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File: 3586193d712b64a⋯.png (3.49 MB, 2048x1330, 1024:665, farm.png)

dddb9a  No.391019

After thousands of years, a peace was finally made between the forces of humanity and the Demon Lord herself. They two lived separate from one another, licking their wounds from what seemed like an eternity of war. This was over a hundred years ago now, and times have changed. Thirty five years from the present, many nations of the world offered small pockets of low-population lands for the mostly nomadic Mamono to migrate to, though a peace had been assured, many people still held fear of the humanoid creatures known as monsters, and so they began to move away from these areas. But even though many families fled, some stayed, refusing to give up their homes, your grandfather was one of these people.

He was an exceptional farmer, having inherited his parents' farm at a young age, he spent his entire life working those fields and looking after his livestock. The two of you were close, but the fear your parents had of you being snatched up by a monster meant that he always had to come to where you were.

But sadly, when you were only twelve years old, your beloved grandfather past away. In his will, he gave his possessions to all his family, but one thing was left to you, his most prized possession, his farm.

You spent years trying to find yourself, but you didn't feel at home anywhere. The city life made you depressed, and college felt like you were wandering from place to place with no goal. One day, you looked into your desk and found the deed, grandpa's home… And something came over you.

You made the arrangements, packed what you had into your truck, and made your journey north towards what you had hoped was your new life. Your parents consented, but it wouldn't have mattered even if they said no. Now, at the age of twenty, you begin the first chapter and what might be the rest of your life!

It was very exciting to you. You've never seen a Mamono in person before…

But that leaves one final question. Who are you?

Experienced Farmhand:

You grew up on your parents farm up north. After helping your dad plant crops and care for animals, you basically took over in your teenage years. Agriculture became your life, whether you wanted it to or not. Because of this, you are more efficient and can get work done in half the time. But since your life consisted of being either isolated on a farm or in school, you're lacking in social skills.

City Slicker:

You grew up in the big city, far away from the monster zone. Your parents were big into business and didn't really have time for you, but you had lots of friends and spent most of your time finding things to do on the street. But other than bagging groceries and working on the docks, you're not really that attuned with your green thumb. Making friends and talking to people comes naturally, but you'll need to spend more time working on your farm.

Rural Town Boy:

You grew up in a small town far away from any city. Your life involved going to school and dicking around with your friends. Your parents are humble folk, and tried to be in your life as much as possible. You spent a few years playing sports on and off, but none of them never stuck.

Your farm experience is limited, due to just helping nearby farms for some pocket money from time to time.

Your social skills are okay, as well as your farming skills, but you don't really excel in either.

657fa6  No.391021

Rural Town Boy.

be2921  No.391022

File: 4c85c0fcf8f7bb2⋯.jpg (835.88 KB, 3508x2480, 877:620, 3e312d719389d6c825ae0fc5f2….jpg)

Experienced Farmer now git off muh property

798006  No.391023

File: 49728aed6ae6792⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x1280, 3:2, texas_hill_country_clouds_….jpg)


Experienced Farmhand


People who don't remember to sage don't deserve dubs

9e0769  No.391024


Experienced farm hand of course. Will we find out gramps had a bun/k/er on his property?

9e0769  No.391025


It wouldn’t let me delete the post for some reason. Meant to sage but rushed it

53265e  No.391030


Experienced Farmhand

And please don't be one of those CYOAs where MGs can only give birth to girls and not human boys. And please don't use the term 'Mamono', its a lazy word meaning shapeshifter that weeboos use.


had a bun/k/er on his property

Oh yes.

b86e6d  No.391034

Experienced farmhand of course.

cab6c1  No.391035


Experienced Farmhand. Parents were cowards when it comes to monsters. But at least they were true to their farming lineage.

d7ed61  No.391038

I'm gonna vote City Slicker because I like the idea of being aggressively ignorant about agriculture

<Anon those trees will take years to bear fruit

>Don't worry I'm gonna water them twice as much so they grow twice as fast

42c083  No.391060

I vote for Townie

dddb9a  No.391062

But what if I am a weeb?

The trip was long, you didn't even know things could be so remote. You only had to stop a few times for gas, but for the most part it was smooth sailing. You kept glancing at passing cars, curious to see who, or what was driving, hoping to see some fuzzy ears or more than two arms or something.

It became a lot less crowded when you turned off the highway, if the map was right then you only had about four more hours to drive before you got there.

Three hours and thirty minutes later, you passed through a small town, there you got to see one of these “monsters” up close as they walked across the highway or over the street. They're…A lot more feminine than you expected. Did monster men exist? You weren't actually sure.

One of them smiled and waved at you as she crossed the street, she had charcoal black skin, and what looked up wolf ears and a tail, as well as paw-like hands. You awkwardly waved back before continuing when the light turned green.

Down the road for a few more minutes, and then a straight left from there, you spotted it on the side off the main road and down a dirt trail. Your heart began to pound, like you found a city made of gold. Slowing down on approach, there was another car on the side of the road near the house. A moment later, you saw something sitting on the porch of the house, upon closer inspection you noticed it was a man.

He was old, older than grandpa when he passed, he sat on the stairs leaning forward against a cane. He had a long beard that must have fallen to at least his stomach. The top of his head was bald, but he had long, white hair wrapping around from ear to ear, as well as large eyebrows of matching color. The only description you could actually give him is “Wise sage.”

You parked the truck and stepped out, the man stood up from his seat rather easily and made his way over to you.

“Ah. Hello!” He greeted, his voice low. “You are Michael's Grandson then?”

“Yeah…” You nodded. “That's me.”

“Then this is for you.”

The old man reached into his pocket, murmured as he rummaged around before drawing a keychain with a audible “Ah!”

He handed you the keys and rested both hands back on his cane.

“These are all the keys you need.” He told you, pointing each out. “That one is for the house, that one for the tool shed, the garage and-…Actually.” He rubbed his beard. “I don't know what the last one is for.”

The old man shook his head.

“Oh. How rude of me!” He suddenly spoke again. “I should introduce myself. I am Leonard, your grandfather was a good friend of mine.”

You shook his hand and introduced yourself.

“Now then.” Leonard took a deep breath. “Would you like me to show you around, or are you okay on your own?”

Take a tour?

b86e6d  No.391063


Sure. A tour sounds nice. Maybe Leonard can tell us some interesting tidbits about the farm and your grandpa.

969df3  No.391064


A tour would be good.

adf210  No.391065


Can't hurt

9e0769  No.391067


Let’s have a gander around the property. Maybe ask what gets grown the most around here and grow something that doesn’t get grown much.

16a009  No.391068

File: c70f5ec2d4d53bb⋯.jpeg (855.88 KB, 2342x2764, 1171:1382, f0c56db1f18506acf43b301a6….jpeg)


Let's do it. I am excite for this CYOA.

1a5d08  No.391098

File: 3a968d6e51f0006⋯.jpg (140.74 KB, 564x649, 564:649, 3a968d6e51f00061c209db0623….jpg)

Tour and ask what was our grandfather up to before he kicked the bucket

cab6c1  No.391099


A tour sounds fine. Learn about the town and its people, markets, and the kinds of crops that do well.

dddb9a  No.391187

“I wouldn't mind being shown around.” You told Leonard.

He nodded and turned his back to you, beckoning you along. “Come on now. You've already seen the main house, that is where you'll be living from now on.”

He led you along, but you moved at a slower pace, considering the old man walked with a cane. He stopped at the barn first, a few yard away from your house to the east.

“Well, I don't need to explain this to you. From what I've been told, you're quite the farmer yourself.” He tapped the wall of the barn with his cane. “Michael didn't use this all too much, only rented it out to ranchers who didn't have space for some animals. You can house about…I would say six big animals before it would get crowded.”

The two of you continued, and as you walked, you spoke up with a question.

“What did my grandpa usually grow?” You asked.

Leonard rubbed his beard and pondered on it. “Mostly carrots, I believe. Though he did have land for a good pick of fruits and veggies.”


“Well, yes.” Leonard nodded. “Lobo city has a very lively centaur race-track scene. So Michael cut a deal with them and would drive out a shipment of carrots for their athletes whenever he grew them. He even had a sponsorship card at their stadium.”


Leonard presented you your tool shed next, going inside with you to show you where everything is.

“You got your hammers, axes, hoes, and sickles on the walls.” He explained. “Never understood why the old coot never got a weed whacker or something like that.”

You looked them over, they were good tools, if not rusted to hell. With a little bit of work you could get them back into working shape. Once Leonard showed you where everything else was, the two of you moved on.

The next building actually caught you off guard, a small home with a little porch and three steps leading to the door, it was a cabin size, no more than one room and maybe a bathroom.

“That's a place for a farmhand or two to stay.” Leonard explained. “When Michael was getting older, he had to start relying on other people to help out with the farm. Its kind of pointless, since most people drive, but it still came in handy once in awhile.”

Leonard stretched and patted his back with a fist. “That'about covers it. Time I start heading back, I figure.”

The two of you made your way back, you decided to ask a few questions.

“So, hows the town folk around here?”

“Well, depends on which town you mean.” Leonard answered. “Since we got three n'all. Seeing as you came from the west, you probably came through Barnsley. Its a nice enough town, just a walking distance from the beach. Other than that, there's also Warringston down south, and Everton to the east. I live in Everton myself, nice enough town, good people, and a pretty forest you can walk through when you got the time.”

