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File: 1423809167393.gif (1022.54 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ohmy.gif)


We've passed 500 posts! I never expected this board to get more than 20 or so, honestly. Now we're on the first page of Google search results for "cuckquean" (even if we're no. 8) and I couldn't be happier with how things are going.

ITT post suggestions for and discuss ways to improve the board.

Also general meta thread. Anything about the board itself goes here.

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I see the board isn't being archived over at 8archive.moe. I'm guessing that was deliberate and it isn't really a problem with our whole two pages but maybe it would be good to switch it on anyway.


Note that Google searches are personalized nowadays depending on what sites you visit the most. In my case, this board is in the second page. For people who don't visit image boards at all, this might easily be in the third page. Also, since the number of times a word is used plays a role into the ranking of the page, the board might just be ahead of other more popular boards that have more images.

Some ideas that may work:

Perhaps running some kind of short story contest thread, where once per month (or just once per every 30 individual suggestions), the best idea is picked by a group of judges and is commissioned to an artist to be turned into a real pic. Probably black and white at first, but later on there could be fundraising for colored versions and maybe even comics). For the first couple contests you could allow users to just link to stories that they think would work and describe the scene they imagine. OC would be pushed later on.

Reposting more material regularly here. Just every user posting one pic, story link, community link per day could probably bump us into the first page as far as cuckqueaning is concerned.


It shows up on the second page of google for me.


File: 1423899986919.png (321.19 KB, 480x590, 48:59, 1419381317660.png)

>Note that Google searches are personalized nowadays depending on what sites you visit the most.
Huh, I didn't know that.

For a search of "cuckquean", for me, /cuckquean/ shows as:
- Incognito session: 5th result on the first page. (This doesn't vary if I change my public IP address to another country via VPN.)
- Logged-in session: 10th on the first page.

So it seems that at least on the "default" rankings, the board is doing well.

>where once per month (or just once per every 30 individual suggestions), the best idea is picked by a group of judges and is commissioned to an artist to be turned into a real pic

I don't know how we'd judge anything as Anonymous, but a nice Strawpoll or something might work. If random, a d30 rolled by the board owner perhaps?

Whatever way it happens, it sounds like fun and I'd happily contribute a little money and entries to help make it happen.


I wonder if we could spend money to promote this board by paying for one of those things that let you direct your own porno and making some kind of parody that involves /cuckquean/ getting cuckqueaned by other boards on here in some way.


/cuckquean/ is now opted-in to be archived.

I really like the suggestion-commission idea, though it'd be up to you Anons to get it going. I'd happily act as a die roller, tie breaker or go-between, even though that would introduce a conflict of interest that'd prevent me participating in the contest itself. ;_;

That's hilarious, but kind of awkward as a porn script? Something like that, I think I'd rather see amateurs spontaneously doing it >for free out of enthusiasm - the result would be better.


>I think I'd rather see amateurs spontaneously doing it >for free out of enthusiasm - the result would be better.
I suppose I'd like that better too, though we'd really have to figure out how to get that rolling. …… I mean, it's not like we can just get Kosplay Keri to set it up.


I made a thread about the sticky being difficult to read, particularly this part: "men with female partners having sex with women other than their partner with the knowledge of that partner."

Someone said I should post about it ITT. here's a possible different way of phrasing it:

/cuckquean/ is a board all about the fetish of cuckqueaning - a consensual arrangement where the male partner has sex with women other than his primary female partner.


File: 1424710673005.jpg (274.49 KB, 1392x1905, 464:635, image.jpg)

Why not change the sticky's pic to this pic of /cuckquean/-tan?


Add more mods. It took quite a while before that brown pill post was deleted.


File: 1424744764132.png (113.69 KB, 368x298, 184:149, 1423527751505.png)

>not spelling it "cuckqueen"


Would that be a queen of cucks or cuck of queens?


File: 1424755524367.jpg (86.79 KB, 532x528, 133:132, 1416203541714.jpg)

Thank you, that is much clearer. Sticky edited. I will delete your original thread.

The edit interface doesn't permit me to replace images, only spoiler or remove them. To change the image would require deleting and reposting the sticky but I don't want it to lose that lovely low post number. Autistic, I know.

I'm thinking about where else to use her. I'd love to see some banners of her!

We're still small enough that I don't think Board Volunteers are required, but given our subject matter we've already had a few minor skirmishes.

If anyone wants to put themselves forward for consideration, email cuckquean@8chan.co with:
- Your timezone + expected availability
- Affinity and experience with the board's subject matter and/or fetish in general
- Why and how you want to help moderate a small cuckqueaning imageboard
>on the Internet
>for free
- Previous experience being a moderator or other hotpocketeer positions, if any

>mfw Americans call lady-limular extrafidelous funsmacking encouragement "cuckqueening"
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How is the board's traffic now?

Would the contest thing be a good idea yet?


I can't see any stats on actual board traffic, either lurkers or posters - so I've got no idea, I'm afraid.

Perhaps the best way to test would be to start a new thread, either for it or about it.


CAPTCHAs have been enabled for thread creation only, to impede sliding attacks. Posting replies is still CAPTCHA-free.
Post last edited at


How would we raise funds for the eventual commission? Bitcoin?

Which artist would we use? I see Crocface was the one to create Cuckquean-tan, but I've no idea what her(?) commission rates are…


(Forgot to add, it might be nice if we can scrape enough funding together to commission a little animation loop instead of just a still pic. More and more artists seem to be doing it.)


Honestly, I like her enough that I'll be scribbling pics of her for free anyway.


