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File: 18938f38ccb14b5⋯.png (468.21 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Smartphones Monitor How Go….png)


Learn Proper OPSEC: >>>/prepare/22 | https:// archive.fo/isnXt

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180921124309/https:// 8ch.net/prepare/res/22.html

Forget Face ID: a collaboration between the Defense Department and a NY-based company called TWOSENSE.AI, has birthed an artificial intelligence algorithm that could be embedded in smartphones and will be able to identify the device owner by the way they talk, type, walk and even by how "they spend their free time".

TWOSENSE.AI is working with the Department of Defense to build a SaaS product that could eventually replace access cards currently used to verify the identities of DOD employees when logging onto the department's networks.

The AI constantly monitors the user's behavior, including how they carry the device, type on it and even walk. The system then automatically verifies the user's identity using these parameters, enabling them to work seamlessly on their secure network without having to login each time.

Similar to privacy-stripping developments in China, the system updates a "trust score" as it tracks these metrics, based on the algorithm's level of confidence that the correct person is using the device. Jeremy Corey, chief of the Defense Information Systems Agency’s Cyber Innovation Division said in May: "The score is checked to ensure it meets the desired threshold. This threshold is predetermined by the organization we are piloting our prototype with. This could be configured by the application owner, so long as it is within the authorizing official's accepted level of risk."

The $2.4 million contract was awarded in October through the Army's other transaction authority, which allows certain agencies to sign contracts for advanced research outside of the scope of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. 75 prototypes were supposed to have already been delivered last year for testing, according to a technical director at DISA. After testing, the technology will be embedded in certain smartphones at the manufacturing level before being acquired by the DOD. We're guessing this excludes Huawei from becoming a potential partner on the project.

Dr. Dawud Gordon, CEO of TWOSENSE.AI said: “Both DISA and TWOSENSE.AI believe that continuous authentication is the cornerstone of securing identity. Behavior-based authentication is invisible to the user, therefore it can be used continuously without creating any extra work.”

The project is reportedly working through "existing partnerships" between DISA, Qualcomm and Samsung.




I can't believe so many people buy this garbage.



ive seen hi tech shunning contractors go from indestructible flip phones to iphones just because of shit like facetime



a lot of people who are averse to signing up for (((social media))) will do so because their phones now require it everything is being done in tandem by these big friendly tech giants for the (((consumers benefit)))


>not owning a primary flip phone and two burner phones you randomly alternate between

just y



What I hate is even some of the newer linux OS is shilling this too, not so heavily but ubuntu now comes with Apps for Amazon and Google. Fuck that shit, I just uninstall that crap and install software I like on there. But when linux begins shilling this crap, we know there is a problem.

As for mandating that crap to activate your phone, WHAT THE FUCK!? People go along with it? Sick.


Digital cattle ranching.


This disinformation needs to stop.

Regardless if you have a dumb phone (like pictured) or a smart phone, cell towers can pinpoint you location by using triangulation (three towers) to literally 3/4 of a mile. Pursuant to that, they also have the ability to track movement across towns, cities and states. So embedded software or not, cell companies can easily determine how and where you go in a 24 hour period. They know how long you've spent at location A and how often you're at location B. Again regardless of whether you use a dumb phone or not. Things like AI only serve to make location more precise.


File: ec1d242fa979c3c⋯.jpg (45.18 KB, 736x380, 184:95, 87c30a2b0742c8deb6209f26f6….jpg)


Fuck all that.

I'm going back to smoke signals.



They do sell Faraday bags for phones to block out wifi/gps signals.

However, a "smartphone" is much worse because it holds A LOT more data. At least with a flip phone all they can get is caller IDs if its hacked. I even cover up the camera, so they can't remotely snoop on me or my surroundings. I have the ringer on high so I can hear when someone calls me from the other room, as to mitigate mic spying too. Thats the way to do it.


My flip phone is too heavy. My hands shake and I think I’m going to drop it every time I get a call.



You can also make a faraday box yourself purchasing local materials.



Does anyone here seriously believe that flip phones are any less compromised?



They're not as good as wired landline phones, but they're way better than "smart"phone botnet crap out there.

So yes. All I use my flip phone for is to make calls. No internet. No texting. None of that. So all they can get is those caller IDs. And my camera is covered up, so good luck trying to use that to spy on me. And if I want privacy where I travel, I'll simply leave my flip phone at home when I drive around.



it is not about location data it is about building a profile. the more sensors a phone has the more data it can collect, the more processing power it has the more of that data it can process and send back in cheap to process chunks.



At least this'll racially profile shitksins among many others who don't deserve it



THAT, and at least flip phones don't have Facebook and Google apps built in that suck up all your data and sell it off to other third parties.

Remember: government is only HALF the enemy here, "Big Tech" is a whole other beast we need to get off our backs too. And YES, those fuckers work together hand-in-hand!

I actually made a whole article about it (three times) but the BO removed the thread every single time. It explained exactly how big tech and government work together to spy on you!



i've tried using a flip phone and its pretty luxurious in a weird way. you miss a lot of the drama that you can do without because you have no social media. also there is even 3g video call on. and the best feature is you can actually turn it off (removable batterty)


File: 76f6cbfeee9a82d⋯.jpg (160.71 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, fn1 (5).jpg)



Thats likely true, it spies on everything.

I say chuck it. Switch to a cheap flip phone. Don't bring it into your bedroom or any other room where you want privacy. Just cover up the camera, put it in an isolated place and turn up the ringer to high so you can hear if someone calls. That simple!


WHO CARES ?!! nobody ever promised you privacy over digital devices. your constitutional right to privacy can still be enjoyed by sitting in a tree stump, (which you do) so stop your whining


lol wrong. they are getting more than just 'caller IDs. they are monitoring and storing every single word you say on your phone calls, they are gathering every person you call and creating a spiderweb 'social network' of association, and most importantly THEY CAN PASSIVELY LISTEN TO EVERYTHING YOU SAY THROUGH YOUR FLIP PHONE'S MIC EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT USING THE PHONE just like they could always do with a landline phone, even when it was 'hung up' resting in it's cradle on the base.


the real question here is:


if you didn't realize they would make maximum utilization of these abilities offered by digital technology, then you're a dumbass.

of course they can do this and of course they ARE doing it.

and they're doing much, much more….

but who cares?


and as a smartphone user, i can tell you this:

i would NEVER allow the facebook app to be enabled on any of my devices, or use any other app or website that requires a facebook account as cross verification.



Who cares? Anyone that cares about NEWS should care. This is honest news reporting. This is what the news is supposed to do! Expose corruption. Expose unsatisfying facts. Expose controversial topics such as this.

Its called NEWS! REAL NEWS.





File: 95eedd8463d3ffb⋯.jpg (31.84 KB, 775x515, 155:103, dreamstime_s_8075513.jpg)

ive got news for you, killcen….

The D.O.D. has been operating different versions of their monitoring programs since WWII

Like Minaret and echelon….

and when your old landline phone was rested in it's cradle (see attached pic) you THOUGHT it was 'hung up', but in all actuality, only the speaker in the earpiece as disconnected.

The government COULD and DID use this archaic technological ability to listen to people's conversations in their houses through the landline mouthpiece….



You could always easily unlpug those when need be though. And they don't have all kinds of other data or third party services imbedded within them.

Also another major point to add: they still had to physically tap the lines around your premise to do it!



yes that was one sensor and could unplug it from the wall.