Before you reached the car, you decided to ask another question.

“What…Was my grandpa up to in the last few years?”

“Oh, not much.” Leonard sighed. “He usually kept to himself, unless he needed help around the property. He came into town once in awhile for a drink, but he mostly liked to be by himself. Some of the monsterfolk took a liking to him, but he never really had interest in dating since his Maggie past on…”

He was talking about your Grandmother… You didn't really know her, since she died while you were still very young.

Leonard coughed and moved to the driver door of his car before turning back to you.

“Now then, before I go… Do you have any other questions?”

00e253  No.391197


did michael ever have trouble with intruders on the farm?

00e253  No.391198


excuse my faggotry, it's morning and i forgot to sage

da6b86  No.391205


"Do I have any neighbors out here?"

53265e  No.391209


Ask about different types of MGs in the area.

cab6c1  No.391213



>Ask about different types of MGs in the area.

Mainly curious about this.

d4d3fe  No.391214

File: b5e5182a5b6920c⋯.png (365 KB, 807x708, 269:236, 7fbb878d579022415b989d257f….png)


Do you happen to know what the rotation is currently for the field? Also did my grandfather ever discuss with you the temperament of my neighbors?

dddb9a  No.391222

“Yeah, a few.” You said, looking around the property. “Did grandpa ever have to deal with intruders?”

“Intruders?” Leonard had to think on it. “Hmmm…Some boys from Everton snuck in once to tip one of the cows he was looking after. I guess nobody told them that tipping cows isn't really a thing you can do…”

He suddenly snapped his fingers. “Oh! But there has been reports of break ins around the three towns as of late. Nothing serious has been stolen, just food.”

“Just food?” You asked. Not really a kind of break in you've ever heard of. “And uh… About the monsters?”

“Yes?” Leonard raised his brow.

“What kind… I mean, are there different kids out here?”

“It's mostly beastmen out these parts.” He explained. “A lot of other kinds of monsters don't like leaving the cities. But we have them from all over the place here, even some that came from over seas. Other than that, I know a few Arachne live in Warringston… Hmmm, there is are a few succubi in Barnsley as well…”

Leonard suddenly came to life. “Oh! Mayor Natashya!”


“She's a…hm…What are they called.” He pondered. “The blue skinned ones. Demon, I believe they're called. She's been the mayor of Everton for about five years now. But other than that, I don't know of any other kinds of monsters, but then again, I can't be expected to know everyone.”

“Well, what about neighbors?” You asked.

“From here? The closest thing you have to a neighbor is a Annabelle Ranch. She's one of those, Minotaurs I believe they're called. She took over her father's ranch a few years back. Her father and your Grandpa never really saw eye to eye, but they did do business. She's around fifteen minutes south of here, a good place to go if you're looking to buy cattle.”

So, Grandpa had issues with someone in this area? Though, it sounds like they had a change in management as well.

“What about crop rotations?” You asked.

“Well, I couldn't say on that.” Leonard said with a sorry expression. “I worked here for only a year, and that was when Michael's parents were still running the place. All I know is that he sold a lot of carrots and grew other things on the side, like tomatoes in the summer, and potatoes. Business is good here, however, rural folk already like their veggies, now add hungry monsters on top of that.”

“Well… I guess that's all I have to ask.” You told him.

“Then I guess I'll be on my way.” Leonard smiled and shook your hand. “Its nice to finally meet you, Michael spoke well of you.”

As Leonard was leaving, he stopped with a sudden “oh!” and turned back to you.

“By the way. If you're going into the forests north of here, please be careful. More than you usually would in the woods.”

“What? Why?” You asked.

“There are werewolves in those woods.”

That had to be the most ominous thing you've ever heard in in your life.

“Can you…Elaborate?” You asked.

“Right! You're from the North!” Leonard sighed. “There are a few werewolves in these parts that…Decided that they wanted to go back to the old ways. So they prowl the woods now and hunt for men. Keep in mind! They haven't been successful in their hunts, and they DO go home from time to time. But I would still be careful.”

With that last warning, Leonard said his goodbyes, and drove off down the road back towards his place. The sun is starting to go down, and it is getting late. But where you go now is up to you.

cab6c1  No.391225


>But where you go now is up to you.

So just totally opened ended now?

d7ed61  No.391228


Check out the inside of our new house, make sure nobody's been breaking in or squatting since grandpa died.

00e253  No.391234


search around the house to see if we can find anything interesting michael might've left behind

9e0769  No.391241


Well I guess the only thing left to do now is search the house, see if any repairs need done and provisions restocked. Tomorrow we need to get to work. Maybe check and see if he left any notes in his office telling us what was in rotation in which field.

If we can’t find anything about it reusing a field two years in a row isn’t a huge deal. It won’t suddenly become a barren wasteland. Now if we start doing that year after year and exhaust the soil then we would have a problem.

cab6c1  No.391247


I guess OP will never answer my question in >>391225. I would have liked something a little more structured for a user input prompt, but whatever.

But anyways, I was think along the same lines as >>391241. Take stock of what supplies we have available. Make a list of what we need and go to hit up a supply store. Then get to work on getting the farm back into usable shape.

53265e  No.391249

File: a97fa161ad7f9a3⋯.jpg (681.49 KB, 1899x2658, 633:886, 5d3e1f690428b1c4cdbbbb7248….jpg)


Search the house and find the bunker. Then check the surrounding area. Would suggest later making trap for 'food theft' sounds like that cabin could do with an occupate. Maybe she's a racoon girl?! If so, she needs love!




thanks for using the term Monster and not Mamono :)

53265e  No.391253


P.S If its a cute scalie girl, I'm absolutely fine with that too!

00e253  No.391276


i get the idea the barn could also house intruders, perhaps a spidergirl.

dddb9a  No.391373

File: b6b84d7df61a42d⋯.png (153.8 KB, 1066x722, 533:361, 1.png)

You hop up the stairs and unlock the front door. Your hand hesitates on the door knob, almost like you didn't want to go inside. But with a deep breath, you persevere and open the door, stepping inside. The cool smell of dust and stagnation filled your nostrils as you stepped inside, you almost had to cough. In the years that your grandfather owned this place, you had never actually seen it…

To your right was the living room, to your right the kitchen, and straight ahead was a hall leading to the back door and a turn to what you assumed was the basement. Hugging the right side of the wall leading to the back were the stairs that lead to the second floor, with only one door being visible. But the hallway of the top floor seemed to go further, so you went up the stairs and found three more rooms down the hall.

You went through each room individually, looking for signs of any intruder or squatter. But the place looked as abandoned as can be… It was in good shape, just dusty, though it has only been a few years, it is a miracle that weather didn't take its toll on the place…

There was some furniture left behind, covered in white drapes. There was a couch as well as a TV stand with an old tube TV in the living room, as well as a fire place build into the wall. The dining room, that was attached to the kitchen, had four chairs and a dinner table, and the kitchen still had an oven, fridge, and microwave, though no cutlery to be seen. If they were stolen, it was a long time ago, since even the drawers were covered in dust…

The study also had an empty book shelf, as a well as a desk, there didn't seem to be a computer or anything like that. You knew your grandpa had one, since your parents and him would voice chat constantly, but it seemed to be gone now. There was also a map on the wall above the desk, showing the surrounding area, though it had some extra sketches on it, marking some other places…

You found the way to the basement behind the stairs, it was dark and ominous, but luckily the lighting was modern and it brightened up fully with the flick of a switch. A cold room, furnace, and laundry room, with machines still there. But something else caught your eye, a lounge of sorts. There was a couch down here as well, including what looked like a bar and a mini fridge. There was a plastic fish nailed to the wall, covered in dust from neglect, as well as a few fishing rods without lines sitting in the corner.

[Experienced farmhand]

You took the time to look things over, seeing if there was anything you actually needed to prepare. The damage was…Superficial at best, but it didn't sit right with you to leave it as is. Going outside, you noticed some shingles on the roof were missing, and there was some water damage around the house. The hand rail to the stairs was wobbly, and the door to the basement was swinging on its hinges. The lounge downstairs also had some splinters in the bar that ruined the wood, but that would take some preparations to fix.


No matter how long you looked, you couldn't find the door for the extra key Leonard gave you. Even the toolshed and the barn revealed nothing. You were angsty to find some kind of intruder in the area, maybe one of those monsters, but the place was completely abandoned…You were completely alone.

Finally, you entered the bedroom and took a look around. Just a bed covered in a white drape, and a single night stand. You rubbed your eyes and face and threw the white drape off, when suddenly something hit you in the chest lightly.

You looked down to see what it was as it hit the ground, a single envelope with your name on it… You sat down on the bed and picked it up, opening the envelope to find a letter and some money inside. It was addressed to you, from Grandpa…

“Its all yours now.” It said simply. “Make me proud.”

You smiled sadly and put the letter into the desk. Inside the envelope was also an extra 1000G you felt a twinge of relief that nobody took this envelope. Or maybe they just left it out of respect.

Mixed with your money, that puts you up to about 1500Gs in start up cash.

“Thanks, Grandpa.” You said to yourself before putting the money into the desk as well.

