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File: 70a3512f4014f9f⋯.png (629.26 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, received_362377207912385.png)

File: 1a7d09d0f14d4e7⋯.png (485.46 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 1547096840172.png)


Does anyone here think that Saki Sanobashi could be real? The rumour started on halfchan, but since then others have been talking about it. As well as this, it doesn't sound like it would be anything out of the ordinary for eroguro.

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There's a difference between this and the movies you listed. Every single piece of creepypasta media you listed is Western. Of course it would be out of the ordinary for someone like Walt Disney to make shit like suicide mouse. But Saki Sanobashi is not only plausible in the way that there have been guro OVAs much worse than described, but also that its premise sounds similar to something Hiroshi Harada would make. The only red flags going off here are 'I cried myself to sleep', but then again clock man had a similar description and that was real


Its just a made up story



You make a good point, but then, doesn't that kind of defeat the whole purpose of this thread? Let's say it's real. Like you said, such a story wouldn't be too weird by anime standards, so what's the big deal? Anyway, I'm not an expert on guro, but just from the way the guy told the story, it sounded fake to me. It reminded me of those other creepypastas that have been going around for years.



Clockman OP:

>from respected member of a forum

>knew what network and show he saw it from

>was involved in the search

>other descriptions of the short from a decade earlier added validity


<some anon over three years ago

<never seen again

<'name was something like this or something'

<'saw it on the dark web bro'

The two aren't comparable.



Yeah bro, it's real. I went looking for it on the darkweb when I was in high scool. Big mistake. All the blood was very hyper-realistic, and at the very end the last living character looked right at me (I somehow knew she was looking specifically at me, not the camera) and told me she was gonna kill my mom. The next day, my mom choked on a hot dog and died…

File: 618e548cb180cf8⋯.jpg (102.92 KB, 675x881, 675:881, 9ed70bb4341fa1147516aa1460….jpg)


I want a sign he is real, I am currently following Buddhist teachings yet I want to know that maybe there is more?



Sorry OP, we're all alone on this shitty prison planet, except for the little grey guys coming to abduct you tonight.

File: 3cfe620b1087db8⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 4200x2459, 4200:2459, Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-….jpg)


The Suicide of Saul was painted in 1562 by the Netherlandish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Do you notice anything weird about it?

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My mistake, it's either Gallerix or Garlerix, depending on whether or not the third letter intended to have a second dot on the end. Still no idea what it means.


File: 2ce7d440a452ef3⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 283x270, 283:270, 1544764510069.jpg)


Yoshi confirmed



Looks digitally overlaid if I'm being honest. Any fullsize scans of the painting available for scrutiny?



The one key factor that would add credence to the dinosaur theory though is absent. Height. Marco Polo makes no mention as to whether or not these creatures were biped. They could easily be giant crocodiles or komodo dragons.



I checked the wikipedia page, it's present there. I had assumed that OP had put it there. I should have known that OP wasn't clever enough to do something like that.

File: 24f825b3c15bd7c⋯.png (253.69 KB, 739x457, 739:457, wtfisthisthumbnail.png)



Someone keeps derailing loli threads on /b/ with this video. What's going on??

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File: 613fa579fc08001⋯.gif (483.3 KB, 500x282, 250:141, cheryl.gif)

Is anyone else just completely tired of these same style of videos that have been popping left and right the past few years? It seems like all you have to do now is add a couple of random spoopy images, a cryptic message along with weird audio/editing and boom everyone loses it. Idk if its because i've been on /x/ for that long but i'm just over this shit.

Type in deep web, creepy pasta, etc on youtube and you'll have so many fucking results now. Back in the day that shit didn't clog up YT and there was actually quality video on those topics. Sure there was your fair amount of bullshit as well, but now it seems like everyone has caught and now its everywhere, its ruined those topics.

I hate to be that guy but fuck it, the internet was so much better when this kind of shit wasn't sensationalized by every wannabe mysterious Youtuber. I get it, easy views right, but fucking hell did it ruin the fun and mystery of these topics.



These videos were always crap, it's just that the internet wasn't as saturated with them as it is now. But overall I agree with you, normalfags ruin everything they touch.



Feel like I'm getting MK Ultra'd within the first few seconds. No thanks.


Anyone taken a peek at the playlists?

File: 23132f58337e601⋯.jpg (124.81 KB, 600x400, 3:2, reki-kawahara-is-a-japanes….jpg)


Need something done?

Tired of those fucking squirrels?

Seen some weird shit?

Well I might have an answer/solution for you.

(pic unrelated)

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This isn't entirely /x/ but..

