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File: 67e95808a95570c⋯.png (543.31 KB, 948x654, 158:109, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ea2404d42870bf⋯.png (692.61 KB, 1018x618, 509:309, ClipboardImage.png)

0de56b  No.15705891



The games in question so far are Dragon Star Varnir and DATE A LIVE: Rio Reincarnation.

2 CGs in both games were censored.

The (((Steam))) release for Date A Live will be uncensored. There hasn't been an announcement for Varnir regarding a possible (((Steam))) release.

Fucking Soyny. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

7c1768  No.15705905

File: e6ae13b6d2a6907⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The PlayStation Experience.png)

>Another Kusony sunbeam special

8a37b8  No.15705906

File: 84010378cc468e1⋯.jpg (207.59 KB, 1437x2300, 1437:2300, 1419034927801.jpg)

We saw this coming so I'm not even upset. Looks like IFI went back on their word about sending us censored games. But I am glad the Date A Live VN is coming over and I can get an uncucked version on Steam.

These niche devs will simply abandon (((Sony))) in droves as time goes on. I would rather have the niche weeb market on PC than consoles.

df50bf  No.15705913


While I appreciate IFI giving people a direct heads up instead of just being silent about it, what happened to that prior decision that games (or perhaps versions of games) that would be deemed to require censorship wouldn't be brought over to begin with, since they acknowledged that if doing so, they'd lose their interest base for said games here? Did IF force their hand to still bring them over regardless (assuming both are IF published in Japan), or was that only applying to games they'd have to censor post-ESRB rating, and not because Sony now has their western branches' inquisition making rulings on everything?

7c1768  No.15705934


I'm thinking they were too far into developing/publishing the PS4 versions to trash them entirely for the new policy. I imagine a lot of smaller devs/publishers are going to feel some hurt from the sudden implementation of this policy and I think that was the intent of Sony. Hopefully they're weighing other options for future titles and choose to eventually abandon Sony.

391c6a  No.15705938


Unfortunately that applied to localization. This issue strikes right at the source, which is why the Japanese-learning pricks had it wrong in not wanting to see overseas work not tainted. I'm curious how they were altered now, because the ion cannon CGs were probably a form of protest by the developers, not literally what Sony wanted.


Also this. Smaller publishers/devs are not afforded the same luxury as the fuckers pouring money into promoting social justice garbage.

8a37b8  No.15705950

File: fc36fc47b211bb8⋯.jpg (227.55 KB, 744x900, 62:75, 63883263_p35.jpg)



I'm sure it's just to fuck them over. They send these inspectors in at the last minute to screw over their games. Then they use english only communication to delay them even more. Even after release, they can demand more censorship. I would imagine the only reason they're releasing it now is because they've put too much time and money into it. And who knows when they might just deny a game again like they did with Omega Labyrinth Z.


Learning JP was still a good thing. Once these companies switch to Nintendo and PC, then Sony will start hurting. They think they can rely on AAA to support them. Look how that worked out for Microsoft. And I'm sure Valve or Nintendo may go censorship happy at any time.

2fe14d  No.15705954

>More soyny censorship

I want out of this timeline.

da3ec8  No.15705957

File: c0260fcab1b7bdb⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 5802x3958, 2901:1979, fill your nep soul with LI….jpg)


I've seen the future and it's beautiful.

df50bf  No.15705965


Yeah, but what happens when they get shuffled from format to format until there's nowhere, at least out here, that approves? Because I'd wager NoA, despite recent moves like allowing Senran Kagura Reflexions to come over unscathed (or as unscathed as SK goes), would love to have the sway, power, and fear Sony's now exerting. PC, at least here, isn't helped by the likes of Steam's near monopoly and (from what I hear) GoG not having much of a Japanese focus either; Steam also apparently removing games they don't like on their own end (was going to link to a thread I'd seen but it either 404ed on its own or was deleted). Microsoft's probably not even consider much of an option for Japan, given how poorly their consoles have done there too. The push for global "acceptability" isn't apt to stop with Sony, especially with how SJWs and commies infiltrate everything they can get the slightest control of.

Does Japan have much of a PC focus for games beyond VNs, and I suppose Falcom's history of being PC friendly, anyhow? And do they have their own monopolizing release format for what they do get put on it, or is it more decentralized and independent?


I've been thinking similar, though before it wasn't so much to drive unwanted developers out, and more just to get "troublesome" companies like Pqube, XSEED, and now IFI to toe the line as desired. I would expect IFI knows they're apt to lose sales on this, but for them it's probably better than being Pqubed and having the money and time invested burned completely. However, I would still like someone out there, with social media, I suppose, to ask for actual proof of censorship being required and what level, be it ESRB, Sony, or IF as their parent company, rather than it just being done out of fear. Because there's a clear difference between something like an official email on it and a "we simply don't want to risk offending Sony." Of course, such might be considered something the customer just can't be privy too, which also serves to create a wedge of distrust that Sony benefits from.


>which is why the Japanese-learning pricks had it wrong in not wanting to see overseas work not tainted.

They'll still just use the "there's plenty of unfucked past games to play if you learn moon" excuse. Not that I think that learning it is a bad move, just that it wasn't going to be the fix-all some have considered it to be to escaping the west's tendrils.

0f4e26  No.15705969

>Its a Homer thread

can you just type shit properly instead of adding soy and cuck to every word, you are trying way too hard to fit in and it makes me want to just disagree with you and hide this thread on principle of you being a faggot.

720eef  No.15705973

File: cc2e48f926d3331⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1220x2532, 305:633, Sony_ResEr_sjw.png)

File: 95ca2d733128c9d⋯.jpg (478.92 KB, 784x489, 784:489, 1b945fc02219a118c08b302fe9….jpg)

File: 45e5a7f2c7a5025⋯.jpg (145.41 KB, 1262x577, 1262:577, f286cd32e8e8f301d9bbe51e4b….jpg)



>IFI went back on their word


It's in Japanland. It's in Amerifatica. EVERYTHING Sony touches vidya-wise is censored, and since the Nip devs are more into mobile and console vidya than PC, guess what that means?

Take a guess.

IFI did nothing wrong. In fact, telling us way ahead of time that there will be "modifications" and the number of scenes effected is great. They certainly aren't NISA. That said, it's Sony at fault. All Soyny.



391c6a  No.15705977


It turns out I was wrong about that by the way. In Re;birth 3 the CG is cropped with less lower parts. But I think that applies to all versions of the game, and the artbook is the exception. Confirmation needed. They still have jiggle physics.


This too. Considering how often the people speaking like that are being retards it's a good way to get mentally skipped.

391c6a  No.15705986


It occurred to me that that could just be needing to fit to an aspect ratio too. Vita's approx 16:9 (960x544) while >>15705957 is closer to 16:11.

7c1768  No.15705998


>However, I would still like someone out there, with social media, I suppose, to ask for actual proof of censorship being required and what level, be it ESRB, Sony, or IF as their parent company

It's a known fact that the policy changes come from Sony, I know both Pqube and Xseed have mentioned these changes are demands from the "platform holder." As for specific details of what these changes/policies are, everyone is tight lipped. I'm going to assume there is an NDA from Sony in regard to specifics, but I've also seen evidence that the devs themselves don't even know what the standards are, as there are references to games requiring "inspection."

b9a753  No.15706003


I don't think that the censorship line on steam/PC is going to move as long as Gaben is alive so hopefully it is safe for a few years.

I think that currently they only censure heavy loli themed VN.

bacaf3  No.15706016

File: 3e6e6933ac9d943⋯.png (111.7 KB, 563x551, 563:551, 48a3bdbe5c913be7cb3bbf15fb….png)


>This isn't censorship. Please educate yourself more on this.

This is your mind on liberal

df50bf  No.15706026


>Even after release, they can demand more censorship.

Might be an assumption, but I wager that puts even more importance on physical copies and running systems offline. Having the base game at least allows the option to delete the installed data if post-release censorship patches become more of a thing, as you could then reinstall the base release with the internet disabled to prevent it from patching over it. Obviously though that doesn't exactly help online multiplayer games the way it does singleplayer ones, and for games that had actually worthwhile patches prior to such a potential, I'm not sure if anyone in the PS4 CFW scene has been backing those up for USB (re)installation. Also still get locked out of any games that require higher firmware if CFW feigning isn't an option at this point, but at the rate things are going I'm not sure if there's even going to be an unfucked title of interest left to still release, at least that can't perhaps be had better elsewhere.

Admittedly though I'm not real sure where PS4 CFW is even at these days in terms of usefulness, so this is speculative, I guess.


Except that according to either the devs or publisher behind the most recent case, there's no explicit content in the game anyhow but Steam apparently hasn't been willing to listen after banning it a second time (at least as of the other day). That prompts some questions if you ask me.


I mainly asked that because IFI isn't stating that it's the platform holder's decision. There's a difference between outright being asked and forced, and fear of being asked, the latter of which I assume will become the standard as time goes on. And once it can be assumed that any content that falls under such criteria would be "unacceptable" anyhow, I get the feeling the potential customers are going to stop being notified directly about such in the first place.


>IFI did nothing wrong. In fact, telling us way ahead of time that there will be "modifications" and the number of scenes effected is great. They certainly aren't NISA. That said, it's Sony at fault. All Soyny.

Again though, the question to be asked is did Sony contact them directly about it, or was the choice on IFI's end as fear of getting in trouble with Sony and wanting to avoid it in the first place? Obviously Sony, and their moving their headquarters to the west, is to blame for kicking this shitshow trend off in regards to what comes out for their systems, but still.

d8ffeb  No.15706038


That third image is showing how both sides are fucked.

a6f41a  No.15706041


"At least is not the government"

You lived long enough to see lefties defending big corporations doing anti-consumer practices.

3fd455  No.15706045


>I've been thinking similar, though before it wasn't so much to drive unwanted developers out, and more just to get "troublesome" companies like Pqube, XSEED, and now IFI to toe the line as desired. I would expect IFI knows they're apt to lose sales on this, but for them it's probably better than being Pqubed and having the money and time invested burned completely. However, I would still like someone out there, with social media, I suppose, to ask for actual proof of censorship being required and what level, be it ESRB, Sony, or IF as their parent company, rather than it just being done out of fear. Because there's a clear difference between something like an official email on it and a "we simply don't want to risk offending Sony." Of course, such might be considered something the customer just can't be privy too, which also serves to create a wedge of distrust that Sony benefits from.

My policy is that I'm blaming Sony for anything that gets censored as long as there's an uncensored version on another platform. Even if its done out of mere fear of the policy that's still on Sony because they created that fear in the first place by going after these publishers and the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of the policy anyways.

bacaf3  No.15706048


God I wish I was dead

356207  No.15706066



>implying companies and government aren't and don't serve the same exact functions

Is this what happens when your brain is incapable of visualization and conceptualization?

You just become a Liberal/Libertarian?

356207  No.15706072


>worst male representation

What? Take it to >>>/cuteboys/ fag

bacaf3  No.15706074


Could you shills get more obvious?

d7272c  No.15706079

File: 6e964c4f7840fcc⋯.jpeg (32.48 KB, 539x296, 539:296, D42B95B9-58A7-4CC0-80BB-1….jpeg)

>lesbian trying to chop off a man’s head

>only gets half a cut in leaving him graphically choking on his own blood and staring at the dyke almost pleading for death

>bitch struggles to pull the blade from his jugular to finally swing it back down on the mans neck cleaving his gasping head from his body

“Beautiful and daring art we are proud to present on our console”

>jiggle physics

“This is harmful and something we do not wish to support. We will work hard to make sure sexist content like this will not see the light of day”

You just want to slap them.

3fd455  No.15706083


I'm not sure which direction I should be looking at that picture in

9caa4c  No.15706090


Neil Druckmann doesn't want you to have fun, you need to experience the same torment every ND employee had.



3fd455  No.15706093


>fighting for positive male representation

You sound like a male version of Anita right now

e3e657  No.15706098

File: bd67c4d9678e6fe⋯.png (426.92 KB, 550x512, 275:256, ClipboardImage.png)

now this is getting dangerous, Sony's getting more and more brazen in their censorship

the state of the world and the (((people))) who run it never ceases to amaze me

391c6a  No.15706099

File: ae2d0ececf86214⋯.png (310.32 KB, 1147x514, 1147:514, 1458663428415.png)



>rising to pathetic bait


I would rather be enveloped in them.


As if there aren't already bro-est Nep men like CFW Brave and Copypaste. That said it's a series about women.

e3e657  No.15706105


>stinky lesbian jewish dominance fetish scenario

>flagship title

>pure anime girls


d7272c  No.15706115


I just think it’s amazing how fucked their priorities are as well as their moral compass. Just think, watching a man graphically gutted on their big presentation is absolutely fine in their eyes, but so much as a bit of fan service needs to be removed or completely censored. That’s pretty sick and it’s a shame somebody with a big public voice doesn’t call them out for it.

0de56b  No.15706117

>the dykecuck is a censorship apologist and sony cocksucker

this is almost too funny

356207  No.15706120


Stop crying lady and go back to knitting with your gaytow board.

3fd455  No.15706127


That picture's pretty fucking retarded to use as a response because the only difference between you and Anita is a single word. You're bitching about muh representation in video games, you're not fighting for hierarchies you disingenuous prat.

fe7463  No.15706128





Hi Dyke cuck

391c6a  No.15706129

File: 50a641c5b1f9f51⋯.jpg (242.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0001.jpg)


>series where "negotiation skills" amount to Vert wiggling her boobs, and Blanc acting out a little sister, and they still fail to get what they want

>main artist unashamedly draws beautiful girls


Truly this game is about female empowerment.

356207  No.15706136


>disgrace to men.

