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File: 895b70757e5c665⋯.jpg (132.4 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, red_dead_redemption_2_scre….jpg)

a9e00b  No.15703060

Red Dead Redemption II doesn't hold a candle to any of the classic westerns such as Once Upon a Time in the West, For a Few Dollars More or My Name is Nobody.

It's a failure of a game, it's a failure of a homage and it's a failure of art. Fuck RDRII, dogshit piece of shit chore of a game.

4cb46f  No.15703078


maybe, I haven't tried, but that sub 30fps in unforgivable

b145fd  No.15703095

>Look mom, I searched on google what the most popular western movies were that I've never watched and never will so I can pretend to have more sophisticated tastes than I really do on an anonymous imageboard

b2fe83  No.15703100

Rango is a better western than RDR2.

0f859d  No.15703142


Just because you had to search to know what the OP is talking about doesn't mean everyone else had to.

435732  No.15703143

>vidya story is shit compared to books and movies

No shit sherlock, if you want quality stories stick to books.

Why does /v/ keep filling with people that think vidya is about story? The only thing that vidya does that no other media does better is be interactive / gameplay and if you are into media this is a very simple thing to understand, if you are into vidya it should be the main thing you care about.

no idea about the game, I'm not buying a console for the 2-3 games that interest me

c580cf  No.15703157

>giving Rockstar money

>or even attention


a9e00b  No.15703187


It's called structuring your sentences, go back to school mong.

46bc9f  No.15703193

Story fell flat with chapter 5. It only barely recovers, in my opinion after that. Then it switches gears with the house building and ranching. The final battle was fun as fuck but I didn't like the ending.

The game was fun though overall, plenty to do and take in, especially if you take it at a slow pace. I really hope the online isn't swamped with children and mongoloids. Atleast not to the extent it ruins it.

3e14ff  No.15703213

File: 89d8117619c0b5c⋯.jpg (138.9 KB, 1031x714, 1031:714, django.jpg)


Then why are you shilling it?

91c986  No.15703217

File: 9ea813da576f001⋯.jpg (13.41 KB, 293x257, 293:257, j c denton not interested.jpg)

We get it anon, you don't like AAA games. Now can you get off the soapbox and give it a rest already?

a89391  No.15703229


He said it's a failure as a game. What are you fucking blind or just trying to fit in?

435732  No.15703245

File: c296653e4ab43e7⋯.jpeg (7.31 KB, 250x230, 25:23, baee8afe5429608adb8bfb30b….jpeg)


He said it's shit compared to a heap of movies, I'm taking a wide guess he is talking about the story as movies don't tend to have much gameplay.

46bc9f  No.15703269


Or maybe he's a retard who is just aping what he hears other anons say, but wants to sound smarter, and used a bunch of movie names. That or he just wants a Red Dead Redemption 2 thread but is, again, aping how other anons hate it, so he can remain clean of the sin of mildly enjoying it.

cfd1ed  No.15703301

File: 53a3c757c5c7460⋯.gif (2.95 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 601af2474616eded6937e86e9a….gif)


If you truly feel that way, you'd just stop talking about it. Why bring it up? It's not even worth shitting on, most of us knew what the game would be like before it was even announced, so there's no reason to act surprised that it's essentially more of the same but with a bit more polish. If you hate this game for its mechanics, then you have to admit that Rockstar games have always been shit because, by and large, they all feature the same shit mechanics but with a different coat of paint slapped onto the chassis. It makes no sense to have a nostalgia boner for Vice City or San Andreas when they're just more primitive versions of the same shit you see today. Yeah, you can argue over whether or not certain features were more or less worthwhile in specific games (like the car physics in GTAIV) but what you can't do is try and claim that one of them is somehow superior to the rest because one appeals to your highly subjective sensibilities while another doesn't.

Either the general premise of a Rockstar-Open-World™ is something you enjoy, or it's something you find no appeal in whatsoever. Hating this game but liking the previous game would be the equivalent of loving Majora's Mask but shitting all over Ocarina of Time because the former has better atmosphere. Don't miss the point; they're essentially the SAME FUCKING GAME but with some minor differences in presentation and a handful of features.

7f960c  No.15703306

Huh almost like trying to be a movie in a game format will never make you as great as the works of the past that were in a completely different medium.

6193d7  No.15703323

Tried playing the game on multiple occasions but I always got bored in an hour or two. The longest slog was probably the 2,5-3 hour tutorial on rails. Even after the tutorial missions seemed to be about following some dude for a set period of time while they talk or chasing some guy while "Super Awesome Scripted Stuff™" happens during the chase. Others were just fetch quests or super enlongated "interactive" cutscenes.

bb9fe4  No.15703330

Funny how some of the most iconic cowboy stuff comes from movies made by Italians and shoot in Mexico

7028f1  No.15703337

Those are movies though…

7028f1  No.15703353


Unforgiven isn't sophisticated or boring though, It's your typical revenge/redemption plot only in reverse.

46a572  No.15703361


See >>15703142

You are embarrassing yourself.

7028f1  No.15703381


Maybe you just have shit taste.

b2fe83  No.15703403

If anyone's interested, I can storytime some old Western (genre) comics that handled injuns much better than RDR2's cuckoldry. I don't want to totally derail the thread, so I'll give you the chance to tell me to fuck off. That, and I'm still downloading the .cbrs and it'll be about half an hour before I can actually start.

0bacbd  No.15703418


Go ahead. At the very least it sounds interesting.

2bb8db  No.15703437


As long as you go back to Reddit.

7028f1  No.15703446


Doubt it. Why?

1b9d52  No.15703447

fuck off already

a9e00b  No.15703458



I compared it to classic westerns because it's obviously a game hugely inspired by them. And as a game that attempts to adapt the whole mythos surrounding cowboys and westerns it does a shit fucking job of it in every regard. Music, gameplay, story, characters, it's all lacking.

1f7266  No.15703465

File: 43eac4f0a1d128c⋯.jpg (51.09 KB, 880x406, 440:203, the-wild-bunch.jpg)


RDR1 was all about the Wild Bunch and the closing days of the Wild West.

7028f1  No.15703472


So, why did you start this thread again?

a9e00b  No.15703487


Just leave if you're not interested in the topic you waste of life

247a5e  No.15703489


>It's boring as fuck.

Unforgiven is the Spec Op: The Line of westerns. It's one big - "Shame on you for enjoying this genre, shitlord!"

7e64fd  No.15703496

even dunkey said the game was shit.

7028f1  No.15703513


Why are you so mad?

2b4cd7  No.15703515


he gave it 3/5 and said he can easily recommend it, I just finished watching the video

537435  No.15703521

File: 0fbd18a49b3dec5⋯.jpg (25.01 KB, 319x489, 319:489, spenser.0.jpg)


>Trusting Dunkey after the fit he threw over Pyra's tits

621afd  No.15703523


3/5 is about right. I don't know why dunkey is always on the money. He seems so retarded yet he isn't.

25e5db  No.15703526

First game was boring as fuck anyway. Second game is that with added tedium.


That's why he said "even Dunky"

a9e00b  No.15703527


I'm not mad, it's just a simple request. Stay on topic or fuck off. I'm not interested in your passive aggressive questions.

7e64fd  No.15703535


>even X said its shit

>oh, so you must really trust X's opinion

nigger, learn how to read.

537435  No.15703538

File: 03aa65177b8bd60⋯.png (442.33 KB, 1260x1198, 630:599, 9volt_heh_gamers.png)



Jokes on you, I was only pretending.

25e5db  No.15703541


Were you only pretending to have reading comprehension?

2b4cd7  No.15703542

File: d6f4b8473a39fa2⋯.png (8.46 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, toomanychests.png)


he was right about that too tho


I've talked to him in person a few times at various conventions/meetups, he comes off like a goofy fuck even in person, it's weird

537435  No.15703543




>defending ecelebs



They're basically the same thing at this point

537435  No.15703549


I dunno man, IV was very different to V in a ton of ways. Yes they're both sandbox games, but in terms of how you handle a gun, how you drive, how you interact with the world, how you do missions in general, etc. They are sandbox games in the same series, but it'd be inaccurate to say that GTAIV has the same gunplay as Max Payne 3.

418170  No.15703551


>fit over pyra's tits

is he a gay?

b2fe83  No.15703554

File: 9c6c79a9807ec9b⋯.jpg (612.45 KB, 994x1521, 994:1521, WW32-00.jpg)

File: 742b182d5410a88⋯.jpg (652.07 KB, 958x1367, 958:1367, WW32-01.jpg)

File: 5a56b58c212305e⋯.jpg (621 KB, 939x1392, 313:464, WW32-02.jpg)

File: 829fe78c232ff4e⋯.jpg (656.45 KB, 945x1380, 63:92, WW32-03.jpg)

File: d01e3dd6af85ee6⋯.jpg (683.25 KB, 945x1380, 63:92, WW32-04.jpg)

We open our story with an en media res scene depicting cowardly injuns conspiring to shoot a brave white hero with arrows if he survives a harrowing battle with a bear. At the beginning of the tale the savages kidnap an innocent white girl.

537435  No.15703555


He's a nigger faggot, yes.

b2fe83  No.15703564

File: 3cfc8184008240f⋯.jpg (638.9 KB, 932x1380, 233:345, WW32-05.jpg)

File: 6128491030c60b8⋯.jpg (650.37 KB, 932x1367, 932:1367, WW32-06.jpg)

File: 893b23179d11b9b⋯.jpg (656.2 KB, 939x1380, 313:460, WW32-07.jpg)

File: 423b6c8f8b66624⋯.jpg (634.99 KB, 939x1373, 939:1373, WW32-09.jpg)

File: 71adf9f1c45f01e⋯.jpg (617.04 KB, 932x1380, 233:345, WW32-10.jpg)


The cowardly injuns proceed to ambush our hero and leave him to the mercy of a wild beast.

bfad19  No.15703567

>Spaghettiwestern are better than jewish westerns

Why, yes.

b50142  No.15703573


Probably because there was no mention of Arthur in the first one. Also to add in their poz missions of killing the Klan (which didn't have their revival until Birth of a Nation) and helping a sufferagette. Prequels are the easy way out for franchises that are afraid to go foward in the story.

Also, that wanted system is shit. You could accidentally bump into someone and you'd get a bounty for assault. I may not be an expert on wild west laws but in an era where have gun duels for eyeing someone wrong, or hangings, I don't think the concept of reporting assault to the cops was common place or at all. You would mostly take the law into your own hands.

