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File: 3138e1074ed0521⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 680x680, 1:1, ralsei tank.jpg)

File: 78e4a602b664d95⋯.gif (27.82 KB, 112x180, 28:45, ralsei reveal________ ____….gif)

File: c8f2e05392ac561⋯.png (11.56 KB, 599x408, 599:408, Positive thinking helps je….png)

cce9ea  No.15705617

How long can we not lewd anything edition?

So what the fuck is Deltarune anyway?

It's a free demo made by Toby Fox, as a pseudo sequel to Undertale.

You can download it at this link.


"Why should I care"? Because if you like it, it's okay to care, even if people hate you for liking something that on it's own isn't cancerous. The fandom of anything will always be cancerous to a degree, and just because one game has a shit-ton of bad fans doesn't speak for it's quality, you decide that.

If you like the game, talk about it and


8e3247  No.15705635

File: a03c921d2a67e88⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 440x660, 2:3, 49.jpg)

first monster free post

a2315a  No.15705643

File: 29b0d5cca717cef⋯.png (292.4 KB, 1200x1306, 600:653, Deltarune's REAL politics.png)


66a7b6  No.15705648

File: 15b403ade12ee99⋯.jpg (313.39 KB, 1280x1517, 1280:1517, tumblr_phugq5BXYj1uu2qcno1….jpg)

File: 76006f5fdfa1ab6⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1077, 360:359, tumblr_phtstzpvmV1xbki7uo1….png)

File: a76f12b77fa779e⋯.png (457.01 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, tumblr_phsmr8yfM41w3qqhno1….png)

File: b117f341bff1373⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1185, 256:237, tumblr_phsmvssNKE1r6soqlo1….png)

File: 4f2121e161931d8⋯.png (343.06 KB, 768x768, 1:1, tumblr_phsi4d7KWi1wuh2kko1….png)

Every dollar spent funding terrorists in Syria is a dollar not spent genetically engineering dragon girls for domestic bullying

72e78d  No.15705659

File: 1c62de68a5a31a7⋯.png (21.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1c62de68a5a31a702e0dea54c4….png)


18989d  No.15705660

File: f13908bd58e65df⋯.gif (167.69 KB, 205x230, 41:46, a02c638682a436f4d7a7b909a7….gif)

>tfw stealing content from tumblr and reddit and posting it here

8e3247  No.15705663

File: b00906900fd6f59⋯.gif (67.69 KB, 246x264, 41:44, epic.gif)

File: ca2e03046ed8142⋯.gif (75.37 KB, 336x269, 336:269, kris.gif)

a2315a  No.15705667

File: 8152fd6ed42b05d⋯.mp4 (176.96 KB, 530x360, 53:36, Deltarune good ending.mp4)

72e78d  No.15705670

File: fff7ab7433f75a7⋯.gif (3.26 MB, 500x500, 1:1, a02c638682a436f4d7a7b909a7….gif)


>tfw only saving shit posted here

c68a7c  No.15705671

File: 3bb4b6e9f0f8656⋯.png (229.75 KB, 723x469, 723:469, ClipboardImage.png)


>tfw stealing content from e621 and inkbunny and posting it here

66a7b6  No.15705674

File: 36bb96613043f16⋯.png (329.09 KB, 888x888, 1:1, tumblr_inline_pht3yiAyPp1t….png)



daily reminder that ralsei wears shoes

8e3247  No.15705677

File: 11b844206cd66cf⋯.jpg (50.04 KB, 719x478, 719:478, 11b844206cd66cfcadbced860f….jpg)

70042d  No.15705682


We all know you're just going to gayfug them Luka

a2315a  No.15705687

File: 55d8132d5c1fb7e⋯.jpg (299.67 KB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, All hail king Lancer 1.jpg)

File: 30a1389a364735e⋯.jpg (290.03 KB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, All hail king Lancer 2.jpg)

File: 1e38182345a608d⋯.jpg (154.89 KB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, All hail king Lancer 3.jpg)

e2189e  No.15705716

File: 1e01d2b90800d79⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1257x672, 419:224, caption.PNG)

This is a quality thread with loads of content and not just faggots spamming shitty fanart/pics of the game

c68a7c  No.15705719



72e78d  No.15705728


there's 15 fucking posts in the thread and it's 12:10 est

997aee  No.15705736

Reminder that genocide is always the answer

301aa7  No.15705741


I can't wait for tomorrow's and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and the one after

e38a55  No.15705747


This stinky tryhard bitch is a dragon? I thought she was some kinda chupacabra.

e2189e  No.15705749


I'm just wondering how long until Deltarune threads become nuke on sight like Undertale threads. Signs are pointing to soon™

704692  No.15705757

We have long crossed the point where discussion dries up and the threads turn into senseless circlejerks, no better than the fucking 4am shitpile.

Mark will continue to allow these because he's a corporate slave and Undertale got a Switch port

0a6e2d  No.15705762

File: 4f9f5cfba7dee66⋯.png (478.04 KB, 625x790, 125:158, cad-20080602-358b1.x60343.png)

Post OC


Boo hoo

de7352  No.15705768

File: 317670f1f28c39e⋯.png (889.25 KB, 768x1200, 16:25, shelter.png)


This is true.


>Mane Ax

<Beginner's ax forged from the mane of a dragon whelp.

Probably her haircomb or something.

cce9ea  No.15705782


>forged from the mane of a dragon whelp

Well even the game admits she's a dragon, and Kris wants to bone that.

f4fb0a  No.15705790

File: 08a9d35f970f8d2⋯.gif (471.19 KB, 500x346, 250:173, You best start believing i….gif)

00c864  No.15705793

>that garbage tier pixel shit

d870e1  No.15705813


Not that I care, but the OP could have been fleshed out with more information like the confirmed spyware:


de7352  No.15705837

File: 58b29d0b7437ec6⋯.gif (417.65 KB, 650x660, 65:66, mtt.gif)


>MTT-Brand Spyware


jokes aside, if you really give a fuck about this kind of stuff you wouldn't launch something like


and accept ToS that has one line of text in it.

Toby himself said that he's gathering info. Also there's a warning somewhere in readme files AFAIK.

He traces every choice you make ingame, including that one seemingly useless character creation process.

780cf9  No.15705847


You think he's got something really interesting planned for this?

Do you think this game tries to stress your choices don't matter so you make choices more honestly and not based on any perceived rewards that then get recorded?

Do you think this could be a factor in the creation of the full game?

Or is Toby just being retarded?

d870e1  No.15705858


>Toby himself said that he's gathering info.


e137dd  No.15705877


I wonder what most people choose. Like most of the questions the game asks you are pointless since they don't impact the game nor the story, so it's interesting to see what people choose. Only the first playthrough should matter tho.

d8ec0e  No.15705885



de7352  No.15705890

File: 335da5c82dc3427⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 204x360, 17:30, edit.gif)


Yes on everything.


It's easier to trap a beaten path, if you catch my drift.

Expect "you sick bastard killed toriel" v2.0


I remember reading about it somewhere, but I can't trace it back now, so you might as well think that I just pulled it out of my ass.

212bcb  No.15705908

File: 5bf4819a358b0b2⋯.png (10.83 KB, 384x408, 16:17, ralsei1.png)

File: 975993d9d4308d5⋯.png (10.85 KB, 384x408, 16:17, ralsei2.png)

File: cdb63d79322f3d9⋯.png (11.09 KB, 384x408, 16:17, ralsei3.png)

>feminine boy

>masculine girl

>ambiguous mc

de7352  No.15705915

File: cd163ee450338da⋯.jpg (44.94 KB, 540x409, 540:409, Dj3YFM3C6Ps.jpg)

e137dd  No.15705925


>this is you on yoshi main

I knew he was a faggot, but holy shit!


I see it

66a7b6  No.15705935


ralsei is not asriel fuck off matpat

cce9ea  No.15705941

File: 4c377a2a8d86a06⋯.png (87.8 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, 1428519341623-2.png)


so do you advocate actually fucking undertale? It's like a digital file m8, I don't think you can fuck it. And we stopped lewding the goat like 14 centuries back m8. 4chan sure is lewding that shit up, so go there.

212bcb  No.15705951


A connection is being planned. Just check the anagram:

rAlsei & deltarUne

Asriel & Undertale

c68a7c  No.15705956


Why is Asriel such a faggoat

3cff64  No.15705958


is this loss?

66a7b6  No.15705960


Connection does not equal to being the same character, in this universe Asriel has dated at least three different women around town, and is therefore not a faggoat

de7352  No.15705963

File: 8d948d447eb58bd⋯.jpg (61.71 KB, 822x849, 274:283, gt.jpg)


That's some conspiracy theorist tier evidence.

1fa26b  No.15705970

File: f6c41e6017fad4d⋯.png (34.87 KB, 509x514, 509:514, 4ecc575427cd60b5c35027b845….png)



c68a7c  No.15705987

File: c10eea32f4dd1e8⋯.png (6.66 KB, 277x271, 277:271, ClipboardImage.png)


>in this universe Asriel has dated at least three different women

>Asriel is a goat

>Goats have horns

>Asriel is horny

>Asriel has two (2) horns

>Horns are phallic

>He wants two horns inside him


de7352  No.15705988

File: b11f456c913de15⋯.png (54.94 KB, 673x501, 673:501, fake proofs.png)

780cf9  No.15705992


Everyone knows that faggot. Doesn't change the fact that they are two different characters in universe.

Everyone in town talks about the many things you and Asriel have done and about how they miss him since he went to college.

There must certainly be some connection, but they are also certainly two distinct characters.

18e322  No.15705999


He's not necessarily an alter-ego Asriel at all. Note the conspicuously red horns. My guess is that he's a manifestation of the normal goat monster Kris wished he was instead of a human freak, as he once imagined himself to be when he dressed up on Halloween 8 years ago.

What I hate about this theory is that it would technically make Ralsei Kris's fursona.

c68a7c  No.15706002

File: a2c269e56ceb27d⋯.png (11.52 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Kris is neutral

>Susie is his dark side, Ralsei is his light side

>The player represents good, Chara represents evil

Really makes you think

cce9ea  No.15706006


Just to let you know, having shit like that saved on your computer actually makes you the gayest person here. Even the fictional goats are less gay then that.

bc0132  No.15706007


Nobody gets to choose who they are in this world

de7352  No.15706022

File: 46598d562eafb94⋯.jpg (577.77 KB, 2048x1712, 128:107, 1.jpg)

File: fd61d79a4282ff5⋯.jpg (4.39 MB, 5000x3604, 1250:901, 2.jpg)



>no other humans in town

>literally the only human in the ocean of freaks

>but to them you're the freak

>everyone is good to you because you're that "Asgore's kid" or don't care either way


Why there's no humans around anyway? The place is definitely not underworld.

51c371  No.15706025


I'm pretty sure Ralsei is just Kris/Suzy's ideas of what Asriel is like, aka goody two-shoes who does everything perfect and is loved by everyone and for whom everything works out. He's the perfect little goat boy because Asriel seems to be the perfect son, especially compared to quiet, average weirdo who could fall off the face of the earth and even Toriel would take a while to get worried.

05c4c7  No.15706029

File: a7658ba3513f2ed⋯.jpg (124.8 KB, 1060x1500, 53:75, Dq3W5CbVAAA4AM1.jpg large.jpg)

96bc83  No.15706042



1b01f9  No.15706050

File: b4e5f2fb11f1b16⋯.jpg (112.14 KB, 900x491, 900:491, Vigin vs chad.jpg)

96bc83  No.15706061

Does anyone have the "good luck you're behind 7 proxies" picture?

2fa78c  No.15706075

File: d06182873d6f1fe⋯.gif (9.26 KB, 1000x400, 5:2, b2a3623763334ec2fb11257a4a….gif)

1b01f9  No.15706077

File: de5fdc5f06507c2⋯.gif (885.21 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Chaos chaos.gif)

File: 6538c41aee21429⋯.gif (862.76 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Chaos CHAOSS.gif)

File: 76277532774d79a⋯.jpg (174.41 KB, 664x1286, 332:643, toast crunch.jpg)

de7352  No.15706088

File: 167d221182c0b36⋯.png (111.07 KB, 1424x842, 712:421, 879c66d246e24b7750fc215e15….png)

File: a1869f1284a8017⋯.png (545.21 KB, 1424x842, 712:421, 78fd3e136db80b4e9b55379ed2….png)

c68a7c  No.15706094


I'd want Asriel to be behind my soul~

32f0c8  No.15706101

>dumb goat living by himself with the big evil fountain

>wants to spare everyone

>sparing turns enemies into dust

>uses ui/rpg lexicon

big think

also kris being a fucking weirdo is neat

see you in a few years

c68a7c  No.15706113


Please don't call him d*mb

c15604  No.15706130


Holyfucking SHIIIIT. Mind blown. Take a moment to look at that picture.

Yes. Take a fucking moment.

You start undertale by falling into the ruins from a hole inside a mountain. Toriel's house is on the mountain.

You move to Snowden next. The Icee's restaurant is on the left.

Then you move to Waterfall, which is built beneath a lake. The lake is on the right.

Then you move to the CORE, which is beneath the Castle, which also contains the EXIT. At the very BOTTOM, is the BUNKER, which is an EXIT.

I don't know if this is lack of sleep, or me just going insane because of the constant CHAOS, CHAOS, I've subjected myself to, but this shit is like the groundwork for the locations in Undertale. You start from the top, and work your way DOWN, to EXIT from the BOTTOM.

05c4c7  No.15706155

File: a01aee845fba09f⋯.png (21.77 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1541497221827.png)


Blowing my mind!

4b1259  No.15706192


>>sparing turns enemies into dust

>attacking them just makes them run away

Goatfaggot confirmed to be pure evil

13d7bd  No.15706204

It's prett obvious to me that the whole thing is tied to the post-genocide pacifist ending

You sold your SOUL and Chara used that power to make a nice, happy world for you to live in and play with your friends, only it's not exactly the same as the one you brutally murdered.

Also, Asriel Dreemurr, Ralsei MURDERER

I half expect that to actually come up but only as a joke.

On the other hand, where are Ralsei's subjects? And how did he know your name?

0298d2  No.15706213



hey I recognize the artist who made that, he was the dude who made those skinsuit comics on sad panda

05c4c7  No.15706219

File: 1206e9fe861a010⋯.png (549.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 07a25adb7154cea8957a52258b….png)



4f6b5c  No.15706230


Israel Murderer is a better anagram.


>skinsuit comics


0298d2  No.15706244



It wasn't even that hard to find again, just searched 'skinsuit' God I am such a degenerate why the fuck do I even know this?

c68a7c  No.15706247


If Ralsei actually is Asriel (which is pretty much spelled out in the pacifist ending) because of the reveal after you talk to him, then he'd know your name because he's your older brother

But on the other hand, how did he know the prophecy?

5146f6  No.15706260

File: b205ef7b23b1716⋯.jpg (49.09 KB, 720x937, 720:937, dog.jpg)


That's not the most appealing furshit I've seen.

If I were into skinsuits I'd probably enjoy that more.

13d7bd  No.15706265


I'm thinking Asriel, the older, college-age badass, is actually the mystery "Knight" who blew through before you arrived and fucked everything up in the belief he was doing the right thing.

After all, you fall into an alternate universe, find that an entire kingdom is essentially made to be slaves to the other, what would you do? You'd free the slaves, even if it turned one of the formerly enslaved kings into a monster, right? So he destroys the current order and then you stumble along after and pick up after him.

I'm willing to bet this is going to keep happening each time you visit that other place, until you have to face down your older brother for real.

c68a7c  No.15706266


>When your friend has a nullification fetish and he can get off to otherwise innocuous art

96bc83  No.15706279


No, dumbass.

Kris isn't Frisk.

Nor he is Chara.

You are the troubling side of this story, because Kris existed and had his own personality before you came around.

You also delete his save file.

The situations here are two:

1) The existence of the player is the cause of Chara being alive, aka Chara does not exist before the player exists. This mean that Kris is beyond fucked because his body is being controlled by two entities alien to him.

2) Kris is the new Chara. Chara was known to be mischievous, though not outright evil before he went and caused all the shit he caused. Kris's personality before you take over is known to be mischievous, detached even, for example Asgore says you do not like to be hugged, yet you can hug Ralsei over and over during the tutorial, meaning that the "you don't like to be hugged" is a trait Kris has that you can just put away.

Now here's the question: why did Chara/Kris had their evil characteristic awake now?

An answer to that could be: now there is a way to gain EXP.

The whole point about Chara in the previous title was that him wanted to get powerful.

Meaning he was a typical kid that saw an RPG and wanted to grind to the max level.

Maybe Kris/Chara are going to start shit specifically because there is shit to start, now they can be part of a game, they can gain experience, they can grow, get money and all of that crap.

