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File: 1433053904916-0.jpg (102.02 KB, 528x704, 3:4, Dusk_of_hallows_by_decrepi….jpg)

File: 1433053904917-1.jpg (573.36 KB, 640x975, 128:195, 6f16b9bb2c8c37d7fe07b0b387….jpg)

File: 1433053904917-2.jpeg (599.08 KB, 1181x1348, 1181:1348, 9a43a4423ee084bf581372f84….jpeg)

File: 1433053904917-3.jpg (710.37 KB, 757x1200, 757:1200, 28c28b76d4f339d32a4e65d1bd….jpg)

File: 1433053904917-4.jpg (627.98 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, f1492ae26d554b0eb933621591….jpg)


Because having horns makes us horny.


File: 1433053989778-0.jpg (227.89 KB, 800x1500, 8:15, 669b99378c24ee33954764f20b….jpg)

File: 1433053989783-1.jpg (674.28 KB, 1060x1500, 53:75, 5f6f1a729bf9c9145319ea6727….jpg)

File: 1433053989787-2.jpg (1.18 MB, 1200x2000, 3:5, fd543d87b70d692b40ccdca7a5….jpg)

File: 1433053989796-3.png (2.59 MB, 800x1131, 800:1131, f28634709490f7cdcf5ef6af0e….png)

File: 1433053989797-4.jpg (202.52 KB, 722x608, 19:16, 314ce4a1aadbae1ee19bbafd81….jpg)


File: 1433054060687-0.png (669.61 KB, 739x800, 739:800, 494e7c0bb02cab44a1ea422d97….png)

File: 1433054060688-1.png (238.67 KB, 661x694, 661:694, b0f063e698d31020da6cfd97e6….png)

File: 1433054060688-2.jpg (2.1 MB, 1535x2126, 1535:2126, e2cf2fb8b701b42b42ce7f7ba0….jpg)

File: 1433054060689-3.png (249.93 KB, 600x847, 600:847, e41c1562e6f03de1530b4f137e….png)

File: 1433054060689-4.png (594.83 KB, 500x545, 100:109, 8346c59f753df250868763b42c….png)


File: 1433054139871-0.jpg (777.38 KB, 1250x1183, 1250:1183, 03a36927e3a1eee93faf93d540….jpg)

File: 1433054139881-1.png (828.3 KB, 550x899, 550:899, 0b7fe440ccd9e38b70e3dbadf6….png)

File: 1433054139881-2.jpg (503.5 KB, 1000x1077, 1000:1077, 7bb74232f51f3d01bd37a7f903….jpg)

File: 1433054139881-3.jpg (151.47 KB, 1148x1247, 1148:1247, 21e29cbb62ec5fb59372151cfe….jpg)

File: 1433054139882-4.png (613.94 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 474a953e8fa1f254e838059a6c….png)


File: 1433054236953.png (605.05 KB, 800x1281, 800:1281, b53a550d6b8dc4f767f3d83f17….png)

Though really, of all the horns in the world the ones that cucks are usually depicted having would more properly be called "antlers". Devil, goat, or oni horns simply don't work.


File: 1433072611985.gif (152.26 KB, 500x516, 125:129, Sup.gif)


>first pic

>reindeer girl and fox girl

>aka horned girl and vixen

>vixen has bigger breasts, is taller than and is physically intimidating horned girl


I like it.


When and Why did "horned girl" become a thing? What does that mean?


File: 1433225228013.png (548 KB, 495x660, 3:4, cc5781321d27baec64e56475b7….png)


Antler-like horns on both men and women have been a symbol of being cucked across Western cultures since the 15th century, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuckold#Metaphor_and_symbolism and >>1285

You know that thing where kids secretly hold up two fingers behind another kid's head in photos as a kind of teasing? They don't know it, but the original insult's meaning was of giving someone else "horns" i.e. implying they'd been cucked.

There's no such meaning for Japanese artists, of course - they just put horns on girls because girls with extra things on their heads are cute.

We're just enjoying a bit of unintentional symbolism since we cuckqueans are willing hosts to our horns. For example, take pic related - a lovely unintentional pun.


File: 1433382614649-0.png (828.3 KB, 550x899, 550:899, 0b7fe440ccd9e38b70e3dbadf6….png)

File: 1433382614688-1.png (555.5 KB, 700x1500, 7:15, 5b9aa4b03c6d001498b0c4a6f1….png)

File: 1433382614689-2.png (993.59 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 934601455151fec43aafa43824….png)


(most of these are antlers, antlers and horns are entirely different things)



Stop pointing things out.


File: 1433616250993.jpg (146.04 KB, 496x496, 1:1, galotg.jpg)


>entire thread already keeps mentioning that the horns in question are actually antlers

>still has to come in and point it out



File: 1434100643355.png (1.57 MB, 775x1030, 155:206, ClipboardImage.png)


It's okay, Anon. I forgive you.

Now post more horny (antlery?) cuties.


