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File: d3e58806e1574dd⋯.jpg (88.78 KB, 649x415, 649:415, download (71).jpg)


It's rather hot, isn't it NEETs? I'd recommend having an icecream or maybe some icy cold goon if you want to beat the heat.

OLD: >>208778


and the rash lives on.


Should a NEET beat his meat in the heat on the street for a treat ?



The rash will persist until Karen returns.


Fuck ice cream, have a Zooper Dooper.



Karen puts the lotion on his bum or else she gets the hose again



The street for the NEET to beat his meat for a cold goon treat.


three for twenty eight after eight overs

go renegades!



Fantastic! I hope it spreads to other NEETs.



Good thread OP.



I would greet that NEET beating meet in the street with a goon treat if I could eat a stew of meat because I'm elite.



But would you NEET from Crete such a meat stew treat instead of your NEET meat?


File: 0bd870ef7451245⋯.png (84.48 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-01-16-16-5….png)

It happened again



Suck goon from my teats, you dumb dumb NEETs.


After 4 months of trying NEETs i finally did, i



>tfw still left out by Clive



Fuck NEET that's hot!


File: b80afad384219b4⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 400x606, 200:303, download (52).jpg)


>tfw STILL no text from Clive






Sixers are an absolute joke of a team

hurricanes, strikers and heat are the NEET man's teams



You disgust me

People like you should be



wow, that's a bit harsh m8




File: 728638ac1e9fdc4⋯.png (82.81 KB, 637x462, 91:66, 1543368212153.png)

>waiting for my train

>see two girls wearing next to nothing (fair enough given the heat I guess)

>massive tits

>massive ass

>super pretty, the sort that would be instagram celebrities perhaps

>I see in the corner of my eye one does the smile head nod thing to me as the train doors open

>I turn my head to face her but the boiling hot sun gets in my eye and my eyebrows drop and I grimmace like I'm in pain or a slack jawed faggot with an open mouth

>she looks disgusted

>scurry up the stairs



they were lesbians anyway m8



Better luck next time. you should have taken pics



I really should have



Nice digits m8 and may be next time for GF2018.



I am disappointed. Are you a Tits or Ass man?



>tfw no time machine gf




That would be quite impossible.



Been thinking about aboriginal anal



You clearly are a NEET of high standards.



Thinking HARD about it ?



Pretty dam hard


I discovered a porn star I like with an amazing bum so I've been doing the opposite of nofap


>tfw made 6 /Aus/pol's

Fuck that site.


Found this on the Urban Dictionary and edited:

>NK was so spun on dexies, he wanked for 6 hours straight before he crashed violently into a languid stupor.



File: 8deaaa0e43e6ee4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.84 KB, 736x576, 23:18, bwm.jpg)


is this her?



Is that the definition of "Jewboong" ?



Umm… no



We could each have a family pack from McDonald's.


Sex tourism general



I have been thinking Vietnam tbh



I have researching NK's life.



Well who is it?



Be careful, we never found the bottom half of the last researcher.



There is this cute Vietnamese girl who works at the local bakery.



He's probably preserved in a better place. I'll keep an eye out though.



begone boomer



I want orgies m8, I have unrealistic and most likely dissatisfying dreams.


File: f8ec2ab19091488⋯.jpg (64.81 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, ef9ea45eb78766e8ffaf905037….jpg)


Mandy Muse, she reminds me of a girl I used to know

And her bum jiggles wonderfully



Disgusting prostitute.



Trains a good place to sniff petrol and get money off cunts


Pull ya fuckin head in NEET


File: 07293dea79c08f0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.99 KB, 504x909, 56:101, e2.jpg)


here he is



Do you wonder how much milage she has left on her anus before she gets a colostomy bag?



Sort yourself out



If I zoom in closely will I see his reflection?



Lol, yep


>tfw disgusting prostitute fetish


Who here has a foot fetish?


File: 58f89610c622e56⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2019-01-16 17.40.59.jpg)

Guy at work gave me some trimming off his mull plant, problem is I gotta dry it out



Just microwave it m8



Don't nuke it unless you have to

Put it in a paper bag in the cupboard, weathers warm it'll be good in a day or 2



His degenerate ways cannot wait mate


Boong in heart, boong in soul.



It is good that you have made a friend at work. Not so good that he is a degenerate, but it is better than nothing.


There's been so much neet firing recently I can't keep track. Who's actually lost their jobs?



Nah I have a half ounce still so I'm not desperate, I'll probably hang it in the shed since it's hot and dark in there



>dark in there

The storage cave



When I used to grow years back I'd dry for a week and cure for 2 weeks.

The pot I kept for myself I'd cure for 2 months, It gets heaps nicer



When I wank, I'd wank uninterrupted for a week and cum for 2 weeks.

The cum tissues I kept for myself I'd cure for 2 months, It gets heaps nicer.


File: c7a267eb3a58456⋯.png (533.35 KB, 530x668, 265:334, Lol341.png)



I have a dog though.



Wash it's penis.



yeah get all that Smegma off



One of the NEETs would love that.


File: 8029924d3e88e3f⋯.jpg (469.03 KB, 1191x1536, 397:512, M1.Garand.(Girls.Frontline….jpg)

Going to uber wage tomorrow, is it bad that I have trouble doing even that?


You can smoke it green, just need a hot torch and not a lighter.


Oh and this exchange called cryptopia got hacked and I had a bunch of crypto on there.







How much?



Don't think of it as personal and psychological collapse…think of it as being one step closer to DSP



It's only a matter of time until he picks up his GF2018.



If I go into cenno and staple my balls to the counter do you think they'll give me DSP ?



This is what happens to naughty goyim who think they can use currencies that haven't been approved by (((the proper authorities)))



That only gives you a temporary exemption.



Temporary till they find a staple remover ?






m8, that's how I got mine. Although the rules have been tightened since then.



Huh, might have to use a rivet gun then


I'm down to me fucking kief lads

Made the misso dinner and won her back but I'm out of piss and it's not yet 10



Make mad passionate love to her to wear yourself out and go to sleep m8


File: 0b0c1cddf883410⋯.jpg (35.97 KB, 280x390, 28:39, 6a00d8341cae3d53ef010534ac….jpg)

I am off to bed NEETs. Good night to you all.

