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File: 0ddb92eaad9ec2b⋯.jpg (174.41 KB, 1596x992, 399:248, Cuckquean_3958697.jpg)


Hello /cuckquean/

Hows your weekend? Good I hope.

As subject title says Do vixens exist?

Have been searching for a while and it would seem that cakes/vixens are in very limited in numbers. One could even argue they are extinct here in brexitland.

I've found more queans in the UK rather than vixens.

Any suggestions to change this?

I'm currently trying to convince a friend that sex with hubby is in her interests, but it's a very softly softly catchee monkey game with no guarantees.

I've checked fetlife, but my local munch doesn't seem to have many leads, let alone possibilities. Fabswingers is full of people wanting endless new partners. I even paid for a dating website (AFF), but that's limp too.

Be honest with me, is this likely to remain a fantasy here in the UK?

(If by some remote chance you are a vixen in the UK, could you share your experiences in finding a quean?)

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Hi. I'm willing to try this. As we are about to get our first experience next week (will tell you all about it, maybe some pics too;)) it will help me decide what I need exactly. I'm leaning towards a longer term thing, but im willing to accept compromises.

Big Answer: Yes. If anything, hubbies problem is he works a six day week. His job does allow chances, but they arent frequent.

As a stay at home mum, I can spend a few hours searching the net and other local event such as swingers meets and munches. I'm approaching my friend with the idea, but both of us have contact with her, in fact he has just come back from her house.

Do you think going clubbing together would work? All our on line profile are together. For example, its his picture on tinder,but my writing



I find that most girls who are up for being vixens have no idea they're up for being vixens. Not one single vixen we've had has known about being a vixen. That is, they're not specifically looking to fuck a married/partnered man. It's only once they're attracted to me and they find out my girlfriend is delighted that I sleep with other girls that I see them turning the idea over in their minds and liking it. Some turn out to enjoy being watched, others don't. Some like the threesome aspect, others don't. (Actually, I've found more are OK with being watched and seem relieved that there's no expectation of sexual contact between my girlfriend and them.)



>Do you think going clubbing together would work?

He's much more likely to be successful if you're there too. A man who already has a woman is more attractive. That said, I've personally found nightclubs a pretty crap place to pick up but maybe that's just 'cause I don't enjoy them very much.



I think clubs are too loud.


File: 0d1a9cfe9638971⋯.png (85.08 KB, 500x421, 500:421, thumbs up crow harpy.png)


>As we are about to get our first experience next week (will tell you all about it, maybe some pics too;))

File: 9a30371e6110776⋯.jpg (92.4 KB, 458x750, 229:375, tumblr_n8jwl6nJaL1reb4ygo1….jpg)


My story in the other thread ( >>4563 ) went over well, so I thought I'd write some more.


Him: "Worn out, but you should see her. On my way home"

Me: "K. Pick up some milk?"

Him: "Will do"

That was our text exchange. Just reading that he's on his way gets me all giddy. Though the casualness belies the significance.

This isn't the first time he's been with another woman. However, it's the first time I haven't been there for the event. It's also the first time that he found and met up with another woman all on his own. I'm actually really proud of him.

Okay, that sounded odd. Maybe I should clarify. My husband is a sweet and charming man, and frankly more of a catch than I ever expected to get. He's not a weirdo or socially inept or anything like that.

He is, however, a full on introvert. Going out hunting for pussy isn't really his thing. That's not to say that the idea of having a steady supply of fresh pussy doesn't appeal to him. He is a man, after all. And I do my damnedest to make sure he gets it. If I had my way, he'd have a harem to service his every need. But alas, reality intervenes.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to paint him as somehow vanilla or boring. But the fact is, few people who know him would ever suspect that such a kind, soft-spoken gentleman spends his nights making his wife a slut for his whims.

But he had no particular problem with having just me. That is, after all, what most women expect. And once, that was even me.

I used to get jealous like you wouldn't believe. With men I dated, I used to obsess over whether or not they were faithful, or whether they were even thinking of other women.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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I personally am, and I'd wager people into that fetish would be just as much.




Oh god that's hot. Not even usually into the forced-bi aspect but the denial and changing room cream pie eating makes it really appealing. Not to mention the happiness of shopping together with a vixen!


> Should I keep posting here?