File: 1436175879732.png (91.19 KB, 498x725, 498:725, green_eyed_cuckquean_by_co….png)


File: 1437636459356-0.jpg (1.11 MB, 1786x1598, 19:17, f6a4d328522ddd09ddb734a0cc….jpg)

File: 1437636459356-1.jpg (1.93 MB, 1600x2240, 5:7, bde961fa4a3d2dd3e70d38851b….jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

JPop music video where the cute singer has antlers on her head



If only it weren't for the creepy doll surgery shots interposed throughout the shots of the antlered girl…

That's Ali Project for ya, I suppose.


File: 1472030949679.jpeg (513.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, image.jpeg)


File: 1472034051163-0.jpeg (620.03 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, image.jpeg)

File: 1472034051164-1.jpeg (226.93 KB, 800x800, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: 1472034051165-2.jpeg (106.88 KB, 650x490, 65:49, image.jpeg)

File: 1472034051165-3.jpeg (261.64 KB, 850x969, 50:57, image.jpeg)

File: 1472034051165-4.png (829.69 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, image.png)

I know that girls drawn throwing the horns next to their heads like this has nothing to do with cuckqueaning symbolism…

…but let's just imagine it does.


File: 1472034611657-0.jpeg (633.42 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, image.jpeg)

File: 1472034611657-1.jpeg (188.94 KB, 850x708, 425:354, image.jpeg)

File: 1472034611657-2.png (922.9 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, image.png)

File: 1472034611658-3.jpeg (138.88 KB, 850x510, 5:3, image.jpeg)


File: 1472035795687-0.png (313.93 KB, 671x728, 671:728, image.png)

File: 1472035795687-1.png (586.21 KB, 1023x835, 1023:835, image.png)

File: 1472035795688-2.jpeg (408.19 KB, 850x1295, 170:259, image.jpeg)

File: 1472035795688-3.jpeg (76.04 KB, 740x554, 370:277, image.jpeg)

File: 1472035795688-4.png (342.1 KB, 762x893, 762:893, image.png)

I'll throw in some normally-antlered qts to balance things out.


File: 1472035838329-0.jpeg (520.99 KB, 700x988, 175:247, image.jpeg)

File: 1472035838329-1.jpeg (661.84 KB, 700x1020, 35:51, image.jpeg)

File: 1472035838329-2.png (1.11 MB, 1000x1439, 1000:1439, image.png)



>I know that girls drawn throwing the horns next to their heads like this has nothing to do with cuckqueaning symbolism…

What is the intent behind it? I've never really seen it til you posted these, but I also don't go out of my way to find hentai….



Not that anon but I assume that at least a few are in the know about the fetish, others probably just do it so the girls look cute/naughty.



I'm kind of curious behind what the artists intended as well. The cuckquean-antler connection is pretty obscure, and these pictures have the same gesture. Is it some Japanese meme that we aren't aware of?


File: ae7bc0e8682858b⋯.png (567.25 KB, 751x1500, 751:1500, image.png)


Not so obscure in some places.


>In many Mediterranean and Latin countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Uruguay,[2][3][4][5] when directed towards someone and swiveled back and forth, the sign implies cuckoldry; the common words for cuckolded in Italian, Greek and Spanish are cornuto, κερατάς (keratas) and cornudo respectively, literally "horned".[6] During a European Union meeting in February 2002, former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was photographed performing this gesture behind the back of the Spanish foreign minister.[7]



Huh, interesting. Though that doesn't seem to necessarily imply the 'two on the sides of ones head' thing that we're seeing in these pictures. And the pictures here seem likely to be Japanese in origin. Plus, this stuff is generally associated with male cuckoldry.

I suppose it could be sort of like the forehead 'loser' sign, doing on on one's self to mock someone else, with the girls doing it to imply someone is a cuckold. I don't know.

I'm still skeptical that these have anything to do with it.


File: 07ecf7ba9e374ec⋯.jpg (422.61 KB, 700x990, 70:99, 78465fcb6dcb9969aae39781c9….jpg)

File: 40392367790efa7⋯.jpg (808.41 KB, 1600x1825, 64:73, konkon.jpg)

File: a753534971452a2⋯.jpg (69.1 KB, 467x700, 467:700, A049K.jpg)

File: 5e04f118b522b3b⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 2696x2420, 674:605, gesture.jpg)

File: 149318202763ee3⋯.jpg (126.21 KB, 571x571, 1:1, new girl.jpg)


>I suppose it could be sort of like the forehead 'loser' sign, doing on on one's self to mock someone else, with the girls doing it to imply someone is a cuckold.

Nah, that's not how the gesture works for the Japanese.

The \m/ gesture means a few different things to the Japanese, one of which is directly relevant to cuckqueaning.

1) Cute thing to do with the hands. Ever wonder why Japanese people seem to make the peace sign when posing for a photo? One of the reasons that custom survived is that it makes the subject look a little more dynamic and gives the hands something to do. \m/ is often just used as a variant on that. Most common use is on idols, where \m/ allows a singer to signal with her hands while still maintaining a decent grip around a microphone. First pic related.

Usually, this type will be done with the thumb out.

2) Fox sign (狐の手 or コンコン手). If you hold out your thumb, middle and ring fingers while making the horns, it gains a muzzle and registers as a fox (a vixen? ohoho). Yahoo Answers is full of Japanese people asking "when foreigners do that weird fox sign with the middle fingers tucked in, what does it mean?" Second pic related.

