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File: 5ec2aba7c8b9639⋯.jpg (84.93 KB, 980x551, 980:551, Three Dead As Utrecht Shoo….jpg)



“A man started shooting wildly," an eyewitness told Dutch news outlet NU.nl. But the AD.nl website cited a witness who said there were four gunmen who opened fire at a woman near the tram station.

Police are seen running near the scene of the #Utrecht shooting #24oktoberplein pic.twitter.com/6Y2FWqUEDU

— TicToc by Bloomberg (@tictoc) March 18, 2019

A square around a tram station outside downtown Utrecht is on lockdown following the shooting, local media reported. Police have cordoned off the area and adjacent streets, but the perpetrator managed to escape, stating that the shooting in Utrecht may have had a "terrorist motive."

The police is investigating the shooting at the #24oktoberplein in Utrecht this morning. An possible terrorist motif is part of the investigation.

— Politie Utrecht (@PolitieUtrecht) March 18, 2019

Ambulances and emergency services are also present although the number of injured is yet to be clarified.

Medevac helicopters have been send in to airlift the wounded, Utrecht police have said. they also urged drivers to make way for medical vehicles.

Terrorism threat level raised to highest in Dutch province of Utrecht after tram shooting.

The Utrecht shooting - in which three people are now dead and nine injured according to the Mayor, appears to have been revenge for last week's New Zealand mosque attacks, as a Twitter account believed to belong to suspect Gökman Tanis recently posted a photograph of the rifle used by NZ gunman Brenton Tarrant.


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because I'm Jewish, my penis is bigger than yours

A B S O L U T E L Y 1 0 0 % T R U E


(just ask any woman)

do the irony is that while you feebly try to falsely

reassure yourself of your alleged 'superiority', the

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your frustration is totally understandable

little man



by the way, when I said 'just ask any woman',

I was completely aware that you don't really

know any women, and it's unlikely that you'll

ever be in the presence of a female alone

but yeah…………………………………….trust me

all chicks know about Jews having bigger dicks


hahahaha !!!!

thank god I was born Jewish

it's amazing how no matter what white guys

say or think, the fact of the matter is clear:

the size of your dick is what dictates power



Your religion says to literally destroy all other nations and take over the world.

So, yeah, any blame is justified and righteous until your religion is completely destroyed. Just like you attempt to do to us. The difference is that we didn't write your nor any genocidal books of world domination. You did. World history can be defined by Semitic niggers starting shit.



No one ever claimed that Jews weren't genetically closer to niggers.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


One person is believed to have been killed and several others have been injured in a shooting incident on a tram in Utrecht, on Monday morning. The incident happened at around 10.45 on a tram at the 24 Oktoberplein, a busy transport hub close to the city’s main railway station, which has been sealed off. Tram services have also been halted. The counter-terrorism service NCTV raised the terror threat level in Utrecht to 5 – the highest level – for the first time since it was introduced. ‘The perpetrator is still on the run. A terrorist motive has not been ruled out,’ said the head of the service, Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg.





I live in a relatively small City in Georgia

there are more shooting deaths

than this on any given day


File: 9259d85cc79184b⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 841x630, 841:630, PicsArt_03-18-01.16.07.jpg)


File: 1716ed20b7a3719⋯.jpg (407.74 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, JihadiDead.jpg)

Jihadis beware, despite our government not putting sufficient steps in stopping your attacks. You will be eliminated, today or tomorrow.

File: 2801720508210ea⋯.webm (15.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Brenton_Tarrant_part1.webm)


40 people killed in shootings at New Zealand mosques, prime minister says

EDIT: Number is officially up to 50 after they found a dead body behind one of the mosques.


>About 40 people were killed when at least one shooter opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday.

>New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said that four people had been taken into custody, three men and one woman. As of 5:47 p.m. local time (12:47 a.m. ET), authorities said that a lock down of local schools had been lifted.

>Bush said several explosives had been attached to vehicles. He added that there is no assumption the attack was contained to Christchurch.

>“This is one of New Zealand’s darkest days,” said the country’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern. “Clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.”

>She said during a news conference that authorities currently believe about 40 people had been killed in the attacks. More than 20 others were seriously injured, she added.

>Witnesses told media that a man dressed in a military-style, camouflage outfit, and carrying an automatic rifle had started randomly shooting people in the Al Noor mosque.