You da best, Crocface.


Bitcoin's troublesome because not many people really own any just lying around to throw at something like this, the barrier to buying it can be high unless you live in a city with a Bitcoin ATM and I can't imagine many artists want to be paid in it.

The third problem is just a matter of whoever collects the donations being willing to pay the artist in USD and keep the BTC.

I can't think of any better way to pool funds anonymously, though. I sure as fuck ain't Paypal-ing my real name to some anon to help commission art of cuckqueaning.


We now have an RSS feed at http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/cuckquean/index.rss - depending on your RSS client/browser, it should show all active threads in order of time last bumped. Enjoy!


We need more OC and females writing their cuckquean fantasies.


File: 1432022715505.gif (233.75 KB, 353x360, 353:360, 1428294151904.gif)

I've noticed that other cuckqueans seem to come to the board for a small period of time, start enthusiastically discussing stuff and then just… drift away after a while.

How do other cuckqueans find us in the first place?

What's driving them away?

I'd love to have a community kickstarted here but it seems we're having real trouble reaching critical mass.



i don't think anything is driving them away, it's more like there isn't much to keep them here.

i think the problem and solution are the same: need more people

unfortunately i don't have any ideas to fix this; i don't even know how people outside the chans know about this place



>i don't even know how people outside the chans know about this place

Googling, probably. This board shows up on the second page of google.

If it gets on the first page, then, well…




Just to clarify, I mean it shows up on the second page if you google "cuckquean," of course.


The 8chan to 8ch downtime killed some momentum because a bunch of links on cuckquean blogs were broken.



Don't all 8chan.co links redirect properly to their 8ch.net equivalents now, though?



He's definitely going to try to keep her as long term as possible. and yes, he's been pretty insatiable. mornings after he's been with her are awesome and I'll often wake up to his fingers in my pussy and his dick hovering over my mouth.


talk about us on different sites

nuff said tbh


question from a new reader

are there sincerely female posters on this board?





File: 1453937727048.jpg (121.51 KB, 946x1050, 473:525, 1416142256869-4.jpg)

How about post flags so people can choose to display an icon next to "Anonymous" above their post to show if they're a cuckquean, vixen, male Dom, outsider, curious, etc whatever. Kind of like what they do on /fringe/

Would you all be interested in this?



>cuckqueans marked, which proved they were cucked

That's… genius




My usual attitude towards anything that decreases anonymity or builds identity is mistrust. But they're optional, off by default and might be fun. If you anons think it'd be good to experiment with optional selectable flags then I'm happy to enable them. Post some flag images here ITT and once we have a minimum set (discuss also what a minimum set constitutes), I'll upload them and switch them on. From the flag panel:

>Flags must be a maximum of 48KB and 11-20 x 11-16 pixels.

If I see that the flags are somehow promoting identity or otherwise negatively influencing discussion, I'll just disable them again.


>26 active users

This is the biggest /cuckquean/ has been thus far.

I think I've noticed what draws in users most to this board. Whenever you run into a situation in which some female is acting like a cuck on another board or in relation to a topic on another board, redirect people to >>>/cuckquean/ while posting a pic or two of /cuckquean/-tan. That seems to help.



>If I see that the flags are somehow promoting identity or otherwise negatively influencing discussion, I'll just disable them again.

You are like bizzaro Swami. I fucking love you for that!




Had not we reached like 55+ active at some point?



I don't know, I thought this had always been a smaller board. Though it seems on the right track to reaching that number of users.


This is now also the meta thread. It was before, and now it is again.

I'm keeping an eye on the current situation with 8chan's administration. It will be a little while before more facts emerge and get sorted from misinformation.

In the meantime, our fallback bunker is still https://endchan.xyz/cuckquean/ Posters and lurkers both, please remember it.

We are a small board and have always been a small board because of how niche we are, but I'm very happy with how we're going and I want this place to survive.


While deleting CP spam, I accidentally deleted a legitimate thread. I'm sorry.



Wat thread?


File: 1463443133263.jpg (16.91 KB, 600x338, 300:169, rilakkuma.jpg)

I want to know because i feel like i'm the one guy at a party he was not invited.

Is this board mostly directed towards queans themselves? Or is it just for anyone that has something to do with queaning?

love this board btw <3



The one asking why cuckqueaning relationships seemed to be generally more successful than cuckolding ones.


It's for anyone who has something to do with cuckqueaning.



>The one asking why cuckqueaning relationships seemed to be generally more successful than cuckolding ones.

Damn that sucks, that was a pretty good thread.



Never trust a woman do a vixen's job.


8chan's higher-ranked boards are currently experiencing a heavy spam attack. Some of the countermeasures deployed by global staff may have broken posting in some threads. Please report such threads or post about them here so I can regenerate them.




File: 4bc45c0620574d7⋯.jpg (362.36 KB, 1000x1419, 1000:1419, story time.jpg)

Board Owner! Please tell us the story of why you created this board.


File: a877b0510b57994⋯.jpg (704.5 KB, 900x900, 1:1, oh all right.jpg)


Hear and attend and listen; for this befell and behappened and became and was: O Best Beloved Anon, when Fullchan was still empty and Halfchan was still whole.