File: bcbc4513f8b74b8⋯.jpg (149.1 KB, 456x700, 114:175, 1411940128330.jpg)

Starting a new one. Someone questioned awhile back whether a cuckquean and a yandere are mutually exclusive, and I intend to explore that. Might try making this more story-like, with an actual beginning, middle, and end, and with actual character names and stuff. But I shouldn't get ahead of myself.


"Juno," he calls my name from the other room. You know how sometimes mothers can tell what their baby wants from the sound of their cry? Well I can tell what -my- baby wants from me when he calls my name. And I couldn't be more clear on what he wants right now.

Without even closing the windows, I get up from my computer and briskly go to him. The search for more women will have to wait.

He's standing idly in the room, checking something on his phone when I come in. Light as a cat, I walk over and kneel before him, immediately starting to undo his fly.

He doesn't react at first. I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. Still, I read his face, always looking for his attention and approval; that is the creature that I am. His expression changes slightly as he reads something on his phone, but nothing to indicate he even notices that I'm pulling his half-swollen cock free from his pants.

It isn't until I put him into my mouth that he gives what I crave. That look on his face, a sort of relaxed homecoming as he lowers his hands and leans his head back with a sigh of relief.

"Good girl," he tells me with a groan, fingers running through my hair. I smile a little around his cock, those words never cease to make me giddy.

It isn't but a few moments before he's stiff as a board in my mouth. The hand on my head slides down to my neck and around to my chin, tilting me up, an indication to stop. Which I do, grudgingly.

"You may use your pussy tonight. I'd like to feel it," with that, he withdraws and sits in his chair, leaning back with his cock still sitting straight up.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 35b075bba828587⋯.jpg (136.43 KB, 486x696, 81:116, 1411941928200.jpg)


He grins as he watches me struggle. Which unfortunately makes me even more aroused. I do wish I were one of those girls who can't get off from penetration. The ones that need a great deal of direct stimulation to their clit. That would make things so much easier. But then, the struggle is what shows my devotion.

My whole body shivers as I finally take his entire length. I lean in, sliding my arms over his shoulders and around his neck. My hips begin sliding back and forth against his. I expertly roll and gyrate them as I clench him from within. I know exactly what my baby likes, and I take pleasing him very seriously.

The thrust of his hips catches me off guard, and I almost lose control. I've told him he doesn't have to thrust back. He can just lay back and let me take care of him, if he wants. But if he wants to thrust, that is of course his right, and I will just have to bear the extra stimulation. It's no excuse - if it pushes me over the edge, it's because I wasn't strong enough to hold back. So I just coil my arms tighter, clinging to him and biting my lip as I continue to work his cock.

"How's the search going?" he asks me, surprisingly casually, as fingers trace down my spine.

"It's… um…" I gasp and clench my teeth as he hits a sensitive spot.

"Hm? It's what?" he asks again.

I swallow hard, "Going well. There's… there's one that seems like she might be real good. Her-" I groan, my nails scraping his back, "Her name's Lana… she's into the idea of being a vixen… but hasn't done anything like this. I think she'll want to meet… to meet you."

I catch my breath with a few pants, "And then there's another girl… name's… I think her name's Brooke… I'm not as sure. Didn't seem to care about vixen stuff… but wants to try a threesome… so maybe."

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: efa3f896fe1d0cc⋯.png (64.24 KB, 325x408, 325:408, Ellie Love Trouble.png)


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File: 40b755360e11d09⋯.jpg (46.38 KB, 1000x466, 500:233, Eu te amo _d6cda77b03a97b0….jpg)


man, I miss her


not who you're replying to but I'd like to know


File: 1de0df2641e096e⋯.gif (940.14 KB, 627x502, 627:502, desire to know more.gif)


But wouldn't a Cuckquean game be more about "kiss her WHEN she is looking"?


File: b165af8da372fa5⋯.jpg (225.3 KB, 970x1263, 970:1263, pats you on head.jpg)


The intelligence behind this knows she can't just immediately go full on cuckquean. Influencing and training human girls to accept and then become cuckqueans is being done slowly and subtly.

This information is secret so please don't share it beyond this board.



Patros thelema.

File: 1427996039967.gif (115.11 KB, 945x887, 945:887, 7b99910ec272467a5be6ca1c8e….gif)


We've all had 'em, let's share 'em!

