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File: 6477542ad536220⋯.jpg (15.86 KB, 600x371, 600:371, RUSTED1.jpg)

File: 642d5d41fd177d9⋯.jpg (17.68 KB, 600x371, 600:371, RUSTED2.jpg)

File: a5602c05139e2a0⋯.jpg (19.87 KB, 600x371, 600:371, RUSTED3.jpg)


Interesting numbers on the usage for Rust in Firefox from Nov 1st 2017 to Nov 1st 2018:

Rust usage by lines of code has gone up from 3.7% to 6.24%.

We now have a total of 405,379 lines of Rust vs 6,091,861 lines of C/C++.

More interestingly at this point the amount of Rust has increased by 172,839 lines of code vs 38,241 for C/C++. This is the cumulative amount of additions and removals over the last year. For a large part of the year C++ was trending down.

So at this point we've added 4.5X as much Rust as C/C++ over the past year! Note: this number is volatile as we tend to add large chunks of code on both sides (think WebRTC, WebRender, etc). Overall it looks like we're trending towards adding more Rust and removing more C++

How does this make you feel, /tech/?


Go to bed Steve


who cares must of us dont use it because it is a botnet.



Which one do we use?



furryfox XDDDD


tor browser btfo


>SJW browser using SJW language

No news



>Mixing C++ and C


File: 0e95443206ac8f0⋯.png (242.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, StatCounter-browser-ww-mon….png)

Why does anybody donate money to mozilla? It's not even like anyone uses firefox anymore, and even then they don't even spend the money on firefox. They blow it on meme shit like rust and pocket, then give the rest away to negresses



They are both unsafe.


File: 06428c8aae773de⋯.png (221.84 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, StatCounter-browser-ww-mon….png)


That graph is actually a year old. The newest one is even worse. So much for FF quantum LMAO



I wonder how forks of FF, like pale moon are counted. As firefox or other...

Also, holy moly UC Browser did way better than I expected. Enjoyed it quite a bunch



Most forks have their own user agent, so they're probably in other


absolutely indifferent, seems to run faster than it used to before they switched to rust



george soros probably


File: d058be1565b5e51⋯.png (104.06 KB, 195x80, 39:16, firefoxtakethewebback.png)

I miss these halcyon days.



>How does this make you feel, /tech/?

The comparative is not correct there's like 60 different programming languages in firefox.

> Overall it looks like we're trending towards adding more Rust and removing more C++

Removing C++ is good. Saying that it's trending is retarded since Mozilla are the one who adds rust code.


It shows how shit rust is. Ever since they release version 60, firefox became an even worse piece of trash. It didn't use to crash before then.


File: 58417479bff01bc⋯.png (484.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 58417479bff01bc1f65f210f8c….png)

Imagine being so obsessed with Rust that you care whether firefox is 3% or 6% of it.


File: 46f17866bc1956c⋯.webm (10.61 MB, 896x504, 16:9, ex-rust-developer-intervi….webm)

How is that interesting? Rust is one of the many money sinks Mozilla created, of course they're going to use it.


File: 6918a7f0682bf0c⋯.jpg (114.05 KB, 1169x657, 1169:657, Untitled.jpg)


Desktop marketshare is a different story

Has quantum even made it to mobile?






I don't think I will ever get tired of that webm.



Mozilla didn't create Rust. Rust already existed before Mozilla decided to sponsor the development of Rust.



it was created by a mozilla employee


Formerly good software is often ruined by buzzword shit. *shrugs* Don't care too much, if one formerly good thing becomes shit, usually someone will make a better version so good that we will forget the shit pile. It's the way of the tech world. Only thing I don't get about tech is the subculture of losers that don't code or solder or anything, just masturbate to anime while shitposting on imageboards. You know, people such as: ==that cocksucker known as OP==


Excellent. Firefox will have less exploits.