3) Metal horns. The metal subcultures in Japan imported the metal-flavoured sign of the horns too, which means for most Japanese people it registers as "a gesture that rough-looking heavy metal types seem to make". Often accompanied by a fierce glare with tongue out.

4) Horns of anger or jealousy. Oni (a kind of ogre) have two conical horns which serve as shorthand for "angry, fierce, obsessed" when sketched on a person. If the context is just right, flipping the sign of the horns and placing it against the forehead or placing both index fingers either side of the forehead connotes this. It's only ever used about someone else. If I see someone walking out of the boss's office and they flip this sign at me, I know that they're telling me to tread lightly around said boss.

Here's where it gets relevant. A woman who suffers infidelity is said to also "have horns" in Japanese, because such a wife often becomes jealous, obsessed and angry like an oni. (Unlike the Western antlers, which are partly based around the idea that everyone can see the infidelity happening except its victim.)

In Shinto weddings, the headpiece the bride wears (fourth pic) is called a tsunokakushi (角隠し) which literally translates to "horn concealer" (third pic related). The bride is symbolically suppressing her anger and ego to become an obedient wife who'll honour her husband, even if he gives her reason to show her horns.

If I had a husband and he propositioned someone who knew he was married, she might flip him the horns as a way of asking "won't your wife be angry?".

So in conclusion, none of these images have anything to do with cuckqueaning deliberately. Like all good gestures, the horn gesture is contextual and can hide deeper meanings under the obvious. It's up to us and our dirty imaginations to fill in context which might not be there but we'd like to be.



Backing this up, a bunch of Japanese teens I met were under the impression that the \m/ is the American version of the V sign, si it may have spun out of a desire to seem hip and worldly.


This is just a random thought that's been floating through my head the last couple of days.

I would love a world where girls grow new features at puberty that broadcast her personality type. Obviously, this is a cuckquean-bent thought, where shy, demure girls would grown antlers or horns, and women inclined to sleep with taken men would grow fox tails. Confident women would grow different kinds of tails..Cat tails if they're confident and slutty, dog tails if they're fierce and loyal.

Should stroking a cuck's horns turn her on, or off? Maybe it only lights the pilot light, so to speak, and she could never cum from it. I certainly love the idea of being able to tease her without acknowledging her vagina or even undressing her.

Do you think you'd get full antlers if you were compersive, or humiliation oriented? There's some appeal to antlers that have grown so extensive, she can't walk through doors. But maybe they only grow under certain conditions.


File: f706e0a7f04331b⋯.png (1002.66 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, vixen rides.png)


That's a really cute idea.

>Should stroking a cuck's horns turn her on, or off? Maybe it only lights the pilot light, so to speak, and she could never cum from it. I certainly love the idea of being able to tease her without acknowledging her vagina or even undressing her.

On. It's very usual for kemonomimi girls' ears and tails to be portrayed as extra-sensitive spots for teasing, so a girl's antlers should be the same.


File: 7ab9401772d4620⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5edc6e401a1363dbd26a397503….png)


Such a world is too good for us mere 3D mortals to ever reach, friend.


File: 40f13e085132a2a⋯.png (395.07 KB, 600x960, 5:8, cuckquean fallopian tattoo.png)

Spotted this recently; thought of this thread's symbolism.


File: 3b98788e59fa27a⋯.png (18.52 KB, 140x150, 14:15, 004.png)

File: 8a990a4a146febf⋯.png (17.7 KB, 140x150, 14:15, 001.png)

File: 046b29acfacb40b⋯.png (15.36 KB, 140x150, 14:15, 010.png)

File: 9aa2dac8889f52b⋯.png (24.37 KB, 240x240, 1:1, main@2x (1).png)

File: a4e5036bd404f8e⋯.png (25.37 KB, 240x240, 1:1, main@2x.png)


>Horns of anger or jealousy



>"horn concealer"

>If I had a husband and he propositioned someone who knew he was married, she might flip him the horns as a way of asking "won't your wife be angry?".

This is why we must not allow this thread to slip away!

Everyone please, throw up your horns.


File: f65e76ac3bfe6fe⋯.jpg (88.63 KB, 800x1015, 160:203, 1471016822011.jpg)

Wouldn't a tsundere type make an adorable cuck?

>it's not like I like you or anything, bwaaaka!

>oh, then, can you introduce me to that hot friend of yours?

>WHAT? oh, I mean, y-yeah

>can I be your cumrag?

>what was that?



File: fb42c873145fc38⋯.jpg (134.04 KB, 550x780, 55:78, aGRo5Kw_700b.jpg)

File: 6854cdfc4a3ff0c⋯.jpg (130.5 KB, 600x462, 100:77, anime-girl-with-horns_1856….jpg)

File: 5cce29dff18fb20⋯.png (3.45 MB, 2121x1193, 2121:1193, 321452-horns-glasses-anime….png)

File: b54dcd246b03a88⋯.jpg (46.53 KB, 538x623, 538:623, 966d05905b20bc032adf6c3fa8….jpg)

File: c220c176470dcbb⋯.png (501.74 KB, 551x582, 551:582, 68EVdvzZ6UOpsPuP_3aZhqK3Wr….png)



>first pic


>bushy brows

>pointy ears

>petite body type

Officially a cute!


