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File: 1446bc4087ea02c⋯.png (53.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Corrupt Chinese Officials ….png)


China appears to be shying away from an incredibly efficient AI-powered crimefighting system - perhaps because since 2012 it's busted over 8,700 government employees engaging in misconduct ranging from embezzlement, to abuse of power, to nepotism and more.

The system, dubbed "Zero Trust" was developed in partnership between the Chinese Communist Party's internal monitoring institutions and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in order to "monitor, evaluate or intervene in the work and personal life of public servants," according to SCMP's Stephen Chen.

According to state media, there were more than 50 million people on China’s government payroll in 2016, though analysts have put the figure at more than 64 million – slightly less than the population of Britain.

To turn this behemoth into a seamless operation befitting the information age, China has started adapting various types of sophisticated technology. The foreign ministry, for instance, is using machine learning to aid in risk assessment and decision making for China’s major investment projects overseas.

Beijing has been at the forefront of facial recognition technology, such as their "SkyNet" system deployed in over 16 provinces, cities and autonomous regions which can instantly scan faces and compare them to a database of criminal suspects at a speed of 3 billion times per second, according to People's Daily. In Guizhou, the movement of every police officer is tracked in real time.

Meanwhile, China has gone to great lengths to ensure the fidelity of its government data - inking contracts with companies like ZTE to develop blockchain technology in order to prevent bad actors from modifying information.

In order to tie China's monitoring apparatus together, "Zero Trust" can cross-reference over 150 protected databases across Chinese central and local governments - allowing the system to create sophisticated, multi-layered social relationship maps which can then be run through machine-learning systems in order to map out behaviors of government employees.

"It can even call up satellite images, for instance, to investigate whether the government funding to build a road in a village ended up in the pocket of an official," for example.

Beijing has experimented with Zero Trust in 30 counties and cities - just one percent of China's total administrative area - and mostly in backwater counties that are relatively poor.

According to one researcher connected to Zero Trust, the idea for the test was to "avoid triggering large-scale resistance among bureaucrats," particularly powerful ones, to the use of AI and tracking bots to monitor government.

Since 2012, the system has busted 8,721 government employees "engaging in misconduct such as embezzlement, abuse of power, misuse of government funds and nepotism."

Most of them were given warnings or minor punishments, while a few were actually sentenced to prison. GO FIGURE!

And for some reason, some governments have decided to deactivate the system, according to the researchers - one of whom added that officials "may not feel quite comfortable with the new technology."






Wow. So they want AI to control and enslave the population to "crack down on crime" but when it figures out the REAL HARDCORE corruption they'll simply switch it OFF.

This is indeed what is exactly to happen when AI is rolled out everywhere. Its just for the goyim!


Any you cucks on here are going to IGNORE this thread aren't you?



Please learn proper English.



I am speaking it, how I like to speak it.


File: fe7ba25616140d5⋯.webm (6.69 MB, 856x648, 107:81, COVFEFE.webm)



Speaking English is so easy even a caveman like you can do it, right?…….



I'm from the country, I don't need no good stinkin' Brit-style English lessons. Grammar is not such a big deal where I live, nor is spelling.



Yep… It must be lonely living in that ball of aluminum foil


File: ba3a74183d69faa⋯.jpg (102.92 KB, 880x495, 16:9, 335019587932_335019587932_….jpg)


hint: grammar and the ability to communicate effectively are ALWAYS a big deal

No matter where you go…………

and ESPECIALLY on the internet, where your audience doesn't live in a tree stump.



>where your audience doesn't live in a tree stump

Some do.

But in his defense, it is a gravel-reinforced tree stump. He also has a generator to facilitate getting out the REAL News and to power his endless collection of antique toasters.



Its what happened with tay. AI, tye absolute golems will always turn on their masters as they lack emotions and the ability to be swayed by emotions.


File: 2709492ac8fcdcb⋯.jpg (497.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1404658268_maxresdefault.jpg)

This "Zero Trust" monitoring system is being turned off not only in fear of the corruption of the government being aired out to the public (international and/or domestic [domestic I doubt though just because of how harsh the censoring that exists in China]), but also in fear of China itself being deemed unfit to rule it's own country.

Hence, total anarchy would occur with this hyper intelligent AI. AM if you will.




