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File: 1420156789392.jpg (31.8 KB, 464x665, 464:665, chastity belt.jpg)


Do you have any favorite Cuckqueaning Fantasies/Scenarios?

My favorite is the "Cuckquean Wedding". The ceremony would basically go:
Wife and husband dress much like in regular weddings. Except the wife's dress incorporates a chastity belt.
The wife is accompanied and stands with her bridesmaid or bridesmaids (bringing more bridesmaids is considered better luck, but one is necessary). Bridesmaids are naked, except for partially translucent veils that obscure their bodies a little. They might also choose to hide their identities with masks.
The husband is accompanied by any other wives.
Vows are exchanged as normal. With obvious changes.
Finally, the husband gives the wife a ring, but the wife gives her husband the key to her chastity belt, which is stored until the husband has sex with all the bridesmaids during the Honeymoon.

So… anybody else wants to share fantasies?


I keep thinking of a wife putting her wedding ring on the other women.


File: 1420175449502.jpg (263.06 KB, 863x1200, 863:1200, 47624886_p0.jpg)

I'd like to experiment with putting my cuckquean in chastity, either during a cucking or longer term. The thought of taking control of her pussy to such a degree scratches itches I never knew I had. It's especially hot to imagine her locked in while she watches me with another girl. I like to imagine playfully tapping at her crotch while I taunt her in between sex or her becoming so frenzied by watching us that she ends up pathetically slamming her crotch against furniture to no avail, begging to be released - before I gag her with the other girl's panties to quiet her down.

The belts seem like quite an investment, which is a shame.


Maybe you could try tying her up really close to a vibrator, yet away, while you fuck the other woman.


That would be fun, but it's unsafe to leave someone securely rope-bound and unsupervised (as she essentially would be when I'm fucking) for more than a short time.

I think I'm going to have to research this. The enforced chastity idea grows on me by the day.


Yesh, but I don't want to be some submissive wife getting off on my man fucking other women, I want to be the dominant one in the cuckquean triangle.

I'd want a shy little qt with an adorably intense crush on my man, I'd make friends with her, bring her over to my place just to tease her and make her squirm. I'd have my husband work out while she's here, excuse myself to the bathroom and wait for her to get all fidgety and hot watching that sweaty, muscular slab of beef move.

It'd be an ordinary day, I'll squeal about something cute my boyfriend did, and ask her what she thought about him. She'd blush and look down, saying something about him being a nice guy or whatever, then nonchalantly, I'd ask 'do you want to fuck him?'. I'd soak up her embarrassment like a lust-sponge as she stammered 'n-n-no', then tell her 'what if I wanted you to fuck him?'

Before she could answer I'd grab her by the wrist and lead her up to the bedroom, I'd call in my man, throw her on the bed and tear off her jeans. I'd whisper in his ear what I wanted him to do to her, then I'd tell her I'm locking the door and no one's getting out until I see someone cum.

I'd watch them fuck, I'd lie right beside her as he pounded her like a rutting animal in a pen, no gentle loving here, just raw animal lust. I'd gaze into her eyes and whisper in her ear what a whore she was, asking if she thought she was a better fuck than me, threatening an unspecified punishment if he cums before she does. I'd alternate between sweet and abusive, brushing her hair and face affectionately while I tell her what a selfish slut she is. When all is said and down, and she's lying there breathing heavily in a pool of sweat and cum, I'd embrace her passionately, wrapping my arms around her, giving her bare ass a little squeeze and attempting to poke her tonsils with my tongue.

A relationship would develop, she'd have to ask me to fuck my man while I teased her (she couldn't do it in an innocent roundabout way 'c-can he and I um.. you know', I'd demand that she be direct and explicit about asking 'I want his cock inside of me') about it. I'd watch them every time, occasionally making her watch him fuck me to show her how it's really done. Later on, I'd want him to breed her, I'd watch her pregnancy grow and wait for a moment when she's at the end stages and lost in feelings of motherhood. I'd creep up behind her, press my body against her back, putting my hands around her swollen, drum tight baby bump and whispering that her child was as much mine as it was hers.


File: 1422771062716.jpeg (325.51 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 70055ca8fd5d7419cf8043e51….jpeg)

>she couldn't do it in an innocent roundabout way 'c-can he and I um.. you know', I'd demand that she be direct and explicit about asking 'I want his cock inside of me'

This is amazingly hot. I didn't think a dominant cuckquean could work but what you describe makes perfect sense to my crotch.


Anon, you are God's gift to cuckquean lovers.


came. thanks.


My cuckquean fantasy works in some incest…I'm a little too old for it now, but it entails starting a relationship with either mom or sister, and the other finds out and steals me away. there'd be some pretty harsh humiliation/domination between mom and sister, and I'm more or less a bystander….a bystander getting his brains fucked out.


