 KB, 560x356, 140:89, FC6D4821-8E6D-48F0-9191-4….jpeg)


Wildcard. Chaotic neutral

File: 6d8a278687575ba⋯.jpg (17.56 KB, 175x340, 35:68, Robert_Earl_Hughes.jpg)

815ca5  No.22767[Reply]

I'm a casual fan [started off with the Ted Talk, then KSTV.. hehe, the best, IMHO, hehe…. then moved onto his stand up, then World Peace, hehe, now Hyde Wars, I'm a bit of a connesuier actually…] I was wondering if someone could give me a big rundown on what happened after World Peace was cancelled. I wanna know the juicy drama, hehe

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

838c0f  No.22893


sam got pwned

197f7f  No.22900


The closeset thing I found was the Shed Living and Basement Living videos on the Bombstrap channel

70de9d  No.22903


Ya but chucks moved on. He’s got a house now and he hasn’t spoken about MDE really at all

1df0de  No.22904

sam turn gay

70de9d  No.24029


>I got a back ache and my daughter has a cold


File: a1f7691b69255f4⋯.jpg (52.13 KB, 965x540, 193:108, sam_hyde_yucky.jpg)

4a0175  No.23916[Reply]

I have to confess. I used to be a bigot against the lgbtqiap. In particular, I never took the P part seriously and thought of it as a joke. Now I realize my hero has been pansexual this whole time. He never shoved it in our faces. I realize now you can be an awesome person and not fit into the box of normal sexuality. As long as it involves two consenting mammals it's cool, bro.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

051f33  No.23992

File: 73647f1575cfd7b⋯.jpg (22.83 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 518-6PrZkZL._SY355_.jpg)

a lot of alt right guys feel pressured to pretend to give a fuck about this shit. I think they lean into it as part of some kind of inertia in their effort to help the cause. they sincerely believe in the cause (europeans are being genocided, it's really happening, it's not a joke or conspiracy) but they don't really give a fuck about a little sexual weirdness, especially in the internet age. they prob dabbled or thought about it themselves. but whatever, they latch onto the anti-degeneracy narrative for the greater good. but they know it's kinda bullshit and things really are on a spectrum. granted that spectrum is being abused right now by our enemies to weaken us, so i get why they rail against it despite having a more nuanced personal view of it themselves and in their private behavior

7f7f90  No.23994


reasonable assessment

82ceab  No.23995


>a lot of alt right guys feel pressured to pretend to give a fuck about this shit

I think that's true about anyone who latches onto a concept maybe too quickly for their level of commitment or understanding

051f33  No.24013

82ceab  No.24024


Thanks for your input.

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