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File: 83491877e8f45c1⋯.png (256.21 KB, 450x399, 150:133, TAD.png)


Welcome to /tech/ - ∞chan's technology board.

Please check the rules before you post:


Looking for hardware or software recommendations? Check out the InstallGentoo Wiki:


/tech/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics.

/tech/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site. We have stickies for that. Keep those kinds of posts in there.

For tech support, software recommendations, and other questions that don't warrant their own thread, please use the '/tech/ Questions and Support' sticky.

For consumer advice, please use the consumer advice sticky located below.

For meta discussion, please go to >>>/metatech/.

For desktop threads, homescreen threads and ricing, please go to >>>/rice/.

For tech support/issues with computers:

https://startpage.com/ or https://ixquick.com (i.e., fucking Google it)



If you can't find what you're looking for and still need help, post in the tech questions sticky.

Looking to switch over to GNU/Linux? Don't know where to start?

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>>>/wg/ - Wallpapers General

Nerve Center combination: https://nerv.8ch.net/tech/agdg/biz/cyber/emacs/sci/electronics/laboratory/hamradio/lv/make/netplus/prog/rice/t/templeos/vape/vir/wg/

File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

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What filesystem for an SD card that can be read on both Windows and Linux?

File: 9cd31551fedf586⋯.png (4.65 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dollarsign.png)


Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.

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I overclocked it to the same ghz. I mostly play siege, gta V through proton, and bunch of other shitty FPS.

File: 99ed92ce22f791a⋯.jpg (191.36 KB, 996x747, 4:3, dos-calculadoras-voyage-20….jpg)

File: 4a7400989373ccc⋯.png (166.4 KB, 420x320, 21:16, product-nspire-cx-hero.png)

File: 5855c4574254bbd⋯.png (195.41 KB, 420x320, 21:16, product-nspire-tp-cas-hero.png)


Is the Voyage 200 too OP?

Is easy to program for and to modify, objectively better than anything before, its CAS already too. The only pros the nspire calculators can hold is color screen and templates for operations.

If someone from the HP and Casio corner can enlighten us it would be very appreciated.

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>device with real physical buttons, IR and serial ports (as well as others potentially), and a battery life measured in months or years is a 'larp machine'

Why carry a government tracker phone to monitor your habits when you can use a calculator instead?



You got that the wrong way.

When you use a phone, you're using an overpriced device LARPing as a calculator.


File: 63c2816fdad85c0⋯.jpg (67.4 KB, 550x530, 55:53, cbbfd246361911f56d9ceddc3f….jpg)




I mean sure as hell the le maymay braindead ovaltine drinking spooge niggers on this board don't have anything useful to work on since they all have <2.5 high school GPA's. This is just pure LARP, devices that can compute numbers are everywhere now. Calculators are just fat pieces of shit made for people who want to feel smart and are produced by (((TI))) and (((HP)))


File: 238148c45b9d67c⋯.jpeg (90.93 KB, 500x386, 250:193, s.jpeg)

File: d3ca8c6fa0cf06a⋯.jpeg (30.09 KB, 728x481, 56:37, sr.jpeg)

File: ddd185bdf0e768b⋯.jpeg (89.36 KB, 492x538, 246:269, slide_rule.jpeg)


>Calculators are just fat pieces of shit made for people who want to feel smart



How many digits can this store per variable? is it possible to RSA/ECC/NTRU/SIDH with this?

File: 597df4418798032⋯.png (418.7 KB, 800x600, 4:3, olivermath-2018.11.10_01.1….png)




you have to compile the game in order to test it

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I don't think you know what bloat means.


Of course there's no serious reply to these posts, much easier to act all ironic and bury your head in the sand.


I'll make the logo.


File: 532ef350b7334e8⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 30nccwm.jpg)

Nobody wants to play a bunch of lame open source mascots. If FLOSSfags were smart they would have been making 2hu games.



That's impossible, FLOSSfags can only give birth to the ugly and the boring.



I'd prefer more animal characters over anime girls. Not like the penguin and bison, more like that platypus girl and the krita goat.



>GNU/TH06: The Embodiment of Proprietary Devil

>GNU/TH07: Perfect S-expression

>GNU/TH08: Hacker's Night

>GNU/TH09: Phantasmagoria of Free Software

>GNU/TH10: Mountain Of Freedom

>GNU/TH11: Hardware Animism

>GNU/TH12: Undefined Pointer to an Object

>GNU/TH13: Four Freedoms

>GNU/TH14: Double Floating Point

>GNU/TH15: Legacy Of Stallman's Kingdom

File: 93ea337876868f3⋯.jpeg (24.16 KB, 375x210, 25:14, A4B47640-FA5B-47D3-AEB8-6….jpeg)


A literal tub of shit. It’s definitely a step up from Windows 10.


