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File: aa46a8920a8dd65⋯.png (98.79 KB, 1879x396, 1879:396, waterfox_2019-01-13_03-34-….png)

File: b6d834079fa1265⋯.png (56.19 KB, 1861x478, 1861:478, waterfox_2019-01-13_03-34-….png)

File: 6dddac5204a9dae⋯.png (128.57 KB, 1879x512, 1879:512, waterfox_2019-01-13_03-35-….png)


>Want to get back into wargaming

>Find very few companies that aren't pozzed to shit

>Like the looks of Kings of War

>Go check out the forum on Dakka Dakka as everything else is on facebook

>See a topic on making armies more varied

>Entire thread devolves into faggotry because of a furry

BO Edit: Congrats, your thread has been chosen!

Old Thread >>390219


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>dwarves now have a 20% chance of being either nonbinary, trans, gay, ?????, or straight. Of the straight ones, 70% are now female.



What would happen if /pol/ was deleted? Would they really infest other boards or just all move to discords destined to be shut down?



I suspect most would return to 4chan and reddit. There would be a small number of people who would stay as cross-posters elsewhere, but probably only on /v/. Some would move to discords and the like. A small number would prop up one of the smaller politics boards. But there's also a lot of good posters (of the few left) that would be lost from the deletion - self-moderation and balkanized boards was a big part of 8chan's philosophy. I hate what /pol/ is now, but I'd be extremely worried if it was simply erased to solve the problem.


Peak was probably the span from September 2014 to, at most, March 2015? Things were still mostly fine until August 2015. Quality jerked up and down throughout 2016 but followed a general downward trend. The foreigners in 2016 were bad, but it was 2017 when they decided to stay, but without the excitement of the election - I can't say exactly when Rome fell, but from 2017 onward it's almost unrecognizable to me.




The problem is that quality control is non-existent. The old moderation was retarded, but now it's somehow even worse. Deleting the board and remaking it in 6 months would probably do a world of good.



>The old moderation was retarded, but now it's somehow even worse.

See above, about how keeping this "non-political," or "politically neutral" only means allowing the left to go full-retard. There's an old saying about how a given community can never really improve while it's well-known, only degrade over time. So long as /pol/ exists on any given imageboard, it will only ever get worse.

A shame, really.

File: 38501789305348b⋯.png (460.95 KB, 859x1100, 859:1100, 7F1Ab.png)


March days return with their covert light,

and huge fish swim through the sky,

vague earthly vapours progress in secret,

things slip to silence one by one.

Through fortuity, at this crisis of errant skies,

you reunite the lives of the sea to that of fire,

grey lurchings of the ship of winter

to the form that love carved in the guitar...

...Enough of that, let's get with the sharing!!

Last thread:




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Is this game in the wild?








I only have the original version, not the revised . See Vola - Inner Temple


File: f5d6dd0f38bf51a⋯.jpg (45.69 KB, 457x630, 457:630, pic992459.jpg)

Friend and I have been trying to illegally download this cardboard for awhile now. We've got all the assets for the base game except for a pdf of the full scenario book. If anybody happens to have that, as well as any assets for the Mediterranean expansion, I would really appreciate it.


File: 0cbccec41cc0a80⋯.jpg (290.27 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, img000.jpg)

Recent scan for the OSRIC/OSR games. Exhumed Obscura.



File: 08bb5c67499a94c⋯.jpg (42.42 KB, 624x491, 624:491, FTTPI76H8CVKQOT.LARGE.jpg)


Can somebody please explain to me the actual fucking purpose of ability scores?

Seriously. What is the point of having 18 strength if, I try to break a door, and roll a 1?

Or why bother having 20 charisma if I'm just gonna have to roll whenever I use it, and depending on what the dice lands on, I succeed or fail?

Ability scores seem inherently pointless. Change my mind.



>Ability scores seem inherently pointless. Change my mind.

Outside of calculating the modifier I agree with you. There are some systems that actually use a roll under method which makes the bigger Ability score useful but for any system that doesn't do that there's no point in having it. Nowadays I just use modifier alone, makes things cleaner for me.