Do you imagine something like a hotter, more aggresive mother or sister to add to the humilliation/domination?


Something like that. They'd have the typical bodies you'd imagine for their age, but still desirable, you know? Sis is a slender, nubile teen, mom's a little softer, curvier.

I think the typical/expected way to run it is initially having something with mom, and of course she's submissive/nurturing from the start. So sis, who's your typical 17 year old sex pot finds out and she's jealous to start because she's so much hotter, why would I pick mom?

usually for me, because I also fetishize promiscuous women, sis is already a bit of a nympho and there's an antagonistic relationship between them about her behavior. Sis would definitely be a vindictive bitch toward Mom even after the hierarchy is established.

Somehow my mind wandered a bit while typing this and I pictured Sis hosting parties where Mom has to play hostess, and both me and sis are just basically fucking everyone else, but Mom has strict instructions to tell anyone no, not that we expect any pretty, young people to want to bang our gross old mom.



This is probably the best fantasy I'v read all year.

I have discovered a new fetish.


write more please


>sis is already a bit of a nympho and there's an antagonistic relationship between them about her behavior
Well anon, why don't you actually get started on trying to set that up already then?


Huh? Perhaps you've mistaken me putting some background to my fantasy for a situation that already exists.


I'm not sure what the deal is with >>932 either.


My fantasy is pretty vanilla. I love the idea of my BF having all sorts of girls to choose from for sexual fulfillment while I am his emotional rock. I love to think about him choosing to receive pleasure from someone prettier, hotter, who can make him feel physically better than I can… but wanting me to be there to hold his hand and kiss him while he is pleasured.


File: 1430034035367.jpg (1.32 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1f1168894c92fa7e96f13dc66c….jpg)

I'm getting into the idea of semi-public sex lately. Specifically, a fantasy where my boyfriend and his lover fuck somewhere they might otherwise get caught while I stand guard for them. They can't stop at just one time, of course, so I end up having to do this repeatedly in all kinds of places over the course of an entire day.



thanks for the contribution. having been involved with a girl who gave me cuckqueanish suggestions but I was sort of confused on the issue, potent orgasm is ensured now.



Are you the one guy that keeps telling us about how particular posts make you cum? Please stop. We're not reporting our fantasies for you and hearing about how you're fapping to them means we're (or at least I) am less likely to share them.



noted. behaviour will be silenced. just not sure if I'm the only one.


May guys contribute? I've got a pretty big fantasy, but don't want to step on toes here.



Yes, they may. The sticky says:

>Anyone may post.

Bascially as long as you're not making creepy "maleanon here tell me more about ur dirty thoughts"-type shitposts or constantly bringing up your gender when irrelevant (i.e. against the spirit of anonymity and non-identity), it's fine.

Post last edited at



I'm not this guy >>1320, but I'm a male dom with a fantasy about this sort of thing for a long time.

Basically, the cuckquean is made to "give" me the other girl, who's had her hands tied or handcuffed behind her back; they both lie down on the bed, with the cuckquean lying underneath the other girl, and then forces her to spread her legs by sliding her own legs in between the other girls and spreading her own legs.

She then spreads the other girl's pussy with the fingers of one of her hands to invite me to fuck the girl on top of her. Once I start doing so, she starts masturbating the other girl, and maybe using her free hand to grope the other girl's boob or rub her body.

As a dom, I find the whole idea really hot, because it lets me dominate two girls at once in very different ways: the girl on top is rendered helpless and incapable of resisting as we ravish her relentlessly, while the cuckquean is not just being cucked, but also being forced to feel the other girl buck and writhe on top of her in pleasure, while being incapable of being sexually stimulated herself due to the position she's in.



I've done this, except the other girl was bound in doggy style while my cuckquean was the other way around, looking directly up at the other girl's pussy and spreading it for me as I fucked it. She didn't sexually interact with the other girl aside from that, though she did interact plenty with me.

The sensation of a whimpering cuckquean's tongue in mid-cuck supplication against your balls is a sensation unlike any other.



Alright, here I go.

It's been a longtime fantasy of mine to have my wife pick up the girl for me, especially without me knowing, like a birthday surprise.

I come home one day to find her dressed up in the bra and panties I like. She tells me to follow her into the bedroom. There, to my surprise, is the shy, nerdy girl from down the street, blushing like mad.

"She's all yours, Anon," my wife whispers as she gives my stiffening dick a squeeze. "Be sure to breed her good." (I also have a bit of an impreg fetish)

I start to make out with our vixen (or would she be a brood mare?), and wifey helps out. She guides my hand to the vixen's tits, begs me to pinch her nipples, and helps me take off her clothes.