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>needing to shit





File: 62f1c4de0d2679c⋯.jpg (167.89 KB, 422x422, 1:1, i0_kym-cdn_com_2018-11-14_….jpg)



File: 69492683a271216⋯.jpg (363.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1015596-dick-figures-team-….jpg)


So basically this anime became real youtube.com/watch?v=d8A1M3hD1jk

File: b52ca02dcfd230d⋯.png (198.68 KB, 600x512, 75:64, nano2.png)

File: e98a8e4631b1632⋯.png (285.37 KB, 1354x706, 677:353, ClipboardImage.png)


Old thread, >>>/tech/991375 has hit 400 replies and is no longer bumping.

>What is nanochan?

Nanochan is an imageboard with its software written in Lua.

>Why is it speshul?

Nanochan does not use or require Javascript in any way, shape or form.

Nanochan is totally immune to XSS due to the fact that it does not use Javascript combined with a restrictive Content-Security-Policy header. To date, zero security flaws have been exploited.

Nanochan operates exclusively through a Tor hidden service and does not restrict Tor users in any way. Clearnet users may use a tor2web gateway.

Nanochan's source code is small, reasonably clean and easy to understand.

The website itself is available at http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion

The most recent source code is always available at http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion/source.lua

Use this thread for feature suggestions, questions, etc. Feel free to use the /test/ board on nanochan to check for bugs and vulnerabilities.

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Can I make my own boards or am I subject to the whims of your friends like cuckchan?



>Can I make my own boards





LOL go back to the 90s grampa



But you can host your own nanochan. Which is a lot more freedom than creating shitty, non active, and forgettable meme boards.



The goal here is to improve things. Not repeating the same mistakes and end up with 5,000 boards about animal porn.

File: c77a99f6bc50f65⋯.png (91.93 KB, 530x398, 265:199, ClipboardImage.png)


Best jewtube alternatives?

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Why not take a few seconds and try it yourself for fucks sake.


>Bitchute has the finances because (((you))) are the product, they sell your behavior to companies which they call "analytics". They make money out of users.

This was what the vid.me platform tried to do and they went bankrupt over bandwidth costs, that model doesn't work.

And what data would Bitchute be selling anyways? All their videos have a magnet link at the bottom for a torrent so if you wanted to see who's watching what and get their IPs it's incredibly easy to do so without paying anything.


I'm not saying that they aren't selling user information that's entirely plausible. But right now they're trying to portray themselves as a public access style television network for the internet age and are soliciting donations from members. Their meter for it has been stuck at 60% for over a week now and users are wondering what's up.



>This thread is about actual video streaming services.

Start one.


The moron above you knows the costs are so high, Bitchute is miraculously doing it out of the goodness of their heart.

Meanwhile Peertube node actually share peer info to distribute bandwidth, while Bitchute remains a centralized service off their own webseeds & tracker.

This shit is extremely similar to the "free speech" gab.ai that was just shutdown.


NewPipe is a good mobile alternative. Has anyone here had a negetive experience with it?



enjoyed reading this i must say


what about hooktube?

File: d5315eee29323e0⋯.jpg (166.92 KB, 1022x768, 511:384, 1hjhevqqnff01.jpg)


One day I'll get all the project managers I can find in a room and give them a GCSE maths paper to complete. Every five minutes I'll tap them on the shoulder and say "Can you stop what you're doing and move onto question 10?" and "How is your progress going on question 5?".

Once every twenty minutes I'll make them sit in a small room and talk on a conference call where someone is screen-sharing a Jira instance with all the questions marked as Jira tickets and I'll ask them to t-shirt size each one.

Then, at the end of the three hours allocated for the paper I'll ask them to stop and explain why, when the estimated time for the paper was three hours, they haven't completed it.

If I’m really cruel I’ll tell them that it’s a first draft and to stick any old numbers in as the answer and then they can fix it all tomorrow.

Of course tomorrow will actually be the second maths paper.

I’ll also choose one person at random to skype call with a room full of shouty people who want to know why, when they add two odd numbers, they keep getting an even one and WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!

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It's one thing to do your job. It's another thing to be needlessly distracted by your superiors. Programming is a job that demands pure mental concentration for the act of solving sophisticated computational logic problems. Granted that the most common business applications follow the CRUD model and make use of middleware that solves a huge portion of programming effort, there are still plenty of unique requirements that require a sophisticated consideration of logic.

