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Kool Kids Klub

File: 0b18c0b63c18e35⋯.png (3.73 MB, 4220x2252, 1055:563, 1 year running.png)

dc6ace  No.23825[Reply]

It's been a year since the current administration took over. You now have the perfect thread to put in your 25 centavos.


Rules a shit, but it's necessary to keep things bearable.

1. Global rules apply. See: http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/faq.html

2. Do not shit on the sandbox. Excessive autism/spamming/flooding is a gassable offense.

3. Spoiler porn.

4. Put effort on your OP.

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9ba7ba  No.28216


Philippines and its denizens, the Philippinos, mon ami

File: ffcb7174e2c06d2⋯.jpg (436.96 KB, 1080x2760, 9:23, Screenshot_2019-03-18-23-4….jpg)

da1cbc  No.28484[Reply]

Any Brewster indios here?

Also, radio thread. Post shows/ads/stations you love, hate or love to hate.

aa19b3  No.28500


Tado is dead, Ramon is a full-time prof (I guess) and what happened to that co-host girl?

I also miss Kontrabando, if you ever watched that OP.

cd516f  No.28504


You mean Angel? I don't know too but she has a Kikebook fan page: Angel Rivero Brewrats

File: 230e7b32c56386e⋯.jpg (89.94 KB, 960x960, 1:1, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….jpg)

4f1f09  No.19605[Reply]




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3edb6f  No.28473


Holy shit where can I read more?

e005f2  No.28482


I'm only telling what has been told so far in other places of the intertubes. There's so much shit to go through. And the fucking fandom is on the verge of a civil war.



She wants to stay but then she also says her fan's money and efforts may just go to waste.

>AKB48 Team MNL is the only way to fix this fast

Nope. I was also hoping for this but then we have >>28464

which means this shit may spread out to the other groups.

>MNL48 will actually make or break the entire 48g

391424  No.28491


>tilapia fish head for a meal

Is this true? Because I know tribal people from the mountains here that eat better than them.

e005f2  No.28497


Ahahaha oh wow, HHE doing damage control. So the next girls that went live tonight got a log in from top leadership. I say the girls should start more IG lives and let management monitor them so that the suits can also get some real time vitriol from the comments.

115fc9  No.28503

survival of the fittest members


if you hear that your vote won't count because management is magic. it may actually be a subversion to get people not to vote, specifically those who are usually negative about MNL but is a fan deep down

this is 4D chess now



File: 40e27e99f62dfb0⋯.jpg (119.21 KB, 640x358, 320:179, pure flips.jpg)

6e3617  No.28487[Reply]

does pure filipinos still exists? who are they?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

3bd752  No.28494


Any indigenous ethnicity like Igorot, Agta, or even the river shitters (Badjao). The rest are pretty much blanda-upped by the Spaniards, Chinese, and/or Americans

ef1c7d  No.28495

Yes, I am a purebred inbred ethnic bobotante Tangalogistani.

1e2da8  No.28496


Is your father a Tagalog? If yes, is he a dead beat dad or left you when you were young?

eab835  No.28501


kek, probably got raped by his Tagalog uncle when young that's why he's bringing his anger here

156ac9  No.28502



Iiiiits showtaymmmm

File: 3ed1a5d1e87a740⋯.png (460.52 KB, 858x966, 143:161, aya drevis.png)

File: 4ba5719669a1214⋯.png (26.96 KB, 700x840, 5:6, 1550977940490.png)

a0aee0  No.28020[Reply]

What does /pinoy/ think of filipino let's players?

Also, Mad Father playthrough is out


9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f69e48  No.28174

File: 86c96b646555a4e⋯.jpg (113.4 KB, 520x638, 260:319, 1423773987713.jpg)


I mostly just do english commentary now since analytics is showing that 18% of my regular viewers are from the west, only 12% is flip. I kinda already knew that if I were to play solely with tagalog commentary. The tagalog let's play market is ripe for the taking in Youtube but you have to have the most retarded sense of humor possible to pull it off.

Anyway, I'll be playing /v/'s own game (a demo only for now) after i finish mad father so stay tuned for that.

