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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f25d28  No.15978832


a0fa57  No.15978845

File: 0eda53c5f2e3e00⋯.jpg (259.98 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, fagass.jpg)

>They really called it "Planet Badass"

>Not realizing this comes off as dated and pedestrian

>The fans are silent at this absolute fuck up

Fag Ass

885489  No.15978857

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


f25d28  No.15978868



885489  No.15978885

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f25d28  No.15978913



**You posted an actual good video though*

0ab988  No.15978970

>tfw that glorious feel of having a giant map

>tfw the horizon is lined with kamikaze headless

>tfw the sheer number of them is in the hundreds

>tfw the distant and collective AHHHHH that grows louder as they near

>tfw minigun, no longer bound by a meager 500 bullets but 5000

>tfw hold down LMB and slowly move my mouse to the right

>tfw the slight delay between shots, travel and connection followed by the kamikaze explosion

>tfw the AHHHHs die out

<suddenly hear the sound of a thousand hoofs approaching

I'm excited for 4 if it lives up to this.

679796  No.15979022

File: b3b4dcf844aa3fd⋯.jpg (218.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d.jpg)

File: 6e11a1ff016bfa8⋯.jpg (189.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: b0f02411e36fe5d⋯.jpg (118.85 KB, 1100x687, 1100:687, Serious-Sam-HD-The-Second-….jpg)


>giant map

For the longest time I've wondered why Serious Sam looked so striking, and then it clicked - it's the draw distance. Everything in this game is rendered as far as the eye can see, literally. I don't know of any other games that do this.

Elephant Atrium looks so rich and comfy with the warm sunlight and smooth shades of the buildings in a big open grassy field, like a little piece of Eden in the middle of the desert. I wonder if there's such a place like this in real life.

a0fa57  No.15979026


looks kinda flat and lacking in detail.

c16ab2  No.15979036

File: 7b91a47a958f1ff⋯.jpg (523.75 KB, 695x695, 1:1, redday.jpg)

>try out some mods for serious sam fusion

>ruskie hardbass meme campaign

<until the last level it's serious sam 3 with lower budget

679796  No.15979044


Some extra trees would be good but I like the open field. Beauty in simplicity and all that

5a8558  No.15981027


Was Serious Sam's engine originally intended for an RTS? only RTS require everything to be rendered in one go.

a0fa57  No.15981052


No, get this. They thought they could sell it to people instead of Renderware, Quake or Unreal Engine.

b4e406  No.15981057


It uses the draw distance rather well.

76851a  No.15981064


Would you have felt better if they called it Serious Sam Ligma Planet?

148e71  No.15981089


They're Croatian. Give them a break.

f25d28  No.15981104

File: 114ef2558f0cf2b⋯.png (2.66 MB, 1920x644, 480:161, 04_horde.png)


That's what they're trying to achieve from the info they've released

bf3175  No.15981117



He's not really wrong in many cases. He just has an annoying voice and spends, like, 45% of every video derailing about how people disagree with him.

8e79f5  No.15981195

File: d5ac1707f0dca8c⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1357x3061, 1357:3061, SS.jpg)


86323f  No.15981205


I get the dev wants the game to look like it's in Croatia, but this style doesn't fit at all.

I'm also European, and a hardcore action game wouldn't fit my country's scenery either.

2a980d  No.15981211


Aww. That is so sad.

21989f  No.15981219

I'm just curious if 4 will suddenly have a good plot from the writers they picked up from Talos. I actually really like what character development there is with NETRICSA.

My biggest fear is that "so many enemies" could translate into a zombie-style game, rather than the "dancing with kleers" it should be.

448aab  No.15981222


you seem to be posting this as if no one was aware of it already

f25d28  No.15981240


That's France

Not Croatia

a90d18  No.15981249



Straight Shotacon 4?

86323f  No.15981264



This time with big milky alien mommies

6fc325  No.15981279

I don't know if I'm playing the games wrong or what. Should I simply keep backstrafing and shooting, occasionally sidestepping charging kleers, and hoping I don't get instagibbed when it comes to skeletons, or am I missing something crucial within the games.

3f9ae2  No.15981324

File: f8d6358f8a1365f⋯.png (233.77 KB, 512x450, 256:225, ClipboardImage.png)


Come on, anon, that couldn't be a mistake.