Nigga you gay

da3ec8  No.15706137

File: 41e83beae1fec4b⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1962x2565, 218:285, yuri cuck.png)

File: 7a90eb663312740⋯.jpg (72.13 KB, 1339x278, 1339:278, yuri cuck 2.jpg)

File: 7b7fa7fe283f3d9⋯.jpg (70.68 KB, 1345x436, 1345:436, yuri cuck 3.jpg)

File: 08f27b636a604b9⋯.jpg (244.11 KB, 1345x812, 1345:812, yuri cuck 4.jpg)


oh fuck

I had forgotten about him.

Reminder at least you're not dykecuck.

Also stop replying to obvious bait. He's trying derail the thread to cause you to get distracted from Sony's censorship.

0de56b  No.15706146


I didn't reply, and I already did my job when it comes to him, just waiting for the results now

da3ec8  No.15706153


That's why I had the extra linebreak there. It wasn't directed to you, but for posts after that to try to stop the faggot from derailing the thread completely.

125f8b  No.15706154

File: ac2d7bea7f651c7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 115.47 KB, 300x452, 75:113, Hot Yuri action.png)


>He's trying derail the thread to cause you to get distracted from Sony's censorship

No, he's still salty a dyke gave his girlfriend a better dicking than he ever could.

Not so much a shill; as a sad case of mental illness and he doesn't realize he's gay.

83b5ab  No.15706157

File: 41e83beae1fec4b⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1962x2565, 218:285, YuriCuckExposed.png)






Hey Dykecuck. Let any other girls fuck your girlfriend lately?

173209  No.15706170

File: fff6e0ffcc95c2b⋯.png (443.74 KB, 2386x1608, 1193:804, letting your gf get banged….png)


Reminds me of this.

I guess it's twice as bad when the cucking is done by another woman, imagine being so bad a dyke can replace you.

0de56b  No.15706186

>he's sucking his own dick now while he spergs out


391c6a  No.15706190

File: 31cb21764f38cdf⋯.jpg (200.62 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, 31cb21764f38cdfbdf2a3130fa….jpg)


Embrace Neps. Neps are love. Neps are life.

3fd455  No.15706194


Wait, all those anons were right? You really are some pathetic faggot that got cucked by a lesbian? I found it odd that they jumped to that assessment but its pretty hilarious now that I see it was an accurate one. Also no wonder that you were in a relationship with a dyke, she probably felt some minor attraction to you because you act like a woman instead of a man with how you complain about muh representation.

0de56b  No.15706198


That wasn't just a guy, he was a warrior who deserves respect for being cucked by a lesbian you dumb bigot

bacaf3  No.15706206

File: e4b7d97ea35f14a⋯.png (449.62 KB, 500x738, 250:369, 6c0f7478dd8bedb1c06bda1b46….png)



I have to respond, this bait is too good.

That isn't even the same guy.

143d4c  No.15706209

File: 46028c904a1ab09⋯.jpeg (51.32 KB, 516x561, 172:187, Viv Popcorn.jpeg)

This is worth staying up past midnight.

3fd455  No.15706214


>That wasn't just a guy, he was a warrior who deserves respect for being cucked by a lesbian you dumb bigot

If they cuck you you win I suppose.

391c6a  No.15706217

File: 913cf3b90a5f271⋯.jpg (830.12 KB, 1544x1095, 1544:1095, 913cf3b90a5f27111d044e3088….jpg)

Alright alright. Sony is target. Not this loser. That or post lewds like the last time.

6a94fb  No.15706221

File: 06f9563f2880180⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.63 KB, 325x921, 325:921, sl147.jpg)


I have footage of the cucking event.

3fd455  No.15706224

File: 18c671ba59c301b⋯.jpg (274.86 KB, 900x1146, 150:191, 3242343434343.jpg)


Not sure what can be done honestly, Sony's not going to cave to pressure to stop this shit, we just have to hope that devs focus on other platforms. Which might be a tough sell because I bet they're most familiar with Sony as that's been the best selling platform in Japan for years.

217663  No.15706226


>sexy losers

Now that's a blast to the past.

cfb6d9  No.15706228

File: 31eb16882a713a0⋯.jpg (30.36 KB, 360x374, 180:187, oh wow.jpg)


>a warrior who deserves respect for being cucked by a lesbian

This has to be parody. This is some anon merely pretending to be dykecuck for shits and giggles. This can't be real.

cfb6d9  No.15706232


Oh wait, different ID. Damn. This was almost funny.

0de56b  No.15706234


Yeah. He's funny but he'll waste the whole thread. Maybe he'll demonstrate to us how he taught his "disciple" how he got cucked :^)

Anyways, if a mod can edit this into the OP that would be nice.



Contact Phone: 1-800-345-7669





Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

2207 Bridgepointe Parkway

San Mateo, CA 94404

United States of America

Chat client with Sony Support:


Aram Jabbari - Sony Public Relations



Julie Wenzel

Sr. Manager, Community Relations


173209  No.15706235

File: 4985c066b6ab236⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.43 MB, 3445x2477, 3445:2477, d245b6f0221e90150113d071e6….png)

Anon, stop.



Post thread-related porn.

0de56b  No.15706237


I was was just summarizing what he said in a shitpost

glad I got a laugh though

143d4c  No.15706242

File: 1b180fb23dd7a42⋯.png (799.82 KB, 564x1077, 188:359, Salt.png)

File: 1c93f6751ef3b87⋯.png (592.4 KB, 472x971, 472:971, Salt2.png)


0de56b  No.15706243

File: 5893ed63070d2f8⋯.png (7.46 KB, 797x127, 797:127, ClipboardImage.png)


literally just used your own words to mock you; failing to see how that's a strawman

cfb6d9  No.15706245

File: 06d85feaf9d5fd5⋯.gif (3.06 KB, 278x331, 278:331, squint.gif)


I still this has to be some fag pretending for shits and giggles.

7c1768  No.15706249


Liberals openly support the corrupt elements of capitalism while wondering why they feel capitalism is unfair.

cfb6d9  No.15706251


I've seen much more dedicated anons than him. Like the moeshit doesn't exist anon.

391c6a  No.15706254


I don't know. Unfortunately platform switching is not free, and the options are Xbone (LOL), Switch (maybe), PC (not much of a market).


I just reported the post to get their attention. That's normally how I get failed spoilers fixed too.

0de56b  No.15706257


mocking you =/= an argument

bacaf3  No.15706258

Is it just me or do the biggest fags always quote like 5 posts in one post?

143d4c  No.15706262

File: d512cef74a436e5⋯.jpg (340.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1371690390955.jpg)


fe7463  No.15706264

File: f4a40e16c61f831⋯.png (375.8 KB, 514x536, 257:268, autism levels.png)

9e8bba  No.15706267


>mocking someone is wasting time

Its fun so its not wasting his time now is it?

cfb6d9  No.15706268

File: 682c06e2c14221c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 471.03 KB, 730x408, 365:204, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6879c5f6453bff7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 137.64 KB, 350x350, 1:1, Cips.png)


I've seen the future and it's bright.

bb7d44  No.15706270

Nips liked home computers in the past, right? Couldn't they try doing it again? There isn't much competition at the moment, considering Xbox doesn't exist there and Sony is brb gonna kym-ing.

bacaf3  No.15706272


Nora really needs to get some fucking blinds

7c1768  No.15706275

File: 9b6e70f468136c1⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nothing for you.png)


I've noticed the same thing. Dedicated shitposters probably do this to fish for more (you)s, which seems to be the only thing they're after besides looking like retards and wearing it like a badge of honor.

0de56b  No.15706281


Tastes don't just change on a dime, though this will certainly push some to PC. It would take a dedicated push by developers though, and would require either some middleman willing to make physical copies for them or the developers doing it themselves since nips didn't adopt the shitty digital-only future nearly as eagerly as the west did. I also don't know how they feel about the OS situation, what with Winjews 10 being cancerous and all and having a ridiculous amount of problems.



They're fine for right now but I don't think I need to tell you about the extreme risk factor they present. Sony was what was keeping them accountable for so long. If they decided to censor now, nip developers everywhere would be fucked.

I wish there were more than just 2 japanese hardware manufacturers.

bacaf3  No.15706282

Cease replying to it

173209  No.15706283

File: f4a45b979090b7d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 9.9 MB, 3445x2462, 3445:2462, 1f564b1c8043048fba89ab3e9a….png)


It's all right, anon.

You can stop now.

Everything will be fine.


Oh for fuck's sake.

I'll never get over how they censored her belly button too.

It's so stupid.

143d4c  No.15706286

File: db2aa84373c1b78⋯.jpg (48.85 KB, 599x399, 599:399, Jotaro.jpg)


>I daresay he is like the phoenix of legend.

The fact that you use "my disciple" to describe him is hilarious enough.

3fd455  No.15706289


>I also don't know how they feel about the OS situation, what with Winjews 10 being cancerous and all and having a ridiculous amount of problems.

The impression that I've gotten is that they don't care but this is based on Japanese businessmen rather than otaku and in fairness American normalfags don't care either.

fe7463  No.15706291

File: ff3538663e53683⋯.png (167.08 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Smug Rash.png)

This thread made my night.

0de56b  No.15706295


American normalfags also adopted digital shit far, far more quickly than they did, and PC is a much, much bigger market here than there. There's clearly some large differences, be they cultural, preferential, or some other shit.


I know. I'm saying more would move if the shafted developers made a coordinated push for it than not though.

cfb6d9  No.15706296

File: 1c479e59a9e5b27⋯.png (705.94 KB, 1538x887, 1538:887, AKTH0.png)

File: 37643f6fc0bf1ad⋯.png (774.52 KB, 1538x887, 1538:887, AKTH1.png)


>Except that according to either the devs or publisher behind the most recent case, there's no explicit content in the game anyhow

It's still heavily loli themed, just not explicit. Valve has an unwritten rule against loli/shota, so there's no hard and fast way to tell if something crosses their line.

143d4c  No.15706304

File: 51f2bc2bdd352bf⋯.jpg (56.27 KB, 427x431, 427:431, 1342369544496.jpg)


>You will never, EVER get those twenty dollars back.

I don't even know who you are talking about.

>Or will you continue to fight on, forcing me to use my most dirty trick?

I'll admit, I want to see what this "most dirty trick" is.

cfb6d9  No.15706308

File: 84bc4e452e32121⋯.jpg (43.59 KB, 360x480, 3:4, 84b.jpg)


>I'll never get over how they censored her belly button too.

>It's so stupid.

That's because this form of censorship likely isn't what Sony asked for specifically, but what the devs did in response to Sony's demands as protest. They know this shit will upset people and they know the blame will go to Sony for making demands for censorship in the first place. So they make it as stupid and overt as they can in order to help stir discontent in the consumerbase with Sony's new policy.

0de56b  No.15706326

File: 8ddeca60d6e995b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 420.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0150[1].jpg)

File: 9afe829dcfbe787⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 581.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 0158[1].jpg)


lolis actually being penetrated in games don't set them off but loli-focused shit that's not explicit whatsoever does?

This doesn't make any sense and just implies that Valve didn't look fully into these games, and are at risk for being censored off their platform. Hell all lewd games still technically are at risk for being censored off Valve's platform as the waifupocalypse proved. This right now is just what appears to be a good state (that they've somewhat undone with their 2 recent censorships)

143d4c  No.15706338

File: c0f22caba1ead2c⋯.png (1.7 MB, 2818x2000, 1409:1000, ONE FOR YURI ALL FOR YURI.png)


I see (20).

0de56b  No.15706344

Jesus christ this is some autism

No wonder he got cucked

cfb6d9  No.15706354


I need that redpanels like tug of war comic with the confused libertarian.

fe7463  No.15706358

File: 1a44434ebc1229c⋯.jpg (53.17 KB, 881x720, 881:720, smug pyra.jpg)

173209  No.15706363

File: dcb0113c44b6257⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 8.75 MB, 3453x2461, 3453:2461, 8c01af6ffd4c08b9e10918d85e….png)


He's just baiting, but it's fine.

I don't mind this kind of thread every now and then.

143d4c  No.15706365

File: 8481b1e7b6e2cb0⋯.png (170.31 KB, 697x768, 697:768, Faggot_5.png)



>screencaping your own posts

da3ec8  No.15706371

Actually I think he might be blackpill fag instead. He'd also want to shit up a censorship thread and he's really abusing that redtext and formatting.

0de56b  No.15706377


His posts reek of dykecuck's smell, especially his first few; I think he's just gone hysterical and is semi-shitposting to mask it under a "pretending to be retarded" sort of thing, but that's just me

cfb6d9  No.15706389


Fuck you nigger. Sometimes autistic anons are late to a thread that is not very active at the moment and want to respond to multiple posts without spamming the thread with tons of short responses.

da3ec8  No.15706390

File: 614db43cd0ab87a⋯.jpg (199.91 KB, 1400x990, 140:99, tomo yuri harem.jpg)


You're right. He reminded me of him since he's really overusing that redtext. The case is probably what >>15706377 said.

000000  No.15706396


Killing leftists solves this problem quickly.

And Soyny is a marxist company. All consumers and developers must abandon Soyny. They won't stop. They will just double down, until killed or bankrupted.

7c1768  No.15706401


>I don't mind this kind of thread every now and then

This is the kind of attitude that killed /animu/ and turned it into a playground for retards like dykecuck and LRD.

cfb6d9  No.15706403


>lolis actually being penetrated in games don't set them off but loli-focused shit that's not explicit whatsoever does?

HEAVILY LOLI THEMED anon. She makes up a minor portion of the CGs in that game and Valve likely hasn't heavily scrutinized it because it's mostly titty monsters on the cover.

>implies that Valve didn't look fully into these games, and are at risk for being censored off their platform.


