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File: aa4cb849f075f97⋯.png (1005.04 KB, 1107x736, 1107:736, NetflixIRbullshit.png)

90ccf7  No.12642118

Netflix is a well know marxist propaganda tube but this time they' re crossing the very red line…

>Their new original series - 'Sex Education' is an embodiment of everything white culture was against - in this series directed towards our youth they promote degeneracy in its worst - homosexuality, miscegenation, white guilt, lack of authority, drugs and anti-gun narration.

You can see a glance of this disgusting anti white propaganda on Netflix YouTube channel. Viewer discretion is advised.


I count on you guys to help me with redpilling in the comments section as well as turning the like to dislike ratio in our favor.

334c08  No.12642124


aryan with nigger monkey… again

=gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikes gas all kikesgas all kikes==

de1337  No.12642129


What a (((coincidence))).

c0813c  No.12642137

File: 218cb2c49e61ff8⋯.jpg (165.38 KB, 650x900, 13:18, WhitGuysFightingFor.jpg)


Threadly reminder…if you pay for Netflix, YOU are complicit with this degeneracy, YOU are promoting it.

Time to put your money where your mouth is, anons. Stop wasting your shekels supporting the disgusting perverts at Netflix, and use those shekels AGAINST these degenerate vermin.

6974cf  No.12642142


I pirate all media if I actually bother to consume any of it. Which I usually don't.

e1499f  No.12642149

I've never seen a service being this aggressively marketed

5e68a9  No.12642151

File: 077d67349daa6f3⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 300x169, 300:169, download.gif)


Absolutely degenerate.

90ccf7  No.12642172

File: abb100af1c634bf⋯.png (758.3 KB, 1105x618, 1105:618, 1.png)

File: 9176893316b95f1⋯.png (741 KB, 1107x620, 1107:620, 2.png)

File: aa4cb849f075f97⋯.png (1005.04 KB, 1107x736, 1107:736, NetflixIRbullshit.png)


It is worth mentioning that they go with this disgusting crap where silly, inferior conservative white guy falls in love with popular, cool white, liberal girl who humiliates and plays with him and then goes out with black, superior guy.

They clearly want white boys to believe that they have NO chance to find themselves white girls as they are inferior to blacks in every way imaginable. Creators of this crap have alternative for them - homosexuality. Deviancy is portrayed as so cool and progressive and popular that it emerges as an obvious choice for those poor white boys…

28db5d  No.12642184


Yep, seems they don't even try the "whie guy go for the asain chick" route, not white guys are not supposed to have kids at all, straigh the fagatory it is.

90ccf7  No.12642192


I can assure you that Netflix cares much, much more about propaganda aspect of their shows than marketing. If they didn't they wouldn't include massive liberal propaganda in all of their series because they know it isn't increasing their customer base. They don't care. Main purpose of Netflix is spreading propaganda and brainwashing societies with marxist crap. Earning money is a secondary purpose of this company. That being advertising this series on /pol/ would make no sense from their viewpoint. They know we are immune to their lies.

b7cbfb  No.12642201


the way it looks like, I think they may be going for the more realistic angle of "slut woman fucks EVERYTHING"

2becee  No.12642210

Every show my sister watches on netflix is filled with similar crap. It is highly annoying and disgusting. Jewflix sucks anyways, once in a blue moon they produce something decent. I liked it when they had lots of classic films, now they remove everything good and replace it with the jewiest jew film ofmthe month produced by their own studio.

334c08  No.12642212


no its definitely white guys are cucks, have sex with alpha chimps. total demoralisation. look at the comments, masses of soybos preparing to jerk their two-inchers over the sex scenes i kid you not. grew up with porn which warped their mind and they never had an aryan woman. you're looking at a generation of literal cucks.

2a08aa  No.12642213


334c08  No.12642214


british series, -56 IQ niglet

90ccf7  No.12642219


It's not like that. She bashes and humiliates the white guy. He is to her like a toy to play with and hurt. White guy is portrayed like an inferior, soy boy infatuated with her. They portray the girl as a strong independent feminist woman that despises white soy boys.. Then there is the black guy. He is superior, macho that she instantly falls in love with.

2a08aa  No.12642221




334c08  No.12642224



a145bc  No.12642230

We should make our own streaming plataform with unpozzed media to compete with hole, amazon and the rest of that shit

d042be  No.12642249


this negro gets it.

eea062  No.12642254

File: 658f8b67efae8f3⋯.jpg (78.72 KB, 494x700, 247:350, DQmkH4GVwAETXZD.jpg)

File: c38f81f1e280005⋯.jpg (240.58 KB, 700x1178, 350:589, anime-drawings-girl-full-b….jpg)

File: 9e7d811abd42b1e⋯.jpg (66.43 KB, 632x818, 316:409, 37dcc6d92380a9f2a5827db44b….jpg)

File: 7d93539e1af0323⋯.jpg (34.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 201405271459288a3.jpg)

File: 32f2cbb064417d4⋯.jpg (45.42 KB, 500x474, 250:237, large.jpg)

They're trying to subvert anime too (neo yokio, devilman crybaby, castlevania) because they know that it promotes aryan and honorary aryan aesthetics and culture.

334c08  No.12642259


>Nothing wrong with white female black male marriage.


61afc4  No.12642263





bfa96e  No.12642269


>we should make our own, kike-free media!

Think you're the first to have that idea? You underestimate how serious the Jews are about control of information. Try this: as a gentile, build your own streaming platform. Then watch as there's no financing from the Jew bank, you can't run anything with a copyright because of licensing issues, you can't get OC because none of the Jew studios will work with you, and the public domain shit you show from the '20s is shut down for being racist after Jew media calls it white supremacist. If you persist, your bandwidth will be throttled for (((mysterious reasons))), and you'll be banned in 20 European countries plus Canada. If you somehow, miraculously succeed despite this, a Jewish man in a suit will visit you with an offer to buy your company for more than it's worth, and then your dream will be property of Disney or Google.

Kikes have spent most of a century nailing down control over the means of communication. They're doing it right now to the internet. In 10 years, everything online will be, basically, like cable TV.

Take some more time and get redpilled on how one greedy hand rubs another across industries and national borders.

61fac2  No.12642286


What's wrong? Threatened by wrongthink?

38ce22  No.12642292


>Netflix Battles Film Director Over Underage Frontal Nudity

>Lukas Dhont's feature directorial debut, 'Girl' — about a transgender girl training to become a ballerina — wowed Cannes when it premiered in May, but has been the subject of controversy after he said the streamer would edit out a nude scene featuring its star, then 15.


>Since then, it seems Dhont has come to a rapprochement, according to a statement from the director via Netflix to THR: "Regarding reports made this week in the Belgian media, we as filmmakers had some internal conversations with Netflix in which we discussed how some of the material in Girl could possibly be received outside of Europe. We were given the option to be able to edit the film, and it always was a dialogue in which the filmmakers had the strongest say. The version of Girl that will be shown on Netflix will be the same version that premiered in Cannes, and in theaters in Belgium and other parts of the world."


>Netflix’s 'Girl' is Dangerous and Doesn’t Deserve an Oscar

>But the most offensive and violent part of the picture comes near its end. (Trigger Warning) After setting the stage about how impatient Lara is for her body to change, she takes it upon herself to hurry her transition via self mutilation. She calls an ambulance, attempts to numb her penis with ice, takes a pair of scissors, and cuts her penis off.

(I posted this accidentally in another thread just now, so I'm typing some shit here in case it get spam filtered)

ae6e43  No.12642318


Clearly a modern event reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party is in order. And a revolution.

1927c1  No.12642321


Spoiler bestiality in the future, anon. That is disgusting.

7df417  No.12642341


Castlevania was animated in an Austin animation studio, but yes, they're entirely subversive.

7df417  No.12642348




Just create your own media

00b439  No.12642370

File: 0837dd48cb5964a⋯.jpeg (195.98 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, B03F7E1F-43BB-4FCA-8F47-9….jpeg)


The reason this narrative has to be shilled so hard is because of how innately unnatural it is.

Unless someone has been conditioned otherwise they will not want to date outside their race. At least when that person is White and atop the socio-economic hierarchy.

A big part of the problem is that White men for the most part have become total fucking pussies. Be assertive, go for what you want, and put women in their place. They like it.

Shame women for being whites also. They will only act how society allows them to. We are society.

38ce22  No.12642388


Devilman Crybaby is completely a Japanese production based on a 1970s manga, but as usual Netflix managed to bullshit everyone into thinking they made it. Castlevania is a non-Japanese production, but people have been tricked into thinking it's anime. The Japanese studios that supposedly worked on Neo Yokio did fuck all and it seems like they were just paid money to put their names on it.

Netflix is still a potential vector for subversion of the anime industry, but I don't know how they would do it.

932eea  No.12642411


Your always welcome to go back to go suck nigger dick on reddit you faggot.

e1499f  No.12642412


That's what I thought as well. Netflix ads are everywhere and they are mostly targeting the young demographic. Or maybe they are simply targeting the people who are already infected by the disease to make money?

If you look up one of founders, Reed Hastings, you will find some interesting connections.

000000  No.12642417

Imagine being a libshit parent or even a conservatard, and thinking this is okay for your children to watch. Modern Americans are the laziest idiots on planet earth so I'd bet that more than 90% of the useless cunts don't even monitor what their daughters watch in the least.

At some point we're going to have to admit that yes, the kikes are demented, evil, and unredeemable, but so are the vast majority of modern White parents out there. Why are fathers able to raise mudsharking whores without being shamed into an early grave? Why are these fucking faggots still here wasting our oxygen after they have proven themselves to be the most insidious traitors in world history???

3256f7  No.12642421


You dumb niggers were brought to America by kikes to pick cotton. Do you know that Tyrone? And Whites were in America before the asian mongoloids. Bet you didn't know that. Now you can fuck of back to Africa with this knowlege, gnomesayn

3256f7  No.12642425

Jewsd must die.

000000  No.12642431

Stop living in denial, people. Nothing but ALL OUT WAR to the very end will solve this.

Hundreds of millions of our own people have been indoctrinated to serve as our mortal enemies. These are our own wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters.

All out war, 90% of humanity slaughtered, the remainder too focused on survival to be degenerate. That's the only thing that would save us.

000000  No.12642435


Yeah, that's terrific advice…THIRTY FUCKING YEARS AGO.

It's way waaaay too late for soft half-measures and slow gradual plans. Nothing will stop this except the one thing we all know deep down.

8818bd  No.12642440


zyklon B and lots of rope

54ee69  No.12642444

File: 0626cb834e1483e⋯.png (19.45 KB, 374x321, 374:321, ratio.png)


Let's see if we can make an impact.

bc02ec  No.12642445


So what are you going to do about it Muricans ? You have guns, murder them all!

4603f4  No.12642449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

See the comments video related.

000000  No.12642461


I should ask my family members to quit Netflix, they're barely making use of it anyway.

41841d  No.12642470


>Fucking gross, anyone who pays for kikeflix is beyond a retarded goy.

ad9b6d  No.12642480


We are europeans not EUropeans filthy kike

85efb4  No.12642505

Is there anyway way to make a YouTube account somewhat anonymously?

I deleted mine because I started getting into some dicey convos on a Red Elephants video and hate how your account is linked to your Cell phone number.

3c451c  No.12642514

File: 20c3b646869019a⋯.png (157.4 KB, 281x433, 281:433, 1455870018668.png)


Spoiler that shit, faggot. I don't want to have to see this niggardly picture floating around the catalog all day.

2fabf0  No.12642527


<haven't owned a TelAvivision for nearly a decade

46d83a  No.12642546


>implying they ever stopped

47a216  No.12642764

File: abd18e6afaf475e⋯.jpg (31.86 KB, 300x307, 300:307, 021145156.jpg)

It won't stop until you make it stop.

bc02ec  No.12642788

If you kill the Jews, the Jews win.

If you kill the Coons, the Coons win.

Go take your valium and die quietly Muricans.

Where the fuck is the Dixie spirit ?!

1e0bf3  No.12642822


>Implying most of genz even watch Netflix or will sit down to watch this crap

They are all on Instagram and Snapchat, and even if they do watch Netflix they wont have any interest in watching this show unless they are among the insufferable faggot minority to begin with.

This show will crash and burn and we get to sit back and watch the veiw.

172ebe  No.12642833




Off yourself. You're almost as bad as the shills spamming the thread claiming what kikeflix is doing is good. Anime is enjoyable, but sucking it off this hard and making fraudulent justifications just because you like it and have some cognitive dissonance over being strongly pro-european yet loving a non-european culture over your own.



Literally who cares. The tranny shit is an actual problem, not the actor being under some magic number puritan faggots kvetch about yet over puberty age.


Did they dub it or sub it? Then they "made" it just the same as Funimation "made" DragonBall Z for the west the way just about anyone who's seen it knows it as.

38ce22  No.12642848


>Literally who cares. The tranny shit is an actual problem, not the actor being under some magic number puritan faggots kvetch about yet over puberty age.