File: 9e92bbd5f03ae9c⋯.png (97.5 KB, 428x361, 428:361, melancholic_whew.png)


>what's the point of doing anything if it can sometimes not go the way I want?

>how do dice work?

>why measure things if I can lose???

>I don't understand randomization, therefore this mechanic serves no purpose

Somehow, you've partially understood the problem of relying on a single die with a flat probability curve, but arrived at the conclusion that the other mechanics are the problem. Additionally, you've identified a problem that is, in fact, covered by the rules. You are not supposed to roll the dice for every minor action to determine an outcome. The GM is supposed to use dice rolls as a method of guiding the story and creating moments of interest where failure and success both have narrative potential.



If you actually consult OD&D: Ability scores are used to determine class performance. Stronger Fighters advance in level quicker than weaker ones, as an example, while you get minor bonuses for DEX and CON. CHA is ironically the only important one, since it deals with how many Henchmen you can recruit, and how loyal they are.

You don't roll ability checks. The scores only come up when the situation demands. A beautiful witch comes across the party - she'll kill anyone with low CH, take the ones with high CH. A door is barred - it might require not a ST check, but a score at a certain level or higher. Of course, most just have the same flat chance regardless of strength, because it's an abstraction - the actual "difficulty" of a lock, door, etc. is not set before by a DC, it's set after by the die check.

B/X and AD&D began to introduce the cancer of ability modifiers as a major factor to the character, rather than a tool meant principally for flavoring. The cancerous character building of 3E and onward reduced them to nothing more than vessels for plus modifiers, to the point 5E even gives the modifier more precedent on the character sheet. It's all trash for inferior, trash systems.


>the d20 System is the only system out there

There are much better systems with flat probability dices out there. Cyberpunk 2020, for example or at least if you tweak the stupid perennial flat 10% failure chances


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Directly relevant to OP.

File: 79c29a16b226dee⋯.jpg (27.55 KB, 425x397, 425:397, 918TkODhXPL._SX425_.jpg)


I'm looking to add to my collection of board games, but I'm not sure what to get, tell me your absolute favorite(s). I'm not exactly picky about what kind of game it is. I already have Betrayal, Pandemic, Specter Ops, Mysterium, Scythe, and Tales of Arabian Knights.

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File: 79daef4b9717302⋯.pdf (2.76 MB, diplomacy.pdf)


Does Diplomacy count?

I mean, the "diplomatic phase" or "negotiations" expressly encourages private conversations (that may be eavesdropped upon) or creation of public and secret documents detailing the agreements. Going off the top search result for the rules pdf Yes, the board itself is public, but the game encourages backhanded, smoke room deals like almost no other.


Anyone know a good deckbuilding game that offers some competitive options between two players? There are a lot of games but most of them offer minimal interaction between yourself and other players or are cooperative in nature.



It's a pretty fun game if you're just messing around with some friends and not taking everything too seriously. I'd consider it a party game more than anything. Playing drunk makes it much more fun, as well.


File: 9360504e4288bdb⋯.jpg (188.5 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, this one.jpg)


Star Realms is almost entirely about killing the other player. It's also a fast game so turns go quickly and it's a quick reset and replay which can allow a lot of rapid plays. It's pretty shallow though, at least in the base game. The expansions / expandalones add a bit more but if you're just grinding out games constantly (which is extremely possible) it can be a little samey, but it's good fun.


File: 303b9db87a94e9d⋯.png (874.63 KB, 908x900, 227:225, pic3710620.png)


Gonna shill this a bit. Disclaimer: I got this game for free because I am friends with the publishers, and I have known the developers personally.

Game has two modes: Casual Play and Competitive Play. Casual Play allows up to 4 players using only one box, but has no deckbuilding component (well, it can kind of work, if players agree to gimp themselves a bit by sharing some of the must have cards, and focus on different strategies; maybe draft rules could be fun). Competitive Play requires one copy of the game per player, and can also be played at 2-4 FFA or tag team. From what the developers told me, the game works with more people, but the matches go on forever.

Basically, you pick a race to use, each one with a different special skill, and then you go on to extract resources (you produce some each turn, but there are also cards you can draw that give you an extra). You can then spend those resources in developing technologies (special skills and passives), building ships, casting the equivalent of Instants, or transforming citizens into soldiers.

