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File: de65abe66442e42⋯.jpg (127.88 KB, 1025x661, 1025:661, bds.jpg)


The bill, appropriately titled the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, establishes criminal and civil penalties of up to $1 million for American persons and companies who engage in actions “which have the effect of furthering or supporting . . . restrictive trade practices or boycotts fostered or imposed by any international governmental organization against Israel.” While it’s unclear how strictly the act would be enforced, it is clearly a gross infringement on free speech — targeting Americans who choose to exercise their First Amendment rights and engage in an organized boycott.

The Senate measure was conceived after the United Nations Human Rights Council voted in 2016 to create a “blacklist” of companies that do business in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Building on a 1979 law designed to counteract the Arab League’s boycott of Israel, the Cardin-Portman legislation would extend the existing prohibition to cover boycotts against Israel called for by international organizations like the United Nations and the European Union.

The legislation, which currently enjoys the support of fifty senators, both Democrats and Republicans, faces uncertain prospects in the new Congress, where Democrats will control the House and new members, like Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), have publicly endorsed the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement (BDS). Senators like Bernie Sanders and, more surprisingly, Dianne Feinstein have also pushed back against the Cardin-Portman bill, and a lawsuit filed by Bahia Amawi — a Palestinian-American who recently lost her job at a Texas elementary school for refusing to sign a “pro-Israel loyalty oath” — has provided additional ammunition.

But whether the bill passes or not, it is part of an ominous trend to curb Palestinian grassroots activism and silence political speech critical of Israel. “Since 2014,” the advocacy group Palestine Legal reports, “at least 102 anti-BDS measures have been introduced in state/local legislatures across the country. As of November 2018, 26 states have enacted anti-BDS laws.” The law that ensnared Amawi mandated that she promise that she wouldn’t boycott or “otherwise tak[e] any action that is intended to inflict economic harm” on Israel.

Boycotting goods is a longstanding American tradition. The American Colonists refused to buy imported British manufacturers to protest excessive taxes. Abolitionists and antislavery activists swore off slave labor–produced products in favor of “free goods.” The New York Manumission Society organized boycotts against New York merchants and newspaper owners involved in the slave trade.

The tradition carried over into the twentieth century. In March 1933, the Jewish War Veterans of America staged a mass rally in New York City, where congressman William W. Cohen told those gathered that “any Jew buying one penny’s worth of merchandise made in Germany is a traitor to his people.” Civil rights activists staged boycotts of segregated buses and streetcars in the South in the middle of the century. Antiwar activists boycotted US defense contractors during the Vietnam War and published detailed lists of military contracts held by GE and other companies. The anti-apartheid movement refused to purchase South African wines and oranges, declined to compete with all-white Olympics teams, and shamed US businesses that profited from the racist system.

The fundamental principle guiding these activists was that boycotting goods to protest injustice was not only a civil right, but also a civic duty.



The plans to get rid of bds go way up. You will need something else.


>US politicians protecting Israeli interests more than their own people's

Americans just can't stop getting cucked.


File: 88402f82d980173⋯.jpg (105.63 KB, 786x442, 393:221, zionist advocating genocid….jpg)


Zionism is Genocide


Completely utterly unconstitutional.


We also have the right to discriminate with prejudice anyone of jewish descent.



kill yourself shlomo.



>The New York Manumission Society organized boycotts against New York merchants and newspaper owners involved in the slave trade.

Wonder who those (((merchants))) were?



How is someone stating discrimination with prejudice against jews a jew?

Please explain your thought process.



Let me reiterate; Kill yourself shlomo.



>How is someone stating discrimination with prejudice against jews a jew?

>Please explain your thought process.

Please no more pilpul.



Pretty sure it's either a leftypol retard or a bot (sorry, I know it's redundant).



I realize this. It's fun to call them out even the bots as people - however slowly - begin to realize more and more who's behind all of this garbage.





This is why the jews win, poster like you respond at all rather than simply filtering/reporting and moving on. People like you that enable the bot/shill posts. Lurk forever and then KYS


Land of the free…



This is what kills me about it. We're allowed to boycot any entity in the world (up to, but not limited to entire US states). But Israel? Nope.