>One Malaysian was injured in the attack, and three Indonesians survived the shooting while three more are unaccounted for, according to reports.

/k/ thread can be found here: >>>/k/656439

Archive of the original /pol/ thread: https://archive.fo/gCLYh (shooter was the OP)

Archive of Mark being an informant for three letter agencies: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post last edited at


A man going pro se in a murder trial has a fool for a lawyer.


well the original clip lasted 17:xx minutes, he went out the entrance turning right , left flanked the building , re entering it from the rear, exec. a few rounds more before leaving it the way he came, thru the entrance front, turning left walks to his car, grabs fuel tank and fresh clips, ah yes when returning to his car he shoots a peeping woman…then executes her by headshot

close up before re entering his car.



You are all going to jail.



It's really not surprising that a sheltered, inexperienced, childish little boy who 'expects to see lots of blood like in the movies or a video game' (there was blood, sissyboy) would also apply his equally as unrealistic 'false flag conspiracy theory' to it…

guess what, little man?……


go play another video game like a little bitch

and allow the adults to talk…..




I'm STILL laughing at how stupid your sissy assed faggot poem is… lmmfgdao !!!

that's embarrassing as shit !!!

the funniest part is imagining you as you typed it out, actually thinking that you were demonstrating some kind of sophisticated talent, and monumental poetic insight….

Hahahahahahahaha !!!!



it sucks SO bad, dude…

you're such a little bitch

File: e59fce3da4e8c2b⋯.png (355.62 KB, 566x353, 566:353, Massive Weather Warfare Ag….png)


A few days ago, there was a bizarre weather anomaly, which the media is calling a 'Bomb Blizzard'…


before I tell you the strange circumstances revolving the weather anomaly, let me Begin by telling you that right now Nebraska and middle America are completely flooded, with lots and lots of people missing. What's really strange is that Nebraska is wide open and flat, but somehow there is flooding that reaches over the tops of buildings…


Our demonic treasonous government is using the Trillions they got from the recent budget KILLING more Americans off via chemtrails & HAARP weather warfare!!! Hey, they can't grab the guns, right? Why not flush away everything and kill some of us off then!? DESPOTS!!

This particular weather system was unlike any seen before. I saw a map of the jet stream and wind currents across the entire United States, and from all four corners, the winds were being pulled into the center of the country, and that's where a giant whirlpool vortex was located.

There were absolutely no normal jet stream wind currents, and all of the wind was being pulled directly into the center of America.

Imagine a gigantic whirlpool made out of air.

Nebraska is wide open and flat… But it's deep underwater right now.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Interesting post. We will have teams on the ground to assist out civilians, and Patriots. The teams are mobilizing and preparing for relief efforts, and resupplying our men and women on the ground. Do not lose faith, for in the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil, for I have my Rod and my Staff to comfort me.


The rising water has reduced stores and homes to rubble and ripped off a long chunk of a highway bridge, according to photos posted on Twitter by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts. Ranchers posted images on social media of their cattle being dug out of snowdrifts or stranded in fields.

The flooding has all but blocked access to some small communities along the river, where potable drinking water has become scarce as the flood has contaminated wells, Wight said.

Ricketts visited several flooded communities on Saturday and wrote on Twitter that he witnessed “unbelievable devastation.”


This is obviously deliberate weather warfare, the treason cannot be more blatant and absolute. THEY ARE WIPING OUT THE OLD AMERICA.



If this comes around my neck of the woods, and wipes out everything I worked so hard to prepare for, I'm going to place a gun to my skull … and blow my brains ALL OVER THE FUCKING WALL!!!!!!!


I got to take a break from this news again. I'm getting massive urges to drink and thats not good, plus I'm nearly out of breath right now. Talk to you anons later.



Haha. Pathetic.

File: 2260213a4828410⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)



Detectives are investigating an alleged far-Right terror attack in Surrey after a teenager was stabbed amid a spate of racist incidents across Britain which came in the wake of the New Zealand massacre.

Politicians and police have condemned the attacks and said extremism has no place in British society.

The 19-year-old victim was said to have been attacked by a man armed with a knife and a baseball bat who it is claimed was heard shouting racist comments.

The incident took place in Stanwell at around 10.30pm on Saturday and the victim was rushed to hospital with what police said were non-life threatening injuries.