In those days it was even harder to talk about queaning than it is today, and probably tomorrow. Quean is a secret word because it sounds like “queen" when you say it. Although a queen is still a tiny bit like a quean, they're different enough that you can be quite misunderstood if you aren't very careful! Queans are very rare like leopards aren’t and camoflage themselves in plain sight like leopards don’t, which is two for two. You can’t tell if someone is a quean by looking and you certainly shouldn’t ask! This goes double if you’re sure she’s a monarch because then the question is rhetorical, and you shouldn’t ask rhetorical questions of monarchs unless you are sure you know what you are doing. (Also: It’s ma’am rhymes with ham, not ma’am rhymes with farm. You should remember that, Best Beloved Anon. You never know!)

Even in those days, queans had things to say and secrets to whisper to each other. They were so very far apart that they could only do it using the Internet. But it’s hard for queans to find each other, even today! That’s what it was like. I know, because I looked for a place to talk and whisper with other queans.

First I went to Tumblr. Tumbling is when you go around and around and you don’t know which way is up or down anymore, and so Tumblr doesn’t either. You even make up a new name for yourself because you forget who you are, usually, or never knew to begin with.

"Maybe", I reasoned, "if nobody here knows what anything is or who they are then they will know how to talk about secrets!"

But even though there were other queans on Tumblr, nobody really wanted to talk to each other. They liked their new names so much that they wanted to talk about them instead! Around and around they went, each talking about themselves and wanting everyone else to listen to them as they turned backflips. Nobody could talk to each other, and if you can’t talk you can’t whisper. That’s called a “rule of thumb”, which is a fancy term for a heuristic, Best Beloved Anon.

So I went to Reddit, where I had heard there was a cuckquean community. Red is the colour you see when you're angry, and that was exactly what happened to me too. I didn’t stay at Reddit very long. Then I went to Fetlife. But nobody really wanted to talk there either, because they were afraid they’d say something wrong and nobody would like them any more. They all sat around in a metaphorical circle (“metaphor” is another word for “lie”) and didn’t say anything at all!

“Perhaps”, I reasoned, “most queans feel the same way I do. Maybe they would like to talk too, but they don't like any of these places for the same reasons I don't. What could be different?”

In those days there was Halfchan and m00t was king. He was also a faggot. (You must not forget that m00t was a faggot!) But he was our faggot, until he stopped being the king (and our faggot, though not a faggot: Attend to the difference, Best Beloved Anon!) so he could carry suitcases instead. You can’t carry suitcases for other people and be a king, which is another heuristic. You can carry luggage and be a faggot, which is not a heuristic but plain common horse sense. So I left along with many of your brothers and sisters, and we travelled for many minutes until we found Fullchan.

"What if there was a special place for queans to talk without names too?", I thought to myself. "That way they wouldn’t have to worry about normal people or normal queens finding out who they were, or about fake names making everyone get distracted, or about being on Reddit and not realising how angry they should be about that. It would have to be quiet, though. Queans are so rare that it might take a long time for them to find the right place."

In those days Fullchan was young and Firetyres still walked among us. He was called Firetyres because he was actually a big wheeled chariot that burned with magic fire and used a badly-made person doll to speak with us. He had to be careful with his doll or it would break. It is hard to make a doll well when you don’t have any hands and are on fire, Best Beloved Anon. Please understand. He had a magic 8, which is half of another magical number which is half of an even more magical number, which is Big Magic indeed. But the 8 was enough, so he had that. He let anons like me - or even you, Best Beloved Anon! - use it for free, as long as nobody broke the Most Important Rule.

I touched the magic 8, and it turned on its side and spat out two little red hashes. ##, like that, except red. And these are the hashes you see today next to my name, and this board is the little blue board that rose up when I threw the hashes into the Forofohr Ocean. And ever since then, /cuckquean/ has lived happily below the 50-board-line (where it is quiet, ever so quiet) and we have whispered secrets to each other just as I am doing for you now.



Can you kill Mark and take over /v/? The useless fat fuck has run the board into the ground and NEVER FUCKING DOES ANYTHING BUT SHITPOST ABOUT FUCKING NINTENDO.


File: 827d0c2c9f4c626⋯.jpg (165.55 KB, 812x555, 812:555, cosy.jpg)


High cosy and wisdom levels. That middle section is very true. A nice story, well told.


Anon, would you even wish your worst enemy to have to run a board that's a target for so many shills and trolls pretending to be shills?


File: 965cee96e29ec51⋯.png (24.93 KB, 888x224, 111:28, top50.png)



>Anon, would you even wish your worst enemy to have to run a board that's a target for so many shills and trolls pretending to be shills?

/v/ has been slowly dying for over a year. Mark is largely responsible. Someone has to stop things before it's too late.



Huh, now how about that.


File: 8218e51952e4d8e⋯.jpg (299.6 KB, 1872x1952, 117:122, melange tendies supply sho….jpg)


Well whatever is going on there you can't have our BO.



Cheers Ruddyhard Kukwining


File: 7d5eb76025fbe01⋯.png (2.71 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, she just wants to start a ….png)


>Google search results

Not any more. Our global admin has decided to block Google from crawling 8chan entirely, since they blacklist most of the site anyway.


Welcome to the deepweb, Anons.


File: b978ba18960d3c0⋯.gif (1004.8 KB, 536x596, 134:149, mahou shoujo transform.gif)

Bump Limit Raised to 500

Congratulations to the Star vs. the Forces of Evil thread at >>5695 for being the first thread on /cuckquean/ to ever hit the default bump limit of 300 posts.

I have raised our bump limit to 500 posts. Although the bump limit can be set as high as 750, I think that some people may begin to suffer annoying slowdowns if we permit threads to become that large. We are not a high-traffic board nor are we approaching the page limit so please feel free to create new threads for a topic once the new bump limit is reached and the thread is no longer on page 1.

