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File: aac285a56552502⋯.png (101.22 KB, 366x285, 122:95, loada nanites.png)

8bfab7  No.15675283

Planetside thread.

Wasnt gonna remake after the old one went down but i logged in today and saw double xp active. So WWEW i guess.

I know most of you are burnt out but log in for double xp faggots.

9441e2  No.15675472

File: 3ca05f76b8f1f89⋯.png (493.45 KB, 1018x919, 1018:919, 4ec689a539e9073daa9c9688f7….png)

It's dead Jim

ac0f94  No.15675547

Let the kikes milk the whales for their dead game, we had our fun

cbcb2e  No.15675554

Auraxiumed the Gauss SAW. Love that fucking thing. What next? Anchor is of course the metafag option, but when I trialed the NS-15M it felt like legitimate easy mode. Promise was fun to use too, COF was forgiving so it was point and shoot to 4x HS anything.

12cc0b  No.15675606

File: 380fd79ad9a5f50⋯.jpg (40.15 KB, 800x589, 800:589, FuG.jpg)

>go outside with friends

>get home super fucking tired

>miss out on double XP and shitposting for today


e40ef9  No.15675702


>having friends

Give me your in game name so I can ban you this instant. Fucking normalfags

8bfab7  No.15676584


double xp is still active

cbcb2e  No.15677029

Promise is so fucking good. It's basically the optimal close range defending LMG. TTK isn't the best going for bodyshots, but it doesn't have to be because you have 150 rounds, no recoil and extremely forgiving COF which allows you to just hold down the trigger.

ae6ad9  No.15677040


gd22s for slightly worse anchor but more accessible and quicker reload

em6 for wasting niggers with chain headshots

gauss saw s because em1 is shit

ns-15 because its a weapon you want to have available. its the best lmg

caf391  No.15677086

File: 6a05da3fee7fcf7⋯.gif (3.36 MB, 225x324, 25:36, 1540744108609.gif)

Finally auraxiumed my Light Assault and got the fancy armor, I also auraxed my Trac 5-S so I only have three more carbines to aurax for the trac-SHOT. Feels heckin good niggies.

5a9735  No.15677167


>log in


8bfab7  No.15679834

File: fce93bce2b07021⋯.png (113.48 KB, 497x434, 71:62, 8 archers.png)

an entire hour in ms paint

03b524  No.15679854

not played since mid 2016, what's happened in the meantime?

8bfab7  No.15679862

File: 3a9fbfe89ea2c9b⋯.png (117.17 KB, 497x434, 71:62, 8 archers2.0.png)


slight edit cuz someone told me to

8bfab7  No.15679888


final version to bring panel 3 more in line with panel 1 and to make the change in expression more pronounced.

8bfab7  No.15679891

File: dbfd70f02d5b75e⋯.png (117.36 KB, 497x434, 71:62, 8 archer3.0.png)


forgot my fucking picture

8bfab7  No.15679947


battle eye

ion cannons

every single cunt except infiltrator has c4 now

prowler nerfed

vehicle armor damage changed from Front/sides/rear to Frontsides/x2rear

vanu are still faggots

4085c0  No.15680133

File: 26ed26ba836e0bd⋯.jpg (67.56 KB, 177x219, 59:73, 1402866042590.jpg)


>everyone gets C4 except the sneaky invisible guy who would be able to use it to its greatest potential

I still don't fucking understand this

97cf4d  No.15680162


That's exactly why they didn't give it to them, do you really want to be C4'd in any kind of vehicle, at any time, without having any chance of seeing the perpetrator?

78c0fc  No.15680165


I wish they made infiltators do more supportive stuff. like a lot more booby traps, UI jammer, holograms, something to make them stop being sniping fags and actually help in fights besides radar vision.

e94e67  No.15680298


But muh 1337 qwikskopes

03b524  No.15680407

File: 6492a234cd325f3⋯.png (28.12 KB, 99x114, 33:38, Capture2.PNG)


>every single cunt except infiltrator has c4 now

that's fucking retarded

52d10e  No.15680666

File: b2350ad116238dd⋯.jpg (75.33 KB, 500x628, 125:157, b2350ad116238dd02dbd4c40a9….jpg)


I do.



8bfab7  No.15680679


we had this discussion over the last few nights and concluded infiltrator should just be removed from the game and the hacking given to engy

16b669  No.15680725

File: 668b82ca8a6c324⋯.webm (2.42 MB, 640x480, 4:3, wwew prosit.webm)


We can't recapture the lightning in a bottle, stop parading the corpse of WWEW around like this. Let it die with respect

12cc0b  No.15680726


Should just give it to the LA as a gadget you can pick instead of C4, something like a sapper from TF2. It'd be good because you'd actually get some variety in LA gadgets, and LA is also the class that has the least trouble getting over walls and to the terminals.

Who would the sniper rifles be handed over to, though?

19e3f0  No.15680816


The main problem with infiltrator is that there isn't much worth hacking. Vehicle terminals are nice for close sunderer pulls, Heyoka Chemical has the bridge, that's it. The game needs fewer, more complex, more defensible bases with more sub-objectives.

231e16  No.15681426


Infiltrator has a lot of problems and that's a big one. Vehicles need to be able to be hacked along with construction bases; give them a long timer to make it not horribly OP.

