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File: 28d3e7973b897a7⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1416x796, 354:199, sGcnvzQ.png)


>fags think the countless examples of shit like this in mde is larp

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and here's one now


File: 535f0cd3aa8dea6⋯.jpeg (83.42 KB, 647x974, 647:974, 1526731810025.jpeg)


nice argument



when did you have one, nigger. also what is the point of posting gay weev, jew or not, he at least went down for real



cause weev is a larper like Sam, albeit a more convincing one since he doesn't hide behind comedy. The point is that if the mde crew were really racist they'd express those beliefs outside their comedy/larping, but there is no evidence of that. They just do it to be edgy because it brings the pol boys to their yard, and thats the only way they can make their bucks

File: 24422a383b53a54⋯.png (63.89 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1551611166086.png)


Look at me with a straight face and tell me that Sam didn't bite SkullKidzNES.



File: a9f691732e498c4⋯.png (9.91 KB, 1439x880, 1439:880, 00.png)

sam had stuff out of that caliber in 2009-10.





College Cunts was 2010. Shit like Choco Kid, DJ Kaos, "Summer Daze", "Nick and Sam at a Texan Drug Dealers House"

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He makes it pretty clear that he's never setting foot in MDE territory again.

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chuck pullin in them stacks



I just wanna watch them, but I can’t afford it.

Put them up on mega.nz



what does she also hit on sam and nick or just charls?



Ya, his twitch streams pull way more views at 150-250



someone do this, i would subscribe if the streams were good enough.

File: 7417c0a91340535⋯.jpg (232.28 KB, 700x700, 1:1, cover.jpg)


Why niggers ain't sheit deep state section 8 nigger gate twitter bait liberal lemming terrible dilema internal enema devastate aids rate nigger wait in line for food stamps mate free ride spree fied government subsidized another wet sub cement hide crime rate statistics don't lie niggers lie all the time he'll they get a get out of jail free card with theirs this is a niggerfied system by design to destroy the fundamental foundation of society it goes further then just religion this is a race war this is a war on ideology this war is a profound war to destroy western civilization to its core and it has been going on for several generations look back on history and it doesn't lie and our forefathers were right all along every last one of you are witness to the history being rewritten revised and even taken down for all that is left is the mistaken identity of a pupil and their ever expanding knowledge fed to them by the misguided teacher if ever. Time to realize the demise of a culture and the uprising of a subculture the niggerfication of us all will be our ultimate undoing as I rant and these niggers lose their pants as I rave and these niggers come together to act brave ask yourself has there ever been a time when you didn't have to support a nigger on your dime and as I ponder and see it all from yonder I can only wonder how much less time is asunder for from the birth of a nation to complete devastation this niggerfied world is one niggerfied nation



maybe sams work says more about our society as a whole and less about himself. I mean, ultimately it will always say something about him but I think we as fans (or ex-fans) can garner something more from everything MDE has done, from the comedy to the politics. I personally think anyone who has a dream now is infected by the nihilism present in this society. Sam has fought this battle and is still fighting. I think all of us are as well in our own ways. Not trying to be a fag over here but this I believe to be true


File: ec8792ab606b40b⋯.jpg (113.71 KB, 632x792, 79:99, DkF0RlT.jpg)

fuckin niggerinos



how does it feel that Sam is too much of a pussy to ever call a black guy a nigger to his face


fuck Sam wont even call a nog a nigger online/on camera unless it's wrapped in joke/skit so he can have plausible deniability to all his nigger/libtard friends

File: f1472d98a7074d8⋯.png (719.93 KB, 1044x800, 261:200, kh97dFe.png)


Charls and Nick confirmed coo with each other: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu2JiW-HqSC/

Sam and Nick confirmed coo with each other (obviously): https://i.imgur.com/K97SFfJ.jpg

Charls still warm to Sam despite not meeting: https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicInterestingGarlicYouWHY

Everything else is just he said she said with some faked or ancient phone conversations in between.

The ex-gf's started the fire then the incels on this board decided to run with it, with the ex-gf's prodding the fire every so often just to keep things believable.

Y'all need a new hobby or something because running this smear campaign against Sam is not conducive to sound mental health, not that you probably care.

I concede a lot of you guys have done a really good job, you're pretty fucking good at fabricating things. And I agree Sam isn't perfect, he's far from it. Just, for your own sake, find something better to fill your time.


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


maybe it's because he can't handle hard questions or criticism and loses his cool whenever people aren't submissive and sycophantic, kinda like with the dsa guys



This behavior is mirrored in his work and personal life as well. He's a narcissist and he can't stand to be around people who call him gay as a joke or aren't constantly brown nosing. The roids really accelerated his mental illness.



yeah. he belittles and criticizes and lies to everyone but can't handle the smallest criticism or joke when directed at him.

i think that's why he's only surrounded by yesmen and can't produce quality work



I wonder if he's the one that spams all the gore/scat stuff on here. He seems like the type that would go on toddler rampage every now and then.




nigga u gay

File: f26993c6f73743d⋯.jpeg (11.5 KB, 300x300, 1:1, DAA75528-433F-48E2-BE16-7….jpeg)


Orangy was a music producer who was aquatinted with MDE. Sam Hyde used a lot of his music for his videos. What’s the reason for his suicide? Did Sam even mention that he passed away?