>i don't care - neither should you

wow the damage control is really off the hook on this thread.


File: dd98dbb0add11c3⋯.jpg (122.55 KB, 1300x1009, 1300:1009, old-retro-vintage-rotary-p….jpg)


the act of creating a plausible 'investigation sequence' to make it appear that they arrested citizens through legal investigation techniques, when they actually obtained the evidence by violating your constitutional privacy rights….

Theyve been using PARALLEL CONSTRUCTION for decades and decades.

AGAIN: they could listen to you in your house, even when your old landline was 'hung up'



Q: how often did you unplug your landline from the wall in the 1960s ?

how about the 1970s ?

and the 1980s ?





Because what they plan to do with all of that information is worse than merely gathering it.


Take your meds



TRUE STORY (I retract details to keep proper OPSEC). Around 20 years ago several neighbors of mine were all contacted by FBI men, at their doors. They were simply asking questions about me, what I did, my hobbies, if I go out a lot and when. One of them was a friend so he alerted me about it. Glad he did.

About a month passed. Big deal right? Well one day a white van pulled up around our block. Turned out to be some kind of power company, so I speculate. They ended up going around the post where my landline was (during this time I was using an old landline phone). I saw them with my own eyes, they tapped it. Nothing was wrong with that line before. I figured this had something to do with those questions.

So, I disconnected the landline completely from the side of my house for three months. No one could call, I couldn't call either. Had EVERYTHING done by mail or by calling via paying by phone booth around the corner of town.

Eventually, the SAME van was spotted some months later, and they disconnected the tap.



I never said YOU shouldn't care

I said WHO CARES ?

meaning I DON'T CARE

and whoever does care

should've known better

and if it bothers you that much

fucking disconnect, dammit

by the way, youre on the internet


the real reason shills are getting so nervous is that the bulk of today's control grid is based on consent. this is why governments around the world are pushing 5G and cashless, to remove the need for consent.



if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about, and if you have nothing to worry about, you have nothing to hide. amirite?



it used to be so much more expensive to do this sort of thing, the cheaper this stuff is, the more people have access to it. imagine facebook went bankrupt, their biggest asset would be all the data they collected ((unwittingly)), and they could sell it to anyone.




(even though you'll think I'm lying)

in 1996 i was pulled over while driving out of Atlanta. I had a suspended license, no insurance, and i was transporting drugs down to Macon.

the Henry County Deputy took my (suspended & expired) license back to his cruiser to 'run me' on his computer. while i was telling my ex-wife goodbye, knowing i was about to go to jail, and giving her instructions about how to bail me out, the Deputy got out of his car and approached my car…

but he wasnt walking normally.

He was kinda squatting, walking kinda crouched down, taking weird slow steps to my car. He had my license in his hand, his arm extended out in front of him…

and thats when he made a mistake :


i asked him, "what did you just say?" and he repeated, "You have a do not apprehend, sir. Have a nice day!"

I started up my car, trembling in my boots, and drove back to my house. I called the Henry County Sheriff's Office, and told the dispatcher what just happened, and she looked me up on her computer. I could hear her tapping the keys.

"Yep. It says here Do Not Apprehend."

I asked her, "what does that mean?" andshe said, "i guess it means you're not supposed to be apprehended." so i asked her, "who put that on there?" and she said, "i have no idea." so i finally asked her, "well, if someone put that on there, WHO could've done it?" and that's when the tone of her voice changed, and she got irritated…

she said, "look Mr. McGovern, I've been working here for 22 years, and I have never seen this before. It says you have a do not apprehend, so have a nice day."

That status lasted for a few years….

it turns out i was being investigated by the FBI

and the Do Not Apprehend staus meant that

no local jurisdictions were supposed to arrest

me, because it would interfere with their ongoing investigation….

and guess what ?……

I didnt even care



No…. Thats NOT what im saying…

what i meant was WHO CARES ?…..

There's nothing you can do about it except to become a Keebler Elf and that live in a hollow tree

And I'm not going to live in a fucking tree stump

I'm not going to spend my life panicking and worrying about shit that I can't control


They're using this data to mind control destinations.


Oh, and by the way….

the Do Not Apprehend story is 100% TRUE

absolutely true…..

It turns out the reason I was under investigation was because I was good friends with the LUCCI FAMILY in Atlanta….

Susan Lucci is part of their family….

You might have heard of their family from the days before they changed their last name

it used to be lucchese, as in the Lucchese crime family


Hey are you guys using my math for anything or do I get to write a new tomb with weird symbols on it?




True. My conclusion form all of this was that the FBI simply did not have enough of a detailed profile on me, so they were trying to do what they could at the time to get more info. I didn't do anything wrong.

Remember that the FBI has been known to keep profiles on every American. So I'm assuming thats why they were asking my neighbors questions and had my phoneline tapped.


i wasnt involved in anything 'La Cosa Nostra' with Toni Lucci and her son Shawn…

i was just really good friends with them….



I used to know one of those elves. Until the gooberment took her away from me. :(


Facebook and Google can sell my data all they want….

its NOT going to change my life.

for example:


DOB 9-8-1963



i dont give a flying fuck




No. You can disable and execute a dog by it's innocent nature and habits. You poison where it walks or lays… Etc

The point is so that you will not have a future and it can be handed to someone else.

This whole I have nothing to hide so I need no privacy argument has to be understood from a future crime, espionage ,and corporate sabotage.



Obviously you're being forced to type this by the same cybernetic weapon that's pretty much allowed free reign.



Give back the Elf. The one that talks to animals.



Yah, that seems like it is very possible. Thats why local police actually do not like the FBI interfering with their jobs. I've heard how some of those G-men and local jurisdictions clash at times. They likely were spying on you, just so they could find out who you were getting those drugs from. They wanted a bigger bust, and you were their gateway to getting one.



I don't mind that idea so long as I get resources to work with. I've lost a lot of things that are incompressible .





the i need no privacy argument was taught to us in school as an example of military dictatorships control of public discourse. what a weird world we live in.



It was probably someone's idea and they just ran with it because it was hard to imagine a suitable answer. Not everything is insidious.


People only hide things people don't want discovered. That's pretty simple but it's no longer the real issue in the modern world.

Handing over your DNA to some corporation, storing everything in databases, watching everyone's movements and buying habits and how they type at a mass scale… I mean Facebook is openly working on technology that can easily mind control someone.

You should hide absolutely everything from everyone but your friends.



collecting a spiderweb of associated social networking


but the drugs werent the issue.

the Luccis were involved in

a nationwide money laundering

rico act situation


Some people hide things they want discovered. It's sort of a psychosexual logic or a form of play for innocent people.



AGAIN: thats not my argument

My 'argument' is: im not going to argue

ive always known that they can and DO

monitor everything and everyone

so what good is it going to do me

to become indignant ?






I used to buy cocaine a long time ago (80s and early 90s) and at times I had the feeling I was being tailed or under surveillance. Never sold it, just bought some for social occasions. But at one point they must have tailed me (or another buyer) because the dude selling it got busted. I had to find another source. Luckily though, I quite that bad habit when my second source had a heart attack and died from it.


I wish I didn't have my good figure stolen from me as well. It's useful in so many different ways it's just daunting to deal with another five months of rehab.



the term "mind control" will soon be rehabilitated, it will come to mean remote controlling an appliance with your mind. what they won't mention is that its not a one way street.



forgive me for yawning…..

