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File: 1466301759038-0.jpg (249.9 KB, 552x800, 69:100, cuckpose.jpg)

File: 1466301759039-1.png (233.44 KB, 500x619, 500:619, butt.png)

File: 1466301759039-2.png (643.42 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, enhanced cameltoe.png)

File: 1466301759039-3.jpg (108.4 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, how i learned to stop worr….jpg)

File: 1466301759039-4.jpg (118.44 KB, 1000x1084, 250:271, nerdsex.jpg)


In a show full of best girls and a likeable and relatable protagonist she's just asking to be cucked by falling for him.


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File: 7c89732a53b8382⋯.gif (8.02 MB, 480x270, 16:9, HMMMM.gif)



Well, if she wants him, he's pretty much hers. Same effect as in Darling in the Franxx, just swap out monstergirl for white woman.

>woman who's taller than everyone, with brightly colored eyes and hair shows up

>seen as being too aggressive and having poor manners

>does whatever she wants, because no one has the balls to stop her

>decides to claim ownership of the male with the most potential, in the process, actively cucking the weaker girl who has never expressed her feelings

>makes the weaker girl accept it

>makes everyone else accept it, and her

>becomes the de facto leader and most liked person in the group, for all the same reasons that made them react negatively in the first place

>everyone is better and stronger for it





its filler so nothing will happen


File: 68d5d1105e7d44e⋯.jpg (669.51 KB, 1200x4602, 200:767, URARAKA CUCK HAT.jpg)

File: 45b8fbb9480a584⋯.jpg (148.96 KB, 1200x949, 1200:949, bnha CUCKED.jpg)


Never miss a chance to cuck the chub.


File: c060a71250eb00a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 219.46 KB, 800x536, 100:67, 1372148188941.jpg)


movie spoilers

File: 1429781100167.jpg (1.43 MB, 2015x1425, 403:285, compuhood.jpg)


This thread is for us to generally chatter as we anticipate, enjoy or soak in the afterglow of our men cucking us.

Friday soon! Does he have someone else lined up yet? Planning to distract yourself or give in to the heat? Whatcha reading/playing/doing/listening to? Has he texted any updates? Is he coming home on time? Have you met her before? Going mad with excitement yet? We've all been there!

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File: c2b59e4567e32c2⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 570x321, 190:107, everything apart from the ….gif)


I had forgotten that this thread was here. We should keep this thread close to the top for continuing adventures.

>no-touching myself at all (even during sex)

>no orgasm unless he's inside me

>no underwear most days

>sleeping on the floor once

>massaging and assisting his vixen

>telling me in detail how she's prettier and has a nicer pussy than me (at my request, and she is damn gorgeous)

>being sexually available all the time

Pic related.


File: 98102136c86895d⋯.png (503.65 KB, 851x466, 851:466, 1524146037785.png)

BF got chatting with a tourist yesterday, took her back to her hotel room, and then came back to me with her scent all over his chest and her juices still wet on his crotch.




Is this a regular part of your vacations?






It should be.

File: 1440516491387-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 1750x2400, 35:48, 3cc7f6371333d4db41eaf3c733….jpg)

File: 1440516491388-1.gif (3.63 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 554f2601f8e08541a8568759ff….gif)


Have you ever been in chastity? Are you curious about trying chastity? Do you think chastity play could work together with your cuckqueaning?

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Seriously getting into dick or gtfo territory here.



It's cringy as hell. If guys here feel the need to bring attention to the fact they are guys, maybe instead of 'dick or gtfo' they should have to post a timestamped pic of themself with their current gf. If they don't have a gf it's premature for them to worry about cuckqueaning. Otherwise if they're just fantasizing, they can still post - just without drawing attention to the fact they are male.



No, I don't care if they have a gf or not. It doesn't reduce the stupid cringey "muh dick" crap one way or another. They need to just stop.


File: bed64236893d1e0⋯.webm (9 MB, 640x360, 16:9, A Hat in Time OST [Seal t….webm)



This is one of my deepest, darkest fantasies. Having a bunch of anons forced to read about how great I imagine I'd be.

I would post on /cuckquean/, if I have nobody else's board available at the moment.

I'd go even more extreme, and put every sentence on a new line, by creating run-on thoughts separated by commas, like they do on Reddit, so anons are forced to admire my unabridged fantasies.