Good night to my strange man NEET. I am very fond of you.



Give up your booze and drugs and start being a responsible adult.



G'night m8



Nighty Night



I keep telling you about the importance of making up with GookLady. She'll be there soon once you call her.


File: 09e2fca883a73fa⋯.png (34.87 KB, 300x250, 6:5, mr4K3YhEZE-6.png)



Thank you NEETs.



You can try but they are use to these stunts…


File: 540e7f2f0bcae0a⋯.png (17.88 KB, 255x221, 15:13, fc2c8926fb1e068631cf586dae….png)


well, I don't know if they lost all their wallets but about 500$. More than I have in my bank account tbh.




Anyone itt have depression






There's a small depression in my front lawn


Anyone itt impressed?





File: f830dde79b1953d⋯.png (545.12 KB, 840x854, 60:61, 1544251132728.png)


I don't feel much of any emotion tbh



You're such a cutie!



Looks like the before picture of that NEET who shaved his head.




Kek, I have more snot under my nose


File: c9a2900e3b8b76f⋯.jpg (3.55 KB, 250x161, 250:161, logo-dan-murphys.jpg)


Bad advice



A tablespoon of concrete a day would help you.



Thanks for always being there for us m8


File: 7a8132599bbb159⋯.png (141.1 KB, 720x480, 3:2, nigger.png)

>Tfw licked so many girls arseholes today



>that file name



That nigger always makes me laugh.

If I ever see him I'd probably shake his hand

then wash mine



Would soap really do anything m8?


File: 362515b3f57c0b3⋯.png (171.81 KB, 720x463, 720:463, VNsNigger.png)


Oh, I'd use bleach.



Would it really clean everything?



No, you're right.

If thine hand hath got blackened then cut him off.

It shall be done.



Drink the bleach to be extra sure


File: c08b78591079fd6⋯.jpg (179.47 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Mikako Abe.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



I find that Asian girl slightly disturbing

G'night m8



Night, hopefully I fall asleep at some point.


>tfw depressed



Have you tried not being depressed ?



Goodnight oriental fancier.


I'm more baked than a barbeque shape right now



Too much implied consent



Good night recruitment NEET



Are you sure you're not fried?


File: 8321085f6bdb579⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 2999x3666, 2999:3666, 1504948354999[1].jpg)



checkii-u9ogudt5g bv /,,,


File: cc26779782b7f04⋯.jpg (91.55 KB, 628x390, 314:195, ANNA-11-628x390.jpg)


File: a7d34a055473dfd⋯.jpg (114.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1544850396754.jpg)

I'm 25 next Tuesday bros



I will try to remember but if I don't Happy Birthday.

I thought at the time that would be the point of no return and however I was then would be what I'd have to learn to get use to but I think that was the point where my life did a big turn around.

It's not the end of the world, 25 is like the millennial version of 18. You better pull your finger out though if you haven't. Life waits for no-one.


There's people talking and walking around the streets, plus it's really hot.

Shit mix for trying to get to sleep.


Need to fire up like cruisey did.


Morning all.

Got up at 4.30. Barely slept all night on account of the heat.


science neet here.

what would you do if you learned you were actually retarded?



get a second opinion



Fuck, it's neary 6am again. Night Night NEETs.


File: d094de45570c157⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



>TFW no text

Also gotta kek at what it says


File: cd5671d6c2ef7be⋯.png (3.61 KB, 257x196, 257:196, images.png)


Just get a valium


File: 7e63c800ff76ff7⋯.png (209.06 KB, 657x527, 657:527, IMG_0586.PNG)


Join the army maybe, helped me out of pure NEET-dom, still no gf tho


File: 3e067837d216ba1⋯.png (959.77 KB, 768x1012, 192:253, 3e067837d216ba12006b665dff….png)

Good morning NEETs. What a hot and sticky night.


Morning NEETs, slept terrible.


I thought it was hard to join the army if you were a NEET.





Goon / Good Morning NEETs.




Good morning.


File: 64cda3a66b06a69⋯.png (108.94 KB, 220x337, 220:337, ClipboardImage.png)






Good morning friends.

I am very behind schedule this morning.



That is very kind but at times it feels more like burning out.



Good morning my friend. Don't panic.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: f87419dd3d8a520⋯.jpg (243.44 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8bh9oxm1e2p11.jpg)

I just drank the last granule of Nescafe Gold. there is no more coffee in the house. I have quit. I hope I don't get any withdrawal symptoms.


Is it time to panic?



Panic that you're not going to make your 9:00 am appointment at Dan's?



Yes I would Kent.



Yes because Dan gives out harsh punishments.



Is it time to crack each others heads open and feast on the goo inside?


Dan will always reschedule for you.


my pee smells like poo!



distinct lack of goo in some cases



>I hope I don't get any withdrawal symptoms

You'll feel distracted shitty and a bit headachey for a few days



An evil prophesy.


That NEET who has an account on Seeking Arrangement: Have you ever contacted any of them?


Do not seek an arrangement. Where is your dignity?


What a chaotic rush. Time to wage.



Have a nice day. See you when you get back.



I'm just curious what the going rate is for most of them vs conventional prostitution.

From the profiles I've looked at, many are plain at best, uneducated, and seemingly unworthy of any sort of 'lifestyle' being provided for them.



It is probably because the men on there are moderately wealthy as in like $150k a year so no 10/10 will go for them when they can get someone who is on like $400k+ a year. as for prostitution i have no idea.



It's going to be a long day, I have a sign up at 5:30 this afternoon so I probably won't be home until 8.


boob backwards is



File: 0790131feac1035⋯.png (81.38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0790131feac10355e7c27ade17….png)


nad backwards is Dan.



Make sure you take some time out for yourself. They can't expect you to work yourself to death.


I just ate a couple of Balfours chicken and vegetable pies. They were dreadful. Way too salty. It is all I could taste. Balfours has really been left behind. A terrible company.


File: 1671932745e0fed⋯.png (141.48 KB, 641x367, 641:367, 1671932745e0fed17cd680382e….png)


Some employers do


glenelg backwards is glenelg


Hard rape


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Goon morning.