People require other people as regulators for behavior, perhaps you're lacking that factor in your daily interactions. It may feel like shit, but it will help to force yourself to conform.

It's better to fit in and be accepted than be alone.



Sooo I have some skins problem fugus, cebaseous cyst and some other things.

Cebaceous cyst are hereditary in my family (my grandma has like 3 on her head and even if I could go to a doctor they would appear again ).

I am pretty sure some of my family member had "magic" ways to deal with it (like rubbing some part from a dead animal on a wart then buried it which would make them diasapear ).

And other knowledge I am not aware of, the only one who could help me is too old to even walk the others speak a language which I don't speak ( city kid lost tradition yada yada).

Can you help me?>>44503



I agree with the first part of your post, but it's hard to fit in when you hate other people and they also hate you.



Not OP, but tea tree oil is good for certain funguses and cysts, it’s relatively inexpensive too.


>when you hate other people and they also hate you

Did you reveal your power level?



OP here.

Legit was about to recommend that. haha!

File: dc56ceb284103e2⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 15439590447191610119237.jpg)


Hi. Card flipper fag here

Keeping up my practice of tarot

Doing short reads here

Olde English deck circa 1500s

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I'd like to know if I will break away from the status quo and achieve some goals this year.

How does this year look in achieving goals for me?


File: 3f345d4fc34ed57⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 15476240205711190748028.jpg)


Future spread

Page of sword's in reverse

Secrets. An un moving mare.

Looking back. Paranoia.

One sword represents control of mind

**odd double draw



thank you tarotanon



My pleasure


For what it its worth…

I drew the moon card then had a huge fight with my mom.

I hate knowing the future. Avoid it 100% for myself. I will for others but thats relative

File: ad8c4d2dbc201f9⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 689x594, 689:594, aG1n88n_700b.jpg)

File: 76e2abd705fe13d⋯.jpg (128.13 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 5c2f3f8ebd77304d21184b95-9….jpg)

File: d362243df014108⋯.jpg (67.26 KB, 960x1132, 240:283, 5c3dd260d4beaf31e66cad95-9….jpg)

File: 34e886251d8fcbc⋯.jpg (106.26 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, 5c3dcd08bd77303b5339c314-1….jpg)

File: da680bd64fed152⋯.jpg (210.15 KB, 3217x2145, 3217:2145, alexandre-godreau-459359-u….jpg)


I have bad omen about future of America in 2019… Astrology tell me so. But look at this it's Americans Flag on the moon . It got the sun light until it become white flag … and you know white flag was use when you want to surrender to your enemy. and now China send their Chang'e-4 to the dark side of the moon for the first time in history and they success for grow plants on the Moon now. the first grow living on the moon was happen by China not america. All of this seem like some bad omen for america… what do you think ?

thread theme


1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


How did astrology tell you this is a bad omen? Can you explain what it is that you suggest is going to be surrendered?


Wait, who took the photo of the white flag on the moon?



Most astrologer in my country Thailand all agree real major crisis will happen in USA in 2019 and they say this since 2018.



I did.


Based on America's founding date? America doesn't have a birthday. Thailand's cool though. I want to learn more about Thai magic but there is only a handful of books in English on the subject. I always wanted to visit since high school too. (Tony Jaa movies)



(^_^)… ok well they said America birthday that they use is Declaration of Independence day

4 july 1776 11.00

File: 189ba11555a4667⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2848x2136, 4:3, dscf11575.jpg)


Obviously his new book is highly political, but what I am interested in here is his work and identity as an occultist.

When I first listened to him on podcasts about his new book Dark Star Rising, I couldn't decide if he was a poser or was hiding his power levels. His whole thesis in the book is that Richard Spencer and 4chan are followers of Norman Vincent Peale, positive thinking and new thought, which is about as clueless as you can get, but on the other hand he does know quite a bit about Evola, and does a good deal of dog whistling when he goes on Evola friendly podcasts.

So what do people think of him and his work on occult subjects?

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


hopefully not some liberal cuck


File: 7b81081661415cd⋯.jpeg (42.9 KB, 608x400, 38:25, Debra Harry bunny.jpeg)

Gary's involvement in Blondie, and specifically Debra Harry is critical. Bunny training is used as a cover for CIA agents. Gloria Steinem was a bunny, and received CIA money to start MS. magazine. These people had careers that lasted just a few years, and have done little with their lives since, but are quite wealthy. Where does the money come from?

When it comes to occultists and occult orders there is usually an espionage component. Gary is a spin artist, and a good one with much inside information. Most of what he writes checks out, but maybe he leaves out some critical data or doesn't mention certain people, deliberately.