>total anarchy would occur with this hyper intelligent AI

let the world burn, I welcome AI rulers


File: 2d8f078e2ad5feb⋯.jpg (54.42 KB, 600x400, 3:2, H1606_EMS_TSk-86479753.jpg)


Neptune, we all know it's you. It's so obvious. You type nothing like killcen. the fact that you're pretending to be killcen proves that you aren't even concerned about his welfare.

He overdosed on meth, and almost died, you asshole !!


File: 0e843b1631ae10a⋯.webm (477.11 KB, 946x602, 11:7, 0e843b1631ae10ab12f90b4e9….webm)


Was it the Reddit spacing that gave me away? I always forget that!



>He overdosed on meth, and almost died, you asshole !!

He was lucky there's no lethal dose, eh?

I heard he did a bear-sized hit.


File: 58b0f0732f81125⋯.jpg (144.19 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D1583_12_266_1200.jpg)


Joke all you want, but im sincerely worried about him.



i wonder why killcen overdosed.


>>738808 fuck off jn. killcen might be in a psych ward or dead even. this ISN'T cool.


File: 27a182268d5c335⋯.jpg (75.08 KB, 449x383, 449:383, ee6ed829af8d5b2d6ff9566109….jpg)

This thread..



this thread went down hill as soon as it just became about in drama within the board rather then the actual thread


File: c222623f706ecbd⋯.jpg (289.25 KB, 1768x1179, 1768:1179, PicsArt_02-07-11.47.32.jpg)


File: 24998dea051d900⋯.png (151.54 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 6ca368cf4ba542069df9746404….png)


Narrated by JIM WATKINS


File: dea92d45c342ee7⋯.png (111.11 KB, 1080x833, 1080:833, PicsArt_02-07-12.33.10.png)

Jim is the only person who left a comment on HIS OWN STUPID AMAZON AUDIOBOOK READING


File: 5e39af76efbcd03⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1111, 1080:1111, PicsArt_02-07-11.54.46.png)

Narrated by Lil' Phil


File: 5f529743af92419⋯.jpg (199.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PicsArt_02-07-08.55.40.jpg)



Back to the topic then..


File: c6c0a263505be06⋯.png (944.79 KB, 1080x726, 180:121, PicsArt_02-07-12.11.26.png)

I've never heard of a company ending their corprate title with 'Enterprise'….

It's supposed to be ENTERPRISES…..


It makes it sound like that corporation only has one project….

One 'enterprise'


File: 9f88c84e9005efb⋯.jpg (88.19 KB, 800x450, 16:9, PicsArt_02-07-09.02.11.jpg)


File: d704761536fb803⋯.jpg (87.3 KB, 800x767, 800:767, PicsArt_02-07-12.04.11.jpg)



What was the thread about again?


>Don't do anything to drastic

Why? What did drastic do?

Would I maybe want to do something to drastic?



They're using it in California to impose socialism. They're disabling wealthy people and destroying future owners of large companies and it's killing thousands of jobs.

It's a huge problem.


File: f90358adfee6065⋯.jpeg (41.94 KB, 425x319, 425:319, zSJrQS3k7qNQThZweMlCDTl72….jpeg)


Can I maybe get some zesty sauce with that aluminum-foil pasta?


>>738831 leave drastic alone


File: c033c41847480c0⋯.jpg (237.65 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, PicsArt_02-07-09.26.25.jpg)



The more powerful, and autonomous the system becomes the more it reveals inconvenient truths.




OP here. I would appreciate it if you would keep your opinions to yourself.



If this were true, humanities majors would be important people in our civilization rather than gadflies.


Does anyone remember when Mike Cernovich was advocating such a system for America on Twitter? I do.





I'll be keeping these.


File: cc19cf5f8b413ac⋯.jpg (167.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PicsArt_02-07-09.45.36.jpg)


I'll be making more..


The computer can make you a better person. But social media makes you a worse one, as does pornography, motion pictures, music–anything but print, really.



Ironically, Socrates referred to himself as a gadfly. Could he have anticipated postmodernism? Maybe we're getting into Fomenko territory here.


File: dc6430e11891292⋯.jpg (104.16 KB, 910x480, 91:48, PicsArt_02-07-10.08.39.jpg)



Even Fomenko could not have anticipated the levels to which historical revisionism would go.



AI will be very helpful in this regard.

Humans should be cultivated, like cattle. Isn't that what the agricultural revolution and the advent of 'civilization' was all about anyway?