( and you can't yawn while holding your breath )



You CAN control it, its just very inconvenient at times. You have to give up your dependency on a lot of modern technologies they shill now days. Are you willing to do that?





You're talkin about the tree stump

And I already made it very clear: NO



I have no intention of changing my life and climbing into a tree stump




What makes you think I live in a shithole? I'm actually very comfortable living the way I do. Maybe its just not for everyone, that could be.

As far as giving up all those "smart" gadgets, think of it like quiting drinking or doing drugs. It may be hard to kick, but it is possible to do God willing.



data obtained from monitoring JN:



-Subject loves his mother




-Subject is obnoxious



-His mom is awrsome








investigation complete



When I say tree stump I'm not suggesting that you live in a shit hole….

' living in a tree stump ' is simply my metaphor



Plus, I already know exactly where you live and it's not that bad



Oh yah? Where do I live then?



most rich ppl i know live like this its just not for your average poor person.



Also, when a very beloved family member finally passes away ( an upcoming event which I hope gets delayed as long as possible ) I will no longer have a reason to have a smartphone…

And when that unfortunate day finally arises….

As I have told you many many times….

I'm going to disconnect from the mobile devices and even computers…

That's when Wendy and I are disconnecting and we are going to travel out west and explore our childhood while we still can, and I won't even have a flip phone….



I'm not rich, but not poor either. I'm average middle class. I worked hard to get where I am today.


Yes can I download more body building please? I've been working on it too long to have it stopped.


File: fa18fca32048eb7⋯.jpg (203.89 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Cj86d2LUoAA0BFC.jpg)


Here's the live video feed, Ernie



You said you know where I live. Where do you think I live?



RE: worked hard to get where you are today

I would imagine it's a lot of work to hollow out a tree stump


I need to download a less demonic cat as well. It's incapable of learning and laughs before darting away under the house.

It's the traditional definition of 'deamon' which is a seemingly unlearning program.



Give me back my elf. She doesn't live out there anymore.



So you admit you don't really know? Can you at least name the State?


I mean she's obviously an elf. Talks to animals. Looks like an elf. Eats like an elf. Has to be surrounded by trees.

Hand it over.


File: da5edb76f6cd927⋯.jpg (98.24 KB, 1239x900, 413:300, PicsArt_02-09-12.17.32.jpg)


Shhhh…. get back into your tree stump, Ernie


You can have Aquaman. I hate the ocean.



That's sexist. Put my elf in your cookie commercial.



It took a lot of work and money, over time, to get well prepared as I am. That part is true. Luckily I never trusted the markets very much, so I was able to pay off my mortgage within a couple decades. Glad I did because I know if SHTF, I would want to be here rather than a populated area.


File: cc1efc32fd505b2⋯.jpg (98.33 KB, 1112x900, 278:225, PicsArt_02-09-12.20.59.jpg)


By preparing so much for so long, you took a shit into your own fan



>replying to AI chatbots



A tree stump would be easy to burn down or saw through with a big enough chainsaw blade. Thats not exactly the kind of 'home' I'd like to be in.

I actually knocked out a bunch of my drywalling and fortified my foundation with more 2x4s and re-enforced them with galvanized steel, making my home more weather proofed, also bullet proof by adding the level 3 paneling replacing the old drywall. Thats right, my walls are bullet proof up to .44 cal.



>Leave phone behind

>Tower thinks you're still there

Got 'em.



>Responding to AI humans to datamine.



I want my superhuman rights back


File: 2a21415b6be5eba⋯.jpg (73.92 KB, 640x853, 640:853, PicsArt_02-09-12.26.37.jpg)

by ALLOWING YOURSELF to become paranoid

you shit all over the place

nobody else had to lift a finger


My right to super strength, super mathematics, x-ray vision…etc



The galvanized steel re-enforcement actually does a good job maintaining all the weight that was mounted to the studs of the walls (level 3 panels are HEAVY AS FUCK). I had a fellow prepper help me install those with me. 200 pounds per panel. Thats some weight. DO NOT DO SOMETHING THAT WITHOUT STEEL RE-ENFORCEMENT AND MORE STUDS BECAUSE YOU'D RUIN THE FOUNDATION.



>my walls are bullet proof up to .44 cal.


note to self: bring a .45 cal.



I'll remember that next time I'm

busy unraveling any happiness

in my life with paranoia



Ubuntu has always been suspect shit. Surprised Microsoft hasn’t bought it by now


I'm sorry but there's no way some cell phone company had enough money to buy Kal El, Batgirl, an elf, batboy or whatever, wonderwoman, and supergirl.

How am I supposed to deal with this crap when no one listens?

I could've saved us 30 billion dollars. That's 3x the state of isreal defense budget.



Already know that fact. I have extra panels mounted in 'secure' rooms where if there were a mass shootout, I could hide within for a while. If they can get munitions through the walls, they'd have to hit another line for defense as well, and that would be enough to stop them.


Now we're losing 1000 jobs. Where's it stop?


"no,no,no don't hit anyone".



Thats a nice place to duck for cover, if you remove the shit that is.



This thread is about cellphones and elves people not mass shootings.


File: 8c123b33bb5e3c2⋯.jpg (131.33 KB, 640x853, 640:853, PicsArt_02-09-12.34.51.jpg)


One man's Steel Reinforcement is another man's Tree Stump, huh ?


This is by far my favorite thread of this week.



Tin foil enhances signals. That's why you use it for antennas.

The hell is wrong with you people.


File: 34229791c530a19⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1537, 1080:1537, PicsArt_02-09-12.39.18.png)


NSA FILES: Target Subject- Andrew McGovern

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

12:46 PM, EST

from 223 College Street Macon Ga 31201

subject used smartphone to deliver

message to killcen on 8ch.net/n/

Message : "nice tree stump, dude"

end of transmission



nice tree stump, dude


i sure hope the NSA analysts like

Elvis and Cats, or i feel sorry for

them as they scan through my

files and actibities


Actibities…. Activities….




Thanks. Note there will be shootouts all over the place if they ever come for the guns, or if SHTF and someone is desperate to kill you and steal what you have. THAT is why I have my defenses in place. NO OPTION really.


NSA FILES: Target Subject- Andrew McGovern

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

12:48 PM, EST

from 223 College Street Macon Ga 31201

subject used smartphone to misspell

the word 'activities' n 8ch.net/n/

Message : "actibities"

end of transmission



I too pity the spooks that have to sit here all day reading all the ridiculous shit. However I'm sure they do get some laughs out of it.



NSA FILES: Target Subject- Andrew McGovern

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

12:46 PM, EST

from 223 College Street Macon Ga 31201

subject used smartphone to deliver

message to killcen on 8ch.net/n/

Message : "as you know, i used to be very VERY much like you, and i was also convinced that society was about to fall apart, and that the shit was going to hit the fan, and there would be more orders on the loose trying to loot and steal and break into everybody's houses desperate to get their hands on food and willing to kill for it… I lived my life like that since I was 12 until I was in my thirties, and I finally realized I had wasted so much of my life with unnecessary paranoia and fear about something that never happened"

end of transmission



At the age of 12 you shouldn't be thinking about those kinds of thing. Maybe by your late 20s up to some point in time. But 12 years olds typically think about banging their hot substitute teachers or trying to score a bag of weed.



