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File: 1419116043596.jpg (504.78 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, 0321151330684_05_006.jpg)


Are stories the best medium for cuckquean porn? Please post any good ones you've found.

http://www.asstr.org/~rache/lds_01.htm (three parts)
An infertile women wants to give her husband children and begins to develop cuckquean fantasies. A very hot story but you can really tell the author is quite fucked up.

http://www.literotica.com/s/my-girlfriends-rival (two parts)
A guy cheats on his gf with his extremely attractive co-worker. Meanwhile his gf's jealousy of her flirtatiousness and amazing body develops into an obsession to the point that she gets off on her while fucking her bf. This intense crush ends up with lesbian sex (of course). Not sure if this true cuckquean as his gf doesn't find out about the affair within the story.

Man fucks his niece which somehow wakes up his wife sleeping next to them in the same bed (shocking). She's upset at first but is talked into accepting it's OK for him to do this. Short and silly.



File: 1419350531181.png (88.9 KB, 218x386, 109:193, lewd.png)

Girl is forced to watch her tied-up boyfriend being raped by her step-sister.

The title explains everything.

Women loses her husband to another women.

Pic related


I like en_extase
His other story Quarrelling with Kaylee is good, too. Told from the boyfriend's perspective, a girl is cuckqueaned by her little sister but I don't think she finds out. So it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I really like the build up of his break down.


I enjoyed it. Yes the build up is great. Maybe it's just my distorted view but I don't think his gf would mind too much if she knew all the circumstances. She couldn't realistically expect him to resist.

There don't seem to be that many cuckquean specific stories (or I am looking in the wrong place) so cheating/NTR is OK too I suppose.

http://www.literotica.com/s/the-loving-husband-ch-01-1 (seven parts)
Wife helps her friend get pregnant by offering the services of her husband. It seems that it's not enough for her so she pushes him to see more women.

http://www.literotica.com/s/kim-and-kate-ch-01 (two parts)
Cheating triggers a cuckquean fetish in his wife. I think it's unfinished but hopefully more parts coming.


Hottest thing I have EVER read, got any more like it? Specifically father cuckqueening his wife with their daughter?


This story is not really similar but it does feature that element.

http://www.literotica.com/s/daddys-little-psychopath (eight parts)
Evil genius daughter controls both her mother and father. Completely over the top but good. Still ongoing.


Enslaved by my husband 1 and 2 (most of the cuckqueaning is in chapter one):

A wife tries to revive her ailing marriage… by submitting completely to her husband.


Wife tries to arrange a threesome for her husband's birthday when she sees his wondering eye.
It backfires



Loads here http://closetquean.tumblr.com/cqstories

I have a bunch of audios if anyone wants


Nice audios would be appreciated!

Also, lookit them righteous devil-trips. Daaaamn.





(reddit user blue_bells)


File: 1425604241233.gif (282.99 KB, 500x283, 500:283, 1417751937070.gif)




non-porn semi-related
mostly poly stuff with some cuckqueaning.
neither series is finished so don't know how they will turn out but these might be something light hearted and worth keeping an eye on.


Thanks for the post, there are 2 parts up on this story atm, but the full version is nearing 100 pages but I'm always looking for Ideas and themes to write in, any requests, let me know


I love how sadistic and direct Claire is. Very well done imho.


there is a sweeter side to Claire, when Lisa/Honey helps her husband and when she admits her feeling to her sister are 2 times when I have shown the other side of her and in my latest chapter about the spa weekend it has Claire at her softest point, but I have 3 Ideas i need to flesh out before posting that far ahead


If anyone wants downloadable Hare-kon without having to go through those damn scanlation aggregators, it's available from the scanlators here: http://download.japanzai.com/Hare-kon/index.php


Damn that was really really good. Needs an editor to go through it and clean it up, but the story itself was fucking hot.

Can't wait for more!


I just finished reading all that's out of Hare-kon and I want more already. ;_;


part 3 week 2 has now been posted with direct links to the 1st two as well





File: 1426043119176.gif (660.45 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1416201779895.gif)

I'm liking how vulnerable Claire is becoming now that she's broken Lisa in. That anal scene was fucking hot. I'm loving the regular plug regime Lisa is on, too.

I kind of want there to be more cucking, though. I feel like the relationship between Steve and Claire is happening mostly behind the scenes compared to the one between Lisa and Claire.


thanks for that feedback, I did not want the story to be filled with "and they made love infront of her AGAIN" or repeating sections over and over, but there is a 2nd part to that week which is still being written, along with a week of punishment,
as I've said I write the sections on their own and put them together when the feel right, i have 4 sections on the go atm, but none are ready to be added yet, so ANY requests, Fantasies or inclusions anyone would like, please say, and I could use the ideas to fill out what I have


I appreciate the variety in the story, but the husband has no characterisation or dominance in the story at all. This is a story of lesbian love. Which is fine, but ultimately I don't find it as arousing. Just my 2 cents.


> This is a story of lesbian love.


I like it when Claire is being sweet.


I also like how Claire can be sweet and vulnerable but ultimately I do think Steve is coming off as kind of a blank pushover. Certainly he's into it, but all the dominance in the relationship is coming from Claire and Lisa is mainly submitting to her, not Steve.

I'd like to see Steve receive some more characterisation and explore his dominance over both Claire and Lisa - provided that doesn't conflict with existing plans, of course.



>all dis delicious audio

Does fullchan have an equivalent to halfchan/soc/'s Male Sexy Audio and Female Sexy Audio threads anywhere? I'm hankering to do sexy things with my voice again, even better if I can do a cuckqueaning or other maledom script.


thanks guys, its trying to get the balance without spending half a page describing lunch every day, I will focus on Steve an bring him in more, the story WAS suppose to be a short story of how Lisa accepted Claire into her life, as you can tell that went out the window, sorry if i hijacked this thread abit


Don't worry - it's nice to have an author in here talking and besides, it's not like posts are a limited resource.





I love your voice!


File: 1426419664644.webm (1021.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, happening timu.webm)

Listen to the first part too
Really good imho


Not only are the scripts good but they are read really well too.



Women is forcibly trained to become a cuckquean against her will.


Thank you. I love cuckquean. I wrote most of those myself.

Just keep an eye on my submissions every month. I have a new one now, here: http://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-Marriage-Counselling-Cuckquean-cuckcake-POV-cheating-script-by-uLondonKinght2014


File: 1427757786090.png (88.05 KB, 300x364, 75:91, 1418503270735.png)

That was great.


BadGirlUK's delicious.


File: 1427769712298.jpg (80.07 KB, 385x419, 385:419, Arousal.jpg)


Now that was a scenario I could never have imagined. Delicious.




This is a really beautiful story. I loved it.


Sorry for the delay in this update, between work and the flu it's been a slow time,
his update inc more of Steve as well as punishment and coming to terms with everything
I do have 1 request, for one of the next parts I need a fetish for another person,
Honey's sisters boyfriend, I have him liking princesses (like sleeping beauty etc) but I would like a 2nd one that the sister is embarrassed about as soon as she finds out
feel free to respond or email me any requests for inclusion


> I was looking over her shoulder, at my husband, she took both of my arms, putting my right hand on her breast, this was enough to have Steve trusting, Claire turned her head and kissed me

That's so hot. I didn't like the punishment part; too rough.


thanks, I try to have a wide range of scenes, I can't just write it for 1 person, I'm trying to have a section or scene for as many possible.


It's BadGirlUK here again, not sure if i've linked all my audios, there's 12 now, you can find them here: http://www.reddit.com/r/cuckquean/comments/312t4u/cuckquean_erotic_audios_12_enclosed/



Very nice! Are you into cuckqueaning IRL too, or is this just a genre of erotic audio you like to do?


A short revenge story with a cuckquean element I



1092 IRL too. My biggest turn on


File: 1430372240923.png (522.93 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1428067883302.png)


Awesome. I love that the Internet can bring us all together like this. Are any of your scripts based on IRL experiences or are they all pure fantasy?

(Also if you want to refer to a post, use the >> prefix or just click on the post number and it'll auto-fill into the post field for you as well as popping up a quick reply panel.)



Thanks for the tip haha. I don't use these forums. I've experienced very little cuckqueaning IRL, i would like to take it further with the right person.

BG x


File: 1431296227565-0.gif (2.96 MB, 480x270, 16:9, 1419149938310.gif)

File: 1431296227566-1.gif (1.95 MB, 370x208, 185:104, 1431255190724.gif)

File: 1431296227620-2.gif (2.5 MB, 658x446, 329:223, 1431249183775.gif)

>listening to BadGirlUK being forced to recount her gang rape as she cries and calls you a monster



Her husband and a beautiful blonde girl can't keep their hands off each other. There's a great bit where she's made to put on the blonde girl's panties.


These are pretty good. But are there any more cuckquean stories featuring more monster girls besides the two posted here already?



Not that I know of! The male sub aspect the monstergirl stories usually contain isn't something you often see mixed with cuckqueaning. I'd be interested to read more if they exist.