What OP is bitching about is clueless managers who complain about illogical matters. No amount of work is possible to solve contradictory requirements.


File: 16f37cbbc2375c1⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1541300611523.jpg)


>When you add two odd numbers you get an even number



what are you implying?



>when they add two odd numbers, they keep getting an even one

Is that supposed to be hard?



Yes. Adding two whole numbers always results in an even number. What's your point?


I'd like to conceal my identity as much as possible while shopping online. I try not to resort to online transactions in my daily consumer habits, in part because of privacy, but also because cash is just generally better for budgeting. I'm not Opsec paranoid about having my identity found out, but I don't want to make it easy for retailers to create a consumer profile about me.

I've toyed with the idea of prepaid cards and gift cards. Paying in cash for digital credit at a brick and mortar won't stop the FBI from coming after you, but it does address the inherent problem of disclosing your credit card online. The former is expensive, inefficient, and often times has high fees and all sorts of gotchas they don't disclose when purchasing the card. The latter is better but also a walled garden.

Then there's the fundamental issue of where to ship your merchandise, if you're buying physical commodity. I PO box seems like a good idea initially, but, even with an alias (which, I think, might be illegal to do), you're still associating yourself with one or two recipient accounts–not only that, but you're associating yourself with a static recipient even if you move, so it can even be detrimental. You can persuade someone, such as a neighbor, to be a proxy for your stuff, but that has to be a relationship with a lot of trust, not to mention patience for our obsessive insanity. You could accept their packages while they accept your packages in a kind of pseudo-onion routing way of concealing your actual buying habits, but that seems unrealistic.

Is it hopeless? Does anyone else have this concern, or am I just unhealthily concerned with this topic to detract from other anxieties in my life I have less perceived control over? If there are people like me out there, maybe we can put our heads together and figure something out.

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



In many countries there are automatic post machines at big stores etc. that only require you to enter a code that the vendor gave you.

You can eg. make anonymous paypal and email account, buy your stuff with those entering false info except for the store where you pick up and then just pick up the packet with the code they emailed you.


>Be me

>Go to store to buy keyboard

>They demand my full name, email and home address

>Socially anxious sperg so I just give it to them

Wtf, is this the future we are looking forward to?



You could buy gift cards to use online. Amazon and PayPal can be used in a lot of online stores. Get the items delivered to a local store. Some have secure dropboxes where you enter a code to retrieve the item.



In my country, Amazon has the option to deliver to certain shops. They do not ask for a license or something, just show them the Amazon email and you get your package.

You could just give a false name and get it delivered three towns over.



you live in cyberpunk or some thing? the only time they ask for my information in america is when the place wants me to do one of those shitty membership.


You can pay cash for gift credit cards. There is a $5 charge to enable them which is kinda shit. You need to register them online before you can use them online, but you can use garbage info. The biggest issue is where to ship your item to. PO box is most certainly not anonymous. You can scout the neighborhood for homes with for sale signs, but you have to be careful they are empty. Dragon dildos are not cheap.

File: 350d9d33a82a758⋯.png (119.4 KB, 666x800, 333:400, 6822C827-9397-4F14-A823-83….png)


Where to begin? I want so much to be in control of my computer. Yet I don’t want to make the leap whereby I could potentially fuck up my hardware indefinitely. Wat do?

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I bet you could make all those games in ascii, and avoid the OpenGL botnet.






no, just play the games that come with emacs




AFAIK the 1000 series isn't completely supported by nouveau yet.


File: 04ccfb258955eda⋯.jpg (129.93 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, firefox froze again.jpg)


>instead of adding the ability to always select tabs from a list they add shit like pocket

>have to rely on shady addons for basic functionality

Are they TRYING to crash firefox with no survivors?

51 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


It's been taken over by the sjw tranny brigade. Form over substance, every new feature is a wasted bit of code.

We've entered the beginning of its end, anons.



I did't say ARM in general, I specified one processor. ARM Cortex-A7 and A53 don't do speculative execution. Most of the others do. And all the 64-bit x86 stuff does, but that platform has tons of other problems as well, like botnet firmware and shitty negative cpu rings since the 80386SLC chips, plus architectural cruft with lots of wiggle room for exploitation (see the memory sinkhole bug for just one example).



>beta cucks who will gladly write code that bombs sandniggers and kiss the feet of women.

One of these things is beta and pathetic. The other thing is rad and bad ass.



Footfag fuck off




I think he means the other one, baka.

There is nothing wrong with killing sandniggers but I want kikes to die too.