720a8a  No.15706305

File: 7d5dab4c6dd43e4⋯.jpg (143.8 KB, 572x303, 572:303, skullscratcher.jpg)



5146f6  No.15706314


>tfw your friend can get off to medical imagery

Medscape is a godsent, or so I've heard.

51177e  No.15706316


>I just pulled it out of my ass.

I know, last thread we discussed how coy (((Toby Fox))) has been acting after being publicly addressed.

adb56c  No.15706346

c68a7c  No.15706348

610640  No.15706367

File: 3d1475ce99235ba⋯.png (416.14 KB, 810x674, 405:337, фэндомы-jevil.png)


I Can Do Anything

5146f6  No.15706376


Is she pregnant or just fat?

f4fb0a  No.15706387

I wish Undertale fans could see themselves the rest of the world sees them, so maybe they'd stop acting like the most embarrassing people on the planet.

c68a7c  No.15706388

fb57ed  No.15706416

a4c4b3  No.15706489

File: 14df253e5582972⋯.png (2.07 KB, 138x249, 46:83, delta-crusader.png)

You've seen delta warriors now prepare for shitty delta crusader.

5146f6  No.15706494

File: 0d599bc3c3496ad⋯.png (1018 B, 155x76, 155:76, 0d599bc3c3496ad49913a9770d….png)


>inconsistent pixel size

adb56c  No.15706495


Man, remember Orteil?

a4c4b3  No.15706516


Because i can't do anything.

5146f6  No.15706531


Just rectify it, you self-flagellating double nigra. Pick a pixel size and stick with it.

720a8a  No.15706571


Step 1: start from an image that isn't stretched and has all the pixels in a uniform size and alignment (integer scaling is fine - this is where all pixels in the image get resized by a whole number, which preserves those two aspects)

Step 2: make additions that maintain that uniform size and alignment

Step 3: get called a faggot by Phil Collins

fb94b1  No.15706607


There's something about those portraits that is off-putting, but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe that his face is too long.

31e659  No.15706634

File: a02a5fe4b803c70⋯.jpg (8.23 KB, 474x109, 474:109, 14469968033280.jpg)


I feel ya

720a8a  No.15706652

File: 7bf6e71e1b9f923⋯.png (700 B, 180x204, 15:17, dorky waifu.png)


Nose is too far down, head's shape's a little off. Facial features aren't really proportioned in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Also, because there's extra detail, it's not as easy to intuitively "fill in the blanks" as to how the snout is supposed to be working. It's more explicitly just a flat mask now.

1e12ad  No.15706844

File: 406412b0a12af07⋯.jpg (67.13 KB, 386x700, 193:350, serveimage.jpg)

File: 1167f49be50263d⋯.jpg (11.04 KB, 320x240, 4:3, serveimage2.jpg)


>Girl clowns

This always gives me a funny feeling.

8e9dd3  No.15706898

File: 4a618c70b78c6c2⋯.gif (4.48 MB, 500x746, 250:373, 1424636171608-4.gif)

This piece of shit clown

31e659  No.15706951

File: c67748dd34093f3⋯.jpg (112.19 KB, 640x400, 8:5, git.jpg)

a4c4b3  No.15706957

File: ddc1490893e02b7⋯.png (2.2 KB, 152x320, 19:40, delta-crusader11.png)

I think i have given up.

31e659  No.15706963

File: 1ee3f7f8f971f06⋯.png (352.92 KB, 945x541, 945:541, solaire.png)


thats significantly better

66a7b6  No.15706964

File: ab19423839f31b9⋯.jpg (319.65 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1541376721614.jpg)


you did it anon I'm so proud of you

have a susie

000000  No.15706978


Reminder that the prince of darkness mentioned (and showed) in the prophecy is actually Lancer, not Ralsei.

Reminder that Kris is "Frisk" rearranged without the F.

Reminder that the character development during the game is middleschool tier and so is the writing

98dabf  No.15706980

File: 96675e4a4e62c38⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 429x592, 429:592, Terry dancing.gif)



e2315a  No.15706987


>Susie is a monster but is also an outsider like Kris

>Ralsei is a monster who is an insider unlike Kris


>Well even the game admits she's a dragon, and Kris wants to bone that.

I read that book comment as the bird guy making up a book to imply that he was attracted to Susie because they both skipped class.

5146f6  No.15706992

File: 1c63370dc358020⋯.jpg (15.56 KB, 439x293, 439:293, fgsfds.jpg)


That's pretty good. Much better.

2f9797  No.15707125



Jevil was easier than I thought.

2d4fd6  No.15707146

GTFO my /v/ you libtards.

t. Piss Guy.

04b75c  No.15707174

23dbfd  No.15707239

I do think there's some promise to the idea that Ralsei is a bait and switch character and Lancer is the true "prince from the dark" mentioned in the legend. Some anon also mentioned some concept art of Ralsei featuring a malicious expression, but I have yet to see if that really exists or not.

8e3247  No.15707247

File: 0d649334ecb3246⋯.png (8.4 KB, 433x383, 433:383, faggot goat.PNG)

File: ed3f8a82a68bedf⋯.png (6.68 KB, 428x383, 428:383, faggot lizard.PNG)


it's one of the concept sprites that was cut from the game but still in the files

fe342d  No.15707256

File: 7f2655846b99c0a⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 470x470, 1:1, 2ec2a091-5ce9-4ddd-8932-54….gif)

> Asgore's bit in the demo has garnered him a lot of sympathy

So what horrible sin will Toby decide to put on goatdad's shoulders to make goatmom look better?

3382fe  No.15707269


He probably shitposts on 8chan.

05c4c7  No.15707273


Besides making the Yoshi eggs into omelets?

a5223e  No.15707274


Oh shit, its the based and redpilled libtard destroyer, Ben Shapiro, please don't own me epic style like a palestinian child.

a5223e  No.15707277

File: ee07fa54ee8a0db⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.62 KB, 450x550, 9:11, ee07fa54ee8a0dba02d22a93ab….jpg)


How much is his monthly alimony?

0a6e2d  No.15707285

File: 8330543a7109acd⋯.jpg (80.49 KB, 684x1024, 171:256, sxtui59cthv01.jpg)


Too much

0a6e2d  No.15707288


Tobys concepts give me hope

04b75c  No.15707296


More than he makes, since the guy can't actually make ends meet.

8e9dd3  No.15707302

File: 016b2b6120fbff4⋯.png (7.28 KB, 580x380, 29:19, retard reptile.png)


This gives you hope?

0a6e2d  No.15707306


It makes me feel better about my drawing skills

23dbfd  No.15707324

File: 682dc25d54e5bc8⋯.png (113.03 KB, 297x297, 1:1, angrygoat.png)


That Ralsei expression could be more angry than evil, though it's hard to tell because of the sheer levels of derp. Here's his final angry expression for comparison.

8e9dd3  No.15707341


Fair enough.

08dc9a  No.15707360

Toby said it could be years before we get any updates on this and that it may never come out at all.

04b75c  No.15707364


We're very determined. We can keep these threads going till then.

61faaa  No.15707373


maybe he dropped kris as a child and that's why he is the way he is?

0a6e2d  No.15707382

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He gave birth to the anti-christ.

61faaa  No.15707384


he said it would take him years on his own, and specifically that he won't be working years on it, rather just abandon it at that pace.

he also said he is looking into a team to speed things up.

so, no, he didn't say what you think he said, he said pretty much the opposite in a way that doesn't get the hopes of everyone up. he learned from undertale that people get angry as fuck when they expect something to come out, and happy when they get something they expected to appear much later.

000000  No.15707391

Has anyone asked Toby about whole malicious thing?

f597f1  No.15707393

File: 36d330744633968⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 896x1024, 7:8, ff4b59231a572fffeb3ac3eaa2….jpg)

I really wanna see the FUN system return in delta rune,it was one of the few good things in undertale.

61faaa  No.15707400


I'm just hoping he will get some of that meta shit in as well, and not leave it for everyone to find. Felt good having an extra layer inside the game files itself that was alluding to something bigger.

23dbfd  No.15707425


>genuinely benevolent guy who enjoys growing flowers and loves his sons

>Poor as fuck, has nothing to eat, and rent is multiple times overdue because he gives flowers away more than he sells them

Being Asgore is suffering. Whether it's deserved suffering will depend on what he did to alienate Toriel this time.

18e322  No.15707429


hope and a hardon

c10876  No.15707433

If Ralsei isn't evil I will be seriously disappointed.

8e3247  No.15707435


Ralsei is not evil, he does evil shit just to play with (you) he is a good goat that dindu nuffin

c10876  No.15707437


Homosexual detected. Never reply to my posts ever again.

05c4c7  No.15707442


Ralsei isn't evil. He just lacks empathy which makes him commit atrocities.

4f6d65  No.15707465

Post the sexy goat already you fucking cowards

8e3247  No.15707469

File: 1e5b848f5aa092c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 6.33 KB, 120x120, 1:1, sexy goat.png)


here you go

d8ec0e  No.15707501

File: 68f5bb536e410cc⋯.png (271.79 KB, 440x437, 440:437, dick spencer.png)


>wanting to fuck cute goat boys makes us liberals

03da6a  No.15707509

File: d8154608420b32d⋯.jpg (243.35 KB, 1280x787, 1280:787, papyrusneckbeard.jpg)


you sure about that?

c0a2ca  No.15707514

So since you remove your soul at the end doesnt that make kris a Lich? He's is a monster now and immortal

a2315a  No.15707515

File: 29c532eb1f9c3f0⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 498x364, 249:182, mfw ACTing.jpg)


What if Deltarune's papyrus is exactly like that? Would you ACT or FIGHT?

4f6d65  No.15707517


he's not removing HIS soul, he's removing YOU. You still have full WASD control of the heart in the cage

8e3247  No.15707518


>papyrus was going to be a fedora tipping redditor

i want to see that

f3d3b6  No.15707523

This is the gayest and most cancerous thread I've seen in a looong time.

Everyone posting here should get cancer and die.

4f6d65  No.15707528

File: 460b6ce0e687c02⋯.jpg (24.23 KB, 500x459, 500:459, DlmylmtUcAAYHI2.jpg)

8e9dd3  No.15707531


But isn't the player technically his soul?

a2315a  No.15707532

File: 3138e1074ed0521⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 680x680, 1:1, Rasiel disapproves.jpg)


>A thread that manages to stay on topic every time and not be derailed every 5 posts.

>Actual vidya discussion.

>Should get cancer and die.

9cc3f3  No.15707533

File: a95fdbb02b59e46⋯.png (9.09 KB, 213x309, 71:103, onion.png)

data.win content again: https://my.mixtape.moe/hzinhv.7z

8e3247  No.15707534

File: 12b3c4bf477fecb⋯.png (56.29 KB, 194x200, 97:100, 12b3c4bf477fecb2fa53bb0281….png)


i guess you are going to die of cancer then

a2315a  No.15707535


But what if Kris never had a soul to begin with?

4f6d65  No.15707544


the very first thing that happens in the game is you creating a vessel, having that vessel thrown in the trash and getting Kris instead. People also constantly comment on Kris acting uncharacteristically social and talkative.

cce9ea  No.15707546

File: f4c3a57d764e759⋯.gif (19.33 KB, 60x152, 15:38, gaster cafe.gif)


It might be that he simply removes his soul every night, or has an extra one.

3382fe  No.15707547

File: c86e0b7bf751aeb⋯.png (13.51 KB, 1244x339, 1244:339, VZ.png)



It's not entirely clear yet if the player's soul is also Kris's, or if the player's soul is hijacking Kris's body against his will.

a2315a  No.15707556

File: 10f979ee20b8b5e⋯.jpg (86.34 KB, 917x570, 917:570, mfw he steps on the button.jpg)


>It's not entirely clear yet if the player's soul is also Kris's, or if the player's soul is hijacking Kris's body against his will.

I mean, while we're Kris, we're an entirely different person, based on what people say, Kris has always been mischievous while being a great piano player. So Kris has a full life outside of us controlling him.

94ef2a  No.15707564


How do people open a data.win?

cce9ea  No.15707569

File: a521d08f87eba72⋯.png (391.43 KB, 700x1580, 35:79, hug the dummy ralsei.png)


So why exactly should we expect Kris to actually do anything evil, even with that whole knife thing? I seriously think it's way too early to actually pull anything but a joke with the pie set up.

4f6d65  No.15707573


Well you tell me man, Kris already had the birdcage on hand as the only actual object he keeps in his room, which just so happens to be surrounded by bloodstains. What do YOU think he's gonna do with the knife?

9cc3f3  No.15707576


It's not really about "opening" it. data.win is effectively a kind of archive file. It's a binary structure containing binary data for files and also metadata in a structured way that allows GameMaker games to read it using the engine.

You can find the structure here: https://github.com/panzi/cook-serve-hoomans/blob/master/fileformat.md

So to extract files from it, you can either write a program to extract it yourself (which isn't actually hard for a programmer, but it is tedious) or use something like BMS and an instruction file for it so that you can describe the structure and extract it using established packing/unpacking tools.

a2315a  No.15707577

File: 5b504e83bdc487b⋯.jpg (89.11 KB, 750x694, 375:347, (You).jpg)


>He literally rips his soul out of his body

>Huge kitchen knife

>Red eyes

<Just a prank bro

326100  No.15707579


I heard that Jews have some concept of people getting unwanted additional souls in their bodies. That, or some Polish writer made that up.

cce9ea  No.15707584



cut a piece of pie and eat it. It's a bait and switch joke for the actual game. No one outside of Toriel or Asriel (who's weeks away or something) are going to enter his room and do anything with his soul, he has to eventually come back for the story to continue, or the soul has to reach out to someone to get them to break and enter the house, or more likely get Toriel out of bed to help.

None of it is Toby's style, he doesn't write horror.

9cc3f3  No.15707587


My Evangelion knowledge tells me that you might be thinking of the Chamber of Guf: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guf

Old Jewish mythology gets really interesting, actually.

8e9dd3  No.15707588


>he doesn't write horror.

Or does he?

a2315a  No.15707594

File: fab29741b1d05d6⋯.jpg (155.88 KB, 471x440, 471:440, ACHTUNG.jpg)

05c4c7  No.15707595


What if in this universe, "Chara" is the real Kris who lets out his mischievous nature that everyone in town mentions he has? And the Player Soul is the only thing that keeps him behaving well. I could see it as a bait and switch like that. Then maybe, depending on how you play, Chara Kris will become more than just a simple weirdo prankster.

f3d3b6  No.15707601


A small price to pay as long as furry faggotry dumblir brigade dies too.

a2315a  No.15707605

File: 228ee6ba94b03f2⋯.jpg (88.46 KB, 1080x739, 1080:739, I'm not mad tho.jpg)


Where do you see the furry faggotry dumblir brigade in here?

72e78d  No.15707608


The true lab and the entirety of flowey is proof enough that he can, indeed, write horror.

312f7e  No.15707612


But the first "game" he made was a halloween horror mod for Earthbound.

a2315a  No.15707613

File: c1b05b500afebda⋯.jpg (70.73 KB, 720x602, 360:301, Comfy busta.jpg)



9cc3f3  No.15707614


>depending on how you play, Chara Kris will become more than just a simple weirdo prankster

Toby already said the game won't really have branching paths or multiple endings.

05c4c7  No.15707624


This is under the assumption what he's doing is all a big bait and switch.

326100  No.15707630


>everything is bait and switch/uncertain/unknown/possible

I'm having Alpha Legion flashbacks.

9cc3f3  No.15707634


Toby also has been known as "Radiation" for a while in Earthbound modding circles:


I never played it, but the Halloween Hack is supposed to be pretty decent, and does a lot of shit other mods never did, like custom music. It's the source of a lot of other things in Undertale, like some enemies and Megalovania. I think Gaster originated from some throwaway sprites in the Halloween hack.

Man, I should get around to actually playing that one.

312f7e  No.15707642


>he didn't already know this

>he can't even type "Toby Fox Earthbound mod" into a search engine

Now, I know he tries to bury it because he's embarrassed about it, but there's plenty about it on the internet and it's been discussed on here plenty of times already.

a2315a  No.15707646

File: fa4eeb2e4e5ede1⋯.png (168.43 KB, 212x435, 212:435, Granny.png)


>embarrassed about it

How can be he embarrassed about his past? I mean, his EarthBound mod can't be that bad.

2f6448  No.15707652


He was in his teens when he made it. From what I understand the writing is filled with edgy shit.

72e78d  No.15707656


Not only did it fuel the "sans is ness" shit, but it's the most thing he's ever made.

a2315a  No.15707662

File: 3b2b0a9e1c31332⋯.png (4.41 KB, 256x223, 256:223, halloween-hack-4.png)



I understand now Makes me want to try it even more, I love edgy shit

c10876  No.15707665

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

I was edgy in my teens, but not anywhere close to as edgy as this.