Memento Mori

Anons here have recently begun to produce more OC along with many great posts. I'm proud of you. Please keep in mind that 8chan is not built with permanency of content in mind. 8archive is not operational, nor can we be certain that it will ever be. 8chan has in the past come close to sudden death or complete wipe and nobody can tell what the future will hold.

Therefore everyone, please be diligent in saving, screencapping, and maintaining your own personal archive of things you think worth keeping. If you do, then you will be able to quickly restore /cuckquean/'s gems if we ever have reason to fall back to our bunker board (currently at https://endchan.xyz/cuckquean/) or somewhere else - and we will all be very glad you did.

Early 404

This is also a good time to mention that we have early 404 enabled, which means that threads with fewer than ten replies will be deleted after page 5.

Post last edited at



>Although the bump limit can be set as high as 750, I think that some people may begin to suffer annoying slowdowns if we permit threads to become that large.

I can confirm that this has happened to me on /v/ before. Also threads longer than 500 posts are pretty much unreadable on mobile for me though I fucking hate mobile browsing in general.



Oh and you should probably put this into the sticky too, certainly a note about the bunker.


File: 51563a7007aae1f⋯.png (27.42 KB, 1113x341, 1113:341, awdawdawdwadawdawdsadawd.png)


Oh hey, /cuckquean/ is on the frontpage. Anyone got any idea what the fuck a tempestuous thread actually is?


File: e1a0d001649355c⋯.gif (119.62 KB, 400x222, 200:111, tempestuous starship capta….gif)


>A new way to find interesting threads algorithmically.

>I calculated the velocity and mass of threads, then use that to calculate the kinetic energy. I normalize it against the post count of the thread to get the average kinetic energy per post. Then posts within a certain threshold are shown algorithmically on the front page.


File: 98547ca95094688⋯.jpg (25.71 KB, 215x365, 43:73, IMG_6566.JPG)




File: 8b0930b8b0238c7⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 2765x1863, 2765:1863, soranowoto34.jpg)


So basically big, fast threads?




PHP programmers are not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.


Did we just lose a day's worth of posting? Because it looks like we lost about a day's worth of posting.



Some or all of it has come back. A temporary glitch it looks like.



>8archive is not operational, nor can we be certain that it will ever be.

Might as well give you guys a reminder that it is operational. Since before you made that post in fact, it came back on the 30th of November.



I replied to an old thread >>1166 but it didn't bump. Is that by design or is it an error?



It means the BO has set the thread to be unbumpable or permasaged. Normally there would be an anchor symbol in the OP to tell us so, but she has set it to stealth so that it doesn't show up.


File: b5e841c91490fe8⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 500x371, 500:371, chito.gif)


Even after all this time here I didn't know that was possible.



Poor, innocent anon…

Do you not visit many other boards?



These days only /pol/ /v/ and /a/ but they always seem to have those symbols.



That explains it! Big boards often do, but whether they are there or not is a setting the BO can change.



That thread is bumplocked. In the early days of this board we had a few such low-quality bait threads, and deleting them just spurred their creators to make more. Bumplocking kept them contained; I assume the baiter just liked to check their own thread directly and didn't notice it wasn't being bumped.




The bumplock is currently set to be invisible, which is the default. Having the anchor icon be visible often spurs those who make the thread to spam other threads because they know they have been given the attention they seek by an owner or volunteer. Keeping it invisible seems to prevent that result.



Personally I think it's better when moderation is more open.

I don't think posts like >>7891 bumping old threads will be a problem. Either they will prompt new discussion or fall away from the front page quickly.


File: 571b12805403b3b⋯.png (4.23 KB, 567x111, 189:37, boards.png)

Looking at the now-working-again boards page I saw this. Thought it was funny. So close to beating v9k and tickling, and then we're in wrestling and bane posting territory.


I don't know how many mods there are other than just the BO but you might want to enable captcha for making new threads (not for posting in existing threads) to prevent someone wiping the board. There's a lot of good content here that I wouldn't want to see disappear and it's only a mild inconvenience given how few and far between new threads are anyway.



Although come to think of it I've never actually made a thread on /cuckquean/ so that might already be in place.




CAPTCHA for new threads is enabled. Additionally, there is a limit of 5 new threads per hour and threads that have less than 10 replies will 404 when they reach page 5 (while threads with more than 10 replies will survive to page 25).




I think I once managed to get a couple of people from /wooo/ to come here by mentioning /cuckquean/ in a thread. There was a girl in a wrestling storyline in TNA that was essentially being cucked.



Sounds like you've got a handle on it then, good to hear.


Posting to repair front page.


BO you might want to take a look at this: >>>/sudo/42721

Even if /cuckquean/ doesn't win people will maybe see it taking part.


/cuckquean/-tan might become a part of the new 8chan mural, by the looks of things. Good job BO/random anon, you also got dubs and trips.





Nice job yourself, Satan.



Double sixes is just Stan not Satan.


Oh by the way the rules page linked in the sticky leads to a 404. Nobody noticed because I don't think anyone reads rules pages on imageboards anyway http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/cuckquean/rules.html


Threesome > cucking, prove me wrong

You can't



I won't.



Because you can't




Why are you here?



To see if someone could prove me wrong

It's okay if you can't though



>>to make a low effort shitpost

Ah, gotcha.



You could ask why cuckquean is better than a threesome if it's a legit question. There's probably a few good memes and posts in that but are you really interested in being sold on it? Put some effort in. For example you could do the pros of threesomes and the cons of cuckqueaning as you see it.