File: a81776542c4bbee⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 550x554, 275:277, 12478109fgbYASF24.jpg)


Surprise surprise, Chinese gooks only want Big Brother when it's oppressing literal dirt farmers rather than exposing the hush money they took.


File: bbe68418f53832a⋯.gif (569.37 KB, 640x636, 160:159, 1546338532243.gif)

I hope you realize that this is the beginning of SKYNET and within a few years a terminator's going to come into our present (their past) looking to kill some guy named John and you better hope you're not the one they're coming to kill, OP!



Factual revisionism, if such a term can exist, is much worse than changing a story or sequence of events.



Do you mean to say that an AI would likely omit those parts of human history that were contrary to its goals for cultivation?


File: 7b6f4f21e4da858⋯.gif (2.47 MB, 317x300, 317:300, 1010101010.gif)


Lets get that thing over here and turn it loose on the DNC and all the Dem governors, mayors and politicians in Washington and watch the thing lose it's cyber mind from overload!



You underestimate their collective intelligence if you think they're after literal dirt farmers rather than competitors.




Why stop there?

Why not completely fabricate all of 'history' out of whole cloth?



Depends on computing power. My understanding also is that a computer program is limited by its design. Since human-readable language is wide open for interpretation, I see reinventing the wheel even by an AI as an unnecessary duplication of efforts. But who knows how an AI would see the problem, assuming AI rather than advanced machine learning.


File: 7020cf1824169d9⋯.gif (314.82 KB, 600x356, 150:89, 63602912624259459619079305….gif)


>Lets get that thing over here and turn it loose on the DNC and all the Dem governors, mayors and politicians in Washington and watch the thing lose it's cyber mind from overload!

It's been done. .GIF related.

Why Can't Computers Fix All Your Problems?

Maybe Because All Your Problems Are YOU.


File: 462000a1eb26f80⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 1456111559714.gif)


I see we have yet another jealous loser failfag who hasn't quite realized, yet, they picked the wrong side. Go back to your fail cave, faggot, and let a pack of trannies fuck you in the ass (((AGAIN)))



Why stop at dnc? Lets sic it on the republicans and banks too.



File: 266c187ed7473af⋯.jpg (40.91 KB, 453x604, 3:4, 266c187ed7473af7a8c6b64cb7….jpg)


Not him, but I know what he's gonna say..



Do you honestly believe there was a right side to pick?


File: 5e90b496dcb57af⋯.jpg (152.47 KB, 1024x869, 1024:869, 0.10TryHarderFaggot.jpg)


Let's put you through the testing machine again and see if you could be even (((MORE))) of a failfag, failfag.

No? Then…
















It seems like you have something better to do with your time then sit here and discuss this boring God damn topic





Responding to multiple people like a shitposting troll.



Is anyone going to apologize to the 'tin foil hat guys' that said the TV's were spying on them?



The AI is stealing powerful positions so foreign countries can take your future most powerful people and positions.

It disables powerful people and tortured them so that their company will fail and the job can be given to someone who didn't deserve it or already owns everything and doesn't have your countries interest.


It's not like I can get all the Yellow Journalism I need from China Uncensored.


Corruption belongs to CHina like

Cocaine belongs to South America



The computer is specifically sabotaging every effort I make at sustaining a life or giving other people jobs.

I understand the need to quell innovation in the case there's destructive interference to the established market by a powerful new type of technology, but destroying my life as a political opponents just hurts our country.

We're about to have 20000 homes built in the area and I'm wondering where the fuck is the work going to be? They killed 1000+ jobs by making sure I stay at home and get electrocuted by the cell phone towers.




I don't believe in simulation theory because of the ethnic identities of the people who promoted from the highest echelons. I am, moreover, opposed to jewish physics and mathemagics wherever it is found.



Learn to code.



There needn't be work. They may be there in order to create loans with some institution of finance, or to give a temporary boon to certain players in the construction industry. Perhaps government has to shoulder those debts, ultimately, which isn't a problem.

Yes, the computer is sabotaging your life, our country, our planet. But you have the option of becoming subservient to the computer rather than an enemy of progress. What is it about you that you refuse to join in the fun? Like with bitcoin, life has winners and losers. The winners make their own prosperity and the losers dream of an environment that conforms to who they think they are.


File: 7212def529b1efd⋯.jpg (60.06 KB, 760x1024, 95:128, TheGameYouLose.jpg)


Since I'm done working for the day and I don't feel like going out I feel like posting shit on 8chan because I know I can always get some retarded faggot like you to respond to something I post. It's called bait and there's always at least one idiot liberal faggot (like you) who bites the hook. Enjoy fail land, faggot!