This means we give more protection to Israel than to our own nation or its people.



To anyone with a brain the existence of laws like this should be a huge red pill.



The US government hasn't been an American government for several decades, unfortunately.


promises (to Israel) kept



File: 93193ddb080f803⋯.jpg (33 KB, 430x323, 430:323, jmn.jpg)


When will Jews stop boycotting White?

Time for all to start boycotting Jews.



I boycott them every single day. I already cut my cable TV service and don't listen to their stinkin' corporate news.

Oy vey!



Good, now you need 15 years and few millions $ to get scotus to say that. Good luck.


The ancestors of these self proclaimed “Chosen” People stole the genius and wealth of countless cultures and created all of your currently existing Abrahamic (Brahman) religions based on stolen/hidden astrological knowledge. Mommy and Rabbis brainwashed them since circumcision to believe they possess the same superiority their ancestors claimed. Promoting sacrifice and eternal punishment requires a tremendous lack of creativity and independence of thought. Think for yourself and the future will be bright!!

Self-Proclaimed Creativite Genius





I've not seen any good reasons for BDS really. the cucked Americans that fall for boycotting Israel have laughable non-reasons, like "muh Palestine"


>boycotts Israel for human rights violations

>How dare you be so anti-semetic goy! We will use American courts to destroy you!

So genocide is okay when (((they))) do it.



Here's a good reason.

(((They))) hate that you exist.

You are a parasite to (((them))).

(((They))) 'allow' you to live off their dollar.

(((They))) want nothing more than to destroy everything you are, ever were, and ever could be, all because of some superiority complex.

Sound familiar?


File: 5b95e03095c3812⋯.gif (7.11 MB, 7300x4000, 73:40, #000-mega-jews.gif)

Israel is the only country in the world actively pushing or have pushed laws into foreign lands where "talking bad about, or not doing what it wants you to do" is criminalized.


So let me get this straight,

So these dudes named Akmed Jihad Mokhammad and Iraqa Isis Terrorraham who openly worship a book that tells them to blow up the west show up in America, rather than going to a Karaoke bar or something to blend in they go right to flight school , there are files instantly made on these people, they are followed around , fifty inteligence agencies were like "oh they just want to see some birds!" , Then the Bush Cheney's start literally talking about how they need something to kick Big Brother into action, all these movies and shit literally are like haha the twin towers are going to blow up on 9/11, people announce that there are going to be terror attacks on 9/11 then they are murdered, all these jews take out insurance like the day before 9/11, there are videos today showing 500 different newscasters basically being parrots for the state and two minutes of research lets you know all news is cia controlled , the middle East was doing completely fine because they had all this oil and gold, the cia literally sent Osama bin Laden's there to radicalize people, all these military companies made trillions of dollars after 9/11, the dea and cia made trillions off the opium in Afghanistan, all of ghadafis gold was stolen and a one prosperous country now has literal slaves, Hilary Clinton somebody half the retarded states wanted to be their queen let a us diplomat die because it would justify military action , things were going fine for Syria then the day the west isn't getting its way "civilians get gassed", there were Israelis dancing in new York on 9/11, the fbi has been caught using hundreds of Patsy's to justify funding , there have been zero anthrax attacks since that one that happened right before the patriot act needed extended, the us looted multiple countries and then went into a fucking depression while sending Israeli billions of dollars , during this depression a few monopolies that just so happen to have ties to Israeli inteligence develop a system which completely undermines the us Constitution while obtaining every patent and turning everyone into a retarded fucking zombie npc 198451, trillions go missing after 9/11 and they just so happened to miss that and the panama papers but a thot gets audited, the war on terror includes extrajudicial killings of Americans propaganda censorship poisoning of us citizens disinformation, there have been zero terror attacks in the us since 9/11 so it was like going up to a bear and spiting on it because it just let to these "muslims" having their entire world annihilated, literally there were zero follow up attacks , all these terror groups are literally made by cia /jews dressed up as muslims because they are the same people so they can create Boogeyman, and Russia while in on everything has been calling out the scam wars and now actually making the us and Israel their bitch in the middle East , this country has actual inteligence unlike those of us behind the great nsa/jewgle/two broadband companies firewall and they determined that the us is lying fucks,

But despite all that, I'm supposed to believe that 9/11 wasnt a false flag attack, and if I even suggest that there be an investigation or that the government could lie I will be attacked by bots and npcs and possibly institutionalized. Oh, ok. I guess I'm just gonna trust all the celebrities whose emperor lifestyle relies on the fact that every united states dictatorship action is the correct action, because they would never lie so they could continue to make billions dressing up like fucking retards!