You went back to your truck and got your things, leaving it out in the bedroom as you put your bed sheets on, and then went to bed…

dddb9a  No.391374


After eating a meal you brought with you, you headed outside. Taking a walk around the property, you survey the area.

[Experienced Farmhand]

You notice large plots of land has grooves in it, like it was worked on at some point in time. It's clearly been years since anything has been planted here, and the top soul had become hard and dry. Digging into it with your hands with some effort, you feel the soil underneath is soft and whatever rocks you do find are small and barely noticeable. This field was used some time ago, and with a little bit of work, it could grow some good stuff again.

Right now, with your skills and tools, you should be able to handle two fields of 24 plants each. But now comes the main problem… Getting supplies.

In all the hubbub about moving, you didn't actually ask Leonard about where you could buy farming supplies.

The only way to find out now would be to go into one of the three towns and look or ask around.

00e253  No.391377


take a trip to Warringston, enquire about farming supplies

a8e5bb  No.391379


If another option is available, we could introduce our self to our neighbor at the ranch and see if they have any recommendations on where we might find what we're looking for. Could be a good idea to try making nice with them.

d7ed61  No.391384

File: 43dd9b2f401ed4e⋯.png (222.36 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Sneed's_feed_and_seed.png)


Drive around the area looking for a place to buy supplies, or a person who might know a place to buy supplies.

cab6c1  No.391385


Go to the nearest town and just ask around. Find out where farmer's markets are too.

dddb9a  No.391464

At this paint, there were only two options. You could either drive around aimlessly, or you could ask around. Each town was almost the same distance, so it was easier to pick one at random and go from there. In the end, you picked Warringston, the southern most town from you.

Getting into your truck, you went down the dirt road and to the main one, taking the pathway south to the town.


On your way to town, you noticed the sign on the side of the road. “Annabelle ranch: Livestock and supplies!”

Remembering what Leonard said, you decided to pull in and introduce yourself, they could probably help you with your problem as well. You pulled up onto a makeshift parking lot and stepped out, already you could see a woman sitting on the stairs of the main house itself.

She waved to you as you approached, so you figured she was the one that owned the place. But as you got closer, you noticed the less than human features on her body, and was quickly reminded that not everyone in this area was human, something you somehow forgot. The woman stood up and hopped down the stairs, her landing making a particularly loud thud.

She was at your level now, and only about a meter away from where you stood. About a few inches shorter than you, her long, silver hair was tied back into a pony tail. She looked at you with sapphire blue eyes and a rather welcoming smile. You somehow noticed the small scar on her cheek right under her left eye. She also wore a pair of green overalls and a orange t-shirt underneath, and although you only looked for a split second, you noticed her rather impressive bust size underneath all that.

You were more taken away by her other features. A pair of beige horns sat on her head, and her ears did not look human at all, infact, they were more like cow ears. They matched the color of her hair, as well as the tail that swished gently behind her. The parts of her legs you could see were covered in short fur, the color also matching her hair with a few darker spots every so often. Her face was also rather pleasant, you would even go as far as to say she was cute. Very cute.

“Well, howdy there.” She said with the same smile. “What can I do for you today.”

[Experienced Farmhand]

You gulped down the sudden lump in your throat and tried to speak as best you could. You didn't want to stutter or break, so you tried to sound as natural as possible.

“H-heey– Aherm.” Good job. Idiot. “I mean, Hi, hello. Are…You Annabelle?”

“Nope.” She said with a shake of her head. “Got the wrong girl. I'm Marybelle, her sister.”

“O-oh… Well.”

“I can still help!” She assured. “What do you need?”

You were lost in her voice, a noticeable twang followed her every word. But your first impression with an actual monster was going less than stunning. But you were suddenly taken out of your trance by a snap of the girl's fingers.

“Hey, wait!” She said. “You look familiar…You wouldn't happen to have known Michael?”

You nodded. “He was my grandpa.”

“I knew you looked like someone!” Marybelle said with a clap of her hands. “My Pa and Michael may have thrown a big stink with one another. But he was always real nice to me and my Sis'…I'm sorry he's gone.”

“Yeah…” You felled a sudden twinge of melancholy, but it was swiped away by the words of the monster girl.

“So, what can I help you with?”

“I-I'm.” You managed to catch your stutter this time. “I'm looking for supplies, actually. To grow some things on the farm.”

“You're taking over, huh? Well good for you!” She congratulated. “Here, come with me.”

You followed Marybelle to the end of the dirt road leading to her house.

“What you want to do is go back the way you came.” She told you. “And then take a right. Everton has a farming supply shop that handles most business between here and some others out of the area. Its called Ched's, its on the other side of town if you follow the main road.”

You thanked her and said your goodbyes before heading back to your truck.

“Hey wait!” She called back. “Whats your name?”

You managed to give her your name without stuttering, good job!

“I'll tell my sister you came by! Nice meeting you!”

dddb9a  No.391465


With that, you went back on the road. You followed Marybelle's instruction and ended up in Everton. The road leading into town and the town itself was surrounded in forest, trees so tall you could barely see the sun above them. The town was sleepy, with few people walking around or driving. As you searched, you noticed some particular shops and novelties. There was an internet cafe on the main street, as well as a regular cafe across from it. A restaurant sat two buildings down, cut off from the cafe by a post office. There was also a candy store and a gift shop as well. At the corner was a hotel with a bar strapped to it simply called “Martha's”.

Finally, at the end of the road, almost outside of town and going into the forest was Ched's Farming supply. You parked in front of the store and stepped out, moving towards the door before something caught your eye.

There was something rustling around in the bushes at the road's end, very loudly in fact…


>Ignore it and go into the store.

9172e4  No.391466

File: d9c64931378a6c2⋯.jpg (48.27 KB, 560x432, 35:27, 1548455963880.jpg)


>Very loudly in fact

Wait a moment longer and we'll hear moaning. It's probably just some monster girl who managed to catch her new hubby and is now consummating the marriage, best give them their privacy. Ignore it and go into the store and search for the snack aisle

90dc3c  No.391467


Investigate, We've got time and would love to meet some of the locals.

3ed74a  No.391469


investigate, checking it out won't be that big of a detour, we'll still have plenty of time to get our supplies afterwards

d7ed61  No.391479



What could possibly go wrong?

cab6c1  No.391480


Clearly, we must investigate.

b9e1a5  No.391488

File: 65dbdb003fcb369⋯.jpg (28.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 840bb5ba2c464eeaf871979951….jpg)


Nothing unventured isnt gained investigate that noise they might be in "danger"

798006  No.391491


Cautiously investigate

415ec7  No.391523

File: f52be220607a9e6⋯.jpg (18.29 KB, 255x243, 85:81, f52be220607a9e677a127d0df0….jpg)

dddb9a  No.391569

You've heard…Stories about monsters, maybe someone was just getting to know each other in the bushes…Not a good place to do it, once you thought about it, but you've heard stories of worse. Still, you approached cautiously, maybe because you're a pervert, or maybe just because you felt like yelling at people for doing it in public, who knows. As you approached, you began to hear a voice, you couldn't make out what it was saying, but it was clearly feminine.

You saw two things sticking out of the bushes at this distance, what looked like two tails wagging in the air, but as you got closer, you could make out what the voice was saying.

"I know I dropped it somewhere!" The person complained, ruffling through the bushes.

You leaned to the side to try and get a good look at the woman, though you could only see her backside through all the thicket.

“Excuse me?” You spoke up.

“NYAAA!” The woman lept out with a frightened scream, causing you to stumble back and almost trip over.

“A-Are you okay!?” You asked.

She slowly turned around, revealing her face to you. Her eyes were large, and colored a shade of emerald, you noticed right away her large pupils slowly began to recede into cat-like slits. Her medium length brown hair almost touched her shoulders and her bangs were almost low enough to cover her eyes.

After that, you quickly noticed the cat ears atop her hair, as well as the very inhuman hands she clutched at her chest, covered in a brown fur with vanished black stripings, each hand, or paw, had only three fingers and a thumb, with claws that slowly retreated from where finger tips would be on a regular human hand. You had thought that maybe someone else was In the bushes with her, but the reality was that both tails were hers, standing on end from the sudden shock.

She was wearing a simple dark blue t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts that cut off at the knees, with her legs from the knees downward being covered in fur matching her arms and ears and very cat-like paws for feet. The lady was much shorter than you, and could have been mistaken for a teenager, if she wasn't one, that is.

“Are…Are you okay?” You repeated.

“oh…Oh! Ye-yeah, I'm fine.” She tried to reassure. “I was just…Looking for something.”

“Looking for something out here?”

“Y…Yeah.” She nodded.

“Well, what is it? Maybe I can find it.”

“Its…” She hesitated. “Is a…-mumble-”

“A….?” You repeated, curiously.


“Like…A phone or a PDA?” You asked.

“No…Like…” Her face turned beat red. “Like a video game handheld…”

“Well…” You rubbed the back of your head. “I haven't really messed with video games since I was a kid, but…”

You took a casual look around, and something caught your eye. A black square a few meters away in a completely different bush.

“Is that it?”

“Is what i- ack” She froze as she spotted it, her face turning an even deeper red.

Without a word, she meekly scuttled over to it and picked it up before returning to you.