The actual main problem is that sniper rifles do not cost nanites, and that they can be used in conjunction with cloaking. Make them cost at least 150 and people would see a lot less sniper play in general and have more actual worthwhile ones that do actual cloak and dagger / close range play.

e9f13a  No.15681539


150 nanites per rifle aren't a problem when quickscope fuckgee is camping a vehicle terminal at maximum render distance with his bolt action, getting two kills per minute.

9b0a85  No.15681720


So you prefer infiltrators with SMGs which kill you before you even see them uncloak due to ping? I would take snipers over that anyday. The impact a sniper has is pretty minimal unless its one of those large field battles, or camping a vehicle terminal.

231e16  No.15682899


Yes because those are actually able to contribute to a fight and a few good infiltrators often turn fights entirely around. Everyone just thinks they're shit because of how horrible most of them are.

1-2 competent ghost-cappers can cause an entire push to get forced back; that's more than can be said than some sniper sitting a mile away in a mountain killing mostly the easier targets to begin with, they do nothing objective-wise like you pretty much said.


Increase it to something more then or hell do something unique and make a reload cost a set amount of nanites or something; find a balance. The point is there are too damn many snipers, this would have at least some sort of tangible impact to how many there are and hopefully get less people playing sniper and instead attempt to use the class properly instead of treating it as the token sniper class.

ae6ad9  No.15683788


unironically yes

RuAT was a russian outfit comprised of pretty much nothing but russian SMG infiltrators and they were leagues less annoying to deal with than the average boltshitter sitting on some hill 150m removed from the fight trying to plink me for 3 minutes straight while i try to work a 48-96

autistic 0.1kpm boltshitters with a bad case of tunnel vision are probably the most subhuman thing in this game which is saying a lot considering how many brazilians there are

fuck i hate boltshitters

98451a  No.15683850

File: 39935edf4e2dac5⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 6mg_T2BBy59OkHRAcJHYVwIH_1….jpg)


>tfw i was the sole reason this was created

Damn, I need to rewatch LotGH.

4085c0  No.15685025

File: 4c732eed8938c3f⋯.png (1.09 MB, 812x690, 406:345, you will never be cooked a….png)


>tfw terrible reflexes and aim at close range but good at estimating distance and dropoff so boltshitter is all I can play reliably

I'm not trying to be useless, honest

97cf4d  No.15685062


>get in a prowler

>do the same thing but now be the cool guy

>also be the one everyone tries to kill

e94e67  No.15685875


I just play >200m distance 12x RailJack when I want to relax and get some kills without stress and farm shitty fights that aren't going anywhere anyway. Bolters still aren't as cancer or shitter as semi auto snipers, or the new battle rifles that are literally semi auto snipers for everyone.

a598fc  No.15686908

Fucking camping AA maxes are the fucking worst

>always hit when you least expect it

> Cant fucking hit back because they go under the roof

>but they still can fucking rape you where you or ANYBODY can reach them

e94e67  No.15687776


Butthurt, Darth?

AA should be more effective because banshee, PPA and AH A2G farmers are the ultimate cancer.

bb7f7a  No.15687787


I miss when world of tanks first came out and it was less pay 2 win.

46083b  No.15688290


>less pay 2 win

Revisionist get out.

2e6ca9  No.15688327

Devs had a stream recently for some sort of charity thing. Nothing interesting, other than the new CM showing her face.


12cc0b  No.15688423


Don't try to pull a fast one on me, faggot, I've off and on played that abomination of a game since the beta. If anything, it was hard pay to win back then, since you could only buy improved ammo and premium consumables with real money and the matchmaking involved such autistically huge tier spreads you simply had to use it to win, like when your Chaffe light tank would have to fight E-100s and shit because there were no high-tier LTs. Why the fuck do you think gold ammo is called gold ammo? Even the line grinds have been sped up, and events shower you with XP, Crew XP and money boosters. Nowadays they just shit out overarmored premium soviet tanks to incentivize you to buy more gold ammo with your ingame dosh, so you either have to buy a premium tank or account to be able to quickly make money. It's an entirely retarded scheme and it makes the game worse overall due to obliterating balance Almost always in the vodkanigger's favor, pure coincidence, I'm sure, but it's not nearly as p2w as it used to be.


>they're playing tranu

Of course.

2e6ca9  No.15688436


>they're playing tranu

Drew is actually a TR player, Paul said he was NC when he was first shown on a dev stream.

2e6ca9  No.15692620

I really wish there was an ASP system rework so that it wasn't blatantly unfair to non-ASP players. Having the ability to carry both a LMG and Chaingun/Jackhammer/Lasher is such bullshit, same goes for Light Assaults who can carry 2 SMGs at the same time, or a shotgun and a SMG with ambushers. Harsh negative penalties need to happen, such as highly reduced reserve ammo for both primary or secondary, or longer reload and twice as long draw time for both your guns. Giving advantages like this only to players who have like 400 hours on a single account is absurd.

2bc285  No.15693844


I think they should buff the indirect damage on AI ESF noses and pods, but put other negatives on them, like -1s time required for lock-on, or -50% afterburn fuel, or "this weapon is incompatible with fire suppression."