One that stands out for me was during the first time my boyfriend had another girl in front of me. She was riding him and he growled that he wanted her from behind. She slipped off his cock, looked down at it for a moment and then just pounced it, licking and sucking all her juice off. That's something I've never been able to do for him and she just did it so suddenly and with such obvious relish, it hit me hard that he was getting something I couldn't give. I was so jealous but so happy for him and it was just so hot to watch, I nearly melted inside.

Whatcha got, /cuckquean/?
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Because one wasn't enough?



Hah, that's actually a good idea.

If I may, perhaps making discord groups could be a good idea. They're somehow "secretive" and hard to access if you're not already "heavy" into the "community", as the links to the discord die rapidly and you'd need to lurk at the right time to find them. Ensures only people who actually are interested, and not just guys who want an easy lay, will get to be part of the discussion.

Assholes and such are hard to tell right away, but discussing with someone for a long time makes it much clearer; horny shitheads tend not to spend entire months pretending to be "nice" if all they hope for is just to fuck. They get bored/frustrated way before that (well, sometimes they manage to hold it in for a long time, but then that's a bit predatory and… well that's always the risk online I suppose; cautiousness is always advised in those contexts).

Adding a green mark to the map, this board has always made me very curious and the fetish kinda hits a few of mine



Oh, also, if I may, I'd mention it's worth it to specifically advise using an email that doesn't include any personal information, like date of birth, name, where you live… any such thing.



I think the map owner added that to the top bar of it.


Repairing thread 7.

File: 1428634523541.jpg (35.78 KB, 480x640, 3:4, image.jpg)


Can't help but ask, what would you think if your boyfriend had sex with a boy instead of a girl? What if it was a trap that looked exactly like a girl and he was into that?

Plus… would this still be cuckquean or…?
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>Plus… would this still be cuckquean or…?

You get the cuckquean dynamic more when you've been fooling around with the trap for long enough that s/he's caught feelings, and then you add a girl.


>I told my girl that I fucked a ladyboy, she fuckin blew up and started calling me a faggot.


>But seriously unless someone has been fed a steady diet of doujins they would assume you're gay and that you've been deceiving them about your sexuality.

Not my experience. Girls who aren't icked out by homosexuality in general aren't icked out if you've fucked a fag or a trap.


File: 1469691220085.png (729.16 KB, 1280x1294, 640:647, here you go honey.png)

>tfw no qt traps to give my bf

I suspect it's one of those things that's much hotter in my head and in 2D, though.



one of these is a pic of me, lol



>You get the cuckquean dynamic more when you've been fooling around with the trap for long enough that s/he's caught feelings, and then you add a girl.

it can work both ways and each version has its own feel.


Repairing thread 5.

File: 548cb2d27239f74⋯.jpg (61.36 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1471192663318.jpg)


Hello /cuckquean/,

i am not a cuckquean myself because benis, so i hope you can sort of relate to my situation or have had experiences to my post.

My girlfriend has a cuckquean fetish which i try to compensate with roleplay and treating her body as the one of another woman.

Turns out that sometimes she gradually tries to push up the notch by telling me to think about me having sex with our "suposed children that we do not have" or having sex with really ugly looking woman.

When hearing this my horniness drops down to subzero, due to thinking if i get into this train i will just make it grow harder and i do not want to lick her puss having to lie constantly and call some lines building up a situation.

I imagine that some of you also feel pleasure by having normal sex or other fetishes which you can agree on, but my girlfriend grips really hard onto it.

How could we still balance the situation so that she still gets turned on but reclines back to normal sex?

I really only desire her, so i do not really feel pleasure imagining another woman.

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File: 7770dc45444a4f8⋯.jpg (89.98 KB, 880x1200, 11:15, 05_005.jpg)


I'm just at my breaking point. If it goes on any longer, I'll have to stop, or else I'll cum without permission. It's so hard to hold back.

He coils his arms around my chest, tighter and tighter. And then, finally, those magic words whisper into my ear, "Cum for me, baby."

And I do. I finally peak. It's been weeks. Or was it months? It's intense.

For a split second.

Just as my orgasm begins, just as I pass the threshold of no return and my cock starts twitching, feminine hands grasp my wrists from either side of me and abruptly rip my hands from my cock. The arms around my chest tighten and hold me still.