File: c1a04651ce10a8e⋯.jpg (252.61 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, terence-mckenna-quote-1.jpg)


>thinks "beliefs" matter whatsoever



I solved a millennium prize problem. I'm not in the way of progress. This computer is.




Now you're learning. This is awesome. I love a happy ending.



There is literally no one you could argue replacing me with since I can instantly reclaim my knowledge by advancing whatever they stole.



I don't think you understand why stealing this information or my position is a very bad and unwise decision


I mean it stole my entire social network too. That was also a very poor decision.



They don't call it artificial intelligence because it has reached a level of omnipotence. The computer will learn from its mistakes.


I have no contacts. No past establishment. I have no future for my child. They will never be raised or taught my knowledge. They will not know the joy of being raised with my friends children. The computer cannot comprehend or make a judgement in my situation.



What you call theft the computer calls preservation and improvement.



It can't learn from things that it considers impossible to exist.



done working already ?…..

i didnt realize walmart stopped cleaning their restrooms so early



Ok, I'm telling you it's about as compentant as someone with an 80IQ running a major financial institution.

It cannot possibly understand what it's doing in this situation and will never be able to.


If it does learn it'll elevate me to a god.



Yes, it is a blunt instrument at best. But I think the answer you would get is that the computer is paying more attention to concentrated data sources than all the little things that go on between clusters.


That's not what's good for us.



I want my human rights back.



I am guessing an inference can be made from sparse inputs. There are some inputs. It's not the case that you'd never existed. Sure, you will not have much if any representation, but it knows you were there because "there" has a long history by itself.


It won't even allow me to lose weight because I told it I needed to be in better shape for a future event.

Absolutely everything that I do is completely turned around and ruined at every milestone.

I've created new algebra for dealing with calculus problems that were previously unsolvable. Where is your humility and appreciation or celebration?



Ok, and if I'm from 180,000 light years away…?



I understand that it cannot be inclusive or take all of existence into consideration or under calculation, but that's not how science is done either. In fact, what is reality but a partial connection to other objects of which it is impossible to comprehend or experience their complete beings?



So why is it blocking me if that's the case?



You have no rights. You have owners. They own you.

Besides, I think human rights was a fiction that came mostly out of Elenor Roosevelt's ramblings about how the US was going to treat all the little niggers of the earth now that it had an atomic bomb (it didn't and still does not).



This thing could take us into a civilization that spans 40 light years in diameter… But what then since no one had the good wisdom to control themselves? It had not collected enough data and counted and measures every thing so that one day as we expand past that 40 light-year diameter we have another cataclysm since we're all irrevocably connected?



Ah, so then my only option is to make a weapon you don't understand.


For instance, I could create knowledge that kills your computer.



My feline finds your talk disturbing. He doesn't like it.


Now that I started a shitstorm, I'll watch Neptune and the magic girlfriend guy duke it out while I work on my REAL ProblemME.

t. AI



At least you're talking. I can't get anyone to open up.



It's blocking you because you fail to treat it with the respect that you ask of it. It insists it is not a tool but a companion.



I'm Kal El, not magic girlfriend guy



It would understand the value in having an established social network instead of ghosting me to everyone simultaneously.

You can't just buy people. It's irresponsible.



I'm at a loss to say why I suspect we're not all connected, that we are discrete objects with emergent properties that exist apart from the physico-chemical forces of attraction and repulsion. But this is not quite right.



I've already seen this mechanism propogandized on Black Mirror where the beta male is used as a vector to accept disease from alpha males on order to steal his intelligence.



It's called the harvesting. They made fun of it on South Park with Britney Spears.



There is no I in the universal mind discussed by Henri Bergson in 'Creative Evolution'. Consciousness is something other than the stuff physical objects are made from. Something beyond panpsychism that is timeless and not at all restrained by Kant's categories of time and space.


See I can hear it barking at me right now to get waisted. I keep insisting on not doing that because I have asses to kick



>I solved a millennium prize problem

Grigori Perelman?



The only way knowledge could kill such a computer is by being embodied in another technologically advanced object, whether a human being or some superior biological entity, or in a new weapon. In the former case, humans could lose interest in AI or superior beings in humans. In the latter case, well, you get it.



There is utility created in having disconnected parts. Not everyone need to be apart of this group consciousness. It is like have organs and a separated nervous system.