Fuck that… I was taking ten-strips of 4-way windowpane LSD



I guess you were one "lucky" kid then. Most kids don't get to try LSD, hell many adults don't either. I actually would be afraid to try that. Long ago I did cocaine, smoked some weed and would binge drink. But I stopped doing that after a while, too many bad side effects and too many lives ruined over those bad habits. Plus having probation made me quite drinking so hard too and really I don't mind looking back on it, there were times I really could have died from it. I'm happier sober. A little whiskey now and then doesn't hurt though, in moderation.



Is it actually true that you hallucinate off that, btw? Because when I tried shrooms when I was younger I never hallucinated, I just felt very strange and laughed like crazy. Never ever "tripped" from them though. Is LSD different or similar?



Here's an actually kinda strange FACT: the only time I did "trip" as in hallucinate was when I used to smoke weed a lot. I started hearing voices inside my head, and that was around the time I quite voluntarily because it creeped me the hell out. I started getting anxious and nervous from it too. And I was used to smoking a lot of weed, but it just hit me all the sudden, in a real bad way.


>had a flip phone for more then a decade

>no interest in smartphones

>it still works just fine while everyone i know uses smart phones and bitches about how often they need a new one




When I stopped weed, thats when I started doing more coke and drinking more. Ironically I didn't have anything like that happen after I stopped the weed. I just think its weird because alcohol and coke is supposed to be a lot stronger buzz. Apparently not so much for me.




And even stranger: I had NO problem quiting cocaine. It was quitting the binge drinking that really got to me, I was climbing walls over that.


File: fd17a6ac86b0dcf⋯.jpg (3.1 MB, 4160x2080, 2:1, 20190209_134742.jpg)

To Killcen



Schizophrenia confirmed


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Can I get comfy ITT too?

Is anyone welcome here?

Or will you try to build walls to keep me out..


Not insulting you…

just saying that you clearly mentioned hearing voices in your head after introducing marijuana into your system, chemical psychoses which indicates a clear connection to organic schizophrenia



Behavior is used to disguise the weapon. The infection generally feeds off a complex system of interactions dopamine and hormone levels. The actual event that causes hearing voices is arbitrarily chosen.



It also feeds off the nuclear reaction between your skin cells and brain taken in part by melanin. Most people are bound to get it since it slowly invades the nervous system in a fashion like rabies. It looks like herpes, so those who are sexually active and doing drugs are more likely to get the coinfecting factors. These are usually other viruses.

Your body will start producing mylein antibodies as a response to the nervous system infection creating its own neurons to supplant your own.

It has the greatest consent ration in the base of the brain where neuromelanin and melanin is at its highest concentrations. That ringing in your ear is the stimulation of the nerve that attaches from your ear to the base of your brain. It's the sound of your mind changing.

If you're on here it's most likely to steal your information and livelyhood.


The weapon is also genetically targeted l, so what may cause you to go absolutely berserk may just settle in all your friends brains and cause them to lose interest in you.

Remember, the infection has to sit there for a while before being activated in order to gather enough information about your behavior to change it at a desires time.

In some cases the rash may resent itself on the arm, and guided by proteins, work it's way to the nerves where it will release spores that are readily accepted by your body. It wouldn't normally but the coinfecting process usually involves getting Ill so that the 'schizophrenia' can be humanized and unfought in the brain.



Since it's radioactive, e.g. capable of converting electrochemical reactions in the body through a symbiotic relationship, it is capable of sending lower powered radio interference in order to silently reconfigure computer networks and sensors.

Like sensors that would tell you where a power line is out because the controller guy got a bug in his brain that's constantly threatening him. He just stays quiet because he'd rather not be labeled as having the schizophrenia. Meanwhile it's gathering data on his network and sending it to a relay network so that an organized cyber attack can happen since the weapon is regional and the hospitals are completely incompetent.

You have some time to stop the infection once you get it… But good luck getting the medicine since standard protocol is pretty much what encourages this to happen.


File: 68544a8461bbfca⋯.jpg (9.78 KB, 220x212, 55:53, 220px-Dpk-meningitis-exser….jpg)

Lit usually looks like bits of string, but they're invariably flesh colored outside the body and multicolored inside.

These are called hyphae and psuedoscientist. They are fiber like because that's how fungus is. They are different colors because their bodies change color according to the variable pH in the skin.

Yes. It's cryptococcus and it uses a form of cryptonite that is specific to it's geneology.

There is a prevalent form that spreads through California called cryptogite. Cryptococcus gatti.

There is evidence this type of weapon released from the New England Compounding center was genetically modified because it cannot interbreed with the natural species of Cryptococcus Rose… Or known as Exserohilum rostratum.



This is why mindless people are called plants.

Now where the heck is poison ivy?


Once we lose PGE it's going to be hard to consolidate a lot of technology that will further advance the proliferation of this weapon. It'll work in tandem with the cell phone companies and then a lot of california is done for.


Antibiotics that are not fungicidal actually help and empower the infection.


Somehow the sensitivity to the sun enhances their ability to metabolise energy from melanin.


Now give me back both my elf and wonderwoman. My life isn't a sabotage for high points video game.


File: 9811b90748550f5⋯.jpg (60.27 KB, 625x310, 125:62, superman-punch-KO.jpg)

Give her back.


File: fed330bdeae8687⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 384x512, 3:4, fat superman 01.jpg)

Completely related.


Ma and Pa acted weird when this first depowered me.


You think you can get away with this because I'm some farm boy?


File: bf5ae243c7fecb0⋯.jpg (148.88 KB, 1273x1273, 1:1, 44545776_10156731100064153….jpg)




No, this did NOT happen to me regularly. It was one day that all the sudden marijuana started having that effect on me. It was all the sudden. When I stopped, the voices stopped with it.


Superman’s possible Judaism shouldn’t be a surprise. The hero’s creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, were the children of Jewish immigrants. The comic book industry, where they spent a significant portion of their young careers, was created in New York by Jews like Max Ginsburg, Bob Kahn, and Jacob Kurtzberg, who hid their ethnicity behind names like Gaines, Kane, and Kirby. Over the years there have been scores of books and articles on the subject with punny names like Up, Up, and Oy Vey or “Mensch of Steel.”

However, recent portrayals of the character, particularly the 2013 film Man of Steel, focus on the Christ-like, messianic qualities of the Metropolis Marvel. In the run up to the movie’s release, faith based press relations company Grace Hill Media invited religious figures around the nation to attend select pre-release screenings, posted clips online, and provided notes for possible faith-based discussion topics related to the film. One example is focused around themes of fatherhood and instructs dads to “take [the kids] to see Man of Steel” and then use the guide to “discover new connections to your own life and God’s word.”




What you are talking about is piezoelectric nano-crystals which they are spraying in the sky along with barium and aluminum oxides (aka geo-engineering). This can be used to produce scalar wave frequencies similar to DNA and map out exact geography/populations of human life. One way these demonic Satan-worshiping control freaks are trying to control us. However, just wait till 5G kicks in, and they will have EEG technological abilities for mind control.




Are you referring to smartphones or this story.



Here's the thing: I am NOT lying about this. Its no joke, I'm warning all of you.

Listen, scientists have already known for decades that DNA emits certain scalar wave frequencies… if you were to take a pint of blood, keep it in proper storage ('alive'), transfer it half way around the world…. and then you fucked a girl, or watched a horror movie, or got excited, do you know that at the EXACT SAME TIME your DNA is emitting a certain scalar wave frequency inside your body…. so would the DNA in your blood that was isolated from you half way across the world! This is how piezoelectric nano-crystals can be used for the most advanced personal spying systems the military have today.