File: 0cdad799552bb57⋯.png (840.86 KB, 1322x744, 661:372, 7241320df49cc76c86b2faa8f3….png)


Should have worked for craig



i've noticed this board likes shilling for mister murphy™



File: c08c37d4e7831e6⋯.png (652.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 183712173baf88e2d29ff4041d….png)



holy shit!

melbourne backwards is still gay


File: a9c09f793904e44⋯.jpg (29.54 KB, 500x450, 10:9, 1547673815449.jpg)


File: b2874547165d9ff⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 533x400, 533:400, images(62).jpg)

Aboriginal piss bath


bundoora sideways is abo porn


File: 6eb3e23f463fcd1⋯.png (926.37 KB, 1048x784, 131:98, AboBearr.png)



Do you ever have that

>want to comb NK's hair feel?


NK is going bald the poor bugger.


File: 85c8d7a479a74c1⋯.png (499.05 KB, 491x468, 491:468, 85c8d7a479a74c138e69c9b774….png)



North Korea is going bald?



I wouldn't be surprised if the famine intensifies.



its the latest fashion trend


File: d3a401e345dc1c9⋯.png (968.24 KB, 940x627, 940:627, d3a401e345dc1c9d0fe18aa9d8….png)

>tfw thinking about Maggi Noodles for lunch



You have added too much favouring sachet.


does NK mean anything else on this board, though? i've seen it mentioned a couple of times.



File: 11f11796ac051b7⋯.png (11.99 KB, 500x746, 250:373, 4c831a18f88f53892212bdb78e….png)


>does NK mean anything else on this board




How new are you? How did you find this board?



is that your answer?


I just finished playing through Black Mesa again. I really like the bit where you are in the reactor with the deep blue water. Feels like a swimming pool. Really good atmosphere. A very good game.



Lurk more you will find out the answer eventually, like i did.



i've known about the board for a while but not sure how. probably saw on the fron page.

i haven't lurked though and probably shitposted a few times but never really lurked.



or i could just ask. like i'm doing now.

is it some kind of secret?





File: a16b914a2f61e41⋯.png (493.51 KB, 500x673, 500:673, a16b914a2f61e413b044123127….png)


>is it some kind of secret?

For those who are ashamed.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Watch this classic and you may understand.



i'm not seeing it






tl,dw. just tell me.



Get out you cunt.


File: 5f2a307ea44e2db⋯.png (101.4 KB, 1448x980, 362:245, living the dream.png)


The wake up time aligns, spooky.



Neet Keno



File: 4783f079d03496e⋯.png (426.06 KB, 639x642, 213:214, 40760c521c1f0a7a7cfface570….png)


>Neet Keno

He's literally told you what it is and you can't be fucked to find out.



board owner was seen yesterday suggesting that he advertise his board on /pol/ because he said "this place needs new blood"



he said /auspol/ which is not the same thing.



We need the right blood, not AIDS-infected blood.


File: 204bb903683b7b5⋯.jpg (22.01 KB, 286x400, 143:200, 204bb903683b7b5bcbcffcfd01….jpg)


>We need the right blood, not AIDS-infected blood.



whatever. same principle.


i asked a simple question.



That definitely cant be right, he hates any mention of the jews here


File: 21ca0b1abf437c6⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 416.58 KB, 2101x6001, 2101:6001, 51c2626425288d7e2b5c5c33f….jpeg)


The key to what is NK is within this image.



>he hates any mention of the jews here

He probably wouldn't appreciate any of my gay porn then.



as in lesbians?



i remembered the board wrong. he did say /auspol/, not /pol/.

be that as it may, i asked a fairly simple question and i'm running out of interest.


dan murphy abo porn night mare?

yea nah fuck it.



Depends how autistic you are, just get some basic fitness, apply to join, go to a YOU session, see what roles look good and go from there. Just don't be some sperg and have a little confidence. Also DFR will lie to you, so do some real research on roles. Also it will probably take a while since you likely cis white scum.



Your interest means nothing



i wasnt planning on joining or anything this is just what i heard.


>neet king

wouldn't have killed you to simply say that




>wouldn't have killed you to simply say that

You dont know that, his power is something to be feared.


File: 1a606de2ac5067d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.02 KB, 944x964, 236:241, 82622949076394bdb175a58d1c….jpg)


No unfortunately.



Don't come back.



>wouldn't have killed you to simply say that

Could have m8


File: b4a1a1f177bc359⋯.webm (2.85 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Suprise3.webm)


ban me




Low quality non-aboriginal porn



Get some goon into (You)



Are you tempted to reach into those undies?



This is some better posting. Nothing like some low quality porn.



your loss, remember one of the other nice neets has been handing out free Zooper Doopers



That NEET has never paid for drugs, not once.


File: 86b16d22a49134e⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 2019-01-17 07.38.34.jpg)


I still have plenty of hair, even washed it with abo semen last night






That is a comb-over mate.



I ''really really want to comb that hair now.



You never told us what happened when you went on grindr.



He now has a colostomy bag, leave it at that



Im pretty sure that is Boong pubes you have glue to your head.



Sounds like he had a good time.



tbh I was too creepy and went too fast into the relationships with people I wanted to meet. Probably from a lack of experience but they wanted to chat and meet up though, but they blocked or ignored me? The creepy over 50 crowd kept sending dick pics, which meant I blocked them and one guy was getting closer to where I lived turn off all location settings immediately if you use any of these apps. I got a torso picture from some random as well who was older than me, but I do not want to be dominated in a relationship. I want a nice sensual relationship with cuddling and fucking that goes both ways. There were also some underage prostitutes on there who wanted work, which creepy since that would attract the worst kind of people.



I'm concerned about the seemingly tidy state of your vehicle



He has to clean out the evidence regularly.


Feel like buying some choccie milk neetos



Isn't grindr just for hookups? I don't know if it is wise to try and find a relationship on there.


File: 9cd8a2b0eafd5ee⋯.jpg (183.71 KB, 1000x847, 1000:847, 9cd8a2b0eafd5ee0ae6f58b009….jpg)


more like "Beat The Meat Edition"



gays are just for hookups tbh



>Camera angle carefully positioned to hide the yarmulke



>Isn't grindr just for hookups?

It is and that is what I was trying to do. The end goal was working towards a relationship, but you need those interpersonal skills of understanding how to talk and connect with others to start relationships that can you can build upon. Grindr is a good way of meeting a bunch of people fast and building on parts of those skills of identifying who is a creep and who you could begin a relationship with. It was a good learning experience to push those boundaries, but it is not something I am as interested in now as I was before I started.