If you can't argue all you have to do is say so


I wasn't asking so much as making a statement, though I would like to see you try and explain why cuckquean is better


File: 54d3de71aeb8c87⋯.jpg (43.13 KB, 540x398, 270:199, IMG_8060.JPG)

What do we think about making a catch-all I'm-a-guy-and-want-advice thread? I'm getting sick of random dudes appearing in the middle of different threads and asking the same unrelated questions over and over and over.


File: 177da057750a114⋯.png (171.82 KB, 894x786, 149:131, anger forg.png)


It's a normalfag issue. These fucking normalfags will post in any random thread because they can't understand basic concepts like being relevant. Although that is a good idea for a thread, will they post in it? Hopefully yes, but don't be surprised if they ignore it completely.


>>11811 (Checked)

So mad I forgot to check those palindrome dubs.


File: 7903e59885885bd⋯.jpg (113.8 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, folding clothes.jpg)



how about a general QTDDTOT thread in a sticky right bellow our current sticky?


File: 15f186c6f3d7a13⋯.jpg (63.19 KB, 390x288, 65:48, rare.jpg)


That post should really be in the QTDDTOT thread.





I'll link to such a thread from the announcement banner or sticky it if it is made. Be sure to be clear about its purpose and what sort of question it covers for those new arrivals who aren't familiar with imageboards.


>don't be surprised if they ignore it completely

That's okay; I can just delete their posts outside that thread and see what happens.


Many of our older threads were still 404ing so I regenerated them. If you spot a thread that returns a 404 not found page, please report it or post a link to it in this thread so I can regenerate it.

We have a rules page at http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/cuckquean/rules.html again. Nobody broke any rules while the page was 404'd anyway.


File: 26d21735b12824a⋯.png (258.74 KB, 2240x658, 160:47, gotta go fast.png)


File: 1c19fcf3b6d1666⋯.jpg (89.66 KB, 504x574, 36:41, zero velocity.jpg)


File: 1622b57bf019f1a⋯.png (15.79 KB, 555x318, 185:106, what.png)



File: 5525148fb9279ee⋯.png (88.98 KB, 369x112, 369:112, disgusting 3.png)

>>15288 (Heil'd)

yeah what the hell, chicken and waffles don't mix!


File: 11e909dd8ec4d8b⋯.png (20.17 KB, 968x285, 968:285, the cuck rises.png)

I just want to point out that we've beaten /traps/, and surprisingly enough /wooo/ as well, even more shocking since it's a PPV night and they get more traffic at that time

>tfw still bellow a pedo board

heh, now I know what a lot of boards felt like when /hebe/ was still a thing


File: 33cc72a9185edee⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 600x598, 300:299, 33cc72a9185edeeb332da925b5….jpg)

You faggots need to stop spamming your shitty memes everywhere


File: 1005d9166a0c687⋯.gif (105.96 KB, 700x471, 700:471, peep.gif)




File: df47158256a139f⋯.jpg (17.84 KB, 338x254, 169:127, fd7e83f0d6ee2679797355565d….jpg)



I said you faggots need to stop spamming your shitty memes everywhere. Keep your garbage to yourself



Christmas claims require Christmas evidence.



As if I'm going to give you fags any more undue attention. Stop spewing your shit everywhere






At this point I'm inclined to assume you're merely pretending.



Yes, they’re pretending.



Pretending what, though?


I have noticed a sharp increase in the number of posters on /cuckquean/ who post only to argue or inflame. While I normally remain hands-off about such things, please be aware that I will be taking a more active role shortly in treating these symptoms. Those who post on /cuckquean/ soley for the purpose of causing inflammation will be banned as a matter of board hygiene.

Post last edited at


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




File: f193b1395f07d8d⋯.jpeg (74.25 KB, 630x600, 21:20, DKRN24eWsAAovZW.jpeg)


>board hygiene






I really hope she's making a sexual metaphor. They're my favorite.



>board hygiene

Yes, honey. Stay at home cleaning stuff, I'll be late today, so don't wait for me, OK.


File: 40821944892a76b⋯.png (980.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 2018-01-03 04_58_33-Rance ….png)

I saw this and thought of you, so here it is


File: 8b7e9849ae281b3⋯.jpg (88.37 KB, 442x522, 221:261, accurate translation.jpg)


How does /cuckquean/ feel about shilling our board in the weekly attention-hungry games?


Would it be a good idea or is it too much unwanted attention?



I think more attention is good. More people to share/create relevant content. As long as dumb questions from dudes stay in the designated thread. We're not too antagonistic to /pol/, /r9k/, etc., so I don't think temptation to troll us would be that high.



I don’t think it’s a good idea. Every time we’ve had general exposure it has just lead to an upswing in thirsty guys. Having our board plastered site wide for a week would just lead to being raided and an influx of useless migrants. Quiet referrals between cuckqueans and mentioning us at relevant times seems to work better.



I had thought about asking that as well, but the problem is like >>16642 mentioned, since 8chan is mostly male dominated any traffic we get will be very likely male, now that's nothing against any male anons, but generally they're just here to jack off or dirty talk, the ones who act like actual anons and don't bring up their cocks every other post are fine but the others who'll undoubtedly spam threads of how to turn girls into queans and the like… well that'd just be more problem for the board owner and any moderators they may or may not have.

I made the mistake of mentioning /cuckquean/ 2 or 3 times on other boards since first coming here ~3 years ago, and it's always ended up with us getting a lot of shit anons. Thankfully they seem to have mostly left or adapted to be decent posters, or just lurkers. But still, it's annoying for a couple of months and can result in turning off cuckqueans, vixens and men who aren't half bad.