I realized you are all a bunch of faggots. I write embedded C software for a living, have experience with a couple of different languages and read more in depth about Rust recently. And I see nothing wrong with it. It enforces compile-time checks which eliminate most of the issues which C code introduces. Its performance is close to that of a C program. Its syntax is kind of ugly, but I used to write Perl, so it's not that bad. Besides all that, it is definitely a step forward and I believe it will contribute to writing more memory safe software. Understanding memory allocation in C is a necessary thing for every programmer, but the industry needs something like Rust to create secure software. Ada is also a great option, sadly it is not being used for anything.

Also, firefox is not that bad, tbqh. I'd rather use it than chrome any day. Does any of you have a legit argument against Rust, which is not related to CoC or it being funded by Mozilla?


File: b1972253576bc28⋯.webm (8.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Theo_de_Raadt_vs_Rust_(Eu….webm)


Don't you have some cocs to suck, rustfag?



>1.6MB hello world executable




That's the worst indictment of Rust that isn't a CoC? Rust is doing very well in practice.



>anti Rust shills now have to resort to outright lying

Rust really is winning



>It didn't use to crash before then




What a UNIX weenie.

<Y-you haven't implemented all of POSIX in that language so it doesn't count

<Even though you are talking about memory safe languages I'm going to say that it isn't safe because everyone can make bugs XD

For the record, I'm not a fan of rust but I'm surprised that such an academic language has become so popular.



>surprised that such an academic language has become so popular

Nothing worth using is written in rust



One: you can write memory safe software with C/C++ if you know what you are doing. Most developers don't know what they are doing and don't care. Caring about writing good software doesn't get software written.

Two: numerous tools exist to check for memory unsafe operations in C or C++: developers don't use them because they don't care.

Three: Ada failed because programmers like to write [code] while ((*(c++) = getchar()) != EOF) ; [code] This is demonstrably garbage code, but you average programmer likes it because it makes them feel clever, something that they are not.

Now, as for Rust. I don't care. I want to see demonstrable performance improvements before I try the meme language of the day. I would rather write my own meme language of the day. If the tool does not make me more productive at solving old problems, or allow me to solve new problems, then I will use my old tool, despite the fact that many of my peers are fucking retards.



Most users are happy with the preinstalled chrome on their phones, it's a completely different story to PCs


Who cares about them using some fucking meme language.

I just want them to stop fucking ruining the usability.

control + tab does not switch to the next tab anymore but instead opens a retarded windows-like window switcher.

And fuck them for removing support for tab groups and the possibility to implement such extensions.


File: 652506a765b8508⋯.webm (9.8 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Ex-Mozilla dev talks abou….webm)


File: 703342e96045856⋯.mp4 (10.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ex Mozilla Employee on Dru….mp4)





Pre-botnet firefox and lynx


File: 9e0327263f847f2⋯.png (151.36 KB, 1045x580, 209:116, ClipboardImage.png)

>>Which one do we use?



Don't be this nigger.




>what is Iridium



>It's not even like anyone uses firefox anymore

Lots of enterprises put Firefox by default because Chrome is spy and Edge is shit. No one knows Opera/Brave/Vivaldi.

Schools also uses it a lot.

Don't take your case for everyone else's




>Iridium has Google Safe Browsing enabled by default.

Great. Waiting for the day you can't access infinitychan anymore.



You can still block the jewgle safe browsing and other botnet domains though.



>Lots of enterprises put Firefox by default because Chrome is spy

I work in a processing center for a major bank, and Chrome is installed on every employees machine. Chrome is much more appropriate for enterprise use than firefox, I would honestly be surprised if any large corporations distribute firefox on their internal package managers



Ask your bank that is it okay to have their employees surveiled by the NSA. Protip: You will never find a decent answer from them.



Obviously they don't care, they snoop your web traffic themselves. Also google distributes "chrome for enterprise" which we use, and presumably it has less botnet in it to make s&c people happy



I work for ahem... something something the US government and Chrome is prohibited from our computers. Firefox can be requested, and Internet Explorer (not Edge) is the default browser.