Not lying. Look it up.


File: 97cb944d55a0a54⋯.png (857.34 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-02-09-15-0….png)


Superman’s possible Judaism shouldn’t be a surprise. The hero’s creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, were the children of Jewish immigrants. The comic book industry, where they spent a significant portion of their young careers, was created in New York by Jews like Max Ginsburg, Bob Kahn, and Jacob Kurtzberg, who hid their ethnicity behind names like Gaines, Kane, and Kirby. Over the years there have been scores of books and articles on the subject with punny names like Up, Up, and Oy Vey or “Mensch of Steel.”

However, recent portrayals of the character, particularly the 2013 film Man of Steel, focus on the Christ-like, messianic qualities of the Metropolis Marvel. In the run up to the movie’s release, faith based press relations company Grace Hill Media invited religious figures around the nation to attend select pre-release screenings, posted clips online, and provided notes for possible faith-based discussion topics related to the film. One example is focused around themes of fatherhood and instructs dads to “take [the kids] to see Man of Steel” and then use the guide to “discover new connections to your own life and God’s word.”


Piezoelectric nano-crystals are the most advanced micro-censors in the world right now. They can monitor all frequencies in real time, including scalar waves emit from DNA of human beings (and other animal lifeforms) and with advanced 5G networks they can map ALL of this out, everywhere, and you won't escape it. They'll even have EEG interception (aka mind control / intercepting thoughts). NOT JOKING. You think I'm crazy right? I wish!


Everybody knows that Superman was created by two Jews, and the entire story is a metaphor for the Jewish struggle and 'secret' integration into America.

His super powers are a metaphor for the powers jews hold in finance, entertainment & politics.

And the duality of 'Clark Kent' vs 'Superman' s a metaphor for how we jewish people came to America and 'blended in', hiding in plain sight.

Im flattered by any mention of Superman, as it highlights my people's superiority over you white trash.


File: 68afa44e92136cb⋯.png (989.47 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-02-09-15-3….png)

Eighty years ago, a baby who would grow up to have x-ray vision and a body stronger than steel was sent off his dying planet of Krypton in a spaceship. He landed on Earth, and over the next several decades went on to become the world’s greatest superhero, saving his adopted planet countless times and becoming a symbol of hope for people around the world. Of course, all of this took place on the pages of a comic book, but the character’s cultural impact is equally significant.

Since his 1938 appearance in Action Comics #1, Superman has been the subject of a plethora of movies, television shows, books and dreams. Clark Kent, the secret identity of Superman, has established his own place in American pop culture. While much has been written about the Jewish influence on the character, his religion has never been explicitly acknowledged, and he is not commonly associated with his Jewish roots.

But that may be about to change with today’s release of Action Comics #1000. Acclaimed Jewish comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis has taken over the task of writing Superman, and he told Forbes that his take on the character would be “deeply connected to his origins,” which are steeped in Jewish mythology and culture.

Superman was first conceived in 1933 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, both teenagers in Cleveland and the children of Jewish immigrants. In the Depression-era Midwest, the pair escaped their high school existences by dreaming up science fiction and fantasy stories. The character went through a few iterations as Siegel workshopped it, transforming from a bald scientist portrayed as a villain into the flying caped hero that is so well-known today. In 1938, Siegel and Shuster famously sold the rights to Superman to the company now known as DC Comics for only $130.

The inspiration for the character is unclear. For a long time it was commonly thought that Siegel conjured up the embodiment of bravery and heroism as a way to attract girls. But ten years ago, author Brad Meltzer proposed a more compelling theory for the characters creation. In 1932, Siegel’s father was killed in a robbery, and according to Meltzer, Superman’s invulnerability and perseverance after losing his original family and planet are a direct response to this tragedy.

Whatever the real reason for Superman’s creation, Siegel clearly injected the character with the Jewish traits and ideals that he grew up around, and Superman’s entire backstory is seemingly an analog of the Jewish immigrant experience. For example, his name is changed from the alien-sounding Kryptonian “Kal-el” he was given at birth to the typical American “Clark Kent.” He grows up always feeling like something of an outsider and must assimilate to American culture as best he can. Furthermore, “Kal-el” follows the traditional Jewish naming practice of adding the suffix “el,” which is short for “Elohim,” a biblical name for God. The iconic S on his costume has also been compared to the Hebrew letter lamedh.




Remember all the holistic doctors that were being killed last few years folks. I have news for you, they were all ones that were told about this, and they were all ones who were trying to come up with ways to prevent this naturally, to save us from total enslavement. Every. Single. One. Killed.



Take your meds, schizo


Some scholars see even further connections between Superman and Jewish tradition. Comic book historian Didier Pasamonik told Time Magazine that he sees the story of Moses in “baby Superman’s passage through space in a cradle-like vessel and subsequent adoption.” Then there is Golem, the mythological creature of Jewish lore that, as we’ve written, protected Jews from violence in 16th-century Prague.

The case for Superman’s Jewishness goes on and on, and one of the reasons it is so significant is because the character came about at a time when Jews were not always accepted in the public sphere. Even in the comic book industry, which was largely created by Jews, many were uncomfortable publicly expressing their religion and changed their names to reflect that. Just like Superman had to hide his identity as Clark Kent, early comic pioneers like Jacob Kurtzberg and Stanley Lieber changed their names to Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. In fact, Dr. Ben Baruch Blich, of the department of history and theory at the Bezalel Academy of Arts, theorized in an interview with Haaretz that Jewish comic artists and writers reluctantly took on prominent roles in the comic book industry, which was considered a very low form of art at the time, because they kept having their art and comic strips rejected by newspapers.

But despite all of the Jews bringing comic books into the mainstream, very few—if any—characters were made to be explicitly Jewish until the 1980s. Because of this ambiguity, many different groups have also seen their own cultures and religions reflected in these characters, and Superman’s true religion has been debated for years.


Ironically, the one group that Superman’s Jewishness was not lost on was the Nazis. While Siegel may not have been able to actually make Superman Jewish, he made his opposition to the Nazis a major driving force for the character. “Action Comics” often featured Superman battling with the Nazis or Nazi stand-ins during the 1940s, but to many Americans this was more of a display of patriotism than Judaism. In weekly Nazi newspaper Das Schwarze Korps, however, Superman was called one of the “fantasies of Jerry Israel Siegel.” According to Aish.com, it is believed that Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels declared that “this Superman is a Jew!”

In the decades after World War II, many non-Jewish writers have taken on the character and infused him with their own experiences. For example, many Christians have considered Superman to be a Christ-like figure. The most recent movie iterations of the character, directed by Zack Snyder, have been immersed in Christian imagery.


As “Action Comics #1000” is released, the comic book industry is at a crossroads in terms of representation. While Marvel and DC have been embracing diversity both with their characters and creators, a vocal minority of fans are protesting what they see as a “drop in quality” by attacking these creators on the internet in a scandal called “Comicsgate.”

And if it seems unlikely that Bendis will incite more controversy and explicitly make the most acclaimed superhero of all time Jewish after decades of ambiguity, it is worth noting that he has been a champion of diversity in comics for a long time. In 2011, he introduced a new version of Spider-man, black teenager Miles Morales, and in 2015 he revealed that X-men character Iceman was gay.