“Th-…Thanks.” She muttered.

“How did you even lose it?” You asked. “What are you even doing with that all the way out here?”

“I-Its none of your business!” She shouted, but before you could react properly, she clutched the game in her hands and ran off.

You watched her leave, a sudden surge of smug satisfying came over you.

[Experienced farmhand]

You just talked to a girl without making a fool out of yourself!

dddb9a  No.391570


You finally entered the store, welcomed by a clerk at the front. He wasn't wearing a uniform, but just a nametag that said “William”

“What do you guys have on seeds?” You asked him.

“Not much, just the spring catalog for now.” he explained. “Most people are just looking for flowers, or aren't looking to stock up for the summer.”

William took a step back and got out of your way so you could read the backboard prices.

Note: Each bag will cover 3 spots, meaning you'll have to buy 8 bags to cover all 24 slots in a field.

Turnips: 120G

Potatoes: 150G

Cucumber: 200G

Cabbage: 250G

Strawberries: 120G


You currently have 1500G, keep in mind you will still need to feed yourself as your crops grow.

ec5191  No.391571


A Wild Nekomata Appeared!

You used Surprise!

Nekomata is Embarressed!

Its super effective!

Nekomata Runs Away!


>Welcome to Harvest Moon 2019.

<Where's my crop growing sheets…

cab6c1  No.391572


>What to buy?

Lets get…

1 Turnips

1 Potatoes

1 Cucumber

1 Cabbage

1 Strawberries

Total of 840G to cover 15 plots. It's a nice variety for growing some food for ourselves and having some to sell. Leaving 640G for food or other seeds/tools in the meantime.

You were inspired by Stardew Valley, weren't you?

d7ed61  No.391573


I'm gonna vote for two bags of potatoes and four bags of strawberries, and assume Anon knows how to plant them in a nice setup that won't ruin our soil, because I sure as shit don't.

cab6c1  No.391575


>assume Anon knows how to plant them

This is where our choice to make him an experienced farmer should pay off. I'd say this should be a pretty safe assumption.

b21feb  No.391584


Adding to this, we can make what we want with our crops, right? Can we make vodka to sell for more than we'd get with just potatoes and also to keep for our private reserve?

f09fe0  No.391595


I'm going to preemptively vote in favor of moonshine production. Don't forget to get a few fudd guns for when the revenuers come knocking.

0dc2ab  No.391609


5 bags of strawberries

i hope we get to see more of that nekomata btw

9e0769  No.391610

>CYOA based on harvest moon

I approve OP

Anyway if i remember correctly potatoes dont do too well in spring and summer. They’ll grow but there will be fewer tubers per plant. Lets get 4 strawberries, 2 cabbage, 1 cucumber, and 2 turnips

480 on strawberries

500 on cabbage

200 on cucumber

240 on turnips

27e2fa  No.391684


we should also keep in mind that some potatoes can be left over for seed very easily. you can also cut one potato up into individual pieces two days before planting as long as the pieces have at least one "eye" on them. Fun fact, more eyes means a larger number of smaller potatoes and the inverse for less eyes.

ec5191  No.391716


Potatoes sounds gud.

f3a819  No.391723

File: 1b25ffd3291aa52⋯.png (889.33 KB, 837x1046, 837:1046, Prisoner Fruit2.png)

File: acb0a352234dd96⋯.png (27.28 KB, 151x187, 151:187, Intimacy Vegetable.png)

File: 7af9dcbe18949f7⋯.png (31.52 KB, 181x183, 181:183, Intoxication Fruit.png)

Are demon realm crops a thing?

00e253  No.391724


i'd guess so, but they'd surely be quite expensive, too expensive for a beginning farm.

also shouldn't you sage your posts?

dddb9a  No.391759

File: ee9c3b1873150ee⋯.png (46.6 KB, 500x444, 125:111, crops.png)

Sorry for the delay, I was gone for a bit. I'm also probably going to figure out a better buying system in the future.

you made your purchase, two bags of potatoes and four bags of strawberries. The price came out to 780g, leaving you with just 720G to your name.

“There you go, feller.” William said, handing you a receipt. “Just take that into the back and talk to Scott, he can help you load it.”

“Alright, thanks.” You said, pocketing the receipt.

“Wait, hold on.” William stopped you. “Do you already have a Almanac?”

“An Almanac?” You asked. “Why?”

“Well, mostly just to keep track of the moon, out here.”

“Is that important?” You asked.

William paused for a moment. “Oh! You're new! You don't know!”

“What?” You were suddenly worried. “What don't I know?'

“Well.” William took a sharp breath through his nose. “You know what, just take one, on the house.”

He handed you the almanac he had on the little stand beside the counter. “Monsters get a little weird during the full moon, so just be careful when that's coming up.”

You looked at the book, then to him before leaving the store. Afterwards, you picked up your supplies and started heading back home. You spent a few more hours dusting and cleaning the house before you went to bed.

[Experienced Farmhand]

The next morning, you went straight to work at the crack of dawn. The tools were old and rusted, but with a little bit of work you managed to get them into working order with some WD-40 and sand paper you found in the tool shed.

You dug into the soil to break up the top soil, which had not only hardened over the years, but sprouted an annoying amount of weeds as well. Once the top soil was dug into, you began to rip out the weeds at the root. This continued until you created a nice patch of land you could work with.

The potatoes were easy enough, you could usually just toss the seeds into the soil, but you wanted to be a perfectionist. You planted each seed separately, pushing it deep into the soil with your finger. In a lot of parts, you can buy Strawberry plants and put them into pots in your house, but they wouldn't grow as well as they do from scratch.

Even then, many people have them in doors, but if you do your duty, you could grow them outdoors no problem. With your experience, it only took two hours to dig, plant, and water your lot. You wiped the sweat from your brow, and only now noticed the violent rumbling in your stomach…

You put your had on your gut, you didn't even stock up on food yet. Any of the three towns probably have a grocer. Its up to you to pick which one.

>Everton: East.

>Barnsley: West

>Warringston: South

f09fe0  No.391761


Go to whichever town is closest

0e39e6  No.391763


East. Also potatoes don't have seeds, they're tubers that just grow from the spuds themselves. But hey, details.

dddb9a  No.391764


I actually just noticed that after I posted.

Which is funny because I plant potatoes often.

cab6c1  No.391765


Let's check out Everton, since we went to Warringston last time. And how many days is it until the next full moon?

ec5191  No.391769



Lets go see Leonard and see if Mayor Natashya is single.


>how many days is it until the next full moon?

Do we need to fortify?

2deb9f  No.391770



cab6c1  No.391790


>Do we need to fortify?

We might need to fortify our windows to keep our horny monsters.

cab6c1  No.391791


keep out* horny monsters…

84d2fe  No.391799

File: 6373847ac51f9e4⋯.png (130.54 KB, 315x263, 315:263, Yes.png)


>Do we need to fortify?

There is only ever one answer to that question

9e0769  No.391802


>Do we need to fortify?

Do you even need to ask the question?

9e0769  No.391803

Didn’t sage for some reason

b86e6d  No.391814


We will build a mighty fortress to protect our farm.

dddb9a  No.392056

You decided to head back to Everton for the day, with all the field work done, you should probably stock up on food and other things. Leonard also told you to come by if you needed some help, so you might hit him up on that.

It was only a few minutes into town when you found his place, mostly because he was sitting in a rocking chair on his porch. You parked on the side of the road and got out to greet him. Leonard squinted to see who it was, but it quickly recognized you soon after.

“Ah! Hello!” He greeted. “How goes the farmin'?”

“Pretty good.” You told him. “Planted some spuds and some strawberries, see how those grow.”

“Hmm.” Leonard rubbed his chin. “Fresh strawberries would fetch a high price on the farmer's market.”

“You guys have one of those?'

“Certainly, in Warringston.” Leonard said. “It runs for most of the year, we got fellas coming in from out of the county to sell. But nobody takes the time to grow strawberries.”

You might have to check that out sometime.

“Oh, by the way.” You said. “I need to pick up groceries. Have any recommendations?”

“Groceries, huh?” Leonard pondered on it. “Well, all three towns have a grocer. But I like the one in Barnsley.”


“Beach-side Foods, its called, right along the beach, as the name implies. But, if you're in a hurry, The Antler is just a few blocks down from here. Or you can go to Frog Hole Foods in Warringston.”

“Any difference between the three?” You asked.

“Prices and products, mostly. Some places carry brands the others don't. Frog Hole likes to stock things from Monster owned companies, but Beach Side is mostly human owned, while The Antler has a mix of both with a little bit of locally owned on the side.”

Leonard grumbled and patted his back with his fist before sitting back down.

“How're you for money?” He asked, he seemed worried under his bushy eyebrows.

“I still got a bit.” You assured. “But I don't know if it will last me till harvest.”

“Hmmm.” Leonard rubbed his chin. “Well, if you're hurtin' for change. There's a notice board in all three towns that usually have people needing favors for cash. Its kind of a tradition out here, need something done, spare a little bit of money, its a system that works.”

“Really…” You took a mental note on that.

“Oh, by the way.” You spoke up again. “Before I go.”


“The mayor. That Natashya lady…”

[Experienced Farmhand]

“Is…Is she single?”