ASP opens the door for alternate playstyles. Getting tooled on by an LA using a gapcloser and two close-range weapons isn't really crazy, considering he could gapclose and tool on you with a shotgun or an SMG individually just as fine. Getting raped by an engineer spamming an LMG and standing on his ammo pack is questionable, but the mobility sacrifice of the LMGs squishes engis anyway because they have no overshield.

2e6ca9  No.15697058


But having a SMG secondary isn't a side grade or specialization, it is just an upgrade.

2e6ca9  No.15705942

Just a bump to save the thread.

52d10e  No.15708994

File: 47b207d8295cf50⋯.png (64.32 KB, 396x410, 198:205, 9c8c80ff10a027094bcf3c1.png)


It's about as much of an upgrade as giving Engies shotgun secondaries and Medics Battle Rifle secondaries.

ad18f9  No.15710773


So a pretty big one that gives you a massive advantage in CQC and long distance engagements respectively, considering how cheesy pump actions are and how the new Battle Rifles are just semi auto snipers?

403561  No.15710787


>every single cunt except infiltrator has C4 now

What the fuck, who thought this one up?

Also can engi resupply his own C4's?

ad18f9  No.15711400


>Also can engi resupply his own C4's?

No, consumable items cannot be resupplied at any place other than a equipment terminal.

52d10e  No.15711415


Too bad the TR one is full auto with a cert cost to make it semi auto

ad18f9  No.15711430


TR's new BR and its faction specific gimmick is useless, yeah. NC's gimmick is slightly less useless but still nearly entirely useless. VS get unlimited ammo and no drop off, what a fucking joke.

52d10e  No.15711438

File: 57cff54f4f22854⋯.gif (567.31 KB, 360x263, 360:263, be2c841707d2ea6791ecf564f0….gif)


>being able to double the TK rates


9b0a85  No.15711516


You talking about the NC or TR battlerifle?

Personally I'm pretty annoyed that the tranu are having the better items everywhere.

Their rifle has infinite ammo, no bullet drop, also has better hipfire, and comes with an attachment which makes it full auto when hipfiring.

Safety Override is a unique rail attachment that improves Obelisks’s Hip Fire Accuracy by 25%, like a Laser Sight. When Hip Fired, it also makes the weapon fully automatic, doubles Rate of Fire, but halves the damage and Heat per Shot.

Which is more of a TR factional thing, not VS.

They seem to get the better side of everything.

52d10e  No.15711556

File: 009dcc155440fcc⋯.png (6.15 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 20180720123646.png)


This is Wrelside we're talking about.

7c4c51  No.15711650

After finally buffing the almost useless range of the Vulcans so it can actually kill stuff making harrasser Vulcans fun again, a month later it gets hit right back with a nerf due to constant crying on the forums and reddit.

So do they nerf anything that is actually of use and kills for TR? Game is a joke.

ad18f9  No.15711718


Not to mention, their new LMG is literally just an Anchor with 10 more rounds per mag and the best hipfire across all LMGs, and they get the fucking advanced laser sight too.

I'd be fine with the VS battle rifle if it just didn't have a heat mechanic and had drop off like the rest. Give it a charged up shot mechanic or something.


The Vulcan was OP and the best harasser top gun in the entire game for 3 months. You could point and shoot it and unlike the Mjolnir/Aphelion missing a few shots isn't too crucial because your DPS was still really fucking high. It also was the best in Harasser v Harasser.

Yes, the TR still have arguably the best assault rifle in the game, some of the best CQC carbine options, the universally useful 10+ rounds per mag advantage, a good tank that has a ton of potential if used wisely and the second best ESF in the game, with undoubtedly the best A2G AI nosegun in the game.

3cfa18  No.15711737


The dragoon is objectively inferior to all the others, this is something i really can't understand.

To bring it on par with the others you need the attachments, else you get 2 fucking shots less in the mag, no higher fire rate despite the automatic option, and useless attachment of explosive ammo giving a pityful 75 splash damage withing a very small area.

9b0a85  No.15711827


I agree. Its completely gimped in every way. If you want some factional weapons which aren't shit you have to join the tranu or burger group.

Why play TR when the interesting factional specific weapons are far weaker compared to their counterparts. Hurting yourself for no reason besides liking the faction/people.

ad18f9  No.15711877


TR weapons are usually equal to others, even when there is some sort of difference it's too minor and won't be a decisive factor like your skill and gamesense are.

9b0a85  No.15711926

>>15711877 (Checked)

NC weapons feel a lot better personally. The better damage makes the guns feel good. Verses the default TR gun where you spray them with a bunch of bullets and they stand with health to spare.

ad18f9  No.15711956


Versus what TR default gun? The Carv is a reliable and powerful LMG if you can maintain headshots with a lot of ammo, the Cycler is one of the best guns in the entire game because of great DPS and low recoil and the Trac 5 is a very strong CQC carbine. The default TR pistol is also arguably the best.

8bfab7  No.15713157


all of them?

the 143 damage model blows and it feels like the lower the damage the more fucked you get by nanoweave.

cb860e  No.15713229


No, lol. 143dmg gets fucked less. 200dmg is what gets fucked the most, because TTK is increased by 40% on them but only like 30% on 143. I don't get your issue because I've been using the Promise past 2 days, which is a 143dmg/698rpm gun and it's been easy as hell. 2-2.5KD, 28% HSR.