312f7e  No.15707667



It also contains the word fag as a swear, which is obviously a big no-no considering his main moneymaker is tumblrites.

720a8a  No.15707686

File: 3c6b98ec58ace7d⋯.png (8.65 KB, 480x320, 3:2, where's the caveman.png)


Something about Andonuts having issues with repressed homosexuality as a theme in that hack. Now that's video games.

As far as ROM hacks go, Wilford Brimley is still my favorite inclusion.

72e78d  No.15707691


what I want to know is where's the caveman

a2315a  No.15707698

File: 79613a008f25354⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.22 KB, 893x686, 893:686, EZenPhF.jpg)

720a8a  No.15707714

File: cce55b8888f8daf⋯.webm (1.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, the sheriff.webm)

File: f0547f80843b3fd⋯.webm (986.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, pandering to furries 101.webm)



We WebM now.

Also an extra WebM, which is tangentially related to DR/UT.

212bcb  No.15707728

File: 18bd39f4003dea3⋯.png (14 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei10.png)

File: 46066570dcabe2f⋯.png (13.65 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei12.png)



I wish sprites online weren't so fuzzy.

212bcb  No.15707734

File: a3faa1d51e19448⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.9 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei1.png)

File: a0e2e142e20c313⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.24 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei2.png)

File: 5b78235f306ceb8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.42 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei3.png)

File: bcdbd9bab4f526e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.53 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei4.png)

File: 1e8e1ab458c629b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.28 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei5.png)

212bcb  No.15707737

File: ae047de071442a6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.54 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei6.png)

File: 9f6d4f1258b1b10⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.91 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei7.png)

File: 1b48923e5418139⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 14.14 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei8.png)

File: d02044b5839502f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.89 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei9.png)

File: a1df4ca1e1fdd6b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 13.65 KB, 432x392, 54:49, ralsei11.png)

b3496e  No.15707744

black goat looks like a spider in the mug shots

72e78d  No.15707759

>>15707744 (checked)

come to think of it, he does look spidery

8e3247  No.15707761



guess i wasn't the only one

fdb4b4  No.15707779

goat is a NIGGER

72e78d  No.15707788


nah, not-goat is a spider

dubs dubs confirmed it

8e9dd3  No.15707795

File: 057576600e31305⋯.jpg (9.93 KB, 236x285, 236:285, 1443873794217.jpg)

312f7e  No.15707802



>kill shit

>make places they live look abandoned

>fathers are not around


>kill shit

>make places they live look abandoned

>fathers are often not around anymore they get eaten


72e78d  No.15707809


can't really argue with that

adac6f  No.15707822

File: 1ba6fb8e945e3d0⋯.jpg (438.78 KB, 1300x1110, 130:111, 20181109_214516.jpg)


72e78d  No.15707859

File: a45f06c302eeadd⋯.jpg (44 KB, 258x279, 86:93, DLIZBLXZDLKZ1LJL9L0ROZQRLH….jpg)



>not a spider

adac6f  No.15707887

File: b810f965c873740⋯.jpg (80.82 KB, 332x500, 83:125, 20181109_215955.jpg)


Is this a goat thread now?

91504e  No.15707939

File: 67c81757cee1351⋯.png (1013.82 KB, 726x678, 121:113, ClipboardImage.png)


It's seems so.

52049f  No.15707971


>le anything

where is the joke? i dont get it

04b75c  No.15707977


He's a nigger.

23dbfd  No.15708013


The problem is that there's still the possibility that Souless Kris isn't any more Kris than we are. It's possible that offscreen Souled Kris acted that way up until we took control of the soul, and Soulless Kris was always doing his thing at night (presumably in the Dark World since nobody in town mentions any deaths or mysterious accidents).

c10876  No.15708016

Goat is a sandnigger. Sandniggers love goats.

31e659  No.15708018


hey hey people

goat here

d116d3  No.15708037


The most thing?

72e78d  No.15708042


I must have deleted the word edgy in my mind or something.

How the fuck did I manage that.

8e3247  No.15708045

File: f4eca068f0bc6ca⋯.jpg (46.04 KB, 600x584, 75:73, 737cd367a5474ddfa3ca272b30….jpg)


The goat rises.

ccd937  No.15708046

>discussion will die naturally, they said

well look where we are now, the thread has devolved into "goat is a nigger"

let this be the last thread

a2315a  No.15708055

File: abfde2548858ecc⋯.jpeg (18.78 KB, 319x241, 319:241, Kekeke.jpeg)



This ain't natural, a bunch of (1)s coming in and shitting up the thread is not natural.

f4fb0a  No.15708058

Are the people who post in these threads even from /v/ or do you all come out of the woodwork to post here any time there's a new tumblr game announced?

a2315a  No.15708064

File: 7822625469f1170⋯.png (440.67 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Or I will pacify you.png)


>Only people from x like a certain game I don't like

/v/ is not your own secret club, faggot.

72e78d  No.15708066


>a bunch of (1) and dones providing oc

>thin this faggot shows up


It's one dude with a vpn and a vendetta.

Same fucking guy that got tumblrtale banned with his (((typical tricks.)))

4f6d65  No.15708067

File: f32a842543b3cd8⋯.jpg (26.76 KB, 480x476, 120:119, DnaDUJBXcAEAoVj.jpg)

Its always amazing to watch the same people jump into a thread and spam it with shit while simultaneously going on about how these threads should get taken down because they always get spammed with shit.

Do you not have literally anything better to do with your time? There must be some thread you can go post in about a game you actually like.

23dbfd  No.15708073


>someone shits up the thread

<well the thread's shit now, should just close the gate

Please go and take your vpns with you.

8e3247  No.15708081


these people are trying to fit in really hard, but when they get asshurt they will pull the "/v/ is a hivemind" card

ccd937  No.15708086


the answer is a little of both

cc075e  No.15708128


>what he did to alienate Toriel this time.

Asgore did nothing wrong, even in Undertale.

You got a kingdom of desperate people that are collectively falling into depression because they cannot take living underground anymore, of course you'll do whatever within your power to free them.

He killed some humans?

So what?

I understand that monsters probably think that life is valuable and all of that shit but humans kill each other all the fucking time for reasons far more petty than "I want to save my entire fucking kingdom from committing mass suicide".

You think the monsters weren't going to lose their mind without Asgore going "let's kill some humies"?

Their only hope, their single one hope that kept them going was that hey, finally someone is going to do everything to free us!

Toriel is unfit to be a parent, a wife but most importantly a queen.

She doesn't even propose an alternative to Asgore's plan and I'm sure all the snails she is butchering aren't all that grateful.

Yeah, the snails.

All monsters eat crap like snow, water sausages, glue and glitters.


No, Toriel isn't having any of that shit, she eats butterscotch, she eats cinnamon.

And of course, she consumes snails.

She eats snails, which underground are shown to be sentient.

Toriel is the equivalent of a hag from the stories of old.

She looks kind and nice on the outside but in truth she's rotten to the core.

Meanwhile Asgore is the most kind person in the world.

Even when faced with an hopeless situation he still keeps a smile or at the very least tries to shoulder through.

Frankly, I feel like Asgore is the Teagan of his own story: someone that was supposed to be seen as bad but instead is the best character of the entire story.

31e659  No.15708133

File: fd0bcba0241bc7e⋯.png (234.9 KB, 566x566, 1:1, good time undyne.png)


Who gives a fuck. He's a spastic kid that craves attention, pay him no mind.

16483e  No.15708141


That's the same kind of response I heard from people defending the Undertale threads here that would not die for a full year after the game was released.

ccd937  No.15708145


I'm not the one who's spamming, I just got here and saw that someone was going on about the nigger goat. I enjoyed these threads from the start, but we're up to like 6 threads now and I fail to see what's left to discuss. People keep saying "There will always be more to discuss" but it seems to be the same few topics rehashed over and over. Whether it's about Gaster, or if Kris is Chara, or if Kris is really evil, etc. etc. The rest is just shit like

>I want to fug/hug the goat

It's only going to get worse from here

212bcb  No.15708149

File: 7a4a3e144a8d5ee⋯.png (1.32 KB, 322x203, 46:29, FF1-sprites.png)


"Ralsei is a nigger" is just a willful lie and objectively false. Ralsei is merely shrouded in shadow. Like the Black Mage/Wizard from Final Fantasy 1.

8e3247  No.15708150

File: 39065b01ad9ea40⋯.png (92.51 KB, 700x651, 100:93, 39065b01ad9ea40697ed05e3f2….png)


hopping IDs again schlomo?

72e78d  No.15708163


capped for posterity, you wouldn't believe how many people shit on Asgore for "muh killing kids lmao" without even realizing that that was the only choice he could have made that didn't either result in wiping all of humanity from the universe, or everyone killing themselves

cc075e  No.15708168


What the fuck do you even care if the threads don't die?

We're discussing a video game, fuck off.

72e78d  No.15708171


>samefagging this obviously


326100  No.15708178


Wasn't Toriel mad that Asgore won't go outside with the one soul he had, collect 6 more and free everyone quickly and possibly peacefully?

ccd937  No.15708189


>humans kill each other all the fucking time

>starting off your argument with a bandwagon appeal

I am disappointed anon. The hedonistic calculus approach works far better in the second part of that sentence. The question then becomes, is a monster's life equal to that of a human life? If yes, then Asgore certainly did nothing wrong, as an entire kingdom of lives is worth more than just 7 lives. Otherwise, Asgore is a murderer.

a2315a  No.15708193


Perhaps he wanted to share the privilege of being able to go outside. I mean, what could a single monster do outside but being shot?

83786e  No.15708196


Almost exactly, yeah. She wanted him to either:

>Not kill anyone and simply make the kingdom a better place


>Take the soul, cross the barrie3r, kill more humans, break the barrier

Instead he:

>Let one human die, got scared of killing any others, and let the kingdom shrivel up through inaction while hoping for more random kids to fall in a fucking hole

72e78d  No.15708200


>possibly peacefully

there's no fucking way that would have ended peacefully

16483e  No.15708209



You wish nigger.

9cc3f3  No.15708214


How do you peacefully take somebody's soul?

4f6d65  No.15708216


kill 6 more humans so he could break the barrier?

a2315a  No.15708218


Take it when they die from natural causes. That's my guess.

a2315a  No.15708226


>A single monster against an army of humans.

72e78d  No.15708232


>Not kill anyone and simply make the kingdom a better place

which he fucking does, but if he didn't order the death of humans that entered the entire kingdom would have mass suicided

>get scared of killing others

nigger, he was raising a human child, he doesn't want to kill any more because he doesn't want to fucking murder the race of his dead child

he goes out there, it's full scale war, no monster is safe from humanity untill they're all dead or sealed like the monsters, do you honestly think they'll just say "hey, yeah sure we'll give you our souls to become a godlike entity" without outright trying to kill him on the spot?

b74cf7  No.15708241

File: a28afcddb527664⋯.gif (62.92 KB, 825x370, 165:74, 1541594295567.gif)

File: ebe73134d277c13⋯.gif (323.63 KB, 640x285, 128:57, 1541600929822.gif)

File: 9bc7a4aea304752⋯.gif (651.73 KB, 640x287, 640:287, 1541601211054.gif)

File: 88722b2addec1ed⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 640x285, 128:57, 1541603521456.gif)

File: d0e9444e63b8efa⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 640x268, 160:67, 1541605534492.gif)

Im just going to drop these here since I think they are cool

I stole them from dumblr tho

and I think the dude stole them from cuckchan

326100  No.15708242



that guy beat me to it >>15708218

212bcb  No.15708249

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Some people hate living.

b74cf7  No.15708253

File: f82722361ef7121⋯.gif (519.18 KB, 640x285, 128:57, 1541606198686.gif)

File: 7c8b6d8aab1848e⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 640x285, 128:57, 1541622316008.gif)

File: 6cecd8dc8be0842⋯.gif (914.59 KB, 640x285, 128:57, 1541625677186.gif)

File: f49fb361f048803⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 640x296, 80:37, 1541626721836.gif)

File: da271df65cf2168⋯.gif (2.6 MB, 640x268, 160:67, 1541628786462.gif)

72e78d  No.15708255


yeah, sure

humans are just going to give their souls of their dead loved ones to a monster that could wipe them out of reality


what a great fucking plan

83786e  No.15708259



It's not hard to find singular kids, and he was certainly strong enough.

Also, his motivation to not do this was not out of fear of being dusted - which Toriel probably would have been fine with - but that he was placing a few human lives above the worth of his entire kingdom. Or hell, going to them and asking for near-death or dying human souls to release his people from imprisonment. Or doing /anything/ more than passively waiting for human souls to trot right into his throne room.

4f6d65  No.15708263


>an army

Are you retarded? He can just walk into town and pick off 6 hobos before anyone would even fuckin notice

a2315a  No.15708268

File: 1ecba8422875bb2⋯.png (709.45 KB, 1182x956, 591:478, Recommended for you.png)



cc075e  No.15708269


Yeah, and Toriel is a fucking psycho.

You know how Asreil died?

Got a soul.

Went out.

Got butchered.

Meaning, humans killed a monster with a soul before.

Hell, we outright dethrone flowey and he had all the souls Asgore recently gathered.

We're playing as a fucking kid with a dull knife and we defeated an end of the world monster.

How do you think Asgore was going to fare?

Flowey had on his side the fact he was a psycho, Asgore however doesn't have that on his side, the world would've eaten him alive.


Man, even if a monster's life was equal to 1/20th of a human life, the guy had a kingdom to save.

At some point his hands were tied.

326100  No.15708276


>he lives in a world where there aren't even 6 retards

brb crossing dimensions

cc075e  No.15708279


Also I want to add.

We dethrone flowey peacefully.

We don't even use our dull knife.

72e78d  No.15708288



>It's not hard to find singular kids, and he was certainly strong enough

And what the fuck do you think the rest of humanity find out a monster is fucking killing them and eating their souls only to release a billion more to the world that can do the exact fucking same thing?

You really think that soul eating fucking monsters wouldn't pick up the attention of every major world power?

>Or hell, going to them and asking for near-death or dying human souls to release his people from imprisonment.

this fucking shit again?

yeah, a fucking behemoth of a goat monster is going to just walk in and get the souls recently deceased children without a fuss


I want to live in a world without your retarded ass. How do you not see that if a bunch of fucking soul eating monsters are released into the planet, that won't mean cataclysm for humanity?

83786e  No.15708294


>yeah, a fucking behemoth of a goat monster is going to just walk in and get the souls recently deceased children without a fuss

I didn't say it would be easy, but he's certainly got a lot of charisma and a gentle enough nature to go to heads of state and explain the situation.

72e78d  No.15708299


>but he's certainly got a lot of charisma

that doesn't mean shit, he's asking grieving parents to give them the souls of their dead children so he can eat the fucking soul

if he explains the situation, that's even more retarded because the situation is that he wants to release MORE SOUL EATING MONSTERS

326100  No.15708305


>he's asking grieving parents to give them the souls of their dead children so he can eat the fucking soul

[citation needed]

72e78d  No.15708309


your post history

326100  No.15708317

File: 058aeeb1c3f4b06⋯.gif (6.42 MB, 560x315, 16:9, gif.gif)


Where have I said only children can die?

72e78d  No.15708322


I mixed up when you were saying find 6 retards in the Forrest and dying people.

But the age doesn't even matter, you're essentially saying "dude you made a typo so I'm right."

Fucking nobody is going to just have the soul of someone they love get eaten by a fucking massive goat monster trying to release more fucking soul eating monsters.

567adb  No.15708336

I think Asgore could've done it, but he didn't know. Wasn't the reason Asriel with Chara's soul failed to shoah humanity that he didn't fight them and let them shoot him for a few minutes? He still ran away from such weaponry after being shot many times, and that's a mere shota goat with just one soul. He might've assumed the humans were just so powerful one soul isn't enough, so he waited for 7.

Asgore powered by one soul could easily kill any human, and then he'd get more powerful, and by the time a police force/army was on him, he'd be way past 7 souls he needed and probably shoahing all humanity. Of course, he could still fuck up if Mt Ebott just happens to be near a military zone because if he gets spotted and shot by several guns with one soul only, he's fucked.


No way he'd accomplish it through diplomacy or discussion, he'd just get killed. He'd be a slightly Satan-looking goat with huge horns asking for souls, that's just going to get attention of every country on Earth. They'd also just throw a few nukes or other bombs through the hole to Mt. Ebott if he said too much, and monsterkind would be extinct. Even if he didn't say where the kingdom is, they could make an assumption from where he initially appears in (if in any city near Mt Ebott, the region WILL be thoroughly searched and the likelihood of monsterkind's extinction or worse would be high). Why would a human government ever be fine with monsters that not only eat/take human souls, but also get far stronger after that happens?