A 50-year-old local man was arrested a short time later on suspicion of attempted…

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answer to meme:

Dylan Roof. Wasn't hard to figure out.



I almost hope there would be one big fire, instead of this slowly burning 'totally not a war' situation we're in



Then your going to have to stop relying on the masses or others to do your devil's work because 99% of the public will not risk jail time or death so they can further destabilize society.

If you REALLY WANT to do maximum damage to those who ruined your life, then go after the real enemies: the crooked politicians and/or their corporate/bankster (((cronies))).


Peckn away peckerwoods



Uh, the politicians are the cronies, bud, not the bankers.

File: 99de18bdc0f7085⋯.png (9.32 KB, 894x894, 1:1, userviewmonogramFinal.png)


>facebooks bans Tommy Robinson for criticizing BBC and threatens all their users

>interviewed genius world-travelling technologist who predicts Universal Basic Income becomes a big deal this decade


>youtube gonna soft-censor all conspiracies

Userview Issue 2: https://userview.wixsite.com/home

Tell me if I should set up a functioning SubscribeStar or if you feel the Internet's better off without this. I'd probably keep making this either way since it's fun tho.

~E p y c [redacted] W y n n

7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Get the fuck on Tribler already, or some other P2P network. Censorship is here whether we like it or not and the ONLY way to defeat long-term it is going to be utilizing decentralized network platforms.


The basic point is that we don’t need more media, more information, more stillborn minds in the surveillance economy. That these parasites keep emerging as if everything is just dandy and the world is to go on business as usual tells me they’re useless imbeciles or desperately trying to distort, derail, and subvert God’s revelation. Time to die, son.



I think your mouth should set up a SubscribeStar with DEEZ NUTS….

I really do……..

I think that you would be a much happier person once you just admitted that video games and anime turned you into a fucking faggot


File: 369553b06c8fee5⋯.png (36.91 KB, 1775x497, 25:7, PicsArt_03-18-11.26.15.png)



>Universal Basic Income

aka the trojan horse known as

… a cashless social credit score

like CHINA has to subjugate their masses…

Yah, great.

File: c7ce5d2b0661b00⋯.jpg (61.08 KB, 740x493, 740:493, UK Dictatorship Blocks Onl….jpg)


The UK government will begin blocking all adult websites in the United Kingdom as part of a strict new law seeking to protect children from pornography.

The new law, which comes into effect next month, will force people over the age of 18 who wish to view adult content to supply the British government proof of ID and spend £5 on a “porn card” at a local retailer.

Voiceofeurope.com reports: That means starting as soon as next month, in order to access porn sites like PornHub and YouPorn – which both attract almost two billion visits each month worldwide – Brits will be required to provide proof of ID prior to accessing any X-rated video clips.

These new regulations were approved as part of the 2017 Digital Economy Act.

These free sites will join a number of other internet porn sites which are already currently using what’s called the AgeID system. The AgeID system requires users to present an official form of identification like a passport or driver’s license in order to verify their age.

When a potential porn viewer first clicks onto the website, AgeID will ask them to register and verify their age via Mobile SMS, a driver’s license, passport, or credit card.

This is another reason internet users should be rushing to backup media they want/desire, downloading censorship-resistant software such as Tor and I2P, along with peer-to-peer and torrent clients. If the future of the internet is to remain free, internet users must take action to decentralize and share files over the darkweb, P2P and torrent networks.

As someone brilliant from 8chan once noted: "I'm not promoting pornography, however I am promoting the freedom to CHOOSE whatever you desire to watch, even if it is looking at smut.

Here's a solution for all you Brits, now listen up:

Go here, download this client ASAP: https://www.tribler.org/

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If you want to avoid some relational "risks" (such as marriage and divorce) but still want to get laid perhaps get a conventional 'drinking partner', those are certain dames who - much like hiring an escort - will sleep with the men who provide a night of booze, personal company and shelter. But warning: use rubber. Not all 'drinking partners' are clean if you know what I mean. You can typically tell after talking to a dame for a while if she's the kind of woman who would be defined as one. Many dames who routinely visit local bars are those kinds of women looking for a good night of drinking and sleazy sex.