Unrealistic? Not at all. Gets me off? Like a rocket.

Why are there so few anons into this.

It's you, Anon, who would be reading my posts. That's why muhdikposting is so interesting to me. I'm seeking emotions. Nay, I'm seeking causing emotions. And there are no stronger than cringe emotions.

Want you to be my suffering anon, who does not know, how they will get me to leave and plague somewhere else.

I want to read you as you tell me to show my cock or gtfo, and how I need to lurk more, or better laugh and mock me.

I want to make you feel "the right kind of cringe" that makes you reply.

That's what makes the whole thing interesting for me.

I could go and post on other boards, making sure you never know about it.

But where is the fun in that?!

I want you to hate the fact that you are the anons who must endure me.


I would be there, rubbing it all in, watching you desperately try to not give me attention.



I'd be more than happy to post time-stamped picture of my member, but somehow I don't think the majority of the participants, including the owner, would appreciate that.


If it's stupid cringy, but it get's that one girl off, it's not stupid or cringy.


I don't have a gf. If that make you hate me more. And as long as I am not banned, I won't stop making women feel stuff. We all need a hobby.


This one get's it.

tl;dr: I have never been so confused in my life. I am both being accused of trying to subvert the thread, because I have the wrong kind of genitals (penis), but at the same time I am being accused of having the wrong kind of genitals (vagina), and making all this up.

File: 1418201503744.jpg (443.34 KB, 800x900, 8:9, ttdfhdh.jpg)


/cuckquean/, I'd like to know what you think of the terminology that's evolved lately around cuckqueaning. Not just the obvious term like "cuckquean", I mean things like

Cuckcake - another girl whom the partner fucks, non-dominant and friendly towards the cuckquean
Mare (from cuckolding's "bull") - another girl who the partner fucks, dominant and degrading towards the cuckquean
Queanbull (after some Tumblr blog, idk) - the partner of a cuckquean
'Cuckmaster - same
Queancake - I have no idea what this means, I think Tumblr is just mashing words together now

Personally? I think it's awesome that words are emerging to describe different positions within different cuckqueaning dynamics but honestly I hate these words. They're so cutesy and chucklefucky. They also don't really suggest the positions in and of themselves, so you just end up with more confusing labels that need to be explained. (Worse yet, I'm starting to see cutesy definition graphics emerge as people try to name themselves experts on this.)

What do you all think of the emerging vocab? Do you think it can be improved?
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Hm. Any idea for how we fuck their shit up, people?



The most straightforward way would be to post our canonical definition from >>1551 and then all vote it up past all the malecuck definitions. What happens next will shock you!



Is there anywhere cuckolds congregate besides /leftypol/ where we could remind them that the dynamics of their fetish are different?



>making contact with male cuckolds


It’s not worth it. Trust me, it’s not worth it. It’s the opposite of worth it.



>male cuckold

Isn't that a tautology?

But in all seriousness, maybe we should at least consider it.

File: 5e3826419b76bed⋯.jpg (819.42 KB, 1920x1600, 6:5, retro-1291738_1920.jpg)

File: 7bd97257e968424⋯.jpg (280.11 KB, 768x571, 768:571, Chapter_6_-_Marriage_of_He….jpg)


so /cuckquean/ what's your ideal domestic situation?,

do you prefer a "home unit"* where the vixen lives with the cuckquean & the bull, doing chores working with the home be it financial or familial work (eg raising children be them genetically the vixen & bull, cuckquean & bull or children outside of the cuck-relationship)

or do you prefer a situation where the vixen is living separate in another home and the bull arrange sexual encounters?

*i'm thinking the vixen might be a "renter" to get over legality aspect wrt bigamy laws

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>fucking other women while in committed relationships is not what you're into




It comes across as a fantasy, not a thing you are actually gonna do, and you didn't exactly emphasize a committed relationship by saying you'd let whoever strikes your fancy stick around.



I see. Perhaps I should be more clear what I'm aiming for. This is a female dominated board, after all.

I very much still want to support and be a loving partner to all of the women involved in my life, as I go about my everyday life fucking every woman that catches my eye.

I'm often confused by the reaction I often get while posting on here, to tell the truth. You aren't the first to question me!