I like you. You can stay.



Why can't you just hang around parklands and toilet blocks like other degenerate faggots?



He's been here for a long time now



Because I don't want to meet people like you?



that's true. I even posted in the neet gens back on /aus/ before this board was made and we all went here. it'll be quite a bit over a year at this point, won't it?


I have bought a ticket in tonight's Powerball. $100 million up for grabs. This could be our NEET commune.



>our NEET commune

One powerball and I'm outta here

If I got the full 100 mil I'd probably buy you guys a goon and some kfc



This board is over a year old now so it certainly is. You're here forever, neeto.


We could have our neet submarine by now if all the lottery ticket money from the previous four years had instead been wisely invested



We could have our NEET commune now if the goon money from the 4 years had been saved



But it would be populated by ghosts



oh boy, how time flies. i bet i told myself i'd get a job back then. it's okay though, i'll get one tomorrow. or maybe i'll just wait for lotto neet to win instead.



That is true

Thirsty goon seeking ghosts



As a neet who actually followed through on such a commitment, it's not worth it at all



Just what I needed to hear. Thanks for rousing me from this unpleasant fever dream. I can always count on you fellas.



The perfect place for pacman to do his stuff.


Imagine if we had a fun an productive time at our NEET commune



sounds gayer than a council meeting


File: 103aa5b061851a0⋯.jpg (186.28 KB, 1040x1174, 520:587, 394bcc249eacb7e7f971258288….jpg)



it would devolve into a total shitshow with some neets refusing to pull their weight


The NEET commune would need to be run with a firm hand and strict discipline. Corporal punishment would need to be meted out to lazy NEETs.



No need for unnecessary violence, simply take away all forms of chicken from them until they contribute.



Some neets have more weight to pull



The physical punishments would also serve as a sexual release for more perverted NEETs.



Or rewards



Executive NEETs would not be allowed at the commune. They would put too much stress on the furniture and structures.


What mental health services would be available in the commune?



There would be a suicide booth and that is all.



REEEing classes for suppressed and repressed neets



What about the depressed?


File: 61ecc6ff0416a74⋯.png (166.79 KB, 482x413, 482:413, ClipboardImage.png)



It would have to be very intuitively made. No one would want to clean it and no one would want to use it if the corpses just kept piling on and stinking up the place.


There could be a wank booth next to the suicide booth but it would have to be intuitively made as well. Perhaps recycling could be the solution to that problem. How do plants react to semen? Make the wank booth a greenhouse and use semen as fertilizer.


File: 6ebc3c60d7c8da2⋯.mp4 (5.98 MB, 960x536, 120:67, boomgate.mp4)

Somebody made a video of my workplace.



She's an idiot



That must be fake. why was someone recording?


Nothing quite as discouraging as seeing how shit the outlook is for your planned future career.

fuck whirlpool



I told you there wasn't much work in shark wrestling m8

Should have stuck to the abbo handlers degree



they are bitter and negative people. Do not heed what they say.


File: 058b59b77631237⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 288x511, 288:511, 1462783001146.jpg)

I wonder what my boy Cruisey is going to have for lunch today.


File: f8b16ae242911b3⋯.webm (2.8 MB, 800x502, 400:251, 1547691971081.webm)


Think it might be partly my self doubt. Still seems like conscientious people get rewarded, just need to take your chances.



This. Vast majority also do not speak with any experience or authority on whatever the subject is.


File: 5887c86d257f266⋯.png (387.17 KB, 625x267, 625:267, ClipboardImage.png)



You will get diabetes.


Big dirty grog bog at a highway servo



Take the opportunity to reflect upon the state of your life.


Entirely liquid goon poo

seriously thought I wouldn't make it and would have to suit myself in the car



You're full of suit



No stains?


File: 92030959276af3d⋯.png (312.43 KB, 1647x783, 61:29, ClipboardImage.png)

Day 4 of No Wanks for the Wicked

I had to talk to some wagies working at a TAFE this morning, I was actually alright at talking to them and added things to the conversation. When I got home I was sort of thinking, holy shit, maybe the superpowers are real

My resolve has been strengthened today



You should have a wank to celebrate



Well done mate. Stay strong.



He should not.



The scene at the bus stop with the boong is a very deep and significant one, it portrays the deep spilt in NK's identity between his true traditional noongar roots and the whitefulla person he's adopted to fool us.


Time to go visit the wankhaus

31 degrees today in Shitbourne, might go buy a powerball ticket.



NK is a very deep and spiritual man, caught between two worlds.



A tale of two wanks


File: 3f534224c45dd27⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.61 KB, 611x883, 611:883, neet1.jpg)


I'm waiting for you neet


File: e37943519d95048⋯.jpg (21.67 KB, 436x550, 218:275, images(14).jpg)


Wait ya turn slut!



Good work mate.

I too went another night without a pull.

Haven't noticed any super powers yet, but am probably sneaking more glances at IRL sheilas.


Also the lady at the newsagent told me my lotto ticket was the winning one. Surely she wouldn't lie to me?


File: d612a734660c7ae⋯.png (56.5 KB, 1379x2031, 1379:2031, d612a734660c7aeb4813de9d79….png)


What's your plan b?



Stay wagin' I guess…


File: c8ffa683d669744⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.13 MB, 1000x1500, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


She needs to get a Karcher and clean her bum.








No lunch post from my boy Cruisey. I hope he is not having a stressful day.


I just finished reading the thrawn trilogy, it was good.



maybe he had a healthy lunch that he couldn't post about.



Or immigration finally caught up with his misso and deported her.


When elected, United Australia Party will ban unsolicited political text messages which Labor & Liberal have allowed. Auth http://www.unitedoz.net/

The bantz of this cunt



I had no time to post



Yeah they are pretty good. the new ThraWN BOOKS ARE SHIT.


BO can you please ban post 209902 if the poster fails to acknowledge their palandromic digits?






>The bantz of this cunt

We need more executive leaders tbh



He is pretty good.



I wasnt planning on reading them. i was planning on reading the Jedi academy trilogy next.


Gonna win the 100mil bros



Me, not you.



Not if I win cunt, when I win I can stop being a wagie and finally return to the NEET life.



can you buy me some new pants if you win?