There's a lot of information to unpack in this post. What's 'bunny training'? Did they work for Playboy or something? Are you suggesting that Blondie was used by the CIA to support a certain narrative and shape the popular culture a certain way? My first thought was 'why would the CIA do that?' but then I realised that maybe the CIA itself is being used by some other even more secretive organisation, like a proxy.

>Most of what he writes checks out, but maybe he leaves out some critical data or doesn't mention certain people, deliberately.

That's what most occultists have always done though, regardless of whether they're involved with the secret services. Usually the reasoning is that they don't want critical information to fall in the wrong hands, and the truly wise will be able to fill in the missing information by themselves. Sometimes they claim that there are things that just can't be learned from a book, but need to be experienced first-hand, and the best (or only) way is through an established occult order (Evola did this for example). I'm just saying, being jealous of your knowledge is to be expected from an occultist.


File: 4d53acde20bc1d0⋯.jpg (189.3 KB, 1065x1600, 213:320, chloemoretzhitgirl.jpg)


>What's 'bunny training'?

At the time (1960) it was a high stress screening and training program, which included strict diet, exercise, language skills, and some guidance into the nature of men. Non disclosure agreements were part of the job. A close reading of people who worked for Playboy at least hints that they were encouraged to be sexual with some VIPs. Robert Anton Wilson described it fictionally in Illuminatus (after the naked martini party). Only young, unmarried women were hired. Without exception, they were quite knowledgeable about drugs and symptoms of usage (I don't think most people were until maybe the late 1980s).



you're definitely onto something with the Blondie reference


File: 4701a49e23d5719⋯.png (34.61 KB, 1073x834, 1073:834, Rick_and_morty_icon.png)


how i can hypnotize people?


The same way you convince someone to give you a hundred bucks for a rock. Hypnosis doesn't work on anyone even remotely self-determined. There is one shortcut that is provably effective, stockholm syndrome, but it's not something you can pull out by yourself.



>someone assigning value to something is hypnosis

wow youre so cool, different and a free thinker!


Through hypnosis


Be appealing; Feel irresistible


like this


File: f14c1536ebe69d2⋯.png (311.15 KB, 1487x741, 1487:741, Ebola_Dreamer.png)


Protective Malevolent Entities Thread

So recently this anon posted this on /ebola/.


It's completely possible he's full of shit, but what if he's not? Does /x/ know anything about malevolent entities that protect individuals who've gained their favour? Are they really just out to steal your soul? Is this just the results of likely years of drug abuse on Ebola Dreamer's part? Shit's weird but I could see it given the nature of Ebola-chan as a concept (or it could just be a demon or something impersonating it to draw closer to anon).


"Sometimes God smiles"


It's how the old cult/pantheon religions worked. Worship a god, he helps you. Worship a god he isn't friends with, he'll try to harm you or have his followers harm you.



If anon only sees it in his dreams I doubt it's schizophrenia.


But is this manifestation actually Ebola-chan or is it something else? I know spirits can come into being but I wouldn't think a meme spirit like that would have much power now that its main forms of worship are down to a dozen or two anons at best.


Ebola is the "Ideal" of "love" which is not selfish but to shares "her"self like an "ideal" . "She" holds you which you associate with a negative, in turn "she" still holds on to you without an intent of selfishness. "Her" intent is the interest of you. At the end, once "she" transform from the "ideal" to the "body" you will in reverse. "Praise" be Ebola

File: 3d18a65fcfcb5a9⋯.jpg (89.05 KB, 515x769, 515:769, Lilith-in-Scorpio-Lilith-a….jpg)


Hey, guys.

I've been doing sexual offerings to Lilith, but something has been bothering me. I've been feeling this weird Headache everytime i am doing it. It's on the lower left back of my head.

Why is this happening?

21 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 85f23f893facf2b⋯.jpg (14.61 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1445886502413.jpg)





>I've been doing sexual offerings to Lilith, but something has been bothering me. I've been feeling this weird Headache everytime i am doing it. It's on the lower left back of my head.

>Why is this happening?

Uhhhm gee whiz maybe it's because you've been doing sexual offerings to Lilith…



>blood offer to summon a Habek.

>I've never heard of a Habek before. Is it a daemon?

Uhm anything that requires a blood sacrifice is most likely an actual demon.

But to be fair, arguable the real demon is the people doing these weird ass rituals and doing blood sacrifices.


File: 7f69b08680a0818⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 568x640, 71:80, 1471043764966.jpg)


>I've been doing sexual offerings to Lilith

Are you 100% sure you've thought this all the way through?