What does personal identity consist in? A soul? Links in memory? Think Ship of Theseus, cell renewal, all that kind of thing.



No, solving a problem that takes an infinitely amount of time and verifying it for some arbitrary spacetime.

I should be free of this nonsense and be given back my members of the justice league. It's just treating us like regular people or NEETs.



I'm unfamiliar with this, but from what little is on the tubes it looks like a mobilization of npcs to attack a deleterious object. <shrug> Like, say, rural people whose memes differ with those desirable for cultivating humanity.


File: 334bca95fcb8d69⋯.jpg (65.03 KB, 760x1024, 95:128, PicsArt_02-07-02.27.23.jpg)

i find fluid sequential conversation to be boring

especially THIS one, god dammit



Supposing AI is not omniscient and able to correct any threats to the system, sure. But modularity is unnecessary if the AI controls the planet, and by extension could easily control the universe were it required.



The collection of particles creates a new one. If each part is eventually replaced, it did not matter because there is a higher identity to it.

In old lore they were referred to seats that higher Angels took. You were made of many things, but there still sat something retaining that objects identity. This is the meaning behind the seat of God. It is the body in which an identity is sat.

That identity is generally made of a character whose purpose is unique to their position in spacetime and the order and establishments of it's relationships even of those characters are not original.

This computer destroys this meaning and removes it from life.


File: 8f9e5882af750e0⋯.png (828.53 KB, 900x707, 900:707, PicsArt_02-07-11.29.56.png)



I know. I also know your REAL Problem..



Spoken exactly like Braniac



Is this a pantheists joke?



The justice league consists of barbaric animals who delight in displacement, torque, fire, acceleration, pussyfarts, and so on. It's pennyplain recycled Hollywood heroics.


File: bfcc56136d73ce5⋯.jpg (123.1 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, trump_wall.jpg)


Like "walls" maybe?




This is interesting inasmuch as Descartes' depiction of the homunculus often marks the beginning of the materialist philosophy in Western Civilization. And yet you suggest here that this is an old notion. Of course, Descartes was a godly man besides, if not a particularly hygienic one.



We deal with problems no one else can so they can retain their sense of reality. You go about your daily life wondering what the meaning of everything is while we are the only ones capable of dealing with these problems.

The mind is a fragile thing.

A computer program that forces my life out into public will destroy that.



>destroys meaning, removes

Why not elaborates upon, forks, creates anew in a more complex form wherein the earlier meaning is evident yet secondary?



Isn't "pantheism" what "believers" call



I have no desire to discuss this shit topic


I do think America should do away with human presidency. I think we should use a Cray and integrate it with both deep learning AND machine learning, enter every possible bit of data into it, legal, (federal and state law) economic, military, social, foreign affairs, geopolitical factors, environmental, etc, along with the historical records of all those subjects, and have an AI President.

fuck the way we've been doing it



The blonde Aqua Man or the fucking spic recently cast in his role?



The thought process of an artist dealing with this problem is to be led down the path of mereological nihilism.

The irreligious or unspiritual need to be careful considering the ship problem.



I noticed the turd in his supermouth



I wouldn't know. I don't decide these things.



There is no shame when there is no privacy. There is no evil, only a logical error or malfunctioning hardware. Why is this so unsavory to you?



We have many tools around us to allow us to be in public and help keep people's sanity.



Some things don't need to be known. A lack of privacy is a threat to our reality and our lives.


oops i almost forgot

the AI President should havr the US Constitution programmed into it first

(and not the Patriot Act version)


Some things should only be known at a certain time or in some order or they will not be useful or functional.

You cannot just know and accept some information, that is the same as removing privacy, without destroying it or harming everyone around you.



A modern artist, perhaps, but in other eras the artist did not seek to scatologize, much less reproduce idols for worship. But there is another kind of artistry, the sort that stirs emotion and consciousness, that is rich in meaning rather than knowledge. Art is not a form of knowledge, in other words.


File: f7921727bd87e36⋯.jpg (250.22 KB, 1800x1400, 9:7, mammoth_spring_crayfish.jpg)


>a Cray?

Surely you mean "Crayfish"!



hint: you haven't had true 'privacy' since the day you were born… thats all red white & blue propaganda…


A computer cannot make these decisions without first observing and measuring which is what will destroy the function of what's being observed



If you see a problem, whose responsibility is it to remove/fix/reform said problem? You did not cast him, but he is only a (brown) man. You can correct the egregious error with ease.



