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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: cc215f59e6c346f⋯.png (735.11 KB, 3500x2500, 7:5, SMUG.png)

15aa5f  No.767426

so i was browsing /x/ ( yes, bad, i know), and i saw a thread discussing the existence of God. One poster said that his grandma was a hardcore catholic, that she had "died" and been resurrected several times, but she didn't see anything on the other side…how should we christians look at this?

pic not related

41e531  No.767427


27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment

bad2ad  No.767428


She didn't actually die.

925c80  No.767435


If it ain’t cellular death, they ain’t dead.

d46e90  No.767440


>browsing /x/ ( yes, bad, i know)

why is that bad? i browse /x/ sometimes and it just makes me shit my pants and want to bathe in holy water. demons are spooky

6e992c  No.767444


It's "bad" because most of /christian/ don't actually believe in the supernatural. They probably think Jesus was some good man and his bones are buried somewhere. They'd rather read a book written by some pedophile priest over reading the actual Word of God.

They're a very confused batch of people.

5ccdea  No.767447

>she died, but wait she didn't actually die

You've answered yourself.

5ccdea  No.767450


>It's "bad" because most of /christian/ don't actually believe in the supernatural

Do you think this is reddit?

>They'd rather read a book written by some pedophile priest

Ironically only pedo priests write books denying the supernatural.

They later get excommunicated or suspended if they don't correct the mistakes though.

d46e90  No.767453


its usually prots who deny the supernatural though, and they are rare on /christian/. most chan catholics are redpilled on demon existence and such. also orthodox love to talk about and read the church fathers as well, who are you trying to shit on?

6e992c  No.767455



Fair enough. I also meant pastors but you get the point.

15aa5f  No.767458


It's more because /x/ is infested with gnostics, magick users, demon summoners..etc.

925c80  No.767477


I guess you haven’t met a lot of evangelicals or Baptists. They seem to be the most vocal about the reality of the supernatural.

045de4  No.767501


Why do I keep finding myself defending Catholics lately? lol. Like the other anon said.. do you think you're at reddit? This place is full of trads.. be it Orthodox (present), Catholic, or even the Anderson/IFB dudes (I'm growing a soft spot for them tbh..even if they hate me).

5daeb7  No.767512

>works of fiction etc

cmon anon you shud know better by now


anon, anderson and his followers are full blown heretics. just watch his video on orthdoxy i'm not even orthodox but he was mocking jesus prayer… how low can you go?

045de4  No.767516


I'm not sure I want to watch that then. I've seen other things that weren't like that and were more of a "neutral" traditional perspective, but I didn't think he'd be that bad.

5daeb7  No.767518

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


is this considered blasphemous?

d46e90  No.767525

File: a6e13511f9c1471⋯.png (105.71 KB, 300x300, 1:1, a6e13511f9c147151fb875044f….png)


<bible doesn't say he had long hair

bible also doesn't say if he has a dick, so he must not, right?

john 21:

>24 This is the disciple who testifies to these things and who wrote them down. We know that his testimony is true.

>25 Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

<who is that random guy you're worshipping

his name is jesus, who the fug is this pastor worshiping? i really hate heresy

045de4  No.767528


No, just badly interpreted.. just like all Baptists, who imagine Jesus and his disciples were side actors in a 1950s Leave It To Beaver episode, complete with crew cuts and ties. Golly Gee Willickers, Beaver!

But it's also understandable. It's one of the most convoluted passages in the NT and most people just run away from it these days, not knowing what to make of it. He tries to tackle it, but in the end, he only cares about his American context. Nothing else.

In any case, it deserves more than 5 minutes of his ranting.

Paul wasn't simply talking about long hair, but flowing/laid out hair. It's why Orthodox tie their hair up. They're not trying to go against Paul. In their minds, the shamefulness is in the display of hair. They aren't out to look feminine either. But again, like all Baptists, he caustically attacks by creating stupid strawmen, using imaginary positions that the people he has in mind don't even hold, and then thinks he "wins" by how much of a jerk he can be about it.

Also, "long hair" wasn't simply a Nazarite thing. It's commanded in Leviticus to at least keep long side locks. Verse 19:27: "You shall not cut off the sides of your hair or trim your beards." This is why even Orthodox Jews to this day still have long locks. They're actually following the Torah.

Paul was a "Jew of Jews" and knew this well. So why would he interpret something like Anderson? One must rightly divide the truth on what he means.