There are two win conditions: Supremacy, which allows you to win if you increase your Tech Level (which mostly depended on how many Technologies and ships you have on the table, but I think population also played a role); and obviously the good old Mass Genocide, which consists in nuking your opponents to oblivion. Players can fight (or cooperate, which is contemplated by the rules even in FFA games) if they are in the same "galaxy", which is determined each turn by placing in front of you a new galaxy card from the pile. If any of the colours (they have between 0 and 4) in two players' galaxy cards coincide, they are in range, and can proceed to kill each other by comparing ~dicks~ their ATK and DEF stats, which are usually raised by military, but also technologies and racial passives. Ships fight first, if and only if the defender has at least a ship, and then they go into the ground fights, using your military population. Whoever wins the attack, substracts some population from the enemy, and so and so until everyone but a player has run out of cannon fodder.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ba410c607e00110⋯.png (23.93 KB, 788x796, 197:199, Black Shield.png)


This is where Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread go. Remember: a two minute shame of asking is preferable to the life-long shame of not knowing.

Previous thread: >>383878

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How the fuck do you deal with retards that can't handle meetup times without burning down a campaign? We will schedule a session a week in advance on the same day we always have it, same time as always.

Yet some people still don't show and won't accept blame or any inkling that they might be in the wrong. I'm ready to quit tabletop over this shit.



Are you the GM? Compromise or put your foot down. The most successful groups I've been a part of have succeeded off of 3 factors

>Quality GM

>Group cohesion

>Everyone showing up on time and being ready to play for the same duration



Not the GM, the GM is a friend from a previous campaign who thought he would like to try.

Seeing as we have zero of those things it looks like I'm going to need a new group.



Yeah I ended up trading away the dark pack because I didn't want to have foreign language shit mixed in anyways.


For warhammer underworlds, does each player do four activations for a turn before the other player does their's, or does each player do one and then switch off back and forth?

File: 6e575b5fda72304⋯.jpg (343.66 KB, 1000x1919, 1000:1919, regstd-mar20-chaoslegionsg….jpg)

File: 1d1379690612dd6⋯.jpg (181.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, CSMPreview-Mar17-CSMSquad2….jpg)


Chaos is getting a new dex with the ettera already included. Plus they're getting several new units and a new CSM box. With Abby getting a make-over maybe he will be less of an armless failure and actually win for once!

Old thread: >>403815


>Iron Warriors

Just take away their metal boxes.



>metal boxes



File: 33aadafab2a9928⋯.jpg (125.35 KB, 726x544, 363:272, Felinid comissar.jpg)

The new kayoss models are all looking pretty great, new guardsmen when?


File: 111bdedbeb78b3a⋯.jpg (245.78 KB, 1024x472, 128:59, Imperial Size chart.jpg)


When they get a starter set featuring IG vs whatever. Honestly, if IG were ever given the opportunity I'm sure they would deliver. Hell, the ad mech are in two boxed sets! Could even throw a Knight in with the guard just to show that they too can use them. Not that they need them, especially if said set had a Leman Russ or a Basilisk.



>The sister's rhino is smaller than the SM rhino.

>Land speeder is nearly as large as a BANEBLADE

>Drop pod is as tall as a fucking titan

The scale is fucked and I am conflicted.

File: b4e7c2d887c6803⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 636x571, 636:571, catton.jpg)

File: 98a82950f5d4d38⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1440x2331, 160:259, Screenshot_2019-03-07-08-2….png)


The setting, the story, the goals and the challenges are always the easy part for me. I tend to design campaigns that are very "sandbox" in nature, with some basic ideas, a few specific challenges I'd like to give the players and a general progression of the world events as the campaign goes along. The only thing I always struggle with is making good combat scenarios.

So here I am, day dreaming at work, and the idea occurs to me that maybe I can use irl military training concepts as a basis for my combat scenarios (current and historical).

Anyone try this before? Any good resources out there for this stuff? I'm talking about community stuff that adapts these to tabletop or old manuals from history that lay out these basic concepts for drill instructors to train their troops. Any good books that detail the tactics used by squads in history?

>2nd Pic related, maps and details to get the imagination going.

