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File: 229af92ed128058⋯.png (264.69 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, fall_demoday_new.png)

8bf9db  No.15716503[Reply]


>What is demo day?

A seasonal community event in which your fellow nodev anons show off their vidya, and for you anons to do what you do best.

>That is?

Play our vidya, and tell us how we can improve, show us the untapped potential you see, tell us how much our game sucks (or doesn't, after you've played it of course), and why it does or doesn't suck.

Obligatory Notices

Please post criticism/bugs/etc in this thread.

After this thread is culled, please post criticism/bugs/etc here: >>>/agdg/32567

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02f761  No.15729358

File: a1ed60e2e40beeb⋯.png (921.49 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, friendly.png)


>Depending on how serious this game is, you have to add a WM sink so so older players aren't always running around with 1000 WM.

Noted. We basically have no idea how much to make things cost or how fast to make the spawn parameters and the only way we'll figure it out is feedback, so thanks.

>Whenever I grab a item on the ground, there's a % chance(I'm not sure what actually activates it) that it won't go to my inventory.

Not quite a bug and more a very very hacky way to mitigate abuse. While items normally clear from the client's map after 30 seconds, every second you're you're in a different tab doesn't count towards that. But even though they aren't cleared from the client's map, they ARE cleared from the server's map of item spawns. Every time you pick up an item and it "doesn't count" that item has despawned from the server item map. This is all to prevent an exploit we found where you could simply leave the app running in a different tab, wait for the client map to fill up with items, then reenter the tab and make a mad-dash to collect them before they despawned after 30 seconds. Guess the hacky fix worked even though it must have felt frustrating lol. We've been looking for a better way to do this for a while but haven't had much luck

>Also, how do pacifist realms even defend against Meme Eaters?

Upvoters/upvote shotguns work in pacifist realms and damage all bot enemies as effectively as downvoters/downvote shotguns. Upvoters/upvote shotguns cannot hurt human players and in fact heal them, hence not being considered "violent".

File: 7f7c0373187962b⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 1024x233, 1024:233, ResetEra-Persona5-Incel-Da….jpg)

File: ec8ad34e9a8049e⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 1023x197, 1023:197, ResetEra-Persona5-Incel-Da….jpg)

File: 031ef5cf3661453⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 1022x194, 511:97, ResetEra-Persona5-Incel-Da….jpg)

File: 56b204f000f8ff7⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 1019x236, 1019:236, ResetEra-Persona5-Incel-Da….jpg)

File: bb1c63c2036b2eb⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 1025x194, 1025:194, ResetEra-Persona5-Incel-Da….jpg)

5b2830  No.15728789[Reply]


>So, I have had this thought for a long time. Persona 5 is a game made for adults in which we the player don't really assume the role of a predefined character. Rather, we are given a male character that acts as a vessel for the players self. The main male protagonist is the player just as Link is the player. We play ourselves. The protagonist is not a complete blank slate as we are given a backstory. However, we are given complete agency in the game to create relationships with whoever we want and create romantic relationships with a plethora of female characters (but no males).

>Creating relationships, some romantic, is a core gameplay mechanic. The whole game revolves around the idea of a group of misfits coming together to form relationships despite the world casting them as outsiders.

>This is where the game becomes problematic however. You as the player are generally going to be an adult. The game is rated M and the general age demographic of whose played this from my own anecdotal experience are over the age of 20.

>You are given the option to romance a selection of female characters who have come to depend on you. The power dynamics of each of these relationships is that the male character in the end has power over the female character who depends on him in some regard. You are rewarded with romance for helping a girl. Something right out of any incel blog post, their reality is essentially a "Do 10 Good Things Get 1 Sex Free" which this game mirrors. You can romance one or many female characters. In the end you can even have your own little harem.

>Alongside the questionable power dynamics is the point of this thread. The age of some of these characters you can date.

>Futuba is 15

>Makoto is 17

>Ann is 16

>Chihaya is probably between 15 and 17

>Haru is 17

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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43af3e  No.15729877


>why didn't they let good goyim and jews localize persona 5, shut it down

Because they can't handle the fact Shido was right

dd6573  No.15729893


The only P5 villain you could really argue was right was Akechi and that’s only because he’s basically a wannabe Adachi and Adachi was absolutely right about almost everything

8ff733  No.15729916

>only PERSONA game I ever played was 3

>such a moralfag that I only romanced one girl per playthrough

Oh man, I have such a devilish and problematic power fantasy.