What a pathetic fucking operation. The only thing that can hold together your fake ass faggot world is brainwashing of millions or fuckiny retards. Dumb fuck pigs, Marines, merchants , judges, doctors. All these easily duped fucking retards are the foundation for your world. Yeah good one dude. Kill yourself George Bush.


So is there like a list of products or something?



wall of truth


File: ff13191e13bb401⋯.jpeg (135.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 39C7F46F-14F7-4E38-8FA9-0….jpeg)



File: c4211707ea6bdb5⋯.webm (3.5 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1What Does A Tornado Soun….webm)


not a bad redpill rage post. Russia's just putting out breadcrumbs and bullshit to lead everyone into Duginism. In on everything, playing their part, like you said. Playground of the kikes since Alex died imo



anybody has right to boycott anything


File: 95bc73fac62e0d6⋯.jpeg (15.6 KB, 255x255, 1:1, b435630375621efbdc23f9caf….jpeg)


Very true but missing the most important fact of all. The Jews and the Muslims are both fighting over the U.S. The United States of America is technically a third world because we are being played from one side to another. Both sides are just fighting over who can enslave us. When this hits you like a ton of bricks then it all makes sense.



If you ever wanted a shortcut to understand the last 30+ years of American politics, spend 5 minutes reading this post.



>sign a “pro-Israel loyalty oath”

Teachers have to sign that in the US? But saluting the US flag is controversial.

But it is a ridiculous conspiracy theory to say that juden control the media/politics in the US. Yet 2% of the population that have only been there for the last 100 years at most, is more important than the other 98%.

Note that the US juden population before 1900 was under 10,000 total.

Between 1900 and 1950 it rose to 5,000,000.

That was a change of base of operations. More juden in the US now that in israel. 10+ million, as opposed to 6+ million.



Sixteen million is amazing, especially after six millions were killed, intentionally, during the Holocaust.


>Senators like Bernie Sanders and, more surprisingly, Dianne Feinstein

What's so surprising? They're both Israeli citizens. And why is Feinstein more surprising than Sanders? Sanders pulls a wildcard out of his ass every once in a while, Feinstein is very predictable.


Kilcen needs to be deported to Israel.



>MSM is CIA-controlled

Gonna need sources for that. The documentary Spin confirms for me that while the government does have its fingers in the MSM, it's not completely controlled. Also,

>le ebin NPC meme

Please keep that shit on nu/pol/ or whatever shithole you got it from, thanks.


File: e0df005f97bc151⋯.png (243.17 KB, 600x293, 600:293, jew futurama farnswort.png)


How can they even prove if an individual is Oy-cotting Israel? If your receipt shows you didn't buy anything from there, they stop you at the door and inject truth-serum into your scrotum?


File: 8e00bcdedabcd70⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 480x726, 80:121, 8e0.jpg)


File: 381310854e3ee20⋯.jpg (33.1 KB, 474x354, 79:59, npc.jpg)



>jews are morally inferior

>jews control everything

Fix'd that for you. If you want to attack pol's mental gymnastics, atleast get them right.



This this this this!

People will still disregard that very fact in favour of justifying the law because le chosen people! France was a nation that essentially ensured our fucking existence and they've never received a fraction of this much loyalty and support from the US government.


File: c13e56ff04ce417⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1934x1914, 967:957, ClipboardImage.png)


Only philistines are anti-Semitic.