>But of course, every jew operation has more than one target, and once the foot is in the door by appealing to "muh children", the intrusion will be pivoted to cover said aforementioned informative sites, politically incorrect sites, anti-vax sites, revisionism sites, christian sites, alternative history sites, alternative news sites etc.

THIS IS THE REAL INTENT! This porn ban is only them getting one foot into the door in order to place bans on OTHER content in the near future as well.



Picture roving bandits holding up university libraries for their special collections. Or dynamiting walls and packing them out in trucks at night. Same with museums.


Block the sex in the city that bullshit brainwashed millions of girls and womans all around the world.


Traditional families was destroyed by this lefties fucking propaganda sex fagets transfuckinggenders neomarxism multiculturalism and many more bullshit.

File: 93e5bdfccfc3687⋯.png (406.13 KB, 800x600, 4:3, New Zealand Shooting Prove….png)


Getting your hands on a firearm in New Zealand is no easy task. Everyone knows this and yet here we are again having the same old knee-jerk discussion about more gun control, following a shooting at two mosques in Christchurch early Friday.

At this writing, the death toll stands at 50, and approximately two dozen people remain hospitalized. Like all acts of terror, ‘tis a sad tale, indeed.

At such times it is a politician’s wont to rush to judgment, to try and 'fix' things and come out of it all looking 'heroic'. Customarily these efforts result in making the situation worse.

But here’s the rub: New Zealand already has quite a strict gun control policy as it is. Owning a firearm in the land of the Kiwi is not a right but rather a privilege bestowed upon those who are willing to run the gauntlet of gun laws. And they are many. Everyone must be licensed and background checked. They must all take a safety class – it is a long and arduous process to legally own a firearm. If you can think up a gun control law, New Zealand likely already has it on the books.

Guess what all these firearm restrictions did to stop Friday’s tragedy? How about nothing. If you look at the facts of the case (and they are difficult to ascertain amid all the vitriol), one could even make the case that New Zealand’s totalitarian gun laws made the situation worse. How so? If you dig into what really happened, you will notice that a heroic bystander wrestled the weapon from the shooter and managed to fire two rounds as the attacker attempted to flee the scene.

Ah yes – the old good guy with a gun scenario that gun control advocates love to ignore time and again.

Last year the worst car crash in 13 years occurred in New Zealand. The next morning the airwaves in South Taranaki were not filled with people calling for a ban on vehicles. Why? Because a vehicle isn’t a weapon unless someone uses it in that manner. Such is the case with a firearm. But don’t tell the politicians that. They will have no reason to grandstand.

There is onePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


I fully agree with your comment on the ineffectiveness of gun control laws. I think it goes further than that though.

If you disarm your citizens, what is to stop government tyranny? Nothing. They have a free pass to enforce any law. What is anyone going to do about it? Cry & protest.


Gun laws in NZ are actually pretty lax.

I have friends who live there, it's not hard to get a gun hence why they have updated the laws so swiftly after this mass shooting.


Not sure where you got your figures from but NZ only has 250,000 gun license holders.

It does, however, have around 1.5m firearms.

So instead of 1 in 4, it's more like 1 in 20 or 5% of the total population.


Our hero fired his lawyer and going to represent himself in court 😂👍



I wouldn't call a shallow man who kills random innocent Muslims "a hero", if he wanted to be my hero he would have targeted corrupt politicians who support this treasonous open border deliberate destabilization policy. These crooked bureaucrats are the real enemies from within, not some random goat fuckers from the Mid East.

File: b0ffffdaf71907e⋯.jpg (67.7 KB, 777x777, 1:1, Tumblr Traffic Tanks After….jpg)


Microblogging website Tumblr has seen a 30% drop in traffic since being removed from the iOS App Store in November - followed by a self-imposed ban on adult content in December.

The Yahoo!-owned social media network came under fire after Download discovered that a large volume of child porn had slipped past the site's filters. The company admitted that "a routine audit discovered content on our platform that had not yet been included in the industry database.

After their efforts to block child porn failed, Tumblr announced in December a complete ban on NSFW material from the platform.

Based on website traffic data compiled by Similar Web, Tumblr page views plummeted from 521 million on December 3, to 369.6 million as of Feb 19 - a drop of around 30% as noted by Pink News.

I’m surprised they didn’t loose more. The ban had an effect far beyond ‘porn’ it really gutted a lot of the site and communities there.