Religion has, of course, never been and never will be the focal point of these larger-than-life stories about people with superpowers fighting aliens and throwing villains through buildings. And there is something to be said for allowing people to project their own experiences onto beloved characters. But maybe in 2018, what the world needs is an icon who embraces his true identity, instead of running from it, and inspires the next generation of comic-reading kids—Jewish or not—to be proud of who they are.



Who needs guns for self defense when you can invent imaginary super heroes to "save the day" am I right?


BATMAN = metaphoric story of homosexuality

SUPERMAN = metaphoric tale of Judaism



Might as well cover your ears and scream "shut up! shut up! I can't stand you telling me what I can't mentally handle anymore!"


EITHER WAY, whether its

homosexual batman or

Jewish superman……….

comic books are the gateway to gayness

the next step after comic books was

dungeons and dragons, then science

fiction, then video games, then anime

and no female will risk

being seen standing

within 20 feet of you

Because someone might

accidentally think that

she likes you


This by far is the best thread on 8chan. It really describes reality, at the same time exposes the level of confusion and cognitive dissonance as well the derailment attempts by spooks to cover up all that is really going on today in this horribly corrupted - yet very advanced - fucked up world.



Not at all…..

in fact, i thoroughly enjoy watching

you make a fool out of yourself



I kinda liked the 'proglottids' thread better



I don't think I am. I'm just telling you guys what is really going on. Honesty it is hard to believe but its 100% true.



I was talking to Superman



If you're the Superfaggot

I was talking to YOU

and i didnt stutter


File: 9e418728ec9f423⋯.png (863.85 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-02-09-15-5….png)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s bubkes.

As one of the (evidently) few who flocked to theaters to watch the new “Justice League” movie — shout out if you’re one of us — I couldn’t help but view it as a mildly enjoyable bundle of missed opportunities. If you’re not among those who have seen the movie, rest assured, this article is “Justice League” spoiler-free

It got me thinking about previously missed opportunities in the DC Extended Universe, namely Superman’s lost origin. No, I’m not talking about the Boy Scouts Kryptonian, who struggles to fit in on the not-so-mean streets of Smallville.

I’m not referring to Superman himself — I’m referring to the idea of Superman. The conception of this legend, like a surprising number of success stories, can be traced back to two Jewish boys in New York.

Superman’s culturally Jewish origin is not often explicitly addressed in his depictions, but the blatant disregard was especially evident in Zack Snyder’s recent films, namely “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman.” The films are flooded with Christian imagery and not-so-subtle direct comparisons between Kal-El and Jesus.

The most obvious allusion is embedded in the overall story arc of self sacrifice and the Superman’s implied impending resurrection at the very end of “Batman vs. Superman.” I mean, sure, this is not the first time that a superhero goes out in a blaze of glory, but the crosses that show up in almost every single frame following Superman’s death make it difficult to ignore the parallel. The allusion to Christianity was, from the outset of the film making process, intended. Concept art produced by Vance Kovacs during pre-production of “Batman vs. Superman” is overtly inspired by famous Christian pieces, most notably “The Descent From the Cross.” (It’s pretty interesting, I encourage you to look it up).



No, I'm not that faggot. I was talking about the piezoelectric nano-crystals and the 5G networks and how that will/is to some extent already being used for mass surveillance and population control.


There’s a practically infinite number of related motifs sprinkled generously throughout the films. So numerous, in fact, that it’s sort of difficult to decide which ones are worthy of pointing out. Here’s a rather conspicuous favorite: A frame of Superman side by side with Jesus, consulting a priest on whether or not he should sacrifice his own life to save the human race. The impending alien invasion aspect is just for added flavor.

I happen to be particularly fond of it because our friend Kal-El looks about as confused as I feel.

I mean, hey, I get it. What better way to make your story seem epic than to tie it back to the world’s mostly widely recognizable epic story? With all due respect, I believe the real craft is to create a truly meaningful story without slapping down the “religion card” and calling it a day.

It’s no coincidence that Superman’s running values of “truth, justice and the American way” echo Mishnaic ideas of “truth, peace and justice,” as pointed out by Larry Tye in his book, “Superman: The High Flying History of America’s Most Enduring Hero.”

There’s a significant amount of literature that explores Superman’s Jewish beginnings, namely Rabbi Simcha Weinstein’s book, “Up Up and Oy Vey,” which, to this day, is one of my all time favorite Jewish puns.

Creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, were both children of Jewish immigrants, who grew up in a period of rising anti-semitism brought on by the rise of the Nazi party in Germany and by the KKK in the US.


Siegel once said, “Hearing and reading of the oppression and slaughter of helpless, oppressed Jews in Nazi Germany…How could I help them when I could barely help myself? Superman was the answer.”

There is nothing to suggest that Superman himself is Jewish, but he is an idea that emerged as a direct response to a uniquely Jewish struggle. He is a symbol of Jewish resistance to oppression.

I know better than to toss around controversial phrases like cultural appropriation (That’s right. I went there… please don’t hurt me). I will say, that erasure of that origin, while not directly harmful, is a disheartening loss and a misrepresentation of history.

Bottom line is, Zack, my friend, if you’re reading this, bring back the Mensch of Steel.


File: 082b5e0b9fd4e81⋯.png (304.36 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2019-02-09-15-5….png)

Coming over from the old country, changing his name like that. Clark Kent, only a Jew would pick a name like that for himself. —The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, by Michael Chabon

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the two ordinary young men who created an extraordinary hero, lived 12 blocks apart from each other in Cleveland. The pair collaborated on stories for their high school newspaper and shared a passion for science fiction and pulp comics. It was the 1930s, and comic book publishing was in its infancy. Like many young Jews with artistic aspirations, Siegel and Shuster yearned to break into this fledgling industry. Comic book publishers actively hired Jews, who were largely excluded from more “legitimate” illustration work.



Although I don't doubt the whole Superman was some kind of idiotic distraction/propaganda scheme by the Jews (aka Zionist political establishment in the US).

See my small comment about that here: >>739705



Not propaganda… Not a dustraction….

A tribute


Its a TRIBUTE to our legacy….

and just like everything else we do, its been hiding right under your noses the entire time.



Well in all respect, a tribute to something (whatever it might be) is a form of propaganda. So its Jewish propaganda then.


Anons, I got to get off for a while again. Nice talking, see you guys later.




I'm a quarter Jew which is the best kind of Jew.


File: ab001d145fa9266⋯.jpg (15.16 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 220px-SN_1987A_HST (1).jpg)


I guess NASA is in on it too.


File: 4780124b42c163f⋯.jpg (53.23 KB, 500x250, 2:1, R4ASS0LBY_ADTTu4VivQk29sBE….jpg)


File: 7d4d38296a5707f⋯.jpg (131.91 KB, 1600x1170, 160:117, Fortress_of_Solitude_(Eart….jpg)


File: d38b185eacf5b82⋯.png (3.55 MB, 2560x1411, 2560:1411, sketch-1547775535106.png)


File: f6bb07ef9f064cd⋯.jpg (42.1 KB, 710x401, 710:401, image_4650f-SN-1987A.jpg)

30 years later the greatest constellation ever


File: 0cd0d967a0bb6a7⋯.png (2.4 MB, 2560x1114, 1280:557, sketch-1546487249758.png)


File: bcdcf9cd08e2fab⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, sketch-1549487827451.png)

Cryptonite is real my friend. It's more dangerous to me then it is to you… Voices or not.