If I win, I'm not going to resign immediately. I'm going to become as utterly retarded as possible and see how far I can push things before they sack me.


File: c2a1d9e8996b35c⋯.jpg (203.34 KB, 1456x1941, 1456:1941, IBJSROWr.jpg)

Got me feeling Valentino



I would but they would have to come from the Mr Big section at Target.


File: 6b5a4597f0ed57b⋯.png (31.05 KB, 203x241, 203:241, 6b5a4597f0ed57b3305b0875aa….png)


Some 5xl trackies will do nicely



can you buy me some piss bottles if you win?

I'm running out, and I don't want to have to leave the cave


Horrified Aboriginal wank


Xvideos embed. Click thumbnail to play.



i would prefer it from Johnny Bigg but if i have to go to target i will.



Ed Shearer is having a going out of business sale.



Beautiful NEET King



Isn't that the singing britbing ranga



the clothing chain maybe i have the name wrong i dont know anymore



>Johnny Bigg

I would let you pick two items online and everything else would come from Target or an a physical store so we can fit them on together




>Meanwhile at NK's



>balancing a can on your leg

Very risky behaviour, neet


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I love the idea of executive NEETs going on a shopping trip. The other shoppers would tremble before us.



perfect for that aboriginal porn collection


File: 6f8215906824c1f⋯.png (1.47 MB, 994x570, 497:285, 6f8215906824c1fb8426d198b3….png)


i wonder how long some NEETs here have search the internet for the perfect aboriginal picture.


File: ccddfcc27e33f30⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2836x2000, 709:500, c6bbd2f84daf04684f45019136….jpg)


Already have it m8


File: 0817de655cbb990⋯.jpg (234.02 KB, 940x529, 940:529, sexyabo.jpg)



the tale goes that neet king accidentally deleted the only copy of it during an intense goon binge



I reckon those two would make beautiful kids together.


i dont like abbos


The first white settlers got a lot of boong pussy




abbos don't like you neither



They are both bottoms.



Then maybe you should get of centrelink then



i guess NK is going to have a fun night, isnt he?


palindromic digitz



File: 425c2487f9f4853⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 600x800, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)



terrible post


File: 99e92c9a0b531c7⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


bough my powerball ticket




deck the halls with boughs of powerball tickets

fa la la la la


File: 27d5a86bc07d039⋯.png (237.36 KB, 640x604, 160:151, lememefrog.png)


Anyone itt depressed


File: 08ce6989fad4383⋯.jpg (165.77 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, dapperNEET.jpg)


Anyone itt want a cone



Only if it is filled with vanilla ice cream



I'd rather a Zooper Dooper


File: eb2dc6cf38e0d26⋯.png (110.77 KB, 444x507, 148:169, 751cbcbdd86d3a517c8460b922….png)



One of these please.



What colour?



a fukin green one like i wanted yesterday






that's the stuff


File: bff6ae2efe95f18⋯.png (1.75 MB, 720x960, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

210000 should appear in this thread if I am not mistaken.



very big brained math neet


Anyone itt impressed?



Yeah, What are you impressed about?



I am repressed



Post more



Those digits.



Anally repressed?



Thanks, you know i got them half price.



anally tumesced



Is that Weber?



Severely impressed you used the word tumesced




grindrNEET you need to restrain your lusts.



Thanks, I had to mug another neet to get a hold of it



The wisdom of the council knows all.



i see you dont know your NEET lore. Weber is an AI built by NK, to one day enslave all the white dogs in australia.



Is someone using their powers for wrong?



We only have one gay NEET.


File: 5beb1323f3c14d9⋯.jpg (69.95 KB, 640x428, 160:107, dr.jpg)


I hear ya bro



That doesn't answer my question.



Allow one hole and suddenly your submarine is full of them


what colour would the NEET submarine be?



White, but not because we're all racists


Ss depression



SSS you mean



HRH NK you mean


Would throwing a goon bag at the virgin vessel work or would it just fall into the water unpunctured?



It would, as would the hapless NEET who threw it.



That's the name of the missle destroyer.



When did the Council sign off on that?!


I need to eat better


He fires the long-range missiles at the homes of boongs to make them poor so they have to work for him.



To create bigger poos?



Those homes are owned by the government mate




To treat my depression



KFC m8



But it destroys their precious goon and emus.



Dan's always there for you m8. Did you see him today?


What happens if NEETs end up some kind of world power, and then NK attends a G7 summit and rapes another world leader?



The other world leader will have a sore bottom



He'll bring goon prices down and he'll make China pay for it.



It could lead to war or tendie sanctions



But he could claim diplomatic immunity



Would that leader be Donald or Kim?



The Canadian poof



It's not rape if he consents



Fair point


What about Merkel ?

I hear she had her holes sown up but NK would still get in.



He always sneaks a way in.



She's on the way out this year.


File: 193cba67f07caf4⋯.png (97.26 KB, 200x320, 5:8, 193cba67f07caf4d496592e7a0….png)


Craig will distract her while I surgically open up her asshole with anaesthetics



She must have been warned


File: 04708e6cf9aea9c⋯.jpg (39.47 KB, 650x366, 325:183, images(56).jpg)

The last g7 meeting went well





>australian tv

when will this meme end?



Craig is experienced in this matter.



for me it will when the qt reporter leaves the local news station


File: b5ea88cc5285aca⋯.png (698.18 KB, 986x597, 986:597, fuck.png)

>tfw took too long to make this but I'm posting it anyway



Whos the reporter?



very nice



Well memed



Kevin Crease



Good work m8







File: a91c915aadba973⋯.jpg (41.94 KB, 500x492, 125:123, 83830275[1].jpg)

Fucking 17th already.

New years was about 2 days ago, how does this happen ?


I hope boong wizard is prepared for his big moment


Are you guys getting your posts ready?



>tfw gf2019 is already 1/24th over


I am masturbating furiously

I shall climax on the quads



I'm not. I'm going to bed as soon as it drops.


Have a cone



old man neet


Post already FFS


The tension is killing me


Haha have a bong mate


A BONG!!!!


big abo poo


File: 0d904d8285f091a⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 4593x3264, 1531:1088, 1416914651486.jpg)

This numbers is secret womans business unna.


