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File: 999d02820e21fbc⋯.jpg (299.01 KB, 830x535, 166:107, Resident Evil 2.jpg)

073947  No.15997589

The old one is autosaging so I figured I'd make a new one.

Now that the REmake 2 demo is out what did you guys think of it? Also what was your first Resident Evil game?

30c374  No.15997689

I am not supporting REmake2.

620f3e  No.15997697

File: 1e870c41ef922d5⋯.jpg (408.77 KB, 1000x1416, 125:177, REClaire.jpg)


My first RE game was RE3. I liked it, so I went back and played RE1 and 2 and liked 2 the best of those. I played every entry chronologically after that. My favorite is still the REmake. I enjoyed the RE2Make demo and am looking forward to the game. I think it's an interesting hybridization of the older and more modern styles, but I can see why some anons don't like it.

956a09  No.15997705


The Denuvo shit is annoying and Capcom won't change. Some nitpicks and stupid shit in that demo and various gameplay videos, but some interesting datamined stuff. Now this "Reimagining" is Capcom returning back to their old shit from 15 years ago, and maybe trying to redo some of their old RE games with the modern hardware and of course, using the REEEEEEEEEEE Engine. Just want an Outbreak game with modern tech.

e93d57  No.15997714

I've been playing the first REmake after it's been sitting in my library for 4 years. Shit's spooky, especially when you walk out a door and a fucking Crimson Head comes charging after you from across the hallway.

0aea68  No.15997756

File: b86f6039daa020f⋯.png (365.29 KB, 362x563, 362:563, ClipboardImage.png)

My first RE was the first one on PS1. Never really enjoyed it that much because I found the controls clunky and skipped all the other RE games on PS1. Didn't actually revisit the series until RE1 was remade on Gamecube shorty after RE Zero. Played both those GC games and enjoyed them alot but never played RE4. Then RE5 came out and it looked like shit, RE6 looked like shit and RE7 seems interesting but the aesthetic literally looked like shit. Bayou hillbilly's, ugly girlfriends and excessive gore are not intriguing even in a horror setting.

Replayed RE1 on PS1 this halloween and appreciate it much more then when I was a kid and played a little bit of RE2 recently but was initially put off by how they changed the controls after getting accustomed to RE1. Also played the RE2 One Shot remake demo twice and it ran great even though I had the bear minimum system requirements which was actually really refreshing. Impressive both the Demo and the solid game engine optimization, too bad it has Denuvo which means I'm definitely not buying the game.

I typically don't like horror games because I don't find them spooky and the survival aspect just triggers anxiety but not in a fun horror sense but more in a OCD way that makes me want to save scum. I somewhat like the puzzle aspect to these games and the metroid aspects but I have yet to ever see a survival horror actually be terrifying. The closest that any game has come is the first two silent hill games and that is less horrific and more just good old fashioned intrigue due to the mysteries surrounding the town and its storytelling. I'm also not really a big fan of unnecessary story in video games that does not serve in part as a game mechanic such as a riddle (If there is complementary lore that's fine but I digress). The reason I mention story, is because all too often horror games often overly rely storytelling and paradoxically this often gets in the way of actually being free to play the game. Which is germane to the topic because in my second play through of the One Shot Demo I was free to skip all the cut scenes an just play the game and contemplated it with time to spare which was also somewhat nice.

b767d4  No.15998280

My first RE was 2, and at the time, in a rural shitty town, was the talk of the school At that time 4 or 5 kids owned the PSX and almost all had a copy of RE2. A friend of mine finished Leon's disc first but I remeber with some pride that I was the first to beat disc 2 and the next day I had all the kids in my house, everyone crazy at "trenchcoat man" turning into a full tyrant (none of us knew of RE1 back then) and Birkin gooping it up.

Fuck, what was that, 20 years ago? I feel old now…

02de63  No.15998295

File: 8844cbeb3b1a190⋯.jpg (45.93 KB, 625x466, 625:466, didnt ask for this.jpg)

First RE experience was RE1 on sega saturn. Nu-RE2 demo was as expected. RE4 with RE7 inventory and HUD. Zombies felt tanky as they should. Couple bullets to the head or legs to make them stagger and run past them made it feel little bit like a old RE game. All the areas like the main hall felt much more smaller and cramped than in the original game. Overhauling most of areas I.E. the library room beyond recognision. Briefing room has a short cut for some reason. Knife is a quick attack item like in the RE4. There is gunpowder from RE3 for some reason. Spawning zombies? Like in couple of places where you do something to trigger a event. Butt ugly face-cap models. Licker wasn't lurking in his usual place.

Maybe I pirate this nu-RE2 when rice niggers crack the denuvo on this.

This wasn't the REmake2 what i wanted back in 2002 when capcom decided to only port RE2 and 3 to GameCube.

76795f  No.15998300

My first RE was RE3 at a friends house, didn't play the series again until RE4 came out on ps2 didn't have a gamecube at the time, and my parents didn't want me playing it, but a friend let me borrow it because he didn't like it, I beat it, but wanted more, mowed some lawns, got a cousin to buy it for me with his ID and 100% it, after that I bought RE1 on the DS, played through 2 on an emulator and eventually ReMAKE when my sister got a gaymecube.

Then played 5 with a friend all the way through, skipped 6 until about 5 years ago, I think and recently finished 7, and liked it.

Haven't played the RE2 demo yet, since I'm not sure if the trainer that extends the time for it is legitimate, or just a russian bitcoin miner, it being one-shot is really fucking gay. I'm also hearing rumors that REmake 2 has a "Classic Camera" option, and saw an article describing it, only to have the same article be taken down, but if they've added a classic camera option, and balanced it for both styles of play, it would explain why the game took so fucking long to develop.

84bb16  No.15998339

File: 3c20ffd35533c6f⋯.jpg (225.1 KB, 1079x1346, 1079:1346, REEEEEEEE 2.jpg)


I really enjoyed the demo and I will enjoy the full game for what it is at the very least. The gore effects are everything I've wanted Resident Evil to have since 4 not to mention that HUNK and Tofu reveal at the end of the demo was fun. I am still very hurt by the fact we will never get an actual REmake 2 however and totally understand anons hating it for that. You can all call me a shill now for having the audacity to not completely shit on it.

My first Resident Evil was the first bits of RE3 after school at a friend's house. After a Nemesis killed Brad and really enjoying what I saw upto then I asked if he had any of the older ones so we could start from the beginning and I could know more about these characters. It then became a daily mission of ours to get back to his house as fast as possible after school and try to get through as much of the games as we could have before I had to go home. We eventually got through all three of the original games but then I had to move just as we got to RE4 PS2 port together. I now have all the games he had plus more but they're never as fun as they were when I played them with him for the first time.

8e232b  No.15998913

File: 7c7b450cab3231e⋯.jpg (251.88 KB, 902x705, 902:705, re_avgn.jpg)

regarding denuvo and the cracking process, does anyone know what version REmake2 is using? If it's a current version hasn't that one been cracked which would mean this one would take far less time?

The game looks good but fuck paying a dime for it until I have tried it first. I'm sill furious about buying RE5 on Day 1.

122d7b  No.15999082

File: 429cdcf5a82050b⋯.jpg (93.62 KB, 750x556, 375:278, 0c6e281f2423030a15a45df8a1….jpg)

This post is going to be kinda all over the place. Just typing as I think of things.

I honestly enjoyed the REmake2. It's this weird blend of Re7 and RE4 with a sprinkling of classic RE puzzles and item management that I think for the 30 minute demo, works well enough, though there are some concerns. Re7's inventory system (which really is just the original system with a face lift) Re4's controls. I really liked how heavy leon felt when he moved around. The reworked aiming system was nice, since it mad you choose on whether or not to wait an extra moment for a more accurate shot, or to just take the chance/if the zombie was close enough. The zombies themselves are neato, with chunks of flesh being visibly blown off with every shot, and being tanky as all fuck. They also have really good animations for staggering around and recoiling from bullets. They sound kinda fucking terrible though

For how great the sound design is, the zombie screeches and howls are weak.The environments are cramped and claustrophobic, which is good, though occasionally it did seem a little TOO cramped, like the main entrance to the station feeling awfully small. The game itself looks great with a lot of little details at high settings. I did notice though that glass windows on doors would get all weird when a zombie was on the other side. Lightning looks good. I was not optimistic about the cut scenes though. I thought it was fucking annoying how the game treated the rando officer who you fail to save. Like, they have the laptop where it shows a camera feed of him running, shouting about the book. Then you get said book, and then Murphy tells you about the book AGAIN. I know they put all that in there in case you're a fucking idiot, and correct me if I'm wrong, but was ANY of that in the original? Leon's verbal reaction to things during gameplay is something I dont know if I'm on board with yet. There was a piece of dialogue that I don't know about. Leon says that he regrets not getting here sooner, but was told to stay away and came anyways. Did he mean the station? Or coming to raccoon city? I actually never fought the licker, so I don't know how that turns out.

Overall I was satisfied and optimistic for the game, but god fucking damn it just HAD to have denuvo.

f4eea8  No.15999084

File: 75fadc8a38bc3f5⋯.png (290.61 KB, 620x349, 620:349, ClipboardImage.png)


>Tfw born in 90s

>Grew up just when this was becoming a thing

>Picked it up

>Now need to do it to keep myself focused

>People look at me funny when I 'talk to myself'

I didn't ask for this

138991  No.15999097

File: 4451638aaaac8c2⋯.jpg (18.25 KB, 400x411, 400:411, wsdv 4451638aaaac8c244e853….jpg)


>hey anon can you get some milk for me

>….im going ot the grocery store….i have to take a jug of milk….if I dont get mom will be angry

>thwaaan you seer that will be one fiddy

>one dollar and fifty cents….I must have it somewhere…my wallet has one dollar, and here's one two…fifty cents

>shit I have to cross the road when the light turns green….it's turning green I can go

610afd  No.15999112

File: e68c55421f6dbfb⋯.png (46.15 KB, 192x325, 192:325, Loli slapping.png)

File: 6e759eebd56f0c8⋯.png (30.97 KB, 202x390, 101:195, Slap Jack.png)

File: 4225ab47f16247c⋯.png (25.02 KB, 175x186, 175:186, Slapping the stand-in.png)


>The old one is autosaging

That's what happens when a thread reaches the bump limit, you fucking newfag.

If it wasn't for the last thread being on page 14, I'd be reporting this.

READ THE FUCKING RULES OF THE BOARD BEFORE YOU START COMPLAINING: http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/v/rules.html

f5c6a7  No.15999120

File: bc81d61b08f14f8⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


heard it Paynes inner monologue for some reason

8e3961  No.15999217

What the fuck is the point of the time limit in the demo? This stupid ass decision did nothing but convince me the full game will be riddled with bullshit too and only ensured I won't even bother pirating it

073947  No.15999222


>that's what happens when you reach bump limit

That's why I said its auto-saging. Are you alright anon? Tell you what, next time I'll say it hit the bump limit so you dont throw a baby tantrum.

073947  No.15999235

Anybody else get the 30fps zombies when seeing them from afar? I dont think anyone here has mentioned it. As much as I enjoyed the demo, that shit caught my eye the instant I saw it and it looked godawful. I understand if that's a decision for consoles but for PC? They better fix that shit. Not even Resident Evil 4 had that problem.