You could feel a sudden icey chill go down your back as Leonard began to glare daggers into you. The short man suddenly felt like a giant looming over you with his glare.

“Why? Are you interested?” He teased.

“N-No. Just…Just wondering.” You stammered. “I…Gotta go.”

You could swear you heard Leonard laughing to himself as you said goodbye and left. Back into your truck, you began to drive around the block.

You could just go to the Antler and get it over with. Or you could go for a drive to the others.

It was your call.

cab6c1  No.392064


>just go to the Antler and get it over with

Since we're already here, may as well just head to the Antler and see what they've got. But in the future we also need to check out the other stores, and especially the farmer's market in Warringston.

And did we seriously just drop so much spaghetti that we couldn't even successfully question the old man about the mayor being single? That's pretty damn pathetic.

cab6c1  No.392065



Lets also check out the notice board in Everton while we're here. And take note of what is on them in the other towns the next time we visit them.

ec5191  No.392077


>check out the notice board in Everton

This sounds like a gud start.

2deb9f  No.392091


Buy groceries at the Antler, check the notice board while we're here.


>drop so much spaghetti

The downside to taking the "actually good at farming" start. Hopefully we can work through it, though it'll probably take a while.

b86e6d  No.392112


>Hopefully we can work through it,

Nah, being a farming autist sounds more fun.

f3a819  No.392122


Go to the frog hole since its full of monster made products.

00e253  No.392126


seconding this

abdaf2  No.392183


Go scope out that demon booty.

00e253  No.392184


if the MC is too autistic to directly confront the mayor, he could always send a contract detailing the relationship he would want with her

ec5191  No.392202


>Go scope out that demon booty.



>MC is too autistic to directly confront the mayor

Doesn't mean he can't go and say hi.

dddb9a  No.392224

The Antler was obviously the best option, but that Frog place had your curiosity as well. You decided to pick up what you needed here, drop them off at home, and then go check out the Frog Hole in Warringston, it was on the way anyway.

The Antler wasn't hard to find, considering the giant pair of Antlers above the entrance. You parked and went through the sliding doors, the store itself was actually quite nice, a quaint little store that never updated from the twenty five years ago, giving it a homely feel. You grabbed the cart and started going through the aisles, picking up what you needed, or just wanted to have.

The walls were lined with pictures of the Antler's heritage, from the store founder to the current owners of the store, there was also a statue of a fat chef smiling with a plate of buns in his left hand. The lighting was dimmer than what you were use to, but it wasn't uncomfortable or made it hard to see.

Dairy, grains, some snacks, all you needed now was meat and salt, while the butcher was simple to find, the aisle with the salt seemed to allude you, for some reason it wasn't marked on the sign…

“Hi there!” A voice spoke up from behind you. “Need help finding anything?”

You were turning around to greet the worker, but then you realized something… That voice sounded familiar… You only caught a glimpse of her from the corner of your eye before your brain registered who it was.

When you turned your face to her, the girl suddenly let out a squeak in surprise, her two tails stood on end and the fur on her ears frizzled. It was the girl from yesterday, now wearing an apron with the Antler's logos over a dark blue polo shirt and a pair of jeans.

“Oh hey, its you!” You greeted her.

The girl with cat ears froze up completely, her face turning a shade of red. She stumbled on her words for a moment before someone else came from around the corner.

“Ako!” Another female voice called out. “Is something wrong?”

The new girl was also wearing a apron over a polo shirt and jeans, only this time her shirt was pink with long white stripes. She had almost the exact same animalistic features as her counterpart, save for dark blue eyes and a small scar along her cheek. Other than that, she was taller, almost as tall as you, and her face, while similar to this “Ako” was slightly older and more mature. You made out that she was the older sister, or at an extreme case, the mother.

The new woman looked at her shorter counterpart, and then to you, her paws at her side and her tails swishing curiously.

“Oh? Who's this?” The older woman asked.

“He…Well.” Ako stuttered, trying to regain her composure and make a proper answer.

The older woman looked to you again, and then back to Ako before a mischievous smile plastered across her face. She stepped closer to Ako with her paws locked behind her back.

“Is he a boyfriend you haven't told me about?”

Ako squeaked again, this time freezing up completely. Maybe it was time for you to step in before the older woman manages to kill the poor girl with a heart attack… Or…

>Defuse the situation.

>Have a little fun.

c27f6f  No.392229


Have some fun, but try not to go too far.

44e45a  No.392233


Tell her we're single while trying to look cool by leaning on a shelf, knocking over boxes of dry spaghetti all over the floor.

44e45a  No.392234

File: 1f173da014bc775⋯.jpg (63.18 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1f173da014bc775653a4bd695e….jpg)


>Didn't sage

Now I am the spaghetti

cab6c1  No.392240



>Have some fun, but try not to go too far.

Second vote for this.

Though falling back on the idea in >>392233 afterwards also sounds good.

46bad7  No.392246


>Defuse the situation

Even though I'm curious about the results of dropping our spaghetti spectacularly.

cab6c1  No.392250


A life without dropping all the spaghetti is a life not lived.

00e253  No.392272


>Even though I'm curious about the results of dropping our spaghetti spectacularly.

we'll probably spill spaghetti everywhere regardless of what choice we make, might as well play with ako's heart strings in the process

dddb9a  No.392678

“Oh yeah, totally dating.” You piped up.

Ako turned to you with a audible “Huh!?”, her tails standing on end again.

“Seeing movies, hand holding, the whole shibang.”

[Experienced Farmhand] You managed to pull the joke off without a hitch, though the older cat woman gave you a look with a raised brow.

“Really?” She asked, looking at her sister, then to you. “Think I would know if my sister was seeing someone. She's not one for secrets.”

“And besides.” The older sister took a step closer and leaned in, you felt a jolt run down your back when you felt her breath against your ear as she whispered. “Our family likes to share.”

You felt a sudden lump in your throat, but with a big, audible gulp, you managed to swallow it. The older sister stepped back, her mischievous grin and sultry voice making way for a more welcoming, professional demeanor.

“So, what can we help you with?” She asked, her hands locked behind her back.

“I…er…” You shook your head. “Salt. I was looking for salt.”

“Aisle 6, right beside the rice.” She stated.

“Thank you.” You managed to say before following her instructions.

“Have a nice day!” The older sister waved you off.

“Y-yeah, have a nice day!” Ako added.

You collect your things and pay for all of it, leaving with about 100G worth of groceries. Ako's sister smiles and waves as you leave, you managed to wave back.

Driving down the main street, you noticed the board that Leonard was speaking of. You parked the truck and went out to take a look, there were some papers tacked to the board, but not all that many. Looking them over.

Wanted: Green spry, 25g per sprout.


Wanted: One piece of Orc fruit, 150g reward.

Orc fruit? Green spry? You've never heard of any of these…

Wanted: Looking for help moving furniture, 250g payment. 194 Beachview blvd, Barnsley.


Those seem to be the only choices, at least here in Everton. Its up to you if you want to take them, or any for that matter.

c27f6f  No.392679


Help move furniture, while there ask if they know where we can get Green spry and Orc fruit from.

cab6c1  No.392693


This >>392679 sounds good to me.

d7ed61  No.392694


Help with furniture because we are big and strong

b86e6d  No.392696


Money can't hurt. Let's go move some furniture.

cdf9ac  No.392699


Seems like we'd be in good enough shape that moving furniture should be doable. Let's go with that.

3ed74a  No.392702


moving the furniture is our best option, all it takes is a bit of heavy lifting, much simpler and it delivers a larger reward

514038  No.392736


>inb4 the mayor puts notices up on the board frequently

>especially for labour

dddb9a  No.392849

You can move some furniture no problem, that's easy money. You take the notes off the walls and return to the truck. It took about 45 minutes to leave town, drop your groceries off at home, and then go to Barnsley. The place wasn't that hard to find, considering it was on a street called Beachview, that narrowed it down to 2, maybe 3 places.

You found the place and knocked on the door, there was nothing but silence from inside, maybe they weren't home? But a few moments later, you heard an audible clack on the floor from inside, followed by a raspy female voice.

“Just a minute, please.” The voice asked.

The door opened a few seconds later, looking forward you only caught the top bun of someone's hair. You had to look down at the woman that came up to your stomach in height at best.

She was an elder lady, carrying herself on a cane, wearing a scarf and a baggy dress. She smiled up at you with squinted eyes and a wrinkly, almost turtle like mouth.

She was a regular human, something that, for some reason, surprised you.

“Yes, young man? How can I help you?” She asked.

“Oh. I uh.” You showed her the hand written paper.” I found this in Everton about furniture moving?”

“Oh! Of course!” The old lady stood aside and invited you in. “I'm so glad someone is taking the time out of their day to help me. Such a nice young man.”

The old lady led you into the living room and pointed out a few things that needed to be moved. Clutter that was just taking up space for her book shelf and favorite rocking chair at this point. You got to work right away.

dddb9a  No.392850


[experienced farmhand] Nothing really gave you all that much trouble, as lifting hay stacks, tilling soil, and working with animals had made you quite the strong man. The only thing that gave you any kind of trouble was the couch that the lady asked you to move from one wall to the other, which you moved by lifting one end and moving it, then the other. The arm chair and empty book shelf were moved to her garage, and an dining table was moved into the basement.