Then, with wifey holding the vixen's legs open, I slide in. "Is it good?" she asks. I nod before realizing she wasn't asking me.

The vixen moans weakly the affirmative. "You like having that cock in you?" wifey asks, and before the vixen can answer, wifey looks at me and says "Fuck her brains out!"

So I do. I hit that pussy like it insulted my mama. And the whole time, wifey is asking me how it feels and encouraging me to fuck her harder.

Right at the end, I hear her say to the vixen "Aren't you a lucky little slut? You want him to cum in you? You want him to make you his?"

And when she nods 'yes' to that, I cum. I cum hard. I pump into the nerdy little vixen until I'm almost dry. Then wifey pushes me off her, so that wifey can catch the last bit of my cum in her mouth.

….And now I need to take care of something.


A few random bits, just to throw out there…

No. 1

>Man has cuck, vixen, and a bunch of poker buddies

>makes both girls "service" the game, snacks, drinks, etc

>Vixen gets to dress provocatively, cuck more "around the house" dressed

>If it's going to be THAT kind of sex fantasy, cuck gets passed around by the buddies while hubby keeps vixen to himself.

No. 2

>Cuck is extremely shy, reserved but also desperate to please and loves humiliation.

>Hubby constantly pushes her limits expecting bigger and bigger concessions from her

>For instance, he starts training her for anal sex so he can fuck her without her enjoying it

>As she gets used to it he ups the stakes - less lube, less prep, harder, longer, ATM

>Makes it his goal to pound her until she cries

>Not necessarily a cuck thing I guess…maybe pick stuff the vixen is already better than cuck at.

No. 3

>Vixen is universal 10/10, cuck maybe 6, 7 out of 10

>Vixen wants to make cuck her new beach buddy

>Suit shopping, Vixen gets 1 step up from Wicked Weasel. Cuck gets the ugliest, most unflattering one-piece they can find.

>Vixen routinely picks up (or gets picked up by) randoms

>cuck has to stay on the beach until she comes back or texts that she isn't coming back (or she has to be home for hubby). Also on call to pick her up whenever she's done.

>cuck cleans up vixen (literally bathing her etc) while vixen tells her the story of the hookup

>foreplay that night is vixen giving long, loving head to hubby while cuck tells the story to hubby


File: 1433722938292.png (331.36 KB, 556x398, 278:199, 1432101280516.jpg.png)


>No. 1

>Pic relevant



Unfortunately I don't think I could write the full scenario out in a satisfying manner. If anyone else wants to take a crack at it, or any variation thereof, go right ahead.


File: 1433742465733.gif (2.97 MB, 350x197, 350:197, nope.gif)


>cuckoldry mixed into 1 & 3



Maybe a little in No. 1, but it isn't really, not according to modern fetish usage. Hotwifing? yeah, but no denial, and no submission at all from the husband. The only reason he isn't banging wifey is because he has the superior cunt all to himself.

No. 3 is the closest, but there's plenty of room in cuckqueaning for vixens that aren't exclusive to the stallion.

I get that those fantasies aren't for you, and that's fine of course. It's a bit oversensitive to call it cuckoldry, though.


File: 9d0b0161d1a33bd⋯.jpg (130.9 KB, 600x744, 25:31, 1389563805420.jpg)

>Generic harem fantasy

I am some kind of post-apoc warlord with a harem of ethnic sex slaves. I fuck them as the others feed me grapes and also pour drink down my throat.

The pretty ones get better rations so the less attractive ones BEG to fuck me to get into the "Vixen Status"



What's best in life?


File: 57886bbc605046a⋯.png (5.47 MB, 2466x3316, 1233:1658, ClipboardImage.png)


To cuck your quean, to see her schlick before you, and to hear the orgasms of the vixen!





My fantasy is similar to yours but from the side of the harem member.

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, strength is all that matters. The apocalypse eliminated most men, leaving all the women but only 10% of men. The men who survived, however, metamorphosed. 20% of them morphed into hypermasculinity. The average one would put Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan to shame. They're immensely strong and intelligent, and are surrounded by a powerful commanding aura that makes those around them want to obey.

The remaining 80% of men are transformed into pretty boys. They're about the same strength as women and have feminine figures (but are still within the bounds of what is achievable by the male - they're true traps). Their body hair is significantly stunted to about the level of a woman.

So basically society organizes itself into these harems that center around the hyper-males. Women and femme-males flock to them to be owned and provided for, as in the harsh wastelands the strength of a hyper-male is needed to survive.

Oh, and chastity devices are common. The hyper-males are smart enough to create secure chastity belts for both genders, and it is the norm for harem members to be kept in chastity. Typically the only times they come off are for procreation (the hyper-males prefer anal). This prevents femme-males from having sex with women and also serves as the symbol of a harem member's bond with the hyper-male.