No! It isn't fair! I was cumming! I was getting my orgasm!

I cry out in desperation. I thrash around violently. I yell and beg and plead for them to please stop, to let me touch my cock again. But it's no use. His arms have me firmly in place. He's much stronger than me. And frankly, so are both women. And none of them are going to stop.

I hear Blondie giggling at my suffering, and I can feel Red gently stroking my hand, even as she grips my arm tight. I wrench my body back and forth and tears starting to pour involuntarily down my cheeks from the agonizing frustration. My cock twitches and my cum spills from my body, but all my pleasure has been stolen from me. It's just not fair.

As what remains of my ruined orgasm recedes, they loosen their grips. I start sobbing out and put my hands over my face. I try to hide my tears, as if that would hide my pathetic nature.

I lay there a wreck, unused hormones rushing through me. It felt awful, and now I'm even hornier and more frustrated than before.

"Wow, I didn't think letting her cum was a good idea, but that was pretty entertainiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 743137a9c4ae79b⋯.jpg (88.61 KB, 1000x932, 250:233, tumblr_njzarkLPi11tee357o1….jpg)


Once the cleaning is done, he turns be around in his lap to face him. I nuzzle my face into his chest and whimper a little as I feel his bare cock touch mine.

He lightly strokes my hair and hold me. It doesn't even occur to me that he will need me more tonight.

I feel those sets of feminine hands touch me again. Blondie grasps my ass cheeks and spreads them wide apart. I can feel Red's hands slide against my thighs as she reaches down and grasps his cock. It's already thickening again. She runs her hands up and down it until it is hard as a rock yet again. I don't know how he does it so many times in succession.

She angles his stiff cock up against my little pucker. I whimper a little. Not in protest, I would never deny him, and even if I wanted to, I knew it was going to happen. But my body is tired, and taking his cock now is a lot to ask of it.

As she lines him up, his hips press forward. Both women hold my hips in place as my man pushes my body up a little. The weight does the work and he breaks through the resistance into me.

I can never stop that first gasp, even if I wanted to. It's always so intense. I make sure I'm tight for him, and in doing so, I make sure it always hurts. Which he enjoys too.

He starts pushing up into my ass. Thank god he's still slick from both vixens' pussies.

But I know better than to let him do the work. That would be selfish. I grasp his shoulders to steady myself and start riding his cock for him. I'm immediately rewarded with a series of moans.

The vixens start helping me, pressing my hips down on his cock, giving more pressure to my thrusts.

He doesn't need to thrust now. He can just lay back and I'll take care of him. That's what I do, that's what I'm for. But nonetheless, he does push up into me, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 46374138891e760⋯.jpg (85.24 KB, 683x357, 683:357, blush oh.jpg)


>sitting with my back against Red, like a big beanbag chair of sexual superiority, while I watch my man play with her little sister


File: f0edaca2833b5a6⋯.jpg (137.93 KB, 352x338, 176:169, i came 2.jpg)





>Blondie being a bitch and a tease to the trap

>Red being loving, almost to the point where she's motherly to the trap

>both working together to help the trap ride the guy properly





Glad you all enjoyed it :)

File: a719aaa24d8ad68⋯.jpg (58.14 KB, 300x468, 25:39, NEET.jpg)


How many of you cuckies are worthless pieces of shit?

My hubbie is out all day working his ass off to sustain my fat lazy ass while I play vidya in shitpost in the chans all day. Sometimes I get so bored that can't even do house chores and he rightfully gets angry at me when he comes back and rightfully punishes me so.

I am trying to self improve by doing some exercise so that I can stay pretty for him and sometimes even try to make myself up just before he returns and maybe go out to buy some cheap but sexy undies but I know that's not enough for what he goes through.

Getting a fucking job is out of the question. Breaking my tiny back just to be jewed and yelled at by fellow goyim assholes was the worst experiences of my life.

He seems eager on the suggestion of threesomes and some times I even suspect that he might be cheating so I was wondering if you cucks could help giving me some tips in going out solo fishing for vixens to get him happy and show him my gratitude before he dumbs my lazy fat ass for some younger golddigging coworker with a firmer butt.

ps to moralcucks: not trying to do it solely out of obligation or fear of being dumped, I am also genuinely interested in spicing things up for myself and maybe develop some social skills in the way.