Read more Iridar, nigger. http://iridar.net/planetside2/equipment/suit-slots/#Mechanics


TR also has 167 options in all categories, so just use them.

c2d193  No.15713368


does anyone have that pic of wrel and the valk update?

eabd94  No.15715047

File: c377ccdcd1296f5⋯.png (191.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1538107966304.png)

>Finally managed to finish the halloween directive on time

finally i can say goodbye to the pumpkin helmet and the terrible ecto-O-blaster

a4a742  No.15718247

File: 67252b7d16ea11a⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1078x1272, 539:636, 'Namside 2 - Never Eversid….png)


This one?

52d10e  No.15718298


I haven't bothered to grind it simply because I don't have a need for another Lightning weapon since I've already auraxed everything but the Skyguard on it. Plus you can't apply camo to it and I have a bunch of other shit to work on.

eabd94  No.15719027


These kind of event directives are really useful if you dont have shit unlocked

>now i dont have to spend certs for a AP lighting cannon

cb860e  No.15720217


>now i dont have to spend certs for a AP lighting cannon

Yeah, you just have to grind so long that you'd earn enough certs to unlock an AP Lightning cannon anyway.

52d10e  No.15720609


It doesn't count towards the AP kills for the Lightning, you'd have to buy it anyway if you wanted to work on the aurax, which nobody should as the Lightning is the worst vehicle in the game.

cb860e  No.15722679


>The new flashes just fuck your shit up tho.

Only the Vanu one.

NC and TR ones are practically useless. Fury is still king.

eabd94  No.15722761

File: ecbbba98f2fe6a5⋯.jpg (7.75 KB, 314x301, 314:301, 20eb846a570c7cbc8ed57dddc0….jpg)



>It doesn't count towards the AP kills for the Lightning

Goddamn it

52d10e  No.15722972


At launch the NC one was useless, and the TR one will still kill you if you happen to want to drive forward assuming you want to use it.


It's because they're considered different guns.

cb860e  No.15725385


Anything that is free usually does not give directive points. Case and point, NSX-P Tanto.

52d10e  No.15725746

File: c8c41788c77fbd7⋯.jpg (20.06 KB, 449x496, 449:496, c8c41788c77fbd78e9a7cf303a….jpg)


Wrong, the Tanto is in the Mayhem directive line, and the LB00 AP I think is in one of the exceptional branches.

cb860e  No.15725750


I meant the main branches for normal carbines. I don't think anyone ever even completes those because of how much shit you need.

8d2c33  No.15726351

Are any of you faggots actually playing, or is this just another failed WWEW reunion episode?

23ea2d  No.15726374


some dumb normalfag keeps making these threads, despite most of the regulars not wanting to play ps2 until big updates happen. I doubt the OP even plays PS2, the same thing used to happen when wwew actually had a lot of people still playing this shit gaym. It was the exact same OP, who would make threads just for the sake of making them. This is why generals are cancer.

7445f2  No.15726427


People are still playing.

eabd94  No.15732207

You know call me crazy but as TR the join combat button always goes to NC fights rather than vanu ones as such there always a zerg in NC territories letting TR-VS frontiers always empty

54ef2a  No.15732215


I've logged on a couple times in the last two weeks but have only seen other outfit members on twice. I am on the west coast though.

9b0a85  No.15733509


Join us to celebrate six years of massive battles on Auraxis! From November 15 through November 22 we'll be running a double experience FOR ALL event.

5f34e7  No.15733602

Is there a bigger bunch of suck up shill faggots than the reddit forums for this game? I went over there to check if there was any news on the game, didn't post just browsed, and my god is that place full of suck up brown noses.

One of the dev says how he's working on fixing a patch and he's getting nothing but praise, "oh you take as much time as you need, we're right behind you, buying the next anniversary edition to help support the game, the game is awesome keep doing what you're doing, i love this, this gun is awesome more of it"

No complaints, no criticisms, no questions about the future of the game to the dev, just sucking up. Fuck me.

f4a173  No.15734082

Heads up, double XP for a week and a free NSX-P Naginata if you redeem the code "6YearsPS2" in game.

>patch notes

Magrider receives its intended speed increase as mentioned in the last update.

NS-AM8 Shortbow can now actually be obtained from alert rewards. (Sorry for the inadvertent tease.)

New empire specific camos have been added to the continent alert reward pool.

Speculative fix for Critical Chain implant sometimes remaining on indefinitely.

The VS Rift Knight armor set now has proper icons and descriptions.

Tutorial has been re-enabled.

9b0a85  No.15734120



You can only redeem this on one account oddly.

I remember when they gave the NSX-P Tanto out for free it unlocked on all accounts, right?

54ef2a  No.15734170

File: 4409126024042c8⋯.png (523.37 KB, 685x722, 685:722, long skinner is upset.png)


> Magrider receives its intended speed increase as mentioned in the last update.

e9f13a  No.15734191



Does fucking nothing because tranus just fly away and then their fagrider boyfriend comes to fuck your shit up with the worst MBT in the game.

5eef86  No.15734303


>No complaints, no criticisms, no questions about the future of the game to the dev, just sucking up. Fuck me.