854af7  No.15729924

Persona 4 helped me come to terms with me being trans and loving guys, how dare they attack my favorite series.

bc6372  No.15729930


Videogames are these people's reality, it's not strange to think they think they're much the same.

File: d12d0269393ad62⋯.png (524.63 KB, 773x598, 773:598, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 587af7f7ea5f627⋯.png (391.44 KB, 787x465, 787:465, ClipboardImage.png)

787ff6  No.15706034[Reply]



>Overwatch fans on social media are criticizing the developer for the segment. Blizzard has not responded to Dot Esports’ request for comment.

>Race-related issues like blackface don’t have the same history in Korea as they do in the United States. However, South Korea does have a widely-documented relationship with blackface, with multiple high-profile incidents occurring over the past two years.

On Saturday Night Live Korea in 2017, a performer donned blackface to impersonate a cartoon character from Korean kids show Dooly the Little Dinosaur. A Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) play called “The Blacks” was also criticized for its use of blackface. On Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), Laughing Legend Match featured a skit of a woman wearing blackface and a cabbage leaf skirt. In the same year, K-pop group Mamamoo was criticized for blackface during a Bruno Mars cover. All incidents were widely criticized by international media.

>Overwatch has been lauded for its diverse hero lineup, which features a range of men and women from across the globe. Though there’s likely no ill intent with the Doomfist cosplay, it’s not a practice that aligns itself with Blizzard’s long-touted message of global inclusivity. Recently, Blizzard has been criticized for not having a black female hero in its lineup; the cast has one black-coded hero, Orisa, but no actual playable black women. Fans expressed concern on social media when Overwatch’s new hero, Ashe, was revealed. The problem wasn’t that Ashe is white; rather, fans are upset that Blizzard hasn’t yet created a black woman character out of the 29 available heroes. Early concept art of Ashe showed the hero with a similar design and brown skin.

200 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

413bc6  No.15729473


Yeah, nice virtue signalling, loser. Signalling against your nation like this will destroy your nation faster than anything else. Once racial solidarity is gone, and nobody will defend each other, even over a minor slight like this, you're dead. Your rich people and government will become globalists and open the borders to get more money for themselves and there wont be a fucking thing you can do to get it back.

73f400  No.15729625


It's a surprise the bus didn't back up on that kid to make sure he's dead.

a34b82  No.15729665


>vargnigger doesn’t know what mammon


704059  No.15729682


Don't give /intl/ (you)'s.

76f8f8  No.15729929

File: 0185f33a53ad7ee⋯.png (3.11 MB, 2400x2000, 6:5, sharethisimage (conservati….png)

Sorry I'm late.

Anyone have any new game recommendations as alternatives?

File: aa69292cea4872b⋯.mp4 (7.21 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jojo Part 5 ED Gold Fan Ed….MP4)

a992a5  No.15717450[Reply]

Of all the songs they could have used, they chose the nigger song.

What's the newest jojo vidya?

31 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fdbf05  No.15718070


Stardust Crusaders is literally the worst JoJo part. And the anime adaptation is even more boring to watch than it was to read.

Yes, it is even worse than Phantom Blood, at least that one was short (anime PB/BT is better than the manga version, though, which is not true for every part).

f2542b  No.15718075


Phantom Blood is good. It is short but it's also simple and plays off it's simple premise well. It did exactly what it needed to do. Worst part is very obviously Stone Ocean which has schizophrenic tone until the very end and drags on and on.

000000  No.15729765


That outro is fucking lazy, goddamn.


Jojo died during the second stardust crusaders anime.


Prove yourself right first.


It even fits the animated outro better than the song they chose. How did they fuck up this badly?




Part 6 is the worst


>Part 5 is the weaker part of the series

>he read the awful first translation and never read the retranslation


Whatever happened to 7th Stand User 2?

253c05  No.15729776

So I guess you’re not feeling horny, huh OP

61943f  No.15729928

So video games? Jojo-video games? Any good?