Maybe this would be the case if it wasn't so hypocritical. Being below age 18 has been turned into a massive taboo, yet they can just casually show off naked 15 year olds in their propaganda movies and it's no problem.

>Did they dub it or sub it? Then they "made" it just the same as Funimation "made" DragonBall Z for the west the way just about anyone who's seen it knows it as.

Not sure what you're getting at.

172ebe  No.12642867


>Maybe this would be the case if it wasn't so hypocritical. Being below age 18 has been turned into a massive taboo, yet they can just casually show off naked 15 year olds in their propaganda movies and it's no problem.

True, but there are way too many people on our side who agree with muh magic 18 or think it should be raised even higher because they're huffing the other half of that particular debate.

>Not sure what you're getting at.

It's semantics. They can say they "made" Devilman because they made it available in English whether through subtitles or dubbing and that's enough for them to take credit if they word it right.

38ce22  No.12642876


They just call everything a "Netflix original," and that's enough to fool people. But my point is that Devilman was merely streamed on Netflix, and they didn't create it. It was all made in Japan,

6cee5d  No.12642884

File: e3d861375d14d4f⋯.png (146.55 KB, 747x425, 747:425, thebest.png)

Its funny how this might trigger some past thots.

Everyone I know remembers the sluts from high school/college.

Most of them left to go try and start new lives, but I hope they see this "movie" and it triggers all the regrets they had being total degenerates.

933afb  No.12642903


>t. Thinks jewpube ratings are organic

Or you're just shilling for clicks


>Absolutely glowing

950f74  No.12642911



Netflix loses money by the droves; they don't care at all. They exists solely because they're artifically being kept alive to spread their mind-disease, not because of meritocracy. Strange coincidence, huh?

efbf7b  No.12642942


>dat file name

big sister GTFO

d405b6  No.12642954



I’d tell you what it actually means, but watching you schizophrenic morons throwing autistic shitfits every time you see it is much more entertaining.

61afc4  No.12642956

a8416b  No.12642960


ur an n word >:(

dc466e  No.12642961


implyign they ever stopped

e6ba86  No.12642969


>Netflix is subverting white children AGAIN

When did they ever stop?

efbf7b  No.12642971


>meaningless filename found commonly on Iphones

>Hurr u are being utistick

wanna know how I know you are big sister

dc466e  No.12642982


you're a dumb nigger i tell you hwat

5375d1  No.12642983

File: 39a3bf7bc5dc22b⋯.jpg (44 KB, 580x378, 290:189, smuh noseless anime gril.jpg)


I want netflix to become as extreme and disgusting as possible, you can already see comments from normalfags saying how much they hate this shit. Keep going netflix, it'll be some angry and disgusted BoomerWaffen with nothing to do with /pol/ who ends up putting lead through your skulls in the end.

dc466e  No.12642984

# GUID Generator

[int]$count = Read-Host "Number of GUIDs to generate"
[char]$upper = Read-Host "Upper case? (y/n)"

if($upper -eq 'y') {
do {
$n += 1
} while ($n -lt $count)
} elseif ($upper -eq 'n') {
do {
$n += 1
} while ($n -lt $count)
} else {
Write-Host "Invalid input. Exiting"


677a82  No.12642988


>Unless someone has been conditioned otherwise they will not want to date outside their race.

I have a friend who's 25, he was born in the US but he's of slav origin like me (i was actually born there). He grew up in NYC and I in suburbs of jersey. He's only ever dated asian chicks and is in a long term relationship with a Korean girl. We recently went on a trip to Tokyo together and kept saying how "jap girls have more interesting facial features than white girls" type of shit. I'm 27 and have been single for almost five years, and he keeps shilling me to date women my age or even over 30 because "they're more settled down and are more serious". I constantly say i refuse to date in my age range and only want a slav girl who's 20-24 tops. His gf (27) gets butthurt whenever I hint that women my age are past their prime

efbf7b  No.12642998

020db9  No.12643005

>anti-gun narration

Have you been here since 2016? /pol/ is a gun control pundit now, thanks to based Drumpf. If you want whites to revolt, you have to do it by disarming them and giving all their weapons to DACA recipients. Nice try kike shill, but you will never fool us away from the whitest president to ever live. Make America racist again!

eea062  No.12643015

File: 3fecfe29c85806d⋯.jpg (170.49 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Nia Teppelin Anime Cheks G….jpg)


A lot of animes are set in ancient or medieval europe or a fantasy version of them and are

inspired by european cultures, aesthetics and values. I'm not sucking it off; I'm merely

stating that it appeared to me that they've been trying to subvert anime. Netflix is probably

aware of anime's association with (or popularity with) white nationalists and the chans/pol

and it's a non-kosher controlled media. I don't love Japanese culture over my own, Mr. armchair psychologist.

6d1021  No.12643022


Canceled that shit a long time ago and tell everyone I know to do the same.

6d1021  No.12643024


Europe is gone, nothing to go back to.

579e24  No.12643025

Lol this is just pathetic

Fuck Netflix

000000  No.12643026

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>Unless someone has been conditioned otherwise they will not want to date outside their race.

>I have a friend who's 25, he was born in the US but he's of slav origin like me (i was actually born there). He grew up in NYC and I in suburbs of jersey. He's only ever dated asian chicks and is in a long term relationship with a Korean girl. We recently went on a trip to Tokyo together and kept saying how "jap girls have more interesting facial features than white girls" type of shit.

Reminder that all racemixers hang together with the kikes on the day of the rope.

>I'm 27 and have been single for almost five years, and he keeps shilling me to date women my age or even over 30 because "they're more settled down and are more serious". I constantly say i refuse to date in my age range and only want a slav girl who's 20-24 tops. His gf (27) gets butthurt whenever I hint that women my age are past their prime

Are you on NoFap? I started it 2 months ago, I still do it once in two/three weeks and it's fucking hard to not do it after an intense gym session. However, it's worth holding out, girls (including younger ones, I'm 29) are all flirty around me, I'm not sure how that works, but it does.

6d1021  No.12643027



Ownership of the banks is the problem, as long as they can print unlimited money, they can buy anyone / anything.

000000  No.12643028

6d1021  No.12643031


>90% of humanity slaughtered

Thats an interesting number rabbi.

eea062  No.12643037

File: df83da712a113fd⋯.jpg (13.45 KB, 288x288, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

File: 21970a58c4ee6c7⋯.png (258.41 KB, 892x768, 223:192, the black pill.png)


Black pill shill

6d1021  No.12643040


>gay nigger

>degenerate youth

>excessive drinking

>Freudian psychology

Its like someone turned the Talmud into a screen play.

cfb64a  No.12643058

Fucking bestiality again.

acbcdf  No.12643101


>implying they don't

Otherwise in guns filled merica all netflix jewish producers and directors would be dead long ago.

677a82  No.12643168


>Are you on NoFap?

I try. I honestly think its stopping porn that's the main benefit. Idk i do try to lift and have been getting healthier but I get worried sometimes about finding anyone, which is funny because I'm not sure if I even want an American girl. Currently I'm hoping to get financially secure then go to Ukraine to wife hunt. I speak the vodkarunes and have family there so I'd fare better than the mail-order bride types

efbf7b  No.12643183


What you fell for the ukranian wives for sale meme or are actually going to pick up girls in there, just a bit of an advice, slavic girls mostly have not fallen for the meme of equality, they want a husband that treats the with respect sure but they are also feminine and appreciate the gestures of courtesy men are now villified for, so in this case being traditional will help a shiton there

Good luck annon

000000  No.12643185


93.34% would be even more interesting

38ce22  No.12643189


Accurate and positive portrayals of Europe's past–without or without fantasy elements–seem to be more and more something you'll have to look for in anime. Even Youjo Senki, the absurd story of a man reincarnated into Not-Europe and becoming a military officer as a magic-using little girl is a more authentic portrayal of WW1 than Battlefield V is of WW2. That's how bad things are now. There's no white guilt in Japan (obviously) and they don't much care for "diversity" anyway, so they try to portray things as they were, and not how left wing political commissars want them to be.


981783  No.12643224


>this time they' re crossing the very red line…

It's not a red line if they're not punished for their treason.

677a82  No.12643225

File: ad5f1e9543adf16⋯.jpg (24.04 KB, 450x550, 9:11, mp,550x550,gloss,ffffff,t.….jpg)


No I actually intend to try to pick em up and date. I think I'm good looking enough for it, i just don't have the time to do it due to finances. It's why i joked about the mail order brides thing, because you're right it's silly to think you can just buy a wife

>slavic girls mostly have not fallen for the meme of equality

Dude this is literally why I think this is the best option for me to persue. Western women are stuck up and not good for raising a family I'm sure some are but it's risk analysis

000000  No.12643241


>Implying NatSoc Germany used Zyklon B for killing people (instead of delousing)

55a7e8  No.12643247




Burn it all with fire©

c114fd  No.12643254


And they never will be until Whites O.R.G.A.N.I.Z.E. Where is our National Socialist Party? Literally where do disgruntled Whites fucking go to start working towards real fucking change? If Trump just started a coup and killed off the political class and asked for the support of American Whites, I'd be there in a heart beat. I am ready NOW, but the organization doesn't exist, at least publicly.

dbb9ef  No.12643263


Your friend is self hating and anti white. He will inevitably one day betray you. Ditch him.

873501  No.12643272


55a7e8  No.12643301


any organisation is killed off as soon as they hear about it.

they've made criticism illegal.

the only real way to do something about it is to break the law. constantly.

see the gilete jaune in France now.

don't wait for organisation, start something physical and immediate.

dbb9ef  No.12643337


Pretty much. Want to know what happened to National Action? Put in prison and killed by Muslims. Killed by the state effectively.

9e6803  No.12643360

File: dbb775d51292b50⋯.png (138.65 KB, 327x284, 327:284, 1519642717158.png)


We are in the Weimar

845437  No.12643476

File: 2bfa4750b302041⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, 151111-nuzzi-larouche-teas….jpg)



Of course its british. Freaking imperialists.

286319  No.12643525


You're sending direct funding to Soros

b165d3  No.12643535

white v black is a fucking red herring (kek) … its the fucking elites … burn them all

45b472  No.12643655


And while this may not seem entirely fair, it turns out it can actually be a solid predictor of several things to do with sex — including a woman's likelihood to achieve orgasm and how likely a man is to get her pregnant (and yes, size really does matter there). So maybe this whole idea of being a "size queen" might actually have some truth to it!

ab4df2  No.12643753


You're not wrong, but also consider that if you pay taxes you're complicit.

ab4df2  No.12643758


This is true too. When it comes to dating, marriage and even children, whites mix the least but some still do. The issue I feel is closer to the club, casual sex culture that niggers will swarm to. Lots of drunk white women getting chimped on, could easily lead to some mongrel bastard not to mention her being a slut AND a race traitor.

6d0b55  No.12643786


Men can't get pregnant you degenerate faggot.

873501  No.12643790

000000  No.12643813

If you have a subscription to Netflix, then you're part of the problem. If you don't, then good! Now look into making a streaming or pirate box with a Rasberry Pi and teach your friends and family how to pirate, faggot.

d25d1f  No.12643914

File: 3e25a490d104077⋯.jpeg (72.34 KB, 1024x652, 256:163, B4AF39D8-4B69-4A36-BCF4-D….jpeg)

I want to destroy or take over the media and I don’t know of a good plan. Is there a way to do it without killing all the Jews?

4987c6  No.12643919


You sound like a retard.

e237ea  No.12643927


Kill yourself slowly

3a4c0d  No.12643948

I stopped caring, white girls won't even talk to me.

d25d1f  No.12643951

File: 97d3fb1629921ca⋯.gif (116.42 KB, 200x286, 100:143, 92D2E93B-BDE3-4E6B-B366-4C….gif)


Damn those fucks. Why did it come have to come to this?

1010be  No.12643964


Stop working for jidf and attempt reincarnation as a human.

5214cb  No.12643990


>I'm addicted to wanking

What is with all of these fucking english actors.

Fuck off Britain we don't need your feminine ass accent.

3a4c0d  No.12644029


I would think my paychecks would be better if I worked for jidf.

93b0df  No.12644046

Time to hit netflix in the pocketbook and let ((them)) know that this bullshit will not be tolerated!!

c03b2c  No.12644049


>coalburning doesn't really happen but this shitty netflix show might make it more common

what are you their production manager?

f6450e  No.12644050


Nice get. Yes, lots of young men drink the koolaid, usually for no other reason than that white women are generally more obnoxious to be around that 'conservative' Asians. Asian women are all trying to snag a white man in the west because they are seen as of higher status. This is totally disregarding the fact that Asian males are better off as a group socioeconomically, which puts a nail in the coffin of the idea that men should let women pick a mate because they are somehow magical in their intuition.

If your friends don't stop drinking koolaid before its too late (before they make a hapa mongrel child), signal to them, nonverbally if you are too scared to be vocal about it, that you are searching out other friends, with more racial loyalty than them.