Probably because other "mmo" games the company took care of got terminated recently. You never know when PS2 will get terminated too. PS2 is one of a kind so people worship and appreciate it more than anything else who can see the beauty of it.I did a complaint on the reddit once, got like 1-2 upvotes. . . Won't bother with that subreddit ever again.

54ef2a  No.15734618


>Won't bother with that subreddit ever again

>he regularly browses reddit

why are you even here?

8bfab7  No.15734843

File: 30df945fbf17e86⋯.jpg (2 MB, 500x377, 500:377, 30df945fbf17e8669381ab236d….jpg)


i made the thread cuz it was double xp you illiterate nigger


>made the magrider even faster

10ac93  No.15734858


It's a bug. The promo code got released early and has been rolled back.

f4a173  No.15734884


>even faster

It was and still is the slowest MBT. Even the Vanguard is faster. Turbo is practically useless, and encourages using the thing as just a Heavy Harasser.

8bfab7  No.15737631


>turbo is practically useless

except thats complete bullshit

pick any path and drive the prowler/vanguard/magrider along it and time it. The magrider wins every time

the key here is the magrider doesnt decelerate on inclines like the prowler or vanguard do. Its able to maintain its speed to a degree

de738b  No.15737634

File: b0127e3cfd65723⋯.webm (410.36 KB, 640x360, 16:9, THE GAME,IS FUN.webm)

Would it be a good idea to try to get into the game now?

Or would i just get my ass smashed six feet under.

28ff9e  No.15737657

File: f1e4e7a462641cc⋯.png (846.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, reggie.png)


Not a fan of Nintendo but I cant hate Reggie. Fuck knows what they will do when he eventually retires.

8bfab7  No.15737678


i have nearly 900 hours in the game and i cant recommend it to anyone.

Its pay to not grind

Just about everyone uses net limiter

The networking itself it fucked

Its balanced like a turd.

Runs like a turd.

Community is mlg tryhards (and the salt that comes with it)

3 factions but mostly the devs play vanu

Most of the people working on the game are completely different from who made it and its questionable if they know how most of their shit works.

I was at an highly populated amp station fight last night and i asked in proximity if anyone would play the game if it wasnt free. Just about everyone replied "the game is a piece of shit" or "no".

If you have 30 gigs and some time to kill check it out. Though be warned the only reason most of us played is because we had each other to play with and the outfit is pretty dead. We might get more people on this week because of double xp but im doubtful.

de738b  No.15737689

File: ca3a019fa1cd4a6⋯.jpg (45.56 KB, 600x600, 1:1, whythough.jpg)


Well shit that sucks.

f4a173  No.15737702

File: 954145422d15c96⋯.jpg (118.68 KB, 1403x676, 1403:676, GOLDEN GOD.jpg)


It's free, go for it. It's probably best if you get some older player to tutor you though, this game can be confusing for new players and responding to every question in the thread is annoying.

Things to keep in mind:

Do not buy new weapons until you have auraxiumed your default ones.

Auraxiuming means getting 1160 kills on a single weapon, that will grant you 200 certification points and once you have auraxiumed 5 weapons in one category (LMG, Assault Rifle, Carbine, et cetera) you will get an unique version that will have some sort of benefit that no other gun has.

Your default weapons are the best in nearly every faction and weapon type. The only exception I can think of is the default pistol for the Vanu, which is pretty bad.

I highly suggest getting your Medigun and Repair Tool to one level below maximum rank as fast as possible, it will increase your speed of reviving, healing and repairing a ton.

Unlock 2 or 3 levels of the Medkit item in utility. It's a universal unlock for all classes, and will make you far more survivable.

I suggest playing either Combat Medic or Heavy Assault. Heavy Assault essentially has 3 health bars in the form of a overshield, making him the most survivable class in the game.

Try to join in during hours when there's more players, whatever the regional peak hours are depending on what server you choose.

If you can't find a fight, redeploy with the U key and press the Join Combat button, it will put you in some sort of fight on the map most of the time. Follow other people to combat. See a train of buses going at a base? Go with them.

Don't worry about KDR or any bullshit like that, just keep playing. Gitgud is a gradual process in this game.

Make a character on each faction and play them for about an hour or two. See what you like and then stick with it.

Also: Don't join in to play with /v/. Seriously, the outfit is dead. Join in to just play the game.

54ef2a  No.15738047


The new continent should bring back some people too when it's out. Unfortunately its purple which means Vanu will be able to hide even more.

72e6ee  No.15738116


But Vanus use camouflage that is black and red or blue and yellow.

701a16  No.15738126


Why does the Tranny Republic and the New Cucks always sperg out about buffs or nerfs to the magrider. Either you think it's OP because its mobility or shit because of it. When at the end of the day what really matters it's the pilots.

You all niggas need Vanu

5ae3c9  No.15738129


>calls someone illiterate

>types like a nigger

Wew. Pot calling the kettle black.

917168  No.15738140

File: c88942d99553376⋯.jpg (161.64 KB, 423x714, 141:238, Vanu.jpg)

File: 390d75063123ef3⋯.png (32.93 KB, 800x600, 4:3, VANU FAGS GET OFF THE CROW….png)


>The new continent should bring back some people too when it's out.

Wow, and it only took them 5 goddamn years to bring something new into a very terrible game, wait, I mean 6 years, because it isn't coming out this year.