— Peter bond (@PeterBondMusic) March 14, 2019

Tumblr came under pressure last year to remove NSFW content - resulting in a temporary ban in Indonesia.

Looks like people will just have to stick to snapchat 8chan for their NSFW needs…




Reasons people use Tumblr:



>fandom circlejerking

>causing drama

>collecting said drama and salt

>social justice signal boosts

They just removed the porn aspect. Lots of artists and bloggers still use the platform, but it all comes secondary to drama and fanwanking. If you banned those alongside porn the site would die properly.


I really hope all the Big Tech firms start crashing due to their censorship policies.

File: f942e7ae8e935c3⋯.jpg (99.89 KB, 933x445, 933:445, Virginia Teenager Brutally….jpg)



Five people, including two teens, have been arrested in the slaying of a Virginia teen who was stabbed 100 times before his body was dumped in a remote area of Stafford County, Virginia, and set on fire last weekend. This could happen to you next.

Prince George’s County police said the killing was carried out by members of a clique affiliated with the MS-13 gang.

Police said they believe 16-year-old Jacson Pineda-Chicas, of Falls Church, Virginia, was stabbed to death during a group attack inside the home of a suspected MS-13 gang leader in Landover Hills, Maryland.

The suspected gang leader is 29-year-old Jose Ordonez-Zometa, according to police. He was arrested in Prince George’s County.

The four other suspects were arrested in Virginia. They are: Jonathan Castillo-Rivera, 20, of Annandale, Virginia; 18-year-old Kevin Rodriguez-Flores; 16-year-old Christian Martinez-Ramirez, of Falls Church; and 25-year-old Jose Hernandez-Garcia.

All of the suspects have been charged with first-degree murder.

Investigators said the victim, Pineda-Chicas, was also a member of the gang who traveled with other members to their leader’s Landover Hills home on March 8 for a meeting.

“Our victim in this case was part of this gang,” said Maj. Brian Reilly, commander of the Prince George’s County Police Department’s criminal investigation division, during a news conference Friday.




beaners beaning beaners

oh look, its nothing


This is the kind of random senseless violence they want stirred up all over the nation with their total open border policy.

File: dd3c1b5ea998463⋯.jpg (88.65 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, More Protests Erupt In Fra….jpg)



After weeks of more moderate protests, France's Yellow Vests are back in full swing following the end of President Macron's unsuccessful 'great debate' - during which thousands of town halls were conducted over a two-month period in the hopes of solving national issues through citizen debates.

Up to half-a-million people participated in 10,000 meetings across the country to discuss social issues ranging from taxes - which the French pay the most of any OECD country in the world, to democracy and climate change.

"We have been patient but now we want results," Yellow Vest Laurent Casanova told AFP.

And with no meaningful changes after nationwide cathartic venting, the Yellow Vests are back to angry demonstrations as the protests kick off their 18th week with an 'ultimatum' rally - marked by lootings, fires, and mayhem that organizers maintain are due to a radical minority.

Saturday's Yellow Vest protests have escalated in intensity as clashes with the police grew increasingly violent. Take a look:

Ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence? pic.twitter.com/pXmC81yoEQ

— Bellingdog (@Bellingdawg) March 16, 2019



15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



You are right. When it comes down to it, people DO have the power to defeat their government - not at the barrel of a gun, but by refusing to pay their taxes and completely starve the beast off until it goes bankrupt. Maybe another major tax revolt is LONG OVERDUE?



Refusing doesn't work. These people took the job because they intend to steal from working people. The reason people pay their taxes is to bribe against government violence. The government is not much different than bandits and armed robbers.

That's why here in the USA the government and farmers and other owners of large farm animals won't let me have sex with farm animals. The government and farmers don't believe in freedom, unless it's their freedom to take more from us by pretending to provide more.

I just want to have sex with farm animals, and after every they're taking from me they have the nerve to want to steal more. They offer nothing.



Your partially correct about the government being thieves, although you could just say this without having to bring up your disgusting fetishes.



Food is a disgusting fetish. Don't be a shitposter. Having sex with animals isn't a fetish, unlike toilet sniffing at del taco.


real news

File: bda816372b2de97⋯.mp4 (1.2 MB, 512x288, 16:9, NOLm_eggboiblur_2503_512k.mp4)


Queensland senator Fraser Anning is being investigated by police after being egged while speaking at a political meeting at Moorabbin in Melbourne's south-east.