File: ab7a246c9bf9b14⋯.png (988.93 KB, 1040x826, 520:413, christ-chan.png)


Put some kebab removal in it and you got yourself a deal.



>In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, strength is all that matters. The apocalypse eliminated most men, leaving all the women but only 10% of men. The men who survived, however, metamorphosed. 20% of them morphed into hypermasculinity. The average one would put Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan to shame. They're immensely strong and intelligent, and are surrounded by a powerful commanding aura that makes those around them want to obey.

>The remaining 80% of men are transformed into pretty boys. They're about the same strength as women and have feminine figures (but are still within the bounds of what is achievable by the male - they're true traps). Their body hair is significantly stunted to about the level of a woman.

You should write a manga out of it. Actually none should but you know how I mean it.



My little crusader can't be this cute.


>Concubine fantasy

Women are divided into two classes, normal women who get freedom just like men and can marry men as partners, and concubines, who are submissive to their men and the man's wife.

A wife is free to own her own property, have her own job, and she and her husband have sex when they both want to. A man only has one wife.

A concubine doesn't get her own property and must get permission from her master before leaving the house. She does housework instead of having a job, unless it's a simple job arranged by her master. She is required to provide him with sex and may be placed in chastity. She either shares a dorm like room with other concubines or sleeps in a bed in the corner of her master's bedroom when she isn't in his bed.

Being a concubine is considered a natural part of who she is. In her teens it's usually obvious from her personality whether a girl will be a concubine or not. Some are conflicted or confused, but normally it's just accepted.


>have a docile and rather uninteresting asian gf

>live with her

>start staying out more with "friends"

>eventually admit one of my friends is a woman

>bring her over one night with a guy friend

>goes well, just some mario party playing

>start bringing over just girl

>start getting more and more flirty with vixen infront of gf

>eventually fuck vixen

>gf admits she realizes I need a "real woman"

>I start to fuck vixen all the time

>gf will do her laundry, cook breakfast for us, make drinks for us

>eventually culminates with asian girl rimming vixen as she rides my dick



Don't you think it's racist to target an asian girl just because you believe she'll be "docile" aka submissive and easy to control? Asian girls are so enamoured with white guys that they don't even care if he flirts with other girls or even cheats with them? Don't you think you need to take a good look at your quite frankly sexists attitudes?

I don't. I think it's fine to make asian girls into cuckqueans. Being a cuckquean gives plainer asian girls a better chance of landing a white boyfriend so I hope it catches on.


File: a68dd6fa3fe8e6d⋯.jpg (45.84 KB, 500x747, 500:747, 1468328991250.jpg)


Lmao you had me going there anon.

Yeah asian girls seem just so natural to cuck.



Man I love Zatanna but without that corset this cosplay would be a travesty.



>Yeah asian girls seem just so natural to cuck.

It is racist and sexist to say that, but it's the good kind of racist and sexist.



Sounds ideal. So about 5 girls and 4 boys per man?



Past a certain point, "cucking" loses it's meaning. Even if you have a white wife and bring on a yellow "vixen", it's still clear who she is and what you want her for


Infertility is one that is interesting. Being unable to bear thus having someone else do it in your place…

I read a story a long time ago with all these daughters going back in time to get their mothers to woo the single guy and basically fighting to see who gets to be born in this timeline. And one of them decides to really be cruel and stabs the ovaries of one of them, causing a daughter to disappear BTTF style.



I think I read something like that too. Can't remember the damn name of it, though.


File: 20bf3976a506354⋯.jpg (40.81 KB, 246x350, 123:175, IMG_6686.JPG)



Yomeiro Choice?



It has the same concept but I haven't finished it and I haven't seen any stabbing yet. It was just a text internet story anyway.

Speaking of, Eunuch Archive, why did it have to move behind a log in screen? It had finally gotten some female nul stuff too.


I wanna have a loving close relationship with my wife and daughter. Getting to do it with my little girl daily in front of my wife like it's nothing.

Another bit I could add to it is hiring a babysitter/nanny I can fuck in front of them both.


File: 4c08a029b6c0e02⋯.jpg (49.01 KB, 564x752, 3:4, 6ad184f42b2700a66948e7726b….jpg)

Sexually aggressive latinas catcalling me infront of my shy nerdy gf

Eventually my gf starts asking me if I like latinas

Then we start watching latina porn

Then one day I come home and the latinas are there, and my gf just sits on the couch and murmurs "Do what you want"

Then the reverse gangbang begins. With latinas taking turns riding my cock and mocking my shy gf as she sits on the couch


>Single mom, raising boy (me) and girl. Sister is a little older.

>Mom never really dates, raises us well

>Mutually initiate sexual relationship when I'm around 16, she's around 40.

