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File: ddb12454df263a0⋯.png (283.76 KB, 1157x712, 13:8, pedos.PNG)

f0b8a0  No.12661967

possible pedos found

looks like blazechan dev might be a chan where pedos are communicating, and potentially sharing child porn outside of the site

everything on the site was legal but pervs are sharing pics of 12 year olds (clothed) like they were jewtube thots

I suspect site admins are involved in something bigger, given the language they use.


99c646  No.12661979


Hello reddit

b992d2  No.12662014


lol what was even the point of your response? you do know that sage does not down vote right… like on reddit?


3ad431  No.12662047


Makes sense… for you. Pedophile.

72cdbd  No.12662063

File: dca80b4f222c67b⋯.png (700.04 KB, 920x609, 920:609, pedopopecatholicchurch.png)

File: 3dcbcfb109c46fb⋯.png (408.36 KB, 791x992, 791:992, australian_policerancpwebs….png)


1. This should go in the pizzagate thread, rather than a new thread

2. You have no idea how bad things really are

f0b8a0  No.12662087


haha ok. funny how you didn't sage this time, like you didn't know before I told you. I bet you feel pretty stupid, huh? haha lurk more fag


forgot about that thread, thanks. I submitted to DoJ so maybe something will happen, but I doubt it. would be funny if I came back to that site in a month and it was down. I tried to check the offending boards for further info but I got a 404. maybe locked down or already deleted, who knows.

607ee7  No.12662350

Do you even know what site you're on right now?

b992d2  No.12662414


bxjdjs sjdjeidjdjdj jshshaysh shhdbbdbd

3ad431  No.12662416


This time? So you’re not a pedo, that narrows it down to a bot or retard. Don’t sage such an important topic with such simplicity next time then you utter dickhead.

4892fc  No.12662425


Luke, is that you again?

bea05d  No.12662586


Is this you OP


bea05d  No.12662602


kek, this reminds me of the time a feminist korean pedo got granted bail in australia

b992d2  No.12662653





this is something like the third time ive heard people asking for a guy named luke in the past few months. who is that?

no, the jewtube post was not mine. also to the spreg screaming retard, i am OP and i saged becuase i wanted to throw gibberish at the “do you know where your at post” in order to see if i got a response since it was most likely a chatbot, but i didnt want to shit up the board while doing it; not like that really matters here anymore anyway. if i want to polite sage my own fucking thread, i will.

72cdbd  No.12662684

File: 8e790157c60c432⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1366x4505, 1366:4505, australian_rulingtorespect….jpg)


> reminds me of the time a feminist korean pedo got granted bail in australia

It's almost as if the judges protect pedos isn't it anon?

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