You get bounty hunters coming after you the worst times like when your heading toward a mission, you have to take of them, and can't do the mission because they interrupted the area and you have to leave and go back to reset the mission again. The best way to get around this is to just have a stack of money with you so you can pay the bounty off when you get to town so they can leave you alone. Doesn't make the game any less boring. Dead eye and auto aim make the game easy with the few bits of interaction you get in the cinematic experience of a western that makes me want to watch True Grit instead.

b2fe83  No.15703579

File: b90772c79d36b96⋯.jpg (642.84 KB, 932x1380, 233:345, WW32-11.jpg)

File: f322c555b94baaa⋯.jpg (627.67 KB, 920x1373, 920:1373, WW32-12.jpg)

File: d5b8330973e86c8⋯.jpg (622.81 KB, 939x1361, 939:1361, WW32-13.jpg)

File: aa235047a9ab35b⋯.jpg (670.27 KB, 932x1373, 932:1373, WW32-14.jpg)

File: f81ceece226f680⋯.jpg (627.38 KB, 939x1380, 313:460, WW32-15.jpg)


Turns out injuns patrol their thots and they're treating the white girl the same way. Unsure how to feel about this one.

371ad8  No.15703583

RDR2 only has male horses.

f82c10  No.15703584


>doesn't hold a candle to any of the classic westerns

Neither do most westerns

Yet nobody is retarded enough to hold everything to such colossally high standard, even in other movies, and here you come to do that with videogames. Calling you king of the retards is a dishonor to your magnificence.

772feb  No.15703591

File: 5f50ce929f05d9e⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.74 KB, 400x400, 1:1, reel it in.jpeg)

That's where you're wrong. Red Dead Redemption II is a modern classic. The amount of detail present in the world is unparalleled and unmatched not only in the West, but in Japan as well.

Firstly, the details are hypnotising. There is an overwhelming amount of activities to engage in. So often in open world games in the past I find myself repeating the same mission over and over. Here, there is less of a sense of action being of a premium. Some of my favourite missions and quests have simply involved going down to a nearby fishing hole or tracking game with my cohorts. It is funny because this game makes me want to be more responsible in that world. Even when I am out and about, putzing around town or in the woods, I feel this calling to get back to my gang's camp and make sure everyone is OK.

It's also very visceral. I knew the game would be violent, but I was still taken aback by how realistic the guns are — the way a shotgun blast just decimates a body. And seeing people being hanged at the gallows is pretty intense, too. I love the differing weight and recoil factors that individual weapons have, it is very satisfying. The 19th Century American West was a brutal frontier, no doubt, but I similarly find myself trying to inject as much humanity into Arthur (the fantastically well fleshed out playable character) as I can. As the game progresses, that only becomes deeper. What adds an even greater level is the fact that this is a prequel to John Marston's story in the previous game. Knowing the ultimate fates of so many of these characters makes it bittersweet to really get to know them personally in this game. I already love this game so much, and I feel like I have not even scratched the surface. I am about 22 percent into the story — and barely opened up the map, most of it is still blank.

Only a development studio like Rockstar could develop something of this quality. That's why I made sure to purchase the Collector's Box because, alongside the main game, it really made me feel like I was in the Wild West. I also bought the game in a bundle with a PS4 Pro, because I think that is the best platform to play this game. It was definitely a well made purchase. I hope they release DLC so that I can use that as an excuse to get back into the world. Absolutely loved the experience. 10/10

35e7dc  No.15703601


Would it be better or worse if I told you he isn't black

b2fe83  No.15703604

File: aebe232273ff574⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1328x1997, 1328:1997, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)

File: b96d824542faae0⋯.jpg (936.59 KB, 1269x1913, 1269:1913, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)

File: fc0285c2efd6a57⋯.jpg (913.02 KB, 1253x1881, 1253:1881, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)

File: 827e28e2a8a4bc8⋯.jpg (873.25 KB, 1275x1907, 1275:1907, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)

File: 17a9336661a4ae6⋯.jpg (985.04 KB, 1275x1902, 425:634, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)


The Day of the Tomahawk sounds like a reverse DOTR. Let's see how this one works out.

The next chapter of our story begins with a recap of our last for those who missed it.

0bacbd  No.15703611


I don't follow gay eceleb drama. I don't know what you are talking about. Can you give me more context?

b2fe83  No.15703621

File: b649efb21a8c858⋯.jpg (916.94 KB, 1275x1912, 1275:1912, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)

File: 42ede3386ca2481⋯.jpg (931.56 KB, 1259x1897, 1259:1897, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)

File: a2fd0cc9c142153⋯.jpg (908.53 KB, 1285x1854, 1285:1854, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)

File: 781135a9e684932⋯.jpg (980.17 KB, 1259x1865, 1259:1865, Weird Western Tales #33 -0….jpg)

File: 4954bafdd0ad779⋯.jpg (885 KB, 1259x1886, 1259:1886, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)


An honorable duel between two warriors. A thot tries to make more fighting happen because it excites her. Hex is a real man and takes none of that shit.

408ca3  No.15703628

File: 11d3cde0b522e60⋯.png (57.7 KB, 800x520, 20:13, l_167.png)

Post spoilers for the game

8758c7  No.15703632


Why are you posting a piss-stained DC comic in a thread about a bad game? I mean it fits but still.

d1035e  No.15703640

File: 73c9d71422138a5⋯.png (15.5 KB, 128x128, 1:1, toddspoil.png)


sure it is

3220d8  No.15703641


Arthur gets infected with tuberculosis when shaking down a farmer for a jew and dies at the end, then you play as marston.

b2fe83  No.15703646

File: d1e45badbb3b6af⋯.jpg (846.18 KB, 1235x1851, 1235:1851, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)

File: c7778be41cd05e9⋯.jpg (966.75 KB, 1237x1870, 1237:1870, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)

File: 1c486e7fc32bd79⋯.jpg (868.38 KB, 1254x1857, 418:619, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)

File: b28365d42e8b0ec⋯.jpg (945.38 KB, 1259x1886, 1259:1886, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)

File: 9eb0e6e82a6a5a5⋯.jpg (916.72 KB, 1243x1896, 1243:1896, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)


With the amount of pointless fighting the Hayes' like to start and the underhanded scheme I'm starting to think they might be part of a tribe, and I ain't talkin' about injuns.


Because it's better than RDR 2 and it costed a fucking quarter. Also RDR2 is ridiculously protective of featherniggers, which is a bad trend in gaming with the Game and Watch censorship in Smash.

35e7dc  No.15703647

File: ff6e1f8427e00b3⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 270x140, 27:14, smug657.jpg)


I saw that faggot

25e5db  No.15703648


Which is kind of dumb since tuberculosis only kills you when youre immune system is suppressed due to stress and being malnourished. Otherwise it stays dormant.

fc532c  No.15703653


>said the game was shit.

He said he would easily recommend it to anyone.

d1035e  No.15703655



I only had one job

b2fe83  No.15703657

File: de0ddf01f5903b2⋯.jpg (846.46 KB, 1253x1923, 1253:1923, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)

File: 7421da78cb4300f⋯.jpg (970.18 KB, 1227x1907, 1227:1907, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)

File: 7421da78cb4300f⋯.jpg (970.18 KB, 1227x1907, 1227:1907, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)

File: 42cbf7cb859298c⋯.jpg (896.65 KB, 1259x1854, 1259:1854, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)


Our saga concludes with Injuns getting BTFOd and one barely getting away to fight another day.

c923de  No.15703683

File: d5462a5f6147880⋯.jpg (169.6 KB, 640x386, 320:193, fug.jpg)


I haven't played 2, but I found the first game nailed the atmosphere of those movies at times. Rockstar gameplay is fucking boring though, so I've never finished it.

Kinda wish Capcom hadn't sold off RDRevolver to Rockstar. It could've been a much more fun franchise.

699550  No.15703707


You fucked up m8

b2fe83  No.15703716

File: 688ca9f0b42b0c0⋯.jpg (831.2 KB, 1269x1854, 141:206, Weird Western Tales #33 -1….jpg)



You're right about that. The missing page 18 is supposed to go where page 17 #2 was.

699550  No.15703726


Thanks for posting it.

46bc9f  No.15703727


Those are spaghetti westerns, you dunce. A classic western, is most every John Wayne cowboy flick. You don't even know what you're talking about. And even so, the game's story is an anti-western. It takes place at the tail end of the west. It's suppose to be both a satire and a commentary on the 'Wild West' genre, as well as the time period. Typical Rockstar stuff, really.

AND EVEN SO, it still gets the feel of spaghetti westerns when it wants to. So, I suggest you play the fucking game, and also actually watch westerns and their sub genre films.


Clearly the Jew stole his soul.


When exactly do you fight the Klan? You see the Klan twice, once while they prep the cross, and once while they burn it. You 'assist' the women for two minutes by driving them into town and then riding off with the beta that wanted you to protect them. Atleast be honest with what is in the game.

142abe  No.15703730


>It's a failure of a game, it's a failure of a homage and it's a failure of art. Fuck RDRII, dogshit piece of shit chore of a game.

>Then why are you shilling it?

Can someone explain the train of thought here? Since when calling game shit is shill?

7ef65c  No.15703739


It seems like they tried to make a somewhat sophisticated witness system where you could actually make it seem like you were not the perp even if you were in reality, but it's a tremendous double-edged sword. Best example is that I was in Saint Denis and two little kids were making fun of Arthur so I antagonized them and followed them. They led me into an alley where four guys with guns stuck me up and I shot them. Cue a ten minute police shootout and chase where I racked up a 360 dollar bounty. I don't think they worked on those systems enough.

25e5db  No.15703747



That was the first game. This game plays its message straight.

7ef65c  No.15703754


The Klan is still in the game and you'd have to be delusional to defend it as it is a massive historical innacuracy. I thought there wouldn't be much poz because there wasn't in the first game but there are way too many minorities that don't make sense (Lemoyne is supposed to be the hick racist county but a nigger bartends the nicest saloon in the whole county) and way too many fucking sob stories.

6415a7  No.15703756

we have already enough threads about this shitty cuckold game

7ef65c  No.15703767


>plays its message straight

>lel Romeo and Juliet while we make fun of Southerners and call them all cousin fuckers

>lel feminism but plz protect us big rugged manly man

>the entire debt collecting mission chain is the only not-cringey satire but it's still heavy handed as fuck

You must be a child, not only is the satire in this game omnipresent but it is blatant. It's like a slap in the face every time I start to enjoy the game. The only historical/political related mission I've played so far that wasn't clumsy as fuck was the Compson one where you find out he was a slave trader that slowly became a deadbeat bum after he lost his entire business due to the Civil War.

35d5c4  No.15703768


>but that sub 30fps in unforgivable

Yes, that's why I always watch movies with SVP.

8758c7  No.15703777


Vaseline jokes aside most lcd monitors oc to 72hz with gpu settings.

25e5db  No.15703790


>you are an advertiser, because there is no such thing as bad publicity

I'm sure Dead or Alive

is a million seller by now.


That's not satire that's being preachy. The racist guys from the first game being so over the top its funny is satire because it allows the viewer to come to that conclusion. You could even like him for his quirks. The things you listed are the writer blatantly telling viewer what right and wrong are. That's what playing it straight means.

4ccf36  No.15703793

I still find it fun.

7927b0  No.15703796

I just want GUN remastered. I miss my dynamite arrows.

35d5c4  No.15703799

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Could that be a rip-off of an 80s Brazilian porn comedy?