It's all in our minds. Everyone is afraid to IRL join a group, however benign, because of badjacketing and rumormongering and other things. These are all in the mind, because there is little actual damage they can do to you (that is, the govt won't assassinate you for joining a group). The threat of doxing is real though, but if some white men started a few businesses together, and hired their own, then it wouldn't be a danger to livelihood. I for one would gladly pay more to patronize a business run by nationalists.

d25d1f  No.12644186

File: 9dde33eb1357e48⋯.jpeg (95.68 KB, 650x427, 650:427, 2D3908BF-D21F-4545-99AE-E….jpeg)

Do memes kill Jews?

dbb9ef  No.12644279


Not only do women have shit intuition, they also have a shit ability to join abstractions together at any level of intelligence. That's why you can talk to a dozen 140 IQ women and only receive repeated ideas from them. They just babble collected info at you without ever engaging in true thought which necessarily requires joined abstractions. They're like NPCs and that was once common knowledge. But not today. True harmony is found with them when you realise that they are basically sex robots designed to seek out sperm and resources from good men. If you ever deceive yourself into being let thinking they're rational agents, you will only be proved wrong by reality.

e3da8d  No.12644287


>tranny wanting to become a ballerina

Holy shit, my sides! How many aspiring Barishnakovs is "she" going to destroy when they go to pick "her" up?

d25d1f  No.12644345

File: a1784d91c00a763⋯.jpeg (24.2 KB, 190x303, 190:303, CB742F71-BFE4-44E1-8A43-3….jpeg)


Have you noticed any weird permutations lately?

e3da8d  No.12644358


>True harmony is found with them when you realise that they are basically sex robots designed to seek out sperm and resources from good men.

Once they've got their babies, they lose interest in the sperm quite quickly.

t. father of two who has forgotten what pussy feels like

d6fb98  No.12644529

File: e313ee843e3c6d4⋯.jpg (223.43 KB, 1230x787, 1230:787, faceborg.jpg)


The problem is the infrastructure of such a service and not properly balancing the incentives to keep it sustainable.

As you explain, the only reason the majority of us have been on the receiving end of messages designed to uproot us (and also listen to them) is because the physical broadcasting mechanisms for this information have large financial and technical burdens to create and manage. So naturally, only the higher strata of society will have a comfortable level of say in what the majority of us are hearing/seeing. However, just as the printing press did in the 15th century, the transistor is going to rapidly throw the foundations of this system out of balance (think of us as currently being at an early point on an exponential curve).

Digital publishers like Netflix and Pornhub (Mindgeek) ultimately run very similar kinds of businesses. The kind that can be disrupted if it turns out there are parties who are better at sharing their catalogues than them.

See this post (and the following one) for how we can use piracy to our advantage: >>12462629

d6fb98  No.12644631

File: 4e884178545ee62⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1480x588, 370:147, 36246326346234.png)


>Where is our National Socialist Party?

I'm not sure about you, but they made ours illegal.

f5b2b4  No.12644683

File: 80f6d5c5869f173⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-12-25-12-0….png)


What is this?

334c08  No.12644785


National Action, Brit fascist group that got jailed and housed with Muslims, then subsequently murdered because Jihad.

d25d1f  No.12645340


I like your ideas, but i’m wondering if they’d need a State sponsor, if the very existence of an information and content conduit of this magnitude would automatically be seen as a national threat to a host country. I’m not a tech geek. I’m just an old artfag looking for ways to save myself and defend my culture.

b0f931  No.12648180

File: 21371c5ccf46404⋯.png (209.06 KB, 766x480, 383:240, the correct way to use por….png)


>if the very existence of an information and content conduit of this magnitude would automatically be seen as a national threat to a host country

You wouldn't be wrong here, and I am glad to see you actually grasp the scale of the situation. It would be an existential threat to every national government, law enforcement, intel agencies, address / certificate authorities, advertisers and any corporate power who depends on maintaining our age old relationship with money and "intellectual property". Tie it cleverly enough with distributed commerce and processing technologies and you'll get YouTube influencers who can whip up their own supercomputers in minutes. Open Bazaars that one wouldn't need to trawl obscure .onion pages to find and exchange through. Libraries and communities that are allowed to grow on their own merit, without an arbitrary power placing restrictions on them or cutting them off entirely.


This picture proves (on an unscaled level) that total autarky of publishing is already possible, even within the confines of the current system. All that needs to be communicated is the concept, and the actual material can grow organically and steadily. These are not changes that can be reversed.

Assuming you are American, your NSF is likely already aware of these possibilities to some degree, and have already began R&D on the physical counterparts to what I described in the longer post. I would assume that they know of the futility of attempting to stop it, so they are trying to gain an early foothold in the next frontier of the information war whilst they believe they still can. Unlike the telephone wire -> broadband evolution though, there will be no semblance of a national authority on this new internet - and aside from the necessary standards organisations, no international authorities like ICANN either. The very concept would be antithetical to the advantages of such a change.

The last time we had such a publishing revolution, the church needed to rely on increasing applications of psyops as their traditional methods of mind control (ie suppression) were no longer feasible. It led to one of the largest wars in history. But the alternative is a bigger fear for me, so I just wish to let everyone know that the race has begun.

b165d3  No.12648194



its a smug anime girl

a43d5c  No.12648474

>the eternal white woman taking money to degrade her race once again

What's new?

f54518  No.12648502

Dislikes on jewtube isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid.

4c8c36  No.12662735


This bump, Levy.

147e5d  No.12678302

File: f46635fc7aa16c2⋯.jpg (53.19 KB, 474x503, 474:503, 1454780811653.jpg)

Another bump for the impending death of Netflix

ee13a8  No.12678341


He's anglo not much diffrence

b1219a  No.12678409


>Father of 2 who has forgotted what pussy feels like


He will show you da wey. Thank me later brudda.

fb5d9b  No.12678537

File: dbbf16ba7445108⋯.jpg (26.83 KB, 500x385, 100:77, 2018-10-16_13-23-37.jpg)

File: f863ba21cdd8045⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 500x331, 500:331, NFLX cash flow q3 2018.jpg)

Netflix burned through about $3 billion last year and is expecting to do so again this year. To offset the negative cash flow, Netflix has been borrowing heavily to pay for programming. accumulating nearly $12 billion in debt before borrowing another $2 billion in an October bond offering. in Q3, Netflix burned a record $859 million in cash, or about 10 million per day in the third quarter. Netflix spend on programming $6.9 billion so far this year. 3Q streaming content obligations were $18.6 billion.

5251cd  No.12678617


sounds like Netflix is a good short.

b066fc  No.12678635


also notice how that it's never the asian girl with "white fever" but always the white guy with "yellow fever". these kikes go to any length in order to shame white males.

5bb341  No.12678642


best answer

c0813c  No.12678657


Cross-platform services are being developed, right now.

You won't be able to police or hack them.

This will be both good and bad.

739b28  No.12678665


>137 million subscribers

>$10 a month

>$1.37 billion a month

>$16 billion a year, just from subscribers

>$153 billion market cap

<but they are losing money

5c4032  No.12678670

White parents:


t. wants to live in a functional society

fb5d9b  No.12678677


>>$10 a month

$13 per month

For the fourth time in its history (the last hike came in 2017), Netflix is raising prices - this time by 13-18% - its biggest price-hike since launching 12 years ago. The price for the cheapest plan is going up to $9 per month. A premium plan offering ultra-high definition will jump to $16 per month from $14. Amazon offers a streaming service as part of its Prime shipping program for $13 per month.

fb5d9b  No.12678699

File: 5e57216fafa2264⋯.jpg (53.71 KB, 500x503, 500:503, NFLX Q2 2018.jpg)

File: 86cd1ff758513a6⋯.jpg (12.14 KB, 500x315, 100:63, NFLX content spend 11.jpg)


><but they are losing money

but how come Netflix is losing money and it is still able to borrow us much as it needs ? that is interesting question, isn't it ?

in Q2, NFLX reported $3.91BN in revenue, below the $3.94BN expected.

Q2 total net streaming additions 5.15MM, a drop from last quarter's 7.41MM, and below the Exp. 6.27 MM

Q2 domestic net streaming additions 0.67MM; missing badly Wall Street exp. 1.21MM, and the company guidance of 1.20MM

Q2 international net streaming additions 4.47MM, Wall Street exp. 5.06MM, guidance 5.00MM

Q3 total net streaming additions: 5.00MM, Exp. 5.93MM

Q3 domestic net streaming additions: 650K, Exp. 875K

Q3 international net streaming additions: 4.35MM, Exp. 5.06MM

Debt, on balance sheet: $8.4B

Debt, off balance sheet: $17.9B

Total Debt: $26.3B

Cash: $3.9B

Net Debt: $22.4B

Market Cap: $150B

EV: $172.4B

Projected EBITDA: $528MM

Net Debt/EBITDA: 42x


fb5d9b  No.12678733

File: f863ba21cdd8045⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 500x331, 500:331, NFLX cash flow q3 2018.jpg)

Netflix loses money year after year. The more subscribers they bring in, the more money they lose.

At the end of 2015, Netflix had 75 million subscribers. But its Free Cash Flow was NEGATIVE $920 million.

The following year, Netflix had grown its subscriber base to 93 million. Yet its Free Cash Flow had sunk even further to negative $1.65 billion.

y the end of 2017, Netflix subscribers totaled 117 million. But the company burned through $2.02 billion.

Clearly the more ‘successful’ Netflix becomes , the more money they lose. Yet the stock surges ever higher. It’s truly bizarre.

48af1d  No.12680031

File: 960b6b608a76fac⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 379x501, 379:501, nigger raping goat blacked.JPG)


Absolutely disgusting


>I count on you guys to help me with redpilling in the comments section as well as turning the like to dislike ratio in our favor.


cb2f8c  No.12680681

File: 3eb91ad1d666c96⋯.jpg (120.54 KB, 911x1481, 911:1481, ir0xx0nv59701.jpg)


And their outstanding debt outweighs their total assets by about $2 billion, or nearly double their total revenue of 2017.

To put it bluntly, >>12678617

79986a  No.12680811

File: 07cd36680f6ad2f⋯.jpg (60.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 07cd36680f6ad2f787ab2160b2….jpg)


The Nigger/Mongrel X Attractive Female especially Bond/Redheaded Aryan female meme is of highest priority for the (((elite))) a psyop weapon against humanity of the first grade SIEG HEIL nya~

7e49a9  No.12680946


revolting. what the fuck is with the r/d ratio?

7e49a9  No.12680971


>If you somehow, miraculously succeed despite this, a Jewish man in a suit will visit you with an offer to buy your company for more than it's worth, and then your dream will be property of Disney or Google.

Yes, because who the fuck has values or free will? When the Vampire knocks on the door, you are forced to let him in, eh?

305822  No.12681012

Are we just gonna shitpost until we all die out? I'm fucking serious don't call me a shill. Christ in heaven, I can't take anymore of this shit I'm at a boiling point I don't even come here anymore because it's nothing but bad jews.

79986a  No.12681025

File: edda13a2c98d829⋯.jpg (222.26 KB, 1280x840, 32:21, edda13a2c98d8290b18d1f6c5f….jpg)


All you can do, is network in person, and disconnect from the (((system))) as much as you can nya~

305822  No.12681050


I don't know how to meet /pol/ friends, but there should be an outreach and an organization. To prevent definite infiltration, we need a peaceful approach and of course there will be one cianigger that fucks everything up and becomes violent. Fuck can't believe it's already 2019, just yesterday it was the 2016 elections, this is shit. Really need to start reaching out to. Are white people so cuckec that if things got so bad they'd sit and do nothing? I've no hope.

83943c  No.12681130


There's >>>/meadhall/ however much you trust that. Then there's the Walking threads on dub days (11 and 22) of each month where people try to make casual contact at public places like parks. A bit before the 22nd, try looking for one of those threads on here if you want to try to reach someone near you, or post a good location like a park near you on those threads for people to enjoy the outdoors.

2234be  No.12681149

File: 0ecf371283dfc22⋯.jpeg (104.32 KB, 850x668, 425:334, 9B340008-0B59-43C0-8300-D….jpeg)



000000  No.12681157



Nothing else will work.

Kill all jews.

Kill all leftists.

Kill all niggers.

2234be  No.12681183

File: 2c997f30a68a825⋯.jpeg (822.8 KB, 1242x993, 414:331, AC46BB0C-64C2-4A84-94E7-C….jpeg)



Fucking nice





5251cd  No.12681227


If you want to make money invest in buckets of 5000rds of Remington thunderbolt.

Don't invest to sell to the little guy, invest to force the scalpers to pay 5 or cents a round when you paid 3 cents a round.

If Trump doesn't build the wall or does something crazy like Amnesty, then the Democrats will get into office and cause a panic.