143d4c  No.15706407

File: 45a4a353c112fd3⋯.png (154.58 KB, 442x552, 221:276, YA-ZY - Manya san no Ran P….png)


>I've destroyed your leader

This retardation keeps going.


And the TORpedo joins in.

9e8bba  No.15706411

File: 8fb31e3bd328e54⋯.jpg (201.02 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 14431242_p0.JPG)


You really feel like the guy who shitposted in the 2hu thread.

Same retarded logic that you somehow make the rules to arguments at least.

173209  No.15706412

File: 9c0bfaac29026b4⋯.jpg (191.7 KB, 729x1048, 729:1048, yuri2.jpg)


Post more yuri.


Well, shit.

How much worse can things get?

cfb6d9  No.15706414


>I don't mind this kind of thread every now and then.

He derailing a thread with actual discussion nigger.

076ff5  No.15706415


which game? need to buy it before they nuke it so it stays on my weeb profile as a big reminder that:

A: Steam are hypocrites and

B: I fucking like lolis and like fucking lolis

cfb6d9  No.15706425

File: 54cf5f91cdb6600⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Super vanilla happy end gu….png)


Don't. It's AliceSoft.

bc9656  No.15706428


You can buy it directly from the developer and I would recommend that instead of giving 30% to Steam, but its Evenicle if you must know

cfb6d9  No.15706431


Also, she's barely even a loli. Those CGs make her look smaller than normal. She's in the petite teenager category.

55869b  No.15706432

File: a832046c3837b1f⋯.jpg (531.43 KB, 950x1357, 950:1357, 02tr.jpg)

File: 3069376ff1d9a54⋯.jpg (382.82 KB, 950x1349, 50:71, 03tr.jpg)

File: 1cb31343b22af8a⋯.jpg (570.58 KB, 950x1347, 950:1347, 04tr.jpg)

>complaining about yuri being anti-male

>when the audience for yuri is mostly male

143d4c  No.15706434

File: 891a82b480157c9⋯.png (688.87 KB, 1086x816, 181:136, SPAGHETII.png)


I think I realized why your girlfriend left you. You are the biggest retard around.


9e8bba  No.15706439

File: 99f0baddce6e388⋯.png (1.49 MB, 900x1440, 5:8, 65758253_p0.png)


So that confirms it huh.


Sounds about right, even if this is >merely shit-posting he reeks of faggotry.

fe7463  No.15706446

File: 32a281b11c83a38⋯.png (28.38 KB, 130x129, 130:129, Arnold_Son_of_a_Nazi_head.png)

>still going

076ff5  No.15706448




well i'll consider your advice, but i really like displaying loli games on my account, it will come down to the price most likely

7c1768  No.15706450

File: 1937fcd41ca9cab⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 971.22 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, 164.jpg)


>How much worse can things get?

Check out the UzaMaid thread on /animu/ if you want to see what happens when people think autistic shitposters are good company.

cfb6d9  No.15706454


>i really like displaying loli games on my account

No one who hasn't played the game will even be able to tell it contains loli.

bacaf3  No.15706459


I didn't say everyone who responds to multiple posts is a fag, just that fags always do it.

2fe14d  No.15706471

File: 7009bae234b7066⋯.jpg (44.8 KB, 842x699, 842:699, f8d3d1f68680d7e1a2104bf102….jpg)


>reeeeeeee shitposting killed /animu/!

<Not the fact that you're all low-level reddit trash who only watch cuckime




143d4c  No.15706481


>mind my own business

>derail the thread




Don't you start.

da3ec8  No.15706484


From the ashes of /a/ and /animu/ /am/ will rise up again. The phoenix of legends.

bacaf3  No.15706499


Are you insane?



55869b  No.15706500

File: 624a58a54b9b9ca⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 736x551, 736:551, 624a58a54b9b9cac6cfefda8d1….jpg)


>confusing 2D yuri and 3dpd lesbians together

9e8bba  No.15706503

File: 6b0f86f790763c5⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 700x543, 700:543, 68972171_p2.jpg)


You do realize that nobody actually cares about your opinion right?

Also that really isn't threatening coming from a (30).

55869b  No.15706554

File: 22851a804a03a3b⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1398x1996, 699:998, 66108648_p0.png)


>I've been waiting for this moment for months.

m8 I absolutely despise irl lesbians (and faggots regardless) but japanese 2D yuri get a pass in my book, because it's pretty much like 2D women in nearly every form, as in it's also pictures of idealized characters (either be in appearance as well as in personality). If you have a problem to distinct fiction from reality, then that your own problem

>Hover my ID and you'll see it's (12)

<uses the same "logical fallacy" screenshot pictures and red text typing just like when he was dc6c6c

If you're going to pretend to be another anon at least do a better job than that crap

a4d796  No.15706561


>m8 I absolutely despise irl lesbians (and faggots regardless) but japanese 2D yuri get a pass in my book

Again, this is basically "not true lesbianism."

>because it's pretty much like 2D women in nearly every form

The purpose of women is to serve man. Lesbians don't serve man, they're too busy raping women.

>as in it's also pictures of idealized characters (either be in appearance as well as in personality)


Then why not make them attracted to you, if they're so idealized?

>If you have a problem to distinct fiction from reality, then that your own problem

Nice tangent, wanna say something meaningful now?

Also, I never said I was a different anon. I simply said my post count is below (13), and therefore, I am not still going.

9e8bba  No.15706576

File: 1dc083b4dfee730⋯.jpg (871.84 KB, 1417x2126, 1417:2126, 66593777_p0.jpg)


Oy i hope you realize that nobody that unironically states;

>Everything I say is a fact.

is anything more than a retard.

Also I've seen this poster before, he'll just rely on meme logic that doesn't actually make sense.

a4d796  No.15706582


>he'll just rely on simple logic I can't refute

FTFY, my dear.

391c6a  No.15706584

File: 002421db862e03a⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 4877x6950, 4877:6950, nowa.jpg)

>wander off for a bit

>this shit's still going on

Let Neps attract you to something more productive.

76a2ee  No.15706633


>Everything I say is a fact.

Outside your obsessive counting most of what you've said is an opinion biased towards what you assume about every Anon you're talking too, or what you assume to be true. Unless you've got evidence backing your other statements it's pretty much a given you're posting on faith alone.

a4d796  No.15706638


>obsessive counting

Yes, NOW it's obsessive when I do it. Typical double standard.

> Unless you've got evidence backing your other statements

Except I did. Here's some examples:



Try again.

9e8bba  No.15706646

File: 9b514a17325899d⋯.jpg (100.37 KB, 800x609, 800:609, 1901501751095115.jpg)


Okay then lets go through this again, what makes either of those reasons reality or fact based and not faith based?

a4d796  No.15706649


The first post is admittedly circumstantial. However, you did not specify it had to be decisive, so therefore, circumstantial evidence is acceptable.

As for the second? Come on, I proved that he did a strawman, look at the picture. It's clear as day, what do you want me to say? Given what you're posting, it seems you're fishing for a "gotcha," but sadly, you'll find none here.

7c1768  No.15706660

File: 96339c942441720⋯.png (362.43 KB, 700x700, 1:1, confusedbrat.png)


Why bother seriously debating with yuricuck? It's like going to a nursing home to argue with the dementia patients.

bacaf3  No.15706673


If only they had a half decent game

9e8bba  No.15706675

File: bbb829cbd658cd3⋯.jpg (448.08 KB, 1200x702, 200:117, 71189137_p16_master1200.jpg)


How can you prove a strawman in fact or reality?

And he was paraphrasing you, you literally called dykecuck a "warrior" and your choice in wording was clearly asking for respect for that failure.

There was no lie nor was it a exaggeration.

It was merely a more direct version of your original post.

Now prove me wrong in evidence or screech your retarded logic as usual.


I feel like a dementia patient would have actual been a more reasonable argument partner in all honesty.

But really i wish to see if i can't get him into the same mode as last time.

a4d796  No.15706681


>How can you prove a strawman in fact or reality?

It was literally the definition. Look at the picture again. This is willful ignorance on your part and you know it.

>But really i wish to see if i can't get him into the same mode as last time.

Are you the guy I gave cognitive dissonance? Man, that was fun. I see you still haven't dropped the plebbit spacing, though.

391c6a  No.15706683


Why's that required to enjoy sexy girls? It didn't stop me with the Granblue ones. Also the Re;birth games are OK, I'll concede the majority of spin-offs to suck though. Bottom line is this thread needs less boring shit and more hot shit.

943ce3  No.15706696

File: 95c1b17fce6e4e8⋯.jpg (63.51 KB, 483x711, 161:237, Kiriya Aoi from Smug Katsu….JPG)


>Shitposters kicked out of /a/ by meidos for shitposting

>Shitposter shitpost the 'My Maid is too Annoying!' thread so hard even /v/ is offended.



bacaf3  No.15706708

File: 524f0479e084c92⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 268.53 KB, 1000x963, 1000:963, c06ebe0c12623b87175edf953d….jpg)

File: 2851e6fb5c2fdd0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.22 KB, 1106x695, 1106:695, 3b210ffa3ac061e3ffde2444e4….jpg)

File: 6578806607d33d8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.9 KB, 786x1100, 393:550, 6578806607d33d8f5f4877eace….jpg)

File: 043c95354819f67⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 1056x1812, 88:151, 1521752403508.jpg)


It's not required, but I find it's easier to get my rocks off if they're from a good game.

But yeah I agree this thread needs more of the good stuff no matter where it's from.

391c6a  No.15706717

File: 6d5b06c42ca6583⋯.png (814.54 KB, 800x755, 160:151, 1441955327885.png)


>slime nakadashi

9e8bba  No.15706735

File: fa393bacdb7ad0e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1146x810, 191:135, 69859601_p0.png)

File: f70f250986260fa⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 541.37 KB, 1038x1280, 519:640, 33728824_p0.jpg)

File: efe798c6e2c05fb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1920x1366, 960:683, 66227354_p0.jpg)

File: 271e3bb52942199⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 68225782_p0.jpg)

File: f0e794026de1972⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 559.38 KB, 885x1254, 295:418, 57747957_p0.jpg)


>basically posting right after me

Aren't you thirsty?

No matter how you look at it, you're clearly putting way more effort.

>It was literally the definition. Look at the picture again. This is willful ignorance on your part and you know it.

Unproven things can be pushed by humans, this does not make them "fact";

a man can be tricked into believing he's immortal, but that does not make it true.

In this case you haven't proven that a strawman existed in the post you're whining about

Considering you just ignored the meat of my argument, i guess I've got my answer huh.

>I see you still haven't dropped the plebbit spacing, though.

Good to know that you're one of the people who's diluting what plebbit spacing is.

da3ec8  No.15706754

File: 37b6d4219466aa7⋯.jpg (55.49 KB, 580x320, 29:16, yuri.jpg)

He's been going at it for 4 hours now.

391c6a  No.15706757

File: d7628dbd59540d2⋯.png (230.84 KB, 617x823, 617:823, Current year.png)

Blah blah blah.

a4d796  No.15706763


>muh time

This is a dangerous path to travel, considering your own time in this thread. Sure you wanna use this tactic?

02d757  No.15706765

File: a9644ddc4a434bc⋯.jpg (153.47 KB, 900x1170, 10:13, a9644ddc4a434bcc54d3902ce7….jpg)


Post more sexy neppers

7c1768  No.15706769


Both boards are dumps because neither one can find a sensible approach to running a board outside of extremes.

391c6a  No.15706779

File: beae5db2fd516fb⋯.png (892.06 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, blacksis_towel.png)

File: e14f20c8f850581⋯.jpg (116.53 KB, 891x1200, 297:400, white_towel.jpg)

File: a779940628becac⋯.jpg (845.14 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, purple_towel.jpg)

File: 3eaf7a00eefe7a7⋯.jpg (121.88 KB, 1000x774, 500:387, green_towel.jpg)

File: a320e55091f4de0⋯.jpg (167.25 KB, 960x541, 960:541, previous_year_sony_towel.jpg)


I'm not sticking around too long.


When it comes down to it I'll take /a/ over /animu/ since it means I might actually get discussion. I'm generally not into shitposting or lewdposting unless a thread deserves it.

7c1768  No.15706797


>When it comes down to it I'll take /a/ over /animu/

What is sad is I actually agree with you and find myself going back to /a/ even though it's almost a ghost town and the majority of the users are a tad too miserable. But at least there is more being said than ALICU SHIDDING HER BANTS XD XD and the incessant whining of lolitard in any thread about a show with a girl smaller than a C cup. /animu/ is only good for discussing shady industry shit and censorship moves.

3ee912  No.15706801

File: 398a840c6894afb⋯.png (2.96 KB, 240x180, 4:3, what a horrible night to h….png)

>All this stupid shit happens when all vols are asleep


da3ec8  No.15706821


Was lolitard the self-admitted cuckchanner during that one jazz thread?

9e8bba  No.15706825

File: 26f8c6650ebce2a⋯.png (926.45 KB, 900x1044, 25:29, 52774303_p0.png)

File: 4bdae44c9e7104e⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, 66820047_p0.png)

File: 467ae6136c0150c⋯.jpg (823.47 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, 58430149_p0.jpg)

File: 7363d954a87f092⋯.png (908.21 KB, 800x1085, 160:217, 63866709_p0.png)

File: 548df25a02c6e08⋯.png (3.93 MB, 1464x2117, 1464:2117, 49139284_p0.png)


haha, well i got what i wanted in the end i guess…

Hotpockets purging the thread from him a lot earlier would have been nicer realistically though.

