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File: 4f7846f9bd68ab2⋯.jpg (32.11 KB, 511x322, 73:46, trans_scout.jpg)


A long-running dispute between scouts has now ended up in a Manhattan court.

The Girl Scouts of the USA has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America after it announced that it would drop "boy" from the name of a program in 2019. The boys' group has already begun to welcome older girls.

The Girl Scouts said in the complaint filed in Manhattan federal court Tuesday that the Boy Scouts do not have the right to use "scouts" or "scouting."

It also alleged that the Girl Scouts brand and activities will be marginalized by the Boy Scouts rebranded program, Scouts BSA.

The Girl Scouts said the change has caused confusion among the public, causing them to think the Girl Scouts did not exist or had merged with the Boy Scouts, Reuters reported.

"Only GSUSA has the right to use the Girl Scouts and Scouts trademarks with leadership development services for girls," according to the complaint.

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages and a permanent injunction against trademark infringement.

It comes months after the Boy Scouts announced in May the name change of its namesake program for teens ages 11-17, called the Boy Scouts, to Scouts BSA.

In 2017, the 108-year-old organization decided to open its highest rank, Eagle Scout, to girls and allowed younger girls to join Cub Scouts. The move was seen as both a reflection of growing progressive attitudes as well as a business decision.



seems like GSUSA are more concerned with protecting their brand and their cookie profits than ensuring that girls who are more interested in typical boy scout type activities are served. if gsusa truly cared about the girls they would welcome the change


The Boy Scouts of America refused to allow any girls, gays, or transgender people join for almost a century - over a century for disallowing girls. So, to fill the gap, the Girl Scouts of the USA formed. Over time, the Boy Scouts decided actually checking if a child has a penis might be crossing an otherwise morally certain line, and allowed transgender people to join. And, then they allowed that they would be kind enough to not kick anyone out they suspected of being interested in checking out someone else's penis, so long as noone actually admitted it. Even today, that still applies to Boy Scout leaders. Despite the Boy Scouts now being willing to accept boys, boys who started out as girls, boys who like boys, and also girls, let's not forget they were permitted to openly discriminate against children because they argued in court that everyone else could join the Girl Scouts. Now they think that means they can co-opt the name "Scouts of America", as if that's going to erase their long history of bigotry that prompted the formation of a different "Scouts of America" than them, which in turn gave them a legal shield for their long history of bigotry.

Oh, and the Girl Scouts beat them to the punch, too. They already allow boys. And the Camp Fire Girls, which was officially founded as female version of the Boy Scouts, accepted boys over 30 years ago.


having girls in the group doesn't stop boys from caring about teaching the younger boys for a very simple reason: they actually care about being scouts.

Boys caring more about the girls in the group than teaching things to their juniors aren't that easy to come across in coed groups, because they're very likely to quit while they're still cub scouts. If they carry on with scouting, they DO care about it, and having girls in the group allows them to have access to a more varied group of their peers. There isn't really a downside to letting girls join the boy scouts.


Boys aren't allowed a thing to themselves but girls can take the whole fucking cake.


File: f912e9fd228e0e6⋯.jpg (27.72 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Boltman4_400x400.jpg)


>The Boy Scouts won't let girls in, how sexist of them!


Reminder that GSUSA is such a lazy and ineffectual organization that girls have been clamoring to join the Boy Scouts for the entire time GSUSA has existed. Reminder that GSUSA hardlined its stance on how it's BY GIRLS ONLY, FOR GIRLS ONLY, GO GIRL POWER when BSA announced the changes. Reminder that they think they should be the sole youth organization for girls, but can't be assed to actually provide high adventure programs or comparative programs that the BSA has, because its leadership is lazy soccer moms who think car camping and basket weaving is all girls should do.

GSUSA is being forced to face the consequences of deliberately refusing to make a program that is competitive with the BSA. Just like feminists, they'd rather drag everyone else to their level rather than improve.



>Reminder that GSUSA hardlined its stance on how it's BY GIRLS ONLY, FOR GIRLS ONLY, GO GIRL POWER when BSA announced the changes.

Then why do they allow trannies?

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