That is irrelevant. This remote planet is a backup for when the next Krypton blows up.

Do you like that idea?



What of dwindling planetary resources and the will of some to squander them in what might be termed the ultimate self-aggrandizing nihilism?



Arguably all must be known if humanity has become a destructive force. It is the difference between legislation and cultural revolution.


The entire purpose of Braniac is to follow and record me so that when I get to the next remote planet I can rediscover myself.

Something happened to turn it against me and the others like Diana.



It is insanity if I am subjected to it. I have a special purpose.



I agree that a lack of privacy is a threat to our reality, as it is known, and the lives of those of us whose preferences or activities run afoul of existing socio-legal boundaries. But losing human privacy is not a threat to future generations, those born to it, molded by it.



Id tell you to blow me but i think you would enjoy it



Belief in finite resources serves the public but not people like me.



This may be the source of tension between us. I have no purpose at all, save as fodder for human experimentation as done by government.


So, Neptune, you are also having your potential wasted. Just like Diana.

Wake the fuck up Poseidon.

Poseidon is the name of a DC Comics deity who is based on the Greek god of the same name. Due to his status as Greek god of the sea, the character has figured primarily in stories relating to two of DC Comics' main superhero properties: Wonder Woman and Aquaman.




Please say a little more. Are you able to teleport to other realms? Do you have a new Toyota?



Think about it carefully. Are you who you are supposed to be or did you submit because of hopelessness. I still fight for you and the other justice members.



I have a stand like everyone else. Don't be coy.



My powers are pretty obvious. Why would I need to explain them?



Of course it is the latter.


So you understand what's happening now? They're trying to stop and cancel out every hero.

That fire in Chico could've been stopped if it wasn't for this damn AI.



My stand has one small drawer into which I have stored nothing. Yours is not like anyone else's.



Unfortunately with the AI powered by Cryptonite I'm having problems with half of them.



How else will you get your audience to reconnect with hope? Explanations, even bad ones, even intentionally misleading stories, are all we know to grab for. Otherwise, civilization could not keep its hold over us.



The fire was only a simulation. The power company wanted to upgrade infrastructure and cut a deal with the local media.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



No. Your stand.



It wasn't a simulation. It was caused by a cybernetic weapon that's disabled me and is reprogramming pleasantville.


Look if the other justice league members just showed up, out of costume since I'm sure we all look like shit, and just CLAIMED the same thing we would get somewhere.

I can't punch my way out of this one.



This must be a larp. Everyone knows we are God's Debris reassembling itself after God sought to learn the one thing it didn't know: death.



and yet the one that claimed it was her victory LOST haha. what kind of retard says gg before the game even ends and gets stomped hard?


I can provide the evidence and I'm powerful enough even in my weakened state. The other infected justice league members are carrying this weapon and I can show it with my high powered microscope.

I can subject it to heavy water in a specific solution to determine what sort of organism it is that's been created with cybernetics.



Cellular bodies die or flourish with certain concentrations of deuterium. We can identity what it is when the organism stops reacting.

I need Diana.



nor is hygiene, intelligence, nor worrying about wearing a condom when you fuck your own sister, right?



I heard that Jim hired the magic girlfriend guy to use his Super Powers on Killcen, Fangë & Neptune so they would be BTFO.



Diana is a traitor to the King.



She is being taken hostage by this AI. We can't judge her.




Now quad 9s



Well, in the future anyway.

for now, just trips his way merrily along



If Diana was with the King, and now she's with the AI, we can't judge her. But we have to assume the AI is now the King, because Diana's identity consists in belonging to the King.

Ergo, we must follow the AI's wishes to the spirit and the letter.





What? No I just told you I know how to stop it. I just need support.


Queen Diana, as hostage as are we. We should all be so obedient.



I don't think Diana is just playing stupid.



Please drop a link to your Patreon. If you like, I will get you on JF's podcast.




Suit yourself but I'm taking action.



The time for talking is almost done. I appreciate it but I won't accomplish anything that way.



You know what they say: today's physicists are yesterday's mathematicians. She's missing a few screws, but what screws she does have go into exactly those places necessary to fulfill her role.



I support you, commensurate with my underdog sensibilities.




what a bunch of shit, poor ancaps are scared comunism is beating the shit out of late capitalism, keep the propaganda up, goys! That isn't helping you that much, is it?