Ha. Crying and having an orgasm was surprisingly easy to do :P


File: 1431817375215.gif (770.57 KB, 500x285, 100:57, 1431215008862.gif)


Some more audios.

I hate my Man-Whore roommate, but he's hot


Girl has to deal with her promiscuous roommate. Starts with the purest form of cuckqueaning, ie the girl has no physical relationship with the man at all.

Forced to…. watch




Forced cuckquean. Elements of this remind me of another story posted in this thread >>329 (but not incest).


Myself and others are trying to plant seeds into the innocent minds over on /monster/. Soon not a single writefag will be able to ignore the demand.


File: 1432698208849.gif (1.18 MB, 209x180, 209:180, 1427560423858-0.gif)


Damn, BadGirlUK just continues to deliver and deliver.

>Myself and others are trying to plant seeds into the innocent minds over on /monster/. Soon not a single writefag will be able to ignore the demand.

I just saw a surprise cuckquean element pop up in a manticore story from >>>/monster/36459 too:

>“We both know you’re still hard as a rock down there. I can feel your pre smearing around, just as you can feel me.” Her breathing grew heavier. “I’m wet enough to fill a lake. Can you imagine what it was like to hear other manticores make you, the man I chose, squeal like that? Do you have any idea what it did to me to watch Heaven smile in delight as you fed her and not me?”


File: 1432750653383.png (100.01 KB, 298x255, 298:255, mfw.png)


It's happening.



File: 1433016880203.jpg (43.23 KB, 300x300, 1:1, sweat.jpg)


More like LewdGirlUK.



There was an almost-cuckquean moment in the Shadowrun CYOA thread too, where the player character's girlfriend watched him through hacked cameras playing with a bunraku prostitute. >>>/monster/37587 Never actually escalated to sex though.



>Myself and others are trying to plant seeds into the innocent minds over on /monster/. Soon not a single writefag will be able to ignore the demand.

I make no promises, but a few fics could be done. Got anything specific in mind?



What, for monstergirls? I guess a submissive manticore cuckquean whose tail venom is used to enhance her husband's fucking of other girls might be a nice idea.



Damn, here I am at work, and all sorts of kinky ideas are floating through my head. And no decent computer in sight.

Hope I have time this week…




Goddamn autoscrolling piece of shit….

Anyway! Wrote this up real quick. If there's a better place to put it, let me know.


The room was dark, hot and humid. It was immaculately clean except for the set of women's clothes pooled on the floor and the dishevelled bed.

The bed grew more dishevelled by the second as the nude female form, splashed in moonlight from the window, thrashed on the bed. Her breath came in sharp, short gasps. With each hitch of her chest, her petite breasts would give a little jiggle, just enough for the sensation to add to the waves of pleasure coming from her clit and pussy.

Her hands were busy between her legs, one feverishly rubbing at her clitoris, the other had three fingers, knuckle-deep shoved up her weeping cooch. She'd long ago soaked the sheets beneath her with sweat and vaginal secretions. The smell of her musk hung heavy in the air, heady and strong, almost overpowering. Each breath brought the scent to her nostrils and the memories it invoked made her moan.

Her mind was a whirlwind. Anger, lust, fear, humiliation all warred inside her head. She couldn't control these feelings, unable to find purchase on them, unable to GRIP them. She was at their mercies like a gang of abusive lovers.

'Where is he?' she thought through the haze.

Her lover had promised he'd be home hours ago. "Home in time for dinner," he'd said, brushing aside a rebellious curl of hair from his head, in a gesture as habitual as it was endearing to her. "Just some half-assed training meeting."

She'd nodded and wished him a happy day, even though she knew the truth. He was a terrible liar.

'He's with that HUSSY!' she screamed inwardly, but what came from her mouth was a wordless roar. Her probing, rubbing fingers hit her sweetspot from both the in- and outside right at that moment and for a brief instant she felt like she was falling.

Her orgasm hiy her with enough force to clamp her jaw shut. She arched her back, pressing her wait excruciatingly into her wings. Beneath her upraised ass, her tail lashed back and forth, the retractable barb at the tip flicking in and out like a snake tongue.

She collapsed, her muscles twitching, the aftershocks of her orgasm hitting her again and again.

And so Marini Gilbert, wife of Caleb Gilbert, daughter of the Manticore Nation, dozed in the afterglow of her orgasm until drifting off to sleep.


I feel I have finished the 1st story on Honey, I've been editing it and put it together as a free pdf, link is on https://cuckstories.wordpress.com/

as always any fed back is welcome, and I hope to improve as I go on


All this talk of monstergirls, what of monster men?

A minotaur, perhaps, or a centaur. One with a burning need to fuck human women, though it ends disastrously for them. The cuckquean is a human female with whom he is in love and he will not chance hurting her as he would other women. They are on a quest to find one that can withstand his attentions, and neither of them cares a bit about who is maimed or killed in the process.



Consider /chaos



Annnnnd 2 more, 2 parts, can be listened to individually if you wish.

Babysitter Voicemail, 2 parts - [Part 1](https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-The-Babysitter-Voicemail-2-parts-Part-1-no-age-seduction-hawt-cheating): no age, seduction, introductory affair, hot descriptive reminiscing sex scenes. & [Part 2](https://soundgasm.net/u/BadGirlUK/F4M-Babysitter-Voicemail-2-parts-Part-2-age-jailbait-filthy-talk-sneaking-orgasm): age, jailbait, filthier talk, angry sex, more reminiscing but whilst getting off.



I absolutely love this, makes me hard like nothing else




You're a real fine gal, BadGirlUK.




Thank you both



Just a quick note, the story from here has been uploaded as a PDF for our reading pleasure: http://www.mediafire.com/download/swm5189icv5mx3m/Becoming+Honey.pdf



I also made a dropbox link for it as some mobile users were having issues with mediafire





Haha thanks, i was just gonna share it. Did you like it?

BadGirl x



I loved it! Just letting you know your content is greatly appreciated.



Can you make some more ageplay stuff?



Also just came hard to this


Would love to have taken your cherry you little slut



I think I liked the gay denial part the most. It is a good tease but also thought provoking and sometimes funny.

I would love to hear a whole audio of a girl trying to convince herself she's not gay despite lusting after other girls. After all, if your boyfriend is involved it is 100% straight. Isn't it?!





Thank you.

More cuckquean ageplay or just ageplay?

Oh hehe, yeah my ass cherry has gone now sorry lol



File: 1437401326884.gif (2.25 MB, 480x270, 16:9, yuri towel.gif)


Those were already posted earlier in the thread. Good stuff though.



Both! Was considering doing a response recording XD





Hehe please do.



I only managed to read the first 14 pages, because I want to violently murder Steve. Does Claire actually know that the situation is as non-consensual as it is between Honey and Steve, or is she just roleplaying? Does it get better about that, does Honey ever reach the ppint of having and choosing to not use her right to financial autonomy? (Having half the salary that Steve does, especially when it's reduced further at his and Claire's command, does NOT mean she owns nothing even if it's all in Steve's name.)



The details and implications of the financial side of the relationship aren't really explored. It reads as an unedited blend of different fapfic bits with some findom thrown in to simmer too. Details of the consent system between the three is explored and evolved in more detail but the findom part stays static as a background fact.



Thanks. I'm now more willing to read the rest of it, if I get around to doing so. Even if it's just lampshading the consent problems and not explaining it away, sometimes a lampshade is better than a bare bulb.



Can I PM it to you on reddit? Its the first time I've ever done anything like this so I'm not exactly what to share but I'll try!



Sure (you might already have though)



Yup its Vice


File: 1438242933927.jpg (1.68 MB, 2895x3763, 2895:3763, Dollarphotoclub_68945604.jpg)

I was redirected to this thread, looking for cuckquean stories. My faves on literotica are talkman and phil phantom. On amazon, it's cuckquean chronicles and anything by Richard and Cora Queen



How did you enjoy what's already been posted upthread?

I personally enjoyed Pink from >>922



File: 1439063775473.gif (1.99 MB, 245x260, 49:52, nico.gif)


File: 1440528537277.gif (716.86 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ohyes2.gif)


I really enjoyed https://www.literotica.com/s/obedience-8 - especially the part where the 'quean is put away behind a folding screen.



>Still ongoing

>Last chapter was written in May 2013


File: 1460050282263-0.pdf (305.42 KB, MakingMary.pdf)

File: 1460050282264-1.jpg (5.92 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, Dollarphotoclub_67189350.jpg)

free story from authors who like writing husband sharing stories

Girls Too

Permission To Cheat


File: 1460079631586.png (178.9 KB, 462x450, 77:75, 1336931718376.png)


>I not only know about his extramarital affairs, I encourage them. Our friends would be horrified. They would probably not remain our friends. That’s why we’re writing about our lives here, where no one knows us. But I feel your eyes upon me, especially, anonymous reader. Don’t judge me, okay? I have my reasons. This is the story of how I became a cuckquean.

Oh, that's a good opening. This one seems quite different to most stories in this vein. I'm now looking forward to reading this in full later.


File: 1460082103503.png (248.84 KB, 967x1400, 967:1400, 1436064770638.png)



Scratch "later", I just finished it.