File: ae092dc2728904d⋯.png (41.97 KB, 741x324, 247:108, mozilla_revenue.png)

File: 7b279d12585b2a7⋯.png (18.24 KB, 1029x200, 1029:200, iron_bing.png)


You've fallen for the lies on that website. It is just as bad as chrome, except some random guy spies on you instead. It's a terrible choice overall and it literally phones in your internet history to the developer. This picture is from when I ran it through MITMproxy, you can see every time you make a search it just copies that and sends it back home. It's a total botnet and the website is full of shit.




Iridium has safebrowsing and even lies about what server it makes the requests too. It's just not as good as something like Ungoogled-Chromium.

Iridium has Google Safe Browsing enabled by default. This means within 5 minutes after start and then periodically every 30(?) minutes, a request to iridiumbrowser.de (keeps a cache of the GSB data) is made to update the safe browsing database.
This is just a lie and it still makes the request to google, it doesn't request iridiumbrowser.de.


Just use ungoogled-chromium or something if you must use chrome.


Mozilla doesn't make any meaningful money out of donations. It's just there to help people feel like they are contributing and that it's run by a community. See image and also: https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/mozilla.html



I work for a medical industry that sells in 150+ country, Firefox is the official recommended browser. Chrome is still installed aside in case of incompatibilty.

But I'm not american, you certainly have less problem being spied by your government than us.

>Chrome Enterprise

His company unironically trusts Google and closed source software




Article is garbage and what's written down happens in every browser without at least uBlock.

It's default behavior for every fucking browser.

>no better than Chrome.

No. It is. It has all google crap removed. The core of what is wrong with chrome. WTF is wrong with you faggots?

>Spyware Level: EXTREMELY HIGH

>False Privacy Initiative

Great reason. Totally makes it spyware.

Spyware is software that spies on you.

Iron is just Chromium without google shit and different default start page and search engine and some stupid bookmarks.



What I also see and note is your spacing and your abuse of code blocks.



"Default behavior" is loading javascript from every conceivable social media site at once when you start it up?

"Default behavior" is sending copies of your internet searches to the developer?



>sending copies of your internet searches

Well, if you use any search engine it sends your internet search requests to the search engine.

>from every conceivable social media site

You know all those stupid buttons? Bet they are on that start page.



Is this an autistic rant that you shouldn't have to configure the software not to phone home to begin with, or are there actual unfixable botnet features in the current version of firefox?



>being anti-botnet is now autistic

The absolute state of /g/ refugees


>Mozilla using Mozilla's language

woah, mind blown



>Well, if you use any search engine it sends your internet search requests to the search engine.

Right, but this is different. It sends copies of your requests to the developer, who has NOTHING to do with the search service you are trying to access, and then sends the actual request to the search engine. That isn't acceptable at all. Look at the second screenshot of >>1005898 . It sends requests to two random sites ( one of which the developer owns ) that have nothing to do with the search engine. It's just spyware.

If I look something up on Bing, then only Bing should get my search. The browser has no business sending copies of that to the developer's site.

>You know all those stupid buttons? Bet they are on that start page.

Right, because it's using start.me, which pays browser developers to use their start pages. Either way how it happens isn't very important. The fact is that it's set up that way and that's bad.


Not phoning home should be the default, yes. Fixing Firefox and then auditing each update and fixing that too is possible however it isn't really worth the trouble. What if you just used a browser that didn't need to be fixed?



Okay, that's because srware-search.com is the default search engine which just sends you to Bing.

Who the fuck uses the default search engine?



>the default search engine which just sends you to Bing

So again, it's literally not a search engine. The search engine is Bing. srware-search is just spyware, it does absolutely nothing, except collection of information about you. Why is this acceptable to you?

You can change it, but that doesn't excuse it. You shouldn't have to fight your software for something as basic as privacy.


Could someone actually explain what's wrong with Rust, the programming language, without complaining about


which doesn't concern you if you're not a Rust contributor


a bunch of randoms on Github that you literally never have to interact with


a 16 year old legacy codebase still mostly written in C/C++, which has only improved with the addition of Servo components through Quantum

>not enough support

a) almost every foreign language library worth using has rust bindings available

b) it's only been 3 years since the first stable release and the selection of native libraries is already actually quite extensive



shut up fag


Rust is huge and nobody has ever audited it or provided an alternate implementation. Nobody knows where it's going or what it's for. It's just this huge, huge, difficult to compile, enormous interlocking web of botnet that nobody can hope to understand.