02d757  No.15706841

File: 2a76a6ec7254445⋯.jpg (180.9 KB, 1200x1171, 1200:1171, 2a76a6ec7254445b9999532466….jpg)

File: 6545622da7f2418⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 2000x3072, 125:192, 5a26c4538497491152e276f291….jpg)

File: 7e3e07d662755dc⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 4877x6950, 4877:6950, 7e3e07d662755dce1bc35a2bb4….jpg)

File: a0d5fb1a9b5bc10⋯.jpg (504.63 KB, 724x1023, 724:1023, 9a598e599b478f2929a7aade03….jpg)

File: aa5e1d27455090c⋯.jpg (267.65 KB, 1000x1090, 100:109, n1.jpg)

7c1768  No.15706847


I think that was someone else, but the lolitard is either an old cuckchan tripfag called lolisRdead or someone imitating him. I'm not sure which is worse.

391c6a  No.15706850

File: bd31aaa88ac02a8⋯.png (27.07 KB, 195x236, 195:236, Screenshot_2018-11-09_22-4….png)

File: 5ef90b97e5bb866⋯.jpg (297.71 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, purplesis_ribbon.jpg)

File: 2093c42549dc911⋯.png (1.22 MB, 982x1366, 491:683, white_ribbon.png)


It's that sort of detail that makes me adore the official artist so much.

02d757  No.15706856

File: aa42f64f1b58bed⋯.jpg (501.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, n8.jpg)


>that blanc

Oh…oh my

13850d  No.15706864

File: 2f16e9dfc7d2a97⋯.png (2.83 MB, 2533x1819, 149:107, 2f16e9dfc7d2a97fbed7bef6a0….png)

File: 1ed222be248e85a⋯.png (569.45 KB, 758x1285, 758:1285, 5e698cbdf90c289d428c5ca8c4….png)

File: 8ebf968bcd52963⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2384x6000, 149:375, 8ebf968bcd5296328d6f6e8de7….jpg)

File: 46bf1037126f079⋯.jpeg (5.14 MB, 2816x4000, 88:125, 46bf1037126f07999386f9069….jpeg)

File: a536dd2daf8df72⋯.jpg (141.61 KB, 900x1047, 300:349, a536dd2daf8df7220e79b16c78….jpg)


a4d796  No.15706894



That being said. You didn't get what you want, though. I'm still here.

02d757  No.15706897

File: a05a155e26e208a⋯.jpg (507.63 KB, 800x1222, 400:611, 5c140aa367763ebc816a83354b….jpg)


That's just sad tbh. Let it go, yuri cuck

a4d796  No.15706901


No way, fag. I love making my enemies uncomfortable.

da3ec8  No.15706907

File: 060b13c78954b60⋯.jpg (472.33 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, yuri_delicious_brown.jpg)

5 hours

He's been going at it for 5 hours.

02d757  No.15706909

File: fb8b03ac5c832b0⋯.png (4.48 MB, 2000x2782, 1000:1391, fb8b03ac5c832b08fd1d7a14aa….png)


Being sad at how far your mental state has fallen != being uncomfortable

I'm pretty sure everyone who replied is either mocking you or a bit sad for you, like me. It's no matter at this point though, post neps

391c6a  No.15706919

File: 8f218346b02f22a⋯.jpg (616.25 KB, 780x1191, 260:397, iris_apron.jpg)

File: bbfea4d3d67f0d6⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 4082x5899, 4082:5899, iris_bubble.jpg)

File: 8ca4cb40a1985bd⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1800x2350, 36:47, iris_rape.jpg)

File: f73d21999be4244⋯.jpg (497.2 KB, 987x1500, 329:500, iris_pillow.jpg)


Last time for me, I'm about to play some of the actual games.


>that part in Gun Gun Pixies where Neptune literally does that

7c1768  No.15706921

File: 2cd3d881f40ef6f⋯.jpg (787.41 KB, 933x1500, 311:500, kissinggrills.jpg)



You may be taking this shit too seriously, nigger.

1f0e68  No.15706926


How so?

9e8bba  No.15706939

File: 497a2ee160acd51⋯.png (24.12 KB, 1478x312, 739:156, Autism.png)


Guess what, i wanted you to post something beyond your normal retardation

And here it is.

I actually had no expectations of your autism ending soon.

bacaf3  No.15706943

File: 04bb10099a61021⋯.jpg (394.49 KB, 850x1204, 425:602, good orc day 2.jpg)

File: ac4d4501a7035dd⋯.jpg (263.65 KB, 850x1204, 425:602, good orc day 3.jpg)

File: edeb146f05d6e2e⋯.jpg (215.45 KB, 850x1204, 425:602, good orc day 4.jpg)

File: f771a00c033724f⋯.jpg (255.5 KB, 850x1204, 425:602, good orc day 5.jpg)

File: 3c283a8193ddb5f⋯.jpg (294.71 KB, 850x1204, 425:602, good orc day 6.jpg)

Thank you for the images nepfags

8fcdda  No.15706976

File: b2e538a9a47dade⋯.jpg (81.35 KB, 800x571, 800:571, eagle.jpg)

America. The land of the free.

5fdef3  No.15706994


Except being faggots going off at a moment’s notice and creating a hugbox.

e1f531  No.15706995


/a/ and /tg/ are the only good boards on this site. I don't know why /a/ is so small though.

e1f531  No.15706997


Says the one that wants so post like a nigger. The rules are simple.

bb7d44  No.15707006


Switch is portable and this hurts performance. I don't think this is a preferable competitor to Playstation.


I never thought about this, but Microsoft has a near monopoly over there as well. I would probably go with Windows-like Linux distro and focus on compatibility with Windows in general, so that buying this HC doesn't isolate the consumer.

445aa3  No.15707022


It's not that surprising when you think about it. Leftists, especially in America, were quickly taken advantage of to be useful idiots for competing business interests. The two party system was always bullshit but has been meaningless since the end of WW2 at least (I'm too young to be sure about anything earlier). It's corporations competing against other corporations and extreme capitalism dictates that they will "naturally" try to expand profits by changing legislature, because capitalism means you always have to push the margins, forever. It's tragic because it is the most successful economic system, even for common folks if they wish to work, but it's also probably the one that's going to ruin everything for us.

80eeb1  No.15707025

File: 274f6169153bc08⋯.jpg (59.28 KB, 367x461, 367:461, animu_never_conquered.jpg)


/a/ just keeps the order to keep cancer off the board. All you have to do is proofread your posts you fucking nigger. They organize the S/a/turday radio and have a scanlator that does Elf-san wa Yaserarenai. The meidos do all they can to achieve a clean board, but there does exists funposting. It's too bad you confuse shitposting with funposting.


Quality posters are few in number.


Sony is going to drive away Japanese devs to the Switch anyway. The ones with Sony are under contract and might leave to Nintendo or PC once their exclusivity contract expires.

3ee912  No.15707031


>/a/ never done anything wrong.

And I can do fire breath.

>If anything, Mark should adopt /a/'s moderation.

Fuck no. I don't want to be banned for mere typo.

80eeb1  No.15707032


>What is proofreading

02d757  No.15707036


>being so triggered by typos you have to ban people for it

80eeb1  No.15707043


>Being against keeping up the quality of the board

There's a reason the board has been safe from cucjchan and Reddit rapefugees.

02d757  No.15707045

da3ec8  No.15707047


I like how you tell people to stop acting like a nigger and tp adopt to /a/'s culture if they want to post there. Then you have the gall to come to /v/ and tell anons to abandon the board's posting style and accept /a/'s like an ungrateful, invading refugee.

A complete fucking lack of awareness.

3ee912  No.15707050

File: 3bc1e326488d287⋯.jpg (620 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, grammatik macht frei.jpg)


They just use their grammar nazi bot for this though.



You would be banned on /a/ for this.

4d2dfd  No.15707051


>I don't know why /a/ is so small though.

I assume it's because most anons don't give a shit about discussing anime.


The Switch and future Nintendo platforms will become ween machines. But even then I wouldn't trust Nintendo either as far as I could throw Reggie.

139d72  No.15707085


>I assume it's because most anons don't give a shit about anime.

Fixed that for you. Anons here don't love anime as much as back in early 4chan. During the exodus, we left most of /a/ behind which is why /a/ is so small.

d313aa  No.15707087

Reminder that /animu/ is the objectively superior anime board.

b7623a  No.15707088


There is no such thing as /v/ posting style, we just don't ban you for typing like a retard. We still ban you if you do ironic shitposting and spam XD.

02d757  No.15707093


>We still ban you if you do ironic shitposting

That's not true, 95% of my posts on this board are ironic shitposts and I've only been banned probably 3 times.

509ab5  No.15707098


Even /v/ has more standards than that shitposting board. They are too lenient with the shitposting. There's a difference in being lax/reasonable and allowing shitposting/degradation. /a/ is still a better board and it has the chubby elf manga scanlator. If your board can at least get as strict as /v/, maybe it would have a chance.

da3ec8  No.15707100


Moderation was the better word to use, like the post in here >>15706984 . /a/'s moderation has its benefits, but to think /v/ should adopt the same moderation style is fucking laughable. each board has its own distinct culture, /a/'s moderation would be a disaster here.

bacaf3  No.15707105

File: 5a83226cef43fc3⋯.jpeg (129.5 KB, 1024x642, 512:321, 5a83226cef43fc3dad250849b….jpeg)


Was that an ironic shitpost as well?

02d757  No.15707109


Yes, because if that was a mod I replied to he knows for sure I've been banned more than 3 times

b7623a  No.15707121


I wish we did, but I am also okay that we don't. It would certainly filter out a lot of shit.

509ab5  No.15707124


There's a reason why those on /a/ call anons here /v/ermin. You could put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

da3ec8  No.15707127

File: 86fdb0aba311adb⋯.gif (925.62 KB, 375x304, 375:304, v_is_a.gif)


It would, but that radical of a change would have to be driven by the userbase. That's why it works for /a/. They decided that moderation style for themselves, it wasn't forced upon them, so it serves them fine. If the jewboy were to suddenly host a meta thread today announcing pic related it would be fucking chaos and shitflinging.

b7623a  No.15707128


It's just faggots who pretend they don't post here.

509ab5  No.15707140


And only a minority of around 300 to 400 anons care about anime & manga on this entire site which is why /a/ is small. As mentioned, /a/ didn't was left behind during the Exodus.


It's more that we don't take our habits and shit here and bring them back there. The problem with crossposting is more to do with anons acting the same on every board they visit and bring in unwelcome mannerisms that may have been appropriate for one board to a board where it's not appropriate.

b7623a  No.15707143


/v/ is okay for the most part, most people put some effort into typing legible posts.

b7623a  No.15707147


>As mentioned, /a/ didn't was left behind during the Exodus.

ding dong

>It's more that we don't take our habits and shit here and bring them back there.

What habits? I type the same here as I do on /a/, I don't get banned there.

d313aa  No.15707162


>posts on/a/

/animu/ will always be the superior board.

509ab5  No.15707171


>What habits?

Typical shit like dubs posting, typing in abbreviations or discussing about SJWs ruining things. It may not apply to you but to the /v/ermin that complain about /a/


>anime flavored /b/

If you were a bit more strict like /v/, then you could talk shit. Your board looks like it's dying.

aa88a6  No.15707178


>And only a minority of around 300 to 400 anons care about anime & manga on this entire site which is why /a/ is small. As mentioned, /a/ didn't was left behind during the Exodus.

That's why I still go to 4/a/.

da3ec8  No.15707180


That's probably also a good reason too. I only lurk /a/ and /animu/ lighty, so I can't call myself a genuine user of either board, only a passing lurker at best. At the time I suppose /a/ didn't have an immediate reason to exodus unlike /v/ and /pol/ when they each had their own. However were there not time(s?) when loli was completely banned from /a/ including SFW discussion? I can't imagine /a/ didn't have its own share problems before '14 large enough to warrant an exodus. However I didn't browse /a/ at all back in 4chan so I'm ignorant of its incidents and history outside of hearsay.

b7623a  No.15707183


I hope you're not saying you post like that here and then call others /v/ermins.

56766e  No.15707194

File: 38dbb55acd358f6⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 507x600, 169:200, 1245778979.jpg)




Don't forget, Nintendo is in seattle, just as bad as sanfran (in some ways its worse)

bacaf3  No.15707200


Why do you have data with a beard in the same folder as this?

56766e  No.15707214

File: 19df3e9fc1ff3c7⋯.mp4 (910.6 KB, 326x184, 163:92, o.mp4)


I never have time to organize anything

d313aa  No.15707220


>still trying to prop up the "it's just anime-flavored /b/ meme

>thinks it's dying when it regularly surpasses /a/ in PPH

Tr/a/nnies, commit suicide.

4eb72f  No.15707221

File: 1b5913eca1c6e23⋯.png (2.85 MB, 2208x4665, 736:1555, trial of cyclegreen prelud….png)

File: 158723fd0068bd5⋯.jpg (10.03 MB, 8262x9264, 1377:1544, trial of cyclegreen.jpg)


>I need to buy steam game

>B: I fucking like lolis and like fucking lolis

people like you, who so proudly proclaim they like lolis outside of sites specifically made for the topic tend to be really creepy and weird anon

it's like our equivalent of those weirdos who put on dildo suits and dance in pride parades

d1ab5f  No.15707233


Both real lolis and animated are good.

b7623a  No.15707244


Good for head pats.

707239  No.15707248


>real lolis

I prefer lolis with adult personalities.