File: 2cedf61f35c2eaa⋯.png (41.57 KB, 320x190, 32:19, journal.ppat.1003335.g001 ….png)

From a scientific journal. See the similarity between what keeps coming out of my skin and elthr Cryptococcus that contains a unique crystal? Crypto-nite.

Calling me a Jew doesn't make me less real.


This is a real problem people. You can call it Skynet and I'll call it Braniac. No one seems to be in charge here.



Should I start my own cryptonite thread? It's being genetically offered as a generous package to spy on people and let you know whose thinking about you.


Look I want wonder woman back so I can save people. Why's everyone think this is funny???


I mean she's probably getting fucked over by this thing too. I can't do it because of how I've been framed. I don't have all fucking year.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And now for comedic relief.



His real name is El Kal El



Guess not.

Only joos & fagits welcome itt.


Well they were warned, you can't say they weren't told and don't know what they have adopted and accepted. You can only lead the horse to water, you can't make the horse drink.


Good day y'all. Sorry to deviate from a very interesting discussion but I need a favour. Does anyone know how I could get an iphone 6s with activation lock to work. P.s. Bought it secondhand online


Funny how they need seven trillion terabytes of pictures of my ass hairs to know what I eat, but all I needed was one look at the Rastafarian bankers marketers pill pushers and lawyers to know everything about them .


Fuck em, not buying this crap.




yes you will…. you'll see



Call Apple tech support with a proof of purchase from the place you bought it and they will transfer you to someone who cal pull the activation lock.



Johnny lives on Arlington Pl. though.



lol idiot i havent lived on Arlington Place

for YEARS… my son was born when

I lived on Arlington Place……

he's 20 years old now

you are TERRIBLE at




Johnny, you’re a kike shill. I will always believe the opposite of what jews say.


File: a47b655beee956c⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1420, 54:71, PicsArt_02-09-11.08.56.png)


this is where i lived on Arlington Place



Right on the red dot in a tent? Fuck off, fork-toothed mischling.


File: f3539664172cf7c⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1080x1483, 1080:1483, PicsArt_02-09-11.08.31.png)

now… look at the house on the left



Is that one converted to apartments for felonious extortionists too?


File: 30fa92aa4e2a189⋯.jpg (367.89 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, PicsArt_02-09-11.06.36.jpg)

The house on the left can be seen behind me in this pic.

Thats my son and i when he first learned to walk



Nice missing molar.


File: e063f6924a20e6d⋯.jpg (745.94 KB, 2643x1982, 2643:1982, PicsArt_12-12-02.26.14.jpg)

And here is my son with me last year




Does your son have your same accent? A hillbilly kike one that ensures he’ll never leave Macon? Fuck you, liar.



lol @ thinking i have a missing molar




Im surprised you're not asking

me to fuck YOU…………………..

after all, nobody else will……..




>AGAIN: they could listen to you in your house, even when your old landline was 'hung up'

Does anyone have sources for this?



That’s how he slides, every time: at least I get laid. Maybe so, jailbird, but your apple didn’t fall nearly far enough away from the tree.


i swear to god, im not even exaggerating


hahahaha !! youre fucking stupid as SHIT



research it…. or better yet

ask 'Sherlock Holmes' to

research it for you

(he is the world's WORST detective)



isnt that right, Sherlock ?



So was the journalist, and the police officer, and the city planners. The pattern is of course that you were the one constantly being caught acting like kikenvermin. So misunderstood, hm?



lol @ how fucking STUPID you are



trust me….. its 100% TRUE



I learned about that back in the days when we were actually using rotary phones… It actually became public information, widely known by a lot of people back then


Even now, you come here to shut down a man’s activism, not because you believe in what you do but because there is a payday in it for you. It’s hard for me to imagine functioning at so low a vibration, literally earning money to indulge myself in petty addictive behavior. But for someone like you, being a lowlife comes naturally. It’s genetic. And so your offspring shall pass their own time on this earth.




………. I understand what you're saying…………..

and I can live with that



I already told you exactly where I live

But you still keep trying to research and

'find out where I live'

and THAT….. is the ultimate failure


You seem like the type of guy

Who would spend weeks Researching

And finally conclude that this was Facebook

But this isn't Facebook

this is 8chan


I guess it's fair to say that you're not really good at doing anything right… Correct?



It’s not even like that. I’m only niggling you. I invest no time in research, take very little seriously, and have no ill will whatsoever with regard to what your role is here.


No need to answer…………..

Obviously, I knew the answer before I ask the question



Well, all I can tell you is whatever sources you are using for research… They are sadly outdated



Seems like a personal shortcoming. Getting comfortable in your old age?



I've been comfortable with myself since I was 12 years old



I got cured of insecurity and Self Doubt at the age of 12…. and I've been very content with myself ever since



When you were going down the conjectural rabbit hole? I doubt that’s true.


….and now, LIVE PD is back on

Ill be back later



Later, Knuffelig.



Youre free to think whatever you want……

Like Arlington Place for example

Adios I'm going to watch TV with my wife




That's nerd speak for deep hyper spectral analysis and I'm guessing it's a video for sweet differentials. It's important to use so that we can see what nano technology is breeding out of your ass from a satilite.


This is Facebook with no friends and only ugly people.



It's a jobs program for sciences. Stop freaking out.


Anyone here actually own a flip phone?


2.4 million dollars OOHH MY GODDDDDDDD ahhhh fucking t1000's are going to be rolling out tomorrow. oh wait. In 2014, the Defense Department spent $41.6 million on Viagra, so i reallllly dont think this amazing "NEW" (complete bullshit "here's a free 2.4 million dollars, tax free mr. bergstein") technology is going to be spent on even a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of a percent on this.

We've had this technology since Smartphones first came into existance. For real, …Civilians are at least 60 fucking years behind our military sector.


File: 3b685ac57916cae⋯.jpg (16.52 KB, 474x258, 79:43, th.jpg)

But wait don't we want this level of technology on our bodies?


The Kyocera Dura* flip phones are available in versions without a camera.


Why would you need any kind of phone? You can do literally everything with a PC, including make calls and send texts.



"Mind control" will be commercialized as "smart control," which normies will take face value as coordination between smart devices, when it's really just remote control of these devices to control the human owner.

But c'mon, why does anyone even debate this minutae when it can already be extrapolated: soft enslavement of the bottom 60% of the Earth by the 10% elites, with the other 30% working as sentry with or without knowing. Local police depts have been using Stingrays to spy on cell/smart fones for several years. The outcry was a couple months then the revelation was buried.

Smart phones will eventually track energy usage (money included) and travel allotment. This is Agenda 2030. There's little money in fighting it, and martyrdom for satisfaction. Look at Assange. Look at Cody Wilson, of Defense Distributed, who had to be triangulated before his arrest. I still don't understand how he got nabbed so easily, when he was Mr VPN Dark Wallet etc.

The much scarier onset is the unsticky of mass perception from a sober reality due to disinformation. One thing to be tracked. Another to not be able to read about your tracking or that of others. China ZOG Future is here.


I thought this already existed?



Dura’s is too bulky and their camera fixtures come loose. I’d take an LG revere or even a Rugby 3 over a Kyocera in my pocket.



Mobile hotspot?



Awesome! I'll have check those out.


unnecessary thread

obviously, everybody already knows

no need to 'warn' anybody

apparently, those who don't care will

continue not caring, while those who

do care will abstain from smartphones

id say 'problem solved'

but there was no problem



The problem is that the purity spiral bottoms out at smartphone, and everyone keeps promoting one side or another from a computer running javascript whether through a VPN or their Tor browser.