12 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



but compersive cuckies aren't necessarily dominant or into humiliation. maybe it's a catharsis from knowing you're still loved despite your deficiencies and that you'll keep being loved because your deficiencies aren't stopping him from having the experiences he wants.



I meant that many people would assume she is not showing any respect for her husband. Sex is just one part and if you look at the totally of what she offers it's almost nothing. I'm only going by what she's posted here though.

>>4600 (Checked)

Yes, well said.


I am just guessing here but I think ones driven by low self-esteem are in the minority. This is because I have seen many such people tend to react with extreme jealousy, insecurity and paranoia when there is no reason to. Such women seem less likely to ever be cuckqueans than someone who is more confident in themselves.

Of course there are many people with low self-esteem who don't behave like that.



Yeah, I don't know that I would consider cuckqueans to be especially vulnerable to low self-esteem. At least not moreso than people other kinks.

There definitely are some, but at the risk of making a 'no true scotsman' fallacy, I'm not sure that they're always really into it.

What I mean is that there's some women who are into submissive kink and have low self-esteem. This makes them particularly vulnerable to predatory men (or women) who will use this to exploit and abuse them. We've all heard of the types that claim to be into things as dictated by their partner, but are quite obviously just going along with something they hate just to please them.

Of course, it can be hard to tell though, because sometimes going along with things they 'hate' -is- their kink.

But I get the impression that this is not the norm. I don't actually think the humiliation-driven cuckqueans are as common as the compersives, but even with the ones who like humiliation, I think we need to be careful about drawing conclusions about that.

When we go around pathologizing fetishes, we start making a lot of assumptions. Just because someone likes being humiliated doesn't mean they necessarily have unhealthy low self-esteem. Just like someone into sexual sadism isn't necessarily an actual sadist in the rest of their life.

It's sort of parallel to the "violent vidya games make you violent" argument. Well, no. That I like savage violence games doesn't mean I'm not a kind person who likes snuggling with my kitten. By the same token, if a person who likes to have their sexual inadequacy implied or stated by their partner doesn't mean they aren't someone who has a full life and feels loved and content.


File: 64afa6815a610e4⋯.png (89.79 KB, 251x462, 251:462, image.png)


You covered everything I wanted to, Anon. Thank you.


Repairing thread 4.

File: 1466275086318.jpg (278.4 KB, 1024x1144, 128:143, triss_merigold.jpg)


Assuming you romanced her, is she a cuckquean?

8 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Wow, that's quite the coincidence.


File: 58af8fc63408a3c⋯.jpg (906.29 KB, 1136x964, 284:241, Looks like the ancient nor….jpg)

It occurs to me that Skyrim has some elements to it.

Most obviously is the orcs. If you visit one of their strongholds, you'll see that orc culture is polygynous. Unfortunately, they're also, of course, orcs, and no one wants to fuck orcs. Not even other orcs. And also unfortunately, it doesn't come across as a sexy fun sort of polygyny, and more like a creepy, abusive mormon cult or a tribe of ignorant savages with no form of advanced social structure being 'biggest guy is in charge and gets what he wants. They should should probably destroyed. Skyrim belongs to the Nords.


There's no formal polygyny for the player in the game. I heard about a mod for it at some point, but I don't know if it ever got finished. Though with hearthfire, you can fill your house with co-habitating women in some cases. Aside from your spouse, you choose a steward from follower NPCs. Owning property also means you're a thane, which means you have a housecarl, some of which are female. You can also hire a bard, some of which are also female.

And it's completely unintentional, but the female models for the Ancient Nord Armor have an interesting helmet design, as you can see.




The Orcs only practice polygyny in their strongholds, they go back to monogamy whenever Orsinium gets rebuilt or they set up in civilisation. Not to mention that the other wives are primarily there to keep up alliances with neighbouring strongholds. Not to say that wifey #3 didn't get dicked, but it's entirely secondary. I forget which stronghold it is, but one of them has a she-Orc that is only there to get fucked and make the other wives jealous about it. Don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for. But it's there.

>Ancient Nord helms

Nedes had some kind of fucking fetish for putting horns all over their armour. Those guys loved that shit. apologies for lorefagging the fun away


File: ac02289c273c07c⋯.gif (69.14 KB, 397x200, 397:200, 200_s.gif)


In all seriousness though, the orcs need to go.