3ee912  No.15707258

File: 0753ed49f559202⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, man of culture.jpg)



56766e  No.15707264

File: c467d69ad4f68d4⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1042x1173, 1042:1173, t4o5bcmyr5p11.png)


never go past the second dimension. it is verboten

a6f41a  No.15707270

File: 1b09ea009fcb92f⋯.png (707.08 KB, 1200x1058, 600:529, Oh yeah nigger.png)


>loli aesthetics

>mature personality

The best of two words.

bacaf3  No.15707272

File: 7b1130212cc0ab8⋯.png (299.8 KB, 600x568, 75:71, appropriate reaction for w….png)

56766e  No.15707283

File: e5b707c1b09fdeb⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1200x1752, 50:73, shorty.png)

7c1768  No.15707290


Half of /animu/'s PPH is karenposting and the lolifag sperging out. It's barely browsable outside of the manga threads.

a6f41a  No.15707293

File: aeea4f73d5dded9⋯.jpg (92.03 KB, 655x815, 131:163, salute.jpg)


> just implies that Valve didn't look fully into these games

If they even touched the game, they already know about the loli. The game starts with the guy saying he wants to bangs his little sisters, and the loli isn't an optional romance quest, fucking her is part of the main story. I believe Valve is doing the "I will only take you down if you aren't chill about it", just like a lazy cop.

>that guy hidden in the alley is selling pot. Meh, who cares.

>shit, that guy is selling pot under a banner saying he is selling pot, and announcing with a megaphone! Fucking bastard, if I don't take him down I will get rekt myself

Evenicle isn't loud about the loli scenes or the sexual content, if you didn't play the game you don't even know about it, and the people from the "scandal crowd" (Be then SJWs or religious people) don't play games, so they only atack the tittles that are very loud about the loli content inside. Valve has taken the smart aproach about a topic so sensitive: They only take down if someone complain, if nobody complain, they will pretend they didn't see it.

c88ec7  No.15707308


> Looks like IFI went back on their word about sending us censored games.

It's more likely they've had these game in production for awhile and then sony forced on the changes at the point where is was too late to cancel the game. Luckily IFI seems to port their whole library to the PC so we will at least get them sony free eventually

883567  No.15707315


>real lolis

Lolis aren't real, they don't exist. Do you believe in Santa Claus too?

fa908d  No.15707325

File: 43c80e04f613e4e⋯.jpg (153.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 65cd6094c25b23c⋯.jpg (181.77 KB, 846x872, 423:436, FE.jpg)


Has Sony ever said why the new policy? CERO, ESRB and all the other rating boards are okay with it, so why is Sony so adamant about it now? I mean, you can still buy God of War 3 and that one has topless chicks on every corner. We're reaching Nintendo levels of censorship now.

1cc848  No.15707327


I wish someone would make an infographic comparing a Loli, a child, and a roswell gray, for the purpose of showing that lolis aren't even similar enough to humans to be considered "underage" even if you can't separate fiction from reality.

3ee912  No.15707334


>Current Soyny major team Members(only 8 major ones)


>Database of major team members(15/18 and I was unable to archive it successfully)

https ://www.crunchbase.com/search/jobs/field/organizations/num_current_positions/sony-computer-entertainment



<SAN MATEO, Calif., March 1, 2018 (How cancerous that city is anyway?)

<In order to ensure coordination between organizations and support functions that are overseen locally, John Kodera, President and CEO, SIE, and Jim Ryan will assume the role of executive in charge of regions, Kodera with responsibility for Americas and Japan Asia and Ryan for Europe.

<Increasingly, the value of interactive entertainment is differentiated by the broad spectrum and depth of experiences that it provides to customers.(a.k.a. Complete Casualization)

<As such, SIE’s mission to create and develop the most attractive and powerful first party titles has become more important than ever.(Every third party title possibly could get shafted, regardless if it's japanese or not.)

<Additionally, in the global functions, (((Phil Rosenberg))) has been appointed Head of Global Publisher and Developer Relations as of January 2018, and Hideaki Nishino will assume the role of Head of Platform Planning and Management effective April 1.

09c9e4  No.15707339

>Sony hopping on the censorship train

>Nintendo being huge jews when it comes to ROMs

What's Microsoft going to do to keep up with the competition?

482b65  No.15707345


Take it to /cuteboys/ fag.

bacaf3  No.15707353


Send police reports of anyone who says something transphobic while using windows

70d600  No.15707365

File: 66d9e2843b75a3d⋯.jpg (77.15 KB, 748x421, 748:421, image.jpg)


>barely browsable outside something that is a main focus of the board

>"it's barely browsable except for most of it, which is browsable"

fa908d  No.15707369

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They're busy celebrating blacks, latinos and women in gaming.

482b65  No.15707387

File: 36b3568ae4bfa7a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.61 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, DpSo8rjUcAEmjwa.jpg)


452fa7  No.15707392


Where's her penis?

02d757  No.15707395


is that kotegawa from to love?

7c1768  No.15707405


You mean all two manga threads that are several months old?

482b65  No.15707415


It's one of Souryu's drawings that he posted, but I don't know what it's from. I just liked it.

02d757  No.15707419

File: b0343b5e4e7e108⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 284.63 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 1.jpg)


Looked around and I can't find confirmation of who the character is. I'll assume it's Kotegawa.

I did find a higher res though, thanks Danbooru

02d757  No.15707421


Sorry, forgot a spoiler

bacaf3  No.15707431


who cares

482b65  No.15707445

File: 2d98d2a0695b02b⋯.jpg (391.77 KB, 781x1105, 781:1105, 63122587_p0_master1200.jpg)


Hi Pixiv account is good too

720eef  No.15707462

File: 3b47189329834bf⋯.jpg (289.95 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Nintendo.jpg)


Wow with reading comprehension like that you must have an IQ in the thousands

after the decimal


>the question to be asked is did Sony contact them directly about it, or was the choice on IFI's end as fear of getting in trouble with Sony and wanting to avoid it in the first place?

Good point, anon. You have a very good point. Was it mandated by some forwarded mass email warning, or was it them getting skittish after seeing what's been going on? One is inescapable while the other is just cowardice.

Didn't think of that.


>Don't forget, Nintendo is in seattle, just as bad as sanfran (in some ways its worse)

No, sadly I know

51fb56  No.15707470

File: 0becf7ad54ce97b⋯.jpg (40.22 KB, 600x703, 600:703, Promotion.jpg)

1cc848  No.15707476


>How cancerous that city is anyway

San Mateo is 20 miles from San Fran. That basically makes it a San Fran suburb.

a878e7  No.15707482

File: ece21c8a02dd12d⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 260x283, 260:283, 1328343010.jpg)


>Nintendo at a gay pride parade

>t-shirts and banners

>Sony at a gay pride parade

>big float with gay strippers all over it to show how tolerant they are

bacaf3  No.15707483

File: b186c838d60ffa3⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.88 MB, 320x380, 16:19, fuck you.gif)


>Wow with reading comprehension like that you must have an IQ in the thousands – after the decimal

Hey fuck you buddy

ca4525  No.15707497


>a single glance at the catalog shows that at least a third of the threads involve manga in some way

If this "having opinions about things they know nothing about" mentality is genuinely shared by most of 8/a/ nowadays then it might as well be referred to as F/a/cebook from now on.

7c1768  No.15707563


Okay, let's have a look at the top threads on /animu/ right now:

>Femdom image dump thread

>Actual manga rec thread

>Shitpost thread about audio tracks

>Winter anime thread

>Gridman thread

>News thread

>meta thread

>Spice and Wolf thread with 4 posts

>You're under arrest anime thread

>Another actual manga thread, only 11 posts

>/loli/ stream thread

>Manga thread with only 29 posts

>Zombieland saga thread

>Monstergirl image dump

It goes on like this. Manga threads aren't even 1/5 of the content, and most of them are dead. And all of the shittiest threads also happen to be the most active outside of the manga rec thread. I'm not even a fan of /a/ and I originally had hopes for /animu/ but it's honestly not a real alternative. What is sad is /a/'s moderation became so stifling people have come to accept hanging out on a board overrun by spergs. It's like going to Somalia just so you can say "at least there are no stupid laws to ruin my fun."

If the BO could be bothered to purge some of the worst offenders the place would improve dramatically and I guarantee you'd see more activity. But fuck that, just bury your head in the sand and let the autists sperg out and derail half the threads because some anons want to "bully" them, AKA feed them the (you)s they want.

fd5afe  No.15707591


This is why women should never be given admins rights. Not like Resetera is relevant for anything thankfully.

a7f168  No.15707604



This is the most likely scenario. Production was green lighted before the Senran 'patient zero', so at this point going back would mean losing cash like Pqube was unfortunately forced to do.

Looking at IFI's history, though: It's guaranteed that we'll be seeing these games on PC later on, so it's just a matter of waiting for now.

Death End is untouched, at least. Guess it doesn't have bath scenes.

3ee912  No.15707626


Why the fuck would you use 8ch during work?


Well then.

e294f6  No.15707629


I hope sony gets razed to the fucking ground.

a7f168  No.15707644



Point. IFI might have played the NISA card and changed the 2 CGs mentioned (which I'm guessing will be Totori "high impact" style, or bath scenes probably) in advance after this Soyny mess started, but the fact remains that the only game to be PS4/PC (for the time being) specifically mentions that that PC version will be untouched.

So at the very least we know its not a 'muh ratings', 'muh decency' or 'muh potential market' like NISA does.

True, they don't mention the 'platform holder' like Xseed did, but DAL's PC version can pretty much confirm that the (((platform))) is indeed the reason.


Pretty much. Not even sure about the 'Playstation' name, because with the Western centric bullshit they're doing it's more of a Watchstation.

Get ready for more "interactive" movies, Marvel licenses and 2DEEP4U lesbians.

3ee912  No.15707650


I would prefer San Fran and Los Angeles being destroyed by giant asteroid.

452fa7  No.15707663


Those are merely the most recently posted threads. Just listing three more threads would get you The World of Moral Reversal that was being translated/typeset by anons, QTDDTOT, and Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!. Those three have a good amount of posts

Scroll further down and there are some more threads with plenty of posts and a shit threads with little posts

>webm, pdf, manga, manga, aras

Half your issue is that the bad threads that would eventually die out after a couple of posts haven't died out fast enough.

0cbd12  No.15707669


4chan has the best /a/, then meguca /a/ and then finally 8/a/. There's no other decent anime boards to discuss anime. Problem with 8chan is that as mentioned majority of animefags were left behind in the exodus which is why /a/ is little. If /v/ gave a shit about anime as much as visual, /a/ would have been a larger more active board, so I end up going back to 4chan for /a/ and even /h/. 8chan is just /v/ and /pol/, nothing more.

fd5afe  No.15707739


Which CGs you think got censored? I thought maybe Oshino's bath scene though from what I read they stated more than 2. 2 were removed and plenty others edited?

a7f168  No.15707745


Probably bath scene, yeah. Or maybe a pantyshot? Who knows…

Oh wait, it's nuSoyny we're talking about. The censored CGs must be hand-holding and a headpat respectively.

Death End is clean so I might check it out, but it's probably going to release for PC anyway later on… So I'll play the waiting game.

b5fe13  No.15707775

File: 3f19461d8ba2d75⋯.png (328.6 KB, 831x768, 277:256, 5irf30k06nd01.png)


Another reason not to touch Sony Consoles. I guess PC wins again.

097cd8  No.15707780


You forgot the

>Can I take both? I love fat little lolis!


7c1768  No.15707827


>Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru

>Those three have a good amount of posts

Now go to that thread and tell me how great it is.

3ee912  No.15707848


It's infested by lolisperg.

426582  No.15707863


8/a/ is fine other than being slow. The only reason to go to cuckchan’s /a/ is if you’re watching anime as it airs rather than waiting for raws or subs and want a livewatch thread. I’ve done that for Symphogear since season 2 and for Revue Starlight last season, other than that I don’t bother with cuckchan.

fd5afe  No.15707864



As a lolibro I say it's a worthless anime. Go read the manga instead, the anime is shit.

67fcdd  No.15707876


It needs a downvote feature so I can truly feel at home.

7c1768  No.15707889


Bingo. People talk up shit like PPH and threads with lots of posts but forget to mention that most of the board activity is coming from retards smearing shit on the walls.

And before anyone else says I'm shilling for /a/ I'll repeat that I'm not a fan of /a/ for different reasons.

26f732  No.15707905

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


PC always wins baby

452fa7  No.15707910


The manga got a translated chapter on mangadex, it might be getting translated again.

fd5afe  No.15707915


I hope so, the anime is such a pile of shit holy shit. They removed all the nudity and even the loli's bloomers are gone. ITS NOT FAIR.

67fcdd  No.15707942


I prefer r/animecirclejerk too. I have friends there and we can discuss kawaii things. :3 8/v/ is the best place to discuss vidya and reddit is the best place to discuss anime. What's your username? Mine's u/LemonsRage

642f2d  No.15707945


8/a/ is near perfect, it would be nice if more anons here get go there.

7c1768  No.15707959


>If you don't like lolifag you must be reddit!


426582  No.15707970


Other than removing fanservice (and not just for the lolis, Tsubame’s muscles are portrayed as hot in the manga and grotesquely comedic in the anime) I really like the anime, the VAs are nailing it, the animation has been good, and it has the best ED of the season easily. Just too bad they toned down the fanservice so much.

67fcdd  No.15707974


What's wrong with reddit?

cfb6d9  No.15707978


It's the equivalent of being a self-admitted brony or furfag.

bacaf3  No.15707981


Don't respond to him, he's back from earlier to shit up the thread.

cfb6d9  No.15707992


>The game starts with the guy saying he wants to bangs his little sisters

That aren't lolis.

fd5afe  No.15707998


Yeh I did state they removed all the fanservice, not just the loli. Shitty company. They fucked Koihime too before and now this.

b5fe13  No.15708009

File: 82b597d6c640874⋯.jpg (181.71 KB, 800x648, 100:81, 82b597d6c640874b0190e74678….jpg)


>What's wrong with reddit?

cfb6d9  No.15708014

File: 06cd22d0d753c38⋯.gif (620.23 KB, 287x400, 287:400, I feel my anger rising ano….gif)


>(((Phil Rosenberg))) has been appointed Head of Global Publisher and Developer Relations

>Suddeny non-English speaking companies have to submit content reports in English and get responses in English

I think this is the super faggot responsible for this whole mess.