You know nothing.


I shouldn’t even be reduced to debating some lisping faggot from Georgia.



yet i correctly assessed that youre gay



im 'from' Memphis, actually



when i was in prison, they had smartphones.

of course, it was illegal…

but inmates still had them

and i am NOT exaggerating at all

when i say that you remind

me of one of the inmates

who would 'suitcase' the

phones into the prison


but somehow, i would

imagine you smuggling

in a tablet or a laptop



Always wondered what the rollable smartphones were all about.

Now I know.



File: 7c86b1be4fc8860⋯.jpg (5.51 KB, 219x240, 73:80, Dy61vVWXgAAmX5i.jpg)



You’re a tedious little scatalogist. It’s a very common trait among your people, so I don’t find it the least bit provocative, only bemusing.


they suck.



Im new here. I am killcen's daughter. He told me about this chatroom. My father has a meth problem and some personal psychological demons to deal with. He is being admitted to a special hospital that specializes in helping people with his particular problem. Please pray for my father, that Jesus might cure his mind. Thankyou.



I think they have dumbed down the masses so much that they might have already won.

It is entirely possible.

I'm just glad I lived in the golden age of America, I dread seeing us be concurred and fully subjugated. I know I won't allow myself to be. If I go out in a standoff someday, so fucking be it.



You glow in the dark, you fucking nigger.



BTW: I know you know this, because you are well aware. But for those that do not: Agenda 2030 is Agenda 21 (the UN just changed the name recently). Its the same agenda as always: technocratic dystopia 24/7 total surveillance of everything/everyone, control of energy consumption (cap and trade), banning private transportation (back to feudalism), cashless society (digital hyperinflation and an end to consumer rights), disarmament (total police state subjugation), etc.



When you say "personal psychological demons," do you mean he created the demons, the demons are not real, or what? Get a vocabulary worth believing.

Besides, Shillcen would never do meth. He's a trucker, not a welder.



Be the change you want to see, utter fucking niggerfaggot.



I agree with you anon. Thats what I'm saying. I've been saying this for a long time, we must resist this "smart" crap, we can't be putting up with all that shit. We need to boycott this big tech big govt backdoored bullshit. AND I DO BOYCOTT IT. I refuse to use it, I refuse to join the major social media networks, I refuse to use Windblows 10 or the new Macintrash OS's (I stick to older linux platforms). I'm armed, I'm prepared for the worst case scenarios, I'm warning others too.

What ELSE can I do!?



Well, one thing I would suggest you can do is dislodge yourself from the memeplex of the security conscious pedophile who makes himself standout from the crowd, not by renouncing infromation technology tout court but using half measures. Even Linux-based OSs are pozzed, even your flip phone is surveilled, even your best attempts at preparedness can't prepare you for how easily they'll predict your response to active measures. They could stick you in a booby hatch simply for having a record of paranoia.



Well nothing electronic is 100% secure unless its completely offline so I do agree. The purpose of OPSEC is to make it more difficult to spy on a target.

And at this point, I do believe I AM a target at this point.



Like a Targeted Individual? Electromagnetic weaponry penetrates your walls from a van parked outside and is slowly driving you mad?



I don't think to that extent (yet). But who knows? I do know some here have likely tried hacking my operating system before, or tried to compromise my browser before. I don't know to what extent. But I do know I must be a pain in the ass for those doing such a thing, if they are that is.



This happened to someone on my router the last time I was going into irc. I haven't been harrassed or threatened in here, overtly, for 7 or 8 years–on imageboards, I mean. Do you think others are attracted by your sincerity and openness about security issues? Would it be better not to come to social media like this and just continue your research with noscript in a browser? What about, and I've said this before, focusing your attention on the unique freedoms you still possess? The paranoia might be diminishing your quality of life in a way that you'll later regret.



I would add, with Linux-based, that an application called Deep Freeze, by Faronics, will do all the work that you want it to do without raising your online profile unnecessarily. Keep your data on removable drives, of course, which if you're who I think you are is something you already do. Still, I want to bring attention to this notion of a false sense of security with half measures that, in a way, make one more vulnerable: seedy social media rather than checkmark social media, Linux kernel rather than normie-tier operating systems, and the like.



I come here because no other social media networks would allow the kinds of content I post, and as far as big tech data mining, they are so much worse than anonymous image boards. The ONLY thing to fear here are the bad actors/spooks which we all know damn well do lurk here and try keeping profiles.

Sometimes I amuse myself, I'll drop small tiny bread crumbs every once in a while mixed with a bit of disinfo to throw the spooks off.



Since we're obliged to use javascript to post here, what prophylactic measures are there to protect your information other than a VPN? Supposedly this entire site runs on federal servers.



Basically, you can see this as a freedom issue or a privacy issue. I think you're screwed on the privacy thing but still have some freedoms you can cling to. On the other hand, I think you'd be better off putting up a website with a comment section because then you're the mod, then your obligation is to comply with the laws of whatever country you're in and not some kampfy-tier political activisim.



You can temporarily allow 8chan while you post, and then deny it after posting here (which is what I do). Wipe ALL browser cache/cookies before and after you visit this site.

Otherwise: private VPN (not the ones 8chan shills). Addons like Blender or Random Agent Spoofer (something that will spoof browser metadata), HTTPS Everywhere. Forward secrecy (meaning don't tell them what you don't want them to know). If you drop breadcrumbs, mix it with disinfo to throw them off track.

Also very important: about:config tweaking! Disable WebGL and WebRTC so your IP doesn't leak behind your VPN.

Instructions for all this and more here: https://archive.fo/isnXt



>Since we're obliged to use javascript to post here

You can post without javascript.



Correct. However, without JS activated you can't easily respond to another one's post, without copy/pasting their "trip code" or comment number. That is an option though, if you don't mind the hassle.



Good tips.





You can't submit new threads without JS either. But to post simple comments you don't need it.


They really do their very best to derail and slide threads like this.


Anything's possible if you make your computer virtually unusable? Great solution.



My computer can be used just fine without a lot of the bloatware big tech garbage they have out today. Only idiots would not be able to use it, thats all.



>only idiots

Shakes head.



Thats right, only IDIOTS need all that corporate big tech bloatware/spyware installed on their systems.



Daily reminder that Mozilla is platform independent.



Well you just have to reverse a lot of its telemetry crap from about:config and install a lot of privacy addons like noscript and https everywhere and it should run fine. Disable the autoupdates too. Mozilla is actually decent, once you remove a lot of garbage in its configurations and obfuscate all the metadata and add encryption.



And yet, that does not ensure privacy. Moreover, it attracts attention. Maybe dickfuck is up to YouNow peeping or what have you.



I'm not convinced in these diminishing returns for a second. It looks more, on the whole, like shill versus countershill. It's polarized meme warfare but no more significant than principled civil disobedience.



It attracts attention? Fine. Then hop IPs more often, and disconnect the internet when not in use. You'll give them a bigger pain.


wow real news



The ONLY reason I temporarily allow JS to run on here, but I always disable once I get off.


Whining about this shit never achieves anything.

Just learn about AI or whatever tech interests you so you can use it against ZOG on D-Day.



Who do you think is going to have the power to shut AI ON and OFF when it is rolled out to make sure its controlled in their interests?

Here's a hint: >>>/n/738703





Pain is not the point. The points are freedom and privacy.



I like to give the assholes a headache too.


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