94a8ca  No.28249

File: 4c27f03a5dd4be2⋯.png (618.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MADFATHERP4.png)

It's out, boys. R8 H8 Masturb8


e8b176  No.28379

File: e2574200e87560e⋯.png (757.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MADFATHERP5.png)

Got the Monday blues? Tune in to /pinoy/'s very own vidya enthusiast, Kababoyan!

e8b176  No.28380

b3d8ed  No.28499

>let's player



File: 0d4dce11bbdaaca⋯.jpg (50.64 KB, 640x1317, 640:1317, 53733305_2171301969623145_….jpg)

b208de  No.28476[Reply]

♡ state of the art portable egrill ♡

♡ looks, feels, and whines like the real deal

♡ perfect for camping and roasting

♡ family friendly and good with daddies

♡ occasionally bites

♡ will nya, pyon and wswswswsws

♡ reprogrammable

♡ For inquiries, please PM me ♡

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

650a13  No.28485

> ♡ state of the art portable egrill ♡

I am a Twitch thot

> ♡ looks, feels, and whines like the real deal

100% legit Leezy

> ♡ perfect for camping and roasting

Perfect for fucking

> ♡ family friendly and good with daddies

See number 3

> ♡ occasionally bites

She can do a Lorena Bobbit with just her teeth

> ♡ will nya, pyon and wswswswsws

She's a fucking weeaboo. Not the Greenhills kind but the American lardass kind

> ♡ reprogrammable

She's a fucking NPC

> ♡ For inquiries, please PM me ♡

I'll give you the succ, just give me some buccs

There you go, Wei or Klaus. Translated for you

b208de  No.28486


Puuutangiiiinaaaaaa WHAT!!!

I need to sex this perfect slut

eb8b81  No.28488

5dc1a1  No.28493


Some rich indio should ask her for a time stamp pic of >>>/pinoy/.

091c52  No.28498

File: 3268f234de5238c⋯.jpg (93.61 KB, 702x1118, 27:43, 3268f234de5238c5b647fe524a….jpg)




just choose one OP



File: ebcc60f955a59db⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1920x915, 128:61, 1552827701656.png)

3870de  No.28436[Reply]

"Sige kuya lumapit ka pa, sasapakin kita! >_<"

Ano gagawin mo?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

458521  No.28452


Don't worry about that, she only copystrikes her NSFW vids and related screenshots AFAIK. 8chan has bigger shit to worry about compared to some Filipina emigrant who did some regrettable acts on cam.

044da4  No.28474

what did she do??

4c922d  No.28475


me too

this bih makes me rock hard

want to put my cock in her mouth and have her slobber all over it

c22c7e  No.28480


>Sige iputok mo pa ulit sa mukha ko, makakatikim ka na talaga sa akin!!

206dbd  No.28489



>Sige iputok mo pa ulit sa mukha ko, makakatikim ka na talaga sa akin!!

>files for rape


Ouch! masakit pala yung sapak niya eh

File: 9aa0d719d613bba⋯.gif (369.99 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 9aa0d719d613bba7d8d655ade7….gif)

d3ddc7  No.28397[Reply]

>One of the highest crime rates in the world

>One of the lowest HDI and GDP per capita in Asia


>Lowest IQ in all of South East Asia

>Litter and pollution are some of the highest in the world

>Slums are as bad as India

>Degenerates (like lgbt) are widely promoted in media

>Women are known worldwide for being some of the biggest/easiest whores in the world, along with being ugly

>highest ofw for any country

>No real culture

Is there any hope at all for the Philippines?

23 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

7a7df3  No.28454


Is the chinese debt trap still a meme these days?

0431dd  No.28456


>uses an author's book to "illustrate" intrinsic value of life

Well plebbitor, that is not "proof" that there is such thing as "intrinsic value" in life. Heck, it is not even close to the observable reality of "use and abuse" that is the gold standard of civilizations and empires from times long ago up until now and in the future to come.

Moreover, CS Lewis is just manufacturing a "philosophy" of sorts nothing more, nothing less. In the end of the day, observable reality trumps whatever philosophy man has formulated. And if you cannot adapt to "observable reality", your own termination from said "reality" will be the result. Case-in-point; whypipo and the eventual flooding of flipland by the chinese.

>In the meantime, I suggest you examine your position which I’ve boiled down below.

While I do agree to the sentiments of the indio that you are replying to, I am not the indio that you are replying to the things that you greened. However, I will still examine them.

<sees no value in “lazy Filipinos”

Value is created. What kind of value do you think that a lazy person can make? None. Do these "lazy flips" care? If they do, they won't be lazy.

<wants to get rid of American Imperialism

What is wrong about removing americans and their agents that have been embedded within our government and our military? Dude, make no mistake, we are just refuelling ports for the whites, nothing more, nothing less. All of their show about "giving a damn" is just a lie. And I do not like, believe, nor condone lies and neither should you.

<wants to bring in Chinese Imperialism to eliminate said “lazy Filipinos”

And what are you going to do about it? Do these "lazy flips" that you speak of even care?

I do not condone imperialism, but the reality of life is that if there is someone stroPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

0a4674  No.28468


ba't ba kasi ang salty mo sa mga pangkat etniko? tbh hindi naman magkaaway ang mga bisaya at tagalog dito, ikaw nga lang ata nagfoforce dito eh


that's retarded, he's probably a dumb chinito who owns some wholesaling shop.