7ef65c  No.15703806


It's just bad satire. Rockstar literally always puts satire in their games, you're just giving them a pass because you're a fag. There isn't any reason to believe they wouldn't do the same thing for this game.

46bc9f  No.15703819


They're shown as bumbling idiots in the woods of Cumberland. Twice. That's it. Believe it or not, the Klan is always made fun of in these types of things. Why would you expect anything else? This is a mainstream game, that is slightly edgy /sometimes/. It isn't here to talk about the Klan in good light.

Lemoyne is suppose to be a mix of most southern states, with Saint Denis being their New Orleans. It's pretty much the only place where you can consistantly find blacks, orientals and south americans. It's civilization. That's the end game of the government (IE, the Bad Guys you spend the whole game running from or gunning down.) You have the fanciest bar in town, full of white people, and a black bartender. Which they likely intended to symbolized a continued oppression over blacks, or something.

And surprise surprise Dutch who has a grudge against Southerners, is a massive piece of shit towards them and treats them like dirt. It's almost like it was trying to draw attention to his "we don't go after revenge" hypocrisy and spiral downwards. He fucks with them because his father died in the war, and because he fucks with them so much, they try to kill the gang. This is what he uses to justify further violence. Read between the lines a bit.

25e5db  No.15703821


Satire requires wit, irony and sarcasm. This game has little because it plays its message straight.

371ad8  No.15703826

The only drawing point is the balls on all the horses.

0bacbd  No.15703861


It's a fucking video game though. I care more about the gameplay and art design than I do a singular pair of tits. If it really botherd me (which I doubt), I would just ignore it since it's not like the character isn't at odds with the art design otherwise.

033542  No.15703907


Sounds like you prefer movies, champ.

b49c01  No.15703924

Shills detected

a2bb7a  No.15703961

File: 0c7173c7a1fb636⋯.png (118.39 KB, 222x227, 222:227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 05c68e0075446a3⋯.png (783.97 KB, 511x596, 511:596, ClipboardImage.png)

>make a game about being an outlaw

>but punish the players severely for doing outlaw shit

>promote being an absolute boy scout despite being a game about being a game of outlaws

>although perhaps not Rockstar themseles decision, players who attacked the suffragette get banned from youtube and shit despite said NPC being bait for this action by making her act like a dick to the player in a game where little is stopping you from killing NPCs you find irritating

>despite this don't double down on being a western "good guy" or even a middle of the road character like blondie or Rooster Cogburn

Rockstar makes games about criminals without actually having the balls to make them be bad guys

3220d8  No.15703970


If you're a goon who hates beauty, sure.


>tfw no early XX century game where you're bandits with most of your enemies being (((federal reserve))) and (((bankers)))

1f7266  No.15703985


That moralfaggotry started with CJ then Rockstar double down on this idea with Niko and finally perfected it with Arthur Morgan.

a2bb7a  No.15703991


I'd argue they've been pussies sine GTA4 when any time you'd rob, cheat, beat up, or kill some one in the stories of those games it's some absolute caricature who fucked over the main characters. RDR1 I give some leeway because John Marstons GOAL was to become a family man and go home so his begrudging selflessness worked out

12c4e5  No.15704031

File: 89af4a86cd0bf8c⋯.webm (4.25 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Only_creepers_like_big_bo….webm)


>a character in an anime game having gigantic tits is a bad thing

a2bb7a  No.15704050





anytime I see people say stuff like this I don't think they even given a shit about this stuff but they HAVE to say it to maintain their sense of maturity

e3cd5f  No.15704058


I guess I will buy it at $10 dollars then.

872dd3  No.15704080


>punish you for being an outlaw

Wow are you telling me there are consequences for being a criminal? Who would have thought it huh?

>promote being an absolute boy scout

That's what Dutch taught them, they thought themselves to be Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Arthur in particular pretty much grew up around this weird sort of hypocritical morals after his own dad died. Which is why at times you see characters struggling within themselves about what they've done. More than a few in the group are alcoholics because of the guilt they bear.

>Rockstar makes games about criminals without actually having the balls to make them be bad guys

They are the bad guys though, like it or not. Arthur realizes this after he caught TB and he starts to reflect on everything bad he ever did and tries to make up for it in the little time he had left. This story was told from the perspective of the "bad guys." Fuck man, a whole town of innocent people defending themselves was murdered because some bigger got his guns stolen after he was jailed. If that isn't "being a bad guy" I dont know what is.

3220d8  No.15704083


>cattle ringed goony beardman

>asshurt roastie

>some jew mutt

7ef65c  No.15704100


>They're shown as bumbling idiots in the woods of Cumberland

Did you even read my post? No of course you didn't. The problem is that the Klan is in the game at all. It shows that despite all their fancy political commentary, Rockstar still can't be bothered to be consistent with basic historical fucking facts if they think it wins them brownie points.

>Saint Denis is New Orleans

>I know shit all about historical culture

>Integrationists live literally next door to plantations

New Orleans had a mixed population but it was not integrated. Ever heard of this thing called segregation? The heyday of jazz is still several decades in the future and integrationist big bands, while ahead of their time, don't even exist yet, let alone integrationist anything else that doesn't acknowledge the talent of black or creole musicians. I am from Louisiana and I took courses in jazz history. You are ignorant. This game exhibits blatant tokenism for brownie points at the cost of historical fact. Such a portrayal can generously be called satire or alternative history, if it had some form of wit or point.


>GTA series

>a satirical commentary on modern American crime and urban culture

>RDR 1

>a satirical Western game with a somewhat tragic note

>RDR 2



7147da  No.15704104


>big boobs are a bad thing

>shitty roastie whores and eceleb soygoys have the right to judge anything

>Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has 'lazy' or 'over-designed' character models

The goon eventually reveals himself, no matter how hard he tries to hide.

Hang yourself, nigger.


7beb62  No.15704110

File: b778161ce37ddb1⋯.webm (1.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, confused.webm)


Arthur gets raped by a hillbilly and no one bats an eye

Punch a Feminist in the eye and everyone loses their mind

a2bb7a  No.15704115


again, the suffragette was bait. Especially with reports of there being a segment in an indian reserve where you can't draw your weapon or anything to that nature while inside it. Rockstar got what they wanted, they made this horrid little granny shit talk the player and of course some one would record and upload killing that character so they could bring their game back into media attention after the honeymoon phase of release weekend had ended

54c254  No.15704121

can you ride a bull or cow instead of a horse?

d96e4d  No.15704126


Its only fun if you don't pay attention to the cucked story. Honestly who cares about some communist hippy commune, I'm glad that John is tasked with hunting them all down in the first one. His the only likeable character since he wanted to get away from that life but Arthur shits on him about it for browny points from dutch.

7147da  No.15704146


>he's still assmad about anime tiddies

>calling the Xenoblade games shit

goons >>>/out/

46bc9f  No.15704147


They're literally stuffed away and into the backwoods as an easter egg-esque encounter. I find it a bit odd that you assume that in this fictional retelling of America, you assume that- while there is still an active neo-confederate raider group- there cannot also be a small portion of Klan members in another area whose existant is not reliant on our own history, but that of their own in-game universe.

On note of the bartender, again, it was likely to say something about race, with it being an all-white bar, but staffed with a black bartender who likely, like most black-staffed establishments, aren't actually allowed to make use of the facility as customers.

What the fuck does jazz have to do with the employment of a black bartender in an all-white bar? What does segregation have to do with the employment of a black bartender at an all-white bar?

a8827f  No.15704151


mass effect did it better with autistic captain sheppard girl

7beb62  No.15704154


yeah no doubt rockstar has been doing this since it first started. I just find it funny that it wasn't the kkk, the rape, the murder of a nazi. But punching a racist suffragette of the 1900s that made everyone cry. Well that and the beer, apparently polygon "writers" are raging alcoholics and mad drunks.


Truth be told i don't enjoy them but watching idiots get butthurt about pixels always makes me life

a8827f  No.15704158


the fuck is the point of segregation if I still have to see niggers?

bbeb99  No.15704167

File: ac8d6e938c8020d⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 320x320, 1:1, trump card.jpg)




25e5db  No.15704171


"Here's you chocolate ice cream. We no longer put chocolate in it. You can just call it bad chocolate ice cream"

3220d8  No.15704172



46bc9f  No.15704174


So they don't live near you, so they don't intermingle with you. They're there as a part of the labour force and nothing more. Literally the whole point, otherwise why not have just sent them all back like Abe wanted?

c0ca02  No.15704181


Did you forget anon?

>John leaves Abigail behind with their child

>abandons the one guy who was willing to teach him how to read and write and essentially took him in when he had nowhere else to go

Arthur gives him shit because he thinks him to be an ingrate and a fag who left his family behind. Once he realizes the kind of manipulative person Dutch is, he sees exactly why John might have run away and then tries to find a way out for him and his family.

a8827f  No.15704188


Why cant a white be employed instead?

5702d1  No.15704192

File: fad0ac4a8cc12cd⋯.jpg (22.15 KB, 320x320, 1:1, fad0ac4a8cc12cdee1ab5e0554….jpg)

21d495  No.15704197

File: ea4207fffba74e4⋯.png (210.11 KB, 491x491, 1:1, golly gee disney.png)

7ef65c  No.15704202


>What does segregation have to do with the employment of a black bartender at an all-white bar?

You are a living joke. I hope you were paid well for this.

7beb62  No.15704206


Then vote with your wallet. I didn't buy xenoblade because i didnt want to play as a midget.


They robbed 150k adjusted for inflation that's $4,562,150.60. If Dutch and co kept their heads low they could have all retired but for Dutch fighting against civilization was more important but thats a never ending war.

Dutch didn't manipulate anyone he kept true to his dream at the expense of everyone elses.

b179bb  No.15704216

File: 7d104fa90e9e6dc⋯.jpg (28.49 KB, 714x714, 1:1, smug.jpg)




Imagine defending Xenoblade's character design so hard that you forget the original purpose of why anime titties are being discussed in a thread about a AAA cowboy game

46bc9f  No.15704217


I can't imagine how ignorant you must be to believe that blacks during segregation were just entirely within their own communities and businesses and nothing more.

e3cd5f  No.15704218

File: be63c002a18b800⋯.jpg (62.42 KB, 210x196, 15:14, is kill.jpg)


>Unsure how to feel about this one.

Injuns arent THAT bad then.



>the father was a jew

every time

bbeb99  No.15704221

File: 3a6c2c16427c56b⋯.jpg (31.94 KB, 331x407, 331:407, 1446537480327.jpg)


Why the fuck are you deleting your posts? Trying to hide that you've been exposed for being a huge fag?

7147da  No.15704224


>still assblasted

>my posts got deleted, better doubledown even more!

b179bb  No.15704226



I haven't deleted anything, what?

b179bb  No.15704231


okay actually where are my posts going

7147da  No.15704232



Goons eternally BTFO.

bbeb99  No.15704233

File: 688bfe777184a93⋯.png (175.14 KB, 637x315, 91:45, janitor bullshit.png)

bbeb99  No.15704235

I don't agree that you should be silenced but you're still a faggot for getting annoyed at anime titties.

b179bb  No.15704243

Mods are actually trying to frame me lmao.