Repairing thread 3.

File: 1437460342594.jpeg (246.17 KB, 551x700, 551:700, working.jpeg)


ITT we scanlate cuckquean eromanga.

I'll post a raw and begin transcribing/translating it page by page. If you know moon, jump in and help.

21 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1437473919579.jpg (3.21 MB, 2114x3000, 1057:1500, 22.jpg)





I’m having an affair with Tewi-chan (for the second time)



The Story So Far




''Even though Udonge-chan is my girlfriend,

her friend Tewi-chan seduced me

and regretfully, I fooled around with her.''


>tfw been looking for a scanlation of this sequel forever

>tfw this effort is dead


File: 1471899814367.jpg (1.76 MB, 2128x3023, 2128:3023, quean.jpg)

Should I dump the rest



Please do, in the eromanga thread at >>2531

File: 1436966921001.jpg (222.9 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1436930263616.jpg)


I've got a huge problem /cq/.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for over 2 years and 4 weeks ago we moved in together. We both work and lead healthy lives and before today I figured we were pretty open with each other.

Anyway, today I had the night shift but my boyfriend had the day off so by the time I got home from the night shift, he was already gone. I went into the bedroom to get changed and noticed he hadn't turned off my laptop (he left it with the lid closed but the laptop itself was still on and I'm aware it'll overheat this way) so I figured I'd do it. I opened the lid and to my surprise I see picture related.

My first reaction was laughing. I thought it was funny that I'd caught him basically watching porn but then it actually dawned on me. He's watching trap porn. That's when I started to remember all those trap threads on /b/ that I ignore but am aware of their existence (catalogue is full of them a lot of the time). Now I'm feeling pretty sick and quite frankly inadequate as I only have a vagina and the chick in this video is clearly a lot bigger.

I know you're probably thinking that my reaction is pathetic and that everyone watches porn, but the thing is I watch porn that fit my fetish and I'm worrying that my boyfriend has a fetish for chicks with dicks or… traps….. I've been worrying about this for hours. My boyfriend doesn't finish work for another 2 hours.

Need some serious advice /cq/…

26 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>Where does this retardation of only topping come from? Exclusively topping means denying your partner, and more importantly yourself, pleasure.

No it doesn't, people can get pleasure from penis denial just as much as vaginal denial, especially faggot traps since they rightfully associate their cocks with uselessness.



>Exclusively top = not gay is an idea that's been around for at least two millennia anon.

That's how it works in American prisons as well. Or so I've been told.



He was just looking at porn. Kinky porn. He may be bisexual or bi-curious, but probably only a little bit - likely not enough to ever go that route. And all the retards talking about you getting a strap-on? Just looking at traps doesn't remotely imply you want to take it in the ass. Most otokonoko are submissive, after all. He likely wants to top. This isn't an absolute thing, of course, but there are many, many directions this could go. And honestly it was probably just looking at porn.

That in mind, >>1596 absolutely has it right. >>1605 and >>1853 also have their points. At the end of the day, you should communicate with your husband and come to an understanding of his feelings. If you can't even do that, then you've failed at this relationship.


>Whatever you do, don't tell him that you found the picture.

Are you a chick? You are fucking retarded if so. Never lie or hide things from your husband. Even more so if you're the submissive in the relationship. Holy fuck.

If you're a dude, why the fuck ever would you ever ever ever give that type of garbage advice? Are you trying to fuck over another guy by having his woman keep secrets like this from him? Disgusting.




>I know you're probably thinking that my reaction is pathetic and that everyone watches porn, but the thing is I watch porn that fit my fetish and I'm worrying that my boyfriend has a fetish for chicks with dicks or… traps….. I've been worrying about this for hours. My boyfriend doesn't finish work for another 2 hours.


>Need some serious advice /cq/…

Full disclosure: Didn't intend to post here, since I'm not a woman, but seems like I can add some valueable input.

Being into trap-porn simply means your boyfriend is heterosexual.

Here it is explained:


It is the sexual equivalent of an optical illusion.

He is just a normal dude, don't mind it, no point in bringing it up with him most likely.



>Never lie or hide things from your husband. Even more so if you're the submissive in the relationship. Holy fuck.