You could easily sell 5000 tubs of ammo. Even better if you force the scalpers to do a minimum purchase, say two tubs of ammo

52a003  No.12682281

There's a show on HBO that's the most degenerate thing have ever seen. Called "My Brilliant Friend," it was set in 1950s Naples and name of author was of books it was based on was Italian, so thought I'd try it. Something was very off though. Whoever wrote it, it just didn't "feel" Italian or Catholic.

Every father is shown beating the fuck out of his wife, his daughters, inclusive one throwing his 7 year old out the window. Then, there'a scene where an 8 year old girl is waking up and the camera is very obviously but right under her nightgown. Then a 14 year old girl getting molested by a creepy old Italian guy. (((something wrong))).

Bit of research. There is NOTHING "Italian" about the "female" author. It's a book by a husband and wife team of perverted, sick jew fucks in their 50s. The wife writes Italian– when she isn't writing yiddish– because she works as a translator for some go bringing niggers into Italy. Italians though she was an "American professor" because her language and knowledge of Naples is so off. Not. A fucking JEW writing with her perverted kike husband.

Try watching some of it, if you have a strong stomach. And then tell me how exact;y the kikes would react to me writing a Holohoax book and using a yid pen-name. /////everything on the electronic synagogue is perverted trash. Listen to the classics s audiobooks on jewtube.

a0ae06  No.12682469


>Threadly reminder…if you pay for Netflix, YOU are complicit with this degeneracy, YOU are promoting it.

I've never paid for it, but I have watched programs off it when leeching off family members' subscriptions. I actually do love a lot of the shows like Voltron/She-Ra despite the cultural enrichment.

A couple months ago I went ahead and cancelled it, saying we should try some time off from Netflix. No need to be subscribed 12 months a year, they keep your account for 10 months so you can take 9 month vacations from it and still pick up where you left off.

b165d3  No.12682499


>Fuck her like it’s your last fuck. And hers. Fuck her so good, so hard, so wantonly, so profligately that she is left a quivering, sparking mass of shaking flesh and sex fluids. Drain her of everything, then drain her some more. Kiss her all over, make love to her all night, and hold her close in the morning. Own her body, own her gratitude, own her love. If you don’t know how, learn to give her squirting orgasms.

These fucking rules are so "dont you wanna be an alpha, be a winner???"

If I followed these rules , and they granted me everything I think these rules are supposed to grant me. I wouldnt find that to be success.

I dont want to be a fucking jock that fucks many women while the country burns.

I strive for a better civilization, thats my lifes work. Not being some fucking playboy. This is the type of scum that should just stay in the cities with the whores and degenerates of the world.

a4529f  No.12682516


Guys, GUYS

What if



White Wahmen

juis btfo

e0a6aa  No.12682531


YouTube's probably gaming the rating system.

e0a6aa  No.12682577


Saw the trailer for it on (((YouTube))), seems like it's some "strong whamen you go girl!" shit.

d2e5f5  No.12682735

Look at the astroturf comments.

"So good i binged it in one setting, never did that before" in every other comment

81fa1a  No.12682752

File: 80eaef883297524⋯.jpg (370.14 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1500705626228.jpg)


>all the comments from verified accounts

I could swear they deleted some too

eb8516  No.12682774


Privately traded companies will always lose out to the companies which have endless amounts of venture capital and stockholders. It's either "get bought out" or "stay small" in business nowadays.

92c546  No.12689104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Netflix losing subs from SJW bullshit and price increases

>Costco is launching it’s own cheaper streaming service

>Costco will be marketed as a politics free entertainment only service

>You can a discount on pizza for subscribing to Costco steaming service


8b3ede  No.12700274

Just found my sister watching this show. The white soy cuck was waiting for his crush with flowers while she got an abortion. They then walked and she hugged him before they parted ways. What should I tell my sister, nothing gets through to her? I ranted for a couple minutes and she told me to fuck off and that this is the way the world is now and I might as well accept it.

7c0377  No.12700280



gas the niggers gas the niggers gas the niggers gas the niggers gas the kikes gas the kikes gas the kikes gas the kikes

7c0377  No.12700283


Tell her to have fun being a single mom if she decides to commit bestiality

ce51dc  No.12700292


tell her you will abort her yourself if she sleeps with a nigger

8b3ede  No.12700296


That's the only thing I think I've managed to convince her of, is to not burn coal. She's still a brain dead, Marxist indoctrinated whore who spends all her free time watching netflix and staring at her phone. She's 16 and already fucked 5 guys.

8b3ede  No.12700303


She already knows this. I've always hated coal burning, even before I discovered /pol/. Unfortunately I never put my foot down for OTHER non whites.

e0a6aa  No.12700382


Hate to tell you, but your sister is already gone. Mine is 25, a single mother (kid is White, thankfully), and fucking around with some thugged out Colombian spic that looks like a member of MS-13. You try to stop her, it's only going to make her want it even more. I need to move out of this state.

4bbdac  No.12700426



Founded by a Catholic (Sinegal) with a Jewish partner (Brotman)..Jelinek, the current CEO is a Czech Jewish name so far as I can see. Don't get your hopes up.

1503a6  No.12700520


Your sister is a whore. Jesus Christ anon, what are you doing.

bf2ea2  No.12700524

File: 01732c706f482cb⋯.png (127.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 223312.png)


Don't give this company any of your money. Download TV shows and movies you want to see from torrents.

e0a6aa  No.12700885


It's a pretty common occurrence these days in Weimerica. I'm not kidding when I say that the White race (especially around where I live) has collapsed heavily.

2becee  No.12700950


Sorry about your sister, but your boomer parents failed her. Do your best to help her but you cant really dwell too much on it. All you can do is fill your heart with love despite the degeneracy, for they really know not what they do.

e76ac8  No.12701169






All you niggers with younger sisters need to be trying to set them up with someone redpilled, or a kid you can mentor, with potential. Women fuck around when they're 15-16 because their biology tells them to. Direct their urges in a good way instead of this modern degeneracy.

You, you might have to socialize and spend a few hours a week on it…

bfbaf9  No.12701347


No. Join netflix today.

e0a6aa  No.12701365


This whole kiked-up society failed her (and me as well, but I woke up from it).

>Do your best to help her but you cant really dwell too much on it.

I send her redpilling videos, like that girl that got beheaded in Morocco.

>All you can do is fill your heart with love despite the degeneracy, for they really know not what they do.

Yeah, pretty much.


>All you niggers with younger sisters need to be trying to set them up with someone redpilled

I know of no one here like that. The guys, even if they end up settling with another White women, will fuck around and drill oil and fry bean with negresses and spicettes. You guys don't realize how bad it's gotten in some places. I wish I was making this up.

5860d9  No.12701388





7bef4c  No.12701462

File: 6ca920f478ff166⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 620x446, 310:223, HAHAHAplskillmeHAHAHA.jpg)

File: 9d8795d8691d61d⋯.png (58.95 KB, 1194x737, 1194:737, justfugmyshiteupsideways.png)

File: 529e9a646573623⋯.png (27.25 KB, 916x260, 229:65, halp.png)

File: 8760892de165b6d⋯.jpg (36.61 KB, 600x626, 300:313, getdedm8.jpg)


Fucking hell, I was doing OK today, never heard of that yokio shit before, I'm crying in nervous laughter with bursts of habanero burning hatred like every other day right now.

This world is a skit, nothing seems real, you can audibly feel your neurons popping as you read though the synopsis, and every article on that garbage seems even less believable and more over blown than the parodic shit written by Anons…

cb8e08  No.12701514


Began watching Sick Note this week. It's a Netflix 'original' featuring everybody's favorite ginger cadaver look alike from Harry Potter, Rupert Grint. The forced 'diversity' was like a freight train to the nut sack from the beginning. As in HP and the small screen adaptation of Snatch, he plays a weak and over anxious character; although he's been given an additional character flaw in being a serial liar. He's a pathetic excuse for a man. Not much new there then.

It hits you in spades. His girlfriend, whose apartment he is living in, is brown. A Nigerian pavement ape who must have entered show business after coming to life from the sketches in an anthropology book. She has a Beyonce like resting bitch negress face and equally offputting temperament. Naturally she's responsible, professional, smart; yet down to earth and supposedly easy going, despite nagging the ginger twat continually.

Then it goes into overdrive. Not only is he a complete loser, whose sub zero frozen feces female is about to dump him, but his best friend is another 'disadvantaged youth'. His friend drives him to work and is presented as being the more successful of the two; working at the taxation office.

Without revealing too much of the plot, the best character so far is played by Don Johnson. An amusing glimmer on a horizon stained with a multitude of shitskins. Not only are the main character's girlfriend and best friend brown, the best friend's wife is (and contrary to reality, are presented living with civility nearby); as are a receptionist and surgeon. All the niggers are heavily fantastical figures masquerading as the norm.

When you throw in the general criticism of masculinity (not that there's much to find throughout any of the male characters) and the quintessential submissive awkwardness of Not So Great Britain, it's enough to give the viewer nausea.

15acd8  No.12701548

File: b5f3781557e0f5b⋯.webm (9.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, trump.webm)

151015  No.12701918


Trump is nothing like Hitler. This is pathetic. Terrible.

e76ac8  No.12704648


>The guys, even if they end up settling with another White women, will fuck around and drill oil and fry bean with negresses and spicettes. You guys don't realize how bad it's gotten in some places. I wish I was making this up.

I can't be the only one who has never fried beans or drilled oil…

I've had a couple of girlfriends, but their (bluepilled/cuck/batshit crazy) parents always end up ruining things. I only date people whom I would potentially (genetically and phenetically) have kids with. Again, I can't be the ONLY one.

I know of a few guys like myself IRL, you need to network. There are guys who would literally kill someone to have a worthwhile woman to continue the bloodlines with; meanwhile you just make excuses why you couldn't do YOUR part to make it happen.

a275bf  No.12714073



>Not asking her father for permission to court

>Not learning about the girl and what she's like first

>Not making sure you're well known to her community and sphere of influence

>Not discreetly and coyly 'suggesting' interest to her female friends, therefore smoking out all competition

>Not influencing her friends to full effect, if they like you then they will also influence her to as well

>And after all of this, acting like you only marginally care at most

>Because as far as women are concerned, the only guys worth having are the ones worth chasing - because, who else is chasing them? And what kind of guy worth her time will get crazy in the head over an errant whiff of cunt?

739a09  No.12716405

File: 8f502a4a5ab2080⋯.png (700.6 KB, 846x1128, 3:4, 1548217656759.png)

aa46b0  No.12717086

ee2776  No.12741107

fucking kikes

4dfb84  No.12741510

File: bcbecbe70f0789d⋯.jpg (44.03 KB, 439x291, 439:291, askingforherhand.jpg)


>but their (bluepilled/cuck/batshit crazy) parents always end up ruining things

And what's the problem? Will they withhold you permission to take their daughter's hand in marriage?

Seriously, (aside from ruining the daughter's life indirectly with disastrous NPC programming) I don't see how parents can be a problem in the age of strong independent wymin. And if they're not a strong enough influence, then you should be .

16b738  No.12741632



the world is the white man's property, non-whites wouldn't exist without whites, and as such are whites property.

shut up and pick my cotton nigpig, i got other shit to do, like raping your race some more.

9f8cb2  No.12741983

did you really think for a single second that a (((netflix original))) called "sex education" would not be propaganda?

if anyone in this thread is shocked by this, you should seriously lurk for atleast 3 more years

3f12b7  No.12742219


Agreed. Torrents FTW. Down with Netflix!

000000  No.12742409


>Sex Education

>anti-gun narration

Good to know I'm not only one having sex with guns.

7890eb  No.12742415


>did you really think for a single second that a (((netflix original))) called "sex education" would not be propaganda

>you should seriously lurk for atleast 3 more years

I'm a newfag anyway

000000  No.12742522


Anime is basically a softcore cuck porn.

With some exceptions.

e76ac8  No.12742546


>aside from ruining the daughter's life indirectly with disastrous NPC programming

You just answered your own question. Without physically removing her hundreds/thousands of miles from her parents, there's not much to be done with breaking her of their shitty programming.

I've been with a few like that, and every time after I leave them, or they leave me, they fucking degenerate. One got knocked up by a quadroon, is now a single mother. One got fat, then suckered some soyboy from a different church of her congregation into marrying her after she ensnared him with a kid. Third one started smoking cigarettes, not sure what she did beyond that…

Every time though, the girl was definitely salvageable, and kept healthy and happy with me, never cheated on me. Every time their parent(s) interfered and derailed the gravy train, they became fucking wrecks. It also gets tiring un-fucking their heads every time they visit their parents without me there.

I've come to the conclusion that most fucking parents are neurotic helicopter parents on some level, and can't handle that their daughter might want to live with a strong-willed Alpha male, whose actually good for her.

3f12b7  No.12742563


Lucky Star

7e49a9  No.12742594


>They clearly want white boys to believe that they have NO chance to find themselves white girls

They don't care what white boys believe. This is about what they want white girls to believe.

ae77ca  No.12742659

File: 0d0440b841fb47b⋯.jpg (17.37 KB, 480x300, 8:5, downloads (7).jpg)


That's a Jew Plot and I hope Generation Zyklon is smarter than this.