05ad37  No.15981401


But this is not a House of the Dead thread

afc423  No.15981409

File: a7d6ae1799f8700⋯.webm (3.67 MB, 846x486, 47:27, Dat breech.webm)

File: 1230bb46013a35e⋯.png (494.97 KB, 929x524, 929:524, 1446260577313-1.png)

File: 6ce118569ebc9c1⋯.jpeg (183.7 KB, 1600x1201, 1600:1201, scud.jpeg)


Will it feature func_artillery_vehicle 2019?

21989f  No.15981418

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I was replaying that "Serious Swagger MLG 360" mod the other day. It's like a piece of artistic history with all the old memes peppered throughout. Also the upped movement speed and the utility of ADS for the pistol made for an interesting change of gameplay pace.


I'm no expert, but as I understand it, Serious Sam has 2 kinds of large fights: Running backwards fights, which are about enemy horde management, and "dancing" fights where enemies spawn on all sides and you need situational awareness and good weapon choice to not die. Vid related as it contains both.

07e195  No.15981479


It's a game about knowledge and management. You need to understand enemy behavior so you know which ones you can easily dodge and how, which ones are best to take out sooner than later, and which ones are suited for which weapons. It's also best to understand how much ammo it takes for each weapon to kill each enemy. For instance, it takes five rockets to kill a red biomech. Since biomechs are relatively slow and stop to fire their own rockets, you can often just quickly launch five of your rockets in the direction of one, then focus on other enemies with the knowledge the biomech is already dead. Similarly, as demonstrated in >>15981418, Sirian were bulls go down in two rockets, two close double shotty blasts, or a rocket and a close double shotty blast. The player in the video is able to use this to keep himself safe, using the rocket launcher when the bulls are farther away, and switching to the shotgun when they get too close for rockets to be safe, still being able to kill them in a single pass.

6fc325  No.15981502



I can respect that but that video showed off the thing that pissed me off the most with SS, it's the constant HA HA ENEMIES SPAWNED BEHIND YOU WHEN YOU PICKED UP A POWERUP gimmick every level(played up to 5 in TFEclassic I think) hangs on for dear life. I just hate that shit.

ce4ab1  No.15981534


I think it's adorably cheeky, the game does it so often that after some point you know that those measly +1 HP pills are an obvious trap but you still feel strongly compelled to pick them up regardless

21989f  No.15981538



That's my favorite part, though! You have to EARN that +1 health.

94db40  No.15981564

serious sam 3 made me think it was some deeper game about how garbage modern shooters were but then a few years later I was like nah.

Then they released that puzzle game and I thought damn serious sam actually was a lot deeper.

That was like 5 fucking years ago jesus.

2363e3  No.15981601


Reminder this is the reason nuDoom is an arena shooter.

9cbc8d  No.15981609

File: 52807fc825e2ba2⋯.png (225.97 KB, 335x370, 67:74, high impact sexual healing.png)


>muffled "ara ara ara" slowly becomes louder

f25d28  No.15981684


It's cheap sometimes but it makes you tense all the way through and is satisfying in subsequent playtroughts when you actually are good at the game and breeze to those ambushes.

44f251  No.15981691


So Hordes of aras crazy for your shota dick and you must destroy the Ara mastermind ?

86323f  No.15981772

File: 0109eb675f88778⋯.png (232.46 KB, 513x479, 513:479, Adult_Arachnoid_SS1.png)

File: 1faf3cab2b6a47b⋯.png (82.51 KB, 335x208, 335:208, Mecha-Arachnoid.png)


I'm not sure you'd want to dick some of the SS enemies.

922b6e  No.15981794


You underestimate /v/‘s desperation

2363e3  No.15981863

We playing Classic tomorrow?

9cbc8d  No.15981869


>phoning the ultimate ara at each ending for some phone sex

>"I showed you my cannon answer pls"

db0886  No.15981885


>not hooktubeing

gb2 reddit

9360ef  No.15981898


Hooktube was compromised mate. The idiot that ran it tried to monetize it and Google got pissed.

db0886  No.15981903


if I recall correctly from an interview, there's gonna be driving sections across gigantic terrains such as this.


