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File: 6176a3600d39cd1⋯.png (141.89 KB, 641x481, 641:481, why-am-i-here.png)


why do you lurk or post here?

what is your motivation?

i like to keep a tab open and watch the shitposts flow through this sewer when I'm stuck doing tedious work, like editing, that only requires half of my attention.

what's your excuse?



The three stooges are dead.


File: 44b3fb50a921c00⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 555x445, 111:89, 1547635413591.jpg)

My native chan is kill.

/pol/ makes me sad, because jews and i am too lazy to improve my life, because an alcohol.

4chan is long dead, only real fags (former men who like dicks) and underage niglets left there.

Dont know any others chans, this is my sewer now


File: 68e365a24753c1e⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 468x313, 468:313, truths-quicksand.jpg)


This is the only not /pol/ board that doesn't move at a glacial pace.

There are boards I'd rather spend my time on, but they go hours between posts.


This place is fucking boring.

It's like the (((people))) who post here completely devoid of love or life and try to make the worst, most banal posts imaginable to make this place a hole.


7chan is sloth teir, other boards aside from /cow/ are shit, tor chans are even slower so this is my home.



To maybe find some fun

This place is beyond salvation but a part of me wants to check if something changed



>why do you lurk or post here?

<This place is fucking boring.

<Also everyone here are Jews.

That's a very strange reason to post here.


every once in awhile a good thread



You should download and do this Insanity workout. I just did the first day today. I mean 60 days and it has videos you follow so no need to think.


garner newfags


>whats your excuse


fear of missing out on new memes or happenings


File: 3b57682bbe0af15⋯.png (448.88 KB, 658x415, 658:415, 3b57682bbe0af1522978340622….png)

It's the most entertaining of the shitposting boards. The normalfaggotry could stand to be lower, though.


File: 3a5da3758fc0dfd⋯.jpg (190.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sad cirno.jpg)


>My native chan is kill

same here, i'm just waiting for someone to make a new chan and for it to get moderately big so i can fuck off

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