File: 5fa914d3ffd800a⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 500x281, 500:281, maid dragon.gif)

File: 6128fdc6590fd5c⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 540x304, 135:76, maid dragon.gif)

File: 24c453c14074bb9⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 540x304, 135:76, maid dragon.gif)



>bushy brows

>Officially a cute!




Bushy brows are love. Bushy brows are life. The sooner you accept this universal truth, the sooner you can find happiness.


File: 0cd5c9dc2c9bc06⋯.gif (696.56 KB, 746x495, 746:495, eyebrows.gif)


I made this gif to signify my strong agreement.


File: aed1eaff5fcf74d⋯.jpg (25.42 KB, 500x362, 250:181, d6079459e1efd1a97dfdcdd83f….jpg)


If only there were something in between pencil-drawn and ridiculous neanderthal brow. Like… normal eyebrows.

And bushy brows don't count if she's an anime.



>not wanting Thufur Hawat

This is why you aren't Kwisatz Haderach.



2D is all that really matters in the end.



But… what if your penis is 3D?



Love transcends dimensions.



Okay, but does fucking transcend them? Or do you need some sort of tesseract cock?



We're still working on that.


File: 07ba8a9b861c9e0⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 1420x2036, 355:509, 407fcc67e657e98495a538b5f9….jpg)

File: 985a0bd4a8f9f6b⋯.png (571.31 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 747fd35394bc77eb62abd00703….png)

File: 6958ed16f3bdba7⋯.png (423.53 KB, 500x670, 50:67, acc6207405d43a8c0ef4bdc65c….png)


>Everyone please, throw up your horns.

We walk with antlers held high!


File: 1ea55fcca3d8380⋯.png (439.36 KB, 627x880, 57:80, 84f4010e414b918de989ffd493….png)

File: 4823905eee38159⋯.png (435.85 KB, 577x814, 577:814, d606f1b859a43bc846f39216ee….png)

File: 5eaad16123ab08d⋯.jpg (111.8 KB, 495x700, 99:140, 78a620ebfff04d619869bb407f….jpg)


File: c215ac1145239ae⋯.png (6.11 MB, 3035x2150, 607:430, ad96a3a5d700c7a525446d40b7….png)

File: 61ce7fb9b590caf⋯.png (1.71 MB, 2388x1936, 597:484, df4b96c2061528aa10e2bcaba3….png)

File: 474fc6560e3189b⋯.png (3.69 MB, 3035x2150, 607:430, fa00b9920d9df4a88e7c97a8ff….png)

I found a very nice artist who likes to draw horned girls on pixiv! http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=1704759


File: 2a25cc7ed1fb223⋯.jpg (674.21 KB, 862x1000, 431:500, 56808739_p3_master1200.jpg)

File: 3658be34580b214⋯.jpg (101.92 KB, 715x1000, 143:200, d49af670418a0b71b967175355….jpg)

File: 7aa7c813b2a9d54⋯.png (4.09 MB, 2150x3035, 430:607, 28a0255fcd198fdc8da6bbe111….png)

Horned Girls don't get any dick, they have to make due with frotting and thigh sex. It keeps them worked up and eager to please.


File: a8276418421c899⋯.jpg (138.83 KB, 400x536, 50:67, tumblr_oaryq0nH5i1tlrk5qo1….jpg)


File: ef35009a3c112b7⋯.jpg (1005.24 KB, 1200x1492, 300:373, 59660319_p0.jpg)

File: 73f76d68911f07c⋯.png (953.02 KB, 800x1085, 160:217, 52524635_p0.png)

File: 8d4c1060df010f7⋯.jpg (729.9 KB, 1200x1008, 25:21, 52117272_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 65fe051f134050b⋯.png (613.94 KB, 700x840, 5:6, 50551123_p0.png)

File: d8ac8f224c7b10d⋯.jpg (834.5 KB, 868x1200, 217:300, 54625284_p4_master1200.jpg)


File: 509568e3f9e543b⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 338x424, 169:212, oneofus.jpg)

Are you lurking here? Maybe you're actually posting.



Who are you referring to?



Whoever plays the character posted. Just wild speculation based on the antlers.


File: 90349c6b7a7d3a8⋯.png (739.1 KB, 1024x709, 1024:709, tracer_and_emily_by_kaerru….png)

What Tracer doesn't know won't hurt her.


File: 53c9f307033a31b⋯.jpg (130.64 KB, 540x540, 1:1, tumblr_ombpb3xtZe1vg2lyko1….jpg)



If definitely fits that Widowmaker would go after Tracer's gf.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 541126543e2b796⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 491x626, 491:626, 2c8a0935f36a26ca5f08149440….gif)

File: feb8d71c6ca2b56⋯.gif (2.77 MB, 420x236, 105:59, finn-kisses-huntress-wizar….gif)

File: 81138c0000237c8⋯.gif (566.89 KB, 500x279, 500:279, tumblr_o3ye3vv6Hq1teir8wo1….gif)

File: fc9d4826c29814e⋯.png (417.43 KB, 680x509, 680:509, tumblr_o3yfamKtUf1v6oft1o6….png)

File: 365a2f72f65069c⋯.gif (766.45 KB, 480x260, 24:13, tumblr_o4720cTPhK1so18vqo1….gif)

Huntress Wizard from Adventure Time has antlers made out of tree branches.