This will be an Only War campaign, which is why I'm looking at more modern battles and tactics, but I'm also interested in historical, more traditional small unit tactics for the next Fantasy campaign I run.

I'm more interested in small skirmish type stuff you'd see in your typical group campaign, but large scale battle ideas are also important for communicating scale and scope in a story.

10 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>A ship-to-ship naval engagement where the DM actually had the ships maneuvering and acting like vessels captained by people that wanted to both win and stay alive,

That thing has been bothering me for years. How the fuck do you run a game with wanting to stay alive as a given? I mean, a GM can play his mooks like that, because for him, winning is not the main goal. But for players, it is. No matter how much they love their characters, at the end of the day, they will risk everything with them again and again. The players are too powerful, just for the sheer disposeability of their characters. Even if you make players weaker/enemies stronger, it's still a thing they will do.

Do you just make the players weaker, and play your monsters more carefully and realistically? Then the players are always at your mercy, and it's not really a challenge, just a test of how far the GM is willing to go. It'd be weird if an injured ogre was running away from a party of goblin players who pull crazy stunts, because they just flat out do not care if they live or die.

I mean, you could attach the players to their characters, but even then they tend to be unrealistic risk-takers. Introduce a mechanic where player characters can falter and refuse a command because of a failed check? Then that is taking away from the player control, and players hate that.

The only real solution I see is having a good party of players and a good GM. But if that was the case always, then we would be living in a Utopia.



Let them develop their pawns themselves, they'll grow attached enough that they will at least not be entirely suicidal.



I think it depends on your group. I've only ever had the opposite problem, with players turning away from what I would call reasonable challenges because they thought it was too risky. The only way I could deal with it was, effectively, pointing them at the problem and saying 'plot this way', which doesn't fly with a lot of people.

It only gets worse in horror campaigns, when the enemy is very obviously a large threat. The party needs to be in sync with what the GM wants to do, or it becomes too adversarial to keep going.


File: fbeff5912a9b7c3⋯.jpg (75.52 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, who is tom clancy.jpg)


>So here I am, day dreaming at work, and the idea occurs to me that maybe I can use irl military training concepts as a basis for my combat scenarios (current and historical).



File: d1f532c6a680baa⋯.gif (96.51 KB, 398x303, 398:303, thinking_Mario_in_mech_sui….gif)


*To elaborate, it baffles me that this is a new idea for you.

Anyway, I've got a low-fantasy idea that I'm trying to work out. Basically, although it's set in the 21st century, the style of warfare is an evolved form of pike-and-shot warfare, and everyone mostly wears the same clothing of the period, with minor changes. There are computers and electricity, but the computers are older; I'm not even sure I want them to have screens. The only ways of flying are by gliding (which isn't really flying) or hot-air balloons. I'm not sure I want steam power as well, but anyway, and I'm not sure about the geopolitical landscape and politics of major powers, though I know for sure I want Sweden to have won the Great Northern War. But my relevant (to the thread topic) issue is—why did tech evolve in the West when it did not in Japan; why did the Japanese not try to develop better firearms on their own? Supposedly, some Japanese claim that it's because the matchlock is better for aiming than the flintlock (obviously, all smoothbore) or other firing mechanisms before the US forced contact with the Japanese in the mid-1800s and introduced better weapons of the period. But I don't believe that. On the other hand, it's possible that there wasn't much of a reason to, because by the time the flintlock's heyday rolled around, Japan was at relative peace and had instituted its Sakoku policy already (I have not heard this explanation and came up with it on the spot, and quite frankly, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than a claim of accuracy). So now I have to come up with a good reason as to why pike-and-shot would still be around. I thought that maybe there wasn't ever a Reformation, but I still need an Anglican Church.

File: 8c5177f36d43cb5⋯.jpg (25.17 KB, 640x336, 40:21, neckbeard classico.jpg)


>Games Workshop undergoes large shakeup internally, new CEO wants to change things

>Biggest change comes by killing off Warhammer Fantasy. A vastly underperforming game that took up a lot of store space, was not getting significant growth with younger audiences and had exhausted its lore and mapped out its world after 30 odd years.