>>28433(dubs wasted)

whatever helps you sleep tonight ching chong

01a494  No.28470


Fuck off with that language pls

c65504  No.28483


edi wag

File: b6cd6f61c83cbb2⋯.jpg (37.38 KB, 552x828, 2:3, FB_IMG_1552894385650.jpg)

File: b31f94de6360397⋯.jpg (28.82 KB, 552x368, 3:2, FB_IMG_1552894359487.jpg)

64d5d9  No.28398[Reply]

>Mindanao martial law patrol

>That sexy black and red

>Based stormtrooper aesthetic

>Tacticool goggles make it 👌👌👌

>Sana umikot din sila sa U.P

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

1d5735  No.28457

File: 6ed54ad73bb30ab⋯.jpg (56.57 KB, 640x640, 1:1, derp.jpg)


>muh uniforms are fascist

Langya, fascist pala ako nung kinder, prep, elementary, hayskul, at college.

9e8cb8  No.28461

File: f5d5c5f8feed910⋯.jpg (168.35 KB, 754x586, 377:293, 741295d1410850988-ss-men-b….jpg)

we should equip our brocos with stuka sirens

9795ad  No.28465


Wow an actual 84 iq pinoy. I didn't even said uniforms are fascist but the people wearing those uniforms are fascist.

c53968  No.28467



>muh fascism

hi r/Philippines

15937c  No.28472



Holy fucking shit, actually believing facism exists in the Philippines. How the fuck are these men in uniform fascist in any way? LMAO

File: a2fe8ab1fa420b0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 313.26 KB, 624x710, 312:355, 11-things.png)

4e4503  No.28276[Reply]

is it justifiable?

21 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

93c11e  No.28389


Dapat natin silang bigyan ng noble mahralikan seeds my boi.

93c11e  No.28391

One of the significant reasons why western and japanese population decline is that people are being too obessed to their careers that both mother and father do not have time anymore for family responsibilities.

f0bb66  No.28392

File: 1bf19049d3fd814⋯.jpeg (416.6 KB, 1440x1986, 240:331, bq-5c86bc38b1530.jpeg)


I'm not 095c38, but…

the (((SPLC))) keeps track of their progress by noting how the white population in America decreases over the years.

f0bb66  No.28393


Source video: Alt-right: Age of Rage 23:05 to 23:08

9824b9  No.28458

File: d5fd4423d6d3e92⋯.jpg (39.88 KB, 680x634, 340:317, justfox.jpg)


>A flip

>landing a white mormon woman

And this was allowed? Are the whites really this desperate or mebbe her "egg cell time" is running out?

I ain't trying to suck up to white people but dude, what a waste. I just wish that the indio who got married to this mormon won't get divorce raped and get his life sucked out of him ala Brendan Fraser. And the fact that he needs to know if the broad rode the cock carousel. Because you know, religion and beliefs do not prevent women from riding the cock carousel. The mere fact that females have this "duality" mentality makes them all the more guiltless when doing something wrong.

Anyway, why don't they try moving to russia? A russo-american orthodox-mormon combination won't be bad, right?

File: 35c228e2cff1c18⋯.jpg (103.14 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 35c228e2cff1c1852ecaa98bb6….jpg)

449e04  No.28303[Reply]

Redpill me on the Philippines. How are the hookers? Is it really as depressing as the BBC/Washington Post/whatever tells me? Every flip I've met has been chill as fuck. My best (and really only) friend is flip diaspora.

14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

ab9607  No.28427


Google mo lang Manila Escorts and try to find out reviews on those sites.

8f3170  No.28438



Go to a car show and offer huge sum of money.

25e78d  No.28443


>I'm in flipland and I'm still an incel

its because you are an incel and you'll never get laid, if you are chad enough im no chad though then you could smash a lot without paying. just go to some local universities and offer a lady some palamig

8f3170  No.28447


Imagine being a 30 yo virgin and you're doing this to a girl 10 years younger. Don't be such a creep.

ca6a1f  No.28448


>being an incel

Topest lel

File: 776ab0cd32b139e⋯.png (142.27 KB, 702x1159, 702:1159, Capture _2019-03-19-08-35-….png)

530447  No.28400[Reply]

Jesus fucking christ.

a8a2f2  No.28402

Internet usage should've been regulated years ago.

9b4a65  No.28405


ano bang binrowse mo?

5fc6d6  No.28406

Just change your DNS newfag

bdb437  No.28434


just use tor or vpn OP

File: a7d34b414dbe790⋯.png (198.33 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-16-06-4….png)

File: a9814ab672d67d6⋯.png (375.81 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-16-06-4….png)

File: 13116ba4988718f⋯.png (188.66 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-16-06-4….png)

File: 830c1d0f69f4b7c⋯.png (351.73 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-16-06-4….png)

a54bd4  No.28266[Reply]

>Angara makes a joke

>Children immediately jumps in to get offended

The urge to virtue signal is so strong among these liberal leaning retards.