File: 8275386c93c3363⋯.webm (361.95 KB, 933x720, 311:240, impressive horns.webm)

Saw this in the latest capeshit trailer (Thor) but apparently she's not like this in the majority of the film. Meh.


First the red pill video and now this?!



Holy Hel, she's so hot, I'm way too weak to evil ladies



Is it actually Hel? I haven't seen the trailer.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Er wait a minute. What exactly is going on with the Poppy channel? A queen crown? Really?


I would be like, just let her win. Also see Faora from the god awful Man of Steel.

>>9155 (Checked)

Yes, but be prepared for disappointment in that regard. The trailer is decent enough though and the film will probably be good I suppose. It has a Flash Gordon vibe to it.


File: 53590404ffef3c9⋯.gif (2.39 MB, 316x319, 316:319, Faora.gif)


>I would be like, just let her win. Also see Faora from the god awful Man of Steel.

I would literally let her beat the life out of me nonsexually.



Could this be the most patrician board?


File: c161ce0c0e3dd7f⋯.jpg (109.59 KB, 655x1024, 655:1024, 5a2b25b5321a7766d2dc32998c….jpg)

File: 132045472217d90⋯.jpg (56.96 KB, 421x650, 421:650, 21c68a750ff2f41caf720ef6c2….jpg)

File: b9a47c1b1b5ad40⋯.jpg (371.05 KB, 779x600, 779:600, heart_of_ice_by_strikes_tw….jpg)

File: 2811b9da4d69ba9⋯.jpg (262.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Spread em.jpg)

File: 087526b1e1d0c25⋯.png (78.01 KB, 540x304, 135:76, tumblr_static_tumblr_stati….png)


>Valhalla, I am cumming

Loki was also a (horned) girl in the comics for a while. There's a lot of cosplay of her out there. Loki is also associated with the color green and is green with envy for Thor.


File: 00d5bbabc83b886⋯.jpg (40.97 KB, 267x400, 267:400, d8c742fd11d2a4e0305cedc094….jpg)

File: 6070492a89b5263⋯.jpg (132.71 KB, 610x481, 610:481, Female-Loki-cosplay-by-Zeo….jpg)

File: da555bb6e4a7b37⋯.jpg (41.94 KB, 266x400, 133:200, lady_loki____london_mcm_ex….jpg)

File: b0440a93f6d568a⋯.jpg (138.65 KB, 600x900, 2:3, lady-loki.jpg)


File: b864540b36cdf55⋯.jpg (239.98 KB, 600x645, 40:43, 8c02a26a6501bfec65c72ea7c1….jpg)


Lady Loki is fantastic! There was a little Marvel mobile game I played for a bit and she was the first skin I unlocked. Even if you put aside the envious cuck side of Loki, she makes a perfect evil, manipulative madame. That first cosplay is perfect, too

Honestly, Loki being turned female and made into a cuckquean is both lewd and sounds perfectly like something that could have happened in mythology.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's funny, in the movie Loki is half Frost Giant and Odin supposedly found him after his battle with the Frost Giants. To me that sounds like a cover story for Odin banging a Frost Giant girl during downtime between battles and bringing his bastard son home out of guilt. So if that were true Loki would himself be a product of Odin cuckqueaning his wife Frigga.



I like this idea. I always thought the older generation of Asgard had interesting stories lurking in the background, and this should be one of them.


File: 0d8be906db85b22⋯.jpg (128 KB, 896x1000, 112:125, bb5d79f8e6e823b739c3e0b07d….jpg)


It makes me sad remembering how much I liked that scene, and how the sequels ditched the melodrama in favor of being light-hearted quipathons.



>cucking a literal nordic goddess

That's endgame cuckqueaning right there, folks.



Actually, from the stories I recall Frigg was totally a cuck, though perhaps not to the extent of someone like Hera


File: 60db0ee4540dd25⋯.jpg (31.72 KB, 746x232, 373:116, 149323696355556 (1).jpg)

File: d78902844d19ca5⋯.jpg (88.34 KB, 578x877, 578:877, 3500473-1063905998-WW_Cv.jpg)


File: 3300e105697aabc⋯.jpg (104.65 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, 836ebfa43c80e5df1d65d7b9c3….jpg)

File: 638d0785427482a⋯.jpg (118.6 KB, 757x1024, 757:1024, bb0415fef3905d02a8c0f10d43….jpg)

File: 9781cd0dafa71e6⋯.png (334.89 KB, 993x774, 331:258, boku_girl_wp.png)

File: e050db1e0402537⋯.png (242.36 KB, 602x446, 301:223, ggkcB1q.png)

File: 56f637f50d56d44⋯.png (868.61 KB, 782x544, 23:16, lokichair.png)






Doesn't any of you cuckolds know the GOAT incarnation of rule 63 Loki? Loliki.

and yes, the mango has cuckqueaning, even if not of the explicit kind.