I'm not annoyed at anime titties, I just don't think that Xenoblade is a good game and no amount of size DDD titties are going to make it better

7147da  No.15704246


Nice backtracking, but earlier you said that you were annoyed at the "disproportionate lazily-designed" anime titties.

Stay mad.

bbeb99  No.15704248


There's difference between "I don't think Xenoblade is good" and "Toxic anime titties deserve criticism"

1be850  No.15704249


>muh movies


cb8dab  No.15704251

Dutch losing his mind was handled pretty well, at the start, he seemed to care, was able to give a speech to his crew, and sounded sincere, though there was a hint of him being very slightly off kilter, which got worse as the game went on.

Plotwise, the story was the opposite of GTA5, where literally every plan Dutch made, went fucking sideways and caused more harm.

3125ef  No.15704252


Go away, reddit.

b179bb  No.15704267


That post was removed, but I stated that Dunkey's statement wasn't less relevant because he believes that Pyra's titties are just a tad too big and take away from the rest of the world game.

You don't see anyone praising the environment of Xeno, which is actually quite nice, you see fags salivating over gigantic titties and completely skipping over the fact that the VA, facial animation, and overall gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.

I'll just BTFO cause the only thing keeping this thread alive is people responding to me.

9bd05b  No.15704271

File: 47f0a0c56bd5b48⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 394x297, 394:297, 47f0a0c56bd5b485930c2bf6ee….gif)


>doesn't hold a candle to any of the classic westerns such as Once Upon a Time in the West, For a Few Dollars More or My Name is Nobody.

>it's a failure of a homage and it's a failure of art

Surprised nobody's noticed this yet, but it isn't following the formula of either classical western nor spaghetti western. Like how Max Payne 3 basically took a lot of its plot elements and tone from Man on Fire, Red Dead Redemption II does the same of Deadwood.

7147da  No.15704274


If you weren't a complete newfag who just blew in from leddit, you'd know that there's almost always (and is right now, indeed) a Xenoblade General thread up, with anons talking about many, many aspects of the games beyond the tits.

The fact that you say "no one discusses anything about it besides the tits" is a blatant, nigger-tier lie.

b179bb  No.15704286


>one person criticizing the gameplay

>15 UIDs waifuposting

Yeah I'm good fella

1a93ea  No.15704312

Pyras tits are alright. The actual character design however is fucking shit.

84885c  No.15704444

File: 89d457f42e61ce6⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1800x1400, 9:7, true man's world.jpg)

>there will never be a better western than SBR

e3cd5f  No.15704455

File: 3e10865c97755f3⋯.png (333.05 KB, 1436x1652, 359:413, 1433654717506.png)


>I'm not annoyed at anime titties

46e213  No.15704476

File: e08e61c6ca1c52b⋯.png (816.94 KB, 903x891, 301:297, ClipboardImage.png)


>no amount of size DDD titties are going to make it better

40c7df  No.15704540

File: 137673e4ad5197b⋯.png (265.35 KB, 444x444, 1:1, 1466258460186432.png)


>there will never be better quads ITT

0fceb7  No.15704583

File: bdd1943facb9b8e⋯.png (184 B, 16x11, 16:11, 1415513134552.png)


Was it worth the effort though?

4ef382  No.15704603


>Shot in Mexico

Pretty sure basically every spaghetti western was shot in spain.

42b007  No.15704628


gta3, manhunt, and vice city were the last games where they made your character a ruthless killer.

12c4e5  No.15704643

File: e66c9096b5430f8⋯.webm (376.53 KB, 654x480, 109:80, shitposting_at_wildlife.webm)


>I'm not annoyed at anime titties

you sure sound like you are

306e8d  No.15704649

File: fcf50cff4a6b040⋯.webm (9.96 MB, 960x540, 16:9, rdr2 feminist cunt.webm)

>post a webm of game in discussion

>post is deleted


42b007  No.15704653

File: d9e84ca6448abdb⋯.jpg (106.46 KB, 795x1192, 795:1192, Cuck the movie.jpg)


>Only a development studio like Rockstar could develop something of this quality. That's why I made sure to purchase the Collector's Box because, alongside the main game, it really made me feel like I was in the Wild West. I also bought the game in a bundle with a PS4 Pro, because I think that is the best platform to play this game. It was definitely a well made purchase. I hope they release DLC so that I can use that as an excuse to get back into the world. Absolutely loved the experience. 10/10

just threw up a little pic related cuckstar

4ef382  No.15704662


I wouldn't be surprised if this is literally just a copypasted plebbit post.

42b007  No.15704663


reddit probably has about 10000 posts that look just like that

e3cd5f  No.15704680

File: 14c2d2e9ac2857f⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 207x253, 9:11, fact.jpg)


772feb  No.15704701


I don't browse reddit, this is literally a mishmash of typical shill speech and this article by the (((Hollywood Reporter)))


4ef382  No.15704712


Close enough

772feb  No.15704726

538ac8  No.15704775


b-b-b-b-but muh games are serious art which need to grow up as a medium to be taken seriously anon!

5b7438  No.15704780

File: 07f5f1ca9ae8c08⋯.jpg (163.69 KB, 1362x577, 1362:577, colonel mortimer.jpg)

For A Few Dollars More is the best movie in the Dollars trilogy, and Colonel Mortimer is the best character in the trilogy.

143b33  No.15704788

File: 08815ef696b094a⋯.gif (3.03 MB, 186x190, 93:95, 1412562687550.gif)


Best Choice, matey!

5702d1  No.15704800

File: 6b437b7d9520d32⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 168x176, 21:22, adf6e3e73d23b9be1afa9f2af5….gif)

>>15704788 (Heil'd)

Hitler approves.

af6c4b  No.15704824


>Featuring a sweeping open world, incredible immersive gameplay

I really wish the immersion fags would all die off already. Wow, you have to press a button to watch an animation of a gun getting cleaned, it's like you're really there! It's so fucking stupid. This shit doesn't even serve the gameplay in an interesting way, like having to swing heavier weapons slower or other "realistic" things in games, it's just extra shit to keep track of for the sake of it. Also, (((early review copies)))

538ac8  No.15704858


My favorite "realism" mechanic is weapons breaking, is that a metal crowbar? it only lasts 10 swings before breaking.

a2bb7a  No.15704876


I don't hate weapon breaking mechanics on principle but they're rarely implemented right, having a means to maintain your weapons could make for a really nice "downtime" mechanic when your in safe zones or preparing to go to another area kinda thing

cde099  No.15704879


Well, the serious symptoms appear when he gets stuck on an island after a shipwreck. Before that it was just a constant cough.

b2fe83  No.15704889


The best Clint Eastwood western is Hang 'Em High. Prove me wrong.

cde099  No.15704917


Thank you!

7267da  No.15704973


it's also worth noting, he spent like 4+ months getting tortured, shot, and spending the majority of his time (even prior to the island) in a swamp.

Which would make the symptoms even worse. Hypothetically if the camp was still somewhere out west, he could have gone upwards to a year before showing signs.

b284ae  No.15704976

File: ae8276155fa4887⋯.png (106.28 KB, 161x228, 161:228, when do I stop feeling thi….PNG)

>Cuckchan fags

>Faggots saying people who are calling this game shit are also somehow shilling

>Fags trying reddit tier arguments on why OP can't have his opinion

What the fuck is going on in this thread?

538ac8  No.15705105


An iron crowbar breaking?

138661  No.15705253



Realism for the sake of realism is stupid and annoying, but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for actual "realism" in videogames.

The entire point of including realistic mechanics is so that you can expand the gameplay using common knowledge. That way, you can introduce many new mechanics to the game that feel intuitive because they work how you'd expect them to work IRL.

The common examples of "realism" are simple things like fire melting ice, electricity being conducted by water, etc. It's incredibly basic stuff but when you have the power to use electricity and you see a puddle of water, the game doesn't even have to tell you what you can do with it.

There's another kind of realism however that's very niche. The idea of pressing a button to clean a gun is something that appeals to gun nuts that love to see their favorite raifu with all the details it has IRL. It's like showing a representation of a city to a bunch of people, who won't care much about the detail it has, except for the few that are residents there, who will notice and care.

It's pandering to the fanatics and it's okay as long as it doesn't detract from the gameplay.

Other than this, realism is often just 10x damage for you and enemies because to most underage faggots, realism is short-hand for low TTK.


The point of a crowbar breaking is so it actually breaks. If it was to last as much as you'd expect one to, you could easily finish whatever game that features it several times before it's even dented, at which point why make it break in the first place?

It's essentially the same reasoning that shotguns are short range guns. It sounds like a contradiction but it's so they have their specific niche where they perform better than other weapons while not overshadowing other weapons in their respective niche too.

Realism only goes so far as to introduce the expected behaviour and logic behind something, but not the actual physical qualities or quantities you'd see IRL.

538ac8  No.15705276


>If it was to last as much as you'd expect one to, you could easily finish whatever game that features it several times before it's even dented, at which point why make it break in the first place?

Give it a drawback, like slower attack speed, weight, reach, etc.

138661  No.15705291


You're a faggot for starting this shit in the wrong thread, and because of that you justify mods deleting your posts, despite that also being scummy behaviour.

Regardless, there is no single reason why characters in Xenoblades should have any sort of realistic proportions or be more grounded in any way, shape or form.

The king of art in that kind of videogames always goes for an exagerated look in many different ways, be it from making caricatures of some characters or just showing impossibly idealized forms of another. Couple that with the obligatory presence of japanese tropes and what you get is the average japanese game.

Pyra in particular is supposed to be a representation of "Yamato Nadeshiko", the perfect wife. Why do you think one of her special characteristics is cooking?

Obviously she will be quite well endowed, as well as showing many different character traits to reinforce that specific trope, but in the end that's what she is: an idealized women.

She "takes away from the rest of the world game" as much as roman statues take away from ancient greece.

Besides, you're gonna tell me that a pair of tits is enough to take away from Titans, Blades&Drivers, Nopons, the biblical references, etc? Before you accuse anyone of "salivating over gigantic titties", please think about how easily distracted you apparently are.

It's not "bad designed" characters because the metric by which you are evaluating them does not make sense. Their entire point is to be eye candy for the player and they more than succeed at that, so they are perfectly designed for that, not to look realistic or even to be taken seriously, or whatever measure you're using to establish what's good and what's not.

It's to the point that it's a bigger issue how several characters are drawn by entirely different artists and thus end up clashing with each other's style than how each one of them is individually drawn.

>skipping over the fact that the VA

Now you're memeing extra hard. Everyone makes fun of the english dialogue and how exagerated or comical it is. Nia's got the name Welsh Cat for a reason.

>facial animation

It's a japanese RPG, he standards aren't exactly set very high. Facial animation is only required to pass on whatever emotion an actor is supposed to convey at a specific part of a dialogue, it's really just a few steps above a visual novel. The repeated and exagerated animations might seem lazyness, but the point is that they are easily recognizable, especially if you've seen them before in another context by passing the same emotion.