76795f  No.15999430

File: 1239c5dab75a86d⋯.jpg (271.94 KB, 682x682, 1:1, estrogen_pepe.jpg)


Seems to be a quirk to be capcom has a hard on in doing in general, where framerate and LOD dips in quality the farther away the model is, RE5 had it, RE6 had it, didn't see it in RE7 though. REvelations 1 and 2 had it, hell, even Monster hunter world has it.

it's most noticeable in MTframework games and is on full blast on let's say Re-Mercs for the 3ds. Strange that they're doing the same thing for an REengine game though. But it seems to be their goto for performance, which is strange, since they've started implementing a Image quality/Resolution scaler in their newer games, MHW for the PC for example has a pretty aggressive resolution scaler that you can actively toggle, so I don't know why they'd still rely on halving framework.

fa6f99  No.15999531


Demo was very good, won me over. I wasn't sure about Capcom's direction after the trailers but the demo legit felt like playing through an upgraded RE2. I'll definitely get it for sure

>first Resident Evil game

Played Code Veronica as a kid but didn't finish it

073947  No.15999597


I knew it was on the 3ds games but didn't realize it was on re5 as well. That's fucking bullshit. Hopefully there is a workaround but I'm still pissed. They also better fix the knife melee glitch that causes the game to drop to a stuttering 30fps. Dont know if that happened to you guys but it happend twice for me.

5eee91  No.15999619

File: 93ca50505d7767a⋯.mp4 (11.23 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Resident Evil Numa REMake.mp4)

when are they gonna port outbreak to PC?

646fd1  No.15999668

File: 6c26a4100958db3⋯.jpg (3.32 MB, 2121x3000, 707:1000, Jill RE3.jpg)

>what did you guys think of it?

Was better than expected, if the rumors about the fixed camera are true, then it will win me over.

>Also what was your first Resident Evil game?

3, my couins made me play it when i was little kid and it scared the shit out of me, then i inherited their PSX with all of their games, including the original trilogy and i played them all in order to man the fuck up, been a fan since.

3047fb  No.15999669


If they're going the ReMake route, they'd have to finish the original trilogy with 3 being the last one left. Maybe for the 20th anniversary of Outbreak if they squeeze 3 between now and that time.

199bb9  No.15999678

All i want out of this remake is for nu-capcuck to keep the original credits theme and the magnum/shotgun upgrades not being DLC, goblina claire and ratface sherry can always be fixed with mods.

23de13  No.15999679

File: c577f9e9b8b10e2⋯.jpg (12.94 KB, 378x301, 54:43, hnnngggg.jpg)


>That nostalgia

e5c06f  No.15999699

I wounder if Claire will get her bowgun again tbh.

5eee91  No.15999705

File: e91306f6bda974d⋯.mp4 (13.98 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Resident Evil I Think I Lo….mp4)

646fd1  No.15999707

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know that feeling too, anon, but you must feel it harder!


If they are keeping the 4th survivor and tofu in the base game, i dont see why they would get rid of things that are part of the base game as upgrades to the player's arsenal.

Besides, in the tweeter they showed extra weapons (h.u.n.k.'s MP5, the RE1 rocket launcher and the gattling gun) that will probably be unlockables.

5eee91  No.15999725

File: 6a5c502728007fb⋯.mp4 (15.98 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Resident Evil Caramelldans….mp4)



>when they're already selling alt costumes and weapons as DLC

i dont have hope for nu capcom

6ceba4  No.15999738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

646fd1  No.15999744


Griff was best red and church best blue.

f5c6a7  No.15999746


>zombies still try to move without limbs

>really good corpse collisions and tripping

>unarmed (heh) zombies can't open doors

some of this tech is really nice

5eee91  No.15999770



>watching rooster teeth trash

You watch RWBY too?

646fd1  No.15999793


Anon, we are talking about times where pozz wasnt a thing, or we werent aware of it atleast.

This is going back to the days youtube was 480p max and minutes couldnt last more than 10 minutes, also the rating was on stars.

c95b98  No.15999816










714cc8  No.15999823

File: 99036fad553a73f⋯.jpg (16.47 KB, 274x272, 137:136, bizza.jpg)

5eee91  No.15999828

File: 3802c76f2203afd⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 291x402, 97:134, Greek.jpg)


poz has been a thing since the dawn of time, rooster teeth was always trash

8032f2  No.16000379


>Spawning zombies?

If you're referring to the very first set of encounters in the demo located in the waterfilled hallway, those two zombies bursted through a wooden barricaded room, which has some goodies inside it.

84bb16  No.16000386

Anyone found a way to blow the C4 yet?

620f3e  No.16000400


You can hack in the item needed, I think. Then you can solve the puzzle. Even if you put all three medallions in, you just soft lock when you go through the passage. You can hack in most key items, though a good deal of the police station isn't loaded in the demo at all. The STARS office, for instance, just opens into skybox. So do a lot of other rooms you can't aces in the demo. They did a really good job cutting out stuff that's not in the demo.

646fd1  No.16000408

File: 5450ec4bb26b507⋯.jpg (3.58 KB, 160x170, 16:17, wulf.jpg)

A very neat thing i noticed from the demo is that, just like in the original, zombie cops with caps are stronger.

e93d57  No.16000601

File: bbfe4a520f4bf7c⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 440x440, 1:1, bbfe4a520f4bf7c0b690034b58….gif)

>Zombies will just get up forever unless you burn them presumably or blow their head off

I can imagine that'd be a problem in the full game.

8a83e4  No.16000623

i still have my grievances about using an action camera in a non action game but it's understandable that capcom isn't gonna sink a AAA budget into a fixed perspective tank controls game that'll alienate everyone but a very specific niche. we've also reached a weird point where the characters look better in gameplay than they do in cutscenes, marvin looked really good though and capcom has made a lot of weird looking black characters before, japanese modelers seem to have a little trouble with them but the combo of facescan plus the acting made them feel like part of a cheap tv show. the sound design is incredible & probably one of the best things this game has going for it.

the demo itself was actually pretty fun although very easy and i think that racing against the time limit made it more tense & enjoyable than it would've been otherwise. the zombies look good but thery're so slow and there's so much ammo that they were probably the least spooky part of the game. this control scheme was designed to deal with ganados & enemies that are both faster and can do far more than the zombies present in the demo. having so much ammo everywhere in particular really didn't fit with how the station is supposed to feel & how much of a relief it was to find a few more rounds in the original game. hopefully this was just a contrivance for getting retards through the demo but it's probably one of the biggest small things that'll determine whether we get survival horror or just a shitty action game.

>Also what was your first Resident Evil game?



only strong men wear hats

e93d57  No.16000637


It's been datamined that there's gonna be a classic camera mode.

2a52fd  No.16000639



f96765  No.16000646

File: 6ec16250fbdf003⋯.png (324.37 KB, 598x310, 299:155, 6ec16250fbdf00318c32ab8778….png)


Still burned on that switch video?

97f3ba  No.16000652


A friend owned RE1, but the first I owned was RE2.

REmake 2 Demo is a disappointment. They deemed the game as not scary, so they gave Leon a flashlight and making most rooms a dull dark uninspired hall-o-thon. Since they failed to recreate the fear in the game, they put the camera behind him, and now it's an action game. Also the audio's been reduced to windy groans. While I wouldn't say it isn't a fun game, I would say it's in a different universe from survival-horror.

620f3e  No.16000659


> they failed to recreate the fear in the game

I'm going to be honest here, I've never found an RE game scary. The only one that came close was REmake.

df2865  No.16000662

File: 643935e2b37450c⋯.jpg (172.96 KB, 500x502, 250:251, 03980e3e2c45fe980019c04dc1….jpg)


I like it how the japanese always make the most meticulous details like zombie tripping over bodies but also always forget the most trivial shit like being able to shoot through fucking glass.

Every fucking time

c64b86  No.16000673


He thinks GTA 4 and Far Cry 2 are good games

2a52fd  No.16000676


No, he's a sellout.

c64b86  No.16000677


>Since they failed to recreate the fear in the game, they put the camera behind him, and now it's an action game

Resident Evil was never scary.

97f3ba  No.16000679


I was in fifth grade when the game was out. I remember seeing the first giant spider in the sewer move in the foreground. I had to turn the game off and have a friend come over to watch me get past it.

I get the feeling that because you can abuse the camera in REmake 2, such a scene will be lost in translation as you can merely "pie" the far wall for maximum visibility. There will be no need for imagination to stoke fear.

e93d57  No.16000680


>Implying RE was ever scary

The spooks come from trying to efficiently manage my ammunition.

620f3e  No.16000689


This was my experience too. It was more a feeling of tension rather than horror. The feeling that you had fucked up and the only way to win would be to completely restart and do better. Of course, the more you learned the game the less that happened. RE2, in particular, is stuffed to bursting with ammo and you really don't need all that much to kill the bosses. But when you didn't know that it was effective.

e93d57  No.16000694


Yea, I'm playing REmake for the first time now and I'm not particularly scared, but tense over the things like "was it worth using my shotgun there? was it worth burning that corpse? I hope I don't get hit and be forced to use one of my healing items".

8de856  No.16000697


this. REmake managed to have some genuine scares with the crimson heads, and nemesis was genuinely scary at first since on hard mode he could follow you into rooms, but other than that the horror comes from the pitifully small inventory limiting you. the amount of times in those games i would empty my inventory except for one magazine of pistol ammo in preparation for looting an important room then accidentally getting sucked into a huge crowd of zombies were stressful as fuck

df2865  No.16000700




Not even the dogs through the window?

95dbb6  No.16000701


That's probably not an oversight. It would be too easy to cheese zombies if you stay behind the door and shoot at range through the glass. At least I think they thought it through, either way it works

158281  No.16000702


How about a Nemesis through the window?

c64b86  No.16000703


Dead Space is scarier

c12319  No.16000705


I don't have a position on whether or not RE was ever scary, since I didn't play them when they were new, but startling =/= scary.

97f3ba  No.16000707


Part of that contributed to the tension, but also hearing, but not seeing something in the room would get me worried to progress. Will it rush me as the camera changed positions? Is there something about the room preventing it from closing in?

In this one, so long as it has most limbs, it can burst through doors, so now it's a waiting game to line up shots.

158281  No.16000708


Fucking minesweeper is scarier than Dead Space

95dbb6  No.16000712


No. The only genuinely scary thing in all of RE is one dangerous zombie strapped with grenades running at you at 80mph across the room

ecd2d6  No.16000713


What'd he do?

fef51d  No.16000714


Daily reminder that Monty would be publicly strung up and torn limb-from-limb if he released Haloid or Dead Fantasy in [Current Year]

df2865  No.16000718



>Not Mr. X through a wall twice




Not even Mr. X smashing the camera?

95dbb6  No.16000722


Those are one time scares though. Zombie Forest is genuinely fucking terrifying everytime he shows up

c1239f  No.16000725


Eh, Dead Space is just a really good RE4 clone with some really nice atmosphere. Once you figure out the enemies like to pop out of vents, you adjust to shooting for the legs instead of center mass/head and figure out just how absolutely fucking busted upgraded stasis is, it's a walk in the park. The only part that still gets me is the one where the hunter chases you while the deck you're on is getting vented

Also, Dead Space 2 is a better game since they figured it was more about having fun than pretending to be scared for youtube clicks

df2865  No.16000728


You were aware of Mr. X roaming around, especially since he's a persistent enemy that keeps moving even when you leave a room.

c64b86  No.16000729


Dead Space 2 > Resident Evil 4

199bb9  No.16000730


Shilled a really shitty VR game on a video, justifying it with "it's my opinion, so shut up", then people found out he actually got paid to shill it, so he nuked the video and reports people who reupload it.