<hurr what is a reference

>implying nobody in this thread already wasn't 100% fully aware of this shit


tbh the only places I can think of in Croatia that are this open is Slavonija and/or Zagorje, and it really isn't that too much different than empty French pastures in terms of how it will look rendered in an engine

db0886  No.15981905


ah fuck me in that case

f25d28  No.15981938


>Scorpion monstergirls


a90d18  No.15981960



use invidio.us

f25d28  No.15981969


invidio is cucked as well

6fc325  No.15981982



Why not run the youtube links through mpv?

a90d18  No.15981989


>invidio is cucked as well


at least you can easily download the videos through it.

2363e3  No.15981990


Show me proof.

d37ba1  No.15982067


Roland's a faggot

6f0624  No.15994972

File: 90da5682454eccc⋯.png (250.62 KB, 548x578, 274:289, serious nightmare.png)

>Open world

>Vehicles back from SS2


Who else cringed when they heard about this? They better make fighting in the open world with thousands of enemies at once fun, at least

86323f  No.15994978


Apparently they have 100,000 enemies on a single map.

6f0624  No.15994980


yeah, kinda pisses me off

>Alien Shooter 2

>Game takes place in "California"

>Clearly just takes place in russia

>Russian text in the town sections and in random huts

Why couldn't they just say the game took place in russia? I hate when games pull something like this, japanese games that get localized in the west do this, too

fa604f  No.15994982


how the fuck do they manage to get 100 k enemies at the same time without slowdowns, that's some magic shit beyond my comprehension

6f0624  No.15994984


croteam were always tech wizards

86323f  No.15994992


It's their own engine, it's optimized specifically for this.

fa604f  No.15994996

File: ad10604abcc09fe⋯.gif (177.46 KB, 500x419, 500:419, caefd99b864db46e72c60243fc….gif)



but 100k enemies

6f0624  No.15994999


I remember when having 1000 enemies on one screen was amazing, with dead rising, technology evolves

9d72a9  No.15995002


This is the most disappointing thing to me.

Why wasn't it called "Planet Serious"?

86323f  No.15995005


Email them about it if you really care, there's still time to change it.

9d72a9  No.15995008


>there's still time to change it.

All the promotional material, licensing, and trademarking is 'Planet Badass'.

How could they change it at this point?

86323f  No.15995012


You overestimate how hard it is to change these things.

Let It Die was originally called Lily Bergamo all the way up until a few months before release.

Payday: The Heist was called Stone Cold when it was nearly shipped.

6f0624  No.15995013


wasn't max payne also called max heat until the last minute? it costs some money to change copyright stuff, but aside from that, it should all be good, and croteam shouldn't be hurting for greens

9d72a9  No.15995014


I'll send an email, not sure how much good it will do.

db0886  No.15995090



in all honesty I really don't mind the title. For all that it's worth, do take in consideration most croteam devs are basically a bunch of self-aware boomers at this point

2efa13  No.15995104


Daily reminder that Serious Sam was sold on the lie that 'it represented a return to mindless arcade FPS like Doom'. You can find variations of this quote in most reviews and comments of that age.

Early 2000s gamers had forgotten about Doom: they didn't know it's about exploring mazes and survival ammo management, so they drank it all up like a meme. It is only right that this turd fades forever into obscurity.

5afdbd  No.15995116


This, so much this. Serious Sam is fun, but man, it gets boring after a while. After beating the First Encounter, I couldn't get far into the Second Encounter when I realized it was more of the same, just different setting. I may give it another shot eventually, but damn is it tiring.

3e51f9  No.15995165


>dated and pedestrian

Jesus, imagine being this much of a pretentious faggot.

38bed2  No.16003041



So I tried replaying TFE and I'm actually really liking it, my only problem is some secrets seem to be like with Talos Principle Road to Ghenna where the secret breaks the game rather than being out of the box.

How unserious am I if I'm playing on Normal?

ce4ab1  No.16003063


Very unserious, Serious Mode gives you the maximum amount of spawned enemies for the game to be truly serious

38bed2  No.16003071


Are higher difficulties=more damage or just more enemies?

I can't deal with kamikazes.

ce4ab1  No.16003087


More damage taken, faster enemies and faster projectiles, and a serious fuckton more enemies, on top of different enemy spawns with stronger enemies spawning in place of the regular weaker ones

To compensate you do get double ammo on each pickup on Serious difficulty

28065b  No.16003097


I'm entirely certain you've never actually played Serious Sam, since the entire first half of the game is Doom-like with maybe one or two big arenas per level.