I liked the writing itself; it was smooth and had a light, lively touch that so many erotic writers lack. I enjoyed the vixen and the way she was introduced - that was hot. The wife's voice was in some ways sweet; I enjoyed her vulnerability. The voyeurism at the end felt very natural and the little touches like the vixen not wearing panties in expectation of getting at the husband either way were very, very good.

I did not enjoy the wife's cold calculations, treating cuckqueaning as a hedge against losing her lifestyle with any kink merely a bonus. I did not enjoy that the only way we were shown the husband's male power and virility was by vague association with aspirational images. (Skyscrapers! Boardrooms! Cars! Jewelry! Gosh! Are you impressed yet?)

I also did not enjoy the time we spent in the husband's POV - perhaps he was intended to be cruel and totally in command, but he instead came off as petty which ended up making his cocky self-assurance slightly contemptible instead of sexy. The ultimatum he claims to have given Cora made me roll my eyes, for example.

Still, I enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to seeing more, if and when they exist.


Thanks for the thoughtful response. Gave me a lot to think about. There are more in this series, maybe we'll post more


Can /cuckquean help me find this story it's about a man who got married young had a daughter got divorced led a single life til he was older decided to settle down talked it over with the chick he was sleeping with she didn't want to settle down (she also wants to be the vixen)shows him a dating site for Asian women the woman he likes has daughters and the guy doesn't mind she implies that the daughters are part of the marriage that's as far as I got in the story it was posted on asstr any help greatly appreciated


SpacerX's stories are huge and for cuckqueaning, Reasonable bounds and My Wife, The Mad Professor are probably best, though Becoming the Perfect Daughter is also in the theme.


Monstergirl harem question with a Bicorn


Warning, has 2 yaoi scenes at the moment

There are also some other quests on anonkun that can kind of fit into the theme

Another quest on a different site


Not quite cuckqueaning but has a large harem and it sort of seems to be heading that way a bit with the main female character.


And I forgot, if you don't mind anime fanfiction A-Z Mark II has a bunch of really good fics: http://www.mediaminer.org/user_info.php/103307


Second link is his first account that was banned for some reason but they didn't stop him from making another, has an Eva fic that's interesting and finished elsewhere

Unexpected Circumstances + Home is an Ai Yori Aoshi with Aoi building her boyfriend a harem

Valiant Champion Or Something Like It is a Louie The Rune Soldier fic with Ila accepting his relations with all the other girls

Probably the closest to cuckqueaning Payback by warpwizard,


On another forum random1337 has some good fics, but it seems the formatting was somewhat corrupted when rescued from a dying forum.


Most of these were written and I read them long before I knew cuckqueaning was a thing, but they have some similarities to the overall theme, so take them how you will.


Also, a great fic even if you don't get into the wider setting (which is very ridiculous and dark)

is Happy Anniversary by Tiek Mo Shet


“Don't keep her waiting. Fuck. Her.” Mei's hips bounced against Mark's butt with each syllable. With Mei's hand guiding him Mark found Natasha's warmth on the first try.

There also seems to be a reasonable collection here that I haven't gone through yet.




>Happy Anniversary

Damn that was good shit, Anon. Pressed a lot of my buttons a lot of times.



Then if you haven't already, I definitely recommend the My Wife, The Mad Professor by spacerx

" I want to be the queen bee in your harem. I want our bed full of a constant stream of hot-to-trot cheerleader pussy all day and all night. "

and the Payback by Warpwizard linked above

"The flimsy scrap of silk was in disarray around Kasumi's upper thighs, inches from where Asuka's husband was driving his manhood into her mound of venus. Asuka found this powerfully erotic, a sign of her husband swiftly taking what he wanted from his willing partner."


File: 1469335484979.png (367.93 KB, 400x584, 50:73, image.png)

I have a proposal, /cuckquean/. It seems like cuckquean stories are much harder to find than they should be for a number of reasons:

- The authors often don't know the word "cuckquean" to express the fetish they're writing into the story, or they think it doesn't apply (especially where the cuckqueaning is compersive).

- Stories drop off the Internet as boards and other repositories die or go out of business. If stories are rescued, they're often stripped of context, tags or other things that make them even harder to find. This is even truer for greentexts, which are often never saved or categorised at all.

A specialised archive that deliberately makes itself easy to mirror or store offline would be one option, but building such a thing needs a dry-run first.

So how about as a first step we grab, pastebin and post said pastebin links ITT with some info? Feel free to suggest additional info or a different way of doing things:

>STORY TITLE: <story name>

>CHAPTER (optional): <chapter no if a multi-chapter work>

>AUTHOR(S): <name/handle/Anonymous> (<email address, etc if any extra attribution known>)

>ORIGINAL SOURCE: <web address or name of board/site story original posted if exact address not known>

>SETTING: <Original/name of main setting or fandom e.g. "Pokegirl Universe", "Monster Girl Encyclopaedia", etc>

>CHARACTERS: <"Original"/comma-separated list of pre-existing characters>

>TAGS: <comma-separated list of tags, e.g. "cuckquean, compersive, impregnation, harem"> (these can be defined and standardised as a common vocabulary emerges)


Ok, let's give this a shot. Here's another story where the author doesn't seem to know what cuckqueans are, but it has some pretty good scenes of what is basically a compersive cuckquean.

"“It can’t be helped. You are the guilty one here,” she murmurs. “To think that you’d get away with your affair with your clients and not bothering to get rid of the evidence~” She runs her soft tongue along the length of your neck, sighing as she inhales the scent and savours the taste. “To think that I’d notice their lingering smell on you… it turns me on like never before~”

STORY TITLE: Winemaker's Journey in Gensokyo


ORIGINAL SOURCE:https://www.touhou-project.com/storylist.php and control-F for the title


CHARACTERS: Daiyousei is the cuckquean, while the MC is working his way through the rest of the cast.

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive,


File: 1469889052656.jpg (151.47 KB, 1148x1247, 1148:1247, 21e29cbb62ec5fb59372151cfe….jpg)


>that quote


I'm impressed at the selection you keep bringing us, Anon. I'd never have found any of these let alone be able to dig through them for cuckquean themes. Thank you.



>and the Payback by Warpwizard linked above

Phwoar. I'm only a few chapters in but this hot sweetness is really nice. I'm even willing to overlook the author's painful and nonsensical substitution of Japanese ("kami" is not a direct substitution for capital-g God and "koibito" is not intimate enough to be a pet name lovers use for each other) because it was 2003 and that sort of thing was done in lemons (now there's another term I haven't seen in for-fucking-ever).


Ok, this is a Zelda Skyward Sword story, wherein Zelda decides Link should have all the women he wants because it turns her on.

" I want to watch you fuck any woman you desire. I doubt you'd have trouble finding willing partners."

STORY TITLE: A King's Harem

AUTHOR(S): TeezyMcGee

ORIGINAL SOURCE:http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600088250


CHARACTERS: Zelda (cuckquean), Link, Kina

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, threesome

Here's another one, in an original setting, where a young prince gets an elf that has been raised to be his sex slave, and she is in the process of convincing him to build a harem to help slake his lusts.

" “Master, I was raised by Madam Pritcher - a brothel madam. She always told me, taught me, that she thought monogamy was unnatural. She said that in her experience, men naturally preferred to have several women and the practice of monogamy was what drove them to the bordello.”"


AUTHOR(S): ThunderHawk3

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/ThunderHawk3/16247/Elf-Slave

SETTING: Original

CHARACTERS: Aysa (cuckquean?), Mark, Nicole, Lillian

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, threesome


And in some more ancient internet pearls, the next recommendations come from the Evangelion and Type-Moon lemon contests from early 00's if I remember correctly. The other stories are generally pretty good smut even if it's not cuckquean themed, so poke around if you want.

The first one here is one where Shinji reads some porn Maya and Misato were passing around and decides to seduce Maya. Maya later convinces him she wants him to get more into the harem side theme of the porn.

"Well, I thought she might be next on your list of women to seduce," Maya replied. "I was going to say that I wouldn't mind."

STORY TITLE: It’s Always the Quiet Ones


ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://sites.google.com/site/warpwizard/evalemoncontestarchive-asunauthorizedasi Click link to ELC4 archive then itsalwaysthequietones.htm

SETTING: Evangelion

CHARACTERS: Maya (cuckquean), Shinji, Asuka

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive,

The next one is a silly little bit that's actually not porn, but has a hilarious cuckquean theme anyway.

“Under my rule, Shirou can have as many mistresses as I order him to.”

STORY TITLE: Caren's Wondrous Plan to Take Over the World

AUTHOR(S): Mereo Flere

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://sites.google.com/site/tatariarchive/home/tmffc/caren

SETTING: Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA

CHARACTERS: Caren Ortensia (cuckquean), Ilya von Einzbern,

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive,


> Reasonable bounds

> … Chapter 83







Maybe they're referring to the story's impressive length.