But then again what can you expect from a 2013 cuckchanner who legitimately thinks biocuck intimate is good.

158281  No.16000731


I've only played the first one, is 2 that good?

95dbb6  No.16000732


Are you talking about the og Mr. X or the new one? Because the original was contained in some very brief encounters. He got me when he burst through the wall a second time though

c64b86  No.16000739


It's an improvement on everything in DS1.

620f3e  No.16000741


>legitimately thinks biocuck intimate is good

He eventually soured on it if his video about how watered down it became from what it was going to be is any indication.



>Dead Fantasy

I remember younger, more naive me hoping those would eventually become porn.

df2865  No.16000744


OG Mr. X. I think he's the most freaky of all the enemies in the series because unlike everything else, he's basically a terminator that eats up all the ammo you've been saving.

fef51d  No.16000751


They may not have directly become porn, but they inspired thousands of porn artists for years to come. Hell, even with how pozzed RWBY is some pretty damn decent porn has come out of it all the same. One can only dream of being such a pornographic inspiration. RIP Monty, I hope you're sleeping soundly next to the internet we all used to know.

97f3ba  No.16000753

I wonder if REmake 2 would have been better than REmake 1 if it was made instead back in the gamecube era.

c1239f  No.16000760


I'm still mad that /rwby/ hasn't managed to get his whore wife thrown in prison.

b7607f  No.16000767

File: 31ecc7b0eb32081⋯.jpg (55.82 KB, 300x360, 5:6, 6000.jpg)


Where did the years go, lads?

ecd2d6  No.16000775

2a52fd  No.16000782


>al that dick sucking in the comment section

f96765  No.16000797

File: 8bba84c195321fa⋯.jpg (275.93 KB, 1522x480, 761:240, 8bba84c195321fa8b21ccb2da6….jpg)








That's all I needed to know. Thanks.

158281  No.16000824


Did people actually find a connection that made him look like he was shilling or was it because the game looked like trash and he praised it too hard so people assumed he was shilling?

620f3e  No.16000826



I had hoped at least Chris and Jill would have hooked up by now.

f96765  No.16000835


The fact that he deleted it is enough assurance for me. The comment section just reassures me.

c1239f  No.16000849

File: 76658ea7e4cc9ba⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 777x704, 777:704, big think.jpg)


>b-but you're just being NEEEEEEEEEEEEEGATIVE

>fina shieeet nigga his community so toxic he can't say anything good bout anythang nigga

>like dude, his edgy fanboys just got mad because he said something good about a game

>when in both the GTA4/5 and the FC2/5 videos he's being extremely positive of the former games

Youtube comments make me wish for death.

fa2746  No.16000854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>they're STILL making more videos, with the most recent on a month old

oh my fucking god

f96765  No.16000869

File: 01ad440697d8c4f⋯.png (543.9 KB, 657x888, 219:296, 01ad440697d8c4f84151b78509….png)


If it makes you feel any better, I've seen plenty of fighting game tournament, and other, videos where people would post >she or some variant. Not sure if people still do that. I just know that I do.

fef51d  No.16000894

File: aae2987938450c7⋯.jpg (48.49 KB, 601x469, 601:469, 100% nuclear.jpg)


>That wonderful wild west period of the internet will never come back

>All of the websites we frequented back then are either dead or ruined

>Things we wished for in the beginning have ended up killing the internet as we knew it.

>Fun and/or stupid game rumors like "how to unlock Sonic in Melee!" are now virtually nonexistent

>Memes are no longer fun inside jokes and stupid shit made for fun, but marketable, commercialized, and cynical trash.

>Now you are forced to either kiss the boots of women and stay silent to survive on larger websites/in public, or seclude yourself on small imageboards and forums that are holdovers from the old internet, forced to watch in horror as the rest of the internet collapses into PC bullshit around you.

I miss when the internet wasn't serious business. I miss when people didn't give a single shit about Twitter or Facebook, and anyone who did got laughed at. I miss when everything was just about fun and didn't always have to have some fucking social cause attached to it, right or left. I just want to have fun again, is that too much to ask?

f96765  No.16000908


I mostly miss being able to play and have fun in online games. Now I just settle with being toxic.

fef51d  No.16000913


I feel that, Mabinogi was the bee's titties back in the day

073947  No.16000935



This is Resident Evil 2 not Silent Hill 2. The games never gave off any fear inducing shit. Jump-scares like the dogs or Mr. X dont count. If anything the closest game that comes close to being legit spooky was RE7 which was a decent game

42772a  No.16001065




I'm still proudly subscribed to shadowleggy.

14f8f1  No.16001133

File: 20fe927ad8e0827⋯.gif (1.04 MB, 361x264, 361:264, vegeta grass is great.gif)


What wonderfully silly, innocent years have gone.

Rest in pepperoni you glorious silly bitches

e90ade  No.16001162

File: 9463244978f547e⋯.jpg (83.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ika Musume.jpg)


That takes me back.


i didnt like her animation style when she stopped using mspaint

76795f  No.16001230

File: 651e82a08ef3be0⋯.png (570.67 KB, 734x864, 367:432, 930ae06dd6bdd5445067088d39….png)

I caved and just downloaded the demo, I figure if I ever get the hankering, I'll just make a throwaway account for cheesing it; but damn, it was a lot tougher than expected, zombies have a lotta tank, and I kept getting cornered preordered as soon as I was done though couldn't get 60fps at 4k though on a GTX 1080; but 1440p was as smooth as silk.

d547da  No.16001234


Wow, people actually feel nostalgic about this garbage

e90ade  No.16001258


Get off my lawn kid.

194a8a  No.16001287

File: 80ffc90e4c84b43⋯.jpg (280.36 KB, 1784x1216, 223:152, you_cant_go_back.jpg)

194a8a  No.16001291


not sure but re7 got cracked in 5 days which was a record at the time.

e01fa2  No.16001295


>stuff on the bookshelf includes Mr. Bean and Jurassic Park on VHS, a Goof Troop toy, and a physical photo album

This photo is amazing, it's like a time capsule.

6a5616  No.16001304

fuck lickers

d547da  No.16001321



>having property

f96765  No.16001326

File: 140a676b72a95e8⋯.png (317.39 KB, 400x581, 400:581, 400px-Furryedit.png)


>tfw 10 acres

76795f  No.16001328

File: 8ea9c494711d15b⋯.png (422.87 KB, 768x768, 1:1, MIBION.png)


I own a house

it fucking sucks, termites, bad plumbing, and an arm and a leg in renovations

The only good thing about it is you can tear shit up and buy those tacky bowl sinks, and a nice shower

620f3e  No.16001336


I've seen that doujin.

e01fa2  No.16001344

File: 282f9c4dfb6d74a⋯.jpg (39.49 KB, 499x422, 499:422, suddenly I feel very old.jpg)


>mfw this gives me nostalgia for the Partridge Family rather than Resident Evil

646fd1  No.16001645


>people in the resident evil universe

>having sex or romantic partners

Only married couples with children (birkins,trevors, bakers) get laid, the rest either ignore all sexual advances or get constantly cockblocked like poor claire.

But yeah, capcom has been teasing people with chris and jill since you rescue jill in chris's story in RE1.


They were simpler times you cannot understand, that shit was quality 11 years ago.

473433  No.16001664

File: e571a8b576dc838⋯.jpg (181.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, how do you do, fellow kids.jpg)




Oh no, they might run out of megabytes, better get it while you can!

e37a2f  No.16001677


>all those soygoim in the comments



Anyone who uses the word toxic is a faggot.

038888  No.16001699


It saddens me when I hear people in meatspace say it in a non-ironic fashion. Makes me wonder what other kind of rot has gotten into their heads.

b2a802  No.16001703


You can get decent discounts on pre-ording a game from cd key sites. Usually 10% but can reach up to 25% off. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're damn sure you'll like the game, since they're not covered by any refund policies. Not to mention buying a cd key is them metaphorical equivalent of buying a used game. But that's another can of worms of producer&consumer ethics.

6e9445  No.16001795


>it was a lot tougher than expected

Bitch, in what universe was that demo hard?

If you can't hit those head shots, you should probably stop playing video games

df2865  No.16001867

File: 566eef654b8cf78⋯.jpg (163.75 KB, 973x765, 973:765, I want to go back.jpg)

File: b0cac1943aeae31⋯.webm (3.3 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, I wanna go back.webm)

e90ade  No.16001886


>video responses

Damn, what a great feature

14f8f1  No.16001917

File: 4873deb21574bbf⋯.gif (2.25 MB, 600x408, 25:17, oh shit i'm okay anime.gif)


It's more that people in my case use it to camouflage themselves when crazies are about.

It's one of those words you can use to convince people that you're apart of their group, so people use it, and using it gets the dumb people to actually listen to you because you're using their jargon, so they automatically assume that you have a familiar viewpoint.

Conversation is a subtle art, and there's ways to signal your alliance to the like minded even while using your enemy's language.

It's called "Not burning bridges."

So people in the silent majority will adopt the lingo to blend in, in areas where it's used, it doesn't mean that everyone who says it actually cares to use the language.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when you're among the insane, play at insanity to leave unscathed.

Of course some people are genuine, but it's the crazies who set the precedent. Notice how only "toxic" is used. Not any real feminist lingo.

That's because silent majorities have to now put up with the "toxic" crowd, but the hardcore retards are still shunned and will continue to be shunned.

The media is trying to push a lot of shit on people, but there's just some things that don't fly in polite society, and whatever makes it IN, doesn't nessesarily change minds for real.

It's like giving lip service to a crazy man on the bus while you're waiting for your stop or his. Which does actually happen. Get a car if you can, buses are pretty bad.

5010be  No.16001932

my first RE game was 4 and it's still my favorite.

after the REmake 2 demo I'm looking forward to playing it in the style of RE4 but I also hope someone mods in a classic mode with the angled views into the full game.

194a8a  No.16001978

File: 801c41a2f7bbbe7⋯.mp4 (2.71 MB, 480x360, 4:3, kazaa.mp4)

5eee91  No.16001994

File: 681a29bf1e63a23⋯.mp4 (4.38 MB, 176x158, 88:79, Fonejacker JVC DVD.mp4)


29442e  No.16002000



>Can't even use the volume slider

Make a better fucking webm nigger

acd2d2  No.16002002


It's also not even close to 5mb, he's not even fucking trying.

5eee91  No.16002007

File: ac931a4d9e1973b⋯.mp4 (5.51 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Fonejacker - HMV.mp4)

e4908b  No.16002024

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hopefully more side-games, like HUNK getting his own game that was stolen by a Leon knockoff in Dead Aim. They're calling this a "Reimagining" and somewhat a soft reboot, there was a lot of miss opportunities when Umbrella went through all the trouble to get the G-Virus, only to die off because Shinji Mikami was tired of them by RE4's offscreen company bankruptcy

29442e  No.16002060


Tofu tastes like shit tbh

f4eea8  No.16002117

File: fbcc3dcc6f6f06b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 1403x8263, 1403:8263, Ruby-writefag.jpg)

File: be75ec352338c91⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 1403x3708, 1403:3708, Ruby-writefag2.jpg)



Too bad this is the one that's spammed on /rwby/

777596  No.16002125


Hunk not getting his own game is such wasted potential, a great opportunity to give us a look into the inner workings of Umbrella, plus he's been a fan favorite for decades now. It could play like a paranormal version of classic Rainbow Six with the resource management and puzzles of Survival Horror.