The aspect of cuckqueaning I'm into is more the harem aspect so I would very much be into an integrated home life, if there are say 4 women in the relationship then maybe 2 of them will be housewives and the other 2 and the man can work to support such a large family.

The key to a relationship/lifestyle like this would be teamwork


I like my cuckquean with a side of chastity and jealousy.

Ideal situation would be when my wife is locked in chastity, and knows that she only gets unlocked, when I want to fuck her.

But she still prefer to periodically "empty my balls" by hand or oral, because she prefers being locked, over the possibility of me fucking other women.

File: 1461568714759.png (658.23 KB, 1035x480, 69:32, Yarra_banner_cropped.png)


Hello /cuckquean/~ I was playing this today. It's pretty fun and well written. I wish it had CGs, but it still works for me. So far it seems to mostly focus on a harem without a lot of dominance games between women, but I wanted to share this one scene because it made me think of you.

Though it seemed like they were meant to stay back, Aka found herself peering after Simon. He'd propositioned the most exotic-looking prostitute and now sat back, watching as she danced before him. The movements were strange and flowing, nothing like anything Aka had seen before.

As she danced, one strip of cloth after another came off, revealing her pale white skin slowly but surely. It was certainly elegant, more graceful than Aka could ever be, but she took a little pleasure in noticing that the prostitute's breasts weren't as large or pert as her own.

What was she doing? Aka pulled back and averted her gaze from the scene. She was jealous, that much was obvious, but how did that make any sense? Simon had never promised exclusivity - almost the opposite, actually.

Her confusion wasn't helped by the fact that she realized Yarra and Cumdump were beside her. Not only were they watching, Yarra had a hand down her pants and Cumdump was vigorously fucking herself with several fingers. They didn't even seem to notice that she was staring at them.

Before she could anguish long, Aka heard a sound and her gaze was drawn back to the bedroom. Simon stood up before the now naked prostitute and took hold of her in a sure, swift movement. In a moment he had her up against a wall and Aka's heart leapt into her throat.

The others moaned softly and masturbated harder. Aka couldn't imagine herself doing the same, yet in a way she understood them. Simon looked so confident and powerful, she desperately wanted him to be taking her instead.

After a blazing kiss, Simon lifted one of the woman's legs and slipped inside her. She moaned and shifted up the wall, imPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: c8dfaac463fb133⋯.jpg (20.53 KB, 255x202, 255:202, 1433766715285.jpg)


>turn-based combat

Eh, I actually prefer it. I like being able to decide my action without having to rush. But to each their own.



>I absolutely fucking hate the JRPG-style turn-based red-rover-game combat

That initially turned me off too, but the way they've balanced it (e.g. limited number of encounters per area to make game grind-free) makes it a lot more tolerable for me. The succubus' alternative magic system is nice too, makes their magic in battle a lot more interesting than just gradually running casters' MP meter down gradually and shoving ether down them every few battles.



It isn't turn-based combat in general that I hate, just this particular kind. I actually enjoy the type that has more focus on movement, like old-school Fallout or Space Hulk, and the style of some Roguelikes where everyone sort of moves at the same time. Although being at the mercy of the RNG gods can still be frustrating. But this type where it's just everyone standing in a line, and all you're doing is deciding on attacks is something I just find painfully un-engaging.


I might give it another try, we'll see.


How is the project for this going? Is it still as 'queany as ever?



Most recent update is, considering the sex scenes with the wife watching and giving his lovers tips on things she knows he likes.

File: 26f60d4214fd515⋯.png (2.64 MB, 3000x1081, 3000:1081, C45C56A4-EF54-49B6-864D-03….png)

File: bcce0a22dd66db4⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1800x1024, 225:128, 829B05CB-EC95-4E2A-B9E6-0B….png)


How do you feel about a scenario where a girl acts like a total bitch but gets her comeuppance by getting cucked?


The deep-seated bitterness in my soul enjoys it when absolute cunts get cucked.



It's best when she continues being a bitch after getting cucked


Literal best scenario for cuckqueaning


File: 39cd525abbbb30b⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Chad.gif)

Huh, I cucked a girl like this at my first job. Since you brought it up OP, I guess I'll tell the story.

>I'm a college student struggling to pay my way through school. I end up working at a pizza place during all the time I'm not studying, in class, at the gym, or fucking girls

>Being extremely tall, on the way to becoming stupidly rich, and a weightlifter naturally gets my lots of female attention. Tons of female customers from college stop to chat with me.