Footage of the incident shows a young man watching Senator Anning from the sidelines before he starts filming with his mobile phone, and then smashes the egg on the back of the senator's head.

In response, Senator Anning swings two punches at the young man, at least one of which connects with the young man's head.

A staffer for Senator Anning then separates the senator from the young man, while supporters of the senator tackle his attacker to the ground.

The young man was later led away by police.

A Victoria Police spokesman said officers arrested a 17-year-old boy from Hampton who was released pending further inquiries.

A fundraising page has already been set up to collect donations to cover the teenager's legal fees and to buy "more eggs".

Victoria Police said the incident is being investigated "in its entirety" including Senator Anning's actions.


15 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Retarded kid.



the senator is a right wing bigot, so he automatically is in the wrong



Kid got slapped. Slapped like a bitch. Too bad he didn't have a father to do it for him growing up, maybe he wouldn't act like a bitch and get slapped like a bitch by a politician.



This kid is a cuck for muslims


It's on everyone's mind.

The inevitable conclusion.

The sign of the times.

The true meaning of the end times.

Everyone was in it together.

We all had the same thought.

Every calculation, every rationale,

Every single datapoint lead to the same thought.

We all sang with a smile, as we loaded our guns.

We took the shovels off the handles and replaced them with knives.

We took our belts off and tied on little razors,

We replaced our sanity with murder, and finally the killing had begun.

And we all went on together for the conclusion of humanity.

The governments all lied, and the religions did too.

The society was a lie, and at this point, everyone knew.

So the one conclusion we were drawn to began to sap our sanity.

It was finally time.

Finally time. Finally time!

Finally time to just start killing everyone! EVERYONE!

I won't be the first. And it won't even be you. There's no one to blame.

We'll see it start to escalate, slowly at first, the military does this as their job, you know, so it's not like it's out of place.

And then more and more and more will come, everyone's in it together now, and we're all going insane!

A concerned mother will look at all the bodies, and go to the police,

She'll ask meekly, "Sir, what will you do with these?"

And the policeman will smile nicely, pulling out his gun,

But his laughter did not stop, as he shot her again and again, simply for fun.

The prime minister of our land, and even the queen as well,

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Following the Friday mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, multiple internet service providers (ISP) in the country have blocked access to websites that distribute gruesome content from the incident.

The attacker live-streamed on his Facebook account his actions that got 49 people killed. A link to the video and a lengthy "manifesto" appeared on 8chan forum, allegedly shared by the shooter. Copies of the 17-minute footage spread to other websites, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

As mainstream platforms struggled to take down the video and segments of it, some websites continue to make the materials available.

Telcos take action

At least three internet companies operating in New Zealand have made this decision voluntarily and enforce it on a temporary basis against sites that still publish the sensitive materials.

Spark NZ, Vodafone NZ, and Vocus NZ agreed to work together to identify and block access at DNS level to such online locations. 8chan and 4chan are currently unavailable to New Zealanders trying to load them through a connection from the three telcos.

The block is not permanent, though. As soon as the horrific content from the Christchurch incident originating from the terrorists is removed, access to the website is reestablished.

"Where material is identified the site is temporarily blocked and the site is notified, requesting they remove the material," Meera Kaushik, External Communications Advisor at Vodafone NZ, told BleepingComputer, adding that "a number of sites blocked and then unblocked in this way".

Simon Moutter, Managing Director of Spark NZ, confirmed that his company took the same stance, in an effort to protect children and vulnerable people from the explicit images from the incidenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

235 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This shit is all over whatsapp and fb anyway

"Le dark web" is a normie meme, the clearnet is where you find cp and snuff now


It doesn't matter. DNS blocks are easy to bypass, and TOR still works.




This is how the censorship of torrent websites is done in the UK, it's easy as piss to get around


we've already had someone arrested for that here



Why do I have to share a board with people who are into snuff films? Vavava vey!

File: c9964b6e43748c4⋯.jpg (68.19 KB, 661x680, 661:680, D0IveBVX4AA4nI_.jpg)


management and workers least two other Sonics in the area did the same

They cut workers pay from min wage to $4.00 USD + tips.

