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File: 8ca54f1e00cf6bb⋯.jpg (99.65 KB, 794x398, 397:199, disgusting foods thumbnail.jpg)



If you ever saw anything you liked on the show Fear Factor, chances are the "Disgusting Food Museum" has something in store for you. The museum of oddities is equipped with tasty snacks and foods from around the world that will make you want to vomit or slurp it all up, depending on your tastes. But don't worry, at the Disgusting Foods Museum, there is something for everyone.

The museum has just opened for business in Malmo, Sweden and just so you come prepared, the tickets double as bags for puke if you feel sick. There are dozens of unique dishes on display including dead mouse in Chinese wine, maggots in cheese, grasshoppers, and Vegemite, and many more tasty treats such as this China bull penis.


>malmo, Sweden

nobody will go there

>vegemite is in the museum



way to go pirate party.



I bet the chinks did this


sweden yes



>bull penis

>implying it's not a sex museum


File: 07fa9d68c0a1144⋯.jpg (44.11 KB, 706x521, 706:521, h5fe9zvcmel01.jpg)


>Bull Penis

>ball Juice

Omg that's what my wife fed me last night :D



>slurp it all up

That's what my wife told me :D


Of course it had to be multicultural SWeden.

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