That's part 1 of 4. I swear spacerX is a machine or something.



eh which story is that? i can't found the link



The Reasonable Bounds story was broken up into 4 planned "books", currently he's working on Part 3.




and part I have 80chapters++? kay…







Part 3 "REASONABLE DEMANDS" has 17 so far




It's really a fucking difficult read. It could be a third of the length without a loss of content. And that would definitely improve the pacing.


> Chapter 50: Dan, for the first time in his marriage, has sex with a woman other than his wife.

So slow.


Here's one in an original setting, the focus is a genie in a lamp building and managing a harem for her husband, starting with his little sister (who has lusted after him for some time already). It goes into a lot of fight scenes and random stuff that are not all that great, but the sex scenes are gennerally pretty good.

>Ann leaned over, kissing Kayleah on the lips, her hand reaching out to stroke Kayleah's belly. She wasn't showing yet, but Kayleah carried her brother's child as well.

>"I think it's time for you to be bred, Ann," Fatima declared. "You are ovulating today, right?"

STORY TITLE: The Battered Lamp

AUTHOR(S): mypenname3000

ORIGINAL SOURCE:http://storiesonline.net/s/10043/the-battered-lamp

SETTING: Original

CHARACTERS: Kyle, Aaliyah, Fatima, Christy

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, harem, modern fantasy, incest


An HP/Frozen cross, I can't say I really like either setting, but they have spawned a large number of fanworks, some of which are pretty good.

> Eventually when Ginny came back to the room, she found Anna as essentially a cum-filled mess smiling nearly deliriously on the cum soaked hotel bed. Meanwhile she quickly noticed Elsa being bent over the balcony railing by her husband. The white haired girl with a Norwegian accent was squealing with joyous cries as her pussy was fucked silly by Harry’s thundering thrusts. Ginny smiled at the display while feeling no jealousy. Instead the young woman removed her swimsuit pieces and deviously wondered which of their friends Harry would like to have bouncing on his cock when they get back from their vacation…

STORY TITLE: Ginny Potter's Problem

AUTHOR(S): Lonegladius

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Lonegladius/21191/Ginny-Potters-Problem

SETTING: Harry Potter, Frozen

CHARACTERS: Gabrielle, Ginny, Elsa, Anna

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive,



I finally gave up on this after too many fucking chapters (probably 70+).

Some much fucking repetition. Big boobs are great. I have a big cock.

Some much fucking repetition. Big boobs are great. I have a big cock.

Some much fucking repetition. Big boobs are great. I have a big cock.

Some much fucking repetition. Big boobs are great. I have a big cock.


Everything by QueanLeah (all 4 stories) is good, and it's a good addition to the lack of queaning stories on literotica.


AUTHOR(S): QueanLeah

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=2373523&page=submissions


CHARACTERS: originial

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive,


I finally fixed my cuckquean stories links:




You've added a large number of stories to the list. Thank you.

I really enjoyed "Like a Natural Man" and "Haley".



Good to see you're still maintaining things!



I enjoyed this story. If you like harem animes and going to cons you'll definitely like it.

It's still ongoing. The most recent chapter was written in December 2016.


I'd like to pitch in with a few recommendations of my own.

>In Flight


Shirou from FSN is the protagonist of Sekirei and things get a lot more lethal. Doesn't really focus all that much on the lewds but it has a great number of scenes where Shirou is a badass. I wish there had been less focus on fights and exposition and more on harem interactions, but oh well, it's still a compelling and fast paced story.


>Here In My Arms


Rosario + Vampire fanfic where the protagonist goes the harem route. Very well written with a lot of focus on character development. Sadly fighting scenes aren't the author's strong point and they tend to drag on for too long. Has a lot of lewd scenes.


>Kyon: Big Damn Hero


(don't read it on FF.net, that version doesn't have many chapters)

A Haruhi fanfic where Kyon gets shit done and most of the female cast ends up in a relationship with him. Very well written, though the constant pandering to TVTropers does grate on the nerves, but the complex and intriguing plot and great character development more than make up for it. No lewds, but plenty of cuddling action. Sadly the author decided to an hero before finishing it so we'll never know how it ends.


>Path of the King


Likely featuring the most badass and catchy summary of any fanfic I ever saw. Basically, Shirou actually is a superhero before the Holy Grail war begins and shenanigans happen. The fic just got updated and the author has a good grasp of the universe and how to make it interesting and play with reader expectations, though the latest arc did drag for a bit (which the author acknowledges) and the story hasn't even reached the beginning of the Holy Grail War. Still worth a read.


Here's a bunch more that I feel don't have enough content and haven't been updated in a long time to justify giving a quick summary, but can amuse some people here and get on their radar if they get updated eventually.










>Best of Both Worlds


Basically girlfriend decides to share boyfriend with her best friend and things snowball from there. Not much of a plot here, it's a very fluffy read with next to no drama or plot twists. Still, it's a very fun read.

>Flight of the Code Monkey


I'm somewhat hesitant to recommend this one. It's very well written, the protagonist is likeable and the haremettes are well developed, but half the chapters are wasted on some caveman kind on some planet that has nothing to do with the plot of the protagonist and it got so boring reading about him wandering around the wilderness with only a dog for company that I gave up and just started skipping his chapters. Also, the science fiction setting is wasted because there is next to nothing sci-fi about it. 500 years in the future 1911 and Styer AUGs are the best infantry weapons around and bioscience's greatest achievement is telepathic bees or whatever. Also, the bad guys are white supremacists (in space).

>Call Girl Cheerleader


This one is more fun, if not terribly original. It's mostly masturbatory fantasy of a middle aged guy attracting a bunch of jailbait cheerleaders with the usual drama that follows. Still, well written, hot erotic scenes and a fun romp.

>anything by Colt45


Not the most prosaic writer but his stories are all fun and interesting and all basically feature a man ending up with a harem. Incest is also heavily represented.


File: 34014dc5eec4fb9⋯.gif (422.17 KB, 489x454, 489:454, seeing stars.gif)


Welp, I know what I'll be doing today~ "He Betrays His Wife" and "Kim & Kate" sound fun.


You seem to be better at finding this sort of thing than me, whether you just stumbled upon them or actively searched. Do you by any chance know of any Avatar The Last Airbender or Dragon Ball fanfictions with similar themes? I have some preferred pairings like; Mai/Zuko/Katara with Katara as the vixen, and anything with Bulma/Chi-Chi watching their man with the other woman would be delightful, but I'll probably take what I can get from these two fandoms



>You seem to be better at finding this sort of thing than me, whether you just stumbled upon them or actively searched.

You could very well say that "harem route" stories are my obsession. Finding good ones is a bitch tough, especially ones that were made before the rise of Web 2.0, like that Ai Yori Aoshi and Louie ones mentioned previously mostly because people seem to have this reluctance to mention the story will end in harem.

I'm in despair now because I think I've read most of the good fanfics and online stories, published books featuring them in the West are mostly trash and few good Nip games or VNs featuring this fetish get any attention.

>Do you by any chance know of any Avatar The Last Airbender or Dragon Ball fanfictions with similar themes?

Sadly, no. I'm not a big fan of DB and Avatar is only tolerable for the fighting "system" and Azula.



>I'm in despair now because I think I've read most of the good fanfics and online stories

Looks like it's time to write your own, anon. Maybe you'll get more people into the genre and after a while you'll hopefully have stuff to read from the people who were inspired by you.



I'm not a native English speaker, shit at writing anyway and lack any shred of creativity.



Well there's Reinbach but I guess this is more cheating that cucking




>has an Eva fic that's interesting and finished elsewhere

If anon is still around, would the fic by any chance be called "Those who hunt… eva"?



Yes, that's the one, the last few chapters were posted by someone else because his first account got banned.



Yeah, I found the last three chapters. Thanks for the reply, and for the suggestions, especially the Louie one.

Also, I saw you didn't mention his Love Hina fic - Legacy - (which is a monstrous 500+ pages long) where Naru gets cucked due to her anger issues and has to share MC with everyone.


Pretty good as far as harem stories go, and certainly a much better ending than the source material had, and most of the rest of the author's output seems to be centered around harems. I imagine his Negima fic is also like that but I don't much like the IP so I can't be bothered to check it out.

I wish good harem fics were easier to find since it's a real pain to try and dig through the mountains of trash, and if it's not posted on FF.net it might as well not exist, not that finding the good stuff in that cesspit is any easier. Do you perhaps have any more authors or fics focused on harem to recommend?


Have anyone one of you ever commissioned for cuckquean stories before? Curious to see which authors you think is great at writing these types of works


Becoming Flexible by Rallynoangels


>"Let me see those glutes!" Talia continued. Her black hair and eyes commanded an embarrassing amount of authority. She was a Mediterranean beauty with perfect, healthy proportions. Alex bit her lip in anxious silence as the woman once again began touching her husband. The perfect woman pushed her breasts against her husbands back, her hands and hips against his. She continued, "Lower, downward facing dog position,"

This author posted in another thread but I forgot which one. Anyway this story is pretty great just like all their others.