1157b2  No.16002130

File: 95daa07667f0a5d⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 7w7cqkOB_400x400.jpg)

Why do I love resi3 so much, its such a fucking good game. Seriously the best of the first 3 overall

f4eea8  No.16002131



I just wanted them to finish the story

e4908b  No.16002140


Playing as the bad guy was the feature of ORC, too bad the game was rushed out and the base design was a terrible mod for a SOCOM game, good idea, terrible execution. Hope he gets his own game.

6e9445  No.16002154

File: b8ea72401c59000⋯.jpg (16.37 KB, 272x692, 68:173, Jill.jpg)


The quick turn and free movement on stairs really do it for me.

Not to mention RE3 Jill.

That costume was the best part of remake imo

27815f  No.16002184


>related videos

>videos are actually related

Fuck you google

df2865  No.16002192

Guys hear me out: Max Payne RE cameo

49d121  No.16002201

File: 1f3de9812e82ddf⋯.png (690.79 KB, 1231x1000, 1231:1000, 1f3de9812e82ddfbccba135a7a….png)


>tfw >tfw

b2a802  No.16002206

File: 398ecf69d4d80f3⋯.png (363.56 KB, 738x877, 738:877, Mario plays it bogart.png)


Characters already blurt out what's happening to them in this game, might as have a guy monologue out loud.

646fd1  No.16002226


Hes the bobba fett of resident evil.


Sick controls, aesthetics and charming characters.

57c7da  No.16002359

File: 66b29140a45ef0b⋯.jpg (71.11 KB, 632x646, 316:323, perplexed_crayon_gril.jpg)


but why

f6fe6e  No.16002572


>Enough assurance

So he wasn't caught being a paid shill for the video game then.

2b2522  No.16002616

File: def3be79d9b5234⋯.png (209.22 KB, 663x429, 17:11, unknown-4.png)



Remake 2 looks interesting and all, not bad per se, but I really get disoriented by all that excess detail and effects.

Feels like I'm in a dream when I played the demo.

Also they changed so much for no real reason, its a completely different story.

I much prefer the simple and basic PS1 graphics.

eca8c9  No.16002663

How is the gameplay on PC? Have the japs learned how to use a PC or is another port from the consoles?

e9f364  No.16002695

File: 56326377064d51d⋯.png (128.65 KB, 314x278, 157:139, 56326377064d51dc5ef46e5925….png)

What's the best way to experience the original on PC? Is there a good port or do I have to emulate it?

I like REmake 2 but it feels like an entirely different game, 2 is the only RE game I never played and I was waiting on the remake because I thought they were going to pull a REmake 1, but it's just too different, It's not just the gameplay changes, it just doesn't have the same vibe.

Playing the Demo just made me want to try out the original that much more.

646fd1  No.16002747


The sourcenext version with the fanpatch.

073947  No.16003333


If your PC can handle it then just play the Gamecube port on Dolphin emulator. I played the original on my Wii through homebrew.

df2865  No.16003371

File: 694e6956abe47b9⋯.jpg (75.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 414bd3075917ea76ac63f8183e….jpg)


Digits verified.

9eea8b  No.16003397

File: dd32f981ce96ea5⋯.jpg (60.03 KB, 540x540, 1:1, Cursed Image.jpg)

Anyone else here is a REmake super autist who beat it around 10 times?

199bb9  No.16003399


I beat it enough times to get all the trophies on 360 and PS4.

5eee91  No.16003401

File: f8b00f67862d49c⋯.png (442.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, RE3 normal.png)

File: 692406ff6fdbb4c⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 3840x2880, 4:3, RE3 Upscaled AI.jpg)


>I much prefer the simple and basic PS1 graphics

i wonder what RE would look like with proper 3D enviroments, the 3D models they used to create the renders couldnt be that demanding for modern computers, right? but being capcom im sure they lost all their original RE files somewhere

e9f364  No.16003414

File: ac617f797a9dade⋯.jpeg (80.43 KB, 920x617, 920:617, ac617f797a9dadee80867583a….jpeg)


I heard it can cause some audio issues but you know what, just for those quads I'll go with it.

I'll still try out >>16002747

Thanks for the tips anons.

646fd1  No.16003421


Just FYI, there are mods for the sourcenext version since it functions like a nopen version,. much like open X-com.

e9f364  No.16003474


I just intend to trough the original.

To be honest I do want to make the sourcenext version work fine because I have a tendency to being a sneezy cunt with emulators and end up using save states, because they are just so much more faster.

I don't want to resort to that on a RE game because it would just take away the entire pink ribbon shit.

I'm off to sleep though, thanks for the info.

9eea8b  No.16003477

File: 6ab814328d89d4d⋯.jpg (100.16 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Cat licking paw.jpg)


I usually don't give a fuck about achievements but with this game they actually made me beat modes and playstyles that I never did on Gamecube like knife only, no save, real survival, invisible enemy. I thought it was a neat detail how you can still see zombies in mirrors and puddle reflections in invisible enemy.

9eea8b  No.16003489


Woops, meant to reply to >>16003399

9c99dc  No.16003926


you can lock it with cheat engine pretty easily, and if you're too dumb for that reddit's got ready to use trainer EXEs

8032f2  No.16003976



Bullshit, they can open doors. The only difference with bulletproof glass is that you have to move an inch into the room to shoot the zombies.

It's the same nonsense with them banging on the windows. Why can't I shoot them? It'll break the glass, but I get a shot in. Instead it's bulletproof.


>That costume was the best part of remake imo

They infinite voided her panties in REmake HD, but a costume mod can bring them back.

9c99dc  No.16004091


the port runs fine and even tells you how much impact every option has on every part of your computer.

More games need to do that.










As Those People Using Capitalization On Every Word.

14f8f1  No.16004154


No, it's not, you're just an idiot.

49d121  No.16004167

File: 30186e034723861⋯.jpg (110.74 KB, 494x499, 494:499, 30186e034723861efb1224d0bc….jpg)


> n o u

14f8f1  No.16004187

File: 1aff55715aa3e82⋯.jpg (125.12 KB, 465x578, 465:578, lonestoner.jpg)


You're the one who responded to a thought out post with

>lol can't read


>lol didn't read



You can't read, you're a nigger.

3c1491  No.16004214


There is no more "Related videos" section tho, it's not like they are not aware.

9c99dc  No.16004463


lol replying at the wrong person.

don't even care about whatever you were arguing about, you just type like a fag.

4af32f  No.16004638

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>your first Resident Evil game?

Resident Evil Director's Cut Dual Shock Edition

This scene scared the crap out of me as a kid.

0298a7  No.16004674

File: 125bb901d52b1aa⋯.mp4 (1.34 MB, 600x416, 75:52, Ass_Band_STARS.mp4)


>Dual Shock Edition

14bc49  No.16004789


>Now that the REmake 2 demo is out what did you guys think of it?

I'm liking it. There are new areas like the orphanage, so I'm curious what else is new. I wonder if Ada's story gets changed. In RE2, she came off as oblivious to most of what was going around, but now she seems more informed. I'm curious if her betrayal is going to be telegraphed earlier, rather than near the end. It also looked like Mr X gets murdered by G Birkins. In one of the non-canon comics, G Birkins ran into Nemesis, so I wonder if he'll make a cameo or get teased in some way. It easily could just be Nemesis being heard or seen by Claire/Leon off in the distance or even Brad's corpse being found on the map with a big whole in his face. There is a lot that they could do that could better tie RE3 into RE2 and I'm sure they have.

>Also what was your first Resident Evil game?

RE2 for the PS1. I don't remember the version as my father ended up getting it, a bunch of games and a ps1 from a friend.


I'll more than likely pick it up, but I'll walk into a store and pick it up there on opening day.


Tofu doesn't have a taste.


I would like a Hunk game that is built more like REmak2 rather than those cover shooters. There's a lot that could be done with HUNK as he really was overwritten by the time of the Outbreak games and him being unconscious in the sewers for however many days he was down there didn't make any sense. Outbreak messed with his canon, when the rats started eating the ubc soldiers immediately after Birkins beat them up. There's no way they just decided to leave him alone, so there's a lot of leeway there as to what he was doing during the events of RE2, RE3 and Outbreak.


>that stump zombie trying to belly crawl to Leon

>Leon bullying that zombie by standing on his back

Those were great. There was a great deal of detail that was put into the game, so I am happy for that. The zombies not being able to enter the main hall from other areas seems like a conscious decision in order for the main hall to be a safe room up until it eventually does get overrun.


I'm assuming that the station does eventually get flooded with the zombies after a certain point like the gas station in RE3. Assuming that is true, the ammo would help then.


Leon can block the doors, so that they don't get in or at least make it less likely that they'll be able to get in. >>15999738 shows that they will burst in and push Leon aside if the door is fully closed, but it looked as if they can't when Leon keeps it a bit open towards them.


As a small child, the opening cinematic in RE2 used to freak me out. Then you added in having to evade them on the street and I never got around to really playing it back then.

f85719  No.16004811


If this is true then I'd buy it right now if it wasn't for FUCKING DENUVO.

df2865  No.16004816


I couldn't sleep for 3 days because of this scene when I was a kid. Now it seems so trivial, even at 3 AM.

5c0f1c  No.16004825


I feel like a weirdo because I've beaten RE1 over a dozen times, all difficulties, arranged modes, under 2 hour times just dicking around, but I only beat REmake once as Chris so far.

RE1 is kind of my comfort game so I guess the different enemy behaviors, placement and the added content such as crimson heads and Lisa Trevor just throw me off too much to get super into it.

I also beat the shit out of RE2 but I have yet to unlock tofu.

4e971b  No.16004951


You aren't alone I've only finished REmake like once or twice. It's not even like I think it's a bad game I think it's glorious I just really find it easier to boot up the original when I feel like replaying 1. Resident Evil Deadly Silence is actually my go-to port.

646fd1  No.16005496

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hearing japanese voiced in resident evil is odd.

5eee91  No.16005565

File: 5529874914436c2⋯.png (316.2 KB, 303x1000, 303:1000, becca.png)

Any good mods out there for any of the RE games?

1c537d  No.16005636




>SNES and N64 on top shelf, possibly with a Goldeneye cart next to it

>Stickers from the of Stretch and Casper from the 90's Casper movie on the side of the desk.

>The Goof Troop toy appear to be standing on top of a white cassette tape.

>There's a black floppy disk on the shelf beneath it.

It's like a 90's male bedroom museum exhibit, but since he's playing Driver, that would have come out in June 99, so this image could even be from the early 2000.

Now I miss my bedroom from the 90's.

9a8336  No.16005649


I wouldn't say good but interesting nonetheless are the Extreme Condition mods from that one BR

I've only tried the one for 4 and 5

The one for 4 puts really fucking hard stuff to deal with absolutely everywhere and changes up a few things by putting new exits in places, adding areas you don't visit normally as playable areas.