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3880ef  No.15729812[Reply]

>The highlights of the BFV campaign are missions where you play as female Norwegian commando who single-handedly stopped the Nazi from developing nuclear weapons in Norway

>The ski gameplay tries to Imitate the tricks system from SSX in the first person

>You are killing German troops while doing ski tricks

This is what DICE and EA was passing as historical accuracy

17 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

00e73d  No.15729912

File: 4045edbe875bdb1⋯.jpg (82.3 KB, 752x605, 752:605, 02_what_the_fuck.jpg)

c68171  No.15729917


steam is changing its mind about that, although a rape-filled WWII sim wouldn't come close to satisfying EA's cashlust.


We could talk about urethral stretching insead, if you like

00e73d  No.15729919

File: c7abe77faddb7f6⋯.png (65.88 KB, 238x256, 119:128, what yem do.PNG)


>Thread is shitting in BFV

</v/ is clearly shilling for the game

5398ee  No.15729926

You know, now that I think about it, an extreme sports MadWorld would be nice. Take a little Jet Set Radio, a little Anarchy Reigns, make it about as fast as the Tribes games (not a full on arena shooter like Quake, it'd be too fast for proper stunting) and make spray paint the main weapon. Boom, Skate reboot done.

Game is dead in the water. EA stocks are falling hard again. I'm betting the game has loot boxes. Battlefield 1 was shit, and that's coming from someone with low quality standards for team based shooters.

5ac3d1  No.15729927

File: 58456b7b0edc11a⋯.jpeg (37.2 KB, 660x680, 33:34, 58456b7b0edc11a43cfc28645….jpeg)

Who gives a shit? I don't even think normalfags care.

File: 682e3b14fae6d30⋯.png (100.42 KB, 310x400, 31:40, rock.png)

File: 8b1ecc5adbe069d⋯.jpg (202.83 KB, 500x560, 25:28, jacob.jpg)

File: 482d027078419b5⋯.jpg (247.4 KB, 650x500, 13:10, preston.jpg)

cb9dcc  No.15729839[Reply]

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life SE is a game I really liked because it had 4 white cuties you could choose to be your lovely wife. However, in Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (the girl version of the same game), 1 of the 3 potential husbands is a nonwhite guy named Rock. He's also somewhat of a recurring bachelor in the Harvest Moon series.

In Mass Effect 2, male players can pick from 2 white girls and an alien for their lover. But for female players, the options are 2 aliens and a black guy (assuming they didn't continue a romance with bisexual Kaiden or feminine alien Liara from ME1). In Mass Effect Andromeda, guys can least go for white Cora, but gals don't even have a white guy equivalent. Only nonwhites like Liam or Reyes were their only options for human partners.

Thankfully, the last game failed miserably.

In Fallout 4 (another recent pozzed game), all the potential gals you could sleep with (Cait, Curie, Piper) had white skin. Yet the available guys were very Diverse™ in skin tones. Like Preston Garvey.

It's like some games are sometimes like

>male MCs: white girls. 14 words


I just feel like while guy players are being placated with girls with nice fair skin, girl players are secretly being subverted right under our noses with nonwhite/lesbian romance options.

Just made this thread to raise awareness towards this subtle double standards type of propaganda.

187558  No.15729857


>to raise awareness

you may need to go back

2b2377  No.15729866

File: 64917011a6542e1⋯.jpg (57.65 KB, 354x469, 354:469, 1436198825956.jpg)


implying women actually play video games in numbers enough for this to matter spoilers they don't

19d968  No.15729925

File: 8ca4cb40a1985bd⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1800x2350, 36:47, 8ca4cb40a1985bdbeb32414076….jpg)

>thinking a japanese fictional character with a darker skin color means it's a nigger

>implying I dont play female MCs in japanese games for either the superior fashion options or for bonus points if diabetes-inducing yuri

File: d62a8939c453760⋯.png (808.71 KB, 961x793, 961:793, ClipboardImage.png)

7a106b  No.15727698[Reply]

There are people out there that can't get over the fact that people just want to play the games as they are meant to be played, and yet, they call it cheating.

I mean, was anyone ever called out for using a fighting stick instead of a controller for a console fighting game tournament?

125 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f70d7d  No.15729862


My current build has a Zotac 1050Ti Mini but I HIGHLY doubt that you can run its draw power on a office computer PSU, especially in the long run. I'd rather have a proper and reliable atx-sized PSU modular ones are the best but quite expensive like the one I have now. But at this point, we're aiming for a full-fledged personal rig rather than using an office computer.