9cc3f3  No.15708339


Asriel mentions at the end of UT's true pacifist route that his body was being controlled by Chara when he went through, and he managed to hold chara back, preventing himself from killing anybody. Chara wanted to kill, but Asriel didn't let him at that point, and allowed himself to be killed instead.

326100  No.15708353


>Fucking nobody is going to just have the soul of someone they love get eaten

Not everybody is like you. Both in the family and the character departments.

>trying to release more fucking soul eating monsters.

They don't know that, unless he tells them. People don't have to believe his words either.

3382fe  No.15708402

>all this autism

The only reason Asriel died is because he refused to defend himself. If Asgore actually wanted to go through with this shit, all he would have to do is kill the first six people he ran across. Hell, any six would do. He could take as long as he wants to do it, too. A giant goat monster stumbling into the nearest city and hacking up people on the street would probably get killed, but who's going to call in the military over people disappearing in the woods or some shit every few weeks?

Plus the guy's made of magic, so between that and save scumming he could probably pull some slasher movie garbage to keep a low profile. How the hell does saving and loading even work, from a non-player perspective?

72e78d  No.15708405


What reality do you live in where that's even remotely an option?

326100  No.15708421


The one with niggers, chinks, jews, retards, etc.

83786e  No.15708448


> How the hell does saving and loading even work, from a non-player perspective?

Only a few people have access to it, actually. The list is:

>Anyone controlled by a player outside the world.


>Flowey post-upgrade (Previously he is simply aware of alternate realities).

We know Sans is capable of it, because he follows you between timelines and is aware of your powers and what their possibilities are. We see it in action during Flowey's empowered boss fight. And of course we as players have it.

No one else has it, though, and it's treated essentially as time travel. Sans can do it through some sort of machine bullshit, but it's caused him to be terribly depressed and lonely.

654e38  No.15708471


How didn't you notice this before?

72e78d  No.15708486


>and now there's a billion monsters that can eat souls, man, absolutely nobody is panicking

sure, that wouldn't draw any attention


>those "people"

>having souls


b19dd4  No.15708496


Fucking hell I read it in his voice.

212bcb  No.15708519

File: c5fa18473097fd9⋯.mp4 (781.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jevil's Warning.mp4)

File: 6ac9b2912059bb9⋯.jpg (89.94 KB, 640x640, 1:1, jeu-de-cartes.jpg)

I still think that Deltarune will be divided into 4 chapters. First spades♠, then clubs♣, then diamonds♦, and finally hearts♥. The Greek letter "Delta" (Δ) means 4, and the whole game has a playing cards theme so far. The 1st chapter dealt with a final boss based on spades (King of Spades). Jevil represents the joker card. And he also warns that a powerful knight and "queen" are coming. The Queen of Hearts, maybe.

These were just my own speculations upon beating the demo.

e5a788  No.15708533

File: c32be7a6830b458⋯.jpg (79.73 KB, 546x550, 273:275, 3a7bf8076a126dfd209d82b6d4….jpg)

File: 28d13ad021c4558⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 500x400, 5:4, 260074aa862cf81113bd612312….gif)

File: 0da1a8c818ec555⋯.gif (2.04 MB, 600x634, 300:317, 361917657a1245337afccefbe2….gif)



God damn it, I did too.


That's an interesting way of looking at it.

3382fe  No.15708534


>muh billion monsters

>muh panic

The consequences of Asgore breaking the barrier are irrelevant here. He absolutely could have just killed any six people, over the course of any amount of time he wanted, and broken the barrier that way. He didn't do so, not because he's some high minded thinker planning a thousand steps ahead with intimate knowledge of human behavior, military might, and 7D chess, but because he didn't fucking want to do it. He regretted even considering it, much less saying he was going to do it, and was ready to spend the rest of eternity waiting for seven people to just drop into the underground and die.

Hell, do you want to know how little Asgore wanted to do with killing anyone? If you reload and fight him a second time after beating Omega Flowey, Asgore will kill himself if you spare him in the hopes that you will free the monsters by taking his soul instead.

afe37c  No.15708551

File: 6ac0fa3f04e7298⋯.png (6.83 KB, 1244x339, 1244:339, c86e0b7bf751aebb71d7cab693….png)

72e78d  No.15708553


gee I wonder why he wouldn't want to do eliminate humanity

couldn't be that he was raising a human child as his own and didn't want to slaughter every human outside the barrier

nah, it's because he's stupid, that's why

you do realize that waiting for seven people to fall underground gives you plausible deniability of how you harvested the souls required to break the barrier, right?

they could have snapped their neck on the fall, they could have fallen into a pit of rocks somewhere and died

in fact, the placement of the human items almost certainly implies some of that being true

230917  No.15708556


>queen of hearts



>the heart in undertale is considered chara's soul; the red soul was always chara's, she gave you the determination to save

>flowey, the incarnation of chara and asriel even states how he lost the power to save when you showed up, meaning he was no longer in control of the red heart.

That's some good speculation


If asgore was actually smart he would have had the scientist build a structure to crawl out of mount Ebott from the hole that all those kids were falling out of; there would be no need for any souls since the barrier wasn't the only exit apparently. Also what's to stop them from digging out of the side of the mountain.

72e78d  No.15708557


>Also what's to stop them from digging out of the side of the mountain.

probably why they didn't just build a ladder in the ruins

1b01f9  No.15708565


jevil says different things depending how you fight him i think a pacifist no hit video shows "from now, a nightmare will awaken in your hearts in the shadow of the knight's hand"

230917  No.15708575


There is literally nothing stopping them, the barrier is just a door on the side of the mountain that's bound by magic or whatever else, and there's clearly a hole these kids keep falling down; it's just stupid that there isn't even a hint of a structure to the top in the first area.

c3db64  No.15708578

File: a306393299b3122⋯.jpg (37.35 KB, 400x400, 1:1, floating goat.jpg)


>stop lewding goat

But I love goats and would love to have a goat in my life.

I want to run a goat farm and produce goat cheese and friendly goats for petting zoos. I know I'm going too far here.

72e78d  No.15708582


Sounds like you're a guy with a profitable business idea you fucking faggot. You should go for it, could be a good source of money you nigger.

d73e91  No.15708588


>friendly goats


t. knower of goats

8e9dd3  No.15708589


>friendly goats

No such thing. They're rude and cocky, and they think they're tough because they can headbutt shit.

They are. I tried headbutting one once.

a3c6fc  No.15708597

ban goat fuckers sage

1b01f9  No.15708622

File: 8e701db532861fe⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 0363a1d205eabd283044809dc7….gif)

File: c1f9fc5a477bf31⋯.gif (149.52 KB, 205x230, 41:46, f13908bd58e65df43e7781dba7….gif)

File: 2de8f393f2ba24e⋯.gif (65.32 KB, 246x264, 41:44, b00906900fd6f59b6f87b77056….gif)

File: 4bece3d8505bc23⋯.gif (126.22 KB, 326x326, 1:1, toss the fluff.gif)

3382fe  No.15708634


That's gay, though.


You should probably stop fucking goats then, Muhammad.


Goats are nice enough when there's a fence between you and them, but you'd probably have to domesticate them to avoid this. >>15708588


10a4c6  No.15708636

File: e89e3062acad0af⋯.jpg (79.54 KB, 410x522, 205:261, 0ae697a02317fd54a825cf4338….jpg)

why do non whites live this faggots shit so much?

1b2f5e  No.15708639

File: 149cb5ddd8c93cf⋯.png (760.28 KB, 800x1250, 16:25, DrT1x8VVYAEf5XW.png orig.png)

File: b5c8adbec052067⋯.jpg (383.94 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DrIkd_VU0AUv_RC.jpg orig.jpg)

File: 48614ea0b65223c⋯.jpg (317.04 KB, 2048x1444, 512:361, DrNQ_PTVYAAGwKW.jpg orig.jpg)

File: 4e5d35c1171bf17⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 2894x4093, 2894:4093, its japanese.jpg)




>Trying to headbutt the headbutt animal

imagine being dumber than a goat

56c384  No.15708651

File: 34848e84bfd9082⋯.jpg (13.33 KB, 279x347, 279:347, 12b3db7cda7656a7a9ff815136….jpg)

>He made the doe girl gay

Damn it Toby.

72e78d  No.15708665


that's only speculation from a few lines of dialogue

nothing concrete yet

a2315a  No.15708676

File: ff99da79b30e244⋯.png (1.73 KB, 84x208, 21:52, Spr_mysteryman_1.png)

File: f0e180d2013d996⋯.png (1.56 KB, 80x114, 40:57, GasterBlaster.png)

I've been thinking about Gaster, in Undertale it is implied that he was the royal scientist before Alphys. After a lab accident, he became able to travel through worlds as this entity simply known as Gaster, we know that Sans has some connection to Gaster, I mean c'mon, Sans has an attack called Gaster blaster. So it is quite possible, that Deltarune is an alternate timeline, and that Rasiel is Undertale's Asriel, as well as the Sans we see is the Sans from Undertale, seeing how he is in possession of Grilby's it is quite possible that not only people can be transported through timelines, but also whole buildings with Gaster's powers/technology. Since Deltarune is an alternate timeline, is there a chance of meeting this timeline's Gaster who is yet to be transformed? I wouldn't be suprised if Toby tries to suprise us with 2 Sans, the sans of the deltarune timeline and undertale sans

c68a7c  No.15708701


Everyone that mentions Gaster immediately gets retconned from the current timeline (kinda like how the game closes when you enter it as your name). The glowing eye bit is an interesting symbol that also appears in Sans, and one of the Fun creatures mentions that he basically split up and scattered across spacetime. So basically I'm saying that Sans' powers root from Gaster having been implanted in him, which is also why he has the ability to fuck with stuff on a meta level

f726aa  No.15708705

why do you support and play a video game made by a literal jew?

a2315a  No.15708710


What if we the player, are a portion of Gaster who has made its way into Kris?

e05563  No.15708723


Didn't you need seven to undo the barrier?


The only worthwhile girl is Susie anyways.


It's free. Getting something for free from a jew that's basically a miracle.

e5a788  No.15708724

File: 9c24cbb07af9de1⋯.jpg (28.35 KB, 425x422, 425:422, DROP IT.jpg)


>he's surprised at this

Let me give you multiple examples of Toby's gay shit.

<Undyne and Alphys

<Hotland Royal Guard 1 and 2 that involves you causing one MALE guard to take HIS armor off and reveal HIS body, causing the other MALE guard to get flustered, and ultimately confess HIS love.

<Mettaton being a male-coded robot who turns extremely flamboyant in his EX form.

<Lancer's TWO FUCKING DADS, Rouxls Kaard and King of Spades

<potentially the doe girl

<Ralsei is gay as fuck if you headcanon Kris as being male

I have respect for his games, but Jesus Fucking criminy, he keeps shoving gay shit down everyone's throat.

f726aa  No.15708731


You are supporting kikes.

a2315a  No.15708737

File: 21b5beb48bb4d92⋯.png (326.25 KB, 680x1162, 340:581, mfw advanced semantics.png)


>Lancer's TWO FUCKING DADS, Rouxls Kaard and King of Spades

That's just a joke, they're not dating.

e05563  No.15708742


I gave them exactly 0 dollars.

a2315a  No.15708751

File: 979a0680451f9c0⋯.jpg (134.4 KB, 650x509, 650:509, Der Fuhrer invites you to.jpg)


It's a free game you faggot

f726aa  No.15708753


By playing and supporting a medium they created, you are giving them a lot more then just money.

f726aa  No.15708756

File: 919f214affc7a73⋯.jpg (130.04 KB, 797x705, 797:705, 0ae697a02317fd54a825cf4338….jpg)


Every game is free you faggot, even the ones that are made by white people. Which you aren't playing/supporting. Fucking kikes.

56c384  No.15708762


Undyne and alphys seems to have been broken up and the latter seems to be lusting after the bara goat, so I wonder how long it'll take until someone complains about gay erasure.

e05563  No.15708765


I've given you more attention in these few posts than I have the jews.

a2315a  No.15708770

File: 44fbfb37092075a⋯.png (133.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 4 times a day.png)


>Every game is free you faggot, even the ones that are made by white people. Which you aren't playing/supporting. Fucking kikes.

What the fuck are you on about, besides, too bad it's a good game, cause then I wouldn't play it. Does it bother you that I enjoy something you don't like faggot? Now go kill yourself.

e5a788  No.15708777

File: aa1eeb4902e6fe8⋯.png (337.46 KB, 613x619, 613:619, attempting to lie on the i….png)


>Undyne and alphys seems to have been broken up and the latter seems to be lusting after the bara goat


1b2f5e  No.15708789


I'm actually surprised Toby continues to push lesbians and shit after his own experiences. Years ago, his gf dumped him to become a lesbian and it put him into a depression so bad he didn't do music (or anything else) for quite some time.

I would jokingly think Undyne going after Alphys, and cucking so many of his players, was an intentional effort to "spread the pain," but now I'm starting to think he just fetishizes lesbians. What a fag.


Deltarune is NOT a sequel.

f726aa  No.15708791

File: c1923c22782acb9⋯.png (196.82 KB, 580x435, 4:3, 6uy65bydfgvbbun56un46ybvtr….png)


It isn't a good game and you are shit.

Earthbound was a shit attempt at something "different" then the jrpg formula. Undertale was riding its dick and failed. Go back to reddlt or whatever tumblr shit hole you came from.

e05563  No.15708792


In the original game Alphys was implied to have lusted either after Metaton or Asgore based on the notes about Metaton's body. I forget where but I think it's somewhere in the lab, I think.

a2315a  No.15708812

File: c64650f0a9c16bf⋯.jpg (66.84 KB, 556x469, 556:469, Look at this faggot.jpg)


>Wah why do you like something I don't like! Go away, /v/ is my personal safe space where I talk about stuff that only I like.

Don't you have some other threads to shit up with your constant fucking whining? Anons like you do nothing but shit up good threads because you don't like the subject matter, what are you gonna do? Call me a jew and pretend you've won the argument or something? Faggots like you can't even stay in topic, always bringing up politics or shit not intended for said thread. Also learn some fucking spelling jesus christ, what are you, 16?

83786e  No.15708814


Delta is also the mathematical symbol for change.

212bcb  No.15708818


>the only worthwhile girl is susie anyways

I'll admit, the tsundere has her charm.

1b2f5e  No.15708820


Actually it's implied Alphys is lusting after literally everyone except the player.

But she draws pictures of Undyne on her notepaper, writes "fanfiction" of them living a quiet domestic life, and uses Undyne's name as some of her programming variables. She also had a bunch of gifts she was keeping for Undyne specifically.

23dbfd  No.15708822

On the topic of Ralsei being a potential villain, I can sort of see it, but I don't think it would happen until later in the story. If he were manipulating you all this time, it makes no sense for him to heal the King of Spades when it would potentially (and ultimately did) jeopardize his success. If it happens, I imagine it would be after something breaks him somehow and he goes full well-intentioned extremist.

72e78d  No.15708825


>this faggot


f726aa  No.15708826



Undertale was banned for a fucking reason.

Fucking kill yourself you tumblr nigger cock sucking faggot.

muh spelling

a2315a  No.15708827

File: a19d6de7cd04388⋯.png (10.38 KB, 650x650, 1:1, Lolphant.png)


>How dare you participate in a thread and be actually helpful

Cry some more bitch, let's give this thread another bump just to piss you off. Filtered.

72e78d  No.15708831


Everyone except *frisk


There's an option to select that implies the existence of you, as a player, as some mysterious entity that controls fate from afar or something IIRC.

f726aa  No.15708832



8e9dd3  No.15708838


Stop feeding man.

72e78d  No.15708840


just filter and report the faggot, he has absolutely nothing to add to the thread but constant fucking derails

9cc3f3  No.15708842


> I would jokingly think Undyne going after Alphys, and cucking so many of his players

Somebody just not being interested in you isn't cucking. You can't be cheated on by somebody you were never with.

8e3247  No.15708845


no (you) for you faggot

23dbfd  No.15708846


Most of it is friendly enough, but when Noelle begins considering making a lunchbox of chalk for Susie (without having ever spoken to her, no less) it definitely seems more like attraction.

72e78d  No.15708857


I don't know, could be concern for her well being.

She is constantly starving throughout the game, who knows how often she gets to eat at home.

8e3247  No.15708860

is toby gonna pull a persona on this game?

43121f  No.15708862


>We're playing as a fucking kid with a dull knife and we defeated an end of the world monster.

I thought this was because the human souls were trying to protect you.

230917  No.15708864


>implying implications are not concrete

this isn't Nier, there's not going to be some grand bait and switch to these very simple characters; I'm not shitting on toby's writing ability, but I do think he writes, to his benefit, very simple characters that have enough depth to them to make them more real, but nothing too complex to become wound up around.