It has a few neat ideas but the difficulty level is really high and part of the difficulty is implemented in bad ways especially with overuse of a couple enemies.

It also assume you're really fucking good at RE4 to begin with and know every trick and every autistic details about enemies and their AI.

It's balanced around starting a fresh game on professionalOr you can be a little bitch and just play it with an NG+ save

The one for 5 is best described as "Resident Evil 5: Dead Rising editon", pretty much from the moment you get your gun there's a horde of niggers ready to fuck you up nearby and that's every single room, it's supposedly beatable with an NG save but I seriously can't fathom how.

65409f  No.16005663

I already bought REmake 2. Leaks about REmake 3 and the possibility of other remakes if these two sell well was more than enough for me. My computer handles Denuvo just fine and I don't really give a shit about dealing with it a few times for one of the few long running franchises left that has managed to keep itself from imploding. As long as the games remain enjoyable then I'll contribute some cash to fund more of them.

They're really lucky that RE7 was good though because after 6 I was ready to abandon the franchise. I didn't bother to buy that on release.

I started playing RE1 when I was a kid and I haven't stopped. I play through at least one game in the series each year. Resident Evil 3 is my favorite of the mainline entries. It managed a feeling of scope and tension with limited resources.

4a907c  No.16005692

>Now that the REmake 2 demo is out what did you guys think of it?

It looks alright, but I feel it just won't have the same charm the older pre-rendered tank movement games had.

>Also what was your first Resident Evil game?

I watched my brother play 1 to completion when it came out but I played all of 2 and 3 then moved on to outbreak 1/2 and CV on ps2 which where the best RE games in my opinion. Outbreak especially if you had the ps2 connection. 4 was where it started to go downhill but was still decent (if not stupidly easy). Everything after 5 was trash for me.

646fd1  No.16005864


Check out mortal night, destiny and overhaul for re2.

b2a802  No.16005883

File: 8799fa31da18b8a⋯.jpg (13.13 KB, 255x230, 51:46, concerned skelly.jpg)


>I already bought REmake 2

I hope you bought it from a CD key site, not directly from steam. If tech companies want to take advantage of globalism at your expense, you should too at their expense. I mean fuck cdkeys.com has it over 25% off.

8e232b  No.16006131

File: f6c50b063732caf⋯.png (108.2 KB, 1777x475, 1777:475, re_re2_ruined_series_bait.PNG)



curious about how the key sales work: does Crapcom see any profit from it at all or is it similar in a sense to buying a game used in that the original creator doesn't see any cash? I haven't been tempted to buy a game in a long time but it'll kill me sitting there waiting for based crackers if they aren't motivated.

I fucking love RE2 and it's a primo comfort game for me as I grew up playing the N64 miracle version of the game basically on loop. I'm not too proud to admit that I didn't even know there was a new game plus sort of thing where you loaded the save file and got to play the B scenario as the other character so for the longest time I just would start a new game completely whenever I finished.

Blew my mind that they had a totally different story for the other character and it changed based on A or B.

fd5465  No.16006213


>The zombies not being able to enter the main hall from other areas seems like a conscious decision in order for the main hall to be a safe room up until it eventually does get overrun.

Probably won't allow enemies in rooms with NPCs that are important for story progression.

b2a802  No.16006272


>curious about how the key sales work: does Crapcom see any profit from it at all or is it similar in a sense to buying a game used in that the original creator doesn't see any cash?

Depends how the seller gets the key.


Seller buys a shitload boxed games somewhere in the thirdworld shithole. You can tell this by the cd key code they send you looking like if it was a sticker from a box. This way is like buying a used game, the key seller did pay the dev for the cheap copies but profits from reselling them goes to him.


cd key sellers buy keys directly from the publisher in a bulk deal. How don't know how this exactly works or their profit model from this but that what the more legit keys site say how they do it.


People resell their unactivated keys. Be they from GPU bonuses, game bundles, buying them during sales, or just flat out using stolen credit card info. This where cd key sites get their bad rap, and how it's more 'harmful' than piracy. If a dipshit got their cc no. stolen they'll report it and the devs have to give a refund to that person at full price of the hacker bought the game instead of key sellers price. Before you go buy keys from a shady site to harm some dev keep in mind they do kill the key which could get your account banned since it was bought with a stolen cc.

df2865  No.16006345


In all honesty I wish they kept consistence in RE's theme, even if it's a B-movie-esque game. Even in the first game the characters would stop to play a fucking piano. You're on a mission stuck in a mansion full of living rotten corpses trying to eat your entrails and your friends are gone, who would ever play a fucking piano in this situation?

4af32f  No.16006436

File: 16a7d4d72a19ee1⋯.jpg (12.26 KB, 185x183, 185:183, resident evil 1.jpg)


What's wrong with Dual Shock edition?

0aea68  No.16006443

File: 2dfb2e0482e122a⋯.png (1.03 MB, 800x495, 160:99, ClipboardImage.png)


the music

4bd668  No.16006447


Theres a Directors Cut Non Dualshock. Get that one.

a377da  No.16006517

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e93d57  No.16006533


I fucking love clown farts.

e5a87e  No.16006548

File: b797c39cf1033df⋯.png (74.32 KB, 813x1200, 271:400, hunk.png)

Been dumping some decrypted strings from the demo, here's most of the story strings and some other interesting things like DLC/addon types ("voice-related downloadable content"?)


5eee91  No.16006581


>Voice related DLC

Wouldnt that only be used for an announcer in multiplayer or something?

>all those other possible DLC

Why cant we just unlock shit like the older games?

df2865  No.16006614


because they need to unlock the dosh from your pockets

e5a87e  No.16006644


Voice DLC could just be for different languages, maybe that's why it's the only one called DLC while the others are all called add-ons

b63f46  No.16006669

Never played a RE before, but the demo was really fun. Actually started to feel tension as I went along.

8de856  No.16006671


>Never played a RE before

you're the target audience

9c99dc  No.16006685

File: 3b4909434da8178⋯.gif (684.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, =^) .gif)


You're trying so hard to make it sound like a bad thing.

b63f46  No.16006706


I’ve realized that. If they wanted vets there would probably still be fixed camera angles and such. I might try REmake 1 thanks to this newfound interest though.

8e232b  No.16006730


good write-up anon, thanks. I think I might end up buying a key but we'll see how the week goes.

29442e  No.16006749

File: 4843a2a4af7b6a8⋯.webm (9.56 MB, 478x360, 239:180, rehunt.webm)

I wish more horror games would take after the Hunter cutscene from RE1, where it shows the monster following your steps. Monsters chasing after you from afar trigger me fucking hard for some reason and it's great, especially when you can hear them approaching. Gives you a sense of urgency to make you find a hiding spot, run away or get ready to fight it off.

138abb  No.16007211


You should play the Siren games if you haven't already

646fd1  No.16007325

File: 23b5abae26f1050⋯.jpg (91.37 KB, 900x670, 90:67, stars alpha team playing c….jpg)


>who would ever play a fucking piano in this situation?

Thats where the "special" part of the name comes from.

94c1e6  No.16007330

File: 500f80dfea99d5f⋯.webm (7.03 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Biohazard's_Perfect_T-vir….webm)

File: 5d73764eef68c5f⋯.webm (4.73 MB, 480x360, 4:3, RE_Montage.webm)

df2865  No.16007353


No wonder Wesker wants them all dead.


Tyrant punching the glass always gets me.

f5c6a7  No.16007368

File: 9d39fda8352a88f⋯.png (455.75 KB, 620x504, 155:126, 1325443620003.png)

>Hard mode has no autosave and uses ink ribbons

very nice

073947  No.16007381


>only on hard mode

They should've done it on all modes to filter out casuals

94c1e6  No.16007384

File: cd024e1eae2af5c⋯.mp4 (7.63 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 02 - Icy Gaze - Bio Hazard….mp4)

f5c6a7  No.16007415


if hard mode is an option from the start, I don't see the issue, let the casuals play baby mode and I'll play on hard mode.

646fd1  No.16007459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Glorius jap autism.


>we never got a remastered version of this or the radicool cast intro in the REmake

What a shame, embed related is the closest we ever got.

94c1e6  No.16007653

File: 9bc5280b72d96b1⋯.webm (4.67 MB, 958x720, 479:360, Resident Evil Biohazard -….webm)


That was beautiful and wasted on a fucking pachinko machine

8032f2  No.16007880


The randomizer mods are fun, and are for a bunch of the games now. Can randomize both items and enemies, so for example you can get Yawn spawning in the balcony.

You can also customize the spawn text file and make everything hunters.

620f3e  No.16007915

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Those are indeed fun and hilarious.

8032f2  No.16008241


Now even doors are randomized? Oh baby.

fb4075  No.16008308



Please take me back man.

fb4075  No.16008315



Jesus christ my sides

df2865  No.16008338

File: 54363e87bbf1f3e⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 385x278, 385:278, LaughingMarines.jpg)


>Cool Christ in the Wacky Mansion

194a8a  No.16008379


It would be 99 because I remember that spiky hair style being in around that time because my cousin had it in primary school.

29442e  No.16008382

File: beeed6b4d9c2359⋯.jpg (11.25 KB, 255x226, 255:226, ba2711a5b57e4885729142124c….jpg)


>The tyrant brothers in the room with the blue herbs

fd6c0b  No.16008385


I listen to harsh noise and black metal and I can't listen to this

ecd2d6  No.16008483

f3b8f5  No.16008491

I played 2 then one and honestly it took me awhile to like the resource management and tank controls. But now I love the series and can plow through the early games

e90ade  No.16008516


>discord links

What are you doing nigger?

ecd2d6  No.16008523


I just found them on the steam forum.

620f3e  No.16008524


That hand with the card and the card in the second picture look really photoshopped.

c7ddbe  No.16008535


It looks like a filthy spic as well

f056a7  No.16008546


>I am not supporting REmake2.

Same here, hopefully the anons that want to play this "generic over-the-shoulder action shooter n°5680" are going to pirate and not give a cent to a shitty house like Crapcom that doesn't deserve shit.

991660  No.16008622

File: a19c1c24f3d468c⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 512x512, 1:1, I want to die.jpg)


I just want to go back where things where simple and actually have fun now days every single day whenever i go on the internet i see more SJW's killing all morality and replacing it with racism and forced gay agenda. If only the original YT creators didn't cave to that fucking billion paycheck if it knew it would destroy the site beyond recognition.

19efd0  No.16008660

File: 04bb54e08bd7d01⋯.png (16 MB, 1076x1105, 1076:1105, Araki_Eating_A_Donut.png)

Technically my first was Outbreak File #2 but I didn't play much of it. 5 was the first one I finished but I thought it was kind of whatever. I eventually played 4 which actually got me into the series proper since it's just a perfect game.

76795f  No.16008745

I wanna Replay 2 to kill some time till Remake comes out.

Best way to play these days?

8de856  No.16008769


play the first REmake. it's on PC so I imagine it's easily pirated these days, although I'm a filthy goy and bought it only for gamecube no bully. if you ask me it's easily the best RE ever made. RE3 is also really good, because Nemesis is a great villain, but make sure to play it on Hard mode

19efd0  No.16008792


I'll probably play the original before REmake so I can appreciate the changes. I'm still playing a bit of RE2 at the moment anyway. I'm trying to get a good run through 4th survivor at the moment.

9a518f  No.16008795


The original is better. Too much inconsistency in the higher resolution ports.