I know what I'm talking about since my build has a bit of a bottleneck due of the CPU I'm using (because I didnt feel like paying the premium price for an Intel quad-core and AMD at the time was meh). At least try to not rage like an autistic kid too much

16899a  No.15729871

File: 6a8710ced283481⋯.png (149.21 KB, 970x525, 194:105, Canada 1.PNG)

File: 34a9770661a8646⋯.png (27.73 KB, 1211x140, 173:20, Canada 2.PNG)


Such is life in leafland.

c0974a  No.15729892



oh… I'm in Australia, land of the shitposters.

16899a  No.15729906

File: fef5577da442bf3⋯.png (133.73 KB, 413x350, 59:50, [waning hope].png)


You have my envy and respect.

c09072  No.15729922


>>posts pic of "small form factor" machine without that require either a riser or an overpriced dinky gpu

Thing is you don't always get the choice, not so long ago I was looking for the cheapest possible decent rig I could find and the cheapest was an SFF box for 80 bucks with an i5 2500 and 4GB of RAM, same thing in regular form factor was like 130 bucks, low profile cards aren't that much worse or that much more pricy that it's really that big of an issue,

File: 0e68da8be751a06⋯.png (1.51 MB, 725x1033, 725:1033, ClipboardImage.png)

0191d6  No.15728402[Reply]

Just about literally anyone interested in gaming has played it, but I'm noticing a distinct amount of people who haven't actually beaten it. And, what's even scarier, is that these people claim to be "experts" on gaming and go on to even joke about how they haven't beaten it.

92 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bc1e62  No.15729822


Of course, there's a ton of shit Zelda 1 could and should have done. If taking inspiration from it nowadays, you would have to take plenty of mechanics from something like LA (and not fucking LttP, because putting a bomb in front of a crack is not difficult, nor is it a puzzle). I still found it to be damn fun, though. Navigating the world was actually a challenge rather than filler between dungeons.

0191d6  No.15729837


>2) there was a map in the manual

It's easy enough to make your own map, and, even then, you won't really need it. Comparing it to open-world racing games, the mini-map is pretty much useless in Burnout Paradise and nuNeed for Speed: Most Wanted so you have to commit a lot of the roads and shortcuts to memory. Same thing with TLoZ where all a map really does is slows you down, and it's so small anyway that it isn't that hard to remember.


It's actually fun experimenting what all you can do with real food. Not exactly an example to use, but just about every sandwich I've made in the last year uses onions, jalapenos, avocados, tomatoes, and/or spinach.

>I will say that the original Zelda should have had some kind of item to use, or other way to discern, if there was a bombable wall or burnable bush nearby, like the Stone of Agony did in OOT. LA used a sound effect when you had the compass to tell you if the room had a key, for example, so even something as simple as that would let you know there was still a secret in that room left to find, even if it was just a "FUCK YOU PAY FOR MY DOOR" NPC.

Reading an interview on LA, apparently you can also find out that a wall is fake by hitting your sword against it.

0191d6  No.15729840


>Reading an interview on LA


I meant ALttP.

38d942  No.15729886


Poor Twin Perfect, still struggling for relevancy with cheap clickbait after running out of Silent Hill games to cover.

8d27e4  No.15729921


Why though

File: 7b877edd48ad517⋯.jpg (72.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chris dying light 2.jpg)

2eea14  No.15720842[Reply]

So I heard Chris Avellone is telling microsoft to fire all the obsidian execs. Why does Chris hate Obsidian so much now? What's the lore behind this?

also might be an unrelated question but why does he look so fat and ugly now compared to how he looked a few years ago?

71 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fee587  No.15729884


If the rumors regarding Wildstar are true then Tim Cain is just as much of a scumbag as the rest of them. At this point I don't trust any of them, even the ones with no visible dirty laundry.

66311f  No.15729898


Soy is loaded With phytoestrogens involved with weight gain, low sperm count and being a cunt.

>The use of phytoestrogens as an alternative for hormone replacement therapy is not advocated also because of insufficient information on safety.

Makes you think.


e487f3  No.15729903


Josh Sawyer's fans are fucking crazy. Ever looked at RPG Codex?