File: dba431142486792⋯.png (81.08 KB, 210x180, 7:6, BoongWizard.png)








It's time for you to go to a wizard retirement home




The women stole your get


Fucking boong slags


>both quads in the same second

I smell counsel shenaniganery



That's twice failed by boong wizard

Third time and the rainbow serpent eats him


File: d2093b1e3450983⋯.jpg (7.22 KB, 249x249, 1:1, oslw40urqqey[1].jpg)





is that a euphemism?



You need serious evidence before declaring shenanigans, m8.


Palindromic get

A pleasant trip for all NEETs



Oh well.



Nope, big fuck off snake painted like the poofta flag will eat him


But seriously, have a cone






I believe him wholeheartedly with no evidence whatsoever


Actually, boong wizards post COULD be taken to him knowing he was being fucked over on both posts and objecting

He saw the shenanigans



Don't make excuses for the decrepit old fool.



Boong Psychic



Until someone finds young boong wizard he's all we got



He is truly one with the force.



Somebody mentally scarred all the apprentices so we're out of luck


Can you vacuum seal a prostitute?



a concerning post


File: 641bcb517246902⋯.png (408.97 KB, 471x442, 471:442, BoongHairyPothead.png)


I found boong harry potter



You're a coon Harry!



Fuck off AFP





Like in a bag or vacuum seal her orifices ?






I can't see why not

You'd need a pretty big plastic bag though


Oh, this is a dead prostitute right ?

And not a fetish thing ?



Whichever way it starts it will end as both


How do you think the relationship between nk and monk is these days as competitors for top boong


File: 5ec0d865871ae04⋯.jpg (104.42 KB, 505x671, 505:671, Fang_Zar.jpg)

File: 1ecdca2eabee0fc⋯.jpg (67.86 KB, 420x600, 7:10, Fangzar.jpg)

File: 1416122e821a713⋯.jpg (128.88 KB, 490x955, 98:191, FangZar_CVD.jpg)

File: 72c075213143c44⋯.jpg (71.17 KB, 700x309, 700:309, Npep3delsceneconfrontchanc….jpg)

I believe i have found pictures of NK in his council robes.



You mean mong?


File: 667195b3d735563⋯.png (1.29 MB, 960x639, 320:213, 24129665_1975834732657014_….png)



Picked up mummybot from the station, went to the supermarket, might help her make dinner


I remember remaking this image


Wouldn't mind a joint tbh


File: 68343fff405a799⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ClipboardImage.png)


Those images are fakes, This is acovertly taken image of NK at a council meeting



We use wheelchairs in our old age to conserve energy for rape



For your 30th can we have a NEET up party?



We can all camp on shires block

Tbh I'm a little offended he hasn't opened up the commune



>I Know That Feel

I could wake up and wave to you.



We will just have to occupy it



I am dispointed he hasn't told is where it is.



I don't have a block of land, that was some other NEET.



Monk surely knows his place



I am still disappointed in that NEET.


File: ac59fb14066b8fa⋯.jpg (5.72 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20181026_162329.jpg)


Got a block of export?



Nah, I've never seen it here.


What is the bogan beer brand in NSW?



>having a random three month old picture of alcohol to reply to tangentially related posts with

You're a wonder, neeto



Dan can post you emus m8.






Every good NEET should have a NK folder m8








File: 4b67a2022289f12⋯.jpg (114.11 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, 4b67a2022289f12d4efa8c3a9c….jpg)


To real neets, days are all pretty much the same. Me, I'm prepping for gf2020



I stopped organizing my neet gen pics into folders three years ago


File: 2d7538809256b65⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.71 KB, 678x452, 3:2, images(6).jpg)


I'm working on gf 2045

The future will be very different



I just have a Dan and NK folder that I keep updated.


File: 0538f1e8c66ce9c⋯.jpg (222.99 KB, 2048x1382, 1024:691, kotolipps.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



It worries when you get new pictures from that site m8



Gook night.


I have started posting shit I find on half Chan on tahlia



Everyone has them


Emu is like 52 bucks at my Dan's


File: 560b2f21dde4027⋯.png (42.19 KB, 1488x454, 744:227, folder.png)


Still trying to get mine into order.



You store Dan's you don't share?



>unreleased OC

What are you holding back on us?


bottoms of exotic aboriginality wobbling in the sun



You must live in one of those remote communities


File: 6ca294fd8d3650b⋯.jpg (243.03 KB, 594x396, 3:2, 542639150.jpg)





>Meanwhile at NK's



I didn't notice the noongar on the floor at first.



Something very bad is about to happen to him


Time for a post Bacardi pre goon cone



Fuck, I have seen that picture many times and never saw him. When the lights go, NK disappears into darkness.


File: c9e3e01c97c1b78⋯.jpeg (12.36 KB, 320x214, 160:107, images (51).jpeg)



Why are you drinking boong star premium?


File: 2e9f7aeed0bbcfa⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 68343fff405a799fff2cc17b31….png)


A closer analysis of the image allows us to reveal the identities of each councilor



Weber resigned from the council.


File: 944158fc5a9f7ac⋯.png (318.52 KB, 479x320, 479:320, 944158fc5a9f7acd168b6c03f3….png)


One does not simply resign from the council. Once you join, you cannot leave.



>cross-country skiing skis

your hobby?


I have not seen much of my boy Cruisey today.



I heard he's having a wank



You heard wrong. He would never.



I doubt neets with gf's wank much, except at charity events.



They still have jack off the dog



I used to get their frozen 4 pack pies, they are crud.



Hotwheels is on the NEET Council ?



I can see it.



Kim could never pull off the red rape pants look.



No one remembers him, he's probably dead



I have a feeling he may have been recruited.


I didn't win the PowerBall. Sorry NEETs.



Not true.



Mate, that isn't how you make friends.




Hmm to you too Boo-Boo.



I bet you come back or never left



He wasn't recruited. He is the one who recruits.



>a nice sensual relationship with cuddling and fucking that goes both ways

You are asking for too much.



I dub thee NoBalls NEET


Talking about gays, I stayed at work til a bit past 7 then my boss asked me out for dinner with the general manager. We went to a flash bar, it was ok I was still in my suit. We had a meal, I had muscles, I tried to pay but he has a tab at the place and it was already paid for. He had some very fancy 22 year old malt scotch, the shit that weber can't afford, I had a sip of it, it was actually a weird type of sour. I've never tried anything like it before.