217663  No.15708024

File: 98ca4afc84e439a⋯.gif (16.29 KB, 94x122, 47:61, 1429951209864.gif)


Don't get bamboozled, Anon!

f79ffe  No.15708135


>As a lolibro I say it's a worthless anime.

I am aware of that.


It gets tiresome.


It's very probable, but I would prefer to get (((content advisors/censors))) in Japan too.

ceeabb  No.15708165

File: d1a9d1a3700c94d⋯.png (22.77 KB, 829x212, 829:212, 5912856a302632f3e26c357340….png)



This sounds like they'll be moving away from Sony platforms after this, or something along those lines.

7c1768  No.15708182

File: 20ba9b0d59b8adb⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, f3fd1f3585d646bcf2892b3f43….png)


Finally a bit of good news in all this.

26f732  No.15708183


I wonder what's their plan

fd5afe  No.15708184


And that's a good thing! FUCK SNOY.

bacaf3  No.15708190


Now they need to fix their fucking translations.

ddd536  No.15708192


Are they gonna move to PC?

52d24f  No.15708197


They're gonna cut all bath scenes and stay with sony.

603604  No.15708204

File: f7987e8c4b1d2f6⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1000x1478, 500:739, 71224070_p0.png)

Since we were talking about /animu/

Friday night jazz is ON


tune in with any media player at:




7c1768  No.15708230


I would assume PC and Switch. Nothing they make would have trouble running on a Switch and Nintendo doesn't seem to care what 3rd party devs make for now.

26f732  No.15708273


I want to cure Akanes mental illness and NEETdom with my dick


Yeah, they'll probably release it in Japan on Switch and then do Switch/PC localizations.

Wonder how the Nips will feel about this though, Nep has been Sony focused since it's inception and most are brand loyal retards.

How are they taking these news by the way?

1543df  No.15708400

File: c61356a216aa04f⋯.jpg (108.98 KB, 720x308, 180:77, yesss.jpg)


The future is so lewd we won't need eyes to see it

7c1768  No.15708439


From what I gather Sony hasn't had a great reputation with nips for a while, one reason being is the consoles themselves are no longer made in Japan, they're churned out of Chinese Foxconn labor camps like everything else. The censorship crap has them calling Sony shit like "kusony" and "snoy", though I don't really know what the story behind the snoy name. Any console that isn't portable is already kind of "niche" (which is probably one reason Sony is okay with abandoning the Japanese market) so they aren't really all that loyal to the brand now that Vita is just about dead.

3274a4  No.15708445


>I would rather have the niche weeb market on PC than consoles.

The thing is that I like to have physical goods of my vidya.

a7f168  No.15708466


What I'm hoping for is that devs take the VN maker approach: physical editions with goodies and all that shit for PC.

Sonic Mania (standard) had the statue edition for PC as well, but it came with a crappy download code, though.

6b5bdf  No.15708474


Sony's policy is far worse than Nintendo's was from a few years ago. Nintendo allowed independent developers to put out games how they want. They only censored the stuff they made or published in the west. Sony is not allowing anybody to put out what they want they are acting as censors in every sense of the word and it's disgusting. They are as bad as Nintendo in the 80s and 90s.


They'll probably just give everything PC ports. Though I hope them along with every other anime game developer just abandons the shitstain 4. くそに needs to be burned to the ground. If NISA wants to try and salvage their image they should stand against Sony on this bullshit. They already pissed them off with their entire SNK Heroines debacle.

26f732  No.15708481


Console wasn't even released there 3 months after it's original launch, I remember Vita being the go to Sony console until late 2016.

1e40db  No.15708495


It was really just NoA that was the cancer in that, they still are actually but they have a lot less control after the shitstorm we threw a few years ago. It's always the western branch that ends up being the cancer, but in Soynys case the western branch is now the main branch so the problem is much greater.

6b5bdf  No.15708505


The Japanese console market is actually recovering right now between the Switch and Monster Hunter World sales are actually way up for consoles in Japan. It's mostly the switch though it's already almost outsold the PS4 in Japan. Even PC is gaining ground in Japan.

6b9a84  No.15708512

Should I import Smash from Japan?

bacaf3  No.15708520


Shouldn't have bought a switch in the first place faggot

6b5bdf  No.15708524


If you want to, all nintendo games are identical world wide though. Their new policy is to release one version worldwide. They even understand people want to be able to change VO now. If you play the japanese version on an eglish language account it just defaults to english.

56766e  No.15708540

File: e20bc7c704df3a5⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1024x839, 1024:839, 0930ad1312685257ef81b59bba….png)


Sony is being worse than Nintendo was in the 80s and 90s. Nintendo wasn't censoring the actual Japanese releases. Sony is actually trying to screw over gamers on every continent not just in the West.

b5fe13  No.15708546

File: 8801c322d97988a⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 574x662, 287:331, 18klo0mdxyu11.jpg)

File: 8899f1b5b354e00⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 8899f1b5b354e00e2a0598608d….jpg)


>PC gaming on rise in Japan.

>Switch outselling the Soystation Bore in Japan.

>Both are where the lewds are at.

The lesson here is you don't fuck with the Nip's High School Romance VNs.

26f732  No.15708552

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Sony is being worse than Nintendo was in the 80s and 90s. Nintendo wasn't censoring the actual Japanese releases.

Stop fucking posting right now

d98937  No.15708561


I don't own a Switch yet.


It's because of NoA censoring Game & Watch because of Injuns.

b5fe13  No.15708564

File: 441c7fde5b93e0f⋯.jpg (113.5 KB, 692x830, 346:415, 441c7fde5b93e0fc27518c9386….jpg)


>That image.

Took me a second to realise that was shopped. Quality shitposting.

6b5bdf  No.15708568


It'll probably be censored in Japan as well.

6b5bdf  No.15708573


He's right that Nintendo left the Japanese market alone though. However yeah Nintendo trying to get the government to make making games for adults illegal is probably the worst thing ever done. Don't forget they also tried to get video game rentals to be illegal as well.

26f732  No.15708574

7ad4a0  No.15708592


Nintendo of America has always had kikes and puritanical moralfaggotry.

b5fe13  No.15708600

File: 0a6d6cbac66287d⋯.jpg (75.27 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)


90s Nintendo was fucking terrifying.

a6f41a  No.15708603


They are coping, ignoring reality, avoiding threads about the issue, and pretending this isn't happening. Pretty much just like western sony fans.

6b5bdf  No.15708613


Anybody remember when South Park was censored in the EU and AUS? The devs put up screens saying the government won't let you see this. Instead of the sunbeams developers should put in screens like that calling out Soyny for thinking they are your mom.


Well they were the top player on a brand new market so they do what nearly every other business in that position does. They try to get the government to stomp out their competition by fearmongering in regulations.

cfb6d9  No.15708623


>Instead of the sunbeams developers should put in screens like that calling out Soyny for thinking they are your mom.

That'd be attacking Sony too directly. They want to maintain a decent relationship with Sony while having consumers pressure Sony to roll back this retarded policy. >>15706308

b5fe13  No.15708631

File: d851679e64d02e0⋯.png (474.3 KB, 936x520, 9:5, cinematic gay lesbians.png)


Is The PS4 userbase now the Minecraft of consoles players?

full of autistic faggots and gay pedos

0234e6  No.15708633

File: 32ddfff4a331afa⋯.jpg (747.93 KB, 1300x1235, 20:19, Iffy.jpg)

>Idea Factory stops letting NISA translate their games due to censorship in the West

>Sony now forces censorship in on their console even in the East where such content is acceptable

So long as you do not censor your PC releases, you are always welcome on the PC Continent Iffy.

f8b7ac  No.15708640

hopefully IF's testing the waters on nintendo will bear fruit. Then again, I would love to see the people on /nep/ and such apply to work with IF in bringing their games over as they did a good job with the retranslations.

09d06b  No.15708644


What game is this?

b5fe13  No.15708662

File: dee691080dced37⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 990x674, 495:337, hugs.jpg)


Nep on every platform would be glorious.

6b5bdf  No.15708678


>That'd be attacking Sony too directly.

Why? Sony should be attacked directly and everybody should be against them. The shit they are doing is inexcusable. Sony holds no power aside from the number of PS4's sold which will be made irrelevant in the next 2 years when new machines come out.

a6f41a  No.15708681

File: 1284e8cde5f37c4⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1280x1335, 256:267, 1539124327857.png)


>Instead of the sunbeams developers should put in screens like that calling out Soyny for thinking they are your mom

Sony would most likely stop then from doing that. The government needs written law to stop somebody from saying something against it, and unless it is in a country with full fledged dictatorship where you are punished for "instigating distrust" against the government, the people who censored you can only stay assmad from the sidewalk while you call then in their shit. Sony tough, have absolute power in their turf, and that means stopping a game from being published for any arbitrary reasons. If they stop games from being published because of tiddies, they will obviously do the same when it have criticism against their brand.

>I-it's OK! A-at least is not the government that is stomping me now!

f8b7ac  No.15708683


If they released the core games on a single cart and the side games on another, and implemented retranslations translations it would indeed anon.

0de56b  No.15708706


I wish they did PC physicals. They tried once with a fucking

>steam code in a box

thing but I assume it failed, and rightfully so; I don't see what's so hard about realizing people actually want physical copies of games.

cfb6d9  No.15708750

File: 16672bb62225126⋯.png (90.62 KB, 318x310, 159:155, Ishkawa.png)


What the fuck are you doing anon?

0de56b  No.15708755


He posted in the wrong thread

6b5bdf  No.15708760


Physical PC copies are tough and pointless unless they have no DRM. Plus they would have to hire out a manufacturer on their own to print discs. Most Japanese devs probably do not have relationships in place for this since they only have console releases. Which have to be done through Soyny/Nintendo. Maybe try asking Limited Run games to put out physical PC versions.

cfb6d9  No.15708761


I know.

0de56b  No.15708776


>unless they have no DRM

no duh

>Plus they would have to hire out a manufacturer on their own to print discs.

Probably (or they could do it on their own if they have a CD printer), but many developers used to do this all the time including indie developers.

I'm referring to IFI, they can likely just order extra pieces from the console editions, make some decent limited editions and sell them. If the physical CD copies are the only thing lacking from their shit it should've been easy to fix and not that expensive either if they bought in bulk (which they would've). There's plenty of CD printing services that would've done 1-2k CDs on the cheap for them and it would've been easy as fuck to do, let alone if they don't have a printer that can handle CDs.

b5fe13  No.15708794

File: 4e01ebda72ccc52⋯.jpg (53.82 KB, 600x600, 1:1, nepnep.jpg)


>2021 Commiefornia based Sony tries to make it illegal NOT to buy a Ps5.

>Trump mysteriously killed by a random toaster bath incident.

>President Pench electrocutes Sony CEO for being gay.

>Switch Mini comes out has all the good games on the Switch. So just Splatoon 2 then.

>Reset Era burns to the ground after its owner rapes a shower.

>Lightning Returns Again featuring Donte from DmC launches that year Final Fantasy VII remake still not out.

>Tetsuya Nomura dies in a freak zipper accident.

>Faggots still pissed off that people are still fapping to video games.

>People don't care, ignore the faggots and continue fapping.

>Namco say if Soul Calibur 7 does not sell well it really will be the last one.

>Namco taken to court for bullshit.

>Fifa/Madden games declared a crime against humanity.

>Nep A.I comes online calls Mark a faggot.

I wouldn't put it past Sony in trying to force people to buy Ps5s.

0de56b  No.15708803

56766e  No.15708998

File: bf7fb6d647d284c⋯.png (390.56 KB, 790x851, 790:851, 213628fc1952715a93177cc522….png)


>Stop fucking posting right now

Nope, did you actually watch your own video? even back then it was angry women (feminist) and their pet cucks behind most of this shit. NoA just wanted to use this opportunity to attack its only major rival (at the time) "Sega" because back then sega marketing used to shit all over big N for being so restrictive, stuffy and slow. (sega also wanted to sell to teens and adults, while nintdow was happy just being a "toy company") nintendo ran the industry like the greedy yakuza family they've always been, they censored shit in the west because that's always how it was done when importing anything to america (see anime). for nintendo censorship was just business. for sony (right now) its ideological and anti-competitive.

the more things things change, the more they stay the same. if you paid attention, it really wasn't about the violence, it was the "violence against women" and the "women" are depicted as powerless, and no positive rolls for women. think about how this will impact women- er I mean "children!".

26f732  No.15709022


They're both as bad as each other, Nintendo being the family friendly bullshit company they were was what drove a ton of people to Sega and latter on Sony



ee04ff  No.15709037

File: 59fd01057865fe6⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 800x450, 16:9, __hinanawi_tenshi_ibaraki_….gif)

File: 1b06dcc709a2851⋯.jpg (128.7 KB, 850x802, 425:401, __histoire_neptune_series_….jpg)


I wanna eat out Histy!