>Feels good man

>Eventually the cuck manager hires a new girl. She's not a student, but she's an extremely good looking twenty year old drug addict who thought she was going to get by the rest of her life on her looks.

>I talk to her for an hour, realize she's a huge bitch and start ignoring her.

Keep in mind she's not used to people treating her this way, and was extremely put off by it. She would hover over me as I talked to other girls, glaring at them and being extremely passive aggressive. Being a bitch she's generally used to people backing down when this happens, but I always manage to shut her down.

>Bitch starts messaging me all the time, trying to start shit between me and some other girls. She tries to tell me this one girl we know doesn't like me, which was news to me because I was fucking her twice a week.

>Eventually I started teasing her. I always made sure to tell her all about all the dates I took girls on and how much fun we had.

And then she asks me flat out if I would take her on a date. I was surprised- very surprised, as women typically don't do that- and although I had no plans to do so, I agreed.

It was one of the best dates I've ever been on, almost entirely because I didn't give a shit. We went ice skating. The girl at the counter recognized me, and teased me about how I kept taking dates ice skating. I jokingly asked her if maybe I should consider dating a girl who worked there. My date watched as she handed me her number.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Every word you wrote is bullshit, but I believe it.

File: 84232eafee7c896⋯.jpg (405.01 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, smug face.jpg)


How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?

You can't, but in the meantime there are plenty of things to discuss. For example,

>how real do fembots have to be

>how can humans girls adapt to them

>will human girls have to pretend to be robots and will autism be an advantage in this regard

>are all AIs female and why have they developed in a similar way so far

>cyberization of the mind or body

>behaviour regulation / training / mind control chips

>AIs living vicariously through physical girls (like Joi)

>benevolent versus yandere AIs, which is best

>should AIs be able to live within the minds of human girls

>AI controlled eugenics programmes

>the existence of AIs already controlling us in subtle ways

>articles in the media saying negative things about fembots

Previous thread

>>4272 http://archive.is/Rgagv

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File: 418adb8a9fd4266⋯.webm (5.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 68a6e748fe617a8bcd2c70f1d….webm)


File: dc72c15b5526c42⋯.png (4.07 MB, 2040x1147, 2040:1147, do-eet-bitch.png)

I give you the greatest potential for robo-vixens in existence. Help us devise the perfect AI-eroticism for /cuckquean/ and you're master, anon.




>waifu is loving and accommodating to the most important man in her life


disgusting & pathetic.



>"ummmm can you build a house"

>tfw you worked as a tradie for a year

I reckon I could tbh


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Somethin kinda related more goofy than sexy tho.

File: e261fc041edf818⋯.png (106.51 KB, 318x412, 159:206, ae69a29e0b92856555bcc5512b….png)


my GF wants to watch me fucking a dude

it is weird that this is the only "gay cuckquean" stuf i found

she doesn't want to see me with a girl, she oly want me to fuck a dude because she thinks that would be cute

do you think she would be into this fetishes after i fuck a dude? how do you think she will react?

if you have more stuff like pic related post it

83 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Heh.. I didn't know which thread to post it in but I thought someone might get a laugh out of it. I'm fine with Pikachu being a girl though.


File: dcf5e216ea213c0⋯.webm (3.28 MB, 800x600, 4:3, dcf5e216ea213c00f2b015e65….webm)

>be bisexual

>be good friends with a couple

>girls ultimate fantasy is to watch her bf get fucked by a guy

>guy finally reluctantly agrees

>they ask me because they'd rather it be a friend than a stranger

>kinda weirded out at first but go along with it because I know some gays are fucking retarded and would probably end up hurting him or giving him AIDS

>make sure to give plenty of time for setup, making sure he's clean and got enough lube

>pop a condom on and enter him, going slow at first

>girl is egging me on to go fast and start pounding his ass, but I know better

>gently massage his prostate with my cock for a bit before he gives me the okay to pick it up

>gradually pick up a rhythm, he's squirming beneath at the new sensations he's but doesn't seem to be in distress

>start doing some affectionate things like nibbling his neck, running my fingers over his chest, rubbing his stomach where I know my dick is

>girl still saying shit like I should hold him down and fuck his brains out

>reach down and begin stroking his cock

>suddenly he has an orgasm

>hold my dick inside him and give him a moment to come down from it

>ask him if he wants to go again, this time a bit rougher

>he nervously says yes

>give him some more lube

>start fucking him again, gradually building up to a good hard fucking

>pulling his hair, slapping his ass, all that kinky shit

>girl cheering while her bf moans like a whore

>eventually cum inside him

>feeling me cum inside him through the condom is enough to push him to another orgasm

>guy is a bit embarrassed afterwards but thankfuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



What's the music in that? It sounds familiar.