>he has a tab at the place

This guy flies pretty high for someone who works in the not-for-profit disability sector.



You won't find a gay that will take you clothes shopping at a toilet.



He wars a 15k ring.



Very poor price to satisfaction ratio on a purchase like that.



Sometimes they will ask if they can keep your underwear.



He sent me a very funny text today.

I had the cannelloni for lunch.



I hope you had a sharp knife.



They operate on a scale I don't understand. He does do a lot of charity stuff. He has given a lot of people stuff, today he lent a support worker a grand to go to his mums funeral. He doesn't care if it gets paid back. When I started there was a participant that was out of funding and they needed a lot of shifts. Ended up costing him $48k out of his own pocket.



I did.



Is it possible he steals?



>the superpowers are real

Good job NEET



He does consulting and people will pay a lot to have someone else write policies and procedures for them.


This >>209859 is the text he sent me. That is enough to sway my vote.



His meme game is strong. He deserves our votes.



That is not the perfect aboriginal picture. I have the perfect one but I will not share it.




I feel like a ice cream truck sherbet cone.



Pure chutzpah. Surely the neet council's propaganda section can make a Clive Palmer merchant meme.



And a lot of NEETs that lend a hand or more



He doesn't want your money, he wants your pies.



The perfect way to end a big gay night.



Are you being groomed, neet?



I think he enjoys the attention.



Thank you.



I.. er.


Just saw this and lol'd >>>/tahlia/



Maybe I'm grooming him. I just told him that my rings tighter than what 15k can get him.


Do you people still love niggers and faggots? I haven't been here for a while.


>No Karen

>No goodnight gook girl

>Lots of literal fag talk

Thread has fallen to new depths of fail. I'm out. Goodnight neets.


Does anyone here know where I can download the full film of "The Story of the Kelly Gang"?




And also Jews.

Jews rock!


File: 92ea4c4ce48cb63⋯.jpg (76.63 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 675.jpg)

I am off to bed NEETs. Good night to you all. I stayed up late watching a baseball stream.

Goodnight to my tight ring NEET.


File: afe5f2f6345c005⋯.jpeg (26.39 KB, 314x468, 157:234, images (49).jpeg)


I just sucked the biggest, blackest cock…



The film from 1906?



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My research indicates most of the film has been lost. The attached YouTube may be all that is left of it.



That's a real bloody shame, it's a pretty important part of our history.

Cheers for the find though mate, I appreciate it.



Night, hopefully we can come up with better posts for tomorrow.



I'm off to bed too, sweet dreams not recruitment NEET



Big poo


Hard rape









i really was feeling very bad tonight. I

ve just been smoking cones and fapping nonstop like a degenerate but yeah just felt like shit thinking about twohoes and procrastinating

this thread is fucking hilarous the idea of this neet cunts all having an ABBO PICS folder hahahahhaha



how do i get neetbux? (serious question)



You go to cenno



You get raped


File: add5dea85aba69f⋯.gif (89.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, me every night of my life.gif)

My new favourite hobby is trawling through dating sites looking at the profiles of women


Finished the cask and a pack of biscuits,going to bed now. Night Night NEETs



Another sweaty night.



>the shit that weber can't afford

I wish you wouldn't make these statements. I've never claimed to be wealthy. I grew up in the poorest suburb in Adelaide FFS.


This is my suspicion.



Stops being fun when you look at what they're all seeking and realise you're the exact opposite.


Won $81.05 on the powerballs. 4+PB on one line and 2+PB on another.


Good Morning guys,



Time for you to fund the NEET commune



What size tarpaulin would you like?



VB because NSW doesn't have a proper state beer



I want the one that protects my bum from NK



So was Jimmy Barnes

What's your point, we all know you're loaded Weber



>not having an about folder




Sorry m8, $81.05 only buys 2 square inches of armour plated steel.

You could try jamming it up there I suppose


File: 25debc9bdf9ca23⋯.png (94.57 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 25debc9bdf9ca231073eccb3e7….png)


I'll be seeing you this morning for your regular 9 o'clock appointment. By one of those amazing coincidences, we just happen to have some fancy scotch which costs $81. Nothing happens by accident my friend, Kek wants you to have that scotch.


File: 9ffdf66c130fa56⋯.png (56.78 KB, 206x519, 206:519, wis.png)


Good morning neets. Contemplating the nature of neets - how many neets with technical skills do we have? I recall one of us was an infosec security guy.



I can drive a forklift



Have you ever been in a forklift accident?



When I was first learning to drive one I slammed the mast into an archway, knocked a bunch of bricks and cement down on me.

Nearly shat my pants at the time.



Buy some Zooper Doopers


All their wickedness is in Gilgal: for there I hated them: for the wickedness of their doings I will drive them out of mine house, I will love them no more: all their princes are revolters.



I can drink a Goon bag in under 3 minutes



Sorry, I was just being a smart arse.



That's impressive



Also, it was so you could take notice of the scotch bit. The sour taste was pretty cool, do all good whiskey taste like that? It also didn't burn much at all.


>tfw you may have inadvertently offended someone.



It is only Weber.



>tfw offensive


Good morning NEETs. I had a disrupted night courtesy of Doggo and his responses to some thunder. Then I wanted to sleep in but he was very insistent I get up. He was jumping on me and everything. What a monster.

First morning without coffee. Feeling peculiar.


File: bb2f0bfc4ae1520⋯.png (3.4 MB, 1248x1749, 416:583, ClipboardImage.png)




Good morning friends.

Having another late start.




No. We are all vital parts of this.



Good morning my friend.





Getting offended is just a passive aggressive tactic to try and upset you.



Good morning dear.



No it's not

How dare you say that



Please.. I'm sorry.



It works.

Losing NEETs from this board is very traumatic.



I will get you a new NEET from Aus/pol/ as a replacement.



I didn't have a coffee in the morning yesterday but ended up having one at work, I'm having half a cup today. I'm also having breakfast for the second day in a row. It is very hard to eat at this time. I'm having special K type flakes.



I still think there's probably 2 or 3 NEETs sitting in old threads waiting for that next post



>special K type flakes

Very healthy and filling.