I don't even know why, the only decent game he's worked on in the past ten years was New Vegas.

fee587  No.15729914


The vast majority of posters on RPG Codex are tvtropes refugees who haven't played a single game made before 2007 and only recently started to admit to themselves Bioware is terrible.

a951af  No.15729918


I haven't been to codex in years and still know exactly who you are talking about lmao

File: ee10eaa70a23bec⋯.jpg (138.67 KB, 1024x535, 1024:535, jumpforce3.jpg)

eeaf6a  No.15718892[Reply]

Confirmed Jump Force Characters:





























>Will be Confirmed:





>Allen Walker

>Himura Kenshin


>All Might

Will be excluded:




>Tatsumi Oga




>Kazuki Muto






104 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9f49e8  No.15729706


It's supposed to be a joke about how he's just a normal dude thrown in the middle of monsters and freaks, but as usual retards ran the joke into the ground by overuse

820a52  No.15729721

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ab4f96  No.15729767


Oh yeah, I guess I focused on the wrong part of that backstory.

6640b4  No.15729887





04b977  No.15729915

I hope they have a lot of unlockable secret characters. That's what i love about fighting-games. Secret bosses and all that jazz.

File: dc4eff7da24a6a6⋯.jpg (31.62 KB, 400x227, 400:227, pg2nypDTdM1tu8f7l_400.jpg)

726df8  No.15729748[Reply]

I want a singleplayer game that I can spend a lot of time learning and/or mastering.

what would be your recs? I can only come up with strategy games but it can be from any genre like shumps or whatever

so far Im looking into:


Distant worlds: universe

Dominions maybe? Im told the SP is shit

Aurora 4X

Children of a Dead earth

20 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7f1b0f  No.15729876

Don't listen to him >>15729809

Touhou is a good shmup, and it has cute characters and music.

7a5058  No.15729888

File: 72b0fffef39e669⋯.jpg (22.25 KB, 241x215, 241:215, 1392607297773.jpg)


>Distant worlds: universe

MIcromanage everything. Then contemplate suicide after you fail.

77b719  No.15729900

Destiny 2

d90370  No.15729904

Super Metroid speedrunning (or any speedrun really)

Asian rhythm games

Monster Hunter

Playing just these to mastery would give you a decade of work.

739671  No.15729913


>speedrunning (or any speedrun really)

just don't become a tranny

File: 6c5efbb3df76860⋯.png (848.53 KB, 1365x768, 455:256, Corporate_Meltdown_-_Truck….png)

435159  No.15717330[Reply]

Corporate Meltdown in Saints Row 2. Why wouldn't Ultor's CEO at least have TWO choppers to deal with all these cunts? And what happened to all the security forces under his control?

20 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9205ff  No.15729673




c2966c  No.15729728


just steal a car from the nearest village and drive to the spot where you're supposed to go, you don't have to shoot anybody and it takes like 5 minutes if you avoid the roads occupied by enemies

50a393  No.15729735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Fuck this bitch

you do

15312d  No.15729783

File: d6a0965a4c03fbe⋯.jpg (393.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Erai-raws]_Hanebado!_-_11….jpg)


In co-op the host gets to drive the truck, honestly that whole dlc felt like it was made for co-op play. I had more problems with the first mission of that dlc where you had to defend the limo though.

246634  No.15729911


The missions in RDR2 are fucking unbearable. If you're not following some dude listening to boring dialogue, you're driving a slow ass cart somewhere listening to boring dialogue, after that you'll get to see some cutscenes with boring dialogue and then maybe you'll get a highly scripted chase sequence that just takes you somewhere so that a cutscene with boring dialogue can trigger or you get a shootout scene where the only danger is that the retard you're with gets shot. I was fucking elated when I got the first mission where I was actually alone and didn't have to listen to some fucking dickhead yammering on and on and on but of course the next mission was a "drive this cart for women's suffarage and listen to dialogue". I can play maybe 1 or 2 missions per day before I have to quit because it's such an insuffarable game. What pisses me off most is that sometimes the game doesn't let you use its mechanics, it takes away the ability to run or use items/guns whenever it pleases so it's hard to fail the missions in fun ways like blowing up the suffragettes with dynamite.

File: 6aa6c9f19b9094c⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 337.png)

5b115f  No.15681621[Reply]

Are we ever getting a sequel or a spiritual successor?