File: e311eb7e5042659⋯.jpg (465.34 KB, 1144x1600, 143:200, ibaraki natou.jpg)


Any board will have good and bad posters. It's more often a function of size not subject. You can't avoid the process of teaching/training new anons into the right board culture, nor can you protect innocent BOs or mods from this harsh truth no matter how much you might want to.

Shitposting and arguing is fun but you're definitely right it must also scare people off.






This might be a good time to ask, how did you find this board?



Star VS thread on /co/ which pretty much resulted in /cuckqean/ bein the main board I frequent with how chill it is in comparison



Different anon but I think I found it on the main list of boards when it was moving relatively quickly a few years ago. Or maybe I googled "cuckquean" before the great crackdown.



"Great crackdown"?



Google decided to remove 8chan from their search results. It started in 2015 but I think they got more aggressive over time.



I scrolled down on the board listings at random one day, was really surprised someone had gotten through the trouble of making a board for this specific fetish, and I was even more surprised to see it had several users.

>>16811 (Checked)

Funny how despite that we've nearly doubled our userbase in that time. SvtFoE truly was a blessing.


File: e2ddd1ee940f21f⋯.mp4 (389.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, How to Pronounce Cuckquean.mp4)

File: 1ddad2f03a2549c⋯.mp4 (4.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, How to say cuckquean.mp4)


File: 39e585c72e2d18f⋯.webm (998.5 KB, 711x400, 711:400, How to say cuckquean.webm)


Shorter version. Now you know.


File: 9979dcb5c440df8⋯.jpg (37.13 KB, 640x360, 16:9, bane check 'em.jpg)

>>16899 (Check'd)

I'm confused. The guy said "cuckque-a-n" but the girls said "cuckqueen". It's not like I ever say this word in real life, but is it pronounced quean or queen?


>>16900 (Nice eggs)

I'm going with kuh-quee-anne.


>>16900 (checked)

google says its pronounced as kwēn




It's pronounced kwēn and always has been.


File: 44b9ef2d736796d⋯.png (31.51 KB, 540x691, 540:691, Cuckquean Definition.png)



Records from this board agree.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh, kwēn is kween. I thought for a second they were saying kwen with the e as in when or hen.

However in my opinion Microsoft Sam is the ultimate authority on pronunciation and that is who we should always defer to in such matters.



>However in my opinion Microsoft Sam is the ultimate authority on pronunciation and that is who we should always defer to in such matters.

I disagree. Now, if Tay came back and pronounced it, that might be different…


File: 5f129c940dbc091⋯.png (542.39 KB, 649x472, 11:8, imagene.png)

Hey, I was checking out our banners here: https://banners.8ch.net/list/cuckquean/ and saw we have a repeated banner.


/cuckquean/ is not for advertising shitcoins. Any such advertisements - whether they be poorly-censored lewds or not - will be deleted on sight as spam.


"Ways to improve the board" Cut down on the racial shit. The front page alone Reads >Interracial Cuckqueaning No. 3

>Benevolent White Patriarchy

>Stop White GeNOcide

A Psyops thread that has long since devolved into nothing but people arguing about how good asian girls are in bed.

A harem thread which has long since devolved into one weird fuck posting huge walls-of-text about how to make a harem economically viable, and five people arguing about whether white polygamy, and non-white concubinage would help or hinder "the white race"

And about five threads about fucking different mythical creatures (elves, orcs, robots, monstergirls), that have all devolved into nothing but people comparing how good Creature-X is in bed compared to various real life ethnic groups, seemingly without irony.

I realise this is 8chan and all, but we're not fucking /pol/, how many more threads are we going to let get sidetracked by alt-right fuckwits, and guys who are only here cause they want an excuse to perv on Asian girls, before we acknowledge that this is ruining the fucking board?



I'mma bet you're that fuckin commie what got told to jump off a helicopter the other week.



Not them. I am a lefty but I'm smart enough not to bring that up on a Right-Leaning fetish-board unless someone asks me about it. Was fucking surprised to learn there's more than one of us here, tbh.



t. butthurt faggot from last week, coming back to subvert our comfy board and ruin the fun for everyone else



I will partially agree to some of this. I think the white genocide thread didn't really add anything that couldn't have already been discussed in the white patriarchy thread. And then someone made a second white patriarchy thread which was thankfully deleted. Making new threads about topics that could just as easily be discussed in existing threads is not helpful and pushes other content off. Also sometimes the content gets into unsexy discussions about gross things like sterilization and genocide which seem out of place on a fetish board.

Now having said that, a lot of the people here are into raceplay as a part of this fetish. It seems to have mostly been brought up by non-white women in the first place. I think the first elf thread was started by an asian girl, she explicitly alluded to a link between asians and elves in her first post. So we don't want to kinkshame these people. I would assume this sort of content would be verboten on the cuckquean subreddit for example, so it makes sense to have this exist as a safe space for people who like this stuff.



Feel free to post cuckquean-related content or discussion that isn't about those things. Certain posters do have very specific fascinations to a degree that borders on the eyeroll-worthy, so I would not mind if actual cuckqueaning was discussed more. I do enjoy the creativity of these alternative fantasy takes on things.

If other actual cuckqueans were to approach this board and then waste this place by doing nothing other than screech about the same things being screeched about here, I would be very disappointed in them.