1b2f5e  No.15708866


You're right. There was an option for "nobody" that amounted to that and then some.

The quiz answers were for Asgore, Undyne, (You), and Nobody. (You) was the only answer that didn't put Alphys into a spastic fit, and Mettaton said you were full of it.

There were notes somewhere about Alphys designing Mettaton's new body (EX), except she couldn't work on it very much since every time she did she got "sweaty" and had to stop.

a3c48b  No.15708868


how many pics of goat with weapons are there?

e05563  No.15708872


Huh. Well that just makes DELTARUNE the superior timeline.

>Alphys lives in an alleyway

>Undyne has both eyes and is a goodly police officer

>Asriel is alive and beyond the reach of shotafags

>Kris made friends with the best girl

>Ralsei might not actually exist

>Everyone's going to get CHARA'd in the next game

9cc3f3  No.15708873


That's charity, not attraction.

a2315a  No.15708890

File: e601823d88b3484⋯.png (64.42 KB, 203x221, 203:221, Nigga what.png)


>Ralsei might not actually exist


Also you forgot to add

>Lancer is the new Sans (and a much better one at that)

1b2f5e  No.15708897


>Undyne has both eyes


You also have to consider DeltaUndyne is not a fucking weeaboo which may or may not be a good thing depending on your perspective.

e5a788  No.15708899

File: c868f03031fdeef⋯.png (207.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ▄█▀ █▬█ █ ▀█▀.png)


>>Lancer is the new Sans (and a much better one at that)

Stop comparing the two outside of appearances, god damn.

He has a similar appearance to Sans, but he has the personality of PAPYRUS. Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

a2315a  No.15708905

File: ebce341e8667475⋯.png (29.92 KB, 1010x1000, 101:100, Lancer stride.png)


>He has a similar appearance to Sans, but he has the personality of PAPYRUS.

That's why he's better.

230917  No.15708908



I'm the badguy

e05563  No.15708915


At the end of Deltarune, they find themself in that one room. There's lots of items from the adventure in that room (chess/checker pieces, cards, etc). Even your sword from the adventure matches the pencil (Wood with a carbon-fiber core), and changes to the halloween pencil if you have the spooky sword equipped. It could be taken that the last scene showed that susie and Kris just skipped school to play pretend the whole day, lost track of time, and headed home. Ralsei being an anagram for Asriel could then be an implication of him being a stand-in for Kris' brother.


Easy there, Game Theory. They only barely look similar.

654e38  No.15708923


Check the PC in her classroom, she's still a shitweeb

a2315a  No.15708927


I'm not saying they're one and the same, I'm saying that Lancer fulfills the role of Comedy relief better than Sans.

1b2f5e  No.15708931


That's Alphys' computer. Not Undyne's.

43121f  No.15708934

File: 1c9dc031eef06f2⋯.png (10.77 KB, 641x700, 641:700, 1c9dc031eef06f2e810679ceaa….png)


>artist fucks up a design.

>realizes it's fucking stupid and aborts it.

Good job Toby. Your absolute faggotry combined with your strange ability to skirt gayness with the tact of Genghis Khan continues to intrigue me.

654e38  No.15708935


Oh shit didn't read your post well, I'm tired .

e5a788  No.15708937

File: 5bf4cd2a14233dd⋯.png (282.68 KB, 406x430, 203:215, are you retarded.png)


>It could be taken that the last scene showed that susie and Kris just skipped school to play pretend the whole day, lost track of time, and headed home.

Unlikely. Why would a cunt like beginning-of-game Susie turn into end-game waifu just from playing a pretend game with her bullying victim? Why would she willingly play a pretend game at all?

e05563  No.15708943


Main Character Powers combined with a hunger-addled mind.

b56567  No.15708947

File: e0db3eb9358ee91⋯.gif (78.25 KB, 320x217, 320:217, from off.gif)


I think Toby said that Papyrus was originally going to be a Dedan ripoff.

212bcb  No.15708949


maybe his fursona

a2315a  No.15708953

File: 4b75b98359c4e5e⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 352x386, 176:193, You freaking fricks, your ….jpg)


It better not be fucking true then, because I'd stop caring all these new characters turned out to be imaginary.

1b2f5e  No.15708959


Susie's reaction to waking up in the classroom implies that the whole thing was real to her.

Unless Kris has some weird ability to physically trap people in a world of their own imagination, I think the dark world actually happened.

b56567  No.15708961


The alternatively the two got high in the closet and the adventure is just a big trip for them.

e5a788  No.15708963


No, that's deus ex machina shit. That would be way too convenient for the MC. That's stupid.



8e3247  No.15708968


>inb4 it's all a VR simulation made by gaster to interrogate the player what is the true meaning of his life

b56567  No.15708986


Honestly the tone of the opening and the game over screens do give off a "computer simulation" vibe. And I've seen stories that do this sort of alternate universe shit where the explanation is that it's a simulation that's happening in the original canon.

a2315a  No.15709002


No it couldn't have been any of those things, they were out for chalk, Susie made it clear they were just over for chalk, and when they come back they're confused as to what happened. No way they chose to just play pretend.

819de4  No.15709008

File: 301a00f1373229e⋯.png (418.56 KB, 565x450, 113:90, sddgaga.png)


This Gamer Theoram is fucking gay.

e5a788  No.15709009

File: 56ec2c7a902abc7⋯.jpg (40.81 KB, 512x512, 1:1, fag.jpg)


Replying to the wrong person?

a2315a  No.15709016

File: 6b7bb5e4d3486ff⋯.jpg (54.51 KB, 1024x595, 1024:595, Friendship.jpg)


Actually, both of you were theorizing the same thing of the events not being real. So I don't care either way. The stuff that happened underground was way too important to just have been fake.

8e3247  No.15709018

File: 4ecc575427cd60b⋯.png (40.87 KB, 509x514, 509:514, 4ecc575427cd60b5c35027b845….png)


wrong image

e5a788  No.15709040

File: 93d039bcb6a846c⋯.png (75.75 KB, 253x300, 253:300, no.png)


>Actually, both of you were theorizing the same thing of the events not being real.

Fucking what? I was the one saying that it WAS real. I was the one who said that Susie having a drastic personality change over a make-believe game within the span of one afternoon made no fucking sense.

a2315a  No.15709045

File: 9c36eca589ed1dc⋯.png (113 KB, 619x701, 619:701, Goat having fun.png)


Sorry, I confused the lot of you. My bad. I need to rest anyway

230917  No.15709076


>Implying anything mattered to begin with

it's all pretend, it's a computer game, m8

537d2d  No.15709087



537d2d  No.15709090

So, has anyone already thought of the idea that the character that throws out the red soul might not be Chara but Kris in his natural state? The game seems to imply that we've been implanted into the body of Kris, as the characters keep telling us that we're not acting the way we usually do. Maybe there is no Chara in this universe and Kris is simply regaining control over his body when he throws out the heart, and he is actually just a fucking psycho.

9cc3f3  No.15709106


I doubt it. Based on what everybody says, Kris is quiet and somewhat mischievous but nobody has said anything that would imply that he was malicious at all.

f3b9f1  No.15709113


I’m not sure if Kris even has a personality. They seem to be some combination between Frisk, Chara, and the SOUL, a.k.a you as a player. Maybe even The Voice at the beginning as well.

Everyone is freaked out by Kris. Apparently he never talks to anyone until you start playing him. Especially considering the ending, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Kris having some latent psychic powers.

537d2d  No.15709132


>quiet and mischevious

Those aren't evil traits but might easily be developed into psychopatic traits.

537d2d  No.15709136


By which I mean, through story development.

3382fe  No.15709142

File: 49cc41ebf5be134⋯.png (472.68 KB, 700x734, 350:367, moss.png)


>the character that throws out the red soul is not Chara, but Kris in his natural state

This is what I'm expecting, yeah.

>he is actually just a fucking psycho

This isn't, though. I'm fully expecting the whole knife and smile shit to be a fake-out and in reality he's going to eat some pie. Maybe he's actually as dumb as Berdly implies he is and thinks he can pin the pie theft on the red soul.

And now I'm imaging Toriel walking in on him eating pie in his room, and he just points at the pie tin sitting in the cage with the red soul.

a3c48b  No.15709151


he doesnt call the police

537d2d  No.15709168


>This isn't, though. I'm fully expecting the whole knife and smile shit to be a fake-out and in reality he's going to eat some pie.

This could be absolutely fucking infuriating or really fucking good depending on how Toby will play that. This is fitting with his mischevious personality, so it might be that he is aware of us and is basically pulling a prank on us. This would either be a complete and utter cop-out or could be used in a clever way to build mystery. There is an implication that something is killing the denizens of the town, and we think that it is Chara/Kris. But if the whole knife-shit is a joke on Kris part, then it can be used to take the blame off of him, and make the player wonder if he really is the one behind the killings.

cc075e  No.15709228


Why wouldn't the human souls want to protect other children?

9cc3f3  No.15709244

File: 75912ce378b74bc⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1280x1291, 1280:1291, isthataweed.png)


I wish there was a version of this without the terrible fucking watermark.

230917  No.15709251


That is actually good undertale-tier humor.

cc075e  No.15709258


Chara was like that too.

a3c48b  No.15709263


give a few minutes, ill try to fix it

819de4  No.15709288

File: ba4d4d62e96f631⋯.png (959.63 KB, 934x1018, 467:509, no nigger.png)

I hope the knife shit is a joke and Kris is just out to get some pie, charaniggers deserve nothing.

72e78d  No.15709305

>>15709288 (Checked)

Hitler dubs of truth.

cc075e  No.15709317


I missed the "Chara is coon" posters.

e34032  No.15709323

File: 1e8099c05875313⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 255x251, 255:251, 00bf56f452adeb05d0713fc974….jpg)

It's perfectly fine to discuss Deltarune's demo, but there is no need to be such tantalizing, unbearable faggots about it, especially with the OP and the quality of these posts.

Can you keep your autism to a tasteful minimum?

4881d6  No.15709324

File: 30c15c5b50a5d71⋯.png (42.21 KB, 1106x2286, 553:1143, purpose.png)

Is this what it's like to be nonwhite?

537d2d  No.15709330


I agree with that , though on the other hand I guess people bitching about wanting the threads to die already was just as annoying I was one of those people

a3c48b  No.15709365

File: 9f200d2bdc2985c⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1280x1291, 1280:1291, ClipboardImage.png)

8e3247  No.15709381

File: 9e7c6d6814df334⋯.jpg (11.79 KB, 232x231, 232:231, 9e7c6d6814df33414ec15d8db2….jpg)


good job anon, now i can look at it without the visual AIDS

9cc3f3  No.15709384


Damn, nice work, though it looks like the spech bubble in panel 2 got a little fucked up. I'd have left the signature, it's just the watermark over the entire comic that is fucking annoying and ruins the whole thing.

d4deec  No.15709400

File: fda4d2c561a933d⋯.jpg (289.36 KB, 2000x1414, 1000:707, bergentruckung.jpg)

File: 9fdcdc551adc0c5⋯.png (10.46 KB, 372x310, 6:5, did i do the right thing.png)




The plan goes that Asgore could have used one human soul, then gone out and gotten six other souls by ANY means - maybe he murdered somebody, or maybe he waited around while an elderly innocent passed away. Then he'd come back with seven souls, the power of a god, break the barrier, and all come free.

Here's the thing that no one but Asgore and Gerson got - breaking the barrier, no matter what, would mean war.

The monsters were still angry. Humans were implied not to be understanding; even if humanity had completely forgotten, they'd eventually remember the fear of monsters that sparked the first war. Until Frisk comes along, there is no peacemaker to bring about a peaceful resolution. War would have been inevitable.

For Asgore, it's not that he'd be afraid of his side losing. With seven souls, a monster becomes a god. We never actually beat Omega Flowey, the six souls he has rebel. And that's six. Maybe the monster is so powerful when they have seven that the souls can't rebel, which'd explain why we don't hear from them in Asriel's fight.

The only reason Asgore would be afraid is if he didn't want to commit genocide on humanity.

Exposing his peaceful subjects to the horror of war.

A monster so powerful that he could grind six other humans down

And the only way to bring that about was stay in the underground. The promise of hope sustains his people. The lack of seven souls keeps the barrier held.

When Toriel brings up what she does, I can only rationalise it as "See, you don't want to hurt anybody, so admit it and play nice with the human". Because if she seriously thinks that plan would have been better, then she wasn't thinking straight. The things pressure does to the mind. What Asgore was doing - banking on luck - really was peace's only chance.

Even if it killed him inside.

I don't mind what happened in Undertale, I just want Deltarune's Asgore to be cut some slack

But maybe it's that Asgore can take such terrible situations, and still stand strong and smiling, is why I like him so much

72e78d  No.15709431

>>15709400 (Checked)

Dubs of truth.

Capped for posterity.

508097  No.15709436


>lancer = sans

Obviously Jevil represents Sans

They both are always smiling

Sans makes jokes, and Jevil is a Jester

They both are wearing blue

They both are wearing slippers

They both are le hard secret boss

Jevil talks about "doing anything", and Sans breaks the "rules" of the game

It's so obvious it's silly that I don't hear it mentioned

72e78d  No.15709441


The only difference is that Jevil isn't a shit character that did the exact fucking same meta shit that toby set flowey up to do.

508097  No.15709454


It was better in the demo when everyone had meta powers tbh

72e78d  No.15709462


They really didn't, they would have some sort of deja vu if you reset or loaded a save, and that held true for most of the game, but only flowey and you had meta powers.

d4deec  No.15709485

File: 9771727e54fc7ee⋯.png (71.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, when someone spoils an epi….png)


I'd give Jevil a bit more respect than that, he's clearly his own character based on the joker theme.

I'd give Lancer a bit more respect too. If anything he draws more from Papyrus and a younger Asriel more than Sans; he's not too threatening himself, but his friendliness and harmlessness become his strongest virtues.

Why does the midget skeleton have to come into every discussion?

3498e8  No.15709493




I thought his scarf was a pair of giant nigger lips for a while.

1b2f5e  No.15709498

File: 5756151b48aeb6e⋯.jpg (170.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Splatoon Team Salsa.jpg)

File: ec652ddfe4a090e⋯.gif (43.35 KB, 278x378, 139:189, pants.gif)

508097  No.15709530


>he's clearly his own character based on the joker theme

Maybe the rest could be a coincidence, but the slippers give it away really

A lot of the characters are allegorical or something if we follow the "imaginary world" theory

Like the shitty puzzle ghost is a allegory for Metaton, who also had easy puzzles

They both have a similar body structure and iirc Metaton was a ghost

The game is vaguely the Undertale story described to Suzie using random game pieces

Lancer is probably the Asriel of the story if anything, since he is the kings son

f6019e  No.15709547


Jevil was just the jester. [spoiler]The cat in the shop (I forget his name) was the court mage. If you talk to him after beating Jevil he explains that one day a mysterious dude (closely resembling descriptions of Gaster) came by one day and told Jevil some shit that drove him insane.

The cat eludes to Gaster again in how hearing what Jevil told him (post-Gaster) made his world view "darker, and darker still," or something to that affect. Jevil went crazy, but consider that Gaster probably just told him the truth of the nature of his existence - that he's in a game, and furthermore a game that has no choice or change in it - so that probably is what slowly drove him insane. Jevil then has done everything in his power to exercise free will and chaos to break out of the "prison" per se.

Of course since he's the only one (that he knows of) who fully realizes the predetermined nature of the world, it makes sense that he feels like the world is the prison, and only he is truly free.[/spoiler]

a2315a  No.15709554

File: d8f411de066a53b⋯.jpg (7.47 KB, 173x216, 173:216, She - Pimp.jpg)


You fucked up my friend, good post nonetheless.

72e78d  No.15709555

File: 737ba313c37f980⋯.png (6.91 KB, 335x250, 67:50, 737ba313c37f980c7ab4479cd1….png)



3382fe  No.15709559


I just came up with what's probably a worse idea: Kris uses the knife, the red soul in the cage, and ketchup to pretend somebody broke into their home and murdered him.

e5a788  No.15709561

File: 3d9ff78acc18aad⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 452x463, 452:463, 3d9ff78acc18aad766a3b41946….jpg)



8e3247  No.15709567

File: 6218d0fada47fcb⋯.jpg (95.66 KB, 409x683, 409:683, 6218d0fada47fcbf4b115246e4….jpg)


you seem to be new here

e2315a  No.15709607


Here is the real question.

Does he have a hat on or is his head shaped like a spade?