83eb63  No.16008807


>and the possibility of other remakes if these two sell well

I can't believe it's Current Year + 4 and people still fall for this

cf78f4  No.16008922


>"Scalies are still furries."


My sides are fucking dead.

1c9e88  No.16008928


>4chan not bullying discord niggers


19efd0  No.16008942



I can't tell them apart anymore

76795f  No.16008984

File: 1c085b2b4a3f25c⋯.png (505.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Leon's Gun in REmake 2 looks like a fuckin' problem solva

ecd2d6  No.16008990


Isn't the gun in your pic a known piece of shit?

76795f  No.16008993

File: a7782ee944a1729⋯.png (10.38 MB, 3263x2355, 3263:2355, ClipboardImage.png)


Eh yes and no, Hipoint guns are cheap so they're owned by niggers, but they're fairly reliable for 100 bucks but they're cheap polymer, with a heavy and shitty trigger, and are a pain in the ass to cycle manually.

Funny enough the "Wingshooter" which is literally a HK vp70z, was one of the first (if not THE first) Polymer gun, predating glock by a good 15 years, and feels very similar to a hi-point, even has some of the same quirks.

So a High quality HK polymer gun from the mid 80's, being similar in build quality to a modern 100 dollar pistol does not surprise me in the least

76795f  No.16008994


>one of the First on the market**


76795f  No.16008998

File: 71314f7e796f991⋯.png (439.11 KB, 960x747, 320:249, ClipboardImage.png)


For comparison's sake.

b2a802  No.16009037


You know It's just going to end up like RE7's hard mode, right?

>gives away three saves nearly every save point making limited saves pointless

>In a weird limbo where it's easier than normal classic RE but harder than classic RE easy


If they're doing like RE7, which this game look like it is, you'll have to beat the game first or get the preorder/dlc to unlock it.

a1c93f  No.16009067

File: ef3fd4e9e66473c⋯.jpg (710.73 KB, 1001x1500, 1001:1500, hoobamon8-664847-Ada_Wong.jpg)

Cmon the game is a week away where are all the video leaks?

bdd71d  No.16009141

So do you guys think remake2 will sell better than remake 1, Personally i hope it flops and from what i hear only about a million played the free demo so i think it wont sell to there expectations.

3abe20  No.16009165


what video leaks

capcom has released a fucking demo and gameplay, its out there officially already

a1c93f  No.16009197

File: 7a85c906b446495⋯.jpg (1007.91 KB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, 1547704545494.jpg)


New areas modes weapons story camera angles want to see exactly all whats in the game how much content i'm actually going to be paying for not gonna pay 60 bucks for 10 hours of content

8032f2  No.16009329


>Too much inconsistency

I don't see how.

194a8a  No.16009340


It will sell better than remake1 but its doubtful it will sell to capcoms ridiculous expectations. This is a company that thought Dragons Dogma would sell skyrim numbers.

646fd1  No.16009344


I think they are being less retarded about their sales expectations now.

RE7 sold less than 6 and yet they didnt go back to michael bay evil.

c64b86  No.16009345

File: bda8a461e04b8a5⋯.jpg (346.94 KB, 571x790, 571:790, 1401848493063.jpg)

>RE2 is the only game in the series that has upgrade parts for weapons

I always thought this was the strongest aspect of RE2 since it changed how most guns worked and made you more powerful for the end game content. It's a shame it never popped back up in any other RE game again. RE4 has the linear path upgrade system and Revelations went with more customisation but it's not the same.

42ea0f  No.16009485

Remake 2 is gonna sell like hotcakes.

5eee91  No.16009545

File: ff5739e40d58e8c⋯.jpg (144.49 KB, 640x480, 4:3, RE3 upgraded pistol.jpg)

File: aa449b78816611d⋯.jpg (8.01 KB, 250x200, 5:4, RE3 upgraded shotgun.jpg)


but doesnt RE3 have weapon part upgrades too?

bdd71d  No.16009547


Yes but you need to kill nemesis to get them in optional fights you don't find them like in 2.

4e971b  No.16009560

Why is the PC version of RE3 so abysmal compared to the RE2 PC ports? I just cannot get this shit working with a controller for the life of me. Do newer versions of Dolphin work well with all the Resident Evil ports now or are they still iffy?

b2a802  No.16009566


It's going to not hit RE6 numbers, definitely RE7 numbers though.


You are right that they're an 'upgrade' over the original, but are separate weapons.


I just played the PSX version.

14bc49  No.16009569

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Remake 2 is gonna sell like hotcakes.

Yeah it is.


Is that Barry? It could also be the guy Jill runs into early into RE3 as well. Is it Kendo? He looks to be embracing a child and it doesn't look like Sherry.

5eee91  No.16009571

File: f72ae966172ac21⋯.jpg (219.12 KB, 752x1213, 752:1213, AVGN cuck 3.jpg)


>playing RE with a controller

Literally why? just use the keyboard

4e971b  No.16009578


>Not playing RE except RE7 with a controller

When I first got into emulation I played through all the PSX games with a keyboard (even Survivor) and that was enough to last a life time for me.

646fd1  No.16009580


RE with keyboard its horrible, it was always meant to play with controller.


I think its kendo, apparently hes gonna show up way later in the game and have more screen time.

4e971b  No.16009585


>apparently hes gonna show up way later in the game and have more screen time.

I had a feeling that was the case. Truth be told this whole game feels way more like a REmake of 1.5 with hints of RE2 in more ways than one.

b2a802  No.16009592

File: c0d1fe6c010d6ff⋯.jpg (34.49 KB, 493x245, 493:245, this is fine on opposite d….jpg)


I know kb+m is usually the best choice for games but classic RE games are one of those few exceptions.

646fd1  No.16009593


>more like a REmake of 1.5 with hints of RE2 in more ways than one.

That really wouldnt be bad at all, 1.5 had absolutely nothing wrong going on.

They already gave claire an elsa costume, i hope roy shows up and we can have some buddy cop action before he gets killed horribly like the rest of the RPD (save for kevin).

5eee91  No.16009599

File: 729a90594b8e12d⋯.png (520.6 KB, 600x1070, 60:107, resident_evil___jill_valen….png)




>using a shitty DPad and buttons over aroowkeys and zxcv

What makes the controller better?

14bc49  No.16009601

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



That's cool that he's getting the Richard treatment. I'm curious if they'll let him live this time. It's not like it'll cause issues with future games as he'll just join the ranks of Billy and the Outbreak survivors and just fuck off to a happy life somewhere


It looks like Leon and Claire are meeting at that one cafe like in the RE comic too.



I wonder if he'll have a brief cameo or at least if the van they escape the police station in will appear. It would be a nice nod to the Outbreak games and I believe that's the closest they come towards meeting during the Racoon City Outbreak unless something changes in remake2.

9c99dc  No.16009604


9c99dc  No.16009605


For RE7 btw

4e971b  No.16009608

File: 0db7f540dd04fce⋯.jpg (74.57 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, RE7 no way fag.jpg)



>He bought the VR meme

646fd1  No.16009612


Theres already references to that in the demo, you can see rita's desk and a zombie female cop that looks alot like that other policewoman in that scenario that didnt make it.

bdd71d  No.16009617


Why would anyone want VR support, VR will only work when devs stop with the motion control gimmick below the neck, Players don't want to stand up to play or waggle controls.

b2a802  No.16009628


Because the typical layout for a kb+m game is wasd and mouse. If it isn't in that layout it throws people off. La mulana is another example of one of those games.

5eee91  No.16009658

File: 4c092d283b45a58⋯.gif (173.68 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1213553320046.gif)


People really cant handle not using the mouse or WASD? isnt that only a recent controlscheme anyway, lots of games used to have their own control scheme and some still do.

9c99dc  No.16009670


I found someone who does good VR porn and I've been jacking off in VR irregularly for the past year.


they thing with waggle is that it's finally becoming viable. The problem with the Wii was that the controls weren't responsive, accurate or reliable, but nowadays most are, Splatoon motion controls are pretty good.

bdd71d  No.16009677


>they thing with waggle is that it's finally becoming viable.

Viable does not mean fun, Give me keyboard and mouse or even a controller any-day, The only time i see people using waggle in VR games its as a fake gun or in cringe worthy VR chat, Waggle was a failed experiment its time to let it die.

b2a802  No.16009682


>WASD? isnt that only a recent controlscheme anyway, lots of games used to have their own control scheme and some still do.

Wouldn't I call twenty years ago recent, but I get your point. However most people try to jury rig it to wasd and mouselook when ever possible, because it's an effective control scheme. I mean nobody screams heresy when somebody uses wasd and mouse with doom clone games.

8e232b  No.16009686

VR will work when you stop looking like a total fucking homo in the get-up

26a1bf  No.16009690


Not really that recent. It's been the dominant control scheme for over 15 years now.

9c99dc  No.16009719


>Give me keyboard and mouse


>or even a controller

Nope, controllers are absolute dogshit for anything first person, specially VR, and the only way it works is with metric tons of aim assist.

cccec0  No.16009731


They made an action game based on Resident Evil 2 instead of REmake 2. It looks good, great even. I'm going to play it and probably enjoy it a lot. The gameplay is tight, the art direction is fantastic, the sound design is great, etc. etc. Clearly they put a lot of work into it, it's looking like an objectively high quality game. However, it will never not be disappointing because of what this game could have/should have been. This is not the game I waited 17 years for.

REmaster being a big enough hit for them to greenlight this project gave me a small sliver of hope, even if modern Capcom's track record had me skeptical. It just sucks that the final product ended up being the absolute final nail classic Resident Evil's coffin. I am never, EVER going to get another new fixed camera/tank controls RE game again. Resident Evil 2 Remake represents Capcom officially killing it, and I've accepted that.

Still stings thought.

b2a802  No.16009739

073947  No.16009745



>fixed camera mode confirmed

Did you even play the demo? Re4,5,6 are action horror shooters. This seems tame compared to those.

89c3a0  No.16009747




Never understood kb+m autists, like are you fags too poor to buy a used controller.

073947  No.16009767


My ps3 controller still works slightly well pushing the left stick forward sometimes moves the camera as well to the left even if you're not using the right analog stick. Shits annoying.

b2a802  No.16009771


kb+m works great when you need to point at shit thanks to mouselook. It just falls apart when it's not necessary to point/look at shit. That's when you use other like a driving wheel or console controller.

5eee91  No.16009773

File: 5970b669c620620⋯.gif (458.74 KB, 294x233, 294:233, Yuuko2.gif)


i have 4 controllers, i just like KB better especially when playing games with tank controls, can perform multiple actions at a time without having to akwardly grip the controller just so i can do 2 things at once. i hate using controlers because my thumb gets fucked up by the Dpad after playing a few hours

e4908b  No.16009903

File: bfc2b72b0964354⋯.mp4 (4.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Daymare 1998 Paul Haddad A….mp4)

So this got into my newsfeed. Surprised that Daymare 1998 is still alive and they got old Leon's VA, Paul Haddad to be in their game. http://thegg.net/general-news/resident-evil-2s-voice-actor-paul-haddad-is-to-be-a-part-of-invader-studios-daymare-1998/

646fd1  No.16009940


Whats daymare?