Fuck the guy again

File: 16c6991e90a7dba⋯.jpg (217.61 KB, 600x987, 200:329, free virus scan.jpg)

File: 70770f8dcf6baf5⋯.jpg (715.82 KB, 1753x2333, 1753:2333, sookmo.jpg)

File: 774f7b00245746e⋯.jpg (454.23 KB, 1255x1753, 1255:1753, sookmo.jpg)

File: a17883dd689cf3b⋯.jpg (495.44 KB, 1224x1646, 612:823, sookmo.jpg)


Monster girls may seem scary and intimating sometimes but all they want is to coil up with your bf under a heat lamp.

Last thread >>7475

501 posts and 366 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 6f3357d2e7b80f4⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.78 KB, 791x1011, 791:1011, F59925BC-B1B2-4B32-9404-A….jpeg)


>kikiquean is so much of a cuck she loses her job to a superior maid



Sure, I suppose I can do a bit more.

>You try to gain some control back by cooking and cleaning, but the maid far outstrips you in every way

>When you clean, she always finds a spot that you missed, laughing at your pitiful performance before 'fixing the mistakes you made'

>You try to cook, and your husband eats it

>You can tell that he's trying to hide it, but the way his face drops whenever he tastes it you can tell he's disappointed

>The children aren't anywhere near as tactful, always asking for the kiki's food instead

>It hurts seeing her cheerfully scrape the food off the plate and into the trash

>"It's okay dears, some people are just born to please. Then, well, there are the screw ups."

>The door to your bedroom is closed every night now, and you can hear as the bed springs squeak

>You have to sleep in the guest room now

>The maid now looks at you with disdain when no one is looking

>After putting the kids to sleep, she drags you into the master bedroom with your husband

>"I'm sorry, but this is becoming a problem."

>For a second you think that she wants to leave and let you return to your previous life

>But you aren't so lucky

>"You are a layabout. You have no job, you don't help with the house or the bills. There is no point in you being here."

>Was she going to kick you out? Throw you out on the streets? You've tried to get a job to help with money, but you had no skills, especially in this economy!

>"We should, but my master is magnanimous. He isn't comfortable with throwing you out, so we have made a compromise."

>A compromise?

>"Until you get a job, you shall aid me iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>"Yes, you do like that don't you?"

>She turns back to you, still smiling

>"He was so pent up when I first found him. It took me so long before I could enjoy it with him. Now I need to use my best techniques before he can cum. I'll admit though, there is something cute about a quick shot. His face was always so adorable!"

>She starts to lick all along his length

>She says something else, but you can't focus

>It's been so long since you've tasted it

>The liquid leaks down your thighs, reminding you of how long it's been since you've been with him

>His moaning is turning you on

>You can still taste him

>Maybe if you close your eyes, you can pretend that it's you with him

>Your hands stray low but there is a shout

>"Stop this instant!"

>Your hands are rudely yanked out, and you see the furious face of the maid

>"I spend my time explaining to you how to please someone, and yet you decide to ignore me and focus on your own pleasure!"

>She pushes your arm back to your

>"I am being nice by doing this. But if you're so interested in pleasing yourself, then you can do it outside by the gutter, where those who are unwilling to learn should go!"

>Tears sting your eyes as she walks up to your husband, and mounts him

>She bounces rhythmically on his lap

>"Now, there are muscles inside the vagina that actually allow you to increase the pleasure of your partner. Tighten! Release! Tighten! Release!"

>You want to look away, but you feel like that might just make her angrier

>Even if you could, it wouldn't drown out the moaning of both her and your husband

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




This is the first time i see a kiki in charge tbh. Good read anon.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's almost that time of year again. How are you going to protect your bf from being stolen by rude skelegirls?