The facial animation is functional, not pretty.

>and overall gameplay

If you're talking about balance and how, once again, healers are utter shit, that's mentioned quite often. Not as much anymore since discussion about the gameplay has already died down, obviously.

If you're talking about the blade farming, it's still called gacha shit in the threads.

If you're talking about the combat in general, it really ain't that bad and it does what JRPGs are supposed to do anyway: give you a very pretty spectacle to enjoy with some autistic gameplay behind it for actual chalenges.

138661  No.15705297


Like I said, at that point the entire idea of weapon durability might as well be scratched off since you're already balancing it with different variables. It either breaks in a meaningfull time frame or there's no point in having durability.

Although, an obvious compromise is not having things desintegrating or actually breaking if it doesn't make any sense. A crowbar would simply bend and be unusable, but it would still exist, so it could be melted or repaired, obviously.

fcd582  No.15705307


>$100 million dollars was spent on writing posts like this

7d57a6  No.15705345

File: fa0b8a1ad1b761e⋯.jpg (71.84 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, 8tut8.jpg)


Meh. If it comes to PC and if it's cracked I'll definitely try it. And yes, I know Arthur dies etc.

c99eed  No.15705420


>ridiculously protective of featherniggers, which is a bad trend in gaming

You call mangling the injun by making him a nigger "ridiculously protective", you cuckold paleface?

51a246  No.15705440


>The longest slog was probably the 2,5-3 hour tutorial on rails

And it got praise? Jesus fuck they may as well wank over a ff13 disc if they think having a tutorial longer than 30 minutes, is not a negative aspect.

499c3c  No.15705446

I thought it was a pretty great game. I really enjoyed RDR1 but wasn't hyped at all for the sequel. Bought it on a whim and thoroughly enjoyed it.

b145fd  No.15705450

File: 135fa85736cfd78⋯.png (20.78 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ackchyually.png)




>Mad that your fedoracore tastes got exposed

c99eed  No.15705454

File: ad7f4780f51ad2d⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 323x333, 323:333, see.jpg)

7cfdff  No.15705484

File: ac851aaebbcba54⋯.jpg (10.41 KB, 315x315, 1:1, 1435930252435.jpg)


You're not even getting the cuckchan /tv/ meme from 5 years ago right. (Neo)-noir and dudebro edgy shit from the oughties was fedoracore, not westerns from the 70s and 80s. neck yourself

161c58  No.15705539


Everything Rockstar makes is absolute niggershines.

af0b1f  No.15705598


>this videogame isn't as good a movie as these other movies

Why are you pretending to be Polygon? That's sick, man. You need help.

8e5d0d  No.15705658

File: 7f3b5f941e48c3e⋯.jpg (602.54 KB, 1400x1978, 700:989, django kill.jpg)

File: 314054bee732a1e⋯.jpg (22.82 KB, 235x297, 235:297, cemetery without crosses.jpg)

File: a367a70609e31c3⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 280x385, 8:11, cut throats nine.jpg)

File: 5e3c30d23f56821⋯.jpg (261.81 KB, 938x1320, 469:660, Four_Of_The_Apocalypse___4….jpg)

File: c16e9e582c14f3c⋯.jpg (176.29 KB, 1061x709, 1061:709, the silent stranger.jpg)

>Once Upon a Time in the West

>For a Few Dollars More

>My Name is Nobody

Get on my level, pleb.

8e5d0d  No.15705699

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Have you never watched a spaghetti westerns? They're more fun, stylish, and faster paced than RDR2, which is ironic.

8e5d0d  No.15705773

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Rockstar ruins the tone and atmosphere of the original games we love with each sequel they make. It's a bad thing. Max Payne 3 was nothing like the neo noir styled Max Payne 1, GTA V was nowhere as atmospheric as GTA 4 and not as fun and upbeat as Vice City either, and Red Dead Redemption series feels much more generic than Red Dead Revolver.

ac1854  No.15705787


>weeb spaghetti western

i need to see this

c99eed  No.15705810

File: 672986d60056c36⋯.jpg (245.21 KB, 768x1600, 12:25, s-l1600.jpg)


>Once Upon a Time in the West

>"Get on my level, pleb"

Hardly will anyone ever lower themselves after seeing true kino, pretendo

Also get with the program, that poster is fake yo, your stuff's not even real

6b702c  No.15705821


>suggesting anyone play a pozzed SJW game on h8 chan of all places

What the fuck's wrong with you m8?

8e5d0d  No.15705829

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lel didn't realize that. No, it's a real movie, it's like a more violent and bleak version of Corbucci's The Grand Silence, complete with a depressing ending.

8e5d0d  No.15705830

c99eed  No.15705838


Well, that sounds quite decent. Guess i'll give it a run one of these days. Thank you.

5b7438  No.15705840

File: 2d5fd15d6649a4e⋯.jpg (72.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, get a load of this pig's a….jpg)


>literally talking shit about the best Lee Van Cleef film

322fa0  No.15705880

Red Dead 2 is just Way of the Samurai 4.

It's huge. It's pointless. It's watered down, yet for some reason is more popular than the better games because they're available on multiple platforms and doesn't compare to the previous games.

8e5d0d  No.15705893


Yeah, the gunplay and movement controls are somehow more sluggish and less snappy than the rest of Red Dead games despite using an improved engine.

6c56e0  No.15705904


Legit question: If i didn't quite enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles, and im still on the fence about XCX (to be fair i've been playing it on CEMU, not the best performance because AMD) would i enjoy Xenoblade 2? The MMO-like gameplay has always felt odd to me in a singleplayer game.

a3ea28  No.15705984


You have Amazon Prime goy? Ok, Go to Amazon Video.

Go Watch Fist full of Dollars. Thank me later.

939158  No.15705985


As long as Dan Houser remains the main writer of Rockstar we will never get good games from them.

That faggot suffers a midlife crisis and he is determined to make this clear in the games. I am so sick and tired of this shit.

It feels like a waste really. Rockstar coders spent day and night creating such a lush and vibrant environment, just to get ruined by a mediocre story and unsympathetic characters like in GTA V.

8e5d0d  No.15706008


>best Lee Van Cleef film

>not Sabata

Sergio Leone was a tryhard kinographer wannabe who ripped of kurosawa's cinematography and editing style (although Fistful of Dollars is better than Yojimbo, I admit that).

5b7438  No.15706017


>being this hard

Next, you're gonna tell us Tarkovsky was a hack

8e5d0d  No.15706030


Tarkovsky didn't rip off anyone and his dialogue has weight, he didn't make movies about ronin vs bandits. Corbucci wins against Leone, his style is really original and while still dramatic, it's not ridiculously melodramatic like Leone's films post Fistful of Dollars.

eaafc0  No.15706236


>A classic western, is most every John Wayne cowboy flick

This, especially the ones directed by John Ford. The Searchers is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

2e3d59  No.15706250


Tarkovsky's a hack. Now Nolan.

d3a7b7  No.15706355


There is no such thing as bad publicity. You're deliberately keeping the product in rotation for everyone to notice, which is called advertising…doesn't matter what you wrote about it.


I'm pretty sure the 60s ripped the 80s off…

015825  No.15706385

File: d1a018370271e89⋯.jpg (323.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, See.jpg)

696852  No.15706596

I still want to try it I figure it'd be worth $20.

138661  No.15708837


>If i didn't quite enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles

>would i enjoy Xenoblade 2?

Probably no. I did not played the first one and I've tried to emulate XCX (but same issues with performance)

The combat in XC2 isn't so much of an MMO with a skillbar to rotate since you only get 4 skills, but you rotate 3 Blades around, each having 4 skills, plus your auto-attack. It's mostly centered around timing and planning a sequence of attacks to maximize damage, but it's not an incredibly action packed game.

It's also missing anything resembling the Skells from XCX, so if you were getting into Xenoblade for the mechs, it's a disapointment. Happened to me.

Depends on what you didn't liked about the first game. If it was the simplistic gameplay and the spamming of skills, 2 might make it up for you since it's the combination and timing of skills, instead.

But if it was because you don't like JRPGs in general, then most likely no.

82969f  No.15708913

File: 10ea07ab79fdb74⋯.png (110.33 KB, 246x244, 123:122, 139034144341.png)

never ever pc baby

c1c2da  No.15708929

File: f9310789c474209⋯.jpg (709.74 KB, 760x1200, 19:30, fat shaming.jpg)



0897ef  No.15708987


Comparing a video game to Once upon a time in the west is unfair. That movie is incredible.

cf60ae  No.15709010

Nice twitter rant, nigger, now fuck off.

c0786f  No.15709039

File: b6ac752420fc159⋯.jpg (94.59 KB, 800x550, 16:11, holographic-universe-640x4….jpg)


>Someone has said it

>it's quads

8e5d0d  No.15709379


>never ever 60 fps

>never ever good controls

>never ever mods

Never ever playable more like.

e8d667  No.15709458

File: 491faea63378173⋯.png (257.54 KB, 514x259, 514:259, more feeling.png)

The Good The Bad The Ugly is unironically the best westerngoodof all time, and probably the best film ever made

>the music, especially Ecstasy of Gold

>the shootouts

>the characters

>the settings

>the final duel

Are all so perfect, the previous in the trilogy just don't match up. Sergio and Ennio went all out.

e8d667  No.15709469


And of course кино is filtered

8fb4d2  No.15709479

File: 02e1189bc0fd5ca⋯.jpeg (224.59 KB, 836x900, 209:225, b15abc409de4ec02cfd3e72f1….jpeg)


Garbage game by a once great game company Rockstar. Poz'd to the hilt. I wonder how many pink haired trannies are running the ship over there these days

8e5d0d  No.15709563


Spaghetti Western films are literally shonen anime. I have no doubt that the shonen genre itself was copied from spaghetti western style of writing.


Leone is unironically the most anime western director, and The Good The Bad and the Ugly is the most anime of all the films he made. Leone has always been style over substance, looks and sounds over story. Just a bunch of bandito stories wrapped in dramatic orchestra and over the top cinematography. The "graveyard of slaughtered and unburied mexicans" scene in Requiescant (1967) has more weight than the ecstasy of gold.

3b3ceb  No.15709822


Okay, but dubs?

3f0bda  No.15712036

File: 19b27d30f3d2b01⋯.jpg (9.18 KB, 246x205, 6:5, 4363424325.jpg)

>don't listen to /v/

>sure it'll be a little sjw like most rockstar games, but it can't be that bad, can it?

>your character is an asshole to many gang members… unless he is a woman, nigger or spic

>niggers constant complain about muh oppression and lynchings

>hunting quest where the indian teaches you about respect for animals, meanwhile whitey are hunting for fun

>quest about feminist who doesn't want to cook and wants to shoot people instead

>quest where you march with the feminists for the right to vote

>southern bashing galore, constantly saying how backwards and dumb they are

>kkk portrayed as dumb fucks, no karma lost for murdering them

>stranger quest where a drunk guy was an ex-slave owner, he doesn't have anything anymore, karma gained for murdering him (i laughed out loud when that happened)

>quest with the negro where you murder a bunch of southerns for their guns

>your character can't ever be nice to the damn raycis

>it'll probably get worse from now on

I didn't play it, but I doubt this game is worse than Wolfenstein tbh. This is the last time I give money to kikes, I swear to God.