>Something had to change and reset the clock, they went with the End Times. Maybe not the best option but the one they went with. WHFB died and Age of Sigmar was born

>For a year shit was rough. 1st of AoS was a trashfire now considered a rushed out placeholder by many

>Multiple groups tried to create continuations of WHFB

>Some like Kings of War was the old greybeards digging their heels in to keep their joyful escape from the world consistent

>Some like the 9th age was bitter as fuck younger neckbeards angry at the world behaving not unlike star wars galaxies players after their mmo shutdown: every other game was FUKKIN SHIT and they were loud, annoying assholes

>Long and short of it is that skirmish is the new tabletop king and rank and file has no audience beyond its existing and naturally over the years shrinking one

>AoS gets its 2nd, and arguably first real edition and explodes in popularity, with single armies like Nighthaunts selling in a month more than the entire fantasy range did at its peak

>3 years on many accepted something needed to be done and love or hate aos it was clearly a good move for a business and remember the WHFB times fondly as days no long gone.

>But some remain monumentally buttmad years later claiming everyone not playing games like the 9th age are 'shills' out to sabotage it and making jackasses of themselves publicly and get banned from cons and tournaments.

Do you know anyone like that who has failed to move on?

Share with us your stories of autistic retards going nuclear.

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Didn't Vermintide demonstrate that there was never a lack of interest in the IP? Gamesworkshop basically fucked everything other, including themselves, for torpedoing the whole thing instead of trying to cleverly do a soft reboot.



>Didn't Vermintide, TW: Warhammer, Mordheim, Man O´War and Blood Bowl demonstrate that there was never a lack of interest in the IP? Gamesworkshop basically fucked everything other, including themselves, for torpedoing the whole thing instead of trying to cleverly do a soft reboot.

Fixed that for you.



Lucky trips of truth, GW really had no clue how to manage Fantasy


File: a22851c4dd9a250⋯.jpg (840.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1390738866504.jpg)

File: fdcafc9d83eaf65⋯.jpg (91.4 KB, 920x950, 92:95, 99120209050_GloomspiteGitz….jpg)

>Play Moonclan Grots

>Gloomspite Gitsz release gives lots of great new sculpts to older models

>My Dwarven playing friend who always called my models fugly is super salty his 'disposed' are at best getting teased for new models.

Day of Da Bad Moon coming soon beardfags.



No one cares, Smegmar-fag

File: 8cf66b462d2c643⋯.png (219.4 KB, 258x350, 129:175, ClipboardImage.png)


Let's share some Japanese Tabletop RPG games, as the subject says it.

257 posts and 118 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 6375ced0931c0ae⋯.jpeg (151.18 KB, 1028x1000, 257:250, DoF_PFEUcAAWCOS.jpeg)

File: f13d1f51350fe6f⋯.jpeg (71.51 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DcV0cQdVwAARnp2.jpeg)

File: 8cf949a6fa20b71⋯.jpeg (108.03 KB, 1319x1000, 1319:1000, DjHHgt3UUAIwobF.jpeg)

File: 5942018cb9604f5⋯.jpeg (134.1 KB, 1273x1000, 1273:1000, DmkeY5hU8AAyDaf.jpeg)

File: a3b92efba1ad8f0⋯.jpeg (227.7 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, DZdLQDXVMAE8LlG.jpeg)

>The one time you finally get all of your players to agree to play Maid, and they all pick skateboard as their weapon.

this will never happen


File: c5da7f4d5b3a11d⋯.jpeg (575.19 KB, 1981x1406, 1981:1406, DZdLHiLVAAAy-vI.jpeg)


One more image for proper dumpage.



Fuck, I can hear the screech from the third one.


File: 34e7435c7595da5⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 2293x1575, 2293:1575, 67928071_p0.jpg)

File: 0e3797801d75364⋯.jpg (517.66 KB, 1015x1000, 203:200, 68930580_p0.jpg)

File: 72372caac9ebec4⋯.jpg (1009.98 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, 69361259_p0.jpg)

File: fde0539fe81c409⋯.jpg (937.66 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, 69456880_p0.jpg)

File: 5350f9a9cfb1fd0⋯.jpg (697.56 KB, 1106x1000, 553:500, 69681573_p0.jpg)


File: 38b5b5bc018f80d⋯.png (643.6 KB, 680x454, 340:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7bbf284232d0140⋯.png (642.09 KB, 680x454, 340:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e14949f129b21fd⋯.png (653.87 KB, 680x454, 340:227, ClipboardImage.png)

For anyone interested, Japanime games just launched a kickstarter for 3 simple Japanese board games called the Domina Anthology. Argoat, Pralaya, and World of Mystery: Milaris. All three appear to be fairly simple card-based games with decent art.

