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File: 072366719ff8c5d⋯.jpg (433.42 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, my-god.jpg)

File: 2364152f829f31d⋯.jpg (377.82 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, help-me-jesus.jpg)


It's clearly an STD, but what is it exactly? I went to an urgent care clinic and they stabbed me with a needle to send a sample to a lab, but they said it will take five to seven days to get the result. Why do I have to wait for so long? At the rate this is spreading, I'll probably be dead by then.


I see you've tried to shave

go slowly, use a fresh blade ande if needed, use something to soothe the skin, aloe or coconut butter helps with inflamation



are you seriously trying to suggest it's a wound from shaving? or are you being a super duper funny millennial by sassily changing the subject? you should be a writer for the latest netflix series


Go to your doctor, you'll have to anyway..



It's clearly an STD, but what is it exactly? I went to an urgent care clinic and they stabbed me with a needle to send a sample to a lab, but they said it will take five to seven days to get the result. Why do I have to wait for so long? At the rate this is spreading, I'll probably be dead by then.


You've been invited to the caught herpes club, don't worry a lot of people have it, just remember to tell every girl you go out with you will burn their shit

but it also looks like you botched a shave


Try oregano oil(might want to mix with some olive oil or else it might burn like MF). That should get rid of whatever it is.



holyshit that happened to me too when i tried to shave my dick and balls.

so glad i'm not the only one


thanks anon



Thing is though you may have candida, which is a type of systemic or dermal fungi, you may need to take meds or a topical for that but it's -not- an STD.


You have turbo AIDS



either way i'm doing home remedies before i show this embarrassment to the doc.



Yeah, that's definitely AIDs.

No, it's not. Those pustules are a clear sign of herpes, go see your doctor and enjoy calling up everyone you've slept with to tell them to get tested :^)



It's white and therefore tiny.



it's small


Does it burn or feel painful? Are they slightly itchy or causing any discomfort? Are tye slowly appearing and scabbing?



I put that stuff on my dick once. It did burn but I am very pain tolerant.



They tingle and hurt. They do not itch. The initial visible sore is scabbing over now, you can see it as the most prominent red spot in the pic. It took almost seven days for the scabbing there to stabilize against the infection. There was just the one small initial sore in the middle of that cluster, so I wasn't too alarmed, but a few days later the new ones appeared all at once.



i don't mean to frighten you, but people don't actually do this. you will never know if the person you are sleeping with has herpes. 100% of infected people hide it as best they can and continue to lie about it for the rest of their life. they come up with some excuse to avoid sex during a visible outbreak, so you never even see a sign that they have it until YOU have it and it's too late. after you get infected, they reverse the accusation and say you must have been a passive carrier that infected them rather than the other way around. let me be clear. it isn't 50% who do this or even 99%. it's 100%. when you are infected you will start doing the same fucking thing. you think you're above it but you aren't.



Looks like you have Herpes




It's very likely folliculitis.

Keep it clean, let it heal, coconut oil is antiseptic in nature, so use that. See how things go.



I am willing to bet money that it is herpes. I'm sorry for your loss bro



It’s clearly herpes







dat iz de herpay


Stage 1 of blue waffle.



>be me

>almost bang a chick

>she says she has herpes

>put a rubber on

I love it when I get on the internet and see pathetic losers like you generalizing everything. Tbh fam its the only real reason I come to this site anymore. Knowing people like you exist makes my life %100 better

t. have been outside before



>using an outdated 2014 meme like "tbh fam"

>using an ancient phrase like "pathetic loser" not seen since the early 90s

This 100% confirms that you're over 40 years old and trying to fit in with millennials on an image board.

Furthermore it confirms that this sexual encounter you can barely recall also happened in the early 90s, back before everyone's brain was zogged. Your anecdote is irrelevant if you're trying to disprove a general behavioral trait that is obviously widespread today. You might as well be citing something that happened in the Victorian era.

Finally, you're a fool for proceeding with intercourse, because herpes is easily transmitted even if you use a condom. It's not like it's transmitted through the sperm. The skin in her groin area just has to bump against yours. A condom doesn't even cover any of the infected regions you see in OP's pic.

I can tell I'm over the target because of the flak I am getting from you. I struck a nerve in your guilty conscience, and you couldn't resist the urge to make a vitriolic reply.

The nature of your reaction proves with 100% certainty that you're infected with herpes and are currently engaging in the exact behavior I described. It's such a kneejerk pathological response for you by now that you defensively do it even anonymously on the internet just as practice to help maintain the strength of your dishonest defense in the future. It's obvious that you do this with all of your new sexual partners. After you infect her and she complains about the sores, you simply say "b-b-but I used a condom when I fucked that girl who had a violent herpes outbreak, so I know for sure I couldn't have caught it from her".

Don't bother to reply, just sit there in silent disbelief over being so thoroughly and accurately dissected based on minimal clues.


File: e0c30b0063b526e⋯.png (370.25 KB, 480x853, 480:853, 82042bce01b78246ccd2818914….png)

Its from shaving and being a dirtball.

Just like razorbumps from shaving your neck beard.

Not herpes and given that everyone in this thread automatically assumed it was just confirms the virgins in this place, where no one will actually get an std or see one because you dont get laid.



He didn't say he got it from a woman.

He didn't say he got it from a human, for that matter.

So you should hold off on accusing him of being a normalfaggot until you know he didn't get it from a transvestite goat or something.


File: e1719bf3e496c38⋯.jpg (128.69 KB, 800x531, 800:531, C0072763-Genital_herpes_on….jpg)


Bruh it's clearly herpes


Body lice or bedbugs



Are you sure you’re not retarded? It’s the herps


this is what happens when you stand to close to a public urinal and you get splashback



tits or gtfo tbh



Never attempt to shave your crap. You are riddled with a shitload of ingrown hairs. You need to wait for that shit to heal first.

Trim your crap next time, dont shave.



Yes, dumbass, This is what happens when you use a dull, dirty razor to shave your dick. That shit has micro serrations which cause tiny cuts that aren't immediately felt or visible, but they do become infected and that's what you're looking at now.




That isn't even herpes, those are ingrown hairs.





File: e41be8adac59c6b⋯.jpg (91.27 KB, 960x720, 4:3, What is Genital Herpes.jpg)





H E R P E S 4 T H E W I N


File: 06ac0a4e68072f4⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 615x409, 615:409, sky_king_relates.jpg)


all good doggy, you for sure need valtrex

so funny story, i contracted mouth herpes, aka cold sore aka herpes simplex-1 virus, when i was in high school. i could go years without an outbreak or get it every year and buy abreva to clear it up. i got it in 1999, when the germans didnt invent abreva yet, its a fucking face nightmare. if face herpes is like genital herpes, heres my advice:

>avoid stress

>avoid acidic foods like anything with tomato sauce and even orange juice

>dont pop sores, watch the movie gremlins

<in your case only date women who have herpes, which is 33% of the world

>inb4 reeeee, but i gave my wife herpes simplex-1 in her junk went i licked my fingers to liven up her pussy. what a mess.



syphillis. youll soon be dead!

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