My Sister Moves In by Imstillfun


>I looked over at Tina. She still seemed to be sleeping. I bent a little forward and threw one leg over Dave. In this position I reached back and guided his cock to my pussy. He had to help but in moments he was deep inside me. After a few thrusts I started to cum again. I moaned. David shushed me. I looked at Tina and my heart skipped a beat. Her eyes were open. With a playful smile she brought her fingers to her lips and silently shushed me. I moaned and came again.


> My Sister Moves In by Imstillfun

> https://www.literotica.com/s/my-sister-moves-in-1

Such a beautiful story. 10/10



The best part was when they starting planning their future.


File: dfb2936c45423b5⋯.jpeg (272.49 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, dca4b37fe5a72463f9eec9cb7….jpeg)

File: 56682f2ecd12585⋯.jpeg (998.01 KB, 1143x1600, 1143:1600, 9bbfd38983d2749692c527360….jpeg)

File: 43fedf01c2840e9⋯.jpg (628.07 KB, 1078x1920, 539:960, 0b8f4da135d4c07b099f6efe59….jpg)

There's a couple good stories with Pyrrha from RWBY as a cuckquean.

>Jaune could not get enough of sharing Emerald's pussy with Pyrrha, loving the twisted indulgence of being down there with his girlfriend to eat a girl out together. By now, her blatant fetish for seeing him fuck other girls was obvious, and he was admittedly loving these threesomes, but here he had something special and sweetly indulgent, something he could share with Pyrrha as they worked together to bring Emerald closer to the edge.

STORY TITLE: Pyrrha’s Quest For Jaune’s Satisfaction

AUTHOR(S): NidoranDuran

ORIGINAL SOURCE: https://archiveofourown.org/works/8315614/chapters/19042450


CHARACTERS: Jaune, Pyrrha, RWBY, Emerald

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive, harem,

>Pyrrha nodded and smiled. She thought everything - from scenes planned to those impromptu - had been done to perfection. “It was. And thank you two again for playing along. I know it’s a strange kink, but it gives me a huge thrill.”


AUTHOR(S): Kickberry

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/Kickberry/25512/RWBY-The-Video-Call-Patreon-Request



TAGS: cuckquean, ,

> So come on, don't pretend me and Yang giving you a titfuck and taking turns sucking the rest off isn't turning you on right now.

STORY TITLE: Like Mother, Like Daughter

AUTHOR(S): NidoranDuran

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/NidoranDuran/25508/Like-Mother-Like-Daughter


CHARACTERS: Jaune, Pyrrha,

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive,

And one with Blake and an OC

>"Look at her go," Blake purred, leaning against your back, pushing her breasts up against you. "I thought I was bad in my heat but she looks like all she can think about is cock." A peck on your cheek makes you shiver, a reminder that your girlfriend has bought you a slutty kitty to play with and that she is completely okay with everything you do to her.

STORY TITLE: Heat wave

AUTHOR(S): NidoranDuran

ORIGINAL SOURCE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/stories/user/NidoranDuran/23495/Heat-Wave


CHARACTERS: Blake, Kali, OCs

TAGS: cuckquean, compersive,

Also, I had a plot idea, and I was wondering if anyone had seen anything like it. It starts out with a simple story, a woman starts dating a coworker, the twist is that he's a porn star and she's some combination of makeup artist, camerawoman, writer, and/or producer. As makeup artist she gets other women ready for him to fuck, making sure they're as pretty as possible. As camerawoman she makes sure to get the best shots of him fucking others, even the close ups where she's getting sprayed with fluids, possibly acting as a fluffer for him in between scenes. As a writer she makes the scenes he will be fucking other girls in (and she's been doing a lot of harems recently). As a producer she selects and interviews the girls he will be fucking.

Maybe they try to keep their relationship a secret, but whether they do or not, eventually their other coworkers find out, and she gets teased by the sexy women fucking her boyfriend in front of her. To make matters worse (or better), there are some starlets he has really great sexual chemistry with and they're his fuckbuddies off the set as well, which is something she comes to accept as they continue dating and become more serious. Possibly female fans as well, when they go on a date and he ends up being recognized and convinced to give some girl a quick fuck before returning to his girlfriend. Or he invites a really hot fan to come home with him and his girlfriend and she becomes used to the steady stream of other women in his bed, (or their bed when they move in together).

They get more serious and then get engaged, and married, while staying in the same lifestyle because they're not just used to it, they're enjoying it. Having happy married flirting while he's banging a cute starlet on set. He's the default booty call for girls in the studio, so she usually ends up cooking dinner for 3 or 4 when their coworkers come over for sex.



Surprised there's no TLA fiction with Katara helping Aang hook up with Toph, Suki, Ty Lee, etc etc to help "repopulate" the Airbenders. Seems like an obvious angle.



Probably happened and there are loads more hidden airbenders in Korra's day.






I never watched TLA.



Aang and Sokka are faggots and Zuko is an emo bitch. Avatar lacks cool male characters, though Azula would make for a perfect woman to find more mates for her husband.


I see people have been asking for some Avatar fics, and the best I managed to find is this:


Basically, Zuko finds out his grandfather left a law in place according to which he needs to father an heir before his 18th birthday. Not the most original plot idea ever, but it works well enough to get Mai to allow Ty Lee to sleep with him, she eventually gets the dick herself and finally everyone's favorite psychopath, Azula, joins in on the action too.

I'm getting somewhat desperate for good harem fics so if anyone has any suggestions I'd be more than thankful to hear them.



A Fire Emblem fanfic, fairly smutty, with good writing. I wouldn't hazard to call in cuckqueaning, it's more of a harem, but the protagonist is forced, due to circumstances, to sleep with other women.


Short and sweet FSN fanfic, and it doesn't really touch on the harem aspect all that much (just acknowledges that is the current situation). Shirou of an unspecified route is living with the girls, plus Mordred, and wants to make her pregnant. Very good characterization of her.



I know this is a long shot, but I wanted to ask if anyone had stories by Richard Bissell / Michael Dalton somewhere, or knows where to find them, since I seem unable to find them on the internet anymore (besides Call Girl Cheerleader).




Thank you. And for anyone searching for a more convenient collection I managed to find a zip file with most, if not all, of his stories.


and a pdf / epub version of Call Girl Cheerleaders



Man, I wish he'd go back to writing harem stuff since he's gone professional. The Wizard's Daughters was nice enough (though I have no idea why he decided to have the girls give the protagonist a double penis, that was just WTF) but I wish he'd write something like CGC again.

Also, I wish A-Z Mark were still writing harems and dropped the habit of having one of the girls fuck another guy during the story. That's disgusting.


File: 15803f85e992c7a⋯.pdf (206.4 KB, The maze, end cut.pdf)

High quality, almost exclusive stuff from darkest corners of Second Life. It is deliberately simulating old paperback romance novels for young women, so beware if you have allergy to kitch. Cuckqueening is not a main focus of this story - it is more about generic psychological masochism and fetish for "good girls" leading to board subject only in the end.

The most interesting aspect here is, that, while text in review is epitome of right-wing aesthetics, author of the story is blue-pilled European. Yes, it means much farther to the left of any american pothead. Sometimes I wonder if God can speak to us through our kinks ^_^


Signed, Your Useless Whore Of A Wife

written by NoPineOnMyApple read by naughty_charlotte

[Fucked Up] [Letter] [Narrative] [50s Housewife] [l bomb] description of [cheating] mentions of [beating] [belts] [lingerie] [blowjob] [rough sex] [anal] [gag]




I dunno if translated jap works are acceptable or not but this WN/LN has a succubus who wants her BF to make a harem and pretty much coerces a DFC oni into becoming his mistress.



File: a7b45a4461a65d2⋯.jpg (443.84 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, snicker.jpg)


It's trashy but cute. I like it.



The past few chapters in this have been pretty good for cuckquean stuff.


Does anyone have any good harem fanfics to recommend? I feel like I've exhausted all possible sources, but as this thread has proven there's a whole under-layer of fanfics created before the internet became this gigantic hugbox that were written by people that genuinely tried to aspire to some semblance of quality, but are difficult to find because no one even talks about them.

Are there any other authors like Alpha Zulu or anything that comes close to Kyon: Big Damn Hero in terms of sheer scope and autism?


Also, is there anything to recommend that's on the Kindle store? I've tried reading Fostering Faust by Randi Darren and it made me realize that no matter how shit Japanese web novels might get they'll never be as bad as the garbage Western soycucks shit out.


File: 1e328c1171e877d⋯.jpg (114.96 KB, 769x478, 769:478, 1455212681802.jpg)

>>19444 (trips duly checked)

>"For Egil-sama to have sex with someone and for that someone to be blissful, it means that other women have also realised Egil-sama’s charm. To be able to have plenty of people know my husband’s charm, I cannot be happier."

>It will be nice if someday their relationship turns into one where they both can love each other.

>ーーIf it turns into that kind of a relationship, I will be able to do the play that I wanted to.

>Ufuu. Ufufuu.

>“Eleanor? What’s wrong?”

>“No, it is nothing”

>No good, no good. My smile unconsciously escaped because of my delusions.

Yep, seems like one of us.


I just caught up on this. It's as trashy as ever. I enjoy it.


Sorry, I know of none other than the ones posted ITT.