>Tranu Sorority

Xir faggot please.

a65933  No.15738818

so your voices are stupid and your opinion on what we ought do in game is down right retarded, undignified and franky gay to be honest. uhh yeah and also like fuck you ummm ok byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

52d10e  No.15744763

File: 0958cf713965d4f⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1465658539047-3.jpg)

5e7090  No.15747322

How is this game not dead yet? I remember playing thru the beta and the first year of release or so and watching it slowly turn into a big pile of dog shit. Who is even still playing this game other than autistic cert farmers and chinese whales?

eeffd9  No.15747704


This is the game for people that cant afford a battlefield, we got testaments of regular players that if PS2 was not free to play they would leave the game to die

9b0a85  No.15747886


Planetside is a lot different from battlefield.

The main thing that keeps it alive is that its free to play. Able to pull in suckers and then entice them to pay real life money for weapons and cosmetics.

4ef58f  No.15747951

how does anyone aurax anything anymore?

I remember auraxing a bunch of weapons over Christmas break 2014, but that was on Emerald when everything was packed

unless they lowered the kills required then it must be much tougher now

also having prestige items that are obtained by number of kills, rather than some other stat related to the difficulty of kills is the worst thing ever as it encourages everyone to farm the hapless new players

would be much better if there was an incentive to hunt veterans and high rank accounts

9b0a85  No.15747987


If they made account levels have some weight that would help with what you're suggesting.

In game there is no real way to tell a new player from a regular except having no cosmetics, but even then I see high level players that have none.

28e0f4  No.15753608

File: 7fc4b0435f2dd78⋯.png (325.93 KB, 1176x200, 147:25, heyguysnerfshere.png)

Imagine being unable to fly ESFs so completely.

280ce2  No.15753630


What the fuck is he on about? A lib with a Dalton has never stopped/ prevented me flying an ESF in the same area, fuck Wrel for nerfing the dakka gun just when it finally was able to be used for once.

ae6ad9  No.15754026


takes me about 9 hours to aurax a weapon

thats consistently been the approximate amount of time it takes for the past 4 months or so

eeffd9  No.15754405



Wrel just doesnt know how to juggle a dalton lib

eeffd9  No.15754553

This 2XP week really brings out the cancer

>vanu locks continents 4 times in a row

>NC just wont fucking leave the TR alone

>locks the faction at 96 fughts while vanu steals everything

>good playes and cheaters galore

My anger is inmeasureable and my day is ruined

857e8f  No.15755705

File: dc1db012621aeab⋯.png (32.54 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1471317445144.png)


this is exactly why you only play with wwew ,or any other outfit that doesn't take itself seriously most of the time.

Holy balls, i still miss wasting whole days building HIVEs or shooting the shit while battlebardin'.

1dda23  No.15759002

File: e34b155190ba3e0⋯.mp4 (6.49 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DX11.mp4)

DirectX 11 in PS2 is actually becoming a thing. Huh.

f3653a  No.15759007


>wrels a faggot

in other news, the sun is hot

aab32a  No.15759115


He's a fucking A2G shitter and gets butthurt that some Dalton Chad just came in and stopped his spawnroom farming shittery.

501181  No.15759575


The game came out in 2012, and I can still fucking tell you, to this day, I genuinely remember my first deployment and the absolute clusterfuck the game was, and how almost magical the game was at the time, seriously, nothing else could compare.

I kind of think a lot of people in general tried it, and in around 2014-16 it stagnated enough that people started the whole meme it was dead, since at that time the game wasn't getting any real updates, and it was just "buy my microtransaction goyim!" for some fucking guns, with little to nothing else. For a solid two years almost.

Now we're kinda at the point where yeah, we're getting some updated, but SOE is shutting shit down and the new semi-major updates are kinda a last-ditch effort it feels like almost. Hell, Combined Arms update was an absolute shitshow of an update. Don't get me started on liberators and how your only use is to either farm biolabs, harass newbie bases, or pray to Almighty Jesus that an ESF doesn't see you since the fucking Dalton got nerfed and tail AA is the same as firing a FUCKING .22 at a goddamned tank.


Agreed. Hell, I'd kill for a system letting you tell who's level what just from their armor… Rather then pay shekels for it.

eeffd9  No.15759989

File: 84ab71211dbcbca⋯.jpg (240.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181121010511_1.jpg)

File: b5cb6d0cd1fa87b⋯.jpg (256.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181121010515_1.jpg)

File: 1fd89c94c9fda84⋯.gif (469.71 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1536612738778.gif)

File: 177a77874b334f4⋯.jpg (18.4 KB, 636x466, 318:233, 1537220034902.jpg)

this shit is out of control

for those that don't know let me bring you up to speed

>for a couple of weeks now Connery vanu has been nonstop zerging aerial anomalys

>they start the first wave with galaxys and liberators

>because their health pool is big even 5 esf shooting at it will take a while to take one single big aircraft down

>in those moments where esf are distracted they bring the second wave: scythes and blow the shit out of anyone in the area

>this usually follows power struggle between these shitters and any other faction that was in control of the anomaly

>this eventually brings vanu on top cause they bring even more air support while everybody else quits

how can this be stopped? these motherfuckers arent giving the chance of other factions winning the damn anomaly and they been doing it Every. Single. Damn. Day

46083b  No.15760049

File: f72df6052d83c57⋯.png (2.96 MB, 1241x1163, 1241:1163, ClipboardImage.png)

Never forget the last stand of the prouf Tranus at their ancestral HRT Facility.