508097  No.15709622

File: da99c69b758539d⋯.png (9.76 KB, 514x395, 514:395, dark prince.PNG)


Oh god I can't unsee it

72e78d  No.15709627


I don't know about that, all I see are the two inverted black triangles as his lips

66a7b6  No.15709634


I honestly thought he was a bird at first sight

508097  No.15709671


that backslash will get you every time

3498e8  No.15709748

File: 51312263a025208⋯.jpg (15.12 KB, 384x99, 128:33, Screenshot_1.jpg)

It begins.

230917  No.15709755

>finished undertale again because of the deltarune demo

>strong desire to genocide again

I love them all, why do I feel the need to style beast over their corpses?

72e78d  No.15709792

File: a410b5249453848⋯.jpg (141.75 KB, 1000x1113, 1000:1113, 6feee5cf1ef06135812e1269ca….jpg)


because it's a game, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING


230917  No.15709901


I actually named my character Jevil when running through this true pacifist.

819de4  No.15710142

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Delta is also the mathematical symbol for change.


A big part of Deltarune will be the lack of choice, the lack of change between playthroughs, no matter how much or how you play it, it won't change, and if it does, its for the worse.

>I'd gladly tear my heart out if you never, never, never, never change

>Sometimes when I take a peek outside of my little cage

>The ending of the game has Kris tear his heart out and put it on a small cage.

>Toby Fox physically morphed into a jew in between Undertale and this

>Danny Elfman is Danny Jewman

Boingoposting has been confirmed

b74782  No.15710157

Save points (determination) are present in this game. As far as the game acknowledging your use of them the only instance I recall was dying to Jevil and him skipping his opening monologue if you choose to fight him directly afterwards. Did anyone else try and play around with the saves?

Coincidentally, now that there's 3 save slots as opposed to there only being one like in undertale what could that mean? probably nothing

cce9ea  No.15710158


He broke up Alphys and Undyne, and the Noelle thing might go nowhere or even negatively. So the lesbian thing might just be gone.

a2315a  No.15710174

File: f4c7fcc37a4242c⋯.gif (681.63 KB, 275x207, 275:207, Yes, I like this.gif)


Honestly I like Alphys and Undyne together Just because You have to work for it, also, at least they're not fat trucker tier dykes

b74782  No.15710186

File: 1d23fc6e78128de⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 396x396, 1:1, think nigga think.jpg)


He only could have broke them up if they were together to begin with.


Assuming the sprites aren't placeholders and the cast is set It'd be interesting for some expectation subversion in later chapters where you do have a choice to try and get them to out with one another. Extra points if the player has multiple ways to go about it and regardless of how you try to do it they end up declining each other no matter what you do

72e78d  No.15710190


>I like the worst character with absolutely no redeeming qualities who preformed crimes against her race creating lovecraftian nightmares as well as unwittingly creating a personal hell for a child being with a buff fish

>because you had to deliver a note to her

>and that counts as working for it

>despite her never fucking getting redeemed, and only ever suffering at the most a slap on the wrist

yeah, I too like getting cucked hard

a2315a  No.15710204

File: 4504aa7c9c8018e⋯.png (33.09 KB, 1216x1112, 152:139, Gottem.png)


>Implying I give a shit about crimes committed against monsters

>Implying I'm getting cucked over a fucking dyke

>Implying you don't want to see Alphys being brutally raped in the asshole until it bleeds by an oversized spiked strap-on wore by Undyne

b74782  No.15710206


Cucked out of whom? Fish puss? I can't think of any character that was romantically inclined towards Frisk other than maybe Papyrus.

cce9ea  No.15710209


I honestly don't give a shit about Alphys or Undyne in regards to their relationship, it's fine to include. But what wasn't was that gay one off joke with the royal guards, between Undyne and Alphys the focus of the relationship was handled well in that it focused on their attraction to eachother by way of their personalities, Undyne likes Alphys because she's passionate about something and told her rad stories via anime, and Alphys likes Undyne because of her strong personality and because she consoled her during a moment of contemplated suicide.

There's plenty of reason for both to hook up, especially since there's no societal baggage in the way to tell them not to, monsters don't give a fuck. It was all set up, clearly stated, actually has a story reason to exist since setting them up gets them to get everyone together for the finale out of gratefulness.

72e78d  No.15710215


you're getting cucked out of a "good" ending and you get cucked out of murdering her with your own hands


>implying undyne would ever do that

a2315a  No.15710221


>implying undyne wouldn't ever do that

Even if she didn't, Alphys would beg for it like the trash-tier slut that she is

b74782  No.15710240


>good ending

There's no redemption for her? I think Alphys spent more time building gay robots and watching anime than she did fucking around with determination. Seems like she was just following in Gaster's footsteps if that.

>you get cucked out of murdering her with your own hands

It's heavily implied she killed herself. Even if she didn't Chara kills whatever universe you fucked up anyway so, in either case, she'll cease to exist.

72e78d  No.15710261


>There's no redemption for her

none what so ever

you don't even get to decide to not forgive her after learning about the true lab, the game just railroads you into thinking she's a better person now when she's fucking worse

>she killed herself

so fucking what, I want to kill her over and over and over again

she deserves no such easy way out

>chara totally killed the universe

yeah, I totally trust that he managed to kill the universe and not just sever your ties with the avatar you've been playing with

a3c48b  No.15710278

File: 6fb62b591b4fcb8⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1280x1291, 1280:1291, ClipboardImage.png)

230917  No.15710281


>oh shit humans are really strong

>oh shit oh shit what can we even do against a human fuck

>wait let me pump their soul into a dying monster, maybe the monster soul will inherit those properties

>monster bodies suck shit, they can't retain their form, they just keep turning to goop, fuck

>what if I put a monster and a human soul into a flower

>shit where is that flower

>Fuck wait what's that

>it's a human

>shit shit shit

>oh fuck he's fucking killing them all christ

>I need to evacuate everyone

>Hey undyne I've got some candy for you

>oh shit I hope undyne's body holds up with that human experimentation I injected her with

>Hey, ghost bimbo, I'm going to turn you into a deathbot, based on these made up science books I got from the human world

>oh fuck undyne is fucking dead

>fuck I'm a fucking failure, holy shit

>Fuck mettaton's dead, why did I throw all of my friends in front of a fucking psychopath and not myself

>*an hero

What a delicious thought, I don't really remember that, but I love the concept of alphys killing herself from despair

780cf9  No.15710286


>yeah, I totally trust that he managed to kill the universe and not just sever your ties with the avatar you've been playing with

While that would make much more sense, it seems to be implied by everyone who tries to stop you that if they fail the world is doomed. Though they don't seem to know why or give indication that they know why.

Regardless Chara does ask if you want to erase the world and seems to do so. It can be assumed that reloading after he kills you is your Determination bringing you back, but there's nothing left.

I'm not saying it is certain, but I do think the evidence leans more this way.

230917  No.15710305


I think they were mostly just talking about their world; Humans are infinitely stronger than mosnters, a monster could only kill a human if that human desired death. Monsters are so heavily underpowered against a single child that it makes him seem like a godly character, but the little shit would probably go out into the real world and find out very quickly that people have guns and when you go around brandishing a knife people don't just stand around and take it. People in general probably don't fight with the action system you see in undertale, they probably actually would just beat the shit out of chara and/or kill her and leave her on the side of the road.

b74782  No.15710315


Genocide route wise it's assumed Chara takes full control post flowey death. If they got access to all of the souls there's no telling what could have happened. Then again I forget if the souls were still in their caskets or not. I'm sure Chara could hunt them down either way but as >>15710286 points out, that universe is fucking spent.


Chara is a force of evil to be sure. The whole determination gimmick is part of the puzzle. Can all humans will themselves back to certain points or only chara? If you have infinite retries you can go full groundhog day for better or worse.

780cf9  No.15710335


I'd play through or watch key scenes to the genocide route again, anon. Undyne specifically says she needs to stop you not just for monsterkind, but the entire world. Sans does not say so directly IIRC, but he says he's intervening now because he can't allow what will happen next.

It's not that Chara is actually going and stabbing people topside. The implication is that the universe just fucking ends because he says so.

Blame this shit on Toby for rushing the endings to this game.

1b2f5e  No.15710351


>It's not that Chara is actually going and stabbing people topside. The implication is that the universe just fucking ends because he says so.

The implication is that you, the player, will stop playing the game. By completing the genocide route, you've most likely witnessed all the game has to offer and have completed the most challenging fights the game has. The only thing left for you to do, is turn the game off. You have no reason to return to it, so everyone is dead and is presumed to remain dead forever.

The alternative is you regret your decision, sell your soul, and then complete pacifist only to actually release Chara into the game's world.

230917  No.15710374


>can all humans will themselves back

I'm pretty sure determination is an abstract concept of "getting back up" anime style

I'm pretty sure that humans who are more determined than Chara will have a higher "get back up" factor; again, Chara only seems like a major force because it's the equivalent of a child stomping on ants and smacking bees.


>but the entire world

Undyne's version of the world is clouded by what Alphys showed her, Undyne is literally falling into believing that chara is an anime villain with super spirit powers as a byproduct of monsters being so weak. Again, alphys probably freaked out and said chara was strong enough to destroy the world and undyne just bought if because she has no reason not to trust scumlizard.

>sans "can't allow what will happen next"

Sans steps in because chara is threatening to erase the monster's world, not because of any universal threat; the genocide route represents a path in which there is no hope for a reset on the world, so there's no way to undo the major problems created

When flowey is in control, it's implied that he could save multiple times, so he'd just save and reset the world to the base state for infinite funsies, and then when he lost the power to load and save he was stuck in the middle of his most recent run.

>the universe just ends because he says so

I think that, again, the message of the genocide run is meta in its own way; to the monsters, all they have is "undertale"

It's their world that's being destroyed beyond reset, not necessarily the universe or the earth, but all the monsters in the underground; they are very selfishly conflating the death of all monsters for the total end of the universe, though it is true that without the characters, there is physically no universe, no canon, so the universe does technically end.

780cf9  No.15710446


>alphys probably freaked out and said chara was strong enough to destroy the world and undyne just bought if because she has no reason not to trust scumlizard.

This is headcanon.

>the genocide route represents a path in which there is no hope for a reset on the world, so there's no way to undo the major problems created

My problem with this theory that the above anon also stated is that there is life after the Genocide route.You can play and reset the game an infinite amount of times. Of course post-genocide you're locked into "Souless Pacifist" but even the existence of content, however small, after a genocide run defeats the meta-narrative that you will "see all the sights" and leave the game world in an abysmal state.

My other problem with the theory is that Sans' entire goal in his fight is to get you to quit before you finish the route. This would still leave the game world in a fucked state. In fact you're far more likely to do a reset after the Genocide route than after giving up on Sans, I think.

>I think that, again, the message of the genocide run is meta in its own way; to the monsters, all they have is "undertale"

It's their world that's being destroyed beyond reset, not necessarily the universe or the earth, but all the monsters in the underground; they are very selfishly conflating the death of all monsters for the total end of the universe, though it is true that without the characters, there is physically no universe, no canon, so the universe does technically end.

While Toby does mix meta with narrative you cannot have just the meta with no narrative. Once again the world is not destroyed beyond reset as you can do so as many times as you please.

The rest is just more headcanon.

230917  No.15710496


>you're more likely to reset after genocide route

Chara has the potential to take that choice away from you entirely, and it's clear that sans doesn't want even a possibility of a world where there is no reset

>it's headcanon

literally any information in this thread that isn't in a text file in the game is headcanon, you're just being a faggot and muddling down the concepts that you can't argue. There's shit in the game to back up literally everything I've stated.

87c229  No.15710519



780cf9  No.15710522


>Chara has the potential to take that choice away from you entirely

No? You can always reset after a genocide run. I don't know why you think otherwise.

>you're just being a faggot and muddling down the concepts that you can't argue.

I can't argue against what amounts to an opinion anon. You're extrapolating information far beyond what is presented. That is fine, but it also is merely your interpretation.

e05563  No.15710549

Can someone cap that stuff about asgore and souls? I want to but my screen is absolute shit and so the resolution would be shit as well.

b74782  No.15710556

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>"getting back up"

It'd be more believable to me that determination was a hand waved form of precognition with gameplay being the supposed foresight into the future that would allow you subvert spacetime. Think Bill & Ted's key trick.

I don't actually subscribe to the above theory, I just find it more believable than frisk only getting "knocked out". The seriousness of both undyne and sans in the genocide route make it pretty clear they're gunning to kill you. In fact there's an in universe version of you getting "knocked out" and it's when Papyrus brings you down to 1 health and locks you in his garage. In any other instance when you "die" in game your character frisk has effectively died within the context of that run. "Determination" from the player's side is the will to keep playing but from Frisk's PoV it's a magical power that can ressurect them that is channeled through the player.

>undyne just bought if because she has no reason not to trust scumlizard.

I think chara/frisk left enough dust around for Undyne to figure out they were a killer. Undyne can be clueless but if she knew there a was a real threat she wouldn't back.

72e78d  No.15710561

File: faa09d374cb26ed⋯.png (317.26 KB, 1626x762, 271:127, asgore (2).PNG)


which post >>15709400 that one?

e05563  No.15710580


Yeah that and the part it responded to about asriel going out with one soul and getting killed

72e78d  No.15710603


I don't see it.

e05563  No.15710629


This one: >>15708269

Since it works well with the other post

72e78d  No.15710640

File: 985b46249972320⋯.png (22.47 KB, 939x342, 313:114, wew.PNG)

72e78d  No.15710644


I named it wew because I already had it saved.

polite sage for clarification

e05563  No.15710652


Thanks. People can say what they will these threads do have some good discussion in them.

3498e8  No.15710660


Read the thread, holy shit.

780cf9  No.15710666


I gave them the benefit of the doubt last thread, but they're just actively being annoying ITT.

It's pretty telling that I can leave in the morning and return in the evening to a thread 300 replies larger with the majority of the posts being on topic and some appropriate art dumps here and there.

72e78d  No.15710687

>>15710666 (Checked)

>I gave them the benefit of the doubt last thread, but they're just actively being annoying ITT.

What do you mean satan?

780cf9  No.15710714

>>15710687 Thank (you)

<Hey guys it's been great, but we should really pull the E-brake on this train going full throttle. H-heh, we don't want this to spiral into degeneracy like the Undertale threads did! Remember to never forget that!

>Well I can tell you legitimately love these games and don't want them dragged into the mud by our behavior, but I think it's a bit premature to end all discussion on a game a lot of anons are just getting around to playing out of fear for something that might not even happen and even if it does it would be what the rest of /v/ already expects to happen.



>Even though this thread was created when the last one died so the end of thread shitposting carried over to that before the next day's peak hit.


>Even though it's most likely players who just discovered those things are driving the conversation.

Not to imply that they are all the same people, but it's still dumb.

cce9ea  No.15710725

File: 04164b5f0c9bc60⋯.jpg (161.66 KB, 1160x1080, 29:27, deltapie.jpg)


>thread starts out with loads of porn

>devolves into deep discussion about central themes with very little porn

>worst porn comes from people who hate the thread, highlight being one who posted a gay man's asshole 5 times from different angles in one post

I'm still wondering where all the Jevil porn went, we never actually had any. At least we don't actually have any now, it's not that I want it, but how things usually go is that literally every character gets porn, and Jevil's popular and at worst gets wholesome but retarded dab pose pics.

I'm actually wondering what exactly lead to this restraint. I actually like the game and expected a shit ton of cancer, but I'm not getting it. It's actually weird. Around games like these, there WAS loads of cancer.

What are the factors that led to this now? Why is it different this time? It's a bit spooky.

72e78d  No.15710730


Ah, I see.

I don't expect their ambivalence to stand much longer. How long do you think before we get spammed with scat porn and =h*ck off tumblrtale== like the first game?

cce9ea  No.15710733


We already got that a few times.

d4eb5c  No.15710734


There's like 3 boards if you're looking for porn, so really there's no purpose to dumping it here.

23db3d  No.15710737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cce9ea  No.15710738


Oh, right. The Undertale threads way back when happened on 4chan.

Fuck it's been too long.

72e78d  No.15710742

File: dbbcd14b1079898⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 540x360, 3:2, happening.webm)


Ah, I see. Guess they're getting desperate now. I'd expect no less from these faggots trying to get these threads banned. They did it once, they're doing it again.

d4eb5c  No.15710743


Well, yes there was that, there was also, however, some dude who spent like two grand on scat porn because they were asshurt about Animal Crossing and Undertale. Which is largely what a lot of the demo and launch era shitposting was.

It was also only like, one guy who was especially fucking anal splintered about it

af19bc  No.15710753


I actually considered this because of when Susie exposes you to her open mouth after she ate chalk.

On an unrelated note, the school buys chalk made out of hemp.

cce9ea  No.15710758

File: f1bc626f32f0468⋯.png (490.57 KB, 449x806, 449:806, 1.png)


one of their new tactics is "I don't think this thread needs to be made again, I mean it's not like there's much else to talk about"




for the thread to be removed.