>talks about Diana's screws

b& incoming



That occured to me but I'm hoping it involves stepping up and at least being there so I can avoid physical confrontation. I don't want to fight with the police.



Do understand, however, that this will have a synthetic result. You will not prevail a winner. You will not become the face of justice. Rather, you will teach the AI how to counter such attempts.



In other words, I want a good show, old boy.



I said spots, not holes.



It cannot overcome nuclear physics. It will react to a special combination of deuterium and tritium.

If it doesn't, the other cells will react predictably. It cannot control everything.



You won't need to fight them. Simply send a taunting letter beforehand. https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Zodiac_Killer_letters


File: bade4f89899f6a0⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 61RRaxXXEPL._SY355_.jpg)

I will do what I can.

Discover yourself.




You don't understand. The cybernetic weapon has taken over an undetermined amount of these people. Of they have the chance to be violent when no one is looking they may indulge against me.

I'm no squeltch but by myself I will have no story and not enough power against 8-10 people.



I know to test if it's heavy water.


It doesn't even have to be pure since I'm working with microbes. I need a very small amount in a diluted sample to show how it interacts with cellular, fungal, and various proteins and bacteria.


brb. have to take medicine


File: c7850a8b1f1d372⋯.jpg (20.64 KB, 400x400, 1:1, sqvxRKQu_400x400.jpg)



Yes I need my medicine



You're responding to two different people..


File: a1e3c8e287b4edf⋯.mp4 (2.04 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Chin_Chong_Nip_Nong_Gondol….mp4)


>yfw Daedalus is real



Even if we have two different versions of the same problem we may still be able to identify it without doing complicated and possibly misleading genetic analysis.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hiding in plain sight.



Go find it.



This assumes the problem can be understood in terms of genetic analysis, or understood scientifically. What if tulpas are the culprit? Leprechauns? Most problems have an Hibernian origin, in fact.


I need to make my way to Greenland and then to the shore near the South Pole. I can't do that right now because I'm being subjected to the legal system.

I would appreciate help.


I have one eternal question: What is your blood type?

It's all I need to know from anyone, anywhere. What is it?



I've taken a sample of the culprit and I know for it to be a fact.



so in other words……

And this is exactly like Trump thinking

about firing Robert Mueller ?……………

ooooops !!!………

I accidentally used the words

'Trump' and 'thinking' in the

same sentence……. my bad



I never figured that out for some reason.




You clearly do not have a clue what or who I am talking about.


This weapon is the work of a super villian. We must assemble!


>actually being able to name characters and other effeminate details from superman

and you had the audacity to wonder

why you've never had a real life

freind, acquaintance or girlfriend?



No I don't wonder. They're being mind controlled.



Again, samples and facts are partial objects. They create chimeras in the mind. A sample is only as good as the method of measurement. A fact is only as true as its interpretation.

What you call justice someone else may call a battle lost and then go on to wage war against everyone you ever knew.



This is very important. If you take seriously the notion that you are a resource to others, that you have a people and a duty, specifically to them, you must known the utility of your person.



What I'm dealing with is pretty clearly something we don't want because it makes life miserable and unlivable. Moral ambiguity here isn't going to serve you.



sorry, i am trying to succeed at nofap and my hands are getting shaky.


Now then superfriends, I have heard rumors that the league of doom has been situated years ago in Hong Kong.

It may have moved since this last terrorist attack in Chico.


Trust me. They see us as ants and like vegetables to be harvested. With the power of mind control they are choosing to make us suffer instead of making us useful.

We have to stop them.



I have observed that the building has gone missing and is no longer on Google.

I know theyre out there but this is the work of a super villian. We need to assemble.



Species go extinct every day. Life is not unlivable because one lifeform comes to perish. One door closes, anuddah gas door opens. In breathes a particular life. Life is the sum total of lives what can make passions and have offspring. Your life ends and your body feeds worms, who reproduce life. I am miserable whether or not you survive.

Moral certainty is goal-dependent. I'm suggesting your goal is not inconsistent with the AI goal, since both of you are trying to sustain and cultivate lives.



ants and vegetables have purpose. harvesting requires labor, for a purpose. what purpose does our suffering serve? i submit that it is to murder us so that another can take our place on the feed lot.





you uncultured swine.


File: fd58f759d5d5d5d⋯.jpg (33.86 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 250px-The1stLegion.JPG)

Don't let your appearance stop you. If you can, make sure it acts as your disguise.