9ce2ea  No.15712045


It is?



k i n o


c90235  No.15712069


Wait until you get to Saint Denis, Dutch reveals himself as an uber cuck in one mission.

dea864  No.15712586


Dunkey made a joke about Pyra's tits being bigger than her head.

a2bb7a  No.15712592


>>kkk portrayed as dumb fucks, no karma lost for murdering them

well anyone who burns crosses in a forrest dressed as a halloween ghost is a dumb fuck but it's still the absolute lowest hanging fruit to put into a piece of media to grab good boy points

73e44b  No.15712697

>people in the thread are legitimately offended over KKK jokes

>things that people have done for years are now le poz SJW tricks

a2bb7a  No.15712718


I'm less "offended" by them and more just tired of em because it's so bottom of the barrel stoner-comedy that its nothing more than groanworthy at this point

e08e4b  No.15712756


Two things happened. One is that the "jokes" and constant harping on the topic became more and more out of date over time. It simply gets tiring. The other is that SJWs have pushed things too far and yes, now old things we would have let slide are also annoying.

42b007  No.15712781

File: 7a2d724be180d58⋯.jpg (19.23 KB, 350x322, 25:23, jew cowboy.jpg)


Oy vey This town ain't big enough for the 2 of us NAZI!!!

42b007  No.15712794


>getting lectured about muh slabery and muh niggers all my life

>me gook me no care about womens right and muh noble savages/niggers

>still have to hear about the same shit over and over again from different voice actors my entire life trying to force me to empathize with a pathetic pov

>this is somehow not gay and tiresome to 90 percent of the gayming community

2a8f00  No.15712808




Have you guys seen the videos where the feminist gets killed in a variety of creative ways?

Best thing about the game IMO.

42b007  No.15712824


If people only cared about interactivity and gameplay they wouldn't be playing choose your own adventure games, party games, or games like Red Dead Redemption(let's face it rockstar doesn't make challenging games these enemies are obviously all dipshits who either charge headfirst at you or hide behind cover waiting to die the last time I remember encountering tough enemies in a rockstar game was gta3's fbi agents)

621afd  No.15712849

how well did this trash sell anyway? It's garbage.

3cb509  No.15712866

File: 63815a23392f5d2⋯.webm (1.34 MB, 640x272, 40:17, incoherent laughter.webm)


This is great. Is there a good crack like a fitgirl repack of this? This makes me want to play it just to do random stuff with lassos.

f960cd  No.15712909


it's not even about defending the KKK m8. it's because they only put those dumb fucks in there because they are trying to reinforce the association between them and everyone among the audience who aren't explicitly SJWs or their pet minorities through projection. it is as if they are saying "this is 2018 you retard, and if you aren't a good goy yet i'll keep reminding you to take the bluepill by mocking these faggots who obviously represent you since they hated niggers too!" which was retarded since a lot of the initial KKK members were black people who were already worried about nigger crime rates even back then, at least before they were eventually taken over by southern democrats and turned into an unironic bunch of LARPers. at the same time doing this shit also gets them brownie points with the tumblrkind.

7f37a2  No.15712917


>which was retarded since a lot of the initial KKK members were black people who were already worried about nigger crime rates even back then

You can't just post something like that without proofs

ddbc2d  No.15712993


>let's keep making more RDR2 threads so it's always on the frontpage

>geez dude it's okay I downvoted the game XD

fucking normalfags

ddbc2d  No.15713003


>people actually fell for this weak bait

>even put a flag and a pic to tell sub 100 IQ mongrels that it's bait

>it was STILL not enough

the absolute state of this website. good job Anon, great baitpost, I hope I'll read more from you in the future

1208c6  No.15713382

File: 63a429d9e4e9d4b⋯.gif (480.01 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 261e15fc1cc7716aaa4fcb0457….gif)


Heh you missed the letter on the body of the KKK dudes who burned themselves. Portraying us as 40 IQ jealous white men of the BBC basically. Some soy filled faggot or Tariq Nasheed probably wrote it. You also missed the constant depiction of normal white guys as goofy/quirky/slightly dumb/slightly racist. As well as the mission with the homeless slave owner with implications that he was torturing his slaves and that the union troops and carpet baggers who burned down and economically raped the south were the good guys.

It's a shame because you know in an alternate universe where Hitler won, or you know… just like 20 years ago when things were less pozzed and we were a larger majority, if this game had been made back then it would have been good. But the constant POZZ every 2 hours or so just adds up to make it frustrating. I quit after like 40 hours into it. I got it through Ps4 gameshare so glad I didn't waste money on it. I might return to it eventually because there is some good stuff in there but right now I just don't care, there's so many better games I need to catch up on.

1208c6  No.15713386


Oops nevermind I see you posted about the drunk guy/ex-slave owner.

a2bb7a  No.15713479

File: 68f5a5834df1831⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1024x814, 512:407, ClipboardImage.png)


I always find it funny how desperate that are for good boy points with non-whites and then make their irish character a fucking leprachaun

a2bb7a  No.15713527

File: 49bebb4e18a747c⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


hell it was apparent in RDR1 to an extent as well but I give Irish some credit because he was actually amusing and had good lines, especially when he parts ways with john and says something along the lines of "John marston, you're an angry and a feck ugly man, but not a bad one"

ec227f  No.15713552


It fits in well with his slimeball personality, at least that's how I rationalise it. Victim complex.

ec227f  No.15713586


>cattle ringed goony beardman

>some jew mutt

How did you miss the beards nose?

a91018  No.15713757

File: 686d04f8a6fa81b⋯.jpg (126.26 KB, 750x545, 150:109, 14410553.jpg)


How about you learn something in your own time instead of expecting /v/ to redpill you with pictographs?>>15712917

137ac4  No.15713935


Burden of proof falls on the one who claimed it you stoopid nig.

3220d8  No.15714064


the nose ring threw me off.

7f960c  No.15714529

It's really sad how even westerns are being ruined by the NPCs. Is there any genre they haven't fucked with yet? Samurai maybe.

e7b7ff  No.15715212


>this video game fails to capture what i liked about these movies

great post

ee9932  No.15715276


oh the gringos ultravese

0d9115  No.15715337


Its funny because all those cucks in the gang die and you hunt the rest down as John Marston. Also Micah is based and hats off to him for betraying those faggots. Of course the one that tells the spic to fuck off back to mexico and that he doesn't want to sleep with the darkies is he traitor. I would betray that shitty gang too who think they are anything better than murdering, thieving scum

50b269  No.15715377


I don't understand why you retards bought this trash in the first place. The very first trailer showed black cowboys. That is an immediate sign to drop it. Use your head next time.

42b007  No.15715394


The more I hear about this game the more pathetic it gets. I just want to go back to Red Dead Revolver where it had a classic western atmosphere and good revenge story.

But nope we have to play pozzed cowboys might as well have the option to be gay in the game with a black.

95fdf0  No.15715408

File: ba40fc0513b9d96⋯.png (121.32 KB, 311x335, 311:335, ba40fc0513b9d9624ecaede464….png)


Nope, that would be Tuco

3f0bda  No.15715447


>The very first trailer showed black cowboys

If the game had black cowboys and the anti-rayciss commentary was reduced to one or two times, it would be fine. I didn't think they would hammer you in the head with that every 5 minutes.

14ffc9  No.15715601


Terence hill rubs me the wrong way, his characters always seems to have in inexplicable knowledge and skill. On top of the fact he never gets smacked around. At the very least Clint Eastwood got out played or smacked up.

46bc9f  No.15715618


Did you play the game, or did you play Wolfenstein? I don't understand your English there. But, besides that, your examples are skewed and generally show a lack of comprehension for the plot, the setting, and the characters within them. Maybe engage with the game more than just following the quest markers, and shoot everything, as you did with the slave-catcher, not slave owner, that you seem to also have sympathy for. I find it a bit odd you can follow up to complaining about the downtrodden man, by shooting him.

c99eed  No.15715624


>although Fistful of Dollars is better than Yojimbo

I remember you, stop doing that, you get humiliated every time you do that

c99eed  No.15715638


>the characters

Angel eyes is way underdeveloped, just like his gang and Tuco's brother

Shootouts are okay but fall short to the superior movie, Once Upon a Time in the West

3f0bda  No.15715667


>Did you play the game, or did you play Wolfenstein?

I'm playing red dead and didn't play wolfenstein.

>Maybe engage with the game more than just following the quest markers

What didn't I understand exactly?

>as you did with the slave-catcher, not slave owner, that you seem to also have sympathy for. I find it a bit odd you can follow up to complaining about the downtrodden man, by shooting him.

It's not about this character, it's about the game constantly bringing up muh racial issues and blaming the evil whitey.

And it's PATHETIC that you shoot a man who lost everything in the head and gain karma from it.

c99eed  No.15715705


>shoot a man who lost everything in the head and gain karma from it

Sounds like an anglo game alright

4134b0  No.15715732


Assmas tumblrina detected.

Go falsely massflags youtube videos of people beating up feminist NPC's.

b1e253  No.15715742

wheres the porn?

8e5d0d  No.15715755


I don't remember you.


You wanna see Arthur being fucked in the butt by some unwashed redneck?

b1e253  No.15715767


no gimmi str8

46bc9f  No.15715787


Where are the constant racial issues being brought up outside of the NOTHERN black doctor who has his wagon stolen, and holier-than-thou Dutch's comments on Indians? You are projecting most of these racial issues yourself, by not rationalizing the scenarios to be within the game. Why are they stealing guns from 'Southerners'? Because those 'Southerners' are a guerrilla force that now dabbles in crime, and have access to high quality rifles through weapons trading. You take the guns to sell in contribution to the gang's bottomline- muh money for Tahiti.

Why is an Indian talking about animals and respect for them? Because that's what they do in most every portrayal of Indians as 'Noble savages', which is how they're being portrayed in this game, but even this is challenged when Dutch starts shit with Bill who bore witness to how it really was fighting them, outside of Dutch's fantasy land of evil whitey. And even so, do you have something against that outlook on nature? What exactly is your issue with the photographer commenting on the decline of wildlife in those areas, and Charles talking about respecting animals?

Why are you expecting the hypocritical pieces of shit that are the Van Der Linde gang, to be anything but hateful towards Southerners? Perhaps you missed the part about Dutch being a bitch who holds grudges, and referring to himself as a carpetbagger? His father died in the war, and now he's fucking with Rhodes as revenge. As it were, it seems like most of the gang is from the North as well, and take joy causing the issues they do, but mainly the core members. You seem to think you're playing the good guys, but you're wrong in that regard. You're playing a brainwashed stooge who contradicts himself all the time, because the foundation of who he is was built by a conman. Hence why after getting TB you commit your time to helping the Marstons escape that cult.