The work only took you a little over an hour, and after your payment, and a plastic container of cookies, you were on your way again, 250G and several cookies richer.

“Oh, by the way.” You stopped before you left.

“Yes? What do you need, dear?”

“Do you know anything about orc fruit or green spry? Some other people were requesting them on the board in Everton.”

“Oh yes, Green spry is really important in a lot of dishes here.” She explained. “Tastes especially yummy on fish or crab.”

The old lady rested on her cane as she pondered. “Orc fruit is hard to come by, though. You'll have to go deep into the woods to look for that.”

You took what she said into consideration, maybe it was worth checking out. The two of you said your good byes and you went on your way.

You walked out to the passenger side of your truck and put the cookies into the back seat, trying to stop yourself from eating them all on the way home. After that, you went around the truck an-


You only managed to take notice of the warning last second as something came crashing into you and high speeds. You felt the wind knock out of you as you toppled over on to the ground. Luckily, you didn't hit your head…Too hard.

You groaned and tried to sit up, only to find a weight sitting on your waist. Opening your eyes, you finally noticed the woman sitting on top of you, moaning in pain and rubbing her head.

“Ow…” She complained.

You were once again knocked back into feeling like a fish out of water, as you encountered yet another non-human woman. The first thing you noticed were the pointed dog ears on top of her head, shaded brown as the same as her hair. Her skin was a lighter chocolate, though you didn't know if that was natural, or a tan. Her hair was curly and messy, a sweaty head band strapped around her forehead.

The second thing you, instantly, noticed was her body. She was wearing active wear in the form of a dark blue sports bra that covered her impressive bust, and a pair of matching shorts that hugged tightly to her curvy waist. Her exposed stomach was flat with a noticeable tone, and you felt what feelt like a bushy tail brush against your legs.

She finally got a grip of herself and looked down at you with big blue eyes, finally realizing that she was straddling you. Her face turned red and she immediately jumped to her feet.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry!” She apologized profusely, grabbing your arm as you got up and helped you to your feet.

You noticed that, like the other monsters you met, this one also had animal like hands, almost paws, that almost wrapped around your entire forearm when she grabbed you. Her claws were in the open and didn't seem to retract. They were large and actually pretty intimidating. You're just glad they didn't land on your body when she crashed into you.

Now, back to your sense, you got a good look at her face and quickly noticed that, like the others you had met, she was also very beautiful. Though this one had a more rough, tomboy look to her than even Marybelle did. The cheek on the left side of her face had a white band aid covering what you assumed was a cut, and her almost button nose had a deep scar across it. But it was like it accentuated her beauty.

[Experienced farmhand] You managed to stop yourself from blurting the word “Cute” like some sort of crazy.

“Y-you didn't get too hurt, did you?” She asked.

The girl didn't let go of your arm yet, she looked at you with worried eyes. You were fine, but you felt yourself caught in a situation you didn't know you wanted to be in.

>Reassure her.

>Play it cool.

>Work off this somehow.

798006  No.392852


>Reassure her.

d38bca  No.392857


>Reassure her


>Work off this somehow.

9172e4  No.392860


>Play it cool

We gotta impress out new lady friend

939ae8  No.392863

f3100b  No.392872

Dice rollRolled 19 (1d20)


>Play it cool

This will work super good because we're an ultra strong farmer man and women love those

Rolling for suave

cab6c1  No.392873



>Reassure her


>Work off this somehow.

Sounds good to me.

d38bca  No.392927


Sage, please.

00e253  No.392928


my apologies

00e253  No.392929


play it cool and try to work our recent moving venture into the conversation

53379e  No.392932


Reassure her first off.

dddb9a  No.393027

It did hurt, bouncing off the concrete like that, but you're a tough boy, you can ignore the pain.

“Oh, I'm fine.” You reassure her.

“Really?” She asked again, clearly still worried.

“Yeah, I'm a tough guy.” You assured her again. “I've had worse happen to me back home on the regular. Used to get hit by trucks for fun.”

She blinked and then covered her mouth to laugh.

“Well that's good to hear.” She said with a smile. “But now that you mention it, you don't look all that familiar. Are you new in town?”

“To the area, yeah.” You confirmed. “I'm taking over my Grandpa's farm out-”

She gasped in surprise, covering her mouth before speaking again. “Are you Michael's boy!?”

You had to stop for a moment, but nodded. “Yeah, that's me.”

“Its great to finally meet you!” The girl took your hand in her paws and shook almost furiously. “Your grandfather was a good friend with my family!”

“What, really?” You asked.

She nodded her head ecstatically. “Yup, I even figured out Santa wasn't real when I realized it was him under the costume.”

“That's…” you tried, and failed, to suppress a laugh. “Actually kind of hilarious.”

“I'm Rory, by the way. “ She said, finally letting go of your hand.

You tell her your name in return.

“I used to come out there all the time with my family and just feed the animals and brush the horses.” Rory explained with a nostalgic smile. “It hit everyone pretty hard when he passed away… It probably wasn't that easy for you, either.”

“No.” You confirmed. “It wasn't.”

You took a step back and looked around. “So, were you just out for a run or what?”

“I'm actually training.” She explained with a nod and a wiggle of her left ear. “There's a huge track and field event going on in the city in a few months, and I want to give it my all!”

[Experienced farmhand] You didn't know exactly how to ask this, so the words came out awkward at best.

“So is that like…A thing for…Er… Or is that just something you like to do?”

“Hm?” Rory tilted her head. “Oh? No, I just like to do sports, it keeps me fit and active!”

She realized you wanted to ask and took the hint. “I'm a Kobold, by the way.”

“Right!” You gave her a finger point. “Of course!”

Rory laughed and put her hands on her side. She seemed to think about something for a moment before speaking.

“Hey. Do you mind if I stop by and take a look at the place?” She asked. “Just for old times sake, you know? I haven't been there in awhile.”

03b9d9  No.393041


Do we have our porn unpacked, and if so, is it in a place where we can easily hide it without her noticing?

Only allow her over if we are certain we can keep her from finding our vast collection of monster girl doujinshi

cab6c1  No.393043


>“Hey. Do you mind if I stop by and take a look at the place?” She asked. “Just for old times sake, you know? I haven't been there in awhile.”

Sure, when does she have in mind? (hopefully not right this second)

53379e  No.393047

She free to drop by whenever but we probably have more stuff to do today. BTW are we purely a farmer or can we spec into rancher?

00e253  No.393088


it'd be more productive if we used the rest of today for other jobs. ask her if she could drop by tomorrow

b18f35  No.393098

why do so many of the girls have scars? Are the werewolves attacking the girls in the town?

dddb9a  No.393143


Because its hot.


You can. That's why there's a ranch that sells livestock not far from you.

“What, do you mean like, right now?” You asked.

“Oh no! Nothing like that!” She corrected. “Just, in the next couple of days, if that's okay.”

You had to think if you put any of your dirty mags away. You're pretty sure you did…

“Well, I don't see a problem with that.” You said. “Wouldn't hurt to have some company from time to time.”

“Yay! Thank you!” Rory cheered with a clasp of her hands together. “I won't be a bother, I swear!”

“Don't worry about it!” You tried to assure her. “I'll see you when I see you, then.”

Rory nodded and began to jog in place. “Then I'll see you around!”

She began her jog again before turning back to you and waving. “Nice to finally meet you!”

You waved her off and watched her leave, trying not to let your eyes trail to her finely tone behind.

[experienced Farmhand] It didn't work. You felt your face go flush before you hurried back into your truck.

Green Spry and Orc fruit can both be found in the woods, the closest being just north from your farmstead. But that might take a day, if not more, it might be easier to look for them later. You made your final trip to the town of Warringston in the south to take a look at this Frog Hole place.

It wasn't…Hard to find, considering the giant frog statue on top of the building. You parked out front, gave the frog one more look over and went inside.

You took a look around the store, there was a dim blue light that almost gave you an uncomfortable vibe lighting the aisles. There was only one cash register sitting on a old fashion counter, like a general store from the 1800s. There was a woman manning the counter, wearing a simple red T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Her hair was a short, light tan color, and her skin was a myrtle green, and she held a cellphone in her hands, with each hand only having three fingers and a thumb. Her eyes were a light amber, with sideways slits for pupils being a few shades darker.

“Frog hole, huh?” You mentioned.

“Yuh.” The cashier said bluntly. “This is a hole. And I am the frog.”

“Oh, you own the place?”

“Sure do.” She said, sitting up. “I live upstairs as well. Been running the place for a few years now.”

The girl at the counter stood up from her see and placed her hands on the counter.

“So, what can I get ya?”

“Well, what do you have?”

“Oh, you're new, aren't you?” She commented. “Judging by your getup, you're some kind of farmer, huh?”

“You guessed right.”

“Hm…” She crossed her arms and looked around. “Well, if you fancy yourself a fisherman as well, we got lures, bait, and rods in the back…”

She looked around some more. “Or maybe yer looking to grow some monster fruits?”

“Monster fruits?” You asked.

“Lotsa them are illegal. But I'm packing some of the more legal ones behind the shelf. Only seeds, though.”

“Well…Whats so monstrous about them?” You asked.