Dickish as their phrasing is, this anon speaks truth. Don't hide shit from your husband. It's a really bad idea. Giving yourself time to think things over is okay, but never intentionally bury anything. Otherwise you're risking trust between you and trust is the most precious thing any relationship can have.

File: 1422758365882.jpg (335.6 KB, 673x680, 673:680, muhsogyny.jpg)


… you know, I kinda hope this board can get big enough to actually have some kind of detectable impact on the cuck porn market so that cuckquean porn is actually something that people know exists for the most part.
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PS - To be cucked, you have to have a partner first. Did you learn logic at common core?

I would elaborate but this belongs to some other board.



not trying to start shit and i think we're on the same page as far as common core is concerned.

basically, i'm saying that betas use it as a safehaven of excuses for why women don't want them. pure fox and the grapes. i'm not saying they're wrong, i'm saying that it's mostly just delusional betas. any time i see a MGTOW, that's what they're like.



I would agree but divorce industry.. can have MGTOWs who may be fathers of 3+ kids you know. but not best place for this board.



God tier. Saved. Gonna spread this shit. Your style can definitely still improve, but your creativity is astounding and your potential limitless. You will become a well-regarded illustrator someday, I just know it.


File: 1468906834172.gif (780.31 KB, 500x380, 25:19, giphy.gif)


Y-you're too kind!

File: 1464777030333.png (1.29 MB, 700x1050, 2:3, propaganda.png)


/cuckquean/, you're one of my fav boards, my only problem with you is that there's not enough people here at the moment, and as most of you may be aware of this being correlated to the fact that his wondrous fetish isn't really talked about. There's actually very little porn regarding it, especially when you compare it to the disgustingly popular and morally wrong cuckolding fetish.

That's why i've decided to make this thread, hopefully some of you that've got sexual partners at the moment will see this because it's directed at you!

You guys can help us get out of the shadows and help inform people about this spectacular kink, all you'd have to do is record yourselves next time you and your partner are having a little fun with a vixen. Show the world that queaning is much different and more interesting than being a cuck ever will be, show them that it's not just primal sex but instead involves a lot of trust, love and lust from both partners.

Hopefully this thread will get a few of the least prudish members of the board to do some smut and help advertise the fetish.

I guess feel free to discuss making or expressing interest in making some porn? If you want to record yourselves but you're having qualms about it, try posting in this thread, maybe some of us can ease your mind, making the idea of doing something like this less scary!

Also, something I had thought of while writing this OP, writing possible "scripts" for porn could be fun, maybe someone will one day use your idea, you never know~

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It would be, which is why I think it's more about drama and shitposting than an actual fetish.



Nope, he's objectively wrong. It's been proven that Black Women and White men actually have a less likely chance of getting divorced than even white male white female couples.

What he's talking about is "ghetto" behavior", where it's more expected rather than encouraged.



w..what? you mean its accepted and expected that when a black girl in relationship and she got cheated. she will just be okay with it?

as fetish okay but…accepted? thats messed up.

need clarification pronto. elaborate more please



No, not expected as in "cheating on me is mandatory", reluctantly expected as in "they all gon' cheat, whatcha gon' do?"



and how does that differs from what i just asked?

t..thats messed up… as if cheating men/cuckqueaning tendency are social behaviour

File: 1458672908871.png (513.62 KB, 796x900, 199:225, 6dc0a5777caba6ad6b1b4adfa0….png)


I'm 99% sure my girlfriend has a cuckquean fetish but she's either too proud or too embarrassed to talk about it.

She'll send me texts of naked women but only when she's not around. When questioned, she tells me "I just want you to feel good." Not long ago she gave me condoms even though she's taking birth control, telling me "because, you know, you're a guy."

Any time I try to bring it up, though, she's totally unresponsive. I think she's ashamed or thinks I'll hate her.

Any advice?

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That's true. Regardless of where this leads, we'll both be happier. She's a good girl.



Those could still be responses to things other than cuckqueaning urges from her, but I think you already know that and are accounting for it OP.

I'm happy to hear she's warming up in general too. Good girls deserve good relationships, but all too many of them can't enjoy them once they have them.

Please keep reporting back, this is all too cute.


File: 1465921813588.jpg (44.97 KB, 728x728, 1:1, 1463466334262.jpg)


I'm in a similar boat. My gf isn't quite as obvious about it as you are, but she has told me in the past that she wants me to flirt with other girls, but only if I turn them down for her.