As to the coupling: it's Jew Population Programming 101

White Woman → Nigger Man

This is already know. But where does it lead on a societal level? How does it influence? Jews influence Whites through Group Mechanics. It's the greatest strength Whites have and naturally they target us through our greatest Strength.

Let's take a closer look at the woman: The woman is no just any white woman: it's a pierced liberal who is also a popular and cool girl. Group Dynamics tend to be governed by the popular and the handsome humans. The sad , downtrodden crowd that follows this show is so low on self-esteem and dependent on external validation to experience happiness, they'll happily walk in line with the wishes of (((Netflix))), because they perceive that's what popular and handsome people do.




I guess the Jews love this medium too much they'll bankroll it.

>It would explain why they haven't made a profit for years now

ae77ca  No.12742668


I guess The Jews loaned this to them and now have them by the balls. It explains why they produce and broadcast this.

e3da8d  No.12742705

>see drag queen show for kids come up on suggestions for some reason, even though I downvote every fag/racemixing thing that comes up

>show wife, tell her it's promoting pedophilia

>She makes a "concerned Marge" noise

>still doesn't want to cancel it because muh Stranger Things

>point out I can dl it

>concerned Marge noises

I'm wearing her down. Fuck netflix.

c52ee8  No.12742834

File: 27dae963e51e36f⋯.jpg (32.65 KB, 720x998, 360:499, 6ghc.jpg)


>the post

ee56e4  No.12742892

File: cb7f240d011bd4e⋯.jpeg (181.24 KB, 467x355, 467:355, pikajew.jpeg)

I don't believe in paying for white genocide propaganda and capeshit, so you might imagine where I'm at at paying for Netflix.

Anyway, please bear my reddit space for a minute:

I do have an Youtube account just to comment stuff, because sometimes I like to engage. What surprised me today, is that when I tried to see OP linked trailer, the first comments, all basically most of the comments where complementing the series, but once I logged in, there were many more comments showing racial awareness.

e76ac8  No.12742937


Can you say holoweb? You're only seeing them because google knows that you're already woke, and broken free of the matrix.

0ba61e  No.12743135

If ur not ready to kill, vandalize

Arson on Jew temples works

It’s very satisfying

So I hear

0e0edd  No.12743150


A lot of heartiste is geared towards "marriage game". I.E. aquiring a worthy wife and keeping her in line. It's the only NS-approved PUA blog I can name.

89fdfa  No.12743998


My liberal friend wanted to watch this with me a couple weeks ago. I refused. Now it sounds more disgusting than I thought.

38ce22  No.12744022


>Anime is basically a softcore cuck porn.

This is basically what happens when you get so deep into cuckoldry that you start seeing it everywhere.

15b9de  No.12757107



Best aspect of this is how in the early period of this thread, I visited the video and found quite a bit of JQ/racial posting

I'm sure you know how communities with moderation turn out vs those who don't..

da1e77  No.12757485


>can't handle that their daughter might want to live with a strong-willed Alpha male, whose actually good for her.

Yeah, this is difficult for fathers of only girls. I'm one such parent. We identify with our children and when they are dominated we feel dominated. Best if the son-in-law shares the ideas that the parents instilled in the daughter and if the father identifies with the son-in-law as well as the daughter.

9202ac  No.12757488


Don't you know you can watch this online for free?

e76ac8  No.12757561


Usually it's the mother that fucks things up. I get on quite well with the fathers. The conniving will normally start about the time their daughter moves in with me.

3a25b3  No.12757856


This. It's the same shit every time.

3a25b3  No.12757867


This too. It's been this way for years now. None of these globalist companies are concerned about profit more than propaganda. Since Trump took office it's become blatantly apparent.

483525  No.12758944

Maybe the thumb rate needs to include the money. For example If you like the shows then you deposit $00.01 by clicking thumb up but if you dislike the show then you take $1.00 away by clicking the thumb down.

243772  No.12758973


>kikeflix kiking again

how shocking

3ec040  No.12760133

File: 187ef609d9af81d⋯.png (245.31 KB, 480x600, 4:5, DEM WUZ SUM GUD CHIKIN N W….png)



09973d  No.12760138

Feed those faggots to the wolves. I hear they like faggots.

e7302a  No.12760883


Well said.

e7302a  No.12760915


Your claim that someone who believes that anime promotes Aryan aesthetics must love japan more than their own is retarded. It's either projection or straight delusion. You can recognize that a people have similar values to your own, or that they promote values that you believe in, without placing one culture over another, and you can recognize that their media, compared to western media, has relatively less pozz.

bfa96e  No.12760929

File: 942f0af789ebf58⋯.jpg (126.05 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Anime_Heresy.jpg)


>Subvert anime

The chinks have already started. Saw this story on China Uncensored a few days ago and immediately thought of how /pol/ will take it.

Romantic Karl Marx anime targets new generation of Chinese communists


c04057  No.12760950


Anime is Japanese by definition. If it's produced by non-Japanese hands, it's not Anime.

b74caa  No.12760953

Why say marxist instead of jewish? have a problem with calling out the tribe, glower?

98614e  No.12761814


>put weebs in prison for being beta faggots and outlaw anime

>make anime about marx and expect everyone to watch it

Chinks, I …

df0ffe  No.12764440


what is the song from this…I've heard it before but can't remember

dedbdf  No.12764462

>we can change the world with the like button

Nah, all is lost. Congrats, rabbi.

dedbdf  No.12764466

This is probably Trump's favorite show. He probably bought Netflix stock from Soros after watching it.

1b673c  No.12765180

Did anybody watch YOU?

It had a white college girl getting screwed by everybody before the psycho jew who killed her privileged white boyfriend gets a turn.

Death to America.

29553d  No.12765280

File: 2433e3f3518ef9d⋯.jpg (67.68 KB, 1019x800, 1019:800, showtime.jpg)


It's not just Netflix it's all MSM. I'm surprised someone hasn't found out who personally heads these organizations and expressed their displeasure.

29553d  No.12765295

File: 9a7ce284f278014⋯.jpg (455.38 KB, 802x612, 401:306, nigger reality.jpg)


Calling for the death of your own race has to be the height of mental illness. So yeah let me know how that worked out.

94a0a1  No.12767580


Vet TV

Veteran TV, funny shit

7d128e  No.12767732

File: d673be2e4c68d4b⋯.jpg (486.8 KB, 1000x718, 500:359, 1549042234067.jpg)


for some reason this type of shit is pissing me off more than anything else. one might argue this is due to the fact that i'm an incel but here's the thing: i'm not and it still makes my blood boil.

c3b0ed  No.12767742


>paid shill post left up for 13 hours

11cb9f  No.12774242

File: 6ab6b6dcd390d42⋯.jpeg (355.02 KB, 1074x1274, 537:637, pozzed 6 bingo.jpeg)

File: 09cc67bcf965628⋯.jpeg (335.1 KB, 1072x1276, 268:319, pozzed 5 bingo.jpeg)

File: 061c414c2b53027⋯.jpeg (347.52 KB, 1070x1276, 535:638, pozzed 4 bingo.jpeg)

File: f6e46a453f7b09d⋯.jpeg (337.1 KB, 1064x1278, 532:639, pozzed 3 bingo.jpeg)

File: 9d2b616f2c59786⋯.jpeg (337.04 KB, 1072x1280, 67:80, pozzed 2 bingo.jpeg)

A fun game to play if you are forced to watch this crap with normies…

ceb2a9  No.12774272


Actually, the photo is what happens when you give them gibs. Gatherers out in the bush rarely have children, because it's so hard to raise them. Once they started getting gibs, they started pumping them out. The same can be seen in Latin America and especially in the US. The best thing is to stop giving them gibs and let balance return. China is still going to be a nightmare though. That place really needs a good nuking or two. The same goes for India. When there are designated shitting streets, something needs to give.

6b4b0e  No.12774294

File: ed751c86d6729aa⋯.jpg (46.87 KB, 719x713, 719:713, ed751c86d6729aa4540a54c668….jpg)

File: 14fa828a565d99f⋯.webm (1.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ever_considered_piracy.webm)


Just wanted to add, that we should be making sure any family or friends do the same. We should either teach them how to pirate, or if they are older and tech illiterate, take care of all the piracy for them.


Gas is to expensive and likely not very painful death. Our islamic friends, or our mexican friends have devised the superior method. Either slowly saw the head off with a combat knife, or skin the face off, of all kikes.

6b4b0e  No.12774345

This will end up a massive flop, just like the failed (((bill nye))) show. I bet they have transgender children worked in or pedo stuff worked in somehow.

9ed17b  No.12774800


It's disturbing that anyone here would even know what's on KikeFlix to begin with. I could understand if it was a normalfag animal though.

7f0652  No.12774830


>black eyebrows and roots


470e55  No.12777637

File: 434e782502b0265⋯.jpg (87.31 KB, 600x583, 600:583, krone.jpg)


Let me tell you a secret.

I've already redpilled yaginuma-san, director of Nett-juu susume, over Netflix and George Soros being behind it, a lot of animator and directors know already because of it. I also told him about CR having deals with Venrock and belonging to that jew Peter Chernin, he told me about JP Morgan having some deal in a few animes like Pokemon Generations. It's not much, but I've made friends with him and we sometimes exchange some info.

470e55  No.12777640


Castlevania was animated by a Poo in Loo that works for Disney, he wants to animate Berserk too.

000000  No.12777948


but jewish parasites already poisoned all art forms with their shit

are you content just shitposting about jews for your entertainment purposes?

32885a  No.12777962



LOL I knew right of the bat that it was pure trash as soon as some random cuck suggested it to me, saying it was good. It started somewhat good, but then it went blackpill and then stronk wymyn so fast, I was expecting the human blackpill white being cuck for effeminate vampire, but instead they doubled down on the white being played by feminist vampire and the nignog being smart. Pure trash and the writing is really bad.

470e55  No.12777992

File: 51a8d5ed663a45c⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 750x509, 750:509, 5bd86479beb670128b5f87c4-7….jpg)


Let me tell you his scheme.

This shitty Poo in Loo dont have any talent for direction, so he want to win fame over other people work, like his big nosed parasites overlords.

Look at the series he intends to work.

>Legend of Zelda

>Devil May cry


All of those had previous animated series, but they weren't big hits. To note, that Berserk had a recent anime that was a huge failure due animation problems.

So what he wants to do is simple, get popularity by comparison. He wants to look good making good animated stuff, but with his shitty directions skills that will look good when compared to the old work. SO he can say that he can do better anime than nips.

6d433d  No.12779089

this one is crazy


2b5ed1  No.12781604


Pointing out Neflix shows as subversive is redundant. Just throw a dart at that company and you'll hit a subversive tv show.

c03b2c  No.12781610

File: 0ab040fc2de5191⋯.jpg (27.11 KB, 536x403, 536:403, pinchinghand crime rate me….jpg)

0d9520  No.12781879

File: d571effdd48c688⋯.png (122.34 KB, 1289x960, 1289:960, Screenshot_2019-02-10 Sex ….png)

I can't even. Why are people so easely influenced by bad propaganda?

Shill the fuck out of these people.

0d9520  No.12781886


Fuck the web/youtube for almost censoring the best comment.

Second last comment;

>many humanbeings can have have a harder life because there are people like you who just spread hate



>muh you dont understand me

These fuckers haven't seen any hate in their entire life. I unironically think all people should spent a year in actual gulag before being allowed to speak.

d84732  No.12781907


They are the retarded target demography which the propaganda machine is created for. Literally nothing to see. If this still surprises you I have bad news for you. The reality and dimension you currently reside in that calls this planet 'Earth' is littered with brainlets like that, good sir. These are the simple minded 'proles' in 1984.

149a91  No.12783582


>cnn news

ok i will ignore this but again political anime never get popular they will waste money on this

i predict only leninist and bolshevisks will watch this for 3 season then no one will bother watching

5a01dc  No.12783620


>still giving money to Kikeflix, which is owned in part by (((Soros)))

Just stop people. If you dont give them your money they lose power. It's so simple a child can do it.

1feb45  No.12785383


Cartoon-watching loser pretends to be redpilled by downloading swastika.jpg

6cca7b  No.12789303



Thanks for this, now i don't have to pay for a VPS to host my site.

fd8233  No.12790348


Devilman Crybaby was so fucking bad that I could replace a nuclear reactor. Whoever made that show needs to fucking die.

What the fuck were they thinking?

e10f3e  No.12791036

File: dcf00b87f4f4e6c⋯.jpg (43.36 KB, 463x352, 463:352, racemixing.jpg)


a0ae06  No.12791206

Should children even be able to view these shows? I remember when I tried a free month of netflix that it required you to set up accounts (which you could password) to view adult content, otherwise there was just a default children's category with toons where you couldn't create a list.