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I know gammon and Sam is full of shit on this one



Not surprised at all.



art vs artist I guess




Or he's just a peice of shit conartist

File: d548f2aa30968f1⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1079x1078, 1079:1078, Screenshot (151).png)


Do you take Sam's advice, such as in HW_035, seriously?

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So are you.



I'm a fan. That's the difference.



You are a delusional dick sucker for some guy you don't even know who's career is over



and you're here doing…this



Wow got me

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sammy released a so-called "rough cut of 2017 sci-fi pilot", featuring alternate versions of footage previously seen from The Cube Cut and previewed in Andrew's director reel and the Rejected World Peace teaser. Honestly if this is the direction World Peace was supposed to go in I'm kinda sad we didn't see it fully extended. Sure, what we got was good but a whole Sci-fi dystopian series… imagine how great that would've been.

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Seems that this whole Sci-Fi setting was an initial conception of what WP would be, but the AS guys didn't like it, so it became a sketch show instead

See Ruse, https://www.twitch.tv/videos/381080699?t=59m



(of course but it was a different era - 1991 ffs - a comedy show without the laugh track would have confused people the way a high frame rate movie does today. "is this the show or behind the scenes footage??") but yeah i'm not arguing that it's funny just that..i mean read this

>By the year 1998, the Shitsu Tonka Unitocracy has taken over the world. "Competition between nations has been made redundant by the universal 'Common Cents' currency and rezoning and decentralisation of much of the world's population. By homogenising the various races of the world, the petty nationalism that has plagued civilisation since the Dawn of Man has been diffused … all [minorities] are allowed to flourish in the macrosociety we have imposed."[9] The show itself takes place in the year 2006[10] as the All Stars (Tim Ferguson, Paul McDermott and Richard Fidler) are placed in a submarine with all the world's artwork and treasures and their "assignment is to catalogue history." Some time later they become lost, their whereabouts unknown and their existence is denied by the Shitsu Tonka Corp.

it reads like sam's book stuff and i think that's because sam's vision, what seems to be it's core- forming this version of his show and his game etc, is just "the 90s". Stuff like this and the aesthetic was everywhere for the whole 90s. Adult swim presumably said that this cyberpunk ambition was getting in the way of the comedy and to get rid of it.



Part of the issue was that they were trying to make this show with retroscripting (where each scene's premise is written but the actual lines are improv), which is kind of insane for something this niche and genre-specific. Charls and Erik talked about how everyone kept botching scenes because of it and they kind of wasted money and time



As someone who's dabbling in retroscripting, it's very hit or miss. When it works, it works well. A good example would be the film "The Party", with Peter Sellers. Very funny stuff, mostly improvised. But when it falls flat, its really noticable.



Loren Bouchard's shows are masterful use of it, but an MDE black comedy sci-fi show was definitely not the place for retroscripting

File: d2e9376d4d71c59⋯.jpg (87.8 KB, 1024x992, 32:31, 1544990601141.jpg)


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Don't make me make a video about it you fucking retards. Your fake disinformation campaign shit I'd gay. If you think I won't talk on camera and prove what I know you are wrong XD



Virgil is a meek asian, he probably thought doesn't understand that it's ""irony"" like the rest of the people there.

for some reason Chapos and similar "leftypol" types are desperate to imagine they have control over satire. that's Jon Stewart Daily Show eara stuff, like 90s and early 2000s at the latest. you are just the same as SNL, Colbert, Fallon, etc. that's the level you're on. and that's why Sam triggers them so bad, they're not the ones mocking from the superior position, they're the victims being mocked and it makes them fucking FURIOUS



go deplatform pewdiepie becuas you think he's "canvassing the youth to be nazis" you dork



? I love pewdiepie. I buy merch from him. Guess I will talk up on camera then like people have been asking of me. Hope you are ready :)



What disinformation?

Sam taking advantage of his eceleb status to buttfuck his fans(Marky): fact

Sam acting like a hypocritical douche going after VMUdreams to get him deplatformed: fact

Sam spending months not uploading content but still taking in subscriber bux: fact

Sam pissing off and jewing people that work for him, like Channing: fact

File: 4f650cbd6563c9b⋯.png (408.01 KB, 667x360, 667:360, 3AJbsk0gGYP4l-yb9AozXsv_dG….png)


hello does anyone have an archive of the mde subreddit?

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the obvious Chad. Sam probably still dreams about this guy.