File: 25116a518948b66⋯.jpg (148.37 KB, 1000x545, 200:109, NYOpendayReveals-Jan5-Carr….jpg)


>Doing 2nd edition age of sigmar books for Skaven and Breton- i mean Flesh Eater Courts

>As part of the release put out a new one of these 'theme boxes' that is a small starter for each army with unique sculpts, the core rules, warscroll stat cards and so on.

>Naturally even the people i know who stuck to WHFB want new ghouls and skaven models because sprueporn.com rules

>Sells out on preorders alone

>Most local GW's, even in bongland given 3 copies per store at max

>Out of print and wont be coming back

I know the idea is these are, comparatively, selling at a huge loss but going to the effort of a box that comes with its own book with lore and battleplans only for it to be gone seems kind of shitty and its not just an age of sigmar thing. This happens for everything to a degree.

What do you think about this tactic? does it drum up interest in sets? is it mean to in the longrun shill more 'start collecting' kits which have recently gone up in price but only contain the regular off the shelf kits that have been around for years?

I mean shit if you actually play Age of Sigmar in particular the only Skaven starter box is for clan pestillens and it seems like Skaven players from what i've seen are as sick of them as the rest of us are sick of ultramarines or sigmarines at this point.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



Well this box is around £220 of separate models together for £85 so selling at a loss seems an understatement. Still only being a day till it sold out is a bit much.


File: 2b496652bed7dda⋯.png (13.03 KB, 239x211, 239:211, asdsssasdsadasd.png)

>thinking that GW are selling at loss


>You lived to see ghouls take over from vampire counts

I wondered why there were so few fat goths in GW stores nowadays.



Considering the markup GeeDubs charges for their injection moulded plastic they're still making a fairly huge profit on that £85 sale.


>Box remains sold out

>GW confirms its never getting a reprint

>Includes unique model "Abhorrent Archeregent" which is the objective bet Ghoul HQ unit in the game

>Only about 2000 of these models exist worldwide

>Treated as the defacto faction leader in the battletome

This is the GW i know and tolerate!

File: 9cd048834f7cfeb⋯.jpg (7.74 MB, 4000x5551, 4000:5551, __pirotess_record_of_lodos….jpg)


The last thread's in autosage and these are a tradition at this point, so here's the new one. Feel free to add any drow related smut, as long as it's not something that belongs in /chaos/, because dicks do not belong on women.

208 posts and 623 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0b6920c646f9343⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 664.32 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 20190317c12LilithSide2_KZX….jpg)


The artist must think so too, cause he's cranking these out



I could spend the whole day just watching Blackmyst's dark elves. He has truly mastered it over the years. Everything else is hit or miss, but this is the real deal.


File: 88245e86945abb8⋯.jpg (13.13 KB, 213x128, 213:128, Smug_elf.jpg)


That's a fuck-me face! Best drow gets more porn? I'm in! Jesus christ, she's taking that deep!


Can someone post bondage Kyo the new one and the puppeteer?


File: 12b8e5d2597e236⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 421.15 KB, 1000x1428, 250:357, 20190320c02BondageKyo_9hzc….jpg)

File: 67958b973ba5075⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1 MB, 1000x4331, 1000:4331, 20190115c05p001_G6VWvTNxU0.jpg)

File: 20e043b52704b48⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 975.87 KB, 1000x4047, 1000:4047, 20190207c05p002_Hu7YDI5Axn.jpg)

File: c228c4625bb4d7f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1654x7480, 827:3740, 20190306c05p003_EB8KsBdsot.jpg)


Sure, but the quality is not as good as Space Age.