File: 1c610f176c63ba3⋯.webm (1.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, meme horns spooky edition.webm)

This is an edited of the Iwaihime Matsuri trailer.


File: 1ad73f23561f4e9⋯.jpg (55.86 KB, 600x600, 1:1, memehorns.jpg)

File: eee5b6dac0f4140⋯.jpg (54.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, memehorns.jpg)

This is a real hat.



What's the manga called again?



Boku     Girl


File: 0087d8d62c79e75⋯.png (846.96 KB, 516x765, 172:255, ClipboardImage.png)




I feel a touch of the divine running through our fetish. Other fetishes I have are simply that - fetishes - but with cuckqueaning I sense a thread being drawn through me from a well of light elsewhere.


File: f6ba6e8a781acb4⋯.png (3.96 MB, 1420x2036, 355:509, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 03c3f3d80cc5ed1⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 221617e76b574a0⋯.png (3.8 MB, 1845x2500, 369:500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ed79f668b775047⋯.png (707.59 KB, 850x1312, 425:656, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aca7e5de5d72fbc⋯.png (555.55 KB, 565x800, 113:160, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 0520d4f60f28ceb⋯.webm (1.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, cuck suck.webm)


File: c88c5f95ffa44d0⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 500x279, 500:279, slime.gif)

>>10444 (Triple Checked)

What a cutie.





File: b9f034d2fba5ed4⋯.jpg (273.24 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 1427234481248.jpg)


File: 43811655d9e3f28⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 19622856_1359807697459417_….jpg)

File: 5d3f473e4f40549⋯.jpg (30.03 KB, 278x278, 1:1, 278x278-en-deer.jpg)

File: a643e0828249531⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 19535010_1952481051663948_….jpg)

File: 82e09dce45e54ba⋯.jpg (90.58 KB, 475x435, 95:87, 1499268415568.jpg)

So this is Enchantimals. A new kid's toyline/show about girls who share some characteristics with their animal friends. The girl with antlers is Danessa Deer. There's also a fox girl, Felicity, who I assume must be her vixen.


File: de8b62aca02ed66⋯.jpg (219.42 KB, 760x596, 190:149, 1499279270423.jpg)

File: 2fc664f490d5cea⋯.jpg (186.65 KB, 760x596, 190:149, 1499279332879.jpg)


File: 8185cf8a4b17ceb⋯.jpg (434.53 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 1499306468801.jpg)

File: bb2838a6c80449f⋯.jpg (421.35 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 1499306116889.jpg)

File: 9f59526cb4752ab⋯.jpg (63.48 KB, 633x758, 633:758, Angry feels some speeding ….jpg)


Canon descriptions:

>While all the Enchantimals are caring, loving friends, it’s Danessa who truly encompasses the phrase “Caring is our everything”. She’s got a very motherly, nurturing vibe about her and she lives to take care of those around her. If you’re the one always dishing out great advice and giving your friends supportive hugs, then we have a feeling that you and Danessa would get along perfectly. Being in tune with her deer side, she’s always up for a race with her BFF Sprint. We sure they’d love for you to join!

<she lives to take care of those around her


<she'd love for you to join

>>If you love adventure and are full of energy, you’re a lot like Felicity Fox. Having the animal powers of a fox, Felicity is always in the mood to explore. She’s a great leader and is quick, clever, and always ready for anything life throws at her. If you love to travel or are always picked to be the group leader for a project at school, we think that you and Felicity would definitely get along. Together, your lively spirits and curiosity will take you far.

<full of energy

<always in the mood to explore

<a great leader

They can't keep getting away with this!


File: dce72cdfb103d6f⋯.jpg (226.93 KB, 800x800, 1:1, IMG_5231.JPG)


Our memes are no longer dreams.


File: 15b589004ac9026⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1444x1185, 1444:1185, ClipboardImage.png)



Apparently there's going to be an animated special. I hope but doubt that there'll be any webm-able material in it, though.

Maybe if we're very lucky a wandering drawfag will draw Danessa and Felicity in their proper /cuckquean/ roles.



Huh. From the looks of it they also have a skunk (skank), female peacock (desperate to impress the opposite gender) and bunny (fucks like a rabbit).

Horngirl doesn't have a chance.


File: 6f26f26dc26e7d1⋯.gif (992.12 KB, 389x259, 389:259, god damn it.gif)


>skunk (skank)


File: a50ec51a047cf82⋯.jpg (579.6 KB, 1280x1967, 1280:1967, Thor Breeds Hela.jpg)



>a cuck

Quite the opposite.



This is exactly how my country came to be.


File: 6c04bc85de76e95⋯.png (952.13 KB, 899x1024, 899:1024, 2704925-katsura_kotonoha.png)

File: dadc4854d2bbd07⋯.jpg (12.32 KB, 250x300, 5:6, Saionji_Sekai.jpg)

Any candidates?

I have begun wondering about Sekai Saionji and Kotonoha Katsura from School Days.

Obviously not a good ending in the anime. But I think that had more to do with being tossed aside instead of being unwilling to share.