>Sister finds out, gets jealous, longstanding resentment toward mom for <reasons>.

>Sister seduces me. Mostly to hurt mom, but likes it.

>Sister is insatiable, trying to get found out

>I'm trying to keep it from mom, but it doesn't take long for her to figure shit out.

>I encourage them to compete, lavishly reward the winner with dick

>All the pussy I can handle all day every day

>All kinds of fringe benefits because they know sex is their reward, not mine.

>Eventually knock sis up and live out our lives like a couple.



Mine is mostly psychological and humiliation.

> My girl has not been allowed to orgasm, have sex, or masturbate for a while.

> My girl prepares a romantic dinner for two people

> I invite a new girl friend over for the dinner

> She joins us, but only as an extra friend at the table

> The conversation is friendly, and open, but slowly turns into flirt

> My girl cannot leave until we leave, even if she is completely left out of the conversation

> Suggest to the new girl showing her something in the bedroom

> Close door, long giggly foreplay, fuck loudly

> My girl is not allowed to touch or watch us, but secretly does.

> We notice

> She gets long talk about privacy, and how watching other people have sex is absolutely unacceptable behavior.

> She has to apologize, and has to sit by the closed bedroom door, with her hands tied.

> Me and new girl resume fucking.

> When we're finally done, we return and all three go do something together. The life goes on as normal.

> We still treat my girl as a friend.

> However, from this point on, she is the creepy friend we caught peeping at us this one time.

Over time, I would like the scenario to evolve into a general servitude.

> My girl has to clean and polish the new girls shoes, when she is over.

> My girl has to cook meals as requested by the new girl.

> My girl does laundry for the new girl.

> My girl does all other house chores.

The "end game" would be:

> My girl is a house slave. Raising our children and taking care of all chores.

> She is locked in chastity belt 24/7

> She is rarely fucked, and not allowed to cum.

> Orgasm privilege can only be given to her as a treat. Meaning she cannot "earn" it.

> She get canned for misbehavior.

I know. Pretty extreme.



I try not to judge people but sometimes I come across posts that just make me think "maybe you need therapy"



Maybe it's just me but I don't see most/any of that as humiliation. I suppose it depends on whether or not you want her to feel humiliated or else it doesn't work for you.


Quite a lot of those things like doing all the cooking and cleaning is something a traditional wife would do anyway, and caning is not really that out there if you believe in domestic discipline or just like BDSM. The bit that's too extreme for me is the the girl never/rarely being allowed to cum and the 24/7 chastity. That would just be ridiculous in real life. However he's most likely taking it that far just because he's writing it up as a fantasy. Looks to me like a standard dominance/control fantasy scenario but with cuckqueaning added, which is a natural thing to do because they fit together well.

It's as common for men to have domination fantasies as it is for women to have submission fantasies. His is a power fantasy where he transfers power and control from one girl to another.



Two, mostly.

1) get with a normie girl who enjoys me but had zero brains or real ambitions. I would eventually meet an autist who's rather plain but a complete joy to be around. I would eventually tell the autist about my normie gf and she would spiral into a rage rather than depression. She'd find a way to be my favorite, regardless of the gf. She wouldn't want me to break up with the vapid normie, she would want her to know that something changed. That I would be far more happy, far more content, far more satisfied out of nowhere because of her intense perversions. It would keep going to the point that I would introduce my autist to my normie. She would be seen as merely a friend, naturally. But when over she would augur her tongue down my throat whenever the chance presented itself. Twist could be that the normie gets off on it, but she'd generally be too stupid to notice it.

2) find virgin /d/eviant who gets off from far too much. She introduces me to a friend and insists on watching me fuck her. I do and I end up impregnating said friend. /d/eviant waifu then goes off the deep end and demands that she get pregnant too so she can "give birth first" to cement her status as my main/real woman. It fails, naturally, but after having my first child and seeing their half sibling, she goes even /d/eeper. She insists on a threeway marriage and convinces her friend that life will be much more comfy as a baby factory. Over the years the autist's fire for me never burns out; she may bring home a random woman for me to fuck, or may even jokingly(?) ask me if I wanted a third wife, but at the end of the day she's exactly where she wants to be in life. The friend goes with the flow and soon becomes more devious, to the point of her issuing challenges of perverse efficiently. She never wins against the reigning (cuck)queen.



To be honest a lot of this is my fantasy from the side of the girlfriend… The one who is getting cucked of course.

Big differences are that I wouldn't want to be "creepy" and I wouldn't want to get canned…unless you mean caned?


But I want to be in chastity… Maybe I get anal sometimes?



Well met.

Didn't expect to see a reply to a year old post of mine. Happy to hear someone out there enjoys the same fantasy.


You're right, it was supposed to be caned.