7b56c1  No.12791445


672eb6  No.12794751


the thing on the left has a particularly distinctive nose

e4c429  No.12796812

File: 8a29df51529216c⋯.jpg (73.06 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 5b50ea7b51dfbe27008b4578-7….jpg)

If I have to watch another NETFLIX "Fat loser girl finds success and a hot boyfriend" movie I'm gonna jump off a roof.

377d00  No.12796923




Anime is souless corporate shit aimed at pedophiles and otakus with no life.

cd7dc9  No.12797165


Today riding public, there was a girl exactly like this one on your pic, but one on the left. It was crowded so she gave her back to me while I was leaning my back against the glass. She constantly rubbed her ass against my crotch multiple times while my breath was really close to her neck she could feel it, I'm sure. She didn't mind tho, constantly pushing against me. Problem she was fat, but blonde, round cute face and clear blue eyes. I thought I could ask her phone, but was afraid to look like a creep. She stepped down one stop before mine. Such a waste. It could be an easy fuck. I could even convince her to lose some weight.

e40c98  No.12797246

File: 25d0039f9241643⋯.jpg (131.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun_s….jpg)


> normalfags saying how much they hate this shit.

I saw a bunch of normal fag cuck dads at the school near where I work take all their white (and jewish) daughters to blacked panther, the girls really didn't seem all that impressed, but soy fathers couldn't shut-up about it. some of cringiest shit I've ever seen. anyway, normal fags eat this shit up, it only strengthens them.

e40c98  No.12797255

File: 3ee69e01b98aed1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 1584x1584, 1:1, 852.png)


>everything is soulless corporate shit aimed at cucks and thots with no common sense.


f87ebb  No.12797536


>Why are fathers able to raise mudsharking whores…

That's the problem in every single instance I see. Every single time. The hood brothers don't gaf, either. As soon as a white girl hits 13, younger sometimes, black dudes target them on social media. This is what I see, numerically speaking. Don't what-if me. I know some white men, young men make mistakes. The moral bar is much higher for us, though. Look how the judicial system treats this cultural issue. Pedo = jail/death/stigma in our culture. Grooming gangs abound and aren't as aggressively prosecuted for non-whites. Because of racism and muh privilege.

Normal to be fucking at 11 years old in pozzed Netflix culture. Young white dudes don't have a chance, now. Not when young white girls' parents are MIA. Them getting turned out by some internet tranny at 4yo. Young white dudes can't get any pussy because they are normal. I used to tease them for being pussies (I'm in my 40s) but they were right. I don't even hate weebs, anymore.

Without a father in the home to ward against promiscuous behavior and male suitors? What chance does a girl have against being turned into a roastie at the precise moment she has "those feelings"? I've seen this happen 20 times or more. So, no, not a peer-reviewed study from a prominent liberal university…

I stay at a low level of BTFO at the reality of the difference in our cultures, ad-mixing, plus a subversive media that legitimizes apologist safe spaces for degenerate behavior. Same people who censor and label any opposition to their degeneracy.

I'll go one step further, not even successful black families I know are into this shit. Give out ridiculously harsh punishment for any e-thotting. Watching trashy TV, even. A based black father will put a pistol in an aspiring young Lil' rapper's face in a heartbeat if they try to come kidnap his daughter.

Just saying, I don't think we can be too strict on social media until our kids are adults, living independently. A 90% degenerate message doesn't belong in good homes.

This is the true "culture" I hate, the darkness. Turning children into sex toys so they don't reach maturity, don't form productive, successful families. Arrest their development. Greedy smut merchants, promoting destruction of the traditional family, to usher in wave after wave of cheap labor.

NS solves this. I see no reason for other races not to adopt it, live it irl, and maybe form a treaty. There can be no freedom without cultural sovereignty. We're human mice, otherwise. Bred down to the most ignorant, submissive version that can meet the minimum standard to create the international corporation's consumer goods and mass produce them.

Parting shot: race-mixing causes birth defects. At least in white mothers. Miscarriages. Premature, etc. Prove me wrong. Peel away the years of observation and introspection and blue-pill me. I'm ready to go back into the Matrix and fight it from the inside. That's how annoyed I am that children are being told they might be gay as little tykes. Wink wink. It's cool to be gay. If you're not gay, you should go black. You'll never go back. Grin. Nudge.

cf9a3d  No.12798078

File: 5678bcb56ce99cb⋯.jpg (133.65 KB, 1440x1331, 1440:1331, e1a52fa1bd80cd5f7e1c34d465….jpg)

I have a hot take for you, anons:

Jews do not want to promote racemixing.

You may be suprised, want to call me a shill or whatever, but think about it. White woman + black man is the most unpopular pairing imaginable, not numerically, there are way rarer pairings like asian man + black woman, but for people to see. People are instantly disgusted by black male + white female pairing, even the biggest "liberals" cringe inside when they see it. It's also the only one that jews really promote. Think about it; it's the hardest way to promote racemixing… Would jews pick bmwf to promote if they wanted more racemixing? It would be so much easier to shill for wmbf for example if you wanted to promote racamixing for the sake of racemixing. While even brainwashed people fell nauseous from looking at bmwf, vast majority would not care about seeing a white man with pic related…

A "black man" is the most wretched and disgusting creature imaginable, and this is why pairing it with white and asian women is such a ejoyable thing for the jews. They don't want "racemixing" but humiliation… They get off to the thought of white girls groped by nigger monkeys, for white men they do not want women of other races, but homosexualism and "trannsesxualism". If jews wanted racemixing they would shill for white men with black girls and white women with maybe asian men? But they don't really care about that, they care about humiliating white people and breaking their spirit. "BLACKED" is essentially bestiality and if they could, jews would openly shill for white girls to fuck pigs and dogs.

6f7cda  No.12798081


FUck off rabbie

cf9a3d  No.12798084

File: afad350785775d7⋯.png (463.72 KB, 427x500, 427:500, afad350785775d7fe3e2af2f6b….png)


No argument and you propably did not even read it…

Tl;dr it's about humiliating white people not mixing races, that's an afterthought

if jews could get away with it they would tell white girls to fuck pigs

e40c98  No.12798155

File: a03e7a26a7c3647⋯.jpg (107.45 KB, 800x800, 1:1, DQkUFjSW4AEXzXs.jpg)

File: c226093022dfde4⋯.jpg (140.69 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DQkUFjSX0AALVdQ.jpg)

File: e09664fc5c99915⋯.jpg (104.85 KB, 1013x630, 1013:630, snap.jpg)

File: edd52e7d6faf79a⋯.jpg (206.78 KB, 620x387, 620:387, 1.jpg)

File: b534a83040eebf0⋯.jpg (173.88 KB, 672x1024, 21:32, 2.jpg)


(((they))) don't want white men breeding at all, they want to turn as many little white boys into "Desmond the amazing" and "Lactatia" or worse they want to chop little boys dicks off before they ever have a fighting chance, (and the vast majority of (((white))) women seem to approve the mutilation and sexualzation of their own sons) paternity fraud is at an all time high, the vast majority of fathers are unwitting cucks. the next societal step is to get them to willingly be cucks to non-whites and race mixed half breeds, nu-males are already at the forefront of this "trend". also, public enemy number one is the straight white male+ any kind of traditional masculinity. white women are useful as propagandists and brood mares for half-breeds. (((they))) want white men extinguished and obliterated. thats the plan right now.

000000  No.12798164

Looking at Omar and Israel, the more kikes promote niggers in their media the more kikes promote their own genocide.

f26d2c  No.12798173

File: d4568ecfe63e291⋯.png (243.13 KB, 968x968, 1:1, 47cc90f80efe405ce6441a7540….png)

File: 4b855f5fb7aec6c⋯.jpeg (36.82 KB, 524x585, 524:585, 96853b2b97d206ea38c21462a….jpeg)

File: e96e812f52ec4e2⋯.png (738.95 KB, 1334x828, 29:18, 6500808f73f2dda0b75e9cccea….png)

File: 1425009ffd1b951⋯.png (150.63 KB, 582x361, 582:361, 45957805c2dbbde0170257d1f5….png)

File: c76262735dc0c41⋯.png (63.28 KB, 397x406, 397:406, 18d57445d308740922af5779c1….png)


>they dont want racemixing goy

>they just want humiliation

>those are objectively two different things that definitely dont share the same goals

Wow, you sound clinically retarded.


c028f3  No.12798213


Somebody gets it.


Nice selfie in the first pic. If jews wanted racemixing they would push for white men to fuck brown women. Jews want white men pozzed and with mutilated dicks and white women, or "shiksas" as they call them (it means bad meat) humiliated, fucking the most repuslive creature they can find.

Jews hate white people too much to just want to racemix them away, they are too vicious to just go the straightforward way… They want white suffering more than white extinction. They could shill fow whites to just go out in orgy of interracial sex, (blanda upp goy), and after few generations pure white people would be a tiny minority sitting in reservations. Instead they make it the most difficult for themselves as they can, pushing for the most repulsive pairing imaginable, disgusting faggots, and trannies that cause existential dread in people just with their looks…

7285d5  No.12798222

File: c349a143d128ba7⋯.png (1004.96 KB, 928x8800, 29:275, 359 JEWISH EXPULSIONS.png)


>If jews wanted racemixing they would push for white men to fuck brown women.

>he says while doing that exact thing

The gall of you kikes is what will cause you to fail. Again.

f26d2c  No.12798228

File: 79be8477df5dbde⋯.gif (1.36 MB, 210x144, 35:24, 6cfd54ced4fcf1ac86a4b55b7a….gif)


Behold, the incredulous kike logic! It's quite obvious that your mental capacity prevents you from realizing that those "two completely different things" achieve the same fucking goal. Shove a nail in between one of your toenails and kick as hard as possible.

c028f3  No.12798244



I guess the fact that you do not try to complicate your own job is a hard thing to grasp?

My point is that jews are too insane to just remove whites. They want whites to suffer not just disappear. They want to hear those screams of women "date"-raped by monkey and taste the blood flowing out of "neo-vaginas".

The jewish brain is not logical or materialistic. A jew is a creature of shrill hysteria and incomprehensible mystycism.

Also i just like black girls and making brainlets mad at the same time. If you act and think as the jewish caricature of "evil whitey rayciss" you just let them have control over you. Think about what they are doing and why, try to penetrate their kaballah and look at what they hold in their mental inner sanctum. Try some *Judenforschung*…

7285d5  No.12798248

File: 5a230e34a257272⋯.png (60.64 KB, 634x288, 317:144, he passed.png)


>more pilpul

f26d2c  No.12798256

File: 67e39223cdaa817⋯.png (3.46 KB, 349x642, 349:642, 67e39223cdaa817e790f7487c3….png)


"They want whites to suffer not just disappear." Which also means they want racemixing by your logic. Stop shilling for your bestiality.

38504c  No.12798388


Same, a lot of time I don't even bother watching shit I download.

e6ae16  No.12798482

File: ef47d7a45256d92⋯.png (25.08 KB, 370x370, 1:1, nigger.png)

08e7e5  No.12798634

File: 3cac35b8e6dbca3⋯.webm (1.12 MB, 460x258, 230:129, ad.webm)


c0813c  No.12798944

File: bb30372c9da2ba2⋯.gif (623.92 KB, 480x270, 16:9, JumpFucker.gif)


Boycott them.

They are already BILLIONS in debt, and the only reason I can see for anyone investing in them is specifically to keep this kind of trash on the air.

They are headed toward the worst belly-up collapse in business history, and everybody knows it.

The loss will be nothing to Rothschild or Soros level investors, but the butthurt from all the small, insipid investors will be priceless.

Simply keep your shekels away from them. Let their debt pile up until it's a good, decent height for their investors to jump off of.

a86b6c  No.12798970


"The world" as in women and men already with women will attempt to destroy volcels because it triggers their subconscious into an irrefutable perception that the world has grown so foul and rotten that men no longer wish to live in it and breed. They must rebuke this perception by enslaving the volcel, or else they are broken, their life seems not worth the taking to do tricks.

89f8f5  No.12802330


That's because no one watches Netflix and pays for it. The majority of "legal" Netflix viewers are friends of people who pay for a subscription. The majority of the whole of people who watch Netflix programming torrent that shit.

The issue, as has been the case for decades: the Netflix sub base consist of an incredibly small; but incredibly well funded, minority of leftists. Oh. And loud.

7b86e3  No.12813812

File: dd72edd98bb767b⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 166x255, 166:255, based_mel.jpg)


Literally happening nao. Look at the siege at videogames, literally the safe heaven for virgins. Full of women #paypig sucking them dry.

Not to mention encrypted message, Facebook groups of patternity fraud squads. I don't doubt the lengths these wymyn go regarding their positions in society. Just imagine a little bit of radfem network could do to a small/medium town. Nurses, social services, HR and lab assistants are all job positions majorly occupied by them and that could do a lot of damage if they all get a hold of colluding for some mutual benefits and exchange of favors. Fuck me, I've been dealing with this shit first hand. The only way is what is going down everyday, men on women hate crime. No roastie is worth a man's life, but he vaginal jew is begging to be put to the sword.

ffaa18  No.12818279


White parents shouldn't let their white children watch this shit

2b88bb  No.12818486

The fuck is the comments like this

>I watch Netflix more than going to the cinemas nowadays 😅 Can’t wait to watch this! ❤️

not even exaggerated.

feaee5  No.12818838

I could post This on any thread, but

Holy shit its getting bad. Generally.