22 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

c941cb  No.28413


I called Citibank and they said somebody registered my number for credit card application. I know what's bogus and what's not.

649152  No.28414


Meron din akong experience na Citi Personal Loan application naman. Tangina may nagbigay din ata ng number ko or nag imbento para di na kulitin ng ahente.

5e03ec  No.28418


ano magagawa ng number mo kung nakapangalan naman sa iba? hayaan mo mga gago, kung sinabing nakapangalan sayo pwes bogus lang yun at gusto ka lang gaguhin

c941cb  No.28420


I asked them days ago, marami nga daw silang nakukuhang reklamo tungkol diyan.

c941cb  No.28421


Mangungulit ang bangko sa utang siyempre, at isipin mo naman higit 5 taon ko na ginagamit etong number ko, lahat ng impormasyon ko halos kadugtong na sa number kong ito, nakakabahala talaga kasi kung hindi mo inayos yan agad-agad, baka masira pa ang pangalan mo dahil lang sa utang na hindi naman pala nanggaling sa iyo.

File: 7b64b9a2e560e24⋯.png (950.31 KB, 1429x833, 1429:833, 1547422316200.png)

345407  No.28378[Reply]

guys ano po bang gamot sa kabag

ansakit sakit na ng tyan ko, di ako makalabas para bumili ng gamot

help please

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

91829c  No.28386

kabag ba talaga? baka appendicitis na? kung kabag mainit na tubig inom ka, tas dapa ka hanggang mautot at dighay ka

10622d  No.28387


This, ganyan ako dati kala ko kabag pero ulcer na pala.

Nasusuka ka ba? Parang di makahinga? Pag ganon pakonsulta ka na dahil may tsansa na ulcer na.

e57d65  No.28390


OP, gumawa ka ng thread at nagpost kami.. Sumagot ka naman.

8b55f5  No.28394

ipaturok mo pwet mo sa bayot. yan epektib pramis

05347b  No.28401




nakatulog na ako kagabi, pasensya. itinulog ko nalang. hindi umaabot ung sakit hanggang likod. parang tinutusok ng karayom ung tiyan ko. nawawala ung sakit kapag nakahiga ako, pero once na tumayo ako at maglakad lakad, sasakit na.

puro tubig lang ako kahapon, tsaka onti sigurong tinapay kase pakiramdam ko busog ako.



otc ba to? try ko bumili maya. try ko rin ung mainit na tubig

maraming salamat mga indio. kapag ayaw parin mawala after ng limang araw. magpapadoctor nako. nung linggo pa 'to eh.

File: c7296a745349361⋯.jpg (79.08 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, duranschooluniform8.jpg)

50043e  No.27107[Reply]

Tang ina ang sarap talaga kantutin nila ml48 kambal.

Ubos talaga tamod ko sa kanila pag nagkataon. Kakantut-kantuntin ko sila maghapon. Fuck.

Uulit-ulitan ko putukan yung fresh na fresh na kepyas nila at nakakagigil na cute na mukha.

Kayo mga Beshie?

76 posts and 94 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6f2861  No.28201

841889  No.28209

File: 2003c38366b8841⋯.png (1.18 MB, 797x1200, 797:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


The writefag anon gets it.

841889  No.28366

File: 4febce610a04639⋯.jpg (110.51 KB, 635x891, 635:891, shaina_if_you_only_knew.jpg)

Based kambal poster, do you get off from the suffering of the girls, or would you save them and comfort them with your dick? They are starving and you offer them your…

Writefag, how about something with the above scenario?

a45867  No.28381


would impregnate them

b7a3b9  No.28385

File: 877882919f56250⋯.jpg (25.73 KB, 187x569, 187:569, alice.mnl48official_1___Bu….jpg)

File: b5299670cff965f⋯.jpg (46.96 KB, 960x960, 1:1, shaina.mnl48official_5___B….jpg)

File: d290a215ad525cc⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 960x960, 1:1, shaina.mnl48official_6___B….jpg)

File: 15a0cc31ef33487⋯.jpg (62.68 KB, 934x935, 934:935, shaina.mnl48official_7___B….jpg)

File: 7cc71dd9fb72310⋯.jpg (92.95 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, wduran48_1___BtTIraBhGfL__….jpg)



Tang ina, sarap lamasin at sipsipin utong nina kambal

Sarap ng suso, ang liit na mga babae pero swabe hulma ng dibdib, pucha bilog.

Tigas na naman ano. Ma jakol nga mamaya.

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