There's so much work to get them adjusted and in the end their best potential outcome might only be as good as sperg

That's a lot of effort for not a whole lot of return.



If the council approved my "merciless beating of new people" strategy it would go much easier.



I am worried that if I go to work without something to thicken up my guts I will be producing muscle farts all day.

If it was other guys it might be ok but I feel weird farting around women and homos.



"mercilessly* beating off* new people"



>If it was other guys it might be ok but I feel weird farting around women


When I was in warehousing I would leave my office and go out in the warehouse to fart

Usually next to one of the blokes, lol



That time when a misplaced "f" becomes important


The downside of being the go to guy

Now they contact me rather than the after hours phone.



I will recruit Cricketchad to deal with sperg.



>something to thicken up my guts

I am not sure that is solid science mate.

Also *mussels



I will recruit Cricketsperg to deal with chad.



You need to set boundaries for yourself or ask for a raise.



Lies it was deleted during that wank binge when too much goon was consumed.



>tfw The lost NEETs



>during that wank binge when too much goon was consumed

That could be any day in 8chans existence



Muscle farts are what you get when you have the glutes of a god, I thought you'd understand since your Jude squats.



That's why recovering it is so difficult.


>tfw havent had a shower need to iron clothes and do the bits and pieces and I'm just sitting here muscle farting. Need to leave in about 20./



>the glutes of a god

Gods don't get glute rashes mate.



Hop in the shower big boy.


Did that NEET replace his leaking garden tap the other day?



Have you not heard of Thor ?

God of Thunderous Farts



Scotch whisky doesn't normally taste sour. Did you make note of what you were drinking?



Almost sounds like a bourbon you had. Particulary given you mentioned it being malted.



I did think it was a bit thick white and slimy for whisky


In the note, the driver acknowledges hitting the woman’s car, before adding: “You have an Aboriginal sticker on your car so the government probs paid for it out of my taxes. Happy Australia Day. I’m not sorry as well.”

The note has no name or contact information, but is signed “2019 One Nation”.




I thought there was a chance it wasn't a hoax until I saw how it was signed.



Might have been Hortler



You'll know it was fake when it gets memoryholed in a day or three.



I take it we didn't win the Powerball? It's interesting I bought 200x tickets and just had them in my cart without paying and viewed them after the numbers were drawn, cost over $150 and I won nothing. No numbers matched. Shows just how much normies pay on that shit. On the flipside I probably would be borderline suicidal if I had drawn the number and it was in my cart. I never really came close to hoarding a bunch of Bitcoins in 2009-2012 but I suppose losing them would be a similar thing.



Good morning.



Yeah the dream of the NEET commune is dead. Didnt even make enough to cover the cost of the tickets.



I asked but his mate bought it and wouldn't tell. He said it was 22y/o and malt. It had a very clear colour for a whiskey. I think it was scotch because he was sniffing it and trying to work it out and said that and the mate didn't correct him.






You drank a mystery fluid provided to you by a homosexual.



Good morning, ready for another day of literal fag talk?


File: c4699947828d300⋯.jpg (66.64 KB, 852x480, 71:40, nom.jpg)


We might have to lower our standards a bit, and start off with something like this



I aim to please. I was not expecting to wake up an hour late though and feeling groggy.



>Seppo trailer park tier

Yeah nah.



Does the restaurant have an online menu?




Sicily is mafia turf.



They kill one of our guys, we kill ten of theirs. Bada boom bada bing! Capiche?


15 min late so far, need to rush now.

Have a good one.


File: e586535523c7bfd⋯.jpg (5.9 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20190117_144237.jpg)


Yeh vb wasn't that nice



Have a nice day. See you when you get back. Try and post a cheerless depressing lunch pic today please. It is all I can wank to any more.



Dan doesn't say kek



I have to drink decaff coffee because you can't take dexies and caffeine at the same time


File: 11e81efe03d1dc0⋯.png (118.92 KB, 757x474, 757:474, LordDan.png)



Surely 60mg of caffeine is nothing compared to what the dexi meth is doing?



Lovely little morning shower in the humid weather today.









>tfw unwell

Had to do a fasting blood test this morning and almost fainted. Got up to stand on the weight and said "I feel light headed". Lost my vision completely and took 20 minutes or more before I could physically get myself to leave.


Desperately waiting for a call back about a job



Go to Dan's and he'll prescribe you something to help make the time flow faster.



>Dr Dan, Time Lord


File: 3db736da399acba⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 227.jpg)

>Ngiyampaa elder Beryl Carmichael says her water isn't fit to drink



I wouldn't drink some old boong ladies "water" anyway



Tell her to go on the goon or boong standard if she's worried about her weight


Goon morning


I have many computer skills from being a hikki since I was 14. I would get a job but muh degrees and muh experience.


My dog loses it with thunder too, starts shaking and opens the closet door to hide in there.


Fuck, thats some bad luck m8. Sounds like it's rigged tbh.


I am back in from today's power rack session. I was doing my pitching practice afterwards and disaster struck. I missed the mattress and the ball went through the shed window. Glass everywhere. I couldn't find the ball afterwards either. It must have gone over the fence and been lost in the mass of ivy over there.

After the disaster I picked myself up and threw another bucket of balls. I can't let myself be deterred.



I wish all my doggo did was hide when there was thunder. Instead he tries to dig through the carpet or tries to dig through all the cables behind the computer. I have to get up to stop him I have no choice.


I just had sex




Now you have a garden tap AND a window to replace.



I don't think I will bother replacing the window.



Could use that aperature to install the airconditioner for the Possums.


File: ea32039698572d9⋯.png (509.2 KB, 477x700, 477:700, ClipboardImage.png)



I will recruit NKs cousin to deal with Cricketchad

26 degrees today in Shitbourne, should go check if I won the powerball.



You're becoming a hardened warrior



Someone in Sydney won it.






Maybe I still won a few hundred, that would be nice.


File: 6c7fb1c32d2d5cc⋯.jpg (62.71 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 5fb33f18f3a3ca49bb1b01a972….jpg)

Time for some tasty African goon NEETs



That's for sambos.




File: ed2072accdc6ec3⋯.jpg (42.45 KB, 474x608, 237:304, download (72).jpg)


It's for him


File: 9874e47eb1f1764⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1366x442, 683:221, ClipboardImage.png)



Why not call it just Coon's?









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