According to The Scioto Post, the workers were angry over their pay being cut from Ohio's minimum wage of $8.55/hour to $4.00/hour plus tips.

Many pointed out fast food workers rarely get tipped.

Two other stores in Ohio, one in Lancaster and one in Grove City who are also under the same new ownership, also quit en masse, according to The Scioto Post.

Those stores also hung signs saying "Goodbye" and "Thank you next" on their windows.


38 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



What happens to the restaurants and places of business after the owners are arrested and jailed? They disappear, along with the jobs and economy that was generated and certain groups in local government will not do a single thing to combat it because they will miss out on the taxes those businesses generate, from construction companies to fast food places like Sonic.

They’ve undercut local businesses so much; they’ll allow unscrupulous businessmen to do whatever the fuck they want and nobody will do shit about it.



Some, YES. Others, NO. Depends really.

Here is a copypasta I once created for this very issue, highly recommended:

You don't have to buy meat filled with hormones and toxic preservatives (like sodium nitrites), you CAN get fresh meats but it WILL cost some money. However buying in wholesale from a legit rancher can actually SAVE you money. You need to find a local farmers market nearby (they have these in most towns and cities too)… find someone who sells certified organic, non-GMO, non-preservative laced meat. It costs more, yes. However some of the ranchers will give you a huge discount if you buy the meat in bulk (wholesale). I buy half a cow (one full freezer box worth) once every two years. Costs me $1,000 on average. But it lasts me two years worth of meat, thats a lot of meals for one grand. Plus its high quality meat, no hormones, no GMOs fed to the animals, no toxic preservatives…. none of that. Its worth it! Find a local farmers market and get to talking to some ranchers!


Good. All of these chain restaurants need to die. Doesnt matter if its low or high. Burn em all out, let new companies form and hopefully we can get a few that are worth a shit. The only one that I have seen that is worth a shit as far as management is taco villa. Every other place is complete trash.


SONIC food is really really bad. Its pretty expensive for what it is, the burgers are served lukewarm, the ice cream is just that cheap ass ice milk that comes from a carton and is dumped into a chiller. The onion rings are soggy and made from minced, not whole onions. Uncaring teens who don't wash your hands make your food. That alone should scare you.




It's hilarious as hell to point this out to an open border advocate. Even the ones who aren't explicitly commies get severely butthurt when you tell them that they're just some businessman's foot soldier in a class war.

File: 6e7ad5a7f0d10d3⋯.png (287.49 KB, 620x372, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)



McDonald’s has been accused of launching a “grotesque marketing strategy” that endangers public health by encouraging customers to eat more fast food in exchange for prizes such as fries, desserts and fizzy drinks.

Tom Watson, the shadow culture, media and sport secretary, has urged the company to ditch its Monopoly at McDonald’s promotion in light of the childhood obesity crisis in the UK, branding the competition “a danger to public health”. His demand comes as the government tries to tackle childhood obesity with a plan to reduce the amount of advertising for foods high in fat, sugar and salt seen by children. Options being examined include a ban on such adverts on television, online streaming sites and social media until after the 9pm watershed.

It follows research suggesting children are spending 14 hours a week watching television and an increasing amount of time online. One in three children are overweight or obese and the number of severely obese children is on the rise. The UK has one of the worst records in western Europe.

Watson has written to McDonald’s UK chief executive Paul Pomroy calling for the forthcoming Monopoly promotion to be cancelled. “The UK has an obesity crisis,” he writes. “Almost two-thirds of adults in England are overweight or obese. A quarter of children in England are overweight or obese by age five, rising to over a third by the end of primary school. Obesity and a sugar-filled diet cause a variety of serious health conditions, including Type 2 diabetes which costs the NHS 10% of its budget every year to treat.

“In this context, it is appalling that your company’s Monopoly marketing ploy encourages people to eat more unhealthy foods by offering sugar-filled desserts as rewards.


Wow, the UK overstepping, again?!



File: 260f3a77d1cfdcb⋯.webm (5.81 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback.webm)


Imagine shock



Maybe they won't be raped by muslim grooming gangs once they're all fat. McDonalds is looking out for the commonwealth, unlike their government and police.


Its gotten to the point where if I so much as even see "UK" anywhere I just ignore whatever they are talking about. Its automatically wrong. These guys are so worthless that if Mexico said the same thing I would listen to them first.

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