56766e  No.15709071

File: 9b64c0a51d380a0⋯.jpg (46.16 KB, 640x730, 64:73, DPS8ClwXUAAT0Eb.jpg)



you mean >SS

2f4b9b  No.15709147


they should put Sony's logo as the censorship bars though

or on the very least a copypasta of Soyny's new code of conduct or whatever

f79ffe  No.15709166

File: 8dc34250e5b06ca⋯.png (220.17 KB, 648x612, 18:17, Soy.png)

File: e210cb7cdb38c25⋯.jpg (41.44 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sony-approved.jpg)

File: e8933b5ac0a68f1⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, sunny.jpg)

File: c0260fcab1b7bdb⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 5802x3958, 2901:1979, fill_your_nep_soul_with_LI….jpg)

File: d7628dbd59540d2⋯.png (230.84 KB, 617x823, 617:823, Current_year.png)


cfb6d9  No.15709167


I assume NDAs are responsible for some parts of their approach and/or corporate courtesy of Japan, even though Sony isn't being courteous.

b27bd0  No.15709175

When nips turn lib, they betray their own. I'm not seeing any beneficial worth in doing this for Sony unless their goal is to bolster Nintendo. Maybe this is a bizarre challenge like the Trading Places movie but instead it's a battle of who can make the dumbness decision and still make money off it. It's been a pretty close race between game companies so far this month. I hope the economic seppuku is worth it because I can see this dramatically killing Sony next gen, unless they're really banking that superhero games will help then in the long run.

56766e  No.15709221

File: dc2e37d3df4396e⋯.jpg (158.72 KB, 821x1200, 821:1200, 174165156.jpg)

File: b1704a157fd5eeb⋯.jpg (205.49 KB, 966x1920, 161:320, Gamers!.full.2118868.jpg)


>Nintendo being the family friendly bullshit company they were was what drove a ton of people to Sega and latter on Sony.

yeah, it's too bad sega burned all the good they had built up over petty internal jealousy. now it looks like sony is going destroy the relationship they have with gamers to appease the SJW's. they believe they can coast along on AAA trash like God of Soy and Spider-Ham games forever.

9082ad  No.15709268

File: 2e0e5a279b34c2a⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 593x796, 593:796, 2e0e5a279b34c2a3f998fd97fa….jpg)


> Looks like IFI went back on their word about sending us censored games

they're coming to PC uncensored though, are you brain-dead?


> Aram Jabbari

> Julie Wenzel





what's ironic about all this is now Nintendo has gone full tiddy. There's "games" on the eshop featuring gravure models, Senran Kagura Reflexions is totally uncensored, and Peach Pinball likely will be too.


> (((Rosenberg)))



god i hope. Now if only Marvelous and Falcom will do the same.

bacaf3  No.15709287


>god i hope. Now if only Marvelous and Falcom will do the same.

Anon, I…

9082ad  No.15709304

File: 89d011cfa3d1a09⋯.png (162.93 KB, 303x300, 101:100, aidespair.png)


I know, it's big stretch. I want to believe Sony will get fucked like they deserve for allowing this to happen though. And that CAN happen, if these publishers and devs stop working with Sony and tell them to fuck off

2f4b9b  No.15709336


the Vita go killed so small and mid tier devs have no reason to stick to soyny, even less if they are gonna start forcing a (((burger))) down their sushi loving throats

i don't see any of them with the budget to develop for the upcoming Piss5, maybe the big bloated studios like Squenix and Crapcom will remain on board but everyone else is likelly to flee the sinking ship

788ca7  No.15709358


What? This is fucking retarded. The snes dominated japan and outsold the genesis in america despite launching 2 years later. N64 lost to the psx due to sticking with cartridges. Had nothing to do with "image".

c88ec7  No.15709359


Probably they're gonna tell IF to let them work on PC ports earlier so they can do more simultaneous launches or show them pre-order numbers for Super Nep RPG to convince them to work on the switch more.

56766e  No.15709389

File: a7eb3e1fb9a13ed⋯.jpg (35.78 KB, 551x309, 551:309, Amy-Pascal-Sony.jpg)

File: dc6c97e83b7507e⋯.jpg (58.2 KB, 700x397, 700:397, 1216-amy-pascal-getty-3.jpg)

File: c25bdbe68e9f356⋯.png (565.24 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 117346823.png)


>When nips turn lib, they betray their own.

Japan has its own fucked up history with feminism, sjws and rabid censors. but its always been a japanese take on those concepts. these sony moves are pure (((western))) cancer. doesn't sony also publish lots of anime and music?

2f4b9b  No.15709392


Sega fought back Nintendo's dominance with "rad" meme, they even had an edgyer mascot

they were the chads to nintendo's virgin

pretty much like the 360 was for dude bros and PS3 for weebs and nerds

Sega did completly dominate in south america and poor regions for being the cheaper option, just like the 360

b5fe13  No.15709412

File: 4ceb7b273e3e7bd⋯.jpg (61.18 KB, 567x781, 567:781, 4ceb7b273e3e7bd31a1bf60fe6….jpg)

56766e  No.15709433

File: 8e0394c51ec0bfc⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 506x429, 46:39, 1.jpg)

File: d66f5d00ec2c47b⋯.jpg (106.8 KB, 1024x488, 128:61, Pocket Fantasy moble Eroge….jpg)


>studios like Squenix and Crapcom will remain on board but everyone else is likely to flee the sinking ship

doesn't MS have a big digital distribution platform via xbox live? makes me wonder if japanese devs could publish on xbox, steam and switch without much difficulty. and most of these VN games look like they could run on any iphone or android made since 2005. and for android at least developers can bypass the apps store. and self publish via web or dl-site (most android porn games work that way)

788ca7  No.15709443


I think finally having a decent console with a good support had more to do with its success than some lame 90's edgy marketing. It's not like the snes was perceived has some kind of teletubbies machine. Not with mortal kombat, megaman x, final fantasy etc

2f4b9b  No.15709517


>nips giving a shit about xbox live

why would they even bother, the Xbone is a joke and i don't see the brand making acomback next gen


mortal kombat had no blood on nintendo

sega does what nintendon't

56766e  No.15709525

File: 86b0211da0ab564⋯.jpg (394.45 KB, 900x1269, 100:141, The-Space-Adventure.jpg)

File: 250bd0979efbbd2⋯.jpg (879.26 KB, 2038x3056, 1019:1528, d9y2vkgicpoz.jpg)

File: c2f9a1b2ce0ead8⋯.jpg (173.68 KB, 720x1190, 72:119, 14810-mortal-kombat-sega-c….jpg)

No, lots of people back then associated nintendo with childrens games. (it's why they are considered the disney of video games) saga's marketing worked and nintendo did themselves no favors with pushing censored versions of fighting games like MK and others. gamers got the impression that when it came to 3rd party titles, if you wanted the "real" uncut version you had to go with sega. not to mention the monopoly on sports titles sega had. megaman x had relatively cute sprite based art and no blood, and final fantasy was censored on the snes.

0de56b  No.15709534


>So if you're looking for some real action, head for saturn

Fuck I wish it didn't fail

56766e  No.15709551

File: 6e89a7c18fb8513⋯.jpg (89.72 KB, 923x1066, 71:82, cl64e6nr7e8z.jpg)


>why would they even bother.

money? the same reason they bother with. steam, if MS wasn't incompetent xbox live would have been steam for consoles and ms exclusives. but they fucked that up this generation. but they did freak valve out when they put out the win10 app store. it was funny seeing gaben claim that would end the freedom of the pc games industry while the entire purpose of his own platform is DRM. what a joke.

56766e  No.15709605

File: 9aa366f417b3aad⋯.png (4.15 MB, 1202x1701, 1202:1701, 2144839-eternalchamp.png)

File: 461c6b244c5038c⋯.jpg (266.32 KB, 897x1200, 299:400, DiE4_ibUwAAPrqc.jpg)

File: b422848f77c95dc⋯.png (4.72 MB, 4000x2395, 800:479, b42.png)

File: 925b3c44748d79f⋯.jpg (162.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>mortal kombat had no blood on nintendo

>sega does what nintendon't.

Sega also had its own in-house violent and gory fighting series with a roster of fun edgelord characters, lovable stereotypes and sexy females. further proving sega was willing to go places nintendo would never dare tread.

788ca7  No.15709637


Only the first one. And the genesis version required a code to unlock blood.

d05988  No.15709672

File: 68e16ed8ba4c177⋯.jpg (116.62 KB, 682x386, 341:193, That's better.jpg)


>I mean, you can still buy God of War 3 and that one has topless chicks on every corner.

You realize that in this brave digital future, Sony can retroactively enforce this censorship policy and require that devs create censorship patches for games that came out decades ago.

56766e  No.15709684


yeah, but by that point the damage had already been done.

ca4525  No.15709705


Their plan is to work with Sega on releasing a new console upon which Neptune games will be exclusive on.

cfb6d9  No.15709708


The Sega Neptune?

ca4525  No.15709726

File: 8fab11ec4fb47ed⋯.png (896.46 KB, 1372x1952, 343:488, incredulous hooded anime g….png)


>The Sega Neptune?

Please let this become real.

391c6a  No.15709802

File: d7c5f7630d98d95⋯.png (285.74 KB, 962x698, 481:349, Obligatory advice.png)

File: d66984bfef01ec1⋯.png (832.65 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2018-08-11-011216.png)

File: 14f39dfd797dfe6⋯.png (765.45 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 2018-08-20-213127.png)

Oh good we're back on track.


That's an edit, but it's Neptunia Re;birth 1. Which, if you actually are interested in the series, is the ideal starting point. If you can be carried by an RPG that is extremely messy and cluttered but still playable and somewhat fun to break, and full of video game love and pretty girls, then give it a try.


I think being a straight inexplicable downgrade is a better way to get the point across here. Making a joke about it like South Park doesn't provoke the same disgust.


Crossing fingers.



Love it. SUNNI would work too.


Wait 8/nep/ was responsible for those?


While it's probably not actually lewd, what anime?

56766e  No.15709807

File: bfc7f7a98ce033e⋯.jpg (116.77 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 5817044280_a8f3952ddf_b.jpg)

File: e0749a29c99ec60⋯.jpg (263.14 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 2012-08-22 18.37.48.jpg)




Sega Neptune was already a thing, it was just a genesis /mega drive with a built in 32X chipset. what we need is a Sega Hyperdimension console, or the Sega Nep Nep

aa9bcf  No.15709860


>which is why the Japanese-learning pricks had it wrong

I'm not restricted to just Sony consoles, mate. Stay salty.

56766e  No.15709868

File: 2081e7cfe3d3433⋯.gif (378.24 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 1.gif)

File: e1436f00ec262ef⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 2.gif)

File: 9bf02b758d4ca82⋯.gif (1.73 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 3.gif)


>While it's probably not actually lewd, what anime?

its from highschool dxd, her name is kuroka. show is fairly lewd.

48db1e  No.15709878


Someone really should put out an emulation/FPGA box that can play Genesis/CD/32X stuff in a decently sized machine. My genesis takes up way too much room and plugs right now.


DXD has plenty of bare breasts but no actual sex scenes.

391c6a  No.15709912

File: a43140103c64d90⋯.png (12.25 MB, 2325x7300, 93:292, __rias_gremory_high_school….png)


Oh yeah I know the anime in name, and Rias is delicious.


Alternatively, just emulate. We don't need any more remakes of old game consoles.

56766e  No.15709964

File: a14107d55f0c378⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 480x480, 1:1, IMG20180816112436_large.jpg)

File: a8f67c9c03796a0⋯.jpg (184.41 KB, 800x1085, 160:217, 491455-necronomicon-pc-98-….jpg)

File: fb2aac028c66e11⋯.jpg (511.41 KB, 1171x1227, 1171:1227, Outlanders-ld.jpg)

File: 1802cc2fbbfa17a⋯.jpg (219.58 KB, 800x1108, 200:277, DdSanEyUwAA6SSe.jpg)

File: 1d18cf79100b638⋯.png (226.17 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2482016-6.png)


learning japanese for me, would still be useful so I could play the pc-88/98 library read 80's manga/doujin, and enjoy all the anime/hentai titles never released in english (lots of stuff only on VHS or Laserdisc)

2639e0  No.15710006


>I wager that puts even more importance on physical copies and running systems offline.

Interesting thing about this … Let's take the Switch for example.

>set up a new switch

>update OS to 6.0 or whatever

>take it offline permanently (airplane mode)

>set up your SXOS crack

>Install pirated SuperZeldaOrAnyOtherGame.XSI

>run game


They literally assume Day 1 patches exist and will nag you non-stop to download them everytime you try to run the game. You can't simply play the base version without a nag screen.

3274a4  No.15710047


>but no actual sex scenes.

>no catgirl impregnation


48db1e  No.15710077


It aired on TV for 4 seasons it wasn't an H-OVA.

56766e  No.15710087

File: 937509b8bdf1fc3⋯.jpg (96.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: ecbddf99754a086⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 320x180, 16:9, mqdefault.jpg)


>Someone really should put out an emulation/FPGA box that can play Genesis/CD/32X stuff in a decently sized machine.

thats already a thing, Analogue has an FPGA sega system, or you could try the MiSTer FPGA board. it can also play neogeo and bunch of arcade systems as well some micro computers (MSX)

48db1e  No.15710105


I was actually excited for the Mega SG but they already confirmed to play CD games on it you need to attach a segaCD to the thing. If the thing will be compatiple with the 32X isn't even known yet but they said it will definitely need it if it does. They said it isn't possible for the FPGA to emulate a 32X.

56766e  No.15710107

File: 29cbd791d92624a⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 261.76 KB, 500x255, 100:51, To Love-Ru.gif)

File: 3316c73a07a450e⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 320x180, 16:9, To Love-Ru2.gif)



>It aired on TV for 4 seasons it wasn't an H-OVA.

didn't it "Inspire" lots of high quality porn parodies though? (like Tu-love-ru did)

48db1e  No.15710122


No idea I don't really watch much animated stuff anymore I mostly stick to H-mangoes.