I'm also certain you've never played TNT or Heretic, since both of those regularly used the exact sort of arena design that you're complaining about.

38bed2  No.16003102


Sounds fun. Let me try it.

38bed2  No.16003106

Oh yeah I have to ask, does this apply for Classic or the new ones?

ce4ab1  No.16003111


Pretty much everywhere, only Serious Sam 2 has increased enemy health on higher difficulties IIRC

4ffe1f  No.16003122


It's cheesy on purpose, like the whole franchise, dummy.

f8ef63  No.16003142

File: 19388e87c69777f⋯.png (369.95 KB, 832x868, 208:217, illya freak out.png)


>GitS inspired Battleborne

In what fucking universe

f25d28  No.16003151

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a33a74  No.16003160


>> if its not like doom is garbage

why you old school fags are so elitist?

Did you niggers hate non doom clones like descent or rainbow six when they came out? because it wasnt doom?

ce4ab1  No.16003168

File: 2521117fc8822cd⋯.gif (795.59 KB, 498x466, 249:233, oh fug.gif)


>non doom clones like descent

38bed2  No.16003169


What's the difference between classic and normal besides grafix anyways?

9cbc8d  No.16003174


I used to play this to see what it was before it shut down. It was absolutely generic, like every Korean multiplayer FPS.

f25d28  No.16003181


South Koreans literally have no culture

Imagine Japan but the Amerimutts never left, that's South Korea.

ce4ab1  No.16003183


They're pretty much minimal, only notable differences are that the minigun is a straight up upgrade DPS-wise over the tommygun in HD now so there's no reason to use the tommygun ever once you get the minigun, and some of the gravity gimmick rooms in TSE HD simply don't work the same because they couldn't get directional gravity to work in the new engine

f8ef63  No.16003189

File: b1f9daddaed7cd0⋯.jpg (161.43 KB, 798x703, 42:37, ami go home.jpg)


>Imagine Japan but the Amerimutts never left

Sad to say, but the Prussia of the East is still occupied, as are we.

056c7c  No.16003190


You and I both know it's not on purpose, it's trying to be cool. Don't cover for their faggotry.

49220e  No.16003198


Why is this guys aim so snappy? Why isn't he watching corners? Why is he aiming near the ground constantly?

b03b9b  No.16003200

File: fcdcab0654a1dc5⋯.png (145.96 KB, 355x408, 355:408, flight ring.png)


>action movie behavior

>trying to be cool

f25d28  No.16003210


Less occupied than Korea


That's true

The cheese is not intentional, it's the product of a bunch of crazy Czechs trying to pander to American audiences and that's why it's good.

bb8e84  No.16003213

Replayed The First Encounter recently.

>See random pill / armor upgrade lying before me


>Decide not to take the "HURR DURR, I TROLL U!" bait of having eight Bio-Mechanoids or 40.000 Kleer Skeletons spawning right in my face because the devs felt particularly clever this day

>Turns out I missed a "secret".

056c7c  No.16003234


>action movie behavior

>literally diet duke nukem

b03b9b  No.16003249

File: 0afb38ca1880515⋯.jpg (74.42 KB, 409x535, 409:535, shit eating grin.jpg)


duke isnt as good as sam

679796  No.16003252


Is Marine Corp Ami still going?

056c7c  No.16003258


Duke is at least funny, sam isn't

4ffe1f  No.16003264


Sam is cheesier though. The games have this Invasor Zim tier shitty humor that is so bad it makes you laugh. Also the game is fun, fuck you nigger.

b03b9b  No.16003279

File: 6dd5f457c3aa33f⋯.png (52.14 KB, 511x517, 511:517, 1390301641074.png)


maybe if duke didnt spend so much time coming up with stupid quips he wouldnt be unemployed right now

ed65e6  No.16003290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>ss:tse soundtrack was from an actual metal band

All these years and I never knew. I never bothered looking into it

86323f  No.16003301

File: ce6f82b7cb77d3a⋯.mp4 (1.77 MB, 480x360, 4:3, End.mp4)


Serious Sam has underrated music.

26724c  No.16003363

File: 9fafd3f198448a3⋯.png (211.54 KB, 595x631, 595:631, btfo.png)


damn son

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