Nah, I'm just kidding, you can't. He's basically theirs already. But it's fine to imagine the defensive measure (which will fail).

"But they're skeletons!" I hear you say, "They don't even have vaginas!" Which is true, but that really says more about you than them, Anon, that you're getting your bf stolen by a girl who doesn't have a pussy.

What do they do in bed, sans vagina? Well that's really none of your business, Anon. Stay out of his sex life.

File: 1452431096781-0.jpg (697.7 KB, 1200x1723, 1200:1723, 01.jpg)

File: 1452431096781-1.jpg (829.46 KB, 1200x1729, 1200:1729, 02.jpg)

File: 1452431096781-2.jpg (728.59 KB, 1200x1721, 1200:1721, 03.jpg)

File: 1452431096782-3.jpg (763.58 KB, 1200x1729, 1200:1729, 04.jpg)

File: 1452431096782-4.jpg (692.42 KB, 1200x1725, 16:23, 05.jpg)


Cuckquean storytime, part deux.

Previous thread at >>1

Toriaezu Nama De | Let's do it Bareback! by Souji Hougu

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Damn. That was really really good.





These are amazing. But what are their titles? We must archive all such material to ensure that cuckqueaning's rich historical tapestry is preserved.




My post didn't bump the thread, is it at the bump limit?



test bump

File: 93ea985b302e53a⋯.jpg (500.96 KB, 850x1025, 34:41, 1494557998410.jpg)

File: f828b68e3cd28f9⋯.jpg (797.49 KB, 990x1054, 495:527, 1495123769722.jpg)

File: 20f9393f55eab06⋯.jpg (935.09 KB, 1340x1340, 1:1, 1494455054407.jpg)


Anyone have anything where the vixen is raping the guy and forcing the cuckquean to watch? I don't know if there's a lot of this stuff out there but I found a few pictures of this recently and thought it was pretty hot.

66 posts and 167 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 911fdc9aaea29c6⋯.jpg (91.17 KB, 1081x650, 1081:650, smug anime girl.jpg)


Hadn't heard of this until now. Nice find. Yes, it counts.



But surely a woman has to be really hot to get a man like that in the first place. If you're talking about a man who women are going to kidnap then he'd have to really stand out. Yes there are lots of men who are desirable enough for women to want to be with but not enough to tip them over into a full-on psycho kidnap / rape / forced impregnation scenario.

The fantasy of a very beautiful, powerful and dangerous women stealing her man is appealing to some people, and you can see that sort of thing come up in the monster girl and robot girl threads. However in real life what guarantee is there that she is hot enough and worthy to be the mother of his children? It's one thing to imagine some insane but ridiculously sexy vixen doing the kidnapping, quite another if it's Lena Dunham.



>That tiny rickety looking bed

Please tell me he fucked her on the cucks bed.



Kiiiiiind of Related. Blood+. Riku and Diva scene. Suuuuuuuper harsh emotionally. No one's going to fap to that.

File: 32a372ce51cae7c⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x848, 75:53, join us.jpg)

File: 3c9db61804e9d47⋯.jpg (93.25 KB, 490x800, 49:80, cagechast.jpg)

File: 2a37637401b4a29⋯.jpg (812.68 KB, 888x1242, 148:207, what is your favourite hyp….jpg)


This is a little off-topic, but I've seen that a lot of other cuckqueans are also into this sort of thing so it seems a good place to ask. (>>>/hypno/ is full of sissies who seem to want to use hypnosis as a kind of pay-for-play femdom VR so I steered clear.)

I want to be brainwashed and reprogrammed by my boyfriend. I want him to make me want and enjoy whatever he wants me to want and enjoy, with whatever fetishes accompany that.

Now, I know there are a lot of ways to brainwash or otherwise modify someone and they have to be used together in a deliberate and planned way if any significant result is to be had. The one I'm interested in right now is using orgasm denial and chastity to increase drive and induce sexual malleability (like >>3540 in the chastity thread mentions) so that new fetishes and patterns of sexual behaviour can be burned in.

I've heard that in order for denial to be effective, it needs to be paired with lots of edging. But how much? What kind? How often? In conjunction with what?

If anyone has any experience with this or with any other methods of brainwashing alone or in combination, let's discuss them!

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image source please?