>how many more threads are we going to let get sidetracked by alt-right fuckwits


I think /pol/ would be very upset that you're erasing their identity by giving them that label. They identify as nazis and you should respect that.

>threads are we going to let

>we going to let


Who else are you referring to? As far as I can tell it's just you, and you've done nothing else except whinge.


File: fff20f6c0ad15ca⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1320x2000, 33:50, 00000.png)

I have noticed significant drift in /cuckquean/'s core topics and character of late. This board was created and is maintained primarily for cuckqueans to talk about cuckqueaning in the anonymous and free-flowing style at which imageboards excel. As such, some natural topic mutation is normal. Longer-term drift risks changing the nature of the board such that it becomes unfit for its original purpose. I will address this drift now.

At this time, I have decided not to ban male posting outright. It should still be remembered that /cuckquean/ is not for men. Any place on the Internet that contains women talking about sexual subjects will, in time, be found by those men who want scraps of female attention and believe that their being male is enough to secure them. The same syndrome, reversed, is more commonly found in male-majority communities - hence the much-reviled girl-on-the-Internet syndrome. More seasoned anons will be familiar with the concept of being anon before you are a man or woman. Therefore, at my own discretion, I will be deleting more egregious man-on-/cuckquean/ posts. The "QTDDTOT 4 Males!" thread will be permitted to remain for the time being. I retain its deletion as a possible future option.

When /cuckquean/ was only a few months old I was politely asked whether it was OK to have posting that mixed raceplay with cuckqueaning. In deciding whether to allow it I had to weigh the benefits of permitting cuckqueans to honestly express their experience of and thoughts on this fetish against the risk that it would inflame discussion or attract posters with little direct experience of or actual interest in cuckqueaning. To provide as much leeway as I could, I permitted interracial cuckqueaning discussion within a dedicated thread and this worked well. However, several posters who possess overwhelming enthusiasm bordering on an obsession for interracial cuckqueaning breached this structure and subsequently attracted posting of exactly the type I intended to prevent. I feel that it is now a good idea to more directly enforce my original design. Therefore, at my own discretion, I will be deleting egregiously interracial-focused discussion that takes place outside of the interracial cuckqueaning threads and bumplocking existing racially-focused threads other than the dedicated interracial cuckqueaning thread.

I allowed the elf thread - originally a light-hearted breach of the interracial thread's containment - on the grounds that it was creative, funny, and had great potential for OC. This decision proved fruitful. However, it is still a breach of the interracial thread's containment and the effects of that are becoming apparent. Therefore, for the time being, "fantasy cuckqueaning" is restricted to three dedicated threads. These threads are the elf thread, which I will edit to rename appropriately, the monstergirl thread, and the robot/AI thread. All other extant fantasy cuckqueaning threads will be bumplocked and new fantasy cuckqueaning threads will be deleted on sight. The elf thread may remain as a thinly-veiled interracial cuckqueaning allegory provided that the thin veil remains strictly in place.

Finally, discussion on the "other woman" actually being the "other man" (transexual/trap/gay/etc. cuckqueaning) has proven to be strictly the fascination of the same posters I did not want to attract in the first place. Therefore, threads and posts that focus on male homosexual contact are now formally disallowed. The rules will be updated shortly.

Post last edited at



> This board was created and is maintained primarily for cuckqueans

> being anon before you are a man or woman

Pick one.

> interracial, fantasy, homosexual threads will be blocked or banned

Stop liking things I don't like!

There is only one correct way to do cuckqueaning, and it is the way I say it should be done. Because I created this board!

> by those men who want scraps of female attention and believe that their being male is enough to secure them

Don't underestimate women. They are stronger than you think. "They" (anon first!) don't need your protection.

For the record, I couldn't give a flying duck about the topics you've decided to make undesirable, but I oppose wilful censorship of cuckquean flavors that are not mainstream enough. Live and let live. The board moves like molasses as it is. Making it even more restrictive so as to what is allowed or not won't help attract more anons.

tl;dr: If I'm to leave this board, I'm gonna leave with BAN!



If you don't like the new direction this board is taking, why not start your own?






>/cuckquean/ is not for men.

What about men who pretend to be women?



Justice is swift. I thank you for your time.



Nothing says building community like "my way or highway".



>new direction

This is a return to the old direction rather than changing to a new one.


File: 097a9e1e3c33854⋯.jpg (5.96 KB, 158x178, 79:89, disdain.jpg)


>building community

I don't see why the fuck we should appeal to the dirty masses. It's not like that our BO makes ad money over this shit.



Dirty masses?

Isn't that a bit strong word for people who just so happen to like a slightly different flavor of cuckquean?

But I get it. It's "us" vs "them". Bring out the labels!



How would we know unless you tell us?



I can't hate.

2014&2015 /cuckquean/ were the coziest.


If you were the OP of a thread about writing cuckquean ebooks, I accidentally deleted your thread instead of the one I meant to delete. Feel free to repost it.


Not sure if this is the right place, but some of the pics seem to be broken and some of the threads seem to be 404'ing. Is anyone else having this problem?



It happens from time to time. Please report them in this thread. I can repair them by posting in them through mod.php to trigger regeneration of the page.



Well, the thread on notable cuckqueans is giving 404 errors.


File: a71205bb4f526d0⋯.png (722.25 KB, 1092x949, 84:73, a71205bb4f526d00d65e945483….png)

逆寝取り is used more often in japanese than 逆寝取られ



You mean >>19042? It's fixed. We also have a historical cuckqueaning thread at >>310, which I re-repaired just in case.



That's the one. Thank you.