It's amazing how difficult it becomes to find obscure content that's even a few years old. It just goes to show that every anon should be versed in the art of saving, archiving, and indexing anything they like or might want to share in the future. >>3822 was right.



I enjoyed this one https://archiveofourown.org/works/2388167 It's by Sierra Lee, who is also the creator of The Last Sovereign (>>3285). Some of her other fics are hit-and-miss though.



File: f588f76f20a24ae⋯.png (386.93 KB, 1080x1020, 18:17, D7878691-9A01-41D5-AD04-60….png)


>tale of steamy female cuckoldry that will drive you past the legal limit of desire!



>It just goes to show that every anon should be versed in the art of saving, archiving, and indexing anything they like or might want to share in the future

Pretty much. Then again, if you were to go look up the summary of any of the stories written by Alpha Zulu you'd have extreme trouble figuring out what they're even about, let alone that many of them are harem stories. For example, here's the description for Legacy, a Lova Hina fic where Keitaro pretty much fucks and marries every female character in the show:

>You can hide your sins, you can bury the past, but you can't outrun the consequences. Two familes in collision - and the tenants of the Hinata caught in the middle.

How would anyone know it's a harem story without it getting pointed out to them? It also doesn't help that, while many of the stories aren't exactly lost, being that they are archived in one place or another, it's usually on some shithole site with godawful search features and a defunct community.

But yes, I agree, archiving everything is the way to go. Still, the biggest issue with harem stories isn't reading them, but actually finding them.


>who is also the creator of The Last Sovereign

The one that had a heroine called Cumdump? It's like Western authors have trouble understanding that men aren't exactly attracted to women with a thousand dick stare. I mean, it's not like I'm talking about rocket science here, even women are aware of this simple fact and usually hide the real number of men they've been with.

Hell, there's a story on Kindle called Monster Hunt NYC by Harmon Cooper where one of the prospective heroines is the friend of the protagonist that reveals to him she was in a relationship with the third member of their band, called Thad (one letter away from Chad), after he smashed apart their expensive music equipment and walked away with their money. So now not only are we supposed to feel sorry for this used goods whore with bad taste in men, but also applaud the cuck protagonist for welcoming Chad's sloppy seconds on the rebound.

Are Western authors retarded?


Cuckquean isn't exactly harem, but it's close enough. Thank you for the recommendations.



>The one that had a heroine called Cumdump?

As I recall, her name was actually Qu'umd'mp or something, needed semen to live (on account of being a succubus), was pretty much a joke character, and became fanatically loyal as soon as she joined the MC's harem. I'd imagine that succubi are immune to degraded pair-bonding from cockhopping, but still, that said…

>Are Western authors retarded?





Now I can't help but wonder if this site has a board about harems. Maybe I should look.


File: 78d061ebc547dc2⋯.png (151.18 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181106-115620.png)


A cursory search of board titles reveals four matches, two of which are 404'd one doesn't seem to have anything on it at all and the last one simply titled /harem/ appears to be somewhat new with a bit of content here and there


File: f0be6c37fe79d88⋯.png (491.7 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181106-121016.png)

Decided to look around a little on that /harem/ board and this is the first thing on there.

How rude.



>I want to create a harem

>I don't want any females whose goals align with mine

Anon is quite the intellectual.


File: 1de64c6ee1ef9f9⋯.png (1.09 MB, 968x701, 968:701, 0E4A01E8-9B59-4DBF-940F-DF….png)


>namefagging BO

>because I deserve it

>no female from /cuckquean/ is allowed to post here

We must have insulted him somehow - probably by telling him to post cock or GTFO and to stop telling us about how great his imaginary harem would be - but I honestly don’t remember him.



It makes its own kind of sense. The path of a man who wants to be a player is different from the path of a woman who wants to be in a devoted relationship with a man who fucks other girls on the side with her enthusiastic consent. The emotional tone is quite different, as is the kinds of men it’s suitable for. Plus we’re pretty deliberately a bad place for men to seek advice from.


File: f772dc085866157⋯.jpg (258.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, compersion.jpg)


Maybe his fetish is jealousy and backstabbing instead of compersion and sisterhood?



Makes me honestly wonder why would he refuse the board for women who accept "harem" life when he wants harem life too. He especially mention this board after all lol.



It does sound like he had a bad 'muh dick' experience and is bitter over it. Or he's asian or otherwise not white. Or an elf. Or just generally not /cuckquean/ man material for other reasons.



Am an asian man, not the guy and I honestly more weirded out and confused by the white people's attraction towards Asian than anything.

Wonder how do girls feel about us asian man '-')



It's not as much of white people being into asian girls, as you might think. When it comes up here, it's more that cuckqueaning is a fetish about power dynamics, and so raceplay kind of naturally fits with it, or at least fits with the same who finding cuckqueaning appealing. And so if you're white and you find raceplay appealing, east asians are the natural choice to involve. You get to have your raceplay dynamics without any less pleasant races involved.

Outside of cuckqueaning, when it comes to the prevalence of white men with asian women, it's less about the man's preference than the woman's, despite a common theme in the media that those evil white men have yellow fever and are preying and fetishizing asian girls.

The fact is, men in general are far less likely to be concerned about the race of prospective partners. Women are more likely to be exclusive to one race, or exclude certain races, and that exclusivity tends to represent in-group preference. So for example, if a white woman will only date one race of men, it's likely that it's white men, and if she excludes certain races, she's unlikely to be white men. And the same goes for most races. There are, of course, exceptions, wherein a woman will only date one particular race other than their own. This is really rare for men. Lots of white guys really like asian girls, and find them attractive, but to deliberately exclude white girls is very odd.

However, there is an oddly large proportion of asian women, in western countries, who exclusively date white men. I don't have the numbers, and a lot of those studies are a little iffy, but there is a trend that shows asian women being an outlier among women, in their willingness to exclusively date a different race from their own. Why this is, is another question entirely. It could be that they tend to be in smaller populations, and assimilate well, so they have a particular view of their community vs. the larger community, hence you get the "asian guys remind me of my brothers" argument. There's been a lot of things suggested, nothing real concrete.

tl;dr - White men aren't stealing all the asian girls, asian girls are bogarting all our men, and they need to be taught how to share.

As for asian guys among the women of /cuckquean/? I don't know, they probably score higher than most non-white guys. They make anime, after all. Bear in mind, /cuckquean/ is 8chan, and 8chan has sort of a selection bias. We tend to skew right wing and white, or people that are okay with that. Sometimes it surprises you. Meetups have shown /pol/ to be weirdly diverse. But anyways, as cuckqueaning is more female focused, the concern is really less on the physical traits of the male, and more about those of the vixen. It's more of a focus on a specific man, who is important to the woman for her own personal reasons, so despite the white supremacy themes we have here, his race may not be as important.


>She was a hipster chick—tattoos, piercings, and one side of her dark hair shaved. She dressed in black and wasn’t afraid of showing a vast valley of pale cleavage. She was a thicker girl, but Steven didn’t mind a bit. He liked women with hips. While Tessa was ultra-cool and listened to music he’d never heard of, Steven was just an everyday average normal guy—medium height, medium weight, medium everything.

>Steven knew for a fact that Tessa was polyamorous. She liked to date lots of different types of people—men and women—at one time. For a minute, Steven thought about the possibilities in that luxury automobile. But he shook the thought off, as tantalizing as it was, since he had other things to worry about.

This is what you get when you let a Western soycuck write harem fiction for you. A fat, whoring hipster with tumblr hair, that's the ideal woman in the eyes of betas. Sometimes I really wonder just how many electroshocks to the testicles it will take to cure some of them.



You can't cure the braindead.



We need some valid excuse to torture them in cruel and unusual ways.



That's pretty fucking awful. I usually don't bother concerning myself with what polyamorous people do, as long as it isn't around me, and they seem to each have their own definition of it. But the most common theme seems to be that they're narcissists who have this unrealistic idea that they'll just fuck whatever creature wanders their path and doesn't scurry away in disgust, and think that they can have functional relationships this way. It troubles me that it's somehow treated as more acceptable than something like a stable polygamous relationship. Not that I think the latter would be great for society, instituted as a cultural norm, but it has potential to be so much more wholesome than the former.

Also, when did we get to the point that we use 'hipster' to mean something other than an insult? I get why hipsters do it, they're fucking hipsters. But if you refer to someone as a hipster without disdain, get your priorities straight.



There's at least a few polygamous relationships that seem to have been stable, though extremely rare. Far as I know there's no polyamorous ones that weren't a clusterfuck of drama, jealousy and STDs. They tend to be magnets for the most dysfunctional specimens of the left and it never works out.



It’s sad that you’re right.

>the possibilities in that luxury automobile

I don’t understand this. What tantalising possibilities exist in a beat-up rental? The previous paragraph tries very hard to make-believe that the “thick” fat rainbow-haired hipster is desirable. Who is this written for? It reads like shitty propaganda and/or self-delusion.



>What tantalising possibilities exist in a beat-up rental?

MC will finally fuck something, even if that something is a sheeting repository of STDs no one in their right mind finds attractive.