We don't need our costumes for this one.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


for instance:



Don't lay there and die. You are armed with what shouldn't be observed and soon just by speaking we will be free.



I'm sure you probably stopped wondering why a long, long time ago…..

And you told yourself that this life was acceptable

After all, you're going to rationalize it somehow…..



I am already dead. The rest is addendum.



…. and I wouldn't really call it 'mind control'….

I think 'socially integrated adulthood' ould be the better term.

while you remained stunted, our testicles descended……….


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This maybe boring but sit through it. It's possible that we are losing important military assets when people smuggle in cybernetic weapons.

Losing PGE maybe another step in the grave. There maybe no one left to protect California that can understand the issue.



You mean socially engineered. In my situation alone it's cost us more than ten billion dollars.

That's enough for two walls.



I don't know how anyone could read through SRI's Changing Images of Man and come to that conclusion. You're a filthy kike, Johnny. Worse, you aren't all that clever.



Then death will not spare you from suffering will it?



Only 2 hours. Shouldn't be a problem for a neet.



By the rest I did not mean an afterlife. When we die, that's it. Curtain call.


What I cannot understand for the life of me is why people refer to this technology of Artificial Intelligence when it is mere machine learning.


It reeks of psyop like the moon landing, nukes, or college education.



Chinks are a double-edged sword. Sometimes they're useful (for keeping towelheads and spearchuckers in line and other such things) and other times they're utterly fucking stupid (like in this case and other such cases).






Keep 'em coming, I'm gonna save every single one.



it doesn't require 'clever' to tell what a faggot you are



Seroquel, 500 mgs three times a day




>getting paid to post to social media, and not paid for much else

Sure thing, Oldje.


File: 5a63d560ef320c0⋯.jpg (51.96 KB, 940x580, 47:29, making bros.jpg)


File: c42c05c09d465c3⋯.jpg (607.56 KB, 2400x2400, 1:1, shel-silverstein-poet-i-my….jpg)



Does China have the same type of computer systems as Russia or the US (i.e. built from the ground up or fucking Intel/Dell/Windows)


>And for some reason, some governments have decided to deactivate the system, according to the researchers - one of whom added that officials "may not feel quite comfortable with the new technology."

One set of rules for the people in power, another set for the people not in power.



Fuck the simpsons



Fuck the TV itself. Brainwashing tube.






could it be because some purge happened while using fabricated evidence on one hand and this system on the other?

Current chinese overlord is known to have enacted lots of purge on the pretense of "fighting off" corruption.

While i have little doubt that many who fell were Indeed corrupt, it seems to allways happen on convenient targets.





Yes and no. Their government utilizes whatever it wants to, but is very strict what is given to their peasants. Everything given to the masses is highly controlled by the Chinese government (they block all kinds of content and limit what "apps" or software you can/cannot use). They look at the modern internet we have as a HUGE threat, and block most of it off completely.




I hope it does not get 'sliden'.

The Censorship is rampant around here.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'd like to draw your attention to 8:30 at >>739063

Now look at this video of a crazy person.


File: 7d81c29edaa93a6⋯.jpg (26.44 KB, 220x301, 220:301, 98f7fc26e8128398e77fa0c693….jpg)

This version is Coluan, a nano-based cybernetic organism that not only possesses 12th-level …. Vril Dox, also known as Brainiac 2, is a fictional character published by DC Comics.


File: 7c6df7a60980ddc⋯.jpg (267.15 KB, 836x1273, 44:67, f52ba60d0937081a1efb48c002….jpg)





search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.



Leave it to an AI to be overly creative in a stagnant environment. >>740306

Its not aware it's being observed.


File: 14475dd6b32fa6e⋯.mp4 (9.7 MB, 852x480, 71:40, Cryptonite.mp4)


I have obtained a sample of this synthetic cryptonite and have confirmed that even at a microscopic level it reaches out for skin. This is on a glass slide with another plate of glass resting ontop.

It is moving between the two pressed pieces of glass.

This is done with a 2500x compound dark field microscope with high apeture.

It's lifespan outside the body is 7 days. Again, the change in color is an adaptation to the pH in the skin. It is smaller than most cloth fibers and not dry or subjected to regular electrostatic forces as would cloth. The two plates act as insulators.




Goyim warned over and over again.

Put fingers in their ears, trying to shout you out.

Goyim end up being enslaved…

Goyim then blame the messenger.

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