Tomaru Sawagoe must have the power to transform any female he sleeps with into a cuckqueen.



Did you mean to make a separate thread?



Yes, sorry must have thought I was on the homepage. Will move on topic…


Funny thing is I made the following request July 14th after.seeing the commercial.


Sadly it got no bites.

Only learned of this community today surfing co reading a star.VS.thread.


I like how you key in on subtle personality qualities which denote potential.

Am fascinated the CQ association with.horns.

Would feline from the Rudolph special qualify?


File: 4df45a0b81c6d71⋯.jpg (347.75 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, leslyzerosix.jpg)

File: 9fd701c0c3c68ea⋯.jpg (354.08 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, leslyzerosix.jpg)


File: c19d3c4f22f4edf⋯.jpg (330.95 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, Witcvh.jpg)

File: 7504b4607edd747⋯.jpg (953.54 KB, 1033x1033, 1:1, Witcvh.jpg)


File: e5bfe37e620347f⋯.jpg (706.5 KB, 1364x1929, 1364:1929, 1517534558661.jpg)


File: a5498420970b25d⋯.jpg (293.8 KB, 610x960, 61:96, 5704469-satana.jpg)

File: 812dd125a4a5968⋯.png (466.12 KB, 621x450, 69:50, sos3.PNG)

File: a651ca29c86b739⋯.jpg (718.01 KB, 1030x1600, 103:160, 01_Magik_cover.jpg)

File: 25877fd4456890d⋯.png (579.08 KB, 910x586, 455:293, 45dcd7ab7eaca45bdeecd942df….png)

File: 222f04554e0d2eb⋯.jpg (614.42 KB, 688x1044, 172:261, 465099-magik_dave_finch01.jpg)

Marvel characters Satana and Magik.


File: a07facdb0e801c4⋯.jpg (399.47 KB, 634x594, 317:297, 753343.jpg)

Rule 63 of God of War.


File: a96cddd5b33d6c6⋯.gif (4.85 MB, 350x197, 350:197, fuck-you-and-fuck-your-eye….gif)


File: 08502358cd19ba2⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x2951, 1920:2951, 1524854950635.jpg)





it's a wig and makeup, she isn't that good looking


File: b5facb598627774⋯.png (524.46 KB, 1600x2263, 1600:2263, 1545b3991c45e4d489a3eb43bb….png)

File: 6206886946423f6⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1000x1382, 500:691, 24f98a691ec42ae188f78c950e….png)

File: 755dc13ca39c42b⋯.png (1.12 MB, 900x1273, 900:1273, b3e929ea8149c5b5d8ba5ebc7b….png)

File: 75d3edbd47728b8⋯.jpg (269.71 KB, 800x800, 1:1, cc063348a9cd084a5abd3c25a3….jpg)

File: c457ecde1d4bcb4⋯.jpg (796.49 KB, 3960x2960, 99:74, d412a6c1b811e1d16ee68a627c….jpg)

My antlers itch. Revive, revive, revive!


File: 4bbc3926391f5d3⋯.png (316.35 KB, 578x818, 289:409, bea65b3e2f0c11f71d91f3480b….png)

File: 72ca41f69b6515e⋯.png (1.08 MB, 940x1200, 47:60, bc71b00442c984cae6652b453e….png)

File: ffadd1eabaf036d⋯.jpg (328.56 KB, 464x894, 232:447, 7b074933537835e8cf4d1d058a….jpg)

File: 6f1acf3fb7ee8ac⋯.jpg (445.88 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, 3997d6efc5a00bc17eb2620d5e….jpg)

File: 0002521e3a673f0⋯.jpg (158.02 KB, 800x1195, 160:239, ac41db94ccf565b9575790b301….jpg)


File: 94b5400ac20c7f7⋯.jpg (55.22 KB, 600x750, 4:5, 6c2cbdd3edb21cecffe2d06c8e….jpg)

File: a9c7ed3c4b95b12⋯.png (529.36 KB, 579x818, 579:818, cc05f6fd03e493976bb5ec0282….png)

File: d843b34ba40308f⋯.jpg (122.3 KB, 821x1225, 821:1225, ca66a7c282cad6dbef5d89b2cd….jpg)

File: fc867642d884bea⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1296x1704, 54:71, 14adaf9211b092a7dbfa8ab97e….jpg)

File: b1a7ad1a197f0f1⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 3584x4320, 112:135, 15636adc9798df03480dda974b….jpg)


File: fac2f7087ffd38b⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1100x842, 550:421, 82e8627d53709e0decc262e990….png)

File: 7e86f5f30828fba⋯.jpg (611.63 KB, 2687x3476, 2687:3476, 901adad266afd3c256a54674ef….jpg)

File: 21b9875c9d97197⋯.png (660.87 KB, 700x1330, 10:19, 0779f4bb5fa1a4573eacb843da….png)

File: b97b56b2a2f3845⋯.jpg (381.44 KB, 1024x1501, 1024:1501, 24baeca1b621d7389a7d6f7bbb….jpg)

File: 667a4dd97924473⋯.jpg (96.57 KB, 884x587, 884:587, 1fe1002b9c7c1df114fa80a4cd….jpg)


File: 0e99dc59be2e51b⋯.jpg (859.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9e9b326aae55ed1d8e9e22ed8a….jpg)

File: 15ca4b85a5befbd⋯.jpg (978.85 KB, 700x988, 175:247, 601a27a0b4741b06bc1aea6f87….jpg)

File: 96459216a3ec63b⋯.jpg (344.64 KB, 900x1272, 75:106, 3deaad7cd99df4023c1800657f….jpg)

Unfold, unfurl, unleash!