Sam looks like a special kid with retard strength that you try to avoid or he'll stamp on your feet


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 617676b89f95b7b⋯.png (47.19 KB, 103x343, 103:343, Capture.PNG)

File: e0fd610344ad495⋯.png (113.27 KB, 270x240, 9:8, 546t4.PNG)

>those shoes

>those pants

File: b0b2933e2d5a55b⋯.png (666.06 KB, 1000x645, 200:129, acup.png)


you can post your channing tg caps here…………………………………

39 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 9d5fbee00ecd319⋯.png (450.76 KB, 440x616, 5:7, 44868873fff21625196f89ab6c….png)


what a cutie


File: 5e424cfdc123d5e⋯.png (207.55 KB, 882x488, 441:244, sdf.png)


In this video ruse posted on instagram, charls shows up twice, and the second time he sees himself being filmed and moves to cover his belly right away with his shirt aww our cute shy boy.



I recognize this barnes and nobles.



Which one is it brother?



its the barnes and nobles on cobb parkway in atl across the street from the Cumberland mall.

File: ccf1e1d4209b0ad⋯.jpg (40.62 KB, 521x452, 521:452, photo_2019-02-21_22-05-20.jpg)


Why is MDE's marketing so bad. Why don't they have a website or forums? Sam said like a year ago they would have a website with a live chat pop up and he posted some shitty ms paint wireframe. Is MDE or COM98 a legitimate business? If Sam can't even manage to pay someone to build a simple website why should I give him money for a video game?

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Um what? You are just an angry leftist OK? Donald Trump is the best ever I love Israel. Good thing Sam ruined his career over a kike shill who is ramping up hate speech legislation for da jews. He is so baste.



>here's a bunch of pictures I found on the internet

fucking lmao at the accuracy here

He then had the audacity to pretend like he couldn't release any content because he was "hard at work" on all these different projects



shut up nigger



Sam is stupid. His father must be ashamed.


good points. I wonder if that one guy wants to call you a chapo too. I'm surprised he didn't. The main thing I find weird about the Chapo conspiracy is that if that were indeed true why would the be coming here and calling Sam a faggot and pedophile? Wouldn't that stuff make them like him? How would they be fans enough to know stuff about Sam like who Channing is or any of these lesser known facts. It just doesn't make sense think about it.

File: 44af150e98b829f⋯.jpg (102.43 KB, 1410x900, 47:30, borat.jpg)


larry charles mentioned sam on chapo, episode 292 at 17 minutes. basically an anecdote about sam being a huge pussy, no surprise there

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where's that guy (or those guys) who are dedicated to claiming there are no chapotraphouse reddit people here?

they came here in droves after the subreddit got shut down and the board op here pretty much let them fuck this place up



i'm not a hardcore fan, was subbed on patreon for maybe a month, never go on their reddit. it's just something i listen to if i have time. i have no reason to think anyone in that community even thinks or cares about mde except for the one mention linked in the op.

no one gives a fuck about this board besides mde fans. of course a few including myself also listen to other shows. stop flattering yourself by thinking anyone from there comes here solely with the intention of changing your opinion.


well damn.. dude actually found a chapo



>i have no reason to think anyone in that community even thinks or cares about mde except for the one mention linked in the op.

1000+ updoot thread on their reddit when the MDE sub got banned



i wouldn't know that and it's funny how you remember that from six months ago since you're accusing other people of being chapo redditors. i'm sure the people who liked the post are all obsessive mde-haters and not just chapo listeners who chuckled in passing and thought it was funny that your sub got banned (because it was)

File: 7871980c4a8f53a⋯.jpg (314.73 KB, 1894x1440, 947:720, screenshot_2019_03_1_qYXgz.jpg)


inb4 all possible faggotry

got all yallzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

77 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Boston is a retard town. That fact remains, regardless of whether or not Sam is funny.



i always thought fat neckbeard #1 and fat neckbeard #2 were the same person lmao



has sam ever lived there? it's much like other cities in that it's largely students, young professionals in their 20's-30's, wealthy empty nesters, and then a larger, aging underclass who generally keep to themselves as they watch their neighborhoods turn black and hispanic and disunified. he's just a faggy rich kid from connecticut ripping on the few remaining white kids from neighborhoods like dorchester and the general local culture within like a 20mi radius of the city. plus the bit is overused.



he’s so much better than them AND he has a much bigger penis 🙄


i HATE normal white people who like sports and go to church and can’t afford to spend $250k on art school so they can jerk off to digital spaceships and cars in front of their computers all day

File: 3e8eca346eca4e2⋯.jpg (379.04 KB, 1605x1080, 107:72, IMG_20190317_082428.jpg)


What's the intro song? I'm a stupid nigga and can't find it. Thanks in advance ^^


Transfiguration by AirValis


Jesus fuck you're stupid — it was in the credits



:* Thx for spoonfeed

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