They're desperate. This doesn't fucking happen.


Guys like that only have one autistic fucktonne nuclear bomb and then after that they rethink their lives and become successful carpet salesmen, they're anomolies. The lightning that strikes once and never again. Entire communities are based around the actions of movers and shakers like that. Like the legendary unknown furry who spent $100,000+ bucks commissioning every porn artist to do giant kaiju sized Fox and Falco from Starfox fucking on top of a city, every fucking time it was that one guy and NO ONE

NO ONE would divulge who did it.

Maybe, just maybe, it's the same person every time. God fears that man. May that force of nature grace no shelter near us again.

d4eb5c  No.15710766


Don't mean to sound quite so pretentious but, I don't really think poopy joe and that south korean doctor are really comparable circumstances.

afe37c  No.15710771

File: 3d36d4d1e770875⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 256x192, 4:3, clown girl.gif)

File: bc851721622b563⋯.png (11.31 KB, 542x323, 542:323, clown gf.png)

File: db1571150795aa1⋯.png (282.27 KB, 3160x1120, 79:28, clown rape is never funny.png)


I know someone posted Jevil cock in the last thread but i didn't save it because boy clowns aren't my fetish.

e5a788  No.15710774


How to tell if someone is a shill cunt or someone who's genuinely worried about how much there is to even talk about:


>There's nothing left to talk about, guys! It's just all a circlejerk! Marks needs to start banning Deltarune!

A genuine person:

<I'm a bit worried that we'll run out of stuff to talk about. I like these threads, but it'll eventually turn into memes and porn. What else Undertale/Deltarune related stuff should we talk about?

6dd9b9  No.15710802

File: 192b40f8309d56c⋯.webm (2.34 MB, 854x480, 427:240, micheadbutt.webm)


> some dude who spent like two grand on scat porn because they were asshurt about Animal Crossing and Undertale

Get the fuck outta here. There's no way somebody did that.

cce9ea  No.15710803

File: fa7a8180df270ca⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 420x529, 420:529, Jevil door.gif)


Never underestimate the power of money, dick and autism. I can bet you thirteen billion pieces of cum-stained silver dollars that Poopy Joe bought that shit for himself, and nightly jacks off to it this very day, and only acted the part of autistic fucknugget-maximum so he could show his collection to the world, pretend it wasn't his, and then derail a thread for kicks, because were I in his position with that much autism and poop fetish i'd do the same.

Because the only way to have money and fun in this world is by making loads of people mad, turn mad, and dance for your amusement, which is why the best things in life are free, because you don't need to do that to derail a thread.


the "genuine" person's statements are suspect because they intentionally try to establish a sense of genuineness from the get go. The actual fans don't need to state that they are fans, they just fan the flames.

In other words, if you're a fan and you're worried that it's going to go to hell, you wouldn't point it out unless it's in the moment. Like say Poopy Joe starts up the scat fetish bullshit, you demean that when it happens, but someone who tries to preemptively end something before it starts only seeks to end discussion.

So before we get more off topic, post more jevil, for he is pure and chaotic good.

66a7b6  No.15710809


anon the proof is in the pudding I'm pretty sure it's on furry porn sites if you look hard enough before 2015

cce9ea  No.15710810

File: 100a81b263ed266⋯.jpg (39.54 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 100a81b263ed266401f3d8858d….jpg)


I was there. You don't understand. You don't understand the lengths a man will go.

This was before we had ID's lad.

ID's were made because of this man. ID's WERE MADE because OF THIS MAN.

23dbfd  No.15710814


Even setting aside your newfaggotry, the mysterious person that drove Jevil mad is just described as a strange person.

You can't get anything specific out of that, much less a "close description" of Gaster.

66a7b6  No.15710816


Doesn't cuck/vg/ and /v/ still not have IDs though

d4eb5c  No.15710820


Well, there certainly is potential that at some point that poopy joe did develop an affinity for the images he commissioned, I'm just saying, the Cardiologist (if I remember correctly) with a near decade long history of commissioning certain types of pieces has a more concrete and identifiable personal attachment to said commissions than someone who burned out some tism bucks for something that lasted around 3 months.

e5a788  No.15710830

File: c5368fa6c081cce⋯.png (194.26 KB, 600x600, 1:1, e54.png)

File: fca085c8f7d2431⋯.png (36.46 KB, 640x1200, 8:15, d18.png)

File: 5863e9747626c35⋯.png (78.93 KB, 667x607, 667:607, n_word.png)


>post more jevil

Okay fine.

e5a788  No.15710836

File: 398ece9480a0829⋯.png (148.34 KB, 680x986, 20:29, 93f76429142b5b7515ba792329….png)

File: 1a14382c2f03232⋯.jpg (81.98 KB, 665x460, 133:92, DrSeugLUwAITCoa.jpg)

File: c32be7a6830b458⋯.jpg (79.73 KB, 546x550, 273:275, 3a7bf8076a126dfd209d82b6d4….jpg)

e5a788  No.15710844

File: e586071cf065803⋯.png (14.24 KB, 355x407, 355:407, 541eea907135022cfc8e0ffeeb….png)

File: 11886a099b3194a⋯.png (416.95 KB, 756x705, 252:235, see you in hell.png)

File: b08cec834c93791⋯.png (194.4 KB, 2663x1154, 2663:1154, c13fef761fe9bc9c0d60151636….png)

e5a788  No.15710849

File: e586071cf065803⋯.png (14.24 KB, 355x407, 355:407, 541eea907135022cfc8e0ffeeb….png)


>first file fucked up

e5a788  No.15710851

File: 0ed39e99fccc8df⋯.png (290.67 KB, 428x456, 107:114, 95% to hit.png)

23dbfd  No.15710866

File: 5b0d2ae03d5312c⋯.jpg (90.01 KB, 933x933, 1:1, 77634ea1a41444af89aa2d8e61….jpg)

File: 326347b739e642f⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1450x1000, 29:20, e3326919686f03a3d09a2c332e….png)

File: 29a8fb66cb27df6⋯.gif (3.01 MB, 412x420, 103:105, CHAOS CHAOS.gif)

f0b283  No.15710958

I genuinely miss the early days of undertale posting and am glad to experience it again

but eventually every secret of deltarune will be explored and these threads will be nothing but goat porn.

23db3d  No.15710969

File: 15d2a1519a759ce⋯.jpg (91.93 KB, 809x820, 809:820, This is not okay _c960e7b4….jpg)


>goat porn

don't fucking say it!

04b75c  No.15711037


The only way to stop porn from eventually flooding these threads is to keep producing OC.

Are you determined enough to keep these threads afloat until the next chapter arrives?

66a7b6  No.15711042


>next chapter

toby said the game isn't going to be episodic so the full game could very well take fucking years

e5a788  No.15711063

File: af4510e147508ee⋯.jpg (156.91 KB, 680x1343, 40:79, WOAH SHIT.jpg)

e5a788  No.15711065



I didn't mean to reply to your post lol

780cf9  No.15711084


This is all already known, but it's good to have it condensed in an image.

I a bit doubtful of Susie becoming Mad Dummy, but I suppose Suzy could have been an AU version of Susie, died, and her soul come to inhabit the dummy. An interesting thought derived from this is that the training dummy contained AU Ralsei's soul, he's so easy to fluster it makes sense that anything you do to it will cause him to desync with the dummy.

e5a788  No.15711087


>An interesting thought derived from this is that the training dummy contained AU Ralsei's soul

Wasn't the training dummy supposed to have the soul of Napstablook? I'm only going off of memory here.

780cf9  No.15711101


I never thought of that/ came across that text, but it makes a lot of sense considering his personality and that he's in the Ruins so far from Waterfall.

3498e8  No.15711375



Now this takes me back.

326100  No.15711391


How can Asgore be strong enough to break the barrier, but not prevent monsters from killing people? They don't have to live together.

66a7b6  No.15711508


lot of the newer undertale memes and a lot of the deltarune memes don't really capture the essence of the characters as older undertale memes do. A lot of them are just trying to force another meme while using pictures of the characters.

720a8a  No.15711534

File: 14d4fb1e49c61ea⋯.png (66.96 KB, 618x562, 309:281, a waifu for the ages.png)


Why put in the effort to capture childlike whimsy and idealism when you can just shoop the hair off of Susie and make waifufags look at every image of her to see if the nostrils and mouth make a little face?

6dd9b9  No.15711600

File: 28d13ad021c4558⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 500x400, 5:4, lancerpunch.gif)

What's the unedited version of this .gif and what is it from?

66a7b6  No.15711614

File: 26eb9826641754a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 596.67 KB, 1280x1089, 1280:1089, d09622a03bedbf7d63cfc015f2….png)

File: d94484bb4232cb1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 717.34 KB, 1280x1105, 256:221, 6bf348b39e0b51456839ede05a….png)

File: 705c17db283ba60⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 881.9 KB, 1204x1765, 1204:1765, 38d9f8394c6379a7e2a1b4513d….png)

File: effc18d0027b4f4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 285.12 KB, 1280x529, 1280:529, 8b7214914dd7fcdaa81922ea38….png)

don't forget

e03cc6  No.15711626


Girls making cute boys kiss each other is one of the hottest things ever, and it doesn't get enough love.

445a01  No.15711646

File: e013f1fb379aa37⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 925.07 KB, 1204x1765, 1204:1765, wrong version.png)


cursed image

do not open

66a7b6  No.15711648


in general the whole peer pressure aspect of girls making others do lewd things is very underappreciated.

7dde6f  No.15711656

File: 5e061546af271c7⋯.png (379.63 KB, 617x963, 617:963, 1541394435479.png)



Why does Toby want to shit on Asgore so hard does he hate his own father or something

he might just hate masculinity in general due to all the dykes and effeminate males he puts in his games

992f37  No.15711678



can't unsee that shit now

19327e  No.15711693


tfw no twink fujoshi beta orbiter to smooch

8f6304  No.15711709


What if Asgore is Toby's inability to understand and confront his own masculinity?

cda3c3  No.15711751


What if Asgore is likeable and in a bad situation just to make you feel for him? If he was a good guy nothing bad really happened to, he'd be just another one of many. Fuck this though I want him to get something nice, I don't want best dad to continue being so poor and alone like in Deltarune

f34e6b  No.15711762


I don't think there will be any connection, deltarune is just the original undertale and I'm pretty sure that's it.

d4deec  No.15711768

File: 6a931cde95cee09⋯.png (34.61 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1446656070300.png)


Nah, if he hated masculinity then the only masculine character would be Chaos King. We wouldn't have Asriel, Papyrus, etc. Toby likes his male characters, he's just averse to writing macho characters unless they're girls or they're having hard lives.

Asgore is just made for suffering, right or wrong

18e322  No.15711769

File: 5b0ad0e463d3df1⋯.jpg (52.71 KB, 500x447, 500:447, orbit.jpg)

adb56c  No.15711780


It's from Pathologic - the 2005 release, not the upcoming remake.

8f6304  No.15711781


>he's just averse to writing macho characters unless they're girls

Truly a man of great taste.

25b92c  No.15711796

File: 13d9862e8c5fca8⋯.webm (779.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, polww3.webm)

So what is in the bunker? The last vengeful remains of humanity, literally nothing, or something else?

d4deec  No.15711804

File: b8b56aeb1991304⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 111.14 KB, 540x522, 30:29, impressed.png)


A slowed down version of Gaster's theme plays there

870963  No.15711824

It's obvious that Toby goes around the web looking at the theories everyone is giving just so he can do something completely different.

Any theory you guys may have will be wrong, at least as long as you share it with the public.

d4deec  No.15711830


That's insinuating Toby is just writing to be a contrarian instead of trying to write something good. Which, despite the autistic parts of his writing, doesn't fit his stories' simplicity.

Also if I don't share my theories publically I can't say I called it in case I'm right

d4eb5c  No.15711842


Kinda looks like Tessie from earthbound

870963  No.15711868


No, that's not it.

He just looks around, see what theories are the most prominent and then do something different.

It doesn't mean that he does something completely opposite but obviously he's not going to write something that someone else already figured out, least you end up with a Steven Universe situation.

445a01  No.15711871


>It's obvious that Toby goes around the web looking at the theories everyone is giving just so he can do something completely different.

that's utter waste of time

considering how UT fandom love autistic theorycrafting no matter what you do some retard somewhere already called it

d4eb5c  No.15711876


yeah, but he can go out of his way to fuck with matpat, maybe not as fast as FNAF but still, it could be funny

18e322  No.15711881


It's to seal away So Sorry.

fb94b1  No.15712115



I think you're the newfags here. Everyone knows the spoiler tag is used to nest spoilers like this

445a01  No.15712138

File: 9f52324dfecbf92⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 61.85 KB, 1282x961, 1282:961, sheriff blook.png)

File: a63d28db1ee21f9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.85 KB, 777x856, 777:856, edde23c98c1d63e3dec269fca4….jpg)

8f6304  No.15712146


>you will never an undyne in uniform

230917  No.15712170


>I saw bright lights flashing outside

>so I shut my curtain

I didn't even pick up on that, Blook is a police now.

445a01  No.15712171

File: 65588b2559b3f3a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.28 KB, 2048x1448, 256:181, 1541742573344.jpg)


good taste

cce9ea  No.15712246

File: 8a5457f53f329c5⋯.jpg (107 KB, 1280x718, 640:359, 8a5457f53f329c5ee4f7f0fc90….jpg)

>if you leave the White Ribbon where it is and come back with Susie in the party and equip it on Ralsei, Ralsei asks Susie if he looks cute instead of you


also, god damn Ralsei keep your dick in your cloak.

dde5a2  No.15712276

File: 9cbe1406c6950dd⋯.webm (556.86 KB, 320x240, 4:3, fish oil.webm)

94ef2a  No.15712288


>It's not an animated png

94ef2a  No.15712306

File: 3a9fb9036bb2ed2⋯.png (132.26 KB, 372x340, 93:85, 3a9fb9036bb2ed2c8bfae1b1f1….png)


>nothing concrete yet

Nothing concrete? Her Dad was giving her advice on how to pick up chicks.

23dbfd  No.15712313


I don't think that has as much to do with masculinity as much as in the first game he needed an antagonist who had to be opposed but was blatantly not evil.


So Ralsei isn't necessarily gay, he just likes being pretty.

4fbf4c  No.15712346


I was under the impression the barrier surrounded the entire mountain from the inside, and it's only impassable from the inside. i.e. you can enter the mountain, but you can't get out. Which is perfect if you missed a few monsters. Makes the mountain an ideal containment zone.


I think it'll end up being 5 chapters: Four representing the four suits, plus an extra chapter leading up to a "true" final boss and epilogue.



I think what's more interesting is how Ralsei's dummy looks just like the Glad Dummy.


Not Gaster's theme (mus_theme_him), but mus_smile, from Entry #17.

That's just a slowed down version of Muffet's laugh played straight, reversed, then looped.

fa4745  No.15712392


>he just likes being pretty.

so you're saying that he's gay

8f6304  No.15712400


Sweetie, it's 2018.

fa4745  No.15712411


/tv/ pls

cce9ea  No.15712490

File: e11337ffa24e49a⋯.jpg (51.7 KB, 600x600, 1:1, lancer carlos.jpg)


Or alternatively a really effeminate kid

94ef2a  No.15712553


He's faggy, but that doesn't necessarily prove he's a fag, you know what I'm saying?

cce9ea  No.15712643

File: 12e608a3f132728⋯.mp4 (3.26 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jevil's Day Out (Scott Fal….mp4)

>even animators are getting in on the Jevil shitposting

72e78d  No.15712716



8f6304  No.15712742


>shooting that fucking nigger right in the head at first sight

Best character of all time confirmed?

a2315a  No.15712852


It's not as cringey as I thought it'd be, maybe Deltarune will have a more moderate fanbase, hopefully. That said, I have a question: Alphys is not really living in the trash, is she?

dde5a2  No.15712853

File: 9b84d7ee1dc7120⋯.png (152.91 KB, 1865x1500, 373:300, original the earthbound.png)


lol, except the other way around.

72e78d  No.15712881


She's living where she belongs.

So in other words, yes.

cce9ea  No.15712886


no, she likely lives in the apartments nearby where Snowdrake and Monster Kid are, she's just present there with a dish of milk because she's feeding a cat. Because it makes her feel like she's loved, but still.

She doesn't actually live in the alleyway, but her being present next to a bunch of trashcans is symbolic I think, despite not actually having any reason to hate herself yet.