>Who is this written for?

Honest to God I have no fucking clue. I try to read these stories and they always, always seem to take the worst aspects of Japanese stories (indecisive, beta loser MC that gets emasculated at every turn) and combine them with the worst aspects of Western stories (heroines that are unappealing in the extreme, except in their looks, and even that is not always the case).

What's the fucking point of an escapist fantasy if it's just a vehicle for the author to unleash the hidden neuroses created by cognitive dissonances due to years of Marxist brainwashing?


File: fa0160390a93547⋯.png (520.5 KB, 460x1240, 23:62, BE167A8C-7E78-424C-BC4B-11….png)


You assume the story is a release rather than an infection vector.

I recall hearing somewhere - I don’t recall where - that the old Soviet propaganda’s real purpose was not to convince but to humiliate. Being subjected to being constantly told that black is white and that the things you see every day aren’t true caused a feeling of helplessness to gradually overwhelm the population to the point that some of them would break and convince themselves the lies were true just to get away from the awful contemptuous feeling of being systematically and openly lied to. You should consider that there are individuals and peoples who find this process delightful and seek (whether consciously or unconsciously) to propagate it. This has mutated into a kind of parasitic meme that induces the host to continued spreading the lies by the same means that Truth and Beauty would otherwise be transmitted.

What you are perceiving is a disgusting parasite-worm coiled around the spirit of the West. Your disgust is normal and healthy, Anon.



>You assume the story is a release rather than an infection vector.

It's self-published. Then again, Gramsci, that vile leftist cockroach, did write about how to create a self-perpetuating Marxist system that doesn't require a massive security apparatus to stay in place.

I fear that the rot in the West is far too deep to ever truly be purged. Proof enough is their attitudes towards waifus. Instead of doing what Japan does and writing cute, virginal girls created to hit as many buttons among the male audience as possible Western authors are only capable of writing one kind of female, a feminist whore with a shit attitude and the body of a cheap porn star. They can't stop cucking themselves even in their escapism.

>Your disgust is normal and healthy, Anon.

I've transcended disgusts. All that I have left is a burning hatred for every leftist and liberal in existence. I genuinely wish to do them harm.



>his race may not be as important

wrong answer



Hey, I'm completely in favor of white cock here. I'm assuming most white women here probably are in-group exclusive. I'm just saying, it's entirely possible that there's asian girls who don't mind being with asian guys. Who am I to judge?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You may be thinking of some of the stuff said by Yuri Bezmenov, the KGB defector.


Does anyone have any idea how to download stories from fiction.live?



Today I bring something a bit on the smuttier side of Japanese novels. This story is your typical coming of age story, wherein boy loves his childhood crush next door, girl next door is scared of dealing with any "worldly desires" he has and rejects him. Causing her to inadvertently chase him into the caring arms of a bevy of bodacious and beautiful beautician succubi. Resulting in him marrying and impregnating one of the succubi (who then proceeds to encourage him to have sex with as many other succubi as possible) as well as moving to her world just as the girl next door starts to realize her true feelings and regret her course of action.



It’s such a good setup but the whole submissive male flavour ruins it for me.



Eyuuuup if he took charge more at least some of the time I'd definitely have enjoyed it more too. Shame really.





I am a bit conflicted on whether /cuckquean/ or /u/ is the most redpilled board on the internet.



Is /u/ a decent place? I've not spent much time there. I like some proper lezzing out as much as the next person, and think all pretty girls should experiment with other pretty girls, but I ultimately think they do need the D at some point, which may put me at odds with them. But I've also been thinking about finding more communities that are pervy but decent. I've been poking around literotica, but the forums are… disappointing, to say the least.

Any suggestions of decent sexual inclined communities to engage in that aren't media-puppet leftist nightmares?



>Is /u/ a decent place?

When one of those "official" manga hosting shitholes decided to remove one of their stories after a tranny complained because they made a joke about ubermensch in the credit page they told them to eat a cock and pulled all their translations from the site. Respect to them for sticking to their principles and going scorched earth with the leftist shitstains.

>which may put me at odds with them

I like yuri, though I do prefer stories where one man lewds multiple women. What's really strange about Japan is that even in obviously harem stories (besides outright pornography) the women never really seem to want to sexually interact with each other. They'll tolerate, and sometimes even encourage the protagonist to find more waifus, but they'll never express attraction to the other women he's romantically involved in.

What's even more bizarre is Rokujouma, which has to be the least lewd harem LN out there, where it's pretty obvious that some of the girls are attracted to the other girls too, usually imagining themselves with the protagonist and one other heroine going on dates together. I mean, it's not really outright stated, but it's heavily implied they think of some of the other girls as more than friends.

>I've been poking around literotica, but the forums are… disappointing, to say the least.

Literotica is a complete cesspit. Whoever came up with the design needs to be beaten to death because the site is a nightmare to navigate.

>Any suggestions of decent sexual inclined communities to engage in that aren't media-puppet leftist nightmares?

Storiesonile is much better and easier to navigate, most of the userbase is made up of boomers, but at least you can say something non-PC without everyone losing their minds. Sadly, I don't think they have a cuckquean tag, and the use of the harem/polygamy tags by many authors is questionable at best.



>Literotica is a complete cesspit. Whoever came up with the design needs to be beaten to death because the site is a nightmare to navigate.

You're not wrong. It is, perhaps, the worst designed website I've ever encountered. I say that without hyperbole. I remember the average geocities website being better laid out than Literotica. Even crazy timecube-esque websites run by unmedicated lunatics technically have a better set up, since everything being one enormous scrolling page at least means you can control-F to find things. I only found the forums by doing an independent search. I still don't know how to access them from the main site. I posted my stories there because it seems to be the biggest site for this stuff, but it's utterly baffling that it is. The forums themselves are, at their best, merely not worth the time to bother with. I've encountered nothing of value, there.

I'll check out Storiesonline. It can't be any worse.



A bit of advice for storiesonline. By default they restrict the search results in order to get a subscription, but you can get around it by going directly to the address for the search. For example https://storiesonline.net/stories/bytag/maledom:harem is the search request for stories with both maledom and harem tags. As you can see, multiple tags are broken up by a colon.



And he can use Fanficfare (either the calibre plugin or their site: https://fanficfare.appspot.com/) to download the stories in epub, though the limit is 16 stories per day, but it's easy enough to circumvent with multiple accounts.



What are some good harem stories on the site?


Currently writing a story I'll put up on lit which is about an Asian girl who becomes the vixen of a married white man.

I'm wondering how best to go about a slow(ish) burn, since I'm going to bring in raceplay (not the crude namecalling or anything, but definite racial undertones since let's be real, who can deny them?), and eventually I want to bring in heavier fetishes but without throwing the reader in the deep end too soon.

I know this is a vague question, but any suggestions, or things you really like to see?



Domestic service. I'd like to see something with the white wife doing little things to help the vixen and man be comfortable like bringing drinks and offering towels in between rounds. I'd like it if it'd be more about the white cuckquean's pride in her home and desire to get the vixen refreshed and back on her man's cock rather than any kind of subservient role.


Harem autist here, got a few more recommendations for the fine folks of this board.


Let's get some things out of the way first. Overwatch is a shit game made by a shit company that is trying their hardest to pozz away the audience by shitting out more tranny and nigger characters when their audience keeps asking them for waifus.

Well, this questfic fixes that. The protagonist was abducted by the bad guys and heavily enhanced with cybernetics. Now he's on a mission to get all the attractive Overwatch waifus before Talon does. What's impressive is that despite being a quest, and thus beholden to the whims of the audience, the author manages to weave a fairly coherent plot out of it. There's quite a few mysteries regarding the protagonist, his past, the goals of the bad guys.

Then again, the main focus of the story is smut, followed by action scenes, and man can Arl write some good smut. I don't know how cuckqueany the plot would rate among people here, but there's several instances where the heroines openly tell the protagonist to fuck other girls in front of them, getting all hot and bothered more women want him. There's even one scene with Angela/Mercy where she seduces some girl in a club for the MC and helps him fuck her.


RWBY story with much heavier emphasis on the quest mechanics, but the plot is good (read the Story Only Thread, which covers a fairly large chunk of the story). Basically, the protagonist is a walking battery that can move around the magical energy from one heroine to another, the catch being he has to sleep with them first and they're henceforth "married" for life to him. The beginning is rather cuckqueany because Schnee has to come to grips with the fact her boyfriend will be sleeping around with other women, though her angst doesn't last long and she warms up to the idea pretty quickly.


JLDavenport also released a bunch of new short stories. One is a High School DxD fanfic and the other is a second Xenoblade Chronicles 2 story. Worth a read I guess.

Sadly, it's on QQ so the thread is peppered with commentary from those disgusting degenerates.



>The protagonist was abducted by the bad guys and heavily enhanced with cybernetics. Now he's on a mission to get all the attractive Overwatch waifus before Talon does.

I took a chance on reading this even though I’ve never played nor care about Overwatch and unf. Mercy is clearly a cuckquean who thrives off a compersive harem-head dynamic and there are some seriously hot raceplay undertones in there where she just uses the other girls’ mouths after hearing how the MC used them while she wasn’t present. Goddamn this is a fun read. Thank you, harem autist.