161 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3deff7  No.15729080


Get a less common name, dubsman.

t. you'll-never-guess-mine-you-fags

b66e55  No.15729094


That's a common name? Your name is Thatch or something obscure I'll bet. What's really weird is I like to wrap a spoiler around a lot of my posts. I'm changing my identity and moving far away

cb5bd8  No.15729205

File: 02e096124c9b883⋯.png (95.08 KB, 208x219, 208:219, lauralau1e.png)


>Oeffne Mumu.zip' is the name of computer loli's theme.

I should have known that. How embarrassing.

79141b  No.15729244


Imagine your daughter getting taken pictures of half naked, probably being sexually aproached by the jewish pedos there and then ending as a cum tribute to other jews and neckbeards on the internet.

Dumb nigger.

ff212b  No.15729910


>I didn't. I'm being fucking sarcastic.

Obvously. And your sarcasm in the second statement shows a change of position. Maybe reread your posts.

File: 2ed97fcf53e57c1⋯.png (467.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, logo.png)

c8ef81  No.15718938[Reply]


•1 nomination per ID

• This week there are 32 slots available

- 6 are reserved for non vidya characters

-To qualify as a Vidya Character (if the character did not originate in a video game) the nomination has to be have been in more than 5 games either as a major role or as the main character. (i.e. Spiderman can be considered Vidya because of how many spiderman games there are)

- PEPSIMAN IS TO BE CONSIDERED A VIDYA He originated through comic and commerical but he is only known through his video game

- If a character has been participated in 3 Mania's in the past, there must be at least 2 manias since their last entrance. This only applies to Season 2, we're starting fresh

Things to have in your Nomination if you want the best possible experience

- A brief summary or a link to what you feel sums of the character nicely

- A link to a character Theme

Regarding VN character's

If it's a choose your own adventure book. (i.e. Hakuoki/saya no uta/Amensia)

it's a novel and thus not video game.

If it is a VN that has a game aspect (ie Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton/Danganronpa/999)

It is video games

If the VN in question has games about it (i.e. Katawa shoujo(katawa crash, symphony of the night kenji game)

It is video games


Bury Pink Girl

Jason Vorhees

Madara Uchihara

Mr. Shake Hands Man



NOT!Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

311 posts and 86 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bdae7e  No.15729430


I think I know who its gonna be.

Not sure howo the fuck he is going to move.

1ed16f  No.15729450


Are you calling the god emperor of mankind a joke?

eefde7  No.15729455


With a wheelchair.

How else?

38046a  No.15729491



c20d76  No.15729905


He can probably use his mind to force his skeletal body to move.

File: 3c02710961ee924⋯.png (475 B, 56x61, 56:61, @.png)

f9f6f1  No.15729566[Reply]



Played any good roguelikes lately?

I've been craving one on the go and ended up playing Dragon Fang Z on Switch, which is decent but chock-ful of Engrish that makes the game that little bit harder, and some text elements aren't translated at all.

I'm also interested in Tangledeep but I'm not 100% sold on it. Anyone actually played it?

What's your favourite roguelike?

What are you playing now?

Do you like roguelites?

What's your favourite race/class/build in which game?

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

f9f6f1  No.15729690


I used to play Nethack (without Vulture) on an Eee machine (tiny laptop with no numpad) and did alright.

Pretty sure ToME is also completely customisable with the controls too.

And most roguelites are simple and modern enough that they don't need or use the numpad at all. it's mostly the really old, no longer maintained games that still use the numpad for movement.

5f0a6f  No.15729731

Learning NetHack (3.4.3 basically) made my autism power run out. It's a fun game, but with serious flaws. I'm not going to bother with the newer shit. Playing on servers was fun: you could find some crazy bones levels. I once found a pudding farmer's level

6394b4  No.15729751


you can get some USB numpad only thingy for cheap

1bd2b3  No.15729759


>OP places a @ as the thread image

>STILL assumes he means permadeath games

Do us a favor and stop posting too.

b6e89e  No.15729894


>What's your favourite roguelike?


>What are you playing now?


>Do you like roguelites?

I like them, but not their name. Unlike roguelike, which has a clear definition and a wide library of games that represent the genre perfectly, roguelite is too vague to mean anything besides "has permadeath and stuff".

>What's your favourite race/class/build in which game?

Don't have one wew. Besides a mall cop in CDDA

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