8f6304  No.15712896


>he thinks people are only kidding when they say alphys is literal garbage

d4eb5c  No.15712910


Either way's funny I suppose, not to make any statements concerning chronology.

a2315a  No.15712928

File: eee33acd5572a7c⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 187x99, 17:9, face.jpg)


Where was the face on the right from, I don't remember it.

cce9ea  No.15712933


mad dummy.

a2315a  No.15712941


So Susie is a dummy? Makes sense :^)

ad8dc1  No.15712962

So how long until we all pretend we always hated this game?

d4eb5c  No.15712963

File: 846c2f4acce271d⋯.png (7.02 KB, 320x250, 32:25, Oekaki.png)


So we have to hug the dummy then?

cce9ea  No.15712971

File: 88e47fa78eb5bb8⋯.png (118.61 KB, 540x399, 180:133, susie bangin yo.png)



1b2f5e  No.15712977


thats illegal. im calling the CIA now.

72e78d  No.15712979

ad8dc1  No.15712984


Good point. /v/ then. Mark too.

72e78d  No.15712991



>one person

ad8dc1  No.15712997


Fuck it. Goodbye.

a2315a  No.15712998

File: 64de440d84a0391⋯.png (76.79 KB, 500x499, 500:499, Smug goat.png)




d4eb5c  No.15713001


Well, if you want to be realistic, potentially it would be


>one person

If there's a repeat of the catastrophe that was Mark's Attempt to avoid the October question.

cce9ea  No.15713015

File: 34236784096f379⋯.jpg (182.44 KB, 660x440, 3:2, 34236784096f3792dd34c6ea44….jpg)



>sentient beings with capacity for thought and qualities alike to homo sapiens instead of just homos

780cf9  No.15713026


The best part about that is the womb tattoo.


Fucking spade spic.


She may not have committed any known atrocities this time around, but I'm pretty sure her self loathing runs deep still.

a2315a  No.15713034


She watches any for one. That's a bad enough crime.

afe37c  No.15713035


Not until the full version releases.

230917  No.15713044


She's probably a pedophile.

05c4c7  No.15713108

File: 45a2807b2ce5f34⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 255.58 KB, 1300x1200, 13:12, 2831259 - Deltarune Kris_D….png)



a2315a  No.15713118

File: 72c5265277559f5⋯.jpg (34.83 KB, 680x474, 340:237, 5ef.jpg)


How old do you think Kris is? I'm assuming he's early teens.

8f6304  No.15713119


There needs to be more like this.

72e78d  No.15713125

File: d7f2753813f830e⋯.png (1.75 KB, 208x344, 26:43, susie.png)

File: 775699923f2a7a5⋯.png (947.85 KB, 630x1253, 90:179, latest.png)

Was this intentional?

d4eb5c  No.15713127


I mean he's like just getting into high school yeah? Probably around 14.

72e78d  No.15713134


Most of the people in his class are working and have aspirations for college.

I'd say they're at the very least juniors if not seniors, so he's anywhere from 17-19.

a2315a  No.15713503

I think I figured out, what the game might play out like: Unlike Undertale, the game is not set up like It's going to be this epic adventure, but more of a down to earth story revolving a town, with some interludes in the dark world. I have this feeling that the game will take on Kris' duality. Probably like a twin peaks, in which we are the entity possessing Kris, but unlike Twin Peaks, we are a good entity possessing an evil person. The game is probably going to divide itself into days, with each night between days starting with Kris removing his us and then fading into black. Then for the next day is up to us, now back into Kris, Susie and perhaps Rasiel alongside other characters, to deal with the aftermath of last night (perhaps a murder, or something stolen or destroyed). We're led to assume Kris is behind the crime every time, but we always end up finding evidence for the opposite, jailing random people in town. (I be that's the reason Undyne is a cop, so we can see her suplex the suspects). Then on the last day, we find out that Kris was actually behind it all, just when we started to assume that Kris was just innocent. Our friends turn against us, and we're given the choice to surrender. But before we can choose to do that, Kris removes us from his body and fights our friends, while we desperately to make it back into Kris' body, while we see him tear apart our friends.

a2315a  No.15713537

I think I figured out, what the game might play out like: Unlike Undertale, the game is not set up like It's going to be this epic adventure, but more of a down to earth story revolving a town, with some interludes in the dark world. I have this feeling that the game will take on Kris' duality. Probably like a twin peaks, in which we are the entity possessing Kris, but unlike Twin Peaks, we are a good entity possessing an evil person. The game is probably going to divide itself into days, with each night between days starting with Kris removing his us and then fading into black. Then for the next day is up to us, now back into Kris, Susie and perhaps Rasiel alongside other characters, to deal with the aftermath of last night (perhaps a murder, or something stolen or destroyed). We're led to assume Kris is behind the crime every time, but we always end up finding evidence for the opposite, jailing random people in town. (I be that's the reason Undyne is a cop, so we can see her suplex the suspects). Then on the last day, we find out that Kris was actually behind it all, just when we started to assume that Kris was just innocent. Our friends turn against us, and we're given the choice to surrender. But before we can choose to do that, Kris removes us from his body and fights our friends, while we desperately to make it back into Kris' body, as we see him tear apart our friends.

23dbfd  No.15713539

File: 30ea5d308cef67b⋯.gif (118.72 KB, 893x1306, 893:1306, 33bed0912d5dae5d87d90f45f7….gif)


Wait a few years for the full game to come out, then a month or so more until it becomes too mainstream.


>/v/ does not in any way have a predominance of certain opinions

a2315a  No.15713545

File: 0a15fade2ac7ca1⋯.png (29.97 KB, 350x270, 35:27, AAAAA.png)



Accidental doublepost, I thought my first didn't go through, fuck my internet. I'm sorry.

23dbfd  No.15713605


The problem with that is, why now? The cage is clearly well used, so why would soulless Kris choose now to start killing people in the real world?

e05563  No.15713621


Simple: We're here now

a2315a  No.15713624


Not necessarily murder, but at first perhaps petty crimes that eventually grow into actual crimes.

72e78d  No.15713814


>muh hivemind

05c4c7  No.15714661


I don't see it.

1b2f5e  No.15714696

File: 4536d8e2d2c0dd7⋯.png (701.22 KB, 1280x1354, 640:677, i can't believe sans delta….png)

File: 4e199e44197410d⋯.png (313.44 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sus.png)

0ea021  No.15714751

File: 4d445859b9bc97c⋯.jpg (107.08 KB, 867x1200, 289:400, hug the tough dino.jpg)

At what point did you start liking this prehistoric bully?

d4eb5c  No.15714781

File: 16a36438327072f⋯.png (2.97 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 77335e4a799bb1f4051ba9c9e1….png)


Honestly around the time she walked into the room

Tough girls are a weakness

8e3247  No.15714807

File: ec5bdfac99ba5a9⋯.jpg (82.74 KB, 600x769, 600:769, 856.jpg)


when she gave the dark fruit to lancer, i felt really bad pummeling her with the sword and not buying a donut from her store

b56567  No.15714809


It's based on a vine.

e05563  No.15714813


>drink from fountain

>"People have put their lips on that, you know"

>drink again

>"That's not encouragement!"

About the time I realized there'd be some good moments in the future if she's a part of the story

870963  No.15714857


Standard two-three months.

When game releases, we go back loving it, then wait the standard time lapse and we can hate it again.

Didn't you get the "/v/ weekly"?

72e78d  No.15714875

File: 6fb655e3ed1736d⋯.jpg (273.31 KB, 745x1050, 149:210, 60940755_p20_master1200.jpg)

59ecbf  No.15714908

File: 7070506327e52a6⋯.jpg (131.95 KB, 500x414, 250:207, toucandisgust.jpg)

So playing Deltarune made me kinda re-awaken my Undertale itch, so I downloaded Underfell because the thing looks so 2edgy4u it will probably be a hilarious trainwreck and I just want to know who was the fucking GENIUS who made two made two traps were stepping on the wrong square puts you back at square one , made the second one trial and error, placed one after the other, and put an enemy in between the two.

8e3247  No.15714919

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d4eb5c  No.15714932


Is something wrong with Invidious? Opening up that embed shot my cpu up like 50% and started using like 3gb of memory

e69283  No.15715022

Why does everyone love this?

The game was an unfunny pile of shit, Susie is an annoying cunt and Ralsei is just boring. The only good moment out of all of chapter 1 is Jevil.

Undertale was a lot better than this trainwreck.

e03cc6  No.15715034

File: e0c7d11092bed9f⋯.png (703.69 KB, 1280x1733, 1280:1733, ralseimiddry5.png)

File: 45cfc62b1a8b086⋯.png (945.26 KB, 1773x2400, 591:800, ralseimiddry6.png)

middry is doing a 5-6 page comic on top of the previous stuff

66a7b6  No.15715057

230917  No.15715059


>gay shit

well it was fun while it lasted guys

6dd9b9  No.15715062

File: 536c33e431dcf26⋯.webm (446.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, aquabatgrimace.webm)


I guess we're done talking about the game.

72e78d  No.15715070


>guy posts a comic once in thread


afe37c  No.15715074


Around the time she threatened to bite your face off but didn't and i knew she was an after-school special bully that just needed hugs, or rather some kind of retarded little brother figure to rebel with.


Because it's cute, it's short, it's stupid to a point of comedy, but most importantly it's fresh. I'm sure if you find two guys who played Star Ocean 2 for the first time they could have a grand old time laughing about Ashton getting wyrms stuck to his back and how his luck never goes past 18; well, this would be that but on a much larger scale.

780cf9  No.15715079


Not just any comic, a continuation of a comic that was being posted right from the beginning.

72e78d  No.15715083


>guy posting it is at (2)

>guy responding is (3)

Gee I wonder who the fuck keeps posting it.

312f7e  No.15715085


A vine made by two kids, no less.


Technically, bisexual shit. Not really sure if that's better or worse. Or just as bad or worse, rather.

e69283  No.15715088


>it's stupid to a point of comedy

But it's not funny, at all.

8e3247  No.15715089

File: 18c88f520784563⋯.gif (234.82 KB, 700x480, 35:24, 18c88f520784563ec514f19dbc….gif)


is this madman ever going to stop?

66a7b6  No.15715098


>susie is incapable of kissing because of how big her face is so she just licks ralsei's snout

it took me this long to realize this and I wasn't even confused with my first conclusion

4881d6  No.15715103

File: b2d886d544aab57⋯.gif (471.02 KB, 300x300, 1:1, sweating intensifies.gif)


>bisexual makeout session with big girl encouraging you to do gay shit

I wish I could be a teenager again, this wouldn't work as an adult.

b56567  No.15715141


I think a lot of people just wanted to see the gameplay expanded on. It's also nice to see Toby acknowledge some of Undertale's shortcomings and even poke fun of them.

I'm not a fan of the character antics in this demo, but then again I also didn't really like the ruins part of Undertale, so I'm going to be open minded to the idea that the full game would probably get more interesting.

afe37c  No.15715187


The idiot-villian knocks the storyteller offscreen mid-speech and lands with an explosion that, if i have my facts correct, is labeled in the game as 'newgrounds explosion effect'; that's comedy. Stupid, tongue-in-cheek comedy, but humor none the less. Also everything that Rouxls Kaard does is gold, but i think i was really sold on lesser dad when you enter his shop to him relaxing and listening to an unexpectedly smooth track.

0ea021  No.15715195


>It's also nice to see Toby acknowledge some of Undertale's shortcomings and even poke fun of them.

Where did he do this? Must have flown over my head

2fa78c  No.15715244


Was that the Toriel scat porn?

72e78d  No.15715251

2fa78c  No.15715266

File: 4474debb5a44b86⋯.jpg (490.04 KB, 1800x2407, 1800:2407, download (2).jpg)

File: 54ddca6799926e5⋯.jpg (306.68 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 71560679_p0_master1200.jpg)


>still no art of Susie as Dio vs Kris as Jotaro

4881d6  No.15715293

File: 1c2e024752074f1⋯.jpg (233.91 KB, 853x480, 853:480, unamused.jpg)

>try to defeat Jevil

>spend at least 2 hours fighting him without success

>finally manage to tire him but Ralsei was dead and I was out of healing items

>give up and go to sleep

>try again the next day

>doing even worse than before

>look up a guide, learn how to dodge the circle of spades attack

>beat him on the first try after that

I feel somewhat cheated.

8f6304  No.15715319

File: ba1b8f9b49db13e⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 698x680, 349:340, 0ca6b2b1039d8ce8ebcc779957….jpg)


Because you used a fucking guide you stupid slut. Don't ever do that again.

a2315a  No.15715346

File: b75e5698b983037⋯.png (35.66 KB, 500x667, 500:667, Welcome to Deltarune.png)

Fresh OC from a good friend of mine

a2315a  No.15715350

File: 6119fc776d9905f⋯.jpg (37.91 KB, 460x613, 460:613, Welcome to America.jpg)


Sorry for doubleposting, but here's the original for comparison.

d4eb5c  No.15715356


You know you can post two pictures right?

a2315a  No.15715362


I know, I forgot to post the second picture. We all make mistakes.

2fa78c  No.15715389


Very nice

7042e2  No.15715797

File: 02130c10ec9d330⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.34 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, bestgirl.jpg)

File: 40c6e24ed9aec99⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 78.69 KB, 660x536, 165:134, susiebyweaver.png)


Pretty much the second I realized she took the chalk just to miss out on school.

Skipping school stories resonated with me ok.Also tough girls are a bonus

66a7b6  No.15715823



been a long time since I've seen that name

cce9ea  No.15715863

File: 251fab581d7f0f5⋯.png (546.16 KB, 1571x1401, 1571:1401, ralsei no girls.png)

>Susie wants the Krisdick

>Susie finds competition

72e78d  No.15715955

If anyone wanted to make a new thread, now's the time having reached page 13.

afe37c  No.15716120


I mean, to be completely honest i agree with that guy a few threads back that suggested we move the party to one of the undertale boards but then i'd probably say the same about every fullderp thread.

6dd9b9  No.15716189

File: d82bd01f2f36561⋯.jpg (162.96 KB, 393x378, 131:126, 1463081440689.jpg)

>Undyne the Undying

>brain completely switches off as soon as the yellow reverse arrows start flying at me


162ee1  No.15716213


Wrong thread faggot.

Nobody cares about Undertale.

780cf9  No.15716215


I had the same problem. It's so infuriating since it's such a simple concept, but my brain still goes full retard with it. Thankfully I was able to mostly git gud and tanked the worst pattern.

Sans on the other hand I still haven't beaten since I keep putting it off and getting rusty at his fight so I have trouble getting past the Spare part consistently. When I do get past it my retard brain has a lot of trouble adapting to the rapid fire patterns. The crowning glory of my stupidity is his wall slams though. He'll slam me up and I'll press up like a fucking idiot. Having broken down and watched the remainder of the route I do not think I can defeat him with how shitty my reaction times have become. It's shameful to think he's just a few turns away from defeat, but it seems to be out of my reach.

310500  No.15716253

File: 2bfa88b4cfee82f⋯.png (242.43 KB, 1880x1964, 470:491, guidebook.png)

here's this thing

66a7b6  No.15716254

File: e3827162dfbeed3⋯.png (17.4 KB, 267x414, 89:138, ClipboardImage.png)


he's too innocent for this world

e69283  No.15716339


None of the stuff Rouxls Kaard does was even remotely funny

04e1bc  No.15716346

File: cf8b3fde1e9fdf5⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1773x2400, 591:800, middry8.png)

66a7b6  No.15716379




4b15d1  No.15716439

File: 57058be51e1e985⋯.jpeg (104.53 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, phlly.jpeg)


proof that you tumblrtales aren't of here tbh

afe37c  No.15716443

File: c44d7820533dd91⋯.webm (477.84 KB, 1272x958, 636:479, GOD DAMN I….webm)


The exceptionally obvious puzzle and overwrought set up are paid off by him not trying to save face at all; his entire cunning ploy just crashes down on him with nothing but raw indignation left to show for it. I really did lose my shit because i was expecting some kind of extended master ruseman speech afterwards and not the blunt swearing reminiscent of

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, as shown >>15707556 , to say nothing of his heel turn when you beat the checker king again. I also love the 'lesser dad' jab; i don't think that gets enough play as a line. If you don't find any of this funny then that's on you, but if you don't think any of this is comedy then you're a smacktard.

4b15d1  No.15716447


I already hate it

e69283  No.15716472


I think it's comedy, just shitty comedy that's trying way too hard and didn't even manage a smirk on me.

Come on Undertale did so much better than this.

dde5a2  No.15716511

File: 8e59654bb75fed3⋯.png (7.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, immeen1.png)

File: 561ea379800aa84⋯.png (6.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, immeen2.png)

File: 4b37f7016dfe6bd⋯.webm (878.75 KB, 720x480, 3:2, meen.webm)


The guy felt more than a little out of place and inconsistent. Could've gone either further into SBaHJ territory or been played a little more straight.

The music didn't help, and neither did the I.M. Meen reference.