As a FORTH fag it makes me vomit.



This is exactly what is wrong with this board.



I'm not trying to make a judgment on the language but the valid concerns I've heard are to do with having to fight the borrow checker and the lack of momentum in the form of libraries and developers compared to more traditional systems programming languages. I've also heard the complaint that Ada does safe systems programming better. Comparing it to higher level languages like Clojure, or Idris, isn't fair so I won't be doing that but needless to say Rust doesn't fix the problems that higher level languages are trying to solve (making dsl's to solve probems and formal verification in this case).



>nobody has ever audited it or provided an alternate implementation


spotted the anti Rust shill






Happy to see the RIDF is still going strong, despite nobody using your faggy little language. Stay strong brothers




It's just me, Steve Klabnik. Thanks though :3



based steve



>some tiny portion of Rust has been audited by the same people who made Rust, amazingly they found nothing wrong with Rust and you should use Rust

So do you fucking faggots think anybody buys your shit?


Steve Klabnik is the Todd Howard of programming



>anti Rust shilling







absolutely incorrect.


>pro rust shilling without any argument

>thinks that rust is the supreme language




one drop, nigger



>you can write memory safe software with C/C++ if you know what you are doing

Maybe, maybe not. Some people can text while driving as well. Every now and then there are new exploits on all kinds of software which is written in a memory unsafe language. Humans make mistakes so by using a memory safe language we are minimizing our chances of failure. Memory safety is crucial for huge pieces of software that operate in the industry where human lifes may depend on it.

>numerous tools exist to check for memory unsafe operations in C or C++

This is correct, however sometimes your piece of software is so big that it is impossible to use something like valgrind on it and that's where compile-time checks would be most useful.

>Ada failed because programmers like to write [code] while ((*(c++) = getchar()) != EOF) ; [code]

I don't like its syntax, tbh. It reminds me of visual basic. Also I haven't seen any software written in it yet.



I have a more terrifying problem, firefox keeps creating "Desktop" folder when I try to upload pictures somewhere. What the fuck is wrong with it?



good question. I assume you're on GNU/Linux

You see there is a desktop folder inside the user folder on most OSs so it probably creates it while actually just looking for it because the file opener probably has a shortcut for it.

That would fit your description. Try recreating it and post a bug report. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org

Thing like that wouldn't terrify me.



>account required

Fuck no, can't be arsed.


i don't care what firefux is written in. get rid of about 500 thousand """features""" and i'll start to be interested in it


if you're still using sjwfox at this point, then you deserve the future you chose.


/tech/ can't admit rust is the best thing since sliced bread








is that the web developer version of Terry?



try to configure chromium so that no packets to daddy jewgle show up on wireshark and then we'll talk





I have switched dozens of people to Firefox (and Ublock Origin on top of that) over the years so at least some of us are taking action against Chrome botnet. What did you really do other than beating your dick off to graphs like those?


File: 608284848853032⋯.png (72.17 KB, 663x382, 663:382, fast-programs-different-pr….png)


I'm starting to believe there are shills who don't want people to not waste their time and use faggots as a scarecrow.


I don't like RUST at all.

Just you wait until they make it webassembly ready™ and prepare for exploits that will wipe your firmwares.






Both Firefox and Chrome have been Webassembly ready for a while.



>I'm starting to believe there are shills

/tech/ is full of anti Rust shills



You do realize that even ungoogled chromium still establishes connection to Google Mountain View CA IP address?

It's fricking botnets.

>I didn't read the article

Maybe you can even prove it yourself, Just get proxifier and monitor the connections yourself or if you're not stupid just use the native RESMON program and match the PID with the rogue connections or better yet configure firewall logs over your unlocked router and if not then use a packet sniffer over the same network with another PC or itself.



why are you quoting those shit websites as some sort of proof my dude?

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