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File: 1b29830cc2b3239⋯.png (453.66 KB, 802x435, 802:435, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)


The incoming Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has the power to open a slew of investigations into the White House and President Trump when the new Congress is seated in January, and early indications are that Democrats plan to aggressively take advantage of their new authority.

But the president fired a warning shot early Wednesday morning, declaring he would turn the tables and leverage his party's Senate majority to investigate Democrats if they go that route.



Instead of threatening I wish he would just do it, and remove those corrupt embarrassments to our Nation.








File: 20fa5540f0d5d00⋯.gif (504.27 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20fa5540f0d5d003a2217d9074….gif)


>declaring he would turn the tables and leverage his party's Senate majority to investigate Democrats if they go that route

>Senate majority

What did he mean by this?


File: 20340a001433ed7⋯.jpg (28.09 KB, 680x383, 680:383, ojkyn37vo4x11.jpg)


it would be hilarious if the swamp ends up getting drained this way and all of the corruption in Washington gets aired out from both parties launching investigations of each other to the point they collapse but amerilards are too stupid and no matter how much corruption comes to light i'm confident every idiot will stand by their party and spout whatever propaganda they get fed to justify corruption



He meant that Republicans have senate majority.



He means that he will use the Senate to spy on the Democrats and fish through all their activity to find anywhere they might have stepped even slightly over the line, where what they've done might be technically illegal (and things that everyone does out of convenience) but not actually harmful to the country, like Hillary's e-mails.

Reminder that Trump uses an unsecured phone to post his idiotic Twitter rantings, in case you still think those e-mail leaks were a national security risk, and several other officials have been proven to use private e-mail servers to bandy around "classified" information. As I said, everyone does this. It would be akin to going back in your life and finding any time you've ever jaywalked, and using that to pretend as if you're a dangerous criminal, and to ruin your reputation and career.

The worst part is that it will probably work. There are going to have to be Democrats willing to sacrifice their political careers in order to keep the investigation going, in essence be the scapegoats that Trump destroys in the process.

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