File: e908739f9b6a855⋯.gif (7.33 MB, 351x198, 39:22, G0CXVOPavCiDt3UTkInHP7FlxW….gif)


>Maybe I get anal sometimes?

Sounds like someone's getting a little presumptuous. Behavior like that is how you get canned. Fortunately for you, finding a big enough can is going to be hard, not to mention finding a big enough can opener for when you're allowed to come out.


File: bfe235167805a72⋯.gif (566.72 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ff2d83c34878f5096097533d5f….gif)


I read "canned" as "fired".


The whole thing is really a favorite of mine!



Is that you Lorelei? You know you’re not supposed to be on the internet unsupervised.



Thank you. It makes me feel good someone else appreciates my fantasies.

What about yours? Did you have anything similar in mind?



It would be close to what you wrote…

>Hot boyfriend agrees to date me on the condition that I follow his rules, including no masturbation

>He also makes the effort to regularly turn me on and knows how to fuck me to the edge without letting me cum

>This goes on for a while and I get too frustrated

>Try to sneak in an orgasm but he catches me before I finish

>He locks me into chastity

>Instead of fucking me he starts bringing other girls over

>When he has them over I'm locked in the closet

>He starts dating one of them, who eventually becomes his girlfriend and I'm just the maid

Fastforwarding, the endgame would look like this.

>I am considered the household property. I am responsible for all chores and am not allowed leisure time

>My entire social life revolves around serving the couple

>I still haven't had an orgasm nor has my pussy been touched



I like that. I always enjoyed the idea of sexual repression, but always considered the idea too impractical.

Have you ever tried playing out such scenario with your partner?



Loving couple get married and plan to have a big family, then discover the wife is infertile. She knows how much having children means to her man and starts encouraging him to find other women to father children with. Instead of being a passive voyeur she plays a very active role in the whole affair, helping her husband find potential matches and ruling out the ones she doesn't think would make good mothers or aren't 'worthy' of carrying her man's children.

It takes a special kind of love and devotion to walk into a room while your husband is balls deep in another woman's pussy and grab her legs to give him a better angle.



Do you know how hard it is to bring something like this up to a partner? You can't tell someone that fetish and expect to be treated as normal…

Another reason all of that is my fetish is because I have vaginismus. I like playing with my clitoris but actually having sex is too painful. I like to imagine that I'm kept in chastity and used for anal because at least that way a guy can use me how he wants and he'll stick with me. You might think men love anal but most run away if you say only anal…

I fantasize about sex like a normal woman all the time. I just want a guy to actually keep me.



>You can't tell someone that fetish and expect to be treated as normal…

But you aren’t normal. None of us are. I love my cuckqueaning fetish and would never want to be normal. Honestly I think that you dealing with your condition by integrating it with a chastity and cuckqueaning fetish is quite understandable. I know of one medically anorgasmic woman who has developed an absolutely fierce orgasm denial fetish and is now having a ball with it, for example. Another woman in your position may well have become a physical masochist or a humiliation fetishist (just imagine being buttfucked while your man taunts you about your broken, defective pussy and you’ll see what I mean). Men do need far more than sex so as long as you have an appealing and kind personality then I don’t think there’s any reason why a sufficiently kinky man would not want to keep you. And if not as primary, then perhaps out there is a loving polygyny-curious couple who would be delighted to adopt a belted buttslut.


File: 386609658f91210⋯.jpg (115.12 KB, 390x421, 390:421, 386.jpg)


>I have vaginismus. I like playing with my clitoris but actually having sex is too painful.

That sounds very difficult.



Yeah, I suppose. I feel like I'm just not good enough though and he'd be settling for me. I think part of why I am here is because as a cuckquean I can be kept around without depriving my bf of anything.

I love the idea of having no purpose but to please my husband. I've imagined before that I was forbidden from doing anything but assigned tasks. If I'm not cleaning and not needed for anything I stand in a corner and wait until I am needed. I'm not allowed to speak except if it's related to a task or for safety reasons. Zero leisure time is allowed. I'd literally not even be allowed to be my own person; my entire existence would revolve around being a servant. I'd have no private possessions and no private space.


I hate it and I hate myself for having it.


File: f1d5627ced9ee71⋯.jpg (229.34 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 4052ec49eba997b8a49be6179b….jpg)


>I love the idea of having no purpose but to please my husband.

It's not something I imagine often but in extreme moments I've imagined making my man and the vixen comfortable, getting a kiss, and then being belted, blindfolded, gagged, and "put away". I'd be able to hear them at it but no matter what I did or how I squirmed they'd ignore me until they needed a drink or a towel or something. I'd be unlatched, let out, do what they need, and then be shoved straight back in my cage. The thought of being so completely used and… categorized? is somehow comforting.