913aac  No.15760337


Obelisk >>> Bishop > Dragoon

Bishop was closer to the obelisk in performance back before they nerfed its RoF by 20%

Right now the Obelisk is head and shoulders above Bishop and Dragoon and it's almost entirely because of the heat mechanic.

913aac  No.15760352


My outfit tried using the NC flash to do actual artillery, and it did not work at all. Aside from a few retards on our own team deciding to stop and kill us, we got focused by a few VS infils almost immediately, had to stay too close to the fight to be safe, and couldn't effectively aim the artillery for shit even with a spotter because the flash is actual garbage for an artillery type weapon.

Completely garbage meme weapon

913aac  No.15760363


The REAL problem with the dalton lib was cheaters abusing the everloving shit out of it to make half the airspace on the map a no fly zone.

Nobody wants to fucking admit it, but that's what was happening with dalton libs. The devs have such shitty anti-cheat they had to resort to nerfing the gun to deal with it.

e1a79c  No.15762888

>They're implementing a fourth faction

>They're mercenary robots that assist the losing faction

So what happens if literally everyone plays as robots

e1a79c  No.15762898


>Only playable if you have a subscription

Forget what I said, all my hype has just been erased after looking into this.

2eb3d4  No.15762908

File: d691e0e9815e143⋯.jpg (694.43 KB, 2560x1372, 640:343, Planetside 2.jpg)

File: da1a01eb5768fe3⋯.jpg (91.1 KB, 968x826, 484:413, Titanfall 2 Stim Pilot.jpg)


You're shitting me, the NS Mercbot models are ripped straight outta Titanfall 2.

4d50d8  No.15762914

post female robots

f3653a  No.15762922

File: 6456290e00b1940⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Boollet.png)


>tfw when i thought i entered a tf2 thread when i looked at this post

holy shit, this content is so generic.

f3653a  No.15762924


And no, not Teamfortress 2.

4085c0  No.15762933

File: 32b2a17b37da8b9⋯.jpg (50.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1381192984249.jpg)


>capture facility for losing faction

>that faction now has more territory than one of the other factions

>immediately begin capturing facility for that faction since they're now losing

2eb3d4  No.15762941

File: 4280a619ddaf702⋯.png (103.41 KB, 400x451, 400:451, ANGER.png)

Not to fucking mention, that the NS Mercbots don't fit the game's artstlye AT ALL, same goes for any weapon released in the last two years. Just look at the Trident line for the TR, those weapons LOOK LIKE THEY'RE FROM ANOTHER GAME ENTIRELY, THEY'RE ALL SHINY AND SLICK WITH LITERAL RACING STRIPES, WHILE EVERY OTHER TR GUN IS MATTE GRAY OR BLACK AND MINIMALISTIC. The TR is the "professional military" in the setting, while they wear fucking CHESTPLATES AND STEEL ARMOR AND HAVE POUCHES NOWHERE, SO DO THE FUCKING NC AND EVEN THE TRANU, AND THESE GENERIC MURDERBOTS GET RIGS AND PLATE CARRIERS, ALL OF THIS SHIT IS JUST FUCKING WRONG.


e1a79c  No.15762952


TR is suffering

cbcb58  No.15764414

File: 336d78e12c46fca⋯.png (178.67 KB, 848x900, 212:225, TR smile and optimism gone.png)

File: 026f8783056e430⋯.png (67.02 KB, 1454x976, 727:488, be693d046ea7856616b6ecb5a2….png)

File: f0326f43fe6d7bf⋯.png (96.62 KB, 255x300, 17:20, f0326f43fe6d7bfae0fbfb6c09….png)

File: d043eb44f23b0b9⋯.jpg (131.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d043eb44f23b0b9c50b96dbe52….jpg)


This, all my fucking this. I'm so fucking sick of those tranny Vanu fags ghost capping, and it is ghost capping just so they can lock the continent faster killing decent firefights going on elsewhere on the map.


No way, this can't be real no fucking way. What a fucking disaster this will be if true.



*breathes in*


Ok so fuck the lore, fuck the story, fuck the reason why we fight, why we hate other factions, just fuck it all, fuck why the servers are called connery, emerald, fuck why the places we fight are called e.t.c. this fucking game.

I bet this was Wrel's idea. It has his stupid fucking infantry/ A2G shitter name all over it that cunt.



Don't forget those fucking flaming skull helmets, now with more fags using them because of the halloween event. I really don't understand why people would ever use a flaming skull helmet type, all it does is highlight you more/ make you more of a target.

Same with neon lights on vehicles, especially at night, thanks for helping me mark you better. Jesus this game is suffering.

I've been playing for years and STILL haven't reached max level, how fucking long does it take to reach 120? I'm so fucking sick of this.

0bd17c  No.15764440

File: 877d5551b9da123⋯.jpg (129.95 KB, 850x1010, 85:101, 877d5551b9da123e344a273a86….jpg)

Well while we're here, can we have a rating of weapons for people that were away?