And as for women, even the women in his own church don't follow that passage like Orthodox or (traditional Catholics) do - their women have no veils. He thinks the "hair" itself is sufficient covering, but that's the whole point of Paul warning about them. Flowing hair is the culprit. It had bad connotations in both the Greek/pagan (Paul's Corinthian audience) as well as the biblical context (Paul referred to covering women for the sake of angels. This is a direct reference to Gen 6 and Enoch.. the story of the angels who mated with women and found them irresistible). Even in Hippocratic medicine, female hair was considered sort of the equivalent to "testicles" (believe it or not! Look it up) and signaled vitality and appeal. In either the Greek context or the biblical context, they should be covered. In short, it's too sexy for public.

I've had this conversation once before, so I'm going to cut it short. People can have their Beaver Episode of Christianity if they want. I don't even care anymore.

e7209a  No.767531


> just like all Baptists, who imagine Jesus and his disciples were side actors in a 1950s Leave It To Beaver episode, complete with crew cuts and ties. Golly Gee Willickers, Beaver!

Hide post

21d9de  No.767532


He's not wrong though

e7209a  No.767534


Yes, he is

He gets his picture of the world's largest Evangelical denomination from angry youtube meme man

045de4  No.767535

File: a03c6f20b5c93fb⋯.jpg (22.18 KB, 236x337, 236:337, Christs-cross.jpg)

To be fair, maybe the Jehovah's Witnesses are more notorious for that. Have you seen their tracts? It's like a whole series of cheesy Beaver like images.

I'm almost think their trolls.. since they also insist on Jesus dying on a "stake", instead of a cross. Everything has to be "different" with them.

045de4  No.767541


>He gets his picture of the world's largest Evangelical denomination from angry youtube meme man

My first experience in a church was with baptists actually, via a friend. I have a few stories that have nothing to do with Anderson. As an anecdote, I'll say that once a Sunday school teacher literally grabbed me by the side and whispered "Don't back me in a corner, boy" when I provided scripture passages that proved what he was saying was wrong. Apparently, it was some kind of authority/power thing to him.. and simple clarifications were a threat.

50's aesthetic is one of the lighter things I could say really.

26f4b6  No.767542

Wow a wonderful thread on NDEs guys. NDEs are one of those topics where you really have to get into the neuroscience nitty gritty, but from what I've read they seem like the real deal. When compared to a hallucination be it from DMT or oxygen deprivation the brain activity varies largely and the impact must longer lasting with individual recollection greatly improved. Whether or not I couldn't ever say, although the experience always leaves them a permanently changed person for the better. In my eyes they're the Lord giving people what they need.

Gary Habermas gives a great talk on them as well as there being a plethora of articles

26f4b6  No.767543


*Whether or not they're really seeing heaven, that is

e2ee0e  No.767548


>usually prots

<Well excuse us for reserving such a thing for the truly inexplicable rather than for every time a nun or preist did something mundane and expected

21d9de  No.767550


Oh please if something truly inexplicable happened you'd be saying it never happened.

925c80  No.767553


Just like Mormons and Muslims, they insist that Jesus wasn’t divine and have a hatred of crosses.

19def7  No.768593

>I'm almost think their trolls.. since they also insist on Jesus dying on a "stake",

Don't they know the Romans crucified people in crosses? Wtf.

Its really satanic. Only Satan has fear of crosses.

20f5af  No.769050


This. You should just be careful to take absolutely everything over there with a huge grain of salt. It's mostly just goofballs trying to spook each other but you get some genuine unbalanced/wicked souls sometimes.

00dcfe  No.769052


The leading believers of evolution and mockers of Bible literalism and innerancy are Catholics. Always pushing naturalism and """"scientific"""" materialism over what God clearly said.

19def7  No.769444


Excuse me? The pushers of that shit were the Liberal protestants and they of course dragged Catholics and many others man even orthodoxes are being winnie the poohed by the modernistic memes.

Its still an heresy to held modernistic doctrines in Catholicism and whomever holds them is automatically excommunicated.

3b4077  No.769830

File: 1344d4a1d9f82af⋯.jpg (80.61 KB, 900x900, 1:1, oliveskin.jpg)


> One poster said

Well i personally know at least 4 people who have experienced NDE's. None of them talk publicly about out of fear of ridicule. They will even deny it to people of whom they are not sure they will believe them.

But if they become hardcore Catholic or change their lives in a remarkable fashion afterwards , you can be sure they've seen something.

If you want scientific substantiation of NDE's

Here's a scientific research article published in the lancet.


e6c9fd  No.770272


> None of them talk publicly about out of fear of ridicule. They will even deny it to people of whom they are not sure they will believe them.

You'd think most people would consider therm an authority considering they almost died.

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