Like were in an event horizon more evil than any hellscape or dystopic story ever Imagined. Honestly surprised at how mentally stable im remaining, as well as you guys, all things considered. I really cant see how This reality could be redeemed at this point. Why are we still here..

feaee5  No.12818895



Welcome.. to the real /pol/

Behold the genius of the true pol aristocratic NEET


Do go on..

52c277  No.12818995


Nice meme anon

e76ac8  No.12819276


>This is the true "culture" I hate, the darkness. Turning children into sex toys so they don't reach maturity, don't form productive, successful families. Arrest their development. Greedy smut merchants, promoting destruction of the traditional family, to usher in wave after wave of cheap labor.



>Without a father in the home to ward against promiscuous behavior and male suitors? What chance does a girl have against being turned into a roastie at the precise moment she has "those feelings"? I've seen this happen 20 times or more. So, no, not a peer-reviewed study from a prominent liberal university…


MGTOW can fuck off and caterpillar each other.

10e2bf  No.12819763


out of 2 million views only 2.6 dislikes. wow netflix must be pretty awesome, i love racemixing and orgy scenes know

01c99c  No.12819788

File: 01f86a604389a9b⋯.png (259.45 KB, 800x782, 400:391, National_Rifle_Association….png)


This is why you must cancel your Netflix account and use the money to pay for an NRA membership.

000000  No.12819796


Mobilize people to kill Netflix's staff.

01c99c  No.12819802

I used to have friends. But they never took the red pill. They are probably watching this.

2c6c73  No.12819809


>Netflix is subverting white children AGAIN

You're saying this like they ever stopped to.

8902d5  No.12822425



The top rated comments read like scripted PR shit. Definitely suspicious.

19f0f1  No.12823542


i don't even read the comments anymore. the ones that aren't scripted are from people who don't know the difference. cancer, cancer everywhere ..

f6c778  No.12823566

File: 37e4359388ce9cd⋯.png (567.61 KB, 600x801, 200:267, ClipboardImage.png)

lmao at all these triggered beta cumskins

99eb95  No.12828036


fuck netflix

f04fc0  No.12829176

File: aaac3f2ac4047da⋯.jpg (28.06 KB, 255x234, 85:78, literally_who.jpg)


Hello FBI-kun, how are you glowniggers going?


Trolling da raycis

d70d73  No.12830124

File: 9ea1fb6dc39374b⋯.jpg (170.25 KB, 1473x983, 1473:983, wtf.jpg)

4de8ae  No.12832738


It would still exist if you didn't pay for it goy. Do you think advertisements pay for that vast satilite system that keeps TV going? No it's a tax like the price of gasoline or milk.

Get with it nerd

4de8ae  No.12832743


LMAO at destroying your planet for it's insolence

4de8ae  No.12832765


All triggered posts or people who use the word are being manipulated by socialists.

4814e1  No.12836874

File: 1629c081363ea64⋯.png (126.2 KB, 1200x300, 4:1, 9623406828582.png)

9783e9  No.12839467


This is the embodiment of everything we hate.

000000  No.12842168



The zio conspiracy in one line:

Trannification is a deepstate process targeting democratic groups like Freemasons and religious and family-loving groups like Christian churches to corrupt and distort them, to use them as deniable garbage for black ops which are blamed on Freemasons, Freedom tards and true Christians. Done by Occultists. All occultists end up working for the deepstate.

They target those who oppose communism. If you oppose it they will get to you and you won't know it until it's too late. Hypno.

You are reading a Communist sub on 8chan

644399  No.12842591

File: 90f7589aee1cacd⋯.png (615.49 KB, 850x698, 425:349, freemason.png)


freemasonry is jewery, take out the jew and what do you have left?

948f81  No.12848503



0f713d  No.12861661

pretty funny how y'all say this shit online but then go "yes sir…" to your black boss at your dead end entry-level retail job

781117  No.12861665


Reminder that (((Mark))) invited paid jewish shills here to post. Report them when you see them.

52b88b  No.12861830

File: 57402f4a80b28ea⋯.jpg (400.73 KB, 1600x1285, 320:257, The lynching of Thomas Shi….jpg)

File: 09e2a17c152ee20⋯.jpg (41.44 KB, 768x512, 3:2, GettyImages-678400899-5b19….jpg)

File: 612057bf5a8d99d⋯.png (459.4 KB, 1698x635, 1698:635, Lolz.png)

File: 9f2294a1b66f796⋯.jpg (253.92 KB, 1200x784, 75:49, ukrainewife_weibo_25.jpg)

File: abf737578b1bbf2⋯.jpg (61.37 KB, 900x487, 900:487, chineseman-e1507064111383.jpg)



Sounds like a nigger





>You didn't read what I said. They only want to humiliate you before they kill you off. They aren't promoting it even though anons just showed me they are.

Lol, quit shitposting. I'm pretty sure anon did read it. What you said is retarded. Like nigger, what the fuck do you think the goal is besides a form of humiliation via cuckoldry? You don't think it has to do with forcing societal acceptance and shaping opinions as well?

>No guys, them promoting racemixing isn't actually promoting the outbreeding of your race, it's just their little joke they're pulling on "us" to make fun of "us."

Your friends or brothers must not have let you in on this other side of the operation where they convince everyone but jews to all racemix and be dumbed down

52b88b  No.12861890


Lol, coalburners are gross. That feminine looking nig behind her reminds me of how some people are into degenerate things like shitting all over themselves and others during sex. Coprophiles I think they're called… Some people are just broken, like these two

f499e6  No.12861970

File: f5994dc8644c7f1⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Alice_Herz-Sommer-1-1024x6….jpg)

If you have nigger babies, white genocide ain't so bad, goyim.

9cb3c3  No.12862401

Seems to be a common theme in our society really. White guys are automatically condemned for shooting a black guy in self defense or a white officer shooting a black criminal meanwhile you never hear about the reverse. White people can't say nigger or they are dragged through the mud but black people say it and it's no big deal. It's cool for black guys to date white women, but not the other way around. Black people get special consideration for college but not white guys. Hollywood and media love to speak highly and praise blacks but dont praise white people the same. Our society is forcing tolerance so hard it's becoming intolerant of white people.

000000  No.12863522


Based. Fuck Americans and their (((melting pot))).

They spread this degeneracy throughout the world and then complain about it.

62f719  No.12863632

Can't wait to get rid of this filth.

92c57f  No.12863694


get jacked and kick the shit out of anyone that goes near her, woman are not rational creatures you just have to remove their options

92c57f  No.12863703


yeah tbh, but also to breed an ideal slave population

619942  No.12863730



As a married man with 2 kids (not the anon not getting pussy), I can say that the greentext is (sort of) right. Yes, give your wife more than she can handle in the bedroom. That teaches her real respect. No, you don't do it like that every time. There would be no point as she's already been taught. Just needs to happen from time to time, maybe every six months or so? Every time would be dumb, like I'm not gonna wear myself out just to make your legs shake lmfao gtfo

3abdf7  No.12863749

File: 90f79a39ac2feda⋯.jpeg (244.04 KB, 780x439, 780:439, B5A1183C-0B77-4827-B744-1….jpeg)


Jews have always been the power pushing race mixing for goyim.

3abdf7  No.12863767

File: 4ea8dc67a2c4fbe⋯.png (214.72 KB, 720x856, 90:107, 7974B404-D6F4-4530-A240-5A….png)


Oy vey!

a4c1e9  No.12867408

lol OP is a snowflake faggot offended by random nigga in random series on netflix, get a life loser :D

a0a077  No.12867729

File: 73c572716317a87⋯.jpg (746.13 KB, 3000x2561, 3000:2561, white_women_white_pill.jpg)



thanks for bumping the thread, kindly head back to bongobongoland like every straight-nosed person in the world wants you to, now

a0a077  No.12867760


>black boss

a0a077  No.12867761

File: a89481d10f8c1e4⋯.jpg (236.83 KB, 974x1071, 974:1071, barbface.jpg)



pic didn't load

e2c4c4  No.12871835


No wonder anywhere but the USA doesn't get even half of what they have due to bullshit copyrights.

And yet they wonder why Piracy is still a thing…

3912b0  No.12871944


>but also consider that if you pay taxes you're complicit.

You're practically forced to pay for taxes, while Netflix is a choice.

f927c3  No.12871948

So pathetic. Wasting your time on a show you don't even support because it offends your sensibilities. Literal Tumblr behavior.

3912b0  No.12871962


>That's a Jew Plot and I hope Generation Zyklon is smarter than this.

1999 here, of course I knew better - i've been with you guys since 2014 and lurked long before since.

caa87c  No.12872365


Acting is about faking and pretending. Jews are the best at that.

7d7afa  No.12872404


Netflix is run by a NOC CIA officer:


>He entered Marine Corps officer training through their Platoon Leader Class and spent the summer of 1981 in Officer Candidate School at Marine Corps Base Quantico. He did not complete the training and never commissioned into the Marine Corps, choosing instead to pursue service in the Peace Corps.[6]

>After graduating from Bowdoin College, Hastings joined the Peace Corps "out of a combination of service and adventure",[7] and went to teach high school math in Swaziland from 1983 to 1985. He credits part of his entrepreneurial spirit to his time in the Peace Corps.[7] "Once you have hitchhiked across Africa with ten bucks in your pocket, starting a business doesn't seem too intimidating."[8]

>…and went to teach high school math in Swaziland from 1983 to 1985.

Kind of like how Kevin MacDonald went to teach high school math in Jamaica from 1972 to 1974.

7d7afa  No.12872417


>but how come Netflix is losing money and it is still able to borrow us much as it needs ? that is interesting question, isn't it ?

Because it's a CIA and US military psychological warfare platform. This has nothing to do with money. It's about social engineering.

7d7afa  No.12872425


>Digital publishers like Netflix and Pornhub (Mindgeek) ultimately run very similar kinds of businesses.

They do in the sense that they're both CIA fronts.

bc5a78  No.12873346

This program may well be inappropriate. Not even going to bother watching it though. You're being triggered by something you don't have to watch or let your family watch nor would they likely watch it on their own. #tumblr You have no idea the backgrounds and diversity of the people who made this or who was in charge. You reach and grasp at lies that give you a convenient boogeyman to project all your insecurities onto. That's the blankest truth for many of you here though unfortunately.

69f8ba  No.12873571


You write for animeright? Good site

f62a38  No.12874861

File: e4c51b920dc3429⋯.jpg (136.08 KB, 800x895, 160:179, Child-sacrifice-to-Moloch.jpg)


White genocide is not a little joke.

The point is that they do not care about racemixing in particular, they want to torment and kill whites in the most terrible ways imaginable, their desire to make whites suffer outweights even their desire to erase them.

The ideal future from a jewish standpoint would be "I have no mouth but i must scream" for whites.

3b7f33  No.12874950

File: 77527bcebe5f0d6⋯.gif (997.05 KB, 222x162, 37:27, shock.gif)



a5a54c  No.12875302


>Netflix is subverting white children AGAIN.

Like they ever stopped.

5cf2b6  No.12877181

Yeah and people won't let me have sex with their farm animals because they're pushing this race mixing gay shit agenda into my sexual attractions harder than yours. Now you know how I feel.

3aaf61  No.12877196


>inspired by european cultures, aesthetics

inspired to have sex with them maybe. Some anime is good but there is more race mixing in modern seasonal anime than American TV when I quit watching it in the early 2000s

2ac187  No.12877229



2ac187  No.12877238


>being such a dumb nigger you don't catch the irony of gloating about recognizing your she niggers are disgusting even to you

155016  No.12877689

File: a0a431b96b7e33e⋯.jpg (303.07 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, critters-the-new-binge.jpg)

see yall in the comments

305a9b  No.12878218

good thing netflix panders to the complete retards in society.

top trending… 90/2000 era comedies and cape shit.

the 'kill whitey' shit is niche. did i spell niche right? dont care lol.

996546  No.12878510


I dont get the meme that sheboons are the ugliest

Niggers themselves are obviously the most repulsive creatures

227455  No.12878603

File: 5b0dc0ce4249190⋯.png (385.71 KB, 949x872, 949:872, Screenshot 7.png)

File: 0dd0d35e623472e⋯.png (529.14 KB, 1091x786, 1091:786, Screenshot 5.png)

File: f1d709a7eb91f9c⋯.png (383.3 KB, 959x706, 959:706, Screenshot 2.png)


Yes, some people on pol are realizing the magnitude of the situation.

Netflix is GOVERNMENT RUN. In fact, The vast majority of all major corporations in the United States are GOVERNMENT RUN.