This is the United States, we have never been barred from boycotting a foreign nation or foreign government. Stop defending something that sets a dangerous precedent only because it's shown in the media to primarily benefits towelheads, while everyone skims over how disgustingly unconstitutional it is. We have no more obligation to ban boycotts against Israel than we do against any other foreign nation or government. If you're unaware of why we should also be against this, continue reading below.


Benjamin Netanyahu, 'America is easily manipulated'

To add to that among many other reasons, Israel's history of selling weapons technology, that we gave them only for their personal defense, to countries like the PRC, (which also clearly makes them a national security threat).

Watch the documentary Defamation. It was made by an Israeli Jew who conducts interviews inside of Israel and around the world to illustrate the environment of hostility and true xenophobia the Israeli government creates and fosters among its own people, and to show how much powerful majority-secular Jewish communities in the US steer national policy to support Israel in its policies, and how Jewish communities outside of both countries view the whole situation negatively and feel it contributes to hatred against Jews elsewhere who just want to be left alone. Pretty much showing Israel is just creating a self-fulfilling prophecy when it comes to the hate they receive, and US Jews are making everything worse with their influence.

If you're not an American, then I hope you do not have the same lack of regard for personal rights in your country.


Always do the opposite of what /n/ - News say.



The only time this might be enforceable is if you were doing business with a foreign government that also boycotts Israel.


To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to boycott


Bernie Sander’s brother was a member of the British Parliament some years ago. United “Kingdom” is common wealth nations and the UK is also a member of the European Union.

I say this is the British Empire, manned by Bolsheviks over years of strategic infiltration and relocation, is resurrecting itself. The royal family and their accountants, the central bankers, are behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz - like reality we find ourselves living.


File: 7f0a9eb8f5c26a4⋯.png (603.35 KB, 667x615, 667:615, 7f0a9eb8f5c26a459a717094e1….png)

>not even the Jews support this kikery



Terry A. Davis, is that you?


Fuck everything that's been said so far. No one is asking why it's okay to boycott North Carolina but not to boycott israel.

North Carolina's "crime" was to prohibit faggots/freaks from using the wrong restroom facility.



It will be back dipshit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Sure you've got the right but you're reason is antisemitic. So hard pass from me.

>inb4 Zionist cuck



>mafia is dishonest

>mafia controls everything

Pwoar how can these be both true?



>The only time this might be enforceable

No. Activist judges can reinterpret any way they want. They just need to be served the appetizer.


Boycotting Israel is awful, unacceptable and should be outlawed. Attempting to implement a boycott of Israel doesn't solve the Jewish question, only incinerating Israel with atomic fire can do that. That's why I support the total nuclear annihilation of Israel and the systematic and institutional murder of all kikes down to those with 0.01% of their tainted blood. A wholly legal opinion, kosher as it can possibly be. :^)


How can they possibly enforce something like this? 1) its not only unconstitutional but 2) they can't micromanage what people purchase [you could boycott Big Tech and that would be boycotting a whole lot of kikes right there, which is what I do and will continue to do!]



LOL, NPC's at it again.



It's just bullshit bro, if the government can hardly manage to bust a heroine dealer who has killed 100's of people then how do you expect them to arrest someone who is actually not breaking any laws (Pertaining to the Constitution, which is the only fucking document that matters in the US law system, everything else is a bunch of hokey-pokey bullshit.)



The problem with Jews is that they don't realize men of Christianity, and any "Huguenots" have been wary for the last 600 years…and before. So, trust me when I say preparation was started way before this for the safeguarding of the future.



>you're reason is anti-semitic

who cares anymore?



YO! MOTHERFUCKER! SO THEN, WHAT ARE "U" DOING ABOUT IT?? (other than shit-posting, that is)



Watch Anime and fap into an old tee shirt.



What a fucking Zionist cuck! Freely trading liberty for some good feels.



Unfortunately for you, your opinion does, in fact, make you a Zionist cuck. Just accept it.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


To paraphrase Machiavelli and others who have come after him, the best way to unite people is against other people. They must be convinced there is always an external threat. if one doesn't exist, it must be created. Antisemitism is the external threat that unites the Zionist and its sympathizers. A certain level must be maintained.

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