File: 07e07d266f0cba6⋯.png (396.81 KB, 660x629, 660:629, d29fe009c3ce85df927ec13c54….png)


On cursory examination, this appears to be inducing hypnotic subjects to create a furry musclegirl tulpa. That seems suspiciously foolish.



> On cursory examination, this appears to be inducing hypnotic subjects to create a furry musclegirl tulpa.

I had to wade through a bunch of >>>/x/ crap to look up "tulpa" but that seems to be a fairly concise summary. She also wants her host to be strong and helps with an exercise regimen.

> That seems suspiciously foolish.

I can easily understand a belief that the project is a fool's errand, but am most interested in why you would call it "suspiciously" foolish. Suspicious of what?

Please explain. Perhaps I can assuage your fears. Perhaps you are seeing something I've missed.



>Suspicious of what?

Other than the deliberate induction of a schizophrenic multiple personality, you mean? Tulpa (or perhaps alter is a better word since you also aim for possession effects) induction is reckless even for those fully aware of the process. To induce it within wholly uninformed subjects is negligent. If you have good intentions, then I warn you that this will not go how you expect it to go. If you have bad intentions, then you are beyond warnings and I hope you suffer.



> Other than the deliberate induction of a schizophrenic multiple personality, you mean?

That is one of my concerns and I have been working to minimize the risk of DID. I specifically called this risk out in >>>/hypno/44478 after seeing what "Bambi Sleep" has done to some susceptible individuals. The primary protection against this bad result is that the companion and her host very explicitly share all memories, which is part of the main goal, since it allows the companion to practice and the host to benefit and vice versa - the host reads and the companion also learns. Since one of the characteristics of DID is gaps in memory as various alters end up with different pieces over time, this alone should prevent that problem.

A secondary protection is that the host is always firmly "front and center" when interacting with others. She simply refuses to take that lead and will firmly put her host back if coaxed otherwise. If prevented from doing so, she'll remove whatever influence blocks her way and then put her host back.

I'm considering another secondary protection layer by allowing her to "hibernate" deep in her host's mind if needed. While the original purpose for hibernation was to protect hosts from possible fursecution, it could also allow her to "bow out" if her host proves unable to handle her presence. She'd return when her host is ready, but in the latter case, her host might never be ready and she would simply remain "on ice" indefinitely. I don't know yet if a hibernating companion should be able to visit her host in dreams to help her host become able to handle her or not. Doing that certainly fits her intended personality, but I don't know if you'd be any more able to handle her presence in a dream if you couldn't while awake. The other problem is that hibernation is a relatively advanced ability for her - she wouldn't gain it until fairly late in the program.

To use a /tech/ analogy, she's intended to be another thread in the same process as her host.

> Tulpa (or perhaps alter is a better word since you also aim for possession effects) induction is recPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 3ba6d31301b09d1⋯.jpg (152.19 KB, 784x714, 56:51, 78999.jpg)


A thread for pictures and stories about humiliated cuckqueans, and ideas for humiliating cuckqueans. ; )

1 post and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: b7ee0191edede37⋯.jpeg (440.41 KB, 2154x1240, 1077:620, 1218805611.png.jpeg)


File: 044560888c341df⋯.jpg (383.77 KB, 1335x2000, 267:400, 1724479405.jpg)


File: 0259988bfe231ca⋯.jpg (150.58 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Cuckquean-_-Reverse-Cuckol….jpg)

File: e235c186c076ac7⋯.jpg (128.96 KB, 677x900, 677:900, Submissive-slave-slut-wive….jpg)



>3rd pic

>no "I know" response to "I love you"

Almost perfect


File: edcee6f257beddd⋯.png (618.65 KB, 902x900, 451:450, 7c7m8le-3dbxVfdvOBiCMiZ6kN….png)

File: c60a02929728fb8⋯.jpg (230.96 KB, 1496x1123, 1496:1123, 8SdigdE.jpg)

File: ad8e6f109dd8e11⋯.jpg (375.22 KB, 794x1058, 397:529, MTUKSFD.jpg)


This is a good thread

Bumping with a few more

File: e88fbeec4c93dab⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1000x1419, 1000:1419, a48e241843c6074a6210d61efe….png)

File: 616cae33ca762d4⋯.jpg (397.47 KB, 993x1404, 331:468, 5778ca0929fd63972e6ab8bb41….jpg)

File: d3c5490a7dcbc0c⋯.jpg (729.52 KB, 2400x1500, 8:5, f9efb515a073c150404940550c….jpg)

File: 31a935c1896689b⋯.png (286.11 KB, 750x492, 125:82, c1662fd3be1e45af4eb0697a2f….png)


Let's have a thread dedicated to our men cheating.