>That disgusting anime bitch added for no fucking reason


Best you don't post that shit again

File: d37e3873386ee5b⋯.jpg (108.65 KB, 800x378, 400:189, 1456902904435.jpg)


As far as I can remember in my life, I have had dreams that would later come to actually happen

Not all of my dreams end up happening, and I can only dream a week into the future

These only happen 4-5 times a year, with no real pattern to them

These aren't massive important profetic events either, just everyday life

I can only remember the dream for a few minutes after waking, after that, I get the same feeling when you forget a word, your mind knows the "blueprint" of what you want to say or think, but does not have the pieces

Does anyone else experience this? Could there be a way to "harness" this and be able to deliberately see into the future?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



didnt you already make this thread before



What? Don't think I have mate, only ever posted about magick here, nothing about dreams



I have such dreams several times over a year. I always have this odd deja vu sensation when the dream happens in reality. I tried once to intentionally change my actions at the same time I realized deja vu was occurring, but it turned out because I did I acted out exactly as I remembered. So I think it is pretty set in stone what you dream is going to happen.

It's always little things like sitting in front of the TV or opening a door or doing something mundane, but I noticed there's always some kind of tell about my situation. The last one I had was a few days ago where I was preparing some work files for the next day in the living room. I distinctly remember dreaming about that moment well over a year ago, when my current job was nowhere near a possibility. All deja vu occurrences I had basically confirmed to me I don't have much to fear, at least not yet.

It might be hereditary. My mother has prophetic dreams and visions of dead relatives in dreams at interesting times. None of us are superstitious though, so we don't take it seriously. It's interesting.



Are you the guy who posted about having precognitive abilites on /fort/ years ago?



>It might be hereditary. My mother has prophetic dreams and visions of dead relatives in dreams at interesting times. None of us are superstitious though, so we don't take it seriously. It's interesting.

I think it's genetic, so it can occur as a random mutation, but it often seems to be passed down from one generation to the next. Which is really interesting, I agree. I'd like to see a study that looks at the demographics side of the paranormal. Are certain populations, like the celts for example, more 'gifted' than others in this regard?

File: 2e0cc1f46b3da87⋯.webm (13.6 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ghost Caught of CCTV.webm)


Last thread is on page 11 and most of the videos are 404'd, so here's another one.

32 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



what's that with her face?



an asian girl without makeup



there seems to be a hole in it.



Probably a failed suicide attempt or something similar involving a gun and surviving.



Necrotizing fascitis…real thing, read the article from the Mirror…plus I'm an ED nurse, it's for realz. I've seen it on people's legs but never the face… That is truly horrific, poor woman.

Usually the failed suicide ones just blow off the jaw/lower part of the face and don't have that green residue.

File: a813af0ebbb8f14⋯.png (88.13 KB, 296x277, 296:277, dangg.png)


Was Erratas ever figured out for good?

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.





It's pretty obvious it was viral marketing for that shitty band.


I want to believe it was bullshit but some strange shit happened in my life in regards to united parcel service afterwards



Why did you post a pic of OJ?



that's precisely the point muhfriend

File: 50f576f95c0fe77⋯.jpeg (125.41 KB, 1331x598, 1331:598, 22C7A7F9-8FD9-4DE3-9B2A-6….jpeg)

File: 41addfa904b8f96⋯.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, C872E4B5-6849-4559-8C07-00….png)

File: 548a814932b8e46⋯.jpeg (147.84 KB, 1182x544, 591:272, A438EFF9-5213-494D-9655-A….jpeg)


I’ve always had a desire to be great. Even when I was young, and before constant bullying made it an obsession to deal with social isolation, I’ve wanted to be great, to be famous. The first memory I have was a buzzing in my ears. During nap time at Kindergarten, when the litany began to trigger, the teacher looked at me and said, “Turn it off.” I replied, “It’s my ears.” She looked away and didn’t say anything further. From there the buzzing became more prominent. Manifesting and genuflecting as I grew up: less noticeable in high school (in fact, it told me I would be famous at this point), abrasive in college (they said I was showing the starting signs of mental retardation, but in the third person so I would confuse it for projection). It’s escalated into demon faces since then; I notice them everywhere.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has felt this way. I describe it as a haunting.



Sounds like schizophrenia to me, OP. Sorry.



When you see glow in the dark CIA niggers, make sure to drive over them with your car, it will make the litany go away and the voices nice again.



Yes, is probably, because the more common manifestation of schizophrenia is the auditory hallucinations.



Hey, at least now I can be proactive about it and get the help I need.


Man fuck Jannies. Hogs rule.

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