And the feminists. You literally do nothing to assist them outside drive them to town, then fuck off with that nu-male who begged you to drive them there. Would you have preferred they were not in the game at all, rather than as side characters in a single quest, and one of them be situated in the same city as the eugenics crier?

Sadie is a poorly developed character in my opinion, so I somewhat agree with you on her, but at her core she's just a somewhat typical frontier woman who is now consumed with hate. Really didn't even bother to interact with her much until they started forcing her into the plot and seemed like they were making her a love interest to Arthur or something. Either or, it's one character. In my opinion, they should have beefed up Abigail's involvement with things, rather than toss in a new character that may as well have been a man.

TL;DR you're sperging over stupid things, the game isn't as awful as you're making it out to be. If you add context to every scenario you bring up, it justifies all of it with the exceptions of the KKK bashing and noble savage bullshit. Both of which are just hollywood trash tropes that fail to portray either group as anything more than literal children.

4134b0  No.15715798


Calm down Charles Dickens.


46bc9f  No.15715805


I gave a TL;DR, anon. Read either, or none but whatever you do, maybe you can try contributing to the thread lol

a2bb7a  No.15715810


>TL;DR you're sperging over stupid things, the game isn't as awful as you're making it out to be.

one thing I do think needs to be sperged out on more is the vast amount of missions that are seemingly just following people and listening to them talk, the one indian guy mission people talk about is roughly 15~ minutes of following this guy on horseback and listening to dialogue, followed by finding two poachers and killing them without any hassle whatsoever, the indian automatically kills one of them and the other you enter the grapple thing to wail on him or kill him. There seem to be a lot of missions like that which is just developer fart huffing about muh dialogue

37ed2b  No.15715822


You mean after 15 years?

7fb453  No.15715826


Honestly the amount of times I yelled at the screen because it was obviously a cutscene but they still forced me to press forward on the thumbstick pissed me the fuck off. It's not immersive, it's not fun and I'd rather be able to browse the internet while shit goes on in the background because the conversations are honestly not that engaging most of the time.

46bc9f  No.15715841


Yeah, that's why "MASSIVE OPEN WORLD" isn't a good thing in a cinematic story-driven game. Fuckers should have just concentrated their plot in a smaller map, then opened it up for multiplayer. Would have at least allowed for more initial exploration in the online, rather than everyone knowing the place like the back of their hands.

a2bb7a  No.15715843


I agree strongly, it put me off the game more than rockstars politics because if i get the game used i can ignore that stuff and just go do cowboy shit but too many developers are hung up on in-game exposition in that manner. I just wanna play a damn game. Some one once pointed out that it's actually less cinematic to do these things rather than just use cutscenes because with a cutscene you can actually use cinematic techniques such as framing devices or better control of lighting and making sure no NPCs get stuck in a tree in the background kinda stuff. on top of that it makes for better replay value because you just skip the cutscenes and do the fun stuff.

b04d27  No.15715878

File: 91859ef116df847⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 304x334, 152:167, 91859ef116df847bd082175fd4….jpg)

>playing any Rockstar game past GTA2

c99eed  No.15715886


>Not enjoying Midnight Club 3

Your big lost

a2bb7a  No.15715927


even in non-open world games its a shite method of storytelling and to me mostly says that the developer is so up their own ass they don't want you to skip story, OR think the player is too stupid to engage in the story unless you pigeonhole them into it

6419ae  No.15716039

File: 6472e4151464e87⋯.png (177.8 KB, 303x311, 303:311, e4e8ddcf58956ab062343bebef….png)


>not liking red dead 2

>not liking the game with depth and reactive open world

nigger what the fuck ? atleast tell us what you did not like , make a point

8e5d0d  No.15716049


OP complains about the lack of spaghetti western aesthetics and narrative in a franchise that's supposed to be italo western.

f5dae8  No.15716062

I'm honestly curious as to why this game is even worth talking about here.

It's post GTAV rockstar so it's neither the gameplay nor the writing.

It's an AAA open world so it's sure as shit not the open world.

So what makes this game worth discussing on this board? The fact that it's a shiny new release by rockstar and it's seemingly unlimited reserve of marketing funds? Or the fact that it's a western game, because if it's the latter I don't get why we don't have fucking daily threads on Call of Juarez or Desperados or GUN or the first RDR or even RDRevolver or a decent fucking game.

8e5d0d  No.15716068


Because everyone outside /v/ worships RDR2 24/7, and it's annoying.

f5dae8  No.15716073


Who really cares what a faggot outside or inside /v/ worships

e7b7ff  No.15716078


on /v/ specifically?

its new so people pay attention to it. maybe theyre hoping something will win them over. dudes are looking for an oasis.


>why do we have a thread on /v/ about this?

>because everywhere else has threads on it and i hate it


6afa7b  No.15716092


Master bait. This is a work of art.

4acdd5  No.15723854

0ec1cc  No.15723946

File: 196cd0c4eb98635⋯.jpg (48.06 KB, 590x335, 118:67, dutch.jpg)

What are the odds that Redemption 3 will be another prequel? They've left open plenty of room for further backtracking. This one even starts right after a climactic event, so they can easily make that the big finale for the next game. I bet they could make two or three more prequels before the udder runs completely dry.

7267da  No.15724015


Seeing Dutch end up like this, especially after he saved John at the end made me wince a little bit, mainly because it doesn't slot so well with he start of RDR1, Dutch was just up and done, but When confronting Marston in 1, he's just straight up Crazy

0ec1cc  No.15724034


>it doesn't slot so well with he start of RDR1

That's an understatement. It was clear in the previous game that John and Dutch hadn't seen each other since John left the gang, but they just had to shove in that forced reconciliation between them in this one.

a8b860  No.15724377

File: 99438ec0ca593ad⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.76 KB, 1600x685, 320:137, ROCK.jpg)

Op I've gotta agree with you, those were some pretty good western movies, alot of good ones around that time, maybe someday we'll get a game like them

2e7b1c  No.15724427


>OP lists a bunch of westerns that are just a rip off of japanese movies

lol amerifats have no culture

0134ad  No.15724444


Westerns are shit

8758c7  No.15724452


I never asked for communist kike garbage to represent my country's culture.

7fb453  No.15724453


I really kinda hope not. I'd prefer a new character and or locations.

0ec1cc  No.15724489


I would also prefer that. But as long as there's room for another cash-in with established characters, I'm betting that's the way they'll go.

23d979  No.15724517

>>15724444 (Checked.)

Quads confirm.

7267da  No.15724528


Yeah, I would have been happy with Marston killing Micah Bell and his boahs, Having him show up, while being as icing on the cake, didn't go down smooth after-the-fact.

The ending prior to the epilogue was enough, but the epilogue was nice, but stumbled a bit when you really think about the implications RDR1 had.

Also the "WE CAN'T FIGHT CHANGE" speech being used out of fucking nowhere, felt very hamfisted, it was a wink wink, nudge nudge punch to the fucking face

687184  No.15724589

File: 9f32e93c612f4e4⋯.png (25.75 KB, 169x206, 169:206, pluck_it.png)


I just want a god damn Golden Kamuy game.

There's like two weeb western games and neither of them take place in bakumatsu/meiji era japan.

8e5d0d  No.15724607


>Golden Kamuy

Boring garbage and literal fujobait.

687184  No.15724747

File: d06432691a612bb⋯.jpg (132.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, masters recently awakened.jpg)


Do you have a problem with masculine men anon?

7fb453  No.15724758


wots 4 doesn't scratch the itch?

8e5d0d  No.15724787

File: be84b60a1953f68⋯.jpg (72.2 KB, 728x410, 364:205, sartana gianni garko.jpg)


Men can be masculine without appealing to fujos.

6cd1d2  No.15724802

File: 32c71027737c74d⋯.png (486.99 KB, 753x600, 251:200, 32c71027737c74d8d5cd5cea8a….png)


as i much i like jojo…thats not what you call.."masculine"

jojo art style is the gayest art style on the world

that being said jojo is awsome

f97eff  No.15725656

File: a375f298c338347⋯.jpg (46.16 KB, 480x479, 480:479, Our ancestors have always ….jpg)


>A bunch of metrosexual roid blobs


df4fdc  No.15725660

File: 974c8f69e582912⋯.gif (1.75 MB, 550x374, 25:17, kenshiro_is_not_amused.gif)


Watch a real man's anime, son.

f97eff  No.15725681


>Because everyone outside /v/ worships RDR2 24/7

They do? All I see is "Le RDR2 brigade XD" in the comments of spaghetti western soundtracks.

1bc051  No.15726888


It's a fucking video game, you faggot. If you want western and art read Blood Meridian or Butcher’s Crossing.

2a8f00  No.15726898

File: fcaf1e0be1965a2⋯.jpg (23.76 KB, 720x405, 16:9, I'm mad,but i won't fall f….jpg)



>have the ability to cut people up into cat food

>and the ability to channel fucking tornadoes

>and the fucking ability to have blood so hot it literally melts anything it touches

R u stoopid? Reatard

5da834  No.15726911

Blatant shill thread. Glad you guys are using different tactics than usual.

ab8bbd  No.15726928


And they still managed to be out keikaku'd by a guy with a navel window and minimal hamon training.

2a8f00  No.15726933

File: 52904f0e6e9a35d⋯.jpg (323.72 KB, 391x512, 391:512, Kars.jpg)


Only because he got lucky as fuck

this is now a jojo thread

5da834  No.15726939

Watched Slow West yesterday, and it was pretty good, probably the best modern Western i've seen. Seems almost whimsical in the beginning, but by the end it's quite the opposite.

772feb  No.15727059

File: f3464bbd6006f85⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.63 KB, 200x150, 4:3, Excellent Quality.jpeg)


Most of the anons falling for the bait are clearly crossposters from cuckchan that had been able to larp as regular 8channers

6967d8  No.15727086

dubs thread?

fe145f  No.15727102

File: 37e81303e83758f⋯.mp4 (11.87 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 37e81303e83758fa09addaf1a1….mp4)


Right back at you

1a65d8  No.15727213


>Game with cuckshit

>For men

fe145f  No.15727267

File: 8202ef27aac7def⋯.png (526.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, doctor.png)


You appear to suffer from delusions and acute faggotry. Have you taken your medicine recently?

f7a617  No.15727374

File: 9a23c40cf806c6a⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1447286967823.jpg)

All the anons ITT posting as though they bought RDR2 are only pretending, right?

This isn't reddit or 4chan, so I'm sure this place isn't really full of soulless normalfags who'd buy prolfeed AAA trash.

5da834  No.15727473


A bought a copy for my PS4 and one for my xbone to play with friends, since none of them have PS4s and it's cool being able to voicechat while we play the same game, or watch each other play it. But the PS4 is always there for when I don't feel like being social.

1321e7  No.15727480


I bought a PS4 Pro bundle just to play this game. It's great, faggot.

46bc9f  No.15728364


Are you retarded? You bumped the thread, and added nothing to it. Either sage when you post drivel, or actually post something of substance.