She has also said she wants to buy me a prostitute for my bachelor party.

I can't tell if she actually has the fetish, or is just curious. What do?


File: 1466014239521.jpg (14.68 KB, 255x220, 51:44, 1446495565002.jpg)


I would highly advise suicide.

Kill yourself.

Preferably with poison or a rope.



File: 1466055980160.jpg (370.48 KB, 827x1223, 827:1223, baito 2.jpg)

File: 1463087813995.jpg (858.78 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Chrysanthemum.jpg)


I feel super sad. My BF wants for me to share him. I said yes bc I wanna please him… and I think the idea it`s fine but then I panick a lot. IDK… I am new to all of this. I don`t want him to be with other girls, It doesn`t turn me on at all and I feel like I won`t be able to take it.

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How'd that come about?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 1464229364034.jpeg (242.01 KB, 627x502, 627:502, image.jpeg)

I wonder what happened with OP?



The exact same story happened to me except im the BF who wants to be shared. Ive had this desire every since i started dating my first gf. for some reason I noticed I gained the desire/curiosity to be with other girl only when i was in a relationship. Then when each one ended, I lost the desire. Then I figured out it related to this fetish. When I figured out I kept it a secret for a while, then I told my gf. She agreed to it cause she want to please me but then recently she said she couldnt do it. I want to respect her and i lover her; So I mostly find myself repressing it and lurking the internet.


"if you dont want to do it then dont do it."


File: 1425353852406.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, 500:281, What was shown & What we g….gif)


>gf nagging me to go sleep with more other girls
>geez, FINE
>join hookup app
>go on hookup date with interesting & pretty girl from app
>mention on profile upfront how gf knows and likes that I'm on a hookup app
>all signs pre-date very positive
>date goes well, much sexual tension and flirting, escalation, all that good stuff
>she brings up gf
>"So you're in an open relationship?"
>her body language is around "fuck me in 10 minutes" level
>"Half-open. I wander, she doesn't. We both like it that way."
>stunned, shocked silence for a few seconds
>"So… so she's okay with you and other girls even though she doesn't get other men?"
>"Yes, that's right. She likes it that way. It's fun for both of us."
>repeated utterences of "wow" and so forth
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Game Theory.

Not even once.>>2026


File: 1442031937914.jpg (18.08 KB, 386x292, 193:146, no.jpg)



Bad, Anon! BAD!

Now go sit in the corner and think about what you've done! And watch your man fuck a prettier girl


Quit talking about your gf while hitting up other women, you fucking autist. Holy shit, this better be b8.



The power dynamic is usually discussed in BDSM terms, but I'm talking real life, not a game. Most Christian wives that I know see themselves as head of the house, their husband as another one of the kids, & the argument against poly is "no man can serve two masters".

Scripturally speaking, this is the EXACT opposite relationship that a New Testament husband & wife should have. "Wives, submit to your husbands." 1 Cor 7:1 & other passages refer to husband to wife as a 1:many relationship while wife to husband is a 1:1 relationship. These are the same as used to describe a master to slave (1:many) & slave to master (1:1).

Satan makes us think of ourselves as masters & free instead of slaves. Some will likely object to me bringing up the Bible at all. We naturally want to be free of all rules, all standards, & all external inhibitions to our innate desires.

The truth is you're afraid. Fear makes you seek to control every aspect of your life &, failing that, to control every aspect of your SOs life to fall within your realm of 'normal'. Odd, isn't it. We rebel against being a slave by enslaving others. We rebel against fear by buttressing our fears & making ourselves more fearful. Today, you're afraid of him having sex w another woman, then it's talking to other women, then it's looking at other women, then it's thinking about other women. Are u feeling in control & I afraid, yet? Nope.

Your imagination drives you into the nuthouse in fear that he might be unfaithful to the high degree of slavery that you've reduced him to. Where's the happy, handsome, adventurous man you fell in love w? Trapped in chains trying in "FALSE LOVE" to yield to your every whim & fear. If he truly loved you, he'd stand up & be a man to your insanity before u destroy both of you. Love does what's BEST; it doesn't just do what you ask for. The path your walking isn't best. It's suicidal.

So, new copypasta?

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