There seem to be a lot of broken images in the Cuck Fanart thread.



I do not see any broken images in that thread. Which posts do you see broken images in?



The ones near the end. Though if you're not seeing any, maybe it's just a problem on my end.


The first two Star vs threads are 404ing:



Can these be restored? If not, did someone make an archive for them?

I noticed other 404 threads too, I can report them if there is an easy way for the board owner to restore them.



You won't see broken threads because mod.php fix it for view.


Both threads, fixed. No, I'm not the BO, I'm doing this behind her back.



Thank you.


Is it just me, or are a lot of thumbnails not displaying properly?





Maybe just you? Looks okay to me.


File: bb078fcecfe6ba4⋯.png (3.43 MB, 1760x1540, 8:7, c2c76a3a396bffc8943d082ae1….png)

Mass Repair Complete

Half the board was apparently 404ing. The following threads have been repaired:

>>9 ("Welcome!")

>>11994 ("you guys may remember me from the review of the Mummy…")

>>8450 ("facts and propaganda")

>>10820 ("Vixens: The Best, The Worst")

>>11284 ("Handmaid's Tale ceremony")

>>10787 ("Dry Spells")

>>1582 ("Every time you ask me about making a cuckquean.")

>>1080 ("Soon Being/Being/Just Been Cucked Thread")

>>55 ("When did you first realise you were a cuckquean or had cuckquean tendencies?")

>>10721 (">be me")

>>1931 ("Should /cuckquean/ have a board ad?")

>>5513 ("SFM Porn Thread, the Second")

>>2018 ("Is this board a big joke and I'm missing the punchline, or is there an actual population of 8chan users who are both girls and cucks?")

>>9790 ("CEASE!.jpg")

>>5045 ("Bull's Perspective")

>>7260 ("Unlike men, women can't truly be cucks… except when their children are uglier and dumber than themselves.")

>>7704 ("Partner Preference?")

>>6258 ("Insecurity and sefl-esteem issues of being a cuck.")

>>2884 ("I want to find a cuckquean girlfriend.")

>>7013 ("Adorable Patheticness")

>>5002 ("The /Cuckquean/ Map")

>>587 ("LEL")

>>510 ("/cuckquean/, what's your dream cuckquean porno scenario?")

>>3733 ("Cuckqueans vs cuckolds")

>>3925 ("Threesome or bait?")

>>5411 ("Vixens. Do they exist?")

>>2724 ("SFM Porn")


>>938 ("Awesome Moments in Cuckqueaning")

>>4767 ("Wow. The Rothschilds themselves engaged in cuckqueaning.")

>>1039 ("Can't help but ask, what would you think if your boyfriend had sex with a boy instead of a girl?")

>>4491 ("Question and advice")

>>4585 ("How many of you cuckies are worthless pieces of shit?")

>>215 ("Humiliation or something else?")

>>3656 ("Assuming you romanced her, is she a cuckquean?")

>>1639 ("/cuckquean/ Scanlations")

>>1688 ("I want my boyfriend to cum inside Blanc!")

>>1590 ("Trap Cuckquean?")

>>478 ("… you know, I kinda hope this board can get big enough to actually have some kind of detectable impact on the cuck porn market so that cuckquean porn is actually something that people know exists for the most part.")

>>3542 ("Making pr0n")

>>3163 ("I'm 99% sure my girlfriend has a cuckquean fetish but she's either too proud or too embarrassed to talk about it.")

>>3432 ("I feel super sad.")

>>2383 ("Hospitality")

>>688 ("Cuckqueaning Frustrations and Annoyances General")

>>3024 ("Cuckqueaning sounds nice and all that, but you have to realize that the girls watching are probably ugly as fuck.")

>>3021 ("Look what uncle /pol/ brought us!")

>>2915 ("Rat/Bull test")

>>1855 ("How come this board is so actice while /fem/ is soooo dead?")

>>2058 ("Hey, /cuckquean/. Are you considering taking part in the infinity cup?")

>>1725 ("So I've had this fetish for a while, I've just never been able to entertain it.")

>>1238 ("Question for the BFs/husbands")

>>1272 ("What if cuckolds and cuckqueans banded together so that their significant others can fuck each other?")

>>1436 ("Polygamy thread?")

>>1666 ("Holy shit this is a thing")

>>956 ("/monster/ Movie Night Invitation")

>>1166 ("there's no way this is an actual fetish that real women have, and if it is there's no way its all that common.")

>>945 ("My GF is into this and I am too but feel like it might make the relationship go sour, how has it affected yours?")

>>56 (">tfw when no handsome dom bf to cuck me and then come home so I can suck another girl's juices off his cock while he tells me about all the fun he had with her")

>>33 ("Hi /cuckquean/, I was sent here from a thread on /b/.")

Please remember that because we are a slow-moving board, there is nothing wrong with bumping ancient threads if they are on topics you'd like to talk about.


File: f845275228dcd02⋯.png (850.29 KB, 1159x605, 1159:605, ClipboardImage.png)

I really love this board and dunno if I should have posted this in the men thread or here, but anyway, if it is allowed to shill boards here I'll proceed, if not feel free to delete.


Basically, let's talk about mangas/artists you like and everything that involve that, if a manga is about tomboys let's talk about tomboys, mangas with tomboys, and so on and so forth. I want to encourage discussion rather than dumps. Vanilla is welcomed and encouraged, everything else may be shat on.

One of the reasons I post here is because I enjoy the cuckquean manga/doujin thread, so it'd be nice to get to discuss that over there.

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