391c6a  No.15710135

File: 8b31463f51e779a⋯.jpg (205.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0023.jpg)


>didn't it "Inspire" lots of high quality porn parodies though? (like Tu-love-ru did)

Tell me more. I know there's people devoted to colouring some of the monochrome artwork, there's even a Danbooru pool for it.


Seriously? I don't remember seeing that, but then mine also fucked me by downloading an update behind my back, and then on auto-pressing A to select the user playing the game, it was an update nag and I ended up confirming it. been meaning to ask whether current firmware revisions work with Atmosphere actually, I know they can't patch out the RCM exploit except at the factory.

632636  No.15710141

Is it time? Will Nip devs have a lewd resurgence like American devs had a gore resurgence in the 90s?

48db1e  No.15710151


Hopefully they flock to PC or at least Steam and can have a resurgence of both since they'll no longer be contrained by Cero. Then we can finally have a proper Berserk game.

48db1e  No.15710225


If you want more in a similar style to DXD the new season of the Senran Kagura anime has uncensored tits everywhere.

56766e  No.15710228


sort of related, but i've heard japan/animation studios have been producing less and less hentai and focused on making more ecchi and barley lewd series that can be sold to a "wider" audience. the old days of mainstream eroge and hentai seem to be gone, as its a dying industry. in 1998 Masami Ōbari was original going to direct a big budget 26 episode fully uncensored (for the western release) hentai anime series. the project got canned thanks to investors getting "cold feet". Ōbari along with his friends Kazuto Nakazawa and Satoshi Urushihara… would try again in 2004, only for the same thing to happen. very sad indeed.

48db1e  No.15710246


>Masami Ōbari

Made Viper GTS and Angel Blade. Holy shit I jerked off to that shit so many times, especially Viper GTS.

56766e  No.15710250

File: 65a0df9ef6e580f⋯.jpg (42.98 KB, 342x442, 171:221, 51obFfT4ndL._SX342_.jpg)


> the Senran Kagura anime has uncensored tits everywhere.

I've never played any of the games. would that effect my enjoyment of the series?

d05988  No.15710256


>I've never played any of the games. would that effect my enjoyment of the series?

It would probably enhance your enjoyment of the series.

48db1e  No.15710259


Naw I'm fine with it the story is pretty simple. I mean you are not going to get everything but you can understand why everyone is doing what they are doing.

2fe14d  No.15710272



>eroge and hentai

t. retard

391c6a  No.15710299

File: 9c1684298dac123⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 669x696, 223:232, 9c1684298dac1236b6595c53f1….jpg)


>ninja flash


Maybe the commercial industry will die or seriously lower its presence, but there will always be people prepared to do it for free. There is demand that must be met.

56766e  No.15710330

File: 722a6f379eb995e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.86 KB, 439x604, 439:604, Glenn Danzig .jpg)

File: 4a2cef136868c08⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.13 KB, 364x499, 364:499, work book.jpg)

File: 657b4a819295d10⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.31 MB, 460x343, 460:343, clip.gif)

File: b429732fd6bca0c⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.05 MB, 320x240, 4:3, clip2.gif)


yep, good times. also the Ninja Scroll guy (can't remember his name at the moment) along with Glenn Danzig pitched an idea for what would have been (at the time) the most violent and sexually explicit japanese animation project ever conceived. unfortunately, only the test animation promo exists. as no investor was willing to take the risk on alone. (as it would have been immediately banned in most parts of the world without lots of edits)

cfb6d9  No.15710340


>but there will always be people prepared to do it for free.

Really? Because it seems really expensive and what's being churned out now seems like trash.

56766e  No.15710352


at one time (in japan) anyone could buy a hard core porn manga from the local convenience stores or vending machines, and it was not uncommon to see people (of all ages) reading them on the train. thats pretty mainstream if you ask me. (things might be different now thanks to the increases in moral fags and the failing economy)

391c6a  No.15710394

File: b76c3a9d0d4bcae⋯.jpg (56.68 KB, 638x359, 638:359, b76c3a9d0d4bcae2e92656aa45….jpg)


On a tangent but does anyone have the photo montage of random Japs reading H manga out in public?

56766e  No.15710406


That's the funny thing about Japan, they're very slow to adapt in some ways and light years ahead in others. It's baffling to me why any of the big anime Studios would bother going through an incompetent third-party like Crunchyroll when they could just set up their own streaming platform and not have to share any Revenue. I've heard that it might have something to do with the yakuza families that own all the disc mastering plants worrying about losing Revenue due to streaming. I don't know the numbers but I mean streaming is really big in the west yet people still buy DVDs and Blu-rays for stuff that they want to own. Especially if those discs have extra features that the Stream version doesn't. And for a lot of people like myself streaming isn't really an option because of bandwidth caps. It's actually cheaper for me to buy a series on Blu-ray most of the time then to stream it and risk going over my data limit and getting charged an extra $100 or $200 a month. That's what I had to deal with last time for streaming all of my hero Academia in the same month at 1080p quality. An extra $200 on my Internet bill. And that was the only show I watched that month.

7c1768  No.15710411


A lot of ecchi anime is far more extreme than even some hentai. Hybrid Heart Academy, newer TLR Darkness content, and Testament New Sister or whatever it was have everything short of penetration.

There hasn't been much for ecchi lately, though. I think that's more due to current trends, isekai is kinda too big right now and battle harem stuff was more suited to ecchi.

Even then they still had that "How not to Summon a Demon Lord" anime last season that was fairly lewd and fun.

Honestly I'm not a fan of hentai, it's always super low buget with sex scenes that are glorified animated gifs. I prefer doujins, eroge, and ecchi anime. They have better content and they're more enjoyable overall as some of them actually have decent story content that is legitimately funny or interesting.

c8d44e  No.15710416

File: ce5b7b4f691b29f⋯.png (64.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ce5b7b4f691b29f6d20823c6ad….png)

California is burning lets hope the whole state goes up and takes Sony with them. Eat shit California God hates you.

56766e  No.15710423


Isn't it just the forested areas though? The actual disgusting cities themselves never seem to catch on fire. As it's all just concrete, dirty needles, and feces

391c6a  No.15710571

File: 59c2ef4307199b3⋯.jpg (122.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0218.jpg)


It's not more extreme as such, but because you have more left to your imagination when they have to make massive implications of lewd, it's better than just watching all-out nudity and sex. Shinmai Maou no Testament did that well as did later To Love-ru. Also you're right that a lot of H anime is crap and there's better options anyway.


>streaming at 1080p

That was your mistake. 1080p is about 2 times the pixel count of 720p and about 5 times 480p. On top of that streaming already scrooges on quality to reduce bandwidth requirements, and 1080p gets adversely affected. There's a reason the only HS rips on Bakabt are 480p.

0e11ab  No.15710671


Snoy, like Soyny, is an attempt by retarded weebs to meme that soyboi shit in a country where soy is a common dietary staple.

d05988  No.15710712

File: a289e6eaddec3b2⋯.jpg (238.7 KB, 1079x937, 1079:937, Streetshitters.jpg)


>As it's all just concrete, dirty needles, and feces


That's no joke, they even started up a "poo" patrol recently to try to clean up the streets.

3d4512  No.15710791


Not that much actually. Most of them seemingly only buy games on Steam if they're not on their beloved ps4. Then they cry a river when a game that's not on it is region locking them kek.

da3ec8  No.15711048

File: a2614ba6fe67e10⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 452.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Senran Mirai Smug.png)


Snoy isn't a weeb invention apparently. It's supposed to be some Japanese wordplay combining snow and sony, with snow being the white/westernization of Sony.



Don't forget it also had uncensored loli nipples from Mirai. Has Fate Prisma Illya gone that far?

fd5afe  No.15711090


They made her breasts bigger to make it "non-problematic".

006cd2  No.15711139


>I'll take /a/ over /animu/ since it means I might actually get discussion

Assuming you're not banned for typos or missing punctuation in an otherwise readable post. I'm forced to use /animu/ for discussion because /a/ is so strict they ban for even the slightest things.

006cd2  No.15711147


SF actually did burn once. in 1903 They're long overdue.

391c6a  No.15711176


Maybe try not posting about politics because that shit's extremely tedious, and also don't post like a dumbass. Also be literate.

006cd2  No.15711208


I've never posted politics on /a/. I've only been banned for posting on-topic replies that had minor mistakes in spelling or punctuation. The mods cite any misspelling or missed punctuation as shitposting.

391c6a  No.15711223


Strange then that I've never been pinged for that, and I don't even have the luxury of a spellchecker. I'd say it's excessive but at the same time I also despise illiteracy.

fd5afe  No.15711226


Sounds pretty bad. I sometimes make spelling mistakes on certain words. I can't be perfect in English, it's not my main language after all.

391c6a  No.15711241


Actually I changed my mind. If you're not a native speaker you seem pretty damn good, and it's definitely excessive. But in general, I can't stand lazy people who type all lower-case or like it's IRC or SMS.

3abbc3  No.15711275


Let me know if it ever happens, because so far we're not seeing shit on PC - it's basically the foreigner console, so it's only (((localized))) versions.

fd5afe  No.15711296


I'm not the same person you were replying to earlier. And thanks, I actually try to not make any error, but sometimes I do make mistakes sadly.

391c6a  No.15711323

File: e7c09afe5ff2e70⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, Not even edited current ye….png)


"Localized" is the wrong term mate. This affects all versions. Don't forget the poster child for this is a Japanese exclusive, and not only that, the censorship is exclusive to the PS4 version while Switch and the fucking Vita were equally censored from the PC version.


Yeah I know. But you changed my opinion.

3abbc3  No.15711332


>"Localized" is the wrong term mate. This affects all versions. Don't forget the poster child for this is a Japanese exclusive, and not only that, the censorship is exclusive to the PS4 version while Switch and the fucking Vita were equally censored from the PC version.

You misunderstand me, I mean that games in general (besides eroge, which is what said poster child was) don't get PC releases here. Steam only releases (((localizations)))

391c6a  No.15711369


Yeah I don't know if I follow. Are you saying that Steam only gets localized versions from IFI?

3abbc3  No.15711379


I'm saying that by and large Japanese studios don't release games on PC. That Steam site has started getting popular here recently, with 7-Elevens and Family Marts starting to carry gift cards for it a couple months ago, but everything I've checked out has always been published there by the (((localizer))), not the actual makers, meaning it's putting money into cancerous pockets. On top of that, near as I can tell they don't do physical products here, it seems like it's digital only, which I presume is because it's the (((localized))) version, so even more cancerous and worthless.

391c6a  No.15711395


So hang on. The uncensored versions of the games in OP will only come from IFI? Not IF? And so the natives will have to settle on that or a butchered PS4 version? Thankfully IFI are fine, but I can understand this being shitty if it came to one of the NISA-done games.

3abbc3  No.15711527


>So hang on. The uncensored versions of the games in OP will only come from IFI? Not IF? And so the natives will have to settle on that or a butchered PS4 version?

IIRC the games in the OP already came out and weren't censored, though correct me if I'm wrong on that front. Going forward, if any given studio chooses to release games exclusively on the PS4 for whatever reason and submits to this bizarre policy, then yeah, we're fucked. In the short term at least, it doesn't look like Vita or Switch releases are affected, and everything worth getting on the PS4 is a port of a PS3, Vita, or Switch game anyway, but it's still not a good state of affairs, and all the more reason we need to end the West's involvement in vidya as soon as possible.

>Thankfully IFI are fine, but I can understand this being shitty if it came to one of the NISA-done games.

It's shitty regardless, because you'd be supporting cancer no matter what.

4b8607  No.15711535


You mean like the trophy that got edited for either banging Aphrodite or throwing some thot in a meat grinder because it needed wheel grease and blood worked just fine?

4b8607  No.15711546


Goddamnit that cover is utterly shit. Fuck Funimation and fuck their jew business plans.

391c6a  No.15711570


I don't think the IF foreign branch counts. They stopped using NISA and generally speaking seem pretty chill. Oh, though there is also the issue of whether they have dual-language, which some games do but most of the ones I know only have dual-audio, if that.

3abbc3  No.15711576


The problem is more that as long as companies think the foreigners are a viable audience, they're going to keep ruining shit in an attempt to chase after them. The only solution is to remove the West from the vidya industry entirely, both as producers and customers.

391c6a  No.15711601

File: 295f27aaca0fd98⋯.jpg (3.25 MB, 4877x6950, 4877:6950, SEGA.jpg)


They are an audience, but they've forgotten that it's people who want to experience Japanese games. Not Westernized Japanese games. I don't even know what's going through Sony's mind if they're letting foreigners influence their native market either but it's clearly pissed off IFI, and I'm hoping that they are in fact planning to jump. Ditto for other smaller Japanese devs.

3abbc3  No.15711672


>They are an audience

Yes, and that's the problem - we need developers to forget the West exists entirely.

a7f168  No.15712114


And fictionally, in Vanquish.

God, I fucking love that opening. Way to start a game.

a8ad9f  No.15715799

>oh wow a censorship thread, I wonder what anons are talki-

<hundreds of posts wasted on just /a/ vs /animu/ autism again

fd5afe  No.15715901


What's up with those anyway? I don't browse either.

48db1e  No.15717874


/a/ doesn't allow political talk and sticks it's fingers in it's ears when stuff like Sony's censorship and funimation's dubbing shenanigans happens. /animu/ is more like /v/ where they talk about stuff like that but also have tons of /pol/tards derailing popular threads.

ab44c3  No.15719877

File: 2144977f4b6318a⋯.png (240.66 KB, 745x355, 149:71, what_is_happening.png)

Just what the hell is Sony's gameplan here anyway?

>censor multiplat games on their platform

>everyone dodges sony version to avoid censorship

>normalfags who would be offended by anime tiddies never would've heard of the kind of games that are being censored in the first place

Where is Sony perceiving a benefit?

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