“Do stuff to you.” She explained bluntly. “Not like some of the crazy stuff like demon fruit. But you can get some buzz going.”

The cashier stretched and then leaned against the counter. “So, whaddya say? Wanna take a look?”

e9ddee  No.393146


So they're just drugs? Hard pass. Unless they can do stuff other than make us get high who cares. Although maybe ask her if some it the fruit have cool effects.

bd611c  No.393148


>So they're just drugs? Hard pass.

But imagine how much more moolah we can make by dealing it.


Let's see what she has to offer.

e9ddee  No.393149


I don't think getting involved with illegal stuff is smart.

We should just find a monster girl that likes us and farm some stuff.

Maybe solve werewolf problem, fund rare plants into forest and farm them.

Also pls rember 2 sage

00e253  No.393153


this seems promising, but low priority, the seeds are probably quite expensive, and growing them may have unforseen consequences we don't have the capital to deal with yet.

for now we could try to look for some of that orc fruit and green spry in the woods, but we'll need a plan of some sort to avoid getting proactively dated by the wherewolves.

00e253  No.393154



03a678  No.393156

File: 3118ba754fa1831⋯.jpeg (74.41 KB, 894x894, 1:1, You know what to do.jpeg)

File: 60769765da3a3e8⋯.jpg (305.16 KB, 1280x1343, 1280:1343, a3ec41f3-f5bf-450e-84d5-00….jpg)

File: 3118ba754fa1831⋯.jpeg (74.41 KB, 894x894, 1:1, You know what to do.jpeg)

File: 60769765da3a3e8⋯.jpg (305.16 KB, 1280x1343, 1280:1343, a3ec41f3-f5bf-450e-84d5-00….jpg)

File: d2c40001ded3641⋯.png (240.53 KB, 488x750, 244:375, 1447284904004.png)


Right because we need to find a big tiddy orc girl for our waifu

00e253  No.393157


no, that nekomata is far cuter. she's the one we need to charm somehow.

cab6c1  No.393170


Lets see what she has available. Ask the cost, effects of consumption, and potential profits of each. Then we can ask around and see which is the best potential choice, from a social acceptability and legal perspective.


>So they're just drugs? Hard pass.

Don't be a pansy. So what if they're drugs, as long as they aren't likely to get us in any kind of legal trouble? I'd first ask around about it, though. Clearly there is a market for them or she wouldn't be selling them. Even if they are in a technically legal grey area.

cab6c1  No.393171


That Nekomata is cute, for sure.

e9ddee  No.393188


Would your monster waifu really want you to use or sell drugs?

I know mine wouldn't. She would just want us to live a simple life.

798006  No.393190


>not making moonshine with your waifu

6237ce  No.393191

Winners don't use drugs, and Grandpa didn't raise no loser!

cab6c1  No.393198


You're too uptight about this. These aren't human drugs. They are monster fruits. Even calling them "drugs" is something of a miss-characterization. We shouldn't just eliminate them from consideration just because you're a prude.

798006  No.393200

File: d49c944809b729b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 61.6 KB, 560x900, 28:45, ClipboardImage.png)


I wonder who could be behind this post…

d38bca  No.393208


Sage, faggot!

e9ddee  No.393209


Pls rember 2 sage fren :D

798006  No.393223



yeah yeah I know

dddb9a  No.393235

File: 7c87c2cf6b2aa68⋯.jpg (279.05 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sunset-disk-orange-sun-twi….jpg)

“Wait a minute.” You stopped. “Are these drugs?”

“What? No.” She said swiftly. “They're just…You know. Like pick me ups. They're not illegal or anything, they're just…Different.”

“You're making them sound like drugs.” You accused.

“They're not drugs!” She protested. “Jeez, you're really not from around here, are you?…Look.”

She went out from behind her counter and approached one of the freezers against the wall. She opened the door and pulled out a single fruit from one of the cardboard trays sitting near the top shelf. It almost looked like an orange, but something was off. It had very visible bumps under its skin, and a stem that broke off into two different directions, almost like a pair of horns.

“Take this with you. Eat it when you have the time, or save it for a full moon, or don't eat it at all, I'm not your ma.”

She waved you off. “Get out of here. Come back when you're less twitchy!”

You seemed to have offended her… It'd be better if you did what she said…

You finished what you wanted to do today, though you feel kind of bad about the last part. You headed back home, just in time as the sun began to set.

Your house was kissed in an orange glow as the sun continued to set, bathing the land around you in a warm twilight. You stood outside your house and took in a deep breath, the fresh air filling your lungs. With a smile, you entered your home with a yawn, kicked off your boots and went into the kitchen.

Only to be met by six pairs of eyes staring back at you.

You froze in place, looking at the six, short women rummaging through your kitchen, one of them even chewing on a piece of toast you had just bought earlier that day. They all looked at you with large, wide eyes, their naked, mouse-like tails completely stiff, and their round mouse ears completely frozen.

Your brain was slowly putting 2 and 2 together… All things considered, you were the first to move…

So, what did you do?

e9ddee  No.393236



offer them some food and tell them you'll let them live there in exchange for helping with the farm

bd611c  No.393237


If we have enough to feed 6 more mouths then I vote this

00e253  No.393240


move slowly and tell them you just want to find out why they're eating your food

9172e4  No.393241

File: 49326c6a381d094⋯.png (273.73 KB, 480x670, 48:67, 1549916344062.png)


>So, what did you do?

Turn them into loyal mice maids

cab6c1  No.393242


Try not to scare them too much, but demand an explanation as to what they think they are doing. Explain that this is your grandfather's house (but now yours), and you're planning to develop the farmland. But you aren't rich by any means, and it's too early to be giving away food. See if they might be interested helping work the farm in the future, but they are not welcome to stealing food like this.

3f26bf  No.393333


Potatoes actually do have seeds, it's just much more common for them to be grown from seed potatoes rather than potato seeds.

cab6c1  No.393342

File: 0c4b9a987b2cce2⋯.png (179.62 KB, 395x281, 395:281, potato flower.PNG)


Quads of truth. Potato plants actually produce fruits containing many seeds, when they completely grow and flower. But that is not what farmers usually plant for crops. They plant seed potatoes. They are a piece of the plant root, which make clones with desirable characteristics. True potato seeds don't produce clones. Interesting stuff, actually. I didn't know until I looked it up just now.

7f811a  No.393416

I knew as a kid we always planted seed potatoes but I didn't know that about the seeds. Plus awesome story

d9a828  No.393417


That's actually pretty cool. Makes me miss my veggie garden

cab6c1  No.393424



Please sage in CYOA threads…

dddb9a  No.393520

You did your best to remain calm, making sure not to do any sudden movements or come off as too threatening or violent. You took a deep breath and brought your hands up.

“Okay, lets talk about thi-”

“CHEESE IT!” One of them yelled, with no hint of pun or irony.

The group scrambled, some even being as brave as to scramble past you, others through the backway into the hall. You chased after them and saw that all of them went out the same way. You could only clench your teeth when you finally realized that you forgot to close the back door.

You went back around the house and looked around after they left. Everything you brought with you when you moved in was still there, only the food was touched, and even then they left most of it on the floor in the package when they were caught, only three slices of bread were missing all together…

You thought about calling the police, but quickly realized that you didn't have a phone, or even a cellphone for that matter. If something seriously were to happen, then you'd probably bite it pretty quickly…

You sat down and thought about it. Did you lock the backdoor before you left? You had to have, right? Maybe they picked it? Maybe it slipped your mind…No matter, what's done is done, you doubt that they would come back here again after being caught. It might be good to go to the police with it, considering you're technically a witness to a crime now.

It was getting late, and you didn't want to go looking for the sheriff's office in the dark… You went to bed that night and…Locked the door.

Just to be safe… You slept surprisingly well that night.

Three days until the next full moon.


You got up early and watered your plants. It didn't take long, and you, once again, had the rest of the day ahead of you.

You leaned against the fence and thought about it…

You haven't touched the barn, and the shed is still kind of a mess. You could probably get some work done on those.

…But you also remembered the event from yesterday. Maybe you should see the police, just in case.

Its up to you.

1ca6e6  No.393521


i don't think police involvement is neccesary, perhaps we could look for some clues as to where they went is, considering their size, it's probably not a great distance away, maybe they left a thin trail of breadcrumbs in their way.

if we find them, we may be able to recruit them as hands on our farm like >>393242 and

>>393236 proposed.

1ca6e6  No.393522

ff70c8  No.393523


I bet those mice are living in the barn. We should check it out.

3f26bf  No.393527


Forgot to sage, post deleted in shame.


Find a locksmith. We've got three days until the full moon, if those mice can get in I'm sure others can as well.

cab6c1  No.393535


Lets not go to the police, for now. But be sure to mention the mice to Leonard and see what he thinks we should do about them if they come back. However, their actions are unacceptable. We can't let them push us around just because they are small and don't eat much.

Before we hit the town lets do some work to straighten out the shed and investigate the barn.

53379e  No.393536

Do owlgirls eat mousegirls?

bc6a5f  No.393543


I agree

fe5cf7  No.393546


sage newfag

also check out the barn

2c8bc1  No.393576


How's about doing both choices? Take a look inside both the barn and shed, take detailed notes on what is messed up, what can be replaced, what needs to be disposed of properly, then lock both the barn and shed up, and head down to the police station and report on the break in, see what they can do?