176532  No.15728370


>magical abilities are now gender specific

wizards are the peak of masculinity, you can tell cuz beards

c0699b  No.15728375


Kys nigger

3d0fc4  No.15728389


Everyone who made GTA and other rockstar games up until san andreas left while gta 4 was in the making, so no surprise there.

Even in GTASA you can see signs of them going down with CJ as a character, but at least that didn't ruin the game.

7267da  No.15728706

0f9701  No.15728756


I think I can count the frames manually.

4092af  No.15728840


>muh Hitler

I love it how /pol/niggers just can't stop romanticising that failed midget. Over two thousand years of European history, and this is the leader you choose to worship?

4f17e6  No.15728962


I'm still in chapter 2, and I'm spending most of my time with side quests and exploring the map. That ganking mob of bounty hunters can suck a bag of dicks though. I feel that I should have upgraded my horse ages ago, as everyone is able to run me down even when I get a head start. The oil tank mission was fun, but very frustrating at the same time. I don't know how I managed to get it out of the refinery without blowing up, but the game not letting me steal it until I blew someone up first was retarded.


The online portion will probably be really bad if you aren't planning on trying to ruin someone's day. That is unless we get to limit it to friends only or something similar. That way you can fuck around without all of the screeching.


Won't it just be the same map if they do another prequel? I kinda don't want them to cover the Civil War era in the West as that's probably going to be a shit show, but it could be fun. The player could then "unofficially" choose a side of play them both for gold.

c4a704  No.15728992


most of yurop's history is irrelevant trash. there's greece then rome then the dark ages and then the usa bringing light to the rural barbarian retards again

946e3a  No.15729028


I hope for your own sake that you're baiting.

4f17e6  No.15731068


I just got to chapter 3 and Sadie is such a fucking awful character. She goes dyke mode out of the blue and it just feels so rushed. Is it safe to ignore her or do I have to keep doing working with her? The Southern area seems pretty neat. I'm really liking the swamp and the crazy shit that seems to be going on there. Dutch has only recently shared his hatred of the South, but I just see that as a repercussion of the Civil War. Southerners hate Northerners and Northerners hate Southerners. I'm just hoping the game doesn't go to complete shit after this.

aebfe8  No.15731400


Keep crying, pinko.

1321e7  No.15734167


You continue doing stuff with Sadie even into the second part of the Epilogue, she's actually the one that takes you the final mission. I really hated her "strong womyn" character too, but whatever, it is current year after all. The Southern Part of the map is still my favorite too, I especially like the way Rhodes looks with the reddish clay earth and the yellow and other color buildings, probably my second favorite looking town. Strawberry is probably my favorite, it looks so comfy, like exactly the kind of place I'd wanna live in.

It's also cool when you're finally able to go to Armadillo and stuff after the Epilogue. The entire town is lawless and you can just do whatever you want without the fun police showing up. I was roping bitches and dragging them through the street while shooting my six shooter in the air, it was great.

da84e7  No.15734474


>Spaghetti western

>American in any way other than the actors.

How could you say those things about Italians?

a9e00b  No.15734549

File: d684b5f1483893e⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1287x1173, 429:391, l.png)

Fuck this shitty game, traded it in yesterday for 80% of what I paid

0ec1cc  No.15734646


>What I expected: a clusterfuck

>What I got: a clusterfuck

3537c8  No.15735282


>Where are the constant racial issues being brought up outside of the NOTHERN black doctor who has his wagon stolen, and holier-than-thou Dutch's comments on Indians?

I think you didn't pay attention to the game faggot, because it is brought up CONSTANTLY.

>Why is an Indian talking about animals and respect for them? Because that's what they do in most every portrayal of Indians as 'Noble savages'

Yes, and that is pozzed and cliche.

>Why are you expecting the hypocritical pieces of shit that are the Van Der Linde gang, to be anything but hateful towards Southerners?

The whole gang dislikes them.

The game clearly displays the gang as better people compared to the southerners.

>And the feminists. You literally do nothing to assist them outside drive them to town, then fuck off with that nu-male who begged you to drive them there.

Why is that even in the game?

>but at her core she's just a somewhat typical frontier woman who is now consumed with hate

She is fucking annoying and the game portrays her as a super women who can defend herself perfectly.

>If you add context to every scenario you bring up

There's no fucking context, the game is a fucking western. It should be about duels and robbing shit, not feminism, not racism, not any of that shit.

7cfaac  No.15735299

>>someones having fun

>>not on my watch!

this thread

7147da  No.15735337


>what I paid



RDR2 is objectively unfun. Prove me wrong.

protip: you can't

c4a704  No.15735339


not how it works, retard, but then again yurofaggots are delusional and think that cheese can only be called by a certain name if it's made in some random fucking cave in france. i fucking hate you people so much

b2fe83  No.15735480


Chinatown Wars was alright.

9afd9d  No.15735723



>pissing contest over who has seen more western movies

>as if watching movies is an accomplishment

46bc9f  No.15735752


>I think you didn't pay attention to the game faggot, because it is brought up CONSTANTLY.

So, you are angry about the CONSTANT "in your face" racial messages, but can't bring anymore to the table than that previously mentioned by me.

>Yes, and that is pozzed and cliche.

And yet you don't expand on what you mean by that or why it's wrong to have in a game, other than creating 2D Indians rather than fleshed out characters. Even so, it's only brought up by Charles really, so big whoop because they did alright with him being a character, though I'm not a fan of the half-nigger half-indian thing. But either or, how exactly is that opinion of Charles' 'pozzed' anyways? Do you not like animals or something?

>The whole gang dislikes them.

Yes, that's what I said. You even quote me saying that. And no, the game does the opposite of showing them as moral characters. The core outlaw members spend the whole game killing people usually for no more than Dutch's plans, which rarely work out or go in line with his philosophy anyways. You kill hundreds of honest good people for the selfish cause of farming mangos in Tahiti. So to say, "The game clearly displays the gang as better people.", well, you must have come to that conclusion yourself, you mongoloid. And it is wrong anyways, and actually in direct contrast with the whole fucking story and drive for Arthur to get John and Abigail out of the gang. The way of outlaws, and heists and all that freedom -or rather, lack of law- that used to be on the frontier is coming to an end, and they're all getting a lot more desperate and willing to do a lot of bad to come out on top of that change.

>Why is that even in the game?

Because it's relevant to the themes of change throughout Red Dead Redemption 2 and 1, as well as historically accurate. You have a tiny amount of suffragettes in the two civilized towns within a turn-of-the-century setting and you're whining about it.

>She is fucking annoying and the game portrays her as a super women who can defend herself perfectly.

No, she's just aiming to get herself killed, quite clearly, and won't stop pushing until that happens. Almost like she is consumed with hate, and a longing for her late husband. But yes, she's also annoying. I think I said that earlier.

>"There's no fucking context, the game is a fucking western. It should be about duels and robbing shit, not feminism, not racism, not any of that shit."

>angrily says there is no context for the game

>states a context for the game

Either way, no, it's not a western, it's a post-western that takes place at the very end of 'The West'. It has elements of the western genre which come in the form of the gang and some of the situations and characters they run into, but they aren't in a Western, because that era is over, and this game is about that realization and acceptance- and rejection in the case of Dutch and Micah. How you can go through the whole game, and the first, without noticing that is beyond me and likely beyond your own mental capabilities.

To say RDR2 is a Western, is to say Fallout: New Vegas is a Western. They aren't, but they incorporate Western tropes and ideas to be changed and played with within the scenario, which is itself something different. That isn't to say RDR2 is anywhere near New Vegas in quality, but you might get my point.

TL;DR - Anon, stop being a bitch and either play the game and criticize it for legitimate issues, or don't play the game and do something else. Like play an on-the-nose actual Western game with duels and robbing shit. Like Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. I think you'd like it.

c1c2da  No.15735807

Is there a way to play as Gyro Zeppeli?

0ec1cc  No.15736577


>it's a post-western that takes place at the very end of 'The West'.

The very end is not post. Stop trying to cut up westerns into a thousand tiny genres. The game is set in fucking 1899, parts of the West are still wild. The gang is facing their end because they're outlaws who've drawn too much attention on themselves. They're driven out of the West and hunted down, like Butch and Sundance. Or is that a 'post-western', too?

>To say RDR2 is a Western, is to say Fallout: New Vegas is a Western.

Fallout New Vegas is set in an alternate distant future with robots and laser guns. Fuck you.

2d6990  No.15736664

I'm in the middle of building a new computer, waiting on my fucking i-9. Found that I had a $90 xbox credit, so bought it just for the hell of it to see how PC "Rockstar" has become……from shooting cops dead and kicking whores to death int he streets to "suffragettes,"

lectures about racism, and articles in the fucking Guardian bitching when a feminist NPC is fed to a croc.

For 4 years every cunt has known, "only buy nip and eastern european games." If they fuck up Cyberpunk 2077, then games will be truly fucking dead.

Also, have only played the up to the first shootout at the first house. How bad does it get? Is the console version even more cucked than the PV version, as was the case with "Witcher 3?" Saw it on my nephew's PS 4 and seemed like a lot of the nudity and cursing was edited out,

46bc9f  No.15736894



When I say Post-Western I mean, Post as in after the classical western genre. So yes, something like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid would fall into what I'm talking about and not actually help you at all. If you want to google it do "Revisionist Western". Revision as in, of the elements that make up a Western. I'm not saying the game is POST- "The Wild West" era. Though that is a key point of the game. Stressing the coming end of the West.

>Fallout New Vegas is set in an alternate future

Are you dense or is English your second language? There's a reason I drew a comparison between them, and it was to highlight how both make use of classical Western tropes while not being Westerns themselves. It really amazes me that you failed to comprehend my point.

I suggest watching some actual classical Westerns. They're pretty good, and not hard to follow so they'd be good for you I think.

774282  No.15736897


Spaghetti westerns


Try join Ford

774282  No.15736919

2249ea  No.15736968



These types of posts always remind me how annoying people currently in or just out of higher education can be.

46bc9f  No.15736997


That's an assumption of me which is wrong. Though, I'm sorta glad I was able to come off as someone of high learning. Thanks for making me feel good, Anon~

a8962d  No.15737160

File: 292a6213dc1b558⋯.jpg (84.63 KB, 556x692, 139:173, 3dwC8tA.jpg)


The feeling is reciprocal megafaggot, but I get that when you've grown acustomed eating fucking melted yellow colored polyethylene terephthalate and calling it 'cheese' you'd be a little bamboozled at the culinary intricacy of us yurofags… I can already picture the mouth breather confusion on your approx 90IQ face as I stoke my massive camembert coated e-peener in your disgusting uneducated prehistorical mulatto knot head, you magical twat.

9694f3  No.15737683

does anyone want to talk about the game?

9a2497  No.15742881

File: 2b0fa7af750352a⋯.png (684.04 KB, 810x487, 810:487, WE WUZ NATIVE AMERICANS N ….png)


>A "no fun allowed" historical revisionist videogame with cowboy outlaws supporting feminism and niggers pretending to be native americans is garbage

No shit

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