It must be a painful subject for you, but I've heard of various methods to treat vaginismus but most of them involve gradual de-conditioning of the clamping reflex using dilators or the use of various relaxants to override the muscles. I assume you've been diagnosed and these sort of treatments have failed?



>It's not something I imagine often but in extreme moments I've imagined making my man and the vixen comfortable, getting a kiss, and then being belted, blindfolded, gagged, and "put away". I'd be able to hear them at it but no matter what I did or how I squirmed they'd ignore me until they needed a drink or a towel or something. I'd be unlatched, let out, do what they need, and then be shoved straight back in my cage. The thought of being so completely used and… categorized? is somehow comforting.

That sounds like something I would enjoy.

The way I imagine it, in each room there would be a spot that would be designated as a waiting area. If I don't have a task, I stand and face the wall in a waiting position of some sort, preferably something that makes me inconspicuous. My only role is to listen to my master and mistress and move to fulfill their needs if they want anything. Most of the time I wouldn't even be addressed by name.

It's also a rule that I follow my master from room to room so I can continue to wait to serve his needs.

I have a set schedule for meals and hygiene that is designed to avoid interfering with my master and his mistress' needs. When they're at home I need to be there to serve them.

>It must be a painful subject for you, but I've heard of various methods to treat vaginismus but most of them involve gradual de-conditioning of the clamping reflex using dilators or the use of various relaxants to override the muscles. I assume you've been diagnosed and these sort of treatments have failed?

For years. Maybe I am not trying hard enough.



> de-conditioning of the clamping reflex using dilators or the use of various relaxants to override the muscles

For some reason, this gets me hard. Being able to watch my woman, as she hurts herself trying to overcome her problems, so she can serve me better.


File: 60254a62f810509⋯.jpg (267.39 KB, 1016x720, 127:90, 1516308641529.jpg)


What a waste of dubs. Cock or GTFO.



This never works, does it?


File: 8ec820a5f65da26⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 358x358, 1:1, confusakurako.jpg)



>I love the idea of having no purpose but to please my husband


>not everyday reality

>not being a useless piece of NEETshit barely able to halfass housechores and shutpost all day until your hubee comes back late at night from wageslaving to feed your lazy underachieving ass

What are you doing in imageboards?


File: 9be97fae60c7520⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 325x325, 1:1, forbidden.jpg)


>my woman



I think it did in one thread.



Here's a synopsis of a little story I wrote some time ago.

>set in some random tyrannical authoritarian country

>A very attractive and young yet sadistic daughter of a high ranking aristocrat (the vixen) is visiting a prison to find a prisoner to be her new house slave

>sees a young couple who were imprisoned for whatever reason

>she gets envious at seeing an attractive man with a girl who she views as inferior

>has an idea

>purposely drops something in front of their cell and bends over slowly to pick it up.

>teasingly accuses the male of perversely staring at her

>she starts flirting with the man much to dismay of the female lover (cuckquean)

>tells the guy she will get him out of prison if he says how much prettier she is than his girlfriend

>the cuckquean without knowing who the woman is tells her to fuck off.

>the vixen threatens to have her killed for disrespecting her

>the vixen tells the guard to release the man but he implores her to take both of them.

>the vixen agrees reluctantly and has them both transported to her mansion

>Although they're both technically house slaves the vixen lets the man have almost absolute freedom while the cuckquean has to do all the work and sleep in a cage in the corner.

>the vixen forbids him from talking to the cuckquean under the threat of punishment

>the vixen gets jealous if the man even brings her up in conversation.

>At first the vixen forces the man to have sex but over time he not only accepts it but begs for it while the cuckquean can only pathetically sit in a cage in the corner and watch.

>when the vixen and cuckquean are alone the vixen taunts her and tells her how pathetic she is. She tells her how the cuckquean's man belongs to her now and that he doesn't even want her anymore.

>the cuckquean can only cry and if she ever speaks out she is whipped and beaten by the vixen.

>the cuckquean can only wonder why her once soulmate now will no longer even glance at her

>this treatment continues for years



Nobody would take me.


File: 3f51732c2aa6f87⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1208x1007, 1208:1007, 1a4c927bb18d08364c4ce3aff8….png)


>being a NEETquean

I hope you're finding him vixens or at least sucking their juices off him while living the NEETdream. It's important to appreciate your man.


>Maybe I am not trying hard enough.

If you've properly tried the treatments in good faith and they haven't worked then there's not a lot more you can do unless a different treatment becomes available. What did your gynaecologist say? There's no point in beating yourself up over something you can't control ha, like that line ever works.


>Nobody would take me.