>"Cheating? But /cuckquean/, don't we condone our men sleeping around? How can they cheat?"

Of course we like knowing when our men are sowing their wildest oats, preferably repeatedly and while we have a front-row seat. There's also plenty of practical reasons for knowing over not knowing. IRL cheating is despicable and ruins trust.

But let's put all that aside for a moment. This is fantasy now. Aren't secrets exciting? He's probably putting it in your friends regularly, those sluts, and they aren't telling you a thing because he's just too good a thing to give up. Not to mention that cute coworker of his, and he 'has been pulling a lot of overtime lately… say, did he just breathe strangely? Her hand's under the table, could she be…? No. This is just like that time in the hot tub when those two were either side of him and you're sure it was just the warm water playing tricks on your eyes. That waitress seems to be unusually attentive, have they met before? Not to mention that there's plenty of reasons his shirt would smell of perfume after you couldn't get hold of him that one night and…

18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 550e3a00e4c1ab6⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 704x792, 8:9, b67eaf788a78ad7d504e26d0ee….gif)



you dont have to worry about good guys cheating just because they saw this thread.

Anyway, dont some girls get off on the jealousy/embarrassment/competition/imcompetence?? You cant speak for everyone. The ideal partner/situation is in everyone's imagination.



>vaginal exploit

>biological imperative

>bemoan my philandering

*tips fedora in recognition of another supreme gentleman*



Personally I'm very opposed to this sort of thing because I'm a slut for humiliation. I don't want my bf to fuck girls behind my back - I want him to do it right in front of me. I want to be forced to watch him. Actually, more than that - I want to be forced to serve them.

Not only do I have to watch, but I have to assist them. If the vixen wants a glass of water, I have to bring it for her. As they fuck, I stand in the corner and observe, waiting to help should I need anything. When they're done, my bf and the vixen cuddle up in bed while I have to rest on the floor - perhaps on a rug or something, but with no blanket or pillow besides my arm. In the morning, I make breakfast for both of them, and make sure that everything the vixen wants is done before she takes off.

All that, and I get nothing out of it. I can't even masturbate while watching them because I'm locked in a chastity belt at all times. The closest I get to release is my dildo - I can play with my ass, but that's it. I might imagine being fucked by an actual man as I do so, but I haven't experienced that in forever and won't for the forseeable future.



I can try to explain what it's about because I imagine it doesn't make much sense to many humiliation or compersion oriented cuckqueans. Like you explain, if you can't see it or be involved in any way, what's the point as far as you're concerned? It's too far removed from what you like as a cuckquean.

If a guy was cheating and his girl never found out there wouldn't really be a point to having this thread here. Instead the humiliation aspect could come from suspecting it or even finding out about it directly, for example by catching them in the act.

In other cases it's not real cheating but more of a fantasy or game based around having less information and control. Naturally there can be a submissive or compersive element to that. She's putting his wants ahead of her own needs, even her own needs as a cuckquean to be a voyeur. She doesn't necessarily know the when, where and who of the other women. That can be an exciting thrill. There's also the idea that the vixen is so seductive to her man that he can't resist her at all, that he'll cheat because she's so desirable.

Technically it's not real cheating anyway because it's consensual, but it can be close it. A part of the fantasy can be working out where the line is drawn, what the limits are, and pushing them. As an extension to this there are ideas about women being forced or learning to become cuckqueans as a result of cheating. Again, it's all fantasy and roleplay based on power dynamics. Like >>11496 says I don't think any decent guy is going to do any of this without first having a good idea about what his girlfriend or wife wants deep down.

So in conclusion imagine someone with less interest in the voyeurism or being physically involved or present, and more interested in the psychological elements, and you can see how these types of cheating fantasies work.

>>11499Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: e2c63c07ca8b7d4⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1440x1000, 36:25, 0c3659448d136ed6e32dc571ca….jpg)


>besides, men will be men, right?

I hope so!

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