File: d4936744e70bceb⋯.gif (5.12 KB, 284x284, 1:1, 20170400chess.gif)


Black to play

S Schweber vs Spassky

222 posts and 352 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 44cc78a4691d4a5⋯.gif (5.43 KB, 284x284, 1:1, 20199999.gif)

File: e565ed9fd1b7cad⋯.jpg (141.11 KB, 767x512, 767:512, 20190317.jpg)

File: c035143afc3955d⋯.jpg (104.87 KB, 699x874, 699:874, 20190318.jpg)

Black to play

R Baron vs C Debray



Can’t tell if this is a joke.

Queen to H1. Checkmate.



King to F2.



not the guy you're replying to, but yea, that'd be a terrible move that'd result in the king wiping all the big pieces if you kept pushing.

queen to d4. King can't move this way



Still not as decisive as the Rd1 solution given at the start of the thread. White moves Re3 and blocks the check.

I haven't played chess since Grade 8, when our teacher made us all sign up for a tournament despite most of us (myself included) barely knowing how to play. In one game I lost after only five or six moves.

File: cdc772437f97b46⋯.png (5.84 MB, 2954x5200, 1477:2600, illust_69486750_20180802_0….png)

File: 632de625de2ddce⋯.png (965.11 KB, 925x1300, 37:52, illust_69564470_20180802_2….png)

File: 30ef5516cfa4a2f⋯.png (808.27 KB, 927x1300, 927:1300, illust_69455600_20180802_2….png)

File: 59e35c629886122⋯.png (784.16 KB, 927x1300, 927:1300, illust_69455600_20180802_2….png)

File: 5def2334a9626c0⋯.png (756.44 KB, 927x1300, 927:1300, illust_69455600_20180802_2….png)


It's been a long while since we've had one of these. Why not share some of the new stuff you've added to your folder, anon?

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/r/ing 1920s-30s flapper gals



Thank you very much for sharing, although

>Saved just 1 image

>The only other good one I already had

>The rest is a bunch of badly drawn armour


File: 0760f1dfa40886e⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1628x2490, 814:1245, 016_2.jpg)

File: 8dcff523f7d948f⋯.jpg (17.12 KB, 236x354, 2:3, 1df6afe305ae85b66042ec3fdb….jpg)

File: eaed90beaa042b1⋯.jpg (111.3 KB, 832x1367, 832:1367, cf98f8e92f2a98a30d68674606….jpg)


File: f7f44c3430f0069⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 2589x2589, 1:1, 0ExplorerCaldera.jpg)

File: 56124829ba2c380⋯.jpg (3.21 MB, 2589x2589, 1:1, 0ExplorerOasis.jpg)

File: 07694a2d9c0755c⋯.jpg (3.66 MB, 2589x2589, 1:1, 0ExplorerRainforest.jpg)

File: 1de718cf76d0100⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 2160x2160, 1:1, 0ExplorerSandstone.jpg)

Are you a bad enough dude.


File: 9ec0798f29cb4f8⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 2160x2160, 1:1, 0ExplorerSavannah.jpg)

File: 9d86b5258c0326d⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 2268x2268, 1:1, 0ExplorerTaiga.jpg)

File: 6ef92435c7d21b6⋯.jpg (108.58 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 4chan :k: - Fuzzy Slavs a….jpg)

File: d35aa303660f28b⋯.png (62.01 KB, 1262x416, 631:208, :tg: Fantasy - And then t….png)


Alright, /tg/, I have a challenge for you: Take your favorite (or alternatively least favorite) fantasy (or sci-fi, if you feel up to it) setting, then apply the Palinka Effect to it. Post results when you've gotten some way into it. If you can, make an actual campaign with the results.

181 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Yeah, I said pacifism but I actually meant the prospect of peaceful coexistence rather than aversion to war.

>"come join us in DIVERSITY, goyim :^^^^)"

is what I mind about the Tau. Sorry for being unclear.


File: 8c389d7927518ef⋯.jpg (236.52 KB, 896x968, 112:121, sze.jpg)


At least, he's not PUTIN the world worst situation...


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Did a once-off Matrix style game once. Matrix does bullet time.

Russia: Hold my beer....

*gets into a T-34*





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


notStalingard with the PCs as a misfit band of Ruskies trying to hold the line

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