Some couples choose to be anal-only though some of that is most certainly subversion propaganda so there's always that option, plus enjoying your man fucking other pussies. Pussy-covering is a fetish for some because there's plenty of art involving maebari. But this is all about voluntary denial or negation rather than living with a dysfunctional pussy. I'm sorry that you have such difficulty in your life anon. I hope you find a man or couple who'll use you properly.



>I've heard of various methods to treat vaginismus but most of them involve gradual de-conditioning of the clamping reflex using dilators or the use of various relaxants to override the muscles

I've heard of something similar, but with skillful use of fingers to massage muscles deep inside the vagina.


File: 785134f678d9eea⋯.jpg (91.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, NEETo.jpg)


>I hope you're finding him vixens

Doesn't that imply social skills?



Is that veganism thing not really rare or does this board have a gross overrepresentiation of it due to some sort of correlation to the fetish?


File: 940282c73d0c54b⋯.jpeg (49.09 KB, 631x625, 631:625, 6A99D35B-0CA6-4736-9599-1….jpeg)


>veganism thing

That’s cute, Anon. The Anon above is the only cuckquean who I’ve ever seen say that they have the condition. Being a cuckquean is rare enough so having the fetish coincide with vaginismus is going to be even rarer. It’s hard to tell how common it is in the general population because of its embarrassing nature. My guess is that there’d be no difference between the prevalence of vaginismus between the general population and the cuckquean population.



Well, I'll bite.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't think you are honestly evaluating your assets here. Let's objectively look at what normal people think are positives and negatives for a second. Positives,

>1. Submissive trad girl, stays quiet and out of the way unless needed.

>2. Real chill with anything, Let's you fuck her butt whenever, and other girls. Basically all holes in the world except 1 are open. Probably willing to try any other kinky stuff too.

Now for the negatives.

>3. Can't have vaginal sex. Pregnancy and marriage might be complicated, if not impossible.

Not perfect, but 2/3 ain't bad, and you are already turning your weakness into an asset. I'd say at least 60% of single guys would be into you if you could somehow properly communicate these strengths and weaknesses in an honest non-creepy fashion (that is the great challenge of course). Plus or minus 30% depending on physical attractiveness and general personality. And that's just normal guys. i'm sure if you join a fetish community somewhere and share your story you'll be picked up by some couple and turned into a sexy alternative to Google Home in no time. the only people you wouldn't have a chance with are those dead set on being both monogamous, and having natural born children at the same time. Admittedly, both conditions are unfortunately common, but not necessarily together.


I think we didn't appreciate how clever calling it "veganism" was. Cause not only does it sound similar, but in both cases, she'd be denied any meat.


File: 1588114fb07ce98⋯.png (11.3 KB, 447x378, 149:126, 158.png)


File: 9508dea9963e55f⋯.png (14.13 KB, 128x48, 8:3, icon.png)


have you published it anywhere? link?



I would think this would be a case where trying too hard would make it worse.



If you're in good shape, or willing to get in good shape with training, I'd definitely find you appealing. You would have to prove you were serious, though. And I'd rather have you be an oral-only maid than fuck your ass, most of the time.


My wife and I (f) actually joke about this scenario often with our sex worker friend (f) often

I imagine my wife walking down the staircase, wrapped in a robe, needs said friend’s help to stand up properly after the events that just took place. and I’m there at the base to welcome them and serve dinner and cuddle with my girl and make sure she’s properly taken care of and hydrated.

Basically this is just my excuse to try new recipes c:


File: eccf5db38c54400⋯.jpg (117.21 KB, 1024x721, 1024:721, burbz_page40_frame1mb_by_s….jpg)


I'm gonna put on my biggest fedora real quick, because it's hard to express how attractive I find you and your fantasies without going straight into "m'lady" territory. Finding a girl that deep into it, even at a distance as wide as the internet, puts a reflexive smile on my face, makes the hair on my neck stand on end with good tingles, and puts an unintentional hard-on in my pants, just from reading your one post about being caged and stored. I sympathize a lot with the medical complications, and I'm very sorry your interests are built up around an unhappy circumstance, but I'd consider you an extremely rare opportunity if I'd had the good luck to know you (and your desires) in real life. I know your physical circumstance and emotional desires breed self-effacement, but please don't sell yourself too short. There are many, many guys that would be lucky to have you.

I would personally be very interested, but in spite of cuckquean being a fun fantasy I'm also a rather sentimental and sometimes needy person myself; I'm not completely confident in my ability to split my affections between multiple women. I've also got my own extreme ends of kink that I wouldn't want to assume you'd be okay with.


File: fe87360ca18041b⋯.jpg (154.37 KB, 563x1000, 563:1000, fe87360ca18041b75a3a63f558….jpg)


Oh, I was phoneposting and misread who wrote the cage idea. Everything I said still stands, though. Your posts show the kind of interest that seems really rare and desirable. Have another good girl where she belongs.

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