File: 3b5132bbcab05bf⋯.jpg (70.23 KB, 970x564, 485:282, micron-technology-ceo-sanj….jpg)


>"Imagine smart toilets in the future that will be analyzing human waste in real time every day. You don't need to be going to visit a physician every six months. If any sign of disease starts showing up, you'll be able to catch it much faster because of urine analysis and stool analysis."

I see your AI technology, and poo in it. The jokes just right themselves.



8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>India will be a world leading super pooer by 2030!



Don't care. Useless in India.




the winner each year gets a free trip to india



the turd trip


>when you get ideas from adult swim


File: 3398fb1a04493b9⋯.jpg (99.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, big_1501212063_image.jpg)









29 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 66e8ef9927db405⋯.webm (3.35 MB, 320x256, 5:4, 6843fb5a3a08782aa1cfab0fa….webm)


fixed your webm



How do?



ffmpeg -i foo.webm -vf vidstabdetect=stepsize=6:shakiness=8:accuracy=9:result=transform_vectors.trf -f null -
ffmpeg -i foo.webm -vf vidstabtransform=input=transform_vectors.trf:zoom=1:smoothing=30,unsharp=5:5:0.8:3:3:0.4 -vcodec libx264 -preset slow -tune film -crf 18 -acodec copy out.webm



Nice, thanks friend.



>judaism which is basically christianity without sodomy

t. Mr. Shekelstein

Nice try there but I see through (((you))).

File: a3e8c5429726645⋯.png (230 KB, 2510x1430, 251:143, opus-logo.png)


Before I roll my own program, need to double-check:

Is it true that there's currently no solution for sample-accurate lossless cutting of Ogg/Opus files?

There is vcut for Ogg/Vorbis, which, not surprisingly, only works with Ogg/Vorbis but not with Ogg/Opus.

I also tested ffmpeg and it's neither accurate nor lossless and also produces files with invalid duration metadata. (I mean, of course I use -c copy, but when cutting Opus stream, one has to leave alone a few packets at the beginning to let the decoder converge before using its output and ffmpeg doesn't do that because the pre-skip value is still 312 while it clearly should be more when seeking to a middle of a stream; source: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7845.html)

I'm too lazy to write (and read) in C in order to patch any of these, so that's out of question currently.

It seems the format itself isn't too complicated and the actual cutting doesn't require any computation intensive stuff so there's probably no problem doing that in Python (and that will remove all unnecessary troubles related to compilation and packaging and reduce chances of doing some nasty shit like memory corruption) but it's still quite a lot of spec reading and coding, so it'd be dumb to do this only to find it was unnecessary in the end.

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Is that even possible? If you want sample accuracy you would have to decode each frame, as you can't interact with it on a per-sample basis. I think to do this sample-accurately you would have to decode, then re-encode each packet.



It's possible because you can use special side-channel data to instruct decoder to drop specific number of samples at the beginning and at the end of stream.

See these parts of the specification:

> 4.2. Pre-skip

> ...

> The 'pre-skip' field MAY also be used to perform sample-accurate

> cropping of already encoded streams. In this case, a value of at

> least 3840 samples (80 ms) provides sufficient history to the decoder

> that it will have converged before the stream's output begins.


> 4.4. End Trimming


> The page with the 'end of stream' flag set MAY have a granule

> position that indicates the page contains less audio data than would

> normally be returned by decoding up through the final packet. This

> is used to end the stream somewhere other than an even frame

> boundary. The granule position of the most recent audio data page

> with completed packets is used to make this determination, or '0' is

> used if there were no previous audio data pages with a completed

> packet. The difference between these granule positions indicates how

> many samples to keep after decoding the packets that completed on the

> final page. The remaining samples are discarded. The number of

> discarded samples SHOULD be no larger than the number decoded from

> the last packet.



Oh that's pretty neat. Looking through the opus library docs they don't even have a method to interact with that. The smallest slice of data it deals with is a frame.

Looking through the docs though, the section you pointed out is from the ogg spec, so you probably want to be thinking about libogg. This shit is over my head, but https://xiph.org/ogg/doc/framing.html is probably worth a read through.


>absolute granule position

>The position specified is the total samples encoded after including all packets finished on this page

I don't see anything for offset so you can ignore samples at the start but, that seems to be where you would look. Also https://xiph.org/ogg/doc/libogg/ogg_packet.html is the object where you specify granulepos



.opus files are actually an ogg container

and opus audio is hardly ever stored in any other container except this and mkv (and mkv also supports something similar AFAIK)



I know. I'm just saying you would be working with the container's api, rather than dealing with the codec

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