8e232b  No.16009955


well thats kinda cool! hope the game doesnt blow because some early stuff looked a bit rough.



bdd71d  No.16009989


Looks at it, A resident evil inspired game might be good, Sees over the shoulder shooter, And i don't care anymore.

ecd2d6  No.16010992


>Never understood controller autists, like are you fags too stupid to use a kb+m?

8032f2  No.16011713


RE3 works better than RE2, so I'm really confused about your situation.

df2865  No.16011871

I liked RE5

620f3e  No.16011886


It's fun…a long as you have a friend to play it with, anyway.

9866f6  No.16011926

File: aa1056d0f979e3c⋯.gif (11.54 KB, 459x255, 9:5, aa1056d0f979e3cbac0d3ce8af….gif)

>Played REmake with my Dad when I was younger but scared me shitless and couldn't get far

>Played Outbreak games later and liked them more than mainline games

Meh I guess?

Oh RE5/6/7 are fucking shit 4 is passable 'cos it's essentially an action game and decent to play but the only horror aspect is how horrible the horror is.

8ed45c  No.16011929


991660  No.16011950


I thought the same since he's the only one that you interact outside the RPD and it looks there's gonna be a bit more of dialogue with him before he becomes an "All you can eat buffet" also in the 1.5 beta he was supposed to have a bigger role but it was scrapped so here he might have that role if they decided to add that.

df2865  No.16011963




>Oh RE5/6/7 are fucking shit 4 is passable 'cos it's the one I like!

Nice fucking selective memory. RE5 is literally 4 with some little improvements, like breaking off the formulaic "aim, shoot, melee" gameplay, overrunning the player with enemies over the course of the story and actually toning down the cheesiness to take the setting seriously again like it should. 6 just took off from there. If you want to bash newer third person RE games for being what they are, RE4 is to blame for starting it all.

2e1e47  No.16011976

How does RE7 hold up in comparison to the other games? I've been thinking of giving it a playthrough but it just seems like outlast with rare combat instances. Also the boss fights seem

weird since it's in third person forcing you into tight areas and bullshit attacks that require exploits to avoid. Another question I had is why do people want fixed cameras to return? I never found RE to be scary and the original games are fun but does it have any effect on gameplay? I get that third person over the shoulder allows you to score headshots easier but that's about it everything else just makes the game easier since you're covered from all angles.

2e1e47  No.16011986

9866f6  No.16011987

File: 3576c02253b2b8c⋯.png (974.6 KB, 1378x750, 689:375, e1b1c02e01dc187ffeccbb4ef1….png)


Nice cherrypicking there fruitcake!

Did you read like one part of my post then not even think about what I said or are you baiting me you fucking nigger?

RE4 is passable for an action game but not a horror game the rest snowballed from there and was retarded as fuck. Outbreak games had modern controls not tank controls and it worked pretty well as you're pretty defenseless in situations but can still find weapons and items to fight back. You have enemies continually spawning when you enter places and a lot of levels have one really big gimmick on top of that which makes them unique, pretty fun stuff.

I only played REmake and I don't really see how that story was all that cheesy

646fd1  No.16011991

File: 9d402ded66c0a9b⋯.jpg (58.13 KB, 564x477, 188:159, resident evil chris desing….jpg)


More like the classic games that 4,5 and 6.

Its a flawed yet acceptable game, besides, is its own thing and doesnt pretend otherwise.

Also, dont fall for the meme, 7 has enough combat.

The worst part is the lack of enemy variety and their shitty design.

a1c93f  No.16012002


Oh fuck re5 with its bastardization of item management, forced co-op, even more linear level design, and shitty fucking nig nog global saturation retarded story.

c76195  No.16012003


>why do people want fixed cameras to return? I never found RE to be scary and the original games are fun but does it have any effect on gameplay?

obviously, fundamentally it does, re1-cvx+outbreak to an extent are designed around that camera position, what you can see, what you can't see, your movement is more limited

"shit, i hear a zombie groan, should i walk around this corner" whereas in third person you can just move the camera and see for yourself.

if you never found the original resi's scary, that's fine but by making the camera third-person, they've removed all the tension and shit

"will i waste ammo on this zombie, or try run past?" to "aim at his leg, melee and boom, ammo drop"

8ed45c  No.16012006


Speaking of that. It's ironic how RE4 has the best inventory management system. Despite there being little to no resource management in it.

df2865  No.16012011


>RE4 is passable for an action game

But 5 isn't despite being virtually the same action game, with added horror? I didn't play 6 and beyond but the sharp turn from horror to action was clearly influenced by 4 being treated at the second coming of christ, and somehow it gets a pass for most people, which is fucking dumb. Capcom wasn't dumb enough to not capitalize on the change.


The item management and coop was pioneered by RE0 back in the Gamecube days and people were fine with that.

df2865  No.16012019



I mean two characters. Either way, coop in RE5 isn't really forced.

a1c93f  No.16012022


Not to mention the shitty fucking pvp they tried to fucking tack on and tied achievements to try to force people to play that fucking dog shit. Also pretty sure 5 is the fucking start of crapcom introducing dlc instead of being able to just unlock shit.

9866f6  No.16012023


Action games aren't horror game anon, you have to try much harder to give me a sense of fear in those.

A bunch of niggers rushing me with spears in loinclothes is just silly not scary, and pressing a button to magically dodge tentacles from bosses isn't scary either.

df2865  No.16012045


>A bunch of niggers rushing me with spears in loinclothes is just silly not scary

They're not scary thematically, but in terms of gameplay they rush you with more and more numbers with each passing level until there's more niggers than you have bullets, and you're forced to fall back and find a good spot to make a stand, like jumping on roofs and kicking down ladders, until they inevitably follow you up. By the time the chainsaw fuckers first show up it gets pretty tense because they can oneshot you and usually show up in cramped spaces.

And for the record, I liked RE4, but it just fucks me off to see people hate a game that was mechanically identical in gameplay because it came after it.>A bunch of niggers rushing me with spears in loinclothes is just silly not scary

9866f6  No.16012059


Wot are you gettin' mad at me for?

I'm prefer actual zombies or odd creatures coming after me not retards with actual functioning hue brains.

I'll bring up Outbreak again 'cos you're a fucking faggot and projecting all your boyish rage at a guy who doesn't even like RE4 that much, that game is good.

df2865  No.16012081


>Wot are you gettin' mad at me for?

Not mad, just pointing out your retarded double standards. If niggers are silly just like the miffed rednecks from 4, what do you even consider different from the games that came after?

Did me confronting your point hurt your feelings that much? I can call you a high octane faggot if you want me to say it that bad.

1c99ba  No.16012082

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You reminded me of this.

9866f6  No.16012122


Actually I got bored and decided to go play a video game instead.

83eb63  No.16012470


>So do you guys think remake2 will sell better than remake 1

absolutely, it is not being released on a failing system and Capcom has been getting decent press due to their attempt to revive their franchises after a series of blunders. Everyone will flock to it regardless of quality.

4e971b  No.16012490

>RE4fag spergs and ruins whole thread with his shitty opinions

What a surprise.

e4908b  No.16012828

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So new trailer about about the intro and character pick, so Live Selection from RE3 might get a comeback for the story here?

c76195  No.16012871


yeah, looks cheesy as fuck but i quite like it

e4908b  No.16012880


So there might still be A and B scenarios, Live Selection with consequences or not, and looking at the trailer, looks it's gonna lengthy walk towards the Police Station because Leon isn't in his police tacticool shoulder-pad uniform.

4e971b  No.16012883



If that voice counting down is going to be the "RESIDENT EVIL 2" voice on the main menu I'm happy.

4955c1  No.16012886

has the alternate, old school camera option been confirmed or debunked yet?

c76195  No.16012887


redtext has to be on it's own line

i wouldn't mind that voice either


maybe, i'm assuming it's just the starting choice though, aka "will you play as claire or leon", hopefully you're right though, would add a shit ton of replayability

8de856  No.16012889


debunked for the moment, but they're not ruling out a post-launch update (likely DLC since I mean c'mon, it's capcom). failing that, PC mods

4e971b  No.16012891

File: 8b2e0d096ecfd4c⋯.jpg (337.52 KB, 1772x976, 443:244, this is the post.jpg)


There's the picture some anon posted in this thread (reposting because dicksword linking) but I'm worried it'll be like the fixed camera mode in Lost in Nightmares for RE5 where the aiming is abysmal because it's still geared toward the over the shoulder camera.

c76195  No.16012892


how would fixed angles even work though? a mod wouldn't fix the fact that is just wouldn't work with the same enemy placement, controls and shit, they'd (capcom) would have to design two different games from the get go which i doubt they have

620f3e  No.16012894


Those pictures look photoshopped as fuck. The cards and the hand look extremely fake.

c64b86  No.16012895


They're seperate weapons and you gotta kill Nemesis for them. It's not like in RE2 were they're specific upgrade parts for your pistol, shotgun and magnum

4955c1  No.16012896


Surprised I didn’t think of mods


Speaking of i think they updated RE5 recently and removed the laser sight for pc players, then replaced it with a horrible, green reticle that completely kills your accuracy.

It’s amazing how capcom will retroactively ruin their games.

e4908b  No.16012910


Hopefully, he sounds spooky with his countdown there.


There were a lot of datamined stuff because of the demo on PC, so might be some truth to it.

c64b86  No.16012912

File: 5dd58927a895b31⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.93 KB, 478x640, 239:320, 1466231544830.jpg)


It's good for most of the Baker house up until you kill Marguerite and have to fight nothing but Molded for the rest of the game.

The game could have not fallen off a cliff in terms of quality if the Molded were at least interesting to fight.

c64b86  No.16012915


>RE with keyboard its horrible, it was always meant to play with controller.

Nigger the fucking tank controls were the best with keyboard.

7323de  No.16012916

File: 2087f20ecac749b⋯.jpg (135.11 KB, 1000x1085, 200:217, Akuma_hoax.jpg)

>REmake2 isnt going to add Akuma

0/10 shit game

fcc4cf  No.16013051


>can't shoot zombies trough glass windows

The remake is dead on arrival.

25e508  No.16013071


that's potato slapping, not loli slapping

a1c93f  No.16013173


You can shoot zombies through windows, just not the bullet proof ones. The ones they bang on you can shoot through them.

19efd0  No.16013532


>take the setting seriously

>punching a boulder in an active volcano

646fd1  No.16013707


Agree, getting rid of the spooky RESIDENT EVILLLL voice would be a horrible mistake.

8032f2  No.16013717


>The ones they bang on you can shoot through them.

No, you can't.

e5c34e  No.16013730

I don't like the breaking knives and I miss the melee moves in RE4.

646fd1  No.16013735

e5c34e  No.16013737

c76195  No.16013761


>shoot once on leg


boring shit

8032f2  No.16013762

Come to think of it, a knife only run might be impossible because they constantly break.

e5c34e  No.16013770


Better than literal bulletsponge enemy.

c76195  No.16013774


yeah and i'm sure girl's shit tastes better than a guy's, both are shit

cd2f3a  No.16013776


This remake truly isn't made of love.

e5c34e  No.16013778


Nigger what?

df2865  No.16013779


This is an actual fucking dealbreaker.

4e971b  No.16013808



Nigger how have you not noticed the game is actively discouraging you from killing every enemy by making them so tough. You're meant to ration your ammo and only pick off the enemies YOU NEED to kill. Fucking retard.

e5c34e  No.16013815


In fact, I don't want to shoot them, I want to knife them.