The vast majority of all media is controlled by the government. This includes alternative so called "Right Wing" Media. It is about time pol wakes up and smells the coffee. This is way bigger than you could possibly imagine.

f31d78  No.12878617

Notice how the kike shills keep replying to this piece of shit post so it remains front and center. Whoever made this thread should be necked along with anyone replying to it without saging. You fucking sick demented faggots are too stupid to see that you are keeping an image of a NIGGER KISSING A WHITE GIRL on the top of the motherfucking catalog for MONTHS. Why are you morons so god damned stupid to fall for these tricks ever time? FUCK YOU.

2093df  No.12879651



this is why you always lose, you fail to identify WHY they hate whites and love blacks, it is because their physiological traits, social justice and "progress" ia about the law of might where the STRONG rules the weak! the left is outright eugenicists and aims to remove the "weaklings" form the genepool.

7da5ed  No.12879845


I've been avoiding everything made, produced, directed, funded or curated by jews for 14 years now.

Even if you're not paying for it: do not consume it. Just like fastfood, avoid at all cost.

638557  No.12879862


We were here first this is our country back to the Safari you apeman

c00b8d  No.12879876


Asians are our true allies in the race war that is coming.

7bd909  No.12882430


Netflix and Tesla are the 2 companies with the biggest cash burn rates in recorded history. They are fantasy companies and the very moment that they fail to find people who will sponsor them equity, they will go bankrupt. And it is a good thing

7bd909  No.12882436


>niggis are only getting our basket case females

what a waste

e2eec5  No.12882504


Why are you bumping this thread you CUCKED FAGGOT?! Are you a kike or just a brain-damaged cuckold? Every time you bump this thread you are forcing everyone who looks at the catalog to essentially partake in your cuckold porn, by looking at a picture of a nigger molesting a White girl. Stop bumping the thread you pathetic piece of dogshit! SAGE MOTHERFUCKER.

33dcd5  No.12885247

48f0c6  No.12889105


thank that cunt from the obama admin that went over there.

then again i believe the ceo is a descendent of Sigmund Freud

9f13f0  No.12889304


>whitey get cucked

>black get white pussy

>whitey become homo

prep the bull

wouldn't be surprised if this becomes the homo route with another white trap

60bc1e  No.12889900


And yet you still have Netflix? Netflix is anti white and yet you still give them money. Keep it up

3aaf61  No.12890253


>This includes alternative so called "Right Wing" Media

At least try to stay on topic Morpheus

3e7302  No.12890505


Imagine that this is normal and we are the fringe

7d952d  No.12893911


Never saw this one coming

88059c  No.12893923

File: 45cdc842ea55d16⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 422x751, 422:751, 1427611178481.jpg)


>Gatherers out in the bush rarely have children,

"Actually goyim without white intervention Africa would be a happy healthy place where all the niggers live in harmony with nature and themselves"

>because it's so hard to raise them

>implying niggers have foresight

Gas yourself kike.

000000  No.12898478


517569  No.12909175

File: 502a5de3bec6e76⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 580x387, 580:387, legacies-season1-episode11….jpg)


It's everywhere. I just tried to watch first episode of something called 'Legacies" that had all these young white girls romantically paired with 'groids. I had to turn it off.

1d5772  No.12916015


>The vast majority of the United States government is CORPORATION RUN


334d94  No.12919893

Genuinely why would anyone care about interracial couples?

e7c65b  No.12922436


The white guy should go Christchurch on the whole school to restore his honor

000000  No.12929369


building sacred grounds by the end of the gun

562616  No.12930105

You guys are still going on about interracial relationships? holy shit, this is so lame.

5d0d30  No.12930119


As long as the propaganda problem persists why would we stop mentioning it?

24bd31  No.12930138


Fuck you nigger.

05a814  No.12930207


this is expert wisdom right here lads

9ddd79  No.12930278

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume this thread has been rebumped by shills drawn by the recent shooting and saying "this is a good thing!" or some other ultra-cucky nonsense.

9ddd79  No.12930301

File: 5391531993a59e6⋯.jpg (954.46 KB, 2602x1610, 1301:805, US Blacks - Products of Ra….jpg)

File: 2d035985499da86⋯.jpg (2 MB, 1992x7208, 249:901, Black Fathers.jpg)

File: a5a75a1b397acba⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 3072x4784, 192:299, Black Fathers - Why.jpg)

File: b7c59e301d59532⋯.jpg (614.95 KB, 880x3212, 20:73, Bocuck Yes (An) Hero.jpg)


Sup Junior.

3b0990  No.12931548


go back to reddit

60c4a5  No.12932819

OMEGA LUL!!! I found all the incels in one place.

bbfc2f  No.12932859


You don't belong here, normie nignog.

d3a503  No.12932909

Lots of insecurity in this thread lol

Ya'll need some pussy/Jesus

6ef336  No.12933157


Which character in is the niglet in the third image? I don't remember seeing him in Boku No Academia

62e507  No.12933236


You don't need to worry about that, Miura would never let a western company animate Berserk

d3a503  No.12933242


lol you're going to die alone

a7c9a9  No.12936532

File: fcc6759824783b8⋯.png (86.48 KB, 465x233, 465:233, image.png)

The way to meme this is to say it's racist against black women.

"Why netflix keep tryna make strong black men turn they back on they own kind?"

e0f407  No.12938332

u know ur a pussy if you're afraid of netflix. bunch of faggots.

bdab6d  No.12945433

File: 186ca4097273b87⋯.png (108.64 KB, 450x473, 450:473, netflix cianiggers.png)



You might want to wait a little longer or find a different topic to talk about if you want to make your IP-hopping look legit, Levy.



See above.




See above.




See above.


>we be so strong that every other peoples on the planet have colonised us

They REALLY aren't sending their best.



bdab6d  No.12945444


Excellent tactic.

000000  No.12945879

this is literally the tamest netflix trailer ive seen in a while

0430a0  No.12946605

You know, a lot of people don’t love themselves. And they go through life with deep and haunting emotional conflicts. So the length of life means that you must love yourself. And you know what loving yourself also means? It means that you’ve got to accept yourself.

-Martin Luther King Jr.

518321  No.12951918

File: e8a547889006676⋯.png (19.45 KB, 300x309, 100:103, !RageFace.png)

File: c3c4c761e434483⋯.jpg (71.42 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1469054660294.jpg)

File: a12d96b88a377a0⋯.jpg (166.16 KB, 396x409, 396:409, 1472819343330.jpg)


>that uncontrollable muscle twitching on the face you get when you see something you utterly despise.

Western Collapse can't come fucking sooner.

d84732  No.12953790


Wish I could give my life for our dear Furher. The allure has been growing steadily post redpill.

2c3eec  No.12953802


I feel you brother, i literally want to nuke thoses niggers so much.

3c71ef  No.12953822

File: 23bbd3e3967dd18⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 450x592, 225:296, [32].jpg)


>disgusting gentile whore


pick one

43365c  No.12954233


That's just as fucking bad. Try an actual lobby that protects your guns, like gun owners of america. NRA are faggot boomers and have a hand in all the big gun control bills.

e5319d  No.12956193


This is essentially what happened to Walt Disney. Created brilliant cartoons that were beating out Jewish propaganda psy-ops in the public eye. Right before Disneyworld was set to open, an idea taken from Hitler, he mysteriously (((dies))) from lung cancer.

Then his piece of shit brother Roy sold the company to Jews so they could reinvent everything as a mechanism for degeneracy.

My Uncle worked as Roy's personal VIP tour in Disneyworld, and you wouldn't believe how deep the rabbit hole goes. Uncle was able to play the gay game all the way to become Disneyworld Ambassador, only to be excommunicated for being a bad goy and whistleblowing to his Nazi Nephew.


43f817  No.12956872


it's seen by the market as customer acquisition costs.

the endgame of Netflix is to become the sole (or at least by far and away the largest) programming network and essentially absorb the old guard via hostile financial takeover using debt as a weapon.

the large networks cannot outspend Netflix, so the more debt Netflix accrues and the more subscriber-ship grows the more valuable Netflix is seen as by the market as a whole.

Netflix is essentially buying market value and will continue to raise rates as it clearly becomes the only game in town for the majority of normie TV viewers.

It's a brute force attempt to replace cable networks with a hegemonic streaming network that reduces the power of cable providers by leveraging ISPs' subsidized networks.

43f817  No.12956885


that's bullshit.

post proof or gtfo.

988469  No.12957067

Kikeflix is cancer

43f817  No.12957324


who's next?



will we approach a tri-governed world as Orwell and Huxley prescribed where three mongrelized and programatically bred races are pitted against each other in order to use fear and base instincts as a control vector in the NWO?

is such a world not already an extension of the existence we already live, yet in a distilled form that may yet provide some semblance of continuity for the human race?

African and Mulatto races are vastly outnumbered by the Chinese, as are Caucasians. What makes you think we are not all in the same sinking boat struggling to throw each other overboard while the enemy ship continues to pepper the sides of the hull again and again?

we are but slime upon the darkened corner walls of history and future generations will remember us all as such.

db7db0  No.12957338


The Asians are second most superior race on this planet after whites. If the Jews wipe out the Aryan race the Jewish virus will ooze from the carcass of white civilization and attach itself to China, Korea and Japan, where it will then infest. Whenever Jews appear sooner or later the host people will die.

3a7afd  No.12958149


Which is why we must wipe the jewish virus once and for all.

4b765e  No.12958222


I watched this show out of cringe curiosity.

It does have an indian chick that's together with a white guy, they're christian and apparently she's mad at him because he had sex before marriage. Then the mc said its ok to feel bad for not having enough sexual exp and the reddot said "It's not that, I've done anal before"

Also, this show is very good for cringe.

It has so many abhorrent stuff, like even a white guy (who was straight all throughout until that scene) sucking black dick.

90ccf7  No.12958441


Reminds me of https://www.murdochmurdoch.net/video/?play=Yellow%20Dawn

4b765e  No.12959072


I smell a kike.

2e0496  No.12961443

File: 4c863562c3b4c74⋯.jpg (272.66 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181117-051502….jpg)

File: 7aeb40fe4f67dfc⋯.jpg (280.05 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181117-055117….jpg)

File: 0d7585f7036b96e⋯.jpg (286.15 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181213-001829….jpg)

File: fd006f632215c4c⋯.jpg (329.87 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181213-001849….jpg)

File: f459deec6dc9199⋯.jpg (276.09 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181213-005433….jpg)



d513dd  No.12961499


Is that a black jew in the fourth pic?

dcc433  No.12964382

File: ee58295d8d26539⋯.png (1.74 MB, 800x3857, 800:3857, 1501358243648.png)

Nobody but boomers even watches TV anymore

6c549c  No.12967854

Who will leave first if two black men have a "child"?

3961ea  No.12968022


You posted an image of internet based subversion while stating dismissively? that no one watches TV anymore in a thread in which the first word said is "Netflix".

What the fuck are you getting at exactly?

000000  No.12968422


Netflix just came out with a movie called "Girl". Its about a Swedish (I think) tranny and his "transition". She / He's a ballerina in the movie (I don't know if the actor is a boy or girl - looks like a typical blonde Swedish girl). Its in a foreign language, and seems to be scripted to promote the normalization of trannies among extremely White and blonde Germanics.

I never felt that motivated to cancel Netflix until now. I won't be watching anything on it ever again.

0ecb96  No.12968904

a942b4  No.12968956


e71112  No.12969164

Honestly I am white woman from Russia (russian women are considered some of the most beautiful in the world). Im 0% attracted to white men. Many just look cold,too many effininate, too many unemotional etc. The most attractive guys are black or latino. And I wouldnt mind having mixed kids with a latino or black man. They are wayyyy cuter than pure white kids and grow up to be extremely good looking. If a guy is white its a turn off tbh. Not that i hate them but they just dont have any chemistry and are too self centered/fat/ugly…

9e0e72  No.12969395


It's because white guys are some of the most uninteresting, sheltered, unfun guys on the planet. It's like, I want to be abused ya know? They just limpdick bend to everything you say and try hard to make you happy and shit. Weak AF tbh. Some nice dark chocolate dude knows whats up, makes me chase him, gets me wet.

e0917c  No.12969460


фотку сисек или пиздишь, говно.

cf7078  No.12969464



Grrr. What angering words. Better start calling you names and talking about how your coalburners or need to be a white man's slave or…hhha fuck it. Are you serious? Lol, what a joke. Stop jerking off, this is mental masturbation. Nobody cares. "Oh no white guys don't do it for me…" (That'll get those filthy incels frothing at the mouth!)

Ok then.

768a3e  No.12969867

File: f47d22669069cff⋯.jpg (3.12 MB, 5248x2952, 16:9, IMG_20190318_164846.jpg)

Lol I thought you guys were just making stuff up haha

2c574a  No.12969933

File: b86fb5b6ae2bc7d⋯.png (88.27 KB, 4584x3856, 573:482, ∩ 19.png)

Super active and minimal rules /pol/ server, allows Christchurch discussion/media sharing unlike all of the other (cucked) servers:




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