I wanted to know how good is the NC Gladius.

ae6ad9  No.15764607


It's good but not like Cyclone good. Really really requires fire control. If you know how to use Gauss SAW you'll do fine with it.

6ab9e6  No.15764643

File: f23543f4a302768⋯.png (43.28 KB, 409x406, 409:406, ba7d4858372572ab8f59fdcb65….png)

>Boot game up after having to patch and reinstall.

>Hop into Emerald NC and spend way too long searching for a fight that isn't a shitstomp or a zerg.

>When I finally deploy in, it's just a bunch of Vanu firing mag-tanks and bolt snipers into our spawn from the hillsides while flaming skulled infilatrators rush the point over and over for laggy knife kills.

>Give up trying to kill their sundies myself and just farm certs against the TR for a few hours.

Glad to see this game hasn't changed at all.

c266e7  No.15764666


Decent, but as with everything 167dmg weapons are always better than 200dmg weapons, which is to say that the Cyclone/Canis/Jackal are the best in the game and unless you are grinding cheevos you should always use them instead of anything else.

52d10e  No.15764802

File: e060a788d87d620⋯.jpg (19.01 KB, 425x312, 425:312, 1468933157729.jpg)


wwew was literally the only reason to play the game.

ceb173  No.15764966


look at the damage model and accuracy of the gladius and you will understand why every NC child uses it.


Planetside 1 allowed you to put every single commendation you had on slots on your pauldron/chest so you could end up looking like your average african/middle eastern dictat

b9ea15  No.15765247


The amount of salt wwew created was legendary. Say wwew during in game chat, the reactions are great.

3650a3  No.15766924


Even worse wrel mentioned that they would get some faction specific NS weapons that no other one gets. Totally not going to be better then other factions weapons. :^)

Just have to pay for membership and keep it up to date. If you don't continue your membership your 4th faction character gets locked until you renew.

050598  No.15767627

File: e78ec569a16e336⋯.jpg (96.03 KB, 1648x926, 824:463, Yeahright.jpg)

Make your predictions.

>People start farming NS because they're easy even though they have more health and better weapons

ae6ad9  No.15767649


more like

>every veteran farmer with high kpm is gonna come back and play NSO for the little xp bonus and novelty (not to mention the NS weapons) and NSO is gonna shit stomp everyone

2eb3d4  No.15767674

File: 48874048120cebb⋯.jpg (32.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nam flashback.jpg)


>murderbots get allied with the underpop faction

>get allied to NC 50% of the time

>the other 50% time is to Tranu because AODR always overpops every single continent they participate in but still manage to fuck everything up

ae6ad9  No.15767729

File: 162537cc3a83909⋯.png (14.01 KB, 1268x68, 317:17, aim better.png)

i did it bros

i set a new kpm record for myself (for an infantry weapons stats) and have the highest ivi on emerald for the gd-7f

they told me to aim better so i did

feels good man

also the gd7f is complete bullshit

ceb173  No.15767825


the bots wont be higher health at all unlike the specops boredom shit the GMs would spawn in PS1 they will just aid the lowest pop faction in a hex when they get deployed which could help with pop problems except its members only forever so its automatically just a good goy bonus rather than a feature that could have helped the flow of game

d1eeda  No.15767835

File: acd95dfb1e86f5b⋯.png (1.1 MB, 630x1064, 45:76, 1467037795999.png)


>KDcucks on my wwew? More likely than you think

ceb173  No.15767878

File: 22d93df4ee1feab⋯.webm (1.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, wew.webm)


>suspicious ++ HSR, Accuracy, IVI, and KPM

Jesus christ anon.

0f2a5c  No.15769204

File: 501d89b6e58f806⋯.jpeg (100.38 KB, 600x424, 75:53, pa-pa-pa-pa-panzerkolonne.jpeg)


Whales are gonna start underpopping tranu to get to play as robutts, which in turn will create a feedback loop in which tranu will be perma-underpopped.

0f2a5c  No.15769226


Its not hard to reach high HSR if you can aim straight.

71ec5f  No.15769409


Most I have ever gotten on anything is 30% HSR.

54ef2a  No.15771814


Who cares? The problem has ALWAYS been CPU limitations in large battles.

7b48a4  No.15773412

>Wanted to play Planetside 2 when it was new but had shit pc

>Only got a good enough pc to play it when it's basically dead

I still play it to this day as TR but I feel like I basically missed out on the game.

Also, what was WWEW?

ceb173  No.15773465


perhaps theres a chance of reviving the magic when they update to DX11 which should theoretically provide massive performance boosts for everyone with a GPU (unless they are "let the frozen yogurt CEO do all the porting work" levels of retarded)

01869e  No.15775086


I'm sure that a couple of people will come back to try out the new continent when it comes out, so be on the lookout for that. it'll still only last for a week or two though, so be quick about it

52d10e  No.15776907

File: 52998b65e407ec7⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c94b180102dff5cbde5f9ba823….png)


At this point it's too splintered to last even a week.

90089b  No.15778715


Are you dumb? The advantage of using DX11 means that you can push more cycles out onto the far faster graphics processor, which then gives the CPU more headroom to work with.

efbd82  No.15782830


>DX11 is only now become a thing for ps2

I hate how shit this industry is. IIRC DX11 was around since 08, and PS2 was released in 2012.

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