File: a76262a57124b37⋯.jpg (126.75 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, DqwJdvwVsAEuWDi.jpg)


File: f709fe73d935532⋯.jpg (563.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1542113079221.jpg)

The new She-Ra looks pretty shit, but it apparently has antlergirls.


File: 4d90e7344c975ec⋯.webm (4.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GrabEmByTheAntlers.webm)


Unfortunately, the art style they've shown so far means that most of them won't look like women. The one in the center is okay. The ones on the sides of the picture, I am not sure if those are women.



>I am not sure if those are women.

When in doubt, it's a man. (As my grandmother always used to say)



Grandmother dealt with a lot of traps?


File: 0b43f0c837cdf99⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.25 KB, 389x257, 389:257, 1d3.jpg)


She was an oldfaggette, browsed le old 4chans back when it was cool.



Bullshit, it was never cool.


File: 40bde61c7d52ea4⋯.png (16.16 KB, 293x90, 293:90, C50EC8CA-7392-4AD6-AB1E-5B….png)


>-fag suffix


Late 2006 scum detected.



Problem is almost everyone is gay in that shit.


File: 89c3c70f7efaf08⋯.webm (2.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1542118263028.webm)


>showrunner is an SJW lesbian

>nobody has boobs (flat girls are fine but we need some balance)

>main male character blackwashed

>he has two gay dads

>other characters ambiguously-brownwashed and turned into obese lesbians

>apparently there's a trans character too

on the other hand…

>qt catgirl and monstergirls

maybe i'll pirate it.



Best just to stick to the porn at that point.


File: edd078070f732e0⋯.jpg (112.79 KB, 589x960, 589:960, Xmas Pinup Twilight Knight.jpg)

File: 03053093f75afea⋯.jpeg (54.57 KB, 397x642, 397:642, kingdom-death-monster-dru….jpeg)

File: e9f86ca598c791e⋯.jpg (170.15 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 1365100223017.jpg)

File: 09ad97425649bd0⋯.jpg (601.14 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, IMG_20190102_205235.jpg)

File: ee5215175a2bdcc⋯.png (896.54 KB, 996x600, 83:50, Santa-Satan-Box_1024x1024.png)

Some /tg/ antlered/horned girls (from a game called Kingdom Death).


File: ac1c5f91b00b98a⋯.jpg (72.32 KB, 679x960, 679:960, Ringtail_vixen_art.jpg)


This game also coincidentally features a foxgirl called 'Ringtail Vixen'.


File: 49d0cf054749416⋯.jpg (80.5 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 1451145902717.jpg)

File: ee32a421d9381bf⋯.jpg (79.14 KB, 550x646, 275:323, 1445831391487.jpg)

File: 749874c8ed745f4⋯.png (712.77 KB, 2500x1491, 2500:1491, 1445831023902.png)

Vicar Amelia from Bloodborne. She's a human cleric who transforms into an antlered beast which you have to fight. Since there's not much backstory given for her you're free to imagine this is related to her having been cucked in some way.


File: acfcc2999986712⋯.png (425.66 KB, 788x786, 394:393, SuperPredatorWendigo009.png)

File: 662b09577e8cda7⋯.png (629.07 KB, 872x1278, 436:639, SuperPredatorWendigo010.png)

File: 15d035a373e7e2a⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1004x1604, 251:401, SuperPredatorWendigo011.png)

File: 8c4e3ba7483c1c8⋯.png (520.48 KB, 728x1112, 91:139, SuperPredatorWendigo008.png)

Few I have that a friend did a while back, I think they fit the theme well enough


File: 12b47dfdfa7c360⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1151x1724, 1151:1724, Vicar.Amelia.full.2136046.png)

File: 6dbaaa3b0bd01e0⋯.jpg (505.87 KB, 819x1100, 819:1100, commission__vicar_amelia_b….jpg)

File: ad8d06a9105fdb9⋯.jpg (11.03 KB, 236x297, 236:297, 8f2d6a41196e80d25e2bf34254….jpg)

File: 968f33ba790cc51⋯.png (929.12 KB, 1400x2164, 350:541, 1a023d65521449.5af72739b33….png)


More Vicar Amelia.


File: ff42f262f609078⋯.jpeg (4.09 MB, 2408x3522, 1204:1761, Vicar-Amelia-BloodBorne-И….jpeg)

File: 8dadd39cf84c67c⋯.jpg (140.01 KB, 700x1556, 175:389, 84b9e684025eeacbdc39a9f776….jpg)

File: d464c316b50add8⋯.jpg (79.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, b8c18372c43280f075e53466de….jpg)

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