Oh damn, really? I thought it sucked lmao



Why would I recommend stories that suck? My tastes might not perfectly align with those of the majority of this board, but it's my belief there's enough common ground for people to take enjoyment in the stories I find.

My only regret is that there's so few good stories to recommend.



It’s certainly not winning any high-minded awards but it’s head and shoulders above most of the other dross in any of its categories. It’s pretty clear that the author is aware of cuckqueaning since it was mentioned by name once in an option and has deliberately woven those tendencies into at least two of the girls so far (Angela and Fareeha) even if the audience insisted on derailing the ‘queanier moments, the fucks.


Posting a few of my favourites that haven't been shared yet.

Outsourcing- "shrewd wife taps ready teen for booty duty"


This features a truly devoted quean, a perky and insatiable vixen, and a dumb but loveable protagonist. Also, it's not cheating because it's just anal.

Pleasure by Proxy- "Boyfriend of a paraplegic is given the offer he can't refuse."


The backstory for this got unusually dark, at least in my opinion, but the story itself is bang on.

Sierra's Amazing Mouth - "It's not what you think . . . it's so much better!"


Steer clear of this one if you don't like incest (mother-daughter). On the other hand, the voyeuristic elements and the dirty-talking may make up for it.

And Mom Makes Three- "Sean wants his mother and so does his girlfriend Erin."


Again, steer clear if you don't like incest (mother-son, this time). But the girlfriend is nice and kinky, as (to nobody's surprise) is the mother.


File: 7253cd342dc58f2⋯.png (303.28 KB, 699x1280, 699:1280, B3A8EA49-3BE8-405C-82BE-C8….png)


Those were hot. Pleasure By Proxy got weird but the ending was spot on. Thank you.

I found that Pleasure By Proxy’s author also did a very, very queany series called Like A Natural Man in which a wife catches, schlicks to, and then blesses her husband’s infidelity with the maid.





Light Novel about a guy reincarnating into the world of an otome game and having to deal with everything that entails. This specific chapter is a sidestory from the POV of one of his love interests who was also supposed to be the 'villainess' of the otome game l, I thought some of her inner dialogue would resonate well here.



Is it a proper harem?



I've read ahead in the raws and yes , yes it is. It takes a while to build up to obviously because the MC is stuck in an otome world and shit's kinda fucked in general at the beginning, but things do start getting turned on their head for the better. With those who played fast and degenerate getting karmic retribution for their fuck ups left and right and those who valued their bonds with each other getting rewarded for not being terrible people.

**MC ends up engaged to both the supposed heroine and villainess of the series that had their respective roles usurped and twisted by the MC's reincarnated sister. (She used half-baked game knowledge to take advantage of their current lives' setting and try to acquire her dream of a reverse harem, unfortunately for her she succeeds in a

pyrrhic victory that leaves her way worse off.) Last I left off in the raws the Queen of his country gave her daughter's hand in marriage to him one sidedly for political reasons and it was also revealed that a lot of bullshit that had been going on in their country was due to social engineering being way more effective than certain interest groups expected.**



I ended up reading the whole thing that'd been translated so far. It was pretty fun.


> those who played fast and degenerate getting karmic retribution for their fuck ups left and right and those who valued their bonds with each other getting rewarded for not being terrible people

Looking forward to this. I like comeuppance.



Hello harem autist! I am still enjoying your earlier recommendations. Please continue being a harem autist, just as before. I feel that it is important somehow.




Some of the series-related autism in this went right over my head but the slow burn harem was just so, so much fun. First time I’ve ever seen an appreciation for the cultural gestures involved in a happy harem too.



Much obliged for the summary.

>With those who played fast and degenerate getting karmic retribution

In other words, whores getting what they deserve. Reverse harems are the work of the Devil.


>I am still enjoying your earlier recommendations

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people enjoy a good harem story.

>Please continue being a harem autist, just as before. I feel that it is important somehow.

Of course it is. I am the anathema of the soyboy. I will never understand why they get so bent out of shape at the mere mention of a man being in a relationship with more than one woman. Is it because it so painfully reminds them of their inadequacies? Do they think that by shaming rescuing the woman from such a relationship she'll reward them with sex? Or are they just playing pretend in hopes an internet feminist will come along and pat them on the head for being good goys?

Also, to ensure my post isn't all about my genocidal hatred for betacucks, I'd like to give a shot-out to Animecon Harem ( available at: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/21414/animecon-harem and elsewhere - the author's Patreon had a bunch of unedited chapters available). Not the best story out there, the protagonist being a bit of a henpecked bottom bitch, but it's a fun read.

Sadly, I don't have much else to recommend currently. Finding good harem stories is a real struggle at the best of times, and in this Brave New World of soy not many dare write about such a fantasy for fear of the shrieking leftist hordes coming their way.

Then again, I could recommend Rokujouma, since we're on the topic of Japanese LNs. It's a pretty good story, you can safely ignore the summary since it doesn't do it justice and makes it sound like a dumb mish-mash of ideas that would seemingly work horribly together. In reality, the author does an excellent job of weaving the various plot threads (magical girls, ghosts, galactic empires, underground people, sentai team, etc.) together into a coherent whole, and goes to great lengths to show how the protagonist and the heroines grow into a close group of friends, and how the girls then decide to entrap the protagonist so he can't choose only one of them.

About the only downside is that it's a pretty slow burn initially (you can just watch the anime that covers the first 6 or 7 volumes and not miss much nuance) and that there's no lewds at all. In fact, the whole thing is incredibly PG, to the point the most extreme intimate thing that happened was one heroine kissing the protagonist.

Also, it's an officially licensed series, so you can pirate the epubs of the official releases, and when you catch up to those continue with the fan translated ones (that were done by the same guy that is currently translating/editing the official releases). The story is pretty much ending, with only two volumes renaming to be translated in English (30 and 31), followed by a bunch of after-story volumes and what-ifs.


Yeah, not many authors go through the effort of exploring the cultural, personal and emotional challenges involved in such a relationship. Usually they just handwave it with "and everyone was okay with it" or simply pretend there was no issue to begin with.

That being said, while I am a fan of smut, I wish the story would focus less on it. Then again, the author is horrible at writing action scenes so there's that too.



Not sure how well recieved this series as a whole would be with how hackneyed some of the writing is but at the very least this chapter was pretty fun.



I'm close to finishing the second volume and I have to say I'm not really liking it as much as I did in the beginning.

The protagonist embodies everything wrong with Japanese protagonists. He knows there will be a brutal war in the future, he has the knowledge and the power to, if not stop it, then at least minimize casualties, yet he does nothing - his excuse being that he wants to live a quiet life (which he does not do anyway - rendering every rationalization of his a huge waste of time). This makes him both craven and amoral. And you can add hypocrite on top, when he refuses to kill pirates that were shown to be perfectly willing to kill commoners, rape women and hold nobles for ransom, because he doesn't want to go down the path of slaughter. Hell, he spends both volumes endlessly whining about how he needs to find a marriage partner because that's what expected, and this when he is repeatedly shown breaking customs and social conventions all the time.

Then we have the vomit inducing "hero tries to recreate Japanese food in another world" scene every fucking isekai story has to feature for some fucking reason. Also, the protagonist loves to talk big and be boastful - mostly because he has the most powerful mech and ship and the AI pretty much does everything for him - but when it really matters he is a complete and utter coward. He can't even tell the heroine he's her friend for some bullshit reason just so the author could waste the majority of Volume 2 on pointless drama.

And the fact he is so powerful renders any and all moments of tension moot. There's really nothing his antagonists can do against his mech and ship, thus making any fight a foregone conclusion, and so any other form of interaction, since his AI servant sees and knows all.

In short, outside of the interesting premise of poking fun at otome games (which stops being a thing by the end of Volume 1) there's really nothing recommendable about the story. The protagonist not being a complete herbivore means he's just a cliche isekai edgelord hypocrite that really never had to work for anything.



How do you navigate around the asstr website? theres no tag there, making it hard to search for specific kind of stories, and holy shit theres a lot of stories there.

Also, that Spacerx's stories are so slow. I don't know how is the guy recommended, reading the story kills my mood. The build up have like 10k words while the sex scenes itself is probably only around 100 words…



>How do you navigate around the asstr website?

You don't. The search feature has been broken for ages, and the website is an ancient relic that might as well just be a dump of txt files. You're basically on the mercy of the author bothering to put tags for his story somewhere, or for the long gone enterprising souls that attempted to catalogue the clusterfuck.

Literotica is barely better.


A shot in the dark here, but I was wondering if anyone had Angels, Demons and Alex by bashfullyshameless. It's the lewd version of Good Intentions by Elliot Kay, and it was taken down from literotica years ago. Wayback machine is no help because I can only find direct links to two of the chapters (12 and 13), and while I can access the author's profile via Wayback the links provided for the story don't work (they need to have id=[number] in the address).

Any kind anons willing to provide assistance or a link?

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