But knives fucking break after 60 strikes.

b2a802  No.16013900


>In fact, I don't want to shoot them, I want to knife them.

This isn't Code Veronica jackass.

The knives in this game is supposed to be like the defensive daggers in REmake, which were a get out jail card for being grabbed. It breaks because you can pick the knife up after killing the zombie when in REmake you only could do that if you blew up the zombies head.

5eee91  No.16015130

File: 0616bc82eb6614f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 347.87 KB, 780x576, 65:48, becca mod.jpg)

is RE0 any good? I havent played it in years but remember some shit item system where you had to drop shit everywhere

620f3e  No.16015260

File: 3a829131293415d⋯.jpeg (63.59 KB, 827x1280, 827:1280, RERebecca.jpeg)


>shit item system where you had to drop shit everywhere

Easily the worst part of the game. It made sense on the train since the train is small and all about backtracking but that's clearly the only place they thought about it. Having to make multiple trips just to move your surplus items to whatever you consider your new home base is retarded as all fuck. They really should have just added the drop system while keeping item boxes. I don't think it would have been that unbalanced. It also doesn't make a lot of sense how Rebecca goes from super badass to weak, unconfident rookie once Chris shows up. Markus and leech magic is also one of the dumber "magic science" concepts the series came up with. Also a lot of the enemy designs are kind of shit and Eliminators can go suck a dick. Despite all these complaints I still have some fondness for Zero, but after the REmake it really does seem inferior and these frustrations probably helped contribute to the "the series needs to change" mentality that gave rise to the newer, more action-heavy style.

5eee91  No.16015352

File: 5206db7e21e9a8c⋯.png (1.3 MB, 836x878, 418:439, becca2.png)


Im suprised they didnt make the game online coop for the HD re-release

>It made sense on the train

so you go to different areas? it would have been better for the whole game to take place on the train and maybe someplace closeby near the end of the game

620f3e  No.16015382


You can't really do a whole game on a train like that because I mean…a train is only so big. The train is really only the first hour or so. Then you go to the Umbrella training facility, which is just a mansion reskin and it kind of sucks. Then you do some industrial areas that are RE2 callbacks that are actually kind of cool, but the middle part really drags the game down.

646fd1  No.16015933




You guys think the hidden picture of rebecca in wesker's desk will show up in the remake?

620f3e  No.16015972


Honestly the STARS office is one of the places I'm most excited it go. It was edited out of the demo and I want to see what they've put in there.

646fd1  No.16016023


Me too, i hope they expand it, the office was too small for a 12 men squad, it also needs more easter eggs.

8032f2  No.16016151

File: d8ad63348b456ac⋯.jpg (1014.74 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, re0hd 2016-01-27 21-12-13-….jpg)


If you make your "main base" the mansion foyer, it's not really an issue. The game has paths that loops around to the foyer constantly, but the biggest problem is THE HOOKSHOT. After the train, it's required to progress in two parts of the game, but you never carry it with you because it takes up two slots. What always happens to new players is they get to the belfry tower, realise they need it, and have to backtrack to the very beginning of the game to get it.

The other problem is when Rebecca needs to make the battery fluid mixture, but if you know in advance you'll need it then there's no problem. Otherwise, you have to backtrack to the beginning again for a single item that you can't even pick up.

RE0 is a game that is more aimed towards those already used to the series, because those players already have a "take only what you need" attitude towards the games in order to minimize item box visits. So, they constantly forego carrying healing items or extra ammo/guns. Players who like to be safe and carry lots of things usually have issues, because there's no item boxes. You just have to drop it in the room and go back for it later if you want it.

f4eea8  No.16016476


I always thought that was just Alpha team's office, with Rebecca moving in after RE1 since she was the last person on Bravo and Alpha lost Joseph


> It also doesn't make a lot of sense how Rebecca goes from super badass to weak, unconfident rookie once Chris shows up

Someone at Capcom handwaved it as sleep deprivation between 0 and 1

8ed45c  No.16016561


Mind linking the porn? I need to use my VR headset more often

9c99dc  No.16017205


I hoped no one asked because I've totally lost the site and it was some chinese shit.

I've got this though, http://vrjenny.com/index.php use a proxy though, site looks sketchy.

61ffcb  No.16018750

reminder to self: get cube emulator and re2 for it to get the taste of cock out of my mouth after trying nu-re2.

29442e  No.16019514

File: 6383322afea361d⋯.png (973.96 KB, 788x1400, 197:350, ClipboardImage.png)


>umbrella's outbreak happened because of this fucking singing gaylord mutant

Fucking why

cbdc8d  No.16019532


>we want the Final Fantasy audience: the character

1d3858  No.16020386

File: aa23c37fb985d0b⋯.webm (5.28 MB, 800x450, 16:9, 4f34f4fsf4f.webm)


Same. There's something strange about PS1 horror games that makes them more unsettling than modern games, or even movies, like the cutscene where the tyrant gets back up after being shot by Leon the first time. I don't know if it's the black background, the lack of music or the rough PS1 graphics and animation of him getting up, something about it is just uncanny. It's like the console's limitations contribute to the atmosphere since the devs don't have too much space to work with and have to make things as matter-of-factly as possible. Instead of just another CGI movie the game just goes "by the way he's not dead" and I got fucking spooked when I first say it.

700886  No.16022711

here's my thoughts on this whole mess as a crosspost


if they were, they would have not been in there in the first place.

>this is the difference between the shit you call gaming today and what was before - detail and qualiy. we lost it all thanks to more cgi bs and hollyweird motion crap. now clap.

it's also sad how the original makes so much heavy use of audio and music. music and audio was literally 60% of the game, now it's not even there anymore. it's just your average console garbage shat out like everything else.

just more proof that the fatter corporations get, the lesser they get what made them fat in the first place. can't have money and quality, one always has to give. i mean, how stupid can you be not to have the iconic music, zombie moans and slouches in the game?? that's pretty much the core of re!

looks like the nips got stupid like everyone else. and i thought they coming from all that heritage shit would have a sense of quality and tradition - not anymore, apparently. that's sad.

instead, they sped up the zombies (mistake #1), enemies (#2) and added cheap jumpscares (#3) to compensate for not having the benefit of fixed camera angles and tank controls. this remake is a mistake on so many levels. it shits on the legacy and ruins the entire brand. but crapcom is famous for that. their management is shit like everyone else.

or else this abomination would have never been made. back to the drawing board, and make it like re1 remake. then you can proceed from there. who cares about your shitty mocap crap. it's idiotic and takes players out of the game. leave that crap to hollywood instead of copying their garbage. games and films do not mix so stop fucking mixing.

the shitty animations they are so proud off just put me off, they are little gamebreakers as they make you sit there while the game takes control from you giving you the finger saying ha-ha, now watch my shitty bling mocap i wasted all the money on! fucking idiots.

all the kids get their pants wet and suits can thump their chests saying look how cool we are but in reality YOU ALL SUCK. that's the truth. a real game does not need that shit and does not cater to it. it fucking SUCKS.

you have no clue what makes a game good, that's the sad truth. so keep eating that shit sandwich. it's hopeless.

that's also the reason once in a while a game like subnautica comes along and shows you all how it's done. good. old. fashioned. gameplay. with. proper. core. mechanics.

this abomination has no core whatsoever. it tries to be all at once and fails like a bethesda title. technically it works, but mechanics-wise it's even less. how did they fuck this up so much, it's really sad.

it will sell millions of course. a few years later people will remember it as "that re2 action game". and that will be the end of it.

well, i'm going back to playing subnautica. until something good comes along again. this is obviously not it.

1d3858  No.16022716


Lickers are the most boring enemy type in RE anyway, who cares about them.

700886  No.16022721


it's mouthbreathers like you who ruined gaming in the first place. i hope you yiff in hell faggot.

700886  No.16022723

aaand filtered.

1d3858  No.16022736

Oh, it's just another crossposting shortbus whose opinion doesn't matter.

d2b4ac  No.16022971


Fire Emblem, that's why easy modes are retarded. I believe games should have one "mode" of difficulty and if you can't beat it, too bad. If anything they should only add harder modes through free DLC if not right out of the gate.






>fucking static gyro controls for a sitting position is waggle



This would have been true if RE5 was a singleplayer game. Look at the original 2007 trailer. More enemies on screen, smarter AI, interesting story basis, etc. All wasted because muh wacism whining made capcuck add the nigress as a coop partner. Hell Sheva was already a main character. Not to mention the first game in the series to sell you DLC instead of unlocking scenarios.

All this said, it's still a fine coop experience. I played Lost in Nightmares with a friend and it was great.


Uh, yeah it is. It dumbed down the level design and made the game more linear. To include coop they had to divide the game into missions by loading screen. There are less enemies on screen at once as well.


>but in terms of gameplay they rush you with more and more numbers with each passing level until there's more niggers than you have bullets

Never happens because the spear and shovel wielding niggers drop ammo for the player. RE5 and 6 fags are always disingenuous when they argue.


For example this faggot implies that RE0 can be accurately compared to RE5 when it's a singleplayer game. Those mechanics also evolved differently in Outbreak, but as this tired argument goes on all this fag can do is go "muh RE4" when his opposition only says that RE4 "passes" and prefers a classic style.

61e26b  No.16023069


>it's also sad how the original makes so much heavy use of audio and music. music and audio was literally 60% of the game, now it's not even there anymore.

Let me play devils advocate.

It could be a case of them trying to replicate the feel of the original RE2 trial disc which had a way different soundtrack that actually bears some resemblance with what the demo currently has.

61e26b  No.16023104


Oh and by the original RE2 trial disc I mean the one that came with RE:DC and ends with you meeting Ada in the S.T.A.R.S office not the timed demo that came out in various magazines alongside the actual game.

a1c93f  No.16023359

File: 114e3d87b4137d7⋯.png (830.73 KB, 750x494, 375:247, 1548054819645.png)

This looks fake but if it's fucking legit i'm going to blow my fucking brains out.

53e45c  No.16023490


If that's supposed to be the actual Plant 43 design then this is going to blow.

0d2ba5  No.16025562


Well technically it isn't even a person.

14bc49  No.16025654


>it shits on the legacy and ruins the entire brand

What is RE4. CV was the last of the old RE games.

>well, i'm going back to playing subnautica

You sound jelly.


It looks like one of the plant monsters from that abandoned hospital in Outbreak. If that is the case, then a lot more is being taken from Outbreak. Could this mean an Outbreak part 3 or remake of the first 2 is potentially in the works?

d2b4ac  No.16025680


Oh great the apologist is back. R spacing away and defending retarded designs that don't look similar to other monsters in the series.

>reimagining outbreak

Die, I perish the thought getting into their stupid thick skulls.

ae3824  No.16029381

File: 977bff085424191⋯.jpg (862 KB, 3600x4500, 4:5, RE zombies.jpg)


>REmake 2 Demo is a disappointment. They deemed the game as not scary, so they gave Leon a flashlight and making most rooms a dull dark uninspired hall-o-thon. Since they failed to recreate the fear in the game, they put the camera behind him, and now it's an action game.


I wouldn't be so disappointed if they didn't called this shit Resident Evil 2, it should have been another spinoff/revelations title or a different game altogether.


>Resident Evil was never scary.

So it was fine they turned it into an OTS shooter?

Fuck that shit.

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