8ad7cf  No.393585


They out-numbered 'im six to one and they didn't even try to rape 'im.

>Full moon

Ask someone what they do on a full moon. Would lewd Rory

7385fe  No.393603


>not wanting to lewd annabelle or marybelle

e9ddee  No.393606

dddb9a  No.393607

You stretched and stood up from your seat on the stairs, it was probably a good idea to take a look around. So you trailed along the property, hoping to find maybe some crumbs or trash or something.

[experienced farmhand] You have experience looking for animal tracks and other abnormalities on the land, and noticed right away the stomped down, unmowed grass behind the house leading into the distance. You followed it for a few minutes, they were running in a straight line, which helped to press down the tall grass further. You followed further, expecting to find the trail going into the woods or into some kind of hide out, but instead they suddenly stop, and turn westward. The only thing you know in that direction would be Barnsley.

The tracks from there went on for some time until they suddenly turned into two lines. They had a vehicle? That just raised further questions…You shook your head and returned to the house.

Just to be safe, you took another look around the property. Making sure that nothing was hiding in the barn, Back at home, the barn had a single sliding door on each end of the barn, but here, they were double doors on each end that could be pushed or pulled out.

'Very old school, gramps.' You remember thinking to yourself when you first saw the barn.

You went inside and took a look around, making sure there wasn't any kind of hideout in there. Outside of an old shovel against the wall and the old hay strewn out along the ground, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary… Except for a single book.

You found it on a bench near one of the stables, for some reason, you didn't notice it before. 'Immortals of Terra' the title read, you looked the book over and read the synopsis. It was a science fiction story about an immortal who was related to some great Emperor, and it was up to him and reunite the empire. There seemed to be monsters in it as well. You've never heard of this series before.

Was it your grandfather's? You didn't take him for a Sci-fi kind of guy… The book was covered in dust, so it was sitting there for quite some time.

Other than that, the barn was clear, no signs of life inside. The barn itself did need work, however, though that would require more resources.

Maybe it would be best to go to the police… And you might also prepare for the “full moon”, whatever kind of preparation that would be. Maybe better locks on the door? Leonard probably knows a locksmith, you decided to go pay him another visit.

Everton started to grow on you a bit, maybe it was just the small, sleepy feeling it had, surrounded by forests and not much traffic on the road. There were people out and about, but not so many that it felt suffocating to you. In fact, all of the towns were slow in their own way. You looked out the driver seat window as you strolled towards Leonard's, watching the few people that passed.

You noticed a girl walking down the street, a rather short one, at that. She was wearing a brown coat and a red scarf around her neck. She was holding her phone in her hands and seemingly texting someone with her nubby fingers, her wrists covered in a light gray fur, and two, round ears, adorned atop her head. You looked back to the road, but then suddenly did a double take with a furrowed brow when you realized that you recognized her. She was wearing different clothing, but you didn't need a piece of toast in her mouth to notice that the girl walking casually down the side walk was one of the intruders from last night.

You weighed the options in your head…

e9ddee  No.393612


Ask the mouse girl why she broke into your house.

Don't be angry with her or anything though, just try to be understanding, but still make it clear that breaking into someone's house isn't okay.

Also yeah, definitely go talk to the old guy about what you should do about the full moon.

00e253  No.393613



if she does not run away immediatly, ask her if she needs work.

2d2fb2  No.393617



I'm good with this.

cab6c1  No.393621


Don't approach this mouse on the street. We aren't nearly savvy enough to handle a situation like that without more information. And don't go to the police either, for the time being.

Tell Leonard about the mouse situation, including the one you just saw. And see what he thinks. Also ask him about the other stuff about the full moon and what kinds of protection you'll need.

cab6c1  No.393622




I'm beginning to suspect that these mice are simply a bunch of teens getting together to break into places for the thrill of it. Not because they are particularly poor or in need of work or anything.

00e253  No.393633


even so, we should try to get some sort of info on her, we can't let just let them go and commit more cheese heists

cab6c1  No.393643


I still think it's a better idea to get a 2nd (well informed) opinion before just strolling up to one of the mice and dropping our spaghetti.

00e253  No.393645


i do concur that we need a more concrete plan on how to approach this, seeing as how we've spilled pasta in a few previous encounters due to lack of formulation.

i find it difficult to come up with anything though.

74f22e  No.393650

The answer is Cheese! Offer to buy her some cheese!

00e253  No.393653



cab6c1  No.393659



"Uhh…Hey there. So I saw you robbing my house the other day, and this is awkward, but could I buy you some c-c-cheese?"

1dba67  No.393660


>You need to eat all the cheese

Yes, this is a good plan

dddb9a  No.393762

Had to roll a dice on this one.

[Experienced Farmhand] A part of you kind of wanted to take it to the Sheriff, but something in your mind told you to confront your little home intruder. So you took the truck around the corner and then came back, you didn't even really have to follow her like a creepy stalker, since she went into the corner store a moment later.

You parked and followed her inside, trying to be as casual as possible. You spotted her at the magazine rack, looking over some kind of outdoors magazine before you approached her. You stood beside her and picked out a random magazine, something about video games, you didn't care.

“Hey.” You started, reading it over.

Her tail stopped swishing back and forth, she looked up at you with a glance. “Uh…Hi.”

“How are you doing?” You asked.

“Pretty good…”

“Cool.” You flipped a page. “Any reason you broke into my house yesterday?”

She froze entirely, her eyes widening with a quick “Eep!”

She actually didn't recognize you, which was weird since you were wearing clothing that matched your clothing from yesterday. She didn't move, keeping her eyes on her magazine, it wasn't like she could just run, you were in the way and it would probably make a scene.

“We…Well…Which house was yours?” She suddenly cursed herself for not denying it.

“Which house was mi- how many did you break into yesterday!?”

“N-no I meant over a week! I swear!” She protested, turning to you.

“That doesn't make it better!”

The two of you spoke in hushed tones, the clerk at the front looking over from time to time to see if something was happening.

“Why are you stealing food anyways?” You asked. “What, are you poor? Do you need a job?”

“I…I actually have a job.” She admitted, looking away. “We all do…Its more like, well… For the fun of it.”

“The fun of it…”

“Y-yeah! The thrill! Like micefolk of old!”

You glared down at her, your usual awkwardness with women having given way for a stern sense of JUSTICE.

She began to prod two of her nubby fingers together with an embarrassed smile. “Its really fun…”

“I wouldn't really call it fun.” You accused. “If I buy you guys a pack of cheese, will you knock it off!?”

“Hey, that's discrimination!” She protested. “We're Mice girls, not actual mice!”

She sighed and started to crumble under your stern glare. She clasped her hands together and looked up at you with pleading eyes.

“Look…Please don't report me…” She begged. “There aren't that many mice girls in town, they'll find me right away! I could lose everything…”

“Then why did you keep doing it?” You asked.

“Because…” She seemed to think on it, but can only go with one answer. “We're stupid…We got away with it a few times and just kind of…Liked the thrill, I guess.”

She pleaded at you with her big, scarlet eyes. “Please. I promise we won't do it again! Just don't turn us in…”

You crossed your arms and thought on it…

cab6c1  No.393764


Totally saw this coming. Lecture the shit out of her for being irresponsible. Adults behaving like children, yada yada. Tell her the next time it happens you'll be going to the police with surveillance video footage of them breaking in your house (it doesn't matter if you actually have video footage or not). That should be plenty enough to scare them. Beyond that, you're willing to forgive them, as long as they promise not to do it again.

7385fe  No.393765


getting some security cameras couldnt hurt though, even if it's only to cover a few areas like the door(s) to the barn or a safe (regular valuables or a gun safe, depending on which one we have)

cab6c1  No.393766


I don't think we truly need them. I just think it would be a good way to dissuade the mice from their break-in game they've been playing. Because even if she calls our bluff on having cameras, it will still plant the idea that others may actually have them. And they have been taking a big risk.

0275ba  No.393771

Forgive her and have her promise to not do it again. Also buy her a wedge of cheese any way.

e9ddee  No.393772


Maybe she just needs something better to do if she's doing it for fun.

She likes video games so maybe you could offer to play video games with her or something

46cf3f  No.393773


do this Gran Turino style and put her to work. I could see some spaghetti falling because she might take the whole "work" think the wrong way, but it'd still be funny.

1f53db  No.393774

8ad7cf  No.393775


Sage, you fag!

b86e6d  No.393783


Take her to the police and try to get the rest of her friends too. Fuck 'em.

If we want to be nice, talk to the sheriff to make their punishment working on your farm without pay for a time.

The rest of you are too soft.

cab6c1  No.393784


I'd say the same if it weren't for them just being thrill seeking retards and not actually stealing anything of value. They also didn't actually do any property damage either. So I'm willing to let this one slide. But they are toeing a fine line.

faae6e  No.393786


>do this Gran Turino style and put her to work

Do this.

798006  No.393804

Don't make her work, just get her to promise not to break and enter anymore

ddf9ea  No.393810

Put the dumb broad to work to teach a lesson.

She should be lucky to have gotten away with so much. A harder man would've shot her for breaking and entering.

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